Magazine Scans

Daytime TV Serials, 1974

Daytime TV, 1976: "An Inside Peek at the Another World Set."

1978-1980 "Gretchen Oehler, Another World's first comedienne."

April 4, 1979: "Behind The Scenes."

Soap Opera Digest, 1979

Soap Opera Digest, 1982: "On Location With Chris Rich." Wyoming.

1983: "Look Twice: It's Joe Morton."

1983: "Double Wedding" featuring Mac, Rachel, Sandy, and Blaine.

Soap Opera Digest, 1990s

Soap Opera Weekly, 1991

Soap Opera Weekly, 1991: "Squeezed."

Soap Opera Digest Update, 1994: "A Whole New World."

Soap Opera Update, September 20, 1994: "Through The Years With Another World's Rachel, Victoria Wyndham"

Soap Opera Digest, 1996

Soap Opera Digest, 1997: "Dear RKK."

Soap Opera Digest, 1999: "Take Six."