Magazine Scans

5th Anniversary Photo Spread, August 1969.

The World of Afternoon TV, 1969. Written by Val Dufour (Walter Curtin)

Daily TV Serials, "A Day in the Life of Another World," 1973. Written by Patti Obrow and Debbie Osborne

10th Anniversary Photo Spread, 1974

Daytime TV Serials, 1974

Afternoon TV, 1975:


Daytime TV Stars, 1975:

Daytime TV, 1976: "An Inside Peek at the Another World Set."

Unknown, 1978

1978-1980 "Gretchen Oehler, Another World's first comedienne."

April 4, 1979: "Behind The Scenes."

Soap Opera Digest, 1979

"Hitched to a Star," 1980

Soap Opera Digest, 1982: "On Location With Chris Rich." Wyoming.

1983: "Look Twice: It's Joe Morton."

1983: "Double Wedding" featuring Mac, Rachel, Sandy, and Blaine.

Soap Opera Digest, July 25, 1989: "Another World: Hopes for Another 25 Years"

Soap Opera Digest, 1990s

Soap Opera Weekly, 1991

Soap Opera Weekly, 1991: "Squeezed."

Soap Opera Digest Update, 1994: "A Whole New World."

Soap Opera Update, September 20, 1994: "Through The Years With Another World's Rachel, Victoria Wyndham"

Soap Opera Digest, 1996

Soap Opera Digest, 1997: "Dear RKK."

Soap Opera Digest, 1999: "Take Six."