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Daytime TV Library Series No. 3: ANOTHER WORLD (1976) []

Soap Opera Digest Special: Another World (August 1977) []

"Everything You Want to Know About Another World"
Daytime Digest, Volume 9, Number 2, January 1991. Published by Sterling's Magazines, Inc., 355 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York, 10017.
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Another World: 35th Anniversary Collector's Edition
Daytime Digest, Volume 30, Number 6, August 1999. Published by the Sterling/McFadden Partnership. 233 Park Avenue South, New York, New York, 10003. []

Daytime TV, September 1972. Reprinted without permission. Research by Paul Denis. Daytime TV, April 1973. Reprinted without permission. Article by Paul Denis.