Freeze FrameAbout six months after her husband Mac Cory died, Rachel began a relationship with Ken. Rachel was looking to move on with her life and was intrigued by this mysterious archeologist. They fell in love and were engaged to be married in February 1991. They broke up forever when Rachel discovered Ken's dark secret.

Freeze FrameApparently Ken had hated Mac Cory for years and wanted revenge against him, even after he had died. Ken had known about Mac's affair with Maria that had produced Paulina Cory. Ken was the one to find Paulina and tell her she was actually a Cory. He brought her to Bay City with the intention of bilking Mac's widow for millions of dollars.

Freeze FrameBut Ken was to fall in love with Rachel and renounce his evil intentions. He was deathly afraid that Rachel would leave him if she uncovered his plan, so he kept it a secret. When it was finally revealed, Rachel tossed Ken out on his ear and he slunk away from Bay City with his tail between his legs.