(Married on August 11, 1994. Dissolved in summer 1998)

In 1983, Carl swept into town intent on revenge against Mac Cory for his role in the suicide death of Carl's father. Throughout 1984, Mac found himself in competition with Carl, both in business and in his personal life. Carl quickly became enamored of Rachel, as much for her own charms as well as being Mac's wife. Carl's desire to prove himself the better of Mac soon came to involve wooing Rachel to his side.

As 1985 got under way, Carl's schemes and past history were revealed. Mac sought to protect his family from Carl's vengeance, but Carl was able to kidnap Rachel while she and Mac were visiting New York City. He brought her back to Bay City and held her hostage in the Chapin mansion, where he made sexual overtures. Rachel resisted, but not without paying the price of Carl's wrath. Mac arrived to rescue her and in the ensuing shoot-out, Carl accidentally shot Rachel. Questioned about the shooting by the police, Carl remarked blithely that Rachel shouldn't have got in the way.

He was imprisoned, but made his way back to town that fall in search of Egytpian treasure. He was shot by Nancy McGowan and presumed dead at the end of the year.

Carl survived, but was jailed in 1987 and remained there until 1991. Upon his release, he returned to Bay City to settle the score with various old enemies. He quickly became obsessed with Amanda Cory, and taunted Rachel that he preferred younger women.

For Hallowe'en, Rachel pretended to poison Carl so that he would confess to his latest crimes in hopes of being given the antidote. Carl did indeed confess and was taken to jail. He was later released because his confession had been coerced.

In 1993, Carl found he had some leverage over Rachel. He owned 10% of Cory Publishing stock which she desperately needed to fight a hostile takeover. Carl offered loan of the stock on the condition that she consent to be seen with him in public (by this, Carl hoped to gain respectability in the eyes of his son, Ryan Harrison).

Freeze Frame When he eventually released Rachel from her obligations, Carl discovered that he had fallen in love with her. He began a relentless pursuit of her affections, professing that loving her had transformed him into a good person. She couldn't believe him and rebuffed all his advances. Eventually though, Rachel came to realize that Carl really had changed. Seeing him in this new light, she was able to return his love.

Carl and Rachel tried to exchange vows in June 1994, but the ceremony was halted when Iris Wheeler shot Carl. Carl recovered from the shooting, but he now had amnesia and shunned Rachel in pursuit of Iris. Within a short time his memory returned, and in August 1994, he and Rachel were married.

Freeze FrameTheir marriage suffered that fall when Carl took the blame for Amanda's car accident (which his assistant Ito had caused without Carl's knowledge). Rachel left him, but returned when Carl was revealed to be innocent.

In 1995, Carl's old lover Justine Duvalier returned, kidnapped Rachel, and took her place. Carl did not know that this lookalike was not his wife, and even slept with her. When he noticed old scars on her wrists he realized that she was Justine and not Rachel.

Freeze FrameCarl was forced to maintain the charade for fear that Rachel would be killed. He loathed every minute of it and could barely restrain himself from killing Justine. Finally he went off to rescue Rachel, and they were reunited. Even though Carl had slept with Justine only when he believed her to be Rachel, he couldn't bring himself to admit his lapse with Rachel and instead chose to lie to her.