Another World Video Library

September 1996 - December 1996 Highlights

Freeze Frames

Josie meets the latest in the long LONG
line of disposable bad guys

Jake and Bobby live in
Vicky's World

Miscellaneous Highlights

Cindy seemed
pleasant enough...

Matt vs. Nick is the start
of a major battle royale
at Carlino's

Lorna gets her turn
to be devastated when
Gabe is next to be shot

Carl to Jake:
"Have you met
my wife, Rachel?"

Carl to Jake and Bobby:
"Never fear,
for Carl is here"

Bobby goes blind, again

FrankenSteven referees
when Jake and Bobby
dunk for apples

Vicky to Bobby:
"You're something
with a tool!"

Gabe thinks Cindy
is plenty pleasant

Cindy and Grant are drawn to each other like moths to a flame

Old Jake and Vicky clips in a Jake and Vicky montage

Carl to Bobby:
"Tell me, lad, where have we met before?"

Ryan renews old family ties

Rachel twice prevents Carl from giving Grant his due

Steven, Ryan, and Bobby versus the train

Ryan enjoys the part when Rachel throws her drink in Grant's face

There are a few hitches in Josie and Gary's wedding plans

Vicky sees right through Ryan