As The World Turns

Creator Irna Phillips brought the character of Mitchell Dru to Bay City on November 11, 1964. Geoffrey Lumb had played the role on two other P&G soaps Phillips created: The Brighter Day, 1956 until the show's cancellation in September 1962; and ATWT, September 1962-1964, who had been a client of Will and Jim Matthews for many years, became entrenched as the senior attorney (in a law firm consisting of John Randolph and others) for the next six years.

When Another World was cancelled, four characters were chosen to make brief appearances on ATWT. Only Tom Eplin's character became a regular on July 14, 1999, with the rest, and others, making reappearances now and then. Ellen Wheeler became an ATWT director. On June 21, 2000, Jake flashbacked to a Jake/Vicky scene that had aired in June of 1999 on Another World.

Vicky was presumed killed in a plane crash on November 8, 1999. Her ghost began haunting Jake and his girlfriend Molly Conlan in the fall of 2000. Vicky's spirit led Jake to discover that she had given birth to twin daughters the day she died, November 11, 1999. Jake was united with Michelle and Bridget in Canada where they were being raised by a fisherman, Enos Cloche, and his wife. The twins were played alternately by Lauren/Megan Ferrera and Jenna/Kalya McGrane. Stephen Schnetzer became a recurring actor in the spring of 2001. Jake married Molly on October 3, 2001.

Jake was shot by insane nanny Mary Mennihan on April 29, 2002, and died in his hospital bed on May 1, 2002. Marley and Donna agreed to share joint custody of the twins with Molly on a trial basis.

Guiding Light

Gary Pillar (Carpenter) joined as his GL character, Michael Bauer and Elissa Leeds was hired to play his daughter Hope in an effort to boost ratings. Michael, a new widower, joined the Randolph law firm and became attracted to Pat. Hope last appeared on January 12, 1967, while Michael stayed from February 4, 1966 to February 2, 1967.

Stephen Schnetzer appeared as Cass from April 25-29, 2002, representing Tony Santos.


The characters of Missy, Ricky, Sam, and Lahoma were permanently transferred to spin-off Somerset, but they appeared on both shows for several months. Sam was transferred back to AW at the end of 1973.

A number of AW characters made appearances on Somerset from 1970 - 1973. All characters below made recurring appearances, with the exception of Liz Matthews and Rachel Davis.

Liz Matthews (Nancy Wickwire, March 10 - 27, 1970; April 6, 1970 - September 18, 1970).
John Randolph (Michael M. Ryan, 1970 - June 1971).
Pat Randolph (Beverly Penberthy, 1970).
Mitchell Dru (Geoffrey Lumb, 1970 - 1971).
Ernie Downs (Harry Bellaver, 1970 - July 1971).
Ada Davis Downs (Constance Ford, 1970 - July 1971; December 1973).
Walter Curtin (Val Dufour, 1970 - 1971).
Lenore Moore (Judith Barcroft, 1970).
Wayne Addison (Robert Milli, 1970).
Steve Frame (George Reinholt, 1970 - 1971).
Alice Matthews Frame (Jacqueline Courtney, 1970 - 1971).
Peggy Harris Nolan (Micki Grant, 1970).
Ted Clark (Stephen Bolster, 1971 - 1972).
Rachel Davis (Robin Strasser, April 20, 1970 - May 12, 1970; June 23, 1971 - July 6, 1971).

Somerset characters that appeared on AW: Robert, Peter, and Jasper Delaney, Rafe Carter, Ellen and Ben Grant, Rex Cooper, Jessica Buchanan, Gerald and Pammy Davis, India Bishop Delaney, Dr. Karen MacMillan, Bill Greeley, and Susan "Betsy" Giles. Robert and Gerald were then permanently transferred to AW in 1972.

For Richer, For Poorer

AW head writer Lemay and producer Rauch created Lovers and Friends, which was cancelled in May 1977 after four months. Main characters Austin and Amy Cushing appeared on Another World, November 18 - December 5, played by Rod Arrants and Christine Jones (who later joined AW as Janice Frame). Amy was a former model and friend of Rachel's during Rachel's modelling days. They journeyed back to their revamped show, now called For Richer, For Poorer, for its relaunch in December. Mac and Rachel accompanied them, appearing briefly on their show in order to entice viewers into watching the revamp.


Brian Bancroft made two appearances (August 18 and 20, 1980) on Texas to divorce Iris a few weeks into the new series. Mac Cory also came to visit Iris and appeared on August 20, 1980.

The character of Vivien Gorrow, which had originated on AW, was transferred back to AW two months after Texas's cancellation. The characters of Iris and Dennis followed suit. Carmen Duncan portrayed Iris beginning on October 27, 1988 while Jim Poyner reprised his role as Dennis and appeared on May 22 and 23, 1989.

Young and the Restless / Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown appeared on March 2 and 3, 1999 on AW as her Y&R and B&B character, Sheila Carter, using the alias Shelly Clark. Sheila posed as a psychiatrist in the mental institution where Marley Hudson was committed before being exposed as a patient by a nurse. She references her hatred of Stephanie Forrester and jealousy over Stephanie's marriage to Eric Forrester, who are core characters on B&B, without giving any names including her own.

Shelly: "It was that cow of a wife who has had everything handed to her on a silver platter. He's making goo-goo eyes at her, and she is fat as a house. You know F-A-T -- that is fat! Yeah, the hair still looks good, but who's laughing now? Who's laughing now? Miss Pretty, Pretty, Pretty. She's not so bold and beautiful."

Mentions in Other Media