Another World Video Library

Summer Fun '86 Highlights

Freeze Frames

The very first freeze
frame I ever saved,
Cass escaping Cecile

Adam has his hands full with M.J.
and Kathleen

Cass in escape attempt # 24

Kathleen slugs Cass

Kathleen starts a food fight with Cecile


Battle at Fun and Frolic Land

Kathleen, Cass, and their favorite munchkin, Cecile

Miscellaneous Highlights

The McKinnon sisters take to the air

... and the sea

Cass gets the upper hand with Cecile

Cass vs. Vince

Jake drags Cass away from Kathleen

Prometheus and Cass kidnap Cecile

Cass gets caught in the middle

Kathleen puts Cecile in a guillotine

Cecile can't hold back Ving Rhames and Walt Willey

Cecile and her boy-king husband

My second favorite scene of all time