Lenore and Janice prepared Alice for her wedding.

Robert and Steve talked about John's pitiful condition and the poor state of his law practice.

Pat and John fought over his refusal to attend Steve and Alice's wedding.

Mary consoled a despondent Pat and made excuses to explain John's absence.

Rachel sadly admitted to Ada that she is devastated without Steve.

Liz introduced the minister to her family.

Sam scolded John for resorting to alcohol as a coping device.

Steve and Alice exchanged vows.

Rachel went to see John and recruit him against Steve by fueling his anger and bitterness towards him, despite Sam's protestations.

Rachel intercepted a phone call to John from Pat.

Party guests chatted.

Janice blamed the champagne when Tim proposed marriage.

John arrived at the reception drunk where he denounced Steve over using fortune to gain friendships, influence and bribe affluent people, and provide for Alice.

John came out of his drunken stupor after Alice shunned him from the Matthews family.

Tim escorted John out while Pat quietly cried in embarrassment over John making a fool of himself.