Tomas is Maggie's first love. They met in class one day in January 1994. Maggie fell hard for Tomas, but he tried to push her away because of his family problems. When he finally came clean about everything with Maggie, he was able to commit himself to a relationship. They began dating and were very happy together.

In August, Angela Corelli, the mother of Tomas's daughter Luisa, came to town intent on winning Tomas back. Although Tomas assured Maggie that their relationship could still work, he was forced to leave her and marry Angela when it looked like he would lose custody of his daughter if he didn't.

Tomas and Angela never consummated their relationship. Eventually Tomas discovered that Angela had married him just so that she would be eligible for an inheritance. He dumped her, and Maggie flew into his waiting arms. They made love in a barn a few months later.

By the summer of 1995, Maggie began to get very frustrated with Tomas, who was trying to hold down a job and schoolwork and who couldn't devote as much time to her as she wanted. Her attention strayed in the direction of Nick Hudson, a young punk with a chip on his shoulder the size of Maggie's ego.

Freeze FrameShe found him terribly exciting and rubbed herself up against him at every opportunity. Yet she still wanted Tomas as her boyfriend. Maggie began exhibiting schizophrenic tendencies as she schemed to get *both* Nick and Tomas, at the same time. When they found out, they dumped her unceremoniously.