AUGUST 4, 1980 (EP. #1)
Iris was surprised when she learned that her flight was headed to Houston instead of Bay City. A stewardess told Iris she is the reason why her plane flight is returning to Houston. Alex remembered his first meeting with Iris while discussing plans with Terry. Ryan and Terry argued over Clipper's guilt in Sheik Zehedi's death. Ryan recalled promising the sheik to protect his daughter Princess Jasmine. Ryan called Tanquir looking for the princess. Clipper declared his love to Terry and assured her that he doesn't have any more information about the sheik's death. Ryan finally reached Jasmine over the phone to reveal Mike committed suicide the night after her father's death. Dennis encouraged Dawn to move on with life when she mentioned her father's death. Dennis admitted his love to Dawn. On his yacht, Alex explained to Iris that he left years ago due to feeling unworthy of her and then invited her for breakfast below deck.

AUGUST 5, 1980 (EP. #2)
Iris revealed to Alex her feelings towards being abandoned by him. Vicky confessed her ongoing affair with Alex to Kevin, who can no longer deal with Reena. Max and Ginny discussed the horse show and the death of Mike with Justin. Dennis and Dawn made plans to accompany Kate to the horse show. Paige schemed to gain employment at the Top of the World Club. Bart invited Courtney to enter into medical practice with him.

AUGUST 6, 1980 (EP. #3)
Paige offered to be a spy for Justin. Paige auditioned for Clipper. Terry interrupted Clipper and Paige getting intimate. Maggie agreed to let Billy Joe stay with Nita. Justin and Rikki discussed automobile racing. Bart asked Courtney to extend their partnership into other areas.

AUGUST 7, 1980 (EP. #4)
Clipper, Ryan, and Alex discussed the sheik's death. Alex talked to Ryan privately, while Iris revealed her first meeting with Alex to Reena. Courtney accepted Bart's job offer. Courtney and Kevin went swimming. Striker, Ryan, Alex, and Reena prepared for the horse show. Maggie introduced Nita to everyone present including Kate. Maggie offered to speak with Max for Elena about her taking a summer job in Houston. Alex questioned Reena about Iris leaving his yacht.

AUGUST 8, 1980 (EP. #5)
Ryan spotted Ginny at the horse show. Striker and Reena talked about Justin and Ginny's relationship with Ryan. Iris requested Vicky's help in discovering Alex's true feelings for her. Iris remembered calling Eliot Carrington after learning of her pregnancy and acknowledged that Alex is the biological father of Dennis. Courtney asked Kevin to remain in Houston as they enjoyed their swim. Dennis helped Dawn pack up the Marshall house and cope with Mike's death.

AUGUST 11, 1980 (EP. #6)
Bart was jealous after catching Kevin and Courtney swimming in the pool. Reena advised Vicky she is staying in Houston. Courtney told Bart about her plans to snare Kevin. Max and Maggie agreed to allow Elena to remain in town. Nita met Rikki. Terry reacted badly when she found Clipper and Paige together again. Terry told Clipper she wishes to marry him. Striker admitted to Vicky his mistake in supporting Reena. Kevin and Courtney kissed inside his office. Kevin revealed to Courtney that Striker funded the cardiac unit in exchange for remaining married to Reena. Kevin told Courtney he is no longer indebted to Striker.

AUGUST 12, 1980 (EP. #7)
Reena told Iris about the fight she had with Kevin. Striker, Vicky, and Reena chatted. Striker refused to let Reena stay in Houston with him and buy the horse. Reena told Striker about the fight she had with Kevin. Reena vowed revenge on Vicky who she blames for her marital problems by getting a private detective. Vicky requested that Alex meet with her to discuss Iris. Reena hired Detective Waylon to tail Vicky at all times. Iris defended Vicky to Reena. Striker apologized to Kevin for supporting Reena. Kevin told Striker he is leaving Reena to escape their failed marriage. Striker bargained with Kevin to remain married since he only has three more months to live. Bart discussed Courtney with Kevin. Detective Waylon took pictures while Alex talked to Vicky. Kevin informed Courtney that Striker doesn't have much longer to live. Kevin told Courtney that he feels in debt to Striker and will honor Striker's request to stay married to Reena. Bart attempted to comfort Courtney. Reena was pleased when Kevin vowed to make their marriage work regardless of living in Houston or Bay City.

AUGUST 13, 1980 (EP. #8)
Iris asked Alex to meet with her after talking to Vicky. Ryan informed Terry that Striker has offered him a position within Striker's law firm. Ryan remembered seeing Ginny at the horse show. Iris told Alex that she may stay in Houston once she settles matters with Brian Bancroft in Bay City. Ryan confessed his disappointed with the sheik's murder investigation to Alex. Alex and Ryan told Striker that Ryan is remaining in Houston. Detective Waylon gave Reena the pictures of Alex using a private elevator and of Alex and Vicky together. Reena arranged to have lunch with Vicky at the Top of the World Club. Iris warned Reena against seeking revenge on Vicky. Elena left for Houston. Vicky refused to be blackmailed by Reena with the detective's pictures and left to tell Striker. Striker suggested that Ryan take a helicopter to the Marshall Ranch. Striker urged Ryan to be careful because Justin and Dawn blame Alex for Mike's suicide. Ryan met with Kate and asked if she is interested in selling the Marshall house in River Oaks. Ryan met Ginny.

AUGUST 14, 1980 (EP. #9)
Kate introduced Ryan to Justin and Ginny. Striker told Vicky he wants her to be a mother to Reena once he dies. Vicky decided to keep mum to Striker about her affair with Alex. Justin demanded that Ryan leave and never return to the Marshall Ranch after Ryan revealed he is Alex's nephew. Ryan and Ginny discussed selling the River Oaks house to Alex. Elena arrived at Maggie's. Nita introduced Rikki and Elena to Billy Joe. Colonel Hassine asks Clipper to keep World Oil operational in Tanquir. Paige overheard Colonel Hassine threatening Clipper. Billy Joe told Paige about being introduced to Rikki and Elena. Ginny invited Ryan to go on a horse ride after Ryan met Steven Marshall. Bart and Sam had dinner with Striker and Vicky. Vicky asked Striker to tell Kevin and Reena that they want them to stay in Houston. Clipper and Paige made out.

AUGUST 15, 1980 (EP. #10)
Vicky revealed to Kevin that Reena is blackmailing her because of Alex and Vicky's affair. Dennis warned Iris to stay clear of Alex because he is trouble and responsible for Mike's suicide. Max and Reena argued shortly after they met. Reena urged Justin to fire Max. Alex and Iris called Brian Bancroft and requested that he fly to Houston. Kevin and Courtney discussed Kevin remaining married to Reena.

AUGUST 18, 1980 (EP. #11)
Brian was picked up at the airport by Alex's chauffeur. Justin brought Dawn to the Marshall house to prepare for the auction. Justin recalled his last conversation with Mike while in his study and took Mike's gun. Reena convinced Justin to work with Vicky at KVIK. Alex demanded to know details when Brian arrived and was escorted to Alex's office by Terry. Alex revealed his history with Iris to Brian, who assured him there are no issues with the divorce proceedings. Iris told Brian that Dennis is Alex's son, which is not known to Mac or Eliot Carrington. Dennis brought Dawn to the study and gave her Mike's journal and read about how her father named her. Brian urged Iris to marry Alex, but wait until the right time to reveal Dennis and Alex's actual relationship. Iris refused to sign the divorce papers feeling unable to let go of her old life in Bay City. Brian suggested Iris return to Bay City with him. Reena and Justin arrived at KVIK to talk to Vicky.

AUGUST 19, 1980 (EP. #12)
Reena convinced Vicky to hire Justin at KVIK. Ryan told Dawn he has an offer to buy the Marshall house. Bart was unhappy about Courtney working with Kevin, who is creating a cardiac unit at Gulf Coast with Striker. Vicky apologized to Reena about being neglectful while she was growing up. Kevin told Courtney they are no longer good for each other and ended the relationship. Sam talked to Vicky about the stress symptoms she is displaying. Vicky told Sam that she is training Justin for a job at KVIK. Kate guessed Ryan has taken an interest in Ginny. Ginny explained to Ryan that Barrett has been missing for over 5 years. Billy Joe encouraged and offered to help Elena achieve her dream of being a singer. Maggie warned Elena to stay away from Billy Joe. Ginny told Ryan and Kate she refuses to give up hope Barrett will return. Reena showed the pictures of Alex and Vicky together to Ryan while they ate at Maggie's. Dennis bought a piano for Dawn at the auction. Ginny advised Ryan that Kate owns half the ranch and Mike inherited the other half from his father which may have to be sold. Ginny explained the Marshall ranch's history while conducting a tour for Ryan, who assured Ginny he will work on getting Alex to abandon his plans for the River Oaks house.

AUGUST 20, 1980 (EP. #13)
Iris parted ways amicably with Brian and promised she won't forget his loving and understanding nature. Ryan accepted Ginny's dinner invitation. Rikki tried talking to Justin after seeing him carrying a gun. Dawn refused to listen to Ryan's offer on the Marshall house. Brian advised Alex to love Iris while she begins a new life in Houston. Iris explained to Mac she is staying in Houston because she met someone who has loved her for 25 years. Iris told Reena that Brian convinced her to make things work with Alex. Kate couldn't convince Justin to accept Mike's suicide rather than blame Alex for his death. Justin headed for Houston. Rikki arrived to stay the night with Terry. Rikki warned Alex to stay away from Justin because he kept Mike's gun. Terry introduced Rikki to Clipper. Ryan explained he may be able to convince the Marshall family to sell the house to him if Alex leaves the ranch property alone. Alex called asking to see Iris tomorrow just as Reena was about to show her the pictures of Alex and Vicky together.

AUGUST 21, 1980 (EP. #14)
Clipper and Terry talked. Nita offered to give Elena the night off. The conversation became heated once Billy Joe learned Rikki is a cop. Rikki spoke briefly with Page. Elena snuck out as Nita explained to Maggie that she left work feeling ill. Terry walked out on Clipper and left with Rikki. Paige comforted Clipper. Kate and Ginny discussed Steven Marshall. Max tried to convince Ginny that Barrett will never return and declared his feelings for her. Terry, Rikki, Maggie, and Nita exchanged pleasantries. Maggie told Rikki that Billy Joe was arrested for stealing a car but was paroled a month ago. Elena arrived at the Top of the World Club to see Billy Joe and hear Paige sing. Rikki threatened to tell Max after confronting Elena on where she was tonight.

AUGUST 22, 1980 (EP. #15)
Terry gave Alex the keys to the River Oaks house. Iris told Reena she is spending the day with Alex. Kevin left for work while Reena went to the Marshall ranch. Vicky called Justin a novice working for her in the sports department while talking to Sam. Max and Reena argued. Sam didn't like Justin upon meeting him. Billy Joe and Nita helped Dennis and Dawn move things out of the Marshall house. Kevin reminded Courtney that he is still married and that their relationship is over. Bart was unhappy to be without Courtney as his partner. Iris arrived at Alex's office through the secret elevator. Alex told Iris the Marshall house is hers after showing it. Dawn caught Alex and Iris sharing a kiss and demanded to know the reason they are at the house.

AUGUST 25, 1980 (EP. #16)
Sam and Justin argued. Dennis interrupted Dawn confronting Alex and argued with him once they met. Iris told Dennis and Dawn that Alex intends to buy the Marshall house for her. Dawn informed Iris that Alex didn't come to meet Mike as originally planned. Dennis refused to talk to Iris, who remembered telling Brian that Dennis is Alex's son. Billy Joe and Rikki had words upon Billy Joe, Nita, and Elena's arrival at the race. Sam told Justin he will be the announcer for the automobile race. Alex explained he didn't show for his meeting with Mike because he wasn't ready to see Iris again. Justin and Rikki pretended not to know each other while Sam mentioned that Justin is ranked as one of the best race drivers in the world. Max ended his fight with Reena by kissing her and abruptly leaving. Dennis told Dawn he is remaining in Houston and showed interest in buying Western Art and having Dawn work for him. Bart talked to Kate about Courtney working for Kevin. Reena complained about Max to Kate. Bart fueled Reena's jealousy after he mentioned someone going after Kevin. Dennis and Dawn continued to bond. Justin started announcing the race.

AUGUST 26, 1980 (EP. #17)
Terry, Nita, Billy Joe, and Elena watched Rikki in the race. Justin quit announcing the race to rescue Rikki, whose car caught fire after getting into an accident. Ryan advised Kate that Alex agreed to leave the ranch's land alone as partial payment towards the River Oaks house. Dawn confronted Ryan. Ginny informed Ryan that it is her duty to wait for Barrett. Elena called with an update on Rikki and Justin's conditions. Ryan used the helicopter to get Max to the hospital. Dennis brought a piano to Western Art. Dawn told Dennis about yelling at Ryan, who was treated nicely by Kate. Dawn vowed to always be with Dennis.

AUGUST 27, 1980 (EP. #18)
Nita, Billy Joe, Terry, and Elena met Max at the hospital and learned of Rikki's condition from Courtney. Everyone was grateful to Justin for rescuing Rikki. Alex told Iris that Kate is willing to sell the Marshall house for the ranch. Iris felt Dawn was being unfair to Alex and planned to discuss the matter with Dennis. Paige agreed with Ryan to sign the house in exchange for letting her sing for Alex. Kate asked Justin to come home so they can talk about Dawn. Reena argued with Kevin and Vicky, who came to the hospital to check on Rikki. Iris tried to convince Dennis that Dawn is in the way of him and Alex forming a friendship. Iris realized that Dennis and Dawn have slept together. Reena ran out after Kevin informed her that Striker is sick. Sam discovered Justin at Gulf Coast. Ryan told Alex that Paige will be singing for him and suspected that Clipper is hiding information about the sheik's death. Alex arrived for Paige's performance. Billy Joe and Nita catch Clipper and Alex together at the Top of the World Club.

AUGUST 28, 1980 (EP. #19)
Paige signed the ownership papers of the Marshall house over to Alex after singing for him. Clipper and Alex discussed business. Justin and Kate argued after Kate told him about Alex and Dawn making a deal to sell the Marshall house. Terry called Clipper and expressed her love for Clipper unaware he who was busy celebrating with Paige. Billy Joe got physical after getting jealous of Nita caring about Rikki. Billy Joe revealed Alex and Vicky's affair to Clipper. Striker lied to Reena about his health. Courtney and Kevin had a consultation about Rikki's condition.

AUGUST 29, 1980 (EP. #20)
Dennis asked Dawn to marry him. Kate told Ginny about her conversation with Justin. Max and Ginny talked about Reena. Iris told Reena that Alex plans to buy the Marshall house for her and that Dennis slept with Dawn. Vicky revealed Reena's blackmail efforts to Alex. Kate apologized to Dawn for wanting to sell the family ranch. Alex rejected Clipper's deal with Hassine. Iris explained why Alex didn't meet with Mike and urged Dennis to give Alex a second chance. Dennis announced his engagement to Iris. Clipper and Hassine met secretly and decided to discuss Alex with Striker.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1980 (EP. #21)
Iris requested Dennis talk to Alex. Maggie noticed Nita's black eye. Kate informed Justin she's changed her mind about selling the Marshall house. Dawn told Justin about her engagement to Dennis and that Iris and Alex are dating. Justin suggested to Dawn that they sell the house. Justin promised to avenge his father's death after Dawn showed him Mike's journal. Terry updated Alex on Rikki's condition and that Justin rescued him at the race track. Elena was surprised to see someone had struck Nita in the face. Billy Joe apologized to Nita for hitting her. Terry discovered Clipper and Paige together again. Justin advised Kate that selling the house to Alex will help them retain the ranch. Reena visited with Justin. Dennis showed up to talk to Alex.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1980 (EP. #22)
Paige ruined a meeting with Alex, Iris, and Dennis by arriving unexpectedly. Striker informed Ryan of Justin and Dawn's willingness to sell the Marshall house. Rikki confronted Nita after learning from Maggie that Billy Joe hit her. Billy Joe flirted with Elena. Bart examines Nita's eye. Ryan gave Kate the option of filing a presumption of death for Barrett. Dennis grew hostile towards Alex while having lunch. Billy Joe forced himself on Elena.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1980 (EP. #23)
Elena fell down the stairs while attempting to fight off Billy Joe. Justin showed Reena a rifle that his father, Mike used. Max warned Reena that Justin may retaliate against Alex. Justin told Ryan he signed the paper to the house for Kate. Maggie and Nita woke up an unconscious Elena, who lied that she got dizzy and fell down the stairs. Clipper watched a tape of the sheik. Clipper revealed Alex and Vicky's affair to Striker. Kevin warned Courtney to stay clear of Reena. Elena told Maggie she wants to return home after Bart examined her. Kate agreed to declare Barrett legally dead after talking to Ryan and Ginny. Max brought Elena home.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1980 (EP. #24)
Striker questioned Vicky about her feelings for him. Ginny discussed Barrett with Ryan, Ginny, and Steve. Paige and Terry had a heated confrontation. Justin and Kevin got acquainted. Clipper arranged to record his conversation with Terry regarding Alex and Vicky's affair. Paige found the hidden camera while it recorded Clipper and Terry's conversation.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1980 (EP. #25)
Clipper explained to Terry that both he and Reena know about Alex and Vicky's affair. Paige listened to the recording while Clipper and Terry talked. Alex told Ryan about his talk with Dennis and blamed Dawn for Dennis not liking him. Paige told Justin about the secret elevator. Striker and Vicky reminisced about their past together. Justin revealed to Iris he convinced Dawn to sell the Marshall house. Justin stole the key to the secret elevator from Iris. Billy Joe met Justin after Kevin, Iris, and Reena left the Top of the World Club. Clipper and Terry made out. Terry arrived at Alex's just as Justin was about to kill Alex.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1980 (EP. #26)
Terry realized Justin had Alex cornered as Justin held a gun on him. Justin chose not to commit murder, but vowed to take everything including Iris from Alex. Alex informed Ryan about his confrontation with Justin. Alex asked Terry no to mention the incident with Justin and keep the confrontation from the police. Paige requested a payout for possession of Clipper and Terry's taped conversation. Clipper showed to Striker and had him listen to it. Kate and Ginny talked about Barrett and William Marshall and the year they were killed. Ryan made plans to take Ginny out on the yacht.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1980 (EP. #27)
Clipper showed his taped conversation with Terry about Alex and Vicky's affair to an upset Striker. Alex and Ryan discussed Justin. Justin invited Iris and Reena to lunch and a tour of KVIK. Reena told Vicky she hasn't shown Striker the pictures of her and Alex together after Vicky asked about Striker's strange behavior. Alex mentioned the possibility of Rikki working for him once he's released from the hospital. Ryan threatened to kill Justin if he doesn't stay away from Alex. Dawn informed Dennis that she signed the paper handing the Marshall house over. Dawn worried about Justin causing Alex harm. Ryan told Ginny about Justin confronting Alex with a gun. Alex learned of Justin's lunch invitation to Iris.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1980 (EP. #28)
Terri told Rikki and Max about Alex's potential job offer and Justin attempting to kill him. Justin asked Iris to help him find any truth in the rumors Sam mentioned about Alex owning the Top of the World Club. Maggie told Dennis and Dawn that Bart wishes to buy Western Art. Dennis decided to ask Mac Cory for the money to buy the art gallery before Bart can. Ryan revealed his plan to discover who killed the sheik to Ginny, who agreed to have a date with him. Sam called Kevin after she discovered Vicky passed out. Vicky told Sam that Reena wasn't to blame for Striker learning of her ongoing affair with Alex. Max confronted Justin at Maggie's.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1980 (EP. #29)
Reena assumed Vicky is after Kevin after she learned Kevin and Vicky left KVIK together. Max told Maggie and Nita about Justin pulling a gun on Alex. Kevin and Sam tended to Vicky. Kevin learned from Sam that Reena knows of Alex and Vicky's affair. Kevin told Sam that Reena is blackmailing Vicky with pictures of Alex and Vicky together. Kevin confessed he is only staying with Reena because of a promise he made to Striker to Sam. Nita tried to convince Rikki not to accept Alex's job offer because of it being dangerous. Billy Joe called Elena at the ranch and requested they meet to discuss their physical altercation. Reena accused Kevin of having an affair with Vicky. Kevin explained to Reena that Vicky passed out from being drunk. Kevin assured Courtney he won't expose her but will leave Reena if necessary. Dennis told Dawn that he can't touch his trust fund after talking to Mac. Dennis and Dawn informed Billy Joe they haven't seen Nita when he arrived looking for her. Reena couldn't convince Striker to leave Vicky and move in with her. Billy Joe hits Nita after confronting her about visiting Rikki. Maggie demanded Billy Joe leave and tried to get Nita to end her marriage.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1980 (EP. #30)
Clipper called Striker, who agreed to meet Hassine tomorrow. Striker confronted Vicky about her long-standing affair with Alex. Paige was disappointed when Clipper only awarded her $500.00 for producing the tape instead of the $5000.00 she requested. Billy told Paige that Rikki should stay away from Nita. Justin asked to conduct an interview with Clipper. Iris told Alex about the nice time she had spending time with Justin. Vicky assured Striker that her affair with Alex is over. Alex arranged it so Dennis could own Western Art. Iris allowed Alex to buy the Marshall house for her as a gift. Vicky informed Alex that Striker knows about their affair. Ryan and Ginny made plans to share a future together. Justin asked for Paige's help investigating the Top of the World Club.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1980 (EP. #31)
Paige requested $4500.00 from Justin in exchange for her acting as his informant at the Top of the World Club. Ginny told Kate about her relationship with Ryan and that she's accepted Barrett's death. Striker and Hassine agreed to conduct business together during their meeting. Justin explained to Sam that Paige will lead them to a big news story on the Top of the World Club. Striker refused to answer any questions when Ryan caught Striker and Hassine's meeting. Ryan expressed his distrust of Clipper to Alex and Terry. Ryan suspected Hassine may have been involved in the sheik's death. Sam paid Paige. Clipper refused Hassine's payoff offer to gain possession of the tape.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1980 (EP. #32)
Paige revealed to Sam and Justin that Clipper has bugs and videotapes within the Top of the World Club. Dennis told Dawn that a New York art gallery chain wants to operate in Houston and will support Western Art. Ryan told Alex and Terry his suspicions that Clipper is blackmailing Hassine, who may be responsible for the sheik's death. Ginny arrived to start presumption of death proceedings on Barrett at Striker's office. Ryan decided not to stay with Ginny while she started proceedings for Barrett with Striker to follow up on a possible lead on the sheik's murder. Reena tried to prove Iris wrong about being jealous of her by being friendly to Alex when they visited the World Oil building. Striker advised Reena he hasn't asked Vicky to leave their house yet. Alex and Iris made renovation plans on the Marshall house. Reena showed Striker the picture of Alex and Vicky together.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1980 (EP. #33)
The pictures of Alex and Vicky caused Striker to have an attack. Reena called Kevin to treat Striker. Alex and Iris decided to be honest with each other by revealing secrets during their time together alone. Sam arrived and helped Vicky recover from being drunk. Sam helped Vicky recover from being drunk and revealed Justin's plan to expose Alex and the Top of the World Club. Kevin left Reena after accusing her of nearly killing Striker by showing him the pictures of Alex and Vicky. Reena had the investigator tail Kevin. Dawn grew suspicious of the New York art gallery chain interested in backing Western Art. Vicky attempted to contact Justin.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1980 (EP. #34)
Vicky and Sam attempted to stop Justin. Terry told Vicky that Alex and Iris is together and planning to purchase the Marshall house. Clipper was questioned by Ryan and a member of the FBI. Reena ordered the private investigator to continue watching Kevin. Striker walked out after Reena told him that Kevin is seeing another woman. Dennis and Dawn told Maggie about the New York art gallery chain's offer of backing Western Art. Maggie told Dennis and Dawn about Billy Joe hitting Nita. Kate learned that Elena fell down the stairs from Bart. Elena confessed to Bart that Billy Joe gave her a bruised eye. Billy Joe put on a front with Nita in front of everyone. Billy Joe told Clipper he overheard Paige and Justin talking about their deal.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1980 (EP. #35)
Vicky interrupted Alex and Iris spending time together. Billy Joe informed Clipper that Paige sold him out to Justin. Clipper had Billy Joe remove all of the recording devices prior to Justin's arrival. Ryan and the FBI learned that Hassine has diplomatic immunity against being questioned. Vicky revealed Justin's plan to Alex. Iris left after overhearing Vicky declare her love to Alex. Nita told Maggie that she is fond of Rikki, but still loves Billy Joe. Rikki waited for Billy Joe after seeing Nita's bruised eye. Justin questioned Clipper. Billy Joe confronted Paige.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1980 (EP. #36)
Vicky urged Alex to save his reputation first when he was upset over Iris leaving and planned to chase after her. Terry and Vicky discussed Clipper's betrayal of Alex. Maggie and Nita were unsuccessful in getting Rikki out of the restaurant, leading to him having another fight with Billy Joe. Iris talked to Reena about Alex, Vicky, and Kevin walking out on her. Justin accused Paige of blabbing their plans to Clipper. Clipper advised Paige to find another place to work. Billy Joe vowed to make something of himself and not end up like Nita's father, who abused her mother while Nita was growing up. Justin told Iris and Reena about conversations being recorded by Clipper. Justin showed Iris the pictures of Alex and Vicky. Paige arrived just as Clipper was denying and knowledge of Justin's accusations to Alex.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1980 (EP. #37)
Paige revealed to Alex that she was fired for knowing about Clipper recording conversations. Alex fired Clipper. Vicky learned Reena showed the pictures of her and Alex together to Striker. Vicky told Striker she is in love with both him and Alex. Striker had an attack as he was leaving Vicky alone in their house. Iris refused to talk to Alex. Justin reminded Reena how Alex has affected both their lives and planned to do everything possible to even the score. Terry refused when Clipper requested help. Clipper planned his next move. Ryan informed Alex he plans to go to Tanquir and can't have a future with Ginny until he's finished investigating the sheik's murder and helps Princess Jasmine escape.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1980 (EP. #38)
Striker had an attack outside the Bellman house. Reena had Beth take Kevin's clothes to him. Ryan told Ginny he is going to Tanquir to take care of some business. Clipper asked Terry to spend time with him and proposed marriage to her. Vicky got drunk and called Kevin after finding Striker on the ground. Kevin confirmed for Bart and Courtney that he has left Reena. Reena instructed the private investigator to keep watching Kevin, who spotted Kevin and Courtney together.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1980 (EP. #39)
Kevin arrived at Striker and Vicky's house to take Striker to Gulf Coast. Vicky was concerned for Striker and suggested Reena go to the hospital to see him. Terry accepted Clipper's marriage proposal. Clipper and Terry told Rikki about their upcoming wedding. Max and Ginny talked about Ryan. Kate told Ginny she must choose between Max and Ryan. Vicky and Reena confronted each other at the hospital.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1980 (EP. #40)
Reena blamed Alex and Vicky's affair the cause of Striker's attack. Ryan met Princess Jasmine and explained his suspicions of Hassine being responsible for the sheik's death to her. Ryan warns Princess Jasmine that she may have to leave Tanquir for the United States if his plans don't succeed. Kevin declares his love to Courtney, who agrees to assist with Striker's operation. Reena requested Bart be Striker's doctor. Kevin informed Vicky that Striker needs a heart transplant. Reena threatened lawsuits against Bart and Kevin if Striker dies. Nita told Billy Joe he, not Rikki, is the cause of all their marital problems. Billy Joe tried to blackmail Elena into coming into town. Elena realized that both Ryan and Max are interested in Ginny while the two women talked.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1980 (EP. #41)
Courtney defended Kevin, interrupting an argument between Vicky, Kevin, and Reena. Max agreed to let Elena go into town. Steve and Ginny discussed Ryan going to Tanquir. Ginny admitted to Kate about being angry that Ryan left town. Ryan and Princess Jasmine talked. Clipper got Terry to talk to Alex on his behalf. Ryan revealed his plan to marry Princess Jasmine and bring her to the states, preventing Hassine from having her executed. Kevin and Bart advised Vicky and Reena that Striker must have a heart transplant to survive. Striker told Reena he has forgiven Vicky and to look out for her. Reena admitted to Striker that he is the only man who truly loves her. Reena told Vicky that Striker has forgiven her affair but she can't, despite Striker's encouragement. Reena asked Kevin to do whatever it takes to save Striker.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1980 (EP. #42)
Iris hung up on Alex when he tried to talk to her and revealed that Striker is in the hospital. Justin told Sam he may have been double-crossed by Paige. Terry asked Alex to talk to Clipper. Justin requested the money he gave Paige back upon calling her. Paige insisted to Justin that she didn't tell Clipper about their plans. Terry told Alex that she has accepted Clipper's marriage proposal. Clipper tried to assure Alex that he was not involved in Hassine's dealings. Justin told Sam about Ryan and the FBI visiting Clipper. Clipper dismissed Paige after he gloated about Alex rehired him. Alex advised it was because of Paige that Clipper got his job back. Paige let Terry know that Clipper fired her. Iris told Dennis about Alex's involvement with the gallery.

OCTOBER 1, 1980 (EP. #43)
Iris tried to comfort Reena, who considers Striker the only person she has left in her life. Ryan and Princess Jasmine signed papers making them legally married for Hassine. Courtney consoled Kevin. Vicky sought an escape from Iris and Reena through Kevin. Justin tried to convince Sam of Alex's involvement in the sheik's murder. Terry warned Clipper that Alex will fire him if Clipper takes action against Paige. Justin and Iris discussed Striker. Reena accused Kevin of having an affair with Vicky. Courtney and Kevin made plans to spend time together.

OCTOBER 2, 1980 (EP. #44)
Justin comforted Reena while they talked about the past. Justin decided to take Reena out to dinner at Maggie's. Courtney arrived at Kevin's motel room. Dennis and Dawn advised Maggie that Dennis is going to New York because the art gallery has no backing right now. Billy Joe noticed Dennis and Dawn giving the keys to the art gallery to Maggie, who agreed to look after it. Billy Joe had a friendly conversation with Dennis and Dawn. Clipper requested that Billy Joe keep an eye on Paige. Elena called Billy Joe about returning to town because of him threatening to tell Maggie about them necking. Justin and Reena got cozy while in their motel room. Reena caught Kevin and Courtney together.

OCTOBER 3, 1980 (EP. #45)
The Chief of Staff at the hospital told Kevin that Reena wants Courtney fired from the medical program. Kevin and Courtney prepared for Striker's operation. Vicky and Iris talked. Alex asked Terry to have the decorator continue with the house for Iris, who he intends to win back. Reena revealed Kevin and Courtney's affair to Vicky and Iris. Max took Kate to the hospital after they talked and ran into Iris, Vicky, and Reena. Max drops Elena off at Terry's place. Billy Joe asked Clipper if he could leave work early when Elena called him. Rikki agreed to be chief security officer for Alex. Terry informed Ryan about his marriage to Princess Jasmine being in the paper. Ryan insisted on talking to Ginny. Reena told Kevin that she is filing for divorce and naming Courtney in the suit.

OCTOBER 6, 1980 (EP. #46)
Reena informed Kevin that she is filing for divorce and naming Courtney in the suit while Iris, Vicky, and Kate were present. Courtney refused to talk to Kate. Kevin proposed to Courtney. Reena told Justin about her divorce suit against Kevin and Courtney. Justin asked Iris to dinner. Alex convinced Reena to help him reconcile with Iris. Ginny spoke with her father after she received a letter from Jeb about being miserable while in boot camp. Elena notified Billy Joe that she is back in town. Paige advised Iris that Justin doesn't believe Alex, who claims to not knowing about the video equipment in the Top of the World Club. Steve asked Ryan if he married Jasmine because she's royalty when Ryan arrived to talk to Ginny.

OCTOBER 7, 1980 (EP. #47)
Ryan told Ginny about his marriage to Princess Jasmine. Ginny agreed to meet Princess Jasmine at Terry's place. Kate told Dawn about Kevin and Courtney's relationship while they drove to the ranch. Billy Joe snuck into Western Art and waited for Elena to arrive. Max comforted Ginny. Dawn headed for the gallery after realizing she forgot some papers. A drunken Billy Joe trashed Western Art while hearing Rikki sing at Maggie's. Maggie, Nita, and Rikki kept Elena from leaving the restaurant to meet Billy Joe. Dawn was attacked by Billy Joe, who thought it was Elena.

OCTOBER 8, 1980 (EP. #48)
Rikki and Elena sang while Billy Joe attacked Dawn in the art gallery. Rikki tried to convince Nita to leave Billy Joe. Dawn arrived at Maggie's beaten up. Ginny witnessed an argument between Ryan and Clipper. Max confessed to Kate that he fibbed about giving Ryan another chance even though he wants to. Billy Joe asked Clipper to help him obtain an alibi for the night. The police advised Rikki that there are no signs of forced entry at Western Art. Kevin revealed to Courtney of Reena's plans to get her fired from the medical program at Gulf Coast. Courtney tried to console an upset Dawn. Maggie and Nita informed Billy Joe that Dawn was attacked.

OCTOBER 9, 1980 (EP. #49)
Reena informed Iris that Justin still wants revenge on Alex. Reena admitted to Iris that the pictures of Alex and Vicky don't indicate they were having a passionate meeting. Reena encourages Iris to give Alex another chance or otherwise live to regret it. Billy Joe overheard Maggie and Nita talking about Dawn's attack and refused to go to the hospital with Nita to see her. Kate and Courtney discussed Dawn. The police question Dawn at the hospital. Billy Joe and Nita argued over Dawn's attack. Reena visits Striker at the hospital. Alex asked Ryan to handle World Oil for him while Terry and Rikki help Alex win Iris back. Bart admitted to being in love with Courtney and told Reena she only has herself to blame for Kevin's infidelity. Justin and Dennis talked to Kate and a police officer before Dennis visited Dawn. Dawn apologized to Dennis and pushed him away when he tried to give her a comforting embrace. Iris decided not to allow Alex to disappoint her again. Alex asked Rikki to bring Iris to him.

OCTOBERT 10, 1980 (EP. #50)
Alex called Iris to say he is leaving because Iris refuses to speak to him. Alex asked Iris if she will come to the yacht to say good-bye. Dawn asked Dennis for time to recover. Reena offered Justin financial help with paying for Dawn's medical bills. Dennis and Justin came to an understanding about the need for revenge. Elena realized she was supposed to meet Billy Joe at Western Art after learning from Max that Dawn was attacked there. Justin and Paige argued. Dennis and Paige discussed Alex and Dawn. Nita suspected Billy Joe may have attacked Dawn after talking to her. Iris told Justin and Reena that Alex requested a meeting with her to say good-bye. Paige and Dawn talked. Rikki arrived to bring Iris to Alex. Reena told Justin and Dennis that Alex and Iris are reconciling. Iris was shanghaied upon arriving at the yacht.

OCTOBER 13, 1980 (EP. #51)
Justin told Sam that Dawn was attacked and Reena betrayed him by helping Alex. Alex forced Iris to remain on the yacht until she agreed to talk to him. Beth informed Iris that Alex loves her and not Vicky. Iris called Reena, who thought Alex's tactics were romantic. Ryan requested Terry's help in convincing Princess Jasmine to sign the annulment papers. Justin decided to use Princess Jasmine as a weapon against Clipper after learning about Ryan and Jasmine's marriage from Sam. Dawn arrived just as Elena was about to reveal Billy Joe as Dawn's attacker. Dennis and Paige discussed Dawn while he drove her back to Houston. Ginny told Kate that Ryan and Princess Jasmine are married. Reena and Sam noted Justin obsession over Alex. Iris decided to talk to Alex.

OCTOBER 14, 1980 (EP. #52)
Vicky told Sam about a press release that states Eliot Carrington is believed to be alive. Vicky refused to stay away from Alex. Iris believed Alex's explanation about the photographs of him and Vicky together. Dennis told Nita he thinks the person who attacked Dawn is a patron of Maggie's. Paige offered to help Dennis with running Western Art. Vicky informed Dennis that Eliot is alive. Alex assured Iris that they will always be together.

OCTOBER 15, 1980 (EP. #53)
Justin and Sam argued. Elena tried to comfort Dawn. Nita interrupted Billy Joe attempting to call Elena. Nita questioned Billy Joe about the night of the attack. Dennis grilled Rikki for answers about Dawn. Reena talked to Striker. Striker showed his gratitude to Kevin for saving his life. Nita felt guilty for doubting Billy Joe's honesty. Kevin and Reena argued. Courtney and Kate discussed Dawn and argued about Kevin. Paige learned that Eliot is alive while comforting Dennis. Nita informed Maggie she may be pregnant. Kate admitted to losing her temper with Courtney to Ginny. Steve called and advised Ginny that Eliot and Barrett were held hostage together.

OCTOBER 16, 1980 (EP. #54)
Ginny learned from her father that Barrett survived the helicopter crash and was held hostage with Eliot and told Kate. Ryan and Terry discussed Princess Jasmine and Clipper. Justin came to KVIK and informed Sam that Clipper may have a videotape of Hassine discussing the murder of the sheik. Terry told Clipper that Princess Jasmine is living with her. Clipper pulled out a videotape hidden in Terry's office that no one knows about. Ginny explained Barrett may be alive to Ryan. Courtney told Kevin about her argument with Kate who arrived at the hospital. Ryan vowed to fight for Ginny after attempting to comfort her. Justin and Princess Jasmine plotted against Clipper. Kate advised Kevin that Courtney won't be living with him until his divorce is final.

OCTOBER 17, 1980 (EP. #55)
Iris asked for time to allow the relationship between Alex and Dennis to improve before accepting Alex's marriage proposal. Dennis told Paige that Eliot will call him soon, since Vicky gave Eliot his number. Vicky told Sam that she has invited Elliot to work for her at KVIK. Reena and Kate discussed an old cabin as a new place for Reena and Striker to live on their own. Reena discovered Barrett may be alive. Paige and Dennis grew closer. Kate and Ginny talked about Barrett and Ryan. Princess Jasmine witnessed Justin, Hassine, and Clipper making calls to each other. Ryan told Ginny and Kate that Eliot said he was the only survivor. Eliot called Dennis on his way to Houston.

OCTOBER 20, 1980 (EP. #56)
Ginny and Ryan talked about Barrett being killed. Clipper was thrilled but unaware that Princess Jasmine overheard the conversation where he was awarded a million dollars from Hassine. Ginny's father praised Jeb's time in boot camp and discussed Barrett with Ginny. Jeb collapsed after getting into a fight. Max and Reena flirted while visiting a hunting cabin. Dawn pushed Dennis away after Dennis informed her that his father Eliot is alive. Kevin refused to consider Courtney's suggestion that they end their relationship until Kevin's divorce from Reena is final. Terry commented on Justin and Princess Jasmine's new friendship and gives Ryan the annulment papers. Justin and Princess Jasmine plotted their next move against Clipper and Hassine.

OCTOBER 21, 1980 (EP. #57)
Clipper took Terry to the Top of the World Club for dinner. Justin arranged for Ryan to meet him at the Top of the World Club. Steve informed Ginny that Jeb collapsed while in boot camp and has a heart murmur. Billy Joe and Paige talked. Jeb was at a loss on what to do after being discharged. Ginny told Courtney and Kate about Jeb's issues. Ginny asked Kate to lighten up on Courtney. Ryan accused Justin of putting Princess Jasmine in danger involving her in his plot against Clipper. Terry left after growing tired of waiting for Clipper at the Top of the World Club. Princess Jasmine moved in on Clipper. Jeb ignored Ginny's phone call. Justin assumed Alex must be involved after mentioning Clipper's videotape to Ryan. Princess Jasmine told Justin about a conversation between Hassine and Clipper she overheard. Hassine pulled a gun on Clipper and Hassine, who grabbed Terry and took her as a hostage.

OCTOBER 22, 1980 (EP. #58)
In the garage, Hassine grabbed Terry as a hostage and pulled a gun on Clipper. Ryan informed Justin and Princess Jasmine that Hassine is likely to shoot Clipper and ordered the garage to be sealed off. Reena interrupted Kate and Courtney's conversation to argue with Courtney about Kevin again. Justin was shot in the shoulder while Ryan killed Hassine when he attempted to escape with Terry. Sam told Vicky about the shootings at the World Oil garage. The police questioned Clipper with Ryan, and Terry. Max wished Ginny all the best with Ryan and mused about people not being able to choose who they fall in love with. Steve told Max and Ginny about the news of the shootings at World Oil being on television. Sam and Reena arrived at the same time with intentions to take care of Justin. Reena helped tend to Justin while in the hospital.

OCTOBER 23, 1980 (EP. #59)
Alex and Iris returned to Houston. Alex requested to see Clipper right away. Terry told Max that Justin saved her life. Ginny informed Terry and Max that Justin will recover. Reena fantasized about being with Justin while visiting him in the hospital. Iris announced to Reena and Rikki that she and Alex are engaged. Terry tried to defend Clipper's version of recent events during their meeting with Alex. Clipper was fired when Alex didn't believe his account of the shootings at World Oil. Iris revealed to Reena that Dennis is Alex's son. Vicky suggested to Sam that Justin be hired to work under Eliot covering the news for KVIK. Dennis told Paige that Dawn has become a person without feelings or emotions. Paige told Dennis she wants to throw a party for him on his 25th birthday. Eliot met Dennis at the airport and told him that he was the only source for his survival in the prison camp. Max was appreciative to Ryan for saving Terry. Princess Jasmine decided to return home. Ryan and Ginny resumed making plans for the future. Paige told Iris about Dawn's attack and Dennis picking up Eliot from the airport. Steve called Courtney looking for Ginny.

OCTOBER 24, 1980 (EP. #60)
Iris was stunned and left quickly after Paige revealed that Eliot is alive and in Houston. Courtney and Elena comforted Dawn. Princess Jasmine thanked Justin for his help before heading back home to Tanquir. Ginny told Kate she plans to travel back to Virginia to check on Jeb. Dennis introduced Eliot to Paige, who mentioned Alex and Iris being together. Maggie urged Nita to confirm with Bart on whether she's truly pregnant before telling Billy Joe. Eliot and Dennis started to bond again. Iris informed Reena that she hasn't revealed the truth about Alex being Dennis' father because Eliot is alive. Elena almost told Dawn the identity of her attacker being Billy Joe. Paige invited Alex to Dennis' birthday party. Paige and Alex both realized that Dennis could be Alex's son. Alex called Iris requesting to see her right away. Kate asked Courtney to go with Ginny to Virginia.

OCTOBER 27, 1980 (EP. #61)
Alex called Iris and requested to see her right away. Iris arrived and admitted to Alex that Dennis is his son. Nita defended Billy Joe, who Rikki suspects attacked Dawn at Western Art. Vicky offered Eliot a job at KVIK upon meeting him through Dennis. Ginny and Courtney flew to Virginia. Dawn declined Dennis' invitation to his birthday party because it is taking place at Western Art, where Dawn refuses to return until her attacker is apprehended. Rikki and Billy Joe fought. Courtney decided to take a walk on the beach while Ginny stayed at Jeb's place. Courtney found Jeb, who remembered trying to help an out of control Suzanne.

OCTOBER 28, 1980 (EP. #62)
Courtney prevented Jeb from throwing his guitar into the ocean. Iris revealed to Alex that Eliot is alive. Dawn told Dennis that she will try to come to his birthday party. Paige informed Billy Joe that she is his new boss. Clipper asked Terry if she still wants to get married to him. Courtney mentioned how her own life changed when Jeb lamented how he couldn't save Suzanne from falling into drugs while involved in the music industry. Terry told Clipper she no longer trusts him. Rikki asked Clipper if Billy Joe was working the night Dawn was attacked. Alex and Iris decided to wait and tell Dennis that Alex is his father once Eliot leaves town. Ginny told Jeb that Courtney is a doctor now. Alex and Iris ran into Eliot, Dennis, and Paige at the Top of the World Club and learned that Eliot has accepted Vicky's job offer to work at KVIK.

OCTOBER 29, 1980 (EP. #63)
Justin informed Sam that Vicky wants him to work in the news department with Eliot. Max arrived to take Justin the ranch and met Sam. Ryan and Reena come to hospital to visit Striker, who requested that Ryan buy the cabin and put it in Reena's name. Courtney called Kevin to tell him about Jeb's condition. Dawn told Dennis she will come to his birthday party after talking to Kate. Ryan gave Reena the divorce papers. Eliot assured Paige that he isn't bothered by Alex and Iris getting married but doesn't want Alex to be a father to Dennis. Reena gave Kevin the divorce papers once she realized he was on the phone with Courtney. Reena interrupted Max and Justin spending time together at the ranch and insisted Justin come to her place. Courtney explained to Jeb that she and Kevin want to help him. Dennis picked Dawn up at the ranch.

OCTOBER 30, 1980 (EP. #64)
Max and Reena argued in front of Justin. Justin accused Reena of attempting to run his life while they were alone at her place. Dawn freaked out and left Western Art once she got there. Clipper told Billy Joe about Rikki asking questions about the night of Dawn's attack. Nita informed Maggie that she is pregnant. Clipper requested Billy Joe's help in an assassination attempt on Alex. Reena and Justin grew closer when Reena confessed to feeling like an outcast while the pair had dinner. Kate and Max discussed Reena. Elena asked Max to take her to the birthday party for Dennis. Nita realized that Billy Joe was the person who attacked Dawn.

OCTOBER 31, 1980 (EP. #65)
Paige chastised Billy Joe for being late to the birthday party and warned him not to do it again. Justin denied another woman being in his life when Reena asked. Dennis and Nita convinced Dawn to return to the party. Elena arrived at the party with Max and spoke with Billy Joe. Iris asked Dawn how she is recovering from her attack. Eliot had a flashback and strange reaction to Ryan's mention of Barrett. Eliot made a toast to Dennis. Alex told Ryan that they need to go over some revisions to his will in the morning. Iris and Paige agreed to meet for lunch once Iris learned Paige knows that Dennis is Alex's son. Rikki questioned Billy Joe. Billy Joe waited for Nita at Maggie's so they could talk upstairs. Alex and Iris settled on November 21st as their wedding date. Sam tried to stop Vicky from getting drunk at the party. Paige tried to convince Eliot that it would be best for everyone if he left town. Maggie found Nita unconscious. Maggie told Rikki and Billy Joe that Nita is pregnant.

NOVEMBER 3, 1980 (EP. #66)
Billy Joe recalled accidentally admitting to being the culprit of Dawn's attack but insisted it was by accident when Nita confronted him at the hospital. Billy Joe revealed his knowledge of the pregnancy to Nita, who gained consciousness. Nita told Billy she fell from dizziness after promising to keep mum about Dawn's attack. Justin and Reena disagreed on whether to have actual romance instead of just a physical relationship. Dawn chose to leave the birthday with Max and Elena rather than let Dennis take her home. Terry slapped Clipper when he came onto her. Paige comforted an upset Dennis. Max warned Dawn to be careful of Paige and keep an eye on her. Billy Joe overheard Rikki, who told Nita his suspicions that Billy Joe was behind Dawn's attack. Nita lied Rikki about the identity of Dawn's assailant. Dawn caught Paige at Western Art in Dennis' pajamas. Clipper blackmailed Billy Joe into aiding him in the assassination attempt on Alex or face jail time again.

NOVEMBER 4, 1980 (EP. #67)
Paige informed Dawn that she spent the night with Dennis at Western Art because of getting drunk at the party. Clipper jumped to Billy Joe's defense when Rikki accused Billy Joe of being Dawn's attacker and dunked him in the pool. Clipper had a job interview with Sam at KVIK. Sam hired Clipper, despite being warned against doing so by Justin. Reena warned Iris to watch out for Paige. Dennis denied Dawn's accusation of sleeping with Paige. Ryan told Reena that one of her duties involved with taking care of Striker's estate is acting as his proxy at the KVIK board meeting. Iris gave Reena the news about her impending nuptials to Alex. Iris and Paige talked about Dawn not being the right woman for Dennis. Clipper advised Billy Joe that the scapegoat in the assassination attempt on Alex will be Justin.

NOVEMBER 5, 1980 (EP. #68)
Paige offered to tell Eliot that Dennis is not his son for Iris. Kevin and Bart get Striker released from the hospital. Reena informed Striker that her marriage to Kevin is finished. Alex revealed his estate will be divided equally between Ryan, Iris, and his biological son Dennis. Jeb flew to Houston with Ginny and Courtney. Alex, Iris, and Ryan met Ginny at the airport and went to the Top of the World Club. Reena ran into Courtney and Jeb after leaving Striker to speak with Vicky. Striker told Vicky he regrets that she loves Alex more than him but offered his friendship and support whenever she needs it. Reena told Striker she wants to sit on the board of KVIK. Kevin and Jeb got acquainted after being introduced by Courtney. Iris made plans to have her wedding and reception at the Top of the World Club. Vicky asked Eliot to prevent Alex and Iris' wedding from taking place.

NOVEMBER 6, 1980 (EP. #69)
Vicky explained to Eliot how much Alex means to her and that she has given up everything because of her love for him. Eliot refused to believe it when Vicky revealed that Alex and Iris met 25 years ago, which was right before Iris married him. Justin and Eliot were introduced by Vicky. Sam and Justin argued because Vicky hired Clipper for a job at KVIK. Clipper and Billy Joe finalized their plans to make Justin take the blame for the attempted assassination on Alex. Bart assured Nita she is in good condition. Nita informed Maggie and Bart that she's leaving Billy Joe and making him move out of their place. Bart mentioned that Courtney may join him in private medical practice to Jeb. Eliot asked for time before talking about it when Justin wanted to know about Barrett. Dennis insisted on seeing Dawn instead of letting Eliot confide in him about being a hostage victim. Eliot had flashbacks. Nita advised Billy Joe that their marriage is over. Rikki told Dawn he suspects Billy Joe attacked her. Dennis got upset when he caught Rikki and Dawn in a comforting embrace. Paige called and requested to meet with Eliot privately.

NOVEMBER 7, 1980 (EP. #70)
Rikki explained to Dennis that he comforted Dawn after revealing his suspicions that Billy Joe was behind the attack. Dawn demanded that Dennis return to Houston and Paige during an argument. Paige told Eliot that Alex may be Dennis' father while in her new office. Paige called Iris to warn her that Eliot was coming for a visit. Dennis assaulted Billy Joe, who said that Rikki lied about him being Dawn's attacker because Rikki is after Nita. Paige broke up the fight between Dennis and Billy Joe. Courtney and Ginny brought Jeb to the ranch where he was introduced to Dawn. Jeb called Elena by the name of Suzanne upon meeting her. Jeb pumped Kate, Courtney, and Ginny for information on Elena while having dinner with them. Max and Reena grew closer while helping Striker get settled into the hunting cabin. Iris admitted to Eliot she met Alex shortly before they were married and Dennis is Alex's son. Eliot refused to leave town and threatened to kill Iris if she reveals the truth to Dennis. Paige dragged a drunken Dennis into her office.

NOVEMBER 10, 1980 (EP. #71)
A hysterical Iris told Alex about Eliot's threats and mental instability. Dennis and Paige kissed after Paige declared her feelings for him. Nita remembered when Billy Joe was released on parole. Rikki assured Nita she is not alone and offered his support when she told him about leaving Billy Joe. Clipper arranged to meet Billy Joe in the garage. Rikki offered Nita support and comfort. Jeb remarked to Courtney that Elena and Suzanne look very much alike after having a flashback. Nita told Elena about knowing that Billy Joe attacked her. Nita reminded Elena to keep the truth about Billy Joe secret because she doesn't want him going back to jail. Nita suggested that Elena stay away from Billy Joe. Dennis passed out while with Paige. Alex and Iris informed Ryan about Eliot's confrontation with Iris. Clipper gave Billy Joe a gun.

NOVEMBER 11, 1980 (EP. #72)
Jeb warned Elena not to pursue a music career after hearing her sing. Courtney took Jeb to Houston after he talked to Ginny. Elena complained about Jeb and told Max to be careful around Billy Joe. Maggie and Billy Joe parted ways. Rikki called Billy Joe demanding that he leave Maggie's. Alex consulted with Intelligence man Alan Greenwood to find out how a journalist like Eliot escaped when soldiers couldn't. Eliot overheard Clipper and Justin agreeing that they have much in common including their dislike for Alex. Sam told Eliot about Justin's plots for revenge against Alex. Eliot realized that both he and Justin want Alex dead. Bernie Stokes arrived and got acquainted with Billy Joe while at Maggie's. Eliot revealed his ordeal of being captured and held prisoner with Barrett, who used to play "The Eyes of Texas Are upon Us" on the harmonica. Eliot walked out on Justin after refusing to work for KVIK. Ginny and Max wished each other happiness when Ginny mentioned that she and Ryan are considering marriage. Max decided to visit Reena and Striker and see what they are doing. Max agreed to it when Reena wanted to take a trip into town. Striker expressed interest in making Reena into a friendlier person. Courtney and Jeb witnessed Billy Joe boasting in front of Maggie and Nita that he has everything he wants and doesn't plan on losing anything.

NOVEMBER 12, 1980 (EP. #73)
Nita reminded Billy Joe that their marriage is over which prevented him and Jeb from coming to blows. Bernie gave Billy Joe a place to stay. Rikki arranged security for Iris before leaving to visit with Nita. Iris learned that Dennis slept on Paige's couch. Iris insisted on speaking with Dennis about Eliot. Eliot informed Justin that Dennis was the only reason he survived the hostage camp in Cambodia. Justin explained to Eliot he wants revenge because Alex is to blame for Mike's suicide. Clipper showed understanding towards Justin's hatred of Alex when Justin admitted that shooting Alex is not the answer. Clipper and Justin agreed to have lunch together. Max implied to Reena that she is only interested in sitting on the KVIK board to get closer to Justin and hurt Vicky. Nita revealed that Billy Joe attacked Elena and Dawn at the art gallery, who Billy Joe mistook for Nita. Iris told Dennis that Eliot has changed and threatened her life.

NOVEMBER 13, 1980 (EP. #74)
Terry showed Alex the wedding invitations. Alex gathered information on Eliot and tracked down his whereabouts to KVIK thanks to Terry, who convinced Eliot to see Alex. Dennis confronted Alex about Iris' accusations. Billy bragged to Bernie about getting an upcoming promotion at work. Alex invited Vicky to his wedding. Sam told Reena that Clipper and Justin are having lunch together. Reena advised Vicky and Sam that she is sitting on the KVIK board acting as Striker's proxy. Paige discovered Clipper and Justin talking. Clipper offered to lift Terry's keys to Alex's files so that Justin can search through files while the wedding is taking place. Alex and Eliot argued over Dennis upon meeting. Eliot refused to take Alex's suggestion that he leave town. Alex threatened to reveal that there was a second survivor of the hostage camp and Eliot's actions during his escape from Cambodia.

NOVEMBER 14, 1980 (EP. #75)
Dennis demanded answers from Iris about Alex's intentions towards Eliot. Eliot told Dennis that Alex urged him to leave town and lied that Iris was exaggerating about being threatened. Dennis informed Maggie and Eliot that Dawn has broken their engagement. Dawn halted Maggie and Kate's efforts in getting her to see Dennis after revealing that Paige and Dennis spent the night together. Rikki forced Elena to tell Max about Billy Joe's attacks on her and Dawn. Elena later retracted her confession to Dawn, Jeb, and Kate in front of Max and Rikki stating Billy Joe didn't attack her since Billy Joe was working that night. Jeb tried to comfort Elena, who vowed to escape the ranch and become a singer. Jeb warned Max and Rikki to be careful or risk Elena leaving town. Eliot freaked when he overheard the song, "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon Us" while talking to Dennis. Alex told Iris he suggested Eliot leave town but refused to reveal any other details about the conversation. Eliot refused to let Alex drive him out of Houston and take Dennis from him. Eliot vowed to kill Alex while he was alone. Alex had the Top of the World Club closed for the evening, where Alex gave Iris a necklace as a wedding gift.

NOVEMBER 17, 1980 (EP. #76)
Iris expressed gratitude to Reena for helping her reconcile with Alex and revealed that Eliot has agreed to leave town. Eliot told Dennis that Alex is forcing him to leave town rather than answer questions about his behavior at Maggie's. Elena informed Jeb that he's the only one who listens to her. Jeb told Courtney he plans to help Elena before she ends up like Suzanne. Dennis threatened Iris by vowing to leave town if Eliot does. Dennis agreed to escort Iris at the wedding when she promised to arrange it so Eliot could remain in Houston. Clipper gave Justin keys to Alex's office, the private elevator, and an invitation to the wedding. Eliot learned that Alex has kept mum about what happened in Cambodia and planned to make sure Alex never reveals the truth. Justin warned Clipper against double-crossing him. Eliot lied to Iris that Alex threatened to fire him unless he leaves town. Eliot suggested Iris ask Alex to let him stay in Houston for a few more weeks. Alex agreed to allow Eliot to remain in town until he and Iris return from an extended honeymoon.

NOVEMBER 18, 1980 (EP. #77)
Alex requested that Alan Greenwood investigate Eliot's actions in Cambodia. Reena informed Max of her plans to take control of KVIK from Vicky. Courtney told Kevin she wants to see him when he mentioned the divorce from Reena should be finalized by the end of the year. Kevin and Courtney decided on a New Year's wedding. Eliot and Vicky talked. Eliot overheard Billy Joe and Bernie discussing the planned attempt on Alex's life. Paige and Eliot argued upon running into each other. Eliot remarked cryptically about not needing the month Alex offered him to stay in Houston. Reena talked about the ideal man she needs in her life with Striker.

NOVEMBER 19, 1980 (EP. #78)
Dennis demanded that Alex leave his father Eliot alone. Bernie accused Billy Joe of being crazy for participating in Clipper's assassination plan. Billy asked Eliot to have Clipper meet him at the Top of The World Club. Alex gave Eliot the ability to decide when to leave Houston. Striker and Max discussed Reena after he brought dinner over to the Bellman's. Kate admitted to not knowing the truth about Dennis and Paige and urged Dawn to fight for Dennis. Striker offered a loan to Max if he ever wishes to buy some land. Max and Reena agreed to go to Alex and Iris' wedding together as a couple. Elena confronted Billy Joe about telling Nita what happened between them. Striker told Reena that Max is a better choice for a husband than Justin is. Nita advised Rikki she has fully recovered. Rikki declined Nita's invitation to the wedding because Billy Joe will be working there that night. Alex and Terry talked about the wedding. Sam praised Clipper's work at KVIK. Billy Joe argued with Clipper about the hit on Alex when Billy Joe showed up at the station drunk.

NOVEMBER 20, 1980 (EP. #79)
Dennis agreed to attend the wedding after talking to Iris about his conversation with Alex. Max and Elena argued. Clipper interrupted Billy Joe as he was starting to give Bernie details about the planned hit on Alex. Elena spoke with Courtney and Jeb and made plans to go into town alone. Iris told Reena how pleased she is that everything is working out. Dawn didn't believe Paige, who insisted that she and Dennis are sleeping together. Paige told Dawn that Dennis is Alex's son. Dennis noticed an upset Dawn leaving the Top of The World Club. Iris and Max got acquainted after being introduced to each other by Reena. Dennis discovered that Dawn knows about Paige's feelings for him. Courtney rejected Jeb's kiss and sexual advances. Max talked to Iris and Reena about leading a simpler life. Reena admitted to Iris that she's torn between her feelings for Max and Justin. Reena predicted Justin will be jealous seeing her with Max at the wedding. Billy Joe passed out after spotting Eliot enter the trailer once Bernie had left.

NOVEMBER 21, 1980 (EP. #80)
Billy Joe passed out as Bernie left the trailer and Eliot entered it to grab the gun. A guard asked Justin for the reason he's in World Oil's garage. Alex and Terry talked until Ryan told Alex about his conversation with Eliot and gave his opinion that the man is very dangerous. Iris and Dennis saw Paige when they arrived at the Top of The World Club. Max and Reena enjoyed spending time together at the wedding. Vicky wished happiness for Alex. Steve and Ginny caught up with Ryan. Terry rebuffed Clipper's efforts to talk to her. Terry and Kate learned that Elena ran away and told Max. Dennis promised Iris he'll try to get along with Alex. Clipper wished Iris well before the wedding ceremony began. Paige sang a song dedicated to Alex and Iris. Dennis walked Iris down the aisle as Eliot gets prepared. Justin searched through Alex's files in his office. Clipper lied to Rikki that he overheard Justin threaten to shoot Alex. Eliot shot Alex just as he was kissing Iris.

NOVEMBER 24, 1980 (EP. #81)
Justin fled the scene after Eliot shot Alex and glass began shattering. Clipper shouted about a sniper being loose amidst all the panic at the wedding. A guard caught up to Justin and found him in possession of a gun. Justin was brought in by the guard to face everyone present at the Top of The World Club. Alex defended Justin while Iris vowed revenge on him. Justin swore his innocence to everyone. Elena tried to wake Billy Joe who was still passed out in the trailer. Jeb and Courtney discussed him kissing her and Elena running away. Jeb left the hospital in search of Elena. Vicky asked Sam to escort her to the hospital. Iris attacked Vicky while they waited for news on Alex. Dennis tried to find out what Alex meant by Ryan making sure to take care of him. Vicky got Iris to calm down enough to let her stay at the hospital by saying that Iris is Alex's one and only love. Ryan assured Iris that he will be in the operating room with Alex.

NOVEMBER 25, 1980 (EP. 82)
Elena tried to help a drunken Billy Joe recover and asked for help getting a job as a singer. Elena stormed out when Billy Joe came onto her. Max, Steve, and Ginny informed Kate that Justin was arrested for shooting Alex. Kate believed in Justin's innocence. Justin was brought to the police station for questioning. Kevin asked Courtney to assist him with Alex's operation. Jeb continued searching for Elena at Maggie's and suspected that Elena is with Billy Joe. Elena arrived at Maggie's. Striker and Reena offered help and comfort to Kate, who decided to use the ranch to bail Justin out of jail. Justin realized he was wrong about Alex. The police took statements from Clipper and Terry. Terry told Clipper it will be difficult if she has to testify against Justin but promised to tell Alex that Clipper tried to save his life. Kevin reluctantly allowed Ryan to stay in the operating room with Alex. Elena told Maggie and Nita she wants to quit school and work at the restaurant. Max and Reena disagreed about Reena having lingering feelings for Justin when they were together ten years ago. Jeb offered to teach Elena about music if she remains at the ranch and finishes school. Kevin began operating on Alex.

NOVEMBER 26, 1980 (EP. #83)
Dennis and Paige left to get a change of clothes for Iris while Vicky kept her company. Vicky comforted Iris by wishing her and Alex all the happiness they could ever want in life. Ryan tried to figure out who shot Alex while in the operating room. Clipper demanded answers from Billy Joe after finding him in the trailer passed out. Jeb offered to help Elena if she stays on the ranch. Eliot arrived at Maggie's for dinner. Elena agreed to remain at the ranch until her 18th birthday in January. Billy Joe explained to Clipper that he didn't shoot Alex because he slept through the entire night. Clipper and Billy Joe noticed the gun missing from the trailer. Justin tried to assure Detective Donovan that he wasn't the man who shot Alex. Justin declared his innocence to Striker and admitted to being wrong about Alex all along. Kevin completed the operation and advised Ryan only time will tell whether Alex recovers. Maggie informed Max that Jeb is trying to keep Elena from running away. Eliot rushed to the hospital after overhearing Max mention that Alex had been shot. Clipper ordered Billy Joe to find the gun. Everyone feared that Alex was slipping into a coma when he didn't regain consciousness after surgery. Eliot comforted Iris at the hospital. Ryan informed Eliot and Iris that Alex is dead.

NOVEMBER 27, 1980 (EP. #84)
Ryan remembered Alex warning him that Eliot is dangerous and informing Iris that Alex is dead. Iris told Justin that Alex did not survive the operation. Justin abruptly left the hospital before Striker and Reena could pick him up. Striker and Reena took Vicky home. Iris turned against Reena, who has always defended Justin and his actions. Ryan informed Kevin that Iris thinks Alex is dead rather than in a coma and asked for assistance with faking Alex's death. Elena enjoyed her conversation with Jeb about music and Billy Joe and was appreciative of his help. Justin asked for Mike and Alex's forgiveness while at his father's grave. Kate assured Justin that she believes in his innocence. Striker warned Reena to reconsider being with Max and to stay away from Justin. Kevin arranged to have Arthur Wesley admitted. Eliot, Dennis, and Paige tended to a distraught Iris. Paige advised Eliot not to interfere with her plans to marry Dennis or risk Dennis learning the truth about his father. Ryan briefed Shelly Lee on the patient Arthur Wesley.


DECEMBER 1, 1980 (EP. #85)
Kate found Justin packing. Ryan checked on Arthur Wesley at the hospital. Ryan comforted Terry and explained that his mother can't make it to the funeral. Rikki told Ryan he blames himself for Alex's death. Striker and Reena find Justin with Kate and try to convince him to remain in town and fight the charges against him or risk losing the ranch. Ryan introduced Rikki to Shelly Lee. Ryan informed Rikki that Alex is alive and he suspects someone set Justin up for attempted murder. Reena told Kate that she and Striker paid for Justin's bail. Sam's attempt to comfort Vicky failed when the women disagreed about Justin's innocence. Max tried to console Reena, who worried about Justin. Ryan told Sam he believes that someone other than Justin attempted to murder Alex. Billy Joe had trouble with remembering events from the night he passed out. Elena chose to continue practicing music with Jeb rather than talking to Billy Joe on the phone. Striker brought Justin to see Detective Donovan.

DECEMBER 2, 1980 (EP. #86)
Ryan almost revealed to an upset Iris that Alex is alive when he came to bring her to Alex's funeral. Iris acted rudely to Ginny because of Justin. Bernie informed Billy Joe that Justin has been charged with the murder of Alex Wheeler. Bart and Courtney questioned Kevin's actions surrounding Alex. Ryan informed Ginny that he is to be CEO of World Oil according to Alex's will. Courtney and Jeb discussed Elena. Eliot told Ginny how much Barrett loved his family and he had the unfortunate experience of seeing Barrett killed. Eliot and Iris admitted to disliking each other. Iris asked for Eliot's forgiveness. Ginny was in tears as she told Ryan that Eliot witnessed Barrett being shot.

DECEMBER 3, 1980 (EP. #87)
Sam told Justin that Vicky has fired him from KVIK. Eliot, Iris, Terry, and Dennis arrived for the reading of Alex's will. Sam told Detective Donovan that Justin wasn't the man who murdered Alex. Dennis informed Striker that he doesn't want anything from Alex. Eliot and Sam talked about guns and Justin's innocence. Billy Joe was relieved that Justin is in jail. Sam told Eliot he suspects the culprits behind Alex's murder were Clipper and Billy Joe. Striker suggested Iris give Dennis time to accept recent events. Striker caused Iris to become outraged and have Justin charged with first degree murder after learning that Striker was defending him. Iris and Ryan argued over Justin's guilt. Dennis advised Paige he doesn't want anything to do with Alex or the one-third of the estate that Dennis inherited. Paige urged Dennis to accept his inheritance and forget about his feelings for Dawn. Paige called Eliot asking him to talk to Dennis for her. Justin pled not guilty to first degree murder.

DECEMBER 4, 1980 (EP. #88)
Clipper told Sam the guy who came to see him the other night was Billy Joe when she started asking him questions. Clipper called Billy Joe to warn him that someone is snooping into the shooting. Ryan assured Kate, Ginny, and Dawn that he believes in Justin's innocence. Dawn realized that Paige was right about Dennis being Alex's son after Ryan told her that Dennis inherited one-third of Alex's estate. Eliot and Dennis discussed the will over dinner at Maggie's. Nita was disappointed when Rikki couldn't get a night off work so they could arrange an evening together. Nita worried that Rikki is seeing another woman. Striker left Max and Reena alone to spend time together during dinner. Bernie bragged about his new job which involves taking pictures of girls.

DECEMBER 5, 1980 (EP. #89)
Billy Joe gave Sam the cold shoulder when she arrived to see him. Bernie explained his pornography video business to Sam. Elena told Jeb she wants to see the band Maggie has booked and sing there too. Jeb tried to convince Max to let Elena sing at Maggie's next week. Paige gave Eliot an ultimatum to have the truth about Dennis being Alex's son revealed to everyone or convince Dennis to accept his inheritance. Billy Joe realized that Elena was with him the night Alex was shot. Striker told Reena he had a fight with Iris because of defending Justin. Justin advised Sam he was at World Oil's garage because of Clipper, who Sam thinks set Justin up with Billy Joe's help. Reena promised to get Justin his job back. Vicky told Sam not to bother investigating Alex's murder because Justin is the culprit and needs to pay. Reena warned Vicky to cooperate with her or risk losing control of KVIK. Bart examined Striker and advised he's in good physical condition. Shelly updated Kevin on Alex attempting to move his body and open his eyes. Sam found proof of the gun while snooping through the trailer.

DECEMBER 8, 1980 (EP. #90)
Billy Joe caught Sam snooping in the trailer. Reena threatened to use Vicky's drinking problem against her at the KVIK board meeting unless Vicky rehires Justin. Sam lied to Billy Joe that she came to see Bernie, who arrived as Billy Joe was starting to physically attack her. Sam escaped Billy Joe after Bernie talked to her about them making a movie. Kevin informed Ryan that Bart is causing trouble around the hospital and rumors of malpractice are being spread around. Striker told Reena he thinks Kevin is hiding something. Striker and Ryan discussed having no evidence to keep Justin in jail so far. Sam showed Eliot the gun she discovered at the trailer. Billy Joe gave Nita a hard time at Maggie's. Courtney insisted Jeb seek medical treatment rather than helping Elena. Max and Reena argued over her wanting to control Justin's life. Billy Joe tried to get Elena to admit to being at his trailer the other night in front of Jeb and Courtney. Billy Joe slugged Jeb during a physical altercation. Eliot lurked around while Billy Joe tried to remember who he spotted the other night before passing out.

DECEMBER 9, 1980 (EP. #91)
Courtney and Elena encouraged Jeb to have an operation to cure a serious medical condition. Iris informed Ryan she plans to do whatever it takes to ensure Justin can't make bail. Clipper worried about Billy Joe. Sam questioned Clipper about his relationship to Billy Joe. Sam provided Ryan the information she obtained from Clipper and the gun she found in the trailer to Ryan. Dawn told Justin that she is leaving town while visiting him in jail. Justin admitted that he and Dawn misjudged Alex and betrayed Mike Marshall's memory. Iris accused Ryan of caring more about his new position as CEO of World Oil and relationship with Ginny over seeing Justin pay for murdering Alex. Justin's court hearing took place. Mr. Blackwell advised Iris that the rest of the bullet must be found to keep Justin in jail. Justin intended to celebrate with Reena upon being released. Dawn told Kate her plans to visit Aunt Felicity in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Jeb agreed to Courtney's suggestion that he have an operation. Ryan and Sam questioned Clipper on the gun he bought two weeks before Alex was shot.

DECEMBER 10, 1980 (EP. #92)
Clipper admitted to Ryan and Sam that he purchased a gun two weeks before Alex was shot but lied that Billy Joe may have stolen it. Billy Joe revealed Clipper's assassination plan on Alex to Nita, who refused to help him. Elena believed in Billy Joe's innocence. Iris told Terry that Justin was released on bail. Ryan advised Eliot in front of Clipper and Sam that he won't rest until the man who shot Alex is brought to justice. Eliot implied to Iris that Ryan may not be trustworthy and suggested that she and Dennis join forces to get Ryan out of World Oil. Iris reminded Eliot that Dennis won't cooperate since Dennis refuses to accept Alex's money. Iris vowed to prevent Paige from sneering Dennis for herself. Sam told Justin that she found a piece of the box in Bernie's closet and that Clipper set him up for murdering Alex. A grateful Justin kissed and invited Sam to dinner for preventing him from getting fired at KVIK. Ryan aided Detective Donovan, who questioned Clipper. Ryan advised Iris and Terry that he missed the court hearing pursuing a lead on new suspects Clipper and Billy Joe. The police find a gun during a search of Bernie's trailer. Terry caught Clipper packing to leave town, who knocked her unconscious in order to escape.

DECEMBER 11, 1980 (EP. #93)
Bernie was arrested after the police found the gun in his trailer. Billy Joe spotted Bernie being questioned by the police. Ryan and Ginny decide on a Christmas Eve wedding date. Ryan was concerned and curious about Eliot. Rikki noticed Nita being present as the police arrive looking for Billy Joe. Nita swore to Rikki that Billy Joe is innocent of shooting Alex. Billy Joe advised Rikki that Elena can prove that he wasn't the murderer. Ginny kept company with Jeb at Gulf Coast. Courtney assured Jeb that she loves and respects Kevin when Jeb expressed concern about Courtney being able to handle their age difference. Shelly Lee asked Kevin and Rikki about Arthur Wesley. Kevin asked Courtney to be sure about marrying him since Kevin's divorce from Reena will be finalized by the end of the year. Billy Joe tried to force Rikki and Nita to believe in his innocence by pulling a knife on Maggie. Maggie freed herself and called the police, who ordered Billy Joe to surrender.

DECEMBER 12, 1980 (EP. #94)
The police arrived as Billy Joe held a gun on Rikki and Nita. Nita convinced Billy Joe to give himself up by agreeing to support him. Sam was kissed by Justin, who received a call from Reena inviting him to celebrate now that Justin's been released from jail. Ginny decided to stay with Ryan while they made wedding plans. Iris, Eliot, Paige, and Dennis debated on whether Ryan is trustworthy while on Alex's yacht. Dennis reminded Paige that he refuses to accept Alex's money. Paige informed Dennis that Dawn left town for New Orleans. Iris told Eliot he is the only one she can trust now. Ryan and Ginny spent the night together.

DECEMBER 15, 1980 (EP. #95)
Sam informed Justin that Billy Joe has been arrested. Iris insisted the police have the wrong man in custody after learning about Billy Joe's arrest from Eliot. Nita agreed with Billy Joe's insistence that he was innocent to help get him released. Justin was officially freed from jail and confronted Billy Joe. Iris was certain that Justin set Billy Joe up and refused to believe Eliot, who felt that Clipper and Billy Joe set Justin up to take the blame for killing Alex. Billy Joe recognized Eliot but couldn't recall from where. Billy Joe explained to Eliot and Iris that he doesn't remember the identity of the person he saw enter the trailer the night Alex was shot but assumed it was Justin. Ginny assured a concerned Elena that Jeb will recover from surgery. Elena denied being with Billy Joe the night she ran away when Rikki questioned her. Reena threatened to take KVIK away from Vicky if she doesn't rehire and promote Justin. Reena planned to have Vicky removed as head of KVIK at the board meeting. Reena interrupted Justin making dinner plans with Sam and insisted that he have dinner with her instead.

DECEMBER 16, 1980 (EP. #96)
The police didn't agree with Iris who believed Billy was telling the truth about Justin taking the gun from the trailer. Iris advised Nita that she will post bail for Billy Joe. Elena declared her love to Jeb, who regained consciousness and called out Courtney's name. Eliot informed Sam that Iris is pushing for Justin's arrest and for the police to accept Billy Joe's claim that Justin stole the gun from the trailer. Jeb told Courtney he loves her when Courtney arrived to check on Jeb's condition. Elena warned she'd get physical with Courtney if she doesn't stay away from Jeb. Rikki told Iris and Ryan that Elena may have lied about not being with Billy Joe the night of the shooting. Iris informed Ryan of her plans to post bail for Billy Joe. Ryan and Terry wondered who would gain anything by Alex being dead. Iris caught Ryan in a lie about Rikki being at the hospital when Ginny arrived at the office. Ryan received a call from Bangkok. Vicky updated Sam on what happened at the board meeting. Justin was tricked into spending the night with Reena while in San Antonio.

DECEMBER 17, 1980 (EP. #97)
Justin and Reena checked into a San Antonio hotel as Mr. and Mrs. Justin Marshall. Kevin informed Ryan that Iris is asking too much many questions after Kevin received a call from her. Kevin and Courtney discussed Jeb's concern about the age difference between them. Kevin and Courtney agree to have a New Year's Day wedding after Kevin informed her that his divorce from Reena is final. Courtney refused to accept Bart's job offer to enter into private medical practice with him. Rikki and Shelly caught Alex with his eyes open. Alex immediately wanted to be reunited with Iris upon realizing he is alive. Vicky and Sam argued about Justin. Vicky called Striker seeking comfort after feeling like she has lost everything. Justin and Reena discussed their past relationship and Reena's desire to control the men in her life. Ryan received a call from Bangkok. Reena prevented Justin from being able to call Sam while in the hotel room. Ryan and Paige talked about the engagement party. Striker encouraged Vicky to fight to win what she has lost.

DECEMBER 18, 1980 (EP. #98)
Reena took Justin to bed after informing him that her divorce is final. Bart and Sam made dinner for Justin unaware that he's in San Antonio with Reena. Nita asked Rikki about Shelly. Nita told Rikki that she promised to stand by and support Billy Joe. Rikki declared his love for Nita. Ryan agreed to come to Bangkok per Alan's request. Paige advised Ginny that Ryan needs to see her when she arrived for the engagement party at the Top of The World Club. Shelly and Rikki told Kevin that Alex opened his eyes. Ryan explained to Ginny he's going to Bangkok for leads on who shot Alex but will return in time for their wedding. Sam was furious with Justin for not showing up for dinner and not calling her. Everyone sang Christmas songs at the Top of The World Club. Dennis was disappointed when Kate advised him that Dawn won't be coming back for Christmas. Kevin and Courtney told Kate that the divorce is final and they are having their wedding on New Year's Day. Ginny announced her engagement to Ryan. Striker didn't have answers for Max on Reena's whereabouts.

DECEMBER 19, 1980 (EP. #99)
Justin agreed to remain with Reena. Iris signed papers for Billy Joe's bail. Iris discovered papers authorizing a payment to Kevin and Shelly. Iris suspected that Ryan paid Kevin to let Alex die. Justin became angry with Reena's offer to have him replace Vicky as president of KVIK. Iris accused Kevin of being paid off by Ryan and demanded answers. Ginny explained to Max that she left the party early because Ryan went to Bangkok. Ryan met Alan in Bangkok and was shown the man that was found. Kevin didn't have any answers for Iris and suggested she question Ryan instead of him. Iris learned that Shelly is a private nurse while posing as Shelly's aunt. Billy Joe attempted to make amends with Nita by promising to never cause her any more pain. Nita refused to quit her job and move in with Billy Joe, who claimed he was a new man now. Shelly uncovered Iris' masquerade as her aunt after speaking with the head nurse and told Rikki. Terry informed Rikki that Ryan is out of town when Rikki suggested Ryan be warned that Iris is snooping around. Alan told Ryan that it's suspected Eliot bought his freedom by betraying Barrett Marshall's escape attempt from the hostage camp. Rikki refused to cooperate with Iris when she arrived at the hospital. Rikki couldn't prevent Iris from going into the hospital room.

DECEMBER 22, 1980 (EP. #100)
Iris discovered Alex alive. Iris accused Ryan and Kevin of trying to kill Alex so Ryan could take over World Oil. Ryan ordered to have Barrett sent to Houston after Alan Greenwood informed him how Barrett was found and kept alive. Ginny and Elena took Jeb home. Elena told Jeb that Kevin and Courtney are getting married on New Year's Day. Kevin and Jeb discussed Courtney. Justin's attempts to apologize and explain that he was with Reena in San Antonio only prompted Sam to throw Justin out in anger. Striker confronted Reena about her actions against Vicky at the KVIK board meeting. Reena offered to give Striker back his proxy since she is through with Justin, who didn't want her help. Striker advised Reena to clean up her own mess by making a decision on whether Vicky keeps KVIK or not. Jeb reminded Courtney that she promised to help him recover. Ryan worried about telling Ginny that Barrett is alive while on a plane heading back to Houston. Rikki revealed Ryan's reasons for faking Alex's death so that he'd be protected to Iris. Eliot warned Justin that Iris is still bent on revenge against him.

DECEMBER 23, 1980 (EP. #101)
Courtney confessed to Jeb that she and Kevin are getting married. Kevin informed Ryan that Iris knows the truth about Alex and being kept in a suite. Ryan called Ginny and insisted on seeing her once he arrives in Houston. Reena was truthful about her actions at the board meeting with Max. Reena told Max that Justin refused her offer to make him president of KVIK and that Striker refused to take his proxy away from her. Max felt Reena still loves Vicky despite her leaving Reena when she was a child. Striker assured Vicky that Reena will make the right decision and he was correct in not taking back his proxy. Billy Joe tried to win back Nita by offering to get them their own place. Ryan returned and explained to Ginny that Barrett is alive and heading for Houston. Justin informed Sam that he has buried the past and knows that Alex wasn't responsible for Mike's death.

DECEMBER 24, 1980 (EP. #102)
Kevin and Rikki advised Ryan that Iris is upset because she was lied to about Alex's death being faked for his protection. Ginny told Courtney and Jeb that Barrett is alive and coming home to Houston. Reena praised Vicky's work at KVIK at the board meeting. Iris didn't believe Ryan, who suspects Eliot was the man who shot Alex. Alex squeezed Iris' hand and opened his eyes. Ginny told Ryan she can't tell Barrett about their relationship and worries she's making a mistake by marrying him. Ginny asked Kate for advice on what to do about the situation. Max comforted Reena and was proud of her for doing the right thing. Max and Reena went to bad after he mentioned that they are spending Christmas with Striker and Vicky. Steve saw Barrett when he arrived at the ranch on Christmas morning.

DECEMBER 25, 1980 (EP. #103)
Barrett was reunited with his family. Justin, Max, Paige, and Reena arrived at the ranch to see Barrett. Alex woke up and suggested Iris trust Ryan's instincts. Ryan arranged to have Alex brought to the yacht. Eliot and Dennis headed to Alex's yacht where they planned to have Christmas dinner. Iris advised Eliot, Dennis, and Ryan that she is going sailing for a while because of not feeling well. Vicky and Reena made amends while spending Christmas with Max and Striker. Kevin cancelled dinner with Courtney and the Marshall family. Jeb talked to Courtney about her relationship with Kevin. Barrett asked Ginny for time to adjust with being home.


DECEMBER 29, 1980 (EP. #104)
Max headed to the stables after waking up with Reena. Max learned that Barrett spent the night in the stables of the Marshall ranch. Vicky decided to try and make her marriage to Striker work after wondering if it's a possibility. Kate helped Courtney with her wedding dress while Elena hoped to get closer to Jeb. Steve asked Jeb why Courtney didn't seem happy when Jeb tried to talk to her. Barrett requested patience when Ginny wanted to know why he refused to share a bed with her last night. Courtney told Jeb that Kevin is a better match for her even though she didn't deny loving Jeb. Reena caught Jeb and Courtney kissing. Reena arranged for Jeb and Elena to come for a New Year's Eve dinner. Kevin came to the ranch to see Courtney. Vicky and Striker discussed Reena and Max. Kevin extended a wedding invitation to Reena, who warned him about Jeb and Courtney being close. Reena talked to Jeb about Kevin and Courtney getting married.

DECEMBER 30, 1980 (EP. #105)
Kevin asked Courtney if she has feelings for Jeb and if Courtney is ready for marriage. Sam declined Justin's invitation to the New Year's Eve party at the Top of the World Club. Kate asked Courtney if she is sure she wants to marry Kevin. Striker and Vicky told Sam how Reena has changed and that Justin didn't help Reena in her schemes to oust Vicky from KVIK. Barrett caught up with Paige and Ginny. Paige told Barrett about nearly making it in Hollywood. Sam apologized to Justin. Ginny remembered Ryan proposing marriage to her before having dinner with Barrett and Steve. Paige refused to give Billy Joe his job back. Paige advised Ryan to stay away from Ginny and Barrett. Reena gave Jeb keys to the cabin after overhearing a conversation between Striker and Max about Kevin. Barrett and Ginny go to bed together after he tried to fix Steven's toy. Elena told Jeb she loves him. Kevin, Kate, and Courtney came home after attending the rehearsal dinner. Jeb asked Courtney to go on a moonlight horseback ride with him after Kevin dropped Courtney off.

DECEMBER 31, 1980 (EP. #106)
Courtney and Jeb saddled up the horses. Striker talked to Max while Vicky talked to Reena about their relationship. Justin arrived to take Sam to dinner. Barrett and Ginny attempted to become intimate. Paige hired Billy Joe to work on New Year's Eve. Ryan is sure of Billy Joe's innocence. Barrett and Ginny discussed their own personal life experiences. Justin and Sam arrived to the party where he showed appreciation to Ryan and admitted to being wrong about Alex. Paige informed Eliot, Ryan, and Dennis that Barrett is alive. Barrett was asleep and unable to hear Ginny's confession about her relationship with Ryan. Jeb and Courtney arrived at the cabin. Max and Reena's argument about going to the Top of the World Club for a celebration led to kissing. Justin, Sam, Paige, Dennis, and Ryan, rang in the New Year. Jeb kissed Courtney after they talked about her upcoming wedding to Kevin. Courtney wished Jeb a Happy New Year.