JANUARY 1, 1981 (EP. #107)
Jeb ran the horses off. Sam and Justin spent time together at her place. Courtney admitted to Jeb that she has feelings for him. Jeb offered the cabin for Courtney to stay the night so she can make a decision about him and Kevin. Paige rehired Billy Joe as a full-time employee. Billy Joe and Paige took a drunken Dennis home from the Top of The World Club. Courtney had dreams of marrying Kevin and Jeb while being held by Jeb. Kevin asked Ryan to be his best man at the wedding. Alex and Iris talked. Paige informed Iris that she and Dennis are engaged when Iris called to wish Dennis a "Happy New Year." Dennis was stunned after learning he proposed to Paige and questioned her on whether she accepted out of love or for the Wheeler money. Sam watched Justin deliver the news during a KVIK broadcast. Courtney declared her love for Jeb before leaving for the wedding. Steve and Kate spotted horses outside after realizing that Courtney didn't come home last night.

JANUARY 2, 1981 (EP. #108)
Elena asked Ginny, Barrett, Steve and Kate whether Courtney ran off with Jeb. Paige couldn't help Dennis recall his proposal to her. Dennis asked Paige if she accepted his marriage proposal out of love or for the Wheeler money. Jeb followed Courtney, whose departure from the cabin was halted by the rain. Iris told Alex that Dennis and Paige are engaged. Paige grew upset with being questioned by Dennis, who advised they can be engaged only if Paige doesn't care about his money. Ginny told Ryan that she fell asleep before telling Barrett about their relationship. Kevin informed Ginny he needs to discuss Eliot being a traitor with Barrett. Paige threatened to reveal Alex as Dennis' father unless Eliot convinces Dennis to accept his inheritance. Eliot insisted on speaking with Dennis. Kevin discovered from Kate and Elena that Courtney is missing. Ryan asked to speak with Barrett alone after the men were introduced to each other by Ginny. Eliot warned Dennis against marrying Paige and suggested they leave Houston together. Bernie offered a side job to Billy Joe, who told Nita that he's working on getting an apartment for them. Courtney returned and tried to explain what happened to Kevin, Elena, and Kate. Kevin left Courtney at the house after asking Kate to cancel the wedding.

JANUARY 5, 1981 (EP. #109)
Kevin cancelled the wedding and refused to listen to Courtney's explanations. Elena asked Jeb why he wants to be with Courtney. Barrett tried to remember what happened to him in the Cambodian hostage camp. Dennis refused to leave Houston with Eliot. Courtney informed Ginny that she spend the night with Jeb at the cabin and Kevin cancelled their wedding. Jeb told Elena that he doesn't want her to turn out like Suzanne did. Eliot and Dennis discussed his marriage proposal to Paige. Ginny explained Jeb's past relationship with Suzanne to Elena. Maggie refused to accept Nita's decision of supporting Billy Joe or let them spend time in the restaurant together. Billy Joe asked Nita to drop by the Chicken Coop. Nita learned the hospital doesn't know of Rikki when she called. Bernie showed Billy Joe around the Chicken Coop. Ryan consoled an upset Kevin. Elena accused Max of being a hypocrite for sleeping with Reena. Elena informed Max she plans to leave once she turns eighteen. Elena noticed her resemblance to Suzanne when Ginny gave her a photo album.

JANUARY 6, 1981 (EP. #110)
Max told Kate he is thinking of giving Reena a marriage proposal or ending the relationship. Ryan caught Barrett and Ginny embracing. Courtney tried to explain to Kevin what happened between her and Jeb on New Year's Eve. Justin briefly asked Barrett about Eliot. Barrett learned about Eliot after questioning Ryan's reasons for wanting to know about Cambodia and the hostage camp. Kevin and Courtney dissolved their relationship. Paige reminded Eliot to convince Dennis to accept his inheritance. Paige told Reena and Vicky about her engagement to Dennis and Jeb and Courtney spending time together at the cabin. Courtney asked Bart if he still wants a partner for his private medical practice. Striker gave Max his blessing in asking Reena to marry him. Max asked to speak to Reena alone when Vicky and Reena arrived home.

JANUARY 7, 1981 (EP. #111)
Bart wanted to celebrate Courtney becoming his partner. Jeb agreed to resume music lessons for Elena. Max concluded a long speech with a proposal to Reena, who asked for time to consider it because she wants the marriage to work this time. Ryan requested Kevin's help with Barrett in attempting to prove Eliot shot Alex. Reena told Striker that she is considering Max's marriage proposal. Jeb grew upset with Elena when she dressed like and imitated Suzanne. Ryan asked for Bart's assistance in jogging Barrett's memory about Cambodia. Ryan informed Nita that Rikki is on an assignment with Shelly. Rikki and Shelly agreed to spend time in St. Croix together. Eliot told Sam he needs to quit his job at KVIK. Justin flirted with Sam in front of their co-workers. Jeb and Elena embraced after Jeb talked about Suzanne. Courtney interrupted Jeb and Elena's time together to advise that she's moving back into town. Reena requested to speak with Justin alone.

JANUARY 8, 1981 (EP. #112)
Jeb and Elena embraced after Jeb talked about Suzanne. Courtney interrupted Jeb and Elena's time together to advise that she's moving back to Houston. Sam declined Justin's dinner invitation. Reena requested to speak with Justin alone to discuss Max. Barrett explained to Ginny that he wants to help Ryan and remember what happened in Cambodia. Eliot informed Paige that he's leaving Houston. Sam invited a co-worker to Maggie's. Billy Joe reminded Nita to meet him at the Chicken Coop. Reena told Justin that Max proposed to her. Dennis joined Eliot and Paige at the Top of The World Club. Ginny agreed to accompany Barrett to see Bart. Reena left upset when Justin scoffed at Max's marriage proposal and Sam advised that she and Justin have slept together. Eliot urged Dennis to forgive Billy Joe. Paige told Eliot that Barrett doesn't remember escaping from the hostage camp. Barrett and Steve spent time bonding. Maggie allowed Nita to leave work so she could meet with Billy Joe. Barrett suggested to Ginny that they have another child. Nita agreed to reconcile with Billy Joe.

JANUARY 9, 1981 (EP. #113)
Ginny received a call from Ryan and hung up on him. Beth suggested that Reena discuss Max's marriage proposal with Vicky. Sam told Vicky about being with Justin and Eliot putting in his resignation at KVIK. Kate urged Ginny to come clean to Barrett about her relationship with Ryan. Vicky gave Eliot some time off work. Iris told Alex she wants to remain in St. Croix. Kevin ran into Jeb and Courtney. Ryan vowed not to give up their relationship despite Ginny's plans to remain with her husband, Barrett. Max told Kate about proposing to Reena. Reena warned Sam about Justin after she caught Justin and Sam kissing. Eliot told Dennis he's leaving for St. Croix to see Iris. Reena requested to speak with Max.

JANUARY 12, 1981 (EP. #114)
Max asked Reena for an answer to his marriage proposal. Dennis accompanied Eliot to the airport. Rikki suggested staying in St. Croix when Iris mentioned going home to Alex. Reena declared her love for Max and assured him that her relationship with Justin is over. Ryan and Ginny agreed to find out what happened to Barrett in Cambodia before telling him about their relationship. Sam declined Justin's invitation to live together. Reena warned Max that she doesn't want to rush into marriage. Bart and Kevin informed Barrett, Ginny, and Ryan that Barrett is most likely repressing memories. Iris gave Rikki and Shelly time off. Justin and Sam discussed their childhoods and fathers. Reena finally accepted Max's marriage proposal. Iris was shocked to find Eliot on the yacht.

JANUARY 13, 1981 (EP. #115)
Iris was shocked to find Eliot on the yacht and refused his dinner invitation until they arrive on land. Terry complained to Ryan that he doesn't trust her with recent events involving Alex and Rikki. Iris had Edward stall Eliot. Terry told Ryan she wouldn't blame him for thinking Terry took part in Clipper's scheme. Ryan informed Terry that he believes Eliot was a traitor while in Cambodia and shot Alex. Ginny felt ill while discussing Barrett and Ryan with Kate. Dennis and Paige announced their engagement to Ryan and Terry. Iris visited a sleeping Alex before leaving with Eliot. Alex laid into Edward, Rikki, and Shelly for allowing Eliot on to the yacht. Eliot and Iris talked about Dennis being Alex's son and his engagement to Paige. Dennis decided to dig into Paige's past when she claimed that Terry was jealous of her. Terry told Ryan that Paige is nothing but trouble for Dennis. Eliot declared his love for Iris and expressed interest in replacing Alex in her life. Shelly rescued Iris from Eliot.

JANUARY 14, 1981 (EP. #116)
Terry overheard a phone conversation between Ryan and Rikki about Eliot being on the yacht and Alex being mentioned. Jeb admitted his feelings for Courtney to Elena. Rikki told Ryan about Shelly rescuing Iris from Eliot. Ryan ordered Rikki to head back to Houston and informed Terry that Alex is alive. Elena reminded Jeb about her eighteenth birthday being very soon. Maggie invited Courtney to move in with her. Jeb and Elena make out. Ryan was appreciative of Terry's help. Rikki and Shelly flirt while keeping Alex undisturbed. Nita advised Maggie that she is looking for an apartment with Billy Joe tomorrow. Bernie told Billy Joe that the owner of the Chicken Coop makes adult movies. Elena admitted to Jeb that she's a virgin. Billy Joe decided to have Elena sing at the Chicken Coop. Jeb vowed not to let Elena end up like Suzanne.

JANUARY 15, 1981 (EP. #117)
Iris didn't agree with Alex and Rikki about leaving Eliot behind in St. Croix. Max informed Ginny that he and Reena are engaged. Reena told Striker and Vicky about accepting Max's marriage proposal. Reena accused Vicky of not wanting happiness for her when Vicky wasn't thrilled with the news. Alex agreed to let Iris explain things about Eliot to him. Vicky asked Reena if she's marrying Max because of anger towards Justin and Sam being together. Barrett and Kate congratulated Max on his engagement to Reena. Vicky admitted to hurting Striker during their marriage and urged Reena to consider her decision to marry Max carefully. Kate informed Max that Ginny is in denial about reconciling with Barrett upon his return. Iris, Alex, Shelly, and Rikki made plans on how to handle Eliot, who waited for Iris at a restaurant. Barrett and Ginny allowed Bart and Kevin to administer truth serum. Shelly and Iris arrived at the restaurant to meet Eliot. Iris advised Eliot that she is sailing back to Houston at the request of Kevin. Eliot insisted Iris take a faster mode of transportation home and be accompanied by him.

JANUARY 16, 1981 (EP. #118)
Iris advised Eliot that she must sail back to Houston so Kevin can perform more tests. Eliot insisted he accompany Iris home by flight so that he can always be at her side. Alex informed Rikki that there's no proof that Eliot attempted to kill him and was a traitor in the hostage camp yet. Ryan, Ginny, and Kevin observed Barrett being questioned by Bart while under the truth serum. Max told Reena about the surprise birthday party Maggie is throwing for Elena. Billy Joe picked up Nita to look at apartments. Iris contacted Kevin and Ryan, who agreed to fly down to St. Croix to bring her back to Houston. Bart told Ryan that they need to keep questioning Barrett to figure out if he can help them learn the truth about Cambodia. Alex informed Rikki that a trap may need to be set for Eliot if Barrett is unable to help them. Nita felt the Aquarius apartment was too expensive for her and Billy Joe. Max commented on the similarities between Reena and Elena. Billy Joe assured Nita that everything will get better for them. Ginny convinced Bart to end the session with Barrett when he grew upset as memories of escaping the hostage camp returned. Alex warned Iris he won't wait to take action against Eliot much longer. Jeb hinted to Max and Reena about buying Elena a guitar for a birthday gift. Billy Joe told Nita and Maggie that he may be able to get a singing gig for Elena and is a changed man. Jeb insisted on bringing Elena to town.

JANUARY 19, 1981 (EP. #119)
Billy Joe told Nita and Maggie that he may be able to get a singing gig for Elena and is a changed man. Jeb insisted on bringing Elena to town. Kate asks Jeb to take care of Elena after giving her a birthday gift. Maggie told Courtney that Jeb is bringing Elena to the surprise party. Ryan questioned Eliot about his interest in Iris. Billy Joe told Dennis he was surprised that Dennis could have proposed to Paige while so intoxicated. Max and Reena informed Maggie, Striker and Vicky that they plan to have a quick marriage ceremony. Dennis asked Paige if she lied about him proposing to her. Eliot was angry after discovering that Ryan knows about Dennis being Alex's son. Paige admitted to Dennis that she lied about his proposal but insisted Dennis will marry her regardless. Everyone surprised Elena at Maggie's. Courtney informed Bart that she and Kevin broke up because of her feelings for Jeb. Bart told Courtney that they need to find out what memories Barrett is blocking. Jeb argued with Billy Joe, who assured Elena he can get her a regular gig at the Chicken Coop. Iris advised Kevin and Ryan she believes that Eliot shot Alex. Elena told Jeb she plans to get a job at the Chicken Coop.


JANUARY 21, 1981 (EP. #120)
Elena told Ginny about her plan to get a job in town. Dennis asked Iris what was the matter while visiting her in the hospital. Ginny asked Jeb to speak with Elena. Iris swore against Dennis' wishes of her and Eliot getting back together. Ryan suggested he and Kevin pretend Barrett is getting his memories back to trap Eliot. Iris admitted to Dennis that she doesn't trust Eliot. Reena told Eliot about her upcoming nuptials to Max. Eliot informed Reena that Iris is in the hospital having tests done. Reena advised Justin that Dennis is Alex's son and she is married next week. Ryan told Terry that Rikki is returning to Houston in time for Reena and Max's wedding. Ginny requested that Bart keep her results a secret. Ryan let Barrett know that Eliot may have betrayed him while trying to escape the Cambodian hostage camp. Iris agreed to be Reena's matron of honor after the women reconciled. Elena advised she would only agree with Jeb to remain at the ranch if they become lovers. Bart confirmed Ginny's suspicions as correct.

JANUARY 22, 1981 (EP. #121)
Elena told Jeb she is accepting a job at the Chicken Coop. Ginny nearly fainted in front of Ryan and Barrett. Kate suggested taking Elena to Houston to Jeb, who worried about her becoming like Suzanne. Justin asked to accompany Eliot to the hospital so he can apologize to Iris. Ginny admitted how difficult it's been to tell Barrett about her relationship with Ryan to Terry. Eliot backed out of speaking with Barrett after seeing him with Ryan at the hospital. Ryan told Barrett and Justin that Eliot may be a traitor and the man who shot Alex. Nita advised against accepting the job when Elena mentioned Billy Joe offering her work at the Chicken Coop. Ryan told Barrett and Justin that Alex is alive. Eliot decided against killing himself because of Dennis. Elena made her singing debut with Jeb accompanying her on guitar.

JANUARY 23, 1981 (EP. #122)
Nita told Maggie that Elena is singing at the Chicken Coop. Justin told Sam that he missed their date because of being with Ryan, who agrees that Eliot tried to kill Alex. Alex gave Rikki time off so he could attend Max and Reena's wedding. Nita advised Billy Joe that the Chicken Coop is not a good place for Elena. Maggie advised Rikki that Nita reconciled with Billy Joe and now lives with him. Justin and Sam discussed Eliot's suspicious behavior. Eliot told Iris that Barrett was the traitor while they were in the hostage camp and vowed revenge. Alex called just as Eliot referred to Iris as his wife. Justin asked Sam to the wedding. Eliot overheard Iris mention Alex's name while on the phone. Rikki and Kate discussed Elena's new job as a singer. Eliot tailed Shelly and Iris while keeping a gun in his pocket.

JANUARY 26, 1981 (EP. #123)
Reena talked to Striker about marrying Max. Kate suggested that Rikki keep quiet to Max about Elena's singing gig until after the wedding. Striker, Reena, and Maggie made plans for the reception. Max, Ginny, and Steve prepared for the wedding. Justin and Sam took notice when Eliot failed to come to work. Iris told Alex and Ryan that Eliot claimed Barrett was the traitor in Cambodia prompting Ryan to escort Iris to the wedding. Eliot watched the yacht. Vicky admitted to having reservations about Reena marrying Max to Striker. Justin kissed Reena as everyone else gathered together for the ceremony. Striker escorted Reena down the aisle. Shelly kept company with Alex while Eliot kept watch near the yacht. Justin asked Ryan and Iris if he could talk to Alex. Eliot caught Shelly giving Alex a back rub once he snuck onto the yacht.

JANUARY 27, 1981 (EP. #124)
Eliot took cover once Iris and Ryan returned to the yacht. Iris was bothered by Shelly giving Alex a back rub and requested she go on deck. Striker informed Max and Reena that he's working with Kate to buy land around the cabin for them as a wedding present. Justin asked for Alex's forgiveness. Max advised Striker and Reena that he can't accept Striker's gift. Rikki insisted on talking to Max about Elena. Alex and Justin set aside their differences and reminisced about Mike. Ryan searched for Shelly on the yacht. Max argued with Elena over her plans to quit school in front of Rikki and Reena. Shelly advised Ryan she thought she heard a noise while she was alone on deck. Kate told Ginny that she is worried about Max and Elena. Striker suggested Max leave Elena alone. Jeb offered to watch Elena while Max and Reena are on their honeymoon. Eliot lied about being sick all day when Justin called because Ryan and Shelly were concerned that Eliot may be hiding on the yacht. Reena remembered her night with Justin as she began her honeymoon with Max.

JANUARY 28, 1981 (EP. #125)
Alex refused to run away with Iris, who urged him to abandon his plan to get Eliot. Max and Reena woke up and began intimacy. Justin apologized for leaving Sam at the wedding and explained he's working with Alex and Ryan to bring Eliot down. Kate tried to ease Ginny's guilt about keeping her relationship with Ryan a secret from Barrett. Ryan asked Ginny to have Barrett meet with him. Justin and Sam watched Eliot when he returned to work. Eliot reluctantly agreed to Iris' request of coming to the yacht. Ginny admitted to being opposed to Barrett having a talk with Ryan. Terry helped Ryan prepare for his meeting with Eliot. Ginny confessed to Barrett she that him declared dead after talking to Eliot but lied about having anything else to tell him. Reena told Max that she has never been happier. Max and Reena agreed to make their marriage work before leaving for a hotel and fishing trip. Iris warned Alex to be cautious with Eliot, who added a clock to dynamite inside his briefcase after watching a tape about cysmic explosions.

JANUARY 29, 1981 (EP. #126)
Eliot declined Justin's invitation to lunch before leaving to with his briefcase. Maggie asked for Nita's help with handling Elena. Vicky accidentally knocked over Eliot briefcase while discussing Alex and Iris with him. Jeb asked Nita to convince Billy Joe to allow him to play at the Chicken Coop with Elena. Maggie mentioned how calm Eliot seemed after Alex was shot and his reaction to hearing the song, "Eyes Of Texas" to Justin and Sam. Dennis asked Eliot if he plans to seek psychiatric help after Eliot asked Dennis for forgiveness. Jeb informed Courtney that he and Elena have a job playing gigs at the Chicken Coop. Eliot abruptly ended his conversation with Dennis after accusing Justin and Sam of following him. Justin and Sam discussed Eliot's irrational behavior with Dennis. Bart urged Courtney to admit her feelings for Jeb. Bart hid Ginny's file before Courtney was able to find it. Nita asked Billy Joe and Bernie for permission to let Jeb perform with Elena. Elena told Jeb that she quit school. Jeb planned to move to Houston with Elena to continue playing gigs at the Chicken Coop.

JANUARY 30, 1981 (EP. #127)
Ryan set up a bugging device while discussing a plan with Alex and Iris. Dennis expressed how worried he is over Eliot's mental state to Paige. Justin and Sam call Ryan to warn him that Eliot has been displaying irrational behavior. Eliot set the bomb for 9pm. Billy Joe agreed to try getting Jeb a job at the Chicken Coop after arguing with Nita. Eliot talked to Iris on the yacht and was stunned when Barrett arrived. Bernie agreed to give Jeb a chance at playing gigs with Elena despite Billy Joe's reservations. Barrett lost control when Eliot accused him of being a traitor while the men were in the Cambodian hostage camp. Eliot departed the yacht after Alex interrupted his confrontation with Barrett. Alex told Iris that Eliot must have already known about Barrett being alive. Justin and Sam watched Eliot's report on cysmic explosions and called Ryan to warn him. Eliot arrived at the Top of The World Club just as Justin asked Ryan he Eliot was spotted holding his briefcase. Eliot noticed the time on his watch as it approached 9pm.

FEBRUARY 2, 1981 (EP. #128)
Ryan was unable to find the bomb before it exploded. Dennis and Paige tried to humor an unstable Eliot. Rikki and Alex tended to an unconscious Ryan while Barrett remembered Cambodia because of his confrontation with Eliot. Barrett and Iris suspected Eliot's involvement in the bombing. Paige snapped at Billy Joe when he mentioned managing talent on the side. Bernie suggested Elena have a backup plan in case her singing career fails. Detective Donovan realized Eliot's involvement in the explosion after questioning Alex, Iris, Rikki, Barrett, and Ryan. Eliot's continued to exhibit strange behavior while requesting that "The Eyes of Texas" be played. Barrett caught Ryan and Ginny in each other's arms. Jeb and Elena talked to Bernie's girls before playing a gig. Rikki and Detective Donovan requested Billy Joe's help with finding Eliot. Ryan and Ginny attempted to explain their relationship to Barrett. Eliot offended Paige regarding her intentions towards Dennis. Iris informed Paige that Eliot shot Alex. Eliot arrived at the club acting surprised about all the commotion.

FEBRUARY 3, 1981 (EP. #129)
Eliot acted surprised towards all the commotion at the club as the police waited for him at the bar. Ryan and Ginny revealed their engagement to Barrett. Eliot pulled a gun on Iris after Dennis attempted to stop the police from arresting him. Jeb and Elena talked to Bernie's girls while Bart and Courtney were coming into the Chicken Coop for Jeb and Elena's gig. Alex tried to bargain with Eliot in exchange for Iris' release. Ryan and Rikki interrupted Ginny and Barrett's conversation after they learned that Eliot has taken Iris hostage and is demanding a helicopter. Barrett agreed to be a pilot for Eliot much to Ginny's chagrin. Iris tried to talk some sense into Eliot, who hallucinated that he was in a jungle. Billy Joe told Bart, Bernie, and Courtney that Alex is alive. Billy Joe learned that he and Elena are neighbors after Jeb and Elena finished their gig. Ryan allowed Dennis to talk to Eliot against Paige's wishes. Eliot pulled a gun on Alex, who attempted to speak with him when Eliot refused to speak with Dennis.

FEBRUARY 4, 1981 (EP. #130)
Iris got away from Eliot, who pointed a gun at Alex as he escaped in an elevator. Eliot became confused after hearing Barrett while on the roof of the Top of The World Club. Ryan interrupted Iris and Dennis' argument to advise that Eliot escaped with Barrett. Alex requested that Dennis take Iris to the yacht to get her away from reporters. Ryan worried that the helicopter went down when he was unable reach Barrett. Alex called Striker and Vicky to notify them that he's alive after thanking Justin for warning everyone about the bomb. Iris resented Paige's presence on the yacht as Dennis grilled her about Alex being alive and Eliot's schemes. Iris vowed to end Dennis and Paige's engagement after arguing with Dennis. Justin gave a news reports for KVIK about the bombing at the club. Vicky assured Striker that she no longer loves Alex. Ryan and Ginny learned that Barrett and Eliot are headed for the hospital because of being in a crash. Paige tried to convince Dennis to get married quickly. Ginny told Ryan that the hospital doesn't think Barrett will survive. Alex received a call from Ryan and told Iris that Eliot has gone insane.

FEBRUARY 5, 1981 (EP. #131)
Kate told Max and Reena about Eliot and Barrett being in the hospital after the helicopter crash. Billy Joe informed Nita that he is a free man because Alex is alive. Rikki arrived to see Terry. Courtney noticed Ginny's medical file after she agreed to keep Max informed on Barrett's condition. Ginny told Ryan she blames herself for Barrett's helicopter crash. Paige tried to comfort Ginny while Ryan took Dennis to see Eliot. Rikki advised Terry that he plans to look after Elena. Nita denied Billy Joe intimacy because of her upcoming doctor's appointment. Max told Reena that Alex is alive despite being shot by Eliot. Billy Joe flirted with Elena. Nita admitted to Bart that it's Billy Joe's last chance to keep their family together now. Rikki caught Billy Joe coming onto Elena and learned that the two are neighbors. Courtney advised Kate, Ginny, and Paige that Barrett isn't responding to treatment and suggested Ginny talk to Barrett. Ginny confirmed for Courtney that she is pregnant with Ryan's child. Courtney urged Ginny to reveal the truth to Ryan and Barrett.

FEBRUARY 6, 1981 (EP. #132)
Courtney left Ryan and Ginny alone to talk. Kevin informed Ryan that he's in legal trouble because of Alex surviving the shooting. Max discovered Beth babysitting and cooking dinner while Reena was in town. Dennis told Kate and Paige that Eliot is irrational and currently sedated. Ginny decided to remain by Barrett's side for fear he will die. Reena and Striker discussed Alex being alive and how it's affected Vicky. Ryan told Ginny that it's best if he leave Houston. Kevin discussed his legal troubles with Striker. Ryan and Ginny kissed before parting ways. Paige suggested the get married right away after Dennis expressed his appreciation for her support. Barrett dreamed about learning Ryan and Ginny were engaged. Ginny admitted to Courtney that she didn't tell Ryan about the baby. Paige convinced Dennis to elope to avoid interference from Iris. Courtney agreed to keep quiet for Ginny, who advised Barrett that Ryan is leaving town. Max insisted on having a long talk with Reena once she arrived back at the ranch.

FEBRUARY 9, 1981 (EP. #133)
Reena walked out on Max after arguing with him. Alex called Vicky and requested that Striker provide legal representation to Eliot. Rikki explained to Nita that he was with Shelly while tending to Alex. Billy Joe noticed Rikki and Nita together, who declared their feelings for each other. Striker took Max's side while Vicky tried to reason with Reena about her argument with Max. Alex had surprises waiting for Iris. Jeb offered to give Courtney a ride back to Maggie's. Striker and Vicky made little headway trying to talk to an insane Eliot. Elena and Nita convinced Rikki to perform with Elena at the Chicken Coop. Alex revealed one of his surprises for Iris involved moving into the Marshall house tomorrow. Reena returned to ask Max for forgiveness. Bernie decided to ban Rikki from the Chicken Coop after Billy Joe informed him that Rikki is a cop. Elena was upset that Jeb was late for their gig because of Courtney. Max suggested to Reena that they talk about they talk about their problems in the future.

FEBRUARY 10, 1981 (EP. #134)
Reena informed Max that she plans to close the River Oaks house and have Beth return to working for Striker and Vicky. Justin hinted about living together to Sam. Beth suggested Vivien get Dennis' help in learning Iris and Reena's whereabouts. Dennis introduced Paige as his new wife when Vivien arrived at Western Art. Iris asked Alex about revealing that Dennis is Alex's son while touring the former Marshall house. Reena called Striker and requested that they meet. Justin told Sam that he may be in love with her. Sam refused Justin's suggestion that they live together. Dennis and Paige discovered their wedding being mentioned in the paper. Alex told Iris that it's not the right time for Dennis to learn that he's Alex's son. Iris and Vivien had a happy reunion. Alex noticed Dennis and Paige's wedding announcement in the paper. Iris was stunned when both Dennis and Paige addressed her as "Mom." Bernie received a call from the boss, who requested to speak with Billy Joe. Dennis argued with Iris over his new marriage. Striker considered how Max can make money when Reena worried that Max won't be able to provide for her. Alex and Paige helped Iris and Dennis reconcile. Iris warned Paige not to underestimate her.

FEBRUARY 11, 1981 (EP. #135)
Striker told Reena he may have a plan to help Max earn his own money. Ginny denied keeping any secrets to Jeb while visiting with Barrett. Ryan informed Alex that he's leaving town permanently. Striker and Max discussed providing for Reena. Sam had doubts about the arrangement after letting Justin move in with her. Jeb figured out that Ginny is pregnant after questioning Courtney. Jeb wondered if Ginny is carrying Barrett's child after Courtney mentioned that Barrett knows of Ryan and Courtney's relationship. Ginny asked Barrett about the helicopter crash. Ginny agreed to remain with Barrett to work on being a family. Alex convinced Ryan to remain in Houston to recover. Max advised Reena that Striker agreed to co-sign on a loan for them to buy land around the cabin. Courtney told Jeb that their relationship cannot go beyond friendship. Max informed Reena that Kate has agreed to sell the parcel of land to them. Sam had more doubts about living with Justin after finding the apartment in a messy state.

FEBRUARY 12, 1981 (EP. #136)
Billy Joe told Bernie he plans to get the boss an invitation to Dennis and Paige's wedding reception. Paige hired Billy Joe as a bartender for the reception. Striker witness Kate and Max signing the deeds to the land. Max and Reena talked with Paige at the Top of the World Club. Billy Joe questioned Paige about her reasons for marrying Dennis when Alex turned up alive. Iris was too busy preparing for the reception to listen to Vivien talk about Rachel being freed from jail. Ryan informed Kate and Ginny that he is leaving town after he ties up some lose ends. Vivien gave Billy Joe an invitation to the reception. Paige told Barrett that she married Dennis and that Alex is biological father. Dennis learned that Striker is representing Eliot after he was denied visitation at the hospital. Ryan asked Striker not reveal the fact that Barrett and Ginny are no longer legally married until he leaves town. Kate and Ginny brought Barrett home from the hospital. Billy Joe gave his invitation to the reception to Bernie. Iris decided to be happy for Dennis while his marriage lasts. Paige suggested that she and Iris work together to make Dennis head of World Oil. Dennis showed appreciation to Alex for being civil towards him and Eliot. Alex told Dennis that he wants him to begin training at World Oil.

FEBRUARY 13, 1981 (EP. #137)
Dennis told Alex he doesn't want to be head of World Oil. Iris accused Paige of being a gold digger. Bernie invited Vivien to the Chicken Coop. Courtney overheard Maggie compliment Jeb and Elena on being a handsome couple. Elena bragged to Courtney about being close to Jeb. Courtney told Jeb that they can't be together because she needs stability in her life. Bernie called the boss to have him pick up an invitation to the reception. Iris tried to convince Alex to fire Shelly. Paige thanked Alex for his offer to train Dennis at World Oil. Jeb was not pleased with the money Bernie paid for Jeb and Elena's gig at the Chicken Coop. Kevin informed Courtney that he is seeking employment away from Houston at the request of Gulf Coast. Jeb decided to play poker. Paige told Ryan about Dennis being trained at World Oil and encouraged him to leave town for Barrett and Ginny's benefit. The boss gave his invitation to Rikki. Jeb refused to play when Elena reminded him about their second set at the Chicken Coop. The boss, Christopher Shaw met everyone and agreed to meet Paige after the reception.

FEBRUARY 16, 1981 (EP. #138)
Elena was unhappy when Jeb refused to play their second set of the gig. Billy Joe offered to escort Vivien to the Chicken Coop. Barrett insisted that Ginny tell him about Ryan so that he can come to terms with their relationship. Terry offered to leave Houston with Ryan and help him find a new position at World Oil. Chris and Paige met in secret at her office. Ryan was appreciative but uncertain about Terry's offer. Paige slapped Chris when he came onto her. Alex encouraged Iris to let Dennis learn from his own mistakes. Billy Joe and Bernie scared Vivien away from to the Chicken Coop when Billy Joe made a pass at her. Ginny told Barrett about meeting Ryan and being engaged to be married. Ryan thought about Ginny and the night they spent together. Billy Joe and Bernie broke up the poker game where Jeb came out a big winner. Billy Joe lied to the other poker players that Jeb is a ringer causing Jeb to get attacked.

FEBRUARY 17, 1981 (EP. #139)
Courtney was worried about Jeb's condition when he arrived at the clinic. Courtney declared her love to Jeb. Nita didn't share Billy Joe's amusement over Jeb getting into a fight at the poker game. Courtney learned from Jeb that his winnings at the poker game caused the fight. Paige got upset when Dennis refused to talk to Ryan about working for World Oil. Nita told Billy Joe he needs to become a better man. Jeb convinced Courtney to celebrate with him, leaving Bart to handle the clinic alone. Billy Joe feigned concern when Elena asked about Jeb and his whereabouts. Chris and Paige discussed the movie she was supposed to star in. Dennis confided in Shelly about his problems with Alex, Iris, Paige and World Oil. Chris promised to make Paige a star despite Dennis' feelings towards Alex. Shelly encouraged Dennis to make himself happy instead of pleasing everyone else. Bart informed Elena that Jeb is okay and with Courtney.

FEBRUARY 18, 1981 (EP. #140)
Elena grew upset when Bart told her that Jeb and Courtney are together. Paige informed Chris that Dennis doesn't like Alex. Jeb and Courtney decide to take a ride and go to the beach in Galveston. Paige told Chris that there may be a way to get backing for his movie. Bart tried to reason with Elena to no avail. Terry expressed her desire to work with Ryan away from Houston. Ginny informed Bart that she refuses to reveal her pregnancy to Barrett despite Bart and Courtney's suggestions. Ryan declined Terry's offer to accompany him out of town. Elena asked Billy Joe to be her new manager after thinking about Jeb. Jeb and Courtney got cozy while on the beach. Ginny advised Bart she plans to keep her pregnancy a secret for as long as possible. Billy Joe told Elena about a producer he knows and suggested she take sexy pictures at the trailer between sets. Bart requested that Ginny talk to Elena. Shelly told Ryan about her talk with Dennis. Chris offered to help once he sees pictures when Billy Joe mentioned someone who wants to be a singing star.

FEBRUARY 19, 1981 (EP. #141)
Paige found Billy Joe and Chris talking. Maggie asked Elena about what's troubling her. Jeb explained to Courtney that they are celebrating their first meeting on a beach from four months ago. Elena told Maggie that Jeb ran off with Courtney and decided to cut Jeb out of her performing act. Paige warned Chris to leave Billy Joe alone. Billy Joe asked Bernie for the use of his trailer and some costumes since he is now managing Elena's career. Maggie and Nita worried about Elena since Jeb is no longer looking after her. Paige apologized to Dennis about her rude behavior. Ginny asked Max to forgive Elena and allow her back onto the ranch. Jeb decided against returning to Houston to join Elena at the Chicken Coop for their first set. Dennis and Paige argued about Eliot when Dennis wanted to see him. Bernie delivered the equipment and costumes for Elena that Billy Joe requested. Paige almost told Dennis that Eliot isn't his father. Paige was stunned and Dennis confused when Billy Joe mentioned having plans with Paige's "friend" Chris. Chris and Bernie listened to Elena sing. Ginny informed Max that Jeb may not be looking after Elena anymore since he has been spending time with Courtney. Jeb and Courtney grew closer while spending time on the beach.

FEBRUARY 20, 1981 (EP. #142)
Billy Joe informed Elena that everything is set up at the trailer. Iris wondered about the cause of Vivien's strange behavior. Reena asked Ginny about her doctor visits. Iris learned that Bernie made a pass at Vivien and that Dennis wants to see Eliot. Paige told Eliot that Chris is her business associate from Hollywood. Iris informed Vivien that Eliot tried to assassinate Alex. Barrett worried to Kate that he may not be able to save his family. Reena told Max she suspects Ginny is pregnant. Dennis advised Paige he wants to be like Eliot, who is an accomplished journalist. Elena watched Billy Joe prepare the camera. Alex assumed Iris went to discuss his birthday with Reena when Vivien mentioned Iris leaving the house. Iris and Dennis argued about Eliot. Kate advised Barrett that she encouraged Ryan and Ginny's relationship and not to think of Ginny as a traitor. Dennis told Iris that he doesn't want to replace Alex at World Oil regardless if Western Art succeeds or not. Barrett suspected Ginny is still in love with Ryan. Reena nixed the idea of having children with Max right away so as not to feel tied down. Paige comforted Dennis. Bobbie Sue informed Nita that Billy Joe is with Elena, who got mad after finding a revealing costume for her to wear.

FEBRUARY 23, 1981 (EP. #143)
Vivien advised Iris that Alex was looking for her. Jeb and Courtney talked about love while kissing on the beach. Elena got upset over finding a revealing costume for her to wear. Bernie told Nita that Billy Joe is in the trailer with Elena. Iris told Vivien about her argument with Dennis. Paige attempted to comfort Dennis. Iris blamed Paige for Dennis' bad attitude. Nita walked in to find Elena in a revealing costume while being comforted by Billy Joe, who felt the costumer was a mistake. Maggie informed Jeb and Courtney that Elena has decided to pursue a singing career alone out of anger towards Jeb. Billy Joe tried to explain himself to Nita while Bernie calmed down Elena. Paige reminded Dennis about the importance of family when he considered leaving Houston. Iris made excuses to Alex about her previous whereabouts. Nita told Billy Joe she is leaving him. Jeb busted into Chris' office after asking Bobbie Sue about Elena. Chris warned Bernie not to let Jeb in the Chicken Coop after Chris and Jeb argued over Elena.

FEBRUARY 24, 1981 (EP. #144)
Paige insisted on speaking with Iris. Elena advised Jeb that he is no longer her manager. Striker informed Dennis that Iris won't allow Alex to drop the charges against Eliot. Paige suggested to Iris that they join forces in getting Eliot out of the way. Maggie asked Nita what happened with Elena and Billy Joe. Alex wondered what issues Iris and Paige were having when he caught them in the middle of an argument. Vicky suggested Dennis train at KVIK as an assistant to a reporter. Vicky asked Striker to see Elliot before Dennis could speak with him. Nita explained the incident at the trailer to Maggie and that she's packing her things at the apartment. Eliot couldn't remember his devious deeds while talking to Vicky. Maggie and Jeb discussed Elena. Alex and Vicky agreed that everything has worked out nicely for them. Dennis promised to stand by Eliot while the two men reminisced about old times. Iris wanted nothing to do with him when Vicky explained that Eliot wants to see her.

FEBRUARY 25, 1981 (EP. #145)
Justin informed Sam he has to leave due to family business on the ranch. Paige was upset over finding Chris in her office. Elena told Max she wants to return to school and move back to the ranch. Sam suggested Justin drill for oil rather than reopen the ranch with Barrett. Paige referred to Iris as the Iron Butterfly while talking to Chris. Terry informed Ryan that she may transfer to the Paris office. Ryan advised Terry he plans to remain in town until he knows whether Dennis will accept Alex's job offer or not. Alex told Ryan that Dennis requested to speak with him. Dennis vowed to prove Eliot isn't a traitor after Vicky told him about her conversations with Eliot and Iris. Paige promised Chris she will get money from Dennis. Dennis accepted Vicky's job offer at KVIK. Maggie explained Elena's reasons for moving back to the ranch to Max. Sam admitted to Vicky that she and Justin are living together and doubted the arrangement will last. Elena visited Reena. Justin learned that Kate sold Max and Reena land after making fun of Reena for roughing it. Dennis realized that Iris lied about the two of them having an argument to Alex. Elena tried to defend herself against Max, who confronted her about posing in dirty pictures for Billy Joe. Max refused to build Reena a house that looks like a mansion.

FEBRUARY 26, 1981 (EP. #146)
Max and Reena refused to speak to each other. Nita packed some of her belongings while at the apartment. Billy Joe placed blame on Bernie for his problems with Nita and Elena. Reena complained about Justin and Max to Striker. Barrett and Ginny tried to console an upset Max. Billy Joe explained to Elena that Bernie misunderstood his intentions and that Nita has left him. Maggie informed Rikki that Nita is leaving Billy Joe. Striker and Vicky tried to talk some sense into Reena. Barrett and Ginny encouraged Max to reconcile with Reena out of love. Ginny rode off to see Buddy Coleman. Rikki comforted Nita. Elena agreed to let Billy Joe be her manager. Nita remembered how sweet Billy Joe was when he was younger and confirmed for Rikki that her marriage is over. Jeb informed Courtney that he is taking a job at the ranch. Elena sang "Stand By Your Man" as Billy Joe and Bernie listened, Nita packed, and Jeb and Courtney embraced at Maggie's. Barrett and Max didn't see any sign of Ginny after spotting the horse she left with.

FEBRUARY 27, 1981 (EP. #147)
Vicky tried to reason with Reena about Max. Max informed Kate that the horse came back without Ginny. Billy introduced Chris to Elena. Barrett was suspicious when Ginny refused to see a doctor. Striker assured Reena he'll fix things when Reena complained about the cabin. Chris offered Elena a screen test. Maggie suggested talking to Nita herself when Rikki wanted to know what drove Nita to finally leave Billy Joe. Billy Joe informed Elena that Chris wants her to be in a pornographic movie. Max told Kate that Reena thinks Ginny is pregnant. Barrett decided to have Courtney come out to look at Ginny's ankle. Vicky asked Striker not to interfere in Max and Reena's lives. Barrett told Kate that Ginny refused to go to the hospital. Paige was unhappy when Dennis informed her about accepting Vicky's job offer at KVIK. Courtney examined Ginny, who admitted to Jeb that she's carrying Ryan's child. Paige advised Chris that they have problems because of Dennis' new job. Nita advised Rikki that she left Billy Joe after finding him with Elena, who was wearing a revealing costume. Chris threatened to reveal the truth about Paige's Hollywood career unless Paige can secure money for them. Max and Reena made up. Rikki grabbed Billy Joe away from Elena intent on beating him up.

MARCH 2, 1981 (EP. #148)
Chris threatened to reveal the truth about Paige's Hollywood career unless Paige can secure money for them. Courtney examined Ginny, who admitted to Jeb that she's carrying Ryan's child. Rikki grabbed Billy Joe away from Elena and knocked him unconscious. Elena became angry with Rikki while Nita advised that hitting Billy Joe was a mistake. Ryan noticed when Paige grew upset over Barrett not having time to talk because of Ginny's horse riding accident. Courtney and Jeb lied to Barrett and Kate about Ginny going to the hospital. Paige advised Ryan to stay out of Barrett and Ginny's lives. Elena woke up Billy Joe, who planned on fighting Rikki. Kate left Barrett alone to comfort Ginny. Bernie and Nita requested Rikki leave after breaking up the fight. Elena urged Nita to let Billy Joe explain himself. Bernie took the blame for providing the costumes and misunderstanding Billy Joe's intentions for Elena. Rikki and Maggie discussed Nita. Paige called Dennis to advise that she's coming home late. Chris requested to speak with Bernie while Nita asked Billy Joe quit working at the Chicken Coop after learning that Chris is his boss. Kate suggested Ginny tell Barrett that the baby she's carrying is Ryan's. Billy Joe offered to quit his job in exchange for Nita moving back in with him. Billy Joe refused to follow Chris' orders that Bernie gave him to cast girls for a pornographic movie.

MARCH 3, 1981 (EP. #149)
Reena called Barrett at the hospital to check on Ginny, who remembered her talk with Kate. Paige fibbed about being cranky because of Ginny's accident to Dennis. Chris threatened to hurt Nita if he quits his job and expose Paige's pornographic movie unless she secures the Wheeler money. Kate prevented Paige from visiting Barrett and Ginny. Barrett couldn't help Paige obtain a loan as she requested. Billy Joe informed Elena how he's being blackmailed by Chris into staying at the Chicken Coop. Ginny confessed about being pregnant to Barrett. Reena visited Ginny. Billy Joe assured Elena that he'll take care of things when she began to fear for her own life. Eliot worried about his fate while talking to Dennis. Reena told Striker and Vicky that she is fixing up the cabin with Max. Billy Joe offered Detective Donovan his help in nailing Chris' pornography operation. Reena informed Striker and Vicky that Ginny is pregnant. Paige apologized to Dennis, who mentioned an apartment he found for them. Dennis found Chris' business card in Paige's purse. Striker asked to meet with Barrett. Billy Joe advised Chris that he decided not to quit his job.

MARCH 4, 1981 (EP. #150)
Iris called Reena asking to see her. Sam ordered Justin to move out after she overheard him on the phone with Reena, who pretended to be Iris calling back. Sam discussed her relationship to Justin with Vicky. Iris informed Reena that she and Alex aren't talking because Iris interfered in Dennis' decision regarding Alex's job offer. Kate found Justin waiting to see Barrett. Reena agreed to help Iris throw a surprise party for Alex but advised Iris to settle her differences with Dennis on her own. Sam asked Vicky if she could be transferred to another station within the Victory network rather than Justin. Vivien told Alex about Iris defending her against Jeff Stone while they were in Bay City. Paige refused to help Iris convince Dennis to come to Alex's party. Ashley arrived as Terry was explaining to Ryan that she is leaving for Paris. Ashley told Ryan and Terry about working for World Oil before being introduced to Iris. Dennis declined Iris' invitation to Alex's party in front of Paige. Reena decided to have lunch with Kevin instead of Justin where they reminisced about their marriage and Reena's future with Max. Ryan noticed Ashely's name being left off the list of replacements for Terry's job. Paige declared her love to Dennis. Sam gave Justin his belongings and kicked him out of her apartment.

MARCH 5, 1981 (EP. #151)
Iris informed Vivien that she is leaving to see Eliot. Justin found Sam's office empty. Ginny dreamed about Ryan. Kate urged Ginny to tell Barrett that she is carrying Ryan's baby. Terry told Iris that she is moving to work for World Oil's Paris division. Vicky advised Justin that Sam left Houston because of his feelings for Reena and suggested Justin stay away from her. Iris learned that Ashley knows an aunt of hers. Vicky told Justin that Reena will continue to be faithful to Max like she was with Kevin. Barrett proposed after Ginny asked him about the meeting with Striker. Ashley assumed her interest in replacing Terry wouldn't matter because Iris doesn't like her. Iris asked Terry to place Ashley's name on the list of candidates for Terry's job at World Oil. Eliot worried about his fate while being grateful that Dennis isn't a reporter while visiting with Vicky. Vicky was pleased when Iris showed up to see Eliot. Ginny was upset over Barrett's plans to hold the wedding at the ranch. Iris warned Eliot that Dennis is taking a job at KVIK that will ruin his life when Eliot refused to tell Dennis that he is Alex's son. Ginny snapped at Barrett in front of Courtney after thinking about Ryan.

MARCH 6, 1981 (EP. #152)
Dennis and Paige discussed Eliot's legal problems and emotional state. Ashley informed Ryan that she wishes to be considered for Terry's job. Detective Donovan agreed to work with Billy Joe, who wasn't pleased when the detective assigned female officers to the case. Ashley advised Ryan that Terry doesn't get along with her but doesn't know the reason. Ryan called the hospital for news on Ginny's condition. Bernie explained the movie to the girls Billy Joe had cast in it. Billy Joe brought Maggie tea roses and assured Nita that he plans to quit working for the Chicken Coop. Eliot told Dennis about his visits with Vicky and Iris. Nita told Maggie that she is giving Billy Joe another chance so their child won't have to grow up without a father like she did. Dennis informed Eliot that he has accepted a job at KVIK. Nita made sure Rikki understood that she may be moving back in with Billy Joe. Rikki and Maggie talked about Elena and Nita. Eliot and Dennis argued about Dennis becoming a reporter and Eliot being an accused traitor. Billy Joe told Elena that his plan is set. Chris threatened to show Paige's movie "Endless Passion" if she doesn't get the money he wants. Chris decided to use Paige's love for Dennis to his advantage of getting some funding. Dennis remembered finding Chris' business card in Paige's purse after catching Chris and Paige talking. Billy Joe and Elena were surprised when Chris showed up at the Chicken Coop when the police raid was supposed to take place.

MARCH 9, 1981 (EP. #153)
Billy Joe had a nightmare. Colonel Austin asked Vicky if he could visit Eliot. Donovan advised Billy Joe he ruined the raid and to be cautious because of Chris' retaliation once his betrayal is found out. Vicky told the colonel that Eliot is in the hospital and attempted to murder Alex. Elena was able to talk Billy Joe out of leaving Houston with Nita. Paige warned Ryan to stay away from Ginny, who plans to raise the baby with Barrett. Ashley kept company with Ryan. The colonel learned that Barrett remembered Eliot being the traitor in Cambodia during the helicopter crash while visiting with Kate and Ginny. Chris requested that his lawyer send Bernie out of the country once he's released from jail. Paige asked Chris where he is keeping her pornographic movie. The colonel advised Ginny that he is giving Barrett a medal and believes Eliot wasn't the traitor because there is another missing reporter. Chris informed Paige that she is an integral part of his money making schemes. Bobbie Sue told Billy Joe, Elena, and Roy about the raid at the Chicken Coop. The colonel informed Barrett, Steve, Ginny, and Kate that he is visiting Eliot and that Barrett is being awarded a medal for distinguished service. Chris admitted to needing Billy Joe at the Chicken Coop more now that Bernie is gone. Barrett told Ginny that Eliot doesn't deserve friends.

MARCH 10, 1981 (EP. #154)
Max showed Iris the cabin. Dennis noticed Paige being pre-occupied. Ryan told Alex that he's decided to stay in Houston. Iris asked for Reena help with getting Dennis to Alex's party. Alex told Ryan that Dennis must come to him on his own without Iris' interference. Reena agreed to talk to Dennis. Ryan told Alex that Ginny is pregnant and suspects he is the father of the baby. Ashley met Alex. Reena asked for Vicky's help with Iris after mentioning the problems Iris and Dennis are having. Ryan informed Ashley that he may not be leaving town and that Alex was impressed by her qualifications. Eliot asked Dennis to bring Paige along during his next visit when Dennis revealed his recent marriage. Paige told Paige that she's tired of being pushed around by people. Justin admitted to Reena that he misses her more than Sam since she left town. Iris and Ashley chatted over lunch. Reena advised Justin that she intends to make her marriage to Max work. Vicky tried to convince Dennis to attend Alex's party. Reena assured Striker that she won't let Justin cause any problems between her and Max. Iris invited Ashley to the surprise party. Reena told Max about her day and about attending the party for Alex. Ashley discussed her new job and Paige being on edge with Iris. Reena tried to curb Max's jealousy about Justin being single by assuring him he has nothing to worry about.

MARCH 11, 1981 (EP. #155)
Billy Joe told Elena that he must come up with a way to work at the Chicken Coop and reconcile with Nita. Courtney suggested Jeb straighten things out with Elena when Jeb asked Courtney to marry him. Billy Joe informed Elena that she is his ticket out of the Chicken Coop. Paige and Billy Joe argue over Billy Joe wanting to quit his job. Jeb assured Courtney that he is only looking after Elena. Rikki told Maggie and Nita about the rumor that Billy Joe is a police informant for the pornography ring. Chris informed Paige she has to help him when Paige advised she doesn't want to be a star anymore. Nita told Rikki that Billy Joe would never help a friend get arrested including Bernie. Chris told Paige to join him during his meeting with Jim Lawrence. Billy Joe arrived at Maggie's to give Nita a present for their son. Chris advised Paige she can choose between the roles of a prostitute for Jim or a pornographic star in public. Billy Joe confessed to being part of the raid to Nita. Elena told Jeb she doesn't want to be friends with Courtney or see him anymore. Billy Joe assured Nita that Elena will be a big star and the Chicken Coop will become a respectable place. Chris questioned Billy Joe about quitting his job at the Top of The World Club. Billy Joe convinced Chris it was best that he not work for Paige. Chris left Jim and Paige to have a meeting alone.

MARCH 12, 1981 (EP. #156)
Paige agreed to accompany Dennis to visit Eliot after she received a call from Jim. Colonel Austin called Ginny and requested to come out and make the presentation to Barrett, who grew angry after learning that the colonel met with Eliot. Ginny tried to convince Barrett to let go of Eliot and the past. Eliot was surprised and reluctant to accept the medal Colonel Austin presented to him for Distinguished Service. Ginny explained Barrett's obsession with Eliot to Jeb, Courtney, and Elena. Eliot confessed that Dennis isn't his son and attempted to murder Alex to Colonel Austin, who suggested Eliot trust him and Dennis to clear his name. Barrett told Steve he would rather have had the five years he missed with his family than all of the medals in the world. Austin informed Dennis that he doesn't believe Eliot was a traitor in Cambodia. Jeb told Barrett he would like to marry Courtney. Paige assured Eliot that she loves Dennis, who was optimistic about all three of them being happy. Ginny wasn't sure whether she was going to tell Barrett about Ryan being the father of her baby despite Courtney's suggestion. Alfredo helped Paige end her meeting with Chris. Barrett and Ginny were stunned when Colonel Austin advised that he gave a medal to Eliot. Jim told Paige he likes a woman who plays hard to get when Paige said she was too busy to be alone with him. Barrett told Ginny that his medal is meaningless and threw it out the door.

MARCH 13, 1981 (EP. #157)
Billy Joe prepared the apartment for Nita's arrival. Iris told Vivien that her future depends on the success of the party. Reena reminded Max that they are attending Alex's birthday party. Rikki tried to convince Nita out of moving back in with Billy Joe after talking to Maggie. Max and Reena spent time together. Nita advised Billy Joe that she is moving back into the apartment with him. Vivien informed Alex that Iris is having dinner with the Dekkers. Justin meets Ashley after discussing a news tip with Ryan. Iris and Eliot argued about Dennis job at KVIK and marriage to Paige. Alex dined with Striker and Vicky. Dennis told Eliot he has decided to go to Alex's party after all. Alex was delighted when he arrived at the surprise party for his birthday. Alex and Iris reconciled. Nita was surprised to arrive home and find the apartment decorated by Billy Joe. Justin attempted to discuss oil being on the land with Max. Dennis and Paige arrived for the party. Billy Joe made dinner for Nita. Max insisted on going home and left Reena alone at the party. Alex and Iris enjoyed some quiet time together.

MARCH 16, 1981 (EP. #158)
Max and Reena continued to argue. Ashley arrived for her first day at work as Ryan was talking to Terry. Kate wanted to know why Ginny snapped at Steve over Barrett's medal. Dennis discovered Eliot's medal while visiting with him. Max and Reena's reconciliation was cut short after Reena nixed Max's suggestion of having a baby together. Ginny advised Kate that Barrett is having violent reactions towards things ever since Colonel Austin's visit. Dennis planned to get Eliot released and offered him Dennis and Paige's apartment to live. Reena called asking Striker for help with saving her marriage to Max. Barrett advised Kate and Ginny that the medal means nothing to him. Colonel Austin and Dennis discussed Eliot and his medal. Ashley overheard Ryan talking over the phone with Ginny, who learned Ryan is staying in Houston and requested he leave her alone. Kate talked to Barrett about his medal. The colonel told Eliot that both he and Barrett received medals for distinguished service. Reena informed Striker that she disagrees with Max about having children right now while Kate advised Max not to push Reena. Ryan confided in Alex about Ginny. Terry accused Ryan of being too trusting after Ryan asked her why she doesn't like Ashley. Eliot swore he never betrayed Barrett but revealed he doesn't know who the traitor in Cambodia was. Barrett gave his medal to Steve.

MARCH 17, 1981 (EP. #159)
Dennis called and asked Iris to meet him at the hospital. Billy Joe and Nita shared a happy moment together. Dennis informed the colonel that Iris is pressing charges against Eliot. Chris told Paige to arrange a meeting between her and Jim. Elena gave Jeb the cold shoulder when he arrived at the Chicken Coop. Nita realized how much she loves Billy Joe as he was leaving for work. Jeb gave Elena a song he wrote for her. Paige made arrangements with Jim and demanded Chris leave her apartment. Paige asked Courtney for something to help her sleep. Iris told the colonel about the horrible things Eliot has done. Paige lifted some strong sleeping pills when Courtney left. The colonel asked Iris to reconsider her to decision to press charges since he was a POW in Korea like Eliot was in Cambodia. Jeb planned to buy an engagement ring for Courtney, who requested more time before agreeing to make such a commitment. Billy Joe thought little of Jeb's song for Elena. Paige was upset but reluctantly agreed to Dennis' request that Eliot live with them.

MARCH 18, 1981 (EP. #160)
Ginny informed Jeb that Barrett is still having mood swings and that Ryan isn't leaving Houston. Dennis was excited that Eliot is being released and Iris dropped the charges against him. Paige called Jim to confirm their meeting. Ginny told Jeb that Ryan must be remaining in town because of knowing about the baby. Eliot explained that Dennis is Alex's son to Vicky. Ryan interrupted Barrett and Ginny's conversation to insist that Ginny meet him for lunch. Striker advised Vicky and Dennis that the D.A. wants to press charges against Eliot for possession of explosives. Striker was certain he could get Eliot's charges dropped or at least get him a suspended sentence. Kate and Paige talked while at the ranch. Ranch informed Ginny that he knows that the baby she's carrying is his. Paige asked Barrett what lengths he would take in order to save his marriage. Ginny confirmed for Ryan that she is carrying his child but still plans on remarrying Barrett. Barrett urged Paige to do anything necessary to save her marriage if she truly loves Dennis. Barrett and Kate discussed Paige. Paige slipped a sleeping pill in Jim's champagne and undressed him. Ginny told Jeb she is worried that Ryan will tell Barrett about the baby. Paige arrived home to spend some quality time with Dennis.

MARCH 19, 1981 (EP. #161)
Billy Joe told Elena that they are going to see a booking agent. Max refused to go to dinner with Reena when Iris called, leading to another disagreement between the couple. Billy Joe tried to get the booking agent, Mr. Schwartz to see Elena to no avail. Reena decided not to accept Iris' dinner invitation. Iris suggested Reena throw a party for Max when Reena mentioned having marital problems. Reena asked Striker to help make the guest list for the party. Mr. Schwartz suggested Billy Joe submit a demo tape of Elena singing. Striker and Reena told Vicky about their plan for Max. Billy Joe and Elena argued about their lack of success with Mr. Schwartz. Reena requested that Iris keep the party for Max a surprise. Jeeter told Billy Joe that L&R studios can make a demo tape for Elena when Billy Joe told Bobbie Sue about visiting the booking agent. Dennis and Paige arrived for dinner with Alex and Iris. Paige was stunned when Alex was on the phone with Jim. Billy Joe was upset when Jeeter liked Jeb's song that Elena sang for him. Paige warned Iris she will risk losing Dennis if she interferes in his life again.

MARCH 20, 1981 (EP. #162)
Jeb asked Ginny how she is doing on her wedding day. Dennis was surprised to learn that Paige saw Barrett the other day. Max and Reena discussed Barrett and Ginny's upcoming wedding as did Dennis and Paige. Ginny informed Jeb that she can't hurt Barrett and Steve by leaving them to be with Ryan. Steve and Barrett discussed getting a ring for Ginny. Courtney, Jeb, and Ginny were surprised when Ryan showed up. Paige lied to Chris about having a good night with Jim. Ryan asked Ginny not to marry Barrett. Reena advised Max that she plans to grow old with him. Striker and Vicky discussed Max and Reena's relationship. Ginny admitted her love to Ryan. Courtney advised Jeb that Ginny has to make a decision on whether to be with Barrett or Ryan. Jeb demanded that Ryan leave Ginny alone. Reena and Courtney exchanged pleasantries. Justin and Reena arrived at the wedding as Max was talking to Steve. An angry Jim advised Chris that Paige drugged him. Striker, Vicky, Dennis, and Paige arrived for the wedding. Ginny collapsed during the ceremony.

MARCH 23, 1981 (EP. #163)
Barrett informed Paige that there has been no change in Ginny's condition. Chris forced Paige to have lunch with him and Jim. Striker and Vicky discussed Justin's investigation of World Oil and the wedding being interrupted by Ginny's collapse with Ryan. Ryan told Striker and Vicky that Ginny is carrying his child. Striker and Vicky talked about Ryan, Max, and Reena. Jeb argued with Ryan while they both were at the hospital. Barrett assured Ginny that they can having another baby if she miscarries. Striker and Vicky talked about Sam working for KVIK in Austin, Texas. Chris and Jim questioned Paige about the night she and Jim spent together. Courtney asked Ryan to leave Ginny alone. Paige felt Chris was bluffing when he threatened to show her pornographic film. Chris told Billy Joe to deliver the publicity stills of "Endless Passion" to the Carrington residence. Courtney informed Jeb that it is Ginny's decision whether she wants to see Ryan or not. Barrett overheard Ryan ordering flowers for a patient at the hospital. Billy left for work with the pictures after spending time with Nita. Billy Joe slipped an envelope with the pictures under Dennis and Paige's apartment door. Dennis and Paige enjoyed time alone while Eliot was out of town.

MARCH 24, 1981 (EP. #164)
Iris asked Ashley for help with Paige. Ginny told Barrett she didn't know who the flowers were from since they didn't come with a card. Paige hid the publicity stills before Dennis could find them while leaving for work. Chris demanded Paige call Jim or have her movie pictures shown to Dennis and Alex. Terry realized that Ashley overheard her suggesting Ryan call Courtney about Ginny's current condition. Paige called Jim to make dinner arrangements with him. Barrett interrupted Ryan questioning Courtney about Ginny. Billy Joe noticed Chris and Paige together. Iris wished Terry a safe trip to Paris. Barrett and Courtney discussed Ginny and the baby's condition. Iris requested that Ashley keep tabs on Paige while she's at the Top of The World Club. Billy Joe asked Paige if she's in trouble. Ashley informed Iris that Ryan closed a deal that Alex hadn't been able to for years and that Ginny is pregnant with Ryan's child. Courtney told Jeb that Barrett has put his bitter feelings towards Ryan behind him. Iris suggested Ryan get Alex to take a more active role in World Oil. Ginny told Jeb her plans to go to Virginia once she gets released from the hospital. Barrett told Paige he is going to have a wedding ceremony in the hospital for Ginny.

MARCH 25, 1981 (EP. #165)
Paige declined Barrett's invitation to his and Ginny's wedding ceremony in the hospital. Jim gave his expectations of the night with Paige to Chris. Billy Joe overheard Bobbie Sue and Roy talk about a wealthy customer. Barrett asked the reverend to perform the wedding ceremony in the hospital since Ginny doesn't want to wait any longer to be married. Jeb and Ginny discussed their trip back to Virginia. Bobbie Sue introduced Billy Joe to Mrs. Evans, who wasn't interested in doing Elena's demo tape. Jim informed Chris that he's only interested in Paige and not the movie Chris wants to make. Chris warned Billy Joe to stay clear of Jim after refusing to help him get Elena's demo tape done. Barrett informed Kate that he and Ginny are getting married today. Billy Joe found Jim's address in Chris' office and convinced Jim to see Elena. Ginny thought about Ryan and the night they spent together. Billy Joe ran into Paige at Jim's apartment. Barrett brought Kate and the reverend into Ginny's hospital room to begin the wedding ceremony. Jeb wondered what caused Ginny's change of heart after he and Courtney learned that Barrett and Ginny are getting married. Jeb arrived too late to stop Barrett and Ginny from completing the ceremony. Eliot discussed his upcoming hearing with Dennis, who wondered about Paige's whereabouts. Paige couldn't keep Jim from getting rough with her. Eliot and Dennis discovered that Paige has been beaten when she arrived home.

MARCH 26, 1981 (EP. #166)
Dennis cancelled plans to attend Reena's party after learning that Paige had been mugged. Paige refused to let Dennis call the police. Billy Joe told Nita that he's worried about Paige, who he saw at the Packard Hotel last night. Dennis questioned Paige about being mugged in the World Oil garage. Ashley overheard Billy Joe ask Alfredo about Paige. Eliot and Paige convinced Dennis to go to work. Eliot didn't buy Paige's story about not reporting the mugging to the police because of Iris possibly throwing a fit. Eliot promised to stand by Paige as long as she doesn't hurt Dennis. Iris feigned concern over Paige until the two women were alone. Billy Joe discussed Paige, Elena, and his meeting at the Packard Hotel. Paige threw Iris out of the apartment when Iris demanded to know the truth after accusing her of being a liar. Billy Joe and Nita talked about Paige and Elena's singing career. Iris learned from Ashley that Paige was at the Packard Hotel. Rikki warned Billy Joe against hurting Nita and Elena after asking about Jim backing Elena's record. Iris realized that Paige was beaten up the same night she was at the Packard Hotel. Rikki told Maggie he loves Nita but will leave her alone until Billy Joe messes up again. Eliot noticed the wallet Paige claimed was stolen in her purse.

MARCH 27, 1981 (EP. #167)
Reena woke up Max to give him a birthday cake. Kate asked Ginny why she was in such a hurry to get married in the hospital. Justin assured Bubba that Alex won't be a problem if he wants to be part of a deal. Max told Reena that Barrett had the wedding ceremony in the hospital per Ginny's request. Kate guessed that Barrett trapped Ginny into getting remarried in the hospital because she didn't know about it ahead of time. Ryan informed Alex that he doesn't like Justin's deal with Bubba. Reena learned that Vivien is covering for Beth while she's out of town and that Striker left on business. Ginny admitted to Jeb that Barrett's wedding ceremony in the hospital caught her by surprise. Iris told Reena that Dennis can't make it to the party because Paige was mugged. Justin advised Bubba that Alex fell for their deal. Reena suggested Iris not interfere in Dennis and Paige's lives. Barrett decided not to attend Max's party. Vicky warned Justin that his investigation of misappropriation of funds at World Oil better be accurate. Jeb requested that Barrett give Ginny space. Terry talked about going to Paris with Kate while Iris and told Ashley that Max doesn't know the party is a surprise. Courtney informed Ginny that Ryan promised to support her but keep his distance and accept her marriage to Barrett. Justin advised Alex that the deal with Bubba is set. Ashley convinced Justin not to agree to Vicky's request that he leave the party. Ginny told Jeb that something is wrong with Barrett. Reena became uncomfortable when Buddy and Wanda Coleman started talking about kids. Max upset Reena by referring to them as the Colemans in ten years.

MARCH 30, 1981: NO SHOW

MARCH 31, 1981 (EP. #168)
Jeb and Ginny made plans to go to Houston and see Courtney after assuring Kate that Ginny is in good condition. Courtney reluctantly agreed to meet with Ryan to discuss Ginny. Barrett was upset that Ginny went into town alone and discovered that Ginny doesn't have an appointment at the clinic. Vicky convinced Reena to talk to Max when he arrived at Striker and Vicky's place. Reena told Ryan she doesn't know where she belongs. Ryan saw Jeb and Ginny while talking to Courtney. Reena advised Striker and Vicky that she is leaving Max and asked to stay with them for a while. Alex assured Justin that he will have full access to World Oil for his investigation. Ryan and Ginny talked. Jim learned about Justin's investigation into World Oil. Courtney and Ginny discussed Ryan and the baby. Ryan was against it when Alex agreed to open all the accounting books for Justin. Jim called Pete to warn him that World Oil is being investigated. Barrett confronted Ginny about not being at the clinic and warned he will be watching her more closely from now on.

APRIL 1, 1981 (EP. #169)
Eliot overheard Billy Joe ask Paige about the Packard Hotel. Iris tried to make lunch plans with Reena and Ashley, who declined the invitation while Justin was present. Billy Joe lied to Eliot about the Packard Hotel incident to cover for Paige. Jim told Chris he had quite a night with Paige but not to arrange another for a while. Billy Joe assured Eliot he has no ill feelings for towards him being set up during Alex's shooting. Justin and Ashley discussed his investigation. Eliot offered support to Paige if she needs it. Someone watched Billy Joe and Elena leave the trailer on their way to meet Jim. Iris talked to Alex after Ashley went to lunch with Justin. Reena told Iris that Justin and Ashley deserve each other after Reena and Justin had a confrontation. Someone entered the trailer and took a key. Elena felt her and Billy Joe's meeting with Jim went well. Reena warned Iris about being friends with Ashley. Justin and Ashley discussed his previous relationship with Reena and her marriage to Max. Paige denied being at the Packard Hotel when Iris questioned her about it. Elena informed Billy Joe that she spotted someone looking in the trailer's window. Jim advised Pete to make sure their man in accounting takes of care of the problem. Eliot found Chris at his doorstep.

APRIL 2, 1981 (EP. #170)
Barrett became angry at Ginny, who planned on taking Steve into Houston. Someone watched the trailer as Elena was cleaning it. Chris informed Paige he needed to talk business with her at the club. Nita told Rikki and Maggie she thinks Elena will be a successful singer. Eliot suspected that Chris was behind Paige being beaten when she told him that Chris is a movie producer. Barrett walked out on Ginny in front of Steve. Eliot told Paige that he suspects Chris is involved with her someone and warned against hurting Dennis. Jeb gave Courtney an engagement ring and proposed to her. Ginny rushed Steve out of Maggie's and heading back to the ranch after getting a call from Barrett. Maggie learned that Jeb and Courtney are considering marriage. Rikki assured Elena that Maggie and Max want her to be a success as much as Billy Joe does. Paige threatened to tell Jim's wife about the beating if Chris shows her movie and wanted nothing to do with either man. Elena caught someone looking into the trailer after she mentioned her childhood to Rikki. Paige informed Dennis that Chris is being a pest about having her star in a movie he wants to produce. Barrett questioned Steve about what he and Ginny did while in Houston. Ginny could explain Barrett's strange behavior to Steve or Jeb. A stranger showed up just as Rikki and Elena were leaving the trailer.

APRIL 3, 1981 (EP. #171)
Barrett didn't approve of Ginny going into Houston to have lunch with Reena. Reena told Vicky she loves Max but isn't sure if she can live with him. Billy Joe informed Elena that they are getting money from Jim today. Elena told Billy Joe that she saw someone outside of the trailer. Jim discussed the transport being kept secret from Alex with Pete. Billy Joe promised Elena she would prove herself to her family. Ginny told Jeb that she's going into town. Vicky asked Striker to take her side in convincing Reena to see Max. Kate encouraged Max to compromise with Reena and to care more about saving his marriage than money. Ginny urged Reena to work on saving her marriage to Max. Jim gave Billy Joe and Elena a check to cover the costs of making Elena's demo tape. Ginny caught Barrett watching her after admitting to Reena that she still loves Ryan. Barrett made the excuse to Alfredo that he was at the club looking for Paige. Elena refused to return to the trailer just as someone grabbed Billy Joe. Jim and Pete discussed business matters. Bernie asked Billy Joe and Elena not to tell Chris he returned to town and showed them the $20,000 he made. Ginny told Jeb about Barrett following her into town. Barrett snapped at Steve. Max arrived to take Reena home. Barrett denied going into town to Ginny. Max gave Reena a love knot ring and explained it can never be untied.

APRIL 6, 1981 (EP. #172)
Vicky informed Justin that she isn't covering Eliot's hearing. Chris was surprised and wanted to know the reason when Jim said he never wants to see Paige again. Iris suggested Justin be offered a job to Alex, who decided to wait to see how the deal Justin put together works out. Vicky advised Justin to find another job if he doesn't like the way she runs KVIK. Jim threatened a hit on his life when Chris tried to blackmail Jim with the knowledge of Paige's beating. Justin and Ashley discussed the deal he struck for World Oil. Eliot advised Vicky he doesn't have any memories of his actions. Striker informed Eliot, Vicky, and Dennis that Colonel Austin is testifying on behalf of Eliot at his trial. Chris vowed to make Paige sorry she ever met him. Justin advised Alex and Ryan that he found no misappropriation of funds during his investigation into World Oil. Ashley told Iris she doesn't trust Ryan, who expressed doubts to Alex about the crew Justin put together. Striker, Dennis, and Elliot told Vicky that Eliot was granted a suspended sentence. Jim advised Pete that they were able to hide the missing funds and will attempt to get Chris to work for them. Chris suggested Iris look at some publicity stills of a movie Paige starred in.

APRIL 7, 1981 (EP. #173)
Chris offered to sell the publicity stills of Paige' movie to Iris for a million dollars. Jim considered having Pete take care of things while he leaves town. Iris requested that Vivien keep mum about Chris' visit and called Reena. Billy Joe advised he was able to get Elena's demo tape financed by Jim after refusing Bernie's proposition of selling drugs. Reena told Iris everything she knew about Paige's movie career. Jim discussed drug trafficking with Chris, who learned from Billy Joe that Jim backed Elena's demo. Max told Reena he doesn't want to have dinner with Alex and Iris. Bernie urged Elena to seek as much success as she wants to have. Jim commented on Elena's looks to Billy Joe after getting acquainted with her. Bernie and Billy Joe discovered that the trailer had been trashed.

APRIL 8, 1981 (EP. #174)
Steve talked to Ginny and Jeb but grew quiet when Barrett arrived and cancelled the camping trip over Easter vacation. Max refused to tell Reena anything more about his family other than that his mother died when Elena was only a year old and father died the following year. Barrett denied being at the Top of The World Club the other day and accused Ginny of playing games. Max declined Rikki's suggestion that he support Elena on her demo tape. Kate wouldn't open up to Reena about Max's mother. Max told Rikki he cut Elena out of his life and refused to give her another chance. Eliot advised Vicky he has found an apartment and is considering a trip to Thailand in search of Roger Williams, who may be able to tell him who the traitor was in Cambodia. Ginny confided in Reena about Barrett's behavior since Eliot received a medal. Vicky told Striker that Sam is doing well in Austin and suggested they leave Reena alone for a while. Nita, Jeb, and Courtney talked about Maggie's friend Dwayne coming to town for a visit. Rikki and Nita mentioned Elena's demo to Jeb and Courtney. Dwayne arrived to see Maggie. Barrett refused to reconsider the camping trip with Steve or let Ginny go into town tomorrow.

APRIL 9, 1981 (EP. #175)
Ginny told Kate about Steve being upset because of Barrett cancelling the camping trip. Barrett overheard Max urge Steve to be patient because of Barrett's time away from the family. Billy Joe informed Bernie and Elena about his plans to ask Jim for more money. Jim and Pete considered having Chris or Billy Joe work for them. Billy Joe told Elena he hoped the money Jim could provide will help Elena have professional pictures taken. Ginny decided it wasn't a good time to tell Barrett about the baby after Kate asked how he's been treating her. Max advised Barrett that Steve was looking forward to going on the camping trip with him. Bernie suggested Elena take a pill to ease her anxiety. Jim gave Billy Joe money, who denied Jim's original request to have dinner with Elena. Bernie told Elena a story about a little boy with a magical teddy bear after giving her one of her own. Chris and Jim agreed to enter drug trafficking together. Jim told Pete about his deal with Chris, who agreed to discuss business with Pete. Kate suggested Barrett rest more. Barrett agreed to take Steve on a camping trip and accused Ginny of trying to convince everyone that he is losing his mind. Bernie showed Billy Joe and Elena the teddy bear which played,"It's All Over Town."

APRIL 10, 1981 (EP. #176)
Vivien gave Iris an envelope containing pictures of Paige. Reena talked to Max about cutting Elena out of his life. Bernie interrupted Elena spending time with her teddy bear just as someone was about to come out of the closet. Vivien asked what was bothering Iris, who worried about Paige hurting Dennis. Dennis agreed to leave with Eliot for Thailand. Iris informed Vivien that she is being blackmailed by Chris to keep a pornographic movie Paige made a secret. Billy Joe showed his support to Elena, who was afraid of letting everyone down. Max refused to discuss Elena or his mother with Reena. Nita discussed quitting her job with Maggie until Billy Joe arrived to take her to the trailer. Reena offered to support Elena while visiting Iris since Max refused to do so. Eliot and Paige discussed lying about being mugged and Dennis not being Eliot's son. Reena suggested she see Paige when Iris mentioned being blackmailed. Nita tried to ease Elena's doubts by reminding her that Billy Joe believes in her. Iris made Paige uncomfortable by mentioning a terrible movie she saw called "Endless Passion" to Eliot. Nita tried to convince Maggie to support Elena and that people change. Billy Joe tried to comfort Elena. Iris told Paige about Chris' demands and offered money to Paige in exchange for leaving Dennis.

APRIL 13, 1981 (EP. #177)
Paige refused Iris' offer to leave Dennis in exchange for money. Chris interrupted Reena ask Bobbie Sue about Elena's whereabouts. Paige declared her love for Dennis and threatened to reveal his paternity if Iris attempts to force her out of Dennis' life. Chris requested to speak with Billy Joe alone before Bobbie Sue could find out if Bernie had returned. Elena considered taking one of the pills that Bernie gave to her. Chris informed Billy Joe that he will be at L&R studios for the recording of Elena's demo. Reena asked Iris if Chris is blackmailing her after meeting him. Chris advised Billy Joe that they are both working for Jim who is out of the country and his associate Pete Parnell. Reena offered to get the blackmail money for Iris if she refuses to go to the police for help. Rikki told Billy Joe and Elena that most of the family is supporting her. Jeb refused to write a couple more songs for Elena per Billy Joe's suggestion. Rikki tried to get Elena to understand Max better. Nita wished Billy Joe the best with helping Elena finish her demo. Reena asked Striker for money but refused to reveal the reasons. Reena refused to confide in Vicky about what was bothering her. Jeb talked to Elena, who didn't notice Bernie in the closet.

APRIL 14, 1981: NO SHOW

APRIL 15, 1981 (EP. #178)
Max asked Reena why Striker sounded strange on the phone after receiving a call from him. Roy lied for Chris by telling Paige that he wasn't at the Chicken Coop when Paige called asking to speak with him. Rikki told Elena and Billy Joe to call the police after Elena found Bernie in the closet. Eliot tried to convince Paige to be tell him why she has been lying the last few weeks. Striker agreed to get money for Reena on the condition that he inform Vicky. Max was upset when Reena told him she went into Houston to see Elena instead of Striker. Paige refused to confide in Eliot. Detective Donovan had a cop escort Billy Joe and Elena to the studio and informed Rikki that Chris may have murdered Bernie. Max and Reena argued about Elena. Jeeter refused help from Billy Joe in preparations for the recording while Elena remembered Bernie giving her the bear and pills. Paige asked Bobbie Sue to have Chris meet her when he returns. Chris learned about Bernie's death at the studio from Billy Joe and checked the contents of Elena's purse after noticing her calm demeanor while recording a song. Dennis arrived home and called the Top of The World Club looking for Paige. Bobbie Sue allowed Paige to wait for Chris in his office. Reena's suggestions to Max that he open up about his childhood so she can feel like less of an outsider were to no avail. Eliot tried to talk Dennis out of having dinner at the club. Paige threatened to drag Chris down with her if he sells "Endless Passion." Paige was caught coming out the back door of Chris office by the police.

APRIL 16, 1981 (EP. #179)
Paige was caught coming out the back door of Chris office by the police. Eliot tried to comfort Dennis, who worried about Paige's whereabouts. Billy Joe and Elena notice the police upon arriving at the Chicken Coop. Barrett left the bedroom after waking up from a nightmare where his medal and family were stolen from him by Eliot and Ryan. Elena looked for her pills while Billy Joe, Bobbie Sue, and Roy tried to comfort her. Detective Donovan questioned Chris and Paige. Barrett refused to talk about the nightmare with Ginny despite her efforts to console him. Ryan tried to sleep while thinking about Ginny. The police called after Paige lied to Dennis about having dinner with a linen supplier. Billy Joe requested that Detective Donovan go easy on Elena before he questioned her. Elena eventually gave in to temptation and grabbed for the pills Chris left that he took from her purse. Barrett yelled at Steve when the boy interrupted an argument between him and Ginny. Ryan told himself that Ginny will return to him before laying down. Ginny tried to comfort an upset Steve. Billy Joe noticed how calm Elena was while being questioned by Detective Donovan. Paige told Dennis that she was at the police station reporting the mugging. Chris agreed to keep quiet about the pills. Barrett and Ginny returned to bed. Eliot vowed to Paige he refuses to let Dennis be dragged down with her like quicksand.

APRIL 17, 1981 (EP. #180)
Barrett informed Kate and Ginny about Elena being in the newspaper. Reena read about Elena and Bernie and hid the paper from Max. Dennis mentioned Chris being in the article to Paige. Iris agreed to pay Chris the money but requested more time in securing the funds. Paige told Dennis that she is going to the police station alone to look at mug shots. Chris suggested Iris ask Alex for help in raising the money if she is having trouble getting it herself. Rikki told Max about Elena finding Bernie's body in the trailer closet. Barrett advised Steve that the camping trip has been cancelled. Iris made Vivien swear to secrecy about her being blackmailed by Chris and promising to pay him. Rikki and Max argued about Elena. Pete informed Chris he will be in town soon. Iris requested half of the money from Reena, who mentioned that Striker wants to tell Vicky about Reena's request. Paige told Chris that Dennis is the only person that matters to her. Steve asked Max if he can move in with him since Barrett doesn't seem to like him. Ryan told Alex he will wait as long as he has to for Ginny. Barrett accused Ginny of being the source of all of his problems. Alex advised Iris that he plans to offer Justin a job. Iris mentioned a necklace she wants for $500,000 to Alex. Max tried to get Steve to understand Barrett. Ginny suggested Barrett seek professional help.

APRIL 20, 1981 (EP. #181)
Maggie tried to comfort an upset Elena. Max and Reena got into another argument about his relationship with Elena. Billy Joe informed Elena, Maggie and Nita that he has an appointment with a record producer. Justin was happy to accept Alex's job offer which Ashley witnessed. Reena asked Maggie about Max's parents. Justin informed Ashley he will be working for World Oil. Striker kept mum when Reena asked him about Max's parents. Billy Joe and Elena mentioned to Rikki about Bernie having money. Vicky told Reena that she and Striker will help her with the money once they know it is for. Rikki told Elena that he loved performing as a kid which Max never understood. Max and Elena finally settled their differences at the Chicken Coop. Justin advised Reena he is now working for World Oil and apologized for being tough on her and Max. Pete called Billy Joe informing him that Alamo Records is purchasing Elena's song. Justin celebrating in Alex's office with Ashley, who then invited him to her place for the night.

APRIL 21, 1981 (EP. #182)
Barrett shared the newspaper with Kate but didn't like Ginny bothering him while he tried to read it. Ashley warned Justin not to be late for work if he wants to keep his job. Dennis informed Eliot and Paige that he wants to launch his own investigation into Paige's mugging. Reena told Iris that Striker and Vicky refuse to give her money until they know the reason for it. Paige told Eliot that a man she loved convinced her to be in a pornographic movie and Chris wants a million dollars for the only copy. Iris didn't think Chris was dangerous when Reena wondered about Chris killing Iris if she doesn't come up with the money. Ashley told Justin that she wants to take things slow rather than rush into a relationship. Ginny informed Kate that Steve is disappointed about not going on the camping trip with Barrett. Paige explained to Eliot that a man she once loved convinced her to be in the movie and that Chris was behind the beating. Striker agreed to get the money for Reena. Paige informed Eliot that Chris is blackmailing Iris, who wants her to leave Dennis. Barrett and Kate refused to let Justin drill for oil on the ranch's land. Reena suggested Ginny talk with Ryan to find out if Eliot was the traitor. Eliot urged Iris to leave Dennis and Paige alone since they love each other. Reena agreed to mention it to Max for Justin when he wanted to have his land surveyed. Justin stood Ashley up. Barrett overheard Ryan and Ginny make plans to meet at the club. Dennis walked in right after Iris suggested Paige leave Dennis if she really loves him.

APRIL 22, 1981 (EP. #183)
Reena informed Max that Justin wants to know about drilling for oil on their land. Ashley tried to ignore Justin, who tried to apologize for not coming to their lunch date because of being at the ranch. Ginny told Jeb that she is going into town to see Ryan about Barrett. Eliot advised Vicky that Roger Williams is in Washington and is very ill. Iris left when Dennis demanded to speak with Paige alone about what has been going on. Max protested to Reena that he is a rancher not an oilman. Ginny told Barrett she is going into town for lunch. Vicky told Eliot he must leave town if there is a chance for him to clear his name. Ashley declined Justin's dinner invitation. Max agreed to consider Justin's request when Reena urged him to compromise and mentioned the good things than can be done with money. Dennis headed straight to Iris' after Paige explained that Iris wants her to leave Houston. Ginny told Ryan that Barrett needs help. Ryan talked about Roger with Ginny and promised to keep her informed. Iris refused to talk to Paige when Vivien received a call from her. Paige told Eliot about recent developments between her, Dennis, and Iris. Steve explained that Mr. Coleman had a heart attack to Max and Reena, who had been discussing what it would be like for Max to have his own money. Ginny admitted that she went to ask Ryan for help with Roger in learning who the traitor was. Barrett swore would never trust Ginny again and advised her to wait and see what he has in store for her. Iris blurted out that Paige made a pornographic movie with Chris during her argument with Dennis.

APRIL 23, 1981 (EP. #184)
Barrett called Paige asking about Eliot taking a trip soon. Iris told Dennis that Chris showed her publicity stills from Paige's pornographic movie. Kate showed up right after Barrett informed Ginny that he's keeping an eye on her from now on. Maggie felt Billy Joe and Elena were ripped off when reading the recording contract Billy Joe signed. Dennis told Eliot to butt out after he learned about Chris blackmailing Iris for a million dollars. Kate felt Barrett was feeling better while watching him talk to Steve. Jeb talked of buying a house with Courtney, who wasn't wearing her engagement ring. A stranger listened in as Rikki and Elena discussed the record deal and Bernie being murdered. Rikki invited Nita to come see Elena sing at the Chicken Coop. Barrett informed his family that he is leaving for a couple days to look at horses. Eliot told Iris to stay out of Dennis' life. Billy Joe and Elena wondered about the mysterious Pete Parnell. Iris felt she had to buy the film or else lose Dennis or good while Eliot tried to convince her that Paige has changed and is good for Dennis. Paige admitted that Iris' claims are true to Dennis. Elena took another pill before signing. Ginny told Jeb that Barrett wanting to leave town may have to do with Roger Williams. Jeb asked Courtney she thought Barrett could ever hurt someone. Barrett talked about making the cellar a clubhouse for Steve while packing things for his trip. Billy Joe, Nita, Rikki, and the stranger watched a calm Elena perform. Dennis suggested to Paige that they separate.

APRIL 24, 1981 (EP. #185)
Ryan informed Alex that Kate is upset about World Oil wanting to drill for oil on Marshall land. Kate told Jeb and Ginny about Justin's visit to the ranch. Paige advised Eliot that Dennis wants a divorce. Ryan told Alex that Justin was using World Oil's name to get Kate to allow the drilling. Jeb and Ginny talked about how Barrett left after learning of Roger Williams and Courtney not wearing Jeb's engagement ring. Ryan and Justin had a shouting match in front of Alex. Paige declined Eliot's offer to talk to Dennis, who explained he feels betrayed and can never forgive her. Ryan comforts Kate. Steve informed Ginny that he doesn't miss Barrett. Dennis refused to listen to Eliot. Ryan told Ginny to let him handle the situation when Ginny mentioned Barrett following her into town. Jeb was disappointed when Courtney gave him back the engagement ring. Eliot informed Dennis that he is going to Washington. Paige informed Alex that she and Dennis have separated. Barrett overheard Ginny admit her love to Ryan before she went to get some strawberry preserves. Alex tried to comfort Paige and suggested she move into the suite. Courtney advised Jeb she can't marry him. Barrett watched Ginny go into the cellar. Courtney advised Ryan that Ginny should have no issues carrying the baby to term. Barrett locked Ginny in the cellar.

APRIL 27, 1981 (EP. #186)
Iris learned from Alex that Paige is staying at the suite. Paige found Dennis drinking at the apartment. Billy Joe and Elena talked about the money Bernie had. Barrett watched from outside the cellar as Ginny discovered the door stuck shut. Alex and Iris discussed Paige and Dennis' relationship and separation. Elena denied taking the pills that Bernie gave her to Chris. Steve asked Kate for Ginny's whereabouts. Iris informed Paige of her plans to make sure she and Dennis stay separated. Billy Joe found a button in the closet of the trailer, which matched Joe Foster's shirt. Joe insisted on speaking to Chris. Iris explained she is buying Paige film to Dennis, who vowed to kill Chris. Dennis said he had a score to settle with Chris after arguing with Iris about Paige. Barrett called Kate letting her know he is spending the night at the Tin Star Inn. Dennis confronted Chris at the Chicken Coop. Steve told Kate and Jeb that he can't find Ginny. Ginny decided to rest rather than get upset over failing to escape from the cellar. Joe told Pete he thinks Chris lying about some things. Elena took her last pill. A fight ensued after Chris showed Dennis the publicity stills of Paige's movie. Iris told Vivien that she's worried about Dennis. Dennis and Chris lay unconscious on the floor of Chris' office.

APRIL 28, 1981 (EP. #187)
Ginny decided to rest rather than get upset over failing to escape from the cellar. Dennis and Chris lay unconscious on the floor of Chris' office. Elena asked Billy Joe to talk to Chris while at the Chicken Coop. Max called for help after Steve called him and Reena about Ginny being missing. Vivien offered to accompany Iris to the Chicken Coop in an effort to find Dennis. Elena explained to Billy Joe, Bobbie Sue, and Roy that she wants Billy Joe to talk to Chris so her shows can start earlier. Reena kept company with Steve. Max informed Jeb and Kate that Deputy Sheriff Harley is searching for Ginny, who decided to pound on the cellar door until someone hears her. Billy Joe told Elena he wants to wait until Chris comes out of his office before talking to him so as not to make the man mad. Iris found Dennis and Chris unconscious. Kate told Max, Reena, and Jeb that she must have misunderstood Barrett because of there being no such number in Laredo. Iris put the paperweight near Chris after cleaning it before attempted to get Dennis out of the office. Billy Joe agreed to talk to Chris once he is available for Elena. Reena wondered if Ginny is with Ryan after learning from Kate and Jeb that Ryan was at the ranch. Vivien showed up and helped Iris drag an unconscious Dennis out of Chris office. Jeb decided to Ryan to learn Ginny's whereabouts after hearing that Barrett found Ginny and Ryan in town together. Ginny got upset and cried while trapped in the cellar. Iris asked Vivien to forget everything that has happened. Elena found Chris in his office.

APRIL 29, 1981 (EP. #188)
Vivien asked Dennis if he killed Chris. Paige advised Alfredo to tell anyone who asks that she was in the suite all night. Jeb asked Ryan if he said anything to upset Ginny. Iris told Vivien that she covered Dennis' fingerprints. Detective Donovan questioned Billy Joe and Elena. Jeb admitted to Ryan that Ginny is afraid of Barrett. Elena wasn't able to give Detective Donovan or the police much information. Max tried to comfort Steve. Ginny decided to sleep in the cellar. Paige tried to get her clothes dry. Iris told Dennis that he quarreled with Paige and came to her house when he woke up. Rikki advised the police that the money found on Bernie may be connected with drugs. Kate talked to Ryan, who left to search for Ginny. Courtney informed Kate that he hasn't been able to find Barrett. Iris told Dennis that Chris is dead. Donovan informed Paige that everyone is a suspect in the murder of Chris. Jeb gave Courtney an ultimatum to either be his wife or nothing at all. Steve heared a noise and gets Ryan, who helps rescue Ginny. Dennis concluded that he killed Chris after realizing that Iris and Vivien believe he did as well.

APRIL 30, 1981 (EP. #189)
Iris tried to keep Dennis from turning himself into the police. Reena asked Striker if he could help her if she killed a man in self-defense. Billy Joe told Nita that the police think he killed Chris. Jeb and Ginny thank Steve and Ryan for rescuing Ginny. Reena informed Striker that she doesn't need the money anymore and asked if Mike ever had an oil survey done on the ranch. Iris suggested Dennis wait and let the police do their job. Striker informed Reena that Kate would have a fit over the Marshall land being drilled for oil even though Max has mineral rights. Iris was relieved when Dennis gave Striker very little information when he called. Billy Joe told Elena that they are the police's prime suspects. Jeb gave Courtney the cold shoulder after he and Ginny discussed the cellar door and Elena's trouble. Courtney informed Ginny that she isn't ready to marry Jeb. Elena wondered what she is going to do without taking pills. Steve talked about his performance in track with Ryan. Reena promised Iris that Striker will defend her if necessary. Jeb and Elena realized they had something in common with feeling alone because of Elena being without pills and Courtney refusing to marry Jeb. Ryan told Ginny that he is glad she was rescued. Iris assured Reena that she didn't kill Chris and told Vivien that she can't find Paige's film. Barrett arrived as Ginny told Ryan that she has to make her marriage work and Ryan vowed to wait for her.

MAY 1, 1981 (EP. #190)
Paige tried to call Dennis, who left after speaking with Vicky. Steve told Kate it was good to see Ryan again. Barrett asked Ryan to leave and stay away from Ginny, who advised Kate and Steve that Barrett has returned. Dennis remembered Paige's movie being in Chris' safe when Iris insisted on finding it. Ryan promised to take Ginny away if Barrett doesn't make her happy. Barrett received a cold reception from Steve despite a talk from Ginny about his father. Dennis tried to remember for Iris what happened when he met Chris. Ginny told Reena that Barrett has changed and may be back to his old self. Max urged Steve to let Barrett make up for the way he acted towards him. Iris told Vivien that the police must have the film. Iris advised Paige that Dennis didn't kill Chris and suggested she leave town. Barrett told Kate that he stayed at Jim Barr's Inn instead of the Tin Star Inn while he was away. Reena thanked Ginny, who advised her that there is an oil survey of the Marshall land in the cellar. Ryan asked Courtney if Barrett is capable of hurting someone after Courtney mentioned that Ginny's baby is in good condition. Max told Reena that he can help Elena if he drills for oil on the Marshall land himself. Paige advised Iris that the police have no knowledge of her movie. Max decided against drilling for oil. Iris realized that someone other than the police have the movie after Vivien heard a news report about Chris' safe being empty.

MAY 4, 1981 (EP. #191)
Reena told Max she doesn't understand why he doesn't want to drill for oil on the Marshall land. Billy Joe informed Nita that Elena is singing on television after Elena told Nita that singing isn't fun anymore and is thinking of giving it up. Vicky learned that Roger Williams was in a coma while Eliot was in Washington and left a letter before dying last night. Jeb told Barrett about being suspicious of Ginny being trapped in the cellar. Eliot advised Vicky that Roger's letter clears his name but changed the subject quickly to talk about Barrett's mental state. Jeb questioned Barrett about how he couldn't be found at any of the ranches. Maggie convinced Elena to do the television appearance. Eliot and Vicky learned from Dennis that Chris had been murdered. Reena gave Justin the 1952 oil survey of the Marshall land. Ginny assured Jeb that Barrett is a changed man and he had nothing to do with her being locked in the cellar. Rikki tried to support Elena, who worried about making it through the television appearance without taking a pill. Justin informed Reena about the possibility of oil being on Max's land. Dennis refused to listen to Eliot, who told him Paige still loves him and suggested he talk to her. Elena experienced stage fright, but was bailed out by Rikki who sang "Slow Dancing Under the Stars." Barrett told Ginny that he's bothered by Jeb's accusations of being involved with Ginny's accident. Jeb called Jim Barr's Inn and asked for information on Barrett's stay there. Eliot explained "Endless Passion" will eventually turn up to Paige, who remembered seeing Chris on the floor and taking the film which is now hidden in the closet.

MAY 5, 1981 (EP. #192)
Detective Donovan arrived while Paige was trying to figure out what to do with the film. Alex agreed to let Justin discuss drilling for oil with Max on the condition it doesn't upset anyone after Justin gave him the oil survey. Joe listened outside of the trailer as Elena confessed to Billy Joe that she's scared. Billy Joe decided to get a lawyer for their protection after Elena mentioned taking pills. Paige told Donovan that Chris wanted her to make a movie with him. Justin gave Ashley a mini tape recorder. Reena asked Striker to talk to Max about drilling for oil. Dennis tried to remember how he killed Chris. Striker advised Billy Joe and Elena not to worry about being suspects in the murders. Justin couldn't convince Max to drill on the Marshall land which started another argument between Max and Reena. Ryan told Alex about his confrontation with Barrett and concern that he will take his anger out on Ginny and Steve. Alex worried about Iris. Dennis cut his talk with Paige short when she asked if he was at the Chicken Coop. Elena told Jeb and Billy Joe that the paper that did a review of Elena's act also speculates she killed Chris. Striker told Max about things working out when he struck oil because Vicky had the money to finance the drilling. Billy Joe tried to console Elena. Alex and Ryan discussed the survey which shows oil on Max's land but not on Harper's land. Jeb and Elena arrived back at the trailer to find it torn apart by Joe.

MAY 6, 1981 (EP. #193)
Billy Joe suggested calling the police after finding the trailer torn apart. Kate gave Justin the cold shoulder. Max told Reena he may have a way to improve their lives without drilling for oil. Jim Barr informed Barrett that Jeb called him asking questions. Max mentioned raising money with a new breed of cattle and promised to do more social things with Reena. Elena was happy to tell Billy Joe that Jeb and Courtney broke up. Barrett advised Ginny that he won't tolerate Jeb's attempts to undermine him. Justin informed Kate that he plans to speak with Mr. Harper about drilling on his land. Reena suggested Max talk to Elena after mentioning her being in the paper. Elena assured Billy Joe that she isn't going to get involved with Jeb again. Justin invited Kate to dinner with him and a girl he wants her to meet. Detective Donovan speculated to Billy Joe that the person who ransacked the trailer may return. Ryan informed Ashley that he is taking care of all of Alex's appointments today after Justin called Ashley to arrange a meeting with Alex. Barrett vowed to put a stop to Jeb's interference when Ginny denied being involved in his snooping. Max couldn't convince Elena to quit her singing career and find a more respectable job. Barrett threatened to kill Jeb during a confrontation. Ashley asked Ryan his opinion of Justin. Justin advised Reena that he is drilling for oil on Harper's land. Max didn't understand what Elena meant when she vowed to be somebody. Ryan wasn't in favor of Justin's plans. Ashley played back her conversation with Ryan on her mini-cassette recorder. Barrett accused Jeb of suspecting he locked Ginny in the cellar to keep her away from Ryan and demanded Jeb leave the ranch and never return.

MAY 7, 1981 (EP. #194)
Alfredo advised Paige he told the police she was in her suite all night. Iris informed Vivien she is going to see Dennis and tell him she has changed her mind about Dennis and Paige's marriage. Courtney agreed to prescribe a mild tranquilizer for Elena when she asked for some pills to calm her down. Iris took Alex's spare full set of kills. Bobbie Sue agreed to let Joe meet Elena. Iris admitted to Dennis that she was wrong about him and Paige and tried to convince him to talk to his wife. Hiram Johnson of the account department advised Alex he found some irregularities with World Oil's books. Paige informed Eliot that Dennis was drinking and vowed he had a score to settle with Chris the night the man was murdered. Joe introduced himself as Skipper Michaels and found tranquilizers on Elena while she was helping Bobbie Sue. Alex sent Rikki out of town to investigate some possible trouble at World Oil. Eliot swore to Paige that Dennis is not capable of murder. Rikki noticed the odd tattoo on Skipper's(Joe) arm while meeting him. Rikki informed Elena he is going out of town on business. Joe informed Pete that Elena may be hooked on drugs. Paige arrived to see Dennis. Iris entered to suite and began a search.

MAY 8, 1981 (EP. #195)
Ginny yelled at Jeb and reminded him that Barrett kicked him off the ranch. A nervous Alex informed Vivien that there may be trouble at World Oil. Iris found Paige's film in the closet and decided to let the police find it. Ginny asked Jeb to apologize to Barrett. Dennis told Paige he can't forget about her lies or the film she made. Alex invited Pete over for a meeting when he was unable to reach Jim by phone. Iris told Detective Donovan about the film and Chris' blackmail but didn't reveal the location of the film. Paige related how she came to make the film to Dennis, who admitted to still loving her but being unable to get past her being with another man in that way. Alex told Pete about an accounting problem within World Oil. Ginny was upset over a remark Barrett made about Ryan while the couple were in bed. Dennis abruptly ended his talk with Paige when she asked if he went to Chris' office the night he was drinking at the Chicken Coop. Barrett was bothered when Ginny left in the middle of their conversation to take care of a feverish Steve. Iris told Alex that she is going to do whatever she can to make sure Dennis is happy. Paige admitted to the police that she made a movie with Chris but lied about taking the film. Paige swore to Detective Donovan that she didn't kill Chris. Iris toasted herself.

MAY 11, 1981 (EP. #196)
Justin offered to take Ashley to dinner. Paige called Eliot to tell him the police think she killed Chris. Dennis asked Eliot not to talk about him with Paige. Justin asked Ashley for Ryan's opinion of him. Elena took some pills before accepting a dinner invitation from Skipper(Joe). Skipper noticed how nervous Elena was and commented on her being an unlikely suspect in a murder case before hearing Elena's song on the radio. Paige asked for Eliot's help after explaining how she got the film from Chris' office. Vivien tried to make Dennis understand Paige better by mentioning a secret she was afraid to tell Rudy about. Eliot agreed to help Paige get rid of the film. Billy Joe told Elena, Maggie, and Nita that Elena has been booked to perform at the Lone Star Cafe in New York City. Maggie suggested Elena not worry so much and get some sleep. Vivien cheered up Dennis. Justin told Ashley that Alex has agreed to let them drill for oil on the Harper property. Maggie asked Billy Joe to go easy on a worn out Elena. Nita informed Billy Joe that she recognizes Skipper from hanging around their apartment building. Detective Donovan caught Paige trying to leave the suite with the film. Justin and Ashley remarked about their tape recorder reminding people of what they have said. Eliot offered his help to Paige while she was questioned by Donovan. Eliot told Dennis that Paige is about to be arrested for Chris' murder because she has the film and suspected Iris may have given information to the police.

MAY 12, 1981 (EP. #197)
Vivien covered for Iris while Eliot urged Dennis to be with Paige. Billy Joe and Elena didn't agree about Skipper possibly being tied to Chris' murder. Elena advised Billy Joe that she got some pills from Courtney. Vivien kept mum when Eliot asked if Iris was involved with the police knowing about the film and arresting Paige. Detective Donovan and the police allowed Dennis to visit Paige. Skipper(Joe) denied being a cop to Elena and offered her a pill before mentioning that he is leaving town. Eliot warned Iris that her plan may backfire if she was the one who went to the police about Paige. Paige told Dennis that she took the film after Chris was already dead. Maggie and Jeb discussed Elena and Barrett. Striker informed Paige that she will have to spend the night in jail until the hearing tomorrow. Dennis vowed to make Iris pay if she had anything to do with Paige being arrested. Paige told Striker about the film and being blackmailed by Chris. Bobbie Sue, Jeb, and Elena talked about her New York City booking. Dennis refused to believe Iris, who denied any involvement in Paige's arrest. Elena sang "Slow Dancin' Under the Stars." Striker wondered what else Paige is hiding after Eliot mentioned that Chris was also blackmailing Iris.

MAY 13 and 14, 1981 (EP. #198)
Striker and Vicky discussed Paige's innocence. Billy Joe received a call about Nita having her baby while going over Elena's New York City trip itinerary. Striker informed Vicky that Iris was being blackmailed and Reena was trying to help raise the money. Eliot told Dennis to wait until the hearing to confess because can't be certain he murdered Chris. A nurse informed Billy Joe that there is no record of Nita being admitted into the hospital. Eliot suggested Dennis discuss the situation with Paige before turning himself into the police. Vicky told Striker that she's proud but wishes she and Reena were closer. The nurse suggested Billy Joe call other hospitals in the area to find Nita. Dennis vowed to prove Paige is innocent and asked for her forgiveness. Courtney told Maggie that Kate is upset over Paige being in jail while the women wondered about her guilt or innocence. Maggie received a frantic call from Billy Joe just as Nita arrived. Maggie told Nita that Billy Joe heard she was having the baby and has been looking for in her in hospitals all over town. Elena was knocked unconscious from taking a pill that Skipper(Joe) gave her. Paige convinced Dennis not to confess to murder or do anything until the hearing. Courtney, Nita, and Maggie tried to figure out who played the joke on Billy Joe. Joe watched over Elena. Eliot and Dennis learned from Striker that Paige will have to go to trial and bail has been denied. Billy Joe found Nita at Maggie's. Pete and Joe started to take Elena from the trailer.

MAY 15, 1981 (EP. #199)
Dennis informed Iris about Paige's hearing and his plans to turn himself in. Barrett told Paige how the hearing went. Billy Joe told Nita that someone called saying she was having the baby. Jeb told Billy Joe and Nita that Elena isn't at the Chicken Coop or the trailer. Pete and Joe talked to a drugged Elena. Hiram advised Alex that he has traced the accounting trouble to Lawrence Petroleum. Everyone assumed Elena went shopping after Billy Joe told Jeb about the prank call he received. Elena wasn't any help when Pete and Joe asked her where the key Bernie gave her is. Ginny advised Barrett that they have time to decide on baby names. Hiram told Alex about getting a threatening phone call. Iris couldn't talk Dennis out of going to the police. Ryan noticed how nervous and tired Alex seemed. Jeb advised Billy Joe that they have something to discuss after Courtney found Elena's empty pill bottle. Nita told Billy Joe, Nita, and Maggie that she doesn't like Skipper and is afraid that he might be with Elena. Courtney informed Barrett that the baby will probably be born early. Iris said goodbye to Dennis. Billy Joe told Jeb that Chris knew about Elena taking pills, which she obtained from Bernie. Pete and Joe panicked when Elena wouldn't wake up. Iris told Alex about Dennis being in Chris' office. Courtney asked Ginny if she thinks Barrett is dangerous. Jeb and Billy Joe found Elena unconscious in the trailer. Alex blamed Iris because he may have lost his son forever.

MAY 18, 1981 (EP. #200)
Jeb asked Elena about the empty pill bottle when she woke up. Alex and Ryan discussed Dennis turning himself in. Ashley informed Alex that Hiram didn't come to work and isn't at home. Barrett talked to Ginny and then took Steve back to bed. Justin asked Reena to try again with convincing Max to do a test well on Marshall land. Jeb decided to accompany Elena to New York after Elena advised him that she was drugged and Skipper(Joe) and another man kept asking her questions. Justin threatened to put oil rigs on Harper land to spoil Max's view if he doesn't agree to the test well. Ryan suspected something was wrong with Alex after noticing how tired he was. Alex told Ryan he plans to see Dennis to reveal he is his father. Ginny assured Jeb that things are better with Barrett after Jeb offered to stay in town to support her rather than accompany Elena to New York. Justin and Ashley celebrated his purchase of the Harper place and hiring Bubba Wadsworth. Max warned Reena that there won't be any wells on his land or the Harper property. Courtney, Maggie, and Nita discussed Jeb spending time with Elena. Alex informed Pete he believes Lawrence Petroleum is involved in World Oil's accounting irregularities. Max told Reena that Justin is playing games with them regarding the search for oil. Ashley admitted to being jealous of Justin's feelings for Reena. Jeb asked Ryan to look after Ginny for him. Alex collapsed after Pete offered to get him involved in drug trafficking profits.

MAY 19, 1981 (EP. 201)
Vivien advised that Alex is still at work when Paige called looking for him. Pete cleaned his glass while standing over a motionless Alex. Striker requested to know everything about Iris, Dennis, and Chris from Reena. Courtney questioned Jeb about his plans to take care of Elena. Paige saw Pete leave Alex's office where they talked about old times in California and him being in the oil business with his partner Jim. Reena confessed to Striker and Max that Iris was being blackmailed by Chris. Courtney doubted Jeb's ability to look after Elena. Pete threatened to reveal the rest of Paige's life in California if she mentions seeing him or telling Dennis about their meeting. Maggie told Jeb that Rikki plans to meet them in New York. Eliot vowed to prove Dennis' innocence to Paige. Vivien refused to reveal Iris' actions during the night of Chris' murder to Reena. Joe remembered fighting and killing Chris. Nita asked Billy Joe to stay out of trouble while in New York. Pete informed Joe that Alex collapsed and died. Vivien was unable to help Paige get in touch with Alex. Joe told Pete he is worried someone might have seen him leaving Alex's office. Paige called the police after finding Alex.

MAY 20, 1981 (EP. 202)
Jeb, Billy Joe, and Elena arrived at the Lone Star Cafe unaware that Joe was watching them. Max advised Reena that Mr. Harper refused to allow the drilling of oil. Dr. Douglas advised Iris and Ryan that Alex may or may not improve from the stroke he had. Jeb decided to show Elena some of the sights of New York. Striker told Dennis that Alex may die from the massive stroke. Iris accused Ryan of over-working Alex and plotting a takeover and planned to retaliate by making Ryan's involvement in World Oil minimal. Vivien decided to stop Iris from telling Striker about their actions on the night Chris was murdered to Striker after talking to Dennis. Justin refused to put his oil project on hold despite Ryan's request. Striker informed Iris that he can only suggest a plea of manslaughter because Dennis confessed and wasn't too drunk to be unable to drive to Iris' house. Max suggested to Reena that they hear Elena sing when she returns from New York. Jeb and Elena kissed after he offered his help to her. Striker told Iris that the D.A. is charging Dennis with first degree murder because the paperweight was wiped clean. Ryan told Max that he won't stop the oil project that has already been approved by Alex. Iris and Vivien lied to Striker about how drunk Dennis was when he arrived at the suite. Ryan explained Jeb's suspicions of Barrett to Reena and asked her to look after Ginny. Iris decided not to tell Vivien about cleaning the paperweight when Striker didn't believe their story about Dennis. Jeb and Billy Joe discussed Skipper while Elena performed "It's All Over Town."

MAY 21, 1981 (EP. #203)
Dr. Douglas advised Iris that Alex's condition has stabilized. Barrett was hostile towards Reena regarding stopping by and the drilling for oil. Jeb brought Billy Joe and Elena the reviews of her show. Joe informed Pete that everything is set for tonight. Jeb and Elena kissed. Paige asked Dennis what Iris was doing in Chris' office while visiting him in jail. Joe met Billy Joe when he brought flowers to Elena's dressing room. Paige informed Dennis that she saw Iris drive Dennis from the Chicken Coop. Reena wasn't convinced when Iris tried to assure her that Dennis didn't murder Chris. Barrett managed to get out of revealing how he knew Mike's oil survey was in the cellar when Ginny asked. Paige tried to convince Dennis that he may not have killed Chris. Billy Joe told Jeb and Elena that she has a booking to appear on a national talk show. Ginny apologized to Reena for Barrett's behavior and asked if the batteries in the flashlight from the cellar are new. Paige asked Iris to talk to the police and help free Dennis from jail. Skipper(Joe) arrived and pulled a gun on Elena. Reena advised Ginny not to tell Barrett the truth about the baby. Iris suggested not going to the police to Paige, who accused her of killing Chris. Elena left her bracelet in the shape of an S before being taken away by Skipper(Joe). Jeb and Billy Joe waited for Rikki to arrive. Joe took Elena on the Sea Serpent freighter.

MAY 22, 1981 (EP. #204)
Vivien told Dennis she thinks Iris is hiding something. Billy Joe and Jeb discovered that Elena disappeared. Joe took Elena on the Sea Serpent freighter. Kate informed Ginny that Mike's oil survey was placed in the cellar after Barrett went to war. Pete advised Paige to forget she saw him at Alex's office and came onto her when Paige accused him of being present during Alex's stroke. Eliot questioned Dennis on how he could drive to Iris' suite but not remember killing Chris. Jeb, Billy Joe, and Rikki learned that Elena left with a guy. Ginny and Reena suspected that Barrett had been in the cellar and has been lying to her. Paige told Eliot about Iris being at the Chicken Coop and driving Dennis to her suite. Rikki told Billy Joe and Jeb about meeting someone with the tattoo described and the men figured out that Elena's friend Skipper(Joe) has her. Joe untied Elena. Reena asked Max about his mother after the couple discussed the land. Barrett claimed that Ginny misunderstood him when she asked why he told her he hadn't been down in the cellar. Vivien revealed her and Iris' actions during the night of Chris' murder to Eliot, who found a bloody handkerchief in Iris' raincoat. Max explained to Reena that he loved a red flannel shirt his mother made him and that it's important to tell your parents you love them. Barrett slapped Ginny after she accused him of locking her in the cellar. Skipper revealed his real name as Joe Foster to Elena.

MAY 25, 1981 (EP. #205)
Ginny lied to Steve about bumping into a cupboard and refused to accept Barrett's apology. Justin informed Ashley that he needs to see Ryan about a cash request. Billy Joe told Rikki that Elena wouldn't skip out on a show. Barrett refused when Ginny urged him to seek professional help. Joe warned Elena to reveal the location of Bernie's key if she doesn't want to be killed. Justin insisted there was oil on Harper land and the project is going forward despite Max having a survey to show Ryan to the contrary. Barrett and Kate discussed Ryan's role in Justin's plans to drill for oil. Reena suggested Ginny leave Barrett right away after learning that he hit her. Pete arrived at the freighter. Billy Joe lied to Nita about everything going well in New York when Nita called. Joe told Pete that Elena must have the key because Bernie said Elena's name before he died. Max warned Justin against drilling oil on Harper land. Ginny told Reena she is going to give Barrett one more chance. Reena asked Ryan to come to the ranch to meet with her. Joe and Pete continued to question Elena about Bernie's key and didn't believe her claims of not knowing where it is. Jeb called Rikki and Billy Joe and said that he is searching for Skipper(Joe). Ryan was livid after Reena told him that Barrett hit Ginny. Barrett hit Ginny, who tried to stop him and Ryan getting into a fist fight during a confrontation.

MAY 26, 1981 (EP. #206)
Barrett hit Ginny when she tried to stop him and Ryan from getting into a fist fight during a confrontation. Joe left the freighter while Pete insisted that Bernie told them Elena knows where his key was hidden. Striker informed Eliot that things don't look good for Dennis because of the paperweight being wiped clean even though the charge may be voluntary manslaughter. Reena got Ginny from Ryan and Barrett's fist fight. Jeb told Rikki that a guy with a serpent tattoo was spotted in China Town. Reena tended to Ginny and then women decide to ask Courtney to help Barrett. Barrett warned Ryan to stay away from Ginny and threatened his life after Ryan told Barrett that he has lost her. Striker advised Eliot he needs to know the entire truth to handled Dennis' case. Jeb and Rikki hunted for Joe through China Town. Striker and Vicky discussed Iris withholding information and Reena trying to convince Max to drill for oil. Barrett threw Reena out after an argument with her. Reena suggested talking to Striker about stopping the drilling after Max mentioned Justin's visit. Eliot warned Vivien that Dennis will spend a long time in jail unless Iris comes forward. Rikki and Jeb chase after Joe. Vivien wondered if Iris killed Chris after she showed the bloody handkerchief to Eliot. Barrett started drinking in the stables. Reena took Ginny to the hospital after finding her in terrible pain.

MAY 27, 1981 (EP. #207)
Courtney was optimistic about the baby with Reena and Ginny, who refused to see Barrett. Eliot informed Dennis about Alex's condition and that Iris was alone in Chris office. Ryan went over paper work for Lawrence Petroleum that listed the Sea Serpent. Joe told Pete that he may have been spotted by two of Elena's friends. Jeb and Billy Joe questioned a bartender who told them about a tattoo parlor that may have information they need. Eliot advised Dennis he is facing a first degree murder charge because the paperweight was used to kill Chris and was wiped clean. Barrett refused when an upset Ginny asked him to leave and Courtney threatened to throw him out of the hospital. Reena warned Ryan not to come to the hospital. Joe told Pete he refuses to be the fall guy for their actions and schemes. Ginny got into more pain as Barrett, Courtney, and Reena argued. Eliot insisted that Dennis talk to Striker after showing him the bloody handkerchief. Joe wasn't eager to follow Pete's plan to get rid of Elena. Ginny went in for surgery as Barrett and Reena continued to argue. Eliot told Dennis that Iris either killed Chris or was protecting him. Jeb learned that Joe's ship is the Sea Serpent. Vicky tried to console Reena. Barrett argued with Ryan upon his arrival at the hospital. Courtney told Ryan and Barrett that Ginny lost the baby.

MAY 28, 1981 (EP. #208)
Jeb told Billy Joe that Rikki is checking out a lead. Joe advised Elena that she is leaving the freighter. Ryan told Ashley that he was visiting a friend in the hospital. Courtney informed Vicky and Reena that Ginny is groggy and with Barrett. Ginny told Barrett that the baby was a boy and apologized for losing the baby when she mistook him for Ryan. Vicky tried to comfort Reena, who was upset for Ginny and blamed Barrett. Ryan questioned Ashley about Alex's work prior to his stroke, Hiram, and Lawrence Petroleum. Pete ordered Joe to get rid of Elena while he returns to Houston. Barrett asked Reena to go home when Kate arrived at the hospital. Jeb told Billy Joe that Skipper's(Joe) ship is the Sea Serpent. Ginny had a nightmare about Barrett taking the baby away from her and Ryan. Ashley informed Ryan that Hiram's work file is missing. Barrett advised Kate that he isn't angry about the baby but doesn't like Reena. Reena assumed Ginny was mistaken when she mentioned Ryan visiting her. Jeb advised Billy Joe he must wait to meet Rikki and that Elena mentioned Skipper(Joe) and another man asking her questions about something they were searching for. Reena and Ashley traded insults. Barrett decided to return to the ranch rather than see Ginny. Reena told Ryan that Ginny loves him and needs his support. Elena insisted that she doesn't have Bernie's key to Joe. Kate gave Ginny advice on dealing with the death of her first child. Joe had a gun on Elena as she spotted Jeb and Rikki arriving at the Sea Serpent.

MAY 29, 1981 (EP. #209)
Courtney thought it best that Ryan wait to see Ginny when he insisted on seeing her. Billy Joe prayed for Elena. Barrett showed up just as Reena told Max that Barrett is mentally ill. Billy Joe noticed that Elena's bear stopped playing as Elena left a ring as clue for Rikki and Jeb. Barrett informed Max and Reena that he and Ginny can have another child. Ryan thought Barrett may have learned that Ginny was carrying his child. Barrett lied to Max about Reena pressuring him into drilling for oil so Max would do so. Courtney suggested Ryan come see Ginny tomorrow before asking Kate if Barrett could handle learning that the baby was Ryan's. Reena told Max that Barrett is trying to cause problems since she never talked to Barrett about drilling. Nita called Billy Joe after sensing trouble. Ryan learned that Ginny lost his child from Ashley. Jeb and Rikki found Elena's ring as she was held at gunpoint by Joe. Max told Striker he wishes to bid on the Harper land. Billy Joe found a key in Elena's bear and dreamed of being rich from the contents of the locker the key opens. Elena begged Joe to spare her life. Justin informed Ashley that the drilling for oil begins tomorrow. Striker advised Max to wait for the Harper well to be dry since World Oil has a lease on the mineral right. Joe fired the gun after spotting Jeb.

JUNE 1, 1981 (EP. #210)
Eliot interrupted Iris' visit with Alex at the hospital. Paige visited Dennis in jail. Joe fired at Jeb and advised that he is coming outside with Elena as a hostage. Striker and Vicky were pleased that Reena is supporting Max's wishes. Dennis and Paige argued about Iris' guilt in Chris' murder. Eliot insisted on speaking to Iris about Dennis. Dennis advised Paige she is better off without him. Joe warned Jeb to stay away as Rikki ran towards Elena. Eliot showed Iris the bloody handkerchief and insisted she tell Striker everything she knows about Chris' murder. Striker and Vicky discussed Dennis' case. Ryan and Paige argued about Barrett while at the club. Eliot and Iris went to Striker and Vicky's place so that Iris could make a confession. Rikki snuck up behind Joe and struggled with him for possession of the gun. Pete and Ryan met where they discussed Alex's condition with Paige. Eliot told Dennis that he doesn't believe that he killed Chris. Rikki chased after Joe when he tried to escape. Paige warned that Pete better have been honest about Alex being fine when he left the office. Dennis informed Eliot that he can't forget about the movie Paige made. Joe shot Rikki, then struggled with Jeb until the gun went off.

JUNE 2, 1981 (EP. #211)
Striker advised Iris that she may be arrested for what she did. Joe shot Rikki and wrestled for the gun, which went off causing Joe to fall overboard. Justin and a nervous Ashley arrived for dinner at the ranch. Billy Joe arrived at the hospital to join Jeb and Elena. Iris confessed the truth about being in Chris' office and finding Dennis to Detective Donovan and the assistant D.A. with Striker present. Reena informed Vicky that she is considering having a baby. A doctor advised Jeb, Billy Joe, and Elena that everything is being done for Rikki. Ashley tried to impress Kate. Vicky suggested that Reena let Ginny handled her own problems. Elena told Detective Michaels that Joe was looking for a key, which Billy Joe has in his pocket. Billy Joe called Nita to advise that Elena and Rikki ran into a problem in New York and promised to give details tomorrow. Jeb promised to protect Elena if Joe tries to return to Houston. Max arrived in New York to comfort Elena. Iris wasn't mad at Vivien for telling the truth and regretted not doing so herself sooner. Max and Elena bury the hatchet. Ashley questioned whether Justin's interest in the Marshall family has to do with drilling for oil on the ranch. Iris told Eliot that she feels so alone.

JUNE 3, 1981 (EP. #212)
Paige found pictures of her and Dennis at the apartment. Rikki woke up in the hospital with Max by his side. Courtney talked to Ginny while Ryan waited with flowers. Kate was shocked after learning that Barrett knew that Ginny had been carrying Ryan's child all along. Ginny pleaded with Courtney to keep her from seeing Barrett. Eliot informed Paige that Dennis may get a couple years in prison or a couple years in prison if the D.A. accepts Iris' story. Courtney suggested Ryan and Ginny see a counselor. Striker advised Dennis that his case is being decided by the D.A. now. Eliot questioned Paige about the man she was with who talked her into the doing the pornographic movie. Barrett promised to forgive and make Ginny happy. Ginny apologized to Ryan for losing the baby. Dennis requested a divorce from Paige. Rikki realized that Joe is alive and Elena may still be in danger after Detective Michaels questioned him. Dennis informed Paige he doesn't want their love to die slowly while he is in prison. Max assured Rikki that he will look after Elena. Barrett managed to comfort Steve after they had a long talk. Ryan asked Ginny to stay with him instead of going back to Barrett. Rikki informed Max that Dennis may not have killed Chris. Paige declared her unconditional love to Dennis. Ginny promised Ryan that she will leave Barrett if he doesn't seek professional help.

JUNE 4, 1981 (EP. #213)
Billy Joe assured Nita that he wasn't involved in Elena's troubles and hasn't become involved with the wrong people. Jeb and Elena invited Max and Reena for dinner at the Dekker house. Iris apologized after Dennis yelled at her for withholding information and mentioned he wants a divorce from Paige. Billy Joe decided to use Bernie's key to learn the contents of the locker. Max and Reena's quality time together was ruined when Max became angry over heavy equipment being put on the Harper land. Dennis requested that Iris not see him for a while and that Eliot live in his apartment while he is in jail. Eliot vowed to prove his innocence when Dennis couldn't remember what happened in Chris' office during the night of the murder. Jeb comforted Elena when she remembered Joe holding her at gunpoint in New York. Billy Joe took a suitcase from Bernie's locker. Max met Bubba upon arriving in the office to confront Justin about the equipment. Jeb tried to assure Elena that Joe has left the country. Iris advised Eliot that she wants Dennis to know Alex is his father if Dennis gets sent to prison. Justin refused Max's offer to lease the mineral rights to his land in exchange for the Harper land. Justin told Bubba he thinks Max is up to something. Billy Joe lied to Nita about the money in the suitcase he found belonging to Rikki. Iris wouldn't change her mind despite Eliot's warning of not allowing her to tell Dennis the truth. Detective Donovan arrived to talk to Billy Joe after Nita left.

JUNE 5, 1981 (EP. #214)
Ginny greeted Steve upon arriving home from the hospital while avoiding Barrett. Elena kept vigil at Rikki's side in his hospital room. Ginny and Steve discussed the baby. Kate advised Barrett not to talk to Ginny about the baby being Ryan's. Detective Donovan questioned Billy Joe about Joe. Rikki assured Elena that Joe is gone and will no longer bother her. Joe told Pete he thinks Billy Joe stole the money from Bernie's locker. Billy Joe assured Nita that he had nothing to do with the trouble that happened in New York. Nita arrived to visit Rikki. Pete didn't agree with Joe's suspicions of Billy Joe, who hid the money in a mattress. Barrett informed Ginny he knew that Ryan was the father of her baby. Pete suggested Joe use Nita to get to Billy Joe. Rikki told Nita he doesn't think Billy Joe had anything to do with Joe and agreed with her that he's a changed man. Billy Joe bought a $10,000 ring at a jewelry store. Barrett and Ginny argued about Ryan and the baby. Rikki and Elena discussed how well Billy Joe and Nita are doing. Billy Joe gifted Nita with a baseball bat and ring he bought for her. Ginny refused to share a bedroom with Barrett after their argument. Nita complained about the mattress being too lumpy. Ginny blamed Barrett for all of their problems and urged him to admit guilt or face the end of their marriage.

JUNE 8, 1981 (EP. #215)
Iris informed Vivien that Alex is coming home and Striker is seeing the D.A. about Dennis' case. Reena told Max that she is worried about Ginny because of Barrett's mental state and that Ryan was the baby's father. Barrett gave Ginny an ultimatum after asking her how long he is going to be punished for the loss of the baby. Striker informed Iris and Vivien that the D.A. decided not to press charges against them but doesn't believe Iris' confession. Max told Reena that he and Vicky are looking into the possibility that Bubba may have been involved in something that made the news ten years ago. Max planned to stop the drilling after learning from Vicky that Bubba was arrested for stock fraud. Ginny told Reena that she is terrified of Barrett, who has been arguing with her ever since he found out about the baby. Max was shocked when Justin advised him that Alex and Ryan already knew about Bubba's past shady dealings. Dr. Douglas explained that Alex doesn't know where he is right now to Iris. Reena offered Striker and Vicky's place for Ginny and Steve to stay. Justin assured a concerned Ashley that everything with Bubba is being handled legally. Vicky told Striker she fears that Max may take the law into his own hands to stop Justin. Barrett pulled a rifle on Jeb during a confrontation. Vicky doubted Max and Reena would leave when Striker suggested the couple get a way for a few weeks. Reena thought Barrett's problems started when Eliot received a medal while Ryan chalked it up to jealousy. Ginny managed to talk Barrett out of shooting Jeb. Iris watched over Alex. Barrett discovered Ginny packing.

JUNE 9, 1981 (EP. #216)
Nita dreamed about Billy Joe. Vicky questioned Reena about inviting Ginny to stay with them. Ryan advised Pete and Paige that Alex is home after being released from the hospital. Barrett refused to allow it when Ginny vowed to leave him. Nita left for work while Billy Joe thought about the money in the mattress. Eliot decided to visit Alex after being introduced to Pete by Paige. Vicky urged Reena to let Ginny make her own decisions. Ginny explained to Barrett that she and Steve are going to live with the Bellmans. Bobbie Sue and Courtney got acquainted and noticed the ring Nita was wearing. Eliot asked Paige about her association with Pete. Pete convinced Vivien to let him see Alex after chatting with her for a while. Vicky and Reena discussed the problems with the oil drilling. Jeb decided to follow them when Barrett offered to drive Ginny to the Bellmans. Nita grew upset when Bobbie Sue guessed the value of the ring and that Elena's royalties aren't due for a month. Paige informed Eliot that Dennis has requested a divorce. Billy Joe lied to Bobbie Sue and Nita about Elena's royalties coming in early. Jeb told Courtney that Ginny has left Barrett because he is mentally unstable. Barrett wasn't happy to see Ryan when he arrived at the Bellmans to be greeted by Reena. Pete grabbed a pillow after remembering his last conversation with Alex.

JUNE 10, 1981 (EP. #217)
Barrett assumed that Ginny and Ryan had arranged to meet at the Bellmans when he arrived with Ginny and Steve. Elena advised Billy Joe that she isn't ready to sing again before meeting Ray Stevens. Pete talked about Alex with Iris after she walked in as Pete was about to smother Alex with a pillow. Ray offered to take Elena's place and perform when Elena's said she wasn't feeling well. Barrett and Ryan argued. Iris advised Vivien not to allow anyone to see Alex without her present again. Max told Kate that Ginny left Barrett because he struck her, may have locked her in the cellar, and pulled a rifle on Jeb. Barrett reminded Ryan about the unwritten law after leaving as Ginny demanded. Billy Joe gave Elena a thousand dollars as the first payment of her royalties. Kate told Max about Barrett growing up. Ginny advised Ryan that Steve must be her first concern right now. Elena told Jeb that Ray is performing in her place at the Chicken Coop after learning that Ginny left Barrett. Max visited with Reena at the Bellman residence. Iris told Vivien that Dennis wants a divorce and called Paige about a way she can help him. Elena refused to believe Jeb's claim that Joe planned to kill her. Ginny talked to Steve about Barrett and Ryan. Reena explained her fears that Barrett won't give up on Ginny to Max. Paige was shocked when Iris advised Striker to start divorce proceedings for her and Dennis. Paige walked after having a confrontation with Iris.

JUNE 11, 1981 (EP. #218)
Ginny asked Striker and Vicky about the unwritten law. Billy Joe called Nita to invite her to see Ray perform. Pete invited Paige to his place after finding her upset. Ashley advised Justin that he regrets that Reena married Max. Nita showed Elena the ring that Billy Joe bought for her. Pete and Paige received a call with no one on the other end. Ginny advised Striker and Vicky that she should get a divorce because Barrett locked her in the cellar and pulled a rifle on Jeb. Justin tried to soothe Ashley's concerns about Bubba by stating he has everything under control. Paige told Pete about Iris tricking her and how she has changed because of Dennis. Joe showed up to talk to Pete after Paige left the room. Ginny told Striker and Vicky that Barrett most likely will never forgive her because the baby she was carrying was fathered by Ryan. Striker informed Vicky that the unwritten law is that a husband is justified in killing a man he finds with his wife. Nita was suspicious towards Billy Joe after discussing royalties with Elena. Paige questioned Pete after she overheard him give money to Joe while she was out of the room. Ashley recorded Bubba and Justin's conversation. Billy Joe denied doing anything wrong with the royalty money. Joe broke into Billy Joe and Nita's apartment and found Bernie's key. Striker informed Vicky that Ryan should be concerned about Barrett's threat. Justin and Ashley shared a tender moment. Pete explained Joe is a troublemaker to Paige. Ray performed at the Chicken Coop and autographed an album for Billy Joe and Nita. Joe found the locker empty.

JUNE 12, 1981 (EP. #219)
Vivien told Iris she is worried about being questioned. Paige declined Pete's dinner invitation. Joe caused a power outage after Billy Joe left for work and Nita was alone in the apartment. Paige realized that the other man with Pete last night had the same serpent tattoo as the one who kidnapped Elena after talking to Billy Joe. Joe posed as an electrician so that Nita would let him into the apartment. Detective Donovan questioned Vivien with Striker present. Paige agreed to consider Billy Joe's suggestion that Elena perform at the Top of The World Club. Elena told Jeb she feels relaxed on the farm. Iris suggested Detective Donovan speak with Paige if he doesn't believe her story of Vivien's to verify that Iris was in Chris' office. Elena and Jeb talked about Ginny. Ryan and Eliot arrived at the same time to visit Alex. Jeb questioned Billy Joe about being able to pay towards royalties in cash. Nita didn't notice Joe searching the apartment. Iris advised Eliot that Dennis knowing that Alex is his father will help with his recovery from the stroke. Eliot told Iris that it is his place to reveal the truth to Dennis instead of hers. Paige corroborates Iris' story with Detective Donovan and asked about Elena's incident in New York. Eliot warned Ryan to protect himself against Barrett. Jeb became distant after sharing a kiss with Elena. Billy Joe told Nita not to let a stranger in the apartment again. Paige called Pete to accept his dinner invitation after learning that Joe was Elena's kidnapper.

JUNE 15, 1981 (EP. #220)
Eliot told Paige that Dennis asked about her when he went to visit him in jail. Ginny advised Reena that she is asking Barrett for a divorce. Barrett told Kate he refuses to let Ryan get away with destroying his marriage. Ashley wondered about Justin being nervous on the taped conversation between him and Bubba she listened to. Paige informed Eliot about Iris trickery and lamented that she may not have a future with Dennis. Barrett put a gun in his briefcase when Kate left him alone after she was unable to get through to him. Ashley tried to figure out Justin's plan. Ginny and Reena discussed Steve and planned out how to approach Barrett with requesting a divorce. Barrett didn't take Max's suggestion to call Ginny first before going to the Bellmans. Ashley found Ryan with the tape recorder. Kate couldn't reach Ginny by phone to warn Ginny when Max mentioned that Barrett is coming to town for a visit. Ginny allowed Barrett to see Steve after telling him she wants a divorce. Paige asked Pete about Joe. Max promised to build Reena the house she wants after the couple discussed children. Barrett left feeling rejected when Steve insisted on staying with Ginny at the Bellmans instead of going back to the ranch with him. Pete mentioned that Joe may have also killed Chris when Paige told him that Joe is wanted for kidnapping Elena and killing Bernie. Max told Reena about Barrett's visit with Ginny. Ginny advised Eliot that Barrett is not doing well. Barrett pulled a gun on Ryan in his office.

JUNE 16, 1981 (EP. #221)
Alex moved his hand which wasn't noticed by Striker and Iris. Pete mentioned that Joe may have killed Chris to Paige and suggested they go to the police. Barrett pulled a gun on Ryan in his office. Striker informed Iris that the D.A. refuses to reduce Dennis' charges and warned her not to involve him in schemes against Paige again. Ginny assured Steve that she and Barrett love him but are not getting back together. Ryan tried to talk Barrett out of shooting him and then managed to get the gun after a struggle. Ryan left to see Ginny after Eliot contradicted Barrett about Ginny being alive. Vivien suggested Iris get out of the house for a while. Billy Joe showed Nita the first royalty statement and told her about going to Nashville to discuss Elena cutting another record which is overheard by Joe. Eliot gave the letter Roger Williams wrote before he died to Barrett who denied being a traitor after reading it. Detective Donovan informed Paige that Dennis confessed to killing Chris but they can get Joe with Pete's help. Ryan told Ginny that Barrett visited him and warned her that Barrett refuses to give up on her. Eliot refused to let Barrett accept being a traitor because he and Roger revealed the same amount of information about the escape plot while they were tortured. Eliot promised to keep the letter a secret when Barrett agreed to seek professional help. Iris held herself and Paige responsible for the mess everyone is in right now. Joe listened as Billy Joe and Nita talked about the baby. Alex squeezed Iris' hand when she pleaded for him to get better. Barrett refused to talk to Kate and put a bullet into his gun.

JUNE 17, 1981 (EP. #222)
Eliot felt Barrett will accept things now after Ginny told him about Barrett pulling a gun on Ryan. Barrett held a gun while reciting bible verses in the study. Jeb, Elena, Max, and Reena talked about Elena's singing career. Max surprised Reena by telling her about his plans to build a house. Barrett locked Kate out of the study when she tried to talk to him. Kate called Ginny, who told Steve that she is going to the ranch to talk to Barrett and that they are still getting a divorce. Vicky agreed to keep Roger Williams' letter a secret after Eliot mentioned that Barrett was not a traitor. Jeb pulled back after Elena declared her loved and the two kissed. Kate, Ryan, and Ginny got into the study and found Barrett with a loaded gun. Eliot told Vicky that Dennis wants a divorce from Paige. Vicky assured Steve that it will be best for everyone when Barrett and Ginny get a divorce. Jeb told Elena that they should wait to make love so that Elena's first time will be special and they're sure of their feelings. Barrett promised to get help when Ginny explained that Steve would never be able to recover from the incident. Reena informed Max that she is ready for them to start a family. Striker talked to Steve about his parents getting a divorce. Ginny told Ryan and Kate that Barrett is checking himself into Gulf Coast. Ryan assured Kate that he will care for Ginny and Steve. Ginny found a letter from Barrett that he is leaving Texas to go get help.

JUNE 18, 1981 (EP. #223)
Dr. Evan Douglas agreed to Iris' wishes that Alex not return to the hospital despite his better judgment. Billy Joe got money out of the mattress while Nita was away. Joe checked on flights to Nashville. Max and Reena realize they have never been happier in their lives. Steve promised to take care of Ginny for Kate after learning that Barrett is seeing a doctor in Colorado. Rikki wanted to test a theory on Ryan after thinking about Dennis murder case. Ginny informed Kate that Steve hasn't read the letter Barrett wrote to him yet. Kate told Ginny about being uncertain that Barrett will return to the ranch once he is well again. Ginny told Kate that her love for Ryan wasn't the reason for leaving Barrett. Reena asked Ginny if she would like to have her and Steve move back to the ranch. Pete learned from Evan that Alex's condition is improving and should be speaking soon. Rikki told Striker and Iris that Elena was held on hostage on a freighter owned by World Oil and leased by Jim and Pete. Ginny and Reena discussed Barrett and Kate while Ryan comforted Steve. Max suggested Steve read Barrett's letter and assured him that Barrett will return. Nita had movers take the old mattress dumped behind the apartment building to make room for a new one. Ryan decided to ask Kate to sell some land so a house could be built where he and Ginny could live. Ginny accepted Ryan's marriage proposal. Max considered going over to the Harper land and blowing up the oil rig after discussing a new house and children with Reena. Steve told Ginny that he doesn't want a stepfather. Iris learned that Vivien let Alex's brother Grant visit with Alex at the suite. Joe pulled a gun on Nita and informed her that Billy Joe has something that belongs to him.

JUNE 19, 1981 (EP. #224)
Vicky informed Eliot that the D.A. has reduced the charges against Dennis and he'll he released shortly. Rikki, Elena, and Courtney talked about Nita and the baby while at Maggie's. Nita denied knowing anything about the money Joe insisted he wanted back from Billy Joe. Courtney asked Jeb and Elena how their relationship is going. Joe tore up Billy Joe and Nita's apartment looking for the money. Grant told Iris he has been out of the country during the last year and hasn't spoken to Alex in fifteen years. Dennis wasn't eager to face Paige after Striker advised he has been freed on bail thanks to Paige and her friend Pete. Vicky told Striker that Eliot should be the one to tell Dennis that Alex is his father since Iris wants Dennis to know the truth. Striker mentioned to Dennis that Joe may have killed Chris. Courtney advised Maggie and Jeb that she has accepted a residency in Dallas as of July 1st. Joe held a gun on Nita, who went into labor after talking on the phone with Elena. Grant explained to Iris that his wife Judith came between him and Alex and interfered too much in their daughter Lacey's life which caused them to separate over a year ago. Striker told Vicky about the theory that Joe killed Chris. Eliot encouraged Dennis not to give up on his marriage. Rikki and Elena talked about finding someone for Rikki to love. Joe allowed Nita to call Elena and request to have some food brought over. Iris invited Grant to stay at the house after agreeing to have Alex be admitted back into the hospital. Vicky told Striker that Alex is Dennis' father while Eliot did the same with Dennis. Elena found Joe and Nita together.

JUNE 22, 1981 (EP. #225)
Striker told Iris that Dennis has been released from jail and suggested she wait before visiting him. Eliot explained to Dennis that Alex is his father and was conceived during the three days Alex and Iris spent together in St. Tropez. Elena found Joe and Nita together. Pete questioned Paige about Alex's current condition and realized that Alex knows too much after remembering their last conversation. Dennis told Eliot that he will always be his father but was upset to be the last to know the truth. Reena warned Iris not to trust Justin while visiting with her. Eliot suggested Dennis visit Alex in the hospital. Nita was in disbelief when Joe found Bernie's key in the apartment. Dennis informed Paige that he knows Alex is his biological father. Reena urged Iris to let Striker handle all of Dennis' legal matters himself. Nita had no idea where Billy Joe put the money after Joe convinced Elena that Billy Joe has it. Reena talked to Striker and Vicky about Justin tricking Alex into drilling on Harper land. Eliot told Iris that Dennis and Paige have reconciled and warned her to stay out of their lives or risk losing Dennis for good. Vicky and Reena bond while chatting about Max's plans for building a house and concerns over having a baby. Nita realized the money must be in the mattress that caused Joe to call an ambulance for Nita and force Elena to leave the apartment with him. Eliot told Iris that Dennis knows that Alex is his father. Dennis admitted his love to Paige but was undecided on what to do now. EMS arrived to take Nita to the hospital. Joe took Elena hostage after finding the money in the mattress as the police approached him.

JUNE 23, 1981 (EP. #226)
Ginny advised Kate, Max, and Reena that she won't marry Ryan if Steve doesn't want her to. Detective Donovan told Courtney that Joe has Elena after questioning Nita. Elena drove the getaway car while Joe tried to come up with a plan of action. Max told Max that Reena is going to make him a father. Reena remarked to Ginny about her growing relationship with Vicky. Donovan informed Billy Joe that Nita is in the hospital because she's in labor. Courtney tried to keep Nita calm. Ryan reluctantly agreed that Ginny should take Reena's suggestion and go away to see her parents with Steve. Reena and Steve had a heart-to-heart chat. Elena realized that Joe took her to the same building she was in while drugged. Billy Joe noticed the money gone after learning that Joe was at the apartment looking for it while Nita was at home. Maggie coached Nita until Courtney took her into the delivery room. Ginny and Steve decided to go to Virginia. Max and Reena discussed having a baby. Joe foiled Elena's escape attempt after she called to check on Nita's condition. Maggie updated Billy Joe on Nita when he arrived at the hospital. Max mentioned to Reena that Mr. Harper's granddaughter is home from college during the summer. Ryan discussed the Virginia trip with Ginny that she is taking with Steve. Max told Reena, Ryan, and Ginny that Maggie called about Elena being kidnapped. Billy Joe and Maggie learned that Nita had a boy.

JUNE 24, 1981 (EP. #227)
Joe told Elena he will free her once he makes some plans and gets away. Dennis planned to try again with Paige despite Iris reminding him that she is a tramp who married him for the Wheeler money when she thought Alex was dead. Nita told Courtney that she never wants to see Billy Joe again. Rikki interrupted Billy Joe and Jeb's conversation about Nita and Elena vowing to make Billy Joe pay. Iris explained why she kept the truth from Dennis and asked him to come to the hospital and acknowledge Alex. Billy Joe admitted to Rikki and Jeb that he stole the money but insisted that he didn't keep it for himself. Pete learned from Dr. Evan Douglas that Alex's condition is improving and then overheard Iris talking to Alex and Evan. Eliot assured Dennis that Paige loves him and suggested Dennis make peace with Alex. Jeb tried to ease Rikki's anger towards Billy Joe before talking to Courtney. Pete called Joe and asked him to murder Alex in exchange for help in getting out of Houston. Eliot and Paige discussed Dennis. Courtney showed the baby to Nita. Dennis arrived at the hospital and informed Iris that he agreed to see Alex. Paige wondered about being able to put her marriage to Dennis back together. Nita told Billy Joe that she is leaving him. Dennis offered a father/son relationship to Alex after revealing he knows the truth about his paternity.

JUNE 25, 1981 (EP. #228)
Kate assured Ginny that things will work out as Ryan arrived in a helicopter to take Ginny and Steve to Virginia. Dennis told Alex that he can be his son. Joe refused to cooperate with Pete by killing Alex. Billy Joe convinced Maggie to talk to Nita who was certain she could raise the baby by herself. Dennis invited Alex to a baseball game when he is feeling better. Grant told Alex that he and Judith are divorced. Maggie assumed Nita would name the baby Billy Joe Jr. Ryan informed Ginny that Alex's condition is improving and Iris blames him for working Alex too hard. Grant urged Alex to get some rest. Ryan and Steve talked about Barrett. Grant and Dennis discussed Alex and Chris' murder case. Joe told Elena about his childhood while eating at a diner. Ryan and Ginny said goodbye to each other. Maggie told Billy Joe that she doubts a reconciliation with Nita after talking to her. Ashley recorded Alex telling her that Dennis is his son and will be head of World Oil one day. Joe confessed to Elena that he didn't intend to hurt Nita or kill Bernie. Pete hid in the hospital room while Alex remembered talking to Pete and asked Ryan to get Ryan right away. Pete came out of the room disguised as an orderly.

JUNE 26, 1981 (EP. #229)
Max told Reena he bought the prize bulls he wanted and will borrow money from her to have their house built. Iris found Alex and Ashley working when she came into the hospital room and urged him to rest instead. A nurse mistook Pete for an orderly. Dennis tried to assure Paige that nothing is wrong when he seemed distant towards her. Alex didn't agree it was right to blame Ryan for his stroke and that he wasn't being overworked. Max and Reena discussed having children. Striker and Vicky made preparations after accepting Max and Reena's dinner invitation. Dennis talked about visiting Alex with Eliot. Paige learned from Evan that Alex is doing well and run into Iris when she goes to talk to him. Max told Striker about building a house for Reena and starting a family right away. Reena privately confided in Vicky about still nervous about having a baby despite a consultation with Bart. Dennis told Eliot he loves Paige but was unable to be with her last night. Ryan warned Justin that the drilling project will be shut down unless the well comes in within ten days. Iris urged Paige to leave for Dennis' sake because of the pornographic movie she made. Pete had a nurse summon Iris to Evan's office after Paige left Alex's room. Max and Reena agreed to be open and honest about their fears when Reena admitted to being scared about having a baby. Evan allowed Justin and Ryan to visit Alex despite Iris' reservations. Pete put a pillow over a sleeping Alex. Ryan told Evan when he sensed something was wrong with Alex and advised Iris to enter the room.

JUNE 29, 1981 (EP. #230)
Iris told Eliot that Alex died after she was comforted by Evan. Dennis dragged his feet towards Paige's suggestion of going home. Joe got upset over a news report on the radio that spoke badly of him. A waitress recognized Elena who pleaded with Joe to release her so it will help his criminal case. Eliot comforted Iris and called Dennis to request that he come to the hospital. Pete learned from Paige that Alex may have taken a turn for the worst. Justin told Ashley about his plans to head the production end of World Oil. Paige informed Pete that she and Dennis have reconciled after talking to him about Alex. Eliot made phone calls while Dennis comforted Iris. Gus convinced Jeannie not to call the police and decided to find Joe and steal the money for himself. Elena tried to appeal to Joe's good side. Iris blamed Ryan and work for causing Alex's latest stroke and upset over Ryan being with Alex before he died instead of her. Dennis offered to take Iris home but refused to stay with her because he felt an obligation to be with Paige. Pete remembered putting a pillow over Alex as Eliot told him and Paige that Alex died. Joe told Elena about how he got into drugs. Bubba gave Justin and Ashley the sad news about Alex. Justin assured Bubba that getting Iris on their side will be to their advantage. Joe told Elena about the one girl he loved that cheated with his brother. Ashley wasn't sure when Justin asked her how she feels about him. Dennis rebuffed Paige's efforts to comfort him and asked to be left alone. Gus found the car that Joe and Elena drove and called Butch about a hunting expedition they are going on.

JUNE 30, 1981 (EP. #231)
Paige discovered Dennis asleep on the sofa with an empty glass of alcohol. Joe woke up and pulled a gun on Elena before she could get to it. Max and Reena argued about Dennis and Paige until Reena admitted that she wouldn't know what to do if she ever lost him. Paige was understanding towards Dennis and made herself available whenever he wants to talk. Max was upset when Jeb arrived to tell him and Reena that Justin struck oil and vowed to stop the well. Justin and Ashley mingled with Vivien and other guests at the Wheeler residence. Paige declined when Dennis said she is welcome to go to the funeral home. Max warned Joe to release Elena so she doesn't get hurt when he received a call from her. Max told Jeb that he got the impression Joe cares about Elena. Gus and Butch plotted to shoot Joe and Elena and steal their money. Striker and Vicky tried to calm Reena down. Vicky gave Dennis her condolences while talking to him. Elena told Joe she never knew that Bernie hid the key in her teddy bear and is innocent of any wrongdoing. Eliot guessed it was the possible prison sentence and not her film that is troubling Dennis when Paige mentioned him being distant. Justin and Reena exchanged words until she mentioned the oil well coming in where Ashley witnessed Justin give Reena a kiss. Reena pushed Justin away from her and vowed to stop him if Striker refuses to get involved. Ashley learned about Justin striking oil and the well coming in. A shot was fired just as Joe planned to free Elena. Joe and Elena went back into the room when Gus and Butch pretended to be the police.

JULY 1, 1981 (EP. #232)
Reena comforted Iris after all of the guests left the Wheeler residence. Justin and Ashley celebrated at the Harper home. Bubba questioned how Ryan took the news about them striking oil. Maggie told Duane on the phone that he should accept the job and may move to be with him once things calm down. Joe realized he had been tricked into surrendering when Gus and Butch turned out not to be the police. Reena assured Iris that she can trust Grant and Ryan when Iris continued to blame Ryan for Alex's stroke. Maggie told Bobbie Sue she is considering a move to Amarillo to be with Duane before they discussed Billy Joe and Nita's problems. Joe foiled Gus and Butch's plan to shoot Elena by fighting them until the men escaped with the money. Grant, Iris, and Reena talked about Alex. Lurlene greeted Justin and was introduced to Ashley but immediately disliked Bubba. A wounded Joe told Elena about a former surgeon that may be able to help him. Reena agreed with Iris' idea of having Grant and Lacey live with her. Max told Maggie and Rikki about Elena's phone call. A bar patron recognized Elena as a country and western singer. Jeb met Ashley, Lurlene, and Bubba upon arriving at the Harper place. Elena found Mac and persuaded him to help Joe. Grant and Iris talked about Alex and Dennis' legal troubles. Lurlene admitted to Jeb that she doesn't like Bubba because he is too bossy. Maggie defended Billy Joe to Rikki and suggested he give Nita time to herself before he tries to start a relationship with her. Elena decided to take Joe to the ranch after Mac gave Elena some pills.

JULY 2, 1981 (EP. #233)
Max and Reena decided on baby names for when they have a child. Eliot arrived at the Top of the World Club to speak with Paige. Elena brought Joe to the barn and told him not to worry while she left to get food from Kate's refrigerator. Striker and Vicky suggested that Max and Reena take a vacation to Acapulco. Paige told Eliot that the more understanding she is with Dennis the more he pulls away from her. Ashley accused Justin of antagonizing Striker, Vicky, Max, and Reena when they refused to accept the bottle of champagne Justin bought for them. Kate was thrilled after catching Elena home and planned to call Max with the news. Dennis admitted to hating Paige at times when Eliot found him alone drinking and in an angry mood. Max and Reena left to go to the ranch after they learned Elena has been freed. Justin promised not to hurt Ashley even though he admitted to not being sure where it's headed. Striker told Vicky that Max won't give up on the issue with well easily Elena refused Max's suggested that she talk to the police. Paige's efforts to talk to Dennis led to an argument where Dennis told Paige he can't kiss, touch, or even go to bed with her anymore. Max insisted on calling the police to let them know Elena is now safe. Justin and Ashley discussed Alex and Mike. Jeb informed Max and Reena that he is going to find out exactly why Lurlene doesn't like Bubba. Dennis refused when Paige wanted to work things out. Elena brought food, clothes, and her teddy bear to Joe and kissed him on the cheek.

JULY 3, 1981: NO SHOW

JULY 6, 1981 (EP. #234)
Max was upset about Elena not talking to the police last night. Joe tried to figure out what he is going to do. Paige started to cry after finding Dennis asleep on the sofa again. Max and Reena talked with Kate about the oil well. Justin informed Bubba that Ashley doesn't know about their little deal. Reena told Kate that Justin and Ashley's relationship is more serious than it ever was with Sam and predicted that Justin will marry Ashley. Max and Jeb talked about Elena and the oil well. Justin shared Ashley's dislike for Bubba but admitted to him being a good businessman. Paige talked to Alex about Dennis at the funeral. Paige told Eliot that she is moving out and had another fight with Dennis last night. Lurlene informed Jeb that she's going to be rich and get a husband and have a family like Reena. Justin offered to help Paige financially by buying her share of the ranch when Paige refused to accept any sympathy from him. Dennis advised him to stay out of his personal life when Eliot tried to get Dennis to talk about his feelings. Lurlene told Jeb that things have changed and she is no longer being ignored now that she is rich. Ashley chided Justin for talking business at the funeral after Paige walked away from him. Kate informed Reena that she is leaving her share of the ranch to Max in her will. Justin advised Ashley that Kate, Barrett, and Courtney own sixty percent of the ranch and one family member has already sold their share to him. Kate told Reena that Justin is planning another scheme. Jeb stopped Max from finding Joe in the barn and told him that Lurlene's grandfather is afraid of Bubba.

JULY 7, 1981 (EP. #235)
Rikki told Maggie that Elena seems sympathetic towards Joe. Striker, Vicky, Grant discussed Alex's will with Iris, who stated he might still be alive if not for Ryan. Maggie assured Rikki that the ordeal will be over once Joe is apprehended. Kate, Max, and Reena talked about Ginny and Steve and how Justin has changed. Striker told Vivien that Alex's ashes will be placed in an urn in the mausoleum. Grant asked Striker about Iris' accusation against Ryan. Max got upset when Jeb told him, Kate, and Reena that Elena told the police that Joe wasn't a bad person. Iris talked to Vicky and was happy for Justin after learning that the oil well came in. Lurlene asked if Reena could help her pick out clothes and get her hair done in Houston sometime. Iris informed Justin that Ryan refused to close the production division down. Striker and Vicky discussed Dennis' hearing and the oil rig issue. Jeb asked Lurlene out on a date. Iris explained how she first met Alex to Grant. Jeb advised Rikki that he doesn't return Elena's feelings and that she has changed since being freed from Joe when Rikki questioned Jeb about Lurlene. Kate learned from Dawn's letter that she sold her share of the ranch to Justin and has gone to Paris. Ashley gave Justin a tape recorder when he wondered how Alex felt about having Dennis for a son. Max asked Rikki to find out if Bubba had any other legal trouble besides the stock fraud charge. Reena offered a loan to Kate to buy Paige's share of the ranch if Paige decides to sell. Justin found out that Alex wanted Dennis to take over World Oil from the tape Ashley gave him.

JULY 8, 1981 (EP. #236)
Max and Reena discussed how close she and Vicky have become. Bobbie Sue informed Rikki that Billy Joe left town. Ashley told Justin that Alex might have wanted to tell Ryan his wish for Dennis to take over World Oil. Dennis asked Paige to move out after admitting that he still loves her. Iris told Grant she wants Lacey to stay with them when she arrives. Rikki met Pete who is the owner of the Chicken Coop. Paige informed Kate she has no interest in selling her share of the ranch and to leave her alone when Kate brought up the matter. Iris suggested Dennis sue for divorce when mentioned separating from Paige. Striker advised Justin that Alex's wishes don't matter and his will stands as it is legally. Vicky lectured Reena about being rude to Ashley when they were making small talk. Paige showed appreciated to Pete for being a good friend after she mentioned her separation from Dennis. Max told Striker and Vicky that something is going on over at the Harper place. Jeb convinced Rikki to sing at the Chicken Coop. Max suggested to Reena that they try to forget about Justin. Lurlene learned that Jeb wrote a song for Elena. Iris advised Paige to divorce Dennis, move out of the penthouse, and is fired from her job since Iris owns Alex's estate.

JULY 9, 1981 (EP. #237)
Jeb asked Rikki's help in getting information out of Lurlene. Vivien told Eliot that Iris fired Paige and kicked her out of the penthouse. Pete tried to comfort Paige after learning what happened between her and Iris last night. Dennis didn't care when Eliot told him about Iris' machinations against Paige. Jeb and Rikki informed Lurlene that they are undercover agents investigating the well. Vivien told Grant that she is worried about Iris. Paige called herself filth and undeserving of being Dennis' wife in front of Pete. Reena discovered that Elena didn't sleep in her bed last night. Lurlene told Jeb and Rikki that Bubba acts like he has a secret and that her family is planning on putting a fence around the well and getting guard dogs. Paige received a cold reception from Dennis when he arrived at the club. Lacey called Grant and said she will be in Houston tomorrow. Jeb had a good time with Lurlene and asked her out again while Rikki dedicated "Slow Dancing Under the Stars" to her. Reena told Max that Elena may have spent the night at the ranch instead of in her bedroom. Reena gave Max a red flannel shirt she had Wanda Coleman make that resembled the one Max's mother made for him years ago. Dennis gave Paige a check and a kiss before saying he hates her and she ruined his life. Paige emptied her sleeping pill bottle and took the pills.

JULY 10, 1981 (EP. #238)
Iris told Grant and Vivien that she is certain Dennis will get a suspended sentence. Jeb told Max and Reena about the fence and guard dogs around the oil well. Peter asked Alfredo about Paige who was unconscious on her bed with Dennis' picture and an empty pill bottle. Reena was angry with Jeb for using Lurlene. Dennis advised Striker that he doesn't want a trial. Vicky offered to make Eliot the news director for KVIK. The judge ordered Dennis to serve 5 years in prison with parole not being before 2 1/2 years. Max suggested a barn dance to celebrate when Reena mentioned that the construction of their house will begin in three weeks. Lurlene told Jeb that a man on Bubba's crew quit after saying he didn't want to be involved in any Bubba's dirty dealings. Joe overheard Max and Reena make plans for the barn dance. Iris vowed to help Dennis after he blamed Paige for everything that has happened to him. Lurlene didn't know the name of the man from Bubba's crew but told Jeb he was wearing a silver ID bracelet. Eliot promised to take care of Iris and Paige for Dennis. Grant picked Lacey up at the airport. Peter helped Paige regain consciousness and decided to take her to his place after admitting his feelings. Iris told Justin and Ashley that she blames Paige for all of Dennis problems. Paige realized she only had Pete's phone number to give Justin when he called offering his help. Reena climbed the ladder to the loft where Joe was hiding while talking to Max about their upcoming vacation. Jeb told Max and Reena that they have something on Bubba.

JULY 13, 1981 (EP. #239)
Jeb told Max, Reena, Kate that he found the man who quit working for Bubba. Elena wanted to check Joe's wound while he thought of escaping. Alfredo advised Eliot that Paige left Pete's address as her new home. Paige has second thoughts about moving in with Pete. Ashley urged Justin to go easy on Paige while they had lunch at the club. Ginny told Reena and Kate about her trip to Virginia. Paige informed Pete that Justin wants to talk to her about selling her part of the ranch. Ginny was confident that Courtney and Barrett would never sell their shares of the ranch to Justin when Reena mentioned Justin's plan to gain control of the property. Paige told Pete she doesn't deserve Eliot as a friend after being cold with him. Ginny talked to Ryan about getting close to Grant. The man that Bubba worked for suggested Jeb find out Mike Marshall's opinion when Bubba worked for him in 1968. Paige agreed to sign her share of the ranch over to Justin. Paige told Pete about selling the share while Justin happily told Ashley the news. Elena told Joe that she thinks he's a good person. Kate, Max, and Jeb discovered that said Mike believed Bubba was slant drilling which is what Max thinks Bubba is doing now. Joe was about to kiss Elena when Reena heard a noise in the barn, grabbed a rifle, and demanded the person up in the loft come down.

JULY 14, 1981 (EP. #240)
Max was furious that Bubba and Justin are stealing his oil and told Jeb and Kate that he plans to stop them. Striker wondered why Justin was so happy after seeing him celebrating with Ashley. Detective Michaels arrived to question Rikki who brought a gift to Nita for the baby. Elena came down from the barn loft and lied about feeding the cat before learning about the dance. Nita met Angela Perez, her replacement at Maggie's. Maggie talked on the phone with Duane and advised she will be joining him in Amarillo once she finds a buyer for the restaurant. Max, Jeb, and Kate told Reena about Justin and Bubba slant drilling. Justin told Ashley that he wants to take over World Oil. Detective Michaels informed Rikki he is unsure whether Joe has disappeared or not. Joe kissed Elena and advised she is one of the reasons he needs to leave town. Ginny tried to comfort Kate about Justin trying to buy the ranch before telling Ryan of Justin's plan. Rikki found out that Maggie is leaving Houston and talked to her about Nita needing time to adjust to things. Striker and Vicky break up an attack between Max and Justin while getting Reena out of the way. Ryan suggested Kate offer to buy Paige's share of the ranch. Justin tried to assure Ashley that he and Bubba are not slant drilling. Bobbie Sue tried to comfort Billy Joe who felt like he has lost everything. Vicky warned Reena that Justin must be handled carefully or someone will get hurt. Striker suggested Max have Ryan get a directional survey done. Billy Joe talked to Pete about Joe, Elena, and the stolen money upon meeting him. Elena asked Joe to stick around so that they can come up with a plan of action. Max requested Ginny tell Ryan about the slant drilling and vowed to get rid of the oil well.

JULY 15, 1981 (EP. #241)
Dennis told Eliot that he is through with Paige. Justin discussed Max confronting him with Ashley. Reena suggested Max talk to Ryan instead of Bubba about the oil drilling. Bubba advised Justin not to worry about anyone proving they are slant drilling when Justin wanted to cover their tracks. Joe asked Elena to get him a brush and some salt. Pete offered Paige a job managing the Coop and told her that she is too good to let Dennis bring her down. Dennis told Eliot his suspicions that Pete and Paige have been friends for a long time. Justin invited Ashley to the ranch with him in order to see Kate. Kate offered herself to Elena as someone to confide in whenever she needs it. Ryan agreed to investigate Max's allegations of Justin and Bubba slant drilling if Max stays away from them. Justin tried to assure Kate of his innocence and mentioned that he bought Paige's share of the ranch. Eliot accepted Vicky's job offer of news director for KVIK. Elena suggested Joe turn himself in when Joe worked to take his tattoo off and said they have no future together. Kate and Paige had a bitter argument over the life Paige is living and selling her share of the ranch to Justin. Paige said Kate made her realize who she really is when Pete found her decked out. Max and Reena discussed having children and the oil rig being shut down. Justin figured Iris would have something to say about Ryan's plan to shut production down until he investigates Max's accusations. Joe confessed to Elena that he killed Chris.

JULY 16, 1981 (EP. #242)
Reena told Max that Justin will be ruined if it is revealed that he is slant drilling. Justin had Ashley accompany him to Iris' with the tape of Alex after Ryan ordered Justin to shut down the well. Iris told Vivien she plans to keep Dennis from going to jail. Billy Joe introduced Bobbie Sue to his sister Ruby. Jeb planned to give up spying after Lurlene mentioned another guy fighting with Bubba. Elena urged Joe to turn himself in after Joe confessed that he killed Chris in self-defense. Reena told Max that Paige sold her share of the ranch to Justin. Jeb asked Lurlene on another date. Justin told Iris of his concerns about Ryan with Ashley present. Ruby planned to remain in Houston for as long as Billy Joe needs her. Joe decided to retrieve the stolen money and turn in a confession to the police once he is safe in Mexico. Iris assumed that Alex had told Ryan about wanting Dennis to take over World Oil before he died when Justin said that Alex's wishes can't be carried out because nothing was put in writing. Elena asked Reena if Dennis would be released from jail if Joe sent in a confession. Max told Jeb that Ryan was the man Lurlene saw fighting with Bubba. An upset Iris told Vivien about hearing Alex's voice on tape and her belief that Ryan contributed to his stroke. Ruby decided to live with Billy Joe after learning that he and Nita are separated. Justin told Ashley that he believes Ryan wanted power and isn't sorry Alex died when she started a lecture about his schemes. Iris reminded Ryan that Alex wanted Dennis to take over World Oil. Ashley defended Ryan to Justin. Max and Reena hoped the police would apprehend Joe. Elena found a note from Joe that said that he left town and that he loves her. Iris and Ryan argued about Alex, Justin, and World Oil.

JULY 17, 1981 (EP. #243)
Iris threatened to get another lawyer if Striker refuses to change Alex's will. Rikki brought Nita a baby gift and worried about becoming unemployed. Jeb told Max that he found some of Rikki's clothes in one of the barn's lofts. Elena decided to sing at the Coop after learning from Ruby that it needs to make more money. Rikki informed Nita, Maggie, and Angela that he wants to leave World Oil for something new and exciting. Iris resolved to find out more about Alex's death when Striker advised another lawyer won't change Alex's will and Grant suggested she let Ryan continue running the company. Elena realized that Joe may be back in the room where he held her hostage after she and Billy Joe made amends. Ruby questioned Elena's mental stability. Iris agreed with Grant that Ryan did a great deal to keep Alex alive but felt that changed after Dennis acknowledged Alex as his father. Grant and Lacey made plans to see Max about a horse farm. Elena and Joe kissed after she declared her love and promised not to leave him. Dennis refused when Iris urged him to help take World Oil away from Ryan. Max introduced Lacey to Jeb after they had exchanged words. Dennis reminded Iris that she ruined his life during a bitter argument. Joe and Elena decided to find Gus and get the stolen money back.

JULY 20, 1981 (EP. #244)
Ginny and Ryan told Max and Reena about Justin and Iris hearing the tape of Alex. Billy Joe and Ruby got ready for Elena's return to singing at the Coop. Joe and Elena disguised themselves before entering the diner. Ryan told Grant he didn't talk to Alex before his death and Iris encouraged Alex to be more involved in the company again. Billy Joe refused to pay Ruby for helping with the Coop. A waitress mistook Joe as the new cook. Pete felt Paige was rough on Rikki after she informed him about being fired from the club. Max and Reena had to calm down Ginny who was upset over Iris' actions. Ginny offered support to Reena when she mentioned being scared of starting a family. Ruby changed her mind about returning to Nashville after meeting Rikki. Joe learned that Gus came into a lot of money and left town for a few days. Ryan and Ginny discussed Iris' anger towards him. Evan advised Grant that there was no reason to perform an autopsy on Alex because there was no suspicions that the cause of death was anything other than a stroke. Max and Reena realized the well had been shut down. Evan assured Grant that there were no signs of foul play against Alex. Billy Joe told Pete, Rikki, and Ruby that Elena cancelled her performance due to being sick. Ginny encouraged Ryan not to give in to Iris when he brought practicing law again. Reena told Max she is no longer scared of having a baby. Ruby told Billy Joe she has plans for Rikki. Pete warned Paige that she is making a mistake after she rebuffed his advances.

JULY 21, 1981 (EP. #245)
Nita and Ruby suggested Rikki consider singing as a career. Ruby urged Billy Joe to dump Elena. Grant advised Iris that he and Evan don't believe Ryan was responsible for Alex's death. Justin got angry with Ryan for shutting the well down. Joe and Elena's covers were nearly blown when the actual new cook arrived at the diner. Billy Joe told Ruby she doesn't like Rikki because he's trying to make the moves on Nita. Maggie told Rikki and Nita that Angela has talked to friends about buying the restaurant. Ryan advised Justin that he's in charge and is investigating the oil well. Justin told Ryan he can't get rid of him as easily as he did Alex. Iris assumed it was Ryan who was trying to leave the suite after she recounted Ryan's visit with Alex to Grant. Justin promised to make sure Ryan isn't involved in World Oil for much longer when Ryan suggested he find another job. Ruby suggested Billy Joe play hard to get with Nita. Rikki offered his support when Nita told him that Maggie is the only family she has. Ryan asked Ashley for a list of men who do directional surveys. Billy Joe tried to apologize to Elena who admitted she wasn't sick. Iris planned to take action after Justin warned her that Ryan wants power and will destroy her and World Oil. Elena advised Joe that she moved back into the apartment so they can spend the night together. Nita admitted she loves Billy Joe but still asked for a divorce. Ashley warned Justin that Ryan asked her to find experts in directional surveys.

JULY 22, 1981 (EP. #246)
Kate told Max and Reena that she doesn't want Justin to end up in jail. Justin told Ashley that he is hurt because Ryan believes Max over him. Bubba warned Justin to find a way to keep them out of jail before telling him what company and engineer Ryan needs to use. Billy Joe told Ruby he blames Rikki for convincing Nita to get a divorce. Dennis grabbed Paige by the face and called her a tramp when she arrived at the club for dinner with Pete. Eliot tried to reason with Dennis. Max promised Kate they would talk about Justin before he does anything about him. Ashley advised Justin that family is very important to her. Grant wasn't pleased to learn that Lacey met Jeb after Grant introduced her to Vicky, Striker, and Eliot. Vicky decided to offer Lacey a job at KVIK. Elena learned that Joe wasn't at the diner. Max felt Justin was still in love with Reena and started the oil scheme to break them up while Reena thought Justin and Ashley loved each other. Justin asked Ashley to stay with him because he didn't want to be alone. Billy Joe asked Rikki to perform in Elena's place after she lied about being sick. Vicky showed concern about Paige giving up on herself and Striker working too much. Grant and Striker discussed the nurse that escorted Iris out of the suite and agreed that Alex's death wasn't due to foul play. Elena decided to take a sick Joe to the hospital for fear his arm is infected. Billy Joe and Paige comforted each other over their respective separations. Elena asked Joe to write a confession to clear Dennis in exchange for her taking a job at the diner. Justin told Ashley that he knew nothing about Bubba slant drilling and asked for her help fearing Bubba would implicate him. Justin handed Ashley a paper with a man's name on it that Bubba gave him.

JULY 23, 1981 (EP. #247)
Elena disguised herself to apply for job at the diner. Ginny advised Ryan to be careful of Ashley and where her loyalties lie. Ruby suggested Pete replace Elena with Rikki as a performer for the Coop. Elena called Joe to tell him she got the waitress job. Ashley gave Ryan the recommendation that Justin handed to her from Bubba. Ruby referred to herself as Rikki's manager and convinced Pete to let Rikki sing. Pete informed Paige that she won't have to tolerate Dennis anymore once he is in prison. Justin refused to sell his shares of the ranch to Kate when Ginny suggested it. Eliot asked Paige why she wanted Dennis' behavior to happen at the club. Nita informed Ruby that she and Billy Joe are getting a divorce. Joe warned Elena to be careful. Justin told Ashley he intends to get rid of Bubba and shut the well down since the oil belongs to Max when Ashley wanted Bubba to be punished. Ryan met with Jake Collins, who planned to start the survey and have the results to him within a day. Eliot advised Paige that she is degrading herself but that won't drive him away like it did Dennis. Elena learned from Gus that Butch was killed in an auto accident. Nita told Ruby that she and Rikki are just friends and loves Billy Joe but can no longer live with him. Ryan and Ginny discussed the survey and Iris' desire to get rid of him. Elena lied about having a boyfriend when Gus hit on her. Justin told Ashley he is certain Iris will support him and that Ryan's days with World Oil are numbered. Ginny assured Ryan that Iris will get over her anger towards him. Elena called Joe after Gus mentioned taking another trip.

JULY 24, 1981 (EP. #248)
Justin told Ashley he is worried that Bubba will double cross him. Elena advised Joe she has to sing at the Coop tonight. Max was confident that Justin and Bubba will be jailed once they get the directional survey results. Bubba told Justin not to worry after learning that Jake is doing the survey for Ryan. Elena walked out after Joe refused to write the confession even though Dennis will be going to prison tomorrow. Max, Reena, Ryan, and Ginny discussed Elena and Iris wanting to find Joe. Ruby offered to be Rikki's manager and was certain she could get him paid $500.00 a week to sing at the Coop. Freddie Fendor met Bobbie Sue. Elena agreed to alternate nights performing at the Coop with Rikki. Elena advised Rikki that there is something familiar about Pete. Ruby asked to talk to Pete in private. Ginny was suspicious when a calm Justin assured everyone that he is innocent of slant drilling. Elena was happy after she spoke with Joe and learned from Ruby that Pete approved the deal of Elena and Rikki alternating nights at the Coop. Ginny advised Ryan that her divorce from Barrett will be final soon. Reena promised to love Max forever. Ruby revealed she is Rikki's manager when Billy Joe yelled at her for making a deal with Pete. Ashley refused to let Justin tell Ryan the truth because she didn't want him to land in jail. Joe and Elena kissed after she asked that they make love.

JULY 27, 1981 (EP. #249)
Reena asked Max not to join Ryan at the oil well. Justin tried to assure Ashley that everything would work out while Jake and Bubba worked. Dennis asked Paige to meet him at Striker's to take care of the divorce. Ashley warned Bubba to keep his hands off Lurlene when he made as pass at her. Elena insisted Joe write a confession to clear Dennis regardless of getting back the money or not. Paige rebuffed Pete's advances and refused his suggestion of taking Dennis to the cleaners. Max was confident with telling Reena that there is no oil on the Harper land. Justin warned Bubba to leave Ashley and Lurlene alone or face his wrath. Dennis and Paige met with Striker and disagreed about the details of their divorce suits against each other. Lurlene expressed her dislike of Bubba to Reena. Joe recalled Pete's request to kill Alex after Elena told him that Dennis' father died a few weeks ago. Paige reminded Dennis that he can't sue for adultery when she never committed it during their marriage. Max and Reena turned down Lurlene's offer to pay them back if the oil belongs to them so Lurlene wouldn't have to give up dreams of being rich. Striker apologized to Paige for Dennis' behavior and advised her to get a lawyer. Max and Reena reflected on the impact of the oil well on everyone's lives. Jake and Bubba informed Justin the records have been fixed. Dennis vowed to be more hateful towards Paige despite her claim that Pete is just a friend of hers from Hollywood. Lurlene was worried about Max when Justin and Ashley told her the survey proves that they are not slant drilling. Max planned to prove Justin was guilty of slant drilling after Ryan gave him and Reena the survey. Elena gave Paige a signed confession from Joe in exchange for keeping her visit a secret.

JULY 28, 1981 (EP. #250)
Ginny predicted the feud between Ryan and Justin would continue. Jeb and Lurlene discussed how confident Justin and Bubba were before the survey was done. Eliot informed Striker that Dennis is filing for a divorce against Paige. Elena gave Paige the signed confession from Joe in exchange for keeping her visit a secret. Jeb recounted to Lurlene how he met Lacey. Kate was still concerned about Justin trying to drill on the ranch while talking to Ryan and Ginny. Pete noticed that Joe's written confession was dated today when Paige showed it to him. Elena invited Lurlene to come over to her apartment some time. Jeb stayed quiet while Lurlene and Lacey got to know each other. Elena assured Joe that he did the right thing. Paige gave Striker the signed confession. Kate mentioned knowing Judge Rayburn to Ryan and Ginny. Striker told Eliot, Vicky, and Paige he doesn't understand why Joe would write a confession but advised he can't keep Dennis from knowing that Paige brought it to him. Elena refused when Billy Joe asked if Ruby can move in with her. Paige thanked Eliot for his kindness and admitted to being unsure about her feelings towards Dennis but has accepted that the relationship is over. Ginny encouraged Ryan to visit Grant and Lacey rather than avoid them because of Iris. Lacey challenged Jeb to a mechanical bull-riding contest sometime. Paige told Pete that the police may use Joe to track down the man behind the drug ring. Pete hung up on Joe when he answered the phone in his room.

JULY 29, 1981 (EP. #251)
Justin told Ashley he is starting to dig another well and resume production of the first one for a couple weeks. Justin gifted Ashley with a bracelet. Reena couldn't prevent Max from speaking to Ryan after they realized that Justin is stealing their oil again. Joe's relief about writing the confession was short-lived after Elena mentioned that Paige lives with Pete. Paige told Pete that the validity of the confession is most likely being checked out before it is released to the press. Paige cautioned Elena to be careful after assuring her that no one knows how she obtained the signed confession. Pete tracked Joe down and noticed a slip in the room. Reena warned Ashley to be careful of Justin. Ryan informed Max that he cannot justify having another survey done unless Max has some kind of proof that Justin is slant drilling. Eliot told Paige that Dennis may be cleared of murder and questioned Paige about living with Pete. Joe told Pete he knows he killed Alex. Max decided not to abide by the law after Striker advised him about the difficulty in proving that Justin has been slant drilling. Reena admitted to Vicky that she is afraid for Max and doesn't know how to help the situation. Joe advised Pete that he doesn't have the stolen money when Pete demanded half. Paige confessed to Eliot that Pete found her unconscious after attempting suicide and lamented about not deserving better than what she has. Reena was suspicious of Max's true intentions when he decided to let Justin and Bubba to trip themselves up. Justin thought of another gift for Ashley when she accused him of paying her off. Elena was reluctant to let Joe move into the apartment when Joe mentioned that his boss paid him a visit.

JULY 30, 1981 (EP. #252)
Grant and Iris became suspicious of the nurse who told Iris to see Evan about Alex. Iris continued to suspect Ryan's involvement in Alex's death. Justin apologized for his terrible timing. Eliot showed Dennis his new office at KVIK. Paige told Pete she is going to talk to Eliot about why Joe's signed confession isn't mentioned in the paper. Elena had Joe hide in the bathroom when Ruby paid her an unexpected visit. Grant reminded Iris that Alex and Ryan didn't have enough time to talk or argue the night he died. Eliot and Vicky agreed that Dennis doesn't need to know about the confession until he is cleared of murder charges. Paige advised Pete that she is moving out of his place. Lacey told Grant she would rather work for Max rather than KVIK and that Ryan may need his help with Iris. Iris encouraged Ashley to fight for Justin if she wants to be with him. Iris questioned Justin about the amount of time Ryan had with Alex and vowed to prove his guilt. Eliot revealed Joe's confession to Dennis after he was rude to Paige. Justin advised Ashley that her opinion that Iris is wrong about Ryan doesn't matter because Iris is out for revenge. Vicky learned from Striker that Dennis' conviction has been set aside and told Eliot and Dennis. Detective Michaels questioned Pete about Joe. Iris called Detective Donovan after arguing with Grant about Ryan. Elena reminded Joe about their predicament after she agreed to consider letting Ruby move in with her. Pete offered to take Paige out to celebrate when they learned about Dennis being cleared. Justin gave Ashley an engagement ring. Iris asked Detective Donovan to arrest Ryan for Alex's murder.

JULY 31, 1981 (EP. #253)
Paige agreed to go out with Pete to celebrate Dennis' freedom. Ashley reminded Justin that he has never admitted to loving her when Justin wondered why Ashley wasn't wearing the engagement ring. Iris reacted to Grant's news about Dennis being freed by telling him that Ryan is going to be arrested. Dennis told Eliot that he is taking Vicky's offer to return to KVIK. Ryan told Detective Donovan what happened at the hospital the night Alex died. Grant and Iris argued about Ryan's innocence. Billy Joe apologized to Ruby for snapping at her and admitted that Elena isn't thrilled with the idea of Ruby being Elena's roommate. Ashley accepted Justin's marriage proposal. Ruby wondered if Elena has been hiding something. Ryan told Ginny he will fight Iris to prove himself innocent of murder. Billy Joe and Paige grew closer when he talked about the dreams he once had. Vivien tried to justify Iris' actions to Grant. Ashley told Iris that she is wrong about Ryan, who refused to let Iris ruin his reputation. Detective Donovan informed Iris that there is no indication of foul play or of Ryan being guilty. Steve had Kate sew another name tag on a shirt for him and asked Ginny not to cry when he leaves for camp tomorrow. Justin told Detective Donovan that he didn't spend much time investigating Ryan. Detective Donovan warned Iris to have more proof of wrongdoing before going over his head. Paige rejected Pete and advised him it was wrong for them to live together. Ginny couldn't calm down Ryan, who predicted that Iris won't stop until she's has destroyed him. Justin informed Iris that Ryan cares more about losing World Oil than going to jail. Billy Joe left the Coop after getting a call from Nita about the baby going to the hospital.

AUGUST 3, 1981 (EP. #254)
Ginny told Lurlene that Reena thought Max was handling the well issue fine. Jeb agreed to help Max break into the mud shack. Billy Joe and Nita didn't have an update on Billy Joe Jr's condition for Rikki. Ginny and Lurlene talked about the barn dance. Max decided to take matters into his own hands rather than listen to Reena's suggestion of talking to Ryan or Striker. Rikki comforted Maggie upon her arrival at the hospital. Billy Joe lied about having a high temperature once to console Nita. Lurlene admitted to Ginny that she is scared about being on the farm now. Jeb confessed that he's not an undercover agent to Lurlene who agreed to help him prove that Bubba is a crook. Reena informed Ginny that Max and Jeb are breaking into the mud shack. Rikki and Ruby waited for Billy Joe and Nita when they went in to see the baby. Billy Joe went to the chapel to pray for help for his child. Dr. Thompson informed Billy Joe and Nita that the baby's fever broke and his condition has improved. Ginny told Reena about Iris attempting to get Ryan arrested. Bubba arrived with a shotgun after Max found some incriminating evidence about the oil drilling. Billy Joe urged Nita to have faith and everything will turn out for the best. Ruby talked to Rikki about having a music career and expressed how tragedies can bring people together. Bubba ordered Max to hand over documents and to expect an unfortunate accident if he says anything. Max told Reena and Ginny what happened and learned he must wait for Ryan to return to town in the morning.

AUGUST 4, 1981 (EP. #255)
Iris told Vivien that she can take Ryan's power away from him if the police can't help her. Eliot hoped Dennis was being sincere about helping Paige. Rikki told Maggie he is afraid Nita will return to Billy Joe. Justin told Ashley about Bubba catching Max in the mud shack. Dennis informed Eliot that he intends to convince Iris to give Paige her job back and have her live in the suite again. Justin wanted to plan the wedding after Ashley suggested he close the oil well down. Max explained finding incriminating evidence about the drilling in the mud shack and being caught by Bubba. Rikki told Maggie he doesn't want to wait around for Nita and is undecided about Ruby's offer to have him sing at the Coop. Iris advised Vivien of her plans to remove Ryan from World Oil and make Justin the new president. Dennis offered to help Iris with Ryan if she gives Paige her job and suite back. Justin and Ashley disagreed about getting control of the ranch from Kate. Max and Ryan confronted Bubba. Iris questioned Dennis' change of heart towards Paige. Ruby flirted with Rikki while talking about Maggie. Max told Ryan that Bubba cleared out the mud shack before Bubba assured Justin that he has taken care of everything. Rikki felt assured by Maggie about Nita staying separated from Billy Joe and had fun with Ruby. Bubba hid proof in Justin's file cabinet in case Justin fires him. Iris and Reena argued about her machinations against Ryan and her plan to put Justin in charge of World Oil. Max blamed himself for the evidence being destroyed by Bubba. Reena vowed not to let Iris' plan for Justin succeed.

AUGUST 5, 1981 (EP. #256)
Ryan asked if Ashley knows what she is doing after noticing her engagement ring. Paige didn't want her job at the club back after learning that Dennis convinced Iris to rehire her. Lurlene and Reena agreed with Max about wanting to know the truth about the oil well while Jeb was suspicious of how calm Max seemed about the situation. Ashley wished to continue working for Ryan, who promised to keep negative comments about Justin to a minimum. Paige accepted Dennis' offer after questioning him about his sudden change in attitude. Jeb caught Max taking three sticks of dynamite from a crate of explosives after asking Lurlene to the barn dance. Ryan warned Justin not to make any more deals with Bubba. Dennis admitted to Reena that he has no intention of honoring his promise to give his proxy to Iris. Jeb asked Lurlene to let him know if Bubba starts bothering her again. Pete advised Paige against moving back in to the suite. Reena questioned Dennis' dishonesty. Reena discussed Iris plan to replace Ryan with Justin at World Oil with Vicky. Dennis let Eliot know that his plan to help Paige worked. Reena told Vicky she wonders if Justin blackmailed Paige into selling her share of the ranch. Justin informed Ashley that Bubba destroyed the proof of slant drilling that Max found. Ashley found the papers Bubba hid in Justin's file drawer. Max assured Reena that he will take care of everything after learning that Dennis plans to vote for Ryan. Three sticks of dynamite were hidden in a bag under the bench.

AUGUST 6, 1981 (EP. #257)
Max hid the dynamite in his truck before telling Reena that he invited Justin and Ashley to the barn dance. Elena warned Joe that Gus is coming to the diner. Jeb snubbed Lacey when she offered to help with preparations. Ashley was against Justin announcing their engagement at the dance. Justin asked Ashley to find out why Ryan wants to talk to Max when he returns to town. Lurlene told Jeb she plans to play the field for a while. Reena told Vicky that she is afraid something terrible is going to happen at the dance. Jeb and Lacey decided to make a fresh start. Elena informed Joe that she plans to search Gus' place while he eats at the diner. Caleb kissed Lurlene in the hayloft after they danced together. Max told Vicky he wants to surprise Reena with a trip to Acapulco. Kate shunned Justin when he tried to tell her about his engagement. Grant wasn't pleased to find Jeb and Lacey together. Grant asked Lacey to come home with him after questioning Reena about Jeb. Max asked Ginny to look after Reena and left the barn. Joe waited for Elena to call the diner. A disguised Elena was surprised when Gus brought her to his new apartment instead of a restaurant. Reena asked Ginny for Max's whereabouts. Max took out the dynamite and some wire while standing by the oil well.

AUGUST 7, 1981 (EP. #258)
Ashley suggested to Justin that they not announce their engagement. Rikki needed to go with Ruby to the Coop rather than accept Jeb and Lurlene's invitation to sing at the barn dance. Max got the dynamite ready while Reena was concerned about his whereabouts. Justin announced to everyone that Ashley has agreed to marry him. Rikki introduced Ruby to Striker and Vicky and wondered where Max and Elena are. Jeannie the waitress tried to console Joe after assuming he was hurt that Elena left the diner with Gus. Kate informed Justin that she willing her share of the ranch to Max. Ryan informed Reena and Ginny that he is having another directional survey done and asked Striker to recommend someone. Elena found the stolen money after sending Gus to the store to buy lobster for their dinner together. Ruby told Rikki she thought it might be nice to live on a ranch. Jeb sensed that Max was doing something wrong and had Lurlene lie that Max was rounding up a horse so Reena would stop worrying. Reena advised Justin and Ashley that Ryan is doing another survey that will prove Max right. Jeb was knocked unconscious after catching Max at the oil well with dynamite. Gus realized that Elena was in disguise and pulled a gun on her after catching her on the phone while holding the stolen money. Joe waited for Elena to call back. Ruby urged Rikki to fight for Nita or accept the fact that he can't have her and move on with his life. Bubba came out of the mud shack just as Max put Jeb in the back of a truck and was heading towards the oil well. Elena escaped from Gus with the stolen money and rejoined Joe at the diner. Bubba fought with Max and then fled after he unsuccessfully tried to get Max away from the well. Max lit a fuse and tried to escape. Jeb woke up in the truck and headed for the well. Striker, Vicky, and Reena watched as the well exploded.

AUGUST 10, 1981 (EP. #259)
Everyone watched as the well blew up. Jeb retrieved an unconscious Max and dragged him away from the wreckage. Joe was certain Gus would catch up to them and advised Elena that they have to leave the country. Reena, Vicky, and Ginny where relieved about the well while. Justin vowed to make sure Max spends the rest of his life in prison when Jeb told him, Ryan, and Striker about Max causing the explosion. Lurlene confessed to Reena that she fibbed about Max and is worried that something happened to him and Jeb. Striker informed Reena, Ginny, and Vicky that Max is headed for the hospital with possible internal bleeding. Jeb blamed himself for being unable to stop Max after telling Ruby, Rikki, and Lurlene about the well. Justin didn't care about Max's condition but felt the well being blown up was a blessing. Evan informed Vicky, Reena, and Ginny that Max is doing well even though his injuries are worse than expected. Elena agreed to meet Rikki at the hospital after learning about Max. Ginny demanded Justin leave the hospital before Vicky and Reena return from a walk. Striker informed Ryan that it's no longer possible to prove Justin was slant drilling. Joe couldn't promise Elena that he'd be there when she returns from the hospital. Vicky tried to comfort Reena who worried about Max while he was in surgery.

AUGUST 11, 1981 (EP. #260)
Dennis overheard Eliot invite Paige to dinner. Detective Michaels informed Billy Joe and Ruby that his bag was with Gus who was found dead. Elena was happy to find Joe at the apartment when she returned home. Evan advised Vicky that he doesn't expect Max to pull through. Max opened his eyes after Evan checked on Reena and learned that he is in the hospital. Joe and Elena learned that Gus died. Detective Michaels told Pete that Joe got away with the stolen money. Eliot expressed hopes to Dennis that he and Paige can become friends someday. Reena talked about giving the love knot to their son to carry on their love for another generation. Reena informed Vicky that Max is conscious and that Iris stopped by with some flowers. Joe tried to comfort Elena. Evan didn't have any updates for Reena about Max's condition. Ruby told Elena about Detective Michaels' visit. Pete wondered where Joe is hiding after discovering his room empty. Ginny and Reena talked about wedding plans. Eliot and Paige appreciated the opportunity to get to know each other. Reena told Ginny that she stopped construction on the house until Max gets better. Elena told an unconscious Max that he is a great brother and admitted she didn't realize how much the land meant to him. Eliot was surprised when Dennis called him and Paige having dinner together a date. Detective Michaels told Billy Joe, Pete, and Ruby that Joe and a woman were working at a diner and hoped finding the woman would lead to apprehending Joe. Joe assured Elena that he will support her while she struggles with the possibility that Max may die in the hospital. Evan admitted to Vicky and Ginny that Max's prognosis is worse. Max remembered Reena telling him about being ready to have children. Max told Reena that he loves her and felt comforted with Reena's promise that he'll be a father before dying.

AUGUST 12, 1981 (EP. #261)
Billy Joe and Nita brought the baby to Maggie's from the hospital. Rikki comforted Elena. Vicky told Ryan and Ginny that Reena hasn't accepted Max's death yet. Reena dreamed of her and Max throwing a birthday party for their children before everyone disappears and the oil rig blows up. Justin told Ashley that Bubba has disappeared and worried about that there's still a way to prove they were slant drilling. Billy Joe suggested Ruby find a place of her own to live since he is planning on asking Nita to move back in with him. Joe comforted Elena after Rikki told her that Terry is coming to Houston. Ashley told Justin he is being irrational and started to talk about setting a wedding date when Bubba arrived. Vicky tried to get Reena to accept Max's death. Bubba informed Justin that he fled after fighting with Max and destroyed the paper work that proved they were slant drilling. Billy Joe hinted to Nita that Ruby will be moving out soon. Ginny told Ryan that Barrett isn't attending the funeral and that she will wait until Steve returns from camp before telling him about Max. Ruby told Elena that she is still looking for a place to stay while noticing Joe's shirt. Maggie told Rikki, Billy Joe, and Nita that she decided against moving to Amarillo. Elena lied to Ruby about the shirt she found belonging to Rikki. Reena went for a ride on King's Ransom after discussing funeral arrangements with Ginny. Joe warned Elena to be careful of Ruby. Rikki denied leaving a shirt at Elena's when Ruby mentioned finding it at the apartment. Justin told Ashley that there is no way to prove the slant drilling with the well and paperwork being destroyed. Bubba discovered the paperwork he put in Justin's file cabinet missing and assumed that Ashley has it.

AUGUST 13, 1981 (EP. #262)
Iris advised Vivien to forget she ever saw the piece of paper that was found by the phone. Paige declined Pete's dinner invitation to go to the theater with Eliot. Bubba got Justin out of the office long enough to confront Ashley about the logbook papers which Ashley denied having. Iris informed Vivien that Dennis voting with her to oust Ryan from World Oil. Paige told Pete that she can't give him what he wants. Iris told Grant that Dennis is voting with her during the next board meeting. Pete got on Dennis' nerves by implying that Paige is dating Eliot now. Justin told Ashley that they are going to the ranch to console Kate. Lurlene and Kate comforted each other. Iris stood firm with her plot for revenge against Ryan despite a warning from Grant. Pete tried to tempt Dennis into making Paige pay for marrying him for money and making the pornographic film. Kate and Lurlene discussed accepting the pain of Max's death. Justin told Ashley he intends for them to live on the ranch and drill for oil on the property when they are married. Iris was upset when Dennis decided not to vote against Ryan with her. Lurlene tried to comfort Jeb when be blamed himself for Max's death. Kate informed Justin that she may give her shares of the ranch to Ryan and Ginny as a wedding gift. Dennis called Iris' bluff when she threatened to have Paige kicked out of the suite if he doesn't cooperate. Lurlene convinced Jeb to have dinner with Kate. Kate blamed Justin for Max's death and told him to go back to Houston. Barrett arrived as Justin and Kate vowed to continue the fight over possession of the ranch.

AUGUST 14, 1981 (EP. #263)
Ashley warned Justin he isn't welcome at the funeral and refused to accompany him. Ginny informed Reena that they left the ranch last night because Barrett wasn't very nice to her and Ryan. Striker and Vicky comforted each other. Justin decided not to go to the funeral but vowed to gain control of the ranch. Billy Joe understood when Elena told him that she doesn't want a roommate even though Ruby keeps asking to move in with her. Kate and Terry talked about Elena growing up and how Ryan keeps her informed of Justin's activities. Ryan informed Ashley that Max believed Justin and Bubba were slant drilling and said he will run Justin out of Texas if he's being dishonest. Billy Joe told Bobbie Sue about his plan to ask Nita to move back in with him. Jeb gave Kate and Terry his condolences. Jeb gave his condolences to Terry and Kate, who reminded Justin that he isn't welcome. Reena struggled to make it to Max's casket without needing some air at the funeral home. Justin rubbed it in to Barrett that Kate may lose the ranch to Ryan because she gave ten acres to him and Ginny. Nita was impressed with how well Billy Joe has done with the Coop. Elena, Rikki, Jeb, Kate, Terry, Maggie, the Colemans, Ginny, Reena, and Vicky sat down for the service while Ryan and Striker greeted people. Justin offered Barrett the chance to destroy Ryan and possibly get his family back in exchange for Barrett selling his shares. Billy Joe decided not to give up when Nita refused to move back in with him. Reena told Justin she holds him responsible for Max's death and vowed to destroy him.

AUGUST 17, 1981 (EP. #264)
Iris told Vivien that Dennis backed out of the deal they made and is sure that something is wrong with him. Dennis was happy to hear that Paige trusts him after they talked. Justin assured Ashley that he is concentrating on making the ranch their home when she accused him of putting off their wedding. Iris urged Grant not to move out even though they disagree about Ryan. Barrett told Kate that he loves Ginny more than ever. Dennis advised to get used to Iris being irrational when Grant expressed his concern. Jeb asked Lacey out on a date after she mentioned that Grant is an overprotective father. Barrett told Justin he wants Ginny bad enough to sell his share of the ranch. Dennis admitted to Grant that he never had any intention of ousting Ryan from World Oil. Barrett warned Justin not to double cross him or drill on more than five acres when he signed his share over. Ashley told Iris that she thinks Justin doesn't want to marry her anymore. Kate was shocked after learning that Barrett sold his share of the ranch to Justin. Dennis asked Pete if he could meet one of the producers that Paige worked with in Hollywood. Ashley told Iris that Reena may be the reason why Justin seems hesitant about marriage. Kate advised Barrett that he no longer has any support after confronting him. Iris and Justin decided to talk to Dennis about getting Justin appointed to the board of World Oil.

AUGUST 18, 1981 (EP. #265)
Reena told Vicky that she will find a way to make Justin pay for killing Max. Kate informed Ginny that Barrett sold his share of the ranch because Justin promised to help him win Ginny away from Ryan. Dennis advised Iris he will support Justin being appointed to the board if Ryan does. Reena told Vicky that it was Max who convinced the two of them to reconcile. Kate and Ginny had a heated argument with Barrett. Ashley learned that Justin is planning to drill on more than five acres and wants to start up his own company in the future. Ashley suggested to Justin that they move in together. Ryan expressed his distrust towards Justin when Iris asked him to support Justin being added to the board. Barrett warned Ginny that Justin is going to run Ryan out of Texas. Justin reminded Ashley that they will be living on the ranch. Barrett found the oil survey and confronted Justin. Reena remembered Max's wish that they grow old together when she was at the cabin and found the bottle of champagne. Vicky asked Ginny to check on Reena for her. Justin told Barrett to leave Houston. Reena and Ginny talked about accepting the death of someone you love. Iris and Reena discussed Ashley being upset because she thinks Justin doesn't want to live together. Ginny informed Reena that Barrett sold his share of the ranch to Justin. Iris advised Justin that Dennis won't vote to put him on the board because Ryan is against it and reminded him how important Ashley is. Barrett told Kate he plans to return to Houston later because he was tricked by Justin. Ashley was pleased when Justin agreed to move in with her. Ginny and Reena inform Kate that they have a plan to keep Justin from drilling on the ranch.

AUGUST 19, 1981 (EP. #266)
Ruby wondered if Elena was up to singing at the Coop. Dennis finalized his plan with Pete before heading to the Top of The World Club. Billy Joe asked Ruby not to mention moving in with Elena again. Detective Michaels informed Elena that the police are looking for Joe's girlfriend. Ruby told Billy Joe she has to move out before he reconciles with Nita. Joe and Elena realized they have to come up with a plan. Dennis visited Paige at the club's bar. Ruby seemed a little jealous when Rikki met Lacey. Elena told Billy Joe that Detective Michaels questioned her about Joe. Lacey advised Jeb that her overprotective father Grant is the problem between them. Paige dropped her glass to the floor after toasting to the future with Dennis once Pete arrived with Jack Brent. Lacey urged Jeb to go after the girl he wanted to marry who moved to Dallas. In front of Billy Joe and Elena, Ruby guessed that the shirt she found in Elena's apartment belonged to Max instead of Rikki after talking to him. Paige told Dennis that Jack is a business associate of Pete's. Lacey asked Jeb if Rikki is seeing anyone. Jeb decided it may not be too late to tell Courtney how he feels about her. Rikki advised Ruby that Max didn't own a shirt like the one she described earlier. Dennis told Pete he wanted a repeat performance of Paige's reaction towards Jack with Eliot as a witness.

AUGUST 20, 1981 (EP. #267)
Reena vowed to stop Justin after telling Striker that he has control of the ranch. Paige and Pete fought. Ruby decided to pay a visit to Phil Roberts after being unable to reach him by phone. Reena told Striker she plans to prove Barrett was incompetent while signing over his share to Justin. Justin lied to Ashley that the roses are for a new client who moved to Houston. Vicky suggested Reena see Bart about her upset stomach. Reena was surprised to receive roses from Justin. Ruby and Phil booked Rikki and Elena to perform on tomorrow's show. Justin asked Bubba to help him oust Ryan from World Oil. Pete told Dennis that Paige seemed most worried about Eliot finding out who Jack is. Reena interrupted Reena writing a note by dumping the vase of roses onto Justin's desk. Dennis asked Pete to help him stop Paige so she doesn't ruin Eliot's life. Ashley and Justin fought about Reena. Striker told Reena that Kate and Barrett refused to take Justin to court. Vicky advised Striker they have to help Reena accept that Justin didn't kill Max who was wrong for blowing up the well. Justin promised to move in with Ashley after the couple made up. Ruby informed Billy Joe that Rikki and Elena have been booked on Phil Roberts' show. Justin asked for Bubba's help with moving to the Marshall Ranch.

AUGUST 21, 1981 (EP. #268)
Ruby unplugged Billy Joe's TV set. Bubba called the Bellman's at Justin's request and talked to Beth, who told Reena that a flower shop has a delivery for her. Joe tried to calm down a nervous Elena. Reena advised Vicky she can't stay at the cabin without Max. Justin informed Bubba to make sure he is out of the office before Ryan finds him there. Billy Joe and Rikki met Phil. Ruby arrived at the apartment just as Elena was about to leave for the show. Ashley found out that Justin is moving to the ranch after exchanging words with Bubba. Justin argued with Reena at the Bellman's until Vicky threw him out. Ruby insisted on watching Phil's show at Elena's apartment. Vicky urged Reena to accept that Max was wrong to blow up the well. Steve arrived home from camp and learned from Ginny about Max's death. Ashley confronted Justin about moving to the ranch instead of in with her. Elena didn't have a reason why she doesn't want Ruby to be in the apartment alone. Reena remembered celebrating with Max when the well stopped and talked to Kate and Ginny about Justin drilling. Kate planned to continue living at and running the ranch. Ashley gave her condolences about Max to Vicky who asked her to keep Justin away from Reena. Billy Joe called Elena while Phil got upset about her being late. Reena guessed she must be pregnant when she had a dizzy spell while talking to Ginny. Billy Joe told Rikki that he is through with Elena when she said she was too sick to make it to the show.

AUGUST 24, 1981 (EP. #269)
Ashley told Iris that Justin is moving to the ranch. Ginny and Reena attacked Justin when he arrived to move in. Phi took his anger out on Billy Joe after learning that Elena won't be on his show. Elena searched for Joe who left through the bathroom window. Iris advised Ashley to choose between her loyalty to Ryan and her love for Justin. Kate demanded that Justin leave Reena alone. Billy Joe and Phil liked Rikki's idea of talking about Elena's career. Iris assured Ashley that Justin will marry her and boasted to Grant that Ashley won't be working for Ryan much longer. Kate admitted to Ginny and Reena that she's struggling to keep the ranch going. Billy Joe talked to Phil about being Elena's manager after Rikki sang. Grant and Iris argued over her plan to oust Ryan from World Oil. Ginny and Reena wondered if Ryan could stall Justin's drilling. Lurlene told Ginny that Bubba showed up at her place uninvited. Joe informed Elena that Ruby is on to them. Billy and Joe exchanged insults after the show concluded. Lurlene told Ginny that Bubba has been coming on to her and gave Reena her condolences. Grant asked Evan to look into Alex's case so that Iris might quit seeking revenge against Ryan. Joe hid when Billy Joe arrived to talk to Elena. Dr. Watkins informed Grant that he believes died from suffocation and not a second stroke. Ashley came to the ranch looking for Justin. Elena told Billy Joe that she is through with her career. Ashley informed Justin she has a way to oust Ryan.

AUGUST 25, 1981 (EP. #270)
Dennis called Pete to set Paige's next surprise after dreaming about paying her to make love. Grant and Ryan decide to look into the possibility that Alex was killed when Grant mentioned that he may not have had a second stroke. Ashley and Justin decided to locate Hiram after wondering if the man could score points with the board. Dennis told Eliot and Paige that he is having lunch with Jack. Reena warned Ryan not to trust Justin, Ashley or Dennis. Lurlene told Grant she has a message for Lacey from Jeb. Dennis advised Eliot and Paige he is meeting with Jack because doesn't know the details of a movie. Bubba searched Hiram per Justin's orders. Eliot questioned Dennis on his plan. Lurlene gave Jeb's message to Lacey and mentioned him moving to Dallas. Grant and Lacey argued about how he doesn't consider any man good enough for her. Reena told Justin that she is pregnant and will make sure Justin is punished for his deeds. Justin vowed to Reena that they will be friends again. Paige and Eliot discussed Dennis' movie plans. Vicky decided to take control of the situation when Reena told her about Justin's visit. Ashley got upset because Justin missed a meeting with a board member. Paige and Eliot were puzzled about Pete and Dennis' involvement. Lurlene learned that Billy Joe is no longer Elena's manager after mentioning that Jeb left town to see Courtney. Justin agreed when Vicky advised him to leave Reena alone and congratulated her on being a grandmother. Eliot was curious about Jack who was turned down for a date by Paige.

AUGUST 26, 1981 (EP. #271)
Vicky told Reena she was surprised to learn from Justin that she is pregnant. Paige explained to Eliot that Jack is an acquaintance of hers from Hollywood. Striker refused to carry out Reena's wish of having Justin arrested for being a pest. Phil informed Billy Joe that the audience loved his appearance on the show and offered to make him a regular guest. Paige blamed Pete for bringing Jack to town. Ginny, Kate, Vicky, and Striker discussed Reena while she talked to Steve about Max. Lurlene and Ruby tried to get Billy Joe to accept Phil's offer. Ginny worried about Iris causing trouble for Ryan while discussing Steve with Reena. Dennis asked Eliot how his lunch with Paige went. Reena advised Ginny that Ryan shouldn't trust Dennis or Ashley. Billy Joe convinced Paige to reveal the truth about her past with Jack. Striker and Vicky agreed that they are both needed by Reena for support. Kate invited Lurlene to stay at the ranch and offered to help when Lurlene complained about experiencing financial hardship. Paige confessed to Eliot that Pete arranged for her to sleep with producers including Jack. Eliot forgave Paige for lying about her association with Jack and assured her that they are still friends. Phil admitted to Ruby that he plans to use Billy Joe to raise the ratings of his show even though he can't stand him. Phil told Ruby to convince Billy Joe to appear on the show if she wants Rikki to sing on it again.

AUGUST 27, 1981 (EP. #272)
Peter advised Paige that the plan to bring Jack to the club was Dennis'. Iris decided to talk to Justin once Ashley told her about being pregnant. Ruby read one of Billy Joe's many fan letters and agreed to keep her end of the deal with Bubba. Bubba brought Justin a progress report on Hiram. Billy Joe told Nita that Ruby has changed into someone who will walk all over anyone to get ahead. Pete vowed to have Paige one way or another. Ruby brought Billy Joe some of the letters. Eliot felt Pete was lying about plotting with Dennis when Paige talked to him about it. Iris informed Justin that Ashley is ready to move back to Savannah because she thinks it will be best for Justin and the baby she is carrying. Billy Joe refused to appear on Phil's show again and told Ruby to leave town. Nita urged Billy Joe to do the show again and help people. Dennis admitted to Eliot that he set up the meeting with Jack and Peter. Iris told Ashley that she told Justin about the baby and assured her that everything will work out once they marry. Nita and Angela were thrilled when Billy Joe agreed to appear on Phil's show again after all. Ruby advised Phil she intends to be paid for helping him. Dennis blamed Paige for turning Eliot against him when Eliot was appalled at Dennis' schemes. Justin promised to make Ashley happy and assured her of not feeling obligated to marry her.

AUGUST 28, 1981 (EP. #273)
Nita gave Billy Joe a kiss for good luck after she, Ruby, and Rikki convinced him to appear on Phil's show. Iris told Grant about Justin and Ashley's upcoming wedding. Eliot advised Iris that Dennis needs psychiatric help. Justin left Ashley with Bubba to meet Hiram. Eliot told Iris that Dennis is convinced Paige ruined his life. Iris called Dennis to have him sign a paper for Grant on Alex's estate. Bubba and Ashley argued after Bubba asked what Justin and her want from Hiram. Maggie questioned Elena on why she let Billy Joe down. Iris told Dennis she disagrees with Eliot about him needing help and promised not to let Paige ruin Eliot's life. Justin accused Hiram of engineering the cover up regarding the misappropriation of funds at World Oil. Elena thought it too late when Maggie urged her to patch things up with Billy Joe. Maggie warned Elena that Ruby will walk over anyone to get what she wants including Rikki. Dennis planned to show Eliot what kind of person Paige really is if Iris refuses to help him. Justin blackmailed Hiram into signing a statement that Ryan stopped the investigation or be jailed even though neither Ryan nor Hiram had anything to do with the cover up. Rikki sang on Phil's show. Iris called Eliot to assure him that Dennis is fine. Bubba asked for Hiram's silence when he thought that Pete might be working for Jim. Billy got out of the suit he wore for the show and talked about being yourself. Hiram advised Bubba that his boss is a closed subject and he is leaving Texas. Ashley told Iris that she can't allow her mother to attend the wedding because they will know that something is wrong. Justin wanted to celebrate with Iris because of the upcoming wedding and removal of Ryan from World Oil.

AUGUST 31, 1981 (EP. #274)
Ruby informed Rikki and Billy Joe that they will each be signed to a contract at KVIK for $50,000 a year. Ginny and Ryan planned their wedding after seeing the new house. Justin told Grant, Iris, and Ashley that Ryan was responsible for the misappropriation of funds at World Oil. Grant and Ashley took Ryan's side against Justin, who then advised her to decide if she wants to be loyal or not. Eliot informed Paige that Dennis confessed to being behind the incident with Jack. Billy Joe and Nita had a drink to celebrate his success after Ruby planned to help him make it to the top. Grant suggested Ryan stay with World Oil so they can investigate further. Ryan informed Grant that Dr. Watkins believes Alex was murdered. Ruby reminded Billy Joe and Rikki that she is their manager now. Eliot and Paige spent time together at the Boathouse, the lake, and an old hunting cabin. Ryan realized that Ashley told Justin about Hiram and agreed to stay the night with Ginny. Nita refused when Billy Joe asked her to come home with him. Grant and Iris argued over her accusations of Ryan killing Alex. Rikki and Ruby became intimate when they went to the hayloft. Eliot and Paige shared a kiss. Ginny promised to work with Grant to help prove Ryan's innocence. Paige suggested she and Eliot leave the hunting cabin because she felt what they were doing was wrong. Dennis secretly watched Eliot and Paige.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1981 (EP. #275)
Rikki was excited over his budding relationship with Ruby after they made love in the hayloft. Paige decided to avoid Eliot. Striker advised Reena that the mineral rights to the Marshall land may be on a separate contract that Kate is looking for. Ryan suggested Ashley become tougher or be destroyed by Justin and mentioned wanting an executive assistant he can trust. Ginny told Striker and Reena that Justin framed Ryan for embezzlement and murder. Nita told Maggie she plans to make a decision on getting a divorce or reconciling with Billy Joe. Reena tried to comfort Ginny who felt Ryan doesn't stand a chance against Iris and Justin. Ryan advised Justin that he doesn't own the mineral rights to the Marshall land after seeing Hiram's signed statement. Justin called Iris to hire Ashley after learning that Ryan fired her. Grant warned Iris that she will ruin the company that Alex built if she goes public with her accusations against Ryan. Ruby let Nita know that she spent the night with Rikki. Dennis ordered Paige to stay out of Eliot's life. Rikki informed Maggie and Nita that he is turning in his resignation with World Oil. Nita decided to start divorce proceedings and learned from Maggie that she won't have Rikki's support since he is seeing Ruby. Dennis admitted to Paige that he followed her and Eliot around. Dennis told Paige he'd prefer her to leave Houston when Paige said she wasn't going to see Eliot anymore. Reena urged Iris to face the fact that Justin is playing on her grief to frame Justin. Maggie insulted Ruby and ordered her to leave Rikki. Paige told Eliot that Dennis knows what happened at the cabin and she doesn't want to see him again. Reena warned Iris that she will ruin an innocent man if she continues to listen to Justin and Ashley. Eliot couldn't promise Paige that he will stay away from her.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1981 (EP. #276)
Lurlene found out that Kate is suing Justin over the mineral rights to the ranch. Paige was surprised when Dennis arrived at the Top of The World Club and mentioned he is having lunch with a pretty model. Rikki informed Ruby he wants to branch out and perform at the club instead of the Coop. Kate and Ginny ordered Justin to return to Houston when he and Ashley came for dinner and advised he will lose the suit. Paige told Dennis she has no intention of leaving town when Dennis asked. Ruby convinced Paige to let Rikki sing at the club. Elena requested Joe return the stolen money after mentioning that she is about ready to leave town. Ashley tried to make peace between Justin and Kate. Joe and Elena disagreed about returning the money. Lurlene discussed not having money to go back to college with Ginny. Ruby arrived unexpectedly at Elena's apartment. Dennis noticed Paige tell Eliot that she doesn't want to see him. Justin told Ashley he will get the oil on the Marshall property one way or another. Lurlene went home to obtain some financial papers. Elena told Ruby that she doesn't want to sing at the Coop. Ruby found Joe hiding in the bathroom of Elena apartment. Dennis accused Eliot of lying about his relationship with Paige and threw a glass at her. Ashley informed Justin that she made peace with Kate to some extend and warned him not to ruin it. Kate told Ginny that Lurlene went back to her place to get some papers. Bubba snuck up on Lurlene and grabbed her.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1981 (EP. #277)
Justin and Ginny traded insults in front of Ashley and Kate. Lurlene tried to escape from Bubba. Iris tried to talk Lacey out of going to the Coop. Ruby promised not to turn Joe in to the police if Elena sings at the Coop. Ginny and Ashley argued over her betraying Ryan. Bubba made an abrupt exit when Lurlene was certain it was Kate who was calling when the phone rang. Bubba warned Lurlene to keep quiet about the incident and that he will return to discuss their friendship. Iris offered to speak to Grant on Lacey's behalf about him being over-protective. Ginny told Kate that Justin and Ashley might be getting married because she is pregnant. Billy Joe was upset after learning that Ruby convinced Paige to have Rikki sing at the club. Elena tried to think of raising funds to escape the country with Joe rather than using the drug money that Joe stole. Ginny urged Lurlene to tell Justin and Kate about being terrorized by Bubba. Ruby explained that she got Rikki the job at the club so he and Elena could reconcile and work together again. Kate blamed Justin for Bubba harassing Lurlene. Eliot informed Iris that Dennis accused him of lying about his relationship with Paige. Iris told Eliot that he should see a doctor if he intends to get involved with Paige. Ruby wasn't happy to see Rikki and Lacey talking together. Elena begged Billy Joe for her job back. Justin told Iris that he doesn't own the mineral rights to the Marshall land. Ashley assured Iris that Justin has several other projects that will help World Oil. Iris called a friend of hers on the newspaper finance staff to leak the suspicion of Ryan embezzling funds to the public.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1981 (EP. #278)
Nita told Maggie that she plans to consult with a lawyer about a divorce. Iris admitted to Grant that she called the finance editor of the newspaper and leaked the suspicions that Ryan is embezzling funds from World Oil. Ryan vowed to fight dirty against Justin too which includes revealing his slant drilling. Bubba was certain there was no way to prove that they were slant drilling when Justin worried about Ryan's threats. Justin advised Bubba to make sure Hiram can't be found and to stay away from Lurlene. Bubba denied bothering Lurlene. Grant warned against mentioning the slant drilling to Ryan because it would hurt World Oil. Iris found a drunk Dennis living in a messy apartment. Iris assumed Dennis just needed rest and to get away for a while even though Dennis agreed to see a psychiatrist. Ashley arrived to calm Justin, who got angry at Bubba and demanded he leave Lurlene alone. Grant told Ryan he thinks Hiram may still be in Houston. Vivien talked to Grant about Iris and worried about Dennis becoming so moody from everything he has gone through. Justin informed Ashley that Kate declined his invitation to their wedding. Hiram saw the article about Ryan and called Vivien wanting to speak with Iris. Ryan wasn't able to get any information about Hiram from a former co-worker of his. Elena asked for Bobbie Sue's help in making sure no one knows she is living above the beauty parlor. Iris blamed Eliot and Paige for Dennis' mental state while Eliot put the blame on Iris. Hiram refused to talk to anyone except Iris when he arrived at the suite. Elena asked Maggie for a loan to buy new furniture for the apartment. Nita advised Maggie and Elena that she has spoken with a lawyer. Iris informed Eliot that Dennis has agreed to see a doctor. Justin arrived as Grant and Hiram waited for Iris.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1981 (EP. #279)
Iris supervised the wedding preparations. Dennis accused Eliot of wanting him to be locked away. Reena showed Vicky all the things she bought for the baby. Hiram left the Wheeler house once Justin arrived. Eliot admitted that he didn't know he had strong feelings for Paige until they spent time together at the boathouse. Reena refused when Vicky suggested she see Bart to confirm that she's pregnant. Grant vowed to find Hiram and learn why he seemed terrified of Justin after seeing him. Dennis agreed to see Dr. Jefferies. Reena had a dizzy spell while talking to Vicky. Justin requested that Bubba find Hiram before Ryan does. Pete saw the article about the World Oil investigation and called Jim, who told him to find Hiram. Justin informed Bubba that he is not invited to the wedding. Paige advised Iris she already planned to leave Houston when Iris demanded she pack her bags because she's fired and is being kicked out of the suite. Ginny told Reena she suspects Justin is only marrying Ashley because she is pregnant. Grant suggested he and Ryan hire a private detective after mentioning Hiram's reaction to seeing Justin at the Wheeler house. Paige placed blame on Iris for Dennis being sick. Ginny told Striker and Reena about Bubba terrorizing Lurlene. Ryan advised Striker that they need to hire a private detective to find Hiram. Paige wondered why Pete was being helpful with getting her out of town. Ginny told Vicky that Justin and Ashley are getting married on the yacht. Vicky and Ginny don't believe that Reena is pregnant. Iris helped soothe Ashley's doubts about getting married. Justin and Ashley had their wedding ceremony. Pete updated Jim about Paige leaving town and getting two men to search for Hiram. Paige told Eliot she is leaving town tonight.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1981 (EP. #280)
Billy Joe refused to sign the divorce papers that Nita gave him. Eliot told Paige he plans to go with her if she tries to leave town. Ryan interrupted Justin and Ashley dancing on the yacht. Billy Joe argued with Nita and advised Rikki and Ruby that he doesn't want him singing at the Coop. Dr. Jefferies questioned Dennis. Justin argued with Ryan and informed Ashley that he ordered Bubba to run Hiram out of town. Ruby tried to stop a fight between Rikki and Billy Joe. Ashley asked Justin not to reveal her pregnancy to people for a couple months. Justin surprised Ashley with fireworks as a wedding gift. Ryan learned from a desk clerk that Hiram checked out of his hotel two days ago and that two men are looking for him as well. Ruby insisted that Rikki is only interested in his career and other things besides Nita. Ruby promised to help Billy Joe and Nita reconcile. Dr. Jefferies told Eliot that Dennis will be fine. Ryan advised Ginny that he can't figure out who else besides Bubba is looking for Hiram and asked to postpone the wedding until he clears his name. Ruby questioned Elena about Joe. Eliot reminded Paige he is accompanying her out of town after mentioning that Dennis is doing better. Elena and Rikki sang "Slow Dancing Under The Stars." Ginny refused to postpone her wedding to Ryan. Paige fantasized about Iris throwing her and Eliot an engagement party and Dennis showing her pornographic film. Rikki assured Ruby that he and Nita are just friends.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1981 (EP. #281)
Rikki surprised Lacey at the stables and told her he is going to start singing at the club. Reena showed Vicky the rocking horse she is having delivered. Justin was pleased that he and Ashley had to leave the yacht and Bubba failed to find Hiram. Vicky convinced Reena into seeing Bart for a doctor's appointment. Ashley suggested Justin convince Dennis to side with him instead of Ryan at the next board meeting. Grant didn't approve of Rikki even though Lacey insisted that they are just friends. Ginny told Kate that she plans to keep Steve in school near the ranch for at least another year. Lurlene talked about Bubba after informing Kate and Ginny that she had an interview at a bank. Reena spoke to Bart secretary and another patient at the hospital. Lurlene discovered that Reena might be pregnant. Reena daydreamed of her life with Max and their children but left after thinking of Justin holding her daughter. Kate and Ginny discussed wedding plans. Lurlene declined Kate's offer to accompany her back to the house so she could change clothes. Grant asked Vicky if she has a job for Lacey at KVIK and invited her and Striker to dinner at the club. Rikki and Lacey flirted. Vicky received a call from Bart's secretary who mentioned that Reena didn't keep her doctor's appointment. Bubba confronted Lurlene about telling people about his visits to her. Reena admitted to Vicky and Ginny that she doesn't want to know if she is truly pregnant so she can hold onto hope. Kate pulled a gun on Bubba after he forced Lurlene inside the house. Justin arranged for KVIK news reporter Maggie Hanson to question Ryan about allegations that he was involved in the misappropriation of funds.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1981 (EP. #282)
Ashley found Justin with reports in Ryan's office. Grant told Lacy he wants them to have dinner with Striker and Vicky at the club and suggested she get a job at KVIK. Ruby and Billy Joe learned that Rikki still has a job at the club. Ryan arrived before Ashley could get Maggie Hanson out of his office. Paige informed Billy Joe that Rikki still has a contact with the club even though she was fired and is leaving Houston. Vicky told Striker that she is going to convince Reena to see Bart. Ryan refused to answer Maggie's questions and got into a fist fight with Justin. Billy Joe advised Paige running away won't solve her dilemma with Eliot. Vicky left to see Ryan while Grant and Lacey sat with Striker. Ryan suggested Vicky look at the report and threatened to sue KVIK if it airs prompting Justin to accuse Ryan of censorship. Billy Joe assured Ruby she has nothing to worry about. Justin threatened to badmouth Vicky's management of KVIK if she doesn't run Maggie's report. Ruby noticed Rikki and Lacey exchanging glances. Vicky decided to watch the news report at KVIK instead of having dinner with Grant, Striker, and Lacey. Ashley admitted to Justin that she loves him despite not caring for his actions. Lacey insisted on going to the Coop with Rikki despite Grant's objections but wasn't happy that Ruby came along. Ginny tried to keep Ryan calm while the report aired on KVIK. Paige informed Eliot that she is staying in Houston but they can't see each other now.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1981 (EP. #283)
Iris accused Ryan of ruining the company as Grant and Ryan talked about the report. Ashley was upset over what Justin did and warned him that his schemes will backfire. Lurlene refused to go to the sheriff about Bubba's harassment after telling Ginny what happened. Ryan informed Iris that Justin is the one ruining World Oil. Reena told Vicky she wants a job at the company so she can destroy Justin. Ashley lead Iris to believe it wasn't Justin who leaked the story about Ryan when Iris asked. Dennis daydreamed about telling Paige he is going to show her movie. Ginny told Vicky that Ryan has a cooler head and Reena that they are going to the hospital to see Bart. Grant informed Ryan that Iris may finally be having doubts about believing Justin. Ashley listened while Justin defended himself and mentioned needing Dennis' vote to oust Ryan from the company to Iris. Grant and Ryan mulled over files on Alex's desk including the Lawrence/Parnell file. Ginny told Reena about Lurlene's problem with Bubba and worried about Iris and Dennis causing trouble for Ryan. Vicky suggested Ryan give more thought to his idea of a showdown between him and Justin on KVIK. Ashley apologized to Ryan for the news report and warned him that Iris is attempting to convince Dennis to vote against him. Dennis agreed to vote with Iris in exchange for throwing a part with all of Houston's finest to show Paige's film. Reena came out of the examination room and began to cry. Hiram called Ryan and said he is leaving the country and that Pete is the key to the issues at World Oil.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1981 (EP. #284)
Reena came out of the examination room and told Ginny that she isn't having Max's baby. Grant advised Ryan not to tell anyone about Pete or the call from Hiram. Dennis demanded that Iris accept his offer and to put it in writing. Vicky called Striker about Reena and urged her to accept that she is not pregnant rather than see another doctor. Ginny tried to comfort Reena, who blamed Justin for taking away all her dreams and Max. Ryan questioned Pete about his work before joining Lawrence Petroleum. Ginny assured Reena that Ryan will win against Justin for control of World Oil. Billy Joe told Paige she is making a mistake staying away from Eliot. Dennis informed Grant that he is voting with Iris which caused an argument. Iris told Ginny and Reena about her and Dennis calling a stockholders meeting to oust Ryan. Billy Joe suggested Paige open a dress boutique and hire Nita as an assistant. Dennis daydreamed about him and Iris keeping Eliot and Paige apart. Reena told Striker she has to find a way to keep Justin from winning after Iris called Striker to set up the stockholders meeting. Ryan told Paige he thinks Pete was involved in the misappropriation of funds. Striker promised to help stop Justin after a heated talk with Reena, Vicky, and Ginny. Vivien reminded Iris of how she thought Cecile was good for Dennis and turned out to be wrong and could be with Ryan as well. Grant warned Iris going through with her plot against Ryan. Paige advised Ryan that she thinks Pete was with Alex when he had his stroke.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1981 (EP. #285)
Paige invited Eliot to dinner. Ryan told Grant he thinks Pete murdered Alex. Ruby wasn't happy to see Rikki with Lacey at the club where Lacey offered to give him some pointers if he wants to learn how to fly. Ryan told Grant he plans to confront Pete with the information that he was with Alex when he had a stroke. Ruby advised Lacey to stay away from Rikki after questioning her intentions towards him. Paige offered Nita a job to work for her at a boutique and mentioned she got the idea from Billy Joe. Ryan and Grant interrogated Pete about being the last one to see Alex before his stroke. Grant and Ryan planned a strategy. Nita agreed to consider Paige's job offer. Ruby learned that Rikki is horseback riding with Lacey. Ryan was optimistic while talking to Ginny. Evan recognized a picture of Pete that Grant showed him and agreed to ask about his whereabouts. Pete warned Paige that she is playing with fire. Evan informed Grant that no one recognized Pete from the picture. Eliot found out that Pete hit Paige. Paige informed Eliot that she needs time to sort out her feelings but doesn't want to lose him. Ryan promised Ginny that everything will work out. Rikki and Ruby reconciled after setting aside their disagreement about Lacey.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1981 (EP. #286)
Rikki agreed to consider getting an apartment with Ruby. Grant and Vivien wished Lacey good luck with her job efforts at KVIK. Jim informed Pete that Ryan has asked to see him and warned to get them out of the mess they are in. Pete tried to convince Jim that everything is going according to plan. Ben Adams warned Phil to be nice to Billy Joe and Rikki or risk losing Texas Tractor as a show sponsor. Lacey asked Vicky if there are any job openings on the Phil Roberts Show. Grant and Ryan planned a meeting with Jim. Vicky introduced Lacey to Ben. Ruby overheard Lacey and Rikki make dinner arrangements after Lacey mentioned she may be working on Phil's show. Ryan asked Jim about Pete. Grant and Ruby learned from Rikki and Meredith that Lacey hopes to get a job working for Phil. Jim agreed to talk to Pete and find out if he was behind the misappropriation of funds or with Alex when he had his stroke for Ryan. Phil hired Lacey after discovering that Lacey is Iris' niece. Striker informed Vicky that he is calling T.J. in Casablanca to handle his proxy since Striker has to go to Venezuela. Jim advised Pete about Ryan's plans to prove him guilty of murder and embezzlement of World Oil funds. T.J. left his lover to head back to Houston. Lacey told Ruby and Rikki about getting the job. Grant learned from Ruby that Rikki performs on Phil's show regularly. Ruby asked Lacey about Grant's apparent dislike of Rikki. Ryan told Grant he thinks Jim knows everything that has happened to Alex and World Oil. Jim ordered Pete to find Joe and shut him up for good.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1981 (EP. #287)
Pete advised Jim that Paige may be able to help them find Joe. Ginny agreed to let Steve stay the night on the ranch when he refused to move to town with her. Paige told Eliot about opening a boutique and asked him to look at available buildings with her. Ruby told Billy Joe she is getting an apartment for her and Rikki to keep Lacey from moving in on Rikki. Ruby decided to get Rikki a record deal like Billy Joe did for Elena. Ryan advised Justin he many not need Hiram to prove his innocence after all. Pete came after Paige after when she refused to reveal any new information about finding Joe's confession. Justin wondered what Ryan was up to. Paige asked Elena how she obtained Joe's confession. Ruby talked Jim into backing Rikki's career. Kate expressed her doubts about Ashley being pregnant. Ruby told Jim that Elena isn't interested in making records because of personal problems. Elena admitted to Paige that she and Joe love each other. Kate warned Ashley to have a baby for Justin soon. Paige told Eliot she had doubts about keeping a promise she made. Jim advised Pete that he thinks Joe is with Elena.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1981 (EP. #288)
Dennis made sure that Iris planned to keep her end of their deal if he votes to oust Ryan from World Oil with him. Elena informed Joe that Paige knows she is hiding him. Dennis advised Iris to order the invitations to his party or he won't vote against Ryan. Elena told Joe she will get some money so they can leave for Mexico right away. Jim advised Pete that Elena seems less innocent than Pete thinks. Justin and Ashley talked about Ryan and when she should start showing. Ryan asked Dennis for more time to prove he is being framed by Justin. Jim thought it odd when Elena said she wasn't interested in making another record. Justin told Ashley he would like to buy Reena's land. Dennis advised Ryan to tell him how he plans to prove his innocence the board meeting will be held as planned. Elena was nervous talking about Joe with Jim and then recognized Pete as the other man on the freighter. Joe admitted to Elena that Pete was his boss. Dennis asked Iris if she will still have the party if Ryan proves he is innocent. Jim and Pete planned to follow Elena after her performance at the Coop tonight. Joe told Elena he loves her and was being protective when Elena showed doubts of trusting him anymore. Iris told Dennis she will call Justin to make sure Ryan can't prove his innocence. Maggie and Elena talked about Max. Vivien told Ashley and Justin that Reena isn't pregnant. Iris informed Justin that Ryan said he can prove his innocence. Joe told Elena that he thinks Pete killed Alex.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1981 (EP. #289)
Dennis came to Justin to make sure Ryan can't prove he is innocent. Elena urged Joe to go to the police with the information about Alex's murder. Billy Joe told Bobbie Sue he doesn't have a lawyer because he intends to tell the judge the divorce is wrong because he and Nita still love each other. Dennis informed Justin that removing Ryan from World Oil is important to him for personal reasons. Joe agreed to a meeting with Ryan to tell him about Pete killing Alex. Justin advised Bubba that Ryan may be able to prove he wasn't behind the misappropriation of funds. Grant and Ginny suggested Ryan give Dennis false information in case he is spying for Justin and Iris. Ruby overheard Roy and Bobbie Sue talking about Elena staying at another apartment. Ashley advised Bubba to stay away from Lurlene. Ryan gave Dennis information about finding Hiram. Billy Joe tried to convince Nita not to proceed with the divorce. Justin realized that Ryan was bluffing when he asked where Hiram is. Ruby told Joe and Elena that Jim and Pete may know about Elena hiding Joe. Billy Joe tried to convince the judge not grant the divorce. Vicky met T.J. at the Top of the World Club and introduced him to Ryan and Ginny. Ruby found a check from Maggie in the apartment after promising Elena she won't turn Joe in to the police if she keeps singing at the Coop. Billy Joe told Bobbie Sue that the divorce was granted. Ashley learned about Justin and Dennis' scheme against Ryan. Joe and Elena decided to spend the night in a motel. Ruby called Pete and requested a meeting.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1981 (EP. #290)
Joe and Elena packed for their trip. Ryan and Ginny talked about T.J. while dancing. Ruby told Jim and Pete that Joe and Elena are in the apartment above the beauty parlor. Ashley and T.J. noticed each other as he spent time with Ryan and Ginny. Ruby didn't succeed in cheering Billy Joe up by saying that Nita isn't good enough for him. Ryan, Ginny, and Justin learned that T.J. and Ashley knew each other in graduate school. Ruby informed Elena that she revealed Joe's whereabouts to Jim and Pete. Ashley told T.J. that she lied that the two of them never dated to Justin. Billy Joe was surprised when Elena insisted on performing at the Coop right away. Jim headed to the Coop after learning that Joe and Elena have already left the apartment. Ruby thought Elena was acting peculiar during her performance and told Billy Joe. Ashley tried to assure Justin that he has nothing to worry about from Ryan or T.J. regarding the board meeting. Elena escaped before Pete spotted her at the Coop. Pete told Jim he lost Elena. Joe and Elena planned to see Ryan in the morning. Jim made plans to see Ryan.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1981 (EP. #291)
Justin and Ashley talked about the board meeting with Iris. T.J. found Reena's portrait at the Bellman house to be beautiful. Elena informed Ryan that Pete killed Alex. Ashley admitted to Iris that she is worried that Ryan and T.J. are up to something. T.J. advised Vicky that Ryan has a chance to delay the vote. Elena explained that she is meeting with Pete to record him talking about killing Alex and requested that Ryan be nearby. Jim informed Pete that no one has seen Elena today. Ashley told Iris that she thinks Ryan is innocent. Ryan told Grant that he is getting proof of his innocence but refused to divulge any details. Elena told Joe that their plan is set with Ryan. T.J. accused Justin of plotting against Ryan and conning Iris. Ryan and Ginny discussed Reena's obsession with revenge against Justin because of Max's death. Joe told Elena they will meet Pete at the zoo in three hours. Jim met Ginny upon arriving at Ryan's office. Joe finalized plans with Pete to meet at the panther cage. Jim left after he overheard a phone conversation Ginny had with Elena. Iris motioned for the other board members to come rather than consider Ryan's request to delay the meeting until next week. Elena told Joe that they will have to call Ryan later because Ginny answered the phone at his office. Ryan and T.J. convinced Reena to leave the board room. Justin informed the board members of Reena's accusations and swore that they were unfounded. Jim told Pete that Joe and Elena were planning to double cross him. The vote is taken to oust Ryan and replace him with Justin. Ryan and T.J. blamed Reena for ruining their plan after telling her and Ginny about the vote. Ryan received the call to meet at the zoo. Pete and Jim made their plans.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1981 (EP. #292)
Ryan told Ginny that may found a way to clear his name. Elena and Joe arrived at the job unaware that Pete has a gun and is watching them. T.J. apologized while Vicky tried to calm Reena. Ryan told Ginny that he wants to clear his name before considering the partnership that Striker offered him. Pete called Jim to notify him that the location of the meeting has changed and the trap is set. Lurlene told Kate she didn't get the job at the bank before the women talked about Justin and Ryan. T.J. told Vicky about the board meeting and blamed himself for its outcome. Grant and Ginny learned from Ryan about his meeting with someone he hopes will clear his name. Ryan refused to let Grant accompany him to the meeting. Iris and Dennis discussed the party they plan to have. Justin and Ashley arrived at the ranch and advised Kate and Lurlene the news of him becoming president of World Oil. Reena planned to talk to Iris after T.J. and Vicky discussed her blaming Justin for Max's death. Iris informed Vivien that she has to throw a party for Paige as part of her deal with Dennis. Joe answered a pay phone after he and Elena checked the recorder. Reena accused Iris of destroying Ryan's reputation. Kate informed Ashley that Justin won't change just because he is president of World Oil. Joe advised Elena that Pete changed the meeting place. Reena told Iris she feels sorry for her because she will have to live with herself. Kate warned Ashley that she will eventually lose her good qualities just like Justin. Pete surprised Joe and Elena and pulled out a gun. Pete got the money from Joe and Elena after admitting that he killed Bernie. Joe was shot by Pete while trying to protect Elena. Pete held a gun on Elena.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1981 (EP. #293)
Angela tried to comfort Nita. Ginny informed Reena that Ryan is meeting someone that may prove he is innocent. Joe wrestled the gun away from Pete. Elena grabbed the gun but couldn't fire it despite Joe's encouragement. Ryan thwarted Pete's escape with the money and the two men get into a fist fight. Billy Joe blamed Maggie and Rikki for Nita getting the divorce. Reena advised Ginny that she may have a way to get revenge on Justin after they talked about T.J. Elena called the police and an ambulance while Ryan went after Pete. Nita admitted to Angela that she can't live with Billy Joe anymore despite still loving him. Reena told Vicky about Ryan trying to clear his name. Ruby told Nita that she and Billy Joe aren't good for each other. Elena remained by a badly wounded Joe. Maggie threw a glass of water at Ruby during an argument in front of Rikki. Vicky warned Maggie Hanson not to slant the news in favor of Justin's appointment as president of World Oil at Ryan's expense. Reena told T.J. she wants to ruin Justin. Maggie told Rikki not to bring Ruby into her restaurant again. Reena told T.J. that the law didn't help Max and swore that Justin won't get away with his schemes. Joe asked Elena not to forget him. Ruby told Billy Joe and Rikki what happened at Maggie's and told them she isn't trash. T.J. warned Vicky that he will not help Reena hurt herself by seeking revenge against Justin. Joe was taken away in an ambulance. Ryan cornered Pete, who pulled a knife on him.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1981 (EP. #294)
Paige told Eliot about a building she would like to look at for her boutique. Grant, Ginny, and Reena waited to hear from Ryan. Ryan won the fight against Pete. Dennis informed Eliot that his divorce is final and learned that Eliot is having dinner with Paige. Grant, Reena, and Ginny discussed T.J. and Ryan and Ginny's wedding plans. Ryan asked the police to arrest Pete for the murder of Alex. Eliot told Dennis about Paige's plans to open a boutique after Dennis mentioned that he's accepted him and Paige seeing each other. Evan informed Elena that Joe was shot in the lung and that everything is being done to treat him. Elena called Rikki and asked him to come to the hospital. Ryan called Ginny and told her that Pete has been arrested and that he is on his way to the hospital to see Elena and have Grant meet him at the Packard Hotel. Reena told Ginny that she asked T.J. for help with destroying Justin. Elena played the tape for Ryan. Paige planned to move on with her life after discussing the divorce with Eliot. Dennis asked Maggie Hanson to obtain some information from the D.A.'s office for him. Grant and Ryan confronted Jim about changing the meeting places to the zoo. The police arrived with a search warrant to look for Hiram's work folder. Elena tried to explain helping Joe to an upset Rikki. Maggie suggested Dennis visit Ernie for information about how the D.A.'s office is run. Jim insisted he didn't order Pete to kill Alex and was arrested after the missing work file was found. Elena told an unconscious Joe that she loves him. Ryan and Grant updated Reena and Ginny on the events that happened at the zoo and with Jim. Paige decided to buy the building and was pleased that Dennis is handling things better. Ernie agreed to consider Dennis' offer to pay him to get Paige's film from the D.A.'s office.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1981 (EP. #295)
Vivien tried to console an upset Iris who called Steve and asked to have Justin come to the Wheeler house. Ryan and Ginny celebrated in bed. Ernie refused to accept Dennis's offer to obtain the film from the D.A.'s office. Iris advised Vivien she can't return calls from board members until she talks to Justin. Justin learned that Iris wants to see him and told Ashley not to worry about anything. Ryan decided to return to practice law instead of World Oil and planned his honeymoon in Acapulco with Ginny. Dennis found the key to the D.A.'s office and made a print of it. Kate and Justin discussed him framing Ryan and possibly being removed from the presidency. Paige told Eliot that she signed a lease for the boutique. Iris informed Dennis that Justin framed Ryan. Ryan, Ginny, and Kate talked about the future for Elena and Joe while Ginny wondered if Justin was a bad influence on Steve. Eliot and Paige discussed Pete. Dennis refused to let Iris out of keeping her end of their deal to throw the party. Ryan confronted Justin about Hiram and his future with World Oil. Grant advised Iris she owes Ryan an apology. Dennis brought the key imprint to a locksmith and bribed him to make a copy. Grant agreed to help Iris. Steve learned that Ryan and Ginny are finding ways to keep him involved in the wedding after Ryan asked him to be his best man. Ryan refused to take a call from Iris. Steve was bothered by seeing Ginny run to Ryan. Kate thought Steve was sad over Max not being alive for Ryan and Ginny's wedding. Iris fired Justin. Eliot supported Paige by telling her nothing can stop her or stand in her way now. Dennis stole the film and publicity stills from a file in the D.A.'s office.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1981 (EP. #296)
Paige showed Eliot some fabric idea and hoped to open the boutique in three weeks. Dennis asked Frankie to make copies of the pornographic film and stills and said it is for a stag party. Iris informed Ashley that Justin can remain at World Oil as head of the production division but not president. Striker offered to find a way to deal with Justin if Reena will talk to Iris. Vicky told Eliot and Dennis about Eliot getting an award as news director. Striker asked T.J. to help Reena get revenge against Justin. Paige told Angela and Nita about when she plans to open the boutique and asked Nita to start work right away. Ginny asked Striker to give her away since her father can't make it to the wedding. Iris accidentally revealed to Reena that Ashley is not pregnant. Nita advised Elena that Joe is no good. Dennis threatened to make sure Houston society knows about how far she took her vendetta against Ryan if she refuses to throw the party. Joel from the film lab delivered the film and copies to Eliot who assumed they must be for Dennis. Ryan told Iris that he may be able to forgive her in time and wants to practice law while letting Grant run World Oil. Nita informed Elena that she and Billy Joe are divorced. Dennis lied that the film is a documentary when Eliot gave the film and copies to him. Ryan told Reena and Ginny that Jim and Pete were arraigned and Joe will be charged once he is out of the hospital. Ryan accepted Striker's offer to his law partner. Billy Joe told Elena that he would like to forget all about her. Dennis returned the film to the D.A.'s office. Reena told Ginny that she plans to tell Justin that Ashley is not pregnant.

OCTOBER 1, 1981 (EP. #297)
Paige asked Eliot if she can stop by KVIK. Reena boasted about taking the first step to bringing Justin down. Ashley refused to see the doctor that Justin knows at Gulf Coast. Justin thanked Ashley for sticking by him against Iris. Dennis told Iris to make the party in Eliot's honor since he is getting an award and to convince Vicky to bring Eliot to the club. Iris told Vivien that Dennis has made it so she has no choice but to throw the party. T.J. was thrilled that Striker made Ryan full partner much like Striker did for T.J. when he was ready to settle down in Houston. Vicky invited Eliot to dinner in honor of his award. Paige planned the opening of her boutique with Nita. Reena informed Ashley that she knows she isn't pregnant. Dennis put the publicity stills inside the door of the boutique while Paige and Nita were there. Ashley accused Iris of betraying her after Reena confronted her. Paige found the stills and asked Eliot if it is possible that Dennis left them. Justin threw Reena out after she told him that Ashley isn't pregnant. Iris slapped Dennis after learning that he dropped the stills off for Paige to find. Ashley insisted she has the medical reports to prove she is pregnant when Justin accused her of lying to him.

OCTOBER 2, 1981 (EP. #298)
Eliot suspected Pete instead of Dennis when Paige asked if he was behind leaving the stills at the boutique. Lurlene wished Ryan the best while Kate oversaw the wedding preparations. Barrett requested that Ginny call off the wedding. Justin told Ashley he needs her and the baby when she brought up divorce. Eliot suggested Paige talk to Pete about the pictures. Ginny told Barrett to go back to Colorado and get psychiatric help. Barrett agreed to attend the wedding when Ginny assured him that Ryan has no intention of taking Steve away from him. Ryan comforted Ginny after learning that Barrett visited her. Pete told Paige that Dennis was most likely behind the pictures. Dennis thought Paige brought the incident on herself when Eliot mentioned the pictures being left at the boutique. Iris asked for another chance to earn her trust when Ashley told her that she is pregnant. Justin was happy that Ashley decided to forgive him. Ryan and Ginny exchanged vows. Eliot doubted Paige's suspicions about Iris being behind the pictures. Dennis grew angry after looking at one of Paige's pictures. Ryan suggested Steve get his camera from the house to take wedding photos. Barrett asked Steve if he would like to live with him and that Ginny approves of the idea before showing him a letter.

OCTOBER 5, 1981 (EP. #299)
Ben asked Lacey to keep Billy Joe at the studio and not tell Phil. Roy told Ruby that she received a call from someone in Nashville looking for her. Ryan and Ginny waited for Steve to return from the house. Steve believed that Ginny wanted him to live with Barrett after Barrett showed him a letter. Rikki and Lacey discussed Elena and Joe. Elena promised to use the loan from Maggie to hire Joe a lawyer. Barrett talked badly about Steve living with Ryan and Ginny but told the boy it was his choice. Ruby threatened to tell the police about Elena's involvement with Joe. Lacey tried to stall Billy Joe. T.J. and Vicky asked what happened with Reena's surprise for Justin. Reena found a letter left behind on Steve's bed. Elena warned Ruby to convince Billy Joe to let her sing at the Coop or everyone will know that Ruby knew about Joe. Reena told Ryan that Steve took off with Barrett. Billy Joe was uncomfortable with the idea of doing commercials for Texas Tractor when Ben planned to promote him. Elena told Rikki she is going to stand by Joe whether anyone understands or not. Reena suggested the highway patrol be called after showing the letter she found to Ryan. Billy Joe accepted Ben's offer to be a spokesperson for Texas Tractor with a $50,000 salary. Elena offered Rikki her apartment while she stays at the beauty parlor than warned Ruby to watch out. Reena and Ryan advised Ginny that Barrett left with Steve. Joe gave Elena his chain and refused to let her make a promise to wait for him if he goes to jail. Beau arrived just as Billy Joe and Ruby were about to celebrate his new television contract. Ryan assumed Barrett was somewhere in the area since Barrett didn't take a plane. Ryan assured Ginny that Steve will be found.

OCTOBER 6, 1981 (EP. #300)
Barrett and Steve talked at a cabin. Kate and Ryan tried to console Ginny who couldn't bare the idea that Steve thinks she doesn't love him anymore. Kate blamed Justin for Barrett taking Steve because he promised Barrett he would run Ryan out of town. Billy Joe reluctantly told Elena that she can return to the Coop but refused to resume being her manager. Beau informed Ruby that he came to get the money she took from their account with interest. Ryan and Ginny found out that Barrett has a rental car that is supposed to be returned next week. Justin informed Ashley that the decision is Iris' on whether he remains at World Oil or not. Ruby admitted that she missed Beau and agreed to get some money for him. Kate accused Ashley of having someone create a fake pregnancy report for her. Beau interrupted an argument between Elena and Ruby. Steve asked Barrett if he could invite Buddy to the cabin to say goodbye. Ryan and Ginny advised Kate that Barrett rented a car for a week. Beau met Elena and learned that Ruby is Billy Joe's manager. Barrett told Steve they have to decide where to live since Ginny has no room for Steve. Barrett called Ginny and refused to return Steve back to her. Beau advised Ruby he intends to collect more than $5000 to pay off her debt. Kate thought Barrett and Steve were staying at the summer cabin when Ginny mentioned hearing a train in the background while she was talking to Barrett.


OCTOBER 8, 1981 (EP. #301)
Nita gave Paige an envelope that was left under the door of the boutique. Ryan and Ginny headed for the summer cabin after learning that the phone was turned on there. Kate revealed Barrett and Steve's whereabouts to Justin and Ashley. Barrett instructed Steve to pack. Paige advised Eliot that she thinks Iris is behind the pictures. Justin told Ashley about his dreams of taking his children fishing and then taking over Marshall Oil just like their father had done. Iris warned Reena to let go of wanting revenge against Justin before she loses everything. Eliot and Nita discussed her divorce from Billy Joe. Ginny found Steve's medals in the cabin while Barrett had car trouble. Kate suggested Lurlene consult with Ryan about putting her grandfather's affairs in her name. Ryan informed Ginny that a neighbor saw Barrett and Steve load up a car to leave. Reena arrived as Justin and Ashley were trying to predict what will happen at the board meeting. Reena talked to Kate about redoing the living room. Reena and Lurlene discussed Bubba harassing her. Iris told Paige she had nothing to do with leaving the pictures at the boutique. Iris and Vivien banded together to replace the pornographic film that Dennis intends to show at the party with a different one. Lurlene admitted to Reena that she doesn't want to work in Houston. Reena tried to assure Ginny that they will find Steve. Vivien asked Dennis if they can talk about the party. Eliot advised Paige that he doesn't think anyone has the film. Dennis refused to let Vivien clean his apartment. Iris nominated Reena as officer of the company and head of the oil production division to replace Justin at the board meeting.

OCTOBER 9, 1981 (EP. #302)
Justin learned of Grant and Reena's nominations at the board meeting. Ryan and Ginny informed Kate that they will be called once Barrett returns the rental car. Barrett decided to replace the rental car with another one. Justin stormed out once Reena was voted in to replace him as head of production. Mrs. Key and sonny tried to stall Barrett and Steve at the rental car office. Dennis told Vicky that everything is set for Eliot's surprise party tonight. Frankie couldn't help Eliot who asked where someone would get a pornographic film duplicated. Reena asked T.J. to leave her alone after informing him that it was Iris' idea to have her replace Justin at World Oil. Paige tried to talk Eliot into attending the party when he didn't feel up for it. Ashley advised Justin not to blame her for Iris' actions. Justin told Kate what happened at the board meeting. Barrett bought Steve a couple magazines. Mrs. Key told Ryan and Ginny about trying to stall Barrett and Steve. Justin didn't get any sympathy from Kate but decided with Ashley it might be time to form Marshall Oil. Reena remembered Max giving her the knot ring while at the cabin. T.J. apologized to Reena, who remembered their plans to have a house built and children. Reena cried and said goodbye to Max after leaving his flannel shirt in the cabin. Ryan and Ginny searched for Barrett and Steve at diners nearby. Barrett snapped at Steve and reminded him that Ginny doesn't have room for him anymore. Reena told Vicky that she can't live at the cabin and is struggling to let go of Max. Barrett spied Ryan and Ginny after telling Steve to forget about them.

OCTOBER 12, 1981 (EP. #303)
Barrett took off with Steve after spotting Ryan and Ginny outside of the diner. Paige and Nita prepared for their meeting with Mrs. Oliver. Iris gave Vivien a tape to replace Paige's pornographic film that Dennis has. Ryan and Ginny learned from a waitress that Barrett and Steve just left the diner. Iris informed Dennis that she isn't happy about the party. Paige came up with the name of her boutique as "Paige One" while having the meeting with Mrs. Oliver. Ryan and Ginny split up in search of Barrett and Steve. Ashley berated Iris for not supporting Justin. Iris informed Ashley that Grant and Ryan wanted Reena on the board and Grant, Ryan, T.J., and Dennis will all vote for her. Billy Joe told Nita it is too late for them to be friends. Kate warned Ashley to do something about it if she's not pregnant. The video equipment arrives while Iris and Vivien struggle to find Dennis' tape. Reena wasn't eager to stay at the Top of The World Club upon arriving with T.J. Ashley insisted to Kate that she is pregnant and swore to never forgive Iris for betraying her and Justin. Vivien continued to search for the tape by herself. Ryan tried to assure Ginny that she will see Steve again. Eliot was surprised when Grant, Paige, and Vicky arrived at the party. Ryan informed Ginny that Barrett rented another car and is headed for Richmond, Virginia. Barrett decided to take Steve to Montana. Iris learned that no one knows Vivien's whereabouts. Vivien was locked in a room with the tape. Dennis had everyone gather around to start showing the tape.

OCTOBER 13, 1981 (EP. #304)
The bartender at Burley's Barbeque refused to serve any more drinks to Bubba. Dennis got angry when a tape of his baby pictures came up instead of the pornographic film. Ryan advised that Barrett and Steve are headed for Montana. Eliot asked what was going on as Iris tried to convince Dennis to seek help. Kate asked Ryan to take care of Lurlene's legal matters. Bubba bothered Lurlene at Burley's and then followed her when she left to get away from him. Iris tried to cover for Dennis when Eliot kept asking questions. Lurlene escaped after Bubba attacked her in his truck. Reena admitted to Vicky that she can't stop thinking about Max and agreed to be on Maggie Hanson's show. Eliot and Iris argued after Vivien revealed Dennis' plot. Lurlene vowed to kill Bubba after telling Ginny that he attempted to rape her. Iris told Paige what happened was her fault and called her a tramp. Ryan, Kate, and Ginny tried to comfort an upset Lurlene. Grant asked Iris what was bothering her. Dennis stormed out after Eliot admitted his love for Paige. Ryan and Ginny urged Lurlene to file a police report so Bubba will be arrested. Iris told Reena what happened at the party. Dennis gave George in the control room at KVIK the pornographic film and convinced him to play the tape. George didn't realize that Dennis pushed the button to air the film on television.


OCTOBER 15, 1981 (EP. #305)
Ryan, Kate, and Ginny convinced Lurlene to talk to the sheriff. Eliot arrived at KVIK and ordered Dennis to turn off the broadcast of Paige's film. Rikki asked about Beau, who wanted to see Ruby to demand more money. Justin and Ashley heard about what Bubba did to Lurlene. Eliot asked George to leave the control room so he could talk to Dennis alone. Ruby informed Rikki that Beau is a songwriter from Nashville. Elena mentioned already meeting Beau to Rikki. Kate told Ashley about Barrett taking Steve and heading to Montana. Justin decided to find Bubba himself. Eliot tried to help a hysterical Dennis. Beau told Ruby that he plans to keep quiet about their secret. Dr. Jefferies discussed Dennis' condition with Paige. Rikki walked Elena home after meeting Beau. Eliot grew upset with Paige who claimed she wasn't responsible for Dennis' condition. The sheriff advised Lurlene, Ryan, and Ginny that he is uncertain whether there is any evidence to arrest Bubba. Lurlene swore to take action against Bubba if the sheriff refuses. Beau asked Ruby if Rikki knows that he living with a married woman. Grant tried to comfort Paige when she blamed herself for destroying the wonderful man Dennis once was. The sheriff promised to handle Lurlene's case. Lurlene fainted after Bubba arrived and threatened to make her sorry. Ruby worried about Beau while Rikki tried to get cozy with her. Grant and Eliot discussed Dennis. Ryan informed Kate about Lurlene's visit with the sheriff and learned that Bubba was released on bail.

OCTOBER 16, 1981 (EP. #306)
Beau made a pass at Ruby on Phil Roberts' set. Vivien mentioned Paige's plans for a boutique to Iris. Kate and Ashley advised Justin not to get involved with the situation when he promised to find Bubba. Eliot told Paige that Dennis still loves her. Dr. Jefferies visited Dennis. Phil refused to talk to Ruby about hiring Beau. Mrs. Oliver advised Paige that the committee hasn't decided on sponsoring her opening yet. Ashley told Justin about Paige's boutique and gave him the baby's due date. Dennis apologized to Eliot for his actions while Dr. Jefferies told Paige that Dennis is doing better. Justin informed Lurlene and Ashley that Bubba may be headed to Mississippi. Iris and Paige had a confrontation at the hospital. Justin and Ashley mentioning going on a short cruise to Kate. Phil and Ruby were caught getting cozy and sharing a kiss by Phil's wife, Joan. Iris threatened to make sure Paige's boutique fails. Joan informed Ruby that Phil is an alcoholic. Eliot thought Paige might have been right about the two of them not seeing each other. Someone watched in the barn as Ashley tried to comfort Lurlene over Bubba's attacks. Iris revealed Paige's past with Chris and Pete to Mrs. Oliver.


OCTOBER 20, 1981 (EP. #307)
Ben informed Billy Joe that he wants to make him Phil's co-host. Iris told Vivien that Paige is getting a surprise regarding her boutique opening. Eliot updated Paige on Dennis condition. Mrs. Oliver informed Paige that her boutique is not going to sponsor her. Kate told Ginny that Lurlene is in the barn with a kitten. Someone spied on Lurlene. Ruby suggested to Beau that they get Phil fired because of his drinking problem so Billy Joe will give him a job. Kate told Ginny that she thinks Paige will do well with the boutique. Eliot tried to calm an upset Paige, who rightly suspected Iris' hand in getting turned down for sponsorship. Ben advised Phil that Billy Joe is going to be his co-host. Bubba spotted the kitten after Lurlene left the barn. Billy Joe quit his job on the show after having a run-in with Phil. Ginny and Lurlene found the kitten dead. Iris admitted to Eliot that she told Mrs. Oliver about the unsavory people Paige has been with. Kate and Ginny tried to comfort Lurlene. Ruby pretended to be Phil's ally and convinced him to talk to her in private. Billy Joe agreed to help get Paige on Phil's show after Eliot suggested it to Ben. Iris advised Paige that she won't rest until she leaves town. Lurlene decided to go to the stables to get Max's jacket. Ruby got cozy with Phil while getting him drunk. Ginny told Kate that the highway patrol believe Barrett is headed for Denver. Lurlene answered the phone in the stables and realized no one was on the other end.

OCTOBER 21, 1981 (EP. #308)
Ryan, Ginny, and Reena talked about Bubba and Lurlene. Rikki arrived at the Coop to discuss Phil with Ruby after she pouted vodka in a thermos of coffee. A stagehand told Ben she suspects Phil is drinking against. Reena informed Ryan and Ginny that she plans to be interviewed by Maggie Hanson. Joe agreed to Elena's request that he talk to Rikki. Ryan advised Reena against appearing on Maggie's show. Ginny tried to convince Lurlene to call Caleb for help. Ruby lied to Billy Joe and Rikki that she was making a record deal last night when Billy Joe asked about her whereabouts last night. Ruby told Beau that her plan to oust Phil from his television show is going well. Rikki told Joe that he has a chance to get charged with a lighter sentence if he gets legal help. Bubba called Lurlene and told her he killed the kitten to teach her a lesson and threatened to kill her if he doesn't get his way. Elena didn't think Joe would change his mind about getting a lawyer after Rikki told her about his talk with Joe. Ruby convinced Phil to do the show and gave him the thermos. Billy Joe fixed the situation when an inebriated Phil offended a guest. Lurlene grabbed a gun while telling Ryan and Ginny that Bubba isn't in Mississippi. Reena comforted Lurlene. The sheriff promised Ryan and Ginny he will do all he can to keep Bubba in jail. Phil told Joan he suspects that Ruby got him drunk on purpose. Beau and Ruby spent time together.

OCTOBER 22, 1981 (EP. #309)
Ryan informed Ginny that a ranger saw Barrett and Steve in Yellowstone. Steve complained about missing Kate and Ginny while getting homesick. Billy Joe called Eliot to let him know about an opening for a guest on Phil's show after talking to Ben. Phil planned to confront Ruby once she arrives at the studio. Ruby told Beau she will take care of Phil by getting him drunk again. Steve doubted Barrett who insisted that Ginny no longer wants him. Ryan assured Kate and Ginny that the sheriff with keep an eye on Bubba even if he is released from jail. Billy Joe and Eliot try to help Paige overcome being nervous. Barrett told an army buddy that he is taking care of Steve since Ginny left him. Paige was grateful to Eliot for letting her know about the opening on Phil's show after talking to Ben. Phil advised Ruby that he is wise to her getting him drunk. Barrett's friend offered his ranch as a place for Barrett and Steve to stay. Phil told Billy Joe about Ruby getting him drunk. Ryan tried to assure Ginny that they will find Steve. Barrett didn't notice Steve's unhappiness as he talked about their new home. Ruby told Beau that Phil is on to her. Barrett berated Steve for calling Kate and warned him against doing it again. Ruby lied when Billy Joe questioned her about maligning Phil. Billy Joe doubled over in pain. Steve wrote a letter to home. Ginny told Ryan she had a dream about Steve coming home.

OCTOBER 23, 1981 (EP. #310)
Billy Joe told Ruby that he didn't go see a doctor. Paige admitted to Eliot that she is nervous about appearing on Phil's show. Vivien informed Iris about Paige's upcoming television appearance. Billy Joe told Ruby he has been under a lot of pressure lately. Someone snuck into Billy Joe's dressing room and slipped pills into his coffee. Eliot tried to help Paige overcome being nervous. Iris called Vicky, who asked Ben to find room on the show to allow Iris to appear. Phil warned Billy Joe that his days on the show are numbered. Reena declined T.J.'s dinner invitation after he talked to Vicky. Eliot and Paige learned that Iris is going to be on Phil's show. Billy Joe insisted on working on the show for Paige's sake despite Ruby finding him in pain. Iris requested that she wants her and Paige to be on the same segment. Vicky advised Reena against doing an interview with Maggie Hanson. Billy Joe tried to defend Paige when Phil delved into her past with Pete during the broadcast. Ruby assured Ben when he worried about Billy Joe's health. Billy Joe struggled with getting through the show. Vicky was upset over Phil and Iris' attempts to railroad Paige. Reena told Vicky about Dennis' plan to humiliate Paige at Eliot's surprise party. Iris vowed to close down the boutique when Eliot laid into her for hurting Paige. Vicky lectured Iris about her schemes against Paige. Paige learned from Nita that people are cancelling on the boutique's opening and told Eliot. Billy Joe collapsed after a stagehand suggested he see a doctor.

OCTOBER 26, 1981 (EP. #311)
Iris discussed her appearance on the Phil Roberts' show with Reena. Billy Joe told Ruby he isn't appearing on the show today. Dennis requested to see Paige after Eliot visited him in the hospital. Lurlene decided to stay home rather than take Ginny's suggestion and see the taping of Reena's interview. Iris warned Reena to be careful of Maggie Hanson. Dennis informed Eliot that he is doing better. Bubba watched as Lurlene assured Ginny she will be fine by herself at home. Vicky warned Reena not to mention Justin if she wants the interview to air. Ruby ran into Eliot at the hospital. Bubba spied on Lurlene who kept herself occupied by looking for things to put in an album. Paige admitted to Dennis that she married him for money but grew to love him. Ginny advised Reena to forget about Justin when she mentioned Vicky's warning. Billy Joe informed Eliot and Ruby that the doctor's think his condition is stress related. Iris was outraged after learning from Eliot that Paige is visiting with Dennis. Reena talked to Ginny while getting ready for interview. Ginny called Lurlene and asked her a favor. Reena prevented Maggie Hanson from getting the best of her during the taping. Paige informed Eliot that her relationship with Dennis is truly over. Dennis ordered Iris to leave after mentioning that he saw her appearance on Phil's show. Rusty checked on Lurlene. Vicky and Ginny praised Reena's conduct with Maggie. Iris and Eliot argued. Bubba knocked Rusty unconscious and cut the phone line. Ginny was unable to reach Lurlene, who realized that the phone was dead.

OCTOBER 27, 1981 (EP. #312)
Billy Joe advised Ruby he will quit being the co-host of Phil's show if it continues to compromise his health. Beau slipped more pills in Billy Joe's drink. Ryan and Reena discussed business involving World Oil while Ginny tried to call Lurlene. Bubba arrived just as Lurlene realized that the phone was dead. Ruby told Billy Joe she plans to get Beau a job on the Phil Roberts' Show. Elena suggested Joe get a lawyer once Evan advised that Joe will be released from the hospital soon. Ryan, Reena, and Ginny were troubled with not hearing anything about Barrett and Steve. Lurlene managed to run away as Bubba closed in on her. Ruby tried to get Ben to listen to a tape of Beau singing. Billy Joe drank coffee without knowing it had been drugged. Ryan and Reena discussed Iris and Paige's feud. Bubba grabbed Lurlene when she tried to keep him out of her room. Billy Joe refused when Ruby asked him to talk to Ben about Beau appearing on the show. Reena and Ginny drove out to the ranch once Ginny realized the phone wasn't working. Bubba threatened to kill Lurlene as they struggled. Ruby warned Beau to never drug Billy Joe again. Elena asked Ryan to talk to Joe. Lurlene caused Bubba to fall down the stairs after hitting him with a vase. Ben advised Ruby that Phil refused to let Beau appear on the show as a guest. Ryan tried to convince Joe to get a lawyer. Reena and Ginny tended to Lurlene who was in shock over what happened. Billy Joe had a dizzy spell while Ruby asked him to talk to Phil about letting Beau appear on the show. Elena refused to leave Joe who insisted she find someone else to care about. The sheriff guaranteed Bubba will be locked up for a long time after questioning Lurlene. Kate received a letter from Steve in Montana.

OCTOBER 28, 1981 (EP. #313)
Beau advised Ruby that they have to get Phil to the hospital and assured her that Billy Joe being drugged can't be traced back to them. Kate promised to watch Lurlene for Ryan and Ginny, who prepared to leave for Montana. Barrett and Steve ate at a diner. Kate informed Ryan and Ginny that she isn't aware of Barrett knowing anyone in Montana. Steve talked to a waitress about Texas while getting more homesick. Kate comforted Lurlene after she woke up from a nightmare about Bubba attacking her. Evan told Billy Joe that his illness is most likely physical instead of emotional. Ruby advised Phil it's in his best interest to visit Billy Joe in the hospital. Kate told Justin and Ashley that Ryan and Ginny left town to find Steve and Bubba tried to rape and kill Lurlene. Ruby told Billy Joe that Phil wants to see him for publicity. Ryan and Ginny arrived in Montana as Barrett returned the rented car. Lurlene spotted Justin and Ashley just as she was heading back upstairs to her room. Ryan and Ginny rented a car and learned that Barrett turned his rental in a half hour ago. Billy Joe got sick while talking to Ruby after Phil left the hospital. Kate told Justin and Ashley about Paige's appearance on the Phil Roberts' show. Ryan and Ginny headed to Edmund, Montana. Ruby accused Phil of causing Billy Joe's illness after Billy Joe had another attack. Beau decided to plan the pills he used to drug Billy Joe on Phil. A waitress informed Ryan and Ginny that she served Barrett and Steve earlier.

OCTOBER 29, 1981 (EP. #314)
Evan advised Ruby and Billy Joe that his condition is drug related. A waitress informed Ryan and Ginny that Barrett was talking with John Glanville. Barrett and Steve settled in with the Granville family. Billy Joe told Evan if someone is drugging his food or beverages since he isn't taking any medications. Ryan decided to have John come to town after telling Ginny that the police can't help them. Beau came on to Ruby after she mentioned Billy Joe's visit to the doctor. Paige recalled her conversation with Dennis and learned that Eliot took him home from the hospital today. Ryan and Ginny discovered that Barrett signed an agreement to live with the Granvilles. Vicky found out about Paige having trouble with getting sponsors for the opening of her boutique. Evan decided to keep Billy Joe in the hospital for another night. Billy Joe had no answers to who may be drugging him when Detective Michaels advised that someone is trying to scare him. Ruby accused Phil of poisoning Billy Joe. Ryan and Ginny explained to John that Barrett took Steve and left town. Barrett was stunned when Mrs. Granville told him that John is meeting with Ryan. Dennis suggested he and Eliot help Paige make her boutique opening a success. John agreed to help Ryan and Ginny after reading the letter that Steve wrote to Kate. Detective Michaels informed Billy Joe that Phil's fingerprints were on the bottle of pills used to drug him. Ruby told Beau that Phil won't quit plotting against Billy Joe until the pills are found in his possession. Ryan and Ginny arrived too late to apprehend Barrett and get Steve back. Barrett didn't know their next destination when Steve asked.

OCTOBER 30, 1981 (EP. #315)
Nita tried to assure Paige that guests will attend the boutique's grand opening. Dennis and Eliot discussed all the very important people that are coming to the opening of the boutique. Iris decided to go to the boutique out of curiosity and asked Grant to accompany her. Ryan, Ginny, and the Granville's tried to learn Barrett and Steve's whereabouts. Barrett informed Steve that they are leaving town. Rikki was surprised when Beau called and requested to speak with his wife, Ruby. John told Ryan and Ginny that Barrett was spotted at a bus station and planned to go to Seattle. Steve realized the truth and accused Barrett of hurting Ginny. Iris suggested Grant go to the boutique to buy a birthday gift for Lacey. Paige warned Nita that Billy Joe is coming to the boutique opening. Billy Joe was suspicious when Beau asked Ruby to come to the opening with him. A ranch hand told Mrs. Granville that Barrett took one of their guns. Barrett realized that Steve wrote a letter home and pulled a gun on Ryan, Ginny, and John when they caught up to him. Ruby assured Billy Joe that there is nothing between her and Beau. Rikki wasn't happy about Beau going with them to the boutique. Grant asked Vivien about Iris' true intentions for going to the opening. Barrett was overpowered during a fight with Ryan and told Steve he loves him. Eliot told Nita about him and Dennis helping Paige. Dennis suspected that Iris was trying to ruin Paige and asked Grant to get everyone he knows to come to the opening. Steve learned that Barrett faked the letter that said Ginny wanted Steve to live with him. Vivien kept mum to Iris about Dennis helping Paige. Eliot toasted to Paige and her boutique. John informed Ryan, Ginny, and Steve that Barrett is in the hospital and promised to check on him every week. Grant informed Iris that Paige's opening was a success thanks to Dennis.

NOVEMBER 2, 1981 (EP. #316)
Kate and Reena welcomed Ryan, Ginny, and Steve home. Eliot informed Paige about Dennis helping with the boutique opening. Vivien told Iris that Dennis convinced Grant to invite people he knows to Paige's boutique. Reena talked to Steve about how feels about the experience with Barrett. Reena explained to Ryan and Ginny that she wants to keep an eye on Justin even though she has doubts about being involved in the oil business and remembers how Max felt about it. Paige thanked Dennis for his help and hoped they could become friends after the fashion show. Lurlene told Ginny about Bubba being arrested after attempting to rape her. Billy Joe told Nita that someone is trying to poison him. Nita met Beau and asked Rikki if she could come to the taping of his performance on Phil's show. Reena informed Ryan that Bubba is recovering. Ginny advised Reena that revenge isn't the answer for her or Lurlene. Rikki didn't like Beau tagging along with him to the studio. Vicky told Grant that she isn't sure Reena belongs at World Oil. Ryan gave a kitten to Lurlene and consoled her. Beau advised Ruby of his plan to put the pills on Phil. Iris accused Dennis of embarrassing her by helping Paige. Ginny asked Reena when she wants to help packing up the cabin. Reena showed Ginny the love knot ring and said she can't be happy without Max. Ginny assured Reena that she will find happiness again because she has too much love to give. Elena took the pills that Beau planted on Phil. Dennis warned Iris not to hurt Paige and admitted that he doesn't hate Paige anymore. Eliot and Dennis were certain that Paige and her boutique would remain in Houston. Elena informed Ruby and Beau that she is keeping the pills until she decides what to do about Billy Joe being drugged and the pills being planted on Phil.

NOVEMBER 3, 1981 (EP. #317)
Ruby told Beau she is worried about Elena exposing their plot against Phil. Steve fell after Ginny told Kate that she is worried about him because of not eating right. Iris informed Grant and Ryan that she is leaving Houston. Ginny wondered why Steve fell. Paige thanked Dennis for his help with the boutique opening again. Grant and Ryan couldn't talk Iris out of leaving town. Billy Joe didn't believe Elena's story about Ruby drugging him with antibiotics. The doctor advised Ryan and Ginny that Steve needs rest and support then told Kate privately that Steve may have a breakdown if he endures stress from moving away from the ranch. Iris informed Eliot and Paige that she is leaving. Billy Joe kicked Ruby out after she admitted to slipping pills into his coffee and getting Phil drunk to get Phil fired. Elena wondered about Beau and Ruby's relationship when Elena didn't believe she was behind drugging Billy Joe. Paige told Eliot that she's surprised about Iris' news and mentioned visiting Dennis. Steve informed Kate that he doesn't want to leave the ranch instead of Ryan and Ginny's new house. Beau failed in his attempt to be friendly with Elena and warned Ruby to be careful of her. Iris told Dennis about her plan to leave. Kate refused to have them move Steve away from the ranch.

NOVEMBER 4, 1981 (EP. #318)
Ryan refused to leave Steve at the ranch or living in the same place as Justin while Kate felt it best for Steve to remain there. Justin showed Ashley the future offices of Marshall Oil. Reena learned that Justin is leasing space in the building across the street. Beau gave Elena a song he wrote as a peace offering. Rikki told Ruby that Phil tried to get Billy Joe off the show. Justin and Ashley argued about the money he is spending. Billy Joe was angry with Ruby and worried about what Vicky knew when she requested a meeting with the two of them. Justin informed Reena that Vicky owns the building he leased. Ruby fibbed to Vicky that Billy Joe became sick from taking an old prescription and suggested that Billy Joe get his own show to end the feud between him and Phil. Reena advised Ashley she knows she is faking her pregnancy and vowed to make her life miserable along with Justin's. Ryan and Ginny had a disagreement on living on the ranch or moving into their new house. Rikki told Beau to stay away from Elena. Reena laid into Vicky for leasing her building to Justin and ignored Vicky's suggestion that she leave Justin alone and move on with her life. Ginny told Kate she was at a loss on what to do so both Ryan and Steve are happy. Ruby informed Rikki that Billy Joe may get his own show. Billy Joe apologized to Elena who asked him if they can be friends. Kate asked Justin to move away from the ranch. Justin agreed to sell his share of the ranch to Kate for five million dollars.

NOVEMBER 5, 1981 (EP. #319)
Justin told Ashley he is selling the ranch for five million dollars to Kate. Reena hired a private detective to find out who her doctor is and if she is really pregnant. Grant told T.J. he is upset with Reena for not showing up to work. Ashley warned Justin not to expect to receive his asking price from Kate. Nita became uncomfortable while sketching after learning from Paige that Billy Joe is coming over to the boutique. Dennis gave Vicky his notice so he can take time to figure out what he wants to do. Vivien was upset over Iris leaving town and asked Grant to talk Iris out it. T.J. warned Justin that he plans to keep an eye on the oil leases Justin was working on before leaving World Oil. Ashley made an appointment with Dr. Kirkman because she needed help. Grant asked Iris to reconsider leaving town. Nita was happy when Billy Joe came and played with the baby. Dennis informed Iris he is leaving town but not to benefit his life rather than run away from his problems. Billy Joe advised Nita he wants nothing to do with her if she doesn't want to be his wife. Iris decided to go to New York and start the Alex Wheeler Memorial Foundation after having an emotional talk with Vivien. Grant yelled at Reena for being irresponsible about her job. Detective Hardy confessed to Vicky that Reena hired him to tail Ashley. Justin told Paige he wants to get closer to her and learned from Nita that Billy Joe may get his own show. Iris informed Ashley about her plans when she moves to New York. Reena told T.J. that she visited Justin and Ashley. Vicky laid into Reena for hiring a private detective. Reena vowed to T.J. that she will prove that Ashley isn't pregnant and then tell Justin.

NOVEMBER 6, 1981 (EP. #320)
Ginny told Ashley that she is worried about Steve. Reena vowed to T.J. that she will prove that Ashley isn't pregnant and then tell Justin. Vicky informed Rikki that there is a good chance Billy Joe will get his own show. Justin asked Billy Joe to be his spokesman for his Ace High service stations. T.J. insisted on talking to Ashley. Vicky advised that the decision is up to the programming director when Ruby pressed her about Billy Joe getting his own show. T.J. updated Ashley on Reena's latest schemes after Ashley told him that there isn't anything between them anymore. Reena paid a garage attendant to let her know when Ashley leaves the building across the street. Ryan told Reena about Steve and Ginny wanting to continue living on the ranch. Justin refused to lower his asking price to sell the ranch for Kate. Ginny felt caught in the middle of Ryan and Steve. Reena learned that T.J. talked to Ashley today. Ruby urged Rikki to stand by her so he may get his own show someday. Reena let Justin know about T.J. and Ashley talking together after being told about it by Ginny. Ryan and Ginny argued about their living arrangements again. Billy Joe told Ruby about Justin's job offer. Ashley assured Justin that there is nothing between her and T.J. Reena tried to make peace with Vicky. Kate gave Ryan the opportunity to buy the mineral rights to the ranch. Ryan was doubtful about raising five million dollars but promised Kate he would do what he could.

NOVEMBER 9, 1981 (EP. #321)
Grant informed Ryan that the Marshall ranch isn't worth five million dollars. Iris told Vivien that her life in Houston is over. Ashley called the garage to retrieve her car. Reena learned that Ashley is leaving the garage. Grant thought it a good idea when Ryan mentioned that Kate offered the mineral rights to him in in exchange for not exploiting them for five more years. Elena asked Rikki why Ruby is supporting someone untalented like Beau. Iris informed Eliot she is leaving Houston to start the Alex Wheeler Foundation. Rikki questioned Ruby about why she supports Beau's career. Grant and Kate agreed to do business together. Iris advised Paige that she wants to bury the past. Elena warned Ruby she is plotting against her and planned to use Beau against her. Iris wished Paige well with the boutique and mentioned moving to New York. Justin talked to a client about becoming a father soon. Reena followed Ashley to Dr. Kirkman's office. Grant showed interest in buying Iris and Dennis' ownership of World Oil. Paige advised Eliot that they can finally be together now that Iris is leaving town. Beau reminded Ruby he is in charge when she warned him to stay away from Elena. Iris promised to help Vivien find work before she leaves Houston because Vivien doesn't want to move to New York. Ryan told Justin that he will get the five million dollars for the ranch from World Oil. Rikki gave Ruby an ultimatum after advising Beau to stay away from Elena. Reena learned that Dr. Kirkman is a fertility specialist after talking to him about Ashley.

NOVEMBER 10, 1981 (EP. #322)
Ryan told Striker about the five millions dollars Justin wants for his share of the Marshall ranch. Justin told Ashley that World Oil is giving him money to start up his new oil company. Reena thanked Dr. Kirkman for his help and information about Ashley. Ruby asked Billy Joe to keep quiet about the new show and Justin's job offer. Justin explained the situation on the deal about the five million dollars to Ashley and decided to take her to Paige's boutique. Reena advised Striker not to consider Justin's dirty deal. Kate and Ryan told Ginny about World Oil buying the mineral rights to the Marshall ranch. Striker and Vicky discussed Reena's change in attitude. Ashley told Paige that Justin would like them to become friends. Ryan agreed with Ginny about living on the ranch together. Paige and Ashley bonded. Reena informed T.J. that he has a new attitude and no longer cares about Justin anymore. Vicky promised to keep in touch with Ruby if Billy Joe gets his own show. Paige encouraged Billy Joe to accept Justin's job offer. Justin advised Ruby that Billy Joe must get his own show before becoming spokesman for Ace High service stations. Steve was thrilled about staying on the ranch with his family. Striker refused T.J.'s request to be a law partner with him. Ashley told Justin about her visit with Paige at the boutique. Ryan assured Steve that he and his family love him. Vicky informed Paige she has decided to let Billy Joe have his own show. Ruby told Billy Joe about her talk with Justin. Justin invited Reena to the Grand Opening of Marshall Oil.

NOVEMBER 11, 1981 (EP. #323)
Rikki told Elena that he gave Ruby an ultimatum to dump Beau as a client. Beau and Ruby argued about Rikki. Ashley advised Justin she suspects that Reena is up to something. Grant informed Reena that it is none of her business about Justin getting five million dollars and suggested she be more professional. Kate asked Justin to move out of the ranch as soon as possible. Ashley stopped by T.J.'s office. Ruby caught Elena questioning Beau about their past. Ryan refused when Grant suggested he consider being World Oil's president again. Elena warned Lacey to be careful of Ruby. Rikki informed Lacey that he is involved with Ruby now. Ashley mentioned Reena's visit to T.J. while wondering about Reena's plans for her. Justin visited Bubba. Grant didn't know who to appoint as president of World Oil after T.J. said he only wants to concentrate on law. Lurlene told Kate that she hasn't found a job and may work in Houston and move back in with her grandfather. Justin was stunned when Bubba swore revenge on him and Ashley once he is released from jail. Ruby snuck into Beau's room and began searching it. T.J. changed his mind about being president of World Oil and asked Grant to consider him for the position. Justin asked Ashley to invite Reena to the opening of Marshall Oil. T.J. questioned Reena about her intentions towards Justin and Ashley. Lacey told Grant that she is depressed about Rikki seeing Ruby and her job at KVIK. Elena advised Rikki that he is too smart to fall for Ruby's tricks. Beau told Ruby he has the letter after finding her searching his room. T.J. reminded Reena that there is nothing going on between him and Ashley.

NOVEMBER 12, 1981 (EP. #324)
Beau threatened to let Striker ready Ruby's letter. Striker urged Reena to realize how much she needs T.J. in her life. Justin invited Paige to the grand opening of Marshall Oil after telling her that Reena is out to get Ashley. Beau requested that Ruby get him an important role on Billy Joe's new television show. Striker warned Reena that Justin is dangerous to World Oil and she should ask for T.J.'s help with the matter. Iris admitted to Grant that she is worried about Dennis' future. Dennis told Eliot he doesn't know what he wants to do yet when he leaves town. Ruby suggested Billy Joe make Beau the assistant producer of his new show. Vicky agreed to let Billy Joe and Ruby pick an assistant producer after informing her that Billy Joe is getting his own show. Striker and Reena warned Grant against appointing T.J. as president of World Oil. Justin met with Billy Joe and told Ruby that the contract for the show and spokesman job for Ace High service stations is for three years. Iris asked Reena to be kinder towards Ashley. Vicky informed Eliot that she may be able to find Dennis another job within the Victory Network. Reena arrived at Paige's boutique and requested a dress for the opening of Marshall Oil. Justin discussed making Billy Joe a representative of World Oil with potential clients. Striker mentioned Grant's visit after Vicky told him about giving Billy Joe his own show. Billy Joe refused to let Beau to work on or have anything to do with his new show. Reena told Paige she is looking forward to Justin's party.

NOVEMBER 13, 1981 (EP. #325)
Grant advised Ryan that he needs him to go to Venezuela right away. Ashley told Justin that she is worried about Reena coming to the grand opening of Marshall Oil. Reena asked T.J. to escort her to the opening. Eliot stopped by the boutique and noticed Nita's sketches. Ryan suggested to Grant that Mark Wheeler be appointed as president of World Oil since he already runs the successful company Kiwi Land Development in Australia. Justin talked to Ashley about their baby. Eliot showed Nita's sketches to Paige. Ryan informed Ginny that he has to leave town for a while. Paige compliment Nita on her sketches. Grant advised T.J. that he is needed as a lawyer and not president of World Oil and that Mark is being offered the position. T.J. quietly fumed about Grant's decision. Reena arrived to help celebrate Justin leaving the ranch while Kate was saddened by it. Ryan, Kate, Ginny, and Reena toasted to living on the ranch without Justin. Eliot asked Justin for permission to come to the opening. Paige and Nita wondered why Ashley was on edge about Reena attending Marshall Oil's grand opening. Grant asked Lacey to travel to Australia and convince Mark to come to Houston and be president of World Oil. Ashley and Ginny argued about Justin. Kate and Ryan had heated conversations with Justin. Grant informed Paige that he doesn't like the way Justin does business. Ryan warned Justin that he will be watching every move he makes. Reena told Ryan that she thinks Justin is vulnerable. Reena informed Ashley that she is bringing T.J. to the opening.

NOVEMBER 16, 1981 (EP. #326)
Justin, Ruby, and Billy Joe toasted to their new television deal in Justin's new office. Reena reminded T.J. that they are attending the grand opening together. Ashley told Paige that she isn't pregnant and suspects that Reena knows about it. Beau informed Rikki that he is the assistant producer on Billy Joe's new show. Justin, Ruby, and Billy Joe signed the contract. Ashley explained the sordid story behind her faking her pregnancy to Paige. Eliot suggested Nita consider being a dress designer. Ruby informed Beau that they are married in name only. Rikki didn't believe it when Elena mentioned Beau's new job on Billy Joe's show. Paige didn't confide in Eliot about why she seemed bothered by something. Justin assured Ashley that she has nothing to worry about regarding the opening or Reena. Reena requested that a society photographer attend Justin's party. Rikki decided to severe ties with Ruby after becoming angry over her helping Beau get a job. T.J. and Ashley realized that Reena arranged for Mr. Lawson of the Houston Gazette to take pictures at the party. Billy Joe told Nita that the sketches look plain ordinary without knowing that they were done by her. Eliot left the party abruptly while Paige assured Ashley she'd find out what Reena's plan is. Reena explained she came to the opening to have a good time and refused to tell T.J. what she is really up to. Elena told Billy Joe that Beau is going to be working on his new show. Rikki ordered Ruby to move out and advised her that they are through. Ashley tried to keep Justin from meeting Dr. Kirkman. Justin learned from the doctor that Ashley is not pregnant.

NOVEMBER 17, 1981 (EP. #327)
Ruby told an angry Billy Joe that Rikki kicked her out and that Beau is her husband. Grant told Ryan he was against Reena going to the party for the grand opening of Marshall Oil. Justin learned that Ashley isn't pregnant. Elena tried to comfort an upset Rikki. Ruby asked Billy Joe to keep quiet about her being married to Beau. Justin caused a scene causing everyone to leave while Reena mocked him by saying she had a good time. Grant, Ryan, and Ginny decided to have dinner together. Justin cut Paige off from before she could explain Ashley's actions to him. T.J. tried to console Ashley. T.J. asked Ashley if the reason she can't get pregnant is because of what happened between them. Vicky told Ruby that she thinks Rikki should have a show of his own. T.J. got angry with Reena and had her get out of his car. Elena suspected that there is something going on between Ruby and Beau and told Billy Joe. Paige called Vicky and explained that Reena caused trouble at the party. Billy Joe tried to convince Rikki to forgive Ruby and take her back as his manager. Justin refused to listen to any of Ashley's explanations. Rikki agreed to let Ruby be his manager again after learning that she got him a show on KVIK. Reena bragged about seeing Justin crumble to Grant, Ryan, Vicky, and Ginny. Justin got drunk and talked to the cleaning woman. Reena told everyone that Justin knows Ashley isn't pregnant and decided to move out once she realized that Vicky isn't pleased with her tactics. Justin showed up at the Coop to talk to Ruby and Billy Joe.

NOVEMBER 18, 1981 (EP. #328)
Vivien showed Iris an article which covered Justin's opening in the paper. Ashley informed Paige that Justin never came home last night. Billy Joe and Ruby tried to figure out how to tend to Justin who passed out from getting drunk. Reena and Ginny talked about Ryan leaving town for a while. T.J. told Ryan he doesn't approve of what Reena did to Justin and Ashley. Ashley vowed to Paige that she will get even with Reena. Iris tried to explain Reena to make Grant understand her better. Iris asked Vivien to remain in Houston and work for Grant. Billy Joe and Ruby worked to get Justin sobered up. Reena advised that she put Justin behind her and refused to apologize for her actions to Grant, who warned her to concentrate on her job. Ashley asked Iris for help. T.J. remembered Ashley mentioning that she took care of the baby. Ryan told Ginny that he will miss her while in Venezuela. Eliot argued with Paige when he suggested she stay out Justin and Ashley's problems. Ruby called Justin's lawyer after learning that he signed a contract with Billy Joe. Ryan and Ginny said goodbye to each other. T.J. advised Reena that he has no intention of apologizing to her. Iris assured Ashley she will take care of things. Billy Joe told Paige where she can find Justin. Justin threw a fit when Ruby mentioned Ashley. Paige brought Ashley to the Coop to talk to Justin, who pushed her out of the way when she tried to talk to him.

NOVEMBER 19, 1981 (EP. #329)
Grant showed Reena how quick the Ace High service stations have increased in value since Justin acquired them. Vicky and Ruby review the final touches of Billy Joe's contract. Rikki informed Elena that he and Ruby only have a manager and client relationship now. Elena signed some contracts from Justin to Ruby. Grant introduced Brette to Reena upon her arrival. Billy Joe told Beau he wants nothing to do with him while working on the show. Elena advised Roy that Justin's deal is contingent on Billy Joe getting his own show. Paige decided to have some of Nita's designs made as a surprise after she learned that Billy Joe thought little of the sketches. Beau refused Billy Joe's request that he divorce Ruby. Ruby warned Elena to keep quiet about the contracts or she'll tell Vicky and Billy Joe won't get his own show. Brette was undecided about what she wants to do and told Grant she might go to Alaska. Vicky assured Lacey that she will still have a job at KVIK when she returns from Australia. Elena told Billy Joe that it is wrong not to tell Vicky the truth. Vicky and Reena reconciled. Nita informed Billy Joe that the sketches he saw were hers. Beau threatened to show Vicky the letter unless Ruby cooperates. Vicky and Rikki discussed Max being proud of him for getting his own show. Brette told Lacey she was fired from her job in Colorado and may decide to stay in Houston. Billy Joe apologized to Nita for insulting her designs. Rikki told Beau that he and Rub are not involved except with his career and warned Beau to stay away from Elena. Ruby and Billy Joe disagreed about letting Vicky know they made a deal with Justin. Elena blabbed to Reena that Billy Joe agreed to be a spokesman for Ace High service stations. Reena started to call Vicky but decided to go to KVIK. Vicky suggested Billy Joe look over the contract before signing it.

NOVEMBER 20, 1981 (EP. #330)
Ashley told T.J. to leave her alone when he called to see if she was alright. Justin woke up find a woman in bed with him. Reena arrived just after Vicky, Billy Joe, and Ruby signed the contracts. Grant didn't want to lose T.J. just because he wasn't given the position of president at World Oil. The sheriff called Kate to inform her that Bubba escaped from jail. Lurlene found a one hundred dollar bill at the Harper residence. Reena told Vicky she has been fooled by Justin. Lacey told Brette about falling for Rikki but him not reciprocating her feelings. Kate and Ginny headed over to the Harper residence after discovering that the phone had been disconnected for non-payment. Justin kicked Mavis out after learning that he talked about Ashley all night. Kate and Ginny gave Lurlene the unfortunate news that Bubba escaped. Bubby eavesdropped on Ashley who made calls and told a secretary that Justin isn't coming to work today. Reena apologized to T.J. for getting him involved in her revenge plot against Justin. Reena told T.J. that Vicky was tricked by Billy Joe and Ruby. Vicky requested Rikki tell Ruby that she will never get the best of her again. Grant, Lacey, and Brette talked about Mark joining World Oil. Billy Joe told Ruby he feels guilty over what he, Ruby, and Justin did to Vicky. Rikki warned Ruby not to repeat her tricks with Vicky for his benefit. Justin backed out of talking to Ashley on the phone when she answered his call. Lacey introduced Brette to Rikki. Lurlene found more money on Harper land after telling Kate and Ginny about the one hundred dollar bill. Roy tried to cheer up Ruby at the Coop. Reena warned Ruby against hurting her family.

NOVEMBER 23, 1981 (EP. #331)
Iris advised Reena that she plans to find Justin and make things right between her, Justin, and Ashley. Ashley informed Paige that no one knows Justin's current whereabouts and she asked for Iris' help with finding him. Justin was refused service at a bar in Keema for already being too intoxicated. Beau admitted that he liked Elena and suggested Ruby leave her alone instead of trying to get even. Iris told Reena that she no longer holds grudges and has asked the police to notify her if Justin gets into trouble. Justin got arrested for starting a fight when he was unable to get a drink. Iris suggested Brette visit Paige One to buy some new clothes. Grant agreed with Iris' request that Vivien stay in Houston and work for him. Reena and Brette became fast friends. Vivien told Grant she would think about accepting his job offer. Ruby confronted Elena about telling Reena that Billy Joe made a television deal with Justin. Paige mentioned that Nita's dresses will be made soon when Brette complimented Nita on her sketches. Beau hired Elena back after Ruby fired her. Vivien told Iris that her working for Grant is under consideration. Iris received a call about Justin being arrested and thrown in a Keema jail. T.J. asked Paige how Ashley is doing. Reena was showing Grant a deal when made when Brette arrived to show them a new outfit she bought from a thrift store. Iris agreed to bail Justin out of jail and keep the incident quiet if he returns to Ashley. T.J. found Ashley in a hotel suite and apologized for what happened a long time ago between them. Iris took responsibility for the lie about Ashley being pregnant and urged Justin to return to Ashley if he loves her. Ashley cried in T.J.'s arms.

NOVEMBER 24, 1981 (EP. #332)
Grant informed Reena about a problem that might stop him from buying out Iris and Dennis' shares of World Oil. Justin told Iris he still loves Ashley and isn't mad at her anymore. T.J. tried to comfort Ashley with a kiss and talked about what happened between them long ago. Iris called Ashley and said that she resolved the issue with Justin and urged her to return to her husband. Reena warned Rikki about Ruby's shady dealings. T.J. insisted on talking about the baby while Ashley wanted to leave the past alone. Ruby complained about everyone laying into her and not listening to any of her problems when Rikki lectured about the deal she made. Iris urged Ashley to put her marriage back together and that Justin loves her. Rikki apologized to Ruby but reminded her that they only have a business relationship now. Ashley jumped to Justin's defense when the sheriff gave him a hard time. Billy Joe admitted to Rikki and Ruby that he is worried that the deals he made with Justin and Vicky will backfire. Justin and Ashley reconciled. Iris told Reena that she bailed Justin out of jail and has let go of her anger towards him. Beau offered to reveal the truth about his relationship with Ruby in exchange to getting better acquainted. Iris assured Reena that people care and love her and want her to succeed. Reena vowed to make everyone proud of her someday. T.J. was insulted by Grant asking him and Reena if they are fully devoted to solving the problem with the transportation division of World Oil. Elena told Rikki not to interfere when he caught her and Beau kissing. T.J. requested to see Ashley tomorrow. Grant informed Reena he is pushing T.J. to make sure he isn't still angry about not getting position of president. Rikki updated Elena on Joe doing a plea bargain for a lighter sentence and Jim and Pete being forced to sell the Coop. Ruby told Billy Joe that they should buy the Coop. Justin planned to surprise Ashley with a new place to live. Reena asked T.J. to give his decision about being devoted to World Oil before he tells Grant.

NOVEMBER 25, 1981 (EP. #333)
T.J. reminded Reena about their dinner date. Ginny told Reena and asked Rikki for help because Bubba has escaped and Lurlene's grandfather is missing. Brette asked to look around the Marshall ranch after meeting Kate and Lurlene. T.J. called Ashley with a proposition. Justin admitted Ashley he doesn't like T.J. being around. Lurlene informed Brette that thee man who tried to rape her is loose in the area. Bubba called Justin's office but hung up after learning that Justin was at working there. Rikki decided to stay on the ranch for a while when Kate was worried about Bubba and finding money on the Harper residence when Lurlene's grandfather is missing. Ashley told T.J. she'd think about him working for Marshall Oil. Justin apologized to Paige and told her he realizes how much he loves Ashley. Rikki talked to Lurlene about her future. Brette was shocked when she discovered a dead pan on the path of the Marshall ranch while looking at the property and ran to Kate, Rikki, Ginny, and Lurlene with the news. Ashley told Paige how Iris resolved Justin and Ashley's problems. Kate told Lurlene that she identified the dead body on the ranch as her grandfather. Ashley advised Justin that T.J. wants to work for them at Marshall Oil. Reena asked T.J. about whether he is devoted to World Oil or not. Brette and Rikki told Kate and Ginny that $15,000 dollars was found on Mr. Harper's body. Ashley convinced Justin to discuss the job offer with T.J. Brette told Rikki that she plans to stay at the ranch until the mystery about the money is solved. Bubba snooped through Ashley's office files. T.J. advised Reena he is leaving World Oil to work for Justin.


NOVEMBER 27, 1981 (EP. #334)
Lurlene told Rikki, Ginny, and Brette that she found another thousand dollars in her grandfather's closet. Grant kicked T.J. after the building when he said he was leaving World Oil to work for Marshall Oil. Justin learned that Bubba escaped from jail. Ashley discovered her office was ransacked. Vicky asked Paige and Nita to make a dress as a surprise for Iris. Paige wanted to be included in gifting Iris with a dress. Justin suspected Bubba was behind ransacking the office while Ashley realized that Bubba was looking for the papers that proved the slant drilling. Rikki told Brette and Lurlene that Jasper Harper sold his property to Apex Realty after Brette found a deed of sale. Reena promised Grant she will do better than anyone at her job. Rikki refused to consider Ruby's suggestion that he purchase the Coop. Brette informed Reena that Apex Realty owns the Harper property now. Billy Joe told Paige he wants to reconcile with Nita who declined his invitation to a picnic. Justin declined and suggested she ask Billy Joe for a loan when Ruby asked to be his partner with the Coop. Vicky told Billy Joe she is disappointed in him for being dishonest. Justin agreed to a meeting with T.J. Billy Joe planned to build a mansion for Nita and his son instead of purchasing the Coop with Ruby. Nita told Paige she is still hurt by the divorce and thought that Billy Joe is expecting too much from her. Lurlene told Ginny she hopes the money that her grandfather got from the sale of his property will help her. Reena asked Vicky to purchase Harper's residence with her. Brette told Grant she suspects that Apex Realty is a front and intended to find out the owner. Justin agreed to hire T.J.

NOVEMBER 30, 1981 (EP. #335)
Rikki signed Vivien's autograph book. Brette declined Brette's offer to help investigate Apex Realty. Justin and Ashley welcome T.J. to Marshall Oil. Grant admitted he will miss Iris, who promised him that he will find someone special and has already noticed the beginning of a relationship. Vivien accepted Grant's offer to work for him. Vicky wished T.J. well and was sorry things worked out the way they did. Bubba grabbed a security guard's jacket. Vicky showed her disapproval to Justin for his actions. Ashley said goodbye to Iris. Grant informed Reena that Brette is looking into Apex Realty. Iris and Paige parted on friendly terms after Vicky and Paige surprised her with a dress. Ruby learned that Lurlene inherited half a million dollars from Rikki and asked to be escorted by him to the funeral. Reena agreed to help Brette investigate Apex Realty. Iris told Vicky that Ashley dropped out of college for a few months and hoped the reason wasn't still weighing on her conscience. Ashley assured Justin that they will be able to have children. Rikki advised Ruby that he isn't attending Jasper's funeral. Reena told Mr. Boone about Apex Realty and mentioned wanting to buy the Harper property. Iris promised to keep in touch with Vivien after they said their goodbyes. Ruby told Elena about Lurlene getting an inheritance from Jasper. Bubba arrived at the office right after Justin left. Reena and Brette learned that Justin is the owner of Apex Realty and that he bought the Harper property. Bubba pulled a knife on Ashley and demanded the paper.

DECEMBER 1, 1981 (EP. #336)
Ruby told Billy Joe she is going to the ranch to pay her respects to Lurlene. Kate promised Lurlene she will take care of her. Bubba held Ashley at knifepoint and tried to undo her blouse after she gave him the slant drilling papers. Grant told Rikki, Ginny, and Kate that Reena and Brette should know about Apex Realty and who bought the Harper property soon. Beau admitted to Billy Joe that he is blackmailing Ruby because of a letter. Justin found Bubba trying to attack Ashley and knocked him unconscious. Vicky discussed T.J. working for Marshall Oil with Meredith. Beau read the letter that Ruby wrote which cost Striker a chance to be in the state government to Billy Joe. Reena and Brette told Kate and Rikki that Justin bought the Harper place. Elena asked Beau what Billy Joe was upset about when he walked out. Ruby comforted Lurlene. Reena, Rikki, and Brette try to learn the reason Justin bought the property. Kate witnessed Ruby say goodbye to Lurlene. The police arrested Bubba. Ashley hid the slant drilling paper under her desk mat while Justin wondered what Bubba wanted. Brette told Rikki she doesn't have anything against him. Grant informed Reena that they can't do anything about Justin buying the Harper property. Elena vowed to find out how Beau is blackmailing her despite Ruby's effort to reconcile and offer to manage her career. Ruby explained to Billy Joe that she wrote the letter because Vicky always refused to consider her clients for work. Reena planned to discover Justin's reason for buying the property and told Vicky. Beau advised Ruby not to ask for a divorce when she wanted him to go away.

DECEMBER 2, 1981 (EP. #337)
Ruby told Billy Joe she can't raise the money to buy the Coop. Reena told Grant and Brette the news about the franchise owners of Ace High service stations filed an injunction to stop the sale of the chain to Marshall Oil. T.J. showed the newspaper article about the injunction to Justin, who explained the issue to Ashley. Elena turned Beau down when he asked her out. Elena told Rikki that Joe was sentenced to prison to serve six months to a year. Justin planned to take care of the situation when T.J. asked about paying off the owners of Ace High. Reena told Grant she will let the owners know that World Oil is interested in the chain. Grant and Brette agreed that they like Reena. Vicky gave Beau the brush off after he introduced himself to her. Eliot told Paige that Dennis is following some leads that Vicky gave him in New York. Eliot and Paige had an argument about Justin. Ashley was surprised about Justin's purchase of the Harper property when Kate asked him the reason for it. Rikki told Billy Joe that Elena is out to get Ruby and suggested they find out what Beau has on her. Justin explained to Kate and Ashley that he plans to build a mansion on the Harper property. Lawyer Porky Doyle advised Reena to be in Dallas for Ace High service station and Justin's court hearing. T.J. discussed the Ace High chain with Ashley before Paige arrived to find out if everything is okay. Billy Joe warned Ruby that Rikki suspects there is more to her relationship with Beau than being her client. Vicky asked Eliot to investigate Beau's background. T.J. and Paige shared a drink together. Ruby thought her and Lurlene could become best friends while talking to her. Vivien and Brett felt that Grant needed to be less uptight. Reena revealed her plan to bid on the Ace High chain in Dallas to Grant. Porky advised Justin and Ashley of Reena's plan once the injunction is filed. Justin assured Ashley he will raise the money to keep the chain. Reena told Grant she hopes to destroy Justin while in Dallas.

DECEMBER 3, 1981 (EP. #338)
Nita declined when Billy Joe asked her on a date and insisted that they just be friends. Ruby asked Ashley about Billy Joe's contract with Ace High. Justin talked to a man about Billy Joe being Ace High's spokesman. Vivien gave Brette a letter from Lacey that Mark isn't sure he should leave his company to be president of World Oil. Justin requested that Ruby get Billy Joe to come to Dallas right away. Paige suggested Billy Joe give Nita some time. T.J. told Ashley that his only concern is her happiness after she tore up the slant drilling papers. Reena questioned Justin as he was talking to one of the franchise owners. Lurlene chatted with Vivien when she came to the Wheelers to see Brette. Ruby informed Billy Joe that Justin expects him to convince the owners to stay with Marshall Oil. Justin stormed out when Reena revealed his money making tactics towards Kate and Lurlene to the owners. Paige assured Ashley that Justin will handle things and mentioned that T.J. seems like a gentleman. Lurlene told Brette she decided to leave the ranch and move in with Ruby. Justin appreciated Billy Joe and Ruby helping him deal with the owners of Ace High. Nita told Paige she refuses to reconcile with Billy Joe because of being hostage. Reena and Ruby argued during a confrontation. Lurlene told Brette she hopes Kate will understand her moving in with Ruby. Paige accepted a dinner date with T.J. Ruby overheard Justin and Reena agreeing that if he wins the court case in six months Reena will go to bed with him.

DECEMBER 4, 1981 (EP. #339)
Lurlene made arrangements to move in with Ruby who admitted to Billy Joe she is upset about the living arrangement. Kate told Ginny about being worried that Lurlene is moving in with Ruby. Reena declared her Dallas trip a success to Grant, Brette, and Vivien. Ashley learned that Paige has a date with T.J. after talking about Justin's problems with the Ace High owners. Reena informed Grant and Brette she will put Marshall Oil out of business in six months because of a bet she made. Brette told Vivien she suspects Grant doesn't realize he is developing feelings for Reena. Kate questioned Ruby about her motives when she arrived to pick up Lurlene. Kate confessed to Ruby that she doesn't like her and warned against hurting Lurlene. Brette questioned Grant about his feelings for Reena. Lurlene said goodbye to Kate. T.J. and Paige confirm their dinner plans. Vivien hit it off with John, a chauffeur that Grant interviewed. Ruby and Lurlene arrived home. Ginny went to the stables where someone was lurking outside after talking to Ryan over the phone. Ashley refused Reena's offer to buy out Marshall Oil's production division. Kate and Steve heard that the road to Marshall Village is out due to a storm. Ginny ran away when a man showed up in the doorway of the stables. Vivien convinced Grant into hiring John. Ruby told Billy Joe that Reena may be able to help her get the money if Lurlene can't help. Ashley got stuck in an elevator with T.J. and Reena. Kate worried about Ginny, who ran towards the house. Ginny realized the phone was dead as someone came to the front door.

DECEMBER 7, 1981 (EP. #340)
Ruby told Billy Joe that she overheard Justin make a bet with Reena. T.J., Reena, and Ashley realized they were trapped in an elevator when the power went out. Ginny was in terror as she watched someone at the front door of the Marshall ranch. Rikki visited with Paige at the Top of The World Club. Ruby gave details about Justin and Reena's conversation she overheard while in Dallas. Elena called Beau and asked him on a date. Lurlene interrupted an argument between Billy Joe and Ruby. Grant introduced Eliot to Brette. T.J. played mediator between Ashley and Reena as they bickered. Ruby was surprised when Beau mentioned he has a date with Elena. Lurlene apologized to Billy Joe for using all of the milk and hot water in the apartment. Kate discovered that the phone line is still down. Ginny fired a rifle at the front door and then dragged the man who was lying on the front porch. Rikki talked to Grant and Brette. Paige told Eliot that she is having dinner with T.J. Elena arrived to visit Beau. Paige admitted to Eliot that she doesn't understand him sometimes. Ginny tended to the man she shot who uttered the word "Hitopah." Brette informed Grant that Rikki is a good person. Rikki sang while Ginny tended to the unknown man, T.J, Ashley, and Reena rested in the elevator, and Billy Joe and Lurlene made friends while enjoying a drink. Beau forced himself on Elena and slapped her. Elena left Beau abruptly after throwing a drink in his face. Ashley and Reena started fighting again after waking up.

DECEMBER 8, 1981 (EP. #341)
T.J., Ashley, and Reena woke up and were rescued from the elevator. Ginny tended to the man she shot who briefly woke up before passing out again. Paige told Nita that T.J. didn't show for their date. Striker admitted to Vicky that he is upset over T.J. working for Marshall Oil now. The unknown man woke up and informed Ginny that he got caught in the storm while doing a survey. Rikki suspected that Beau hit Elena after noticing her bruised face. Billy Joe and Ruby assured Lurlene that they are going to look after her. Reena told Striker and Vicky how she was trapped in an elevator with T.J. and Ashley. Reena mentioned the injunction and Justin being unable to raise the money to pay off the franchise owners to Striker. Paige didn't believe T.J.'s explanation about missing their date. Beau got knocked unconscious by Rikki during a physical altercation. Striker and Grant discussed Reena's coup and T.J. deflecting from World Oil. Billy Joe realized how Beau is blackmailing Ruby after talking to Elena. Ruby was tending to Beau when he threatened Rikki's life. The unknown man that Ginny tended to woke up and introduced himself as Miles Renquist. Paige agreed to give T.J. another chance when he mentioned being trapped in an elevator with Ashley and Reena. Ashley learned that her Aunt Hildy died and that Iris is taking care of all the arrangements.

DECEMBER 9, 1981 (EP. #342)
Miles was appreciative when Ginny didn't ask many questions about his personal life. Ashley learned that her Aunt Hildy died from a heart attack, the funeral is being held in Savannah, and Hildy's son Gregory and her sister Allison are her wards now. Billy Joe, Rikki, and Elena realized that Beau is blackmailing Ruby with a letter she wrote. Elena vowed to find the letter and nail Ruby. Ashley confided in T.J. that her Aunt Hildy died. Striker and Vicky made plans to take a vacation together. Ashley informed T.J. that she is going to Savannah and is legal guardian to Gregory and Allison. Kate came home and met Miles. T.J. called Paige and asked her to help comfort Ashley. Ruby tended to Beau while at the Coop. Elena snuck into Beau's room and searched for Ruby's letter. Ginny and Miles explained to Kate how he came to the ranch. Ashley told Paige that she has to raise Allison and Gregory. Vicky warned Billy Joe and Rikki that the letter Ruby wrote could hurt all of them. Ginny decided to have Miles stay at the night after learning that he is a geologist. Paige informed T.J. that Ashley is stressed but will be fine. Elena found Ruby's letters and hid in the closet once Beau and Ruby came home. Beau found Elena after she overheard him arguing with Ruby. Striker assured T.J. that he can resume his previous job duties if Marshall Oil happens to fold. Billy Joe and Rikki decided to get the letters Ruby wrote from Beau. Elena took the letters for herself after Ruby helped her wrestle them away from Beau. Beau told Billy Joe and Rikki that there will be trouble for all of them now that Elena has Ruby's letters. Elena showed up at Vicky's office requesting to speak with her.

DECEMBER 10, 1981 (EP. #343)
Beau told Billy Joe and Rikki he doesn't know who has the other letters Ruby wrote. Ruby arrived just in time to stop Elena from showing her letters to Vicky. Striker informed Reena that he offered T.J. his old job at World Oil if Justin's company folds. Kate questioned Miles before leaving him and Ginny alone. Ruby threatened to hurt Billy Joe and Rikki if Elena shows Vicky the letters. Rikki ordered Beau to leave Houston by tomorrow. Brette advised Grant he doesn't realize he is interested in Reena. Kate told Ginny she doesn't trust Miles and thinks he is hiding something. Vivien tried to teach John the proper conduct as a servant. Reena and Brette planned a get together for Grant's birthday. Ginny called Brette and asked her to come out to the ranch. Ruby told Billy Joe that Vicky has most likely read her letter by now. Vicky arrived and requested to speak to Ruby. Brette referred to Miles as a living legend while discussing him with Kate and Ginny. Vicky laid into Ruby for missing two meetings. Billy Joe and Ruby were relieved that Elena didn't tell Vicky about the letter. Reena brought up Grant's birthday to him after she learned about it from Vivien. Rikki told Elena she did the right thing. Ruby asked Beau for a divorce. Miles told Brette he needs a place to hide out for a while. Reena asked Grant to have dinner with her on his birthday. Kate told Brette she has agreed to let Miles stay at Reena's cabin. Beau agreed to give Ruby a divorce and mentioned that he isn't staying in Houston. Beau secretly made a call and advised a man that he must leave Houston because his cover his blown. The mysterious man reminded Beau he has a job to do and ordered him to remain in Houston until it is done.

DECEMBER 11, 1981 (EP. #344)
Grant chided Vivien and Brette for telling Reena about his birthday. Justin remembered his bet with Reena before Paige arrived and mentioned that Ashley should be on her way back from Savannah. Ashley wondered why when Mr. Farnsworthy told her that Hildy's will states it is to be read in front of her and Justin. Kate and Ginny told Miles they are hoping to find him a place to stay at a friend's cabin. Ruby suggested to Lurlene that they buy the Coop together. Justin advised Paige that he has to get the money he needs or Marshall Oil will fail. Vivien had to tell Grant that John damaged his car. Reena agreed to let Miles stay at her cabin after Brette asked. Ruby and Lurlene told Justin that they want Lurlene's money. Ruby and Lurlene ordered Justin to get the money soon when he informed them that the money is tied up right now. Paige advised Nita that she is having one of her designs made. Billy Joe thanked Elena for not turning Ruby in and getting rid of Beau. Justin told T.J. he'd rather die than allow Reena to gain control of the Ace High service station chain. Nita wanted Billy Joe to leave after he asked her and the baby to move back in with him. Nita accepted Billy Joe's dinner invitation. Ginny mentioned to Reena and Brette that Miles kept saying "Hitopah" when he first arrived at the ranch. Paige tried to assure Ashley that nothing will happen during the reading of Hildy's will. Reena met Miles. Billy Joe informed Ruby that he is having dinner with Nita and Elena agreed to give Ruby back her letters. Kate interrupted Miles and Ginny preparing to play cards to advise Ginny that Ryan is on the phone for her. Elena gave the letters to Ruby. Mr. Farnsworthy told Justin and Ashley that Hildy bequeathed to her 40 million dollars. Elena advised Ruby she only kept quiet because others would have been hurt if Vicky had been told about the letters. Mr. H. joined Beau in a limousine.

DECEMBER 14, 1981 (EP. #345)
Mr. Farnsworth advised Justin and Ashley that they must agree to be Gregory and Allison's legal guardians before Ashley inherits the 40 million dollars. Eliot told Reena that the background check on Beau yield no results. Mr. H. ordered Beau to remain in Houston because their target has been located. Paige gifted Nita with a dress as an end-of-the year bonus. Billy Joe tried to get Ruby and Lurlene to leave so he could prepare dinner for Nita. Mr. H. informed Beau that the target is currently in town. Mr. Farnsworth advised Justin and Ashley that they must adopt Gregory and Allison who will be in Houston tomorrow. Reena told Eliot she will try to find information about Beau's past by talking to Ruby. Justin refused to adopt Gregory and Allison or use Ashley's inheritance to save Marshall Oil. Brette met Roy and learned that she is going to be partners with Ruby in a business venture. Ashley updated T.J. on the conditions of her inheritance from Hildy. Brette talked to Rikki. Ruby and Brette didn't hit it off upon meeting each other. Billy Joe informed Nita he is trying to recreate the dinner they had when they reconciled the last time. Brette told Rikki that Lacey is enjoying herself in Australia. Billy Joe and Nita kiss despite being uncomfortable with each other. Ruby told Reena that Beau has left town. Beau realized he has to earn the money he was given. Reena joined Rikki, Lurlene, and Brette at the Coop. Paige warned Justin against refusing to accept Ashley's money to save Marshall Oil.

DECEMBER 15, 1981 (EP. #346)
Ruby told Rikki that Billy Joe is upset because the dinner he planned for Nita didn't go well. Ginny told Kate that she didn't mention Miles to Ryan while on the phone. Ashley informed Justin she has a plan to save Marshall Oil. John told Vivien he has a friend who may be able to help Brette with her interest in the Indian language. T.J. told Paige they have to play the waiting game to see if Justin can save his company or not. Ashley convinced Justin to use her inheritance to secure a loan and have Allison and Gregory live with them. Ginny decided to stay at the ranch because Miles doesn't feel safe instead of accepting Reena's invitation to attend Grant's birthday party with Kate. Paige convinced Nita to call Billy Joe and wish him well on his first day of having a television show. Gregory and Allison arrived and met Justin who offered to take Allison to the television studio. Billy Joe told Rikki and Ruby he is happy after receiving a call from Nita. John told Vivien he brought his friend Dan over to meet Brette. Allison decided to be a spy for World Oil after meeting T.J. and learning that he works for World Oil's rival company. Justin invited Billy Joe and Ruby to dinner after Billy Joe finished his first show. Dan agreed to help Brette find out what Hitopah means when he didn't know himself. Grant and Reena toasted to starting a long relationship while enjoying the birthday party at the club. Kate, Brette, and Vivien joined the party for Grant. Miles told Ginny he knows Kate would feel better if Ryan was still in Houston. Billy Joe and Ruby announced that his first show was a huge success according to Eliot. Reena wondered what everyone had to celebrate.

DECEMBER 16, 1981 (EP. #347)
Reena wondered what Justin had to celebrate while Grant told everyone that Mark may make a decision about the presidency soon. Miles showed Ginny a sketch he did of her. Gregory got on Justin's nerves. Rikki decided to celebrate with the Wheelers rather than join Ruby and Billy Joe. Mr. H. advised Beau he is to investigate the Marshall ranch and see if Miles is staying there. T.J. and Paige shared their first kiss before leaving the party at the club. Billy Joe encouraged Ruby to pursue Rikki despite her feeling that she lost him to Brette. Ashley discovered Reena questioning Allison. Justin assured Ruby that Lurlene will get her money soon. Ashley was vague with Reena who asked what she and Allison are doing. Miles asked Ginny to talk about the sketch as Beau watched outside. Mr. H. went into his private room at the club. Brette asked Rikki to sing a special song slow for Grant so that he and Reena can dance. Beau pulled a gun and hid after Miles and Ginny heard a noise upstairs. Ashley informed T.J and Paige that Reena doesn't know that Marshall Oil has been saved. Vivien thought of Billy Joe as a nice guy and told Grant. Ashley and Paige discussed Reena finding out about Marshall Oil acquiring the Ace High service stations. Kate called the ranch but Ginny hung after hearing a noise which was Beau knocking Miles out. Reena decided to check out Miles for Kate. Gregory wondered why Kate doesn't like Justin. Mabel told Vivien she overheard Ashley say she wants to shoot Reena down. Justin interrupted Grant and Reena's dance to tell her he got Ace High because of Ashley's inheritance. Reena told Grant the news. Miles said some people know about Hitopah but he can't let them find it when Ginny found him on the floor.

DECEMBER 17, 1981 (EP. #348)
Justin didn't understand why he and Ashley have to care of Gregory. Reena discussed Miles with Professor Hansel. Beau informed Mr. H. that Miles doesn't have what they are seeking. Grant and Vivien talked about Brette's interest in Indian folklore. Professor Hansel advised Reena that Miles is a great man who is interested in preserving land. Miles told Ginny that people are after something and planned to move into Reena's cabin today. Ashley complained to T.J. about her problems with Justin and the children. T.J. admitted to disliking Justin. Steve found a strange wooden object outside the stables. Allison told Ashley that she wants to be treated as an adult. Paige asked T.J. to help ensure that Marshall Oil succeeds. Ashley told Paige that Justin is refusing to accept Gregory. Kate and Ginny disagreed over her telling Ryan about Miles. Brette asked Miles to tell her about Hitopah. Justin was annoyed by Gregory and refused when the boy asked to refer to him as "Dad." Miles admitted to Brette that he doesn't know what Hitopah means. Beau snooped around the ranch after Rusty and Kate left the stables. Grant warned Reena to put her hatred of Justin behind her or risk being fired from her job. Justin admitted to Ashley that he doesn't like Gregory. Steve told Kate he likes Miles while playing with a wooden cube. Beau rigged a trap that caused Rusty to be knocked unconscious.

DECEMBER 18, 1981 (EP. #349)
Billy Joe and Ruby argued about living with Lurlene. Ginny showed Reena's cabin to Miles and Brette. Beau hid as Kate found an unconscious Rusty. Lurlene suggested to Ruby that she move out. Miles searched through his bag and wondered where the cube was. Lurlene told Ruby she is going to get an apartment and suggested they live together. Kate told Ginny about Rusty's accident. Buddy Coleman who held a gun on Miles, who told him that Reena has allowed his to stay at the cabin. Ruby and Lurlene went apartment hunting. Ginny called Miles to inform him about Rusty. Miles saw someone as he opened the door to the cabin. Nita asked Billy Joe for some time before they work on getting back together. Rikki told Brette that Hitopah means "the place of the great fire" while at Burley's Barbeque. Reena checked on Miles and learned about Rusty's accident. Ginny noticed that someone cut the wire in the stables. Ruby advised Lurlene that money won't be a concern once her inheritance comes in. Paige told Billy Joe and Nita's that the dress from her design will be ready by next week. Rikki introduced Brette to his friend Joel. Miles was unable to find the cube while searching the stables. Reena and Ginny tried to assure a guilt ridden Kate that Rusty's accident wasn't her fault. Billy told Paige he won't feel needed by Nita if her design is a success. Joel told Brette that he doesn't remember the location of Hitopah but Donny Jacobs might know. Steve played with the cube while in his bedroom. Ginny told Miles her suspicions that Rusty's accident was meant for him and gave Miles a gun. Miles worried that someone stole the cube.

DECEMBER 21, 1981 (EP. #350)
Billy Joe warned Ruby not to hurt Lurlene when she talked about their search for an apartment. Ashley told Justin to get off Gregory's back. Kate inquired about Ginny whereabouts last night after mentioning that she put an ad for a temporary job at the ranch. Brett asked Grant if she can use the map library. Ginny told Kate that she went for a walk and lamented about Ryan being gone for too long. Ruby tried to assure Billy Joe that she isn't using Lurlene. Justin and Ashley had a disagreement about Gregory being a problem. Allison asked Grant for a job. Ms. Clark got on Billy Joe's nerves as she tried to dig up dirt on him. Rikki received a call from Brette requesting his help. Kate advised Miles that Steve didn't find the things that he is missing. Justin didn't want to hear Billy Joe's complaints about Ms. Clark. Ginny told Miles that she didn't tell Kate about accompanying him last night. Billy Joe convinced Lurlene to buy the Coop without Ruby. Brette refused to explain the reason for her curiosity about Hitopah when Rikki said he doesn't remember where the canyon is located. Ashley didn't agree with Allison applying for a job at World Oil. Lurlene informed Ruby that she bought the Coop. Rikki showed Brette Hitopah when he found it on a map. Miles warned that he must leave before people are put in danger. Kate agreed to hire Beau on a trial basis. Lurlene informed Ruby that it was Billy Joe's idea that she buy the Coop.

DECEMBER 22, 1981 (EP. #351)
Brette informed Rikki that Miles is a living legend. Ruby blamed Billy Joe and Justin for ruining her changes at owning the Coop. Ashley told Justin she predicts Reena would scheme against Allison who applied for a job at World Oil. Vivien directed Grant and John as they put up the Christmas tree. Justin thought Ashley was overreacting about Allison working for World Oil. Allison told Paige that she thinks it is great that Justin and T.J. are working together despite what happened in college. Rikki and Brette talked about investigating Hitopah. Ashley told Paige that Justin is blind when it comes to Allison. John told Grant, Brette, and Vivien about Christmas history. Lurlene asked for Roy's help with decorating the Coop. Vivien and John listened to Grant and Brette discussing Christmas past. Justin told Ruby that they make a great team and make more money together. Paige asked T.J. about his college days with Justin. Rikki didn't sympathize with Ruby and thought owning the Coop was something Lurlene needed. T.J. told Paige he and Ashley dated in college. Allison appreciated Justin letting her go on a shopping spree. Grant and Brette hoped Mark and Lacey would come to Houston for Christmas. Rikki admitted his feelings for Brette to Elena. Ruby assured Lurlene she will never have to worry about a job since she owns the Coop. Justin didn't show concern about Allison working for World Oil.

DECEMBER 23, 1981 (EP. #352)
Ashley advised Justin to get used to Gregory living with them. Rikki asked Brette if she is hiding something which Grant overhears. Ginny told Kate that nothing is going on between her and Miles. Paige invited T.J. to spend Christmas with Justin and Ashley rather than going to Reena's cabin. Brette told Grant that she is keeping his Christmas present a secret. Ginny warned Kate to stay out of her personal life and asked Miles what is going on. Beau and Steve became friends. Ashley accused Allison of going to Justin behind her back and voiced her disapproval of Allison working for World Oil. Miles informed Ginny that people are after him but refused to say anything more for fear he will put Ginny in danger. Beau had a nice chat with Kate in an effort to get on her good side. Ashley told Paige about the trouble she is having with Justin and Allison. Justin explained his plan to run Billy Joe ragged as spokesman for Ace High to get his money's worth. Miles showed little interest in Hitopah when Brette told him and Ginny that she found it. Ashley told Paige that she and T.J. didn't know each other well while in college. Ashley advised Grant against hiring Allison. Justin complained to Ashley about Gregory bothering him. Rikki was suspicious of Brette when she apologized for sending him on a wild goose chase. Miles hid while Beau talked to Ginny. Steve put the cube in his jacket after playing with and decided to find Beau.

DECEMBER 24, 1981 (EP. #353)
Brette informed Grant, Vivien, and John that Mark is on heading for Houston. Steve asked Ginny why Kate doesn't care for Miles. Mr. H. told Beau that they have to find Miles before he moves away from the ranch. Rikki and Elena talked to Lurlene at the Coop. Paige noticed when Billy Joe and Nita kissed and agreed to have dinner together. Lurlene told Ruby that she wants to spend Christmas with her at the ranch. Eliot admitted to his assistant Lou that he is much happier being director of the news than managing a station. Ginny brought a little Christmas tree to Miles. Lurlene convinced Kate to let Ruby come to the ranch for Christmas. Eliot and Paige realized they never get together after he gave her a present. Brette and Vivien decorated the tree. Lurlene and Ruby told Rikki about spending Christmas together. Billy Joe complained to Ruby about all of his being taken by Ace High. Rikki and Elena sang, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." Ginny questioned Miles about lying to Brette about Hitopah. Billy Joe told Nita he can't have dinner with her because he has to do commercials. Miles refused to elaborate on why he can't tell Brette the truth about Hitopah. Brette told Grant she wonders if Mark will come to Houston after all. Beau watched outside as all the guests at the ranch gathered around the Christmas tree.

DECEMBER 25, 1981 (EP. #354)
Mark arrived and startled Vivien. Billy Joe arrived home from taping commercials all night. Brette and Grant learned from Mark that Lacey has fallen in love with someone and has decided to stay in Australia. Rikki reminded Ruby that they are just friends when she became affectionate after gifting him with a belt buckle. Justin ordered him to go back to bed after Gregory opened one of his presents. Nita and Billy Joe Jr. arrived to wake Billy Joe up so they could spend time together. Kate and Ginny surprised Steve with a new bicycle. Elena admitted to missing Joe and Max while Rikki wished for Maggie and Terry to be in town for Christmas. Billy Joe dressed as Santa Claus and had pictures taken. Justin, Ashley, Allison, and Gregory opened gifts. Ashley got upset with Justin when he gave Gregory a lump of coal. Ginny kept quiet about Miles when Ryan called to wish her and Kate a Merry Christmas. Rikki and Elena discussed Brette. Ruby and Elena exchanged words. Gregory told Ashley that he likes Justin. Mark gave presents to his family. Paige told Nita that her designs will be in a fashion show. Everyone gathered at the Top of The World Club. Billy Joe and Nita grew closer. Lurlene assured Ginny that all will be well once Ryan returns. Kate wished everyone a Happy New Year.

DECEMBER 28, 1981 (EP. #355)
Mark got ready for his first business meeting. Ashley didn't like it when Justin got upset with Gregory again. Reena found out about Allison applying for a job at World Oil. Nita got nervous about the showing after Miriam brought Paige her design. Ashley advised Allison against pursuing a job at World Oil. Paige invited Brette and Vivien told the fashion show. Mark wanted to know everything about Justin. Justin told Ashley he is building a mansion for him and that Gregory might not live with them. Grant encouraged Mark to play hard ball with Justin. Ashley refused when Justin wanted to have another of her relatives take care of Gregory. Reena warned Allison not to try anything but said she will consider hiring her. Reena learned that Mark doesn't want an office. Ashley told T.J. she refuses to let Justin return her inheritance in order to get out of raising Gregory. Mr. H. decided to go to Paige One for the fashion show. Grant and Justin were friendly while talking about their respective businesses. Nita tried to keep her composure when Mr. H. arrived. Ashley spotted Mr. H. as the fashion show began.

DECEMBER 29, 1981 (EP. #356)
Reena updated Vicky on Ashley's inheritance and Ashley applying for a job at World Oil. Grant wished Justin a Happy New Year. Justin met Hawker Barnes and Boots Boudreau. Ashley abruptly left after spotting Mr. H. Ginny informed Miles that Ryan will be back in town soon. Mr. H. told Paige she wants to buy all of Nita's designs after the fashion show. Paige told Brette and Vivien about a man who bought each of the designs. Reena told Vicky that Mark arrived in Houston on Christmas Day. Eliot discussed Meredith becoming a budding journalist with Vicky. Ginny refused to honor Miles' wish that he be kept secret from everyone including Ryan. Billy Joe was worried about losing Nita for good when Paige said Nita was a success. Ashley reassured Gregory of her love. Mr. H. insisted that Beau remain on the ranch until he finds the Fire Compass. Nita told Billy Joe her plans to be a successful fashion designer. Paige told Ashley about the mystery man who attended the showing. Vivien told Grant that Mark and Brette went out to dinner. Mark made a pass at Reena. Justin learned that Ashley didn't attend the fashion show. Miles didn't let Brette look at the map she found. Ashley advised Justin that they need to spend more time with Gregory. Reena was blunt when she turned Mark down.

DECEMBER 30, 1981 (EP. #357)
Mark told Brette that he had dinner with Reena. Miles told Ginny he can't put her in danger anymore. Steve informed Beau that Miles is living at Reena's cabin. Nita thanked Paige for all of her help. Mr. H. and Ashley separately remembered seeing each other. Ashley told Gregory that they are going to the lunch to get some of Justin's old toys. Miles refused to impose on Ginny and make her lie to Justin anymore. Reena told Grant she thinks she will be able to work with Mark. Brette admitted to Mark that she is attempting to set Reena up with Grant. Steve put the cube in his jacket and headed to the stables with Gregory and Ashley after meeting them. Billy Joe assured Nita that he wants her to be a success if that is what her goal is. Mark apologized to Reena for making a pass at her. Brett told Grant that she will come to work for World Oil soon. Grant asked Kate if Brette is truly going to the ranch to see Ginny. Vicky and Reena discussed Striker traveling so much and Reena's plan to ruin Justin's business. Kate suggested Mark talk to Hawker and Boots. Nita told Billy Joe she would like to spend more time together with the baby. Mark requested that Grant arrange a meeting with Hawker and Boots. Ginny and Brette agreed that Miles shouldn't leave the cabin until he has recovered. Mr. H. ordered Beau to find the Fire Campus after he revealed his knowledge of Miles' whereabouts. Billy Joe informed Paige that he plans to propose to Nita. Miles told Brette he will be leaving soon. Gregory agreed to trade Justin's racecar for Steve's cube.

DECEMBER 31, 1981 (EP. #358)
Ruby tried to get a backer for Rikki's record and suggested Lurlene invest her money. Reena informed Allison that she found a position at World Oil for her. Brette assured Rikki that Miles is only a friend of hers. Justin told Ashley that he met with an architect and showed her the plans for the Marshall Mansion. Ashley was upset with Justin for not making a place for Gregory on the blueprint. Reena hired Allison as a part-time assistant and warned her allegiance better be with World Oil. Vicky refused Billy Joe's request that she reduce his Ace High commercials because Justin is overworking him. Ruby convinced Lurlene to produce a record for her and Rikki. Vivien suspected that Rikki is developing feelings for Brette. Meredith mentioned doing a report on Mark when Vicky complimented her work as a reporter. Ashley advised Mr. H. to stay out of her life when he said it was nice to see her again. Hawker and Boots suggested that Mark do a merger with Marshall Oil. Reena mentioned hiring Allison to Grant who offered to take her on a dinner date some time. Billy Joe wasn't happy to hear that Lurlene is backing Rikki's record. Ashley and Justin disagreed about Allison's new job. Billy Joe accused Ruby of using Rikki and Lurlene. Brette planned to work for World Oil and show Grant and Reena that they belong together. Justin comforted Ashley, who had a dream about Hildy and Mr. H. showing up at her residence.