JANUARY 4, 1982 (EP. #359)
Lurlene told Ruby about her ideas for Rikki's record. Justin was upset with Ashley for giving Gregory some of his old toys. Paige agreed to spend a weekend with T.J. at the cabin some time. Ruby offered to talk to Rikki after mentioning that he doesn't want Lurlene to back his record. Beau overheard Miles tell Ginny that he is looking for a missing wooden cube. Ginny suggested to Brette that they prepare an explanation before Ryan gets home about Miles. Beau told Mr. H. that Miles doesn't know where the Fire Compass is. Paige suggested Nita devote all of her time to designing. Kate admitted to Brette that she doesn't trust Miles. Rikki wanted to make sure Lurlene wouldn't get hurt after agreeing to produce a record with her. Ashley was evasive with Justin about what was bothering her. Nita accepted a dinner date with Billy Joe who didn't listen to Paige's advice on waiting to propose. Ginny decided to search Steve's room while he was playing. Gregory told Allison about trading Justin's race car for the wooden cube. Kate interrupted just as Steve was about to tell Beau about his trade with Gregory. Billy Joe told Ruby that he wants her and Lurlene to move out in the next couple days. Ginny was startled by Ryan after telling Miles she was unable to find the cube.

JANUARY 5, 1982 (EP. #360)
John and Vivien grew closer after they attended a concert and wrestling match. Ginny was surprised to see Ryan and kept assuring him that everything was fine. Mr. H. informed Hawker and Boots that he has business matters to take care of while in Houston. Billy Joe was interrupted by a police officer just as he was about to propose and got arrested after giving him a hard time. Kate told Miles he is no longer welcome at the ranch and suggested he leave. Mr. Hannibal let it be known that he wanted Hawker and Boots to find him a good candidate for the state senate. Mark introduced Brette to Hawker and Boots. Nita accepted Billy Joe's proposal while they were in court. Ryan thanked Kate for dinner and went upstairs with Ginny so they could spend some alone time together. Hawker and Boots arranged a meeting at the Spindle Top with Rikki after deciding that he would be a good political candidate. Rikki told Mark and Brette about his upcoming meeting at the Spindle Top. Billy Joe called Lurlene and asked her to bail him out when he and Nita didn't have the money to pay the fifty dollars the judge fined him. Rikki sang while Billy Joe put a ring on Nita's finger, Miles looked at a sketch of Ginny, and Ryan slept while Ginny lied awake in bed. Billy Joe asked the judge to officiate his wedding to Nita after Lurlene arrived to bail him out.

JANUARY 6, 1982 (EP. #361)
Billy Joe was confident with Nita that their marriage would last this time. Lurlene told Ruby about Billy Joe and Nita getting married in court after he was arrested for harassing a police officer. Ryan asked Ginny why she didn't mention Miles being at the ranch for a month. Mark told Reena about meeting Hawker and Boots. Rikki agreed to consider being a political candidate after telling Hawker and Boots that he's a singer not a politician. Miles assured Brette that he can take care of himself after admitting that he will miss Ginny. Ryan was angry with Ginny for keeping Miles a secret and lying to him. Billy Joe assured Nita that he has learned from his mistakes while the couple spent time with the baby. Miles thanked Brette for all she has done. Brette told Reena that no one can know about Miles' work. Rikki told Mark and Brette that Hawker and Boots want him to get involved in politics. Ruby and Lurlene had a difficult time finding an apartment. Ryan asked Brette what she knows about Miles after talking to Grant. Miles gave Ryan's pistol to Ginny after telling him about Ryan being upset for keeping a secret. Brette thought getting into politics would be a good move for Rikki. Brette explained her association with Miles to Grant and Ryan who wondered what makes him interesting to Ginny. Miles kissed Ginny.

JANUARY 7, 1982 (EP. #362)
Donny Jacobs talked about Hitopah with Rikki after he rehearsed with Bill at the club. Brette told Ryan and Grant that she can't say anything more about Miles. Miles apologized to Ginny after kissing her. Vicky informed Striker that Justin bought the Harper residence and that Mark is working for World Oil. Brette told Grant that there are people looking for Miles but she doesn't know the reason. Rikki called Brette with news about Hitopah. Rikki explained the legend of Hitopah to Brette. Kate and Ginny noticed that Ginny was acting funny while having dinner. Grant picked Reena up for their date. Ashley and Allison lectured each other about Gregory. Kate told Ryan that things have changed since he was away because of Miles arriving and Lurlene moving into town. Brette asked Rikki to sing a romantic song for Grant and Reena. Allison felt Ashley was too hard on Gregory. Grant and Reena agreed that the date was a success after Rikki sang to them and Brette. Rikki informed Brette that he will matter to her one day. Ryan agreed to let Miles stay a few more days after he promised to leave soon once he has found something he lost. Ashley felt sorry for Gregory who hoped to get his race car back from Steve. Ashley received a call from Mr. Hannibal who insisted on meeting with her tomorrow.

JANUARY 8, 1982 (EP. #363)
Grant overheard Brette tell Vivien she thinks that he is falling in love with Reena. Mr. Hannibal advised Hawker and Boots to become friends with Justin. Ashley felt she and Justin were too harsh with Gregory. Grant told Brette and Vivien that Iris accepted his offer to buy the house but needs to ship her furniture to New York and redecorate. Reena admitted to liking Grant to Striker. Ruby told Billy Joe he made a mistake marrying Nita. Gregory was able to raise the rest of the money when he didn't have enough to buy a ticket to Marshall Village. Lurlene told Billy Joe and Ruby that she bought a new pickup truck. Hawker and Boots met Ashley and informed Justin that they have big plans for him. Mr. Hannibal threatened to replace Beau if he doesn't find the Fire Compass. Reena told Grant everything she knew about Miles. Ruby advised Billy Joe she has to find a new meal ticket quickly. Ashley told Justin she can't go to the Marshall Mansion site because of an appointment with Dr. Kirkman and refused to let Justin accompany her. Reena told Brette that Mark suspects something between her and Miles. Mark informed Grant that he may move into the penthouse suite. Gregory learned that Steve traded the car to Buddy Coleman Jr. whose place is too far to go to during the evening. Mark assured Striker he will get information on Hawker and Boots. Billy Joe refused to let Justin tell him what to do. Kate told Beau that Gregory left for the Coleman's to trade the cube for the race car. Ashley came to see Mr. Hannibal. Gregory hid from Beau.

JANUARY 11, 1982 (EP. #364)
Mr. Hannibal advised Ashley that Hildy made her money by investing in corporations he owns and ordered her to invest the inheritance with her. Ryan told Mark that he is going to check out Miles once they had a reunion after many years. Kate informed Ginny that Gregory came to the ranch and is now missing. Donny Jacobs told Rikki and Brette about the legend of the Indian god Sutar and the curse he put on Hitopah before mentioning that once took Miles to the region. Ashley blamed herself after learning from Kate and Allison that Gregory is missing. Kate and Ginny told Ryan about Gregory who took the race car and left the cube in its place at the Coleman's. Striker asked Mark to meet Hawker and Boots for a meeting which he had arranged. Beau found Gregory. Mr. Hannibal was pleased when he learned that Hawker and Boots refused to answer any of Striker's questions as to their reason for being in Houston. Reena thanked Vicky for inviting Grant to dinner with them. Kate told Ashley that Gregory may be lost after going to the Coleman's. Beau scared Gregory into revealing where the cube is. Grant and Reena shared their first kiss. Wants pulled a shot gun on Beau when he found the cube. Justin and Ashley decided to look for Gregory while Ryan went to look at Marshall Village and Kate, Ginny, and Allison stayed at the ranch. Wanda made Beau leave and took the cube.

JANUARY 12, 1982 (EP. #365)
Paige was surprised to see several flower arrangements being delivered for her. Vivien had lunch with Reena who agreed to oversee redecorating the Wheeler home. Justin, Ashley, Kate, Ginny, and Allison wondered where Gregory was last night. Gregory woke up and was lost in the woods. Nita talked about being married again with Paige who wondered who sent all the flowers. Vicky didn't think it was time yet for Rikki to have his own show when Ruby mentioned that he is making a record. Brette asked Miles how Donny took him to Hitopah. Ruby told Billy Joe that Rikki will have his own show soon. Kate comforted Ashley though there was no word on Gregory's whereabouts. T.J. greeted Paige with more flowers. Miles informed Rikki and Brette that he is looking for the Fire Compass. Justin and Ashley took responsibility for Gregory going missing. Kate thought the man Wanda pulled a shot gun on must have been Beau. Billy Joe told Nita he is building a mansion for them. Paige told T.J. that she's looking forward to going to the cabin next weekend. Justin and Ashley found Gregory and admitted that they were worried about him. Miles asked Kate if he could see Ginny before he leaves town. Beau retrieved the Fire Compass from the window ledge at the ranch.

JANUARY 13, 1982 (EP. #366)
Miles informed Ginny that he told Rikki and Brette about the Fire Compass, Hitopah, and Ryan's visit to him. Justin and Ashley took Gregory home. Beau called Mr. Hannibal that he found the Fire Compass. Ruby informed Lurlene that they won't be living in a motel for long. Vivien suggested John learn how to drive and repair a car. Brette mentioned she wouldn't mind exploring Hitopah when she talked about the legend with Rikki. Miles advised Ginny he has no reason to remain in town even though Ginny urged him to stay. Justin called Gregory his boy before telling him a bedtime story about his racing days. Ashley agreed to invest her inheritance into Mr. Hannibal's companies. Ruby introduced Beau as Hank Smith to Lurlene. Rikki informed Reena that Hawker and Boots want him to get involved in politics. Billy Joe figured out that one of Ruby's clients named Hank Smith was Beau after talking with Lurlene. Beau told Ruby he is ready to sign the divorce papers and that he is coming into a lot of money soon. Brette helped Vivien and John with the construction set. Ashley apologized to Gregory for yelling at him and gave Justin a big kiss after assuring him that Gregory will be fine. Reena felt Ginny was getting too close to Miles after she mentioned not wanting him to leave town. Allison didn't believe Gregory's story about a man that came after the cube in the woods. Beau found a capsule inside the cube once he opened it. Ruby told Billy Joe that she has to get Beau to sign the divorce papers. Beau noticed smoke coming from the capsule that was in the cube.

JANUARY 14, 1982 (EP. #367)
Mark told Reena that he set up a meeting with Hawker and Boots. Ruby insisted she needed Beau to sign the divorce papers when Billy Joe tried to convince her not to see him. Beau saw smoke when he opened the capsule. Ginny informed Ryan that Miles is leaving town. Billy Joe told Lurlene that Ruby is married to Beau and he is trouble. Lurlene and Billy Joe informed Rikki that Beau is back. Ruby realized that Beau was dead when she arrived at the motel room. Reena told Grant that Allison is doing well at World Oil on her first day. Ruby decided not to call the police when she feared that they would suspect her of killing Beau. Ruby called Lurlene and lied that everything was fine but asked her come over alone. Mr. Hannibal grew impatient while he waited for Beau to arrive. Vivien told Reena that she wants to keep redecorating the Wheeler home a surprise for Grant. Ryan and Ginny learned that Allison is working for World Oil. Kate assumed that Gregory had the cube when it wasn't on the window ledge after she parted on good terms with Miles. Rikki and Billy Joe arrived right after Ruby and Lurlene hid Beau's body in the closet. Vivien gave Grant a list of stores for her to have accounts so she can redecorate. Kate told Ryan and Ginny about Steve trading the cube and that it's gone. Ginny went to check on Miles. Ruby convinced Rikki and Billy Joe to leave though she never got Beau to sign the divorce papers. Miles asked Ginny to get the Fire Compass back from Gregory. Mr. Hannibal asked Adams to find out what happened to Beau. Ruby and Lurlene decided to hide Beau's body.

JANUARY 15, 1982 (EP. #368)
Justin wasn't happy about it when T.J. and Paige told him that they are going away for the weekend together. Addams notified Mr. Hannibal that there is no sign of Beau in Marshall Village. Ruby got Lurlene to help carry Beau out of the motel room. Allison tried to comfort Gregory who had a nightmare about Beau threatening him. Ruby and Lurlene decided to dump Beau's body near Marshall Village. Ryan insisted to Ginny that Miles leave the ranch because he doesn't trust him. Ginny told Ashley she is concerned for Gregory and offered to take him out tomorrow. Ashley told Allison that she dislikes her working for World Oil. T.J. and Paige ran out of gas on their way to the cabin. Justin came home anxious to check on Gregory. Ruby and Lurlene noticed Beau's body deteriorating when they got ready to dump the body and hid when a truck went by. Addams learned from Kate that Beau left the ranch yesterday. Ryan found it odd that Adams would want to deliver a check for $48.23 to Beau. Ginny assured Miles that she will find out if Gregory still has the Fire Compass. Justin showed Gregory the plans for his rooms in the mansion that's being built for them. Ryan asked Ginny where she has been. Justin admitted to Ashley that he dislikes T.J. and Paige going away for the weekend. Ryan walked out on Ginny when she refused to tell him what is going on. Mr. Hannibal informed Addams that they need to find Ruby since Beau left town yesterday. Ruby and Lurlene noticed Beau had a piece of the Fire Compass in his hand after they dumped his body.

JANUARY 18, 1982 (EP. #369)
Miles and Ginny made plans to introduce him to Gregory. Addams informed Mr. Hannibal that he located Ruby. Lurlene had a nightmare about seeing Beau's dead body. Nita told Billy Joe she is concerned about taking care of the boutique without Paige and suggested getting a babysitter. Reena assured Ryan that nothing is going on between Miles and Ginny when he mentioned having a problem in his marriage. Ginny took Gregory to the Space exhibit. Ruby picked up the cube from the table where Beau had it after trying to comfort Lurlene who refused to sleep another night in the motel room. Nita told Billy Joe that she has an important appointment to keep. T.J. went back to the car when Paige asked him to get her cosmetics bag. Ginny informed Miles that she hasn't gotten any information about the Fire Compass from Gregory. Reena quickly pointed out that Ryan is married when Allison commented about him being attractive. T.J. realized he had to get gasoline when he returned from the car. Lurlene agreed to babysit for Billy Joe and Nita. Allison interrupted Ashley assuring Justin that there is nothing between her and T.J. Lurlene freaked when she saw Addams posing as an insurance man wanting to speak to Ruby. Justin broke up an argument between Ashley and Allison working for World Oil. Gregory told Miles and Ginny about leaving the cube at the Coleman's and being threatening by a man who wanted it. Ginny told Miles that Beau must have the Fire Compass. Ruby hid the Fire Compass and asked Addams why he wanted to speak with her.

JANUARY 19, 1982 (EP. #370)
Mark suggested Rikki see Hawker and Boots alone and find out who is backing them. Ginny told Miles that Kate confirmed Beau left shortly after Gregory was found. Ruby wasn't interested in the check Addams had for Beau and said she hasn't seen him in a month. Vivien tried to prevent John from offering to help her redecorate. Brette refused when Vivien noticed she seemed depressed and wanted to cheer her up. Reena assured Vicky her hiring Allison had nothing to do with getting revenge against Justin. Rikki promised to help Brette with Hitopah once he sees Hawker and Boots. Miles told Ginny that the man Beau is working for must be dangerous and powerful and he hasn't figured out how to use the Fire Compass. Mr. Hannibal didn't have time to consider Rikki for a job in politics and ordered Addams to find Beau. Rikki asked Ruby if everything was alright after noticing her being shaky. Miles called Brette who wanted to meet him at the Coop. Vivien hinted to Reena about getting involved with Grant. Rikki couldn't get Hawker and Boots to reveal who is backing them. Adams found Mr. Hannibal's number in Beau's place proving he was staying at the motel room. Reena assured Grant that nothing can come between Ryan and Ginny. Rikki told Mark about his visit with Hawker and Boots and that the plans to get him involved in politics have been postponed. Ruby hid the Fire Compass when Miles arrived at the Coop. Addams told Mr. Hannibal that Ruby lied about not seeing Beau in a month. Miles stood next to Ruby's purse where she hid the Fire Compass.

JANUARY 20, 1982 (EP. #371)
T.J. woke up Paige by kissing her. Miles and Brette talked about the Fire Compass being passed around and were unaware of it being in Ruby's purse. Gregory asked Billy Joe to help him get information about Justin's career. T.J. and Paige talked about their night together. Ashley told Allison to keep an eye on Gregory more. Miles had Brette promise to work with Rikki in finding the Fire Compass should he disappear. Lurlene told Ruby she is worried about Beau's body not being found yet. Justin bragged to Reena that he will win their bet in four months and then she will have to sleep with him. Mr. Hannibal made sure that Ashley planned to invest her money in his companies and hung up after he asked about Gregory. Lurlene asked Nita if she and Ruby could stay the night at her place while being hysterical. Lurlene fainted after Billy Joe told Ruby that a man was looking for Beau. T.J. and Paige had a candle lit dinner and became intimate. Billy Joe and Nita noted Lurlene's strange behavior before promising that their respective careers will work out. Mr. Hannibal talked to someone about finding Ruby at the Coop. Justin admitted to Ashley that he is fond of Gregory and might get back into racing again. T.J. told Paige he loves her before seeing Ashley's face in place of Paige's when he looked at her.

JANUARY 21, 1982 (EP. #372)
T.J. told Paige he is right where he wants to be. Miles informed Kate that he needs to talk to her about Beau. Lurlene warned Ruby that she knows the police are coming to pick them up. Rikki was thrilled when Rikki asked him to take over Phil's show since he's sick. Gregory told Reena that Justin is a great man after Reena praised Allison's work at World Oil. Ashley asked Justin to go over to World Oil to see Reena. Ruby and Lurlene told Rikki that they haven't seen Rikki when Brette came to the Coop looking for him. Kate let Ryan know that Miles is leaving after her talked to her and Ginny. Allison accused Justin of coming to see Reena instead of taking her to lunch like they planned. Paige advised T.J. that she has things to confess when he suggested they let go of the past. Rikki couldn't help Brette because he had too much work to do. Ryan and Ginny reconciled. Miles found a piece of paper with an apartment number written on it while searching the bunkhouse. Brette suggested Rikki get a job and stop chasing Miles during an argument. T.J informed Paige he knows everything he needs to know about her. Vicky talked to Ruby about Rikki filling in for Phil. Ruby and Lurlene left after Meredith mentioned that gold was found near Marshall Village. Ashley wondered what Reena was up to after Gregory talked about his visit at World Oil. Ryan and Miles patched up their differences. Ashley told Gregory that they're going to be a family. Justin kissed Reena after accusing her of wanting to lose their bet.

JANUARY 22, 1982 (EP. #373)
Ruby tried to assure Lurlene that no one will find Beau's body. T.J. asked Reena what was bothering her about Justin having lunch with her. Reena slapped Justin after he kissed her. Brette agreed to help Miles get the money he needs and meet him at the Coop. Vivien arrived at Reena's office just as Reena demanded that Justin leave. T.J. didn't get very far trying to comfort Ashley. Ruby convinced Lurlene to go shopping at the boutique to get her mind off Beau. Mr. Hannibal ordered Addams to find Miles and make sure he doesn't get the Fire Compass first. Reena didn't have time to talk to Vivien about the new furnishings for the house. Nita was taking Lurlene's hem up when Paige mentioned seeing a truck outside Marshall Village and thought she saw Ruby in the back of it. Vivien told Grant the furniture will arrive tomorrow. Brette decided not to ask Grant for money after talking to Vivien. Lurlene snuck out of the boutique when Paige and Nita weren't looking. Justin explained to Ashley that he saw Reena simply to say he plans to put her division of World Oil out of business. Reena suggested she not allow Justin to bother her and extended an invitation for dinner. T.J informed Justin that his personal life is off limits when he wanted to talk about Paige. Nita worried about Lurlene. Paige told Ashley about having a wonderful time with T.J. Ruby and Lurlene decided to move Beau's body. Miles broke into Billy Joe and Nita's apartment and searched through it. Miles hid and pulled out a gun when Nita and the baby arrived home. Ruby pulled the Fire Compass out of her purse and wondered what it has to do with Beau's death.

JANUARY 25, 1982 (EP. #374)
Vicky received an upsetting phone message after complimenting Billy Joe on his show. Nita came home unaware of Miles holding a gun behind her. Ruby wondered what the cube was and then told Lurlene that they have to move Beau's body. Vivien asked John out on a date and hinted to Grant that the house will be empty most of the night. Mark gave Brette a blank check when she asked him for money. Miles snuck out of the apartment and then came back to ask Nita if he could speak with Beau. Nita told Miles she doesn't know anyone by the name of Beau. Reena admitted to Vicky that she still lets Justin get to her. Ruby and Lurlene drove out to find Beau's body. Brette apologized to Rikki who offered to help her sometime. Reena tried to explain to Grant that she's been competitive with Justin because she grew up with him and Max. Grant and Reena kissed. Billy Joe decided to find out what was going on from Ruby when Nita mentioned Miles' visit. Ruby and Lurlene found Beau and put him in the back of the truck. Vivien and John ran into Billy Joe, who was advised by Roy that Ruby isn't at the Coop. Grant and Reena made up after she got upset over a comment he made about a bet. Mark and Rikki talked about Brette. Vivien and John decided to go for a drive. Billy Joe told Rikki that someone is looking for Beau and thinks that Ruby is up to something. Ruby and Lurlene put Beau in a trunk in an office and decided to sleep at the Coop for the night.

JANUARY 26, 1982 (EP. #375)
Allison asked Ashley if she could buy a dress for her 18th birthday. Vicky asked to speak with Reena who found roses in her office from Justin. Ruby assured Lurlene that no one will find Beau in the trunk. Justin suggested that he and Ashley throw Allison a party. Nita asked Paige what they should do about Lurlene's dress. Nita called Lurlene who was about to return the dress when Kate arrived at the Coop. Allison showed up at the boutique wanting to buy a dress and told Paige that it's her birthday. Reena was too busy to talk to Vicky. Lurlene tried to assure Kate that she is fine. Kate told Ginny that she doesn't like Lurlene being involved with Ruby. Ginny suggested a house warming party for Lurlene. T.J. complimented Allison on the dress she was trying on. Justin goaded Reena into keeping their bet. T.J. and Paige talked about their weekend together. Ruby told Billy Joe that she doesn't know why someone would be looking for Beau. Nita and Paige assumed Lurlene was just nervous about being in a fancy boutique rather than being bothered by something. Kate told Ginny she was puzzled by Vicky's visit at the ranch. Gretchen introduced herself as Ruby and Lurlene's new neighbor. Reena advised Ashley it was none of her business why she visited Justin. Vicky decided to alleviate her stress by drinking. Ashley expressed her distrust of Reena to Justin. Reena threw the vase of roses on the floor after snapping at Grant.

JANUARY 27, 1982 (EP. #376)
Miles told Brette this may be the last time she sees him. Vicky was short with Rikki when he asked about his show. Vivien had a lamp delivered for Grant and Reena by a man who was looking for Reena. Ashley told Justin he can do something special for Allison's birthday on his own. Allison showed Gregory her new dress. Reena snapped at Mark because she was having a bad day. Miles informed Brette he is following up on a lead as to where the Fire Compass is alone. Mr. Hannibal received a call notifying him that Miles has been located. Grant called Reena after learning from Vivien that she redecorated the house. Reena asked Grant to come over while Mark invited a depressed Brette for dinner. T.J. asked Ashley if she is bothered by him seeing Paige. Rikki told Billy Joe that Vicky seemed unsure about him getting his own show. T.J. told Paige he has feelings for her. Justin and Ashley disagreed about liking Allison's dress. Vicky assured Reena that she is fine but very busy. Ashley didn't approve of Justin having a man pop out of Allison's birthday cake at the party. Grant pretended that he didn't like the renovations to the house. Vicky had another drink. Mr. Hannibal informed someone on the phone that they can get rid of Miles once the Fire Compass is found. Miles showed up at Billy Joe's apartment only to leave shortly after Billy Joe arrived.

JANUARY 28, 1982 (EP. #377)
Miles asked Nita if he could speak with Billy Joe about Beau. Ashley admitted to Justin that she's upset about Reena being at World Oil with him. Reena assured Allison that she trusts her. Vicky apologized to Rikki and Billy Joe for snapping at them yesterday. Nita insisted that she doesn't know Beau and closed the door on Miles. Justin tried to convince Ashley that he is going to put Reena out of business in a few months. Ruby told Lurlene that they may have to move the trunk with Beau's body to their apartment. Kate, Vicky, and Brette decided to attend Ruby and Lurlene's surprise house warming party. Allison admired Ryan when he came looking for Reena. Vicky restrained herself from taking another drink. Ruby and Lurlene looked over Rikki's contract but left shortly after Vicky mentioned Beau. Ryan asked Reena if she trusts Allison. Lurlene fainted once she found Billy Joe and Nita in the Coop's office. Allison reminded Ashley that she can't tell her what to do when Ashley disapproved of how Allison dressed for work. Ginny told Ryan about the surprise party and being worried about Miles. Miles learned that Billy Joe is on television at KVIK not knowing that Addams is watching them. Lurlene told Ruby that Billy Joe and Nita were in a hurry to leave the apartment and didn't ask many questions about her fainting. Gregory told Justin he dislikes fighting with Allison. Addams bribed the hotel clerk to call him whenever Miles has visitors. Rikki offered to move the trunk in the office for Lurlene until Ruby arrived home and told him to stop.

JANUARY 29, 1982 (EP. #378)
Ruby convinced Rikki that she changed her mind about moving the trunk. Addams let Mr. Hannibal know that they don't know anything about Beau's whereabouts like Miles. Someone had target practice. Justin told Ashley he is going to take Gregory with him to look at race car footage. Grant explained to Brette that he never pushed for a divorce from Judith despite her having an affair but thought it was time to do so. Vivien helped Ginny and Kate with the preparations and invited Gretchen to Ruby and Lurlene's party. Ruby and Lurlene decided to get the trunk out of the office. Ashley was against T.J.'s suggestion that she diversify her investments. Billy Joe warned Miles to leave his family alone and mentioned Ruby. Grant asked Reena to have a late dinner with him after the party. Justin told T.J. he is introducing a new line of fuel additives for Ace High. T.J. advised Justin to stay out of his personal life where Paige is concerned. Ruby lied to a police officer about her and Lurlene being nuns who are delivering old clothes to a church when they were pulled over. Mr. Hannibal saw Gregory at the Spindle Top. Ruby told Lurlene that they will have to take the trunk back to the apartment. Ashley advised Gregory not to mention Mr. Hannibal to Justin. Justin didn't understand when Ashley wanted to leave the Spindle Top. Everyone surprised Ruby and Lurlene, who brought the trunk into the apartment.

FEBRUARY 1, 1982 (EP. #379)
Allison kept Ryan company at the Top of The World Club. Ruby and Lurlene were surprised by all the guests when they arrived at the apartment. Justin, Ashley, and Gregory decided to eat at the club. Ruby told Rikki, Billy Joe, and Brette that she left the key at the Coop when they offered to help unpack the trunk. Vicky met the new owner of the club Hunt Weston. Ginny saw Ryan and Allison chatting together. T.J. and Paige shared a drink on the balcony. Allison told Ashley that she was invited to the club by Ryan to have a drink. Reena warned Ruby not to hurt Lurlene. Ruby remembered overhearing Justin and Reena make a bet in Dallas. Rikki and Brette shared their first kiss which was noticed by Ruby. Allison reminded Ashley that she has the right to decide on whom to date and have a drink with. Vicky admitted to Hunt that she wanted to have a drink at the bar but decided against it. Gregory told Allison that Ashley's in a bad mood because of seeing Mr. Hannibal. Gretchen predicted that she would become really close friends with Ruby. Vicky promised to come back to the club and sing while Hunt played the piano after they realized they have a drinking problem in common. Ruby informed Lurlene that they will dump Beau's body tomorrow. Ashley got cozy with Justin to change the subject about what was bothering her. T.J. told Paige he had a good night with her.

FEBRUARY 2, 1982 (EP. #380)
Allison introduced Reena to her Aunt Hildy's friend Mrs. Auster. Miles obtained Ruby's address. Brette told Mark that Grant is trying to speed up the divorce. Mrs. Auster decided to do business with Reena on her oil leases. Rikki learned from Mark that Brette went to visit a friend. Reena told Allison that she has earned her trust. Ruby and Lurlene prepared to get rid of Beau's body. Miles wasn't pleased when Brette arrived at his place and said he doesn't want to see her until everything is over. Vicky came to the apartment just as Ruby and Lurlene were leaving with the trunk. Vicky gave Ruby and Lurlene towels as a house warming gift. John was teaching Vivien how to play chess when Brette learned that Rikki came to see her. Mark offered Grant help with the divorce if he needs it. Striker assured Vicky that he has just been busy and didn't call because he has to leave town again. Grant worried about the repercussions Allison may face with Justin after Reena complimented her work at World Oil. Rikki comforted Brette who was upset over visiting Miles. Miles pulled a gun on Ruby and asked her where Beau is. Lurlene snuck behind Miles and knocked him unconscious.

FEBRUARY 3, 1982 (EP. #381)
Billy Joe complained to Justin about his busy schedule. Ashley wasn't pleased to learn that T.J. discussed her finances with Paige. Addams told Mr. Hannibal that he lost track of Miles. Lurlene was afraid she killed Miles after knocking him unconscious. Justin assured Billy Joe he will reap the rewards of working hard once his race car is in action. Ashley told Paige she can't diversify her portfolio. Ruby and Lurlene hid Beau in the kitchen when Gretchen arrived. Paige admitted to Nita that she hadn't considered giving herself to another man until dating T.J. Ruby rushed Gretchen out of the apartment after lying she and Lurlene dropped a vase. Allison advised Justin she gained Reena's trust by introducing her to Martha who Justin hoped to get oil leases from. Ashley got mad at T.J. over his talk with Paige. Justin was shocked when he realized Allison made the deal with Martha. Ruby and Lurlene dumped Miles in the alley and poured bourbon on him. Paige advised T.J to find someone else to get information from about Marshall Oil. Someone broke into Ruby and Lurlene's apartment and found the trunk empty. Ruby and Lurlene decided to head to Arroyo near Marshall Village after loading Beau's body in the truck. Ashley was surprised to learn from Justin that Allison helped World Oil instead of being loyal to the family. The police found Miles unconscious and holding a gun. Ashley and Allison argued about loyalty and World Oil. Billy Joe was bothered by the time Nita has spent designing. Mr. Hannibal called Ashley but hung up while she warned him to stay away from the Gregory. Ruby and Lurlene panicked when they noticed the tailgate down and Beau's body gone.

FEBRUARY 4, 1982 (EP. #382)
Lurlene reminded Ruby they have done some terrible things and should get caught by the police. Kate, Ginny, and Steve headed into town to visit Lurlene. Allison told Reena that even Justin is pleased with her work at World Oil. Justin found a book about leaving the country accompanied by a note from Reena. Billy Joe told Nita he arranged it so they both have the day off to spend time together. Ruby and Lurlene bonded when Ruby said she was lucky to have a friend like her. Ashley came to Allison's defense by telling Justin she didn't know about the oil leases and thought she was doing her job. Reena and Allison discussed Justin's reaction to World Oil getting Martha's oil leases. Reena told Allison she would like them to be friends. Ashley assured Gregory that his home is in Houston and no one including Mr. Hannibal is going to ruin it. Kate, Ginny, and Steve gifted Lurlene with a mirror she liked. Lurlene advised Kate not to worry about Ruby because she is a good friend of hers. Lurlene pulled the cube out of the drawer. Billy Joe and Nita agreed not to let their careers get in the way of their marriage. Gregory told Allison that Justin is unhappy and that Ashley wants to talk to her about it. Justin informed Reena that the only place he is going is to a motel room in Houston. Billy Joe told Ruby to get Justin to ease his workload. Ashley asked Allison not to mention Mr. Hannibal or people will get hurt. Justin was confident with Reena about winning their bet. Justin told Ashley that he loves Gregory. Lurlene told Ruby she is afraid of Beau's body being found. Ashley asked Mr. Hannibal to return her call. Steve noticed something in the woods while the sack with Beau's body was nearby.

FEBRUARY 5, 1982 (EP. #383)
Miles found himself in jail. Kate and Ginny tried to stop Steve from opening a sack he found when they saw Beau's dead body. Ryan told Vicky he didn't know Striker was briefly in town. Reena advised Allison that her commitment should be with World Oil when they discussed Justin being displeased about the oil leases. Ashley tried to explain Allison's actions to Justin. Ashley left another message for Mr. Hannibal to call her. Ruby told Lurlene she is the best friend she has ever had. Kate and Ginny discussed Steve's reaction to finding Beau. Mark introduced Grant to Hawker and Boots, who asked if they are willing to help World Oil. Vicky and Reena realized that they haven't heard from Striker and don't know his current whereabouts. The sheriff suggested Ginny take Steve away for a while so he won't talk about the body and it won't make the news. Addams told Mr. Hannibal that Miles wasn't in his room last night and doesn't know where he is. Hawker and Boots felt they made a good deal with Grant and Mark. Justin told Allison he forgives her. Lurlene wondered why no one has found Beau yet. Brette told Rikki she is afraid something has happened to Miles. Grant told Reena about his meeting with Hawker and Boots. Ashley was surprised to learn that Justin forgave Allison so easily. Kate and Ginny informed Ryan that the sheriff suggested they take Steve away for a few days. Miles planned to see Ruby again. Lurlene found out that Beau's body was found when she called Kate. Mr. Hannibal returned Ashley's call and made dinner plans with her.

FEBRUARY 8, 1982 (EP. #384)
Lurlene decided to call Ruby after learning from Kate that Beau's body was found and the sheriff is involved. Allison didn't agree when Ashley told her she is only protecting her. Ryan told Kate that Steve talks about finding the dead body constantly. Gretchen asked Lurlene if everything is alright. Hunt tried to guess what Vicky does for a living and reminded her of the promise she made to him. Gretchen looked around the apartment while Lurlene was out of the room. Gregory came up with the idea of selling the additives throughout the country while talking about Ace High and racing. T.J. advised Justin he doesn't have the funds to sell the additives nationally. Allison brought Ryan some important papers he forgot to sign. T.J. and Paige discussed Ashley's inheritance over dinner. Hawker and Boots told Justin they can help him with the oil leases but didn't mention what they wanted in return. Hunt complimented Vicky on her singing and convinced her to do another number. Ashley warned Mr. Hannibal to stay away from Gregory. Ruby apologized to Lurlene for getting her involved in the situation with Beau. Someone fired a gun at a target. Mr. Hannibal told Ashley to invest her money in his companies. Paige noticed Ashley talking to Mr. Hannibal and asked for the identity of the man.

FEBRUARY 9, 1982 (EP. #385)
Ashley kept thinking about Paige catching her with Mr. Hannibal. Billy Joe and Nita made plans for lunch after he dropped her off at the boutique. Paige realized that she is in bed with T.J. Ryan mentioned taking Ginny and Steve to the airport to Allison, who decided to wait for him to finish signing the papers she brought over. Ruby suggested Lurlene do something to take her mind off Beau while they try to decide what to do with the cube. Allison advised Ryan she may need his assistance with understanding oil lease contracts. Lurlene left before Kate arrived for a visit and told Ruby she doubts they could ever be friends. Billy Joe didn't like Justin's idea of him being the national spokesman for Ace High. Justin told Allison there are no hard feelings between them but to bring oil leases to Marshall Oil in the future. Lurlene accidently dropped the cube in paint. Justin was surprised to see Ryan and Kate having lunch together. Ashley told Paige the man she was with is Mr. Hannibal who is secretly investing for her and asked that she not mention it to anyone. Justin questioned whether it's better for Steve to be away from the ranch for a while. Ruby assured Billy Joe she will be on top of things from now on. Lurlene and Ruby noticed that the cube in paint makes interesting designs. Paige told Nita that Roger Benton is a dress manufacturer who is coming to see her. Allison got T.J. to mention his past with Ashley. Nita cancelled her plans with Billy Joe to meet Roger. Mr. Hannibal ordered Addams to bail Miles out of jail. Lurlene told Ruby she will frame the print she is making from the cube.

FEBRUARY 10, 1982 (EP. #386)
Grant told Mark and Brette that Judith is balking at the divorce. An officer informed Miles he has been released because of someone paying his bail. Lurlene showed Ruby the print she made from the cube. Allison tried to cheer Gregory up when he didn't have fun with other children. Allison flirted with Rikki. Ruby got friendly with Gretchen once she learned from Lurlene that she's rich. Grant told Mark and Brette that Judith is interested in his World Oil stakes and he would rather not have her in Houston. Reena and Vicky discussed how happy she is with Grant and Vicky's long work hours. Gregory asked Ashley to stop fighting with Allison when they argued about the dress Allison wore to work. Mark decided to hear Judith's side of the story when Brette said Grant wants a divorce because Judith had an affair with a younger man. Hawker and Boots told Rikki they believe he has a political future. Ruby offered to look at Gretchen's finances. Kate told Rikki about seeing a dead body on the side of the road with Ginny and Steve. Ashley promised Gregory she will try not to argue with Allison. Vicky offered to listen if Allison needs someone to talk to. Rikki told Brette that Kate mentioned a body being found that looked like a mummy. Miles decided to write out the entire legend of Hitopah, Sutar's curse, and the gas pellet in the Fire Compass. Vicky and Allison bonded when he realized they had feeling lonely in common. Miles prepared to mail information about Hitopah and the cub to Brette in case something happens to him. Brette told Rikki they should find out more about the body because it may involve the Fire Compass. Lurlene told Ruby a piece of the cube may be missing.

FEBRUARY 11, 1982 (EP. #387)
Ryan assured Kate that everything is fine between him and Ginny. Addams told Mr. Hannibal that Miles is out of jail. Miles ignored a call from Brette. Grant apologized if he was bad company to Reena, who worried that no one has heard from Striker. Ryan wondered if Miles had anything to do with the body Kate, Ginny, and Steve found. Mr. Hannibal told Addams they can get rid of Miles once the Fire Compass is found. Vicky told Grant that Striker hasn't been in touch with her. John told Vivien he wrecked Grant's car and worried about getting fired. Vicky got upset when Reena questioned her about Striker being out of town. Vicky told Reena that Allison seems very lonely. Kate told Rikki and Brette about the cube being passed around to different people and finding Beau's body. Allison asked Ryan for help in learning the oil business. Miles mailed his paper to Brette. Ryan and Allison talked about the places they have been to around the world. Mr. Hannibal told Hawker and Boots he will back their political candidate soon. Rikki and Brette agreed to sneak into the morgue. Vivien decided to keep John from getting fired. Mr. Hannibal advised Hawker and Boots that he favors Marshall Oil over World Oil. Grant and Ryan discussed Allison and Hawker and Boots helping World Oil. Reena assured Allison that things will be different now that she is working for World Oil. Rikki got into the morgue but hid on a gurney when two men entered.

FEBRUARY 12, 1981 (EP. #388)
Ashley apologized to Justin but left without saying anything more when Justin asked what was bothering her. Ruby told Lurlene there is no mention of Beau's body in the paper. Rikki started searching the morgue after nearly being caught by two men. Nita told Paige that Billy Joe is very supportive of her career. Justin told T.J. that Ashley is feeling down about something. Ruby complimented Lurlene on the print she made of the cube. Miles watched Lurlene leave the apartment. Ruby changed the subject to investing money when Gretchen wanted to talk about her husband. Lurlene agreed to give Elena her old job back singing at the Coop. Elena mentioned that Joe will be eligible for parole in eight months. Ashley advised T.J. to mind his own business when Justin tried to get her to talk about what was wrong. Nita and Roger made plans for her designing future. Billy complained to Ruby about being negligent towards his career and the workload Justin is giving him. Elena and Lurlene separately met Hawker and Boots. T.J. approved of Nita's contract after reviewing it. T.J. told Paige about Ashley being bothered by something. Justin surprised Ashley with flowers, candles, and music in her office. Justin and Ashley danced. Lurlene felt faint when Brette mentioned waiting for a friend. Miles broke into Ruby's apartment. Ruby and Brette fought over Rikki. Nita and Billy Joe planned to have drinks with Roger and dinner alone. Rikki told Brette that the deformed body wasn't Miles who was shot by Gretchen after he found the cube.

FEBRUARY 15, 1982 (EP. #389)
Vicky decided to stay at home and do paperwork rather than have dinner with Grant and Reena. A man caught Rikki and Brette trying to break into Miles' room. Gretchen shot Miles and hid when she heard Lurlene coming. Hawker and Boots offered to be silent partners with Ruby in backing Rikki's record. Roger told Nita she has come a long way from the girl in Waco. Vicky thought of Striker while working after telling Reena she plans on finding him. Rikki bribed the hotel clerk into letting them into Miles' room. Lurlene ran away after discovering Miles on the floor of her apartment. Grant suggested having dinner with Vicky at the house to Reena, who was worried about her. Hawker and Boots left the Coop when Lurlene told Ruby that the man she knocked unconscious is in their apartment. Billy Joe learned that Roger isn't married. Rikki and Brette didn't find any sight of Miles when they searched his room and left while Addams followed them. Lurlene told Ruby that Brette's friend is dead. Grant and Reena were surprised when Vicky wasn't home. Hunt convinced Vicky to sing again. Billy Joe admitted to Nita that he is jealous of Roger. Grant and Reena agreed to build their relationship on caring and sharing their feelings rather than loneliness. Vicky sang while Billy Joe and Nita, and Grant and Reena kissed. Addams watched as Rikki introduced Elena to Brette who tried to call Miles. Ruby told Lurlene that there is no body on the floor. Ruby and Lurlene got Gretchen to leave when she showed up uninvited. Lurlene tried to convince Ruby that there was a dead body in their apartment.

FEBRUARY 16, 1982 (EP. #390)
Gretchen gave Mr. Hannibal the Fire Compass but advised him it's useless because there is a piece missing. Justin talked to Ashley about enrolling Gregory in private school. Grant told Mark his reasons he and Judith are getting a divorce. Vicky refused to reveal where she was last night and left when Reena asked if Striker is the reason she is bothered. Mr. Hannibal ordered Gretchen to get the missing piece of the Fire Compass and kill Brette if she has it. Lurlene agreed to consider it when Ruby suggested she see a psychiatrist. Ryan invited Allison to have lunch with him at the Spindle Top. Ruby asked Justin to give Billy Joe time off so Billy Joe will get more work done as a long term solution. Allison told Reena that Vicky seemed lonely after seeing her last night. Ruby saw Dr. Olendorf about her friend seeing things. Vicky and Allison assured each other that they are alright. Gretchen interrupted Lurlene's re-enactment of walking into her apartment and finding Miles' body. Ryan told Reena that Ginny is staying in Virginia longer than planned. Reena asked Mark when he is going to start dating. Gretchen left when Billy Joe said that he and Nita aren't as close as they should be. Ruby and Billy Joe argued over her suggesting that Lurlene see a psychiatrist. Grant urged Reena not to worry about Vicky. Ruby convinced Lurlene to see a psychiatrist.

FEBRUARY 17, 1982 (EP. #391)
Rikki told Brette there is no word on Miles. Hannibal ordered Addams to find the missing piece of the Fire Compass. Ruby suggested Lurlene tell Dr. Olendorf everything that happened since he is supposed to keep the information confidential. Justin decided to take Gregory to a basketball game. Hannibal advised Hawker and Boots if they get some oil leases for him he will back their candidate. Brette asked Rikki to help her break into Miles' room while his letter lay on her desk. Justin had to cancel his plans with Gregory to meet with Boots. Billy Joe came home to find the apartment full of candles and Nita wishing him a happy 43rd day anniversary. Kate showed up while Ruby was talking to Gretchen asking where Lurlene was. Lurlene talked about her troubles, childhood and playing with a doll named Lurlinda with Dr. Olendorf. John tried to get Vivien's mind off of Brette's problems. Ashley tried to cheer up Gregory about missing the game. Justin accepted Hawker and Boots' offer to give him some oil leases if he will back Rikki as their political candidate. Billy Joe and Nita made love. Justin gave season tickets to Gregory for the rest of the Rockets' home games. Lurlene told Ruby she feels better after talking to the doctor. Rikki and Brette tried to figure out where Miles is. Vivien accidentally put Miles' letter in a desk drawer.

FEBRUARY 18, 1982 (EP. #392)
Ryan informed Reena that Justin acquired an oil lease from her. Grant told Brette that Judith is blocking the divorce. Gretchen arrived after Lurlene told Ruby she imagined seeing Brette's friend on the floor. Rikki and Elena talked with Rikki about Joe, Brette, and a political career. Joel informed Rikki someone is asking for help in going to Hitopah. Addams called Mr. Hannibal about tailing Brette. Brette suggested Grant update Reena on his divorce. Reena told Ryan she suspects someone more powerful was behind Justin getting the Peterson oil lease. Lurlene told Gretchen she's seeing a psychiatrist because she thought she saw a body in her apartment. Grant told John and Vivien the cost of fixing the limo and warned him he will be fired if he messes up again. Ruby asked Lurlene to keep mum about seeing a dead body. Gretchen promised Mr. Hannibal that she will get the missing Fire Compass from Ruby and Lurlene if they have it. Joel agreed to let Rikki and Brette know who wants him to take them to Hitopah. Rikki took Brette away when he realized they are being tailed. Ryan informed Grant that Reena lost an oil lease to Justin. Hawker and Boots asked Ruby to work with them on Rikki's album. Grant told Reena that Hawker and Boots may have helped Marshall Oil. Lurlene asked Ruby to try and get along with Elena when instead of choosing between them. Rikki and Brette hid as Addams approached an elevator in the garage. Grant confessed that Judith is halting the divorce after he and Reena declared their love. Rikki grabbed Addams and asked him what he wants.

FEBRUARY 19, 1982 (EP. #393)
Vicky checked to see if Striker called and was disappointed there was no word from him. Rikki and Brette pounced on Addams but let him go after warning him not to follow them. Ruby told Lurlene she is going to Nashville and asked that her whereabouts be kept secret. Mark explained he wanted to be neutral when Grant admitted his love for Reena but that the divorce is standing in his way. Hawker and Boots denied Reena's accusation that they gave the Peterson lease to Justin. Rikki and Brette wondered why someone is following them. Addams told Mr. Hannibal he put another man on Brette's trail because he was spotted. Mr. Hannibal told Addams to take orders from Gretchen now. Gretchen asked Joel to take her to Hitopah and gave him money as a retainer. Rikki and Brette got the keys to the cabin from Reena. Hawker and Boots brought Ruby money. Gretchen told Mr. Hannibal that she will get the missing piece of the Fire Compass from Ruby if she has it. Lurlene told Kate she has been seeing a psychiatrist because of having nightmares. Brette assured Mark that she is fine. Grant decided to take Reena out to a new place after learning that the meeting with Hawker and Boots didn't go well. Hunt asked Vicky to sing when she arrived at his club. Hawker and Boots informed Kate and Lurlene that they have big political plans for the Coop. Ruby didn't have time to talk with Gretchen. Joel told Rikki and Brette that a female naturist wants to go to Hitopah. Vicky saw Grant and Reena together while singing a number. Gretchen showed up as Ruby was leaving the apartment and pulled a gun on her.

FEBRUARY 22, 1982 (EP. #394)
Elena arrived for her first night back singing at the Coop and learned from Lurlene that Ruby won't be there. Justin arranged for Hud Richards to visit him and Gregory. Paige told Billy Joe and Nita she's having an intimate surprise party for T.J. Gretchen foiled Ruby's attempt to escape and made her get on a service elevator. Lurlene defended Ruby when Elena suspected that they are friends because of Lurlene's money. Reena was upset about Vicky singing and spending time at the bar. Gregory met Hud and talked with him and Justin about a race car. Grant suggested Reena wait until Vicky is ready when she wanted to talk to her. Vicky smashed a picture of Striker in anger over not knowing his whereabouts. Billy Joe was thrilled with being married to Nita again and hoped nothing would happen to them. Paige gifted T.J. with a flashlight, gas can, boots, and a gold watch to commemorate their first month anniversary together. Ashley complained to Allison about her attire during a meeting with Hud. Billy Joe, Nita, Lurlene, and Elena chatted while at the Coop. Reena found Vicky cleaning up the broken picture and wanted to talk. T.J. and Paige talked about never having feelings for someone like they do for each other. Elena sang while Lurlene informed Billy Joe that Ruby is out of town. Vicky only said she is upset with Striker but refused to talk about it further with Reena. Lurlene promised Billy Joe she will give Ruby a message to call him. Gretchen tied up and gagged Ruby.

FEBRUARY 23, 1982 (EP. #395)
Reena told Grant that Vicky is upset about Striker. T.J. approved of Paige and Nita's contract after reviewing it. Vicky told Billy Joe that she wants Rikki to co-host his show to launch his own show. Allison said she doesn't want to be treated like a child to Justin, who asked her and Ashley to stop the animosity between them. Grant convinced Reena to play hooky from work. T.J. advised Justin he thinks Hawker and Boots helped them get oil leases. T.J.'s parents, Burton and Mildred, arrived for a visit. Roger, his lawyer Peter Krause, and Billy Joe arrived at the studio. Allison cried on Ryan's shoulder because of Ashley's attitude towards her. Justin tried to persuade Ashley into treating Allison differently. Lurlene informed Vicky that she has been unable to reach Ruby. Ginny questioned Ryan about Allison. Burton and Mildred informed T.J. that they are moving into an apartment in Houston. Vivien warned John that the police might put him in jail. Ashley got a cold reception from Burton and Mildred, who learned that she is married to Justin. Lurlene watched Randy Jones perform and asked Billy Joe if she could watch him on television and meet him. Grant advised Reena that Brette is doing well. Vivien found Miles' letter to Brette while talking to John.

FEBRUARY 24, 1982 (EP. #396)
Paige wanted to meet Burton and Mildred instead of letting T.J. cancel their dinner date. Lurlene learned that Ruby never checked into a hotel after telling Elena that she hasn't heard from Ruby. Brette thanked Rikki for his help in trying to find Miles. Ashley and Allison tried to have a civil conversation. Justin wanted to show his appreciation for getting the oil leases to Hawker and Boots. Mildred treated Paige coldly after learning she owns a boutique. Justin mentioned saving Rikki's life once and was confident that he could be friends with Rikki again to Hawker and Boots. Ruby realized that Gretchen killed Miles when she said that Beau disappeared and she doesn't have the missing piece of the Fire Compass. Ashley and Allison tried to compromise when they disagreed about working with Reena. Mildred gave Paige a snobby attitude. Lurlene got nervous when she overheard two men talking about a dead body. Elena suggested Lurlene get some rest. Brette read the letter from Miles that Rikki found. Lurlene found Ruby's airline ticket and tried to learn whether she went to Nashville or not. Ashley promised Justin she will try to get along with Allison. Mildred brought up Ashley's unsavory past to T.J. and Paige. Brette told Justin that they need to look at the dead body again in the morgue. Gretchen threatened to kill Ruby unless she reveals where the missing piece of the Fire Compass is.

FEBRUARY 25, 1982 (EP. #397)
Lurlene was unsuccessful in locating Ruby. Vicky approved of Rikki missing the rehearsal of Billy Joe's show. Justin informed Ashley that Hawker and Boots are backing Rikki in a political career. T.J. gave his reasons for leaving World Oil to Burton argued about Ashley. Brette told Rikki she thinks the dead body in the morgue is the ranch hand who stole the Fire Compass. Ruby tried to convince Gretchen that she doesn't have the missing piece of the Fire Compass. Mildred disagreed with Vicky who thought of Paige as a good person. Gretchen decided to search Ruby and Lurlene's apartment for the missing piece of the Fire Compass after Ruby insisted that she doesn't have it. Brette told Rikki that Miles may be headed for Hitopah and wanted to bring the Fire Compass to him if she finds it. Ashley told Justin she is worried Burton will hurt her by revealing her past to Justin. Vicky informed Justin that Rikki is going to be on Billy Joe's show for a while. Lurlene saw Gretchen enter the apartment after realizing that the cube is missing. Justin commented on Burton visiting Ashley. Rikki and Brette persuaded Jake the sheriff into letting them see the dead body if it hasn't been buried. Lurlene arrived at the apartment and found it ransacked because of Gretchen searching through it. Ruby struggled to free herself from being tied up and gagged.

FEBRUARY 26, 1982 (EP. #398)
Jake called to have the dead body returned before it could be buried for Rikki and Brette. Lurlene asked Elena to take care of the Coop for her. T.J. and Paige agreed to go on a lunch date. Nita received flowers from Roger. Ruby was startled by a rat while she was trying to free herself. Elena informed Billy Joe that Lurlene couldn't reach Ruby. Billy Joe told Elena that Rikki cancelled appearing on his show and he can't be located. Nita admitted to Paige she is uncomfortable about having lunch with Roger alone. T.J. told Paige he didn't treat Ashley very well when they had a past relationship. Nita turned down Roger's invitation after he mentioned all the travelling they're going to do together. Lurlene arrived at a store and told the salesman she needs a costume. T.J. admitting to Paige that he cares for Ashley but is in love with her. Nita made an excuse to cancel on Roger and called Billy Joe at the Coop requesting to see him. Lurlene followed Gretchen while dressed as a Nun. Brette examined the dead body. Billy Joe tried to comfort Nita. Lurlene caught Gretchen holding a gun on Ruby. Lurlene pulled a fire alarm just as Gretchen was about to shoot Ruby.

MARCH 1, 1982 (EP. #399)
Vicky told Reena that it is odd Rikki cancelled appearing on Billy Joe's show and his whereabouts are unknown. Rikki and Brette found a piece of the Fire Compass in Beau's hand. Vicky admitted to Reena that she hasn't heard from Striker in several weeks. Rikki and Brette discovered that the dead body was not Miles. Vivien taught John how to square dance. Elena learned that Joel and Gretchen are leaving for Hitopah after Roy thanked her for helping him at the Coop. Firemen arrived to escort Gretchen out of Ruby and Lurlene's apartment. Gretchen realized that Ruby and Lurlene had escaped when she returned. Brette insisted to Rikki that they go to Hitopah right away. Mr. Hannibal ordered Gretchen to travel to Hitopah. Ruby was short with Elena when she and Lurlene arrived at the Coop. Hunt offered to help Vicky if anything is wrong. Ruby told Lurlene that Gretchen killed Brette's friend Miles. Brette lied to Mark about leaving town because she needed to clear her head. Rikki refused to explain his reasons to Vicky as to why he needed to postpone co-hosting Billy Joe's show. Mark informed Grant and Reena that Brette has left town for a while. Reena learned from Vicky that Rikki is leaving town. Hunt told Vicky he is doing what he wants regardless if it's a success. Ruby planned to get her savings back which was stolen by Gretchen. Joel requested that he and Gretchen delay the trip to Hitopah until tomorrow morning. Rikki and Brette left Houston and headed for Hitopah.

MARCH 2, 1982 (EP. #400)
Allison brought some contracts to Ryan and flirted with him. Ruby reluctantly agreed to go with Lurlene and tell Brette that her friend Miles is dead. Ginny advised Reena she thinks Allison has a crush on Ryan. Mark told Grant that Rikki took a few days off work and suggested he not worry about Brette while she is out of town. Ruby and Lurlene learned from Mark that Brette isn't home and was evasive when he questioned them. Joel promised Gretchen that they would leave for Hitopah once the jeep is ready. Allison told Ginny how lucky she is to be married to a man like Ryan. The service station attendant warned Rikki and Brette that the Hitopah region is very dangerous. John hurt his back while spending time with Vivien. Ruby told Lurlene that she is going to get her money back from Gretchen. Grant told Reena he is concerned about Brette and thought she might have went hiking alone. Rikki and Brette drove through the canyons before putting more gas in their jeep. Ryan and Ginny talked about Allison during a visit. Reena assured Grant that his children feel loved when he regretted not spending enough time with Brette. Ruby discovered several guns in Gretchen's closet while Ruby and Lurlene searched Gretchen's apartment. Ruby and Lurlene hid when Gretchen showed up at her apartment and overheard her phone conversation with Bailey about him and Addams following her. Joel arrived to pick up Gretchen unaware that Ruby and Lurlene were hiding in the closet. Rikki and Brette decided to head out through the canyons on foot.

MARCH 3, 1982 (EP. #401)
Billy Joe told Ruby and Lurlene that Rikki has disappeared. Rikki and Brette hiked through the canyons. Ashley suggested Justin not drive the race car himself before Gregory asked about it. Paige tried to get T.J. to talk about his childhood. Striker arrived home while Vicky told Reena she plans to work late. Justin told Ashley and Justin that he decided to name the race car Gregory One. Ruby advised Lurlene that she thinks Rikki ran off with Brette somewhere. Gretchen ordered Addams and Bailey to meet her at La Cochita after learning from the service attendant that two people were heading for Hitopah. Vicky accused Striker of having an affair and warned him that she won't sit idle about it. Reena was suspicious when Byron Elliston informed her that he is going to sign a contract with Marshall Oil. Mr. Hannibal was updated on the trip to Hitopah and surprised that Hawker and Boots weren't in better contact with their political candidate. Paige revealed her childhood dreams of becoming a star to T.J. Hawker and Boots pretended that they knew Rikki went out of town. T.J. and Justin headed for the Spindle Top while Paige told Ashley that her relationship is going well. Lurlene and Ruby thought that Gretchen may be after Rikki and Brette. Paige told Ashley about her dinner with T.J.'s parents. Justin, T.J., Hawker, and Boots talked with Byron about oil leases. Reena asked Striker why he hasn't kept in touch. Brette checked a Geiger counter before continuing to travel with Rikki. Joel and Gretchen hiked through Hitopah. Striker abruptly left after getting upset with Reena and seeing Vicky.

MARCH 4, 1982 (EP. #402)
Striker yelled at Reena who was puzzled when he abruptly left after Vicky arrived home. Lurlene told Ruby she is putting her thoughts together to come up with a story for the police. Ruby told Hawker and Boots she was mugged. Vicky informed Reena that Striker has been having an affair with a woman in Cuernavaca. Vicky decided to go to Hunt's bar while Reena asked Grant to visit her. Brette examined a rock and told Rikki that Miles was right about Sutar and Hitopah. Ruby lied to Hawker and Boots that Rikki is visiting a sick relative out of town. Mark decided to talk to Ruby and Lurlene about Miles when Reena admitted she knows very little about him. Grant tried to comfort Reena, who cried over Striker having an affair and their confrontation. Gretchen flirted with Joel. Ruby couldn't persuade Lurlene against going to the police. Hunt revealed some of his past to Vicky who confided in him about her troubles. Rikki assured Brette that they will find the prospector's hut. Brette read the directions Miles provided in his letter and was sure Miles was in the canyon. Gretchen contacted Addams to update him on their progress in Hitopah. Ruby told Mark that no one knows anything about Miles. Striker walked out after he and Reena argued. Ruby agreed to accompany Lurlene to the police station in the morning.

MARCH 5, 1982 (EP. #403)
Gretchen spotted Rikki and Brette in Hitopah. Lurlene insisted she tell the police everything that has happened despite Ruby's objections. Justin told Ashley he has to tour with the new race car. Allison told Reena she wants to work full time and get her own apartment. Vicky gave Striker an ultimatum to end his affair with the other woman or they're through. Gretchen nearly stabbed Joel until she realized that he didn't notice Rikki and Brette. Reena decided to hire Allison full time at World Oil. Ginny asked Reena what happened to Rikki and Brette. Ruby reluctantly agreed to accompany Lurlene to the police station. Rikki and Brette traveled down the canyon. Ginny warned Reena to watch Allison after being assured that Rikki and Brette are fine. Allison invited Ashley to lunch and revealed her plans with work and living situation. T.J. refused when Justin wanted Burton to work for Marshall Oil. Rikki and Brette managed to get through the canyon. Reena was happy for Vicky who mentioned that Hunt has been a friend to her. Ruby encouraged Lurlene to reveal everything to the police after hearing a woman tell an officer about her husband being abducted by aliens. Lurlene gave the police officer a confession. T.J. told Ashley that Justin wants Burton to work for them. Vicky told Ashley that Mildred is in Houston and doesn't care for Ashley or Paige. The officer tore up the paperwork of Lurlene's account of events when she and Ruby left the station. Brette stared mystified in the canyon.

MARCH 8, 1982 (EP. #404)
Reena obtained one of Ashley's yearbooks. Mark told Reena about his talk with Ruby and Lurlene at the Coop. Elena mentioned Joel getting in touch with Rikki to Lurlene. Rikki ran after Brette when she got scared in Hitopah. Nita admitted that she was bothered by Roger to Billy Joe who wanted to have a picnic with her. Lurlene told Ruby that Joel is a friend of Rikki's. Gretchen and Joel made their way through the canyon. Nita told Billy Joe that she's afraid they won't have time together because all of the work she has to do. Grant advised Striker that Hawker and Boots are causing World Oil to lose oil leases. Reena warned Mark about trusting Ruby and suggested he talk to Ginny about Miles. Ginny revealed her knowledge of Miles and the Fire Compass to Mark. Brette called out to Rikki and then ran to the miner's hut. Reena admitted to Grant that there are a lot of problems in the Bellman family. Billy Joe asked Ruby if she has heard from Rikki. Mark expressed his concern about Brette being in danger to Grant. Billy Joe didn't believe Lurlene's story about the wooden cube. Reena ended up speaking with the mother of Julia, one of Ashley's sorority sisters. Elena informed Lurlene that Joel planned to take a woman named Gretchen to Hitopah. Reena pretended to be a reporter for KVIK and made arrangements to meet Julia for lunch tomorrow. Lurlene told Ruby that Elena mentioned Joel and Gretchen going to Hitopah. Gretchen spotted Rikki and Brette heading to the miner's cabin as Joel walked by unaware of the situation.

MARCH 9, 1982 (EP. #405)
Lurlene told Ruby that they need to do something to help Rikki and Brette. Rikki urged Brette to keep her hopes up when she was disappointed that Miles wasn't in the shack. Gretchen contacted Addams and advised him that she is heading for the shack to follow Rikki and Brette. Reena suggested Striker and Vicky have dinner. Allison tried to comfort Gregory who was upset over her moving out. Brette read more of Miles' letter to her. Ruby changed her mind about her and Lurlene keeping quiet about what they know when Mark came to their apartment. Allison told Ashley she will ask Mr. Hannibal if she won't give her the money to move out. Hunt admitted to Vicky that he is having financial trouble but vowed to handle it alone. Mark, Ruby, and Lurlene assumed that Rikki and Brette were in trouble after they revealed their knowledge of the Fire Compass. Reena told Striker about Vicky singing at the Starlight Lounge. Gregory comforted Ashley while she cried about her argument with Allison. Reena offered the Bellman residence as a place to stay when Allison mentioned her argument with Ashley. Lurlene informed Ruby that the print she made is of the Fire Compass. Gretchen was frustrated and called Addams because she was unable to listen in on Rikki and Brette's conversation. Joel discovered Gretchen being awake. Striker abruptly walked out after arriving at the Starlight Lounge and heard Vicky sing.

MARCH 10, 1982 (EP. #406)
Reena told Vicky she would like Allison to stay with them at the Bellman house. Ashley overheard Allison and Gregory talking. Ruby informed Mark that Gretchen killed Miles. T.J. gifted Paige with a baseball cap, ball, and pearls. Gregory told Ashley that Allison is coming by to pick up her things and is moving in with Reena. Vicky wanted to make sure Allison thought she was ready to move in with them. Lurlene and Ruby told Mark that Gretchen is dangerous and showed him the print of the Fire Compass. Hawker and Boots informed Mr. Hannibal that Rikki is tending to a sick relative out of town. Allison refused to go home with Ashley when she showed up at the house. Ruby asked Mark not to mention Beau to anyone and told him that the police didn't believe her story. Mark agreed to let Ruby help him find Rikki and Brette. Ashley and Allison argued in front of Reena. T.J. tried to comfort Gregory who thought that everything is going wrong because Allison has moved out. Addams called Mr. Hannibal and told him Gretchen is tailing Rikki and Brette in Hitopah. Vicky advised Allison she is welcome to stay at the Bellman house as long as she wants. T.J. told Ashley about how upset Gregory was when he talked to the boy. Reena met Julia and learned that T.J. and Ashley were involved and then engaged while going to college. Reena thanked Julia for providing the kind of information she was looking for.

MARCH 11, 1982 (EP. #407)
Ruby advised Lurlene it is best she stay behind rather than help her and Mark. Rikki assured Brette everything will be fine. T.J. told Paige that Allison move in with Reena. Reena got some dirt on Ashley from her sorority sister Julia. Paige told T.J. she will try to cheer Ashley up by herself. Mark told Ruby and Lurlene that they may be able to find the location of Hitopah if they break into Joel's office. Addams told Gretchen that Mr. Hannibal wants her to take care of things. Gretchen and Joel agreed to travel down the canyon tomorrow. Mark and Ruby learned from Lurlene that Joel's last name is Walker. Allison was grateful to Reena who said she is welcome to stay at the Bellman house for as long as she likes. Brette told Rikki she doubts Miles ever went into the shack. Mark and Ruby broke into Joel's office and found information about the Nueces River area. Gretchen advised Joel she won't return to Houston until she gets what she came for. Paige tried to comfort an upset Ashley. Ruby promised to remain by Mark's side until they find Rikki and Brette when they arrived at Reena's office. Paige suggested Ashley talk to Vicky about Allison. Reena and Ruby traded insults during a confrontation. Reena learned that Ruby is with Mark. Gretchen got a rifle ready while Joel went exploring. Brette advised Rikki that they can't get romantically involved until the caper in Hitopah is over. Gretchen spied on Rikki and Brette. Ashley admitted to T.J. she feels funny talking to Vicky. Reena decided the time was right to turn the screws on Ashley.

MARCH 12, 1982 (EP. #408)
Reena felt Mark and Ruby teaming up was trouble and told Grant. Mark and Ruby started looking over maps to find Hitopah's location. Roger arrived at the boutique to look at Nita's designs. Vicky told Ashley she thinks it would be best that Allison stay with them for now. Reena assured Grant that Brette loves him very much when he blamed himself for her being in trouble. T.J. told Paige that Allison will be fine. Vicky asked Billy Joe if Hunt could make an appearance on his show. Ashley tried to cheer up Gregory but doubted Justin would be able to convince Allison to return home. Ruby discussed family with Mark while they reviewed maps. Grant got nowhere when he questioned Ruby about being in the map room. Paige assured Nita that her traveling won't cause problems in her marriage to Billy Joe. Mark refused to tell Grant what he was up to. Reena taunted T.J. about his past relationship with Ashley. Billy Joe was confident that he and Nita could make things work when Nita said she has to travel to New York and sell her designs. Mark kissed Ruby after she found Hitopah on one of the maps. Reena informed Ashley that she knows about her past engagement to T.J.

MARCH 15, 1982 (EP. #409)
Lurlene asked Ruby if Mark is the reason she insisted on going to Hitopah with him. Grant came home while Vivien wondered if the letter addressed to Brette has something to do with her leaving town. Reena told Ashley that she knows about her past engagement to T.J because of Julia. Vicky asked Hunt to meet Billy Joe and consider appearing on his show. Ashley pleaded with Reena to think about Gregory and everyone else getting hurt if she reveals her past with T.J to Justin. Gregory was happy when Justin returned home. T.J. found Ashley crying. Mark told Ruby that everything is ready for their trip to Hitopah. Ashley told T.J. that Reena knows they were engaged once. Gregory informed Justin that Allison moved out. Ruby laid into Billy Joe and advised him that no one ask about her except Lurlene. Ashley was relieved when she realized that Reena hasn't revealed her past to Justin. Billy Joe told Nita about Ruby talking to him. Vicky declined Hunt's offer to sing with him on Billy Joe's show but accepted his dinner invitation. Ashley hated herself for almost revealing what Reena knows to Justin after telling Grant the truth about her past. Grant told Reena he respects her for coming to him and being honest. Gregory informed Ashley that he told Justin about Allison moving out. Ashley secretly brought up the fact that Gregory's mother isn't dead.

MARCH 16, 1982 (EP. #410)
Ruby assured Lurlene who worried about her going to Hitopah. Rikki and Brette found Sutar's rock and examined it. Mark told Grant he is going with Ruby to find Brette and bring her back to Houston. Striker advised Ryan he may need him to go out of town on business. Allison witnessed Justin and Ashley arguing about her. Gretchen and Joel split up to corner Rikki and Brette. Allison told Justin that she isn't leaving the Bellman residence to move back in with him, Ashley, and Gregory. Reena comforted Allison. Reena asked Ryan to talk to Allison after telling him that she moved in with her and Vicky. Striker told Grant that he has to go back to Cuernavaca on a personal matter. Ryan tried to console Allison but let her know that they are only friends. Mark and Ruby left to take a helicopter to Hitopah. Ginny invited Lurlene to come out to the ranch for a visit sometime. Brette compared the markings on Sutar's rock to the ones on the piece of the Fire Compass. Ryan told Ginny that he talked with Allison and cleared things up. Gretchen got a gun ready after she spotted Rikki and Brette in possession of the Fire Compass. Joel climbed the mountain while Gretchen aimed the gun.

MARCH 17, 1982 (EP. #411)
Mark and Ruby searched for Rikki and Brette while in a helicopter. Justin reassured Ashley when she was afraid of what might happen to Mark and Ruby. Reena advised Grant that Mark will handle things. Joel warned Rikki and Brette against trying to escape and then turned towards where Gretchen was. Striker advised he can't leave the other woman in Cuernavaca when Reena asked about her. Addams called Mr. Hannibal and told him that Gretchen has spotted Rikki and Brette. Gretchen shot Joel. Justin informed Billy Joe he will be traveling with him as the national spokesman for Ace High service stations. Hawker and Boots told Lurlene that Rikki is visiting relatives out of town. Vicky refused to wait around for Striker who advised her that he is leaving town again. Rikki and Brette hid in a cave once Gretchen started shooting at them. Lurlene told Billy Joe that Ruby is in Nashville. Billy Joe said he refuses to travel for Justin. Ruby asked Mark to land the helicopter after spotting Gretchen. Reena feared her family is falling apart after Grant mentioned that Ruby is with Mark. Ruby found Rikki and Brette in a cave. Justin asked Gregory to help him come up with a name for their new mansion. Vicky requested that Hunt perform on Billy Joe's show. Reena told Grant about her talk with Striker. Mark joined Rikki, Brette, and Ruby in the cave.

MARCH 18, 1982 (EP. #412)
Ashley pleaded with T.J. not to reveal their past to Paige. Reena tried to prevent Grant from worrying about Mark and Brette. Roger gave Nita tickets for their trip and promised that she will love New York. Mark, Ruby, Rikki, and Brette found a mummy that resembled Beau's dead body. Justin wanted to know the reason when T.J said that Burton refuses to work for Marshall Oil. Ruby informed Brette that Gretchen is a killer and kidnapped her. Brette told Mark, Ruby, and Rikki that Gretchen killed Joel. Justin suspected T.J. was keeping other secrets after T.J. advised him that family matters are none of his business. Grant told Reena he wanted to know about the danger Mark and Brette put themselves into. Mark informed Rikki that Miles was shot and killed by Gretchen. Brette suggested they leave the cave and try to find Miles. Roger told Billy Joe about his travel plans to New York and Chicago. T.J. confessed to Paige that he was engaged to Ashley while they were in college and that his parents broke them up. Billy Joe wasn't pleased that Roger will be traveling with Nita. Justin told Ashley about his meeting with Burton and wondered if T.J. has been hiding something. T.J. told Paige he didn't tell her the truth about Ashley because he didn't want to hurt her. Paige left after telling T.J. she wished he had confessed his past sooner once T.J. admitted his feelings for her. Ashley told Justin that T.J. didn't turn Burton against him and the two Canfield men don't have a close relationship. Reena offered to check with Ginny and Lurlene after Grant worried how Brette might be in danger. Rikki tried to console Brette, who learned that Miles is dead.

MARCH 19, 1982 (EP. #413)
Addams updated Mr. Hannibal on everything that has happened so far at Hitopah. Brette told Rikki she needs to find the secret room. Ashley tried to explain to Gregory why Allison moved out of the house. Paige asked T.J. to give her time so she can think things through. Ginny told Reena what she knows about Miles and Hitopah. Ruby explained to Ruby her reason for not telling her about Miles sooner. T.J. told Ashley that he revealed their past engagement to Paige. Lurlene admitted she can't say much about Hitopah when Reena asked her about the place. Gregory arrived as Ashley lit into T.J. for telling Paige about their past. Addams informed Gretchen that Mr. Hannibal wants the others to lead them to the secret room before having them all killed. Gregory admitted he doesn't like T.J. very much because he upset her. Lurlene assured Reena that Ruby is a good friend of hers and not after the Wheeler fortune. Justin told Ashley that he is expecting Hawker and Boots for a meeting. Gregory told Allison he is trying to come up with a name for the new mansion and attempted to convince her to move back home. Ashley remembered telling T.J. she got rid of the baby. Gretchen followed close behind after Ruby gave Brette the print of the Fire Compass. Mr. Hannibal ran into Allison and Gregory at the Spindle Top. Paige urged Ashley to come clean to Justin when Ashley didn't want Justin to know the truth about her and T.J. Reena taunted Justin with the possibility that Marshall Oil will go under in his own backyard. Ashley told Paige that T.J. must have wanted the truth to come out because he loves her very much. Gretchen continued to follow Mark, Ruby, Rikki, and Brette.

MARCH 22, 1982 (EP. #414)
Ashley told T.J she doesn't trust Reena to keep their past a secret from Justin. Justin tried to get Reena to confess to whatever she was hiding from him. Brette asked Rikki if he believes in the legend of Sutar. Reena stormed out when Justin reminded her that they are going to sleep together in Dallas. Ashley asked T.J. not to tell Paige about her abortion. Hawker and Boots told Justin they would like him to represent Rikki as his campaign manager. Reena told Vicky about the incident she had with Justin and said she wanted to be a good person and not stoop to his level. Hawker and Boots promised to help Justin secure more oil leases if he supports Rikki. Hunt mentioned that he prefers having a nightclub rather than the oil business. Justin learned that Ruby is in Nashville after informing her about his plans to build a mansion on Harper land. Ruby wanted to leave when Brette told everyone that they are standing over an oil dome. Gretchen kept Mark and the others from leaving the cave by firing a shot at them. Elena wondered where Rikki was. Hunt told Vicky about being miserable while married and being involved in the oil business. Justin informed Ashley and Gregory that they are going to have more oil leases. Gregory told Justin about T.J and Ashley's argument. Paige forgave T.J. and they professed their love for each other. Ashley lied to Justin that Gregory misunderstood and she didn't have a fight with T.J. Ruby was rescued by Brette when she fell through a hole.

MARCH 23, 1982 (EP. #415)
Mark and Rikki searched for Ruby and Brette who tried to climb out of a hole. Vivien advised Grant that Judith called looking for him. Brette rescued Ruby who wanted to tell her about Miles. Ruby told Brette the truth about Beau. Reena told Vicky that Hunt is interested in her. Hawker and Boots suggested that Lurlene make some changes at the Coop. Mr. Hannibal ordered Addams to make sure Mark, Rikki, Brette, and Ruby lead Gretchen to the secret chamber before killing them. Vivien told John that she thinks something is wrong. Grant talked to Judith over the phone and assured her that Brette and her friends are in the desert and asked her not to come to Houston. Grant expressed his concern for Mark to Reena after telling her about his conversation with Judith. Brette found a tablet after she and Ruby fell to the ground. Two cowboys made an attempt to be patrons of the Coop for Hawker and Boots. John and Vivien talked about traveling to places they would like to visit. Mr. Hannibal gave Allison some money. Reena told Grant she thinks Brette and the others are in Hitopah. Ruby and Brette walked through a passageway they discovered. Brette and Ruby were finally reunited with Mark and Rikki.

MARCH 24, 1982 (EP. #416)
Reena informed Allison that he friends could be valuable to World Oil. Nita separately convinced Paige and Justin to let her and Billy Joe leave work early. Brette admitted to Mark, Rikki, and Ruby that she doesn't know how the tablet got to where it was found. Vicky and Billy Joe tried to ease Hunt out of being nervous before he performed on the television show. Justin invited Paige to a celebratory party after bragging about Marshall Oil expanding so much. Brette tried to figure out what the tablet means. Allison arrived at the boutique and paid for a dress with cash. Mark, Rikki, Brette, Ruby started to explore again. Justin told Ashley that they are having dinner with T.J. and Paige. Vicky complimented Hunt on the rehearsal for the show going well. T.J. and Paige agreed to attend a party at the Top of The World Club. Grant and Reena spotted Justin and Ashley when they arrived at the club. Reena wondered why T.J. and Paige were celebrating at the party. Reena told Ashley that she doesn't plan to reveal her secret to Justin. Brette discovered a glowing stalagmite. Billy Joe and Nita talked about their future together. Brette and her friends followed where the Fire Compass led them. Justin gloated to Grant about how well Marshall Oil is doing. Grant advised Justin he plans to put his company out of business.

MARCH 25, 1982 (EP. #417)
Grant told Reena he would help Mark and Brette if he knew the location of Hitopah. Ruby confessed to Mark she was married to Beau. Vivien told she received a call from Mr. Barker, the head of security who said that Miles' body was found in Galveston Bay. Hunt told Vicky and Billy Joe that he appreciates her friendship. Allison lied that an old acquaintance gave her the money to buy a new dress. Paige informed T.J. that Ashley is afraid Justin will find out about their secret. Vicky tried to convince Allison not to borrow money in order to get an apartment. Ruby confessed the entire story about Beau being killed and her dumping the body. Vicky told Reena that a friend gave Allison money to buy dresses. Grant left the club before Vivien and John could talk to him. Rikki advised Brette that he is considering a career in politics. Hunt mentioned how his career in the oil business interfered in his marriage. Billy Joe informed Hunt that he won't allow anything to come between him and Nita. Grant told Reena he doesn't know what Judith is planning. Ruby asked Mark if they could continue to date once they get back to Houston. Gretchen advised Addams that he will have to wait to be updated once she has finished her assignment because of being unable to hear him while in the cave. T.J. assured Paige he isn't keeping anything from her. Vivien and John told Grant that Miles' body was found in Galveston Bay.

MARCH 26, 1982 (EP. #418)
Billy Joe urged Nita to go on the trip with Roger and be a success. Grant informed Reena that Miles was murdered. Gretchen spied on Mark, Rikki, Ruby, and Brette while they made plans. Kate and Ginny came to the Coop to visit Elena and Lurlene. Reena told Grant to let Ryan know about Miles' being killed. John suggested he and Vivien go to the library and do some research on Hitopah. Kate, Elena, and Lurlene enjoyed a pleasant conversation. Gretchen followed close behind Mark and the others. Roger arrived to pick up Nita. Reena questioned Lurlene about what she was hiding after Kate and Elena left the Coop. Brette became separated from the others. Billy Joe admitted that he is afraid of losing Nita and doesn't like that she has a career. Grant informed Ryan that Miles was murdered and that Mark, Rikki, Ruby, and Brette are in danger. Brette explored the cave while the others started looking for her. Lurlene confessed to Reena that Gretchen killed Miles and kidnapped Ruby. Ryan updated Ginny on what happened to Miles. Vivien and John were unsuccessful with learning anything about Hitopah at the library. Ginny told Grant she doesn't know where Hitopah is located. Brette encountered an unusual object and inched towards it as snakes surrounded her.

MARCH 29, 1982 (EP. #419)
Reena told Grant that Gretchen hired a guide to take her to Hitopah. Ryan told Kate that Miles is dead and yelled at Ginny for keeping his mission a secret. Mark, Rikki, and Ruby found Brette holding an unusual object while in a trance-like state. Allison admitted to Ashley she was given the money for her new clothes by Mr. Hannibal. Burton advised T.J. that he doesn't like or trust Justin. T.J. wasn't interested when Burton suggested they start their own oil company, Canfield Oil. Vicky told Reena she hasn't heard from Striker. Ashley warned Allison to stay away from Mr. Hannibal. Vicky tried to assure Grant that Brette and the others are safe. Gretchen watched as Mark, Rikki, and Ruby rescued Brette. Kate shared the blame for lying to Ryan with Ginny. Brette dropped the object in the water when she's bitten by a snake. Justin suggested to Ashley that they get involved in politics and support Rikki. Addams was questioned by Pepe after informing Mr. Hannibal that he hasn't been contacted by Gretchen. T.J. told Ashley that Burton refuses to work for Justin. Ashley asked T.J. not to reveal the abortion to Paige, who still suspects that he is hiding something from her. Paige assured Justin that her relationship with T.J. is fine. Ashley called Mr. Hannibal and demanded to see him. Ginny tried to defend her actions about Miles to Ryan. Reena told Grant that Joel's office was broken into and has been sealed off by the police. Mark and the others got the venom out of Brette's arm and continued moving while Gretchen followed closely behind. Brette called out for the statue that fell in the water.

MARCH 30, 1982 (EP. #420)
Reena told Vicky that Grant his worried about Brette and the others in Hitopah and Judith. Grant's lawyer Gordon advised him that Judith wants a full disclosure of his holdings in World Oil. Mark and Ruby shared a kiss after he refused to listen to Ruby's warnings about following Gretchen. Justin advised Gregory that he should start school and assured the boy that he has a permanent home. Hannibal threatened to reveal to Justin that Gregory is Ashley's son. Vicky reluctantly told Hunt that Striker is seeing another woman and doesn't know what to do about the situation. Lurlene told Reena everything she knows about Gretchen. Brette woke up and asked for the statue while Rikki was upset about Mark leaving them behind. Gretchen held a gun on Mark. Lurlene told Reena that someone rented them an apartment to be next door to Gretchen. Mr. Hannibal promised to back Hawker and Boots once his other project is complete. Grant told Reena he has matters to take care of regarding the divorce and mentioned Judith's demands. Mark and Gretchen struggled for the gun. Vicky sang "I Get a Kick out of You" at the Starlight Lounge. Reena told Grant that some man is working with Gretchen. Justin wanted to meet Mr. Hannibal when Ashley said he gave Allison money and is trouble. Gretchen escaped after Ruby grabbed the gun from her.

MARCH 31, 1982 (EP. #421)
Ryan agreed to let Ginny attend Miles' memorial service. Grant told Reena that he hasn't heard anything about Brette and the others in Hitopah. Hawker and Boots arrived at the Coop and questioned Lurlene and Elena on Rikki's whereabouts. Billy Joe arrived at the boutique and from Nita and Roger that the trip was successful. Roger thanked Billy Joe for letting Nita go on the trip with him. Elena told Lurlene how special she is to her. Mark was grateful to Ruby for saving his life and set out to find the statue for Brette when Rikki said she has been asking for it. Paige admitted her love to T.J. who gave his word that he wouldn't keep secrets or lie again. Snakes fell as Mark retrieved the statue from the water. Grant refused to let Reena go to Hitopah. Gordon called Grant who learned that Judith is coming to Houston because she is worried about Brette and her friends. Ruby spotted Gretchen as she rescued Mark. Nita informed Billy Joe that she is going back to New York and Chicago in a couple weeks. Ryan advised Ginny not to keep anymore secrets from him. Mark and Ruby managed to escape from Gretchen. Nita assured Billy Joe they can still be successful and make their marriage work. Lurlene explained to Kate she has been lying about finding Miles on the floor of the apartment and Gretchen kidnapping Ruby. Grant admitted to Reena that he wasn't a good husband to Judith. Brette imagined seeing Sutar while Rikki tried talking to her.

APRIL 1, 1982 (EP. #422)
Grant advised Reena he and Ryan are going to Hitopah and she is not going with them. Justin planned to talk to Hawker and Boots about Mr. Hannibal after Ashley worried about him harming Gregory. Brette woke up after she imagined Sutar advising her not to travel any further. Elena fretted over Rikki and learned from Lurlene that he's with Brette in Hitopah. Joel found himself in a hospital as a doctor and nurse observed him. Ginny and Reena discussed Miles. Ruby insisted they move right away after giving Brette the statue. Lurlene was uncertain of Ruby's return to Houston when Justin asked about her. Joel insisted to the doctor and nurse that he speak with Grant. Hawker and Boots told Justin they have no knowledge of Rikki and Ruby's whereabouts. Ginny told Grant she blames herself for causing recent events. Rikki advised Mark he's worried about Brette's behavior and Gretchen won't allow them to leave. Hawker and Boots informed Justin that Mr. Hannibal wants them to help Marshall Oil secure oil leases. Justin told Hawker and Boots that Ashley has invested in Mr. Hannibal's companies. Ashley warned a frightened Gregory to stay clear of Mr. Hannibal. Ginny came to the Coop and asked Lurlene if she's okay. Justin informed Ashley and Gregory he is meeting with Mr. Hannibal. Gretchen overheard Brette and the others plan an escape and fired shots into the air at them. Grant assured Reena he isn't shutting her out of his life. Joel muttered about Hitopah and Grant to a doctor and nurse who doubted he was referring to the Wheelers.

APRIL 2, 1982 (EP. #423)
Gretchen watched as Mark, Rikki, and Ruby tried to convince Brette that they need to leave. Joel mentioned World Oil and Grant, who the doctor and nurse assumed was just a friend of his. Nita learned from Billy Joe that he didn't pay a hospital bill. John told Vivien he found books at the library about Miles. Vicky thanked Hunt for filling in for Rikki on Billy Joe's show. Mark grew closer and shared a kiss. Ryan informed Grant that they are ready to leave town once Hitopah is located. Grant received a call from Dr. Holland who said a man named Joel is in the hospital. Billy Joe told Nita that he short on money because the contractor keeps requesting more money to build their mansion. Billy Joe and Nita argued when he refused to accept her money to help pay for the mansion. Grant and Ryan learned from Dr. Holland that Joel was shot and asked to be contacted once Joel comes around. Reena asked John to meet Grant at that hospital and informed Vivien that they may have a lead on the location of Hitopah. Mark helped Brette get comfortable to rest and suggested to Rikki they find the secret room. Hunt offered to listen whenever Vicky needed to talk about her problems. Billy Joe and Nita made up. Vivien and Reena talked about Gretchen killing Miles, Grant, and Judith. Ruby sang one of Elena's songs while thinking of Mark and marrying him. Hunt and Vicky continued to bond. Grant decided to pay the medical bills after mentioning to Dr. Holland that Joel's father died a year ago. Reena answered the door to Judith who arrived at the Wheeler residence. Gretchen knocked Rikki unconscious and grabbed Brette.

APRIL 5, 1982 (EP. #424)
Judith asked Reena where her children are upon arriving at the Wheeler residence. Ruby spotted Gretchen holding Brette and woke up Rikki. Vivien met Judith who waited with Reena for Grant to return home. T.J. told Paige he wants to marry her. Ashley warned Justin that Mr. Hannibal is a very powerful man when Justin intended to meet him. Mark came back and learned from Rikki and Brette that Gretchen has taken Brette. Judith told Grant and Reena that is staying in the house. Mark, Rikki, and Ruby realized that Gretchen now has the Fire Compass. A nurse tried to calm down Joel. Pepe informed Adam that a man was shot and discovered by the Range Riders and flown back to Houston. Hannibal ordered Addams to have Joel eliminated by Bailey. Grant told Judith and Reena that he doesn't know the children's whereabouts. T.J. and Paige had a tender moment after she asked for time to think about their relationship. Mr. Hannibal called Justin and made arrangements with him to meet in the morning. Grant apologized to Reena because of Judith's unexpected arrival. Judith and Vivien became acquainted. Gretchen took the missing piece of the Fire Compass from Brette. Justin mentioned to Gregory that he is meeting Mr. Hannibal and assured him that nothing will happen. Addams learned from Pepe that Joel wasn't an ally and ordered Bailey to get rid of him. Gretchen kept Brette quiet so the others wouldn't know where they were hiding. Grant and Judith got into an argument about the children and divorce.

APRIL 6, 1982 (EP. #425)
Mark, Rikki, and Ruby searched for Brette, who rubbed ropes against a rock while Gretchen slept. Brette struggled with Gretchen after getting free. Ashley told Allison that Mr. Hannibal is dangerous and may try to take the inheritance from her and Gregory. Mr. Hannibal advised Justin it's in his best interest to keep Ashley's money invested in his companies and said he wants Marshall Oil to succeed. Lurlene agreed with Reena that it would be good for her to see Joel after learning about him being found. Grant assured Judith that the children will be found and to have patience. Judith promised Grant she won't interfere in his personal life. Justin informed T.J. that he plans to keep an eye on Mr. Hannibal because he was behind getting the oil leases. Mark, Rikki, and Ruby discovered a passageway that led them to Gretchen and Brette. Reena told Grant that Lurlene is staying with Joel at the hospital. Grant felt it may do Judith some good to be in Houston for the children. Rikki rescued Brette while Gretchen shot at them. Ashley told T.J. that Mr. Hannibal has no hold on her and everything is fine. Judith insisted on going with John, who told Vivien he has a new lead on Hitopah. Brette insisted on finding the secret oil reserve after Mark and Rikki chased Gretchen away. Justin suggested he and Ashley adopt Gregory. Grant assured Reena that Judith will not come between them. Lurlene talked to a sleeping Joel and didn't notice Bailey passing her in the hallway when she left the hospital room. Lurlene realized that Bailey was the man who put her and Ruby into their apartment and caught him holding a pillow over Joel's face.

APRIL 7, 1982 (EP. #426)
Reena asked Grant if he wants her support or to stay out of the way. Brette told Mark, Rikki, and Ruby they can find their way to the secret chamber. Lurlene screamed as Bailey pressed a pillow against Joel's face. Billy Joe approved when Vicky wanted to have Hunt appear on his show again. Judith and John told Vivien what they learned while following a lead on Hitopah. Bailey escaped the hospital when a doctor came to Joel's hospital room. Grant assured Reena he wants to be with her and will push the divorce once Brette and her friends are safe. Brette and the others discovered a green glowing rock, a big stalactite, and a symbol on the wall behind it. Hunt agreed when Vicky asked him to appear on Billy's Joe's show. Vivien told John she doesn't like Judith's attitude towards her. Reena informed Vicky that Judith is staying at the Wheeler home and contesting the divorce. Vicky said she may file a divorce after mentioning to Reena she hasn't heard from Striker. The police questioned Lurlene about the incident in Joel's room. Judith gave information about Hitopah but couldn't sway Grant into letting her accompany him and Mark. Roger advised Nita and Billy Joe there will be a talk show appearance and article written about her designs during the next New York trip. Lurlene visited Joel after Dr. Holland reassured her he will be fine. Brette and the others decided to move the Great Compass. Roger told Billy Joe that Nita is a great travel companion. Vicky advised Reena she no longer wants to fight for her marriage to Striker. Grant told Judith he isn't trying to shut her out but asserted that neither she nor Reena are going to Hitopah. Gretchen arrived in the secret chamber.

APRIL 8, 1982 (EP. #427)
Justin informed Ashley he has a lawyer who is working on Gregory's adoption. Judith got upset after she overheard Grant invite Reena to dinner. Gretchen pulled a gun on Brette and took the Fire Compass from her. Mark explained the Fire Compass to Gretchen. Bailey told Mr. Hannibal that he was unable to kill Joel because he was spotted by someone. Grant told Judith that he wants to continue having a relationship with Reena. Grant explained to John that Joel was found at the Nueces River junction. Justin advised Ashley that they need to find Gregory's birth certificate. Lurlene told Grant that the man who rent an apartment to her and Ruby tried to suffocate Joel. Mr. Hannibal told Bailey he will get the oil reserve in Hitopah. Justin told Gregory that he and Ashley are going to adopt him. John revealed to Vivien and Judith what they know about Hitopah and its location. Joel informed Grant and Lurlene that Gretchen shot him. Ashley advised Gregory she will be his real mother once he's adopted. Grant told Reena that Gretchen shot Joel and someone attempted to murder him while at the hospital. Smoke came out of the Fire Compass onto Gretchen after Brette got it back from her. Judith read Vivien the riot act and laid down the law about how things need to be done. Grant refused Reena's suggestion of getting the police involved. The place began to shake as the gas claimed Gretchen.

APRIL 9, 1982 (EP. #428)
T.J. took Paige to the boutique and asked her if she has made a decision. John advised Grant and Ryan he has located Hitopah. Mark helped Ruby walk when she bruised her foot. Grant and Ryan prepared to leave town once John showed them a map of Hitopah. Rikki and Mark carried Ruby as the place continued to shake. Ryan gave a gun to Grant after he told Reena that they have found Hitopah's location. Paige advised T.J. she needs more time to think about their relationship. Hawker and Boots ordered Mr. Hannibal for answers. Reena suggested she be in charge of communication and were caught by Judith sharing a kiss. Hawker and Boots accused Mr. Hannibal of making illegal dealings and vowed not to part of his schemes. Joel kissed Lurlene's hand while they had their first real conversation. Judith accused Grant of keeping her out of his life. Brette saw Sutar again while Rikki tried to help her continue traveling. Mildred showed up at Paige's boutique and admitted she has no intention of being friends with her. Lurlene informed Joel that Grant is has left Houston to go to Hitopah. Judith gave Reena the radio information and advised that Grant requested she stay in the office to await updates. Judith tried to annoy Reena by talking to her. The cave crumbled as Brette sees Sutar and falls into a trance again.

APRIL 12, 1982 (EP. #429)
Reena told Sheriff Bowen about everyone being in danger at Hitopah. Judith contacted Grant and advised him to meet the sheriff at his ranch. Rikki carried Brette out of the cave which crumbled right after everyone escaped. Joel told Lurlene that he and Rikki are good friends. Striker informed Vicky he wants to try and save their marriage. Pepe saw Grant and Ryan's helicopter. Addams pulled a gun on Mark, Rikki, Brette and Ruby when they entered a cafe. Kate and Ginny learned from Reena that Joel is the guide who was shot and is currently in the hospital with Lurlene. Ruby and Rikki recognized Addams as the insurance man who was looking for Beau and tailed Rikki and Brette. The group advised Addams that Gretchen is dead. Addams shot at the sheriff just as Grant and Ryan arrived. Vicky informed Striker to take as much time as he wants since he may have taken too much already. Rikki found out that Joel is alive. Joel told Kate, Ginny, and Lurlene that he plans to resume being a guide again because he loves everything that nature has to offer. Grant told Mark and Brette that Judith is in Houston awaiting their return with Reena. Brette recalled imagining Sutar who requested she stay with him and told Rikki. Joel and Lurlene realized that they have a lot in common. Rikki was relieved that Brette didn't remain in the cave and professed his love to her. Grant and Mark let Reena and Judith know that everyone is fine and will be returning to Houston. Judith spoke of another ordeal just beginning to Reena.

APRIL 13, 1982 (EP. #430)
Reena shared the news of everyone in Hitopah being safe with Lurlene. Ashley told Justin she has invited Allison over to tell her about their adoption plans for Gregory. Vicky told Reena that Striker wishes to continue with his marriage. Billy Joe lamented to Nita he's unhappy over ignoring Ruby. Lurlene informed Elena that everyone is safe and will be returning from Hitopah. Reena offered her support to Vicky, who admitted she doesn't know what she wants from Striker. Ashley told Justin she hopes Allison will consider moving back in with them. T.J. admitted to Mildred he once loved Ashley but now loves Paige. Hawker and Boots told Striker they have no knowledge of Hitopah when he asked about it. Elena and Lurlene told Billy Joe and Nita how Ruby risked her life to save them. Billy Joe resolved to pay more attention to Ruby. Allison refused Ashley's request to move back in to the house. Hawker and Boots decided to see Mr. Hannibal due to Striker questioning them. Elena and Lurlene updated Joel on everyone in Hitopah and that Gretchen is gone. Allison and Gregory discussed the adoption. Reena informed Striker that Judith is in town and doesn't want a divorce from Grant. Ashley defended Allison after Justin tried to persuade her into coming home. Joel consoled a guilt ridden Lurlene by holding her hand and saying she's special because Lurlene blamed herself for everything that happened. Nita encouraged Billy Joe to work when he received a call about some commercials needing to be redone. Striker and Reena realized they may both lose the ones they love.

APRIL 14, 1982 (EP. #431)
Mark expressed pride in Ruby when he dropped her off at the apartment. Rikki and Grant arrived at the office with Grant, who wanted Brette to talk with Judith. Grant assured Brette that Judith loves her children and is going through with the divorce. Mark promised Ruby they wouldn't drift apart. Grant told Reena about what happened in Hitopah. Mr. Hannibal told Addams to leave when he admitted their mission in Hitopah was a failure. Hawker and Boots insisted on speaking with Justin about Mr. Hannibal, whom they don't trust. Grant advised Reena he thinks Judith will try to stop the divorce. Rikki met Judith after Brette professed her love to Mark. Ruby told Lurlene about Hitopah and she intends to get to know Mark. Lurlene admitted she likes Joel to Ruby. Brette told Judith she is causing friction because she likes Reena. Mr. Hannibal informed Justin he has big plans for Marshall Oil. Rikki visited with Joel until Ruby and Lurlene arrived at the hospital. Brette advised Mark she is suspicious of Judith because of her compliments she made to him. Ashley and Gregory made themselves scarce before Mr. Hannibal could speak with them. Mark and Brette told Vivien and John about Hitopah. Joel and Lurlene informed Rikki and Ruby that Bailey, the man who rented them the apartment tried to suffocate Joel. Judith advised Grant that she is staying in Houston.

APRIL 15, 1982 (EP. #432)
Justin informed Ashley that he is going to investigate Mr. Hannibal's companies. Judith told Grant she is remaining in Houston at the house. Joel and Lurlene learned they both like the outdoors and grew up in the same area while visiting at the hospital. Ashley told Justin she could go to Savannah to obtain Gregory's birth certificate. Billy Joe and Rikki were thrilled about being on the television show again. Brette told Reena she hopes Judith will return home soon and admitted that she is in love with Rikki. Ruby tried to befriend Judith and asked Mark on a date. Mr. Hannibal ordered Addams to destroy any evidence that may be at Gretchen's apartment. Ruby told Lurlene about meeting Judith. Lurlene decided to find a way to cheer Joel up. Billy Joe apologized to Ruby about the way he treated her. Grant informed Mark and Brette that Judith is staying in Houston. Lurlene reluctantly agreed to help Ruby search Gretchen's apartment to get her money back. Ashley told Gregory she is leaving for Savannah to get his birth certificate. Rikki and Brette apologized to Joel about what happened to him. Brette told Rikki she doesn't like that Judith is staying in town. Ruby found a box full of money when she and Lurlene searched through Gretchen's apartment. Justin assured Gregory that Mr. Hannibal won't harm him. Ashley called Mr. Hannibal requesting to meet with him. Addams almost caught Ruby and Lurlene in the apartment before taking a gun and leaving. Ruby decided to tell Mark that Addams is back in Houston. Reena was upset over Judith staying in town.

APRIL 16, 1982 (EP. #433)
Ruby suggested to Lurlene they not tell Mark about the $20,000 found in Gretchen's apartment. Lurlene told Ruby she's afraid for Joel. Ashley and Paige revealed the plans to adopt Gregory and T.J.'s marriage proposal to each other. Rikki assured Mark and Brette the Hitopah ordeal is over and authorities are looking for the man who held them at gunpoint. Mark told Rikki and Brette that he has a date with Ruby. Joel consulted with a doctor about his eyesight. Lurlene told Ruby she is worried Joel will find her too plain and dislike her. Hawker and Boots informed Rikki and Brette they are getting another backer for him. Justin asked T.J. to find out how Mr. Hannibal's companies are performing. Ruby told Mark about spotting a man who spied on them while in Gretchen's apartment. Mr. Hannibal advised Ashley to continue her investments to secure her secret. T.J. assured Paige that Mildred will not come between them. Hunt treated Vicky to a private dinner where they danced and kissed. Lurlene brought a radio and tried cheering Joel up by reading to him. T.J urged Paige not to let anyone compromise their relationship. Hawker and Boots refused to let Mr. Hannibal back Rikki. Ashley told Justin she saw Mr. Hannibal to ensure he doesn't interfere with Gregory's adoption. Justin assured Ashley he wants to take care of his family. Ruby discussed parents with Mark, who warned against getting involved in Judith and Reena's situation. Dr. Holland advised Lurlene tests are being done but suspected that Joel may be blind. Joel asked Lurlene to be at the hospital when his bandages are removed.

APRIL 19, 1982 (EP. #434)
Lurlene told Ruby she is worried that Joel may be blind. Ruby told Lurlene she wants to go on television and talk about her adventures in Hitopah and the cave. Joel informed Rikki that he is getting his bandages removed today. Striker left them to be alone when Hunt arrived to see Vicky. Judith reminisced with Mark in front of Grant. Brette talked to Reena about Judith living at the house and wondered what her true intentions are. Hunt offered Vicky his support whenever she needs it. Judith told Grant she wants to have a close relationship with Brette again. Reena advised Striker that Vicky isn't going to wait for him any longer. Elena helped Lurlene with the books until Lurlene received a call from Joel asking her to come to the hospital. Ruby asked Vicky to consider her making a television appearance on KVIK to talk about her adventures in Hitopah. Judith instructed Vivien on how to do the laundry and assured Mark she doesn't want to come between him and Brette. Reena advised Grant that Brette suspects Judith is in town to break them up. Judith asked Brette for another chance to have a relationship. Grant professed his love to Reena and assured her that Judith won't be living at the house for long. Vicky stormed out when Striker predicted that Hunt is only after her money. Rikki talked to Elena about Joel. Joel told Lurlene that he is excited about getting his bandages off.

APRIL 20, 1982 (EP. #435)
Joel realized he was blind when Dr. Holland took his bandages off. Justin reminded Reena it will be a month before they sleep together. Billy Joe spent time with his son while telling Paige he misses Nita. Burton told T.J. he and Mildred have found an apartment next door to his. Justin and Reena argued about who will win their bet. Ruby caused Reena grief until Mark interrupted their argument. Judith invited Rikki and Brette to a party she is having. Billy Joe and Nita tried contacting each other by phone but were unsuccessful because of a bad connection. Joel tried to put on a brave face after Rikki learned he is blind. Justin advised T.J. that legally making Gregory his son is the most important part of his life. Ruby told Mark and Brette she is going on television to tell her story about Hitopah. Justin told Allison that Ashley has gone to Savannah and tried to convince her to move back home. Judith met Paige while checking out the boutique. Brette warned Ruby talking about Hitopah will cause oil companies to go there and put many people in danger. T.J. told Paige that Burton and Mildred have a new place near his. Rikki told Mark that Joel is blind. Mark informed Rikki the man who shot at them in Hitopah is in Houston. Allison told Ashley she refuses to move back home despite Justin's efforts and commented on Justin and Gregory's bond. Justin and Gregory talked. Judith and Reena had a heated conversation. Nita missed reaching Billy Joe when he left the boutique after trying to reach her while she was working. Joel insisted he is fine after Lurlene told Ruby that Joel is blind.

APRIL 21, 1982 (EP. #436)
Lurlene told Ruby that Joel has a different world to deal with now. Brette spoke with Vivien and John about Judith's spur of the moment dinner plans. Judith invited Grant to dinner with the family right after he asked Reena to come. Grant declined Judith's invitation and decided to keep his date with Reena instead. Brette requested that Vivien tell her if Judith is giving her a hard time. Lurlene told Ruby that she plans to be the person that can help Joel. Vivien told Mark about Judith's dinner party plans. Vicky decided to go to Hunt's after learning from Reena that Judith is staying in Houston. Judith found out that Ruby and Reena don't like each other when she invited her to dinner. Dr. Holland advised Lurlene that Joel is doing well and will be released from the hospital soon. Joel told Lurlene he needs her support. Judith harped on Vivien, who made a bet with John on if things will go Judith's way at the party. Grant told Reena that he belongs with her instead of going to a family dinner. Judith made a grand entrance once Ruby and Rikki arrived at the house. Brette came down to join everyone and upstaged Judith in the process. Vicky was uncertain about it when Hunt said he would like their relationship to progress. Vivien bragged about winning her bet to John because Judith isn't getting her way. Grant and Reena spent time by the fire and kissed. Everyone at the party talked about when Brette was a little girl. Dr. Holland consulted with Joel about getting released and attending a convalescent center. Lurlene assured Joel everything will be okay. The Wheelers toasted to Judith while Brette made a toast to her father.

APRIL 22, 1982 (EP. #437)
Judith told Grant about her dinner party and asked him to choose a night where the family can have dinner together. Ruby reluctantly agreed with Lurlene to let Joel stay with them at their apartment. Grant agreed to have dinner with the family next week. Nita quietly left for work so as not to wake up Billy Joe though admitted to being lonely without him. Reena learned that Mildred doesn't like Ashley when she had lunch with her and Vicky. Elena came to the hospital to help Lurlene get Joel released. Judith mentioned having a family dinner and liking Ruby to Mark. Mildred admitted to Reena that she is still upset over T.J. and Ashley's past relationship even though no one knows what happened between them while in college. Nita told Billy Joe about her trip with Roger. Mark told Grant about the cave entrance in Hitopah collapsing after they escaped and said that he likes Ruby. Reena told T.J. about the interesting lunch she had with Mildred. Vicky asked Paige if she could see some dresses after mentioning her lunch with Mildred. T.J. voiced his dislike of Reena trying to pump information out of his mother. Mark told Ruby that Judith likes her and urged her to keep quiet about the events that happened in Hitopah. Lurlene insisted to Elena that she and Joel are only friends. T.J. aired his suspicions about Reena being up to something to Paige. Reena expressed her opinion of what kind of person Ruby is to Grant, who told her about having dinner with his family next week. Ruby watched Lurlene show Joel around their apartment.

APRIL 23, 1982 (EP. #438)
Grant asked Brette to try and get along with Judith. Justin learned that Mr. Farnsworth is bringing over Gregory's birth certificate from Ashley. Striker suggested to Vicky that they keep up appearances since he invited the Canfield's over for dinner. Vicky agreed to Striker's plans when he advised her that Burton may be willing to help Reena. Brette informed Grant that she suspects Judith wants to reconcile with him. Reena refused Mark's request of attempting to get along with Ruby and warned him about her. Striker invited Grant to their dinner plans hoping to persuade Burton to work for World Oil. Justin informed T.J. and Gregory that Ashley is getting Gregory's birth certificate. Ashley recalled her Aunt Hildy suggesting she have the baby and claim it's hers. Justin informed Allison that Ashley is in Savannah. Brette told Judith she is starting work at World Oil. Judith asked Brette what she can do to start a new relationship with her. Vicky told Reena that Striker invited the Canfields and Grant to have dinner. Brette advised Judith she can forgive if she stays out of Grant and Reena's lives and leave Houston. Grant told Judith that she isn't invited to go with him to the Bellman's. Mark urged Brette to forgive Judith after she mentioned joining World Oil. Grant promised Reena he will resume divorce proceedings. Vicky agreed to extend an invitation to Gregory when Allison asked. T.J. got no one trying to befriend Gregory. Ashley was shocked when she looked at the birth certificate.

APRIL 26, 1982 (EP. #439)
Ashley was shocked when she saw her name listed as the mother on Gregory's birth certificate. Vicky and Beth talked while Allison asked Gregory if he had a fight with T.J. Ruby decided to go out so Joel and Lurlene could have time together alone. Ashley called Marshall Oil and told T.J. that the lawyer doesn't have the birth certificate. Vicky told Striker that the dinner they are hosting is a hypocritical sham. Ruby and Lurlene discussed their respective feelings for Mark and Joel. Brette informed Rikki that she is working for World Oil. Mark left with Ruby to go to the Coop after meeting Joel, who assured Lurlene he agrees with anything that will bring them closer together. Striker toasted to the Canfields. Gregory didn't like how everyone was talking about World Oil beating Marshall Oil. Rikki dedicated a song to Brette at the Top of The World Club. Ashley remembered T.J. visiting her in Savannah after she had the baby. Allison and Gregory talked with Mildred. Lurlene admitted to Joel that she has never had a boyfriend and learned that both of them had imaginary friends with they were young. Rikki told Brette he would like to spend a lot of time with her. Reena told Grant she dislikes hearing Gregory praise Justin and that Striker and Vicky should divorce rather than make each other unhappy. Grant told Reena he loves her and tried to assure her that his marriage to Judith is over. Ruby advised she wants their first time to be special when Mark wanted to get intimate with her after they danced at the Coop. Gregory informed Mildred that Justin and Ashley are adopting him. Ashley was at a loss on what to do.

APRIL 27, 1982 (EP. #440)
Joel stumbled while Ruby told him and Lurlene about her evening with Mark. Brette informed Rikki that World Oil must gain ownership of the oil reserves in Hitopah. Grant and Judith didn't agree about it being an appropriate time to proceed and finalize the divorce. Reena told Ginny she suspects that Judith is in Houston to get Grant back. Rikki warned Brette that the man who shot at them in Hitopah is back in town. Mark asked Ryan to help him investigate Hitopah. Vivien fretted to John about not being a good worker or pleasing Judith. Joel reminded Lurlene that he has to accept living as a blind person and learn things such as brail. John kissed Vivien as part of his effort to cheer her up. Mark advised Brette that he is working with Ryan to investigate who Gretchen was working for. Lurlene and Joel interviewed nurses. Ginny discussed her talk with Reena to Ryan, who said he is looking into Hitopah. Judith yelled at Vivien for interrupting her conversation with Ruby, who admitted her feelings for Mark. Grant informed Reena that Judith refuses to discuss the divorce. Grant had to decline Reena's dinner invitation because he promised to have dinner with the family tonight. Mark, Rikki, Brette told Ruby that they are all meeting at the apartment tonight. Judith was thrilled about having the house to be alone with Grant. Joel let Lurlene make the decision on who to hire as his nurse. Judith told Vivien that dinner will be special and gave her opinion that Ruby is a tacky person. Reena grew upset at Grant for being blind towards Judith's intentions and asked him to make a decision.

APRIL 28, 1982 (EP. #441)
Grant told Reena he has to have dinner with his family. Mark advised Judith that he and Ruby are staying out late tonight. Judith set the table for four and made sure Vivien and John would be out of the house. Gregory told Justin about his dinner with the Bellman's and who else attended. Elena learned from Mark and Brette that he has fallen in love with Ruby. Rikki advised Brette the police may close the case on the crooks that were in Hitopah with them. Mr. Hannibal ordered Addams to dispose of Joel. Ruby warned Lurlene that she will have to reveal what happened to Beau when they meet with Mark and Rikki. Lurlene worried about Joel's reaction to her and Ruby's involvement with Beau. Ashley told a man she needs Gregory's birth certificate in exchange for forgiving a debt he had with Aunt Hildy. Grant found Judith dressed up in the empty Wheeler residence. Ruby wasn't nice to Reena, who came to see Lurlene, met Joel, and learned that Mark, Brette, and Rikki are getting together tonight. Vivien told John she suspects Judith is up to something. Grant and Judith talked about Brette's childhood before admitting she arranged for them to be alone just as Reena showed up. Mr. Hannibal told the man to honor Ashley's wishes and get the birth certificate. Ashley contacted Justin and Gregory and promised to be home by tomorrow. Ashley recalled talking to Gregory after her Aunt Hildy died. Reena advised Grant they have nothing to discuss.

APRIL 29, 1982 (EP. #442)
Mark, Brette, Rikki, Ruby, Lurlene and Joe all tried to piece together who was behind the ordeals at Hitopah. Allison played poker with Striker. Brette reminded Ruby that she is still married to Beau when Lurlene revealed his involvement with them and being killed. Ruby and Lurlene remembered that Gretchen mentioned some names which they overheard while hiding in her closet. Judith became upset when Grant went after Reena. Joel suggested they get the cop away from Gretchen's apartment so that Ruby and Lurlene can re-enact what they overheard. Reena told Vicky that Judith arranged for her and Grant to be alone at Wheeler house. Allison told Striker she can tell how much he loves Vicky and Reena. Ruby convinced the cop to stay with Joel so Lurlene could break into Gretchen's apartment and re-enact the scene a couple times. Striker advised Allison that Reena may have went to the Starlight Lounge to see Vicky. Ruby and Lurlene eventually remembered hearing Gretchen say the names Addams and Bailey after re-enacting the scene several times. Grant gave an explanation about Judith's plan to Vicky, who decided against Hunt's offer to stay longer at the bar. Allison thanked Striker for keeping her company. Rikki and Brette kissed after he assured her they will find who was responsible for Miles' death. Ruby told Lurlene they have to be detectives to figure out the mastermind behind everything that's happened. Judith told Brette that Reena ruined her trick on Grant to have a quiet dinner by showing up at the house. Judith tried to explain the affair she had with a young man in Boston. Reena went to her cabin. Judith was not deterred by Grant's warning that she stay out of his life.

APRIL 30, 1982 (EP. #443)
Reena had a nightmare about being in a Dallas hotel room with Justin. Vivien told John that no one had dinner at the Wheeler house last night. Grant told Vivien and John he is going out of town and advised Judith doesn't need to know if Reena accompanies him. Ruby and Lurlene assured Joel they won't be in danger at Beau's motel room. Justin asked T.J. to question Burton about Mr. Hannibal. Striker mentioned playing cards with Allison while Vicky told him about Grant and Reena's fight. Judith realized Ruby could be useful to her after telling Mark and Brette about her dinner with Grant. Reena decided against writing a confession on paper to Grant revealing the bet with Justin. Ashley arrived home and showed Justin the birth certificate. Grant learned from Striker and Vicky that Reena may have went to the cabin. Grant asked Vicky to pack for Reena to be sent to the airstrip. Ruby flirted with the manager and lied Mark and Lurlene were her siblings to persuade him into letting her see motel records. Justin and Ashley told Gregory they have his birth certificate and about seeing Hildy's house. Grant kissed Reena upon arriving at the cabin. John told Vivien he wants to take her to a fancy place while they danced until Judith found them. Judith called Ruby to discuss Reena. Reena accepted Grant's explanation of what happened with Judith and left on a business trip with him. Nurse Wallace urged Joel to get some training. Joel told the nurse he works as a guide and is afraid of his future sometimes. Lurlene found Beau's card with a Texas license plate. Ruby gave her name as Scarlet and number to the manager before her and Lurlene left the motel. T.J. and Gregory agreed to make up because they are both close to Ashley. Grant refused to tell Reena their destination while on a plane.

MAY 3, 1982 (EP. #444)
Grant told Reena they are heading for Palm Springs. Lurlene and Ruby told Joel about finding a license plate number for Beau's car. Allison didn't know Grant and Reena's whereabouts when Judith asked. Justin promised Ashley he'll try to get along with T.J. because family is very important to him and he is close to Paige. Justin informed Gregory that he will legally be part of the Marshall family soon. Grant and Reena saw the sights while in a limousine. Justin asked Gregory to work on a relationship with T.J. since he may marry Paige someday. Mr. Hannibal ordered Bailey to stay away from Joel. Lurlene decided to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles alone per Ruby's suggestion and learned that Beau had a stolen rental car from Key Car Rental Agency. Rikki and Brette told Ruby and Joel that Kate and Ginny didn't know anything more about Miles. Mark assured Judith she hasn't done anything bad and that Grant will forgive her. Gregory told Allison that Ashley returned with his birth certificate which said "father unknown." Brette asked Judith the reason she is in Houston and whether she is giving Grant a divorce. Rikki interrupted an argument between Judith and Brette. Allison tried to come up with an explanation for Gregory as to why his birth certificate didn't have a father's name. Justin and T.J. agreed to forge a friendship. Ashley hid Gregory's real birth certificate. Joel and Lurlene grew closer after Ruby mentioned that Beau had a rental car. Brette told Rikki she suspects Judith is trying to stop the divorce. Grant told Reena that he arranged for them to have the resort to themselves. T.J. agreed to help Justin with Gregory's adoption since the father being unknown could stall the proceedings. Ashley learned that T.J. is handling Gregory's adoption.

MAY 4, 1982 (EP. #445)
Judith gave Vivien a dinner menu and advised her and John that they will follow her instructions. Grant surprised Reena with a toast and a gift while they had dinner together. Vivien and John were upset about having to postpone their bowling date because of Judith's demands. T.J. admitted to Paige he was flattered because Justin asked him to handled Gregory's adoption. Justin and Ashley agreed that everything is working out nicely for T.J., Paige, and Gregory. Allison informed Gregory that they are going out together because Justin and Ashley wanted to spend some time alone. Judith told Brette that she would love to hear Rikki sing and then asked for her forgiveness, mentioned she is proud of her, and asked her to spend the evening at the house. T.J. advised Paige that the past doesn't matter and proposed again when she wanted to reveal her past with Pete. Billy Joe brought a picnic for him and Nita when she couldn't leave work. Judith informed Brette that Vivien is a servant and not family. Mark came to join Judith and Brette at the Wheeler residence. Justin and Ashley had dinner, danced, and got cozy with each other. Billy Joe and Nita talked about how hard they both have been working. Judith enjoyed talking with Mark and Brette about their childhoods. Grant assured Reena that nothing including Judith will come between them. T.J. assured Paige that Burton and Mildred will have to accept their engagement but decided to keep it a secret. Billy Joe and Nita agreed that they are happy being together despite their busy work schedules. Mark told Brette he thinks it might be a good thing if Grant and Judith to reconcile.

MAY 5, 1982 (EP. #446)
Grant and Reena decided to have breakfast and placed bets on which of them would win before playing a tennis match. Mildred extended a lunch invitation to Vicky, who noticed an article in the paper about her and Hunt. Vicky asked Hunt to appear on Billy Joe's show while he is gone and Rikki substitutes as host. Striker learned from Allison about the article on Hunt and Vicky. Vicky told Hunt not to be upset about the gossip article. Mark, Joel, Ruby, Lurlene, and Brette got together and tried to figure out how to get information from the car rental agency. Striker accused Hunt of using Vicky to get ahead in life. Allison assumed Grant and Reena are having a romantic getaway after telling Ginny she doesn't know their whereabouts. Mark and the others came up with a story to tell the workers of the car rental agency. Mrs. Wallace arrived to take Joel to his first day of rehabilitation. Ginny told Judith it is odd that no one has heard from Grant and Reena. Hunt ordered Striker to leave when he accused him of planting the gossip article in the paper and exploiting Vicky. Mr. Thurston doubted he could help when Rikki and Brette talked to him about Beau's car. Ginny worried that Reena has her work cut out for her when Ryan praised Judith. Mr. Thurston told Brette that her necklace is most likely not in the car and gave her Ralph Bailey's address since he was the last person to rent the car Beau used. Judith invited Ruby to lunch during a visit. Joel told Lurlene that his first day of rehabilitation went well. Grant informed Reena that he let her win their tennis match fair and square. Striker vowed to Vicky that he won't allow Hunt to use her any longer. Lurlene secretly watched as Joel tried to practice with a cane alone.

MAY 6, 1982 (EP. #447)
Grant and Reena toured Palm Springs. Mark, Rikki and Brette told Ruby and Lurlene that they have obtained Bailey's address. Mark and Joel explained it is best not to go to the police when Lurlene suggested it. Mr. Hannibal advised Addams that Bailey failed his assignment and is a risk to them. Billy Joe insulted Nita's designs when she was too busy to talk to him about his work schedule. Ashley informed Justin and T.J. that she refuses to pry into Hildy's past and was sure Hildy had her reasons for not revealing the identity of Gregory's father. Justin agreed with Ashley to leave the issue of Gregory's paternity alone. Ruby disguised herself and joined Mark, Brette, and Rikki to stake out Bailey's apartment. Addams went into Bailey's apartment. Billy Joe and Nita made up after she offered to give up designing so that they could spend more time together. Burton told T.J. that Justin reminds him of Mike Marshall. T.J. asked Burton to find out information about Mr. Hannibal and to like Paige because he intends to marry her. Mr. Hannibal revealed his knowledge of Ashley getting Gregory's birth certificate from Mr. Bennett. Justin and Gregory gave Ashley a gift from the boutique after visiting with Paige. Joel showed appreciation to Lurlene for her support. T.J. told Paige that he revealed their engagement to Burton. Grant told Reena that they are meeting clients tomorrow. Nita called the service to have her calls picked up so she can work on her designs. Billy Joe used cleaning fluid to clean up something he spilled but left the bottle open. Rikki, Mark, Brette, Ruby spotted Bailey enter his apartment and then heard him play music very loudly. Grant and Reena enjoyed a romantic evening. The baby drank the cleaning fluid while Billy Joe was on the phone going over his work schedule.

MAY 7, 1982 (EP. #448)
Mark and Brette wondered why music in Bailey's apartment was so loud. Addams killed Bailey and escaped through the apartment's window. Vicky informed Striker she plans to keep seeing Hunt. Billy Joe called poison control and rushed the baby to Gulf Coast after realizing he drank cleaning fluid. Judith told Vivien she is dining alone and wondered whether Reena succeeded in winning Grant from her yet. Reena guessed rightly Grant fibbed about meeting with clients and agreed they are starting over. Vicky informed Striker he has no right to tell her what to do. Mark, Brette, and the apartment supervisor discovered Bailey's dead body and told Brette and Ruby that he was shot. Mark found a picture of the statue they found in the cave at Hitopah. Billy Joe told Dr. Fisher what happened to the baby and reached the answering service when he tried to call Nita. Hunt tried to comfort an upset Vicky. Mark, Rikki, Brette, and Ruby talked about Bailey and wondered who murdered him. Brette was the only one to stay at the Wheeler house when Judith extended a dinner invitation to her, Mark, Rikki, and Ruby. Reena took off the wedding ring Max gave her and felt assured he would understand. Billy Joe reached Nita and told her their baby is in the hospital. Hunt told Vicky he wished it was the beginning of a new romance for both of them. Allison offered to play poker with Striker. Striker called Clay Williams and asked him to buy the building where the Starlight Lounge is. Brette advised Judith she would accept her and Grant reconciling but doubted it would happen. Grant warned Reena that Judith is more of an obstacle than suspected but promised she won't ruin their relationship. Nita blamed Billy Joe for the baby being in the hospital and needing his stomach pumped.

MAY 10, 1982 (EP. #449)
Brette brought the artifacts to Mark so they can compare them to the picture. Grant promised Reena things will change, he will request that Judith move out, and proposed to her. Elena met Joel's teacher Bud Larson, who asked Joel how is really doing. Justin told Ashley he is angry with Billy Joe who didn't show up to tape commercials and missed his flight until he learned from Paige that he's in the hospital with the baby. Vicky found out about the baby being in critical condition after she went over the show with Rikki and Hunt. Brette informed Mark that the statue in the photograph is a fake. Joel demonstrated how to tell bills apart for Elena and Lurlene. Nita yelled at Billy Joe, who told Paige why the baby is in the hospital and blamed Justin for the incident. Reena remembered the bet she made with Justin. Reena apologized to Grant but only said that she is sorry because of something that has to do with Max. Hunt thought Billy Joe and Nita were feeling a lot of guilt while Vicky tried unsuccessfully to get more news. Justin admitted to Paige that Billy Joe was right to blame him for the baby's accident. Brette advised Rikki they need to find the shop that sells the statue. Lurlene told Joel she doesn't like that his guard is been dismissed. Addams informed Mr. Hannibal that Bailey shot himself in the head. Justin blamed himself for Billy Joe and Nita's ordeal told Ashley. Grant called Brette and told her that they are in Palm Springs and heading home. The doctor advised Billy Joe and Nita that their baby has developed an irregular heartbeat but will recover.

MAY 11, 1982 (EP. #450)
Vicky asked Striker what right he has to interfere in her life. Reena told Grant she had a wonderful time in Palm Springs but worried about what Judith will try next. Judith ordered Vivien and John to make a special dinner because Grant is returning home. Grant told Reena he wants a divorce from Judith and her out of the Wheeler house. Billy Joe decided not to tell Nita about the possible complications when the doctor advised him that the baby's heartbeat is not stable. Ruby dressed up to visit Mark. Vivien complained to John about Judith and wondered why she wants to see Ruby. Vicky threw Striker out of the house when he tried to convince her that Hunt is a con man. Brette told Rikki that Grant plans to talk to Judith and she wants to move on with their relationship. Hunt tried to comfort Vicky, who refused to confide in him. Ruby told Judith that Reena is a snob and blabbed about her making a bet with Justin. Nita didn't want Billy Joe to touch her or leave the hospital to rent with him. Reena told Vicky about the great time she had with Grant. Striker informed Clay he is buying the building where the Starlight Lounge is. Ruby told Judith the bet ends in three weeks and asked her not to tell anyone. Grant told Striker he is getting the divorce over and marrying Reena. Brette advised Mark that there are four import and export shops that may have the statue. Brette was curious as to why Judith and Ruby are having lunch together. Reena told Vicky about accepting Grant's marriage proposal. Judith agreed to give Grant a divorce and move out of the house but asked for three weeks to find a place to live.

MAY 12, 1982 (EP. #451)
Ruby kept company with Billy Joe, who blamed himself for the baby's condition. Lurlene told Joel that she is worried about his safety now that he no longer has a guard. Judith informed Mark and Brette that she is moving out of the Wheeler house in three weeks. Ruby tried to reason with Nita and support Billy Joe but she refused. Justin told Ashley and Gregory that they will have their first tour of the mansion tomorrow. Judith advised Mark and Brette she is getting an apartment and letting Grant live his own life. Justin told Allison about the mansion and asked her to come and considered inviting Kate too. Brette was pleased that Judith promised not to meddle in Grant's life. Rikki told Lurlene he has hired a security guard from World Oil to watch Joel. Nita apologized to Billy Joe and the couple made up. Ruby decided to stay with Nita and Billy Joe, who told Justin that the baby may not be okay. Judith called the Dallas Plaza Hotel and obtained the date and suite number of Justin's reservation. Gregory told Allison he chose the name Marshall Oaks for the new mansion. Ashley and Ruby comforted Nita. Judith complimented Vivien's work in front of John. Joel fell when he tried to show Lurlene he could take of himself. The doctor assured Billy Joe and Nita that the baby will survive. Ashley reminded Allison to stay away from Mr. Hannibal because he might try to ruin Gregory's adoption proceedings. Brette told Rikki she suspects that Judith is up to something even though she is moving out of the house in three weeks. The doctor advised Billy Joe and Nita that the baby has a depressed nervous system.

MAY 13, 1982 (EP. #452)
Justin, Ashley, and Gregory invited Kate to see their mansion. Grant tried to reassure Reena that Judith won't give them any trouble. Ruby called Judith and offered to come up with a way to get Grant to Dallas. Ruby updated Lurlene and Joel on the baby's condition. Mark, Rikki, and Brette convinced the shop owner into showing them everything they have of Mayan art. Reena told Grant she suspects Judith is up to something. Joel fell while Lurlene was in the shower. Kate was surprised about the mansion's living room being just like the one at the Marshall Ranch. Brette bought a Mayan statue. Grant asked Reena to give Judith another chance. Reena caught Ruby snooping around her desk. Ashley told Kate that Gregory has changed Justin. Reena and Ruby argued before Mark, Rikki, and Brette arrived to show Ruby the statue from Southwest Imports. Lurlene told Joel she admires him instead of having pity. Grant asked Mark to being understanding towards Judith moving out and his plans to start a new life with Reena. Brette told Grant she doesn't believe that Judith has changed so much. Justin told Kate he modeled the mansion after the ranch because he loved the place even though the two of them had had disagreements. Kate agreed to be a grandmother to Gregory after Justin said that Gregory has changed him. Judith told Reena that she doesn't want any hard feelings between them.

MAY 14, 1982 (EP. #453)
Ruby tried to comfort and encourage Billy Joe and Nita about the baby. Mark and Brette decided to return to Southwest Imports. Reena told Vicky about Judith's visit and didn't believe that she gave up fighting for Grant. Mark and Brette thought that Ruby should see the original statue. Rikki asked Elena to help him make dinner for Brette. Paige urged Nita to forgive Billy Joe while visiting them. Lurlene didn't know how Joel could help her when he offered assistance. Vicky suggested that Reena enjoy the change in Judith and stop questioning her true intentions or motives. Paige tried to make Nita understand that it doesn't matter who's to blame for the baby's accident. Brette was happy that Grant and Reena had a romantic getaway and told mentioned her dinner plans with Rikki. Vicky introduced Hunt to Paige. Striker and Reena talked about Vicky. Striker called Clay to ensure that the purchase of the building is moving forward. Billy Joe and Nita told Vicky and Hunt that the baby seemed a little more alert. Mark, Ruby, Joel, and Lurlene discussed exposing whoever was behind the ordeal at Hitopah. A man watched Lurlene, Joel, Mark, and Elena. Paige drank too much because she was nervous waiting for the arrival of Burton and Mildred. T.J. told Paige stories about his childhood. Elena flirted with Mark until she was warned by Ruby to leave him alone. A man called Mr. Hannibal about killing Joel. Burton and Mildred found T.J. and Paige intoxicated. A nurse came to see Billy Joe and Nita as the two agreed they can get through things together. Rikki and Brette shared a romantic moment.

MAY 17, 1982 (EP. #454)
Kate invited the family to stay at the ranch for dinner. Rikki and Brette enjoyed getting intimate. Joel worried that Ruby may be walking into a trap. Gregory tried to convince Allison to live at Marshall Oaks. Burton tried to get Mildred to relax while they had dinner with T.J. and Paige. Mark thought Joel might be right about someone setting up them up. Reena told Grant about Judith's visit and suspected she is scheming to destroy their relationship. Ruby found Elena with Mark and told her told leave in front of him. Mildred didn't find T.J. and Paige's story about them being stuck together at the cabin appropriate. Burton tried to ease the tension by recounting him and Mildred getting locked in together while in college. Rikki and Brette declared their love for each other. Reena told Grant that she wants to have their honeymoon in Palm Springs and live with him at the Wheeler house. Mark warned Ruby that he doesn't like jealousy and doesn't want to be tied down yet when she admitted that she was bothered by him and Elena being together. T.J. told Paige he felt close to Burton tonight while Paige doubted that Mildred will ever like her. Kate told Allison that Justin and Ashley care about her. Justin hoped he and Kate will become close again and told Ashley. Lurlene showed Joel the layout of the Coop and the fuse box. T.J. fell asleep after exchanging stories with Paige about growing up. Rikki confessed to Brette that Elena helped him make dinner. Reena was bothered when Allison told her and Grant that Justin had a mansion built. Joel informed Mark he has hatched a plan but warned it is dangerous.

MAY 18, 1982 (EP. #455)
Grant informed Judith that his lawyer will have the divorce settlement done in a few days and asked her about looking for an apartment. Mark, Ruby, Lurlene and Joel went over their plan. Mildred told Reena that Burton is investigating a man named Mr. Hannibal for Marshall Oil. Rikki and Ruby wanted to talk to Vicky about Rikki having his own show once Billy Joe returns. Judith asked Brette if she is sure Rikki is right for her. Hunt showed Vicky the plans to expand the Starlight Lounge. Joel talked to Lurlene about learning to read brail. Grant extended a job offer to Joel. John suggested to Vivien that they start jogging to help her release tension. Brette was visited by her old college friend and photo journalist George St. John, who came to Houston to do an article on Houston society. Ruby came to see a store owner and offered to sell him the Fire Compass for $100,000 but requested he keep her visit a secret from her friends. Joel told Lurlene he is worried about the others and them pulling off his plan. Two men thought that Ruby might he double crossing her friends when they talked about her visit to the store. Mark, Rikki, and Brette offered to sell their original Mayan statue to the store owner and said they'll return for his answer tomorrow. Striker learned he can sign the papers to own the building right away. Reena advised Striker to leave Vicky alone when he tried to convince her that Hunt is bad. Vicky suggested the ballet to George as a place for him to meet Houston society. Reena told Grant about Striker's visit and Grant said that Rikki and Brette spent the night together. The two men informed Mr. Hannibal that Ruby is double crossing her friends. A man called Ruby and told her about them doing business together.

MAY 19, 1982 (EP. #456)
Billy Joe and Nita blamed themselves for the baby's accident. Justin told Ashley he wanted to know the identity of Gregory's father and wondered if it was Mr. Hannibal when T.J. arrived. Ashley pleaded with Justin not to investigate Gregory's paternity. Grant told Reena that Judith may be up to something. Reena mentioned to Grant she suspects Striker is plotting against Hunt. Ruby suggested Judith talk to Paige to find out if there is anything going on between Justin and Reena. Rikki advised Justin his political plans are on hold when Justin gave his support. Mark and Brette arrived at the apartment and waited with Joel, Ruby, and Lurlene for a phone call. Billy Joe advised Nita they will both change their priorities when she offered to give up designing. Rikki informed Hawker, Boots, and Justin he wants to concentrate on his singing career. Ruby received a call from the store owner and set up a meeting. Judith told Paige she is giving Grant a divorce and learned Justin and Reena were romantically involved once. Paige urged Nita to stop blaming herself and Billy Joe for the baby's accident. Justin understood when Billy Joe said he can't travel right now. Judith promised Reena she won't stand in the way but questioned her devotion to Grant. Rikki learned the store owner agreed to pay Ruby $100,000 for the Fire Compass. Brette suggested Lurlene request to see the boss. Grant assured Judith nothing from Reena's past matters when she asked if he is certain of being in love with Reena. T.J. told Paige he fainted after donating blood. Justin told Ashley about Billy Joe's visit and agreed to leave Mr. Hannibal alone. Reena received roses with a card from Justin that said," 2 1/2 weeks" while Grant was present.

MAY 20, 1982 (EP. #457)
T.J. informed Justin that Mr. Hannibal's companies are in financial trouble. Reena was confident that 2 1/2 weeks was enough time to win the bet until Mark told her Marshall Oil is in good shape. Mark told Reena it is unlikely that Marshall Oil will go under unless they have a problem paying their loans and stated that he has never heard about Mr. Hannibal. George thanked Brette for helping him see Vicky and asked to meet Reena. T.J. advised Justin that Marshall Oil will fail along with Mr. Hannibal's companies and warned against touching Ashley's money. Addams told Mr. Hannibal that Mr. Crenshaw, the store owner has his instructions and Mason will handle Joel. Mr. Hannibal arranged for Addams to be killed. Mark and Brette gave Ruby the piece of the Fire Compass. Justin wanted to talk to Mr. Hannibal after he and T.J. updated Ashley on the state of Mr. Hannibal's companies. Judith learned from Ruby that Justin and Reena were close once and asked her to forge a note from Reena inviting Grant to Dallas. George asked Reena to appear in a photo shoot and told her about featuring the Wheelers in the article. Joel reminded Lurlene how special she is and urged her not to worry so much. Mason killed Addams after he gave money to Mr. Crenshaw. Vivien was suspicious of Judith and told John. Striker suggested Reena talk to Hawker and Boots about Mr. Hannibal, who Striker understands is bad news. Ruby told Mr. Crenshaw that he will only get the piece of the Fire Compass for the $100,000. Justin told Reena they are having a party at the Spindle Top to assure everyone things are fine. Reena told Grant she is meeting with Hawker and Boots tomorrow. Ruby insisted on dealing with Mr. Crenshaw's boss while Mr. Hannibal watched. Mason pretended to be a security guard as Joel and Lurlene left for the Coop.

MAY 21, 1982 (EP. #458)
Rikki, Brette, Mark and Ruby celebrated their plan succeeding. Mason called Mr. Hannibal and informed him that Addams was stabbed and Joel is to be killed next. Lurlene told Joel and Elena she is going to close the Coop early. Reena and Grant wondered why the Marshall's are celebrating as Justin toasted to Marshall Oil and his family. Mr. Hannibal told Mr. Crenshaw it is time to meet Ruby face to face. Mark advised Ruby she isn't keeping the $100,000. Ashley informed Paige that Reena knows about her engagement to T.J. Mark and Ruby decided to go to the Spindle Top as Rikki and Brette took the money. Lurlene went into the Coop's office after Ruby called to say their plan worked out. Reena was civil towards Ashley and Paige. Grant assured Reena that Judith will move out in two weeks. Rikki and Brette had a romantic time kissing and dancing together. Ruby thanked the Marshalls for their kindness with Billy Joe and Nita's baby. Reena was puzzled when Mr. Hannibal said hello to her and told Ruby she doesn't know him. Mason attempted to strangle Joel, who escaped and shut off the Coop's power by hitting the fuse box. Reena and Ruby were hostile towards each other in the powder room. Ashley left to call Gregory while Grant and Reena danced. Ruby told Mark that she and Reena have come to an understanding. Justin insisted on talking to Reena about their meeting in Dallas. Mr. Hannibal advised Ashley that his companies are expanding when Ashley asked about them. Reena told Justin she is confident she will win their bet because Mr. Hannibal is her ace in the hole. Mason was knocked unconscious after he struggled with Joel. Lurlene called the police after finding Joel and Mason.

MAY 24, 1982 (EP. #459)
Justin warned Ashley he may have to pull her money out of Mr. Hannibal's companies. Grant told Reena about Joel's attack after he learned about it from Barker. Ashley told Justin that Mr. Hannibal advised her companies are doing fine. Reena suggested Hawker and Boots join World oil when she learned that Mr. Hannibal did dirty business with them and is in financial trouble. T.J. advised Mildred to accept his engagement or risk losing him. Grant visited Joel and Lurlene and learned from Mark about the attack. Brette told Rikki she will move in with him once Judith has left the Wheeler house. Ashley warned Paige against talking about marrying T.J. because of the trouble with Mr. Hannibal's companies. Ashley told Paige she is worried that Mr. Hannibal will ruin Gregory's adoption if she stops supporting him financially. Justin agreed with T.J. not to make a move even though Mr. Hannibal's stock is falling. George introduced himself to Justin and took pictures of him. Joel eased Lurlene's guilt about not knowing the guard was an imposter. T.J. assured Paige that Mr. Hannibal won't affect Gregory's adoption proceedings and told her about Mildred's visit. Justin suggested to George that he take pictures of the mansion once it's completed. George took pictures of Justin and Ashley together. Lurlene told Rikki and Brette about Joel's attack. Grant told Reena that the police are watching Joel. Reena advised Grant that Mr. Hannibal was behind Hawker and Boots giving Justin oil leases and the two may back World Oil instead. Mr. Crenshaw instructed Ruby on the time and place they will meet.

MAY 25, 1982 (EP. #460)
Hawker and Boots decided to keep their meeting with Reena a secret and warned Justin about Mr. Hannibal. Billy Joe felt he should be with the baby and considered asking Vicky if he could take a leave of absence. Sergeant Malloy almost recognized Lurlene who, along with Ruby were disguised as a nurse and blind person. Hawker and Boots promised Justin to speak with investors and come up with a plan. Judith cried on Mark's shoulder about Grant making a fool of her and admitted she still loves Grant. Vicky refused to allow Billy Joe to take a leave of absence from work. Joel asked Lurlene and Ruby why they are in disguises once Sergeant Malloy left. Justin told Ashley, Allison, and Gregory that George wants to do a story on their family. Brette realized Mark was jealous despite learning that she didn't know George very well in graduate school. Nita urged Billy Joe relax when he had trouble doing a commercial for Ace High. Hunt told Vicky he is signing a new lease to his building today. Nita helped Billy Joe rehearse. Ruby talked to Judith about Reena once Joel and Lurlene left to take a walk. Ashley advised Justin not to push Allison into moving in with them. Vicky declined going on a date to celebrate with Hunt. Mark and Brette argued about Grant's actions towards Judith while with his lawyer. Judith told Ruby it is time that they forge the note from Reena to Grant.

MAY 26, 1982 (EP. #461)
Mr. Hannibal and Reena agreed to meet tomorrow at the Spindle Top. Grant refused because he loves Reena and wants Judith out of the way when Mark urged him to give the marriage another chance. Vicky told Reena that she is celebrating with Hunt and won't allow Striker to interfere with her relationship. Lurlene and Ruby told Mark they had to disguise themselves from the police. Grant declined Judith's invitation to dinner because he had previous plans with Reena. Mr. Hannibal called Ruby with Mark, Joel, and Lurlene present to set up their meeting. Brette promised Judith they can work on their relationship if she gives Grant the divorce. Reena didn't think Grant's suggestion that they get away to be alone was a good idea. Mark expressed to Ruby that he is worried and urged Ruby to be careful. Judith told Brette she intends to give Grant the divorce. Hunt told Vicky that his lease is not being renewed because the building was sold and the new owner refuses to lease it to him. Vivien told John she has had it with Judith, who caught them hugging after John talked her into staying. Grant assured Reena that they will be free to see each other once his divorce is final. Mr. Hannibal arrived in a limousine to meet Ruby, who recognized him from being at the Spindle Top. Joel told Lurlene not to worry about Ruby. Mark and Brette failed in attempting to follow Ruby. Grant requested that Judith let her stalling come to an end. Ruby demanded a million dollars from Mr. Hannibal before he dropped her off. Mark caused Ruby to faint when he arrived.

MAY 27, 1982 (EP. #462)
Justin told T.J. that they are meeting Paige at the mansion. Ashley mentioned she is worried about Marshall Oil to T.J, who told her that Gregory's adoption should be final soon. Mr. Hannibal told Reena he is interested in World Oil and doesn't care about Marshall Oil. Ruby was upset that Mark was tending to an oil well instead of her and thought her life should be a movie. Justin showed the mansion to George before he took more pictures of the family. Ruby mentioned that Reena knows Mr. Hannibal to Mark, who wondered if they were involved somehow. Ashley told Gregory that his adoption should be finished in the next couple weeks. Ashley remembered T.J. coming to the doctor's office and convincing her against having an abortion. Mark, Joel, and Lurlene didn't suspect Reena being involved with Mr. Hannibal despite it being brought up by Ruby. George met Kate and Ginny when Justin brought him to the ranch. Mr. Hannibal arranged a meeting with Ruby and insisted he get the Fire Compass tonight. Kate and Ginny discussed Paige selling her share of the ranch to Justin. Kate and Paige reconciled. T.J. and Ginny talked about Marshall Oil and how much he likes his job. Mark told Ruby that Rikki and Brette are bringing the Fire Compass. Lurlene suggested they talk to Reena and call the police. Reena told Ashley she talked to Mr. Hannibal. Ashley warned Reena that Mr. Hannibal is dangerous. Ashley decided to tell Justin the truth about Gregory. Justin asked Ashley what was bothering her.

MAY 28, 1982 (EP. 463)
Mark, Joel, and Lurlene suggested Ruby talk to Reena. Lurlene urged Ruby to do something about her marriage. Hawker and Boots accused Mr. Hannibal of being responsible for the Hitopah ordeal. Allison admitted to Reena she doesn't know much about Mr. Hannibal. Vivien let George take pictures of her but refused to talk about the Wheelers. Ashley told T.J. about Reena meeting with Mr. Hannibal and worried about Reena telling Justin what she knows. Justin accused Reena of looking forward to their Dallas trip and assured her that Marshall Oil is doing well. Mark told Rikki and Brette that Reena might know the identity of the bald headed man. Vivien introduced Judith to George, who flattered her with compliments about looking young and planned to take pictures of her and do a family portrait. Reena explained to Grant that Justin is badgering her and vowed to put Marshall Oil out of business. Lurlene advised Joel not to rush into moving out. Justin informed Hawker and Boots of Reena's meeting with Mr. Hannibal. Judith understood when Vivien was embarrassed for being charmed by George. Reena told Grant about Mr. Hannibal when Mark deduced he was behind the ordeal at Hitopah. Rikki didn't believe Justin, Hawker, and Boots who insisted that Mr. Hannibal caused all of their problems. Brette gave the Fire Compass to Ruby and warned her that Mark is a ladies man. Ashley worried about what Mr. Hannibal may reveal to Justin. T.J. informed Ashley Mr. Hannibal's stock. Mr. Hannibal forced Ruby and Brette to leave with him to Hitopah and took the Fire Compass.

MAY 31, 1982 (EP. #464)
Reena reminded Grant that they have to destroy Marshall Oil when he was upset about her seeing Mr. Hannibal. T.J. informed Ashley if Mr. Hannibal's companies don't stabilize they are going to lose Marshall Oil. Mr. Hannibal took the Fire Compass after he was pushed into the elevator by Ruby, Lurlene, and Brette. Gas came out of the Fire Compass as the girls closed the elevator door. Hunt told Vicky he hasn't found another place but knows the agent's name of the new owner. Rikki and Justin saw poisonous gas while Ruby, Lurlene, and Brette ran into the apartment and called the police. Striker advised Clay Williams to do nothing or reveal who the new owner of his building is. Vicky decided to check the Hall of Records to help Hunt find out the identity of the new owner. Mark called Grant and informed him that Mr. Hannibal was behind the Hitopah ordeal and is dead. Brette realized that Sutar was right about the gas only affecting evil people. Judith apologized after blaming Grant for letting Mark and Brette get in danger at Hitopah. Ashley fainted after thinking that Justin killed Mr. Hannibal. Grant promised Judith he will always have time for Mark and Brette. Ruby and Lurlene told Joel what happened at the apartment. Justin assured Ashley he didn't kill Mr. Hannibal and advised Hawker and Boots that they have to stabilize his companies. Grant told Reena that Mr. Hannibal was behind Hitopah and is dead. Reena grew upset when Grant supported Mark's opinion. Ashley was relieved that Mr. Hannibal was killed and told Gregory he can't be hurt any longer. Striker suggested Vicky stay out of Hunt's problems. Justin informed Ashley that Marshall Oil's fate is up to Hawker and Boots now. Reena stormed out after having an argument with Grant.

JUNE 1, 1982 (EP. #465)
Hawker and Boots told Justin that they are still trying to save his company. Grant suggested Judith call Striker for help in finding an apartment. Lurlene was uncertain whether it was a good idea for Ruby to have a press conference. Grant and Reena reconciled and then see the financial page of Marshall Oil's troubles. Judith reminded Ruby that there are only a few days left until Justin and Reena's bet ends. Ashley asked if Justin understands her not taking the money out of Mr. Hannibal's companies sooner. Justin advised Ashley that they are leaving town if Marshall Oil folds. Grant accused Reena of have too many feelings for Justin. Ruby told Judith that Reena was involved with Mr. Hannibal. Mark suggested they answer questions with Ruby when Grant was upset about Ruby having a press conference. Mark and Reena argued about Ruby. T.J. told Paige that things don't look good for Marshall Oil. Mark tried to talk some sense into Ruby, who told Rikki and Brette she plans to reveal how bad Mr. Hannibal was at the press conference. Grant assured Brette that they will answer the questions and Ruby is being briefed on what to say. Mark laid into Ruby and said he and Grant will handle the situation. Paige tried to cheer up Ashley. T.J. assured Justin that Hawker and Boots will save Marshall Oil. Judith arrived while Ruby greeted the press and Rikki tried to help a nervous Brette. Paige asked Justin about his plan to leave town. Mark and Grant tried to field the questions to Ruby, who revealed that Reena knew Mr. Hannibal. Grant ending the conference didn't stop Ruby from blabbing that they dumped Beau's body which caused her to be arrested.

JUNE 2, 1982 (EP. #466)
T.J. informed Justin that the stocks have stopped dropping presently. Police arrested Ruby and Lurlene at the press conference. Billy Joe and Nita agreed that their marriage is more important than their careers. Ruby and Lurlene were charged with complicity and concealing evidence regarding Beau's death. Mark came to the police station and learned that Ruby and Lurlene must be booked before their bail can be set. Reena was confident that Marshall Oil will fail when she told Grant about heavy buying of stocks in Mr. Hannibal's company. Elena learned of Ruby and Lurlene's arrest and offered to take Joel to the police station. Billy Joe and Nita decided not to travel so much. Justin thanked T.J. for his help and loyalty towards the company. Kate blamed Ruby for getting herself and Lurlene in trouble. Kate comforted Lurlene and gave a bible to Ruby. Paige offered to talk to Billy Joe after Nita mentioned that he is still blaming himself over what happened to the baby. Hawker and Boots advised Justin, T.J., and Ashley that Marshall Oil will be fine. Judith accused Reena of being involved with Mr. Hannibal. Lurlene asked Kate to take care of Joel. Billy Joe told Paige that the baby will released from the hospital soon. T.J. advised Justin and Ashley that they can adopt Gregory tomorrow. Justin informed Reena that Marshall Oil isn't going to fold. Paige learned from T.J. about Marshall Oil being saved. Joel comforted Lurlene while Ruby warned Elena to stay away from Mark. Justin showed Reena the stock report and said he will see her in Dallas tomorrow.

JUNE 3, 1982 (EP. #467)
Judith asked to accompany Mark to the police station to see Ruby and Lurlene. Justin called Reena to tell her about the plane ticket to Dallas he sent over. Brette told Judith she is surprised about her friendship with Ruby. Lurlene saw a picture of Ruby in the paper being arrested while Ruby contemplated picking the lock. Kate talked to Joel about Lurlene and his father. Mark informed Joel that he is getting Ruby and Lurlene released from jail. Mark told Judith that he isn't ready to settle down yet and learned that bail has been set. Grant told Reena that Marshall Oil isn't going out of business. Brette asked George not to mention the press conference in his article. Brette confessed that her parents are getting a divorce to George, who wanted to take pictures of the Wheeler family. Reena informed Grant that she is fed up with Judith. Ruby realized that today is when Reena leaves for Dallas after complaining about her to Lurlene. Judith privately mentioned Justin and Reena's bet to Ruby. Ruby tried to explain Beau's death and the bet being a misunderstanding to Judith, who suggested they get Reena's signature. Vivien told John she is suspicious of Judith and Ruby's friendship. Brette introduced George to Mark, who hoped the charges against Ruby and Lurlene would be dropped. Kate requested that Ruby get out of Lurlene's life. Joel and Lurlene admitted they missed each other last night. Ruby snuck into Reena's office to get a sample of her signature. Justin refused when Ashley asked him to postpone his trip to Dallas. Ashley told Justin that the adoption will be final today. Reena found Ruby in her office.

JUNE 4, 1982 (EP. #468)
T.J. told Justin and Ashley that Gregory is now official their son. Vivien told Judith she hasn't heard from Ruby. Justin declined T.J.'s offer of going to Dallas in his place. Billy Joe advised Hunt he can't reach his house contractor. Hunt learned River Breeze Corp bought the building the Starlight Lounge is in. Reena kicked Ruby out of the office when she admitted to looking for evidence linking Reena to Mr. Hannibal. Nita thanked Paige for talking to Billy Joe who found out the contractor's phone lines are out of service. Ruby gave Judith the sample of Reena's handwriting. Hunt informed Vicky he hasn't spoken to the new owner and decided not to reveal it is Striker. Grant make up with Reena, who mentioned finding Ruby snooping through her desk. Judith showed Ruby the forged note and gave it to Ruby to deliver to Grant. Judith decided to take care of Ruby after she settles the score with Reena. Hunt confronted Striker and advised he won't reveal the truth to Vicky because he loves her. Nita assured Billy Joe that they can sell the land and get a smaller place when he worried about the contractor. Justin called Reena and said he will see her in a little while. T.J. informed Paige that Gregory's adoption is final and they are having a party without Justin. Gregory called Ashley "Mom" after learning that he is their son now but Justin went to Dallas on business. Judith and Ruby toasted to their success. Judith wasn't sure Reena left the building before Ruby left the note on Grant's desk. Grant spotted the note from Reena.

JUNE 7, 1982 (EP. #469)
Judith informed Vivien and John that Grant will not be home tonight. Grant told Brette he received an invitation from Reena to meet her in Dallas. John called Grant and told Judith that Grant is heading for the airport. Reena checked into the hotel as Mrs. Justin Marshall. Gregory admitted to Ashley that he is disappointed Justin can't celebrate with them. Brette told Grant that Reena must have set up a rendezvous so they could be alone. Allison mentioned going to Gregory's party asked him what's wrong. Hunt informed Vicky that the new owner will not renegotiate the lease and asked her not to get involved. T.J. was mistaken for being Gregory's father. John admitted his feelings to Vivien and asked to get to know her better. Vicky assumed Striker plotted against Hunt out of anger. Hunt told Vicky he wants to talk about their relationship eventually. Judith admitted to Brette that Reena went to Dallas to see Reena and she wrote the note so that Grant would find out. Gregory was gifted with a basketball from T.J., race car jacket from Paige, and racecar helmet from Justin and Ashley. Grant arrived in Dallas and bought some flowers for Reena. Justin learned from Reena that T.J. and Ashley were engaged in college. Striker realized that Hunt didn't tell Vicky he is the new owner. Hunt accused Striker of playing games with Vicky. Justin thought Reena was lying but started having doubts when she accused T.J. and Ashley of still being lovers. Brette called the hotel to prove that Judith was wrong about Reena being in Dallas with Justin. Reena answered the door to Grant.

JUNE 8, 1982 (EP. #470)
Gregory asked T.J. and Paige when they are getting married. Brette learned that a Mrs. Justin Marshall registered at the hotel in Dallas. Reena told Grant she didn't send him a note and there is nothing going on between her and Justin. Mark informed Ruby and Lurlene they have been cleared by the D.A.'s office. Judith told Brette its best that Grant finds out the truth about Reena and her actions were because she loves Grant. Mark had to leave instead of spending time alone with Ruby after he got a phone call. Brette told Rikki that Judith forged a note and Grant is likely to see Justin and Reena together. Lurlene told Joel about Mavis and learned that she is coming to Houston for a visit. Justin accused Ashley of lying about her and T.J. being lovers and threatened to go after T.J. Ruby told Lurlene that they are free and Mark has his own place now. Lurlene told Ruby that Mavis thinks she is part of Houston society because of exaggerating some. Brette told Rikki about the bet Justin and Reena made. Ruby explained Lurlene's predicament with Mavis to Joel. Paige couldn't reach Ashley to warn her before Justin punched T.J. Paige asked T.J. to leave so she could talk to Justin. T.J. punched Justin after he was fired from Marshall Oil. Paige admitted to Justin that she knew about T.J. and Ashley's engagement. Judith told Grant she forged the note because she wanted to protect him. Grant informed Judith she was mistaken about them reconciling. Reena cried while packing her bags. Gregory asked Justin if he could change his last name to Marshall and said he dislikes T.J. now.

JUNE 9, 1982 (EP. #471)
Grant refused to hear an explanation from Judith and ordered her to stay out of his life and move out. Justin told Ashley that Reena told him about per engagement to T.J. Ashley asked Justin why he was with Reena in Dallas. Reena told Vicky about the bet with Justin, Grant finding them together, telling Justin about Ashley's engagement to T.J., and insisted she loves Grant and hates Justin. Billy Joe informed Nita that the building contractor went bankrupt. Ruby suggested she and Joel help Lurlene pretend she's part of Houston society for Mavis. Justin tried to convince Gregory that he and Ashley weren't fighting. Paige tried to assure Justin that nothing is going on between T.J. and Ashley and suggested he not see him. Ashley learned from T.J. that he was fired and punched by Justin. Ashley told T.J. that Reena told Justin about their engagement. Gregory saw T.J. and Ashley talking and told him to leave before giving his basketball back. T.J. told Paige he may practice law on his own. Vicky told Billy Joe that Nita is right about selling land and getting a smaller place. Grant didn't want Reena to quit World Oil when he found her packing her office. Grant was disappointed in Reena, who revealed her bet but promised she didn't sleep with Justin. Lurlene told Joel she feels guilty for misleading Mavis and is afraid Ruby will go overboard. Joel admitted his feelings to Lurlene. Ruby told Mark about Lurlene's dilemma with Mavis. Ashley planned to talk to Reena herself when Justin wouldn't say the reason he and Reena were in Dallas together. Grant told Reena that he found out about her Dallas trip because Judith forged the note.

JUNE 10, 1982 (EP. #472)
Lurlene told Joel she can't help worrying about fooling Mavis. Mark agreed to loan the penthouse to Lurlene and Ruby. Grant confirmed for Brette he caught Justin and Reena together in Dallas. Judith told Ruby their plan worked like a charm but took full responsibility. George met Ruby and showed Judith the pictures he took. Ashley told Paige she was right for revealing her engagement to Justin and was sorry about him getting fired. Ashley and Paige wondered why Justin and Reena were in Dallas. Grant asked Brette not to get involved after telling her what happened in Dallas. Mark didn't approve of Judith's actions when she admitted to forgery but agreed to talk to Grant. Ruby advised Lurlene to call Mavis and say she's flying first class and they are staying at the penthouse. Joel and Lurlene left for his eye exam. Ruby asked Rikki and Elena to make arrangements at the Top of The World Club. Ashley suggested Mildred talk to T.J. about him not working at Marshall Oil any longer. George flirted with Judith. Mark tried to explain Judith's motives to Grant. Reena tried to explain the bet she made to Brette, who didn't understand and said she was wrong for thinking Reena was better for Grant than Judith. Mark asked Brette to give Judith another chance. Ashley told Allison she was once engaged to T.J. and Reena told Justin when they met in Dallas. Paige suggested Mildred talk to T.J. about what is going on. Joel felt encouraged after seeing the eye doctor and told Ruby. Lurlene wasn't happy about Ruby's plans to take Mavis to the Spindle Top. Reena told Ashley about the bet.

JUNE 11, 1982 (EP. #473)
Judith faked a call from an apartment manager and told Mark she can't get her apartment until mid-July. Ashley and Justin argued about being with Reena instead of Gregory. Reena accused Ruby of telling Judith about the bet, warned that Judith is using her and vowed revenge. Mark offered to let Judith stay at the Wheeler house until next month. Joel convinced Lurlene that she is doing everything for Mavis and she will have a good time. Grant agreed to let Judith stay and assured he doesn't hate her. Paige told T.J. about Mildred's visit after Billy Joe and Nita left to see the baby. Ruby asked Mark to arrange a night for Mavis at the Spindle Top. Reena informed Vicky that her relationship with Grant is over but he wouldn't accept her resignation. Reena decided to spend time alone at the cabin. Hawker and Boots agreed to help Lurlene after learning about Mavis' visit from Ruby. T.J. told Paige he plans to buy a space at the World Oil building and suggested they get married in July. Gregory found Justin drunk and asked if he's still mad at Ashley. Ruby asked Nita to make a dress for Lurlene, Billy Joe to have Mavis on his show, and Elena pose as a maid. Vicky asked Grant to forgive Reena and suggested he go to the cabin to talk to her. Justin threw a fit of anger at the Marshall Mansion. Mark talked a reluctant Elena into being a maid for Lurlene. Gregory mentioned Justin leaving the house to Ashley, who assured him that they will patch things up and she still loves Justin. Justin arrived at Reena's cabin to collect his "winnings" from their bet.

JUNE 14, 1982 (EP. #474)
Grant told Vicky he decided not to go to the cabin. George and Brette took Rikki to the Coop. Reena gave in after struggling with Justin. Judith gave Vivien and John the night off but grew upset when Vivien packed her bags. Striker urged Grant to fight for Reena. Vivien informed John that Judith plans to stay at the Wheeler house for a while. Ashley told Allison that Justin admitted to making the bet before both women tried to figure out how to protect Gregory. Justin advised Reena that they will be together a long time when she threw him out of the cabin. Joel assured Lurlene that they are not doing anything wrong for Mavis. Lurlene told Joel she is worried about him being alone while she and Ruby are at the penthouse. Striker advised Vicky that Grant should have torn Justin apart and believes Reena was forced into going to Dallas. Judith sympathized with Grant over his breakup with Reena. Ruby talked to Mark about convincing Judith to throw a party in Mavis' honor. Ruby advised Vivien that Elena is helping her serve and asked John to pick up Mavis in the limousine. Judith told Grant about ending her affair because of still being in love with him and asked for forgiveness. Brette told Rikki she likes Ruby and admitted to being jealous of George. Judith agreed to have a party for Mavis as a favor to Joel and thinking it would please Grant. Ashley ran out when she realized Justin had been with Reena upon his arrival home. Reena cried while thinking about her time with Grant in Palm Springs.

JUNE 15, 1982 (EP. #475)
Joel and Lurlene saw the penthouse with Mark and Ruby, who showed Elena the frumpy maid outfit she bought for her. Grant agreed to Judith's request he attend the party for Mavis. Ashley didn't believe Justin insistence that he was working. Reena told Vicky she has to accept losing Grant but didn't mention Justin attacking her. Elena received a call from Mavis, who assumed she was Lurlene's roommate. George learned from Brette that Judith is getting an apartment soon. Ashley suggested to Justin they work things out for Gregory's sake. Gregory asked Justin where he was last night. Elena switched Ruby's clothes with the maid outfit while she was showering. T.J. and Paige decided not to put off their wedding. Reena advised Striker that they are two of a kind and no one trusts them. Elena introduced Ruby as the maid to Mavis. Justin lied to Gregory about getting his race car ready last night. Joel and Mark didn't agree about settling down with Ruby and Lurlene. Elena suggested Ruby pose as the maid or risk Mavis getting suspicious. T.J. told Ashley that he is starting his own law firm. Ashley admitted to T.J. her marriage to Justin isn't going well. George interviewed Judith and asked to continue it later when they were interrupted by the phone. Ashley told Paige her marriage may be over and mentioned Justin and Reena's bet. Paige tried to assure Ashley that Justin loves her and not Reena. Kate learned from Joel that Mavis, Ruby, and Lurlene are staying at Mark's penthouse. Joel called Ruby to warn her and Lurlene that Kate is coming over to the penthouse for a visit.

JUNE 16, 1982 (EP. #476)
Mavis told Lurlene about her airplane trip while Ruby acted as the maid. Reena assured Grant that she will remain at World Oil and both decided there may be hope for them in the future. Billy Joe and Hunt each confided to the other about their respective problems and encouraged each other. Mavis assumed that Mark and Elena were dating upon meeting them. Hunt told Vicky he hopes things work out for Billy Joe. Ruby was jealous of Mark and Elena and told her to stay away from him. Mavis learned that Lurlene owns the club in the building. T.J. advised Billy Joe and Nita that there isn't much they can do regarding the contractor who went bankrupt and stole his money. Grant told Mark he is starting to understand Judith better and wants her and Brette to become closer. Kate wasn't happy about the charade Ruby was involved in for Lurlene when she arrived at the penthouse. Brette agreed to Mark's suggestion that she try to get along with Judith. Elena invited Kate to the Wheelers. Lurlene wasn't sure what Kate thought about her lying to Mavis. Nita arrived with dresses from the boutique for Lurlene that Ruby paid for. Billy Joe advised Vicky that his and Nita's problems are affecting his performance on air. Vicky agreed to let Lurlene appear on Billy Joe's show. Mavis and Lurlene realized they are both timid around men after Mavis admitted that she is nervous about the dinner party. Grant and Brette shared a tender moment. T.J. told Reena he wants nothing to do with her and asked her to leave.

JUNE 17, 1982 (EP. #477)
Mark helped Joel get dressed until Rikki arrived and noticed how messy the apartment was. Brette thanked Judith for what she is doing for Lurlene and Mavis. Gregory went to the stables while Justin told Kate that Paige is defending T.J., whom he fired and was engaged to Ashley while they were in college. Ashley promised to protect Gregory for Allison, who said she will keep a close watch on Reena. Mark told Rikki that Elena switched Ruby's clothes with the maid outfit. Boots escorted Mavis to the party while Joel asked if Lurlene will remain by his side. Kate urged Justin to forget the past and reconcile with Ashley. Gregory met Hawker when he arrived to pick up Kate. Ruby told Grant and Judith that she is helping Lurlene by posing as a maid. George took pictures of Ruby, Grant, and Judith who insisted that Ruby call her Mrs. Wheeler. Justin tried to assure Gregory that he and Ashley are happy. Mavis met the Wheelers while Ruby warned Elena against pursuing Mark. Mavis showed Judith some dance steps while Vivien gave instructions to John and Ruby. Gregory tried to convince Allison to move back home when he and Justin came to her apartment. Rikki commented on how everyone is having a great time at the dinner party. Ruby's plan to embarrass Elena was foiled when she spilled something on herself. Ashley agreed to make up with Justin on the condition that he forgets about Reena. Ashley advised Justin she can't live with Justin and Reena's feud continuing. Judith felt she was progressing in getting Grant back when he thanked her for throwing the party for Mavis. Joel and Lurlene agreed they enjoyed spending time together.

JUNE 18, 1982 (EP. #478)
Ruby got upset when she learned from Lurlene that Mark took Elena home last night. Vicky showed Reena a picture of Grant and Judith in the paper. Brette advised Judith she was proud of her but it will take some time for them to become close. Paige told T.J. that getting married on the Marshall Ranch and the two of them making up with their families is important to her. Billy Joe felt nervous around the baby after he and Nita brought him home. Elena got on Ruby's case about Mark. Ruby wasn't happy to see herself in a picture dressed as a maid that Mavis and Elena looked at. George showed Vivien a picture of her in the paper. Reena asked Allison if she could explain herself once she has some time. T.J. and Paige revealed their engagement to Kate. Reena decided to pay Judith a visit after talking to Striker. Billy Joe mentioned that River Breeze bought the building with the Starlight Lounge in it. Ruby and Mavis talked about what a good couple Joel and Lurlene make. Vicky confronted Hunt about keeping his knowledge of Striker buying his building from her and vowed not to let Striker get away with it. Kate happily agreed to have T.J. and Paige's wedding ceremony at the ranch. Ginny learned that T.J. has opened his own law firm. Ruby learned from Billy Joe and Nita that Lurlene will be appearing on his show. Lurlene admitted to Mavis that she is afraid of being in love with Joel because he has never seen her. Vicky advised Striker she needs protection from him and suggested he move to Cuernavaca permanently. Judith bet Reena that she will still be living at the Wheeler house with Grant in six months. Judith ordered Reena to leave and laughed at her.

JUNE 21, 1982 (EP. #479)
Mavis commented that Ruby and Lurlene act more like roommates than a working relationship. Vicky told Reena that Striker bought Hunt's building. Judith informed Grant she can't bear staying in the house despite him telling her to take her time moving out. Vicky suggested to Reena that they pursue new relationships. Mark decided to leave for work even though Joel tried not to disturb him. Judith told Grant about Reena's visit to the house. Lurlene rushed over when Joel set off the smoke detector and called her. Billy Joe was reluctant to take T.J.'s advice of selling his property and declaring bankruptcy. Nita told Paige that Roger planned a trip to New York City but she doesn't want to leave Billy Joe and the baby. Ruby extended an invitation to the Top of The World Club to Judith, who could tell that Ruby was jealous when she accused Elena of being devious. Grant advised Reena she shouldn't have gone to see Judith. Joel and Lurlene admitted that they missed each other. Hawker and Boots told Mark and Grant they supported Marshall Oil because of a deal they had with Mr. Hannibal but have nothing against World Oil. Reena received a call from Striker's wife in Cuernavaca after advising him that he's hurt Vicky too much. Nita informed Billy Joe that her trip with Roger to New York is the only way to solve their money problems. Striker admitted to Vicky that he now has three children with Mary Beth because of an affair he started while she was with Alex.

JUNE 22, 1982 (EP. #480)
Lurlene warned Ruby against spending so much money. A bank clerk noticed that stolen funds are being spent in Houston and alerted her boss to call the police. Striker advised Vicky he kept his other family a secret because he loves her and didn't want her to be hurt. Striker told Vicky he has two boys and a girl who need their father now. Mark told Joel he doesn't understand where Ruby is getting all the money she is spending. Lurlene urged Ruby to end her feud with Elena. Ruby gave Rikki the money for the dinner party at the Top of The World Club. Justin guessed that T.J. and Paige's relationship wouldn't last and told Ashley. Ashley thought Justin would always have feelings for Reena despite Justin suggesting they forget about her. Rikki urged Elena not to be so hard on Ruby when he insisted that she's changed. Ruby grabbed more money from Gretchen's apartment. Mark told Ruby he is proud of her for helping Lurlene and promised they'll spend an evening together at the penthouse. Allison and Gregory interrupted Justin and Ashley's argument. Gregory left with Justin while Allison told Ashley she will keep an eye on Reena. Vicky told Reena she needs time to sort things out and then agreed to meet with Hunt when he called. Mark complimented Ruby on her appearance while watching Mavis enjoy being at the country club. Vicky told Hunt that Striker has a wife and children in Mexico. Ruby played pool with Hawker and Boots. Mark asked Elena to get off Ruby's case. Allison expressed her appreciation to Reena but privately decided to watch her carefully. Ashley decided she doesn't want to lose Gregory after finding him again.

JUNE 23, 1982 (EP. #481)
Mavis overheard Mark and Ruby talking and advised that she shouldn't be talking to Elena's boyfriend. George developed pictures of the Wheelers. Grant told Judith to take her time finding a place since she and Brette are getting closer. Ginny informed Reena that she has a job interview with T.J. Elena offered to take Mavis to see Mark at World Oil. Rikki and Brette caught Mark and Joel doing an "Odd Couple" routine at the apartment. T.J. hired Ginny, who mentioned she needs more to do since Ryan is away and Steve is visiting Barrett for the summer. Vivien told John that Judith has been nice lately. Mildred told T.J. she likes Ginny and complimented her upbringing. Judith told George she is happy to be his consultant. Mark asked Reena to play along with the charade for Mavis while Elena pretended to be Lurlene's roommate. Mavis learned that Reena was once married to Elena's brother Max. Ruby arrived at the apartment too late to see Mark. Rikki informed Ruby that the plans for the dinner party at the Top of The World Club are finished. John told Vivien the nice things she has done mean a lot to him. Vivien and John kissed after she gifted him a picture George took of them. Lurlene expressed her appreciation for what Ruby has done for Mavis. Judith told Brette she enjoys helping George with his work. Grant didn't want to discuss it when Reena asked why he forgave Judith for forging the note but not her. Grant advised Reena he is uncertain whether he can forget about the incident in Dallas. Reena warned Grant that Judith will hurt him.

JUNE 24, 1982 (EP. #482)
Billy Joe and Nita thanked everyone at KVIK for their support towards the baby. Ashley advised Justin she is only moving into the mansion with him for Gregory's sake. Billy Joe told Vicky that Nita is leaving for New York and will be gone indefinitely. Ruby bought a dress at the boutique and told Paige that Lurlene is going to pretend she is the owner of the club. Grant authorized Reena to get some oil leases for World Oil. Ashley couldn't stop thinking about Reena and thought her marriage was over. Ashley wasn't convinced about Justin's love for her and planned to sleep in a separate bed in the mansion. Nita told Paige that Ruby has changed but wasn't sure she was making the right choice to travel to New York and leave Billy Joe and the baby. Hunt expressed his sympathy for Striker and Vicky's problems and admitted his love for Vicky to Reena, who didn't care about the age difference between them. Reena suggested Hunt wait for Vicky while she sorts things out with Striker. Paige informed Justin that she and T.J. are getting married at the ranch during an argument. Justin tried to convince Gregory he wasn't mad at Ashley by telling her about moving into the mansion and attending the party at the club. Ashley advised Justin to concentrate on his own business when he mentioned T.J. and Paige's wedding plans. Paige learned that Nita is T.J.'s new assistant. Billy Joe assured Nita her time away will fly by before they left for the airport. T.J. and Paige decided to attend the party despite Justin's objections. Vicky urged Reena to fight for Grant and forget about Judith. Judith was anxious to witness Justin and Reena being at the party when Ruby mentioned it.

JUNE 25, 1982 (EP. #483)
Striker learned Hunt and Vicky are going to the party at the club. Judith invited George to the club while they worked together. Ruby offered extra money to the Top of The World Club staff after Rikki introduced them to her. Justin warned Ashley he will give T.J. the showdown he wants. Reena advised Striker that Hunt isn't taking advantage of Vicky and is a good person. Reena urged Striker to let go of Vicky. Billy Joe and Nita said goodbye to each other. Ashley defended T.J. during a disagreement with Justin, who conned Gregory into hating T.J. Ruby and Elena threw barbs at each other while getting ready with Mavis and Lurlene. Judith talked a reluctant Grant into going to the party at the club. Striker told Hunt he may have misjudged him and left without causing a scene so Hunt and Vicky could be alone. Vicky informed Hunt her marriage to Striker is finished. A police officer headed to the club after discussing the missing money with a coworker. Allison talked to Gregory after learning from Ashley he is upset with T.J. George took pictures of Grant, Judith, Rikki, and Brette. Justin and T.J. got into an argument in front of Ashley and Paige. Ashley was fed up when she had it out with Paige and Reena in the bathroom. Ricardo informed the police that Ruby gave him money. The police realized that Mavis and Lurlene fit the descriptions of the other two women who stole Gretchen's funds. Justin caught Ashley being comforted by T.J. who apologized for hurting her again. Judith and Brette overheard Reena warn Justin she won't stop until his marriage is over and he is ran out of Texas.

JUNE 28, 1982 (EP. #484)
George told Mark and Grant how helpful Judith has been on his project. A police officer asked for warrants for possession of stolen money for Ruby, Lurlene, and Mavis. Reena informed Elena she won't rest until Justin is out of Houston and hates him for more than just Max's death. Brette suggested they leave the situation alone when Judith mentioned the scene Justin and Reena caused at the club. Justin warned Paige it's a mistake not to postpone the wedding because T.J. will hurt her. Judith rubbed it in to Reena that she has lost Grant. Elena cut in on Ruby so she could dance with Mark. Ruby tried to comfort Billy Joe who was sad about Nita leaving town. Reena told Vicky she had another fight with Justin. Billy Joe decided to go home and spend time with the baby. Judith told Grant about Justin and Reena's fight. Rikki dedicated a song to Mavis while the warrants were delivered. Gregory assured Allison that they will all be happy in their new home. Joel, Vicky, and Mark were unable to keep Mavis, Lurlene, and Ruby from getting arrested. Lurlene admitted to Mavis that she doesn't own the club. Ruby, Lurlene, and Mavis learn they could be facing twenty years in jail. Mark suggested to Grant that they come up with a plan because Gretchen must have stolen the money. Grant asked T.J. to help get the charges of possession and distribution of stolen money dropped. Justin blamed T.J. when Allison mentioned that Ashley is upset. Striker and Reena comforted each other. Mark informed Grant that T.J. can't bail Ruby, Lurlene, and Mavis out of jail tonight. George offered to listen whenever Judith needed to talk and invited her to his studio. T.J. informed Mavis, Ruby, and Lurlene that the FBI is involved in the case against them. Hunt dropped Vicky off at the house as Striker watched in the dark.

JUNE 29, 1982 (EP. #485)
Reena admitted to Vicky that she misses Grant. Judith told Brette that she doesn't like Ruby. Grant overheard Judith badmouth Reena and asked her to stop and suggested she check into a hotel. T.J. advised Mark and Billy Joe that Ruby, Lurlene, and Mavis will most likely be released from jail once Judge Henderson knows the truth. Ruby and Lurlene confessed everything to Mavis. Vicky felt sure Grant would forgive Reena but warned her to watch the volatile side of personality and get Justin out of her system. Vivien told John she heard Grant suggest Judith go to a hotel. Vivien offered to help Grant pack Judith's things. Lurlene jumped to Ruby's defense when Kate arrived at the police station. Mavis assured Lurlene she isn't mad at her. T.J. warned Mavis, Ruby, and Lurlene they committed a federal offense and urged them to tell Detective Matthews the truth. Striker told Reena he has decided to give Vicky a divorce and that he married Mary Beth years ago. Ruby told the officer that she obtained the money from Gretchen's apartment. Hunt tried to comfort Billy Joe, who couldn't reach Nita by phone and was upset about Ruby. Ruby promised Mark she won't plot or scheme anymore. Grant called Reena darling by mistake while they discussed business. Vicky admitted to Striker that she doesn't need him anymore. Striker left when Vicky asked if he is returning to Mary Beth. Brette urged Judith to give Grant some space if she truly loves him. Hunt professed his love to Vicky, who was scared about the future without him. T.J. told Mavis and Lurlene that they are being released but Ruby must stay.

JUNE 30, 1982 (EP. #486)
Allison urged Ashley to make up with Justin and planned to do something for Gregory's sake. Lurlene informed Mark and Joel that Ruby had to stay in jail and Mavis knows the truth. T.J. told Ruby her assets are being impounded and has to pay back the money she spent. Reena told Brette she still loves Grant but still wants revenge against Justin. Brette couldn't convince Reena to trust Judith or believe she has changed and still loves Grant. Ashley told Paige she will have to put the ordeal with Reena behind her. Ruby informed everyone that she has to pay back the money she spent or face twenty years in jail. Mildred tried to fix Ginny up with T.J. Allison informed Reena that Justin and Ashley are moving into the mansion tomorrow and said she isn't picking sides though she doesn't trust Justin. Mildred apologized to Ginny after learning from T.J. that Ginny is already married. Ruby apologized to Mark about her jealousy towards Elena but declined his offer to help with the money. Ruby decided she could sell her story as a movie to pay back what she owes. Justin and Ashley argued until they made a pact to leave T.J. and Reena behind them. T.J. assured Paige that nothing will stop them from getting married. Ruby reminded Lurlene that she is appearing on Billy Joe's show tomorrow. Mark and Allison flirted. Joel told Lurlene he may get an operation for his eyes and will have some test results soon. Mark offered to show Allison around Houston and said Ruby is only a friend. Justin and Ashley kissed after he asked if she still loves him.

JULY 1, 1982 (EP. #487)
Ashley promised to try when Justin asked her if they can start over. Lurlene urged Ruby to be nice to Elena. Mavis felt guilty for coming to Houston and causing trouble and asked Ruby and Elena to apologize to each other. Grant requested to be left alone when Judith accused him of trying to turn Brette against her. George advised Brette he is staying in Houston and mentioned how appreciative he is of her and Judith's help. Justin and Ashley talked to Gregory about their new home and how happy they will be. Ruby informed Vicky that Rikki needs time off work to do his album. Hunt agreed when Vicky asked him to be Rikki's substitute while he is gone. John kissed Vivien after they debated on whether Judith will leave or not. Judith was flattered when George said the pictures pale in comparison to her in person. Gregory spoke highly of Justin while Allison told Ashley she is moving into the house with them. Billy Joe showed Mavis around the set. Elena, Rikki, Ruby, and Lurlene decided to have Mavis on the show. Hunt offered his support to Vicky and said he hopes to be the man in her future. Grant advised Brette not to base her relationships on his with Judith and Reena. Judith told George she can't have him in her life and has too much to lose when George kissed her and admitted his feelings. Mavis fainted after learning she sang a song with Lurlene on the air. George looked at an article about the Wheelers marriage being on the rocks due in part in Judith's affections for a younger man.

JULY 2, 1982 (EP. #488)
Ruby and Lurlene show Mavis their apartment. Justin told Kate she doesn't want Paige marrying T.J. George decided he has to ensure Judith gets a divorce from Grant by getting him and Reena back together. Paige told Ashley she is a lucky lady and commented on how fond T.J. is of Gregory. Striker asked Reena to visit Vicky and urged her not to give up on Grant. Joel told Lurlene he is seeing a specialist next week but doesn't want to get his hopes up. Mark advised Allison that Ruby doesn't run his personal life. Grant reluctantly agreed to let George interview him at the Spindle Top. Ashley informed Paige that Allison is moving back in with them. Joel admitted his love for Lurlene to Mavis. Mark warned Judith to stop manipulating Grant and putting him in the middle. Kate told Gregory stories about Justin's childhood and suggested he call her Grandma. Mavis was given a tour of the Coop by Ruby, Lurlene, and Joel. George arranged for Reena to meet him for an interview at the Spindle Top. Striker and Vicky reminisced about old times. Vicky assured Striker that Judge Calhoun will take care of their divorce while he handed over the deed to the building with the Starlight Lounge. Ashley said she was bothered by Reena when Paige commented on how tired she seemed. Grant and Judith agreed to have dinner together soon. Vicky told Reena that she is giving Striker a divorce and doesn't know what to do about her relationship with Hunt. George called Grant and said he'll be late because of having car trouble. Grant and Reena agreed to wait for George together.

JULY 5, 1982 (EP. #489)
Mavis raved about the great time she had in Houston to Ruby and Lurlene. Brette accused Judith of throwing the party for Mavis to get back into Grant's good graces. Judith told Mark and Brette she loves Grant and will get him back. Reena admitted it was too painful to work at World Oil when Grant urged her not to quit. Vicky gave Hunt the deed to the building with the Starlight Lounge. Ruby announced Rikki is leaving for Nashville after he and Brette arrived at the Coop. Mavis and Lurlene discussed Joel. Vivien told John about the conversation Judith had with Mark and Brette. Elena told Ruby they need to get along, reminded her that she turned in Joe, and warned against pushing Mark away by insisting on a commitment. Mark urged Ruby to change her ways. Ruby advised Billy Joe he can't take time off work just because he misses Nita. Lurlene told Mark that Ruby is a wonderful person. Mark advised Brette he loves Grant and Judith and refuses to take sides. Ruby told Rikki that Hawker and Boots are backing his record. Hunt wasn't happy about getting the deed back from Vicky, whom he felt had already done enough for him. Brette privately wished Rikki good luck but worried what will happen to their relationship if his record is successful. John arrived to take Mavis to the airport while Ruby asked if she can call her Aunt Mavis. Mark admitted to Ruby he has feelings for her. Grant told Judith he is late because of an interview with Reena and George. Reena told Vicky she can't keep working with Grant at World Oil. Grant explained how George arranged the interview with him and Reena to Judith.

JULY 6, 1982 (EP. #490)
Ashley told Justin he didn't keep his end of their bargain. Allison told Vicky and Reena that she is moving into the mansion with Justin, Ashley, and Gregory. Justin advised Ashley to forget about Reena and that T.J. is trouble. Ginny told Paige that Ryan is in Bolivia and Steve is visiting Barrett who has improved. Judith vowed to Grant she'll show everyone that she has changed. Ashley warned Justin to leave T.J. and Paige alone. Gregory asked to see his race car and questioned Ashley on what she and Justin were fighting about. Vicky assured Reena she can trust Allison. Mark offered his penthouse to Allison, who wondered if Reena would accept her living in the mansion. Ginny suggested Paige talk to Kate because she is excited about the wedding. Judith tried to reach George by phone and told Brette she is changing. Ashley assured Gregory that the fight is not about him. Paige argued with Reena about her latest schemes. Reena agreed to work on a lease for Striker at T.J.'s request. T.J. urged Paige not to let Reena get to her. Billy Joe lamented about being unable to reach Nita and not spending enough time with the baby to Hunt. Vicky talked with Billy and Hunt about him appearing on the show more often. George took pictures of Paige at the boutique and offered to be her wedding photographer. Vicky and Billy Joe told Hunt they appreciate his support. Brette told Mark she is going to support Judith getting Grant back. Justin promised Paige he will back off T.J. per Ashley's wishes. Judith called George and asked him to come to the Wheeler house.

JULY 7, 1982 (EP. #491)
Ruby told Lurlene she plans to have Beau legally declared dead. Judith wanted an explanation from George. Grant and Mark told Reena there is no reason to fire Allison from World Oil. Justin and Ashley declared their love for each other. Ruby advised Lurlene that she grew up poor and Mark is the right guy for her. Justin told Gregory that Barney was his mechanic and they are going to meet him at the race car. George told Judith he didn't know about Grant and Reena's feud and flattered her with compliments. Reena advised Allison that Mark supported her remaining at World Oil. Lurlene warned Ruby that Mark may not be marriage material. Allison told Ashley that Mark is now an ally of hers. Mark declared his love for Ruby, who revealed her plan to divorce Beau. Vivien was suspicious of Judith and George's relationship. Ruby learned that Ginny will be taking notes of her story while T.J. advised her that Beau's body must be exhumed and identity confirmed. Barney was impressed by Gregory's knowledge of race cars. Ashley informed T.J. that Justin has agreed to leave him alone provided she doesn't mention Reena again. Allison was grateful to Mark for his support. Reena suggested George check with Grant when he asked her for another interview. Grant realized that Judith feels out of place in Texas. Joel told Lurlene he can't imagine his life without her and may get his sight back soon.

JULY 8, 1982 (EP. #492)
George and Ashley discussed the rivalry between Justin and Reena. Ruby arrived at the penthouse and interrupted Mark and Allison's visit. George commented to Ashley about the similarities between her and Reena. Justin and Gregory took George to see the race car. Vicky discussed the budget for Billy Joe's show with Hunt, who made suggestions including creating a new show. Ruby overreacted to seeing Mark and Allison together and warned him to be careful. T.J. told Paige he is uncertain of getting Burton and Mildred involved with their wedding plans. Mark warned Ruby not to insult Allison and ordered her not to try and run his life. Mark declined when Ruby asked him to go to the police station with her. Vicky liked Hunts ideas but advised she'll have to get legal counsel to replace Striker. Paige told Mildred that T.J. wants the wedding. Joel and Lurlene consulted with Dr. Evans. George took pictures and asked Justin how he feels about Reena. Vicky didn't think it would work when Ruby wanted to make her experience in Hitopah into a movie. Kate defended Paige against Mildred, who didn't feel her and T.J. have anything in common. Dr. Evans advised Lurlene that Joel's test results came back positive and he can have the operation in two weeks. T.J. agreed to represent the Victory Network and KVIK for Vicky as legal counsel. Paige thanked Kate for standing up to Mildred for her. Justin informed George he has no problem with Reena. T.J. and Ruby advised the police that Beau's body is being exhumed. Hunt and Vicky learned that George was an investigative reporter in Boston. Ashley told Justin she is suspicious of George.

JULY 9, 1982 (EP. #493)
Joel and Lurlene updated Kate and Ruby on his eyesight. Hunt told Vicky he thinks George may be good for KVIK. Judith was upset that her lawyer Ward Newman was coming over to the house. Joel and Lurlene told Kate and Ruby that the operation has a 60% success rate. Reena warned Allison that Ruby is trouble and advised her that she would be happy to see her and Mark become a couple. Judith laid into Vivien for agreeing to let her lawyer come over. Justin told Vicky he is upset with Billy Joe for missing studio time because he can't find a sitter. George agreed when Judith asked him to stall Grant from coming home to find her with Ward. Mark and Grant were impressed with Allison's work and decided to give her more job responsibilities. George admitted to Ruby he doesn't have the money to buy her life story. John made Vivien feel better when she was upset with Judith. Brette agreed to talk to Mark and Grant when George wanted to take pictures of them. Ruby told Mark she will be a widow soon but was disappointed when he declined her dinner invitation for a date with Allison. Lurlene told Kate she fears Joel won't need her once his eyesight is restored and doesn't want him to feel trapped. Kate assured Lurlene that Joel has more than just a crush on her. Ruby warned Allison against pursuing Mark because she is almost engaged to him. Reena informed Ruby that Mark is interested in Allison. George called Judith and promised he will stretch out the photo session as long as possible. Justin was frustrated with Billy Joe for messing up the commercials. Vicky told Kate that Striker left town and gave her the letter he wrote. Justin told Reena they will have to get together soon when she vowed to hound him for the rest of his life. Ward informed Judith that she is deeply in debt.

JULY 12, 1982 (EP. #494)
Judith advised Ward she isn't going through with the divorce because she still loves Grant despite his legal advice that it would clear her debts. Vicky tried to talk some sense into Reena and warned her to stay away from Justin. Judith asked Ward to stall her creditors rather than accept Grant's settlement or tell him the truth. Grant told Brette he doesn't want Reena to stop working for World Oil. Mark told Allison about his life in Australia. Ruby assured Lurlene of Joel's feelings and urged her to fight for him. Ruby told Lurlene that Allison is pursuing Mark. Vicky informed Hunt that Reena is involved with a man who will destroy her. George asked to see Judith again after learning that Ward left the house. Judith cried on Vivien's shoulder after reminiscing about her wedding to Grant and love for him. Ruby found out that Mark was dining at his penthouse. Vivien told Brette that Judith is lonely and still loves Grant. Judith cried while talking to Brette about happier times. Mark apologized to Allison for Ruby's interruption. Reena told Grant that it hurts too much to work at World Oil and she has to do what's best. Joel told Lurlene that he is worried about the cost of the operation. Mark didn't buy Ruby's explanation for showing up at the penthouse and reminded her not to tie him down. Mark and Ruby shared a kiss when she called him the Prince Charming she has always wanted. Judith talked to Grant about their summers on the Cape and how much the hug from Brette meant to her. Grant apologized to Judith because she is hurting.

JULY 13, 1982 (EP. #495)
Ruby convinced Mark to be late after they woke up together. Ashley agreed to act as Justin's wife tonight for Gregory's sake when Justin didn't want to put up with them having separate bedrooms much longer. Justin agreed to let Gregory go to the garage the night before the race. Ruby threw Reena out when she advised that her relationship with Mark won't last. Joel tried to convince Lurlene not to worry about Ruby staying at the penthouse with Mark and getting hurt. T.J. advised Ruby that she is officially a widow. Justin tried to assure Gregory that he and Ashley aren't mad at each other. Allison asked Justin if he is still having marital problems and doesn't want Gregory to be hurt. Joel informed Lurlene he has to run a personal errand. Allison offered to be available if Gregory needs to talk when he thought Justin and Ashley are trying not to fight in front of him. Mark warned Reena to stay out of his personal life after she mentioned being upset over finding him with Ruby. Reena apologized for snapping at Allison, who said she had a good time with Mark until Ruby arrived. Allison learned that Mark and Ruby spent the night together from Reena. T.J. advised Ashley that Justin will still need her money as collateral or Marshall Oil will go bankrupt when the loans are due. Ruby assured Lurlene she won't be hurt and was certain that Mark is going to propose to her soon. Joel discovered he needs collateral in order to get a loan to pay for his operation. Ashley told Justin she may use her money as a reminder to Justin.

JULY 14, 1982 (EP. #496)
Brette told Mark and Grant that they make a great team and should get Judith involved too. George gave Judith a gift, flattered her, and asked for forgiveness. Grant told Mark that Judith is having a difficult time adjusting to life in Texas. Kate informed Ashley that she is the first girl that Justin ever loved. Kate urged Ashley to be tough with Justin when she wanted to know more about his feud with Reena. Gregory played in the race car and helped Barney after Justin took the car on a practice. Mark and Allison talked and flirted with each other. Barney advised Gregory that Justin needs to be perfect to win the race and to not brag too much. Mark found his penthouse full of candles and Ruby dressed up when he arrived home. Paige thanked Kate for everything she's done and said she would like Justin to give her away at the wedding. Ashley admitted to Allison that she is tired of her living arrangement with Justin and fretted that the marriage may be over. Gregory complained to Justin, Ashley, and Allison about going to computer camp every day. Ashley decided to talk with Allison rather than go to bed with Justin. Kate told T.J. about Paige wanting to have Justin give her away. Grant admitted to Judith that he will miss her and wants her to stay at the house when she mentioned moving out tomorrow. Mark sent Ruby home rather than go to bed with her. Ashley threw Justin out of the bedroom when he wanted them to sleep together.

JULY 15, 1982 (EP. #497)
Justin asked Ashley how long she intends to keep him out of their bedroom. Lurlene figured Joel was unable to get a loan for the operation when he refused to borrow any money from her. Billy Joe confided in Elena about missing Nita and the letter he received from her. Reena told Vicky she loves Grant but things will never be the same between them and staying at World Oil won't work. Gregory arrived to witness Justin and Ashley arguing about Reena. Joel took Lurlene's suggestion to ask Grant for a loan and pay it back with interest but insisted on seeing him alone. Mildred complained about Kate being rude to T.J., who told her that the wedding is taking place at the Marshall ranch. Justin agreed to let Gregory come with him to check out the race car. Ashley stormed out when an argument ensued because Justin refused Paige's request to give her away. Ashley talked to Paige about Justin and T.J. and worried about her marriage not working out. Lurlene advised Ruby against throwing herself at Mark or risk losing him and insisted that she is only friends with Joel. Grant agreed to Joel's request for a loan to pay for his operation. Lurlene told Ruby that Joel will move on after the operation and only has feelings for gratitude towards her. Grant mentioned Judith moving out to Reena, who got upset with him for discussing personal matters at work. Justin rented a suite on a permanent basis and obtained two keys. Joel sensed something was wrong with Lurlene after mentioning that Grant is giving him a loan. Reena found a key from Justin.

JULY 16, 1982 (EP. #498)
Justin insisted to Reena that they need each other when she was against being seen with him. T.J. refused Paige's suggestion that they postpone the wedding for a few weeks. Grant assured Mark and Brette that Judith moving out has nothing to do with Reena. Mark assured Brette he can handle Ruby. Judith apologized for treating her badly when Vivien admitted she lied to Grant to keep Ward's visit a secret from him. John was surprised to find Vivien sympathizing with Judith. Mildred advised Kate she will not be shut out when Kate informed her that the wedding will take place outside and the reception in the house. John kissed Vivien for being understanding with Judith. Allison found a key to the suite at the Houston Plaza Hotel. Paige refused to have the wedding at the club when Mildred came up with the idea. Mark praised Reena on her work at World Oil. Gregory almost hit the race car and brought it crashing down. George pointed out Judith's pain and loneliness that's lying beneath the surface while showing her slides. Reena informed Grant that she can't work at World Oil anymore and she isn't the perfect girl he wants her to be. Paige apologized to Kate for Mildred and gushed about how she never thought she'd be so happy. T.J. declined when Allison proposed he work for World Oil. Allison wondered why she never knew about T.J. and Ashley's engagement when he commented on her resemblance to Ashley. Judith gave in to George and agreed to make love. Grant told Reena he doesn't believe anything happened in Dallas and wants to put the incident behind him. Reena admitted to Grant she slept with Justin a week after they returned.

JULY 19, 1982 (EP. #499)
Justin told Ruby and Lurlene he wants Billy Joe to know about him racing in a couple days. Reena separately told Grant, Mark, and Bret that she is leaving World Oil. Ruby looked at slides of Judith and was stopped by George from going into the darkroom where Judith was hiding. George insisted to Judith that he needs her and are just beginning a relationship when she advised him about not returning. Justin learned about the operation while Joel and Lurlene kept him company. Joel admitted his feelings for Lurlene to Justin. Mark asked Allison out on a date after assuring her of still having a job at World Oil. Brette and Vivien noticed how upset Judith was when she arrived at the house. Brette tried to talk her out of it when Judith wanted to move out of the house and back to Boston. Justin asked Billy Joe to do some commercials at the racetrack. Mark told Ruby that Reena quit her job. Reena admitted to Vicky and Hunt she quit World Oil and slept with Justin out at the cabin. Grant didn't want to talk about what happened between him and Reena with Mark. Joel and Lurlene informed Billy Joe and Elena that he is having surgery the day after tomorrow. Reena couldn't explain the reason for her one night stand with Justin to Vicky. Everyone was displeased to hear from Ruby that Reena was fired from World Oil. Billy Joe offered to have Elena appear on his show more while Ruby suggested being her manager. Brette told Grant that Judith is returning to Boston. Vivien was sorry to hear Judith is planning to leave. Justin arrived at the hotel looking for Reena. Grant kissed Judith, who admitted she still loves and never wanted him to be hurt.

JULY 20, 1982 (EP. #500)
Gregory waited for Justin to come home. Lurlene snapped at Ruby for badmouthing Reena. Allison informed Ashley that Reena quit World Oil and she has a date with Mark tomorrow night. Ruby promised to handle the situation when Joel suspected Lurlene is upset. Vicky talked to Reena about her and Justin being children and warned against doing anything impulsive. Grant tried to convince Judith to stay but was uncertain of what making love will lead to for them. Grant didn't know when Judith asked if they could ever reconcile. Lurlene thought Joel only feels gratitude and won't need her anymore once he regains his sight despite Ruby's assurance that he loves her. Reena picked up the key as Justin turned off the light in the hotel room before leaving. Ashley told Gregory that Justin arrived home late but will still take him to the garage later. Ashley informed Justin that Reena quit World Oil. Reena asked for time when Vicky offered her a job in station relations at KVIK and the Victory Network. Grant and Judith learned that Rikki and Brette are together. Judith told Grant she hopes this is a new beginning for them. Joel was confused by Lurlene acting distant towards him and didn't believe she wasn't bothered by something. Mark confirmed for Ruby that Allison is working for him as a personal assistant. Someone watched Brette leave Rikki to go to work after they woke up together. Justin and Ashley argued when she accused him of being with Reena. Vivien was happy about Judith staying in Houston and hoped the two could be close like she was with Iris. Vivien told George that Judith can't talk right now. Justin told Reena she'll be at the suite tonight.

JULY 21, 1982 (EP. #501)
Paige requested T.J. and Ginny go to the wedding rehearsal and asked Ashley to be her maid of honor. Ashley learned Justin hasn't arrived to work yet. Justin advised Reena to meet him at the suite and accused her of quitting World Oil because it was coming between them. Paige told T.J. she hopes Justin and Ashley will attend the wedding. Vicky told Rikki she hired Hunt as a consultant before the two men went over ideas for his show. Reena declined being crazy about Justin and threw him out. Christine and Hunt talked about producing Rikki's new show. Mildred suggested to Kate that they bury the hatchet. Justin tried to smooth things over with Gregory, who was disappointed Justin couldn't take him to the garage because of work. Allison reminded Justin she is working for Mark after he tried recruiting her for Marshall Oil. Ashley felt she didn't belong at the wedding despite Paige urging her to come. Vicky was against Reena going to the cabin and tried to convince her to work for KVIK. Reena wanted to see Ginny because of her support during Max's death. Allison told Ashley about Justin having to work and persuaded her into going to the rehearsal. Kate and Paige told the reverend that Paige had a divorce. Billy Joe and Elena wished T.J. and Paige well. T.J. was glad to see Ashley but said he can never forgive her. Burton urged Ashley to forgive and forget. The rehearsal began with Burton as T.J.'s best man and Ashley as maid of honor. Gregory told Barney that he doesn't know where the decals are and Justin has to work late. Kate was surprised to see Reena at the ranch. Ashley ran into Reena.

JULY 22, 1982 (EP. #502)
Mark told Grant he hired Allison as his assistant. Allison asked Reena to leave the ranch. Judith asked for more time when she received a call from Ward and agreed to see George at his studio. Grant told Mark that things between him and Judith have improved. Reena apologized for upsetting everyone but accused them of being smug before leaving. Gregory teased Allison about getting dressed up and talked to Mark about the race car. T.J. advised Paige that they are having their honeymoon in Cozumel. Gregory found the decals Barney needed and left a note behind before taking them to the garage. Judith gifted Grant with a picture of the family. Vivien tried to teach John bowling. Grant called Vivien asking her to prepare a late dinner for him and Judith. Paige told T.J. she hoped Justin would be at the rehearsal and refused to spend the night because she wants an old fashioned wedding. Justin remembered how disappointed Gregory was and decided to leave the hotel. Brette found Grant with gardenias for Judith. Grant advised Brette he sees things differently now. Judith told George that she can't see him anymore. George urged Judith not to fight their mutual attraction and suggested she see him and Grant. Judith tried to resist George's advances which led them to kiss. Kate advised Paige she doesn't think Justin will change his mind about giving her away. T.J. decided to talk to Justin at the garage after learning from Ashley that he is there with Gregory. The race car fell on Gregory. Justin and Reena talked. T.J. heard Gregory screaming.

JULY 23, 1982 (EP. #503)
Reena succumbed to Justin's advances. T.J. broke into the garage and called an ambulance. Judith advised George that she and Grant may not go through with the divorce. Joel and Lurlene tried to calm down Ruby who was upset about being unable to reach Mark. Judith admitted she is confused about her feelings. Grant told Judith they may be able to make an honest start. Justin and Reena reminisced about their childhoods together and agreed they understand each other. T.J. went to find Justin and Ashley for Gregory. Billy Joe told everyone Nita is a big success in New York. Elena was understanding with Billy Joe because she has little to talk about with Joe now. Brette told Mark that Grant and Judith are having dinner at the house together. T.J. notified Ashley that Gregory had an accident and is in the hospital. A doctor advised T.J. that they need a blood donor. Ruby told Lurlene she isn't going over to Mark's penthouse. Mark and Allison comforted Ashley, who was upset about Gregory needing a blood donor and surgery. Allison told Ashley she will find Justin after remembering the hotel key. Rikki, Brette, and Christine talked about Rikki's new show. Grant and Judith talked about the past while dancing. Allison found Justin with Reena and told him about Gregory's accident. Joel asked Lurlene about their future if the operation isn't successful. Justin and Ashley argued about the accident. Allison told Reena she hates her and made accusations about being used to come between Justin and Ashley. T.J. informed Ashley he is one of three people with the right blood type to be a donor.

JULY 26, 1982 (EP. #504)
T.J. asked Ashley if Gregory is his son after realizing that their baby would be Gregory's age. Ashley confirmed T.J.'s suspicions about Gregory and tried to explain her past actions and reason for not telling Justin the truth. Reena was unsuccessful with getting information about Gregory's condition. Christine recommended getting Rikki more appearances since timing is everything. Christine asked Brette if she can handle Rikki's success. Ashley admitted to T.J. she wouldn't have revealed Gregory's paternity had the accident not occurred. Ashley told Justin that Gregory's is in critical condition and having surgery. Justin was denied being able to visit Gregory. T.J. kept quiet when Justin laid into him. Ruby learned that Allison was with Mark who updated them on Gregory. Ashley told T.J. that the doctors are trying to stabilize Gregory while Allison thanked T.J. for saving his life. Justin learned from Ashley that T.J. found Gregory at the garage and rescued him. Rikki and Brette were surprised that Christine knew so much about Brette's past. Justin thanked Allison for finding him and T.J. for saving Gregory's life. Justin apologized to Gregory for not keeping his promise while he and Ashley visited him. Ruby commented on Mark and Allison being alike and accused him of favoring Allison. Justin pleaded with Gregory to get better. Mark advised Ruby that the person and not social status matters and focus on her accomplishments and being a good person. Allison lied to Ashley that she found Justin driving up to Marshall Oaks. Reena asked Vicky and Hunt to come over because she needed them. T.J. talked to God in the hospital chapel.

JULY 27, 1982 (EP. #505)
Allison argued with Justin, who pleaded with her not to hurt Ashley by revealing his night with Reena. Reena told Vicky about Gregory's accident and Allison found her with Justin. The doctor advised Justin and Ashley that Gregory may not make it because of still bleeding. Paige suggested they postpone the wedding when T.J. mentioned how he found Gregory at the garage. Paige tried to comfort Ashley by talking about the special bond a parent and child have. Allison spoke with an unconscious Gregory about growing up together. Kate urged Justin to believe God will take care of Gregory and said the dawn is the beginning of a new day. Ruby told Lurlene she spent the night with Mark. Kate convinced Justin to talk about all the plans he had for Gregory. Ruby assured Lurlene that she needn't worry about Joel's operation. Joel told Ruby and Lurlene he's anxious to see what his roommates look like. Ashley urged Paige to get married today instead of postponing the wedding. Vicky warned Reena that she is throwing away all the good things that started happening for her but didn't blame her for Gregory's accident. Reena told Vicky she is no longer seeking revenge against Justin because he accepts her for who she is. Kate thanked T.J. for saving Gregory's life and learned that there isn't going to be a wedding. Lurlene told Joel things will be different between them once he gets his eyesight back. Joel told Lurlene he'll still need her and feels love not obligation towards her. The doctor informed Ashley that Gregory's condition has improved. Justin insisted on leaving the hospital.

JULY 28, 1982 (EP. #506)
George talked to Vivien about Judith at the house. Paige tried to comfort T.J. and Ashley and wondered of Justin's whereabouts. Billy Joe talked to the baby about missing Nita. Judith got upset when George came on to her. Ruby told Joel and Lurlene that Gregory is in critical condition and everyone is at the hospital except Justin. Lurlene felt like the whole world was going to change after Joel left for some tests. Billy Joe took the baby and headed for the hospital with Elena after learning about Gregory's accident. Grant and George separately asked Judith on dates. Ashley refused to accept T.J.'s offer to comfort her. Gregory woke up and talked to Ashley and thanked T.J. before apologizing for being upset with him. Grant gave John the day off so he could have lunch with Judith. Kate told Lurlene that Gregory is out of intensive care and hoped that the accident would help bring Justin and Ashley closer. Justin gave Gregory the trophy for winning the race and the two had a heartfelt talk. Lurlene informed Kate that Joel feels gratitude towards her and not love. John and Vivien discussed romance. Ruby told Allison that she has been praying for Gregory. Billy Joe told T.J. that Paige is upset over their wedding plans being uncertain. Ashley thought it might be good for Billy Joe to talk with Justin who blames himself for Gregory's accident. Billy Joe and Elena decided to head out to the ranch for T.J. and Paige's wedding since it hasn't been cancelled. Lurlene told Joel that Gregory will be fine and Justin won the race for him. Joel asked Lurlene not to leave him no matter what happens. Justin promised Ashley he'll make sure nothing happens to Gregory again and took her to the ranch when he wanted to give Paige away at the wedding. Kate, T.J., and Paige were pleased when Justin showed up for the wedding.

JULY 29, 1982 (EP. #507)
Paige hoped she and T.J. were doing the right thing as Kate and Ginny prepared for the wedding with her. T.J. recalled Ashley revealing that he is Gregory's father until Ginny showed up and said he looks like a man who is about to get married. Gregory told Justin and Ashley he is glad T.J. will be part of their family and asked Justin not to be upset with T.J. anymore. T.J. talked about Gregory when Ginny said that Paige is happy and asked what was bothering him. Ruby informed Rikki that Billy Joe will be late getting to the studio because he is attending a wedding. Kate the Marshall came to Paige, who talked of family and promised they will never be apart again. Allison urged Ashley not to worry about Gregory and that the wedding means a lot to him. Mildred thought the wedding should be postponed when she and Burton learned about Gregory's accident from T.J. Mildred told Burton she senses something is wrong with T.J. Ruby thought about having a child while babysitting for Billy Joe. Reena told Hunt and Vicky she accepts the job offer to work for KVIK and the Victory Network. Justin talked to Paige about T.J. being a great man and gave her a picture of the two of them with their parents. Ruby talked to Christine and Rikki about the publicity for the new show. Billy Joe and Elena talked to Kate. Paige told Ashley that T.J. is nervous and she values their friendship. Ashley stopped herself before telling Paige that Gregory is T.J.'s son. Ruby assured Rikki that Christine will make him a success. Christine came into rehearsal for Billy Joe's commercial to make suggestions. Allison asked Gregory to be careful now and admitted her love and concern for him. Elena sang at the wedding as Paige walked down the aisle. Paige said her vows and "I do."

JULY 30, 1982 (EP. #508)
Reena told Ruby and Christine that she is the new manager of station relations. Ruby suggested George take pictures of Rikki while Reena and Christine discussed a publicity campaign. T.J. tried to see Paige after she ran away because of him refusing to go through with the wedding. Elena advised Billy Joe against going after Paige while Kate and Ginny wondered what made T.J. change his mind. Reena refused to establish a working relationship with Ruby. T.J. insisted he loves Paige but couldn't go through with the wedding when Justin accused him trying to hurt the Marshalls. Burton apologized to Kate because of T.J. Kate demanded Mildred leave the ranch when she gloated that T.J. came to his senses. Billy Joe asked about Paige while Ginny told Justin that Ashley went back to the hospital. Someone followed Brette around KVIK as she talked to Ruby. The catwalk almost hit Rikki and Brette as they were leaving the station. Paige guessed rightly that Ashley was the reason for T.J.'s change of heart and said she started the relationship slowly and tried not to get hurt. Paige asked T.J. to leave after saying she can no longer trust him. Allison read to Gregory and yelled at Reena for coming to the hospital. Justin tried to comfort Paige and learned that T.J. called off the wedding because of Ashley. Ruby told Billy Joe and Elena that she did the commercial. Joel told Lurlene he loves her. Reena told Grant about her new job at KVIK. Ashley defended T.J. after telling Allison what happened at the wedding. Paige declined Kate's offer to stay at the ranch and requested some time alone. Allison suspected Ashley was hiding something from her. Justin accused T.J. and Ashley of carrying on an affair for years. Allison reminded Justin he shouldn't judge T.J. and Ashley because he was with Reena at the hotel.

AUGUST 2, 1982 (EP. #509)
Reena told Vicky she needs to get Justin out of her system before she can think about Grant. Ashley asked Justin if it's true when Allison blabbed he was in bed with Reena the night Gregory almost died. Kate didn't believe Paige's statement that T.J. still loves Ashley. Ruby wondered the reason after learning from Billy Joe and Elena that Paige left T.J. at the altar. Billy Joe asked Ruby to do some commercials for Ace High. Justin blamed Ashley for refusing to share a bedroom as reason for sleeping with Reena. Ashley slapped Justin, who accused her of having an affair with T.J. Vicky tried to convince Reena that she is nothing like Justin. Grant agreed to have a meeting with Ruby after Mark showed her commercial. Grant questioned Mark about George and said he's taking up some of Judith's time. Ruby told Billy Joe and Elena she will consider helping him. Mark advised Ruby he wants her to represent World Oil. George came on to Judith after declaring his love. Ashley apologized for the wedding to Paige, who accused her and T.J. of still loving each other. George recalled Margaret Ellington blaming Grant for her being sent to prison from finding a dead body. Mark tried to convince Lurlene that Joel loves her and his feelings aren't out of gratitude. Lurlene admitted to Mark she may love Joel too. Reena told Justin they are alike and only have each other. T.J professed his love to Ashley and explained Gregory was the reason he didn't marry Paige. Ashley told T.J. that Justin believes they have been carrying on for years. Ashley advised T.J. she is going to divorce Justin.

AUGUST 3, 1982 (EP. #510)
Paige told Kate she suspects T.J. and Ashley have always been together. Ginny informed Kate and Paige that she is going to find out why T.J. called off the wedding. Ashley told Allison she has to divorce Justin and it will be best for Gregory. Someone watched as Brette complained to Rikki about Christine following them around preventing them from being alone together. Justin asked Ashley for a second chance for Gregory's sake. Allison informed Mark she blames herself for Justin and Ashley's marital problems. T.J. told Ginny he loves Paige but couldn't make a commitment because of the past. Ashley told Justin that she and T.J. are not having an affair and refused to accept Justin and Reena. Justin and Ashley threatened divorces with Justin seeking custody of Gregory. Lurlene was proud of Ruby for not making a scene after she caught Mark with Allison together. Mark informed Brette that Justin and Ashley may get a divorce and things with Grant and Judith are better. T.J. assured Gregory he'll understand why he and Paige didn't get married when he's older. T.J. told Gregory that they will always be friends. Joel asked Lurlene to kiss him. T.J. confessed to Allison that he didn't marry Paige due to loving Ashley. Gregory told Ashley he needs the love of his parents. Allison told T.J. she is fine with whatever makes Ashley happy. Justin told Kate and Paige he is divorcing Ashley because she loves T.J. and vowed to gain custody of Gregory. Joel told Lurlene how much he thinks of her and anxious to have time alone with her. Ashley advised T.J. she can't reveal that Gregory is her biological son. T.J. promised to stand by Ashley.

AUGUST 4, 1982 (EP. #511)
Reena told Vicky she intends to help Justin because his marriage to Ashley is falling apart. Vicky warned Reena she is making a mistake by defending Justin. Judith reminded Grant that it is the anniversary of their engagement and suggested they have a celebration in a year. George told Ruby he hasn't heard anything from his publisher about her story. Ruby bragged about two oil companies wanting her to be their spokesperson and mentioned seeing an expensive purse and shawl the other day to George, who claimed they were just props. Rikki told Reena he is happy she is working at KVIK but sorry about her relationship with Grant. T.J. told Kate it would hurt too many people if he revealed the truth when she accused him of being heartless. Paige kicked Mildred out of the boutique after she mentioned being delighted T.J. called off the wedding and gave her a blank check to cover the expenses. Christine and Hunt talked about the show while Rikki worried that Brette wouldn't like him working the two nights he has off. Ruby agreed to meet with Grant and Mark once she knows what Marshall Oil wants to offer her. Judith insisted she needs Grant when George asked about her divorce and wanted to propose. Vicky informed Hunt, Reena, and Billy Joe that she decided to have Stella Stanton on Billy Joe's show to do a gossip segment. Justin offered Ruby a spokesperson deal with a $5000 holding fee. Billy Joe advised Ruby to do what is best for her and not worry about neglecting his career. Justin told Reena that Ashley is filing for divorce. George felt used by Judith, who admitted her love for Grant and feelings for him. Burton urged T.J. to go after Ashley if he loves her. Paige told Billy Joe she hasn't heard from Nita and broke down in tears. Justin told Reena he is divorcing Ashley and taking Gregory.

AUGUST 5, 1982 (EP. #512)
Joel expressed his excitement about regaining his eyesight to Lurlene. Reena informed Vicky that Justin plans to fight Ashley's request for a divorce. Reena felt T.J. and Ashley were having an affair when Vicky suggested she stay out of Justin and Ashley's problems. T.J. gave tickets for the next season of basketball to Gregory. Allison was happy to work late with Mark. Ruby told Joel and Lurlene that World Oil and Marshall Oil want her to be a spokesperson. Justin had T.J. leave Gregory's room and warned him not to return to the hospital. Someone spied on Rikki as he told Brette about working late to review some things for Christine. Christine approved of Reena's idea and informed Rikki and Brette that Stella wants to interview them for her "Stella and Stars" profiles. Mark decided to talk to Grant after Ruby told him of Justin's $5000 offer to be Marshall Oil's spokesperson. Ashley interrupted an argument between Justin and T.J. who almost revealed he is Gregory's father and advised Justin he won't get custody of the boy. Vicky lent Ashley comfort and support. Joel was uncertain about accepting Mark's job offer but mentioned he wanted a job that pays more and keeps him at home rather than being a guide. Mark assured Joel his operation will be successful and not to be scared. Rikki tried to get out of being interviewed by Stella. Gregory was anxious to return home and be with his family. Joel told Lurlene tomorrow will be a new beginning and asked for a good luck kiss. Mark and Allison kissed after she accepted a dinner date with him. Reena urged Justin to fight for custody of Gregory and get a good lawyer. Ashley rejected T.J.'s suggestion they reveal the truth to Gregory thinking he is too young to understand being given up. Justin thanked Reena for her support and remaining by his side.

AUGUST 6, 1982 (EP. #513)
Lurlene told Ruby she has to let go of Joel, who is about to get his bandages off. Judith told Grant he is lucky to have found Vivien. Lurlene felt Joel will stay with her as not to hurt her feelings despite Ruby's assurances. Vivien admitted she is fond of John to Judith. Stella commented to Vicky that Reena is beautiful and understands why Justin left Ashley. Grant agreed with Mark to give Ruby $10,000 and a contract with World Oil even though they don't need a spokesperson. Stella warned against censorship when Vicky was opposed to using gossip on Billy Joe's show. Ruby accepted Grant's offer and asked him not to see Joel so he can be alone with Lurlene. Grant thought Lurlene was lucky to have a friend like Ruby while John was grateful for finding Vivien. George agreed to consider Reena's offer to work at KVIK. Joel told Ruby it will be a whole new world once he gets his bandages off. Ruby stopped Lurlene from saying anything foolish and asked her not to ruin the day for Joel. Stella talked to Billy Joe about his days in Huntsville and dealing with Nita in New York. Stella mentioned she hears Nita has quite a social life now. George told Judith about Reena's job offer. Ruby asked Kate to help find Lurlene who feels she has trapped Joel. Kate admitted that Ruby may genuinely care about Lurlene after all. Vicky wasn't sure how Stella will act towards Justin and Reena's affair even though Reena thought it was a good idea to have her on the show. George insisted on working with Reena despite Judith's chagrin. Kate advised Lurlene that Joel needs her and always will. Joel thought he could see light and immediately called out Lurlene.

AUGUST 9, 1982 (EP. #514)
Joel saw Lurlene once his bandages were removed. Ashley and T.J. disagreed over revealing divorce to Gregory. Paige assured Gregory he isn't to blame for her not getting married. Vicky disapproved but promised not to abandon her when Reena admitted to being with Justin. Ashley didn't answer T.J.'s inquiry of having a future together. T.J. offered Ashley support and felt confident Justin won't gain custody of Gregory. Mark informed Ruby she has a $10,000 contract. Lurlene left abruptly as Joel celebrated his eyesight returning. Justin told Reena that Brian agreed to handle his divorce. Christine told Vicky, Ruby, and Rikki the advanced copies of Rikki's album will be a success. Mark told Brette that Joel's eyesight has returned but is concerned for Lurlene. Justin refused to Reena's suggestion they stay apart. Elena was happy to see Joel, who was offered a job at KVIK by Rikki. Joel informed Mark and Brette that Lurlene left his room after learning about his eyesight. Ruby worried about Lurlene handling it after updating Billy Joe on Joel. Ashley assured Kate she isn't with T.J., it's too late to save her marriage, and Justin is having an affair with Reena. Paige accused Reena of wanting to destroy Justin rather than be a friend. Joel realized Lurlene is afraid of a relationship and decided to move in with Mark. Ruby advised Lurlene she is going to Nashville and will be alone with Joel. Ruby assured Lurlene that Joel won't leave her or move out. Lurlene decided to work it out with Joel. Ruby told Billy Joel and Elena about her World Oil contract and hoped things are fine between Joel and Lurlene. Justin advised Paige that T.J. and Ashley can't be trusted once Paige warned him Reena is lying. Joel told Lurlene he is moving in with Mark so she and Ruby can have privacy.

AUGUST 10, 1982 (EP. #515)
Lurlene seemed unaffected when Joel mentioned moving in with Mark. George told Reena he is staying Houston. Grant comforted Judith and convinced her to stay in town when she complained about being homesick and not needed. Reena agreed with George's decision to work out of his studio. Christine talked to Rikki about starting his own show and asked Brette to call before visiting him. Reena admitted she spent the night with Justin to Kate, who refused to forgive her and said that Striker wrote her a letter. Gregory wanted to invite Ashley when he and Justin talked about camping. Rikki and Christine arrived at the studio after the lights went out and Brette was nearly hit. Joel professed his love to Lurlene and tried to explain why he wants to move out. Ashley laid into Reena for being with Justin when Gregory had his accident. Kate accused Justin of ruining Gregory's family when he blamed Ashley for causing the divorce. Grant told Mark and Brette that his relationship with Reena is over and intends to keep Judith in Houston. George got seductive when Judith felt their affair was wrong. Gregory tried to talk Ashley into doing things as a family. Joel declined Grant's job offer and planned to check out Rikki's instead. Joel told Reena that he doesn't understand what's bothering Lurlene. Judith insisted on leaving George's photo of her at his studio and admitted to being frightened of their relationship. George told Margaret that the plan is working and they will get revenge on everyone. Kate tried to convince Lurlene that Joel needs her. Ashley accused Justin of wrecking the family and demanded he move away from Marshall Oaks before Gregory gets home.

AUGUST 11, 1982 (EP. #516)
Justin told Gregory that Kate will be taking care of him while he's at the Marshall ranch. Grant showed concern for Judith as they decided to work on their marriage. Vicky praised George's work to Reena. Elena offered to baby sit for Billy Joel, who received a call from Stella requesting they meet. Hunt invited Vicky to dinner. Mildred offered Kate a blank check to cover the wedding expenses. Paige informed Mildred that T.J. still loves Ashley and demanded she leave. Joel urged Lurlene not to worry about him moving in with Mark and asked if they could spend time together. Stella and Billy Joe argued when she gossiped about Nita being with men in New York and Paige being stood up at the altar because of her past. Justin asked Kate if he and Gregory could stay at the ranch despite Ashley's request he move out. Ashley left abruptly after learning Justin had Gregory released from the hospital. Elena suggested going out when an upset Billy Joe told her about Stella's gossip. Judith attempted to end her affair with George, who advised she needs him and will await her call. Ashley interrupted Grant trying to convince T.J. into working for World Oil by telling them Justin took Gregory. Vicky berated Stella, who reminded her of the contract she has with the show. Paige felt it was wrong to take Gregory without Ashley's knowledge despite Justin's feelings. Ashley suspected Justin took Gregory to the ranch and asked T.J. to accompany her there. Elena talked to a confused Lurlene about love. Lurlene told Elena she refuses to trap Joel and assumed he doesn't want a relationship because he moved in with Mark. Vicky told Hunt she may have been mistaken to let Stella appear on the show. Joel arrived at Mark's penthouse but couldn't reach Lurlene. Ashley refused to leave the ranch without Gregory when Paige greeted her.

AUGUST 12, 1982 (EP. #517)
Reena told Ginny she hopes their friendship won't affect her relationship with Kate. Justin refused when Ashley demanded he return Gregory to her. Kate gave Ginny a letter from Ryan about being swamped with work. Justin didn't care when T.J. threatened to file a court order or about Ashley's stance she won't leave the ranch without Gregory. Mark informed Allison that Joel is living with him because he loves Lurlene. Joel told Lurlene that the penthouse doesn't suit him and he is considering a job at KVIK. Lurlene was unresponsive with Joel's affection but agreed to share a date. Hunt talked to Vicky about his ideas for Billy Joe's show. Rikki learned about Stella's suggestion from Christine that she interview him and Brette. Ashley advised Justin it was too late for reconciliation and threatened to withdraw her money from Marshall Oil if he doesn't bring Gregory to Marshall Oaks. Rikki agreed to consider Brette being interviewed and asked Reena to talk to Joel about a job. Lurlene made excuses of being too busy with the Coop to spend time with Joel. Joel declined Stella's suggestion he be interviewed. Reena told Vicky she enjoys working for KVIK, wishes she was closer to Kate, and has a meeting with Joel. Lurlene assured Kate she isn't avoiding Joel. Kate reminded Lurlene that she loves Joel and discussed Paige's hurt feelings. Allison accepted Mark's dinner invitation. Hunt brought Joel and Rikki to see Vicky, who suggested Joel do what interests him most at KVIK. Justin told Paige he must bring Gregory to Marshall Oaks or Ashley will ruin Marshall Oil and Ace High. T.J. admitted to Ashley he is growing impatient with keeping Gregory's paternity a secret from Justin. Justin informed Gregory that they will not be living together because he and Ashley are getting a divorce.

AUGUST 13, 1982 (EP. #518)
Vivien was happy for Judith, who said she and Grant aren't getting divorced. Ashley assured T.J. that Justin will bring Gregory to the ranch. Gregory asked Justin if he doesn't love Ashley anymore. Justin told Gregory he blames himself for the divorce and not T.J. Rikki, George, Reena, and Christine prepared for Rikki's show. Joel mentioned training at KVIK to Mark, who mentioned not settling down. John suggested he and Vivien see meteorites during their night off. Brette felt Grant and Judith's reconciliation was best and defended Judith when Reena hoped she wouldn't hurt him. Someone spied on Brette as she was leaving the studio. Billy Joel offered support to Elena, who was upset that Joe asked her not see him. Paige told Burton that Mildred knows T.J. didn't marry her due to Ashley. Mark got Joel out of the penthouse to be alone with Allison. Judith informed Grant she's happy they are making their marriage work. Reena declined George's offer of friendship after he realized Reena loves Grant. Justin asked Ashley to take care of Gregory. Ashley suggested T.J. not see Gregory while he's upset. T.J. told Ashley he will wait to reveal Gregory's paternity once he accepts the divorce. Elena advised Joel that Lurlene isn't coming to the Coop and needs time to adjust. Mark and Allison enjoyed spending time together. Rikki noticed how jumpy Brette was while discussing Reena. Brette considered Christine's idea of taking Stella's place to interview Rikki. Justin and Reena admitted to needing each other. Reena assured Justin that Ashley wouldn't try to keep Gregory away from him. Ashley dismissed Gregory's question about being in love with Justin and explained they can't work their problems out.

AUGUST 16, 1982 (EP. #519)
Joel asked Lurlene if being upset was the reason she stood him up. Judith happily told Mark and Brette that she and Grant are building a life together in Houston instead of getting a divorce. Reena warned Justin that Kate made her realize they need to stop seeing each other so his chances of gaining custody of Gregory won't be jeopardized. Ashley explained to Allison how Justin brought Gregory to the ranch and knows about the divorce. Ashley advised Allison she thinks it is too late to reconcile with Justin. Mark and Brette were pleased with Grant and Judith's reunion. Kate expressed her concern for Paige, who defended Justin's actions. Lurlene insisted to Joel that she has been busy and isn't avoiding him. Judith urged Vivien to attend her cousin's wedding in Wisconsin. Allison tried to assure Gregory he didn't cause Justin and Ashley's marital problems. George took photographs of Reena. Ashley didn't think it a good idea when T.J. interrupted her visit with Kate by showing up at Marshall Oaks. Allison told Mark she is worried about Gregory and the divorces effects on him. Mark felt Justin and Ashley could save their marriage the way Grant and Judith did. George informed Judith that Reena is still interested in Grant and gave her a key to his studio. Gregory was certain Justin and Ashley still loved each other and must get back together. Justin told Paige he has hired a lawyer and won't see Reena until the custody battle has concluded. John gave Vivien a going away gift after learning about her trip out of town. T.J. promised Ashley he'll love and support her and Gregory and they were meant to be a family. Joel decided to send flowers when Mark suggested he court Lurlene. Kate urged Lurlene to stop running away and accept love the way she gives it. T.J. vowed to earn back Ashley's love.

AUGUST 17, 1982 (EP. #520)
Lurlene received daisies from Joel. Vicky approved of Reena's plans not to see Justin during the custody battle but predicted she'll be alone again. Judith enjoyed doing chores while Grant suggested she inform her lawyer that they aren't getting a divorce. Mark and Allison planned a working lunch. Ashley admitted her love to T.J. and lamented she loved Justin and tried to be a good wife. Ashley told T.J. she has something to confess when T.J. hoped they could be a family with Gregory, who caught them embracing. Joel told Rikki he doesn't know what is bothering Lurlene. Ruby learned that Joel moved out of the apartment and urged Lurlene to talk to him and listen to what he has to say. Vicky wasn't happy with Hunt's news the ratings for the show increased because of Stella. Billy Joe tried to stop Stella's plans to do a story on Justin. Vicky and Reena praised George's work after seeing his pictures. Brette mentioned leaving to have lunch with Rikki to Mark and Grant, who arranged to take Judith to the club. Judith let Allison know she has a lot in common with Mark. Vicky officially hired Joel, who decided to be the coordinator for KVIK's mobile unit. Mark admitted to Ruby she was missed but was uncertain when her commercials will air. Mark invited Ruby to dinner at the Top of the World Club. Billy Joe informed Vicky of Stella's intentions for her segment. Brette came to KVIK and noticed Rikki with Christine. Ruby told Rikki, Christine, and Brette the trip to Nashville was successful. T.J. offered support to Gregory, who wished Ashley wasn't sad and Justin would live with them. Rikki and Ruby informed Reena a sandbag nearly hit Brette. Ruby suspected Reena was hiding in George's darkroom after she bragged about being World Oil's spokesperson.

AUGUST 18, 1982 (EP. #521)
Judith declined George's request they meet despite his insistence. George learned the time of Grant and Judith's reservations at the club. Ruby told Lurlene and Elena she is going on a date with Mark. Joel agreed with Mark's suggestion he visit Lurlene at the Coop. Judith cried over lying to Grant she was on the phone with a hairdresser. Ruby advised Joel that Lurlene is scared of love. Vicky invited Reena to join her and Hunt for dinner instead of working to avoid her problems. Reena agreed to do business with George while Rikki performed at the club. Lurlene and Elena discussed Billy Joe being lonely and angry with Stella. Ruby expressed confidence of Mark's feelings for her to Judith. Vicky informed Hunt she saw a lawyer to start divorce proceedings. Reena noticed Judith's abrupt departure because of getting upset over Stella's insinuations. Brette enthused over the crowd who came to hear Rikki sing. Billy Joe asked Joel what is happening between him and Lurlene and felt she was acting scared. Mark interrupted Stella's inquiries of Judith and Reena giving each other dirty looks by dancing with Ruby. Joel grew impatient once Elena mentioned Lurlene being busy. Stella overheard George apologize to Reena for not knowing Grant and Judith would be at the club and was suspicious of their relationship. Brette feared she is being watched and told Christine and Stella, who wondered if someone is attempting to kill her. Joel convinced Lurlene to stop working so they could talk alone. Hunt tried to comfort Vicky and suggested they send Billy Joe to New York to learn hosting game shows and spend time with Nita. Judith told Grant she's undaunted by Stella's nasty comments about their marital problems. Joel was hurt when Lurlene declared they are only friends and doesn't want to see him anymore.

AUGUST 19, 1982 (EP. #522)
George put off Judith's demand they meet. Ruby noticed Lurlene packing after she talked about her date with Mark. Joel and Mark were puzzled by what is bothering Lurlene and why she no longer wants to see him. Lurlene asked Ruby not to reveal her whereabouts when Ruby warned she made a mistake with Joel. Billy Joe was excited over Hunt's suggestion of taking a trip to New York and visit Nita. Justin vowed to Ashley he'll gain custody of Gregory and wanted to stop by Marshall Oaks to see the boy. Ruby didn't have answers for Joel, who promised not to give up on Lurlene because he loves her. Lurlene told Ginny she plans to stay for a few days and asked she keep mum about her being at the ranch. T.J. admitted to Mildred that Paige suspected rightly he loves Ashley and asked her not to interfere. Justin explained to Brian he believes T.J. and Ashley are having an affair and confessed Grant and Allison caught him with Reena. Justin agreed to consider Brian's idea of hiring a detective to prove T.J. and Ashley are together. Joel told Ruby his plans to have lunch with Lurlene. Ruby was offered by Hunt and Billy Joe to be a substitute host while Billy Joe is in New York. Ruby privately brought up Reena to George as he took pictures. Ginny advised T.J. that Paige needs time to get over being left at the altar. George denied having more than a working relationship with Reena before Ruby said she knows the identity of the person who hid in the darkroom. Ruby blabbed to Judith about George and Reena carrying on. Judith took the key and left when she was unsuccessful at reaching George. T.J. assured Ashley that Justin won't win the custody battle. Justin called Reena to arrange they see each other. Judith grew upset after finding pictures of Reena in George's studio.

AUGUST 20, 1982 (EP. #523)
Justin had doubts about hiring a detective though Reena thought it a good idea. Ashley told Gregory to quit blaming himself but admitted she'd do the same if her marriage was failing. George caught Judith in his studio destroying Reena's pictures. Hunt told Vicky that Ruby would be a good substitute host and suggested extending Stella's segment. Billy Joe informed Elena he and the baby are going to New York hoping to see Nita. Stella wasn't pleased with having to work with Vicky. Reena told Vicky that Justin is seeking legal advice and George is doing well. Judith confronted George about her suspicions he is having an affair with Reena. George accused Judith of wanting him and Grant and kissed her when she tried to leave. Allison defended Ashley to Justin, who asked her not to take sides and tried to defend his actions. Stella was happy to learn from Vicky her segment was being extended but not about Billy Joe leaving. Grant noticed John seemed lost without Vivien and helped him realize he loves her. Mark agreed to obtain a written release from World Oil so she could temporarily replace Billy Joe. Ruby dodged Mark's questions about the issues between Joel and Lurlene. George demanded Judith leave after they made love and she refused to leave Grant. Grant asked for a credit line after he and Mark discussed Ruby's release offer. Mark reminded Grant that he won't settle down, despite Judith's opinion that Allison is right for him. Ruby implied to Allison she had dinner with Mark in Nashville after the women argued over him. Justin talked to Gregory about racing. Justin promised Gregory they'll spend time together and assured the boy he is acting in his best interest. Justin expressed his love to Gregory but uncertain he and Ashley could reconcile. Judith requested to see George tomorrow.

AUGUST 23, 1982 (EP. #524)
Reena and Judith exchanged barbs when she found her and George together. George told Judith he may be too busy with work to see her tomorrow. Billy told Elena he hopes to convince Nita to come home. Gregory lamented to Justin he wishes things were like they used to be. Reena questioned George about being with Judith. George lied he is working on a story about the haves and the have not's, which Reena agreed to help with. Ruby persuaded Joel to be patient when he thought Lurlene was staying at the ranch and wanted to see her. Paige confided in Lurlene about being hurt and puzzled by the changes in T.J. Paige told Lurlene she wants to forget the past, never fall in love again, and open Pg. 2. Gregory promised Justin and Barney to be careful in the garage and was given a toolset. Grant agreed to launch a campaign featuring Ruby as World Oil's spokesperson per Mark's suggestion. Justin kept his composure and left when T.J. arrived, ruining Gregory's plan to get Justin and Ashley alone. Ruby wished Billy Joe well on his trip. Kate didn't believe Lurlene's claim that Joel is in the past and urged her not to be afraid of love. George was vague about his background with Reena but mentioned meeting Brette in college. Mark talked to Ruby about doing institutional announcements. Judith complained about Reena, who mentioned her and Grant's trip to Palm Springs. George told Judith that Reena was at the studio because they are working together. T.J. agreed to give Gregory time to accept the truth but was anxious over the divorce. Justin visited Paige and swore to keep Gregory away from T.J. Reena reviewed information on the Marshalls. Justin informed Paige he is hiring a private detective to prove T.J. and Ashley's affair. T.J. professed his love to Ashley.

AUGUST 24, 1982 (EP. #525)
Brian couldn't promise Ashley won't get hurt by the investigation but suggested Justin not know details. Judith fretted over ending up alone and thinking about Reena to Grant. George told Reena rich people are fascinating because of their effect on people. Brette told Rikki someone was in her car and wondered who would harm her but joked about Christine. Allison told Mark she thinks Ruby will do well with the campaign. Mark and Allison agreed against making commitments and seeing other people. Stella filled her segment with gossip and opinion Mark has found his true love, Allison. Brette asked Mark if Ruby knows he's not serious with her or Allison. Ruby and Stella argued over the content of her segment. Hunt tried to talk to Stella and complimented Ruby on hosting the show. Reena told Grant she understands he and Judith are trying to make their marriage work and wished him well. Grant and Reena discussed her job at KVIK. John talked with Judith about missing Vivien and was almost positive he loves her. Vicky approved of airing Ruby's announcements for World Oil after Grant thanked her for hiring Joel. Reena praised Ruby's work on the air with Stella. Judith advised George that Reena must not suspect anything between them. George tested Judith by stating he would leave her alone if she wants. Hunt mentioned the massive audience response to the show, despite Vicky being upset with Stella. Reena tried to assure Justin hiring a detective was right to do despite his doubts. Reena refused because of Gregory when Justin admitted to feeling lost and asked to spend time with her. Ruby accused Allison of talking to Stella during their discussion about the show. Mark arrived just as Ruby asked Allison if she's pursuing Mark. George came on to Judith once she asked him not to leave.

AUGUST 25, 1982 (EP. #526)
Ruby told Mark that Allison is leading everyone to believe she is with him. Mark was flattered by Allison and believed her and Ruby over Stella's gossip. Reena warned Justin against seeing each other. Justin told Reena he feels they were meant for each other all along. Judith insisted to George they met while she was lonely but now loves Grant. George reminded Judith she needs him because he is her only sure thing. Lurlene told Ginny she is certain her and Joel will find happiness with other people. Ashley read a book to Gregory until T.J. arrived to put him in bed. Christine advised Rikki they need to work on songs. Stella prepared Brette to be interviewed by her. Justin left when Stella interrupted his time with Reena to ask her opinion of Judith. Ruby and George discussed his article of Houston society evolving into a suspenseful book. Ruby ran into a stranger. Brette postponed seeing Rikki after finding Judith crying. Joel admitted he is miserable without Lurlene to Ruby, who decided to speak with her at the ranch. Justin told Lurlene that Joel loves her and suggested reconciliation. George defended Brette to Christine, who felt his photo coverage of Rikki wasn't working due to Brette's presence. Brette couldn't convince Judith to confide in her. T.J. told Ashley they will tell Gregory the truth and was concerned for her health. Ginny suggested she and Justin bury the past and forgive T.J. and Ashley. Justin was concerned about Ginny being affected by working with T.J. during the divorce and custody hearings. Joel yelled at Stella for her insinuations of him and Ruby being an item. Stella told Ruby she'll dance at the wedding if Ruby snares Mark. Allison was uncomfortable with Mark's advances and left the penthouse abruptly. T.J. suggested Ashley see a doctor for a checkup.

AUGUST 26, 1982 (EP. #527)
Lurlene explained she had a nightmare when Justin found her sleeping on the porch. Ruby apologized to Mark about yesterday and expressed feeling insecure about his relationship with Allison. Ruby hung up the phone after admitting her love to Mark. Justin told Paige that it has been arranged for a private detective to be hired. Judith was unnerved when Stella pressed her about George and implied they both know Reena isn't his main interest. Stella urged Judith to watch her segment today. Joel brought up Ruby and Allison to Mark, who snapped at him because of feeling guilty about the situation. Ashley and Gregory met their new housekeeper Doris. Mildred told Judith that Stella's gossip is always right while noticing how tired she looked. Grant tried to convince Burton to work for World Oil and Judith to not let Stella upset her. Allison met Doris and assured Ashley she doesn't need to worry about her relationship with Mark. Paige grew upset when Ruby expressed sympathy for T.J. leaving her on her wedding day. Judith warned George that Stella is going to reveal their affair on Billy Joe's show. Justin ignored Gregory's wishes for his family to live together by suggesting they spend the night at the ranch. Lurlene advised Ruby not to push Mark into a relationship. Ruby couldn't persuade Lurlene into seeing Joel. George told Judith not to worry over Stella and her gossip. Christine and Stella made final preparations for the interview and seating for the show. Stella exchanged words with Ruby when she arrived at the studio. Lurlene went on a horseback ride after talking to Kate. Joel asked Ruby if she talked to Lurlene and decided to find her. Stella informed Ruby that the show will have a huge impact. Someone spotted a sandbag above Brette's chair.

AUGUST 27, 1982 (EP. #528)
Brette told Grant and Mark she is nervous about the interview and worried someone intends to harm her. Judith warned Grant, Brette, and Mark that Stella is after her and couldn't get Brette to cancel the interview. Someone watched as Stella and Rikki discussed Christine liking him and finalized seating arrangements. Justin, Ashley, and Gregory were pleased when Doris was hired as the new housekeeper. Ginny told T.J. it's best she not join Ryan due to his busy work schedule. Hunt and Vicky agreed to give Joel the day off once they realized he planned to see Lurlene. George and Reena stayed for the taping of the show. Judith was afraid Stella would expose her affair with George and told Grant and Mark. Christine and Brette argued when she laid into her for being late and dressing inappropriately. Ashley and Ginny discussed Paige and Gregory. T.J. advised Ashley her lawyer is ready to represent her. Brette vented to Rikki about her fight with Christine. Rikki promised to love and support Brette whether she does the interview or not. Joel searched for Lurlene after Kate told him she went horseback riding. Justin mentioned things are better between him and Ashley and hoped they remain friendly to Reena. Ashley agreed to let Justin and Gregory spend time together. T.J. told Ashley everything is turning out the way it was meant to for them. Vicky wished Brette luck on the interview and learned Grant and Judith came to see the segment. Justin and Judith noticed George and Reena together. Stella insisted to being truthful despite Grant's demands she stop badgering Judith. Grant refused to leave the KVIK studio despite Judith's efforts. Someone was cutting the sandbag's rope while Brette got seated. Joel professed his love to Lurlene and kissed her. Ashley revealed to T.J. she is pregnant with Justin's child.

AUGUST 30, 1982 (EP. #529)
Ashley admitted she has known for a while of the pregnancy but refused to accept it. T.J. asked for space after Ashley didn't know what to do about the situation. Joel told Lurlene he loves her and didn't agree with her assertion that she's not pretty or popular. Mark informed Allison that Stella may cause Judith trouble and there have been some accidents at KVIK. Vicky was unsure of Christine's whereabouts and refused to let Stella and Brette switch chairs. Stella was knocked unconscious once the rope burned and lighting fixture fell during her interview with Rikki and Brette. Mark learned about the accident at KVIK and told Allison of Stella getting hurt. Mark, Justin, and Reena tried to comfort a distraught Ruby. Joel got through to Lurlene by saying she makes him feel more special than any other girl he has dated. Detective Meadows questioned Vicky, Hunt, Ruby, and Mark about the incident at the studio and planned to do an investigation. Mark offered to keep Ruby company. Vicky was perplexed over how the accident occurred. Grant, Rikki, Mark, and Ruby realized Brette was right about suspecting someone is out to get her. Grant made Vicky and Reena aware of Brette's suspicions and of the other accidents that have happened at the studio. Vicky learned Stella is in a coma. Joel told Lurlene he knows they love each other. Judith informed George that Stella is in a coma and noticed him picking up Stella's notes. Judith asked George if he arranged the accident after he presented the notes to her.

AUGUST 31, 1982 (EP. #530)
T.J. advised Vicky, Hunt, and Reena and KVIK shouldn't have legal issues. Justin thanked T.J. for saving Gregory's life and said he will always be in his debt. Ashley was proud of Gregory for handling everything that's happened in his family. Ruby informed Elena of Stella's accident and someone being after Brette. Joel complimented Lurlene on her looks and hoped to plan their future. Ruby and Elena learned from Kate that Joel and Lurlene are together. George assured Judith he has no reason to kill Stella and questioned why anyone would be out to get Brette. Ruby and Elena talked to Mark, Rikki, and Brette about Joel and Lurlene reconciling and Stella's accident. Ginny told Kate she likes working for T.J. but misses Ryan and Steven. T.J. reminded Ashley that Justin was with Reena during Gregory injuries when she worried over Justin not letting go once he learns of the baby. T.J. urged Ashley to tell Justin of her pregnancy soon. George asked Judith to leave after implying she was lucky in causing Stella harm. Vicky, Hunt, Justin, and Reena discussed the accident. Christine got reassurance from Reena the accident wouldn't delay Rikki's album being released. Mark was surprised about Ruby and Elena getting along. Justin expressed dislike for T.J. to Reena and fretted over how things worked out. Justin told Reena he loved Ashley but intends to be with her once the divorce is final. Lurlene told Kate she and Joel are taking it slow when Kate talked about marriage. Brette questioned Christine's dedication to Rikki's career while noting that the incidents started when Christine arrived at KVIK.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1982 (EP. #531)
Justin asked Ashley how they are going to handle Marshall Oil. Detective Meadows asked Vicky if an earring he found is hers. Christine admitted to being on the catwalk to find out about the accident and blamed herself prompting Meadows to inquiry about her and Brette's relationship. Ashley told Justin he can visit Gregory without custody and asked him to back off. Brette refused to go home and vowed not to let anyone intimidate her when Grant, Judith, and Rikki expressed concerns. Grant loaned his limousine to John, who reminded him and Judith that Vivien is coming back. Joel informed Mark he and Lurlene have reconciled. Grant and Judith disagreed that their marital problems are behind them. Joel told Ruby he and Lurlene are taking things slowly after she asked when everyone will hear wedding bells. Lurlene told Lurlene their love for each other is the only thing that matters. Paige didn't listen to Ashley and gave her opinion Gregory should be with Justin since Ashley has T.J. Hunt and Vicky defended Christine to Meadows and were certain there's a misunderstanding about her. Meadows questioned Rikki about Brette and Christine. Paige stormed out once Justin arrived at the office. Allison showed the promotional shots she did for Ruby to Mark. Ashley told Justin she upset Paige by trying to be her friend. Justin advised Ashley he wants them to get along but needs Gregory in his life. John hadn't noticed the difference in the Wheeler house after Vivien was unhappy with its condition. Ruby saw the promotional shots Allison had written for her and complimented them. Christine assured Hunt she is being truthful and said she appreciates his support. Christine recalled speaking with Vicky about Stella and Brette switching chair and insisted on talking to Brette.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1982 (EP. #532)
Paige was drunk while she tried to convince Kate and Ginny she was fine. An officer found a cut wire. Reena told George the police will prove Stella's injuries were an accident when he worried over Christine and Brette not getting along. Brette assured Christine she's not jealous and doesn't suspect she would harm her, but won't claim she's innocent. Ginny reminded Paige she isn't the only one with problems and suggested working at the shop will help. Paige told Ginny to leave after asking if Ashley has visited T.J. Kate and Ruby bonded when Kate admitted to misjudging her. Christine informed Rikki she is a suspect in Stella's accident since the police found her earring on the catwalk. Rikki grew angry with Christine for bothering Brette. Lurlene accused Kate and Lurlene of discussing her and Joel behind their backs. Lurlene thought Joel might ask her to marry him and told Kate. Ashley wanted to return to work and told T.J., who vowed Justin better not use her. T.J. put Gregory's birth certificate listing him and Ashley as Gregory's parents in a safe. Ginny advised T.J. of Paige's drinking and warned against getting involved because Paige needs to help herself. Kate informed Joel she thinks Lurlene is ready to decide about her relationship with Joel. Ruby and Lurlene discussed ideas for her wedding. Paige ranted that she hated T.J while alone. Joel and Lurlene were grateful to Kate for helping them reconcile. George told Christine about rumors of her and Brette's feud and urged her to be careful. Rikki informed Brette he requested Christine leave her alone. Lurlene admitted she had been scared when Joel asked if she still has doubts. George had pictures of two chairs and beams on KVIK's stage. George burned a picture of the Wheelers and asked Grant how it feels to almost lose a loved one to himself.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1982 (EP. #533)
Ashley suggested to Justin they settle their differences for work and said it's too late to save the marriage with him seeing Reena. Hunt, Christine, and Reena discussed the news conference. Justin advised Gregory they can go to the garage once the doctors approve of his condition. Gregory urged Justin to win Ashley back. John fretted over being an only child after Vivien talked of her large family and reunion. Ruby praised Vicky on handling the press conference well. Christine expressed her dislike of George spreading lies about her. Justin told Doris about his past relationship with Gregory and how he's now the most important part of his life. Kate assured Reena they're still close when Reena hoped to have the friends she lost again. Doris put a bug inside the telephone. Ashley informed T.J. she hasn't revealed her pregnancy to Justin and is returning to work. Doris spied on T.J. and Ashley, who kissed after she admitted to no longer loving Justin. Ruby told Lurlene that Stella doesn't have any friends or family. Lurlene forgave Ruby after learning she first came to the ranch to take advantage of her but had a change of heart. Judith caught George sweet talking Vivien and asked his reason for being at the Wheeler house. T.J. reminded Ashley that Justin can't be trusted. Gregory told T.J. he wants his parents to reconcile. Reena accused Justin of letting Ashley get to him when he commented on Ashley doing well. Joel surprised Lurlene with a moonlit picnic and wished on a star that Lurlene will marry him. Judith told George she's upset over being accused of hurting Stella, wants the affair to end, and regrets meeting him. Reena warned Justin against seeing Gregory in an effort to reconcile with Ashley. Lurlene consented to marry Joel, who realized they both wished for the same thing.

SEPTEMBER 6, 1982 (EP. #534)
Ruby was excited to learn from Lurlene of her engagement to Joel and moonlit picnic last night. Joel happily announced his and Lurlene's engagement to Mark. George was vague about his background to Reena, who contacted Meredith to find any dirt from his past. Brette was startled by Vivien and Grant, who with Judith voiced their concerns for her safety. Vicky was against Detective Meadow's advice that Christine be suspended during the investigation due to Rikki's show starting tomorrow. Joel urged Ruby to see Mark assuming he might propose to her. Brette refused Rikki's suggestion she not go to KVIK. Reena told Vicky that Justin may be interested in Ashley again. Grant informed Mark he has placed security for Brette and isn't using Ruby to represent World Oil because of not having the right image. Elena was grateful to Rikki for letting her appear on his show. Rikki and Elena discussed Max and her breakup with Joe. Judith tried to get rid of George when he arrived to see Brette. Christine went over final details with Rikki. Christine rejected Ruby's idea of having Joel and Lurlene's engagement party at the Coop since one had already been arranged at the Boathouse. John and Vivien decided to go grocery shopping. Ruby was disappointed when Mark gave her a personal check of $10,000 and advised she no longer has a contract with World Oil. Ruby felt she wasn't good enough for the Wheelers despite Mark's assurance he believes in her. Vicky told Hunt she dislikes Detective Meadows' insinuations of Christine's guilt. Joel was confident he'd come into his own when Lurlene promised she would marry him even if he was broke. Elena told Rikki that Billy Joel is returning tonight and wondered if Nita will be with him. Brette agreed to let George drive her to work.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1982 (EP. #535)
Gregory asked Ashley the reason she hasn't revealed her pregnancy to him. Billy Joe told Elena that Nita couldn't come back to Houston and will be away longer than anticipated. Ruby told Billy Joe about Joel and Lurlene's engagement. Reena let George know someone who called about his sister. Kate advised Justin against trying to help Paige to Justin despite his concerns about her condition. Kate tried to console Paige, who insisted she was fine and still planned to open the boutique. Paige agreed to see T.J. despite Kate's warnings. Brette noticed how frazzled George was after he received Reena's call. Ashley informed Gregory she hasn't told Justin about the baby and requested he keep it secret. Doris overheard Gregory get upset over Ashley's refusal to let Justin return home. Paige laid into T.J. and demanded he leave when T.J. called her out on being a drunk. Ruby went with Lurlene to see a judge and was shocked at his resemblance to her grandfather. Lurlene was able to keep Ruby from upsetting the judge after giving him a check. Reena agreed to Justin's request she visit Paige on the condition that Vicky accompanies her. Billy Joe and Elena were happy they had each other to confide in. Vicky told Reena she recognized the signs of alcoholism when Paige feigned being happy when they came to see her. Gregory apologized to Ashley, who promised to make everything easier for him. George told Reena he needs to leave town fora few days to take care of some family business. Gregory discussed T.J. with Doris. Reena resolved to learn more about George when Brette was puzzled by not knowing he had a sister. Ashley informed T.J. that Gregory knows about the baby and she needs to tell Justin.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1982 (EP. #536)
Reena informed Justin that a famous ballplayer will be appearing on Rikki's show and suggested Gregory come meet him. Billy Joe asked Justin to see Paige after thanking him for the time off work. T.J. warned Ashley that Justin may want to reconcile once he knows about the baby and wondered if anyone will ever know Gregory's true paternity. Lurlene told Elena about seeing a judge and suspicions that Ruby was expecting a proposal from Mark. Rikki and Brette wanted the subject dropped when Ruby doubted Christine's declaration of innocence. T.J. warned Ashley that Justin could contest Gregory's adoption since she committed perjury by not claiming herself as his mother. Justin told Doris that he arranged a surprise for Gregory, who learned he and Justin are going to KVIK tomorrow. Billy Joe was concerned over finding Paige in the dark and fretted that Nita is never returning to Houston. Ruby agreed to talk to Billy Joe when Elena admitted to being worried about him. Paige grew upset after learning from Billy Joe that Nita seemed embarrassed over his presence while in New York and has changed. Billy Joe declined Paige's invitation to have dinner together. Brette tried to assure Rikki of her safety and mentioned George getting a phone call from his sister. Christine told Vicky everyone suspects she was behind Stella's accident. Lurlene advised Ruby and Elena she enjoys being engaged and doesn't feel the need to rush into things. Rikki, Brette, and Joel decided to invite Hawker and Boots to the engagement party while discussing the guest list. Ruby learned George left town Houston to tend to personal business. Doris revealed Justin's surprise for Gregory to T.J. and Ashley and then spied on them when T.J. insisted on seeing Gregory meet a famous ballplayer.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1982 (EP. #537)
Justin told Ashley and Doris that John Stern is the baseball player he and Gregory are meeting. Judith learned from Brette that George left because of a family emergency. George informed Margaret her retrial has been denied and she will die in jail. Judith was surprised when she heard George has a sister. George begged Margaret not to give up hope and vowed revenge on the Wheelers. Vicky advised T.J. someone may be trying to hurt Brette. Ashley declined Justin's invitation to accompany Gregory to KVIK fearing Gregory would have false hope if he sees them together. Allison witnessed Mark and Ruby kissing after Ruby asked if he loves her. Ruby lied to Allison that she and Mark agreed about being too busy as World Oil's spokesperson. Allison made the excuse of having too heavy a work load when Mark tried to talk to her. George learned there are liens against the Lacey property and assumed Judith came to Houston because she is broke. Hawker and Boots encouraged Rikki with his show and congratulated Joel and Lurlene on their engagement. Meadows told Vicky and T.J. no decision has been made in the investigation. Doris told Ashley she is fond of Justin and T.J. Doris secretly informed Brian that T.J. may be the key to Ashley's secret and Justin doesn't know who she is. Ruby kept company with Justin and Gregory, who then spoke with T.J. Gregory was thrilled to meet John Stern and thanked Justin for arranging it. Everyone encouraged Joel to fill in when Christine told Vicky they are short a cameraman. George surprised Judith by showing up at the Wheeler house and kissed her. George told Judith he wonders if Grant realizes all the nice things he has.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1982 (EP. #538)
Ashley thought of her and T.J.'s love for Gregory. Vicky complimented Joel on his work performance at KVIK. Rikki and Christine were praised for the first taping of Rikki's show being a success. Detective Meadows told Brette and Vicky everything is in the clear today and the investigation's results will come soon. Gregory thanked Reena for her help in arranging his meeting with John Sterns. George ignored Judith's inquiry about him being from Boston by revealing his knowledge of the Lacey's. George left once Vivien interrupted his conversation with Judith. Justin declined Ruby's invitation to the party at the Boathouse. Reena hinted it would be a shame if Gregory is taken away from his father to T.J. Billy Joe tried to assure Ruby and Elena, who were worried about him. Billy Joe had a difficult time rehearsing a script because he was thinking of Nita. Ashley agreed to let Gregory spend the night at the ranch with Justin after Gregory showed off his autographed baseball. George advised to get used to seeing Reena when Judith suggested they not go to the party. George interrupted Reena's research on him by extending an invitation to the party. John and Vivien waited for George's arrival with Mark, Ruby, Rikki, Brette, Joel, Lurlene, and Elena. T.J. told Ashley seeing Gregory was worth hearing the boy call Justin the best father in the world. Hawker and Boots discussed T.J. getting into politics with Brette. Ruby asked George to take pictures once Vicky and Reena arrived. Billy Joe questioned the purpose of his work and broke down because he misses Nita and realized she isn't returning to Houston. Judith cut her dance with George short so Grant and Reena weren't able to talk. Elena found Billy Joe crying in the studio by himself.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1982 (EP. #539)
Someone spied on Grant as he left the Wheeler house. Justin interrogated Paige on her whereabouts last night and vowed not to let her alcoholism continue. Grant was upset to learn from Allison that Mark skipped a meeting to choose a new production head to work at a site. Ashley advised the right time never came to tell Justin about the baby but insisted he must know if she and T.J. are going to have a future. T.J. discussed Justin's reaction to knowing the truth to Ashley, who tried to keep T.J. from going with her to confront Justin to no avail. George informed Judith he is taking her and Grant out, prompting her to accuse him of having something to prove and committing blackmail. Justin asked Kate to look after Paige and mentioned plans to take Gregory back to Marshall Oaks and see T.J. at work. Grant told Judith about being upset with Mark and reluctantly agreed to accept George's invitation. Justin told T.J that Paige is drowning her sorrows by drinking. Justin accused T.J. of being the father when Ashley admitted her pregnancy and stormed out. Hunt decided to talk with Vicky after Christine fretted over Billy Joe's ratings. Paige refused to listen to Kate and asked to leave her alone. Vicky and Reena told Hunt that Joel ruined their chance to get a news story. Hunt talked with Vicky and Reena about changing the format of Billy Joe's show. Grant laid into Mark and suggested he ask Allison for help in completing the new work load he is being assigned. Judith feared George would reveal their affair while getting dressed for dinner. Justin and Reena agreed to spend time together at the suite after she learned Ashley is pregnant with T.J.'s child. T.J. reminded Ashley she owns 55% of Marshall Oil's stock and urged her to become chairman of the board to ensure Justin can't threaten them.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1982 (EP. #540)
Ashley planned dinner with Doris after Gregory learned Justin knows about the baby. Rikki was pleased to hear from Christine and Reena his single is selling well but had doubts over Christine's idea to do a song writing contest for a B-side. Vicky questioned Joel on why he is doing a job he dislikes. Hunt told Christine that Billy Joe is feeling better. Joel talked to Ruby and Lurlene about messing up at work and wondered whether the job suits him. Billy Joe discussed missing Nita with Christine. Ruby thought it crazy when Rikki told her and Lurlene about the song writing contest. Ruby warned Christine her clients won't act without her approval. Billy Joe approved of Christine's suggestion they have a night out. Vicky requested Christine write a written proposal for her contest for Rikki. Vicky and Reena agreed they make a good team working at KVIK. Reena told Vicky that Ashley is pregnant with T.J.'s child. Ginny asked T.J. whether she should quit if her family becomes an issue. T.J. told Ginny that Ashley is planning a takeover of Marshall Oil by seeking a Chairman of the Board nomination and using the 55% of her shares to win. Lurlene agreed to have Joel stay with her at the apartment so Ruby could be alone with Mark. Ruby was disappointed when Mark cancelled their date to work with Allison. T.J. advised Ashley he is sending over paperwork for her review before the board meeting. Doris eavesdropped on Ashley as she admitted to T.J. she's scared. Ruby decided to wait for Mark at his penthouse after being comforted by Lurlene. Justin refused to believe Ashley's insistence he is the father of her baby. Ashley informed T.J. she is requesting a leave of absence at the board meeting. Justin accepted Gregory's invitation to stay and have dinner.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1982 (EP. #541)
George was bothered by seeing Paige alone getting drunk at the bar after telling Brette he's meeting with her parents. Justin explained he was late meeting her because Gregory invited him to stay at the house. Mark told Allison he became interested in the oil business due to spending summers with Alex. Ruby surprised Mark and Allison with dinner and hinted at meeting him at the penthouse later. George questioned the reason T.J. left Paige after meeting Burton. Christine warned Billy Joe to shape up or risk losing his job. Billy Joe jumped to Christine's defense by admitting she was right when Ruby demanded Christine leave. Reena told Justin she thinks Ashley is trying to reconcile with him. Justin informed Reena that Ashley insisted he fathered her child. George discussed Reena at the Top of the World Club with Grant and Judith. Rikki and Brette noticed Grant didn't seem to be having a good time. T.J. admitted to Burton that he and Ashley are seeing each other now. Paige talked to Burton, T.J., and Mildred until they left the club. Grant pitied Paige but realized she must be responsible for her own actions after George convinced him to stay for dinner. Ruby assured Billy Joe he needn't worry about Christine. Billy Joe told Ruby about his trip to see Nita and fretted she will never return to Houston. Mark told Allison he wants to make Grant proud and not disappoint him. Allison told Mark she started working at KVIK to follow in Ashley's footsteps. Rikki started singing "You and I" for Paige, who was escorted out by George when she began to cry. Joel told Lurlene he is still working at KVIK for the pay, suggested they set a wedding date, and spend the night together. Mark and Ruby had a relaxing time together after he found her in the office. George mistook Paige for Margaret while putting her in his bed.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1982 (EP. #542)
George told Paige she slept in his studio and assured her nothing happened between them and wants to help her. T.J. admitted to feeling sorry for Paige after Ashley mentioned Justin doesn't believe she is carrying his child. Ruby's efforts to defend Mark were in vain when Grant got angry over them being asleep in the office. Reena was resolute about being with Justin despite Vicky's concerns of her being hurt. Ruby vented about Grant and Mark's confrontation to Lurlene, who was appreciative of Ruby because of her night with Joel. T.J. urged Ashley to propose appointing herself Chairman of the Board at the end of the board meeting. Allison guessed rightly that Ashley was pregnant after learning she plans to takeover Marshall Oil. Judith requested John and Vivien prepare a special lunch for Grant. Vicky told Christine, Ruby, Hunt, and Reena that Christine is now the producer of Billy Joe and Rikki's shows. Ruby blabbed about Billy Joe and Christine's dinner together and reminded them decisions on her clients must be approved. Grant praised Mark and Allison's work on the oil leases and the two men agreed to settle their differences. Ginny updated Ashley and Gregory on Ryan, Barrett, and Steve's whereabouts. Paige tried to convince Ashley she isn't hurt but refused to talk any further. Kate was worried about Paige's behavior. Lurlene was puzzled over Ruby's opinion that Nita no longer has time for Billy Joe and offered to help her babysit. Judith promised Grant they longer have to see George. Grant told Judith about his fight with Mark while at work. George requested Judith make him a member of the Spindle Top so he can take Brette dancing or risk him talking to Grant. George was pleased he has Brette scared and Judith under his thumb and decided to target Mark next in his plan to ruin Grant.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1982 (EP. #543)
Grant and Mark chose a new production head. Brian advised Justin there is no proof T.J. fathered Ashley's baby. Justin told Brian he and Ashley haven't made love in months. T.J. and Ashley realized that Gregory was conceived on the weekend they had together. T.J. assured Ashley that Gregory's birth certificate is safe and he has purchased the beach house where they made love that night. Grant advised Mark to work on his attitude and priorities but expressed being proud of him. Mark admitted he never felt he got Grant's approval and always preferred Ryan. Joel gave Grant the first installment of his loan and promised to continue making payments whether he is working for KVIK or not. Billy Joe was unsuccessful in trying to reach Nita by phone. Billy Joe blew up at a stage worker when the baby fussed and he was unable to rehearse for the show. Grant and Judith discussed her opinion that Mark seems happy. Judith cried while reminiscing about Ryan's childhood after learning from Grant that Ryan's plane crashed and he is presumed dead. Joel advised Vicky he is looking for another job because a desk job doesn't suit him. Justin reluctantly agreed to let T.J. stay for the board meeting with Ashley. Rikki helped Billy Joe when he got upset over messing up a story he was telling on his show. Arthur Bates' nomination of Ashley as Chairman of the board for Marshall Oil was seconded. Ashley won the position despite Justin's rants and protests. Ginny was stunned by Grant and Judith's news about Ryan and asked them to search for him. Ashley told Justin she had no choice but to take Marshall Oil from him. Justin vowed to never forgive Ashley.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1982 (EP. #544)
Ashley wondered if she destroyed Justin and told T.J. that Judith left with Ginny after comforting her, leaving Mildred to notice T.J.'s safe being open and pulled papers from it. T.J. assured Ashley she acted to protect her assets from the divorce and urged her to concentrate on a future with him instead of thinking of Justin. Justin vowed to Reena he won't let Ashley take Gregory away from him. Reena found a file with pictures and learned T.J. donated blood to Gregory while he was in the hospital. Billy Joe told Elena the show didn't go well and planned to get Nita back. Paige decided to see Ginny at T.J.'s office when Kate told her about Ryan. Paige argued with Mildred, who informed her Judith took Ginny to the ranch. Justin promised Gregory no one will ever separate them. Kate thanked Judith for supporting Ginny while they talked about Ryan and Ginny's love for each other. Gregory asked Ashley not to call him "baby" as he enthused about the baby with T.J. and Ashley. Allison defended T.J. and Ashley's actions to Justin, who tried to convince her Ashley isn't carrying his child. Billy Joe told Ruby he thinks Nita has remained in New York because of the money but insisted she must return home. Allison noticed Mark was upset as she mentioned talking to Justin. Judith informed Mark and Allison that Ryan's plane crashed in Venezuela and arrangements are being made to bring his body back to Houston. Kate advised Paige that Ginny needed to be alone. Paige told Kate she saw Mildred in T.J.'s office. Kate and Paige comforted Ginny as she reminisced about the last day she spent with Ryan. T.J. assured Ashley they can't be hurt any longer. A cleaning lady closed the empty safe's door while in T.J. office.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1982 (EP. #545)
Ruby read about the board meeting in the paper. Vivien gave condolences about Ryan to Grant and Judith, who mentioned Justin and Ashley getting a divorce and Ashley taking control of Marshall Oil. Reena told Vicky that Ashley is up to her old tricks by being appointed president of Marshall Oil. Vicky didn't have anything new to tell Reena as they discussed her relationship with Hunt. Vicky and Reena decided to visit Ginny after learning from Kate that Ryan died. Mark assured Grant everything at work has been handled. Judith thought it would be good for Brette when she wanted to complete Ryan's work for him. Kate comforted Ginny over a dream she had about Ryan last night. Lurlene headed to the ranch when Lurlene told her of Ryan's death. Hunt couldn't take Vicky to the KVIK studio because of an occupational hazard. George visited Grant and Mark and planned to wait for Brette's to return from Venezuela. Reena consoled Ginny. Ruby visited Stella at the hospital and tried to remain nice despite the insults Stella threw at her. Joel lamented over his gloomy office to Lurlene. Judith got angry at George, who asked if she had an affair with Ryan and warned against trying to strike him. Mark left to calm Judith down after George left the Wheeler house. Vicky agreed to consider Stella's wish to replace Billy Joe as the game show host instead of being sued. John and Vivien reminisced over the great times they've had together. Reena told Kate that Justin doesn't know about Ryan and Ashley became Marshall Oil's new chairman. Hunt let Joel leave work early to accompany Lurlene to the ranch. Mark and Ruby talked about Ryan. Reena told Grant that Justin is best for her because it's all she has now. Grant and Reena wished happiness for each other and shared an embrace, which was noticed by Judith.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1982 (EP. #546)
Christine hinted to Billy Joe she was the one thing missing in his career. Ashley told Gregory that Doris is staying with him while she goes to the ranch. Kate informed Ashley that she hasn't seen Justin. Grant admitted to Judith he cares about Reena but has left the relationship in the past. Judith was evasive with Grant's concern over being bothered. Paige chose to drink alone rather than take George's suggestion of being with her friends. Christine offered to help Billy Joe but urged him to get his life together. Lurlene told Joel working the land is where he belongs and his happiness is important. Christine disagreed with Ruby over her handling of clients. Ruby insisted on finding a good winner while discussing the record contest with Rikki and Christine. Paige called her banker to secure a loan with everything she has as collateral to help Billy Joe pay debts and win back Nita. Ruby advised Ashley to talk with Justin about Billy Joe's situation. Ginny talked to Steve and Barrett over the phone and to Grant about her marriage ending so quickly. T.J. and Lurlene were puzzled to learn from Ashley no one has seen Justin. Ginny resolved to start working again. Reena was pleased when Brette wanted to be friends again. Reena laid into Ashley for taking over Marshall Oil and warned Justin will take Gregory once he wins custody. Lurlene suggested going to the Coop while talking with Rikki, Joel, and Brette. T.J. tried to convince Paige not to blame herself for all of her troubles. Christine told Hunt she values his advice and was sure she and Billy Joe will work well together. George let Judith know he's seeing her and Reena out of convenience and is protecting Paige. George warned Judith he won't be insulted again after Judith claimed Paige needs protection from him.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1982 (EP. #547)
Paige left abruptly with George when Kate worried about her not eating. Reena was unsuccessful in tracking Justin down by calling the hotel bar. Ashley told Gregory that Justin is spending time alone but will be back soon. Ruby gave her condolences to Kate and offered to help clean up the ranch's kitchen. Paige informed Billy Joe her banker is handling a loan she took out for him. Billy Joe told Elena he feels terrible about Paige's current state. Joel mentioned wanting some land instead of a job at KVIK to Billy Joe, Rikki, Elena, and Brette. Rikki and Brette were curious over the reason George being friendly with Paige. Ruby told Kate she's concerned for Billy Joe and Mark doesn't reciprocate her love. Kate joked with Ruby that the man she marries will have an interesting life. Paige got drunk and sang "Someone Who Watches over Me" at the Coop. Allison told Mark she thinks everyone would be happier if he was with Ruby instead of her. T.J. decided to stay with Ashley in the event Justin comes home drunk and pulls a stunt. Kate fretted over saying goodbye and outliving children after recounting her first meeting with Ryan for Ruby. Kate and Ruby bade Ryan farewell while looking at the North Star. Hunt encouraged Vicky to relax but scared her off when they tried to get cozy. Mark found Ruby waiting in his bed and agreed to spend the night with her. Reena confided in Vicky she can't find Justin and is worried about him. Vicky expressed doubts about Hunt's true intentions for her to Reena. George promised Paige he will always be a friend after Paige called him a rare breed and questioned his past. Allison didn't believe T.J., who denied he and Ashley are together and is only staying the night to protect Ashley from Justin. T.J. was perplexed over Allison being upset with Ashley.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1982 (EP. #548)
Mark and Ruby declared their love. Doris eavesdropped as T.J. pressed Ashley to call her attorney to speed up the divorce. Paige thanked George for his help while talking about their passions for photography and singing. George admitted to loving his sister and Paige grew upset while they looked at pictures of Margaret and T.J. Ruby assured Mark she is trying to make him settle down when he promised he was being truthful about his love for her. Mark told Ruby he's a pal barer for Ryan's funeral and requested she accompany him. Vivien decided to attend the funeral per Judith's idea and offered to help Kate at the ranch. Gregory asked Ashley to have Justin stop by for a visit. Billy Joe was thrilled the baby said his first word and promised to get Nita home. Rikki and Brette listened to music and danced together. Rikki told Brette he'll miss her while she's out of town. George learned everyone is going to Ryan's funeral from Vivien. Kate was grateful to Paige and Ginny for needing and supporting each other. Billy Joe asked Elena to babysit so he can convince Nita to come home with him. Mark felt Brette was doing the right thing by traveling to Venezuela on business for Ryan. Mark told Judith he'll take Ruby in his car if she's bothered by her presence. Allison told Ashley that Justin was in T.J.'s office the other day. Ashley advised Allison she may need to testify if the divorce is filed on the grounds of adultery. Ashley told Allison she and T.J. have hopes of a future together. George snuck into the Wheeler house, found a gun in the desk drawer, and smashed a family portrait. Kate, Joel, and Lurlene talked until they left for the service with Ginny and Paige. Ashley advised T.J. that Justin was in his office and feared Justin will take Gregory away if he stole the birth certificate.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1982 (EP. #549)
Vicky warned Reena that Justin may attend Ryan's funeral. T.J. informed Ashley that Gregory is fine and Justin hasn't been to his school. Ruby advised Billy Joe not to travel to New York because his job is at risk. Reena told Vicky she wants to spend a lot of time with Ginny and suggested she live at the Bellman residence. Judith rubbed it in that Mark and Allison shared a drink last night. T.J. and Ashley mistook someone for Justin when Ashley was nervous about seeing him at the service. Hawker and Boots told Kate and Ginny it was sad Justin didn't come to the funeral. Paige realized Ashley was pregnant which was the reason T.J. didn't marry her and told Reena. Doris advised Brian she suspects but isn't certain something is going on. Barney told Gregory he's meeting Justin in St. Tropez and taking the racecar. Ashley advised Paige that T.J. isn't her baby's father while Reena tried to calm Paige when she made a scene. T.J. apologized to Ginny. Elena found a Billy Joe's letter stating he needed to go to New York and get Nita. T.J. admitted to Ginny that he and Ashley were engaged ten years ago and Ashley is pregnant with Justin's child. Allison warned Mark his parents may take advantage of him. Kate asked Ruby if Allison is causing problems for her and it doesn't matter Judith and Allison are getting along. Gregory told Ashley that Barney is seeing Justin in St. Tropez. Judith and Ruby argued once Kate left them alone. Grant gave a coat for Judith which Ruby recognized as being in George's studio. Ginny, Vicky, Reena, and Kate. Allison praised T.J. on being a good person. Ashley told T.J. that Justin is in St. Tropez.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1982 (EP. #550)
Paige told George that Ashley is pregnant with T.J.'s child and she can't get over him. George asserted it wouldn't help matters when Paige asked him to make love to her while drinking. John assured Judith they'd admit to smashing the Wheeler family portrait if Judith's accusation towards Vivien was true. Judith apologized to Vivien and noticed she cut her hand. Mark told to Ruby he has feeling for her and Allison but didn't confirm he was with Allison last night. Ruby didn't agree with Mark's suggestion she date other men. Vicky questioned their relationship when Hunt admitted there are parts of his life he hasn't told her. Elena told Ruby she doubts Nita will come back to Houston. Reena received a note from Justin revealing he is in France, has done something, and will be home soon. Vicky told Reena something is strange about her relationship with Hunt. Rikki and Ruby worried Billy Joe will be fired if he stays in New York. Hunt met a woman while at the airport. Rikki, Ruby, and Elena decided to lie to Christine about the baby having a fever if Billy Joe doesn't return in time. John told Vivien he used to be a stockbroker but always wanted to be a writer instead. George told Paige she is the first person to bring happiness into his life in a long time. Lurlene convinced Rikki, Ruby, and Lurlene not to lie to Christine. Reena and Ginny talked about Max and Ryan. Reena planned to apologize to Justin for the way she acted towards him. Ginny assured Reena that T.J. would never lie to her and she's certain Justin is the father of Ashley's baby.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1982 (EP. #551)
Stella told Vicky she wants to be the new game show host. T.J. informed Ashley the only registered birth certificate for Gregory lists Hildy as the mother and father unknown. T.J. and Ashley told Ginny that Ashley's envelope is missing from the safe after Ginny admitted she didn't take anything from it. Stella agreed to quit gossiping so Vicky would give her a six week trial period as a game show host. Christine was furious and Hunt warned Billy Joe may be fired if he doesn't get to the show when Ruby said Rikki is filling in during rehearsal. Christine told Hunt that Vicky was unable to reach Billy Joe once they learned of an emergency with the baby. Vicky decided to give the game show to Stella. Stella advised she's a changed woman to Judith, who wanted to talk about vicious gossip going around. Ruby still had doubts despite Rikki's confidence Billy Joe will return with Nita. Billy Joe longed for Nita as he walked through New York City. Mildred gave condolences to Ginny and told T.J. she was in his office when Ginny received the news about Ryan. Ruby wondered if Billy Joe is on a plane while Rikki learned he checked out of the hotel. Mark tried to cheer Allison up and kissed her. Rikki was unsuccessful in defending Billy Joe to Hunt and Vicky. Mark cautioned Judith against pushing him and Allison together. Judith asked Mark not to make a mistake being involved with Ruby but promised to try and get along with her. Ashley informed T.J. the divorce papers are ready to be served to Justin. T.J. told Ashley that Mildred, Paige, Justin, and Allison could have the birth certificate. Christine informed Rikki he is permanently replacing Billy Joe.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1982 (EP. #552)
Hunt and Christine stood firm in their decision to fire Billy Joe and refused to listen to Ruby. Elena and Ruby worried about Billy Joe, who insisted on going on the air despite learning he had lost his job. Paige answered Judith's questions about George by admitting she has only known him for a short time. Billy Joe interrupted Rikki to talk about his life and how people don't discuss the most important things. Christine told Hunt not to cease airing the show and advised Reena she's impressed with Billy Joe. George warned Judith to leave Paige alone or risk having her life shattered and didn't answer when asked if he broke into the Wheeler house. George bought one of everything at the boutique and informed Paige to charge Grant. Billy Joe sadly told everyone Nita isn't coming back after everyone complimented him on the show. Billy Joe left with Elena instead of staying for a meeting with Vicky, Hunt, Reena, and Christine. Ruby told Rikki she was moved by Billy Joe's speech. Ginny apologized to T.J. about the safe and Ashley's envelope being missing from the safe. Vicky advised Hunt, Reena, and Christine that Billy Joe's show will be replaced by a movie. Reena cited not using Billy Joe's personal problems to earn ratings when Christine argued in Billy Joe's favor. Rikki, Elena, and Ruby offered support while Billy Joe mentioned he and Nita haven't discussed divorce. T.J. convinced Ashley they shouldn't confide in Ginny despite trusting her. Paige told George she's uncertain of Judith's feelings for him and suggested going to the Coop. Reena disagreed with Hunt's suggestion to Vicky to wait for the audience's reaction to the show. Sally surprised Reena when the phone records showed that the audience loved Billy Joe.

OCTOBER 1, 1982 (EP. #553)
Joel complimented Billy Joe on the speech he gave on the show. Ruby informed Rikki, Elena, Ruby, and Joel a meeting is being held to determine whether to fire Billy Joe or not. Vicky agreed with Hunt and Christine to give Billy Joe another chance despite Reena's objections. Christine assured Reena their difference of opinion was just business and not personal. Ruby told Lurlene that Nita won't be returning to Houston. Billy Joe and Elena left the Coop after he received praise from everyone. Lurlene decided to see Ruby when Joel defended Mark, who may not want to get married and is scared of his feelings for Ruby. Kate and Paige reminisced about growing up with Justin. Paige noticed one of her wedding invitations and stormed out rather than listen to Kate's warnings that drinking isn't a solution. Ruby eased Reena's concerns about Billy Joe and was pleased he still has a show at KVIK. Rikki accused George of being slick. Paige got drunk as she prepared for a wedding ceremony by lighting candles and dancing. Christine told Ruby she wants to see Billy Joe after Rikki thanked Christine for supporting Billy Joe. Elena and Billy Joe made a pact to help each other move on with their lives without Joe and Nita. Hunt admitted his love for Vicky, who felt they needed to talk because their relationship isn't going anywhere. Ruby told Joel and Lurlene about Billy Joe keeping his job. Lurlene suggested Ruby not be pushy with Mark and he may be dating Allison due to a fear of commitment. George urged Ruby not to pay attention to Judith's opinions. Paige pretended to recite her vows to T.J. and grew upset when he didn't say "I do." Paige danced until she passed out, unaware the phone was ringing and a lit candle she knocked over had started a fire.

OCTOBER 4, 1982 (EP. #554)
Kate discovered Paige drunk and passed out in her room. Justin explained to Ashley he needed to leave town for a few days, heard of Ryan's death, and they have things to talk about. Gregory informed Justin and Ashley there is a fire at the ranch. Ruby noticed George tried to call Paige until he learned the phone was off the hook. Ruby decided to drop by the penthouse after talking with Joel and Lurlene about Mark and Allison being together. T.J. told Ginny that Justin may have stolen Ashley's papers from the safe. Joel and Lurlene agreed to have their wedding at the ranch. George told Joel and Lurlene about the fire after reaching Kate. Allison waited for Mark so he could get some information to Brette. Justin discovered Kate unconscious in the kitchen and revived her. T.J., Reena, and Ginny headed to the ranch once they heard about the fire at the Marshalls. Ashley tried to calm Paige down while Gregory worried about Justin and Kate. Justin brought Kate out of the ranch and re-entered it to retrieve the family bible. Allison taunted Ruby about sharing a romantic dinner with Mark and having a lot in common with him. Ashley comforted Kate and Gregory, who heard fire alarms and were upset over Justin being inside the house. Allison lamented to Mark how Ashley left her with Aunt Hildy and made a decision that didn't include her. Ruby realized she handled her relationship with Mark all wrong. George told T.J., Reena, and Ginny that Paige is in shock when they arrived. Firemen tried to enter the house as Ashley informed T.J. that Justin is still inside.

OCTOBER 5, 1982 (EP. #555)
T.J. agreed when Gregory asked to find his father and went into the house after Kate advised Justin is in the kitchen. Ruby cried as she realized Mark never expressed his love while awake and decided to let him have Allison. George tried to comfort Paige, who was upset over starting the fire and stunned when he called her Maggie. Doris informed Allison that Justin, Ashley, and Gregory are at the ranch because of a fire. Rikki and Joel went to rescue T.J. and Justin after Kate said they're in the house. Elena marveled at how well she and Ruby were getting along at the apartment. Elena tried to cheer Ruby up by reminding her Mark couldn't stop talking about her while she posed as his girlfriend during Aunt Mavis' visit. Elena urged Ruby to be honest with Mark about his treatment of her. Kate was checked out by a doctor and refused to leave until Justin was safely outside. T.J. tried to console a hysterical Ashley until Justin emerged to give Kate the family bible. George decided to take Paige home with him to rest. Rikki informed everyone his house and the Marshalls' couldn't be saved. Ashley told Justin he's a hero. Ruby told Mark she isn't second best and doesn't deserve to be treated like she is. Ginny and Lurlene comforted Kate, who read the bible to ease her worries about Paige. Ruby told Mark she will accept he doesn't want to settle down if he shows her respect. Mark invited Ruby to have dinner with his parents. George called Paige by Maggie's name and made a cryptic remark about not letting anyone get away with it. T.J. watched Justin and Ashley talking to each other.

OCTOBER 6, 1982 (EP. #556)
Kate insisted to T.J. she stay at the ranch to help Reena comfort Ginny. George calmed Paige as she woke from a nightmare of the fire and became puzzled about wearing her wedding dress. George promised to protect Paige and gave her one of Maggie's dresses to wear. Justin gave Ginny his condolences about Ryan's death and all of his possession being destroyed in the fire. Justin told Gregory that Kate will put his name in the family bible once the adoption is final. Ashley informed T.J. that Justin doesn't have Gregory's birth certificate. Kate thanked Justin and was hopeful something positive would come out of the event. Kate advised Reena everyone must be friends and not hurt each other anymore. T.J. watched Kate, Ashley, Justin, and Gregory together while leaving the ranch with Reena. Christine wanted to discuss business and getting Billy Joe back with Ruby instead of the fire. Ruby told Christine that Billy Joe wanted a raise to return working for KVIK. Kate showed appreciation to Joel, Rikki, and Lurlene. Justin agreed to go with Ashley and Gregory to Marshall Oaks. Ashley was glad to be with Lurlene to give Kate and the family support. Paige asked George to leave her alone to face her family where she took the blame for causing the fire at the ranch. Kate and Justin assured Paige the only thing that matters is everyone survived the accident. Grant assured Reena of his friendship while comforting her. Justin told Ashley he was grateful for her support and thought they may have discovered each other again. Kate joked about once being angry at Justin for modeling his living room after the ranch. Ruby asked Reena to take Billy Joe's side in his contract negotiations for the show. Ruby told Reena she may be able to help her deal with Judith.

OCTOBER 7, 1982 (EP. #557)
Billy Joe wasn't certain about returning to work despite learning from Ruby and Elena of the fan mail and KVIK wanting him back. Judith assumed Allison was coming to dinner after Mark asked Vivien to set two more places at the table. Kate told Gregory that her family is all that matters when he apologized to her for losing so much. Elena told Billy Joe both the Dekker house and Marshall ranch burned down. Judith was surprised when Mark brought Ruby to the house but commented on how much Mark and Allison have in common. Ruby accused Judith of using her. Allison told Ashley she's in control now that everyone is under one roof. Gregory was happy Justin came home and suggested naming the baby Katherine if it's a girl. Kate understood Paige being heartbroken but said it's more important they still have the land. Kate reminisced about Paige's grandfather and that she was his favorite. Ashley called Allison spoiled when Allison accused Ashley of getting whatever she wants. Allison warned Ashley she is onto her and knows what she is after. Kate refused Justin's suggestion an investigation of the fire be performed. Kate advised Justin he was given another chance and not to be a jerk if he plans to tell Reena he wants to reconcile with Ashley. Billy Joe urged Paige to get her own life together and stay out of the situation between Justin, Ashley, and T.J. Billy Joe revealed to Paige he contemplated suicide in New York until realizing he must move on with his life. Allison asked T.J. if he's lonely because of Ashley spending time with Justin. T.J. was flattered when Allison admitted she once had a crush on him but rejected her offer to have a drink. Ashley was puzzled that Allison laid into her and told Justin, who insisted they talk later when he's not so tired.

OCTOBER 8, 1982 (EP. #558)
Ginny told T.J. she is thinking of visiting the site where the Marshall ranch was. Justin told Ashley he no longer doubts he fathered the baby and tried to explain his reasons for not believing it. Ashley advised a reconciliation won't be easy since she has feelings for T.J. after Justin apologized for having an affair with Reena. Judith told Allison about Mark bringing Ruby to dinner. Judith urged Allison to pursue Mark because she feels Allison is more suited for him than Ruby. Ginny assured T.J. he will hear from Ashley and not to worry about her. Justin told Ashley he knows she still loves him and asked Gregory to come with him to the office. Ruby advised Vicky, Hunt, and Christine she is uncertain whether she can convince Billy Joe to return to KVIK. Justin and Ashley shared a moment together as they felt the baby kick. Justin begged Ashley not to go through with the divorce when he was served papers. Willard Scott and Stella played Tall Texas Tales with a contestant during the premier edition of Stella's game show. Ruby informed Mark that KVIK wants Billy Joe to come back to KVIK. Allison overheard Ruby decline Mark's lunch invitation and readily accepted when he asked her instead. T.J. realized Ashley loves Justin once she admitted Justin wants them to reconcile. Justin asked for Gregory's help in the divorce suit and wished to be with him and Ashley the rest of his life which Reena overheard. Vicky refused when Hunt asked her on a date. Reena gave Justin their hotel suite key and said he still loves Ashley though she is wrong for him. Ashley agreed to have lunch at the Spindle Top with Justin and Gregory leaving T.J. at a loss on what to do.

OCTOBER 11, 1982 (EP. #559)
T.J. decided to have dinner with Burton and Mildred to learn if she took Gregory's birth certificate. Vicky was proud Reena realized Justin loves Ashley, gave him the hotel room key, and promised they'd stay friends. Judith, Vivien, and John opened presents Brette gave them. Allison learned when T.J. is meeting his parents after mentioning Mark and her spotted Justin, Ashley, and Gregory at the Spindle Top. Joel told Lurlene that working the land doesn't pay much. Christine, Ruby, and Rikki told Reena a song written for Rikki was sent anonymously. Ruby informed Billy Joe and Elena she has his new contract to sign so he can return to KVIK. Mildred made a loaded apology to T.J. about how Gregory doesn't know his real parents and paternal grandparents. T.J. grew upset with Mildred when she brought up Ashley and Gregory. Vivien told Judith that George hasn't come by lately and thinks he might have a crush on her. John brought $5,000 worth of packages from the boutique to the Wheeler's. Lurlene suggested Joel become a rancher instead of working for KVIK. Joel told Lurlene they need their own place and are in debt to Grant. Joel agreed to consider Lurlene's loan offer but refused to live off her money. Vicky was perplexed with the change in Hunt and him receiving calls from young women according to Reena. Lurlene thought Ruby's plan of rejecting Mark's invitation might work. Brette wondered if success was worth it even though Rikki promised they'd get their own place and live a quiet life. T.J. realized Mildred doesn't have the birth certificate. Allison convinced T.J. to share a drink.

OCTOBER 12, 1982 (EP. #560)
Justin begged Ashley to postpone the divorce so he can prove he has changed and promised his affair with Reena is over. Allison told Ashley she spent time with T.J. and hinted she call T.J. since he's feeling lonely. Stella told Vicky she can't find Hunt and implied he may be off with a younger woman. George admitted Maggie is in a mental institution but other people are to blame for her being there. Paige told George she understands due to Barrett's breakdown and Mike's suicide. Cyrus left angry when Mark wanted to do business and refused to buy him a drink. Lurlene suggested Joel use her money to pay off the Wheelers. Ruby told Lurlene she isn't World Oil's spokesperson. Ashley advised Justin she needs to discuss the situation with T.J. before agreeing to reconcile with him. Hunt couldn't ease Vicky's anger towards him for missing the meeting with Billy Joe. Stella welcomed Peter Noone to Tall Texas Tales and had another edition of her game show. Lurlene saw Ashley at Marshall Oaks. Kate told Justin she will reveal her decision about the Marshall land soon. Billy Joe and Ruby signed a new contract after closing a deal with Vicky, Reena, Hunt, and Christine. Vicky complimented Ruby on being professional. T.J. tried to get Ginny to confide in him about her troubles. Mark told Allison his meeting with Cyrus was a failure. Ruby advised Ruby that Grant isn't as happy with Judith as everyone thinks. Lurlene told Joel that Striker bought the Marshall cabin and gifted it to Max and Reena. T.J. told Ashley he misses her once she agreed to have dinner with him tomorrow.

OCTOBER 13, 1982 (EP. #561)
Kate chastised Justin for making a rude comment about Paige acting like a member of the Marshall family. Cyrus gave in to Grant's plea for another chance to prove himself and Mark when Cyrus mentioned his unsuccessful business meeting with Mark. Elena assured Billy Joe he has already helped her to move on with life when he sympathized over Joe and Elena's relationship being over. Joel complained about not having the money to buy the cabin to Lurlene, who suggested he speak with Reena. Grant warned Mark to get his act together and quit being arrogant to save the account with Cyrus. Lurlene asserted she wants to be an equal partner with Joel and laid into him until he agreed to her proposition. Mark told Ruby about his work-related issues over dinner. Kate urged the Ashley, Gregory, and her family to live together in peace and brought up merging the ranch and Marshall Oak's land. Vicky accused Hunt of being with her out of pity and demanded he leave once she asserted they only have a working relationship. Billy Joe and Elena expressed gratitude to each other for giving emotional support. Justin promised Kate he ended his affair with Reena and is making concerted efforts to repair his marriage. Ashley tried to ease Paige's feelings of not being involved in anything or having feelings for anyone. Joel and Lurlene met with Kate where Joel accepted an offer to work on the Marshall's land. Justin and Ashley discussed Paige. Justin told Ashley he wants the family to reunite and was disappointed she turned down talking tomorrow because she's seeing T.J. tomorrow.

OCTOBER 14, 1982 (EP. #562)
Allison made a sarcastic comment it was T.J.'s turn to see Ashley. Allison admitted to Justin she fears he'll get hurt though Justin maintained he wronged Ashley by having an affair with Reena. Ashley asked Justin to understand her reason for not coming to dinner. Ruby questioned George on his sudden interest in Paige. Judith was hopeful George would leave her be since he's involved with Paige. Reena looked over information on George. Reena informed Joel she can't sell the cabin to him and Lurlene but offered to rent it to them. Allison ignited Ashley's anger by accusing her of getting what she wants. Allison wanted to aid Mark in securing Cyrus' account for World Oil. Ginny and Gregory made themselves scarce so Justin and T.J. could talk. Stella discussed publicity for Tall Texas Tales with Ruby and Reena. Ruby asked Reena if she thought George is involved in shady dealings due to catching him in her office and hiding an envelope with his name on it. T.J. declared his love for Ashley to Justin, who stood his ground on winning Ashley back and reconciling with her family being what's best. Joel assured Grant the loan will be paid off before he and Lurlene are married. Grant daydreamed of Reena. Judith opined Ruby doesn't fit in with the family to Vivien, who cautioned that Iris got in trouble by meddling in Dennis' life. Justin insisted to T.J. they call a truce to help Ashley. T.J. seethed at Ginny's statement that Gregory loves Justin very much. George handled a gun while looking at pictures of Grant and Judith. Paige told George that Judith is pleased they are friends. Mark reluctantly accepted Ruby's first loan installment but expressed pride in her. Mark said he had plans in response to Ruby's hint of being free for a date. Reena arrived to speak with Ashley about Justin.

OCTOBER 15, 1982 (EP. #563)
George doubted Judith's happiness with Grant and thought she has a tenuous hold on him. Justin told Kate he hopes Ashley won't see T.J. anymore. Reena advised Ashley's love for Justin resurfaced, she is pregnant, and Gregory loves Justin too. Rikki and Brette made plans round their schedules. Paige was confused by George's suggestion they take a drive like old times since they've never done so before. George muttered to himself Grant shouldn't feel secure because someone may attack him with his own gun. Ashley thought of Justin surviving the fire until T.J. said they're going to imagine their future tonight. Gregory urged Kate to live at the Marshalls instead of building her own place. Judith told Allison she's delighted over her romance with Mark. Justin commended George for helping Paige but inquired about his fuss over her. Rikki and Brette approved of Reena's idea to sell the cabin to Joel and Lurlene. Judith precipitously interrupted Grant and Reena, who discussed the cabin and leaving the past behind. Justin and George chatted about Paige and sisters. Judith invited Grant for dinner and vowed to keep him and Reena apart. Ashley strolled on the beach with T.J. where they reminisced about the past and she described him as her white knight. Allison called Cyrus after assuring Mark that Cyrus will be in touch soon. Kate proposed prayer when Justin was uneasy of losing Ashley. Ginny joined Justin and Kate but wished Ashley was there to enjoy the evening with them. T.J. told Ashley he fell in love after spotting her at the Boathouse but is still out of reach. T.J. told Ashley she still loves Justin.

OCTOBER 18, 1982 (EP. #564)
T.J. pressed Ashley about whether she's leaving Justin. T.J. made Ashley acknowledge she loves Justin and doesn't want them to part ways. Cyrus told the Wheelers that World Oil has earned his oil leases because Allison smoothed things over. T.J. told Ashley about Justin's visit with Gregory as they headed back to Houston. Christine was blunt with Rikki that her life is nothing but work. Brette and Rikki questioned what is happening between George and Paige. Rikki voiced distrust of George while Brette felt he was good for Paige. George brought up Judith buying dresses from the boutique when he and Paige came to the Wheeler house. Judith was miffed by George asking Brette to dance. Billy Joe promised Paige he'll pay back her loan. Paige sang George's praises and enthused over his moral support to Billy Joe and Christine. Grant noticed Judith was bothered by George's presence. Brette told Grant and Judith she's pleased George and Paige are together. Paige informed Christine that Billy Joe has been special to her for a long time. Paige mentioned George's sister Maggie after Christine pointed out she knows little of his background. Allison revealed Justin fathered Ashley's baby to Paige, who had assumed that was why T.J. left her at the altar. Paige pondered the true reason T.J. didn't marry her. Rikki announced the club is being closed because of an incoming hurricane. Allison confided to Mark she's been afraid of storms since she was a girl. T.J. insisted on spending the night with Ashley. Kate encouraged Justin not to give up when he doubted Ashley's return and was concerned it may too late to reconcile. T.J. kissed Ashley.

OCTOBER 19, 1982 (EP. #565)
Allison ranted to Mark about Ashley causing her fear of storms but gloated she may have leverage on her. T.J. longed for Gregory to know he's a Canfield and Paige to know the truth of Gregory's father once Ashley insisted on working things out with Justin. Vicky, Reena, and Ginny discussed Reena being stuck in an elevator with T.J. and Ashley and Ginny on the ranch alone during the last storm. Judith told Grant she enjoyed their evening and spoke of Mark and Allison being right for each other. Ruby and Lurlene played with an Ouija board until Ruby thought she heard Mark at the door. John and Vivien mused over owning a home instead of working in one as employees. Paige was frightened by George, who mistook her for Maggie and pleaded she stop ruining his life. George blamed the Wheelers after Paige decided to stay with a friend nearby. Ashley assured Paige she'll get the answers needed when Paige admitted she assumed T.J. left her because Ashley was pregnant by T.J. Judith complained about being lonely after Vivien said John provides her company and happiness. Grant comforted Judith after coming downstairs. George called Grant but kept silent while he made clicking noises with a gun. Ruby, Lurlene, and Elena sang songs and exchanged stories of cheerleading when the power went out. Allison was straight with Mark about her intentions to go further with him than Ashley. Paige began to panic as the car stalled and Ashley struggled to get it started again. John was stunned by how beautiful Vivien looked in the candle light. Judith hoped she hasn't ruined her relationship with Grant and the love she needs. Ashley and Paige realized the flood caused water to move the car.

OCTOBER 20, 1982 (EP. #566)
Justin resolved to find Ashley and hoped she made the right decision about their marriage with Gregory's encouragement. Paige tried to help a terrified Ashley escape the car but were washed away. Reena informed Joel and Lurlene she is selling the cabin to them so she can forget the past and look forward to the future. Rikki and Brette discussed ambition and his intent on doing his best for everyone since being a deputy sheriff. Rikki enthused over the lyrics to a song written for him and told Brette he wants to meet the writer. Allison asked Mark if he minded her aggressive nature and being his Chief Executive Assistant. Allison considered whether she's been too hard on Ashley but refused to let Ashley get the best of her. T.J. and Justin were shocked to find Ashley's room empty and spotted a note to T.J. confirming she is reconciling with Justin. Mark reminded Brette of his honesty towards Ruby and Allison requesting his freedom from serious relationships. Doris urged Allison to be easy on Gregory, who was worried because Ashley didn't come home. Allison warned Doris things will be worse for Gregory once he learns the truth. Rikki advised Reena that Max would be proud of her for selling the cabin to Joel and Lurlene. Rikki pressed Reena to discover who wrote the song "Angel" for him despite Reena's opinion it would be more interesting to wait. Joel and Lurlene expressed faith Reena would find happiness and Justin and Ashley would settle their differences. Allison was unaffected by Justin's concern for Ashley being caught in the storm and tried to keep him from calling the sheriff. T.J. read Ashley's letter to him. Justin's attempt to use the phone was thwarted by Allison cutting off the connection.

OCTOBER 21, 1982 (EP. #567)
Ruby complained to Billy Joe about Christine's request she not be present for the taping of Billy Joe's show. Justin told Allison he's determined to learn the contents of Ashley's letter to T.J. T.J. showed sorrow to Reena over losing Ashley and not having the chance to say goodbye Justin decided to speak with T.J. once Allison planted doubt in his mind about Ashley. Ruby understood when Billy Joe revealed he didn't want her on the set because he planned to get personal during the show. T.J. suggested calling the sheriff after he mentioned the flash flood warnings to Justin and Reena. Ruby confided in George about Judith's feelings she isn't good enough for Mark. Justin and T.J. began a search for Ashley while Reena went to the newsroom at KVIK. Stella and Dick Cavett played Texas Tall Tales with a contestant. Ruby offered to help Judith when George revealed that she is broke. Billy Joe confessed to looking for things in the wrong places and doing jail time for armed robbery two years ago on the air. Reena didn't find any news of Ashley and discussed the show with Hunt, who admitted to receiving calls from younger girls and resolved to tell Vicky the truth. Hunt told Reena he finds it difficult but promised he will explain everything and cares for Vicky very much. Ruby asked Mark about his date with Mark at the Top of the World Club. Ruby thought of having a surprise party for Joel at the cabin in response to Mark's invitation to have dinner with him. T.J. informed Doris no one can trace Ashley's whereabouts. Doris advised T.J. that Gregory is spending the night with a friend. T.J. insisted on tracking Ashley down after updating Justin on Gregory being with a friend and not finding any sign of Ashley.

OCTOBER 22, 1982 (EP. #568)
Joel and Lurlene were surprised by their friends at the cabin. Allison doubted Ashley was harmed after she found out from Doris that Ashley is missing. Justin told Kate, Allison, and Doris he is going to the police's rescue site. Grant offered Justin his help in searching for Ashley. Ginny told Grant that Justin and Reena ended their affair and requested Grant keep Reena company. Brette discussed extracting oil without disturbing the land with Joel and Lurlene. Doris was suspicious of motives when Allison decided to ask Mark and Joel to help Justin after she learned Mark is with Ruby. Mark asked Ruby about going away with him sometime, prompting Allison to act upset over Ashley. Grant told Reena that John and Vivien love each other and admitted he has been thinking about her. Justin blamed T.J. for causing Ashley's disappearance by pestering her. An officer informed Justin and T.J. a woman named was discovered by a road. Kate told Ginny she and Justin are merging their land. Doris advised Kate and Ginny a woman named Marshall was admitted to Gulf Coast. Grant told Reena that World Oil has gained Cyrus as a client and is proud she broke it off with Justin. Hunt revealed to Vicky he assumed his brother's life and lied about being married and involved in the oil business. Vicky was shocked by Hunt's confession he is a priest who hasn't renounced his vows, was an alcoholic, and recognized by women from when he was a youth counselor. Grant and Reena discussed her bet with Justin and her grief over Max. Reena told Grant she understands why he didn't fight after finding her and Justin together. Justin was surprised to find Paige in the hospital room. Paige had a nightmare about trying to help Ashley escape from the flood and woke up begging Ashley to hold on.

OCTOBER 25, 1982 (EP. #569)
Paige told Justin that she was taking Ashley home to Justin when they were caught in the flood. Reena couldn't answer Grant's question on whether she wishes their relationship would have worked out. Vicky informed Reena she must keep secret Hunt's life as a priest and being on an indefinite leave of absence. T.J. and Justin decided to look for Ashley together. George told Judith that Ruby feels she doesn't live up to her standards and senses their closeness. Kate, Ginny, and Doris were puzzled over Allison's reaction to a woman named Marshall being in the hospital and wondered what might be wrong with her. Justin told Kate, Ginny, George, and Doris that Paige was brought to the hospital after she was washed away by the flood with Ashley. Allison tried to comfort a distraught Justin. Reena's suspicions were confirmed when Ruby admitted she revealed her bet with Justin to Judith. Ruby advised Reena that Judith is having an affair with George, is broke, and may be using Grant for his money. John advised Grant about a stock decision. Judith threw a fit when she learned Grant spent time with Reena. John and Vivien discussed fights between couples and marriage. John backed out of asking Vivien to marry him. T.J. tried to console Paige, who said she's fond of Ashley but feels alone without him and Ashley. Paige wasn't ready to hear T.J.'s reason for leaving her at the altar. Paige told George it's because Maggie is in a mental hospital that he dislikes her being kept in a small room. Paige told George about her ordeal with Ashley and he is the only one who cares about her. Allison convinced Justin to relax and assured him Ashley is fine. Doris vowed to keep an eye on Allison as she overheard Allison comfort Justin.

OCTOBER 26, 1982 (EP. #570)
Kate and George had an argument over who Paige should go home with. Gregory remembered Ashley's fear of water when Justin said Ashley was in a flood and she's missing. Paige insisted her place is at Marshall Oaks for Gregory and to help find Ashley, despite George's attempt to manipulate her by claiming he's the only one who cares about her. Rikki and Brette apologized to each other after she complained about him being too busy. Brette declined to go with Rikki on tour to promote his single. Reena wasn't in favor of Christine's idea of Billy Joe counseling guests on the show. Doris made Gregory apologize to Paige, who admitted he was right about her because drunk while with Ashley. Allison tried to make amends with Gregory due to her treatment of him in the past. George informed Reena that Paige was found but not Ashley. Justin told T.J. that Gregory knows about Ashley and mused over how Ashley and Gregory are alike. Doris was relieved Paige was fine but was stern about not drinking and getting her life together. T.J. advised Doris a car was spotted but is keeping it secret from Gregory. Allison remarked it seems Gregory has two fathers while the boy talked to T.J. about Ashley. George freaked when Christine mentioned Maggie and accused her of arranging Brette's accident. Christine reminding George they have the same access to the studio and he could've caused the accident too. T.J. gave Justin hope in finding Ashley until Justin realized police have started dragging the river. Reena ignored Allison's statement she's not welcome at Marshall Oaks and threat to call the police. Reena suggested Gregory take a walk with her and help Doris prepare food.

OCTOBER 27, 1982 (EP. #571)
Allison expressed her dislike of Reena being at the house and advised it's time to accept Ashley is gone. Justin urged Allison to believe Ashley will come back when she pretended to be upset. Justin told Reena he appreciated her comfort and support. Vicky advised Hunt not to see her anymore in response to his declaration of love. T.J. revealed to Paige that he thought Ashley had an abortion while in college and learned Gregory is their son before the wedding. T.J. told Paige he has a son he hardly knows, didn't want to hurt her but felt getting married wouldn't have been right, and Justin doesn't know the truth. Vicky reminded Ginny that there are areas that haven't been searched yet. Mark admitted to Ruby he isn't lonely because they have a good time together and he knows she truly cares about him. Reena watched as Justin and T.J. comforted Gregory. Ginny mentioned receiving beautiful letters from Striker and Ryan to Vicky. Ginny told Vicky she thinks Ashley was going home to Justin and not to be worried. Hunt admitted to the Monsignor his doubts about the priesthood involved a woman who has separated from her husband. The Monsignor suggested Hunt go on a retreat because he has a lot to think about. Justin and Allison returned to the rescue site. T.J. agreed to stay with Reena, who was pleased he's working with Justin to find Ashley but wondered what will happen if she isn't found. Reena warned T.J. to leave Justin alone and she knows Gregory is his son. Allison told Justin to face the fact that Ashley died in the flood. Reena was shocked and confused by T.J.'s accusation she took Gregory's birth certificate.

OCTOBER 28, 1982 (EP. #572)
Ruby told Mark she wants to wake up with him every morning for the rest of her life and gave a marriage proposal. Grant voiced doubts Ashley will be found to Judith, who asked him not to discuss the subject any further with Reena. Reena realized T.J. can't get custody of Gregory because he thinks she has the birth certificate. Reena suspected it's in Justin's possession and decided to call Marshall Oaks. Allison informed Reena that Justin isn't home and she's taking care of him. Vicky told Reena she fears the outcome of Hunt's visit with the Monsignor. Judith laid into Vivien for eavesdropping on her argument with Grant over Reena. Mark wrongly assumed Ruby was joking and tried to spare her feelings by saying she means a lot to him but he isn't ready for a commitment. Lurlene wondered how Allison can stay calm despite Ashley being missing. Grant gave John a raise. John asked for Grant's permission to marry Vivien. Joel and Lurlene fretted over Ashley's chances of surviving the flood. A contestant played Texas Tall Tales with Stella and guest Katherine Helmond. Hunt told Vicky he is leaving to go on a retreat. John was about to propose marriage to Vivien until Judith interrupted him and insisted on going to KVIK. Grant and Mark discussed the good and bad aspects of marriage and the reason Grant married Judith. Mark was surprised when Allison arrived at work but comforted her when she started sobbing. Ruby told Lurlene she never wants to feel rejection again and vowed not to see Mark since its marriage or nothing at all. Mark was surprised but understood Allison's need to work. Allison put on a charade so Mark would console her. Grant learned from Vivien that Judith left the house. Judith questioned Reena about plotting to win Grant back.

OCTOBER 29, 1982 (EP. #573)
Reena advised Judith she couldn't come between her and Grant if they're in love. Grant got the helicopter for him and Brette, who thought they might be searching in the wrong area. Ruby informed Mark she loves him but they shouldn't see each other and can't accept their current relationship. Christine mentioned George's fit when she mentioned Maggie to him. George denied Judith's accusations he blabbed about them to Reena, smashed a family photo, and made calls to the house during the night. Judith pleaded with George not to tell Grant and Reena anything once he suggested she see a psychiatrist. T.J. told Ginny that Gregory is his son but Justin doesn't know the truth. Ginny was hard pressed to believe T.J.'s certainty that Reena has Gregory's birth certificate. Kate and Ginny tried to assure Gregory everyone is still looking for Ashley. Judith whined to Mark about everything falling apart and not knowing what to do. Billy Joe felt Ruby made the right decision in not seeing Mark anymore without a commitment. George brought flowers to Paige, who said she was feeling better but blames herself for Ashley's disappearance. Paige defended T.J. against being badmouthed by George. Mark assured Judith she needn't worry over Grant and Reena spending time together. Ginny asked Reena if she took Gregory's birth certificate and urged her to consider T.J.'s feelings while Reena stood firm in not letting Justin get hurt. Justin, Grant, Brette, and T.J. discovered Ashley's car was found. Justin became convinced that Ashley and the baby died because the doors had been torn off. Justin blew up at T.J. and blamed him for what happened during the flood.

NOVEMBER 1, 1982 (EP. #574)
Ruby put on some music and contemplated whether she was right in breaking up with Mark. Reena refused Ginny's suggestion she return the birth certificate until T.J. makes a promise. T.J. told Justin he is Gregory's father and vowed to take care of him. Paige decided to wait to hear word on Ashley instead of leaving George when he referred to her as Maggie again. Joel and Lurlene discussed their wedding date with Kate and Gregory after they mentioned Mark and Ruby's break up. Justin warned T.J. to stay away from Gregory after T.J. confessed he backed out of marrying Paige once he learned Gregory was his son during the accident. Paige started to cause a scene due to Justin and T.J.'s fighting. Grant informed George and Paige the authorities aren't optimistic about Ashley being found alive. Allison advised Mark and Joel she's confident Ashley will return as she has done before. Lurlene hypothesized Mark might return despite Ruby's resolve to start dating again. Ginny fibbed to Gregory on Grant's behalf that there was no news about the rescue so Gregory wouldn't give up hope. Kate was concerned for Justin and heard that Paige left with George. Justin and Gregory wanted to step up the search once they discovered the car had been tracked down. Justin told Reena he can't disappoint Gregory by giving up and that T.J. claimed to be the boy's father. Reena urged Justin not to let T.J. get under his skin. Allison learned Ashley's car had been found but not any bodies. Paige helped T.J. tend to his wounds that Justin caused as they talked about their love for Ashley. Allison left to go to the rescue site once she assured Justin that Ashley is probably there.

NOVEMBER 2, 1982 (EP. #575)
George was notified that Maggie has been released from the mental hospital. T.J. tried to comfort Allison, who asked him if his claims about Ashley and Gregory are true and abruptly left when T.J. referred to her as Ashley's sister. Justin vowed to keep Gregory after Ginny said T.J. believes he is the boy's father. George understood the reason Paige visited T.J. and offered to take her home so she could be with family. Grant promised to try when Judith suggested taking a trip to Paris and asked for a second chance to make their marriage work. John urged Vivien to be honest with Judith that she doesn't like how she's treated by her. Vivien told Judith she isn't happy working for her, would never eavesdrop, and has considered a resignation. Judith apologized to Vivien and mentioned the trip she and Grant are going on. Doris advised Brian she will continue working for the Marshalls as their maid and keep her cover as a private investigator while she looks out for Justin's best interests. Justin lost his temper when Paige admitted to seeing T.J. and declared T.J. was lying about Gregory and better stay away from him. Vivien expressed her concern to John of Judith's desperation because she's not getting along with Grant. Vivien happily accepted John's proposal to marry. Paige agreed to stand by T.J's side when he reveals the truth about Gregory to Justin. Justin informed Allison he needs her and Gregory more than ever. George received a specially delivered letter about Maggie coming home.

NOVEMBER 3, 1982 (EP. #576)
Ginny informed Reena that Justin is continuing the search and predicted there is going to be trouble soon. Justin found Allison in his bed and mistakenly thought it was Ashley. Allison admired Ashley's belongings while alone in the house. Reena and Ginny argued over what is best for Gregory and the birth certificate. Brette kept Rikki company before he went into the studio to record the song "Angel." Billy Joe asked Elena to assure Ruby he is fine and not to be upset about Nita filing for divorce. Brette interrupted Rikki's rehearsal when she began to talk with Ruby. Allison was pleased to see Mark but declined his dinner invitation because she was worried about Justin and wanted to be alone. Billy Joe was surprised by how well Ruby handled the news of Nita requesting a divorce. Reena revealed to Justin that T.J. doesn't know of a second birth certificate and assured him that Gregory won't be taken away from him. Rikki told everyone he appreciated their patience during the recording session. Elena told Rikki she is proud of him. Rikki encouraged Elena to decide on what she wants to do with her life and go for it. Reena and Doris convinced Justin to eat. Allison got bossy with Reena over handling the household. Rikki and Brette shared a quiet celebration together. Billy Joe and Ruby confided in each other about their lives without Nita and Mark. Reena demanded Allison stop acting like a spoiled child. Justin defended Reena by insisted to Allison that Reena is always welcome at his house. Allison secretly took Gregory's birth certificate out of a cup on the mantle and remarked that Justin doesn't understand and she hasn't made a decision yet.

NOVEMBER 4, 1982 (EP. #577)
John and Vivien gave Grant and Judith the happy news that they're engaged. Ginny advised T.J. that Reena thinks Gregory should be with Justin and refuses to give the birth certificate back. Justin told Brian that T.J. claimed he is Gregory's father. Brian assured Justin that T.J. doesn't have a case without a valid birth certificate proving Gregory's paternity. Ginny understood T.J.'s stance on Gregory and relayed how Barrett kidnapped Steve and eventually returned the boy. Ginny urged T.J. to work out his differences with Justin and come to an agreement. Judith was nervous about a package until she opened it and saw a family picture Grant had reframed. Judith felt confident her marriage to Grant would work out. Christine and Reena considered searching for the songwriter of Rikki's song "Angel." Vicky suggested to Christine and Reena that Hunt joins Billy Joe to counsel guests on the show. Reena told Vicky she will talk to Grant about the conflict between George and Christine, who recounted George's reaction to the subject of Maggie and accused her of causing Brette's accident. Joel excitedly told Lurlene about his day at work. Joel and Lurlene discussed his job, how Ruby misses Mark, and then settled on December 17th as their wedding date. Grant told Reena he was a foreman on a jury in a second degree murder trial prior to coming to Houston. Reena advised Grant he doesn't owe Judith anything. Reena voiced her uncertainty on whether Judith came to Houston for a different reason other than rediscovering her love for him.

NOVEMBER 5, 1982 (EP. #578)
Judith happily told Mark of John and Vivien's engagement. Grant defended Judith by insisting she came to make their marriage work when Reena said she is broke and suggested he call Judith's lawyer. Mark advised Judith he and Ruby broke up and fretted over missing her. George promised Paige he's a friend and will always have time for her. Joel and Lurlene told Ruby she is maid of honor, Elena is the bridesmaid, and Mark will be part of the wedding party. Allison advised Mark it's time for Justin and Gregory to accept that Ashley is gone. Allison complained to Mark about Reena spending so much time at Justin's place. Kate, Justin, Gregory, and Doris enjoyed a picnic in the living room. Gregory told everyone he dreamed of an angel who resembled Paige who assured him Ashley will return and will say, "I'm home baby." Grant confirmed Reena's claims but refused to discuss the subject further with her. Reena advised Grant she won't be with married men anymore because she now has respect for herself. Allison declined to spend time with Mark because he's depressed about Ruby. Ruby informed Joel and Lurlene she is meeting with a PR person from Butler and Associates on Rikki's behalf. Grant confronted Judith about her financial woes and believed her explanation until Judith admitted to seeing Reena. Grant doubted Judith's declaration of love and asked when she'll learn to be truthful. Kate and Justin told Allison that Justin has new hope thanks to Gregory's dream. Allison looked at the birth certification while thinking of Ashley. Grant realized Mark was down as they discussed their dinner plans being cancelled. Ruby thought of Mark. Grant arrived home assuming Maggie was hiding until he became sure he had found her.

NOVEMBER 8, 1982 (EP. #579)
George thanked Maggie for making breakfast and chastised her for smoking. Grant accused Judith of caring about money and demanded to know when she's going to stop lying to him. Vicky told Reena that Hunt is on a retreat and misses him. Reena informed Vicky that Grant discovered the truth about Judith but guessed he won't leave her since Judith isn't as strong as she is. Ruby and Lurlene were surprised to meet a young man named Dan Butler. Mark and Brette discussed business until Ruby called to invite Brette to meet Dan at the Top of the World Club. Mark was bothered Ruby didn't request to speak with him and informed Brette that he isn't seeing Ruby anymore. Mark arranged it so he and Martha McIntyre could have dinner at the club. George requested time off due to a family member staying with him after overhearing Reena ask Christine to research a case Grant was on while in Boston. Vicky refused Billy Joe's suggestion that he counsel a guest over a divorce. Judith told Mark that Grant learned from Reena the true reason she came to Houston. The Monsignor advised Vicky she can't do anything to help Hunt because it's his decision to make. Mark defended Judith to Grant and suggested he decide whether to be her husband or get out of her life since there aren't any secrets between them anymore. Vicky was at a loss as she told Reena about her visit to the Monsignor and advice to follow her heart. Billy Joe informed Ruby and Lurlene he is discussing divorce on the show. Grant tried unsuccessfully to reach Judith and couldn't stop thinking about what Mark said. Judith arrived at George's place and didn't get an answer when she knocked on the door.

NOVEMBER 9, 1982 (EP. #580)
Reena asked Justin if he's ready to fight T.J. for Gregory. George convinced Judith he won't reveal their past to Grant and didn't tell Reena she's broke. Paige apologized to T.J. for being unable to save Ashley but has sided with Justin over Gregory. Paige informed T.J. that Justin hasn't given up on the search and has hired private investigators. Justin listened as Reena urged him to find the other birth certificate but dismissed her advice to accept Ashley is gone. Ruby had second thoughts about coming to the Top of the World Club. Rikki and Brette talked with Dan about how Ruby's doing without Mark. Maggie didn't respond to George's request she come out and not to be mad because he was nice to Judith. Mark found out Martha is obsessed with health. Justin and Paige discussed her visit with T.J. Allison offered to help Gregory do his homework. Doris told Paige she suspects Allison is trying to replace Ashley as Gregory's mother. Judith and Reena realized they are both at the club while separately spending time with Brette and Ruby. Mark introduced Martha to Rikki, Ruby, Judith, and Brette. Allison left in a huff after her attempt to take charge of the house was resisted. Gregory told Justin and Paige he is looking forward to his mother coming home. Rikki finished singing "Angel." Reena told Ruby that Grant only knows Judith is broke and ignored Judith's request to talk. Ruby made sure Mark saw her leave the club with Dan. Gregory said his prayers with Justin before going to bed. T.J. confessed to Allison that he and Ashley are Gregory's parents. T.J. explained how he learned Gregory is his son and that the birth certificate has been stolen. T.J. realized Allison not Reena has the birth certificate since it's written in French.

NOVEMBER 10, 1982 (EP. #581)
Christine told Billy Joe she found a guest who is willing to discuss divorce. George tore up a letter he found and informed Maggie he is leaving for work. George was surprised with Paige's arrival and insisted he can't have breakfast with her because he's going to KVIK. Reena was undeterred by T.J.'s threat to file legal action against her and advised T.J. that Gregory belongs to Justin. Reena guessed the birth certificate was issued in Georgia and told T.J. Billy Joe disapproved of Christine's idea to plant Cheryl Barth in the audience. Hunt expressed interest in returning to work before he makes a decision. Vicky mentioned her visit with the Monsignor to Hunt and being prepared if he chooses to end their relationship. T.J. informed Ginny that Allison has Gregory's birth certificate. Christine admitted to Reena she couldn't find any information on the murder trial Grant was part of in Boston. George advised Reena it's best that she stop looking into the court case. Paige refused Billy Joe's offer to appear on his show. Hunt felt the show went alright despite Reena and Christine's opinion the subject wasn't right to do. T.J. expressed doubts on taking Gregory away from Justin to Ginny. George offered to take Paige home after he and Reena found her drunk. Vicky convinced Hunt he made a good decision in returning to KVIK. Reena wasn't pleased when Hunt accepted Vicky's job offer as the new Technical Advisor. T.J. told Ginny he doesn't wish to harm Gregory with a court case but feels forced into one since Justin won't agree to a compromise. Ginny urged T.J. to keep trying to settle things with Justin. George discovered his apartment was ransacked and heard a voice warning him to keep "that drunk" away.

NOVEMBER 11, 1982 (EP. #582)
Justin advised Doris that T.J. isn't allowed in the house or see Gregory without giving a reason. Brette mused over the time John and Vivien have to spend together. A blonde stood outside Grant's office and made herself scarce when he left the office. Ruby told Lurlene about her date with Dan and that Mark was with a health nut. Allison told T.J. she suspected he and Ashley were Gregory's parents and spoke of noticing a change in Justin. T.J. told Allison that Reena doesn't have the birth certificate. T.J. questioned Allison's motives for taking Gregory's side. Mark probed Joel on Ruby and Dan and mentioned he has a date with another woman. Brette refused to believe Judith left Boston for money when she admitted she's broke and Grant is furious with her. A blonde showed up at George's studio. Justin told Doris that he is encouraged by Gregory's faith. Doris overheard Allison's vow to be with Gregory as much as possible. Ruby quizzed Joel on Mark's date with Martha. Joel told Lurlene that Mark and Ruby miss each other. Mark suggested dinner with Debbie instead of getting cozy with her. T.J. relayed to Burton he recently found out Gregory is his son and had intended on letting Justin and Ashley have custody. Burton offered to help T.J. without the birth certificate on T.J. wished to have Gregory now that Ashley is gone. Allison told Doris that Gregory shouldn't be encouraged to pray for Ashley's return. Grant agreed to stay with Judith on the condition she quit lying to him. Maggie threatened to kill Grant if George refuses.

NOVEMBER 12, 1982 (EP. #583)
Brette grew upset after she learned from Judith that Reena interfered in Grant and Judith's marriage. Rikki told Dan that Elena is singing on the show and hoped Dan would work with her. Paige denied having a drinking problem when Billy Joe suggested she appear as a guest to discuss alcoholism. Brette urged Mark to accept his breakup with Ruby. Grant suggested to Judith they be honest with each other and took partial responsibility for her not being truthful. Someone in the bushes watched Grant leave the house. Brette advised Reena she ruined her chances with Grant and demanded she leave Grant and Judith's marriage alone. John and Vivien made plans for their day off. A blonde snuck into Reena's office and stole the folder covering Grant's court case. Brette's attempt to see Rikki was thwarted by publicity shots. Billy Joe defended the decision to discuss divorce on the show to Ruby. Judith learned from Paige that she doesn't know who George's friend is. A blonde came to George's studio with the court case's file and a gun. Brette tearfully told Rikki she is worried Dan's plans will make things worse for them and cried when Rikki had to record a promotional spot. Grant told Mark he and Judith have reconciled and playing the field isn't as good as it seems. Mark confided in Grant that Ruby broke it off since she wanted a commitment. George declined Paige's suggestion they get together. Christine told Reena she left the files and articles on the court case and Maggie on her desk. Maggie insisted Grant be killed despite George's protest.

NOVEMBER 15, 1982 (EP. #584)
George told Maggie to be quiet as a policeman slipped a note under the door when no one answered. George revealed to Paige that Maggie escaped from prison and is staying with him. Burton informed T.J. that he arranged to fly to France once Ginny showed him the files on Gregory. Mark admitted to Brette the other women are just dates and he misses Ruby. Ruby told Joel, Lurlene, and Elena that Dan is coming to see Elena's performance. George complained to Paige about headaches but was pleased Maggie is and warned no one can know Maggie is here. Ruby told Joel and Lurlene she intends to work hard for Elena. Sally suggested they cancel their plans because Mark couldn't stop talking about Ruby. T.J. told Mildred that Burton has gone to France, defended Ashley whom she blamed for lying to him, and warned Justin won't stop fighting for Gregory. George tried to call Maggie from a payphone. Ruby yelled at Mark and was shocked but happily accepted his marriage proposal. T.J. advised Paige she'd be asking for trouble by getting involved with George and his friend who escaped from prison. T.J. hinted to Paige about spending time together soon. Maggie reminded George she hates Paige and demanded he choose between the two of them. Mark and Ruby headed for New York City once they learned the plane had limited fuel.

NOVEMBER 16, 1982 (EP. #585)
Gregory insisted Ashley will be found despite Mildred's condolences. Vicky advised Billy Joe she'll talk to Hunt after he apologized to Vicky and Reena for misleading them about the divorce show. Christine noticed George didn't look well and thought the publicity shots he did looked terrible. Kate insisted to Mildred that Justin and Gregory have faith in Ashley's return. Mildred expressed sympathy to Kate over the fire at the Marshall ranch. Mark suggested to Ruby they get some sleep before taking a walk in the park. Mark hurt is back while trying to carry Ruby through the threshold of their hotel room. Gregory mentioned Mildred's visit to Justin before Kate and Doris took him to school. Allison told Justin she assumes Mildred came because T.J. told her Gregory is his son. Christine advised Vicky and Hunt she remembers he once counseled her sister's best friend. Hunt revealed to Vicky he left the priesthood because he got drunk and missed an appointment with Liza who killed herself. Allison informed Justin that T.J. knows Reena doesn't have the birth certificate and promised to ensure he won't lose Gregory. Simon Dak called Reena to speak with George about Maggie. Christine gave Reena the file on Grant and suggested doing a show on Hunt's conflict between the church and the woman he cares for when Billy Joe disapproved of the idea. Maggie screamed at George for asking about Paige by calling Doris. Simon couldn't reach George to discuss Maggie. George heard Maggie demand they not leave until Grant is dead.

NOVEMBER 17, 1982 (EP. #586)
Reena informed Simon that George has a friend staying with him once he emphasized the importance of questioning George. T.J. informed Ginny that Mildred took the news of Gregory being his son well. Burton advised T.J. a lawyer in France suspects the birth certificate may have been altered. Ruby woke up thinking Mark left. Mark arrived with packages from the Bellboys after taking a stroll down 5th Avenue. Maggie took a note Reena left when no one answered George's door. T.J. warned Ginny they can't push Allison's hand. Ginny comforted Mildred after T.J. laid into her for visiting the Marshalls. Allison mentioned Mark's whereabouts are unknown. Reena told Paige a man from the Massachusetts Attorney General's office needed to speak with George about Maggie. Paige assured Reena she will go to George's place even though she doesn't know what is going on. Grant faked trying to find his keys so Judith and Allison would leave him and John alone to talk. Mark gifted Ruby a jacket, a ruby ring, and appointment for a wedding dress. Grant informed John his gun is missing. Grant told Judith he loves her. Paige advised George that Reena told her someone is looking for Maggie. George refused Paige's suggestion he get T.J.'s help. Paige insisted on seeing Maggie instead of leaving much to George's chagrin. Reena was about to read the file on Grant's court case when Vicky came to see her per Christine's request.

NOVEMBER 18, 1982 (EP. #587)
George trapped himself and Maggie in the darkroom to keep her from escaping. Paige discovered that Maggie committed suicide in prison and left a message for T.J. to help her handle George. Justin informed Reena that T.J. is convinced Allison doesn't have the birth certificate. Brette and Allison figured out from Lurlene's clues that Mark and Ruby have eloped. Reena expressed her doubts about Allison's honesty and intentions to Justin. Mark and Ruby toured New York City and Central Park. Judith was shocked to hear of Mark and Ruby's elopement. T.J. grabbed his gun once he heard Paige's message. George struggled between his and Maggie's personalities to kill Paige and then go after Grant. Paige was wounded by a knife as George regained control of his mind and begged Maggie not to hurt Paige if he following her orders. Justin wished for Ashley's return in hopes T.J. wouldn't gain custody of Gregory. Hawker and Boots told Justin about the rumors he isn't running Marshall Oil properly and secretly discussed a takeover. Justin accepted Allison's offer to run the company with him. George helped Paige get away and promised Maggie he'll kill Grant and the three of them will leave town together. Reena and Christine learned Maggie was convicted of murder and George thought the Wheelers looked down on his parents for being their servants. Reena realized George arranged Stella's accident which was meant for Brette. Reena went to warn Grant while T.J. comforted a distraught Paige.

NOVEMBER 19, 1982 (EP. #588)
T.J. and Paige left to warn Grant after she told T.J. that George has a gun and intends to kill him. Grant tried to calm an upset Judith but urged her to accept Mark and Ruby's marriage. Reena gave Barbara instructions to keep George away from Grant and to call security if he comes to World Oil because he's dangerous. Reena informed Grant that George came to Houston seeking revenge since he was on the jury who convicted Maggie and most likely caused Stella's accident that was meant for Brette. Ruby wished Lurlene could attend her wedding and told Mark. Barbara tried to stall George with the excuse Grant was in a conference. George knocked Barbara unconscious once he caught her attempting to call security. Grant realized George was holding his gun as George barged into the office and ordered Reena to hang up the phone. George gloated to Grant and Reena about breaking into his house, smashing a family portrait, and handling his possessions. Judith was forced to reveal her affair with George to Grant but denied George's claim she did so out of hatred. Sgt Harry Albertson advised T.J. and Paige that a sharpshooter has been called because George is holding Grant, Judith, and Reena at gunpoint. T.J. accompanied Paige by Alex's private elevator so she could try and reason with George. Ruby gave Mark her grandfather's ring to wear. Mark and Ruby were thrilled when Judge Michaels brought Joel and Lurlene to be witnesses and celebrate after the ceremony. Paige asked T.J. to stay out of sight while she searched for a way to get into Grant's office. George told Grant, Judith, and Reena he prevented the police from burying Maggie then hit the ground from getting headaches. Reena told George that Maggie is dead as she started to escape with Grant and Judith.

NOVEMBER 22, 1982 (EP. #589)
Mark and Ruby traveled through Manhattan to Times Square where a billboard declared Mark's love for Ruby. Vicky and Hunt informed Sgt. Albertson that Reena is one of George's hostages. Grant refused to beg as George taunted him, Reena, and Judith. Reena convinced George not to accept Judith's offer to sacrifice her life for Grant's. T.J. and Paige explained the hostage situation to Brette when she arrived unexpectedly. Lurlene understood Ruby's nervousness over making love on her wedding night since Lurlene felt the same way about her and Joel. George mistook Paige for Maggie as she entered the office and asked him to wait on shooting Grant, Reena, and Judith. Ruby interrupted Mark attempting to call Grant and Judith when she came out in a nightgown. Mark promised to love Ruby after she saw the word always engraved in her ring. George fell to the ground from being shot by T.J. Judith stepped in front of Grant and took a bullet for him when George fired his gun. Reena told Hunt and Vicky that Judith was shot and George may be dying. Hunt arrived and comforted Paige. George told Maggie she shouldn't have hurt Paige. George was relieved once he learned Paige wasn't injured and expressed she is his only friend and loves her. Joel and Lurlene shared an intimate moment but decided to wait on consummating their relationship. Mark and Ruby agreed they are the happiest people in New York. Judith was rushed to the hospital by paramedics. George died after he confessed everything to Hunt. Sgt. Albertson advised Paige she will have to be questioned. T.J. tried to convince Paige he had no choice but to shoot George before he could harm her.

NOVEMBER 23, 1982 (EP. #590)
Doris told Kate, Justin, and Paige the paper stated T.J. killed George. The doctor advised Grant that Judith's surgery was successful but the bullet injured her lung and is lodged near her spinal column. Mark felt guilty over not bringing Judith to New York after he learned from Allison she had been shot. Ruby agreed to Mark's request she notify Joel and Lurlene they are coming home right away. Paige confided to Kate she blames herself for not realizing George needed help and getting T.J. involved in the situation. T.J. was bothered by taking another man's life as Mildred praised him for being a hero. Hunt informed Hunt a story for an evening news edition is being ran exposing George and Judith's affair. Hunt was uncertain when Vicky asked if he could leave such an important part of his life as the priesthood behind. Grant told Reena that Mark and Ruby eloped in New York. Justin offered moral support when Grant and Reena praised Paige for saving lives and being brave. Hunt and Vicky decided Grant should know about the story on George and Judith's affair before it's released. Brette grew upset over reporters who harassed Grant and Reena until they were thrown out of the hospital. T.J. insisted to Allison that violence is wrong and was reminded of his guilt over killing men while in the service. Ginny urged T.J. to seek out Grant, Reena, and Paige so they can come to terms with the ordeal with George. Ruby witnessed Mark fly off the handle at the hospital as he demanded to see Judith. Paige came to George's studio while drunk and apologized for being unable to save him. Reena congratulated Ruby on getting married. Grant, Reena, and Brette expressed their gratitude to T.J. Grant asked T.J. to extend appreciation to Paige when T.J. left to go see her.

NOVEMBER 24, 1982 (EP. #591)
Reena advised Ruby that Mark and Brette should know about George and Judith before reading it in the paper. Grant snapped at Reena and insisted Judith isn't going to die after Reena mentioned Max. Grant escorted Reena out of the hospital once Mark wouldn't apologize to her. Ruby was able to get Mark to quit arguing with Brette. Gregory recalled to Kate and Justin how Ashley came home for Thanksgiving and they always went out to dinner the night before the holiday. Reena tried to convince Grant that Judith doesn't hate him and reminded him Judith took a bullet for him out of love. Mark declined to do work while at the hospital when Allison brought oil leases to him. Allison wondered how Ruby will handle the Wheelers ordeal being public now that she's part of the family. Paige declared she wanted to die after T.J. found her passed out and drunk. Brette informed Rikki that George wanted her dead. T.J. helped Paige get into the shower and talked her out of suicidal thoughts. Reena came home and balled in Vicky's arms. Gregory caught Allison snooping through his desk drawer and yelled at her. Ruby offered to keep Rikki company so he can be alone to tell Mark and Brette the truth about George and Judith. Grant advised Ruby not to stray too far because family has to stick together. Allison told Doris that Gregory is keeping things for Ashley and to keep her informed about it. Kate warned Allison she is doing more harm than good. T.J. told Paige she is a survivor and he has arranged it so George and Maggie are buried together. Mark reacted to the revelation of George and Judith's affair by blaming Grant, arguing with Brette, and refusing to listen to Grant any further. Kate, Justin, Gregory, and Doris prepared for Thanksgiving while Allison moped on the sofa.


NOVEMBER 26, 1982 (EP. #592)
The doctor advised Mark and Brette that Judith's recovery involves her own will power to survive. Ruby told Grant that Judith needs him and Mark and they can work out their problems if that's what they all want. Judith admitted to Mark and Brette she doesn't want to live because of what she did and Grant will never forgive her. T.J. urged Paige to fight and promised that he and her family will lend support if she needs them. Billy Joe talked to Hunt about being a Catholic priest. Christine warned Billy Joe the audience will want to hear about George and Judith and Ruby's elopement with Mark. Ruby updated Reena on Judith's condition and asked that she keep mum about who revealed George and Judith's affair to her. Reena lamented to Vicky that the Wheelers don't want her at the hospital and asked that she speak with Hunt. Mark reminded Grant that Judith saved his life and pressed him to do the same for Judith rather than just visiting her. Allison complimented T.J. on being hero while they discussed Paige. Burton advised T.J. they can prove someone tampered with Gregory's birth certificate. Paige defend George and the Wheelers during her appearance on Billy Joe's show. Allison informed T.J. that Gregory hasn't accepted Ashley is lost and she is upset with Mark for marrying Ruby. Allison left abruptly instead of getting closer to T.J. Hunt suggested Reena pray for Judith when she confessed her feelings and guilt over being involved with Grant due to Judith saving his life. Mark told Ruby he's worried about Judith since Grant is the one who matters to her. Grant urged Judith to fight as she walked towards the light. Judith reached out for Grant who held her hand.

NOVEMBER 29, 1982 (EP. #593)
Kate and Doris told Justin that Paige was on Billy Joe's show. Judith woke up as Grant urged her to recover because he loves her and has much to live for. Billy Joe raved to Paige on her television appearance. Doris pointed out to Kate it seems Allison is involved in a lot of things. Gregory told Kate, Doris, and Justin about his daydream of Ashley coming home safe and sound. Doris mused over the bond between a mother and son being strong. Paige asked Ruby to keep her updated on Judith's condition. Grant was doubtful he reached Judith but was comforted by Mark's assurance he helped her regain consciousness and no longer blamed him. Hawker, Boots, and Justin were surprised to learn Allison now works for Marshall Oil. The doctor advised Grant that the neurologist found complications and Judith may be permanently paralyzed. Justin refused Allison, Hawker, and Boots' idea he obtain some less secure leases from World Oil. Allison informed Justin she was hurt by Mark and Ruby's elopement and has become Vice President of the company. Kate and Doris complimented Paige on her interview about George and consoled her when she mentioned visiting his studio to bid farewell. Kate guessed rightly that Paige spent Thanksgiving with T.J. Grant, Mark, Brette, and Ruby decided to go to the chapel. Allison suggested Justin purchase Cyrus' oil leases. Detective Anderson informed Justin that a woman matching Ashley's description has been making charges as Mrs. Justin Marshall in Galveston.

NOVEMBER 30, 1982 (EP. #594)
Kate and Paige disagreed with Allison's assertion that the woman matching Ashley's description wasn't really her but promised not to tell Gregory. Gregory overheard Paige tell T.J. that Ashley has been found and Justin is leaving town to find her. Doris called some friends in the police department when there was doubt about the identity of the woman in Galveston. Burton informed Mildred he has definitive proof that Gregory's birth certificate is fake. Grant realized he no longer wants to be married to Judith due to her affair with George and love for Reena. Grant admitted his feelings will never change to Reena who advised him they weren't meant to be together. Justin was disappointed that he was given a false lead and found out the woman purchased Ashley's credit cards from a man on the waterfront. Judith told Grant she had a nightmare about him leaving her. Grant assured Judith he won't leave her and the memories of being injured will return to her once she is ready. Reena advised Hunt her wish for guidance has helped her figure out what she needs to do. T.J. told Kate, Paige, and Allison they were mistaken about the woman in Galveston prompting Allison to berate Paige. Paige admitted she was at fault for getting Gregory's hopes up. Rikki enthused to Brette over his tour going well and that he likes the one-night appearances. Brette told Rikki she blames herself for Judith's condition because she brought George to the Wheeler house. T.J. thought he should move on with his life and accept that Ashley may not be found while talking to Gregory. Gregory told T.J. he and Justin still have faith. Allison was non-committal towards T.J.'s request she help with Gregory as Doris spied from the window. Justin informed Gregory he plans to hire a detective to search Galveston.

DECEMBER 1, 1982 (EP. #595)
Judith told Mark and Brette she can't get Grant to talk about the accident that caused her to be hospitalized. T.J. admitted to Ginny he regrets getting Gregory's hopes up. Justin swore to T.J. he will take Gregory from him and they haven't lost hope in finding Ashley. Grant informed Mark and Brette that Judith has no memory of the shooting and suggested keeping Ruby away from Judith since she doesn't know about the elopement. Mark rushed to work once he heard Allison was packing her things there. Christine told Ruby she was surprised Mark agreed to get married but was genuinely happy for them. Judith and Brette bonded while discussing Judith's newfound closeness to her and Vivien. Judith told Brette she's pleased Mark has Allison. Billy Joe advised Christine his contract with Marshall Oil is up and he isn't returning as Ace High's spokesperson. Allison slapped Mark because he commented she is taking Ashley's place after revealing she is leaving to work for Justin. Doris promised T.J. that Gregory is being taken care, will keep him updated, and be cautious a confused Allison may cause trouble. Mark rejected Ruby's offer to help him with work by asserting married couples shouldn't work together. Mark discovered that Allison took information on potential leaseholders. Allison suggested to Justin, Hawker, and Boots, that Marshall Oil acquire Cyrus' leases and launch a new campaign with Billy Joe for Ace High. Ruby told Brette about Allison's resignation from World Oil. Grant referred to Ruby as his favorite daughter-in-law as they talked. Mark argued with Brette when she accused him of being angry that Allison out maneuvered him. Judith told Grant he is the reason she is still alive.

DECEMBER 2, 1982 (EP. #596)
Judith was comforted by Grant once she realized she was paralyzed. Brette told Rikki she fought with Mark because Allison took some of World Oil's files and quit her job. Rikki admitted to Brette he's apprehensive over a meeting he has at the cabin that Max and Reena shared. Reena offered to help Mark when Ruby mentioned what Allison pulled at World Oil. Doris confessed her prostitute past and is the detective Brian hired to Justin. Doris convinced Justin to keep her employed since she considers the house the first home she has ever had. Judith asked Grant to keep Mark and Brette away from the hospital because she refuses pity. Allison assured Justin that World Oil won't know their clients when Justin doubted they would yield any information he didn't already know. Elena discussed her interest in Dan with Lurlene but fretted he doesn't seem to feel the same way. Billy Joe didn't want to take part in Justin and Allison's plans to launch a new advertising campaign. Grant told Reena that he can't leave Judith while she's fragile and needed by him. Allison told Billy Joe the commercials will be done before his contract expires. Grant advised Mark, Brette, and Ruby the doctors are uncertain whether Judith's paralysis is physical or psychological. Mark grew upset and pleaded with Grant to support Judith. Lurlene offered to handle Rikki's fan mail after the meeting with Rikki, Dan, and Elena ended. Rikki told Joel he wants Joel and Lurlene are as happy living in the cabin as Max was. Lurlene suggested Dan take Elena home. Joel protested over dress boots Lurlene gave him and reminded her they can't afford fancy things on his rancher's salary. Judith slept as Grant said she saved his life and wished he was in the bed instead of her.

DECEMBER 3, 1982 (EP. #597)
Allison informed Cyrus they can't see each other any longer since she's working for Marshall Oil. Reena convinced Hunt to visit Judith. Grant promised to stand by Judith when she exclaimed he should've let her die instead of helping her regain consciousness. Ruby suggested John and Vivien get some of Judith's belongings and books to bring to her. Cyrus contemplated ditching Marshall Oil for another company while Justin talked about Allison being Ashley's younger sister. Vicky told Reena that the constant reminders of Hunt's priesthood angers her and prevents them from relating to each other. Reena told Vicky that Grant is devoting himself to Judith. Mark decided he and Ruby will move into the house and Brette would look into home care for Judith. Reena confronted Allison and accused her of acting out of self-interest. Brette chided Mark over not consulting with Ruby about moving into the house. Justin refused Reena's request to return the files and defended Allison's actions. Brette told T.J. she caused the ordeal with George and his affair with Judith to go public and be verified by journals George kept. T.J. advised Brette there isn't any legal action they can take against Allison for betraying World Oil and Mark. Reena and Ruby talked about Allison forcing Billy Joe to do commercials while still under contract and that she and Justin make a good team. Reena warned Ruby that Cyrus may do business with Marshall Oil and not to let Judith shut her out of the family. Vivien got tough with Judith so she would allow the family to see her. Ruby wasn't keen on Mark's plans to move into the house and take care of Judith. Grant told Judith he will take a leave of absence if she agrees to fight to recover. Ruby felt alienated as she watched Grant, Mark, and Brette visit with Judith.

DECEMBER 6, 1982 (EP. #598)
Judith found some solace when Grant revealed she saved his life by taking a bullet for him. Ruby shocked Justin and Allison with the fact that Billy Joe's commercials can run without residuals but he isn't contractually obligated to shoot new ones. Justin realized Allison could find out T.J.'s plans by agreeing to meet with him. Mark blew up at Cyrus who considered taking his oil leases to Marshall Oil. Judith felt it better she doesn't recall the day of the shooting and George's death while talking to Hunt. Ruby updated Joel and Lurlene on Judith's condition and said she still doesn't know Mark married her. Justin was undeterred that Brian's background check on T.J. yielded nothing damaging. Allison denied it when T.J. claimed to know she has Gregory's birth certificate. T.J. revealed everyone except her thought Gregory was born in Georgia. Allison flirted with T.J. while musing about wanting a man who will give her the love Ashley took away. Kate, Paige, Gregory, and Doris talked about new starts. Lurlene made up an excuse to leave with Joel so that Dan and Elena could be alone. Elena confided in Dan on being unsure if she still loves Joe, her sad childhood, and that she has little family left in Houston. Dan faced resistance from Elena as he attempted to get to know her better. Ruby told Billy Joe his contract has ended and divorce from Nita is almost final. Ruby assured Billy Joe the special woman he seeks is closer than he thinks but he doesn't know it yet. Grant was too tired to fight with Mark over his disapproval of Judith seeing Hunt. Paige informed Kate, Justin, Gregory, and Doris that Dennis is divesting some holding and has handed her the Top of the World Club and World Oil penthouse. Allison told T.J. he already knows what she is after.

DECEMBER 7, 1982 (EP. #599)
Hunt expressed concern to Grant that Judith may not recover if she remembers the past. Ruby stopped Stella from telling Judith about her affair with George. Ruby tried to convince Judith she didn't purposely keep her marriage to Mark quiet. Paige was puzzled by Dennis' intentions and didn't agree with Justin's comment that T.J. won't look after her best interests when Paige decided to have him review the legal papers. Mark laid into Ruby for confirming Stella's hints about them getting married. Ruby complained to Mark she was proud to be his wife but can't deal with the secrecy anymore. Vicky learned she'll be working with Hunt and Reena on the annual telethon. Elena told Lurlene her date with Dan was a flop because they have nothing in common. Rikki and Brette tried to cheer up Ruby who showed regret over Mark and feeling like Judith despises her. Ruby and Brette plotted against Allison by arranging for Allison and Cyrus to get together. Mildred reluctantly agreed to solicit donations to the telethon. T.J. advised Paige the legal papers seem legitimate because Dennis is Alex's son. Lurlene asked Reena to be a bridesmaid and to encourage Dan to give Elena another chance. Paige accepted when T.J. suggested they make a fresh start. Ruby reserved a room for two. Dan told Rikki he's going to be featured in a magazine. Allison assured Justin that T.J. doesn't have any evidence that's admissible in court. Brette advised Mark she's relieved Stella couldn't reveal Judith's affair and he should make things easier for Ruby. Dan was surprised when Reena mentioned Elena's interest in him. Ruby told Reena she wonders if Elena means more to Billy Joe than they know. Reena told Ruby there's nothing between her and Grant because of Judith taking a bullet for him.

DECEMBER 8, 1982 (EP. #600)
Judith relented to getting psychiatric help after having a long talk with Dr. Matthews. Paige assured T.J. she won't have issues managing the properties or her boutique and planned to let Mark stay at the penthouse. T.J. told Paige that Allison stole Gregory's birth certificate and is keeping it as leverage to decide who will be Gregory's father. Allison denied setting up a meeting to Cyrus while she rejected his advances and a bracelet he gifted her. Grant assured Judith that he and the family will help with her recovery at the house. Hunt explained to the Monsignor the conflict between being drawn back to the priesthood and his feelings for Vicky. T.J. was unsympathetic to Allison after she fumed about Ruby setting her up with Cyrus. Allison maintained she didn't have the birth certificate when T.J. asked her to return it and accused her of playing games. Paige agreed to be one of Lurlene's bridesmaids and offered to make the dresses for the wedding at the boutique. Justin suggested to Joel and Lurlene that their wedding should take place at Marshall Oaks and the reception at his estate. Justin told Joel and Lurlene he wants the mansion to provide joy as he originally intended when it was built. Mark apologized to Ruby for his treatment of her and expressed his love. Ruby suggested Mark move in to the house alone to help Judith adjust. Lurlene was understanding with Joel who admitted he's been feeling left out and is upset over not seeing her much lately. Detective Charlie Barnett gave Ashley's purse to Justin and requested to be released from the case. Allison promised to have a list of potential detectives for Justin right away. Allison contemplated handing the birth certificate over to Justin to spite T.J. so he will never see Gregory.

DECEMBER 9 - 31, 1982 (EP. #601 - #617)
Paige stole Gregory's birth certificate from Allison but refused to surrender it to T.J. and Justin until they compromise. Seth visited Gregory while he slept and spoke of love and friendship. Justin and T.J. agreed to a settlement after Gregory relayed Seth's message. Justin admitted he knew Gregory was T.J.'s son all along. Gregory's unwavering faith proved true when Ashley came home. Ashley explained she was separated from Paige during the flood, blacked out, and regained consciousness in Seth's cabin where he helped her recuperate until she could return. Ashley promised T.J. he'll always have a place in Gregory's life and will know his parentage in due time. Justin and Ashley reconciled and welcomed their daughter Katherine Paige Marshall.

Ashley made peace with Allison by apologizing for neglecting her. Allison felt encouraged by Ashley's advice to live her own life and considered attending Yale or Princeton and then pursuing politics.

Hunt had a physical altercation with his estranged brother Ben, who was furious over him leaving the ministry. Vicky refused to accept Hunt's marriage proposal knowing he would have to renounce his priesthood and faith. Vicky and Reena attended Hunt's first Mass, where Hunt and Vicky felt pleased for knowing each other and sad for parting ways. Vicky convinced Reena to take a job in New York.

Hunt asked Billy Joe to work at half-way houses for ex-convicts. Billy Joe and Elena made a pact to work together and became romantically involved. John and Vivien became wealthy because of the success of John's first novel.

Joel and Lurlene were married. They spent their honeymoon in Niagara Falls and finally consummated their marriage. T.J. and Paige decided to start over but take it slow. Kate and Paige were thrilled when Ginny told them that Barrett and Steve are returning to Houston. Rikki had a successful concert at the Coop and was given a tentative recording offer in Los Angeles. Rikki and Brette separated when she realized there would be no place for her in his life there.

Judith jumped to her feet in shock once she regained her memories of George. Grant was understanding when Judith confessed to faking her paralysis to hold onto him. Judith came to accept Mark and Ruby's marriage and convinced Brette to take a job in Alaska. Mark was excited over Ruby's pregnancy. Reena told Judith she has accepted that Grant has returned to her but insisted she make Grant happy. Grant was persuaded by Judith to catch up to Reena before she left town so he could reunite with her.

Vicky lost the Victory Network when Tom Brandon persuaded the station's affiliates not to renew their contracts. Stella became the new station manager. Lurlene, Justin and Gregory, T.J. and Paige, and Mildred performed musical numbers at the annual telethon. Justin made a toast after Vicky told everyone to be proud of their accomplishments and remember the experiences they shared as very special.