Freeze FrameRyan and Vicky were the loves of each other's lives. They met in the summer of 1990, when Ryan rescued Vicky from a runaway horse. Their courtship got off to a rocky start. Ryan was a by-the-book type of guy, and Vicky bristled under the restraints he tried to impose on her. Vicky poured champagne on him and spritzed him with mustard, and Ryan dangled her over the balcony at TOPS. On New Year's Eve, Ryan had professed his love for Vicky.

Freeze FrameIn early fall of 1991, Vicky and Ryan got engaged to be married. Also at this time, Vicky went to work for Ryan's half-brother Grant Harrison. Grant was immediately attracted to her and set out to make her his own, no matter that she was engaged to his brother. For her part, Vicky was enthraled with the excitement of a political life, and she was also feeling very trapped in her relationship with Ryan.

Grant continually badgered Vicky into believing that Ryan was all wrong for her and that he was the only man for her. His plan worked, and she succumbed to him sexually one night in April 1992. Though she tried to cover up the affair, Ryan eventually found out and left her.

Freeze FrameVicky turned to Grant for support. Feeling uncertain of her future, she accepted his marriage proposal. They were married in February 1993. While honeymooning in Banff, Alberta, Vicky was kidnapped by Carl Hutchins.

Freeze FrameMuch to Grant's dismay, it was Ryan who rescued her. And during their time together, Vicky and Ryan had given in to their passion and made love. When Vicky admitted this to Grant several months later he was devastated, but he loved her and was desperate to make their marriage work.

Vicky was kidnapped a second time. During the rescue attempt she was shot by Grant, who had been aiming for her kidnapper, Ian Rain. Grant decided to lie to Vicky that it had been Ryan who pulled the trigger.

Freeze FrameDesperate to keep Vicky and Ryan separated, Grant secluded Vicky in a remote Swiss sanitarium to recover from her wound. Locked in her room and kept under sedation, Vicky came to realize how manipulative and tyrannical Grant really was and she left him. She ran straight to Ryan, and they reconciled.

They were both upset to discover that Vicky was pregnant with Grant's child. But by the time the child, Kirkland, was born, they had resolved themselves to loving the child.

Freeze FrameVicky and Ryan got re-engaged in early 1994. Before the wedding, though, in early May, Vicky took her newborn son and skipped town. She was scared that she would have lost him to his father, Grant.

Freeze FrameShe finally returned in September when it looked like she would lose Ryan forever if she stayed away any longer. Ryan, however, said that it was too late and refused to forgive Vicky for abandoning him.

Freeze FrameIn early 1995 Ryan realized that he could not continue being so judgmental of Vicky. In February he was about to propose to Vicky when she told him her secret: she had switched babies on Grant, giving him a child that wasn't his. Ryan was incensed. He dropped the engagement ring and walked out.

Freeze FrameWhen Grant was shot and Vicky arrested for the crime, Ryan took it upon himself to protect her. He stepped forward and took the blame. In the end, both were absolved of the crime and had reunited to boot.

In the summer Ryan's psychotic mother came to Bay City. Ryan, as police captain, was obsessed with capturing her. He kept his activities a secret from Vicky to protect her, but she got frustrated with his secret and kicked him out. They made up quickly, but Ryan still didn't reveal Justine's existence. As a result, Justine was able to kidnap Vicky and wall her up in her cellar, as a means of restoring Kirkland to his father.

Ryan rescued Vicky, who had suffered physical and mental anguish. Leaving her to recuperate at the hospital, he went in search of Justine. He found her at the train trestle. Grant joined them, and during their confrontation, Grant shot Ryan to protect Justine, and thereby his son Kirkland, whom Justine had kidnapped and kept imprisoned somewhere.

Ryan made it through surgery, but the damage was extensive and none of the doctors expected him to live. Vicky maintained a bedside vigil. After a dream sequence in which they were finally married, Ryan woke up. Knowing his death was upon him, he told Vicky that he would always be with her, and that she would find somebody else. Vicky insisted that there would never be anyone else. Ryan told her that he always had and always would love her, then he died. Vicky touched his face tenderly, imprinting his features in her memory, and kissed him goodbye.

Vicky remained devoted to the memory of the greatest love of her life. A year later, Ryan's restless spirit would return to Vicky's side. Unable to communicate with her, but sensing that she was in danger from Grant, Ryan strove to protect her as best he could.

Ryan discovered that Grant was plotting to kill Vicky and Shane Roberts. With Bridget Connell's help, Ryan managed to save them both from being blown up in Shane's truck. The shockwave of the blast sent Vicky tumbling down a cliff, where she hit her head. She left her body at that moment, and was able to rejoin Ryan in spirit.

Vicky and Ryan were overjoyed at being able to look at and touch each other again. They reaffirmed their love by exchanging vows in a special part of Heaven. Vicky was content to remain in the afterlife forever with Ryan. Visions of life in Bay City without her showed her how much she was needed, especially by her children. Her heart broke as she realized that in order to return to her kids, she needed to leave Ryan behind. She put on a brave face as Ryan kissed her goodbye and sent her on her way. Their reunion allowed Vicky to put Ryan behind her and move on with her life, and it allowed Ryan to ascend into Heaven.

"If I'm going to die, I want to die in your arms."

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