(Married on February 9, 1993. Divorced on April 18, 1994.)

Vicky and Grant first got close when she became his political aide in late 1991. Grant was immediately attracted to her and set out to make her his own, no matter that she was engaged to his half-brother, Ryan Harrison. For her part, Vicky was enthraled with the excitement of a political life, and she was also feeling very trapped in her relationship with Ryan.

Grant continually badgered Vicky into believing that Ryan was all wrong for her and that he was the only man for her. His plan worked, and she succumbed to him sexually one night in April 1992. Though she tried to cover up the affair, Ryan eventually found out and left her.

Freeze FrameVicky turned to Grant for support. Feeling uncertain of her future, she accepted his marriage proposal. They were married in February 1993. While honeymooning in Banff, Alberta, Vicky was kidnapped by Carl Hutchins. Much to Grant's dismay, it was Ryan who rescued her. And during their time together, Vicky and Ryan had given in to their passion and made love. When Vicky admitted this to Grant several weeks later he was devastated, but he loved her and was desperate to make their marriage work.

Freeze FrameWhen Vicky was kidnapped a second time by Ian Rain, Grant was desperate to be the one to rescue her. Finding them together, he drew his gun and fired at Ian but hit Vicky instead. She recovered from the bullet wound. Grant whisked her away to a clinic in Switzerland on the pretext of getting her well, but in reality he was afraid that Ryan would attempt to win her back and that, in her weakened state, she would succumb to him.

Freeze FrameGrant kept Vicky drugged and virtually a prisoner during her time in Switzerland. When she realized how manipulative and tyrannical he had become, she escaped him and ran straight to Ryan. Grant tracked them down, but Vicky and Ryan had reconciled. She told Grant that she didn't love him anymore and that it was over forever between them.

Freeze FrameSeveral months later Vicky discovered she was pregnant with Grant's child. She thought about getting an abortion, but he was able to talk her out of it. Their divorce was a long and complicated process, but it was finally granted in April 1994, just hours before Vicky gave birth to Kirk.

Fearing that she would lose custody of her son, Vicky took Kirk and left town with him. When she returned, she pawned off another baby as Kirkland, and tried to hide the real Kirkland from his father. When Grant discovered Vicky's dirty deed, he hatched one equally dirty. He shot himself and framed Vicky for the crime. But his plan was uncovered and Vicky was cleared.

By the end of 1995, Ryan's death had brought Grant and Vicky closer together, and Grant entertained notions of a romantic reunion. Grant saw it as fated that he and Vicky should reunite with Ryan gone. Vicky, however, had just learned that Grant had been the one to kill Ryan, and she used their new closeness to try to coerce a confession out of him. Vicky was forced to accept his kisses and even his marriage proposal while she strung him along in hopes of stringing him up. She hired an actor to pretend to marry them, but shortly after the ceremony Grant found her gun and deduced what she was up to. He went off the deep end and kidnaped her and her boys. He didn't get far before he was arrested and imprisoned for murdering Ryan.

Freeze FrameGrant was pardoned after few months. Vicky's entourage closed ranks around her in an effort to protect her. Grant was determined to have Kirkland for himself, and vowed to stop at nothing to get him, not even murder. He arranged to have a bomb kill Vicky and her then-flame Shane Roberts. The spirit of his brother Ryan rescued them both in the nick of time. Grant was put on trial for their attempted murder, but got off when there was not enough evidence to convict him.

In 1998, Grant tried once again to win Vicky back. He quickly dispatched his own wife Cindy, and plotted with Lila to break up Vicky and new husband Jake. In her weakened state, Vicky actually accepted hugs and moral support from Grant.

In 1999, Vicky only pretended to befriend Grant in an attempt get evidence to finally put him away for good. Grant relished in Vicky's attention, but later claimed to have known all along it was just an act. As he prepared to tie her up and flee the country with Kirkland, she hit him over the head with a marble statuette of an angel. She feared she'd killed him, but later learned he had (suppposedly) died later at another's hands.

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