Eric Scott Woods as Evan (Freeze Frame)Charles Grant as EvanEVAN FRAME

First Appearance: September 2, 1988
Last Appearance: May 4, 1995
Portrayers: Charles Grant, September 2, 1988 - October 16, 1990.
Eric Scott Woods, July 27, 1994 - May 4, 1995.
Arrival: (1988) Came to get revenge against Rachel Cory for killing his mother, Janice Frame (RIP).
(1994) Came to get revenge against Rachel Cory when he became infuriated at the sight of her and Carl Hutchins together.
Departure: (1990) Left due to break up with Amanda Cory.
(1995) Left because Justine Duvalier (RIP) and Grant Harrison influenced him to search for employment outside of Bay City.
Introduction Scenes: (Charles Grant) Cory Publishing, to Liz Matthews, "Hi. Hi?"
(Eric Scott Woods) (With back to viewer, July 27) At the Surf Bar being noticed by Frankie Frame (RIP).
(First regular scene, August 3) A limousine, to Trent Forbes, "As it happens, I'm only an hour away."
Exit Scenes: (Charles Grant) The Cory gazebo, to Amanda Cory, "I'll be seeing you, Amanda. At night, in your dreams. I'll be there, for the rest of your life."
(Eric Scott Woods) To Justine (impersonating Rachel), responding to her threat to stay away from Amanda Cory, "How are you going to do that Rachel?"
Other Aliases: Earl Battis (birth name). Evan Bates (former name).
Relatives: Janice Frame (RIP), mother. Howard Battis (RIP), father. Steve Frame (RIP), uncle. Willis Frame, uncle. Emma Frame Ordway, aunt. Jason Frame (RIP), uncle. Henry Frame, uncle. Vince Frame, uncle. Sharlene Frame, aunt. Norman Frame, uncle. Jamie Frame, cousin. Molly Ordway, cousin. Frankie Frame (RIP), cousin. Wade Ordway, cousin. Sterling Ordway, cousin. Josie Watts, cousin. Dean Frame, cousin. Gregory Hudson, cousin. Steven Frame, second cousin. Charlie Frame Winthrop, second cousin. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), second cousin.
Lovers: Caroline Stafford (-1988), Iris Wheeler (-1988), and Amanda Cory.
Dates: Vicky Hudson (1989).
Medical History: Shot by Dustin Trent (1989). Fell down an elevator shaft (1991).
Legal History: Counterfeiting. Making death threats.
Former Occupations: Senior executive at Cory Publishing. Owner of the Arlington Agency.

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