First Appearance: January 12, 1990
Last Appearance: March 1, 1991
Portrayer: Lewis Arlt, January 12, 1990 - March 1, 1991.
Arrival: Came to swindle a share of the Cory fortune.
Departure: Left due to break up with Rachel Cory.
Introduction Scene: The Odyssey, almost hitting Rachel Cory with a spear, "Excuse me?"
Exit Scene: The airport, before winking goodbye to Rachel Cory, "Don't worry, I'm not counting on it."
Lovers: Rachel Cory.

Dates: Maria Hernandez De Silva (RIP) (1964) and Vicky Hudson (1990).
Legal History: Spent a lengthy amount of time in a San Cristobal jail. Plotted to defraud the Cory family.
Occupation: Archeologist and owner of the Odyssey, an antique store cum museum (branches in Pine Bay, Maine and Park Ridge, Illinois).
Notes: Ken was seen "in the shadows" starting December 7, 1989.