First Appearance: June 2, 1989
Last Appearance: April 13, 1993
Portrayer: John Aprea, June 2, 1989 - August 12, 1992; April 13, 1993.
Introduction Scene: A hotel lobby, to the desk clerk, "I need a room."
Exit Scene: A hospital room, to Lorna Devon, "No, don't leave. Not now."
Date of Death: August 11, 1992.
Cause of Death: Shot by Sally Madison.
Place of Death A hospital room in Bay City, Illinois.

Birthday: About 1948 or 1949.
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Luke Castigliano (birth name).
Relatives: Lorna Devon, daughter. Jenna Norris, adoptive daughter.
Spouses: Felicia Gallant.
Lovers: Sharlene Frame, Sally Madison (1970s-1980s), Iris Wheeler (fiance) (1989-1990).

Flirtations: Josie Watts (1990) and Amanda Cory (1990).
Legal History: Committed various illegal acts including the theft of the Red Swan. Lucas acted as the middle man in a stolen art ring, laundering money for a drug cartel.
Former Occupation: President of Lucas Enterprises, a p.r. firm (also known as The Lucas Agency).
Notes: A teenage Lucas first appeared in flashback on April 21, 1989.