First Appearance: October 5, 1979
Last Appearance: October 25, 1990
Portrayer: William Grey Espy, October 5, 1979 - September 17, 1981; March 15, 1982 - March 22, 1982; July 30, 1986 - June 6, 1990; October 10-25, 1990.
Arrival: (1979) Came to help Janice Frame (RIP) swindle Mac Cory (RIP).
(1986) Returned to get to know his son Matthew Cory.
Departure: (1981) Took a photography job in San Francisco and wait for Rachel Cory to join him.
(1982) Left to go to jail.
(1990) Left to go to work in Kenya.
Introduction Scenes: (1979) To Thelma the switchboard operator, "Janice Frame, please."
(Reintro, 1986) The Cory barn, to Rachel Cory, about her sculpture, "I think you ought to scrap it."

Exit Scenes: (1981) In San Francisco, over the phone to Rachel Cory, "I love you."
(1982) In San Diego, To Rachel Cory about Matthew Cory, "He's yours too. You risked your life for him...he belongs with you."
(June 1990) TOPS, to Felicia Gallant, "I love you."
Birthday: 1940.
Other Aliases: Mitchell Lewis Blake (full name).
Last Known Whereabouts: Paris.
Other Whereabouts: Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Kenya.
Relatives: Wallace Edward Blake (RIP), father. Loretta Fowler, mother. Matthew Cory, son. Sam Fowler, half-brother. Jasmine Cory, granddaughter. Alli Fowler, half-niece.
Spouses: Felicia Gallant.

'This is my brother Sam'Lovers: Janice Frame (RIP) (1979-1980), Rachel Cory, and Dominique (1990).
Dates: Alice Matthews Frame (1981).
Flirtations: Tracy Dewitt (RIP) (1980).
Medical History: Presumed dead, had amnesia, and had a beard (1980-1981).
Legal History: Jailed for kidnaping his infant son (1982-1986).
Occupation: Photographer.
Former Occupations: Owner of a disco, the Connection. Managed a disco called the Silver Spoon in New York in 1979. Bartender at North Woods Inn and TOPS.