First Appearance: March 20, 1985
Last Appearance: August 11, 1986
Portrayer: Patrick Tovatt, March 20, 1985 - August 11, 1986.
Introduction Scene: In Oregon, over the phone to Peter Love, "I'll meet you in half an hour."
Exit Scene: A hospital room, to Felicia Gallant, "I love you, Fanny Grady. One classy lady."
Date of Death: August 11, 1986.
Cause of Death: Struck by a stray bullet.
Place of Death A hospital room in Bay City, Illinois.
Other Whereabouts: Oregon.
Relatives: Annie Lindquist, sister.
Spouses: Felicia Gallant.
Flirtations: Brittany Peterson (1983-1985).
Medical History: Shot twice.
Former Occupation: Fisherman.