First Appearance: May 1, 1997
Last Appearance: January 16, 1998
Portrayer: John Aprea, May 1, 1997 - January 16, 1998.
Introduction Scene: Sitting in first class, then to Felicia Gallant, "I believe you're looking for me."
Exit Scene: To Felicia Gallant in the Cory studio, before dying at her feet, "Do you love me again, Felicia? It's all I ever wanted."
Birthplace: Greece (probably).
Cause of Death: Shot by Rachel Cory Hutchins.
Date of Death: January 16, 1998.
Place of Death: The Cory estate studio.
Other Aliases: [Originally named Achilles Nikos.]


Alexander's parents were poor Greek peasants.

Alexander had a temperamental 18-year old daughter, Zoe. Zoe's mother was Alexander's first wife, Diana.

Other Relatives
Sofia, aunt.

Alexander had been married seven times, each time for love according to him.

He was married to Diana, his first wife whom he loved very much, for ten years, until she died. Diana had an affair with Carl Hutchins shortly before her death. She was shot in the chest during a shootout between police and men working for Carl.

Subsequently he married a princess, an opera diva, a cosmetic heiress, and others. His second marriage lasted 6 months, and his third lasted only 6 weeks.

Felicia Gallant

Alexander and Carl

Carl shot Alexander in the arm during a struggle in 1998. In 1998, Alexander had secretly collected Carl's medical records. In January he was able to don a mask and become the spitting image of Carl Hutchins.

Alexander was a multimillionaire shipping magnate. He purchased the Titan film studio in 1997.

He did business with Mac Cory.