Ryan Harrison

In 1990, Amanda went on several dates with Ryan. Neither was really interested in the other. Ryan was merely on the outs with Vicky Hudson, and Amanda was hurting from her recent divorce from Sam Fowler.

Amanda, with Ian (Freeze Frame)Ian Rain
In 1993, Amanda went out with Ian. She merely needed an escort on those occasions and there was never anything romantic about their relationship.

Kevin Anderson
When Kevin's relationship with Lorna was deep-sixed in 1993, he went out with Amanda. Their night at the opera was botched by the arrival of Carl and Rachel.

Morgan Winthrop
Amanda and Morgan went out on one date in 1995, but nothing ever came of it, not even a good-bye kiss.

Kevin Thatcher

Amanda had a major crush on Kevin in the mid 1980s.

In 1990, Amanda often turned to Lucas for a shoulder to cry on. He was mostly a father-figure to Amanda and never took advantage of her.

Freeze FrameCarl Hutchins
In 1991 Carl became enamored of Amanda and sought to make her his own. He even arranged to whisk her out of the country. The closest they came was a heart-to-heart talk about the importance of children, on the day Carl discovered that Ryan was his son.

Jake McKinnon