(Married on March 8, 1988. Divorced on November 16, 1990. Remarried on December 31, 1991. Divorced on July 14, 1993.)

In 1987, while working as a runner at Cory Publishing, Amanda met Sam Fowler, working as assistant layout artist. Not wanting to scare him off by being the boss's daughter, she told him her name was Mandy Ashtin. Sam uncovered this lie, and it was only a small hurdle for them to jump.

After sleeping with Sam in the fall of 1987, Amanda discovered she was pregnant. Confused, and feeling alone, Amanda went to New York to secretly have an abortion. Sam tracked her down before the operation, convinced her that he loved her, and asked her to marry him, which she was ecstatic to do. They were married in March 1988 and had their baby, a daughter they named Alexandra (Alli) Cory-Fowler, several months later.

Differing priorities pushed Sam and Amanda apart. Sam focused more on his painting and Amanda on her family's business. Amanda cheated on Sam by sleeping with Evan Frame in 1990. Guilt-ridden, Amanda eventually confessed everything to Sam and they reconciled. Desperate to reclaim her, Evan began framing Sam, making it look as if Sam were plotting to kill Amanda. Evan's scheme succeeded. Amanda believed her life was in danger from Sam and left him for Evan. In late 1990, Sam uncovered enough proof to convince Amanda of his innocence. Amanda immediately broke off her relationship with Evan, but was unable to patch things up with Sam. They divorced in late 1990.

Amanda and Sam found themselves drifting closer together. In early 1991, they shared a kiss. But Sam was too hurt to forgive Amanda's indiscretions, and he left town in early 1991.

Sam returned to Bay City in the summer of 1991, and despite his hurt feelings, found himself drawn to Amanda. By the end of the year they had reconciled and were remarried on New Year's Eve of 1991. The following year, Sam's obsession with his new career as a country singer began to take its toll on their marriage.

In January of 1993, Amanda gave Sam a choice: his career or his wife and daughter. Sam chose his career and left town to go on a world tour. In the summer of 1993, Amanda left for Los Angeles to meet with Sam to arrange the details of their divorce.

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