Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

JANUARY 3, 1966 (EP. #415)
Tony was puzzled by Lee's vehemence over Pat knowing that they are spending time together. Lee told Tony that Pat and Alice would misconstrue the two of them studying because he has been dating Alice regularly. Tony denied going steady with Alice to Lee, who predicted that Alice would ruin her superficial rapport with Pat by jumping to conclusions and incriminate her. Lee challenged Tony to disprove the notion that he belongs to Alice. Janet eased Pat's concerns by noting that she doesn't expect Lee to account for her actions and that Tony and Alice's romance is practically public knowledge. Pat accepted Janet's reasoning that Tony mistakenly called meeting Lee a date and they are hanging out as friends. Bill chastised Hal for spreading rumors about Tony and Lee and insisted that she isn't a malicious person. Hal seethed at Bill's inference that he was fabricating a tale about Lee hating Pat and making Alice worry by telling lies. Hal admitted to Bill that he urged Alice to thwart Lee's schemes because she would dump him to be with Tony. Janet and Pat believed Lee's explanation that Tony is tutoring her in math. John and Janet awkwardly exchanged pleasantries. Janet sensed that she was a nuisance to John and lied to Pat about finishing a layout to graciously excuse herself from dinner. Pat was angered by John putting on airs about forcing Janet to stay against her will. John admitted to Pat that Janet may become too dependent on their closeness and may preclude her from starting a new life. Pat defiantly proclaimed to John that Janet didn't cause her memories of Tom to resurface, then angrily confirmed that she is plagued by the past.

John: "And every time you're with her now, she reminds you of those days, doesn't she? More than anyone else, Janet brings back the memories of what happened between you and Tom Baxter."
Pat: "We never even discuss it, John!"
John: "But you still think about it, don't you, Pat? The nightmares you've had lately, the times you've talked in your sleep -- I know those things are still preying on your mind, Pat."
Pat: "If they are, John, it isn't because of Aunt Janet. And not seeing her won't keep me from thinking about them."
John: "Then you admit you have been worrying about the past recently?"
Pat: (AND BECAUSE SHE'S ANGRY, SHE LETS DOWN HER GUARD:) "John, I murdered a man. A man I was going to have a child by. What do you expect me to do? Handle it the way you handle your legal briefs? Just file it away and forget! Well, it isn't quite that simple, John. Of course I think about it. I think about it a great deal."

JANUARY 4, 1966 (EP. #416)
Pat suppressed her emotional turmoil and evaded John's efforts to work through things. John told Pat that he has been worried ever since she began talking in her sleep about Tom, then sadly reflected on not sharing their lives completely because Pat has been lying to him. Alice made a valiant attempt to hide her disappointment from Dru and Jim over Tony not calling. Jim and Dru discussed children disguising their thoughts and feelings as they get older. Jim told Dru his suspicions that the tragedies Pat experienced burden her and greatly impact her life with John. Dru sensed that Jim believes that John and Pat married too quickly. Jim confessed to Dru his qualms over Pat marrying John out of gratitude and being reminded of the past. Dru felt that Jim's desires for Pat to regain her own identity and self-worth before falling in love were sound. Jim and Dru spoke ruefully on John's inflexibility towards Pat's memories of Tom and the love she had for him. Pat gazed at the sedatives Dr. Steele prescribed. John grew introspective as Pat explained that his understanding during the trial fostered complete honesty, but his anger and wishes to forget the past has stifled their communication. Pat apologized to John for keeping secrets and promised not to let anything come between them. Jim brightened Alice's mood by suggesting she invite Tony over for dinner with the family. Alice surmised that Jim and Mary are thrilled that Pat is happily married to a fine husband, prompting Jim to evasively claim that all parents want their children to be happy. John felt jealousy and frustration as Pat dreamed of being intimate with Tom and declared her undying love.

Dru: "You're sure you're not doing this just to humor your star boarder?"
Jim: "When it comes to chess, I humor no one but myself."

Alice: "What's so funny?"
Jim: "You are."
Alice: "Why?"
Jim: "Oh, I'll tell you someday -- when you're an old married woman."
Alice: "Who knows when that will ever be."
Jim: "It'll be much sooner than your mother and I will want, I can tell you."
Alice: (PICTURING HERSELF WITH TONY) "Really think so?"
Jim: "I really think so."

Script Note for end of Act IV: "...cut to the clock on the night table in the Randolph bedroom showing a late hour. Then pull back to see Pat and John asleep in bed. If I can pass the censor, I'd like to have John lying with his arm around Pat. But in any event, after a few moments, she turns restlessly in her sleep, and if she is in John's arms, she turns away from him...."

Production Note: Tape of May 29, 1964 (EP. #20) was used in a flashback during Act IV.

JANUARY 5, 1966 (EP. #417)
Katherine beamed over Bill and Missy's engagement announcement. Helen sympathized with Katherine, who fantasized about the pleasure she and Rick would have felt in handling the wedding preparations for Missy. Katherine told Helen that Missy is without family and suffered due to her selfishness and cowardice, but vowed to be part of Missy's life. Liz backed off when Bill balked at discussing his tentative wedding date. Bill approved of Liz inviting Ann to the party since she's Missy's dearest friend, but laughed at Liz's curiosity over Ann being a social worker. Liz mentioned Katherine's interest in Missy to Bill, who reasoned that Katherine is filling a void of not having children by getting to know Missy. Helen begged Katherine not to attend the engagement party to no avail. Pat regretted asking John to speak frankly about his woes once he revealed being upset over her talking in her sleep about Tom. John advised Pat that any husband would be bothered by his wife dreaming about another man. Pat tried to reassure John that he opened her eyes to Tom's true nature. Ann and Pat agreed that Missy was mistaken to create a background for herself. Pat related to Missy's shame over the past while theorizing to Ann that Missy finds solace in obscuring the facts to hide her profound hurt. Ann felt unsettled over Pat's uncertainty that Liz would truly accept Missy. Pat disagreed with Ann's prediction that unexpected events may expose the truth to Bill. Liz opined to Katherine that Bill and Missy aren't ready for marriage. Katherine told Liz that Missy reminds her of the infant daughter she lost who was around Missy's age and proposed hosting a party for her.

Notes: Caption of Bill and Missy's engagement announcement in the papers, "Palmer - Matthews troth announced." followed by article, "Announcement is made of the engagement of Miss Melissa Palmer to Mr. William J. Matthews, Jr., both of this city. Missy Palmer is the daughter of the late Charles David Palmer, of San Diego. Mr. Matthews, son of Mrs. Williams J. Matthews, residing in the Wildwood section of this city, and the late Mr. Matthews, is currently working towards a law degree at State University. Miss Palmer is also attending State. The wedding is planned for early June..."

JANUARY 6, 1966 (EP. #418)
Missy was deflated when Ann objected to the engagement announcement being riddled with lies. Ann warned Missy that she was getting entangled in deception by inventing a past for herself. Missy defiantly told Ann that people have accepted her story, which will cease to matter once she begins her life with Bill. Ann asked Missy to imagine her mother being alive and coming into her life to gauge her reaction. Missy admitted to Ann that she longed for parents, but quit fantasizing about things that are impossible. Katherine noted Liz's misgivings over Bill and Missy's tentative June wedding plans. Liz accidentally mentioned the daughter Katherine lost to Helen, who privately labeled Katherine foolish for making such a statement. Ann and Katherine assumed polite facades for Missy's benefit. Liz pressed Ann on her friendship with Missy, but was disappointed by Ann's claims that she met Missy after her parents had died. Katherine joked to Liz and Bill that she was anxious to meet the rest of his family, but worried about remembering everyone's names. Missy was intrigued that Katherine had decided against returning to San Francisco. Katherine readily agreed to help Missy prepare for her wedding. Bill smiled as Missy happily danced a pirouette while raving about the party Liz threw for them. Missy enthused to Bill about being accepted by his family and Katherine's friendship. Helen accused Katherine of lying about her daughter to keep Liz from growing suspicious once she takes over Missy's wedding plans. Katherine informed Helen that she will prove to Liz that Missy is worthy of Bill. Helen urged Katherine to tell Missy the truth and to drop her charade.

Ann: "And when I know how much you've always wanted to have a mother..."
Missy: "Did I ever say that?"
Ann: "In a thousand ways, Missy, that speak more eloquently than words...Why did you cut out pictures from a magazine and pretend that they were your parents?"
Missy: "I didn't want people to know the real story."
Ann: "And because you wanted a real family? Particularly a mother?"
Missy: (PAUSES AS SHE RECALLS WITH SOME PAIN) "When I was a little girl, I used to pretend that my mother came to me when I was asleep. That she'd tuck me in and sing to me the way I used to see pictures of mothers reading stories and singing to their children. I used to pretend all those things, dream about them -- but that was long ago."
Ann: "Then you think you would want to know your mother if she was alive?"
Missy: "I can't answer that any more than you can, Ann...I mean how would you feel in the same situation? Do you know?"
Ann: "I - I suppose not."
Missy: "But it's a question I'll never have to answer, so what's the point in asking it?"

Notes: Ann's quote, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!" is from the poem "Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field" written by Sir Walter Scott and erroneously attributed to Shakespeare. Liz mistakenly gives Dru's first name as Michael (not Mitchell) in this episode, a recurring incident since June 1965 when the character's full name is referenced.

JANUARY 7, 1966 (EP. #419)
Katherine spoke to Rick about finding Missy and being a mother to her while looking at his portrait. Jim and Mary discussed Bill and Missy gazing lovingly into each other's eyes and Dru enjoying himself the most out of everyone at the party. Jim agreed with Mary's speculations that Liz masked her opposition towards Bill and Missy's engagement, but asserted that Liz has time to truly accept it. Jim chose not to verbalize his own concerns and tried to convince Mary that she was imagining issues in John and Pat's marriage. Mary became impatient as Jim joked that her persistent brooding over John and Pat will cause marital discord for them. Jim remonstrated Mary for worrying unnecessarily about Pat. John spoke to Pat on the benefits of Lee knowing that she belongs with the Matthews family and her own. John wasn't placated by Pat's contentions that she received a clean bill of health from Dr. Steele and requested sedatives to minimize her dreams. Pat requested understanding once John conceded that she cannot control her dreams, but emphasized that she was dishonest about remaining haunted by Tom. John admitted to Pat that he struggles with the love she felt for Tom. Bill echoed John's opinion that familial relationships should not interfere with business. John and Bill reflected on having families and Missy spending many years alone. Katherine told John that she is Missy's mother and confessed her life story. John was unsympathetic over Katherine abandoning Missy and thought of Pat as Katherine stated that she loved Rick and married Carter out of gratitude. Katherine hinted about assisting Missy financially and hoped that John could be objective.

JANUARY 10, 1966 (EP. #420)
Alice happily told Dru that Tony is very important to her. Dru couldn't provide any insight to Alice, who casually asked for his assessment of Lee's feelings for Hal. Dru joked that Lee sounded like John attempting to extract vital testimony from witnesses in response to her leading questions about Alice being in love with Tony. Lee informed Dru that she isn't causing any conflict for John and Pat, but proclaimed that nothing will make her feel like a member of the family. Tony and Lee agreed that they have a good foundation for a friendship because of having much in common with each other. Lee appreciated Tony for understanding her animosity towards John and Pat's marriage rather than judging her as selfish and spiteful. Tony was discomfited by Lee, who claimed that his attendance at the Matthews house has become a major event and that she assumed that Alice would be Tony's date for the upcoming Sigma Chi dance. Alice felt utter devotion to Tony, who maintained a polite reserve while talking to Jim, Mary, and Dru, about his father's involvement in politics and having Dru as one of his law professors. Jim and Dru joked about Alice's exalted image of Tony and men viewing love more realistically than women. Mary expressed her concerns that Tony doesn't seem to reciprocate Alice's love to Jim and Dru. Tony griped to Alice about everyone assuming that they are going steady when she subtly hinted about the fraternity dance. Alice unwittingly confirmed Lee's implications to Tony, who grew embarrassed over her pleading that she won't get possessive of him again. Tony tried to convince Alice that it would be best that they see other people.

Notes: Tony's father is renamed Fred [originally Pete] Douglas as of this episode.

JANUARY 11, 1966 (EP. #421)
Pat was struck by the profound way Janet articulated that people's thoughts and words are often poles apart. Janet reacted with compassion and sympathy as Pat revealed that John believes that Janet's presence has caused Pat's memories of Tom to resurface. Pat told Janet that she thought marriage would change her into a different person and work miracles in helping her to forget the past. Janet was troubled as Pat expressed doubts that Lee has truly accepted her because of Lee reading her scrapbook and playing "The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" on her record player. Alice lamented that she lost Tony to Missy, who urged Alice not to concern herself with Hal's irrational accusations against Lee. Missy tried to console Alice by hypothesizing that she and Tony may be equally scared of getting too serious with each other and not to think that she was acting jealous. Alice refused when Missy suggested that she confide in Pat or Lee, prompting Missy to conclude that Tony may not be right for her should they break up. Lee felt pangs of guilt and empathy as Tony explained that Alice was getting too possessive, that he doesn't want to go steady, and told Alice that they should date other people. Tony accepted Lee's request to keep their dates hidden from John and Pat after they shared a passionate kiss. Pat was surprised when Hal came looking for Lee so that they could go out to dinner. Hal dissembled to Pat by pointing out that Lee is an attractive girl and the object of affection for several boys at school. Pat was disturbed as Hal reflected on Lee being hurt and vengeful without grasping her reasons and motivations.

JANUARY 12, 1966 (EP. #422)
Dru remarked on Alice being self-sufficient to ease Mary's concerns over her running late getting home. Alice apologized for making Mary worry, but lied that she lost track of time while visiting Missy to disguise her somber mood. Dru was perplexed as Alice downplayed Tony's importance in her life, denied having strong feelings for him, and asked for details on Hal and Lee's relationship. Dru and Mary were chagrined when Alice skipped dinner and retreated to her bedroom. Tony encouraged Lee not to care about being seen together by proclaiming that he wasn't Alice's property and that they have the right to date whomever they wish. Lee fibbed to Tony about Hal growing possessive and jealous to cover her bases should Hal decide to speak with him. Tony was relieved when Lee swore that she isn't serious with Hal. Lee happily consented to being Tony's date for the Sigma Chi dance. John was amused by Pat's concerns over Lee being out with someone other than Hal. Pat tested John's temper by harping on Lee's initial bitterness and resentment towards Pat for marrying John and alluding to Lee's pleasant attitude being an act. Lee suppressed her excitement about Tony to prevent John and Pat from inquiring about her date. John became angry with Pat, who requested that Lee turn off "The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" and claimed that she plays it to purposely frighten her. Pat felt defeated when John refused to talk through their argument. Pat urged Lee to be honest about her emotions rather than hide behind pretenses. Lee contemptuously told Pat that her personal feelings are irrelevant and that she will lead her life regardless of John or Pat's approval.

JANUARY 13, 1966 (EP. #423)
Katherine gave Liz a tour of her new apartment. Liz scoffed at the idea of Bill and Missy living with her when Katherine mused about it being a family home. Katherine was careful with her responses to John, who called unexpectedly to arrange a meeting while Liz was present. Liz was forthright with Katherine about her plans to probe into Missy's life by talking to Ann. Katherine was shocked by Liz's detailed account of Pat's murder trial and the circumstances that led to John and Pat's marriage. Pat wailed to Bill that Lee has never forgiven her for marrying John and jumped to conclusions about Lee wishing to move out. Bill advised Pat against putting any weight on Hal's views because his judgment is clouded by his feelings for Lee. Pat adamantly rejected Bill's suggestion to discuss Lee with John because she refuses to harm their relationship. Bill told Pat that John deserves to know the truth and warned that she cannot have a marriage without open communication. Katherine told John that she orchestrated her friendship with Liz because of Missy. John got Katherine to admit that she declined to take Ann's advice to leave town and stay out of Missy's life, but has refrained from telling Missy that she is her mother. Katherine was disappointed when John revealed that she doesn't have any legal rights to Missy since she is an adult and cannot remain objective because he supports Ann's opposition. John urged Katherine to consider her actions and the potential consequences carefully before deciding to share her fortune with Missy. Missy was bewildered by Katherine's sincerity in inviting her to tea and lending a hand to the wedding preparations.

Liz: "You know, sometimes I think this would be the answer for me."
Katherine: "An apartment?"
Liz: "What do I need with a big house like mine? Now that Will's gone and the children are grown..."
Katherine: "You still have your son living at home, Liz."
Liz: "Only for six more months. That is, if Bill insists on going ahead with this June wedding business."
Katherine: "Even after they're married, children still like to know the family home is there, don't you think?"
Liz: "So Bill and Missy can move in with me? No thank you, Katherine!"

JANUARY 14, 1966 (EP. #424)
Dru noted the marked change in Alice's mood once Tony called to arrange a date. Bill was touched that Missy invited Tony and Alice for a small party in hopes of alleviating their relationship woes, but warned against interfering. Missy wasn't mollified by Bill, who understood Tony's aversion to jealousy and felt confident that Alice's worries over losing Tony were unfounded. Dru purposely withheld knowledge of Lee's unhappiness to hear Pat's views on the matter. Pat told Dru that Lee has suppressed her feelings towards her and fears the repercussions. Hal saw through Lee's feigned enthusiasm over their movie date and ignorance over a hockey game he bought tickets for being on the evening of the Sigma Chi dance. Lee realized that she succeeded in snagging Tony, which may cause more conflict than she anticipated as Hal guessed correctly that she had accepted Tony's invitation. Hal stoked Lee's anger by doggedly taking her to task for stealing Tony away from Alice, securing a date with him, and getting revenge against Pat. Lee belittled Hal for spouting psychological nonsense after he acerbically commended her subtle, deliberate schemes. Hal smugly told Lee that she proved his point by blurting out that John and Pat were thoughtless in getting married. Tony squirmed when Missy joked that he and Alice could fine-tune their dancing skills. Bill and Missy debated on whether Tony planned to ask Alice to be his date. Tony felt guilt towards Alice's excitement over their date and assumption that they had settled their differences. Alice was speechless once Tony insisted that they date other people and confirmed that he asked Lee to the dance.

Lee: (DERISIVELY) "That General Psychology class has really gone to your head, hasn't it? All of a sudden you know the reason for everything a person does."
Hal: "That class taught me one thing, Lee. That sometimes people are so mixed-up they don't know their reasons for doing things. Don't you have any idea how Alice is going to feel when she finds out about this. Have you thought about that at all?"
Lee: (QUICKLY, IN ANGRY DEFENSE) "My father and Pat didn't think about how other people would feel when they got married. So why should I?"
Hal: (OVER) "There, you see? You just admitted why you did it. Because you're still hurt and angry..."
Lee: "Hal, I've got better things to do than to sit here talking nonsense. I'm going home. Oh, by the way -- thanks for tonight. It was great laughs...And I don't mean the movie!"

JANUARY 17, 1966 (EP. #425)
Jim hugged Alice as she sobbed uncontrollably and was too distraught to speak coherently. Jim was incredulous when Alice revealed Lee's duplicity in befriending her and pretending to accept Pat as John's wife to maliciously snag Tony and hurt Pat. Alice told Jim that Lee confessed her hatred of Pat to Hal and berated herself for not heeding his warnings. Lee tried to placate a bitter and indignant Hal. Hal ridiculed Lee's fears that her machinations will be exposed and emphatically predicted that John will be livid by her actions. Lee desperately tried to ensure Hal's silence. Hal boasted to Lee that he warned Alice weeks ago and derisively gave her a dime to call and confirm his assertion. John reviewed legal papers to help Fred Douglas resurrect his law practice. Fred unknowingly revealed Tony and Lee's budding romance to John while joking that they should be on a first name basis since their children are dating. John was bewildered as Fred made jovial musings about the younger generation's dating habits and was unaware of Tony and Alice's relationship issues. Fred happily made Bill's acquaintance. Bill was alarmed when John pondered Tony and Lee dating while remembering that he and Alice had a date last night and that they had spent time with Bill and Missy. John grew suspicious of Bill's disjointed remarks about Alice's problems with Tony and her fears of potentially hurting Pat. Bill leveled with John about Hal's accusations, but urged him to allow Lee to explain herself. John felt foolish after he recalled remonstrating Pat over her reaction to Lee playing "The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi." Tony told Lee that Alice deduced that he invited her to the fraternity dance.

John: "Well, at first glance, Mr. Douglas, I'd say everything looks pretty well in order here. But if you want to leave these papers with me..."
Fred: (Introduction Line) "I'd be glad to. If you're sure it's not an imposition."
John: "Not at all."
Fred: "I really appreciate your help. I've been out of this kind of law for so long..."
John: "You've been pretty busy with politics the last few years, haven't you?"
Fred: "And my son's been telling me that I ought to get back to the real practice of law."

Notes: Last episode to include the show's epigraph. First appearance of Charles Baxter as Fred [originally named Pete] Douglas.

JANUARY 18, 1966 (EP. #426)
Jim decided to have lunch at home after brooding about Alice. Jim was surprised to see Pat, who was at the house to keep Alice company while Mary ran errands. Jim and Pat thought Mary was worrying excessively by thinking that mononucleosis caused Alice's moodiness and fatigue. Pat was astonished over Jim's insistence to take soup to Alice's bedroom by himself. Jim persuaded Mary to keep a previous engagement, but didn't pressure Pat to leave to avoid arousing her suspicions. Pat realized that Jim was fishing for information by casually asking about Lee's social life, Hal, and her behavior towards Pat. Jim relented in telling Pat that Alice is devastated because Tony is dating Lee. Pat repeated Hal's assessment of Lee as an unhappy person who is striking back at those who slighted her and that Hal warned them about Lee's plans for Tony. Jim reasoned that Alice kept quiet to prevent trouble between Pat and Lee, but Pat lamented that she ignored signs that showed her true feelings. Jim impressed upon a guilt-ridden Pat to work with John to change Lee's attitude. Tony bought Lee's claim that Hal told Alice about them attending the Sigma Chi dance together. At the Student Union building, Lee told Dru that Tony was taking her to his fraternity's dance. Lee insolently informed Dru that Tony and Alice weren't dating exclusively, that she will never accept Pat, and doesn't care about Alice. Dru admonished Lee for being vindictive, twisting the facts, and performing a masquerade to deceive everyone. Lee grew defensive when Dru accused her of taking pleasure in hurting Pat and Alice and ominously warned her about the consequences of revenge.

Dru: "Perhaps it would be more correct to say that I think you're bending the truth to serve your own purpose."
Lee: "What purpose?"
Dru: "Have you ever heard the saying -- 'Revenge is like a boomerang?'"
Lee: "I don't know what you're talking about, Uncle Dru. I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to a fraternity dance and suddenly you turn it into.."
Dru: (OVER) "No, Lee you wanted my approval of something which you know is going to upset Alice Matthews, and also Alice's sister who happens to be your father's wife. You wanted me to be your champion in this when all the facts are known."
Lee: (DEFENSIVELY ANGRY) "No, that isn't true, Uncle Dru. It isn't."
Dru: "I think it is. Moreover, I believe that you did this deliberately. I believe that you have taken pleasure in the knowledge that you are going to be somewhere with someone Alice Matthews very much hoped to be with. Pleasure in the knowledge of how this will hurt Alice and, more important, hurt your father's wife...But remember what I said, Lee, -- revenge is like a boomerang. And when it returns, it gives the one who has hurled it the heaviest blow of all."

Notes: Last episode to feature the show's "Original Opening Sequence." Helen gives the name of her deceased husband and Lenore's father as Walter, later changed to Charles.

JANUARY 19, 1966 (EP. #427)
Ann masked her disdain over Missy's plans to spend time with Katherine. Missy seethed at Ann for harping on the story she fabricated about her parents. Ann told Missy that lies cannot be forgotten or concealed permanently. Liz was puzzled by the kindness that Katherine shows Missy. Katherine swore that she didn't know anyone in San Diego when Liz proposed she investigate Missy's family. Liz failed to persuade Katherine into probing Missy with subtle questions about her background. Katherine was frightened by Liz's resolve to have John obtain personal information on Missy. Liz insisted she was being a concerned mother when Katherine questioned whether inquiring into Missy's life was wise. Katherine felt terribly guilty as Missy alluded to her own finances while proclaiming that her apartment is the most luxurious, beautiful place she has seen. Missy agreed with Katherine's opinion that justification of their friendship is unnecessary. Katherine told a sympathetic Missy about losing her infant daughter, who would have been Missy's age and was named Kristine Corning. Missy told Katherine about Bill, her small apartment, and inviting Tony and Alice over to help them solve their problems. Liz was stunned by John's intense reaction when she tried to rationalize her interest in Missy. John refused to inquire into Missy's past for Liz to keep Katherine's confidence. Dru spoke regretfully of Lee resorting to pretenses and spite. Lee defended herself against Dru and declared that she doesn't need permission to date Tony. Dru warned Lee that she incriminated herself and is consumed by hatred. Lee fled in tears before Dru could make her see the error of her ways.

Production Notes: This episode indicates the debut of the "Interlocking Rings," which was the show's "Second Opening Sequence" and used until September 7, 1981.

JANUARY 20, 1966 (EP. #428)
Alice failed to rebuff Pat's requests to talk. Pat broke down in front of Alice while berating herself for being blind to Lee's plots and pretenses. Alice tried to console Pat, who bemoaned spoiling John and Lee's relationship and causing Alice's suffering. Jim accused Mary of acting like an overly sensitive mother and suggested she contain her emotions after telling her about Tony and Alice's breakup. Pat evaded Mary's questions on whether she planned to confront Lee or tell John everything. Dru told Jim and Mary that Lee had sought his moral support to be shielded against the backlash of her dating Tony. Mary bitterly marveled that Lee could be so cruel and spiteful to Pat and Alice, despite Dru's explanation that she's lonely and feels left out of the family. Jim and Mary were sympathetic to a forlorn Dru, who recounted his tough talk with Lee and fretted that she may never forgive herself for hurting others. John insisted to Pat that Lee's angst doesn't lessen her responsibility for her actions and urged her not to blame herself for Lee's lingering animosity. Pat tearfully admitted to John that she was wrong to try to handle Lee alone and not keep him abreast of the situation. John coldly refused to excuse Pat so that Lee could speak with him privately. Lee's ebullience vanished once John revealed his knowledge of her and Tony. John gave Lee a lacerating lecture on her selfish hatred towards Pat and targeting Alice, and expressed shame in having a vindictive daughter. Lee hysterically wailed that John does not truly care about her or want to hear any explanations. Pat panicked upon hearing Lee drive away in John's car since she has not learned to drive.

Lee: "Dad, couldn't we...?"
Pat: (OVER) "Yes, John, Please. I'll go in and start dinner." (STARTS TO MOVE AWAY, BUT JOHN HOLDS HER BACK)
John: "No! Stay here, Pat...All right Lee, what is it?"
Lee: "Well, I - I..."
John: (SCATHINGLY SARCASTIC) "What's wrong? Have you forgotten what you wanted to say? Maybe I can help you. Let's see...Could it possibly be that you've been invited to the Sigma Chi fraternity dance?"
Pat: "John! Don't!"
John: "By Tony Douglas? Is that what you were going to tell us, Lee?"
John: "And did you think we'd just say 'How nice!' and let it go at that? Did you think you could just go ahead, doing exactly as you pleased, hurting whomever you wanted, and no one would ever know. Is that what you thought?"
Lee: "Do you really care what I think?"
Pat: "John, please! Give her a chance!"
John: "You don't have to tell me what happened, Lee. I know. You planned this whole thing for weeks now. You've been laying the groundwork, trying to take Tony Douglas away from Pat's sister."
Lee: "Tony asked me, I didn't ask him. It isn't Leap Year you know."
John: "It's too late to play innocent, Lee. I know what you did and why you did it. You finally found a way to get back at Pat. You picked Alice Matthews, knowing that she could never fight you on your own level. She was too good...too innocent..."
Pat: (INTERRUPTS) "John, don't do this! She is your daughter."
John: "My daughter! Do you think I'm proud of that fact, Pat? If ever a father has reason to be ashamed of his daughter, I have."
Lee: "Won't you even give me a chance to say anything?"
John: "The way you gave Alice a chance? The way you gave Pat and me a chance? Did you ever once give our relationship at home a chance? ...Did you Lee? I want an answer!"
Lee: (HYSTERICAL AND DEFIANT:) "You don't want an answer! You won't even listen to me! You've never listened to me or cared about me since you married her!"
Lee: (PULLS AWAY, NEAR HYSTERIA NOW:) "No! It's true! It's true! And if you've been hurt, I don't care! I'm glad! Yes, I'm glad! And I hope I never see either of you again. Ever!" (AND CRYING HYSTERICALLY, SHE TURNS, DASHED OUT OF THE HOUSE, SLAMS THE DOOR BEHIND HER).

JANUARY 21, 1966 (EP. #429)
John took Pat's car to chase after Lee while requesting that Pat stay home in case she calls the house. Missy told Bill that she reminds Katherine of the infant daughter she lost, which is the reason Katherine is fond of Missy and eager in befriending her. Bill made Missy uncomfortable by pointing out that she and Katherine are alone after losing their families. Missy was bewildered as Bill groaned about getting enmeshed in family problems because of working with relatives. Bill and Missy fretted over Lee purposely hurting Pat and Alice through Tony and dismissing the clues to Lee's schemes and Hal's warnings. Missy told Bill he was right to tell John, but both were deeply concerned over John dealing with the matter. Hal and Pat feared for Lee's safety due to her limited driving skills and being out in the rain. Hal and Pat sadly realized the extent of Lee's despair towards John and Pat's marriage while discussing her underhanded pursuit of Tony. Pat called herself stupid for buying Lee's agreeable front and told Hal about John's confrontation with Lee. Hal decided to join in the search for Lee. Jim told a distraught Pat that she was blaming herself needlessly and shouldn't feel as though she failed John and Lee. Jim expressed optimism to Pat that John will become more sensitive to Lee's needs and she will realize that she compounded her problems by masking her true feelings. Lee cried while driving as John's words echoed in her mind. John sped up and honked his horn, which caused Lee to take her eyes off of the road, lose control of the vehicle, and fight to avoid a collision with an oncoming truck. Lee screamed at the sound of a car crashing.

John: (OFF CAMERA, ON FILTER) "Did you think you could just go ahead doing exactly as you pleased, hurting whomever you wanted and no one would ever know? If ever a father had reason to be ashamed of his daughter, I have. Yes, ashamed." (THE WORD SEEMS TO COME FROM ALL DIRECTIONS NOW). "Ashamed! Ashamed! Ashamed! Ashamed! Ashamed!"

JANUARY 24, 1966 (EP. #430)
Dru asked an exasperated Mary to have patience with Jim when she couldn't get updates from Jim on John and Pat. Mary went on an angry tirade about everyone hiding their problems through pretense and shielding others from the truth. Liz badgered Mary into telling her everything that had transpired. Dru tried to prevent Mary from giving a scathing description of Lee's character to Liz, who opined that Lee's improved attitude seemed too abrupt to be sincere. Mary criticized Lee for being coddled to believe she is entitled to ruin the happiness of others if she doesn't get her way. Liz told Dru and Mary that John was distracted and anxious during a meeting she had with him. Dru firmly told Mary to follow Jim's wishes and wait for him to call with news instead of meddling in John and Pat's affairs. Janet was unsympathetic about Lee, despite Pat's opinions that John should have treated Lee with the kindness and understanding that he gave Pat throughout the trial. Pat recounted John and Lee's fight for Janet, who tried to soothe Pat's fears over not receiving any news. Tony was astonished over Hal's belligerence in asking him for Lee's whereabouts. Hal's temper diffused once he accepted Tony's innocence in Lee's machinations against Pat and Alice and realized that he had been her pawn. Tony and Hal worried about Lee driving after fighting with John and panicked upon hearing an ambulance siren. Janet and Pat accepted Tony's apologies and were grateful for his help in searching for Lee. Janet comforted a frazzled and despondent Pat. Dr. Joe Bernardi and an orderly tended to Lee, who briefly woke up and screamed in terror before losing consciousness in a small emergency cubicle.

Joe: (Introduction Line) (to an orderly about Lee) "Take her inside."

Notes: First appearance of Colgate Salsbury as Dr. Joe Bernardi. Credited as an unnamed intern in this episode.

JANUARY 25, 1966 (EP. #431)
Dr. Joe Bernardi examined Lee. Helen told Katherine that Fred was best friends with her husband and became like a brother to her ever since she was widowed. Katherine stated that she was simply making up for lost time when Helen commented that she quickly ingratiated herself in Missy's life. Fred told Helen and Katherine that he declined a mayoral candidacy to return to law, improve his relationship with Tony, and hoped to establish a practice with him as an equal partner. Katherine and Helen were perplexed when Fred referred to Alice as one of the girls Tony is currently dating. Missy groused to Bill about Lee being ungrateful towards having an extended family. Bill ribbed Missy for appreciating him because she will be a Matthews once they marry. Missy pitied Alice, leading Bill to note that Tony proved he didn't reciprocate Alice's love by dumping her to date Lee. Bill informed Missy that Lee felt rejected and excluded from John and Pat's lives, but stirred Missy's conscience by musing about people putting on masquerades. Tony told Bill and Missy that Lee drove away in a fury after fighting with John once he became privy to Lee's plots. Janet tried to reassure Pat that she did everything she could to help Lee, but Pat maintained that Lee felt that she couldn't express herself openly. Bill, Missy, and Janet eased Pat's nerves by convincing her that John and Lee are talking through their problems and will return together. Bill and Missy were shocked to learn of John and Lee's accident. Officer Nolan informed Dr. Bernardi that John hit a telephone pole after pushing the car Lee was driving off the road to avoid colliding with an oncoming truck. Dr. Bernardi told Officer Nolan that Lee suffered minor injuries while John was in critical condition.

Script notes: In reference to Fred and Helen: "We sense a warm relationship between Helen and Fred, but one without any romantic overtones."

Notes: John and Lee's car accident took place on Mill Creek Road, which runs behind the University.

JANUARY 26, 1966 (EP. #432)
Bill convinced Missy not to tell Pat about the car accident until they get more details. Janet and Pat cheerfully served sandwiches and echoed Bill's assurances that John and Lee met somewhere to straighten things out as Bill and Missy exchanged grim glances. Bill informed Janet that John and Lee were injured in a car accident, but was purposely vague with Pat about John's involvement to spare her some anguish. Joe ordered cranial x-rays and blood counts performed after he and Nurse White concluded an examination on John. Pat fainted upon learning from Joe that John and Lee were in an accident. Mary defended Missy as a charming young woman who loves Bill against Liz, who expressed favor towards Tony as having more to offer to Alice and the family than Missy as Bill's wife. Liz told Mary that she is in disbelief over Lee being consumed by revenge to deliberately destroy the happiness of others. Dru grew annoyed with Liz, who boasted that she never believed that Lee had adjusted to John and Pat's marriage, but claimed it wasn't her place to say anything. Liz made implications about John and Pat lacking closeness in an effort to get Dru to reveal marital discord between them. Dru angrily admonished Liz for passing judgment on John and Pat by insinuating that Pat married John out of respect and not love. Liz was taken aback by Dru's suggestion that she help Mary by leaving the house. Joe informed Pat that John is unconscious and in critical condition. Mary planned to go to the hospital to lend Pat moral support. Joe questioned Pat on John and Lee's medical histories and gave an account of the car accident. Pat sadly told Janet that she is responsible for all of John and Lee's problems.

Liz: "You know, Mary, it's hard for me to realize that one person can be so filled with revenge that she'd deliberately want to destroy another person's happiness."
Dru: "Perhaps because you've never been hurt as deeply as Lee was, Liz."
Mary: "You talk as if Pat and John deliberately wanted to hurt her, Dru."
Dru: "Mary, you know I don't mean that. But it doesn't lessen what Lee felt."
Liz: "I wonder -- if John had married an older woman...someone Lee could have thought of as a real mother..."
Mary: "What's the point of discussing what might have been? it? "Alice and Pat are both suffering because of Lee Randolph. Nothing's going to change that."
Liz: "And I'll tell you one thing Mary, "Well, I never did believe Lee was as adjusted to that marriage as she pretended to be...She might have fooled everyone else in the family - her own father included, but -"
Dru: (OVER, ANNOYED) "Liz, please! What's the point of looking back?"
Liz: "I mean it, Dru! There was just something about that girl's behavior that didn't ring true to me."
Dru: (A TOUCH OF SARCASM HERE:) "And you never mentioned it? That does surprise me."

JANUARY 27, 1966 (EP. #433)
Joe informed Pat that John isn't experiencing internal bleeding and has requested more tests. Pat told Joe that John and Lee had a bitter argument and that John was chasing after Lee to get her to stop driving. Lee woke up and screamed for Joe and Nurse White to tell her John's whereabouts. Jim agreed to take Mary to the hospital after learning of John and Lee's car accident. Alice didn't press Dru for specifics on Jim and Mary leaving the house abruptly. Dru promised Alice that his close relationship with Lee doesn't mean he condones her vindictive behavior. Alice grew pensive as Dru related that she is more fortunate than Lee because she has parents who love her unconditionally and never had to be taught that their love is shared among her siblings. Dru told Alice that Lee doesn't realize that John's love isn't diminished because of his marriage to Pat, though Alice failed to grasp how anyone could despise Pat enough to seek revenge against her. Alice blamed herself for getting too serious about Tony, proclaimed that she was foolish to love him, and vowed to never allow herself to fall in love again. Tony expressed remorse to Alice over enabling Lee to break them up and purposely hurt Pat. Alice pitied Pat once Dru and Tony revealed John and Lee's fight and their subsequent car accident. Janet told Jim and Mary that Dr. Bernardi is the attending physician after giving them a detailed account of the car accident. Jim and Mary tried to prevent Pat from blaming herself for John and Lee's problems. Joe told Jim and Mary that he has been evasive with Lee about John's serious injuries. Pat tried to calm a hysterical Lee, who demanded to see John.

JANUARY 28, 1966 (EP. #434)
Pat delicately guided Lee in filling the missing pieces of her fragmented memories. Lee grew agitated while telling Pat that she wants to apologize to John. Joe told Jim and Mary that he won't know the extent of John's injuries until he examines the x-rays. Jim and Joe approved of Pat's decision to keep the details of the accident from Lee because she's emotionally distraught. Mary detected a lack of conviction in Jim's voice as he tried valiantly to be optimistic for Pat's sake. Reporter Sam Munson reminisced about covering Pat's murder trial with his editor, George Carpenter, who ordered him to investigate John and Lee's accident for a potential story in "The Herald." Jim and Mary gave Pat a few moments alone to clear her head. Sam stealthily gained Pat's confidence by introducing himself as a professional acquaintance of John's and began asking Pat about the accident. Pat became irate over Sam's invasive questions and accused Sam of turning tragedies into news stories for public consumption. Sam finally backed off once Jim threatened to call the police. Joe told Jim, Mary, and Pat that John's pulse had improved, then encouraged Pat to visit Lee. Pat was disgusted when Sam unexpectedly snapped a picture of her. Lee recoiled while confessing her schemes to Pat, who told Lee that John was remorseful over their fight and hoped to make amends. Pat clutched Lee's hand while revealing that John was driving the car following her, tried to get her attention by honking the horn, and pushed her out of the path of an oncoming truck. Lee wished that she had died once Pat begrudgingly admitted that John had been hospitalized.

Sam: "A few months after the acquittal, he married her."
George: "She must be a lot younger than he."
Sam: "Oh, she is. I covered the trial. From the age the hospital gave for his daughter, I'd say the wife's nearer her age."
George: "Think there might be a story in this?"
Sam: "What have I been talking about?"
George: (A LITTLE AMUSED) "Well, I'm not going to hold up the presses, Sam. After all it is just an accident. Patricia Matthews isn't even involved."
Sam: "But a father and daughter in separate cars, they're involved in the same accident -- would you say that's just the long arm of coincidence?"
George: "I'd say you ought to go find out."

JANUARY 31, 1966 (EP. #435)
Lee fought against Joe and Pat in a desperate attempt to see John. Mary evaded relaying Joe's initial assessment of John's condition to Pat and declined to take her suggestion that she and Jim go home. Pat lamented to Mary that Sam Munson covered her trial and interrogated her on the accident. Pat voiced certainty that Lee was truly remorseful to Mary, who was doubtful and noted that she has been too willing to forgive Lee in the past. Mary implored Pat not to believe that she caused John and Lee's accident and gave dire warnings about being easy on Lee. Pat was vague about John and Lee's confrontation when Dr. Snyder and Joe inquired into the reasons for Lee's distress. Joe asked Dr. Snyder to examine Lee to confirm that her condition isn't serious. Pat was terribly shaken to see John lying unconscious on a stretcher as he was taken back to his hospital room. Joe informed Pat that John suffered a major blow to the head and his body sustained severe shock. Dr. Snyder promised to call Pat should John regain consciousness. Dru got Pat to empathize with Mary's anger towards Lee due to seeing her daughters suffer when Pat rallied to Lee's defense. Pat told Dru that her own feelings are irrelevant and feared Lee's reaction should John lose his life. Joe and Dr. Snyder debated the psychological aspects of John and Lee's medical cases. Dr. Snyder decided against Lee having visitors so that she could get some rest. Lee rambled ruefully to Joe about getting even with Pat by hurting Alice, who promised that she will see John very soon. Dr. Snyder cautiously told Pat that John sustained injuries to the spine and abdomen.

FEBRUARY 1, 1966 (EP. #436)
Janet persuaded Pat into eating dinner. Dru urged Janet to give Pat sedatives to ensure that she gets some sleep. Janet was disturbed as Pat talked about the ordeals she endured with Tom being public knowledge and called herself selfish for rushing into marriage with John. Pat reflected to Janet that she consented to marrying John for the security and respectability that he offered and the chance to forget her shameful past. Janet tried unsuccessfully to argue against Pat's contentions that Lee's resentment was justified because she was inconsiderate towards Lee's feelings and benefited from John without giving anything in return. Dr. Snyder echoed Dru's sentiment that Pat may not be mentally prepared to know the truth about John's condition, but is consulting with a neurosurgeon and orthopedic expert. Lee averted Dru's gaze and didn't acknowledge his presence while regretfully musing that she hurt everyone who had tried to help her. Dru implored Lee to allow herself to become a member of the family again and reminisced about the outings they shared with John. Joe asked Dru about his closeness to Lee, her relationship with John, and her conflicts with Pat. Dru felt helpless when Joe revealed that Lee is depressed due to a tremendous burden of grief and guilt. Pat left for the hospital in hopes of getting news about John. Dru told Janet that Dr. Snyder didn't provide a definite diagnosis on John and that Lee was distant and withdrawn. Joe failed to get a dismissive Lee to speak openly about her quarrel with John, animosity towards Pat, and feelings of self-loathing.

Pat: "...But we can't ever forget our past, Aunt Janet. I know that now."
Janet: "Lee wouldn't let you forget it, Pat. Because she resented you so much."
Pat: "She had every right to resent me."
Janet: "Because you married her father? Oh, Pat..."
Pat: "Because I committed murder. Lee was the only one who recognized me for what I really was -- a woman who'd killed the man she loved, and married another for the things he could give her."
Janet: "Pat, don't talk that way!"
Pat: "But it's true! Lee saw me come into her house, saw me accepting everything John had to offer -- his name, his home, his love. Taking, taking, taking - and giving nothing in return."
Janet: "You gave a great deal, Pat. You tried every way possible to be friends with Lee."
Pat: "But after I'd already married her father. Lee told me this, Aunt Janet. She said nobody had stopped to think about her feelings and that's what's behind all this. That's why if anything happens to him, Aunt Janet, if John should die -- I'll be responsible for his death. It will be two men I have killed. Tom Baxter and - my husband."

FEBRUARY 2, 1966 (EP. #437)
Jim told Mary and Alice that Dru persuaded Pat to stay with Janet and that the doctors don't have a diagnosis for John yet. Mary disagreed with Jim and Alice on holding Tony and Lee equally responsible for causing the recent tragedies. Jim beamed with pride as Alice recounted her conversation with Dru about Lee not knowing that love doesn't diminish because it is shared. Jim told Mary that holding grudges won't make things easier for Pat and that Alice will learn an important lesson from her breakup with Tony. Mary conceded that Jim had a point in allowing Alice to visit Lee alone. Fred told Tony that he left politics to resume practicing law. Tony freely admitted to Fred that he mistakenly bought Lee's claims that Alice was getting too serious about him and asked Lee to the Sigma Chi dance. Fred was shocked when Tony described John and Lee's heated argument over her schemes against Pat and Alice and that they were hospitalized after getting into a car accident. Lee mumbled in response to Alice's extension of friendship and forgiveness in breaking up her relationship with Tony. Alice realized that Lee was beyond consolation when she grew agitated over Alice's confidence that John will recover and that she has an extended family. Hal was alarmed when Alice suspected that Lee cannot forgive herself. Lee was nearly hypnotized as she stared at the window, consumed with remorse and rejection from John's scathing words. Hal apologized to Lee for exposing her plots to Alice, but Lee flatly maintained that his assessment of her was correct. Lee monosyllabically rejected Hal's suggestions that they grow from their mistakes and start over.

Lee: "You know what I did...I know you know."
Alice: "That's nothing to think about now, Lee."
Lee: "I said things to Tony...All sorts of things..." (THIS IS NOT A CONFESSION WITH THE HOPE OF PARDON, IT IS MORE AN OUTPOURING OF HER OWN SELF LOATHING AT THIS POINT) "I wanted Tony Douglas to date me instead of you."
Alice: "I know, Lee, but -- that's all over now."
Lee: "Over? Nothing's over..."
Alice: "Let's forget about it."
Lee: (THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF IT:) "Forget...?"

Hal: "And I'd sure like to help, if you'll let me. I mean -- you know how I've always felt about you, Lee."
Lee: (AFTER A PAUSE) "Too late..."
Hal: "Too late for what?"
Hal: "Lee..." (NO RESPONSE) "Lee...?" (STILL NO RESPONSE) "Lee, too late for what?" (SHE ISN'T EVEN LISTENING TO HIM NOW, SHE'S STILL TURNED AWAY) "I guess you're pretty tired, huh? I'll let you get some rest...But I'll come back this afternoon if it's okay...Is it okay if I come back, Lee?"
Hal: (Exit Line) "See you, Lee."

Script Notes for Act III: "To Lee, Alice symbolizes all the guilt she feels. This is slowly paced because of Lee's emotional state. The camera can tell the story of Lee much more than dialogue at this point."

Notes: Last appearance of Joe Bennett as Hal Keefer. Fred mentions that he had stopped practicing law and got involved in politics ten years ago.

FEBRUARY 3, 1966 (EP. #438)
Lee walked to the window of her room, opened it, and stared at the traffic below. Lee quickly climbed into bed upon hearing a nurse approaching and feigned innocence over the window causing a chill. Liz lectured Bill over letting her find out about John and Lee's accident from Mary after the fact. Bill explained John and Lee's confrontation and accident to Liz, who criticized John for enabling Lee's vindictive behavior. Liz griped to Bill about Lee surviving the accident with minor injuries while inflicting pain onto John, Pat, Alice, and Mary. Bill told Liz that he is running John's firm while he is recuperating and talked her out of going to the hospital. Liz reflected on John and Pat's marital issues, prompting Bill to suggest that she concentrate on John's recovery. Pat assuaged John's anxiety by assuring him that Lee wasn't badly hurt and that Bill is handling everything at the office. John was repentant with Pat over the terrible things he said to Lee and noted his inability to move his legs. Joe informed Pat that John's paralysis may be temporary and surgically corrected, but more tests need to be performed. Pat's fears were soothed when Joe advised that a neurosurgeon named Dr. Farmer will give John a thorough examination. Lee was emotionally detached as Pat stated that John wants to see her and didn't mean the things he said to her in anger. Pat was disturbed when Lee refused to believe that everyone understands her actions and demanded that she leave. Joe speculated that Lee is struggling to forgive herself once Pat provided insight into her conflicts with Lee that fueled her revenge tactics. Joe permitted Lee to visit with John per Pat's request.

Bill: "Well, they had the argument, Lee got mad and took off in John's car. She doesn't know how to drive well, so John went out after her in Pat's car."
Liz: "Isn't that just like that girl?"
Bill: "Aunt Mary told you about Lee and Tony Douglas?"
Liz: "Yes. And I'll tell you something, Bill. For once your Aunt Mary wasn't all sweetness and light about everything. She was simply furious."

FEBRUARY 4, 1966 (EP. #439)
Dru gave condolences to Michael Bauer for his wife, Julie, who committed suicide after a doctor advised that she would never leave the sanitarium. Michael told Dru that his daughter, Hope had been separated from Julie long enough to be unaffected and that they live with the Hastings. Dru was pleased by Michael's plans to start a new life and join a smaller law firm for more opportunities. Michael promised not to accept any job offers and wait for Dru to speak with John about hiring him. Dru told Michael about John and Lee's injuries and Lee being guilt-ridden. Lee ignored Joe recounting the circumstances surrounding her argument with John and the car accident and was recalcitrant towards Joe's sympathy. Joe persisted in taking Lee to John's hospital room, despite her protests of not wanting to see him. John secretly worried about the numbness in his legs as he apologized to Lee for speaking harshly to her, expressed relief that she wasn't badly injured, and asked that they bury the hatchet. Lee summoned Joe when John winced in pain due to having back spasms, bade him farewell with finality, and begged to leave his room. Joe told John that Lee must overcome her remorse before she will believe that she has been forgiven. John vented frustrations to Dru over not getting answers from the doctors and being out of commission. John agreed to meet Michael per Dru's recommendation. Dru accepted John's admission of having a short fuse with Lee since he married Pat. Lee grew despondent as she deemed herself a hateful person who made horrible mistakes. Joe walked into Lee's room as she had resolved to end her life by jumping out of the window.

Dru: "Michael!"
Michael: (Introduction Line) "Hello, Mr. Dru."
Dru: "My profound apologies for keeping you waiting. But I was unavoidably detained."
Michael: "I've only been here a few minutes myself. I've been out around your campus."
Dru: "It was not too long ago, was it, that you were at a university like this?"
Michael: "I was just thinking that. It hasn't been too long ago actually. But in some ways it seems -- well, there's such a security about campus life."
Dru: "Which is lost in the big outside world."
Michael: "Yes..."

Notes: First appearance of Gary Pillar (Carpenter) as Michael Bauer. Dru mentions that Michael's previous law firm was "Lowell, Barnes, Lowell, and Hughes," which was a tongue-in-cheek reference to ATWT. Pillar originally assumed the role on Guiding Light in February 1963 before crossing over to AW. Michael's wife, Julie Conrad Bauer, committed suicide off-camera in January 1966.

FEBRUARY 7, 1966 (EP. #440)
Dr. Joe Bernardi entered Lee's hospital room as she prepared to climb out onto the window ledge. With the strength born of desperation, Lee fought to break his hold until finally, he gave her a swift, hard right to the jaw and knocked her out. Emily, "a relaxed, motherly sort of woman," gazed at Michael in mutual affection when he returned home. She reminded him Dr. James said that even if Julie had lived, she'd never have left the sanitarium. She was thrilled to hear that, though dissatisfied at work, he wasn't considering returning to his home town because he and Hope had found a home with her. Michael commented it was Lee's fault as they read in The Herald about John's accident yesterday. Michael revealed that at the law banquet he'd seen Dru, who promised to recommend him. Lee was in denial when Joe insisted she couldn't believe others loved her because she didn't love herself, and opined she can make up for her father's pain by becoming the kind of person he'd be proud of. Pat visited John in his hospital room, but changed the subject when he brought up the numbness in his legs. John had high hopes for the young lawyer coming to see him tomorrow. Neurologist Dr. Charles Farmer convinced Pat that John needed exploratory surgery in the morning.

Emily: (Introduction Line) "Michael, is that you?"

Notes: First appearance of Mona Bruns as Emily Hastings. Emily's husband, Frank, was originally supposed to be still alive. Michael's Oakdale law firm is referred to as Lowell, Barnes, Lowell, and Hughes, though in at least one draft, this was rewritten as Fuller, Fuller, and Hughes. Michael's reluctance to name his "home town" (there is no mention of its name found through AWHP research) may stem from the fact that the locale of Guiding Light was being changed from Selby Flats to Springfield at this time.

FEBRUARY 8, 1966 (EP. #441)
At the hospital coffee shop, Dru told Michael that John agreed to see him that very evening, then castigated the press for harping on Pat's trial. Joe visited Lee again to tell her that though she's torturing herself for all the things she's done to others, her feelings toward Pat haven't changed. Though he assured her it was too early for such a change, he felt she was capable of it if she made a real effort. Dru introduced John and Michael, who compared notes on their daughters. Michael said he worked with Donald Hughes mostly on his criminal briefs, and had worked previously with George Hayes in a much smaller firm. John, impressed that Michael was itching for more responsibility, hired him since he'd been having to turn down cases, and also because Dru was too involved with teaching to completely help out in the office while John took a few days to recuperate. Lee reminded Dru of his warnings about revenge. Joe earned Lee's trust by not telling Dru about her suicide attempt. Dru told Lee of John's plans for Michael, and encouraged her to visit her father. In the hall, Joe dismissed Dru's appraisal of his positive influence on Lee, then distressed him by saying John's surgery will cancel any meetings. Dru then tried to convince John that Michael would be detained in meetings all day tomorrow.

Dru: "And I come bringing a friend. Mr. Randolph, may I present Michael Bauer?"
John: [PUTS OUT HIS HAND] "Mr. Bauer, it's nice to meet you."
Michael: "It's very nice to meet you, Mr. Randolph. I'm sorry it has to be under these circumstances."

Notes: George Hayes was a Guiding Light character played by Phillip Sterling (1962-1968), who went on to play AW's Rafe Carter from 1970-1971.

FEBRUARY 9, 1966 (EP. #442)
Janet, who lived close to the hospital, was glad to let Pat stay over again. Janet disagreed when Pat felt miserable about the harm she brought the Randolph family, as even Lee understood that she'd only married John for the self-respect he could give her, not what she could give him or Lee. Liz and Katherine discussed the accident after dinner at Katherine's apartment. Katherine reiterated her refusal to make inquiries about Missy's past. After gazing fondly at Rick's picture, Katherine phone Missy to come over again. Liz immediately sensed someone superceding Bill when John told her about the young lawyer he was hiring. John took it well when Dr. Farmer informed him of the surgery. John implored Pat to tell him if they find something really wrong tomorrow. Katherine had a cigarette while Missy enjoyed her black cow (root beer). Missy just laughed deprecatingly when Katherine insisted she shouldn't feel she doesn't measure up to the Matthews. She was shocked when Katherine said she wants to make sure Missy knows the difference between loving Bill for himself instead of what he stands for.


FEBRUARY 10, 1966 (EP. #443)
Michael told Emily that he found he has a lot in common with John, since both their wives died when their daughters were young. Dru phoned with news of the postponement as Emily was advising Michael he needed a wife. Dru tried to prevent Mary from rushing to the hospital after telling her, Jim, and Alice of John's operation. Jim disagreed when Mary insisted that Dru, not Pat, be the one to tell the news to Lee. Alice told Dru it had been right for her to visit Lee in hospital, as Tony never did care for her even though she adored him. Dru admitted he thought John and Pat married too soon. Though remorseful, Lee insisted it wouldn't be right for Pat to pretend to forget everything she did. It was a blow to Lee to hear of the numbness in John's legs and of his surgery tomorrow. Pat tried to comfort Lee by saying all three of them made mistakes, and that they needed to learn from them. Jim didn't want them to get into it when Pat reminded Mary that he had tried to keep her from marrying John as soon as they did. Pat explained to them why she wanted to stay at Janet's. Lee made her first small step toward reconciliation with Pat, and was sincerely grateful for the first time when Pat agreed she could see John before the operation.

FEBRUARY 11, 1966 (EP. #444)
As a nurse and orderly transferred an optimistic John to a cart, he promised an anxious Lee that he would soon be able to challenge her to a footrace. Joe continued to wax philosophic despite failing to completely assuage Lee's fears. While Helen believed Katherine forfeited all rights as Missy's mother, Katherine worried Missy was marrying Bill out of admiration, the way she did with Carter. Missy told Bill she gets along well with Katherine. Adopting a cliche lawyer's stance, Bill made Missy testify she loved him. He stopped his mock questioning when she got confused at his insistence on getting married as soon as he graduates. Katherine insisted to Helen that Missy must first love and respect herself as a person before she can have a truly good love relationship with anyone else. Lee was preoccupied when Dru introduced her to Michael in the waiting room. Dru insisted Lee accompany Michael to the cafeteria, then realized Joe was attracted to Lee. Dru was anxious when the nurse informed Joe that the operation was over.

Dru: "I don't think you know Michael Bauer."
Michael: "Hello, Miss Randolph."
Lee: "How do you do."

FEBRUARY 14, 1966 (EP. #445)
Michael told Lee he had returned from South America years ago to be with his mother, now recovered, who had developed a malignancy. Instinctively feeling a rapport with him, Lee admitted she caused her father's accident. He tried to reassure her by recounting what John told him of the importance of daughters. Pat had no news of the operation to impart to Dru. Michael left after Dru introduced him to Pat, who felt he was too young to be much of an asset to John, but Dru stressed his maturing experiences. Dr. Farmer and Dru came back with bad news after Lee went to pack to return home. Pat swayed when she learned a clot on his spinal cord meant John would be handicapped forever. Dru agreed when Pat asked Farmer not to tell John. Pat didn't take Dru up on his offer to tell Lee the news himself. Lee thanked Joe, then considered it consciously for the first time when he pointed out how attractive Michael was. Joe made Lee promise to keep in touch after Pat told her it was too soon to tell about John's legs.

Lee: "I never knew an operation would take this long."

Lee: "When Uncle Dru introduced us-- I was so worried about Dad, I don't even remember your name. Was it Gower?"
Michael: "Bauer... Michael."

Pat: "We just don't know anything yet, Lee." [THEN SHE SEES MICHAEL STANDING THERE] "Oh, I'm sorry..."
Michael: "No, no, it's all right."
Dru: "Mrs. Randolph, may I present Mr. Bauer."
Pat: "How do you do, Mr. Bauer."
Michael: "I'm glad to meet you, Mrs. Randolph. I've been an admirer of your husband for a long time."
Pat: "That's very nice of you to say."
Michael: [REALIZING THIS IS NOT WHERE HE BELONGS] "I'm going to get back to the office, Dru."
Dru: "All right, Michael. I'll be in touch with you."
Michael: "I'd appreciate that. Goodbye, Mrs. Randolph."
Pat: "Goodbye, Mr. Bauer."
Michael: [HE TURNS TO LEE] "It was nice to meet you."
Lee: "Thanks for the coffee."
Michael: "Right." [HE EXITS]

Notes: This textual reference in the prologue, "IN THE COFFEE SHOP OF CEDAR'S HOSPITAL" was likely an error as Cedar's was Guiding Light's hospital. At this time, Nixon was writing both AW and GL.

FEBRUARY 15, 1966 (EP. #446)
Ann was annoyed when Katherine phoned and insisted on coming over to the office. Liz visited Bill working in John's office, and he insisted he didn't mind at all Michael coming to work. Liz then phoned Katherine and vetoed her idea to have dinner at the Homestead. Liz veered off the subject when Bill disapproved of her comments on Katherine and Missy's friendship. Missy changed the subject when Bill, picking up the photo of her self-assumed mother, commented she doesn't resemble her parents. Bill warned she wouldn't fake him out of setting a wedding date. Ann tried to justify her feelings of antagonism toward Katherine, who stressed her desire to do something to help Missy. Ann contemplated it for the first time when Katherine suggested Missy may not know the difference between love and admiring everyone but herself. At the Blake House, Katherine suggested Liz could make Missy feel more at ease by making her feel she didn't just consider her Bill's fiancé. Missy told Ann she'd like to delay the wedding so Bill could marry someone with a college degree. Missy was confused and unsure when Ann urged her to accept herself as a responsible young adult, not an abandoned child.

FEBRUARY 16, 1966 (EP. #447)
Pat lied when John awoke and reminded her of her promise to tell him the results of the surgery. John tried to convince a doubtful Pat that Michael was a jack-of-all-trades who was exactly what he needed in his firm. John stared dreamily past Pat and spoke of how things will improve once he's back on his feet. Alice was happy that Lee vowed to make her house a home for her, Pat, and John. Lee denied having a romantic interest in Joe after singing his praises to Alice. Joe advised Pat to wait until Lee was stronger emotionally before telling her John's condition was hopeless, then admitted his attraction to Lee. Lee disagreed when Pat felt Michael wouldn't work out. Joe came in as Michael and John finalized their arrangement. Michael sensed Pat worried he'd overtax John. Despite a nurse's interruption, Joe was able to ask Lee to dinner over the weekend.

John: "Pat, before Michael Bauer came to this city..."
Notes: Bay City wasn't named as the show's locale until the summer of 1966. Then, Missy fled to Chicago, and the use of two disparate locales likely prompted the naming of the show's town.

FEBRUARY 17, 1966 (EP. #448)
Michael was annoyed when Pat, feeling an antagonism she couldn't fully comprehend, shooed him away from a sleeping John. Peggy familiarized Michael with the office. Dru disagreed when Michael felt Pat disapproved of him because he was supplanting her cousin Bill. Dru reassured Pat she'd told John the most understandable lie anyone ever told. When Pat approved of Joe's befriending of Lee, Dru tried to convince her that John having Michael to depend on was similarly beneficial. Dru argued against Pat's unreasonable prejudice toward Michael's so-called inexperience, then he urged her to be strong in the belief that John can learn to live an independent life. Pat didn't enthuse over John's Bermuda Easter plans. Michael vowed to Pat that within three months, he and John will be in perfect double harness. He felt pretty disgusted when she flipped out at the thought, not knowing that Pat knew John wouldn't be returning to work.

Notes: On the spec sheet, "Vase of flowers (dead preferably)"

FEBRUARY 18, 1966 (EP. #449)
Michael shrugged off Bill's praise and opined Pat didn't want him working there at all. Bill tried to change his mind by pointing out the stress she was under, including Lee's disapproval of her marriage; then Bill showed off a photo of his fiancé. Katherine's approval of her apartment meant a great deal to Missy, who told her that despite her photo, her mother had been much prettier. When Missy tried to argue that self-respect can come after marriage, Katherine vowed to help her postpone the wedding if having a college degree would give her more confidence. Katherine told Ann she now agrees it wouldn't be in Missy's best interests to tell her she's her mother, and Ann agreed and vowed to help keep Missy from marrying for the wrong reasons. Missy told Bill that she and Katherine see in each other their lost mother/daughter. Taking charge, Bill informed her they'd be married on June 18th, three days after his graduation.

FEBRUARY 21-23, 1966: Pre-empted for U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearings on Vietnam War.

FEBRUARY 24, 1966 (EP. #450)
Lee visited John. Janet was shocked when Pat told her the truth about John's condition. Fred and Liz had dinner before stopping in at the hospital. As Bill and Fred visited with John, Missy stunned Liz by hinting she and Bill ought to wait to get married.

FEBRUARY 25, 1966 (EP. #451)
At the restaurant, Joe toasted Lee, who still felt guilty over hurting Alice and who disparaged old boyfriend Hal. Mary, dubious when Alice felt it was time they all understood how Lee had suffered since John's marriage, told Jim that Alice was just putting on an act for Pat's benefit. Tony told Alice he felt bad that he believed it and became afraid when Lee made him think Alice was getting too serious about him. She was unable to give him an answer when he said he'd gotten over his fear and wanted to date her again. Joe didn't press the issue when Lee stated she considers him as (just) a friend, then he again tried to assuage her guilt and fear. Michael dropped in to see John about business. Joe, put out when Lee insisted it would be more convenient for Michael to drive her home, let John know he enjoys Lee's company very much. Lee told Michael she was glad Hope felt so close to Emily, since she herself came to depend too much on her relationship with her father. Michael took her up on her offer to spend time with Lee while he was busy.

FEBRUARY 28, 1966 (EP. #452)
Pat couldn't share Janet's optimism that John still had a lot to be grateful for. Janet was bothered when Pat vowed to devote herself to helping John become a part of the world again, since he'd done so much to help her face the world last year. Pat was peeved to hear of his visit with John when Michael brought Lee home. Sensing he wasn't welcome, Michael turned down Lee's offer of coffee. Pat told Lee she worried Michael would lean on John instead of the other way around, then cautioned her about identifying too strongly with Hope. Emily told Michael that as close as she was to him and Hope, she was no substitute for a real wife and mother. Michael promised her he wouldn't let Pat undermine him with John. John noticed when Pat reacted unfavorably to Michael's name. Dru assured John that Pat would eventually change her attitude about Michael. John admitted to him he'd rushed Pat into marriage before she loved him, but felt they now were ready to build a happy marriage.

Lee: [IT'S AN EFFORT FOR HER TO SAY BUT IT'S GENUINE] "I'm glad Dad has you."

MARCH 1, 1966 (EP. #453)
Peggy helped Michael prepare for his first case. Michael confided to Bill he was beginning to return Pat's ill feelings. Bill whined to Michael about Missy's reluctance to set a wedding date. Katherine was eager to hear Liz's details of running into Missy at the hospital, but failed to convince her to accept Missy's explanation at face value. After Katherine encouraged her to be open with her, Missy confessed she wants to wait and learn things before marrying Bill. Katherine presented Missy with a snow globe ("snow ball") with chime her grandmother had given her, and was touched when Missy thrilled over it. Missy's lightened mood changed when Bill showed up and Katherine left so they could be alone. Bill was rebuffed when Missy felt he couldn't understand the closeness she feels with Katherine. Missy brought up the idea of a postponement, but Bill had a premonition that if they didn't marry in June, they never would.

MARCH 2, 1966 (EP. #454)
Alice told Pat she's decided to quit the Art Institute in June (since she'd had two years) and find a job, and assured her she no longer idolizes Tony. She was puzzled by Pat's foreboding that Michael's continued presence will be a terrible mistake. Joe assured Michael that his visits weren't putting a strain on John, then pressed Lee to accompany him to the hospital dinner dance. He looked on as she also accepted Michael's invite to dinner out with him and Hope, then he told Pat that John was ready to go home soon. At the Kopper Kettle, Michael appreciated Lee's vote of confidence in his work at the office. Lee informed Pat that she was taken with Hope and enjoyed being with Michael more than anyone she's ever known.

MARCH 3-4, 1966: Pre-empted.

MARCH 7, 1966 (EP. #455)
Michael was both dumbfounded and amused when Emily sung Lee's praises. Dru shared with Pat his belief that John could cope better with his condition if he first learns that it doesn't have to be such a terrible handicap. Pat worried to Dru that it wasn't right for Lee to identify Michael and Hope with John and herself. Joe encouraged John to strengthen his arms so he could use his wheelchair more easily. Lee sung Michael's praises to John. Over lunch, Lee was oblivious to Joe's interest in her. John apologized to Pat for rushing into marriage and then for getting angry at her delay in getting over her experiences with Tom. Emily encouraged Lee to keep dropping by to see Hope, then bullied her into staying for dinner.

Dru: "Today, a man does not have to lead a crippled life because of a crippling injury."

MARCH 8, 1966 (EP. #456)
At the student union, Bill was peeved when Missy parroted Katherine's advice about waiting to marry until she was ready. Bill begged Ann to tell him the real reason Missy doesn't want to marry him. He could accept her shyness, but he could only be patient if she had a good reason for wanting to delay the wedding. Katherine refused to let Missy believe there was anything she could say that would make her like her less. She wasn't angry that Missy had quoted her to Bill, feeling an honest conflict with Bill might be healthy. Bill didn't buy it when Missy felt she needed time to find out who she was before she could become his wife, and was furious that she'd been confiding in Katherine. When Missy begged him to let her have time to work some things out by herself, Bill agreed to leave her alone if she also stayed away from Katherine. Though she loved him, nothing and no one would ever make her stop seeing Katherine.

Bill: "I don't know who Mrs. Corning is, or even what she's doing in this town. But I'll tell you, Missy-- since she's been your friend, you've changed. And I'll tell you something else. She's not your mother. You had a mother and she died. So don't try to make Mrs. Corning your mother."
Missy: [FURIOUS] "Shut up! Shut up!"

MARCH 9, 1966 (EP. #457)
Liz's prying about his not seeing Missy lately added to Bill's general displeasure. When Bill pumped her about Katherine, Liz offered that Missy fills a need in her life since her baby girl had died. Katherine was pleased when Ann expressed her belief that she's become a mother figure to Missy, but then Ann warned her that it would be an awful thing for Missy if Bill (since he was kept in the dark about what really was bothering her) refused to wait for her. Liz wasn't interested when Fred brought up the misunderstanding between Alice and Tony, then she voiced her opinion that Bill was bothered because Missy wanted to delay the wedding until he's settled into a career. Michael didn't take Bill's advice to get to know Pat better; then Bill told him he didn't intend to wait for Missy. Katherine started when Missy noticed the jewelry box Rick gave her, then urged her not to let her influence her relationship with Bill. Missy skirted the issue of why the Matthews intimidated her, but hinted one day she might tell her the whole story.

MARCH 10, 1966 (EP. #458)
Lee admitted to Pat she has a tough time thinking of Joe as other than her doctor. Unenthusiastic about being picked up by Joe, Lee was excited to answer the door to Michael, who tried to ignore the cold wave from Pat while explaining he was there to pick up some law books. Pat, finding it difficult to keep antagonism so urbane, fairly gushed when Joe arrived to take Lee away. Michael felt Lee was old enough to make her own decisions when Pat worried about her involvement with him and Hope. He insisted it will be a great benefit to him that John has so much more experience than he. After Joe and Lee left, John apologized to Janet for blaming her friendship with Pat on Pat's inability to come to terms with the past. John assured Michael he'd see a complete change of attitude in Pat once he was back in harness. Pat complained to Janet about Michael's influence on John and Lee, then Janet warned against offering herself as a crutch.

MARCH 11, 1966 (EP. #459)
At the dance, Joe encouraged Lee to see the man underneath the doctor, then discouraged her from speaking to Dr. Farmer about John. He wouldn't let her use his medical opinion to invalidate Pat's unease over Michael visiting John with business. After Michael left, John laughed and said Pat should be delighted if Lee were interested in both Michael and Joe, since one was a lawyer and the other a doctor. Michael tensed up when Emily mentioned Lee, then revealed Pat had sort of posted an "off limits" sign tonight on Lee. After a heap of friendly praise from Lee, Joe took her hand and made her close her eyes as he explained his true feelings. Embarrassed, Lee considered him just a friend, then denied that she'd given "serious looks" at Michael.

Emily: "As I said before, you're a good man, Michael Bauer."

Joe: "'A song of love is a sad song... Hi-Lili, Hi Lili, Hi Lo.'"

Notes: Songs played during the dance were "The Switch," "Walk, Don't Run," "Make Someone Happy," and "I'm in the Mood for Love."

MARCH 14, 1966 (EP. #460)
Missy showed Ann the snow globe she received from Katherine. Ann urged her to to be honest with Bill about her history or risk a future without him, but she was too ashamed. Bill defended Michael's abilities when Pat complained Bill was still required to keep late nights at the office. Bill revealed Missy wanted to wait to get married, and blew up when Pat suggested waiting was no big deal. The only theory he had to offer to explain her hesitancy was that she was afraid to get married. Liz didn't sound especially upset when she told Jim and Mary that Missy was thinking of postponing the wedding. Missy phoned Liz and left a message for Bill. Bill and Missy kissed after an awkward silence. He held her tenderly after she agreed she might possibly be afraid of marriage.

MARCH 15, 1966 (EP. #461)
Bill implored Missy to tell him what she was afraid of, then expounded his theory of her fear of marriage and that Katherine had snowed her to fill a vacuum in her life. When Liz spoke of Bill's puzzlement over her friendship with Missy, Katherine inferred he resented it. Bill and Peggy consoled Michael over the less than completely successful outcome of his case. Bill was difficult when Katherine phoned to arrange a meeting, then told Michael that she has just been amusing herself by getting her hooks into Missy. Katherine showed a photo of her house to Missy, who confessed that even Bill doesn't understand how really alone she was. Missy revealed to Katherine that she's an orphan, and shared her belief that her mother must be dead since she would never have given her up if she were alive.

MARCH 16, 1966 (EP. #462)
Katherine was tempted to tell her the truth when Missy agonized over why she was abandoned. Katherine promised not to be selfish anymore when Helen reminded her she'd come to town seeking forgiveness and atonement. Helen encouraged her to take Missy in her arms and tell her the truth. Alice told Missy she understands why Lee tried to break up her and Tony, and Missy told her of how close she feels to Katherine. John got Bill to open up to him about Missy and Katherine, and tried to make him see that Missy might enjoy having a mother figure in her life. After thanking Missy for the photo of herself, Katherine got her to talk about life in the orphanage. She had to restrain herself from crying when Missy described dragging around a blanket she'd called "Mama." Katherine didn't feel Missy was ready for any revelations when Missy refused to believe that a mother could willingly give up her child.

Missy: "You-- you mean that my mother is alive?"
Katherine: "... Suppose you found out that she is alive today... How would you feel about it."
Missy: "I would feel... awful."
Katherine: "You--?"
Missy: "I'd feel just horrible."
Katherine: "It-- It wouldn't make you happy in any way?"
Missy: "How could it? It would just tell me that she never did really love me. Never did need me or want me... Mrs. Corning, I have to believe that my mother loved me. It's the only thing I have."

MARCH 17, 1966 (EP. #463)
John complained to Dru about the doctors' vague generalities. Pat encouraged her to keep seeing Joe on a friendly basis when Lee said he was getting too serious about her. Lee left for class when Pat started her tirade against Michael. Pat disagreed when Dru felt it was time to tell John the truth, and Dru disagreed when Pat felt Michael's inexperience will just cause more problems. Pat came in as Michael consulted with John about appealing for a larger settlement. Pat shot daggers at Michael when he asked John if he objected to his having Lee over for dinner. Michael stepped into the elevator after disagreeing that Pat was the better judge of John. Lee was pleased when Michael praised John. John didn't really believe her when Pat insisted everything would be fine if he listened to the doctors and exercised hard.

MARCH 18, 1966 (EP. #464)
Joe kept a calm, unperturbed manner and tried to kid him out of his mood when John pressed Joe for the truth. Joe's philosophies put a damper on John's queries, but Joe was unable to get him to answer his questions about Lee and Michael. Lee assured Michael that Pat's qualms about her involvement in his life were invalid. Emily told Lee she had been about to sell her house (since her children have married and moved away) when she met Michael through a mutual friend. John told Lee and Michael that he expected to be going home this week. Joe, unhappy to have seen Lee with Michael, told Dru that John ought to be told the truth by the end of the week. Lee admitted to Michael she'd tried to hurt Pat by hurting Alice. Annoyed with hospital routine, John pretended to sleep as Nurse Walker took his pulse. He was able to read his medical chart (left behind after another nurse dragged Walker away on an emergency): "Randolph, John... Diagnosis: Paralysis of legs, permanent... Prognosis for recovery: Negative," before the nurse returned to stick a thermometer in his mouth.

Notes: Michael and Lee had Russian Tapioca pudding at the Kopper Kettle in their last scene.

MARCH 21, 1966 (EP. #465)
After showing Missy's picture to Helen, Katherine lamented she hadn't been able to be honest with Missy. Helen understood when Katherine explained how important it was for Missy to believe her mother died. Bill phoned to arrange a meeting. John was distracted when Michael discussed the Harris case. Bill told John about his meeting with Katherine. Evasive when Bill asked why she advised Missy not to marry him, Katherine suggested Bill be patient as Missy has empty spaces in her life that he can't completely understand. Katherine pressed a reluctant Missy to let her buy her a few things when they go shopping, then warned her not lose the man she loved as she herself did a long time ago with a man besides her husband (letting Missy infer the relationship was before her marriage).

MARCH 22, 1966 (EP. #466)
Katherine and Missy were seated in the tea room at Turner's department store when Alice and Mary came over. Alice changed the subject when Mary asked Missy about her wedding date. Alone later, Alice and Mary compared notes about what they'd been told about Missy and Bill. Mary was mostly amused when Alice commented on Liz's snobbery, then laughed when Alice said Bill and Missy should move to the moon after they marry to get far away from Liz. Bill told John he now believes Katherine is genuinely fond of Missy, but admitted he was still baffled by the woman. Liz dropped in to see Katherine and Helen after visiting her elderly cousin Sarah who lived nearby. Liz insisted she couldn't make Missy at ease around her despite her best efforts, then marveled that Katherine had requested a picture of Missy. Bill shared with Missy his concern over John. Missy informed him he could leave if he insisted on ridiculing her friendship with Katherine. Katherine vowed to Helen she'd undo her past mistakes by helping change Missy's feelings of insecurity and inferiority. Missy agreed to marry in June after they both agreed they each could love only the other.

Liz: "If I live to be as old as my cousin Sarah, I don't think I'll have much interest in younger generations."
Katherine: "You'll have your children and your grandchildren. Perhaps even great-grandchildren."
Liz: "What a horrible thought."

MARCH 23, 1966: Pre-empted.

MARCH 24, 1966 (EP. #467)
John quizzed the nurse about his chart. Lee noticed John's distracted mood as he asked her about her private life. John was uninterested when Pat spoke of Joe's interest in Lee. Pat laughed but John remained passive when Mary gave him a kiss from Alice. Pat was definitely against it when Mary suggested she and John consider adoption. Michael met Mary, then Pat forbade him from seeing John. Lee came down from checking on Hope to overhear Michael complain to Emily about Pat. Michael apologized for sounding off. John asked Pat why she lied to him after revealing he'd read his prognosis on his chart last night.

MARCH 25, 1966 (EP. #468)
After Hope ran off to play on her jungle-gym, Lee arrived to reveal to Michael she'd wanted to die after her father's accident. To convince her she had a lot to live for, Michael said Julie had been in a mental hospital. Lee let him know Joe was just a friend. At first dissembling by saying she'd never seen his chart, Pat admitted Dr. Farmer told her his chances of a complete recovery didn't look very good. Pat did her utmost to rise to the occasion in stamina and courage when John felt he no longer had a reason to live. She informed him there was Lee to think of when he didn't believe her assertions that with leg braces and lightweight metal clamps on his arms he'll be able to go on with his practice and have a full, satisfying life. Michael thought Lee very unselfish when she wanted Pat and John to go to Bermuda alone since she'd ruined their honeymoon. Joe and Pat couldn't find Lee after deciding she had to know. Hope said goodnight to Lee, who then did the dishes with Emily before Emily went up to read Stuart Little to Hope.

Hope: (Introduction Line) "Can I go play in the yard, Daddy?"

Notes: First appearance of Elissa Leeds as Hope Bauer.

MARCH 28, 1966 (EP. #469)
Jim attributed John and Pat's bad moods to his hospital stay and her recent illness to quell Mary's suspicions of tension between them. Bill and Missy happily told Jim and Mary that they set a wedding date for June after Bill's graduation. Bill joked to Jim and Mary that Missy needed Katherine's permission to marry him, but admitted that he was bothered by Katherine's involvement in their wedding plans. Missy defended her close friendship with Katherine as a maternal influence to Bill, who agreed to drop his qualms about Katherine. Jim and Bill were like-minded in believing that John seemed despondent and Pat irritated, but decided not to confound Mary's concern by telling her. Pat fretted to Joe that Lee will sense a shift in John since he knows that he may never walk again. Joe was strongly opposed to Pat revealing John's true condition to Lee and blurted out that she had attempted suicide to change Pat's mind. Joe impressed upon Pat the importance of handling Lee gently because of her emotional scars being fresh. Lee accepted Joe's claims that John was too tired to receive visitors. Pat casually echoed Lee's worries over John's moodiness, which prevented her from asking questions. John expressed bitterness over being kept in the dark about his condition to Joe, who insisted that he needed to gain strength before facing the reality of needing physical therapy and leg braces to walk. Joe caused John to become deeply affected by stressing that Lee will not see him until he has adjusted because she feels responsible for his injuries. Lee told Pat about Emily's hopes for Michael to find a wife and a mother for Hope. Pat was noncommittal over Lee's request that she get to know Michael and Hope. Lee admitted to Pat that she may be in love with Michael.

Bill: "You two are invited to a wedding in June."
Mary: "You two!?"
Missy: "Yes..."
Bill: "Right after I graduate."
Jim: "Well, that is wonderful news."
Mary: "Oh Missy, it is. I'm so happy for you."
Missy: "Thank you...I'm happy too."
Jim: "And I don't suppose you are, sir?"
Bill: "Not only happy. I'm weak with relief. For a while there I didn't think I was ever going to persuade her."

Production Notes: Rick Edelstein is credited as Co-writer with Agnes Nixon for this episode. Lee mentions that Emily has grown children and grandchildren who live out of town.

MARCH 29, 1966 (EP. #470)
Liz lectured Bill over rushing into marriage and griped that Missy decided against postponing the wedding. Bill admonished himself over holding Katherine responsible for Missy's delays and warned Liz not to interfere. Liz admitted that she would stop Bill and Missy's marriage if given the opportunity to Katherine, who warned against trying to recruit her in such an effort. Katherine told Liz that she encouraged Missy to gain self-respect before she marries Bill because of her insecurity towards being Liz's daughter-in-law. Liz scoffed at the notion that Missy thinks her deceased mother would have been like Katherine had she lived. Missy related to Lee feeling like an outsider with the Matthews family and was forgiving over Lee distancing herself because of Pat. Lee admired the snow globe Katherine gifted Missy, who credited Katherine's friendship in improving her self-esteem. Missy told Lee that she and Bill are getting married in June and that she still plans to earn her degree. Lee swore Missy to secrecy after confessing that Michael is the man she wishes to marry. Missy was puzzled that Lee was undaunted by Michael's previous marriage and willingness to wait until he is ready for a serious relationship. Katherine informed Helen that she intends to move to town permanently. Helen thought Katherine unselfish when she swore that revealing her true identity to Missy would cause her to be disillusioned and destroy their close bond. Katherine showed Helen a document with Missy's baby prints and promised to burn it once Missy is married. Bill and Missy agreed to consider Katherine's offer to host their wedding reception. Helen voiced skepticism that Katherine could continue resisting the temptation of telling Missy the truth.

Liz: "I wasn't going to lie about my feelings."
Bill: "Oh no, of course not...And all this time, I was blaming Mrs. Corning."
Liz: "What does she have to do with this?"
Bill: "Perhaps not nearly as much as I thought. And you're to keep out of it too, Mother."
Liz: "I'm not in it. You've made that very plain, Bill."
Bill: "And I'll make it a lot plainer if you say one word to Missy against our marriage in June. Because I can walk out of your life just the same as Susan did. And if you interfere anymore, that's just what I'll do."

Katherine: "That I felt Missy might not be able to cope with becoming a member of your family, Liz. Specifically, to cope with you as a mother-in-law."
Liz: "Katherine! You make me sound like some sort of ogre."
Katherine: "No. You're just a very dominating woman. And I'm very fond of you personally. But when I thought that Melissa had some misgivings about herself, whether she would measure up to being Bill Matthews' wife -- then I told her she should wait until she had more self-confidence."
Liz: "Well, she certainly seems to have acquired it in a hurry."

MARCH 30, 1966 (EP. #471)
Lee bluntly told Pat that she knows Julie's illness and death were traumatic for Michael and that he isn't ready to love again, but proclaimed that she is content with waiting for him. Michael interpreted Emily's remarks about Lee having suitors due to being a lovely person and attractive young woman as attempts to play "Cupid" between him and Lee. Emily got on Michael's case for allowing Hope to become overly attached to him and finding a woman to marry. Michael admitted to Emily that he is stand-offish around Lee because he isn't ready for a committed relationship, then was immediately repentant after threatening to leave should Emily try to run his life. Emily was moved when Michael opened up about his turbulent marriage to Julie and wanting to remarry for the right reasons. Pat understood when Joe advised that they must live with John accidentally discovering his paralysis. Joe told Pat that he revealed Lee's suicide attempt because she is struggling to accept that John will be permanently handicapped right now. John confessed to Pat that it is difficult to adjust after leading an active life, but apologized for speaking harshly to her. Pat told John about seeing a self-reliant, independent woman in a wheelchair to encourage John not to wallow in self-pity. John and Pat discussed Lee's love life. Joe humbly refused to accept Lee's praises in helping her overcome her depression and swore that he isn't bothered that she doesn't return his affections. Lee predicted to Joe that Michael will come to appreciate life once he has fully recovered from Julie's death. Lee evaded Joe's inquiry into whether she has feelings for Michael.

Lee: " said that you hoped I wasn't getting serious about Michael Bauer."
Joe: "Did I say that?"
Lee: "You did. But you never really told me why."
Joe: "Probably because I know I'm prejudiced where you're concerned. I don't think anyone would be good enough for you. Including myself...But I do remember that that night you denied you had any serious feelings about the gentleman. Do you deny it now?"
Lee: "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it may incriminate me."
Joe: (LAUGHS) "Spoken like a true lawyer's daughter. Listen to the music. Remember?"
Lee: "Of course. 'A song of love is a sad song.'"
Joe: "They always seem to play it at an appropriate time...."

MARCH 31, 1966 (EP. #472)
Michael gave Pat a quizzical glance when she requested to speak with him privately. Pat fought to control her emotions while telling Michael about John's paralysis so that he would be spared the pain of talking about it. Michael assured Pat that running John's law firm wasn't an imposition and acknowledged that he is younger and less experienced than John. Pat took notice when Michael stated his determination in meeting the challenges of his job and proving himself to Pat. John asked Michael to leave a contract with him to review, then gave Michael his vote of confidence towards being in charge of the firm. Michael promised John and Pat that he would let them tell Lee about John's condition. Pat decided against taking issue with John's appraisal of Michael's confidence, dependability, and experience. John readily approved of Bill and Missy coming to see him. Pat dissembled by jokingly referring to John as a matchmaker when he spoke optimistically about Lee marrying a fine young man like Michael. Janet urged Pat to focus on the future and to tell Lee about John's disability, but sympathized with Pat's worries over Lee handling the news. Pat told Janet that she and Lee are building a relationship and that Lee is interested in Michael. Michael suggested Bill provide moral support to John to alleviate his morose mood, but to conceal the truth of John's condition from Lee. Bill was amused when Lee flirtatiously persuaded Michael into taking her out to lunch. Michael was slightly patronizing to Lee over her romantic notions of two people being destined for each other since he is a widower with a young daughter. Lee secretly yearned to be with Michael while promising him that the perfect girl will come into his life soon.

Lee: (SMILING, UNSUSPICIOUS) "Did I walk in on something? What were you saying about me, Bill?"
Bill: (COVERING BEAUTIFULLY) "I was saying you are a snoop."
Lee: "Oh I am, am I?"
Bill: "And I was saying they have laws against wiretapping, why don't they have laws against snoopy women? I was just about to call your Dad -- want to say hello to him?"
Lee: "I just came from the hospital. You go ahead though." (SMILES AT MIKE) "My business is with your boss."
Bill: "Watch out for her, boss. She's a snoop."
Michael: (TO LEE) "You want to sue him? I'll represent you."

APRIL 1, 1966 (EP. #473)
Dru encouraged John to consider his handicap a challenge to conquer and lectured him against wallowing in self-pity. John reflected to Dru on pushing Pat into marriage and Lee's suffering, but noted that he and Lee have grown close again. Dru urged John to adopt a positive outlook for Pat's sake and to ease the blow when Lee learns that he is paralyzed. Katherine told John that she was remiss in finding Missy to free herself from guilt, receive forgiveness, and make reparations, but realized her intentions were wrong once she bonded with Missy. John felt compassionate towards Katherine due to her willingness to live the lie that Missy's mother died and would have never abandoned her otherwise. John agreed to confidentially draw up legal documents for Katherine, who was certain that making financially arrangements for Missy wouldn't arouse any suspicions. Missy got defensive when Bill harped on her postponing making wedding plans and described her relationship with Katherine as playing "mother and daughter." Bill dropped his lingering misgivings once Missy explained that her friendship with a sophisticated, affluent woman like Katherine improved her self-esteem and helped make Liz less intimidating. Liz told Mary that she is baffled by Katherine's involvement in Missy's life. Mary reasoned that Katherine felt Missy needed attention and affection and bluntly suggested that Liz quit searching for flaws in Missy and enjoy being the mother of the groom. Missy graciously agreed to let Katherine host her wedding reception. Katherine was deeply touched when Missy replaced the pictures of her "parents" with the portrait that Katherine gifted her.

Dru: "But once you're back in your own home, if Lee can see in you an optimism, an affirmative attitude towards yourself and the world -- then the news will not be so shattering to her...John, this can be either a tragedy or a triumph, as you choose to make it. A triumph your wife and daughter will share - or a tragedy that will engulf them."
John: (GRUDGINGLY) "I'm glad I never had to plead against you in a court of law, Dru."
Dru: "The court of life is an even better arena."
John: "It's a more cruel one."
Dru: "Which is why the rewards are all the greater."

Mary: "....After all, a girl Missy's age likes to have a little mature advice and opinion."
Liz: "Susan never wanted any of my opinions."
Mary: (LET US SEE THAT SHE IS TRYING TO SPARE LIZ'S FEELING HERE:) "Well, Susan was always extremely independent."
Liz: "Revolutionary is more like it...I wonder if she'll even come home for her brother's wedding."
Mary: "I'm sure if you wrote her a nice letter saying you want her to come -- "
Liz: "Don't you think she should come because she wants to?"
Mary: "We all want to be wanted, Liz."

APRIL 4, 1966 (EP. #474)
Dru startled Pat, who was riddled with trepidation and restlessness over John's homecoming and coping with his paralysis. Pat foreboded to Dru that shielding John's handicap from Lee will heighten the impact on her once she discovers the truth. Lee asked Alice to share in welcoming John home and was hopeful that she, John, and Pat can become a family. Alice described her bond with Pat and remarked on the change in Lee, who was hopeful that she and Pat will build a sisterly relationship. Lee credited Michael with inspiring her to become a better person and shocked Alice by declaring her love for him. Alice was intrigued as Lee revealed details on Julie and admitted that she will patiently wait for Michael to be ready for marriage. Dru assured Michael that John will maintain a successful law career despite his disability. Michael surmised to Dru that Pat believes he doesn't have adequate experience to run John's firm. Dru informed Michael that Pat has carried the burden of knowing about John's condition and concealing it from everyone, which eased Michael's defensiveness towards Pat. Michael told Dru that Lee shares the same freshness and vulnerability that he saw in Julie. John wasn't mollified by Pat's confidence that he will walk with the aid of leg braces and crutches. Pat was taken aback when Lee convinced John to invite Michael and Hope over to the house. John approved of Michael occupying Lee's time and dismissed Pat's misgivings over Lee's romantic interest in him. Michael bantered with Lee on Hope's possessiveness towards her and their age difference. Lee promised Michael that she doesn't spend time with him and Hope out of pity.

Script Notes for Act II: (John/Pat) "...See him sitting in the living room, staring ahead, his thoughts turned inward on his personal plight. Take ample time with this as we must see in John now the ambivalence indigenous to so many people whose health has failed them in one respect or another. He makes an effort most of the time, particularly with the outsider and, in this case, with his own daughter. But there is a frustration, an impatience with himself which he at times cannot help projecting onto the person closest to him who is, of course, his wife. It must be understood that this is not a deliberate thing on John's part, but an instinctive, emotion reflex. At times, when his attitude and actions are brought to his attention, he will be shocked and contrite, but nevertheless the pattern will be repeated. The front he maintains for others he drops with Patricia and she must therefore not only keep up her own spirits, be always cheerful and affirmative, but she must act as a buffer for her husband..."

APRIL 5, 1966 (EP. #475)
Missy informed Ann that she replaced the pictures of her "parents" with Katherine's picture since she knows her true background. Ann told Missy that her happiness with Bill has allowed her to forego her role as Missy's social worker to be one of her dearest friends. Missy grew frustrated with Ann, who was disappointed that Missy intended to continue lying to Bill about her parentage. Ann lectured Missy on realizing her own self-worth and time being precious. Missy called Bill out on being evasive and vague about John returning to work, but respected his wishes not to question him on the matter just yet. Bill told Missy that he and Michael are getting along well, but disagreed with Missy's assertion that Lee has serious romantic feelings towards him. Missy agreed to Bill's request to rearrange her class schedule so that they could marry on May 21st and have a honeymoon before Bill takes his bar exams. Ann was guarded as Katherine noted Missy's resemblance to Rick, but was genuinely moved to see Katherine's copy of Missy's baby prints. Katherine refused to justify abandoning Missy to Ann, who didn't condone her actions but acknowledged that she was under emotional strain from Rick's death and having another man's child other than her husband. Ann and Katherine disagreed with Missy's decision on marrying Bill without revealing the truth until she is secure as Bill's wife. Ann was skeptical that Katherine would continue waiting for the right time to reveal herself as Missy's mother. Missy embraced Katherine while praising her positive influence and willingness to throw the reception despite her changing the date of the wedding.

Notes: Missy's quote to Katherine, "God's in His heaven...All's right with the world," is from the poem, "Pippa Passes" by Robert Browning.

APRIL 6, 1966 (EP. #476)
Michael got upset with Pat, who spoke for John in refusing to come to the office and provide input on his work. Pat contemptuously doubted Michael's contentions that he was very capable of handling John's case load while running the firm. Michael criticized Pat for prolonging John's absence from work by pampering him rather than encouraging him to overcome his defeatist attitude. Pat brusquely told Michael that she was acting in John's best interest when Michael stated his admiration towards her devotion to John, but warned that she was enabling him to become too dependent on her. Bill defended Pat by telling Michael that her nurturing character precludes her from being tough with John in ways other people can be. Michael asked Bill to introduce him to Missy and joked with Bill over changing the wedding date. Bill told Michael that he was remiss for thinking that Katherine would return to San Francisco, but pleased by Katherine's sincere interest in Missy. Katherine was urbane while agreeing with John and Pat's opinion that Liz believes that no girl is suitable for Bill. Katherine ironed out the details with John on setting up a trust for Missy to avoid arousing her and Bill's suspicions. John was surprised by Katherine's musings over revealing the truth to Missy once she is married to Bill and has children. Bill shocked John and Katherine by his unexpected arrival, but were relieved that Bill hadn't overheard their conversation. Katherine was thankful to Bill, who apologized for misjudging her and hoped that they could build a friendship. Bill told Katherine that he will better understand the loss of her infant daughter once he and Missy become parents.

Production Note: The Randolph Terrace was off the living room so that the two sets could be contiguous. The script suggested French doors that led onto the terrace. Television promotion of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans for "Highlights of the 1966 edition of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus" played during closing credits.

APRIL 7, 1966 (EP. #477)
Missy looked at her hand to visualize having a wedding ring on her finger and being a married woman while kissing Bill. Bill agreed to Missy's idea of getting matching gold bands without adornments. Bill frowned while sensing an unspoken fear lying in the depth of Missy's consciousness when she pleaded that he promise to never leave her. Pat bantered with Bill about wanting permission to leave work early so that he and Missy could pick out rings. Bill noted Pat's emphatic tone in stating that John will return to the office once he is ready and Pat's doubtful response to it being anytime soon. Pat grew impatient as Bill spoke light-heartedly about Lee's romantic interest in Michael and the possibility that he will reciprocate her affections someday. Bill cautioned Pat against getting involved in Lee's dating life. Missy was thrilled when Lee agreed to be her bridesmaid along with Alice. Lee suggested Missy invite Michael to the wedding in hopes that the atmosphere would influence him. Katherine compassionately accepted Missy's requests to wear a traditional wedding dress and forego getting formal, engraved invitations to avoid using the names of her fabricated parents on them. Katherine enjoyed talking to Missy about Lee's pursuit of Michael. Bill grew thoughtful when Michael predicted that it will be a long time before he considers marriage again. Lee tried to shrug off Michael's patronizing attitude towards her while they had coffee. Michael told Lee that John's recovery will be a slow process when she voiced concerns over his lack of progress. Lee hinted about her own feelings while telling Michael that loving Bill is the most important thing in Missy's life.

Missy: "I'm dreaming. I know I'm dreaming. Everything is too good, too perfect..." (AND WITH HER EYES STILL CLOSED, WE HEAR THE CATCH OF CONCERN IN HER VOICE EVEN THOUGH SHE IS SMILING) "...and I don't want to wake up." (SHE OPENS HER EYES, LOOKS AT HIM, THEN CLINGS TO HIM ALMOST FIERCELY, WITH A RUSH OF FEELING) "Oh Bill, don't ever leave me. Don't ever leave me!"
Missy: "No matter what?"
Bill: "Missy, I wouldn't - "
Missy: "Say it -- no matter what."
Bill: "No matter what."

Script Notes for Prologue: "The lights are so low and so soft that at 'Fade Up' Bill and Missy are silhouetted on a long shot against the window, against backlighting of some kind...They are "en tableau," kissing -- in a close embrace, but with tenderness rather than passion. Let the whole scene play in an aura of suffused warmth -- softly, intimately, of course, and almost dreamlike..."

APRIL 8, 1966 (EP. #478)
Liz chastised Bill over complicating the wedding plans by moving the date up a month. Bill fueled Liz's frustration by reminding her that Katherine is hosting the reception. Liz gave Bill an ultimatum that she will not be humiliated in front of her friends because he and Missy refuse to follow proper wedding etiquette. Janet and Pat were thrilled for Lee and joked about Alice's excitement upon learning from Missy that she chose them to be her bridesmaids. Pat was touched that Missy asked her to be the matron of honor, but graciously declined because she didn't want to be separated from John as a member of the wedding party. Janet and Missy were stunned when Pat sharply rebuffed their attempts to get her to reconsider Missy's offer. Pat dissembled when Janet commented that she matches John's tired appearance. Janet lectured Pat on running herself ragged for John and urged her to be an incentive not a crutch in getting John to return to his office using a wheelchair. Pat conceded to Janet that she maintains a cheerful facade for John's sake. Janet urged Pat to get John's input before deciding whether to be Missy's matron of honor. Bill reminded Missy that Liz doesn't have the right to dictate whether they abide by wedding etiquette or not. Katherine adamantly disagreed with Liz's assertions that Bill and Missy must uphold the Matthews family reputation by going through formalities for the wedding. Liz offended Katherine by ranting over Bill acquiescing to Missy's lack of social graces. Missy squirmed when Liz came to her apartment and wanted to get better acquainted. Liz put on a pleasant air while nagging Missy into having engraved invitations made.

Script notes for Liz: "...This woman is too sophisticated to be able to admit, even to herself, the prime reason for her opposition to the marriage: that she is afraid of being alone in life and doesn't want to give up her son. Therefore, she constantly must furnish herself with rationalizations of her opposition which are more palatable to her image of herself."

According to the script, Liz's maiden name may have been Hill. Liz gives the name "Mrs. William Hill Matthews" for wedding invitations that would be addressed by her as the mother of the groom.

APRIL 11, 1966 (EP. #479)
Emily assumed a countenance of quiet speculation in response to Lee's personalized, romantic sentiments as she fantasized about attending Bill and Missy's wedding. Alice and Missy quickly cited an oath of secrecy to counter Mary's curiosity over Lee's interest in Michael. Mary and Missy jested about men running scared when women start discussing weddings because of all the preparations involved. Missy, Katherine, and Mary were hopeful that Pat would agree to be Missy's matron of honor so she could get a reprieve from taking care of John. Katherine grew teary-eyed as Mary commended her for providing Missy with the basic need of a positive, maternal influence. Emily was compassionate towards Lee, who conceded that she was childish in resenting John's remarriage, but acknowledged she and Pat are building a friendship. Emily waxed philosophically about life being filled with sorrow and happiness as Lee's thoughts drifted to Michael. Lee echoed Emily's admiration towards Michael getting through Julie's mental illness and suicide without emotional scars while deeming her personal problems trivial in comparison. Emily advised Lee that Michael is not impulsive and will choose a wife who could be a mother to Hope. Lee smiled wistfully as she thought of raising Hope to prove her love to Michael. Alice told Mary that Lee has feelings for Michael but was sketchy on details. Michael joined Emily in convincing Lee to stay for dinner and promised to take Hope to the park. Lee realized that she had more to learn about Michael, who argued against her assumption that he isn't romantic. Michael gallantly took Lee's arm while walking her home.

Emily: (to Lee) "And as for happy endings -- well, not everything ends happily, because life isn't like a story or a novel or a three-act play. The curtain never comes down. It just goes on day after day. But in each life there is, I think, some sorrow but a great deal of happiness too. And if there's been unhappiness -- then I think the person can look forward to good things coming along."

APRIL 12, 1966 (EP. #480)
John told Katherine that Michael will handle the financial arrangements for Missy without Bill's knowledge. Katherine appreciated John's optimism over Missy becoming confident and secure as Bill's wife to accept that she is her mother someday. Lee enjoyed letting Alice read her palm, but exclaimed that her prediction that she would marry a doctor was incorrect. Missy refused Alice's request to read her palm, but flipped when Alice joked about uncovering deep, dark secrets she might be hiding. Lee was thrilled that Michael invited her out to lunch. Michael was empathetic when John revealed that Katherine is fond of Missy and lost her infant daughter years ago. John approved of Michael's plan to finalize Katherine's legal matters and draft the documents to ensure that everything remains confidential. Pat chided John for playing matchmaker to Michael and Lee due to fears that he may never return Lee's love. John opined to Pat that Michael would make a fine husband for Lee, prompting Pat to reiterate her stance that they are not right for each other. Michael told Lee about going to a place like the Kopper Kettle while attending college, working part-time at a law firm, and being married. Lee advocated palmistry to a skeptical Michael when his palm lines predicted that he would be married twice. Helen enjoyed hearing about Katherine standing up to Liz, who was livid that Missy wanted to ignore wedding etiquette. Katherine promised Helen that she will resist temptations to reveal the truth to Missy. Helen and Katherine were floored when the saleslady mistakenly assumed that Katherine was Missy's mother, but beamed over seeing Missy in her wedding dress.

Notes: Actress Dorothy Stinnette played a saleslady in this episode. She would later be a temporary replacement for Nancy Wickwire as Liz Matthews.

APRIL 13, 1966 (EP. #481)
Michael good-naturedly poked fun at Bill for being distracted by his upcoming wedding. Bill startled Michael by predicting that his next marriage will be a fancy affair. Pat tried to mediate between a hostile John and Joe, who sensed that John was still bitter that he wasn't forthcoming about the extent of his injuries. Joe lectured John over his lackadaisical attitude towards physical therapy, leading John to gripe about its futility and using crutches and leg braces to walk. Joe refrained from arguing with John, who didn't appreciate his advice on working with his therapist. John apologized to Pat for getting curt over Joe and Michael's respective virtues as potential suitors for Lee. Pat reluctantly agreed with John's statement about living in the world they have created for themselves. Jim was troubled that Pat wanted John's permission before being Missy's matron of honor. John made excuses about getting tired during the evenings and preferring to be alone with Pat to decline Jim's dinner invitation. Jim was chagrined that Pat didn't try to change John's mind. Michael aired his frustrations to Bill over John's emphatic refusal to attend the annual Lawyers' Banquet. Bill defended Pat when Michael complained that Pat is pampering John excessively. Michael chided Bill over his remarks about remarriage and insisted that he and Lee are friends. Bill suggested that Michael make himself clear to Lee that he isn't ready for anything serious. Emily urged Michael not to dwell on the past. Michael told Emily that he doubts he could ever develop feelings for Lee. Joe accepted Lee's admission of falling in love with another man, but vowed to protect her from getting hurt.

APRIL 14, 1966 (EP. #482)
Katherine was incredulous over Liz's claims that Missy changed her mind about having engraved wedding invitations printed. Helen and Liz were shocked when Katherine grew furious with Liz for pressuring Missy into following wedding etiquette and forced Liz to concede that she believes Missy isn't good enough for Bill. Liz caused an argument with Katherine by accusing her of being irrational and biased over Missy's character and upbringing, causing Helen to quickly intercede. Helen gave Katherine dire warnings to calm herself or risk Liz discovering the truth behind Missy wanting to forego wedding formalities. Missy was touched that Bill apologized to Katherine for misjudging her and has accepted their friendship. Bill was pleasantly surprised by Missy's desire for them to have a large family, but lovingly assured her that she will be a wonderful mother. Liz told Mary that she stifles her emotions because she doesn't want to appear prejudiced or intrusive when Mary wouldn't voice her concerns over Pat exhausting herself for John. Mary accepted Liz's challenge to speak frankly by telling Liz that she is ill-suited to give advice on mother-daughter relationships. Mary failed to get Liz to stop questioning Katherine's motives in befriending Missy. Katherine dropped her objections to Missy agreeing to getting formal invitations because she wanted to be on good terms with Liz. Missy expressed appreciation to Katherine for being her confidante. Katherine reflected on her love for Rick, leading Missy to consider the grief she'd feel should she ever lose Bill. Missy led Katherine to ponder the ways in which her life would have been different had Rick lived.

Liz: "I'm just pointing out the difference between the two of us. If I have something on my mind, you can be sure that eventually I'll say it. And I think that's a lot better than keeping it locked inside yourself and stewing about it. Now if you would just try to be a little more outspoken, try to -- "
Mary: "Liz...I hardly think you are the one to offer advice on mother-daughter relationships."
Liz: (LET'S SEE THAT THIS HAS HIT ITS MARK:) "That wasn't very kind, Mary."
Mary: "You just got through telling me to speak out."
Liz: "Well, I guess I don't have any comeback there, do I?"
Mary: "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, but - "
Liz: "Oh, don't apologize. I know Susan's and my relationship is far from ideal. But that's because she's very headstrong, very willful, and I am not going to be a doormat for her."
Mary: "Was she so headstrong? Perhaps she just didn't like your being so outspoken all the time."

APRIL 15, 1966 (EP. #483)
Liz was self-righteous against Bill's accusations that she interfered by intimidating Missy into sending out formal wedding invitations. Mary was deeply saddened to learn from Pat that John is permanently paralyzed. Pat fretted over the physical therapists being too tough and detached with John, but Mary ascertained that excessive patience and sympathy hinders John from gaining independence. Mary encouraged Pat to help John accept his disability and make life as happy as possible through the love that they share. Missy tried to placate Bill, who was livid that she gave in to Liz's demands over the wedding invitations and cautioned Missy not to let Liz run their lives. Bill's temper cooled once Missy explained that he is impeding her efforts to befriend Liz by getting into arguments about her. Missy implored Bill not to fight with Liz due to fears that Liz will despise her for causing a rift between them. Liz assumed asperity while asking Helen whether Katherine has a habit of playing "Mother Bountiful" to waifs. Helen told Liz that Katherine bonded with Missy because of her strong maternal instincts. Liz ranted about Katherine insinuating herself into Missy's life, prompting Helen to insist that Katherine has a sincere interest in Missy's welfare. Helen informed Katherine that she has allowed her pride in Missy to become transparent and that Liz is an intuitive, suspicious person. Katherine told Helen that she is leaving for San Francisco for a week. Katherine gave Missy her pearls, worn by her grandmother and mother at their weddings, to ensure that the chain would not be broken. Missy was touched as Katherine kissed her on the cheek with love and gratitude.

Bill: (to Missy, about Liz) "It means that's the way she wants it and that's the way it'll be done! Honey, she's the original iron fist in the velvet glove. And the quicker you recognize that the better you'll be able to fight back."

Missy: "Oh Mrs. Corning, you've already done so much for me, I --"
Katherine: "Now Missy, please let me -- this is really for me." (SHE TAKES FROM THE BOX AN EXQUISITELY SIMPLE, SINGLE STRAND OF PEARLS:) "They were my grandmother's. She wore them at her wedding and my mother at hers...and I at mine." (MISSY, SMILING) "So you see, Missy, if it hadn't been for you, the chain would have been broken. That is -- if you want to wear them."
Missy: "I'd love to." (ADMIRING THEM:) "And with these, I won't even need the handkerchief from Alice. The pearls can be my something old and my something borrowed."
Katherine: ""Oh no. I'm not loaning them to you, dear. I want you to have them to keep."
Missy: (INCREDULOUS:) "Keep them?"
Katherine: (Exit Line) "Of course... Here, let me help you put them on." (SHE GETS BEHIND MISSY, PUTS THE PEARLS AROUND HER NECK AND FASTENS THE CLASP:) "There. Now the the chain is not broken."

Notes: Last appearance of Ann Sheridan as Katherine Corning.

APRIL 18, 1966 (EP. #484)
John was acrimonious towards Pat's worries that Lee will learn of his condition prematurely. Pat sobbed quietly when John abrasively stated that it was his decision as Lee's father to reveal his paralysis and demanded that Pat not interfere. Jim told Mary that John will be able to resume his career despite needing a wheelchair or crutches. Mary lamented that Pat was too young and vital to be married to an invalid, but Jim opined that John could ease the burden by taking care of himself. Jim was chagrined over Pat's choice to decline being Missy's matron of honor, but assuaged Mary's concerns by expressing faith in Pat's capabilities in solving her problems. Pat overcompensated John by refusing to let him take full responsibility for snapping at her over Lee. John asked Pat to provide moral support when he tells Lee the truth about his paralysis. Emily promised Michael that she wasn't trying to interfere in his life by suggesting he invite Lee over for dinner. Michael told Emily that she was right to encourage him to consider getting remarried in the future. Lee was deathly quiet and suppressed her emotions as John cautiously revealed that he is paralyzed. John and Pat were distraught when Lee didn't show any visible reaction and asked to go to her room. Pat hypothesized that Lee was avoiding John while he discussed business with Michael. John and Pat hoped that Michael would distract Lee from the harsh reality of his disability. Lee appreciated Michael calling her a good friend. Michael firmly told a despondent Lee to stop blaming herself for John's injuries and to lead a fulfilling life to make John happy. Lee broke down in Michael's arms.

APRIL 19, 1966 (EP. #485)
Jim was perplexed when Alice stated that she may quit the Art Institute and get a job. Jim, Mary, and Alice marveled at the pearls Katherine had gifted Missy, who decided not to wait until the wedding to wear them. Missy expressed gratitude to Jim, Mary, and Alice for their friendship and hosting her upcoming bridal shower. Jim and Mary told Alice that John's surgery was exploratory and that he is doing physical therapy to strengthen his arms so that he can use leg braces and crutches to walk. Alice empathized with John due to being an active, independent man adjusting to paralysis and Lee since she will have to live with John's condition. Lee cried in Michael's arms while wailing that it is her fault that John will never be able to walk again. Emily reflected on life being unfair as Michael fretted over Lee being a gentle, kind, and sensitive person who has burdened herself with guilt. John refused to allow Lee to take full responsibility for the car accident because he was unreasonable and exceedingly cruel to her during their confrontation. Lee was relieved that John approved of her seeking emotional support from Michael and joked about her having good taste in men. John encouraged Lee to attend class rather than keep him company. Michael dropped the subject when John emphatically refused to come to work in a wheelchair. John asked Michael to include Lee in activities with Hope to prevent her from dwelling on his condition. Michael persuaded Lee into taking Hope to the zoo, which pleased John due to Michael's positive influence on Lee. John sunk into his wheelchair with exhaustion after several attempts to lift himself from it by using his arms.

APRIL 20, 1966 (EP. #486)
Janet was shocked to receive a letter from Ken Baxter. Mary got defensive towards Jim, who asked her not to begrudge Pat and Alice's affections for Janet because of her own prejudices. Jim reminded Mary that she has never experienced the loneliness and disappointment that comes from broken engagements and failed relationships when Mary criticized Janet's morality and influence on Alice. Jim felt Mary was being unfair as Mary harped on Janet's affair with Ken, Pat going to her for help, and predicted that Alice's closeness to Janet will cause trouble. Janet asked Alice not to tell Mary that Pat confided in her about John's condition before telling her parents. Alice felt pity for Janet, who commented on Mary leading a better life than her because she married young and has been sheltered. Janet admitted to Alice that she never truly loved Ernest. Alice agreed with Janet's assertions that John can have a productive, successful life through hard work in his therapy sessions. Janet suggested that Alice visit John and Pat as often as possible, but lamented that John may come to expect excessive attention from Pat on his disability. Alice told Janet that Lee is bound to blame herself for John's paralysis because she caused the car accident. Michael and Lee listened to Hope recite her prayers before bedtime. Michael remarked on Lee winning Hope's heart, but warned her against identifying with Hope and brooding over the closeness she once shared with John. Lee was happy that Michael wanted them to spend more time together and noted her maturity. Michael kissed Lee due to her patience with him needing time before he is ready for a relationship.

Mary: (about Janet) "For a long time she was in love with a married man."
Jim: "She's not the first woman that's happened to...Mary, not everybody is as lucky as you and I have been."
Mary: (LET US SEE SHE THINKS IT'S A MATTER OF MORALITY:) "You think it's merely a matter of luck?"
Jim: "What I think is that when you were a very young woman, a guy named Jim Matthews met you and fell head-over-heels in love with you. I think you returned the feeling. We were married and you have never known the loneliness, the disappointments some women can have..."

APRIL 21, 1966 (EP. #487)
Lee was amused as a photographer fussed over getting Missy to hold poses for formal wedding pictures. Helen averted Liz's gaze as she tried to downplay the significance of Katherine moving to town and buying Missy's wedding gown, trousseau, and giving her and Bill's reception. Liz griped to Helen about Katherine being overly protective of Missy and snapping at her every time she criticized the girl. Helen called Liz out for not trying to befriend Missy and being possessive of Bill since Will died and Susan moved away. Liz tried to dismiss Helen's contentions that she wouldn't feel threatened by Bill marrying Lenore because of their friendship. Lee admired the portrait of Katherine and the pearls she gifted Missy, who marveled over being happier than she ever thought possible. Missy tried to ease Lee's guilt over the car accident after learning about John's condition and empathized with Lee putting on a cheerful front for John's sake. Lee told Missy that she is in love with Michael. John's subtle, disapproving tone prevented Pat from consenting to take part in Missy's wedding and attend the bridal shower, despite Lee's best efforts. Helen soothed John's concerns over confidentiality by revealing her close friendship to Katherine and knowledge of her being Missy's biological mother. Bill was stunned when Liz told him that Katherine died from a heart attack, but insisted that they wait to give Missy the news. John advised Helen that Katherine's will cannot be kept secret, but the document doesn't mention her true relationship to Missy. Helen cryptically warned John that Katherine leaving Missy her entire estate will raise questions that should never be answered.

Notes: In several scripts featuring Helen, her surname is listed as Morris and then crossed-out and replaced with Moore. Katherine died of a fatal heart attack on April 20, 1966.

Script Notes: (For Katherine's apartment) "Incidentally, the box containing Missy's footprints, Rick's picture etc. would not be in sight. Katherine would not be so thoughtless as to leave it out. Later we will find that it is in a cupboard or a chest in the living room..."

APRIL 22, 1966 (EP. #488)
John held off reviewing a case with Michael to discuss Katherine's will, which Michael completed before Katherine's departure. Michael was shocked upon hearing from John that Katherine died from a heart attack. Helen respected Bill's wishes for Missy to be told of Katherine's death after the bridal shower. Bill admitted to Helen that he was remiss for disapproving of Katherine and Missy's bond and fretted over Missy's reaction to her passing. Helen revealed that Katherine bequeathed her estate to Missy because of their close relationship, which didn't satisfy Bill's methodical, legal mind as reasonable. Michael, John, and Lee reflected on the sorrow Missy will feel due to Katherine's absence. John saw through Pat's feigned enthusiasm over staying home with him rather than going to Missy's bridal shower. Michael casually told Lee that he handled Katherine's will and suggested that she be grateful that John survived the accident. Lee doubted Michael's assertions that John will overcome his disability, but was surprised that Michael agreed that Pat is devoted to John and keeping up his spirits. Pat tried to convince John that she is spending time with him by choice and not obligation, then defended herself when John groused about keeping his condition quiet to justify distrusting her. John apologized after Pat begged him to stop challenging her efforts to help him. Missy was perplexed when Bill emphatically urged her to concentrate on having a wonderful time at the bridal shower. Bill covered when Missy noticed he was distracted as she read Katherine's postcard. Missy raved about her happiness while Bill brought her into a protective embrace.

Lee: "Do you realize, Michael Bauer, that's the first time I've ever heard you really give Pat credit for anything?"
Michael: "Oh now, I haven't been that bad."
Lee: "Well, you haven't said anything against her. But you haven't said anything for her either."
Michael: "I think your step-mother and I just got off on the wrong foot from the very beginning."
Lee: "I think you did, too. Two or three wrong feet..."

APRIL 25, 1966 (EP. #489)
Ann lamented to Helen that Katherine's death may cause a significant change in Missy. Helen told Ann that Katherine understood the suffering Missy experienced from being abandoned, but learned to put Missy's welfare first and knew that Missy clings to the fantasy of her mother being dead. Ann feared that Liz would discover Katherine's true relationship to Missy by unexpected means, despite Helen's assurances that the will doesn't reveal the truth. Dru and Mary realized it was pointless to try to persuade Pat into coming to Missy's bridal shower after Jim recounted that Pat changed her mind about coming to dinner once John made excuses over being too tired. Jim, Dru, and Mary felt compassion for John due to adjusting to his handicap, but agreed that Pat is enabling John to continue fighting physical therapy. Dru promised Jim and Mary that he would speak to John in hopes of motivating him to take care of himself. Janet chided Mary for calling herself a failure because Pat sought Janet's help after the abortion. Mary was suspicious over Janet's claims that she doesn't know whether Pat loves John, but decided against pressing Janet further. Janet and Mary agreed that it was ridiculous that Pat was skipping social events to cater to John's needs. Liz made a fleeting remark about Missy's superstitious nature as she bantered with Mary and Janet over Alice's interest in palm reading. Alice took everyone's thumbprints for a study she's conducting on people's intellectual capacity. Ann advised an inquisitive Liz that she and Katherine were casual acquaintances and suggested that Liz remember Katherine's fondness for Missy as a dear friendship and nothing more.

Mary: "...Do you mean to say you're going to get everybody's hands inky and they're going to be walking around my clean house, touching my walls and slipcovers?"
Alice: "Oh, the burden of a practical mother! Will you at least let me take people's thumbprints, Mom? That's the next thing I have to study."
Mary: "All right."
Alice: "Come on, Missy. Guest-of-honor first. You're not too superstitious to let me take your thumbprint, are you?"
Missy: "Oh, I guess not. As long as you're not trying to read what the future has in store for me."

Notes: Helen reveals that she was in San Diego when Katherine was notified of Rick's death and on the day of Missy's birth. Helen helped Katherine cope with Rick's death and the panic of Carter's return from WWII. Liz mentions that Ann was engaged to a man who died when they were seniors in college.

APRIL 26, 1966 (EP. #490)
Liz helped Mary clean up the house while commending her on the bridal shower. Mary raved about Missy's radiant, happy smile while opening her gifts, which prompted Liz to assume spurious sympathy while pointing out that Missy will be shattered by Katherine's death. Liz told Mary that Missy will have to stand on her own two feet now that she doesn't have Katherine to dote on her, then put on airs about handling the wedding preparations for Bill's sake. Mary disagreed with Liz's contentions that she will be compensating for Missy's inadequacies from not having any family or background. Missy beamed while telling Bill that she never imagined her life being full of happiness, wonderful friends, unconditional love from Bill, and an heirloom like Katherine's pearls. Bill courageously told Missy that Katherine died from a heart attack and that she had John prepare a will before leaving for San Francisco. Michael informed a bewildered Missy that she is the sole beneficiary of Katherine's entire residual estate. Bill and Michael explained to Missy that a lump-sum disbursement will be immediately released while the will is filed for probate, but the inheritance will leave Missy financially secure for the rest of her life. Missy sobbed uncontrollably once Michael and Bill reasoned that she filled an important place in Katherine's life because she didn't have any family or children of her own. Ann urged Missy to remember that Katherine acted out of love for her. Mary was amused but slightly irritated by Liz's incredulity over Katherine's generosity towards Missy and insisted that her motives were more complicated than meets the eye. Liz vowed to Mary that she would uncover the truth.

Script notes: Bill Wolff's message after Acts I, II, and III now to include, "We'll return to our story in just a moment." Description for Liz: "Liz enters [Matthews' kitchen], her manner already pregnant with the anticipation of the born gossip who loves her work."

Missy: "...And Alice said, 'We had to give you a shower. Anybody who gets stuck with Bill Matthews deserves to have something nice happen to them to make up for it.'"
Bill: (TRYING TO MATCH HER MOOD:) "Alice said that? My own kid cousin?" (HE DOES WITH DIFFICULTY) "Have to speak to her about that, remind her to show a little respect for her elders..."

APRIL 27, 1966 (EP. #491)
Lee was somewhat abashed by Pat's vehemence against participating in the wedding as Missy's matron-of-honor. Pat accused Lee of playing on her sympathy for Missy, but swore that her obligations are to put John first. John was mildly annoyed that Lee retrieved his tobacco for him because Pat went grocery shopping. Lee was slightly embarrassed when John mentioned her closeness to Hope and attraction to Michael. John informed Lee that he wants Pat to maintain a social life and proclaimed that he can fend for himself, prompting Lee to encourage John to discuss things with Pat. Pat pumped John for information on his conversation with Lee about her skipping Bill and Missy's wedding. John forced himself to accept Pat's claims that she didn't want to go through the trouble of being Missy's matron-of-honor, but Pat privately regretted her decision. Pat put on a perfunctory smile to alleviate Dru's concerns that she was depressed. Lee and Hope playacted with dolls as mother and daughter while Michael watched unobserved. Michael predicted that Lee would be a fair and loving mother, despite little girls like Hope charming people to get something out of them. Lee expressed satisfaction to Michael over convincing John to allow Pat to attend Bill and Missy's wedding. Michael and Lee gazed at each other with warmth and affection while having lemonade with Hope. Dru shared John's optimism over Michael and Lee's budding romance. Dru urged John to take control of his life and to stop renouncing his responsibilities to Pat and Lee. John was stunned when he was able to suspend his torso from his wheelchair by using the strength of his arms.

Dru: (to John) "...But I've seen other people -- I've seen them take a handicap like yours and wrap it around their little fingers and laugh at it. A man like Franklin Roosevelt, for instance. Who developed such strength from his handicap - not just in his shoulders or his arms, but in his mind and heart - that he achieved the ultimate that a man can achieve in our society. There are those who say that none of it would have happened if he hadn't been struck down by polio way back there when he was a young man..."

APRIL 28, 1966 (EP. #492)
John accused Pat of lying about talking to Dru about him. Janet told Alice that being a commercial artist can get complicated because she answers to account executives and the head of the Art Department. Janet reminded a glum Alice that John is a brilliant lawyer who can resume his career once he adjusts to his disability. Alice recalled to Janet that Jim believes that Pat married John out of gratitude, but Janet maintained that Pat has been a wonderful wife to John. Dru was forlorn while telling Mary that he tried to inspire John to work at his rehabilitation and not force Pat to become reclusive with him, but doubted his success. Mary felt defeated when Dru warned that expecting Pat to be tough with John would be a role reversal for her. Dru told Mary that John is a very strong, dominant man who Pat aims to please in all aspects of life and that they are not evenly matched in temperament. John bitterly recounted his talk with Dru to Pat, who opined that Dru was driven by his affection and friendship for them. Pat informed John that her place is with him and that Lee does not pity him. John told Pat that he finds refuge in the world they have created for themselves that falls apart when other people come into it. Alice was shocked to hear from Mary that Katherine died, but couldn't resist relishing in Liz's shocked reaction to Katherine leaving Missy her estate. Mary sadly told Alice that she failed to change Pat's mind over participating in Bill and Missy's wedding. Michael and Pat cleared the air over him running the law firm in John's absence. Pat angrily told Michael that she has done everything possible for John and resented his advice to help John overcome his pride.

APRIL 29, 1966 (EP. #493)
Janet noticed Pat had been crying and implored her to confess her troubles. Liz was nonplussed when Missy mentioned Bill's belief that Katherine would want them to keep their wedding plans, then politely remarked that her opinion is inadmissible since Missy didn't follow her advice to postpone getting married for a year. Missy accidentally revealed Katherine's love for Rick and the impact of his death on her life to Liz, but stopped herself from adding that they were in an extramarital affair. Liz talked Helen and Missy into letting her help them complete an inventory of Katherine's personal affects by putting on a charming, innocent smile. Janet told Pat that she understands her predicament in struggling to be firm with John because he is a strong-willed, forceful man, but urged Pat to quit allowing John to fight his disability. Pat got defensive as Janet criticized John for expecting her to sacrifice everything to fulfill his needs. Janet warned Pat against overcompensating for not loving John and maintained that a good marriage can be built on respect, affection, and gratitude. Bill joked to Janet, John, and Pat that he is marrying an heiress and marveled at her good fortune. John felt trapped and resentful to Janet, who sided with Bill in persuading John to allow Pat to be Missy's matron-of-honor. Pat suspected that John had retreated to the bedroom due to feeling excluded since Pat was attending Bill and Missy's wedding. Liz was struck by Missy's devotion to Katherine, but quite puzzled by her grief. Missy was unaware that Liz stealthily pocketed Rick and Missy's portraits and the baby prints that she discovered in a jewelry box that was in one of Katherine's cabinets.

Missy: (OFF-CAMERA) "Did you call me, Mrs. Matthews?"
Missy: (SHE TAKES THE BOX, OPENS IT AND SEES THAT IT'S EMPTY:) "Oh, she must have taken the picture I was telling you about with her."
Liz: "Was that all that was in the box? Just the picture?"
Missy: "Well, all that I know of." (TAKE A SHOT OF LIZ, RELIEVED:) "I suppose we'd better put this on the list too."

MAY 2, 1966 (EP. #494)
Helen tried to disguise relief when she thought that Liz had found Katherine's jewelry box empty, causing Liz to wonder whether Helen knew about the pictures and baby prints. Bill lovingly commended Missy for having the bravery to inventory Katherine's possessions. Missy was thrilled that Bill had changed John's mind over Pat being her matron-of-honor and was hopeful that the wedding would benefit Pat and John would be satisfied with being with her at the reception. Bill echoed Missy's belief that Michael has been a positive influence on Lee and was amused by Missy's reasoning that friendships can blossom into romances. Emily gazed warmly at Lee, who listened to Michael read to Hope and retrieved a vaporizer to nurse Hope's cold. Lee carefully broached the subject of Michael getting remarried to Emily, who urged Lee to let him recover from his first marriage and to examine his feelings. Michael assured Lee that she has never been an intrusion with Hope. Lee privately yearned to belong with Michael. Michael was evasive when Lee inquired about John returning to work by fibbing that it may be on a part-time basis, but emphasized that John is still available to consult at home. Lee marveled to Michael about Missy being an heiress, but was certain that Katherine's gestures meant more to her than the money. Helen grew irritated with Liz for ranting about a sophisticated, wealthy woman like Katherine leaving her estate to Missy. Bill noticed Liz was too preoccupied to care about Pat coming to the wedding. Liz recounted Katherine mentioning the infant daughter she lost while ruminating over the baby prints being labeled with the surname, Summers.

Missy: "...Anyway, I'm a big girl now. You don't have to treat me like a china doll, you know. I won't break."
Bill: (LOOKING AT HER ADORINGLY:) "You're a pretty brave little girl, aren't you?"
Missy: "And a pretty lucky one. Because I've got you."
Bill: "Just try to get rid of me."

MAY 3, 1966 (EP. #495)
Missy was bewildered when Liz invited her over to ostensibly go over the wedding plans. Tony was glad to run into Alice at the Student Union. Alice assured Tony that she didn't hold any grudges and accepted a date with him. Missy told a suspicious Alice that she appreciates Liz taking over for Katherine in helping her prepare for the wedding. Alice was fascinated as Missy recounted Katherine losing the only man she truly loved, which inspired Missy not to wait to marry Bill. Missy dismissed Alice's advice against allowing Liz to run her and Bill's lives and pointed out that her getting along with Liz would be one-sided. Alice told Missy not to count on her getting serious with Tony again. Missy laughed as Alice gave dire warnings over letting her guard down with Liz and being subjected to Liz's vicious, duplicitous nature, then privately shivered from insecurity and a premonitory dread. Liz put on a special scintillating, lethal smile while suggesting to Missy that she call her something other than "Mrs. Matthews." Missy assured Liz that she would use the disbursement from Katherine's estate to pay for the reception. Liz lulled Missy into a nostalgic mindset to test her knowledge of Rick Summers and whether Katherine gave indications of making Missy her sole beneficiary. Fred agreed to use his connections at the Bureau of Naval Personnel to research Rick Summers for Liz, who claimed it was at the behest of Rick's relatives in San Francisco. Bill warned Missy to be skeptical of Liz's sincerity and friendship. Liz insisted that Missy's inheritance doesn't influence her in any way when Fred joked that her qualms about Missy are resolved since she became an heiress.

Alice: "If you let Aunt Liz move in with you."
Missy: (TRYING TO DISMISS IT:) "Oh Alice, you sound just like Bill."
Alice: "Bill's right, Missy. After all, he ought to know - she's his mother. I'm telling you, if you let her take over your wedding - well, she's one of these people that, if you give her a little power --" (MAKES A GESTURE LIKE THE LID OF A VOLCANO BLOWING:) "Voom! She'll end up trying to manage your lives for you."
Missy: "Oh, I think I can avoid that. I'll have to, won't I? I'm going to be her daughter-in-law so, somehow, I'll have to get along with her."
Alice: (THE REALIST:) "Well, I'll tell you right now, you'll have to do the getting along." (SMILES SWEETLY) "That's the most charming thing about Aunt Liz -- she makes everybody play the game by her rules..."
Alice: "And remember what I said about Aunt Liz. Don't turn your back on her or --" (MAKES THE BLOWGUN-AND-POISONED-DART-IN-THE-HEART GESTURE:)
Missy: (LAUGHING) "Oh Alice, she isn't that bad!"
Alice: "No, she's worse." (SOBERS:) "I mean it Missy - you watch out for her. She hasn't cut her nails in about twenty years. She could claw your eyes out. And smile the whole time she was doing it."
Missy: "You shouldn't talk about her that way. After all, she's your aunt."
Alice: "That's right. How do you think I know so much about her?" (GRINS, ADOPTS A SEPULCHRAL TONE:) "You have been warned. The Shadow knows."

MAY 4, 1966 (EP. #496)
John defiantly told Joe that he hadn't done his exercises and refused to hear any lectures. Joe asked John whether he measures people's love on how they cater to his whims and coddle him, prompting John to retort that Joe can walk and couldn't possibly understand his feelings. Janet reminded Pat that she is John's wife and not a servant who must account for every moment of the day when Pat felt guilty over leaving John alone. Pat advised Janet that she doesn't have the heart to force him to be more self-reliant, despite the doctor's assessments that John can return to work. Janet implored Pat to use John's love to influence him into taking care of himself. Joe told John that he might as well have medical ailments since he chooses to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, despite his clean bill of health. Joe browbeat John for wasting the doctors' time and punishing Pat and Lee while he enjoys the exquisite pleasure of self-pity. John and Joe dissembled when Lee sensed tension between them, but both men covered when Joe invited Lee to dinner. Joe was disappointed by Lee's admission that Michael had influenced her to fight her remorse over causing John's injuries. Lee grew upset when Joe echoed Pat's objections over Michael being right for her and hypothesized that Lee was mistaking gratitude for love. Emily suggested Michael take Hope to see Pat in an attempt to mend fences. Michael promised Pat that he won't give unsolicited opinions on John's recovery. Pat secretly felt tormented when Michael acknowledged that he is dating Lee and pointed out that relationships come with complications that can be conquered through love.

Notes: Janet mentions receiving a letter from Ken, which included some friendly words from Laura as well.

MAY 5, 1966 (EP. #497)
Mary tolerated Liz framing herself as a self-effacing heroine in making Bill and Missy's wedding successful, but took issue with Liz's assertions that the inheritance won't teach Missy breeding, taste, and conduct. Liz cryptically told Mary that she has something concrete to base her suspicions on Katherine and Missy having a deeper connection besides friendship. Michael told Bill that he isn't overwhelmed by running the law firm, but was noncommittal over John returning to work. Bill was pleased that Michael and Pat called a truce. Pat conceded to John that she dislikes Michael's arrogance in leading the firm and doesn't approve of his romance with Lee. John ascertained that Lee's interest in Michael centered around seeking strength and stability while Pat opined that Lee felt hero worship and infatuation. Jim felt regret when Pat protectively sided with John to graciously decline going out to dinner to celebrate Mary's birthday. John and Pat didn't notice Jim's disappointment after they invited Jim and Mary to come over to the house instead. Mary deemed Liz's theory that Katherine had fibbed about losing a daughter and was Missy's mother as absolute nonsense. Liz was undaunted towards Mary and confidently stated that she will take action once she has verified the facts. Jim angrily told Dru that John is cowardly hiding from the world and taking Pat with him. Dru urged Jim to consult Joe on finding a means of getting through to John and Pat. Pat disregarded Bill's concerns over her tired appearance and listed the activities she enjoys with John. Bill was floored when Pat quickly shot down his request for John to coach him on his upcoming bar exams.

Notes: Jim gives Mary's birthday as May 8th. This was later changed to October (referenced in September 1970).

MAY 6, 1966 (EP. #498)
Liz agreed to have dinner and cocktails with Fred while anticipating information on Rick Summers. Bill reasoned that Liz wanted to be alone with Fred when she confirmed that he was spending the evening with Missy. Alice thought it marvelous that Katherine had bequeathed her fortune to Missy and that they had formed a bond that fulfilled each other's needs. Missy defended Liz's intentions in helping with the wedding and felt certain that they had forged a friendship, despite Alice's advice to assert her independence and not allow Liz to dictate her and Bill's lives. Bill startled Liz out of her reverie in finding Katherine's jewelry box. Liz chastised Bill for scaring her and got jittery while waiting for him to leave once he had changed his clothes. Bill was conciliatory but frank with Liz over her opposition towards Bill and Missy's nuptials, but complimented Liz on befriending Missy and being helpful with the wedding plans. Liz recalled Katherine's vow to provide Missy with security and confidence and Missy's notion that her deceased mother would have had similarities to Katherine. Missy succumbed to a sense of loss and sorrow while thinking of Katherine gifting her the pearls. Bill comforted Missy as they reflected on Katherine's selfless nature, light-hearted spirit, and kindness. Missy's grief was abated by Bill's belief that she had brought happiness to Katherine's life. Liz ruminated over Katherine having an illegitimate child while married to Carter Corning. Fred gently told Liz that she can concentrate on her own life once Bill and Missy are married. Liz suppressed amazement upon learning from Fred that Rick had never married and was stationed in San Diego.

Notes: This episode reveals that Richard Summers grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Rick's serial number in the military was 227269. He was stationed at a flight training base in San Diego, California. He died at the age of 24 on February 20, 1945.

MAY 9, 1966 (EP. #499)
Liz regained some aplomb to assure Fred that he obtained the correct information that Rick's relatives had been seeking. Fred was satisfied when Liz stated that the details on Rick will serve the intended purposes quite adequately. Alice asked Jim and Mary to reserve judgement on Tony and put his involvement with Lee in the past. Jim and Mary vouched for Liz's ability to rise to occasions when Alice wryly spoke of her helping Missy with the wedding plans. Mary chided Alice for speculating that Missy gaining an inheritance influenced Liz to change her attitude. Tony exchanged pleasantries with Jim and Mary before leaving with Alice for their date. Mary's misgivings about Tony were soothed by Jim's confidence that Alice has become more grounded and level-headed since she and Tony have been apart. Jim told Mary that he is inclined to share Alice's views about Liz's cordiality towards Missy. Mary tried to justify Liz's over-protective and self-serving impulses to Jim, but conceded that Bill and Missy deserve to make their own life together without Liz's interference. Missy told Bill that the only thing that could stop their wedding in twelve days was if the stars fell, as it said in the song. Tony and Alice ribbed Bill and Missy over acting like a starry-eyed engaged couple. Liz deflected Fred's questions about her seeming bothered by stating that she was simply a concerned mother facing a critical time in Bill's life. Fred urged Liz to guide Bill and Missy through any rough times they may experience, but not meddle into their personal affairs. Liz reviewed the information on Rick, then resolved to get the thumbprints that Alice took at the bridal shower.

Jim: "Where are you going tonight? To some lurid drive-in movie, I'll bet."
Alice: "I will have you know, Father, that we are attending the spring open house at Tony's fraternity."
Jim: (INCLINES HIS HEAD TOWARDS HER:) "I apologize. I had no idea you travelled in such exclusive circles."
Alice: "I try not to let it go to my head." (PHONY HATEUR:) "It is such a bore, the social whirl, don't you think? Why, only last week, Princess Grace and Prince Ranier asked me to go on a cruise on their yacht, but - I just couldn't clear the time."
Jim: "Too bad. Well, they'll ask earlier next time, I'm sure."

Alice: "Hey, I haven't read your palm yet!"
Tony: "What?"
Alice: "No, I mean I haven't seen you since I took it up."
Tony: "Do you know what she's talking about?"
Missy: "She's become a Palmer."
Alice: "Palmist. You're the Palmer, remember?"
Bill: "Not for long, she's isn't."
Alice: (CASTING HER EYES HEAVENWARD:) "Oh boy, the lovebirds. Here, Tony, give me your hand. This is better if you have music, but I gave my gypsy violinist the night off." (PEERING DOWN AT HIS PALM, SQUINTING IN THE POOR LIGHT:) "I read fingerprints too."
Tony: "Really? Is there no end to your talents?"

Notes: Missy's true birthday is revealed to be February 16, 1945. Missy references the song, "Who Cares" written by George and Ira Gershwin. Subsequent research indicates that the lyrics differed by the various recording artists who covered it.

MAY 10, 1966 (EP. #500)
John was unyielding towards Liz's dogged questioning on the reasons Katherine made Missy the sole beneficiary of her estate. Liz nettled John over Pat having to be persuaded into participating in the wedding to retaliate against John for balking at discussing Katherine's will. John found vindictive pleasure in knowing Bill and Missy's honeymoon plans when Liz made the assumption that they didn't have the time for a vacation. Pat tried to contradict Liz, who harped on her looking exhausted and thin from doing housework and taking care of John. Jim was relieved, but distressed when Joe echoed his assessment that Pat has been under emotional strain. Joe informed Jim that Pat acquiesces to John's demands because she is afraid to cross him while John is struggling to overcome his pride and be seen in public with paralysis. Joe told Jim that he won't stop trying to shake John out of his apathy and that Pat must force John to fight for his rehabilitation or the situation will get worse. Pat felt lonely and depressed when John immediately struck down her offer to take him to one of his favorite restaurants. Jim tactfully advised Pat that John is making his disability more difficult by stalling and implored her to be stern with John into becoming self-reliant. Pat admitted that her approach with John stems from being indebted for everything John has done for her. Jim got upset when Pat flatly declined his invitation to take her and John out to dinner. Liz got Alice to reveal that the thumbprints she took at Missy's bridal shower were in a desk and took them while Alice was getting Jim some soup. Jim and Alice were puzzled when Liz insisted on abruptly cutting her visit short.

MAY 11, 1966 (EP. #501)
Liz studied Missy's thumbprint that Alice obtained against the ones from Katherine's cabinet before locking them in a desk drawer. Bill bought Liz's explanation that she was paying bills when he arrived home unexpectedly. Liz griped to Bill about handling the wedding preparations while being kept in the dark on their honeymoon plans. Liz panicked when Bill asked for the desk key while searching for his driver's license. Bill was perplexed by Liz's agitated behavior, but was relieved that Liz had found his identification in an unlocked drawer. Missy reflected to Ann on conquering her fears over loving Bill, letting people get close to her, and forgetting the past because Katherine made her feel loved and wanted. Ann surprised Missy by stating that she may have changed her mind about wanting Missy to reveal her background to Bill before they marry. Ann sadly gazed at Katherine's portrait, but felt relieved that Missy's parentage would be kept secret. Mary smiled proudly as Alice and Missy raved about the bridesmaid dresses she made. Alice retrieved her collection of thumbprints and was stunned to find that Missy's were missing. Bill assumed that Alice had misplaced Missy's thumbprints despite Alice recalling that she had casually told Liz where she had stored them. Mary noticed that Liz was distracted while she apologized for missing a charity meeting and downplayed her visit with Alice. Liz offended Mary by dismissing Bill and Missy's love as romanticism that wears off and cited John and Pat's marriage changing since the car accident as an example. Mary encouraged Liz to accept Bill and Missy's marriage. Bill was delighted to see Missy's formal wedding photo and promised her a life full of happiness.

Mary: "The truth is that John was in a tragic accident. And those things happen whether people get married or not. But you have to twist everything to your very special, and I'm afraid warped, way of thinking about your son's marriage."
Liz: "My warped -- ?"
Mary: "Yes, Liz. That's just what I said. I feel very sorry for you that Will died so young. I know how you miss him. How lonely you are. But that is still not a valid reason for wanting to hold onto your son."
Liz: "I don't want to hold onto my son. I just don't want him to make any mistakes that he might regret later."
Mary: "You see? You even talk about him as if he was still ten years old. And you're getting yourself so worked up, Liz."
Liz: "What do you mean?"
Mary: "You're very tense. Preoccupied. I hate to see you in this state, Liz. For your own sake as well as Bill's and Missy's."
Liz: "You don't need to worry about me, Mary. I'll be all right."
Mary: "You will be if you just relax and accept this marriage for the wonderful match it is...."

MAY 12, 1966 (EP. #502)
Liz took advantage of Bill's attention being focused on the newspaper to ask him the ways in which fingerprints can be analyzed. Pat joked that she was giving Alice training as an artist by having her paint the kitchen, but wasn't amused when Alice countered that Michael was providing Lee with practical experience in the kitchen and Child Development by observing Hope. Alice and Pat had a laugh riot over the prank Tony had planned for Bill and Missy's wedding reception and Alice accidentally putting a streak of paint onto her forehead until John entered the room. Pat solicitously suggested to John that she and Alice join him on the terrace to enjoy the weather. Pat effusively praised John's stamp collection and mentioned Alice's interest in palmistry and fingerprints. Alice told Pat and John about Missy's thumbprints being missing. Liz made an appointment with private investigator, R.L. Keough to have the fingerprints reviewed using the name, Mrs. Dixon. Michael tersely told Bill that he was having a casual lunch with Lee and going shopping for a wedding present when Bill ribbed him over getting serious with Lee. Bill and Michael were pleasantly surprised to learn that the annual dinner of the Bar Association is honoring Dru for distinguished service and hoped to persuade John into attending the event. Pat was disappointed but complaisant when John swiftly rejected her proposal to attend a baseball game and use Judge Levine's season box seats. Michael told Lee that Liz seems like an overbearing mother, but agreed that Liz has been behaving herself lately. Mr. Keough informed Liz that he must enlarge the thumbprints to give them a thorough analysis.

Notes: Dru was a member of the Bar Association for thirty years and the past President and Chairman of the Ethics Committee.

MAY 13, 1966 (EP. #503)
Mr. Keough informed Liz that he temporarily postponed the fingerprint analysis because he was subpoenaed to testify in court. Jim tried to remain objective while telling Dru that Joe believes that John is struggling to adjust to his handicap through subconscious resistance towards returning to the public eye. Dru was sympathetic to a frustrated Jim, who lamented that Pat cannot bring herself to reproach, criticize, or get forceful with John because she feels beholden to him. Jim told Dru that Pat is exhausting herself with housework and living under strain while putting on a cheery face for John's sake. Pat was upset when John refused to accompany her so that Mary could have her matron-of-honor gown fitted. Pat was stricken by John's refusal to attend Bill and Missy's wedding because he contended that she would have a better time without him. John was appeased when Pat admitted that she worries about him being alone. Jim chose to be diplomatic when John reminisced about his and Pat's wedding, then mentioned Jim's objections to the marriage. John told Jim that Lee is mature for her age and is in love with Michael. Jim implored John not to waste his talent and ability as a prominent, respected attorney by letting apathy stand in the way of overcoming his disability. John defensively advised Jim that he and Pat can manage without any interference from outside parties. Mary and Missy were pleased when Dru convinced Pat to prolong her visit. Missy gushed to Mary, Pat, and Dru over becoming a member of a real family once she marries Bill. Mary and Missy told Pat that Missy's thumbprints are missing from Alice's records. Liz was thrilled when Mr. Keough confirmed that the thumbprint specimens were a perfect match.

MAY 16, 1966 (EP. #504)
John seethed as Jim ascertained that he was shutting himself out from his legal profession. John vindictively reminded Jim that he fought against his marriage to Pat and now sees her stuck with an invalid. Jim warned John that he is allowing his disability to cripple his mind, career, and marriage before storming out. John furiously hurled a magazine at a vase, which fell to the floor and shattered into pieces. Mary told Pat that she doesn't share Liz's shock over Katherine bequeathing her estate to Missy because of their close relationship. Pat downplayed Mary's concerns over her appearance and balked at getting a nurse for John, but agreed to consider rehiring Mrs. Webber to assist with the housekeeping. Mary thought of John and Pat's marriage as Pat theorized that Lee is turning to Michael for help in forgetting about John's condition and the accident. Pat told Mary that Joe has faced stiff competition from Michael for Lee's affections. Joe informed Michael that he might be suffering from fatigue, wrote a prescription for muscle relaxers, and urged him to use his arm minimally. Michael debated with Joe on the ways in which John and Pat are coping with his disability. Joe commended Michael for helping Lee deal with John's paralysis being permanent. Jim decided to read to get his mind off John and Pat's predicament. Pat defended Jim's intentions when John jumped to the conclusions that Jim is anxious for him to return to work and stop being a burden on Pat. Lee was ecstatic that Dru is being honored at the annual Bar Association banquet, but was uncertain that Michael and Bill can convince John to attend. Michael made Lee swoon after kissing her tenderly.

Mary: "Tired?"
Pat: (CATCHING HERSELF UP SHORT:) "Oh no! Not a bit."
Mary: "Don't believe you."
Pat: "You always have to be worrying about your chickens. No matter how far away from the roost they go."
Mary: "Well, there's truth to that, I suppose. But I also know you pretty well. You've lost weight. You have circles under your eyes. And there's a look in them --"

Notes: Michael mentions that the Bauer family physician is Dr. Samuel Tucker, who resides at Cedars Hospital. Michael is right-handed and has a history of viral radiculitis. Mary mentions that Russ won't be coming to Bill and Missy's wedding due to having exams at school.

MAY 17, 1966 (EP. #505)
Helen enthused over Bill and Missy's plans to have a double-ring wedding ceremony. Missy caught Helen off-guard by recounting Katherine's ill-fated romance with Rick and her infant daughter's death, but Helen maintained that Katherine led a good life with Carter and that she was one of her dearest friends. Helen was pleased that Missy has become more relaxed around Liz and appreciates her hard work in making the wedding as nice as possible. Liz realized that there was one more piece of information needed to learn of Missy's background and parentage. Bill tried to get Liz to acknowledge Missy as a daughter-in-law while casually asking about her progress in the wedding plans. Liz claimed she was asking about Katherine's marriage date due to idle curiosity when Bill questioned its relevance and pointed out that he wasn't involved in drawing up Katherine's will. Liz fumed over Helen dodging and subverting her inquiries into Katherine's attachment to Missy and making her sole beneficiary of her estate, but vowed to carefully question Helen without arousing her suspicions. Bill and Missy selected matching gold bands and decided to have their first names and the wedding date engraved onto them. Helen spoke ruefully to Liz about people's disinterest in a widow's bereavement, but stated that they should be thankful for having good health and being left financially secure by their husbands. Liz methodically reflected on Katherine's life in a sympathetic, sincere manner to lull Helen into dropping her defenses. Helen unknowingly revealed Carter and Katherine's wedding date and confirmed Katherine's story of losing a daughter who was close to Missy's age.

Liz: (PRE-RECORDED, TO HERSELF) "...And all the times that I've very innocently questioned Helen about Katherine, her attachment to Melissa -- the way she'd make excuses, put me off."
(THE FOLLOWING, OF COURSE, IS A COLLECTIVE RATHER THAN A LITERAL RECALL, WHICH I FEEL IS BETTER FOR THE SAKE OF DRAMATIC MOVEMENT. WE CAN EITHER HAVE HER FACE IN THE PICTURE OR A VOICE ONLY, WHICHEVER SEEMS TO WORK BETTER) Helen: "There's no reason to be surprised at Katherine's leaving Melissa her estate...She had no dependents. And she'd become very attached to Melissa...All right, six months isn't a long time in some ways, but Katherine had just become very, very fond of Missy. And since Melissa is marrying your son, Liz, I wouldn't bother questioning anymore. I would just be glad that Melissa has been so fortunate." (FADE OUT HELEN, COME BACK ON LIZ).
Liz: "You thought you were throwing me off the track, didn't you Helen? But I'm on the track now, Helen, and I'll find out what I want to know from you without your ever suspecting."

Notes: Helen mentions that she and Katherine married in December 1941 (separate wedding ceremonies), shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor took place.

MAY 18, 1966 (EP. #506)
Bill assumed that Liz was working too hard at the wedding preparations when he noticed that Liz seemed distracted. Liz arranged a private meeting with Missy. Michael congratulated Bill on passing all of his exams and tried to minimize the pain in his arms as old-fashioned writer's cramp. Bill promised Michael that he will be a sober old married man who is ready to work his fingers to the bone by June 6th. Michael was surprised by Bill's uncertainty over John returning to work and attending the wedding, even though Pat and Lee are members of the wedding court. Missy left a note for Liz to wait inside of her apartment while she ran an errand. Liz told herself that Missy had been carrying on a masquerade in hopes of trapping Bill into marriage and admonished Katherine for defending her illegitimate daughter while scheming to get Missy accepted into society. Pat informed Lee that John's therapist prefers that she not be present during his sessions and was noncommittal about him returning to work. Lee resented Pat for criticizing Michael, listed the similarities between him and John, and asked Pat to trust that she has genuine feelings for him. Pat and Lee were hopeful that Liz had a change of heart towards Bill and Missy's union. Liz purposefully had Missy recount the fabricated story about her parents and Aunt Dorothy. Missy was bewildered by Liz's cryptic remark about being mistaken that Katherine came into her life unexpectedly. Liz was annoyed when Helen came to return a skirt she had hemmed for Missy and when Bill called for her to meet him to get their marriage license. Liz deliberately dropped her glove to get out of leaving with Helen, then sat down on Missy's couch, lit a cigarette, and waited for her to return.

Liz: (PRE-RECORDED, TO HERSELF) "And to think if it weren't for me, Bill, she would have gone through with this masquerade...How she's fooled you...She didn't think there'd ever be any chance of anyone finding out the truth...But she's not going to make a laughing stock out of us, Bill...I won't let that happen..." (SHE PUTS [BILL'S] PICTURE DOWN, WALKS ABOUT THE ROOM AND THEN COMES TO KATHERINE'S PICTURE:) "...And you too, Katherine. For so long you had me fooled...You with all your breeding, your savoir faire...I could never understand why you had taken such an interest in little Melissa Palmer...I'll never forget that day when I found out Melissa didn't want to send out wedding invitations. And the way you defended her stand. I simply couldn't understand it..."
(SUPERIMPOSE TAPE OF APRIL 8 (EP. #478 ACT III with Liz/Katherine)
Liz: (PRE-RECORDED, TO HERSELF) "But now I do understand it. Yes, I know why you were her champion, Katherine. And I know why Melissa didn't want to send out wedding invitations. Because the Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Palmer she claimed were her parents never existed. A name she made up, I suppose. The way you made up the story of having lost a child when she was just a baby...You didn't lose a child, Katherine. You had an illegitimate child. By a man named Richard Summers...while you were married to someone else...And that child you thought you could marry off to my son. You thought you could see her become an accepted member of society. Well, the game is over, Katherine. I found you out. And it's time for everyone to be unmasked..."

MAY 19, 1966 (EP. #507)
Bill and Missy signed their marriage license and swore that they had given truthful statements for the clerk. Mary had Dru confirm that he had talked to Jim about John and Pat's marriage while she sewed the bridemaids' and matron-of-honor headbands that Alice designed. Dru was sympathetic towards Mary's desire to improve the situation for Pat, but conceded that John must be the person who takes action. Mary agreed with Dru that Pat is worn out from being John's wife and nursemaid, but Dru maintained that Pat is under John's domination and defers to his needs. John decided to help Pat polish the silverware to alleviate feeling useless. John grew agitated as Pat desperately laid out a proposal to convince him to attend Bill and Missy's wedding. Pat sobbed after John furiously swept the silverware to the floor, quivered in his wheelchair, covered his face in shame, then silently swivelled out of the kitchen. Liz stewed in her own reverie of Katherine being an accomplice to Missy's supposed machinations to insinuate herself into Bill's life. Ann was troubled by Liz's insistence over helping Missy pack and comments about things taking care of themselves. Liz was dismayed when Bill requested a ride after he leaves his car at a shop for repairs, which freed Ann to lend a hand to Missy. Ann assured Missy that she understands her gratitude towards Katherine and respected their relationship, but grew distrubed by Missy reflecting on her mother's death. Missy was defiant towards Ann's logical alternatives to her mother's fate out of necessity to believe that she wasn't abandoned. Missy was struck by an indefinable fear upon looking at Katherine's picture.

Liz: (PRE-RECORDED, TO HERSELF) "In a way, Katherine, I wish you were still here. Somehow it doesn't seem right that you've escaped the consequences of everything you did. Not just the fact that you bore an illegitimate child twenty-one years ago. That would have been no concern of mine...But to try to insinuate that child into a respectable encourage her marriage to my son --" (STOPS) "Well, Katherine, it hasn't worked." (STOPS) "Melissa Palmer - did she make up that name, or did you? It's really a rather nice name -" (STOPS, CLOUDS) "- of course, there's a very ugly name for what she is. Which is precisely why this marriage can never take place, Katherine. Never." (FIRMLY TURNS THE PICTURE [OF KATHERINE] OVER, PUTS IT ON THE DESK OR TABLE, FACE DOWN - NOT VIOLENTLY, BUT WITH AN UNMISTAKEABLE FINALITY, THEN:) "And now, Miss Melissa Palmer -- Summers -- whatever your name is -- now we shall deal with you."

Ann: (PRE-RECORDED, LOOKING AT KATHERINE'S PICTURE) "You were right not to tell her. I remember arguing with you about it, but your instincts were infallible...Why shouldn't they have been? They were a mother's instincts. But if she had known...if you had told her, or if she had found out somehow, it would have destroyed her. Now...she'll never know...and it's best that way."

Notes: Bill gives his full name as William L. Matthews Jr. in this episode. Missy reveals that she does not have a middle name.

MAY 20, 1966 (EP. #508)
Missy beamed while thinking of her upcoming wedding and putting the past behind her. Missy felt grateful to Katherine for helping her overcome her fears towards marrying Bill and convincing her to wait to reveal her background. Bill joked to Missy that he will be daydreaming of marrying an heiress, but Missy maintained that Katherine's money is unimportant to her. Missy laughed helplessly when Lee gently chided her for being too preoccupied with thoughts of the wedding to carry on a conversation. Lee told Missy that she is undaunted by Michael's first marriage, spoke of bonding with Hope, and reiterated her willingness to wait for Michael. Missy made Lee understand that Pat's qualms over her feelings for Michael come from sincere concern for her happiness. Lee enthused over Bill and Missy's plans to rent a furnished apartment while looking for a permanent home. Missy reminisced with Lee on being a lonely waitress at Kopper Kettle who hid from the world and marveled at the ways her life has changed since she met Bill. Michael informed Bill that it would be impossible for him to love a woman who couldn't be a good mother to Hope. Bill told Michael that Jim is replacing Will as his best man and confidently stated that Liz will accept his marriage to Missy. Mary encouraged Missy to remember the impact she and Katherine had on each other's lives. Missy grew uneasy when Liz had her acknowledge that she replaced the pictures of her deceased parents with Katherine's portrait and reflected on Katherine's friendship to steady her nerves. Liz told Missy to drop the masquerade she has been playing with Katherine since she has uncovered the truth about her.

Liz: (SHE DOESN'T WANT HER TO SLIP OUT OF HER GRASP EVEN FOR A MOMENT) "This won't take long, Melissa...That is, if you're willing to stop this masquerade."
Missy: "The --? What masquerade?"
Liz: "The one you and Katherine Corning kept up all those months."
Missy: "Mrs. Matthews, I don't understand...?"
Liz: "I don't understand why you lied about it. Melissa did you really think no one would find out?"
Missy: "I just don't know what you're talking about."
Liz: "I'm talking about you, Melissa. Who you are. And what you are...Because I know...I know the whole story."

MAY 23, 1966 (EP. #509)
Dru assumed an innocent, cherubic smile after ribbing Lee over Michael being good-natured, intelligent, and handsome. Lee admitted to Dru that she has leaned on Michael for support, but insisted that she has genuine feelings for him. Dru gave Lee sage advice on recognizing the differences between emotional dependence and love. Lee agreed to babysit Hope for Emily. Pat interposed as John tried to graciously decline Dru's suggestion that he join the bachelor dinner that Jim was hosting for Bill. Dru was unyielding towards John's excuses and took him to task for stalling his recovery by shutting himself off from people. John fumed and Pat was distraught as Dru accused John of wallowing in self-pity. Liz was implacable in demanding that Missy dispense of her lies. Missy met Liz's stare with astonishment when Liz cruelly stated that she isn't blinded by cheap adolescent passion like Bill. Dru ruefully told Bill that he has resorted to pleading, cajoling, and provoking John in his failed attempts to reach him. Bill agreed to Dru's idea that he present coming to the wedding as a personal favor to his legal protege. Missy revealed to Liz that she had fabricated her background, lived in orphanages until she turned eighteen, and came to town with Ann. Missy tried to keep her composure while telling Liz that she was abandoned and was forced to invent a history and name for herself, but swore that she never meant to hurt anyone. Liz went on an angry tirade about Katherine plotting with Missy so she could gain a respectable name by marrying Bill. Missy was speechless when Liz dropped the bombshell that she verified beyond doubt that Katherine was her mother.

Liz: (CRISPLY, NOT OVERTLY VENOMOUS:) "Well, Melissa, how about it? Would you like to tell me the whole story?"
Missy: (FRANTICALLY TRYING TO MARSHALL HER FORCES:) "Wh -- what story, Mrs. Matthews? I don't know what you -"
Liz: "The story about Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Palmer, dear. And their -- daughter, Melissa. Or did they have a daughter?" (MISSY, FALLING APART, TURNS SPASMODICALLY AWAY; LIZ PURSUES HER SHOULDER:) "Or more to the point, did such a happy little family exist at all, except as a figment of someone's imagination?"
Missy: "Mrs. Matthews, I -- are you saying --"
Liz: "I'm saying that the vivid imagination of yours, Melissa --" (STOPS) "No, let's not call it that, let's call it what it really is -- a lie, a living lie." (MISSY FLEES AGAIN. LIZ FOLLOWS IMPLACABLE:) "Or didn't you consider it a lie? Did the two of you, somehow, justify it in your minds?"
Missy: "The two of -" (STOPS, THOROUGHLY CONFUSED:) "who --?"
Liz: "You and Katherine Corning, of course."
Missy: (FINALLY TURNS, LOOKS AT HER:) "Kath- - (STOPS:) -- Mrs. Corning didn't -- (THINKING: "tell you," BUT STOPS HERSELF).
Liz: "Oh, Melissa, stop it! You've made fools of us long enough, but now it is over. And just in time, I should say." (PERMITS HERSELF A LITTLE SMILE:) "You see, Melissa, my eyes are wide open. I see you and understand you for exactly what you are. I'm not blinded by some - some cheap adolescent passion the way Bill is." (AND AT THIS ULTIMATE SLAP, MISSY RAISES HER HEAD, MEETS LIZ'S EYES ALMOST FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THIS SCENE...)
Missy: (LOOKS AT LIZ, A LAST PLEA:) "Mrs. Matthews, I wasn't trying to fool anyone. I wasn't living a lie, I was just -- pretending."
Liz: (SCORN:) "Pretending!"
Missy: "Yes. But not to hurt anyone."
Liz: "Why, then? Why, Melissa?"
Missy: "Because --" (CAN'T LOOK AT HER:) "-- I was ashamed." (NO WORD FROM LIZ:) "Can't you understand what it means not to have parents, to know that someone didn't care enough about you to keep you, didn't even --" (SHE IS SOBBING SOFTLY:) "-- dignify you with a you had to make one up." (BREAKS, THEN DETERMINEDLY GETS CONTROL:) "...To make up a whole life, a whole history..." (STOPS, SWALLOWS HARD:)
Liz: "I can understand that, yes. But it doesn't justify your concealment of the facts, Melissa. Especially from the man you plan to marry. If you really loved Bill as much as you say --"
Missy: "Oh, I wasn't going to keep it from him forever! Just - just for a little while. I talked to Mrs. Corning about it and -"
Liz: "Of course. I might have known."
Missy: (DELIBERATELY IGNORING THIS:) "-- and she advised me to wait until after we were married and settled down --"
Liz: "Because she knew - as you did - that Bill would never marry you if he knew the truth."
Missy: "No! Because Bill loved me, and by then we would belong to each other...and it wouldn't matter -- the past, nothing would matter, because--"
Liz: (ABRUPTLY, SHE HAS BEEN THINKING AND ALL THE PIECES HAVE NOW FALLEN INTO PLACE:) "I should have known. I should have seen it all a long time ago. Most of all, I should have realized that you would have done all this with the help and connivance of Katherine Corning. That she would have plotted all the moves."
Missy: (FIGHTING FRANTICALLY, BUT BEING SWEPT OVER THE FALLS:) "She - Mrs. Corning just advised me, Mrs. Matthews. I told you - I made the decision myself, I -"
Liz: "Oh come now, Melissa. It was to Katherine's interest as well as yours that you marry Bill...that you gain a respectable name -- the one thing she denied you. It undoubtedly salved her conscience, having cast you adrift, to see you finally about to -- "
Missy: "Denied me? Cast me adrift? Mrs. Matthews, I - what do you mean?"
Liz: "Melissa, I thought we agreed to stop the pretenses. I told you before. I know the whole story."
Missy: (ALMOST FRANTIC:) "I've told you the whole story! I--"
Liz: "No. You haven't told me the one thing you should have told me, before anything else. But I've found it out -- I've verified it beyond the shadow of a doubt, beyond any denial of yours or anyone else's." (PAUSE, FORCES MISSY TO LOOK AT HER:) "You see, Melissa, I know that Katherine Corning was your mother."

MAY 24, 1966 (EP. #510)
Emily was grateful to Lee for agreeing to babysit Hope on short notice. Lee was shocked and embarrassed when Hope wanted to playact a wedding with Michael and Lee as the bride and groom using her dolls. Joe tested the mobility and strength of Michael's arm and was pleased that Michael has been taking his medication faithfully and feels less pain. Michael was disappointed to hear that John wasn't attending Bill and Missy's wedding, despite Joe's best efforts. Joe conceded to Michael having more insight into Lee's feelings of responsibility towards the car accident and John's paralysis, but urged Michael to be mindful of the turmoil Lee has endured. Lee told an inquisitive Hope that John uses a wheelchair and that Pat is her stepmother due to marrying her father. Michael watched Lee play with Hope. Michael and Lee joked about Bill being unproductive at work and Missy's inattention because of their upcoming wedding. Lee told Michael that Missy was alone until Bill and Katherine came into her life and made her feel loved and wanted. Liz revealed to Missy that she was the illegitimate daughter of Katherine and Rick and had been abandoned shortly after Rick died. Missy desperately tried to cling to the belief that her parents had been killed, prompting Liz to call Missy naive for telling her about Katherine's romance with Rick. Liz boasted to Missy that she verified her parentage by having a private investigator compare the baby prints from Jefferson Hospital to the adult ones Alice took at her bridal shower, which were a perfect match. Missy was in disbelief as Liz scoffed at Katherine's motives for coming to town and her enthusiasm over Missy marrying Bill.

Missy: "Mrs. Matthews, what are you talking about?"
Liz: "You know perfectly well what I'm talking about, Melissa."
Missy: "You're talking about -- Mrs. Corning, but - but it just doesn't make sense."
Liz: "You're the one who wasn't using her senses, Melissa. You and Katherine. To think that you could get away with this."
Missy: "Get away with--'
Liz: (CONTINUING) "Oh, I'll admit -- you played a very clever game for a while. You even had me fooled. And the way I befriended Katherine. The way she ingratiated herself into my home, my life. I should have realized from the first that she had an ulterior motive. And certainly I should have to know that she wouldn't have taken such an interest in you without a very definitive reason...Oh, I thought it was a little odd - I did question it at times. But I never suspected the truth."
Missy: "The truth, is that -- Mrs. Corning was a very good friend to me. We were very fond of each other and--"
Liz: "Melissa, stop it. I know the truth. Katherine Corning was your mother."
Missy: "But she wasn't! She wasn't!"
Liz: (CONTINUING) "Melissa, there's no point in your continuing to deny it. I have the proof."

Missy: "Mrs. Matthews, I - I've admitted to you that I lied about my background. That I made up my name. That I don't know who my parents really were..."
Liz: "That you were abandoned as a baby."
Missy: "Yes. Yes, I was abandoned as a baby."
Liz: "And it was Katherine Corning who abandoned you."
Missy: "No! No, it wasn't! My parents died when I was a baby."
Liz: (SHE LAUGHS AT THE OBVIOUS CONTRADICTION:) "Melissa, don't insult my intelligence. You just got through admitting the fact that you didn't know anything about your parents. That you were abandoned."
Missy: "Yes, but --"
Liz: "So how on earth could you claim to know that your mother was dead?"
Missy: "Because I know -- she'd never have let this happen to me. I was abandoned because she died. Because there wasn't anyone else to take care of me."
Liz: (STILL CONVINCED THAT MISSY IS LYING:) "Melissa, there's no point in your trying to protect Katherine Corning."
Missy: "I'm not trying to protect her. I -"
Liz: "Perhaps you did believe this little fairy story for a good many years. But you know the truth now. Just as I do. That while Katherine's husband was at war for over a year, she became pregnant by another man. The baby she had was you, Melissa."
Missy: "No. No! She-"
Liz: (RELENTLESSLY) "And she abandoned you. Probably just after Lieutenant Summers was killed."
Missy: "But Mrs. Corning did have a daughter she lost. She would have been just my age. That's why she took an interest in me right away. Didn't... didn't she tell you that, Mrs. Matthews?"
Liz: "Oh, she told everyone that. Over and over again. It was like a broken record... The daughter she lost -- but she never did say the daughter died, did she? She was very careful never to say that."
Missy: "But, but she did die. She did! ... Just as my mother did!" (AND LET US SEE HOW MISSY IS CLINGING TO THIS, NEEDING SO DESPERATELY TO BELIEVE IT).
Liz: "Melissa, there's no point in persisting to deny it. I told you I have the proof....And he assured me, Melissa, there is no mistake. That the baby prints and these (MISSY'S ADULT PRINTS:) "...are from the same hand, taken a few years apart, of course." (TAKE MISSY, LOOKING AT THEM AND SHAKING HER HEAD IN DISBELIEF:) "So you see, Melissa, I know why Katherine Corning came to this city. I know the reason behind her interest in you. I know why she kept telling me how lucky my son was to be marrying you...And I know why she left you her money...And now, Melissa, deny it if you can."

Joe: "Not intentionally. But how many hurts are intentional, Mr. Bauer?"
Michael: (HIS FAITH REFLECTING THE TRUTH OF THIS:) "I was saying that same thing to Lee just the other night...about her father. That it was an accident and not her fault."
Joe: (Exit Line) "But she still feels responsible."
Michael: "And always will, I suppose..."

Notes: Last appearance of Colgate Salsbury as Dr. Joe Bernardi. The first half of this episode took place at the same time as Acts III and IV of the previous script.

MAY 25, 1966 (EP. #511)
Liz was inflexible as she taunted Missy for feigning ignorance over Katherine being her mother and disparaged Katherine's claims that she bonded with Missy because she was close in age to the infant daughter she lost. Missy was despondent when Liz threatened to expose her to Bill unless she reveals the truth to him. Helen mused to Ann about Lenore being spoiled by her father and having a longstanding crush on Bill, but felt assured that Lenore will turn her attentions elsewhere once Bill and Missy are married. Ann laughed at Helen's sentiment that she shudders at the notion of Liz being Lenore's mother-in-law. Ann told Helen that Missy was a forlorn, miserable girl who rejected affection and companionship, despite capturing Ann's heart immediately upon meeting her. Helen and Ann agreed that Katherine did the right thing by befriending Missy and concealing their true relationship. Missy was tormented by memories of her intimate conversations with Katherine and the confrontation with Liz. Pat warned Bill against trying to pressure John into coming to the wedding, but resigned to Bill's opinion that John is making matters worse for himself by being anti-social and bitter. Bill informed Pat that he and Michael want John to attend the annual Bar Association dinner since Dru is being honored at the event. Missy stared at Katherine's portrait while trying to sort through Liz and Katherine's contradictory statements on her background and parentage. Missy almost unconsciously picked up her snowball. Missy screamed in anguish and shattered the snowball into pieces by using it to repeatedly strike Katherine's picture during an unrestrained fit of rage.

Liz: "Well, Melissa? Are you still continuing to deny it?"
Liz: "Taken the day you were born at Jefferson Hospital in San Diego. Born to a woman who called herself Katherine Summers. (SHE TAKES THE PRINTS MADE LATER:) "And they re identical to these taken at Alice Matthews house the night of your shower."
Missy: (THE ENORMITY OF IT ENGULFING HER) "Mrs. Corning my mother?" (SHE LOOKS AT KATHERINE S PICTURE:) "No... She wouldn t have abandoned me... She wouldn t have let me grow up alone all those years..."
Liz: "Melissa, you re a very good little actress. But I ve been duped many times already." (MISSY LOOKS AT HER, UNCOMPREHENDING, TOO INVOLVED WITH HER OWN THOUGHTS, CHURNING EMOTIONS:) "The way I played right into Katherine s hands. The way she was interested in you only because you were the same age as the daughter she had lost. Lost, indeed, she deserted you...But don't put on an act with me any longer, Melissa. Now that you've come into your inheritance, you think that makes everything all right, don't you? Well, it doesn't alter the lies you've told. It doesn't change what you are."
Missy: "I didn't know...I didn't know."
Liz: "I don't know what you hope to gain by sticking to that story, Melissa. It doesn't change anything. Because I know the truth now. And I certainly won't let my son marry you without knowing it too. If you don't tell him, Melissa, I will."
Liz: "I'm sorry, Melissa, but I told you before. I'm not going to allow this masquerade to continue. You've lied to Bill since the first day you met him. Telling him your parents were killed in an automobile accident, that you were reared by an Aunt Dorothy, that -"
Missy: "That doesn't matter anymore."
Liz: "Doesn't-?! Well, it matters very much to me. And it matters to my son. I can't permit him to enter into a marriage under false pretenses. What kind of a mother would I be?"
Missy: (LOOKS AT KATHERINE'S PICTURE, HER HEART BREAKING:) "A mother...what kind of a mother...?"
Liz: (LOOKS AT HER WATCH, THEN BRISKLY) "Melissa, I really don't have any more time to spare now. And perhaps you need to be by yourself for a while before you can realize that I mean what I say...But rest assured I do mean it, Melissa...The rehearsal is in less than three hours. If you don't tell Bill before that, I shall tell him." (SHE GATHERS UP THE FINGERPRINT PAPERS, PUTS THEM IN HER PURSE AND STARTS TOWARD THE DOOR, THEN TURNS BACK:) "And don t forget you re still in your wedding dress from your fitting. I d suggest you get out of it to keep it nice for tomorrow... That is, if you expect to wear it." (LIZ EXITS AND WE TAKE MISSY LOOKING AFTER HER. THEN BACK TO KATHERINE S PICTURE AND FADE OUT).

Production Notes: "Liz has left her silver cigarette case where she put it in the previous script. But we do not want to make a point of this or to have the camera spot it, because we don't want the audience to know that Liz can be traced, unless they remember it from the previous script."

MAY 26, 1966 (EP. #512)
Missy felt she was in a nightmare as she stared at the snowball in horror and cried while trying to process her trauma. Missy was tortured by Liz's voice, which ridiculed her for being a fraud who conspired with Katherine to gain respectability and an illegitimate child without a name. Missy threw Katherine's portrait on the floor and collapsed into uncontrollable sobs. Mary soothed Alice's anxiety over appearing in Bill and Missy's wedding. Alice grew pensive as Mary noted that they cannot fathom the loneliness Missy endured for years and that Katherine gave Missy confidence and personal worth. Mary assured Alice that Liz will have the good sense to accept Bill and Missy's marriage. Missy called Ann's office to question her about Katherine and the circumstances of her abandonment, but failed to reach Ann. Liz grew uneasy when Ann gushed about partaking in the wedding festivities and Missy being swamped with preparations. Ann laughed at Bill's efforts to maintain a brave front. Bill elected to placate Liz, who insisted that he pick Susan up from the airport. Missy sadly concluded that her world with Bill had fallen apart while Liz revealing her true relationship to Katherine replayed in her mind. Bill informed Liz that he won't allow himself to be late for the wedding rehearsal and bachelor dinner should Susan's flight be delayed. Missy berated herself for being nothing and befriending and trusting Katherine. Missy hurled Katherine's picture across the room, tore off the pearls from her neck, and denounced her inheritance. Bill heard Missy's phone come off the hook without a voice to greet his call, then became alarmed when another call went unanswered.

Liz: (VOICE ONLY, FILTER) "Did you really think you could get by with it, Melissa? Perhaps you were able to play my son for a fool, but you underestimated me. I know who you are and what you are. I know your name isn't Melissa Palmer. Where did you ever make that up? I know you're Katherine Corning's illegitimate daughter. The daughter she abandoned years ago. And then the two of you got together and you thought you could just smooth everything over and finally have a proper name. My name! Well, you may have been able to dupe everybody else, but you didn't fool me. I found you out, Melissa. I know who you are and what you are...What you are...what you are...what you are?"

Missy: (PRE-RECORDED OR LIVE, AS SEEMS BETTER:) "No - no name...I'm nothing? I'm no one..." (AND NOW SHE TURNS, PICKS UP THE SHATTERED PICTURE OF KATHERINE:) "And I believed you! I believed that I reminded you of the little girl you lost...I - I loved you so much...I told you my mother would have been like you...I told you all about myself and you never -- you just let me believe in you and trust you and -- Did you think you could make it up to me with money? What's money?! Money can't buy can't take away can't make a person feel wanted when they know they were thrown away. I don't want your money! I don't want it!" (AND SHE HURLS THE PICTURE ACROSS THE ROOM. THEN SHE TEARS THE PEARLS OFF HER NECK). "And I don't want your pearls! I don't want anything that belongs to you!" (SHE THROWS THE PEARLS ACROSS THE ROOM AS THEY BREAK IN HER HAND).

MAY 27, 1966 (EP. #513)
Bill fretted over his calls being unanswered as Liz disguised her pleasure. Liz calmed Bill's fears by theorizing that Missy was keeping herself busy with packing and getting ready for the evening. Missy trembled in anger and shame while ransacking her apartment. Missy stared at herself in the mirror, riddled with despair and revulsion, then ripped her wedding dress off and laid on the couch in a fetal position. John sulked over being an excluded invalid while Pat and Lee talked and laughed gaily in the bedroom. Michael told John that he is thankful that work has slowed down. John enveloped Pat and Lee possessively into his arms and gushed to Michael that they looked ravishing. Michael was perplexed to catch himself captivated by Pat. Lee was dismayed when Pat half-heartedly stated that she was skipping Helen's dinner because she had things to do at home. John was appreciative but doubtful towards Pat's claims that she is choosing to come home after the rehearsal to be with him. Missy quickly packed her suitcases in hopes of leaving before Bill arrived to pick her up. Helen told Fred that Liz might have played matchmaker for Bill and Lenore had the circumstances been different. Fred stopped Helen from disavowing having advanced knowledge of Katherine's plans to bequeath her fortune to Missy. Helen asked Fred to keep their conversation secret from Liz due to her capacity for mischief. Bill told Liz that he was checking on Missy and suggested Liz make arrangements in bringing Susan home. Liz was certain that Missy will reveal the truth to Bill. Bill was filled with confusion and terror upon finding Missy's door ajar and the room in shambles.


MAY 30, 1966 (EP. #514)
Bill surveyed the shattered portrait of Katherine, the trousseau, and the torn wedding gown with growing bewilderment and dread. Helen was not amused by Lenore's jokes about her plying Fred with liquor and running a boarding house. Lenore questioned Helen's motives for carrying out Katherine's wishes for Missy and implied that she benefited greatly by inheriting her estate. Helen admonished Lenore for acting like a spoiled, jealous child by refusing to stay for the party. Lenore sulked about the unrequited feelings she has had for Bill, but conceded to Helen's contentions that Bill never considered anything beyond friendship with her. Helen soothed Lenore's bruised ego by stating that she is too strong-willed to subordinate herself to Bill. Ann was horrified by the state of Missy's place and grasped the enormity of Katherine's portrait being shattered. Missy felt disoriented as she walked aimlessly through a downtown street while oblivious to her surroundings. Missy became distracted by Liz's voice taunting her mercilessly and was nearly hit by an oncoming car. Bill went to ask the Sawyers whether they saw Missy or heard a commotion in her apartment while Ann made some calls. Lenore didn't realize that Liz was earmarking her for Bill while Liz dissembled excitement over the wedding. Mr. Sawyer informed Bill that he sleeps during the afternoon due to working a graveyard shift, but swore that Missy would never leave a mess. Bill, Ann, and Mr. Sawyer suspected foul play and called the police. Missy was haunted by memories of Liz, Bill, and Ann as she stumbled through an industrial street and train station. Missy felt temporary relief when a freight train drowned out the voices that penetrated her mind in a maddening cacophony.

Lenore: (Judith Barcroft, Introduction Line) (Coming downstairs in the Moore living room) "Did I hear somebody down here, Mother?"

Lenore: "Mother, if you mean -" (STOPS) "I thought you knew, it was over between Bill and me long before he even met.."
Helen: (GOOD HUMOREDLY) "It never even started between Bill and you, my dear, let's face it. And I think it's time you got over your little fit of pique over the fact that Bill never gave you a tumble."
Lenore: "Well, if that's true, it's his loss, not mine. Anyway, I'm not in a fit of pique -- I'm just bored with the whole thing. So, if you don't mind, Mother, I'd rather not come to your little tea party tonight." (SMILING, LOOKING AT HER) "Would you give everybody my regrets?" (AND WITH A FELINE TINGE) "Oh yes, and do give Missy my very best wishes, won't you?" (AND FADE OUT).

Helen: (NODS, UNDERSTANDING) "...So your anger - your jealousy - is not really jealousy at all. You just couldn't bear the thought of Bill's being attracted to someone else, when he could have had you. Lenore, when are you going to grow up?"
Lenore: "Do you want an exact date, or..."
Helen: "Don't be impertinent!" (THEN, MORE QUIETLY) "When are you going to learn that everybody and everything in the world isn't ordered to your convenience? You're so used to getting everything you want that you can't adjust to the smallest disappointment!"
Lenore: (AN AMOST MOCKING SMILE) "Well, I'll have to adjust to this one, won't I? Because like it or not, good old Bill has passed me over."
Helen: "And not a bad thing either -- for you or for him."
Lenore: (STILL BANTERING, SMILING) "Oh, I think we would have made a lovely couple, Mother!"
Helen: "I don't. I think you're much too strong for Bill. You would never have learned to subordinate your wishes to his. Your life to his."
Lenore: "Is that what you think a marriage should be? A wife meekly bowing to her husband's whim?"
Helen: "No, of course not. That isn't what I said. But the wife cannot dominate a marriage, Lenore." (PERMITS HERSELF A LITTLE SMILE) "You know, I'm not sure I envy the man you marry. He'll have to be able to stand toe-to-toe with you and slug."
Lenore: "Why Mother, how indelicate!" (SMILES) "Sounds like fun, though, doesn't it?"

ACT II: Downtown Street, Headlights.

Notes: First appearance of Judith Barcroft as Lenore Moore. The seven sequences of Missy's eventual arrival to Chicago were taped on May 28, 1966. They aired on May 30, 31, and June 1, 1966 (Episodes 514-516 respectively).

MAY 31, 1966 (EP. #515)
Ann calmly spoke with the police on the phone when Bill was too upset and impatient to give details. Alice was self-deprecating in joking that Jim may need to give her sedatives and carry her down the aisle at her own wedding since she's petrified of tripping during Bill and Missy's ceremony. Lee told Jim and Alice that she failed to change Pat's mind over coming to Helen's party. Jim advised Pat that she owes it to Missy and Helen to attend the dinner and noticed that Pat's expression belied her stance on wanting to be home with John. Pat told Jim that John is expecting her after the rehearsal and left the ante-room to avoid discussing the matter further. Jim and Pat laughed despite themselves when Alice joked that Bill and Missy were tardy because they decided to elope and pictured Liz's reaction. Lee was amused by Alice's efforts to strike a deal over letting her catch the bridal bouquet. Jim was incredulous to learn from Dru that Bill is with Ann at Missy's place and her whereabouts are unknown. Missy was bombarded by Liz's voice accusing her of being a liar while walking through a park. Dru informed Jim that Bill and Ann are waiting for the police, but refused to speculate on the reasons. Missy observed a woman comforting her daughter, who became despondent after getting separated from her parents. Missy was stricken when the woman stated that mothers love their children too much to abandon them. Officer Crawford inspected the apartment while Lt. Ira Buckley questioned Bill. Ann disliked Lt. Buckley's suspicious attitude towards Bill and speculations that he had a quarrel with Missy. Missy contemplated suicide by jumping off a bridge.

Lt. Buckley: (Introduction Line) (in Missy's apartment) "Careful what you touch, Crawford. We might want to dust for prints."

Notes: First appearance of Stratton Walling as Lieutenant Ira Buckley.

JUNE 1, 1966 (EP. #516)
Lt. Buckley had Sgt. Tyson dust the apartment for fingerprints and initiated a state-wide alert on Missy. Michael informed Emily that Pat is missing Helen's dinner party to be home with John. Emily blamed her dizzy spells on her poor eyesight when Michael suggested she see a doctor. Michael told Emily that John must overcome his handicap and that Pat is exacerbating the problem by pampering John. Emily made Michael understand that it's easier for him to criticize the situation while John and Pat cope with his paralysis twenty-four hours a day. Liz was edgy as she contemplated whether Missy had confessed to Bill. Lenore was keenly aware of Liz's noncomittal comments towards Missy being her daughter-in-law and Lenore's assumption that the union was a foregone conclusion. Liz surprised Lenore by bluntly stating that she was perfect for Bill, prompting Lenore to gently chide Liz for making silly notions. Helen disagreed with Liz and Lenore's contentions that there was a simple explanation for Missy's absence. Ann encouraged Bill to have faith in the police. Bill and Ann went into detailed accounts on their respective relationships to Missy for Lt. Buckley, who was intrigued to hear about Katherine's initial objections to Bill and Missy's marriage. Ann feared that Lt. Buckley was making incorrect inferences as Bill brought up Katherine's role in Missy's life. Helen was appalled when Liz voiced the callous theory that Missy used Bill to secure a future and respectability, but realized that she no longer needed Bill after inheriting Katherine's fortune. Missy impulsively boarded a train after wandering aimlessly through a busy business area.

Script Notes for Emily: "And for clarity, Mrs. Hastings is merely suffering from high blood pressure, which will put her in bed at home for a time and thus give us a reason for Lee to come over and help out during the day - so that Lee will be in even closer association with Hope and Michael."

Notes: Missy's address is given as 2040 Sherman Avenue 3rd Floor. First episode to give the show's locale as "Bay City," which was uttered by Lieutenant Ira Buckley.

JUNE 2, 1966 (EP. #517)
Pat informed John that the wedding rehearsal was cancelled because Missy never came to the church. John tried to remain optimistic once Pat explained that Dru was notified of Missy's disappearance by Ann, that Michael is with Bill, and that the police were summoned. Michael observed Lt. Buckley and Sgt. Tyson gathering evidence in Missy's apartment, which included Liz's silver cigarette case. Bill angrily told Lt. Buckley that Missy would not have destroyed Katherine's portrait because of her devotion to her. Michael was stunned when Lt. Buckley requested that Ann and Bill come to headquarters for fingerprinting. Mr. Sawyer informed Lt. Buckley that he last saw Missy taking some belongings to the attic and that she seemed very cheerful. Lt. Buckley advised Michael and Bill that robbery has been ruled out because Missy's valuables weren't missing. Pat rebuked Janet from lecturing her about skipping Helen's dinner to be with John. Janet told Pat that she has accepted a position as Art Director at the California branch of her advertising agency. Pat warned Janet that she was begging for heartache because she'll be working with Ken, but Janet maintained that he and Laura are happily married. Lt. Buckley was skeptical of Bill's statement that someone lifted the receiver without answering when he tried to call Missy. Michael was puzzled when Lt. Buckley was dismissive towards his theory that Missy had been kidnapped because she had become an heiress. Lt. Buckley questioned Michael on Bill and his engagement to Missy. Michael understood the implications when Lt. Buckley lamented that Missy's disappearance was a tragedy.

Pat: "But Aunt Janet, you're just asking for heartbreak. You're just asking for it!"
Janet: "A few moments ago I tried to say something about your spending so much time with John. And without saying it in so many words, you gave me to understand that you were living your own life and I was not to make any comment about it."
Pat: "And you want me to obey those same rules."
Janet: (Exit Line) "Nothing you can say will change my mind, Pat. I'm going to California for the summer and I hope you'll wish me a happy stay."

Notes: Last appearance of Liza Chapman as Janet Matthews. Last known mention of Laura Baxter. Contrary to the 25th Anniversary book, it was never established on-screen that Ken and Laura eventually divorced. Mr. Sawyer gives his wife's first name as Mabel. The Sawyers were Missy's landlords.

JUNE 3, 1966 (EP. #518)
Sgt. Tyson obtained fingerprints from Bill and Ann. Michael was flabbergasted when Lt. Buckley stated the he needed to question Bill further before he can be dismissed. Helen remonstrated Liz for making malicious, irresponsible allegations about Missy without any evidence. Liz was serenely arrogant while insinuating to Helen that Missy used Bill for respectability and that he was spared the heartache of marrying a woman who schemed, lied, and tricked him into marriage. Helen accused Liz of allowing her blind hatred of Missy to color her opinions, but Liz smugly stated that she was simply speaking the truth. Helen warned Liz that Bill would be destroyed to hear her theories. Lee reacted with disbelief and disgust when Lenore parroted Liz's contentions, but fretted that Bill and Missy may be finished. Helen and Lee were dismayed to learn from Michael that Missy's apartment was found in shambles. Michael grew irritated with Liz for harping on every statement he made about Bill being questioned by the police and Ann serving as a material witness. Liz thought Michael's hypothesis that Missy was abducted due to her inheritance was ridiculous, which caused Michael's temper to flare. Liz resolved to speak to the police about detaining Bill against his will unnecessarily. Lt. Buckley had Bill and Ann compile a list of Missy's friends and acquaintances, then had Sgt. Tyson bring a disruptive Liz in to see Bill. Bill and Ann were somewhat surprised when Lt. Buckley permitted them to leave. Liz was quietly triumphant in telling Lt. Buckley that Missy most likely jilted Bill and left town, but was perplexed that Lt. Buckley insisted on continuing the investigation.

Liz: (ECHO:) "I proved your lie, I proved your lie -- thought you could fool me, thought you could fool me? Melissa, such such person...gone, gone, all gone...your life, don't don't exist..."

JUNE 6, 1966 (EP. #519)
Liz smiled contently upon spotting an article on Missy's disappearance. Michael grimly described Missy's apartment as looking deliberately wrecked to John, who sensed rightly that Michael was fearing the worst possible scenarios. Michael hypothesized to John that Missy wouldn't have left on her own volition, that her wealth had become public knowledge, and she may have been kidnapped. John was appalled to hear from Michael that Missy's wedding gown was found torn to shreds. Lee reluctantly recounted Liz's theory on Missy leaving town, which Michael dismissed as ludicrous. Michael told Lee that Liz may influence Bill to doubt Missy by voicing such thoughtless opinions. Lee waxed philosophically to Michael about living for the moment and embracing life. Michael made Lee swoon by kissing her on the cheek and affectionately stroking her hair. Ann told Helen about the police questioning her and Bill. Lenore expressed certainty that Liz will spread her theories about Missy after Helen stopped her from repeating them to Ann. Helen ruefully told Ann that Liz and Lenore are allies due to their shared jealousy of Missy for taking Bill away from them. Ann admitted to Helen that seeing Katherine's smashed portrait frightened her immensely. Helen and Ann contemplated whether there was a connection between Katherine and Missy's disappearance. Bill was monosyllabic and bleak as Liz babied him with hot chocolate and promises of everything turning out for the best. The train conductor bought Missy's explanation that she forgot to buy a ticket before boarding the train. Missy decided to travel to Chicago after recalling that her father grew up there.

Missy: (VOICE OVER, PRE-RECORDED:) "I couldn't do it, Bill. I couldn't let you marry me, a person who didn't exist...That's what your mother said...Melissa Palmer doesn't exist...that I made her up, because I couldn't stand being -- what I really was. And she was right...she's always right, isn't she? So Melissa Palmer doesn't even have to try to exist...not anymore."

Production Notes: Newspaper Headline, "Heiress Vanishes On Eve Of Wedding," with two to three-column article. The Prologue, Act I, and Act IV opened with a close up shot of the article, followed by an established shot of Liz, John, then Lee's hands holding the newspaper respectively. Cities/towns listed as being on route from Bay City to Chicago included Quincy, Alton, and Galesburg.

JUNE 7, 1966 (EP. #520)
Lt. Buckley and Officer Crawford mused that Missy was an attractive girl who became an heiress and was marrying into a prominent family. Officer Crawford recounted the state of Missy's apartment being indicative of violence, though Lt. Buckley remained uncertain of the motive. John was irritated that Pat went shopping without telling him. Lee told John that she shudders to think that Missy's life was endangered because Katherine made her a wealthy woman. Lee told Lt. Buckley that Missy was well-liked, had first met Bill while working at the Kopper Kettle, and that she and Bill were very happy together. John informed Lt. Buckley that Bill is graduating from law school, works for him as a clerk, and loves Missy. Lt. Buckley hypothesized to John that Missy may have viewed herself differently after inheriting Katherine's estate, but questioned whether Missy still intended to marry Bill. John was concerned when Lt. Buckley explained that he must consider the least expected motives during investigations. Emily told Lee that she promised Michael she would see a doctor even though she felt fine. Lee took Emily's advice to stay hopeful for Bill. Hope talked to Lee about the attention she gets based on her behavior. Michael told Lee that she is too intelligent to believe that Missy predicted that something terrible was in her future. Emily sheepishly told Michael and Lee that she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and must recuperate in bed. Michael agreed to consider Lee's offer of taking care of the house and babysitting Hope. Emily was surprised when Lee confessed that she wants to show Michael that she can handle the responsibilities of a mother.

JUNE 8, 1966 (EP. #521)
Liz failed to convince an unkempt, emotionally wrought Bill to get some rest and eat something. Bill blew a fuse at Liz for urging him to keep busy so that he isn't consumed by thoughts of Missy's whereabouts. Dru conceded that he is without answers when Mary recalled that Missy was a happy girl who was in love with Bill and thrilled to be getting married before she suddenly went missing. Dru noted Lt. Buckley's knowledge of him teaching law at the university and living with the Matthews family. Dru and Mary told Lt. Buckley that Missy was a lovely, kind, thoughtful person, who was unchanged by Katherine's inheritance and deemed her future with Bill as the most important aspect of her life. Mary was annoyed with Lt. Buckley's questions on whether Missy had qualms about marrying Bill and simmered with anger when Lt. Buckley seemed unconvinced that Missy's disappearance was because of foul play. Dru abruptly stopped Lt. Buckley from questioning Mary, who valiantly countered his implications of Bill being short-tempered with Missy due to stress. Lt. Buckley was intrigued when Liz described Missy as an opportunist and social climber who schemed to marry Bill until she inherited Katherine's estate and realized that she no longer needed him. Officer Crawford and Lt. Buckley assured Bill that they would keep him abreast of their investigation. Lt. Buckley relayed Liz's theory to Officer Crawford and added that he suspects that Bill caught Missy preparing to walk out of his life and hurt Missy during a fit of rage. The train conductor was perplexed that Missy seemed distracted, dazed, and oblivious to her surroundings while exiting the train.

Liz: "...Melissa was just a different kind of person from my son, Lieutenant. A different category altogether."
Lt. Buckley: "What kind of person would you say she was?"
Liz: (BEAT, THEN FIRMLY:) "This girl knew exactly what she wanted. And she was determined to get it. At whatever cost to anyone else."
Lt. Buckley: "And she wanted your son...?"
Liz: "She wanted my son's name, his position in the community."
Lt. Buckley: "You told me last night you didn't think Miss Palmer cared for your son the way he cared for her."
Liz: "Oh, I don't think there's any question about that. And, of course, she has money of her own now."
Lt. Buckley: "You still think there's a possibility then that the girl may have decided at the last minute not to go through with the marriage, that she just -- walked out."
Liz: "Well, I -- I certainly wouldn't want to be quoted on this to my son, of course. But -- yes, I think it's not only possible, Lieutenant. I think it's quite probable."

JUNE 9, 1966 (EP. #522)
Jim advised Mary that it was unnecessary to tell Liz and Bill that he was summoned by Lt. Buckley for questioning. Alice blurted out to Jim and Mary that she has the horrible feeling that they will never see Missy again. Michael joked to Lee that Emily detests being waited on. Lee was puzzled when Michael opined that Bill is in shock which has prevented him from speculating on the possible circumstances that led to Missy's disappearance. Michael accepted Lee's resolve to take care of Emily and Hope, despite his offers to hire a nurse or cleaning lady to help her. Lee melted after Michael kissed her affectionately prior to leaving for work. John complimented Michael on running the firm and taking guidance constructively, then assured Michael that Lee helping out his household wasn't an imposition. Michael carefully broached the subject of returning to work to John, who argued that he will go at his own pace. John beamed with pride over Dru upon learning from Michael that he is being awarded at the Bar Association dinner. Alice told Jim that she was fingerprinted and asked questions about whether Bill and Missy were truly in love. Jim bluntly told Lt. Buckley that his suspicions that Missy had mercenary motives for marrying Bill and theory that Bill reacted violently upon catching Missy in the midst of jilting him were preposterous. Lt. Buckley fueled Jim's fury by likening his thesis about Bill to Pat being a scorned lover who suffered a momentary aberration when she shot Tom. Mary shared Helen's opinion that Liz's theory about Missy was ridiculous. Helen was shocked when Mary casually mentioned Liz's hypothesis that Katherine was Missy's mother.

Lee: "...And where is the pride and joy of the house?"
Michael: "If you mean my daughter --"
Lee: "Who else would I mean?"
Michael: (SMILES:) "I have a confession to make. I purposely let her stay up late last night so she'd sleep longer this morning."
Lee: "I may report you to the Better Parents Bureau."
Michael: "I know. I probably started something I'm going to regret every night from now on..."

JUNE 10, 1966 (EP. #523)
Jim seethed with anger as he adamantly insisted on speaking to Liz about her statements to Lt. Buckley. Helen admonished Lenore for having morbid pleasure in Missy's misfortune because she took Bill away from her. Lenore was insouciant while telling Helen that Missy is likely somewhere enjoying her newly-acquired wealth and laughing at everyone. Helen remonstrated Lenore for believing Liz's conclusions about Missy leaving Bill. Liz fumed once Jim explained that she caused Lt. Buckley to suspect that Bill and Missy had a quarrel that turned violent. Jim warned Liz that confronting Lt. Buckley would appear as though she was covering for Bill. Liz agreed to Jim's suggestion that she contact Ann to provide Bill with a solid alibi. Helen and Ann debated on whether Liz discovered that Katherine was Missy's mother. Bill grew irritated with Lt. Buckley for rehashing his whereabouts prior to going to Missy's place. Lt. Buckley incurred Bill's wrath by voicing his theories that he caught Missy getting ready to walk out on him and harped on Missy wanting to postpone the wedding months ago. Bill was stricken when Lt. Buckley suggested that he level with him. Ann became irritated by Liz's callous attitude towards Missy. Liz confessed to Ann that she deemed Missy unsuitable to be Bill's wife. Ann tried to gauge Liz's knowledge of Missy's background, but Liz deflected Ann's questions by claiming it was natural for her to be curious about a girl who intended to marry Bill. A waitress at a scummy diner named Madge noticed that Missy appeared ill and went to speak to the boss about getting her a room for the night. Missy fled after seeing an article on her disappearance.

Television Announcer: "...Now, turning to the local scene...Bay City police are still baffled by the disappearance of a twenty-one year old girl. (LIZ, WHO HAS BEEN ONLY HALF-LISTENING, PERKS UP AT THIS:) "Melissa Palmer of 2040 Sherman Street in the University section, was recently in the news when she became the heiress to a considerable estate left by a friend, San Francisco socialite Mrs. Katherine Corning. A sidelight of the case, intriguing, but so far, unconnected with Miss Palmer's disappearance, was the fact that she was to have been married the next day. Several theories involving foul play are being checked out -- including a suspicion of kidnapping -- but police admit that there is no material evidence to support any such suspicion..."
Liz: (SOFTLY, SMILING TO HERSELF:) "Nor will there be..."
Television Announcer: "Even though the girl's room had apparently been ransacked, police discounted robbery as an explanation, because nothing of any value seemed to be missing. Miss Palmer's parents are dead: she lived alone in a rented room and was a student at the State University."

Madge: (Introduction Line) "Yeah, honey?" (GETS OUT ORDER PAD, THROWS HER HIP OUT, WAITS; NO RESPONSE) "Sweetie, I'm ready, you decided what you want?" (BENDS DOWN OVER HER, TO CATCH HER EYE) "Hey."
Missy: "Oh, I'm sorry. just felt so good to sit down...I hadn't..." (STOPS, LOOKS UP AT MADGE) "Could I just sit here for a few minutes?"
Madge: "Sure, if you order something. Otherwise the boss'll be over here, wondering what you're doing. How about a cup of coffee? That'll be good for twenty minutes, at least."
Missy: "Alright."
Madge: "Look like you could use one anyway."

Notes: First appearance of Doris Belack as Madge Murray.

JUNE 13, 1966 (EP. #524)
Ann worried and wondered what could have happened to Missy as she read the newspaper headline, "Search continues for missing heiress." Lee checked up on Emily, who pooh-poohed the high blood-pressure diagnosis that kept her confined to bed. Emily realized Lee isn't as patient about Michael as she claims. Lee gave Michael a warm welcome home, and they considered whether Missy was kidnaped now that she's a wealthy woman. Buckley once again examined the smashed picture of Katherine Corning, the snow-ball, the pearls, and the wedding dress, then was about to question Ann about Missy when he got a call about a dead woman matching Missy's description. Ann was weak with relief that the accident victim didn't have Missy's star-shaped birthmark on the palm of her left hand. Ann advised Buckley to disregard Liz's indictment of Missy, and identified the cigarette case that was found under the cushions of Missy's room as belonging to Liz. They were both embarrassed when Lee caught Michael whistling, "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home to." Michael put his arm around her as she told him Alice hadn't been able to find Missy's fingerprints in her room. Under a storm-tossed tree in Lincoln Park, Missy held out her hands to the park guard and said they were the proof she doesn't really exist at all.

JUNE 14, 1966 (EP. #525)
Missy returned to the diner looking like a drowned kitten and almost fell asleep as soon as she sat down. Alice explained to Tony why she recently decided out of the blue to take time off from the art institute and become a nurse's aide for the summer. She was embarrassed by stirrings of humanitarianism but just felt she was being self-centered in her life. Tony tried to convince Alice that Missy would be all right despite his own lack of conviction. Madge recognized Missy, quietly drinking her coffee unconcerned and unhearing, as the missing heiress described on the TV's evening news. After some casual banter, Madge asked customer Sam if the bedraggled waif resembled the photo of Missy in the paper. Out of his mind with worry, Bill, with a quietly growing hostility, defended Missy when Liz suggested she may have been in love with love, not Bill. After Bill stormed out, Liz sobbed to herself that she couldn't have let them marry as there was never such a person as Melissa Palmer. Missy fled the diner when a concerned Madge confronted her. Madge insisted to Sam they had to contact the police. In a psychic shock, with voices whirling unbidden through her head, Missy stepped into the path of an oncoming car.

Liz: (Voice in Missy's head) [A WHISPER, INSISTENT, TAUNTING] "There is no Melissa Palmer... There is no Melissa Palmer..."
Bill: [FILTER, BUT WITH AN EERIE QUALITY, FAR OFF] "I love Melissa Palmer... I love Melissa Palmer..."

JUNE 15, 1966 (EP. #526)
Danny Fargo was mightily annoyed to find he'd hit some woman, then laid into Missy for being color-blind, drunk, or on the needle. Danny put Missy in his car, her wallet lying unnoticed on the street, where she promptly passed out. Dru tried to add brighter colors to the dismal picture Alice painted of life. Liz came to the Matthews looking for Bill, but Dru chastised her blind prejudice against Missy. Dru angrily cut her off when she blamed Pat's former notoriety for Buckley's belief that Bill was responsible for driving Missy away. Madge described Missy's two visits to the diner for a police officer. Danny brought Missy back to his grimy pad. He yelled at her some more, then forced her to down some liquor, which made her choke. Wiping Melissa Palmer off the face of the earth, Missy told Danny her name was Ann Summers.

Missy: "Who are you?"
Danny: "Me? Fargo. Danny Fargo. The original Good Luck Kid."

Notes: First appearance of Antony Ponzini as Danny Fargo.

JUNE 16, 1966 (EP. #527)
Late at night on a park bench feeling miserable, Bill stared at a crumpled photo of Missy he found in a newspaper. Lee assured Michael their arrangement for her to take care of his household benefits her as she can make her father happiest by making a life for herself apart from him because he doesn't want her to see him as a cripple. They were surprised, then concerned, when Bill wandered aimlessly into the Hastings kitchen and criticized Liz and Buckley's idiotic conclusions. Danny told Missy he entertains at The Alley, a gin mill on Rush Street where the cats all swing, but she didn't catch his joke that he's the kid who will "go far." Missy made to leave, but started to faint as Danny called her "Orphan Annie." Not noticing, Danny somewhat cynically saluted her with his glass and said, "Well, 'ARF, says Sandy.'" Helen remarked to Ann it wasn't pleasant to see Lenore relish someone else's misfortune. Danny noticed the expensive engagement ring on Missy's finger after he put her to bed.

JUNE 17, 1966 (EP. #528)
Danny realized the "Bill" Missy was muttering about in her sleep must be the guy in the photo he found in her purse. Bill was harsh and cold when Liz tried to say she was sorry, and vowed to walk out the door forever if she continued speaking ill of Missy. Buckley told Sgt. Tyson he still suspects Bill despite the alibi Ann supplied for him. Buckley received word from the Chicago police. The next morning, a bone-weary Bill begged Liz for the love of Heaven to leave him alone when she tried to get him interested in his upcoming exams. Liz reacted privately when Buckley came over to tell Bill Missy had been seen and her wallet found in Chicago. Missy awoke and watched Danny warily, trying to relate to anything she remembers. Danny inquired about the initials "M.P." on her compact, then she explained she stole her ring. They agreed not to turn each other in, and Danny was strangely touched after they shook hands on it.

Danny: "Ann Summers, you're a nice kid, you know that? You're a real nice kid." [NO LECHERY, BUT A DEFINITE FEELING OF THIS GUY MOVING INTO HER LIFE.] "I think you and I are going to get along great."

JUNE 20, 1966 (EP. #529)
Buckley had difficulty keeping his temper in check when Liz insisted he should apologize since this new lead invalidated his theory of Bill's involvement. Helen remonstrated Lenore for having reinforced Liz's theory to Buckley that Missy walked out on Bill because she no longer needed his company. But Lenore praised Liz's intelligence and predicted little Miss Muffet would zip back to town when Katherine's will becomes probated. Liz begged Dru, who stopped by, to talk Bill out of going to Chicago. Liz failed to discourage Bill, who ran out the door after booking a flight. Missy started to weave a tale to Danny, but he got her to admit she was on the run. Liz and Lenore both had Lenore in mind when Liz spoke of a girl in Bill's own class who could make him forget his heartbreak. In starting to blame her mother for lying to her, Missy almost roused herself from her torpor, but wasn't ready to really face it. Danny talked about the big break that would launch his own record-publishing company.

JUNE 21, 1966 (EP. #530)
At the departure lounge, Dru wished Bill Godspeed. In his wheelchair, John successfully managed to roll down the new ramp into the living room, but Pat held off pushing him to try wheeling himself back up it. After discussing anniversary plans, John hotly turned down Pat's idea he make Dru's Bar Association dinner his coming-out party. Dru dropped by to tell them of Bill's trek to Chicago. Dru sensed he shouldn't probe further when Pat insisted Lee was too young to get involved with Michael. Dru suggested rehiring Mrs. Weber, but Pat was afraid it would embarrass John. Lenore was annoyed with Helen and Ann for appointing themselves Missy's unofficial guardians, then Ann said "Good-bye" and left for Geneva, where she's a delegate to the World Health Conference. Bill grilled Madge, who realized he was the jilted groom and began asking questions of her own. Bill exploded in grief when Madge described how ill Missy seemed.

Lenore: "Switzerland? Sounds like fun."
Helen: (AS THEY GO TO THE DOOR:) "Miss Fuller is a delegate to the World Health Conference in Geneva, dear."
Lenore: "Oh, that's even better - you get a free ride."
Ann: (DRY) "Well, there's a little work mixed in...Thank you for the tea, Helen. And please, cable me if there's any word at all on Missy."
Helen: "I will. Have a good trip. Drop us a line when you get a chance." (THEY EMBRACE:) "Good-bye."

Notes: Last appearance of Olga Bellin as Ann Fuller.

JUNE 22, 1966 (EP. #531)
After licking the chocolate pudding pan, Hope put her arm around Lee and told her not to be sad about Missy. Jim stopped Mary from phoning Alice with the news of Missy Dru brought over, as it was Alice's first day as a nurse's aide. Pat became desperately unhappy when she compared her wedding day photo with the exhausted face in the mirror. John fumed imagining what the neighbors were saying of him in his contraption, then blew up at Pat when Lee phoned and Pat tried to discourage her from spending so much time away. It was Dru's opinion to Jim that Pat wasn't strong enough to stop deferring to John's wishes. Jim confided his fear that Pat still married John out of gratitude, not love, and speculated that Pat worried that Lee was making the same mistake with Michael. John laughed off Pat's notion of Lee marrying Michael. Lee calmed Michael's fears he was causing friction between her and Pat. Lee was radiant after Michael kissed her.

Hope: "Isn't it fun to eat dinner together, just the three of us? I wish it could be like this all the time, don't you, Lee?" [LEE'S EYES MEET MICHAEL'S], AND WE SEE HOW MUCH LEE WOULD LIKE TO MAKE IT A PERMANENT ARRANGEMENT]

JUNE 23, 1966 (EP. #532)
Missy became upset when the radio played a song she'd once shared with Bill. Liz fretted about Janet's latest escapade, flying off to California to pick up with Ken Baxter again, but Mary insisted it was just an important job transfer. Mary's hopes of Bill finding Missy made Liz prick her finger on a thorn on the flowers she was arranging. In the hospital coffee shop, Pat told Alice that Russ wrote Mary to say he's thinking of becoming a doctor. In Chicago, Det. Tom Molinsky let Bill hold Missy's wallet, but was annoyed with his continued presence. Ed Blake, Chicago ace crime reporter, sauntered into the police station, quickly latched onto Bill, and tried to talk him into giving him a personal interview. Danny told Missy it was a lead pipe cinch she couldn't afford to stay anywhere else. Bill realized granting the interview hadn't been such a great idea. Danny promised Missy he'd find her a waitress job. Bill looked as though he cheerfully could commit murder as he listened to Ed on the phone with his editor.

Alice: "Dad says if Russ gets to be a doctor... and if I take up nursing seriously, we might turn out to be a medical team."

Notes: First appearance of Vincent Colbert as Ed Blake. Last known mention of Ken Baxter and Janet Matthews. Liz assumed that Janet moved to California to resume an affair with Ken. Contrary to the 25th Anniversary book, this was not established on-screen.

JUNE 24, 1966 (EP. #533)
The music punctuated Lee's cue as she told Pat she'd rather be with Michael and his little girl than anyone else in the world. Emily cautioned Lee about "playing house" and revealed her belief Michael hadn't really been in love with his wife. Michael grabbed Pat by the wrist to make her listen when he said she's given John too much of herself by spending every waking hour trying to make his life happier, pleasanter. He gained a great deal more admiration and respect for her when she promised to stop letting John hide from life. Michael reminded Lee she should go home for dinner since it was John and Pat's anniversary. John relished Pat's enjoyment of his jewelry gift, but the festive air was shattered when John went from kindness and tenderness to the tyrannical invalid. Lee and Michael came over to sing "Happy anniversary," and they all partook of Michael's champagne. While Lee diverted John's eyes from Pat, Michael raised his glass in a silent salute to her, giving her full credit for John's announcement he would attend Dru's dinner.

Michael: "To John and Patricia... May their fiftieth anniversary be as happy as their first."

JUNE 27, 1966 (EP. #534)
At the Chicago Dispatch, fellow reporter Sally Chance didn't enthuse over Ed's headline: "His Missy is missing - The Story of the Bewildered Bridegroom." Danny shared his pastrami sandwich with Missy and warned her not to open the door to his loan shark. After a pre-taped flashback of a joyous Bill and Missy, Missy muttered a line to the song, "Who Cares if the Stars Care to Fall from the Sky" without any rancor or regret or any emotional connotation, and listlessly dropped her photo of Bill to the table. Bill didn't approve of Ed's story, but allowed him to print it. More sympathetic, Ed told Sally he would change the headline. Tony told Alice he didn't mind leaving The Joint early as it was so crowded he worried about throwing somebody a cross-body block on the dance floor. In his element, Danny banged out tunes on a piano at The Alley, where waitress Flo leered at him in a fleeting imitation of the standard gin mill drunk. She got upset when she suspected he had another girl and he told her to get off his back. She told him to get lost and flounced away, but he just grinned and played a few bars of "Somebody Else Is Taking My Place." Their friends Ed and Sally dropped in, and Danny ordered beer all around from the waiter, Charlie. Feverishly ambitious Danny urged Ed to write a story about him. Sally wondered if Bill would take them up on their offer to join them there.

Flo: (Introduction Line, to Danny) "Im buying the piano player a beer."


Notes: First appearance of Marcella Martin as Flo Murray. First appearance of Ralph Oliver as Charlie Rushinberger.

JUNE 28, 1966 (EP. #535)
Bill picked up the paper with his story after a stack was dropped off at a newsstand. Mary and Dru decided to leave rather than continue listening to Liz harp on Bill's uncommunicativeness. The Alley's sign blinked on and off behind him as Bill phoned his mother. Liz was aghast to hear Bill had his photo in a scandal sheet. Liz couldn't care less when Mary reminded her of Pat and John's anniversary. Across the street in Danny's pad, Missy literally missed seeing Bill enter The Alley by seconds. Danny tried to weasel $50 out of Flo to pay off his shark, his landlady, and the phone company. Danny brushed by Bill as he left angrily after turning down Flo's lousy ten-spot. Flo informed Bill that Ed was called back to the office. Outside the club, Danny begged Charlie for a loan as Bill wandered back out, with Missy with her back to the window playing solitaire. To pay him back for his generosity, Missy offered Danny her engagement ring, but he was wary of accepting a hot rock.

JUNE 29, 1966 (EP. #536)
Danny gave Missy one last chance to take her ring back. Lenore deferred to Liz's theory of Missy, though such submissiveness was contrary to her nature. Bill didn't think it would come to anything when Molinski suggested Missy may have pawned her ring. Giving his name as "Lenny Scott," Danny hassled the pawnbroker for a good price for his "aunt's" ring. Flo insisted to Ed she can't shake her Danny habit. Missy was carried along by Danny's boyish enthusiasm when he came home laden with gifts. Bill begged Ed to write another article for the Sunday supplement.

JUNE 30, 1966 (EP. #537)
Danny flashed Flo a glimpse of the cash in his wallet, then began playing "I Just Want to Live on Easy Street" on the piano. Michael advised Pat that she was so afraid of hurting John that she was letting him hurt himself. John was glad Pat was warming up to Michael, since Lee has her sights on him. While helping Lee prepare dinner, Hope asked Lee if she could stay with them for always. Hope told Michael that if she doesn't watch her doll family every minute they do the most impossible things. Danny recognized Missy's picture when Flo showed him the article on Bill. In his jubilation over realizing his Little Orphan Annie was the Missing Heiress, Danny began playing, "I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover."

Notes: The show went live, as per schedule, and then somebody discovered that the man who presses the button to start the taping, had forgotten to press the button. The cast was ordered to do the show again for a showing on the Western states live. Ordinarily, the taped version went out to the Western states an hour after the rest of the country.

Notes: Extracts from the child-use consent form:
"Consent is hereby given by me, John V. Lindsay, as Mayor of the City of New York, .... for the employment of the child named below in a theatrical exhibition to be given at the
__________NBC Studio
in a certain television production
known as "Another World"
Date: 6/22, 30/1966
Such performance to consist of: acting
Name of child: Elissa Leeds
Age: 8
Name of parents or guardians: Constance