Rich San Franciscan socialite and widow Katherine Corning came to Bay City and met everyone at Bill and Missy's engagement party. She took Missy under her wing as she claimed Missy reminded her of the daughter she lost at birth.

Helen Moore (friend since both their marriages) was the only one who knew that Katherine was Missy's birth mother. Though she didn't love him, Katherine had agreed to marry Carter Corning when she was a stenographer in his office. One year later she met Rick, whom she did love. Rick was to die in a plane crash while she was pregnant with his child.

Both Katherine and John refused Liz's request to inquire about Missy's family in San Diego. Katherine introduced herself to Ann as Missy's mother. Furious at Missy's abandonment, Ann forbade her from letting Missy know who she was. John also learned that Katherine was Missy's mother.

Appalled at learning how Lee had targeted Alice to hurt Pat, John castigated his daughter for her selfish hatred of his wife. She drove off distraught in John's car. John, concerned since Lee didn't yet have her license, jumped in Pat's car in pursuit. His car hit a telephone pole, and when he awoke the next day, was distressed to find he couldn't move his legs. Lee was also hospitalized, with very minor injuries.

Recovering from the suicide of his wife Julie, young lawyer Michael Bauer worked at the Hughes law firm in Oakdale (to be close to Julie, institutionalized nearby). He let Dru (whom he knew through Christopher Hughes) know he was dissatisfied at work and was looking for a new position, and Dru promised to suggest him to John, who had been looking for help with his large caseload. Michael and his young daughter Hope lived with widow Emily Hastings (whom he considered like an aunt).

JANUARY 21, 1966 (EP. #429)
John and Lee had a terrible argument.

John: “(OFF CAMERA, ON FILTER) Did you think you could just go ahead doing exactly as you pleased, hurting whomever you wanted and no one would ever know? If ever a father had reason to be ashamed of his daughter, I have. Yes, ashamed. (THE WORD SEEMS TO COME FROM ALL DIRECTIONS NOW). Ashamed! Ashamed! Ashamed! Ashamed! Ashamed!”

JANUARY 24, 1966 (EP. #430)
First appearance of Dr. Joe Bernardi.

FEBRUARY 4, 1966 (EP. #439)
First appearance of Michael Bauer. A despondent Lee vowed to end her life by hurling herself through her hospital window.

Dru: (Dru’s office) “Michael!”
Michael: (Intro Line) “Hello, Mr. Dru.”

FEBRUARY 7, 1966 (EP. #440)
Dr. Joe Bernardi entered Lee's hospital room as she prepared to climb out onto the window ledge. With the strength born of desperation, Lee fought to break his hold until finally, he gave her a swift, hard right to the jaw and knocked her out. Emily, "a relaxed, motherly sort of woman," gazed at Mike in mutual affection when he returned home. She reminded him Dr. James said that even if Julie had lived, she'd never have left the sanitarium. She was thrilled to hear that, though dissatisfied at work, he wasn't considering returning to his home town because he and Hope had found a home with her. Mike commented it was Lee's fault as they read in The Herald about John's accident yesterday. Mike revealed that at the law banquet he'd seen Dru, who promised to recommend him. Lee was in denial when Joe insisted she couldn't believe others loved her because she didn't love herself, and opined she can make up for her father's pain by becoming the kind of person he'd be proud of. Pat visited John in his hospital room, but changed the subject when he brought up the numbness in his legs. John had high hopes for the young lawyer coming to see him tomorrow. Neurologist Dr. Charles Farmer convinced Pat that John needed exploratory surgery in the morning.

Emily: (Intro Line) "Mike, is that you?"

Notes: Emily's husband, Frank, was originally supposed to be still alive. Mike's Oakdale law firm is referred to as Lowell, Barnes, Lowell, and Hughes, though in at least one draft, this was rewritten as Fuller, Fuller, and Hughes. Mike's reluctance to name his "home town" (there is no mention of its name found through AWHP research) may stem from the fact that the locale of Guiding Light was being changed from Selby Flats to Springfield at this time.

FEBRUARY 8, 1966 (EP. #441)
At the hospital coffee shop, Dru told Mike that John agreed to see him that very evening, then castigated the press for harping on Pat's trial. Joe visited Lee again to tell her that though she's torturing herself for all the things she's done to others, her feelings toward Pat haven't changed. Though he assured her it was too early for such a change, he felt she was capable of it if she made a real effort. Dru introduced John and Michael, who compared notes on their daughters. Mike said he worked with Donald Hughes mostly on his criminal briefs, and had worked previously with George Hayes in a much smaller firm. John, impressed that Mike was itching for more responsibility, hired him since he'd been having to turn down cases, and also because Dru was too involved with teaching to completely help out in the office while John took a few days to recuperate. Lee reminded Dru of his warnings about revenge. Joe earned Lee's trust by not telling Dru about her suicide attempt. Dru told Lee of John's plans for Michael, and encouraged her to visit her father. In the hall, Joe dismissed Dru's appraisal of his positive influence on Lee, then distressed him by saying John's surgery will cancel any meetings. Dru then tried to convince John that Michael would be detained in meetings all day tomorrow.

Dru: "And I come bringing a friend. Mr. Randolph, may I present Michael Bauer?"
John: "[PUTS OUT HIS HAND] Mr. Bauer, it's nice to meet you."
Mike: "It's very nice to meet you, Mr. Randolph. I'm sorry it has to be under these circumstances."

Notes: George Hayes was a Guiding Light character played by Phillip Sterling (1962-1968), who went on to play AW's Rafe Carter from 1970-1971.

FEBRUARY 9, 1966 (EP. #442)
Janet, who lived close to the hospital, was glad to let Pat stay over again. Janet disagreed when Pat felt miserable about the harm she brought the Randolph family, as even Lee understood that she'd only married John for the self-respect he could give her, not what she could give him or Lee. Liz and Katherine discussed the accident after dinner at Katherine's apartment. Katherine reiterated her refusal to make inquiries about Missy's past. After gazing fondly at Rick's picture, Katherine phone Missy to come over again. Liz immediately sensed someone superceding Bill when John told her about the young lawyer he was hiring. John took it well when Dr. Farmer informed him of the surgery. John implored Pat to tell him if they find something really wrong tomorrow. Katherine had a cigarette while Missy enjoyed her black cow (root beer). Missy just laughed deprecatingly when Katherine insisted she shouldn't feel she doesn't measure up to the Matthews. She was shocked when Katherine said she wants to make sure Missy knows the difference between loving Bill for himself instead of what he stands for.


FEBRUARY 10, 1966 (EP. #443)
Mike told Emily that he found he has a lot in common with John, since both their wives died when their daughters were young. Dru phoned with news of the postponement as Emily was advising Mike he needed a wife. Dru tried to prevent Mary from rushing to the hospital after telling her, Jim, and Alice of John's operation. Jim disagreed when Mary insisted that Dru, not Pat, be the one to tell the news to Lee. Alice told Dru it had been right for her to visit Lee in hospital, as Tony never did care for her even though she adored him. Dru admitted he thought John and Pat married too soon. Though remorseful, Lee insisted it wouldn't be right for Pat to pretend to forget everything she did. It was a blow to Lee to hear of the numbness in John's legs and of his surgery tomorrow. Pat tried to comfort Lee by saying all three of them made mistakes, and that they needed to learn from them. Jim didn't want them to get into it when Pat reminded Mary that he had tried to keep her from marrying John as soon as they did. Pat explained to them why she wanted to stay at Janet's. Lee made her first small step toward reconciliation with Pat, and was sincerely grateful for the first time when Pat agreed she could see John before the operation.

FEBRUARY 11, 1966 (EP. #444)
As a nurse and orderly transferred an optimistic John to a cart, he promised an anxious Lee that he would soon be able to challenge her to a footrace. Joe continued to wax philosophic despite failing to completely assuage Lee's fears. While Helen believed Katherine forfeited all rights as Missy's mother, Katherine worried Missy was marrying Bill out of admiration, the way she did with Carter. Missy told Bill she gets along well with Katherine. Adopting a cliche lawyer's stance, Bill made Missy testify she loved him. He stopped his mock questioning when she got confused at his insistence on getting married as soon as he graduates. Katherine insisted to Helen that Missy must first love and respect herself as a person before she can have a truly good love relationship with anyone else. Lee was preoccupied when Dru introduced her to Mike in the waiting room. Dru insisted Lee accompany Mike to the cafeteria, then realized Joe was attracted to Lee. Dru was anxious when the nurse informed Joe that the operation was over.

Dru: "I don't think you know Michael Bauer."
Michael: "Hello, Miss Randolph."
Lee: "How do you do."

FEBRUARY 14, 1966 (EP. #445)
Mike told Lee he had returned from South America years ago to be with his mother, now recovered, who had developed a malignancy. Instinctively feeling a rapport with him, Lee admitted she caused her father's accident. He tried to reassure her by recounting what John told him of the importance of daughters. Pat had no news of the operation to impart to Dru. Mike left after Dru introduced him to Pat, who felt he was too young to be much of an asset to John, but Dru stressed his maturing experiences. Dr. Farmer and Dru came back with bad news after Lee went to pack to return home. Pat swayed when she learned a clot on his spinal cord meant John would be handicapped forever. Dru agreed when Pat asked Farmer not to tell John. Pat didn't take Dru up on his offer to tell Lee the news himself. Lee thanked Joe, then considered it consciously for the first time when he pointed out how attractive Michael was. Joe made Lee promise to keep in touch after Pat told her it was too soon to tell about John's legs.

Lee: "I never knew an operation would take this long."

Lee: "When Uncle Dru introduced us-- I was so worried about Dad, I don't even remember your name. Was it Gower?"
Mike: "Bauer... Michael."

Pat: "We just don't know anything yet, Lee. [THEN SHE SEES MICHAEL STANDING THERE] Oh, I'm sorry..."
Mike: "No, no, it's all right."
Dru: "Mrs. Randolph, may I present Mr. Bauer."
Pat: "How do you do, Mr. Bauer."
Mike: "I'm glad to meet you, Mrs. Randolph. I've been an admirer of your husband for a long time."
Pat: "That's very nice of you to say."
Mike: "[REALIZING THIS IS NOT WHERE HE BELONGS] I'm going to get back to the office, Dru."
Dru: "All right, Michael. I'll be in touch with you."
Mike: "I'd appreciate that. Goodbye, Mrs. Randolph."
Pat: "Goodbye, Mr. Bauer."
Mike: "[HE TURNS TO LEE] It was nice to meet you."
Lee: "Thanks for the coffee."
Mike: "Right. [HE EXITS]"

Notes: This textual reference in the prologue, "IN THE COFFEE SHOP OF CEDAR'S HOSPITAL" was likely an error as Cedar's was Guiding Light's hospital. At this time, Nixon was writing both AW and GL.

FEBRUARY 15, 1966 (EP. #446)
Ann was annoyed when Katherine phoned and insisted on coming over to the office. Liz visited Bill working in John's office, and he insisted he didn't mind at all Michael coming to work. Liz then phoned Katherine and vetoed her idea to have dinner at the Homestead. Liz veered off the subject when Bill disapproved of her comments on Katherine and Missy's friendship. Missy changed the subject when Bill, picking up the photo of her self-assumed mother, commented she doesn't resemble her parents. Bill warned she wouldn't fake him out of setting a wedding date. Ann tried to justify her feelings of antagonism toward Katherine, who stressed her desire to do something to help Missy. Ann contemplated it for the first time when Katherine suggested Missy may not know the difference between love and admiring everyone but herself. At the Blake House, Katherine suggested Liz could make Missy feel more at ease by making her feel she didn't just consider her Bill's fiancé. Missy told Ann she'd like to delay the wedding so Bill could marry someone with a college degree. Missy was confused and unsure when Ann urged her to accept herself as a responsible young adult, not an abandoned child.

FEBRUARY 16, 1966 (EP. #447)
Pat lied when John awoke and reminded her of her promise to tell him the results of the surgery. John tried to convince a doubtful Pat that Mike was a jack-of-all-trades who was exactly what he needed in his firm. John stared dreamily past Pat and spoke of how things will improve once he's back on his feet. Alice was happy that Lee vowed to make her house a home for her, Pat, and John. Lee denied having a romantic interest in Joe after singing his praises to Alice. Joe advised Pat to wait until Lee was stronger emotionally before telling her John's condition was hopeless, then admitted his attraction to Lee. Lee disagreed when Pat felt Mike wouldn't work out. Joe came in as Mike and John finalized their arrangement. Mike sensed Pat worried he'd overtax John. Despite a nurse's interruption, Joe was able to ask Lee to dinner over the weekend.

John: "Pat, before Michael Bauer came to this city..." Notes: Bay City wasn't named as the show's locale until the summer of 1966. Then, Missy fled to Chicago, and the use of two disparate locales likely prompted the naming of the show's town.

FEBRUARY 17, 1966 (EP. #448)
Mike was annoyed when Pat, feeling an antagonism she couldn't fully comprehend, shooed him away from a sleeping John. Peggy familiarized Mike with the office. Dru disagreed when Mike felt Pat disapproved of him because he was supplanting her cousin Bill. Dru reassured Pat she'd told John the most understandable lie anyone ever told. When Pat approved of Joe's befriending of Lee, Dru tried to convince her that John having Mike to depend on was similarly beneficial. Dru argued against Pat's unreasonable prejudice toward Michael's so-called inexperience, then he urged her to be strong in the belief that John can learn to live an independent life. Pat didn't enthuse over John's Bermuda Easter plans. Michael vowed to Pat that within three months, he and John will be in perfect double harness. He felt pretty disgusted when she flipped out at the thought, not knowing that Pat knew John wouldn't be returning to work.

Notes: On the spec sheet, "Vase of flowers (dead preferably)"

FEBRUARY 18, 1966 (EP. #449)
Mike shrugged off Bill's praise and opined Pat didn't want him working there at all. Bill tried to change his mind by pointing out the stress she was under, including Lee's disapproval of her marriage; then Bill showed off a photo of his fiancé. Katherine's approval of her apartment meant a great deal to Missy, who told her that despite her photo, her mother had been much prettier. When Missy tried to argue that self-respect can come after marriage, Katherine vowed to help her postpone the wedding if having a college degree would give her more confidence. Katherine told Ann she now agrees it wouldn't be in Missy's best interests to tell her she's her mother, and Ann agreed and vowed to help keep Missy from marrying for the wrong reasons. Missy told Bill that she and Katherine see in each other their lost mother/daughter. Taking charge, Bill informed her they'd be married on June 18th, three days after his graduation.

FEBRUARY ?, 1966 (EP. #450)
Lee visited John. Janet was shocked when Pat told her the truth about John's condition. Fred and Liz had dinner before stopping in at the hospital. As Bill and Fred visited with John, Missy stunned Liz by hinting she and Bill ought to wait to get married.

FEBRUARY 25, 1966 (EP. #451)
At the restaurant, Joe toasted Lee, who still felt guilty over hurting Alice and who disparaged old boyfriend Hal. Mary, dubious when Alice felt it was time they all understood how Lee had suffered since John's marriage, told Jim that Alice was just putting on an act for Pat's benefit. Tony told Alice he felt bad that he believed it and became afraid when Lee made him think Alice was getting too serious about him. She was unable to give him an answer when he said he'd gotten over his fear and wanted to date her again. Joe didn't press the issue when Lee stated she considers him as (just) a friend, then he again tried to assuage her guilt and fear. Mike dropped in to see John about business. Joe, put out when Lee insisted it would be more convenient for Mike to drive her home, let John know he enjoys Lee's company very much. Lee told Mike she was glad Hope felt so close to Emily, since she herself came to depend too much on her relationship with her father. Mike took her up on her offer to spend time with Lee while he was busy.

FEBRUARY 28, 1966 (EP. #452)
Pat couldn't share Janet's optimism that John still had a lot to be grateful for. Janet was bothered when Pat vowed to devote herself to helping John become a part of the world again, since he'd done so much to help her face the world last year. Pat was peeved to hear of his visit with John when Mike brought Lee home. Sensing he wasn't welcome, Mike turned down Lee's offer of coffee. Pat told Lee she worried Mike would lean on John instead of the other way around, then cautioned her about identifying too strongly with Hope. Emily told Mike that as close as she was to him and Hope, she was no substitute for a real wife and mother. Mike promised her he wouldn't let Pat undermine him with John. John noticed when Pat reacted unfavorably to Mike's name. Dru assured John that Pat would eventually change her attitude about Michael. John admitted to him he'd rushed Pat into marriage before she loved him, but felt they now were ready to build a happy marriage.

Lee: "[IT'S AN EFFORT FOR HER TO SAY BUT IT'S GENUINE] I'm glad Dad has you."

MARCH 1, 1966 (EP. #453)
Peggy helped Mike prepare for his first case. Mike confided to Bill he was beginning to return Pat's ill feelings. Bill whined to Mike about Missy's reluctance to set a wedding date. Katherine was eager to hear Liz's details of running into Missy at the hospital, but failed to convince her to accept Missy's explanation at face value. After Katherine encouraged her to be open with her, Missy confessed she wants to wait and learn things before marrying Bill. Katherine presented Missy with a snow globe ("snow ball") with chime her grandmother had given her, and was touched when Missy thrilled over it. Missy's lightened mood changed when Bill showed up and Katherine left so they could be alone. Bill was rebuffed when Missy felt he couldn't understand the closeness she feels with Katherine. Missy brought up the idea of a postponement, but Bill had a premonition that if they didn't marry in June, they never would.

MARCH 2, 1966 (EP. #454)
Alice told Pat she's decided to quit the Art Institute in June (since she'd had two years) and find a job, and assured her she no longer idolizes Tony. She was puzzled by Pat's foreboding that Michael's continued presence will be a terrible mistake. Joe assured Mike that his visits weren't putting a strain on John, then pressed Lee to accompany him to the hospital dinner dance. He looked on as she also accepted Mike's invite to dinner out with him and Hope, then he told Pat that John was ready to go home soon. At the Kopper Kettle, Mike appreciated Lee's vote of confidence in his work at the office. Lee informed Pat that she was taken with Hope and enjoyed being with Mike more than anyone she's ever known.

MARCH 7, 1966 (EP. #455)
Mike was both dumbfounded and amused when Emily sung Lee's praises. Dru shared with Pat his belief that John could cope better with his condition if he first learns that it doesn't have to be such a terrible handicap. Pat worried to Dru that it wasn't right for Lee to identify Mike and Hope with John and herself. Joe encouraged John to strengthen his arms so he could use his wheelchair more easily. Lee sung Mike's praises to John. Over lunch, Lee was oblivious to Joe's interest in her. John apologized to Pat for rushing into marriage and then for getting angry at her delay in getting over her experiences with Tom. Emily encouraged Lee to keep dropping by to see Hope, then bullied her into staying for dinner.

Dru: "Today, a man does not have to lead a crippled life because of a crippling injury."

MARCH 8, 1966 (EP. #456)
At the student union, Bill was peeved when Missy parroted Katherine's advice about waiting to marry until she was ready. Bill begged Ann to tell him the real reason Missy doesn't want to marry him. He could accept her shyness, but he could only be patient if she had a good reason for wanting to delay the wedding. Katherine refused to let Missy believe there was anything she could say that would make her like her less. She wasn't angry that Missy had quoted her to Bill, feeling an honest conflict with Bill might be healthy. Bill didn't buy it when Missy felt she needed time to find out who she was before she could become his wife, and was furious that she'd been confiding in Katherine. When Missy begged him to let her have time to work some things out by herself, Bill agreed to leave her alone if she also stayed away from Katherine. Though she loved him, nothing and no one would ever make her stop seeing Katherine.

Bill: "I don't know who Mrs. Corning is, or even what she's doing in this town. But I'll tell you, Missy-- since she's been your friend, you've changed. And I'll tell you something else. She's not your mother. You had a mother and she died. So don't try to make Mrs. Corning your mother."
Missy: "[FURIOUS] Shut up! Shut up!"

MARCH 9, 1966 (EP. #457)
Liz's prying about his not seeing Missy lately added to Bill's general displeasure. When Bill pumped her about Katherine, Liz offered that Missy fills a need in her life since her baby girl had died. Katherine was pleased when Ann expressed her belief that she's become a mother figure to Missy, but then Ann warned her that it would be an awful thing for Missy if Bill (since he was kept in the dark about what really was bothering her) refused to wait for her. Liz wasn't interested when Fred brought up the misunderstanding between Alice and Tony, then she voiced her opinion that Bill was bothered because Missy wanted to delay the wedding until he's settled into a career. Mike didn't take Bill's advice to get to know Pat better; then Bill told him he didn't intend to wait for Missy. Katherine started when Missy noticed the jewelry box Rick gave her, then urged her not to let her influence her relationship with Bill. Missy skirted the issue of why the Matthews intimidated her, but hinted one day she might tell her the whole story.

MARCH 10, 1966 (EP. #458)
Lee admitted to Pat she has a tough time thinking of Joe as other than her doctor. Unenthusiastic about being picked up by Joe, Lee was excited to answer the door to Mike, who tried to ignore the cold wave from Pat while explaining he was there to pick up some law books. Pat, finding it difficult to keep antagonism so urbane, fairly gushed when Joe arrived to take Lee away. Mike felt Lee was old enough to make her own decisions when Pat worried about her involvement with him and Hope. He insisted it will be a great benefit to him that John has so much more experience than he. After Joe and Lee left, John apologized to Janet for blaming her friendship with Pat on Pat's inability to come to terms with the past. John assured Mike he'd see a complete change of attitude in Pat once he was back in harness. Pat complained to Janet about Mike's influence on John and Lee, then Janet warned against offering herself as a crutch.

MARCH 11, 1966 (EP. #459)
At the dance, Joe encouraged Lee to see the man underneath the doctor, then discouraged her from speaking to Dr. Farmer about John. He wouldn't let her use his medical opinion to invalidate Pat's unease over Mike visiting John with business. After Mike left, John laughed and said Pat should be delighted if Lee were interested in both Mike and Joe, since one was a lawyer and the other a doctor. Mike tensed up when Emily mentioned Lee, then revealed Pat had sort of posted an "off limits" sign tonight on Lee. After a heap of friendly praise from Lee, Joe took her hand and made her close her eyes as he explained his true feelings. Embarrassed, Lee considered him just a friend, then denied that she'd given "serious looks" at Mike.

Emily: "As I said before, you're a good man, Michael Bauer."

Joe: "'A song of love is a sad song... Hi-Lili, Hi Lili, Hi Lo.'"

Notes: Songs played during the dance were "The Switch," "Walk, Don't Run," "Make Someone Happy," and "I'm in the Mood for Love."

MARCH 14, 1966 (EP. #460)
Missy showed Ann the snow globe she received from Katherine. Ann urged her to to be honest with Bill about her history or risk a future without him, but she was too ashamed. Bill defended Mike's abilities when Pat complained Bill was still required to keep late nights at the office. Bill revealed Missy wanted to wait to get married, and blew up when Pat suggested waiting was no big deal. The only theory he had to offer to explain her hesitancy was that she was afraid to get married. Liz didn't sound especially upset when she told Jim and Mary that Missy was thinking of postponing the wedding. Missy phoned Liz and left a message for Bill. Bill and Missy kissed after an awkward silence. He held her tenderly after she agreed she might possibly be afraid of marriage.

MARCH 15, 1966 (EP. #461)
Bill implored Missy to tell him what she was afraid of, then expounded his theory of her fear of marriage and that Katherine had snowed her to fill a vacuum in her life. When Liz spoke of Bill's puzzlement over her friendship with Missy, Katherine inferred he resented it. Bill and Peggy consoled Mike over the less than completely successful outcome of his case. Bill was difficult when Katherine phoned to arrange a meeting, then told Mike that she has just been amusing herself by getting her hooks into Missy. Katherine showed a photo of her house to Missy, who confessed that even Bill doesn't understand how really alone she was. Missy revealed to Katherine that she's an orphan, and shared her belief that her mother must be dead since she would never have given her up if she were alive.

MARCH 16, 1966 (EP. #462)
Katherine was tempted to tell her the truth when Missy agonized over why she was abandoned. Katherine promised not to be selfish anymore when Helen reminded her she'd come to town seeking forgiveness and atonement. Helen encouraged her to take Missy in her arms and tell her the truth. Alice told Missy she understands why Lee tried to break up her and Tony, and Missy told her of how close she feels to Katherine. John got Bill to open up to him about Missy and Katherine, and tried to make him see that Missy might enjoy having a mother figure in her life. After thanking Missy for the photo of herself, Katherine got her to talk about life in the orphanage. She had to restrain herself from crying when Missy described dragging around a blanket she'd called "Mama." Katherine didn't feel Missy was ready for any revelations when Missy refused to believe that a mother could willingly give up her child.

Missy: "You-- you mean that my mother is alive?"
Katherine: "... Suppose you found out that she is alive today... How would you feel about it."
Missy: "I would feel... awful."
Katherine: "You--?"
Missy: "I'd feel just horrible."
Katherine: "It-- It wouldn't make you happy in any way?"
Missy: "How could it? It would just tell me that she never did really love me. Never did need me or want me... Mrs. Corning, I have to believe that my mother loved me. It's the only thing I have."

MARCH 17, 1966 (EP. #463)
John complained to Dru about the doctors' vague generalities. Pat encouraged her to keep seeing Joe on a friendly basis when Lee said he was getting too serious about her. Lee left for class when Pat started her tirade against Mike. Pat disagreed when Dru felt it was time to tell John the truth, and Dru disagreed when Pat felt Mike's inexperience will just cause more problems. Pat came in as Mike consulted with John about appealing for a larger settlement. Pat shot daggers at Mike when he asked John if he objected to his having Lee over for dinner. Mike stepped into the elevator after disagreeing that Pat was the better judge of John. Lee was pleased when Mike praised John. John didn't really believe her when Pat insisted everything would be fine if he listened to the doctors and exercised hard.

MARCH 18, 1966 (EP. #464)
Joe kept a calm, unperturbed manner and tried to kid him out of his mood when John pressed Joe for the truth. Joe's philosophies put a damper on John's queries, but Joe was unable to get him to answer his questions about Lee and Mike. Lee assured Mike that Pat's qualms about her involvement in his life were invalid. Emily told Lee she had been about to sell her house (since her children have married and moved away) when she met Mike through a mutual friend. John told Lee and Mike that he expected to be going home this week. Joe, unhappy to have seen Lee with Mike, told Dru that John ought to be told the truth by the end of the week. Lee admitted to Mike she'd tried to hurt Pat by hurting Alice. Annoyed with hospital routine, John pretended to sleep as Nurse Walker took his pulse. He was able to read his medical chart (left behind after another nurse dragged Walker away on an emergency): "Randolph, John... Diagnosis: Paralysis of legs, permanent... Prognosis for recovery: Negative," before the nurse returned to stick a thermometer in his mouth.

Notes: Mike and Lee had Russian Tapioca pudding at the Kopper Kettle in their last scene.

MARCH 21, 1966 (EP. #465)
After showing Missy's picture to Helen, Katherine lamented she hadn't been able to be honest with Missy. Helen understood when Katherine explained how important it was for Missy to believe her mother died. Bill phoned to arrange a meeting. John was distracted when Mike discussed the Harris case. Bill told John about his meeting with Katherine. Evasive when Bill asked why she advised Missy not to marry him, Katherine suggested Bill be patient as Missy has empty spaces in her life that he can't completely understand. Katherine pressed a reluctant Missy to let her buy her a few things when they go shopping, then warned her not lose the man she loved as she herself did a long time ago with a man besides her husband (letting Missy infer the relationship was before her marriage).

MARCH 22, 1966 (EP. #466)
Katherine and Missy were seated in the tea room at Turner's department store when Alice and Mary came over. Alice changed the subject when Mary asked Missy about her wedding date. Alone later, Alice and Mary compared notes about what they'd been told about Missy and Bill. Mary was mostly amused when Alice commented on Liz's snobbery, then laughed when Alice said Bill and Missy should move to the moon after they marry to get far away from Liz. Bill told John he now believes Katherine is genuinely fond of Missy, but admitted he was still baffled by the woman. Liz dropped in to see Katherine and Helen after visiting her elderly cousin Sarah who lived nearby. Liz insisted she couldn't make Missy at ease around her despite her best efforts, then marveled that Katherine had requested a picture of Missy. Bill shared with Missy his concern over John. Missy informed him he could leave if he insisted on ridiculing her friendship with Katherine. Katherine vowed to Helen she'd undo her past mistakes by helping change Missy's feelings of insecurity and inferiority. Missy agreed to marry in June after they both agreed they each could love only the other.

Liz: "If I live to be as old as my cousin Sarah, I don't think I'll have much interest in younger generations."
Katherine: "You'll have your children and your grandchildren. Perhaps even great-grandchildren."
Liz: "What a horrible thought."

MARCH 24, 1966 (EP. #467)
John quizzed the nurse about his chart. Lee noticed John's distracted mood as he asked her about her private life. John was uninterested when Pat spoke of Joe's interest in Lee. Pat laughed but John remained passive when Mary gave him a kiss from Alice. Pat was definitely against it when Mary suggested she and John consider adoption. Mike met Mary, then Pat forbade him from seeing John. Lee came down from checking on Hope to overhear Mike complain to Emily about Pat. Mike apologized for sounding off. John asked Pat why she lied to him after revealing he'd read his prognosis on his chart last night.

MARCH 25, 1966 (EP. #468)
After Hope ran off to play on her jungle-gym, Lee arrived to reveal to Mike she'd wanted to die after her father's accident. To convince her she had a lot to live for, Mike said Julie had been in a mental hospital. Lee let him know Joe was just a friend. At first dissembling by saying she'd never seen his chart, Pat admitted Dr. Farmer told her his chances of a complete recovery didn't look very good. Pat did her utmost to rise to the occasion in stamina and courage when John felt he no longer had a reason to live. She informed him there was Lee to think of when he didn't believe her assertions that with leg braces and lightweight metal clamps on his arms he'll be able to go on with his practice and have a full, satisfying life. Mike thought Lee very unselfish when she wanted Pat and John to go to Bermuda alone since she'd ruined their honeymoon. Joe and Pat couldn't find Lee after deciding she had to know. Hope said goodnight to Lee, who then did the dishes with Emily before Emily went up to read Stuart Little to Hope.

Hope: (Intro Line) "Can I go play in the yard, Daddy?"

MARCH 29, 1966 (EP. #470)
Bill and Missy announced their engagement to Liz.

Helen disapproved when daughter Lenore tried to win Bill away from Missy, who were on the outs.

Full of self-pity, John gave up on life and made life miserable for Pat. Lee's feelings toward Pat softened as she saw how dedicated Pat was to John, despite his distant and irritable mood.

Lee fell in love with Michael, and gladly offered to help take care of his house, since Emily became ill.

Katherine died of a heart attack, and Missy was flabbergasted to find Katherine had bequeathed Missy her entire fortune.

During Missy's bridal shower, Alice took thumb prints of everyone with her new fingerprinting kit.

APRIL 15, 1966 (EP. #483)
Last appearance of Katherine Corning. Katherine gave Missy her grandmother’s pearls, worn by her grandmother and mother at their weddings, so that the chain would not be broken.

Katherine: “I want you to have them – to keep.”
Missy: “(INCREDULOUS:) Keep them?”

APRIL 26, 1966 (EP. #490)
Mike read Katherine’s will, in which Missy was the sole beneficiary.

MAY 9, 1966 (EP. #499)
Missy told Bill the only thing that could stop their getting married in twelve days was if the stars fell, as it said in the song.

MAY 19, 1966 (EP. #507)
Two days before the wedding, Liz blew Ann off when she wanted to help Missy pack.

MAY 20, 1966 (EP. #508)
Bill joked about Missy being a heiress, but she maintained she didn't care about the money.

MAY 24, 1966 (EP. #510)
Liz revealed to Missy that she had a fingerprint expert compare Missy's thumb print to some hospital records and discovered Missy was Katherine's daughter. Liz taunted her that she was a fraud who didn't really exist. Mad with grief, Missy tore up her room and ripped up her wedding dress. Last appearance of Dr. Joe Bernardi.

Missy: "But Mrs. Corning did have a daughter she lost. She would have been just my age. That's why she took an interest in me right away. Didn't... didn't she tell you that, Mrs. Matthews?"
Liz: "Oh, she told everyone that. Over and over again. It was like a broken record... The daughter she lost... but she never did say the daughter died, did she? She was very careful never to say that."
Missy: "But, but she did die. She did! ... Just as my mother did!"
Liz: "Melissa, there's no point in persisting to deny it. I told you I have the proof" ... "And he assured me, Melissa, there is no mistake. That the baby prints and these are from the same hand, taken a few years apart, of course..."

MAY 25, 1966 (EP. #511)
Liz confronted Missy about her parentage.

Liz: “Well, Melissa? Are you still continuing to deny it?”
Liz: “Taken the day you were born at Jefferson Hospital in San Diego. Born to a woman who called herself Katherine Summers. (SHE TAKES THE PRINTS MADE LATER:) And they’re identical to these taken at Alice Matthews’ house the night of your shower.”
Missy: “(THE ENORMITY OF IT ENGULFING HER) Mrs. Corning my mother? (SHE LOOKS AT KATHERINE’S PICTURE:) No... She wouldn’t have abandoned me... She wouldn’t have let me grow up alone all those years...”
Liz: “Melissa, you’re a very good little actress. But I’ve been duped many times already. (MISSY LOOKS AT HER, UNCOMPREHENDING, TOO INVOLVED WITH HER OWN THOUGHTS, CHURNING EMOTIONS:) The way I played right into Katherine’s hands. The way she was interested in you only because you were the same age as the daughter she had [...]
... Liz: “(SHE GATHERS UP THE FINGERPRINT PAPERS, PUTS THEM IN HER PURSE AND STARTS TOWARD THE DOOR, THEN TURNS BACK:) And don’t forget you’re still in your wedding dress from your fitting. I’d suggest you get out of it to keep it nice for tomorrow... That is, if you expect to wear it.”

MAY 30, 1966 (#514)
First appearance of Lenore Moore.

Lenore: (Intro Line) (Coming downstairs in the Moore living room) “Did I hear somebody down here, Mother?”

MAY 25, 1966 - JUNE 9, 1966
Her self-image and identity shattered, Missy let Liz hound her out of town the night before she was to marry Bill. A frantic Bill was tireless in his desperate search for Missy and the reason for her disappearance. Lt. Ira Buckley suspected foul play on Bill's part due to the violence inflicted upon Missy's room. Missy made her way to Chicago, the home of her late father, Lt. Richard Summers.

JUNE 10, 1966 (EP. #523)
Missy bolted from the scummy diner waitress Madge Murray worked in after seeing a newspaper with an article on her disappearance.

JUNE 13, 1966 (EP. #524)
Ann worried and wondered what could have happened to Missy as she read the newspaper headline, "Search continues for missing heiress." Lee checked up on Emily, who pooh-poohed the high blood-pressure diagnosis that kept her confined to bed. Emily realized Lee isn't as patient about Michael as she claims. Lee gave Mike a warm welcome home, and they considered whether Missy was kidnaped now that she's a wealthy woman. Buckley once again examined the smashed picture of Katherine Corning, the snow-ball, the pearls, and the wedding dress, then was about to question Ann about Missy when he got a call about a dead woman matching Missy's description. Ann was weak with relief that the accident victim didn't have Missy's star-shaped birthmark on the palm of her left hand. Ann advised Buckley to disregard Liz's indictment of Missy, and identified the cigarette case that was found under the cushions of Missy's room as belonging to Liz. They were both embarrassed when Lee caught Mike whistling, "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home to." Mike put his arm around her as she told him Alice hadn't been able to find Missy's fingerprints in her room. Under a storm-tossed tree in Lincoln Park, Missy held out her hands to the park guard and said they were the proof she doesn't really exist at all.

JUNE 14, 1966 (EP. #525)
Missy returned to the diner looking like a drowned kitten and almost fell asleep as soon as she sat down. Alice explained to Tony why she recently decided out of the blue to take time off from the art institute and become a nurse's aide for the summer. She was embarrassed by stirrings of humanitarianism but just felt she was being self-centered in her life. Tony tried to convince Alice that Missy would be all right despite his own lack of conviction. Madge recognized Missy, quietly drinking her coffee unconcerned and unhearing, as the missing heiress described on the TV's evening news. After some casual banter, Madge asked customer Sam if the bedraggled waif resembled the photo of Missy in the paper. Out of his mind with worry, Bill, with a quietly growing hostility, defended Missy when Liz suggested she may have been in love with love, not Bill. After Bill stormed out, Liz sobbed to herself that she couldn't have let them marry as there was never such a person as Melissa Palmer. Missy fled the diner when a concerned Madge confronted her. Madge insisted to Sam they had to contact the police. In a psychic shock, with voices whirling unbidden through her head, Missy stepped into the path of an oncoming car.

Liz: (Voice in Missy's head) "[A WHISPER, INSISTENT, TAUNTING] There is no Melissa Palmer... There is no Melissa Palmer..."
Bill: "[FILTER, BUT WITH AN EERIE QUALITY, FAR OFF] I love Melissa Palmer... I love Melissa Palmer..."

JUNE 15, 1966 (EP. #526)
Danny Fargo was mightily annoyed to find he'd hit some woman, then laid into Missy for being color-blind, drunk, or on the needle. Danny put Missy in his car, her wallet lying unnoticed on the street, where she promptly passed out. Dru tried to add brighter colors to the dismal picture Alice painted of life. Liz came to the Matthews looking for Bill, but Dru chastised her blind prejudice against Missy. Dru angrily cut her off when she blamed Pat's former notoriety for Buckley's belief that Bill was responsible for driving Missy away. Madge described Missy's two visits to the diner for a police officer. Danny brought Missy back to his grimy pad. He yelled at her some more, then forced her to down some liquor, which made her choke. Wiping Melissa Palmer off the face of the earth, Missy told Danny her name was Ann Summers.

Missy: "Who are you?"
Danny: "Me? Fargo. Danny Fargo. The original Good Luck Kid."

JUNE 16, 1966 (EP. #527)
Late at night on a park bench feeling miserable, Bill stared at a crumpled photo of Missy he found in a newspaper. Lee assured Michael their arrangement for her to take care of his household benefits her as she can make her father happiest by making a life for herself apart from him because he doesn't want her to see him as a cripple. They were surprised, then concerned, when Bill wandered aimlessly into the Hastings kitchen and criticized Liz and Buckley's idiotic conclusions. Danny told Missy he entertains at The Alley, a gin mill on Rush Street where the cats all swing, but she didn't catch his joke that he's the kid who will "go far." Missy made to leave, but started to faint as Danny called her "Orphan Annie." Not noticing, Danny somewhat cynically saluted her with his glass and said, "Well, 'ARF, says Sandy.'" Helen remarked to Ann it wasn't pleasant to see Lenore relish someone else's misfortune. Danny noticed the expensive engagement ring on Missy's finger after he put her to bed.

JUNE 17, 1966 (EP. #528)
Danny realized the "Bill" Missy was muttering about in her sleep must be the guy in the photo he found in her purse. Bill was harsh and cold when Liz tried to say she was sorry, and vowed to walk out the door forever if she continued speaking ill of Missy. Buckley told Officer Tyson he still suspects Bill despite the alibi Ann supplied for him. Buckley received word from the Chicago police. The next morning, a bone-weary Bill begged Liz for the love of Heaven to leave him alone when she tried to get him interested in his upcoming exams. Liz reacted privately when Buckley came over to tell Bill Missy had been seen and her wallet found in Chicago. Missy awoke and watched Danny warily, trying to relate to anything she remembers. Danny inquired about the initials "M.P." on her compact, then she explained she stole her ring. They agreed not to turn each other in, and Danny was strangely touched after they shook hands on it.

Danny: "Ann Summers, you're a nice kid, you know that? You're a real nice kid. [NO LECHERY, BUT A DEFINITE FEELING OF THIS GUY MOVING INTO HER LIFE.] I think you and I are going to get along great."

JUNE 20, 1966 (EP. #529)
Buckley had difficulty keeping his temper in check when Liz insisted he should apologize since this new lead invalidated his theory of Bill's involvement. Helen remonstrated Lenore for having reinforced Liz's theory to Buckley that Missy walked out on Bill because she no longer needed his company. But Lenore praised Liz's intelligence and predicted little Miss Muffet would zip back to town when Katherine's will becomes probated. Liz begged Dru, who stopped by, to talk Bill out of going to Chicago. Liz failed to discourage Bill, who ran out the door after booking a flight. Missy started to weave a tale to Danny, but he got her to admit she was on the run. Liz and Lenore both had Lenore in mind when Liz spoke of a girl in Bill's own class who could make him forget his heartbreak. In starting to blame her mother for lying to her, Missy almost roused herself from her torpor, but wasn't ready to really face it. Danny talked about the big break that would launch his own record-publishing company.

JUNE 21, 1966 (EP. #530)
At the departure lounge, Dru wished Bill Godspeed. In his wheelchair, John successfully managed to roll down the new ramp into the living room, but Pat held off pushing him to try wheeling himself back up it. After discussing anniversary plans, John hotly turned down Pat's idea he make Dru's Bar Association dinner his coming-out party. Dru dropped by to tell them of Bill's trek to Chicago. Dru sensed he shouldn't probe further when Pat insisted Lee was too young to get involved with Michael. Dru suggested rehiring Mrs. Weber, but Pat was afraid it would embarrass John. Lenore was annoyed with Helen and Ann for appointing themselves Missy's unofficial guardians, then Ann said "Good-bye" and left for Geneva, where she's a delegate to the World Health Conference. Bill grilled Madge, who realized he was the jilted groom and began asking questions of her own. Bill exploded in grief when Madge described how ill Missy seemed.

JUNE 22, 1966 (EP. #531)
After licking the chocolate pudding pan, Hope put her arm around Lee and told her not to be sad about Missy. Jim stopped Mary from phoning Alice with the news of Missy Dru brought over, as it was Alice's first day as a nurse's aide. Pat became desperately unhappy when she compared her wedding day photo with the exhausted face in the mirror. John fumed imagining what the neighbors were saying of him in his contraption, then blew up at Pat when Lee phoned and Pat tried to discourage her from spending so much time away. It was Dru's opinion to Jim that Pat wasn't strong enough to stop deferring to John's wishes. Jim confided his fear that Pat still married John out of gratitude, not love, and speculated that Pat worried that Lee was making the same mistake with Michael. John laughed off Pat's notion of Lee marrying Michael. Lee calmed Mike's fears he was causing friction between her and Pat. Lee was radiant after Mike kissed her.

Hope: "Isn't it fun to eat dinner together, just the three of us? I wish it could be like this all the time, don't you, Lee? [LEE'S EYES MEET MIKE'S, AND WE SEE HOW MUCH LEE WOULD LIKE TO MAKE IT A PERMANENT ARRANGEMENT]"

JUNE 23, 1966 (EP. #532)
Missy became upset when the radio played a song she'd once shared with Bill. Liz fretted about Janet's latest escapade, flying off to California to pick up with Ken Baxter again, but Mary insisted it was just an important job transfer. Mary's hopes of Bill finding Missy made Liz prick her finger on a thorn on the flowers she was arranging. In the hospital coffee shop, Pat told Alice that Russ wrote Mary to say he's thinking of becoming a doctor. In Chicago, Det. Tom Molinsky let Bill hold Missy's wallet, but was annoyed with his continued presence. Ed Blake, Chicago ace crime reporter, sauntered into the police station, quickly latched onto Bill, and tried to talk him into giving him a personal interview. Danny told Missy it was a lead pipe cinch she couldn't afford to stay anywhere else. Bill realized granting the interview hadn't been such a great idea. Danny promised Missy he'd find her a waitress job. Bill looked as though he cheerfully could commit murder as he listened to Ed on the phone with his editor.

Alice: "Dad says if Russ gets to be a doctor... and if I take up nursing seriously, we might turn out to be a medical team."

JUNE 24, 1966 (EP. #533)
The music punctuated Lee's cue as she told Pat she'd rather be with Michael and his little girl than anyone else in the world. Emily cautioned Lee about "playing house" and revealed her belief Michael hadn't really been in love with his wife. Michael grabbed Pat by the wrist to make her listen when he said she's given John too much of herself by spending every waking hour trying to make his life happier, pleasanter. He gained a great deal more admiration and respect for her when she promised to stop letting John hide from life. Mike reminded Lee she should go home for dinner since it was John and Pat's anniversary. John relished Pat's enjoyment of his jewelry gift, but the festive air was shattered when John went from kindness and tenderness to the tyrannical invalid. Lee and Mike came over to sing "Happy anniversary," and they all partook of Mike's champagne. While Lee diverted John's eyes from Pat, Mike raised his glass in a silent salute to her, giving her full credit for John's announcement he would attend Dru's dinner.

Mike: "To John and Patricia... May their fiftieth anniversary be as happy as their first."

JUNE 27, 1966 (EP. #534)
At the Chicago Dispatch, fellow reporter Sally Chance didn't enthuse over Ed's headline: "His Missy is missing - The Story of the Bewildered Bridegroom." Danny shared his pastrami sandwich with Missy and warned her not to open the door to his loan shark. After a pre-taped flashback of a joyous Bill and Missy, Missy muttered a line to the song, "Who Cares if the Stars Care to Fall from the Sky" without any rancor or regret or any emotional connotation, and listlessly dropped her photo of Bill to the table. Bill didn't approve of Ed's story, but allowed him to print it. More sympathetic, Ed told Sally he would change the headline. Tony told Alice he didn't mind leaving The Joint early as it was so crowded he worried about throwing somebody a cross-body block on the dance floor. In his element, Danny banged out tunes on a piano at The Alley, where waitress Flo leered at him in a fleeting imitation of the standard gin mill drunk. She got upset when she suspected he had another girl and he told her to get off his back. She told him to get lost and flounced away, but he just grinned and played a few bars of "Somebody Else Is Taking My Place." Their friends Ed and Sally dropped in, and Danny ordered beer all around from the waiter, Charlie. Feverishly ambitious Danny urged Ed to write a story about him. Sally wondered if Bill would take them up on their offer to join them there.

Flo: (Intro Line, to Danny) "Im buying the piano player a beer."


JUNE 28, 1966 (EP. #535)
Bill picked up the paper with his story after a stack was dropped off at a newsstand. Mary and Dru decided to leave rather than continue listening to Liz harp on Bill's uncommunicativeness. The Alley's sign blinked on and off behind him as Bill phoned his mother. Liz was aghast to hear Bill had his photo in a scandal sheet. Liz couldn't care less when Mary reminded her of Pat and John's anniversary. Across the street in Danny's pad, Missy literally missed seeing Bill enter The Alley by seconds. Danny tried to weasel $50 out of Flo to pay off his shark, his landlady, and the phone company. Danny brushed by Bill as he left angrily after turning down Flo's lousy ten-spot. Flo informed Bill that Ed was called back to the office. Outside the club, Danny begged Charlie for a loan as Bill wandered back out, with Missy with her back to the window playing solitaire. To pay him back for his generosity, Missy offered Danny her engagement ring, but he was wary of accepting a hot rock.

JUNE 29, 1966 (EP. #536)
Danny gave Missy one last chance to take her ring back. Lenore deferred to Liz's theory of Missy, though such submissiveness was contrary to her nature. Bill didn't think it would come to anything when Molinski suggested Missy may have pawned her ring. Giving his name as "Lenny Scott," Danny hassled the pawnbroker for a good price for his "aunt's" ring. Flo insisted to Ed she can't shake her Danny habit. Missy was carried along by Danny's boyish enthusiasm when he came home laden with gifts. Bill begged Ed to write another article for the Sunday supplement.

JUNE 30, 1966 (EP. #537)
Danny flashed Flo a glimpse of the cash in his wallet, then began playing "I Just Want to Live on Easy Street" on the piano. Michael advised Pat that she was so afraid of hurting John that she was letting him hurt himself. John was glad Pat was warming up to Michael, since Lee has her sights on him. While helping Lee prepare dinner, Hope asked Lee if she could stay with them for always. Hope told Michael that if she doesn't watch her doll family every minute they do the most impossible things. Danny recognized Missy's picture when Flo showed him the article on Bill. In his jubilation over realizing his Little Orphan Annie was the Missing Heiress, Danny began playing, "I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover."

Notes: The show went live, as per schedule, and then somebody discovered that the man who presses the button to start the taping, had forgotten to press the button. The cast was ordered to do the show again for a showing on the Western states live. Ordinarily, the taped version went out to the Western states an hour after the rest of the country.

Notes: Extracts from the child-use consent form:
"Consent is hereby given by me, John V. Lindsay, as Mayor of the City of New York, .... for the employment of the child named below in a theatrical exhibition to be given at the
__________NBC Studio
in a certain tv production
known as "Another World"
Date: 6/22, 30/1966
Such performance to consist of: acting
Name of child: Elissa Leeds
Age: 8"

JULY 1, 1966 (EP. #538)
Missy was seen in an impressionistic recall as Danny alternately read the article and remembered something Missy had said. Danny explained to Flo that the boss, Max, requires him to twinkle back to broads who take a shine to him, and said he likes cats that paw rather than cats that scratch. Danny questioned Ed about his story and wondered if there were a reward for info on Missy. Flo introduced Danny and Bill, and Danny couldn't resist putting Bill on the hot seat. Missy looked out the window as Bill and Ed stood outside The Alley trying to come up with a new story angle. Danny assured Missy he understood her.

Flo: (About Danny) "He may not know it, but he's never going to dump me for anybody else..."

JULY 4, 1966 (EP. #539)
In high dudgeon, Liz told an exasperated Mary and Dru that Missy walked out on Bill because she longer needed him. Lee admired the new Alice that loved working in a hospital, and Alice credited what happened to Missy as prompting her to grow up and think of others. Alice thought Lenore spoiled and stuck-up when Lee suspected Lenore would make another play for Bill. Dru was flabbergasted and Liz wished like hell she had never aired it when Mary brought up Liz's theory that Missy was Katherine's daughter. Flummoxed for perhaps the first time since her shoulder strap broke at the junior prom, Liz desperately improvised behind her smiling veneer of composure. Pat tried to convince John that attending the dinner would help end Lee's feelings of guilt. Lee told Alice she could just die for having hurt Pat in the past since Pat has become so devoted to John. Mary speculated to Dru that Liz would choose a wife for Bill that she could dominate. Helen warned Liz to forget about earmarking Lenore as Bill's wife as Lenore would never buckle under her.

Dru: "[SMILING] Mary, my dear, you missed your calling."
Mary: "What?"
Dru: "Oh, you're a fine wife and mother, but you should have been a trial lawyer. You would have been an absolute demon at cross-examination."

JULY 5, 1966 (EP. #540)
Molinski told Bill his men found Missy's ring at a pawnbroker's. Michael, Lee, and Hope outvoted Emily's desire to get out of bed. Afraid that Lee would leave once Emily recovered, Hope suggested Michael marry Lee. Michael confided to Emily that his experience with Julie may have left him scarred. Flo accepted she had to be the supplicant in her relationship with Danny. Danny became instantly alert when Ed told him Bill was checking out a lead at a pawn shop. Bill caught his breath after recognizing Missy's ring, and was dismayed a man had brought it in. The camera washed up and over the pawnbroker describing the man's shoes, and dissolved to Danny's feet at the piano. Danny patted Bill on the shoulder, bought him a drink, then burned his pawn ticket stub in an ash tray.

JULY 6, 1966 (EP. #541)
Danny burned the newspaper clipping on Missy while he thought about playing his cards right, then lied to her that there were no reports on her in the news. Liz gloated to Pat and John that a train conductor has come forward claiming to have seen Missy that night on a train to Chicago. Danny discouraged Missy from working at The Alley and from leaving the apartment. Flo allowed Danny to lead her away when she showed up at his apartment. Ed was unconvinced when Danny suggested Missy was dead. Danny crowed to Flo he had a really big deal cooking and asked her to be patient with him. Missy was flattered by the flowers Danny swiped for her.

JULY 7, 1966 (EP. #542)
Prodded by Danny (who feigned bewilderment), Missy admitted her name wasn't Ann Summers. Mike refused when Liz asked him persuade Bill to return home to take his bar exams. Requesting he still call her "Ann," Missy explained her father died before she was born, but was reluctant to tell him why she ran away from Bay City. Michael was at a loss when Emily asked him if he was in love with Lee, and worried he wouldn't recognize love since he's never felt it. Upon Lee's request, Michael kissed her with a good deal of feeling. Danny encouraged Missy to write a letter to the fiancé she dumped asking him not to look for her. Missy was incredulous when Danny urged her to marry him so as not to break up their team.

JULY 8, 1966 (EP. #543)
Danny described how much he wanted to take care of Missy. John didn't like the "repayment of debt" inherent in Pat's description of how much he's done for her. The idea of Missy being dead hung in the air as Michael and Lee told Pat and John about a strange man pawning Missy's ring. Michael told John about his marriage to Julie, who died last year. John told Michael he'd be very proud to have him as a son-in-law when Michael expressed his desire to marry Lee. Danny watched Missy like a hawk as she wrote the letter. He almost weakened when he saw how terribly it affected her. Danny discouraged Missy from looking for her family.

JULY 11, 1966 (EP. #544)
Danny brushed Flo off when Bill came into The Alley. Danny got him to tell all about finding the pawned ring. Danny was impressed in spite of himself when Bill mentioned he was becoming a lawyer. All Lee knew of Missy the last she saw her was how sad she was Mrs. Corning (whose estate would soon be turned over to Missy) couldn't be at the wedding. John informed a puzzled Pat the reason he had them retire early for the night was so Mike and Lee could be alone on the terrace. Pat was in shock then was skeptical when John praised Mike's virtues as a son-in-law. After Mike told Lee he needed time to make sure his feelings for her would bring her happiness (and not the misery it brought Julie), Lee kissed him and promised to wait forever for him. Danny rushed out to hail him a cab when a defeated Bill resigned himself to returning home. Then Danny read over Missy's letter and dropped it in the mailbox.


JULY 12, 1966 (EP. #545)
Dru insisted it was none of his business when Liz said he was the only one who could convince Bill to return home. As Dru observed sadly and regretfully, Liz ran to a returned Bill, threw her arms around him, kissed, and hugged him as he numbly stood there, offering no resistance to her onslaught. Not able to tell Danny she has no feelings but gratitude for him, Missy dissembled when he asked why they shouldn't be married. Missy only dimly understood her own feelings when she tried to articulate why she had to find out about her father, who died in the war. Danny made Missy wear dark glasses (to "protect" her from the bright sun) as he accompanied her to the phone company. Liz's eyes glinted with triumph when Bill revealed Missy pawned her ring, but talking to him was like trying to get through to someone who was under anesthesia. Flo surprised her sister Madge with a visit to the crummy diner. Flo was angered by Madge's choice of words about the crumb Danny who kept her on a string. Missy smiled her little wistful, lost-child smile when she found ten Richard Summers in the phone book archives. Bill stared bleakly at the picture of Missy on his dresser, then lurched to the bed and fell across it diagonally, lying motionless and spent. Landlady Mrs. Simpson squinted at Flo with a crooked smile and told her about Danny's "sister" living with him.

JULY 13, 1966 (EP. #546)
Liz gave an enthusiastic welcome to Lenore, who was displeased to learn Bill intends to return to Chicago. There was a beat of mutual sympathy and understanding as Lee and Pat discussed John's physical therapy with Mr. Rogers. Lee was disappointed that Pat was happy Michael wasn't ready for marriage yet. Liz called Bill downstairs before a reluctant Lenore could refuse to talk to him. For the first time, there was a real note of firmness in her voice when Missy insisted to Danny on visiting all the addresses in person. He persuaded her to put off the search until tomorrow. Deciding it was a good spying position, Flo hid herself in a coat closet in the vestibule. Trying her darndest to make it a cozy threesome, Liz sung Dru's praises to Lenore and Bill. Flo could barely control her impulse to jump out of the closet and scratch the very eyes out of Missy's head.

JULY 14, 1966 (EP. #547)
As Missy envisioned the progress of her letter, it was dumped onto a sorting table with a hundred other letters. As a tired Bill excused himself to go upstairs, there was a "Liz/Lenore mirror image" as they unconsciously did some little motion together. As Liz complained over the phone to Helen about not a solitary word from Missy, the letter was visible in the Matthews mailbox. Alice was pleased when Lee revealed she and Michael were the next best thing to engaged and when Lee admitted she doesn't like to remember the spoiled selfish brat she had been trying to break up her father's marriage. Lenore smiled her pussycat smile as Helen desperately wished that something or someone mattered to her outside of herself. Bill shared with Michael his theory that Missy had amnesia. Danny told Missy his old man was a lush, his old lady was sick most of the time, and a bunch of brothers and sisters was always whining or fighting. Liz hid Missy's letter from Bill, then compared the handwriting to determine it was from Missy.


JULY 15, 1966 (EP. #548)
Flo told Madge she felt like killing Danny's new girl, and, though filled with anger at him, was not yet able to have someone else (Madge) criticize him too much. Bill shared his news and views with Pat and John. Madge rummaged around to find a newspaper photo of Missy when an uninterested Flo didn't believe Madge had seen the missing heiress in the diner. Bill shared John's optimism when Pat felt Lee was using Michael to fill the void in her life created when her father remarried. Lee's face mirrored the almost worshipful feelings for him when Michael complimented her. Flo glanced at the photo distractedly when Madge pushed it under her nose, then recognized Missy as Danny's "Annie," but Madge thought she was off her spool.

JULY 18, 1966 (EP. #549)
Liz looked at the envelope with dread and fear, as though it were an unexploded bomb, when she realized Missy may have written Bill about Liz's unmasking of her. The doorbell rang as she put a kettle to boil. As Madge tried to convince her she was mistaken, Flo put two and two together and realized Danny got his wad of dough by hocking Missy's ring. Dying to get at the letter, Liz hustled Mary out the door, then sprang into action trying to steam the envelope open. Madge fished for info when Ed had some coffee at the diner. Playing cat-and-mouse, Flo patted Danny on the cheek and chirruped about her own big deal she has cooking. Though she decided to sit on it until after the bar exams, Liz approved of Missy's letter: "Dear Bill... I'm sorry about everything. I'm all right but please don't worry about me... or look for me. I can't come back ever again. I've done you a terrible wrong, I know, but I hope you will be happy some day. Missy."

JULY 19, 1966 (EP. #550)
Madge distracted Danny so he wouldn't see Flo making for his rooming house down the street. Pat didn't feel like explaining to Alice her theory that Lee identifies with Hope as a motherless child, and the transference of Lee's childhood feelings to Michael as a father figure. After dragging Danny back to her diner, Madge jolted him by asking if he'd ever been in love. Flo donned dark glasses and a kerchief before knocking on Missy's door. Posing as a neighborhood surveyor, Flo quizzed Missy about how long she's been living there. Madge let Danny know she was wise to his ways. Pat smiled when Alice remarked what a real doll she thought Mike, who had come over. Flo fumed to Madge about Missy ironing Danny's shirts, bold as brass. She figured clueing Ed in would be the perfect revenge against Danny.

JULY 26, 1966 (EP. #555)
Dru got an award for Distinguished Service.

AUGUST 23, 1966 (EP. #574)
Wedding of Danny and Missy.

Mrs. Wilson: “All signed, license stamped, everything.”
C.L.: “Good. (COMING BACK, FASTENING SHABBY JUDICIAL ROBE) Got to get back to the auction, got my eye on a little Jersey heifer I might buy. (PICKS UP BOOK) All right now. (BEGINS TO READ) Daniel Fargo, wilt thou have this woman to be thy lawful wedded wife; wilt thou love her, comfort her and keep her in sickness and in health... (AS THE MUSIC SWELLS PAST THE SOUND OF HIS VOICE, OUR LAST GLIMPSE IS OF MISSY, TRYING TO SMILE IN THE FACE OF THIS TRAVESTY. FADE OUT)”
Danny: “You finally got a name, a real name.”
Missy: “Yes, I – finally have a name.”

SEPTEMBER 15, 1966 (EP. #591)
Dr. Bolton treated Missy for appendicitis.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1966 (EP. #598)
An angry and frustrated Bill told Ed to kill the story on Missy.

NOVEMBER 24, 1966
Pre-empted for Thanksgiving day football coverage.

DECEMBER 9 ,1966 (EP. #649)
Lee, who had been told last night by Mike that he was going away, felt sure that Pat must have known. A distressed Pat died with guilt and shame when Lee felt that though Mike wasn’t yet ready for marriage because of what happened to his first marriage, one day he will and then they will be married, because Mike obviously didn’t have anyone else he cared for. Though Mike felt it was a bad idea, Bill insisted on sitting in on his meeting with John and Danny, who had lied to his face about not knowing where Missy was, despite that she had been right across the street in his apartment. Not knowing Liz had suggested Danny hire him, Fred said he’d agreed to represent Danny as a way to protect Missy. Liz dashed out of their lunch when she learned Bill would be at the meeting. Missy got agitated when Pat talked about how she would have been her matron of honor. Liz was unsuccessful in convincing Danny to skip the meeting as he was determined to beat the conditions of Katherine’s will and get his hands on her money.

Danny: “I got to hand it to you, Duchess – you’re the only Bay City snob I know who could make out all right in a Chicago slum full of hustlers and grifters.”
Liz: “It’s touching to hear you speak of your natural habitat, Mr. Fargo.”

Lee: (to herself, about Michael Bauer) "I thought I was going to get a ring at Christmas. Except that it's impossible. I'm not going to fall out of love with him and he's not going to fall out of love with me...."

DECEMBER 26, 1966 (EP. #660)
First appearance of Sam Groom as Russ Matthews. Russ returned to do his internship at Memorial Hospital. Susan was still at the hospital in Baltimore.

Russ: (Intro Line) “What’s the matter – is it against the law to eat this stuff? I thought that’s what it’s for. “
Alice: “(TAKING FLOWERS TO TABLE, ARRANGING THEM) It is – when the company comes.”

Danny tricked Missy into a platonic marriage. He prevented her from receiving the letter Pat wrote her telling her how to get in touch with Bill.

In the fall, Danny's attempts to make Missy tell him of her trust fund paid off after filling her ear with stories of how much he had done for her and how much he needed money. He asked her to write John asking for the $5,000 she inherited outright. Danny revealed to Flo that Missy promised to loan him money to start a music publishing company. He reassured Flo he still loved her and he was doing it all for her.

Dru came to live with the Matthews.

Alice forgave Tony. They began to date again and became closer.

Michael's admiration for Pat began to turn into love. Unhappy in her marriage because of John's bitterness, Pat found she reciprocated Michael's feelings. Both were too honorable to betray her marriage though.

Near the end of the year, Danny dumped Flo and fled to Bay City with Missy so she could sign papers unlocking the bulk of her trust fund. An upset Flo turned to the bottle for solace, tearing up his photo, but later piecing it together with scotch tape. Charlie was a strong support system for Madge.

John shut her up when Alice got on his case about the way he stayed buried at home.

Bill finally accepted that Missy had dumped him. Though his heart wasn't in it, he got engaged to Lenore, much to Liz's delight. They planned to marry on February 24, 1967 at Saint Stephen's Church. Alice tried to warn Lenore that what Bill felt for her might just be an attempt to fill the vacuum Missy left in his life. Dru decided to reserve judgement when Alice told him her theory.

Russ returned for a brief visit at Christmas after his graduation from medical school. He spoke to John about his condition, but didn't get to first base before he got shut off. Russ was also shot down when he tried to speak to Bill about Lenore. Russ left, but planned to return home shortly and begin his internship at Memorial.