Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

JULY 1, 1966 (EP. #538)
Missy was seen in an impressionistic recall as Danny alternately read the article and remembered something Missy had said. Danny explained to Flo that the boss, Max, requires him to twinkle back to broads who take a shine to him, and said he likes cats that paw rather than cats that scratch. Danny questioned Ed about his story and wondered if there were a reward for info on Missy. Flo introduced Danny and Bill, and Danny couldn't resist putting Bill on the hot seat. Missy looked out the window as Bill and Ed stood outside The Alley trying to come up with a new story angle. Danny assured Missy he understood her.

Flo: (About Danny) "He may not know it, but he's never going to dump me for anybody else..."

JULY 4, 1966 (EP. #539)
In high dudgeon, Liz told an exasperated Mary and Dru that Missy walked out on Bill because she longer needed him. Lee admired the new Alice that loved working in a hospital, and Alice credited what happened to Missy as prompting her to grow up and think of others. Alice thought Lenore spoiled and stuck-up when Lee suspected Lenore would make another play for Bill. Dru was flabbergasted and Liz wished like hell she had never aired it when Mary brought up Liz's theory that Missy was Katherine's daughter. Flummoxed for perhaps the first time since her shoulder strap broke at the junior prom, Liz desperately improvised behind her smiling veneer of composure. Pat tried to convince John that attending the dinner would help end Lee's feelings of guilt. Lee told Alice she could just die for having hurt Pat in the past since Pat has become so devoted to John. Mary speculated to Dru that Liz would choose a wife for Bill that she could dominate. Helen warned Liz to forget about earmarking Lenore as Bill's wife as Lenore would never buckle under her.

Dru: [SMILING] "Mary, my dear, you missed your calling."
Mary: "What?"
Dru: "Oh, you're a fine wife and mother, but you should have been a trial lawyer. You would have been an absolute demon at cross-examination."

JULY 5, 1966 (EP. #540)
Molinski told Bill his men found Missy's ring at a pawnbroker's. Michael, Lee, and Hope outvoted Emily's desire to get out of bed. Afraid that Lee would leave once Emily recovered, Hope suggested Michael marry Lee. Michael confided to Emily that his experience with Julie may have left him scarred. Flo accepted she had to be the supplicant in her relationship with Danny. Danny became instantly alert when Ed told him Bill was checking out a lead at a pawn shop. Bill caught his breath after recognizing Missy's ring, and was dismayed a man had brought it in. The camera washed up and over the pawnbroker describing the man's shoes, and dissolved to Danny's feet at the piano. Danny patted Bill on the shoulder, bought him a drink, then burned his pawn ticket stub in an ash tray.

JULY 6, 1966 (EP. #541)
Danny burned the newspaper clipping on Missy while he thought about playing his cards right, then lied to her that there were no reports on her in the news. Liz gloated to Pat and John that a train conductor has come forward claiming to have seen Missy that night on a train to Chicago. Danny discouraged Missy from working at The Alley and from leaving the apartment. Flo allowed Danny to lead her away when she showed up at his apartment. Ed was unconvinced when Danny suggested Missy was dead. Danny crowed to Flo he had a really big deal cooking and asked her to be patient with him. Missy was flattered by the flowers Danny swiped for her.

JULY 7, 1966 (EP. #542)
Prodded by Danny (who feigned bewilderment), Missy admitted her name wasn't Ann Summers. Michael refused when Liz asked him persuade Bill to return home to take his bar exams. Requesting he still call her "Ann," Missy explained her father died before she was born, but was reluctant to tell him why she ran away from Bay City. Michael was at a loss when Emily asked him if he was in love with Lee, and worried he wouldn't recognize love since he's never felt it. Upon Lee's request, Michael kissed her with a good deal of feeling. Danny encouraged Missy to write a letter to the fiancé she dumped asking him not to look for her. Missy was incredulous when Danny urged her to marry him so as not to break up their team.

JULY 8, 1966 (EP. #543)
Danny described how much he wanted to take care of Missy. John didn't like the "repayment of debt" inherent in Pat's description of how much he's done for her. The idea of Missy being dead hung in the air as Michael and Lee told Pat and John about a strange man pawning Missy's ring. Michael told John about his marriage to Julie, who died last year. John told Michael he'd be very proud to have him as a son-in-law when Michael expressed his desire to marry Lee. Danny watched Missy like a hawk as she wrote the letter. He almost weakened when he saw how terribly it affected her. Danny discouraged Missy from looking for her family.

JULY 11, 1966 (EP. #544)
Danny brushed Flo off when Bill came into The Alley. Danny got him to tell all about finding the pawned ring. Danny was impressed in spite of himself when Bill mentioned he was becoming a lawyer. All Lee knew of Missy the last she saw her was how sad she was Mrs. Corning (whose estate would soon be turned over to Missy) couldn't be at the wedding. John informed a puzzled Pat the reason he had them retire early for the night was so Michael and Lee could be alone on the terrace. Pat was in shock then was skeptical when John praised Michael's virtues as a son-in-law. After Michael told Lee he needed time to make sure his feelings for her would bring her happiness (and not the misery it brought Julie), Lee kissed him and promised to wait forever for him. Danny rushed out to hail him a cab when a defeated Bill resigned himself to returning home. Then Danny read over Missy's letter and dropped it in the mailbox.


JULY 12, 1966 (EP. #545)
Dru insisted it was none of his business when Liz said he was the only one who could convince Bill to return home. As Dru observed sadly and regretfully, Liz ran to a returned Bill, threw her arms around him, kissed, and hugged him as he numbly stood there, offering no resistance to her onslaught. Not able to tell Danny she has no feelings but gratitude for him, Missy dissembled when he asked why they shouldn't be married. Missy only dimly understood her own feelings when she tried to articulate why she had to find out about her father, who died in the war. Danny made Missy wear dark glasses (to "protect" her from the bright sun) as he accompanied her to the phone company. Liz's eyes glinted with triumph when Bill revealed Missy pawned her ring, but talking to him was like trying to get through to someone who was under anesthesia. Flo surprised her sister Madge with a visit to the crummy diner. Flo was angered by Madge's choice of words about the crumb Danny who kept her on a string. Missy smiled her little wistful, lost-child smile when she found ten Richard Summers in the phone book archives. Bill stared bleakly at the picture of Missy on his dresser, then lurched to the bed and fell across it diagonally, lying motionless and spent. Landlady Mrs. Simpson squinted at Flo with a crooked smile and told her about Danny's "sister" living with him.

JULY 13, 1966 (EP. #546)
Liz gave an enthusiastic welcome to Lenore, who was displeased to learn Bill intends to return to Chicago. There was a beat of mutual sympathy and understanding as Lee and Pat discussed John's physical therapy with Mr. Rogers. Lee was disappointed that Pat was happy Michael wasn't ready for marriage yet. Liz called Bill downstairs before a reluctant Lenore could refuse to talk to him. For the first time, there was a real note of firmness in her voice when Missy insisted to Danny on visiting all the addresses in person. He persuaded her to put off the search until tomorrow. Deciding it was a good spying position, Flo hid herself in a coat closet in the vestibule. Trying her darndest to make it a cozy threesome, Liz sung Dru's praises to Lenore and Bill. Flo could barely control her impulse to jump out of the closet and scratch the very eyes out of Missy's head.

JULY 14, 1966 (EP. #547)
As Missy envisioned the progress of her letter, it was dumped onto a sorting table with a hundred other letters. As a tired Bill excused himself to go upstairs, there was a "Liz/Lenore mirror image" as they unconsciously did some little motion together. As Liz complained over the phone to Helen about not a solitary word from Missy, the letter was visible in the Matthews mailbox. Alice was pleased when Lee revealed she and Michael were the next best thing to engaged and when Lee admitted she doesn't like to remember the spoiled selfish brat she had been trying to break up her father's marriage. Lenore smiled her pussycat smile as Helen desperately wished that something or someone mattered to her outside of herself. Bill shared with Michael his theory that Missy had amnesia. Danny told Missy his old man was a lush, his old lady was sick most of the time, and a bunch of brothers and sisters was always whining or fighting. Liz hid Missy's letter from Bill, then compared the handwriting to determine it was from Missy.


JULY 15, 1966 (EP. #548)
Flo told Madge she felt like killing Danny's new girl, and, though filled with anger at him, was not yet able to have someone else (Madge) criticize him too much. Bill shared his news and views with Pat and John. Madge rummaged around to find a newspaper photo of Missy when an uninterested Flo didn't believe Madge had seen the missing heiress in the diner. Bill shared John's optimism when Pat felt Lee was using Michael to fill the void in her life created when her father remarried. Lee's face mirrored the almost worshipful feelings for him when Michael complimented her. Flo glanced at the photo distractedly when Madge pushed it under her nose, then recognized Missy as Danny's "Annie," but Madge thought she was off her spool.

JULY 18, 1966 (EP. #549)
Liz looked at the envelope with dread and fear, as though it were an unexploded bomb, when she realized Missy may have written Bill about Liz's unmasking of her. The doorbell rang as she put a kettle to boil. As Madge tried to convince her she was mistaken, Flo put two and two together and realized Danny got his wad of dough by hocking Missy's ring. Dying to get at the letter, Liz hustled Mary out the door, then sprang into action trying to steam the envelope open. Madge fished for info when Ed had some coffee at the diner. Playing cat-and-mouse, Flo patted Danny on the cheek and chirruped about her own big deal she has cooking. Though she decided to sit on it until after the bar exams, Liz approved of Missy's letter: "Dear Bill... I'm sorry about everything. I'm all right but please don't worry about me... or look for me. I can't come back ever again. I've done you a terrible wrong, I know, but I hope you will be happy some day. Missy."

JULY 19, 1966 (EP. #550)
Madge distracted Danny so he wouldn't see Flo making for his rooming house down the street. Pat didn't feel like explaining to Alice her theory that Lee identifies with Hope as a motherless child, and the transference of Lee's childhood feelings to Michael as a father figure. After dragging Danny back to her diner, Madge jolted him by asking if he'd ever been in love. Flo donned dark glasses and a kerchief before knocking on Missy's door. Posing as a neighborhood surveyor, Flo quizzed Missy about how long she's been living there. Madge let Danny know she was wise to his ways. Pat smiled when Alice remarked what a real doll she thought Michael, who had come over. Flo fumed to Madge about Missy ironing Danny's shirts, bold as brass. She figured clueing Ed in would be the perfect revenge against Danny.

JULY 20, 1966: Pre-empted for coverage of Gemini 10 Space Program.

JULY 21, 1966 (EP. #551)
Danny refused to let Missy go check addresses to find Rick's family due to her having a headache and fever. Missy was startled when Danny blew a fuse because she had opened the door to speak with the neighborhood surveyor the other day. Helen criticized Lenore for subscribing to Liz's conclusions about Missy. Lenore coolly denied pursuing Bill and winning Liz's favor by helping him with his bar exams, but got angry when Helen reminded her that Bill still loves Missy. Missy placated Danny by pointing out that she spends most of her time in his apartment alone. Danny warned Missy to keep a low profile so that she is not recognized and turned in to the police, then discouraged Missy from working by lying that there was money left from her pawned ring to financially support them. Missy tried to dissuade Danny from wanting to take care of her and proposing marriage. Bill bought Liz's claims that she was paying bills when he nearly caught her reading Missy's letter. Liz started to protest Bill's plans to go to Chicago, but was delighted when Lenore arrived. Lenore tried to smooth over Liz's veiled remark about girls keeping promises by telling Bill that she needed an excuse to get out of attending a dull luncheon. Bill was suspicious of Liz's attitude towards Lenore, but graciously accepted her assistance in studying. Danny went to get some juice to ease Missy's headache. Missy gazed longingly at Bill's picture and drifted into a daydream of her and Bill's wedding ceremony. Missy was haunted by Bill's voice pleading with her not to leave and Liz calling her a fraud who is without a family and is undeserving of Bill. Missy collapsed onto the floor and fainted.

Lenore: "Bill is taking his bar exams next week and Mrs. Matthews has asked me to do anything I can to help him study"
Helen: (SHAKING HER HEAD) "Maybe you think you know what you're doing...but do you have any idea of what Liz Matthews is doing?"
Lenore: "Trying to get her son past his bar exams --"
Helen: "What is Bill's attraction for you Lenore?"
Lenore: (COOLY) "Nothing...and I've tried to tell you so many times. After all you can't get very excited about a boy who used to throw sand in your eyes and yell 'Towhead, Towhead, don't you wish your hair was red.'"
Helen: "Then why are you going over there this morning?"
Lenore: (FOR THE TENTH TIME) "To help -- that's all."
Helen: "As I said, if I really thought you cared one iota for Bill I'd be delighted -- even if it meant having to brace myself for more of Liz Matthews."

JULY 22, 1966 (EP. #552)
Pat felt defeated when John groaned that his situation is helpless. Jim and Mary reflected on Bill experiencing immense personal growth. Mary accused Jim of depriving Pat of their company because he finds John uncommunicative, anti-social, and blind in making a drudge out of Pat. Jim confessed to Mary that his concerted efforts to reach John have been miserable failures. Mary assertively told Jim to make peace with John. Michael advised Bill that the best thing he can do for himself and Missy is to pass his bar exams to ensure they have a prosperous future. Michael was glad that Lenore has been a sympathetic confidante for Bill. Michael and Bill were hopeful that John coming to the Bar Association dinner would be an important turning point for him. Pat promised John that she would prevent Jim from lecturing him. John told Jim, Mary, and Pat that Missy may be in Chicago, but couldn't provide an explanation for Missy pawning her wedding ring. Pat interposed when Jim broached the subject of John attending the banquet. Jim and Mary informed John and Pat that Liz is determined to convince everyone that Missy deliberately walked out on Bill. John told Jim and Mary that Michael plans to propose marriage to Lee once he is ready. Michael advised Emily that he confided in Lee about his first marriage. Emily was pleased when Michael expressed certainty in finding love and wanting Lee to be his future bride. John dropped his misgivings about the banquet after Michael stated that his loved ones want to see him resume his career and live life again. Michael professed admiration and respect to Pat while crediting her for getting through to John.

Pat: "Oh, Michael, it will be so good for him, to be with the men he's worked with who respect him...who know what a fine man and lawyer he is."
Michael: "It's victories like this that count the most. You get no medals or cups but you know what you've won."
Pat: "I couldn't have done it without do know that?"
Michael: "No...All I'm going to do is drive him. You're the one who really got him there."
Pat: "Oh no, Michael --"
Michael: (TOPS) "Oh yes! You did it. Only you...And you have my deepest admiration and respect. And tonight at the banquet when glasses are being raised in honor of this or that...I shall raise a glass to you, Patricia."

JULY 25, 1966 (EP. #553)
Flo ruefully told Madge that she hasn't talked to Danny or Ed about Missy yet. Madge encouraged Flo to blow the whistle on Danny to Ed. Danny was relieved to revive Missy with some water. Missy was disinterested as Danny calmly tried to persuade Missy into taking better care of herself. Danny made Missy promise to get some sleep and to stay inside until she has recuperated. Madge chatted with Ed to give Flo time to muster the courage to discuss Danny with him. Ed jokingly advised Madge and Flo that he could feature them in the newspaper by telling him a noteworthy story. Flo half-heartedly tried to convince Madge and Ed that she may surprise them and tell Danny to get lost. Ed gave his theory to Madge and Flo that the missing heiress is likely deceased since her whereabouts are unknown despite her picture being in the newspapers and people searching for her. Flo and Madge exchanged furtive glances when Ed mentioned Danny's keen interest in the missing heiress. Ed read the pawnbroker's description of the man who brought in Missy's ring for Madge, who immediately thought of Danny. Danny informed Flo that Max needs her at The Alley, prompting Flo to retort that she appreciated being wanted. Ed was skeptical when Madge swore that Missy hadn't returned to the diner. Madge declined Ed's dinner invitation because he was anxious to question her further on Missy. Danny seethed as Flo insulted him for dating tramps on the side and revealed her knowledge of Missy living with him. Flo hinted to Danny that Bill would be furious to discover that he has been hiding Missy, doubted Missy's interest in him, and told him to drop dead.

Notes: Danny and Flo mention that they have been together for five years in this episode.

JULY 26, 1966 (EP. #554)
Flo relished telling Danny that she met Missy by pretending to conduct a neighborhood survey. Danny was stunned once Flo revealed knowing Missy's identity, that he pawned her engagement ring, and boasted that no one will believe that he was blind to the truth. Mary assured Pat that John will enjoy seeing friends while Dru receives honors at the Bar Association banquet. Pat informed Mary that she and Michael are on better terms. Mary advised Pat that her objections towards Michael and Lee's relationship stem from her maternal instincts, but told Pat that affairs of the heart cannot be interpreted with logic and reason. Charlie warned Danny that Max is getting impatient for him to perform. Danny suppressed urges to throttle Flo, who made incredulous, snide remarks as he desperately tried to give a believable account of meeting Missy. Flo was unsympathetic towards Danny's plight of potentially being questioned by Bill and the police on Missy's whereabouts. Danny felt defeated when Flo hinted to Ed that she may have a newsworthy story for him. John, Bill, and Michael joked about Dru being oblivious to the award he is receiving at the banquet. Dru agreed to John's suggestion that he sponsor Bill when he is presented for admission to the Bar. Michael felt reassured by Dru's confidence that John will become more outgoing. Dru spotted Bill moping alone and offered him moral support. Ed was incredulous to Flo's assertions that Madge's interest in Missy was just curiosity. Danny interrupted Flo's talk with Ed by grabbing her arm roughly and propelling her outside. Flo surrendered to Danny's kisses and soft caresses as Danny promised that he was using Missy to secure a loan for their music publishing business.

JULY 27, 1966 (EP. #555)
Madge admonished a defiant Flo for believing Danny's story about Missy, his business deals, and promises of marriage. Flo defended Danny against Madge, who proclaimed that she won't stand idly by while Danny continues to keep her on a string. Lee marveled to Pat about the two of them coming a long way in their relationship, but asked Pat to wish her luck with Michael and not voice her reservations. Pat made Lee understand that any intrusions and interference in her personal life are driven by wanting her to be happy. Madge deemed lecturing Flo over falling for Danny's sweet-talking and empty promises pointless. Flo protested that she can take care of herself, but Madge maintained that she had assured their mother that she would protect Flo from men like Danny. Pat beamed while telling Lee that John was in good spirits and a huge weight lifted from his shoulders once he resolved to attend the banquet for Dru. John reminisced to Michael, Dru, and Bill about starting his law practice and was impressed by Bill's confidence in going into partnership with plenty of established clients. Dru and Michael were thrilled when John stated that he plans to start coming into the office a few hours each day. John expressed gratitude to Dru for continuing to inspire him. Fred and Henry Parks told John that they were pleased to see him in circulation and gave best wishes to Bill on passing his bar exams. Dru was overcome with emotions when Judge Howard Levine awarded him for distinguished service. John's spirits were shattered after overhearing Fred and Henry gossiping about him being stuck in a wheelchair and never being the same man he once was.

Notes: Dru's full name is given as Michael Dru at the Bar Association banquet. Judge Levine mentions that Dru was a member of the Bar for 40 years.

JULY 28, 1966 (EP. #556)
Charlie warned Danny not to ignore Max's orders. Flo was stunned when Danny anxiously pushed her against a wall and angrily demanded to know her prior whereabouts. Michael and Pat were perplexed by John's subdued demeanor and flat responses in answering questions about Dru's reaction to being honored and seeing colleagues at the banquet. John retired to the bedroom instead of joining Michael, Pat, and Lee in having fruit punch. Michael told Lee that John has taken the first steps in resuming his career, which should alleviate Lee's guilt towards the car accident. Lee grew concerned once Michael noted that John suddenly seemed emotionally withdrawn again. Flo defended herself to Danny over confiding in Madge about Missy and warned him to quit being a bully or she'll tell Ed everything she knows. Danny swore to Flo that Missy gifted her engagement ring to him, he has gained her trust, and that he will get Missy to finance his music publishing business. Flo weakened to Danny's seductive kisses and declarations that she is the only girl for him. Michael was mollified by Lee's explanation that John was exhausted from attending his first social gathering in months. Lee was delighted to hear that John planned to start coming to the office and that Michael is friends with Pat now. Pat became worried when John didn't respond to her comments about enjoying his time with colleagues who admire and respect him and Dru's reaction to being honored. Missy was forthright in telling Danny that she wants to become independent and doesn't love him. Danny tried to fill Missy's head with dreams of getting married, moving to New York City, and achieving fame.

Danny: "Look, I want to take the chance. That's all you have to do, be willing to take a chance."
Missy: "I don't know."
Danny: "Are you still stuck on that Bill Matthews?"
Missy: "I don't want to think about him, Danny."
Danny: "Okay...fine. I want you to think about me -- and you. I want you to think about us and what a great life we could have together. If you'll only say that one little word -- 'Yes.' Say it, Annie, come on you can do it. Say 'yes' and we'll get married right away, and blow this burg. And we won't have a thing to worry about. Not a thing."

JULY 29, 1966 (EP. #557)
Bill informed Liz that being grounded is more important than knowing the right people in the legal profession. Bill refused to listen to Liz, who argued that it was futile for him to commute to Chicago because the police are still searching for Missy. Dru told Pat and Lee that he was overwhelmed to receive tribute from his peers and the dinner was an evening he will always treasure. Dru and Lee tried to assuage Pat's concerns when she became troubled that John hadn't told her about his plans to gradually start coming into the office. John feigned sleep when Pat came to check on him. Michael urged Bill not to worry about leaving him to run John's firm by himself while he travels to Chicago to search for Missy. Bill and Michael chalked John's somber mood at the end of the banquet to fatigue and were hopeful that returning to work will benefit him greatly. Pat was perplexed that John wished to remain in bed and requested that she call Mr. Rogers to cancel his therapy session. John admitted to Pat that it was his idea to resume working, but tersely stated that he has exercised his right to change his mind. Pat tried to assure Dru and Lee that John was simply emotionally and physically exhausted. John assumed a semblance of happiness as Dru expressed gratitude to him for attending the banquet and remarked on their dear friendship. John stared at his wheelchair while recalling Fred and Henry's words about him. Dru voiced contempt for Liz when Michael mentioned that she doesn't support Bill's mission to find Missy. Liz feigned innocence as she advised Bill that a letter came for him. Bill was grief-stricken after reading the contents of Missy's letter.

AUGUST 1, 1966 (EP. #558)
Bill sat down and buried his face in his hands as Liz read Missy's letter aloud. Liz's deepest maternal instincts were aroused as she comforted Bill while realizing the impact of Bill's shattering loss. Danny played on Missy's sympathies by lamenting that he was living alone, working nights, and looking for the perfect girl to come along, but has grown accustomed to her cooking, cleaning, and company. Missy recoiled from Danny's touches and insisted that she isn't ready to consider marriage. Danny advised Missy that he will wait for her to develop feelings for him, but urged Missy to forget about Bill. Missy was resolute in finding her father's family, though Danny cautioned her against trusting people and revealing her identity. Bill quickly moved away from Liz and ran upstairs while denying Missy's words with an anguished cry. Liz summarized Missy's letter to Lenore, who agonized over Missy deliberately breaking Bill's heart. Liz was momentarily flustered when Lenore noted that the postmark indicated that the letter was mailed five days ago, but encouraged Lenore to help Bill put Missy in the past while she discarded the envelope. Bill sobbed after looking sadly at Missy's picture. Danny tried to pour on the charm to buy Madge's silence on Missy. Madge doubted Danny's contentions that he intends to use Missy's money to provide a better life for himself and Flo. Danny fumed as Madge hinted that Bill should be told of Missy's whereabouts. Missy met Maud Slattery, who was her grandfather's neighbor for many years. Maud revealed that Richard Summers died six months ago and had a son who died during WWII who never married or had children.

Missy: "...Ricky...That was -- the son?"
Mrs. Slattery: (NODS) "Named after his father, he was. Richard Summers. Lt. Richard Summers. Nice boy. Nice-looking boy, you know?"
Missy: "Lieutenant...he was in the service."
Mrs. Slattery: "World War II. A pilot. A Navy pilot, I think Rick was."
Missy: "And -- he was an only child?"
Mrs. Slattery: "Poor old man, after Ricky died, he didn't have another soul in the world...nobody. Oh sure, me and my husband -- we were real good to him. Almost like family after all these years. But like I said to Ernie -- that's my husband, Ernie -- friends -- they ain't never the same as real family. You know?"
Missy: "...You mean -- the son, Lt. Summers - he didn't have any children?"
Mrs. Slattery: "Never did marry. A shame it was too. A real shame." (AS SHE SPEAKS, SHE BENDS DOWN TO PICK FALLEN SIGN) "This way -- well, it's the end of the line. That whole family just wiped off the face of the earth. It's kind of like -- they never even existed. You know what I mean?"
Missy: "Never even -- Yes, I know what you mean...Never...even...existed..."

Notes: Missy discovers that her paternal grandfather was also named Richard Summers. He died in January 1966 and lived at 3755 Railroad Avenue in Chicago for thirty years.

AUGUST 2, 1966 (EP. #559)
Danny noticed that Missy left the apartment without her dark glasses and feared that she would be recognized. Danny vowed to persuade Missy into marriage and gain access to her fortune before anyone else does. Missy tried to relate to her father's house while imagining that Rick sat on the doorstep and played with the other children in the neighborhood countless times. Mrs. Slattery showed Missy a picture of Rick, but was mystified by her request to keep it. Missy was deeply affected when Mrs. Slattery compared the condemned house to the Summers family being wiped out since Rick didn't have children. Pat realized that John had regressed into a defeated, beaten man as he sulked over using a wheelchair and the futility of his therapy sessions. John complained to Pat that he has been deceiving himself with false hope, but is now facing the harsh reality that he will never feel whole again. Helen emphasized Missy's statement of unjustly hurting Bill while telling John and Pat about her letter. John and Helen discussed the possibility that Missy had inadvertently discovered that she was Katherine's illegitimate daughter due to bequeathing her estate. John became pensive as Helen pointed out that Liz was suspicious of Katherine and Missy's relationship, but questioned whether Liz learned the truth. Danny carefully probed Missy on her quest for her father's family after catching her dejectedly packing her belongings. Missy confessed her entire life story to Danny, who empathized with her childhood and need to fabricate her background. Danny earnestly told a vulnerable Missy that she belongs with him and that he won't let her continue to run away.

Danny: "And now you think you're just going to pick up and walk out of my life again?"
Missy: "Danny, I don't belong in anybody's life. Not anybody's."
Danny: "You listen to me, Annie Summers. You belong in my life. I don't care who your mother was or who your father was - I don't care anything about what happened to you before that night in the park. As far as I'm concerned, none of it happened." (TAKE HER CHIN, TURNS HER TO HIM:) "Do you believe me, Annie? You've got to believe me. Because I'm not going to let you leave here. I'm not going to let you keep on running away. You say you've got nobody, but that's not right. You've got me. Me. And you're going to have an awful hard time getting rid of Danny Fargo."

AUGUST 3, 1966 (EP. #560)
Missy was detached while patiently waiting for Danny to remove his arm from the suitcase so she could pack. Danny became aware that he had the unenviable task of convincing Missy to stay or risk losing his hopes for the future. Bill struggled to concentrate on drafting a contract and respond to Michael, who expressed fears that John may be experiencing a setback in his recovery. Michael was incredulous towards Missy's letter to Bill upon reading it, but couldn't find consoling words for Bill as he bemoaned that he and Missy are finished. Danny gently probed Missy with leading questions, prompting Missy to reveal that she named herself Melissa Palmer and that Liz told her the identities of her parents. Missy told Danny that Katherine befriended her in a feeble attempt to remedy abandoning her. Missy defended Liz by insisting that she was right to prevent her wedding because she is unworthy of Bill after Danny scoffed at Liz's snobbery. Danny urged Missy to forget that she was involved with Bill, then broached the subject of marriage by stressing that he could give her a name. Lee promised to relay Emily's pride in John making huge strides in his life. Emily covered when Lee gave a more optimistic account of talking with Michael about their relationship and future than Michael had given her. Michael sadly told Lee about Missy's letter to Bill. Lee stared bleakly while stubbornly questioning the reasons behind Missy's actions. Danny professed love to Missy and swore that she will come to reciprocate his feelings. Missy's resistance wavered as Danny suggested that she leave the past behind, start a new life with him, and accept his name.

Danny: "I have a real name. If you marry me, it'll be yours -- just as legal, just as much yours as it is mine." (LOOKS AT HER, LETS IT SINK IN) "Mrs. Danny Fargo. Not bad, huh?" (SHE LOOKS UP AT HIM, SMILES SHYLY) "That's going to be a big name some day. I mean it. I'm going to make it big." (AND FOR ALMOST THE FIRST TIME, HE TOUCHES HER -- HER SHOULDER OR ARM -- GENTLY, ALMOST TENTATIVELY) "-- and you're going to help me make it, aren't you, Annie?"
Missy: "How -- how can I help you?"
Danny: (THE SOFT SMILE, THE KNOWING LOOK) "Annie, if you're along -- if you decide you want to be Mrs. Danny Fargo -- how can I miss?"

Notes: Danny's contemptuous remarks about Liz and Bill: "Nice lady, this Mrs. Matthews. Regular queen...Boy, did she have the nerve. Who was she to decide you weren't good enough for her son...but you're lucky you didn't marry this guy Bill. Bunch of snobs like that, him and his high-and-mighty mother, who do they think they are?"

AUGUST 4, 1966 (EP. #561)
John snapped at Pat for not consulting him prior to inviting Michael and Lee over for dinner and demanded that Pat quit fussing over him. Dru sensed that there are unknown details behind Missy's departure while he, Jim, and Mary ruminated over her letter. Jim grimly told Dru and Mary that Liz will start boasting that she was right about Missy, but fretted that Bill must take his bar exams while coping with Missy leaving him. Dru theorized to Jim and Mary that John may have overtaxed himself because he changed drastically towards the end of the banquet. John adamantly told Pat that he doesn't need a doctor. Madge was suspicious when Flo defended Danny's claims that he hasn't touched Missy and wants a loan in exchange for helping her. Flo sheepishly told Madge that she loves Danny and will remain silent about Missy. Madge informed Flo that she balked at Danny's efforts to buy her silence and expressed pity for Bill. Flo feared Danny's wrath when Madge suggested that she contact John and reveal Missy's whereabouts in exchange for money to get away from Danny. Madge told Flo that Danny expects people to hand everything to him on a silver platter, but Flo maintained that Missy could give Danny a chance to succeed. Flo agreed to Madge's suggestion that she have Danny introduce her to Missy to prove that she isn't a romantic rival. Michael told Lee that Missy didn't provide a forwarding address and reminded John that they must discuss Missy's inheritance with her. Michael privately urged Pat to summon a doctor for John despite his protests. John fondly recalled his honeymoon with Pat, then evaded Pat's glances as she got into bed.

Madge: "Oh, baby sister! If somebody told you the Chicago Water Tower was a wedding cake, you'd ask for a slice."
Flo: "You never did like Danny."
Madge: "How can you like a guy who's making your sister rock bottom miserable?"
Flo: "I guess I'd rather be miserable with Danny than happy with some other guy."

Notes: Title of Lee's scrapbook, "My Father's Career - Property of Lee Randolph." Newspaper clippings included: "City Attorney Wins Appeal in Brighton Case," "Randolph Urged to Run for State Senate," "John Randolph Wins Acquittal in Matteson Case" accompanied by smaller clippings that are illegible.

AUGUST 5, 1966 (EP. #562)
Michael tried to convince Pat to encourage John into coming to the office. John retorted that Michael was resorting to platitudes by assuming that his opinion could help Bill's morale. Michael and Pat were astonished when John dismissed his statements about returning to work as speculation and blamed the euphoria of the banquet to fooling himself into acting on ridiculous whims. Lenore was gracefully embarrassed as Liz raved about her good manners and fine breeding. Helen sarcastically noted that Liz was unique in finding significant flaws in Missy after Liz asserted that Missy's letter proved that she is a schemer who fooled everyone else. Liz covered when Lenore innocently suggested that Lt. Buckley might check the letter for fingerprints. Lenore deduced that Liz had delayed giving the letter to Bill, who grew angry with Liz for discarding the envelope because Lt. Buckley wanted to inspect it. Dru told Michael that Liz is an irrational mother who firmly believes that she acts in Bill's best interest. Michael was surprised when Dru mentioned that Liz theorized that Katherine was Missy's mother without offering any evidence. Dru was pleased that Michael and Pat had settled their differences. John dodged Pat's efforts to gain insight into the cause of his depression. Lenore urged Bill to remember the importance of providing himself with a bright future. Liz invited Lenore to dinner once she has finished running errands for Helen. Helen advised Lenore that Liz is incapable of staying out of Bill's life and that Lenore should act like an adult. Lenore boldly proclaimed to Helen that she will marry Bill once he is over his infatuation with Missy.

Dru: (to Michael) "The day Liz Matthews admits she could have made a mistake the sun will rise in the west, bullfrogs will become fairy princes and just once" (PAWING AROUND AMONG SOME PAPERS) "when I straighten out my files I won't lose the very items I'm trying to make available."

Helen: "No more lectures today, Lenore. I think I'll give you a chance to show how much of an adult you are."
Lenore: "I'm glad to hear that."
Helen: "I hope so."
Lenore: "You've made it a lot easier for me to tell you something."
Helen: "What is that?"
Lenore: "I came to an important decision this afternoon. I'm going to marry Bill Matthews as soon as his idiotic infatuation for Melissa Palmer wears off. It may take a little while...but I'm going to make it happen."

AUGUST 8, 1966 (EP. #563)
Danny grimaced and carefully assumed a pleased expression after being noticed by Flo and Charlie at The Alley. Flo threatened to provide Ed with a follow-up story on the missing heiress unless Danny agreed to introduce her to Missy immediately. Ed informed Madge that Bill heard from Missy and predicted that he would return if he knew that someone spotted Missy in the neighborhood. Madge swore to a discouraged Ed that neither she nor Flo have seen Missy since she came into the diner and are unaware of her whereabouts. Lee swooned when Michael expressed gratitude to her for taking care of Hope and the Hastings' residence and stated that there wasn't anyone he would rather be with right now. Michael urged Lee to quit blaming herself for John's accident and dwelling on the past. Lee looked at Michael adoringly after he suggested that she concentrate on spending time with him. Danny hastily interrupted Ed, who was stunned that Flo knew about Missy's letter and pressured Flo to elaborate on her comment about Bill resuming his search for Missy. Flo was implacable in wanting to see Missy, prompting Danny to suppress his temper and lovingly persuade Flo to remain silent or risk spoiling his plans to get Missy's money. Danny insisted that he needed to prepare Missy to stall arranging a meeting between her and Flo. Ed warned Flo against using him to arouse Danny's jealousy and was unconvinced by Flo's claim that his relationship with Missy is strictly business. Danny wore down Missy's resistance by talking about having companionship and a future with him. Missy bought Danny's sincerity and conviction and accepted his marriage proposal.

Danny: "Look, you don't want to go through life like that old man, do you? Nothing to live for, nobody to care about you. You don't want that, do you baby?"
Missy: "But -- I don't love you, Danny."
Danny: "I've told you I'll wait for that. I'll gamble on it. Meanwhile I won't ask anything of you. Okay, so it might take time. But we'll have time, Annie. What's more important, we'll have each other. We won't be alone in the world anymore."
Missy: (BEAT) "You mean that, Danny? You really want to marry me, knowing that I don't --?"
Danny: "Baby, I mean it! You got no idea how much I mean much I want to marry you...How about it, Annie? Will you? Will you?"
Missy: (A LONG BEAT, SHE LOOKS AT HIM) "You're right, Danny. I don't want to be alone in the world like my grandfather was. I don't want --" (SHE STOPS) "...All right, Danny. If you meant what you said -- yes. I'll marry you."

AUGUST 9, 1966 (EP. #564)
Danny eased Missy's reservations by reiterating his belief that she will grow to love him over time. Missy didn't catch Danny's cold, determined stare that belied his tender voice as Danny emphatically stated that he won't change his mind about her. Lee joked to Michael that she shamelessly threw herself at him and practically went to pieces because her love was initially unrequited. Michael grew wary with Lee for presuming that everything was working out beautifully between them. Lee contended to Michael that Pat will approve of their relationship now that they have direction and are progressing slowly. John griped about being an invalid and undue burden, but Pat maintained that activities they do together were worth the difficulties. Pat lambasted John for torturing her by grousing about his disability, then implored John not to slide back into despair and self-pity. John resented being cross-examined by Pat, who questioned the shortage of his sleeping pills. Lee was radiant as she described her romantic evening with Michael to John and Pat. Lee became shocked and troubled when John and Pat argued over him taking more sedatives than the prescribed dosage. Madge was cynical towards Flo's certainty that Danny had leveled with her about Missy and was arranging a meeting between the two women. Flo swore to Madge that she must trust that Danny is simply using Missy for her wealth. Missy shyly accepted Danny's urgency in getting married and leaving Chicago. Pat carefully advocated for Lee to allow time for her romance with Michael to mature. Pat and Lee fretted over not knowing the source of John's renewed bitterness. John had a nightmare that recreated him dancing with Pat as Henry's remarks about paralysis haunted him.

Henry: "I'd rather be dead, John." (CAMERA CUTS TO PAT AND JOHN)
Pat: "What did he say, darling -- what did he say?" (CAMERA CUTS WIDE, OTHER COUPLES STATE AT JOHN)
John: "Nothing."
Henry: "I'd rather be dead -- rather be dead." (AND AS THEY COME FACE-TO FACE WITH HIM AGAIN) "You'll never be the man you were, John." (HENRY TURNS TO THE GROUP) "He'll never be the man he was -- stuck in that chair the rest of his life. Too bad." (SHAKING HEAD, DOUR) "Too bad, too bad, too bad...tell you the truth, I'd rather be dead..."
John: "I would too. I'd rather."
Pat: "No, John -- you mustn't say that, darling, you mustn't --"
John: "I'd rather! I'd rather..." (HE CROSSES THE TABLE)
Pat: (FOLLOWING HIM) "No, no! You mustn't even think like that, John."
John: "Pat. Pat!" (REACHING OUT TO HER) "Help me, I'm falling - I'm falling." No...No..."
Henry: "You'll never be the man you were...stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of your life." (JOHN RUNS UP STAIRS) "Too bad, too bad, to tell you the truth...I'd rather be dead."
John: "Pat...Pat..." (CUT TO PAT) "Help me...I'm falling...I'm falling."

Production Notes: John's dream sequence in Act IV was taped on Saturday, July 30, 1966.

AUGUST 10, 1966 (EP. #565)
Danny anxiously wished to marry Missy to preclude her from getting cold feet. Lenore insouciantly defended her goal of subtly pushing Bill into matrimony to Helen. Helen tried to interest Lenore in spending time with Marjorie Harrison at the family's cottage, but denied Lenore's claim that she had once encouraged a romance between Lenore and Marjorie's son, Bob. Lenore told Helen that she is enduring the boredom of studying law to ensure that Bill passes his exams. Helen was torn between animus and sorrow when Lenore reiterated her resolve to be available once Bill has come to grips with losing Missy. Liz felt sympathy for Bill over finding his marriage license. Bill was briskly opposed to Liz's suggestion to burn the marriage license and accept that he and Missy are through. Lenore maintained her aplomb against Bill's lackluster reception, then demurely assured him that she enjoys helping him study. Danny and Missy went to obtain a marriage license. Missy was comforted when Danny nobly lent his handkerchief for her to dab her teary eyes, complimented her beautiful appearance, and deemed himself lucky to be her future husband. Tony and Alice assured Liz that the Bar Association dinner simply wore John out. Liz convinced Tony and Alice to have a barbecue and night out with Bill and Lenore. Alice became keenly aware of Liz's tactics in pushing Bill and Lenore together. Tony chided Alice for being suspicious that Lenore is cooperating with Liz in a concerted effort to snag Bill. Alice grew flustered while trying to articulate her stance that there's more to Missy's letter than meets the eye. Missy feigned happiness as Danny made a toast to her.

Alice: "Tony, Aunt Liz is one of those women who has to run everybody's lives for them -- and I think she figures she could keep on running Bill's life if she can marry him off to a nice cooperative girl like Lenore."
Tony: "Oh-ho. Well, Lenore was cooperating today, that's for sure."
Alice: "Yeah, but that's all part of the act."
Tony: "Act?"
Alice: "The plot to snag, Bill. And once she snags him --" (MAKES A FELINE CLAWING MOTION WITH HER HAND, LIKE A TIGER TAKING A SWIPE AT HIS TRAINER) "-- look out. Aunt Liz is liable to find out there's somebody with even longer claws than hers."
Tony: (SMILING TOLERANTLY) "You know what I think? I think you're a complete cynic. Don't you take anybody at their word!?"
Alice: "About some people."

Danny: (COMING TO MISSY, WITH A GLASS OF BEER) "I am going to propose a toast." (LIFTS HIS GLASS) "To the most beautiful, the nicest, gentlest girl in the whole world...a girl that's finally going to have a name of her own...Mrs. Danny Fargo." (HE DRINKS, SO THAT SHE IS ISOLATED)

AUGUST 11, 1966 (EP. #566)
John defiantly informed Michael and Pat that he doesn't want to resume his law practice. Pat was relieved that John begrudgingly agreed to see Dr. Lewis. Pat gave Michael a detailed account of John and Lee's confrontation and the car accident, then commended Michael for being an honest person and confidante to Lee. Alice informed Michael and Pat that Liz is engineering a romance between Bill and Lenore and roped her and Tony into going out with them. Michael and Pat dismissed Alice's concerns by noting that Bill deserved a break to be social and doubted that Liz's efforts would amount to anything. Danny swore to Missy that she is the only girl he ever wanted to marry. Missy was nonplussed when Danny purposely counted the money in his wallet while rattling off expenses for union dues, travel, renting a hotel, and buying her new clothes. Danny tried unsuccessfully to get an evasive Missy to mention her inheritance. Madge was skeptical of Flo's assertion that she will change her tune about Danny once he starts his music publishing business. Flo angrily defended Danny against Madge's theory that he might romance Missy to gain access to her money. Madge asked Flo to promise to call Bill should Danny renege on introducing her to Missy. Dr. Lewis advised John that he is in good physical shape and urged him to return to work. Dr. Lewis informed Michael that John is likely suffering from depression and emotional withdrawal which has caused a downward spiral effect. Pat was pleasantly surprised by Michael's request to be kept abreast of John's well-being. Michael was touched when Pat confessed that she and John value his friendship.

Alice: (to Michael and Pat) "Aunt Liz is at it again. You wouldn't believe what she's cooked up now. When it comes to some of the finer points of pure connivery, she could give Machiavelli -- I just learned about him -- some new dope on how to operate..."

AUGUST 12, 1966 (EP. #567)
Emily had Hope go play outside so Michael could unwind before they went on an outing. Michael ruefully told Emily that John's setback is complicated because he has sunk into depression. Michael and Emily reflected on Pat's inner-strength and devotion to John, then lamented that Pat faces the difficult task of remaining hopeful towards John's recovery. Pat informed Lee that John is in fine physical shape before quickly changing the subject to Lee's day of shopping. Lee reflected to Pat on adopting a positive outlook since meeting Michael and looking forward to their romance deepening. Pat was touched when Lee expressed love to her and appreciation that John and Pat have each other. Dru invited John and Pat to dinner in the Hawkeye Room of a hotel. John used Pat's reluctance in going without him to graciously decline Dru's invitation. Pat advised Dru that she has accepted Michael and Lee's relationship because of Lee's newfound happiness. John happily told Dru that Lee is behaving like a girl who has found her future husband. Michael tried to assure Emily that he was up front with Lee about not being ready to get serious with anyone yet, let alone discussing a potential engagement. Emily advised Michael that Lee is young, vulnerable, and in love with him. Michael realized the gravity of the situation when Emily warned that Lee may have a different interpretation of their talk than Michael does. Lee was undaunted by Michael's remarks about monopolizing her time, expecting commitments, and the possibility that her feelings may change. Michael became uncomfortable when Lee proclaimed that he is the man for her and mentioned starting a hope chest. Lee passionately kissed a concerned Michael.

Script Notes: "Lee and her happiness is the one topic which is still able to bring John out of himself, to forget his own condition."

AUGUST 15, 1966 (EP. #568)
Liz implored Bill to forget about Missy. Liz told herself that she saved Bill from marrying a deceitful impostor. Tony grew annoyed with Alice, who complained that Lenore has plans to snag Bill while charming Liz. Alice was exasperated when Tony speculated that Bill needed someone after Missy gave him the brush off. Tony scoffed at Alice's theory that Missy may have written the letter under duress. Alice didn't bother to disguise her contempt of Lenore, who talked animatedly to Bill while hanging on his arm. Danny groused to Flo about performing at The Alley. Flo pressured Danny into introducing her to Missy by threatening to call Bill. Danny tried to stall Flo by stating that Missy hasn't brought up her inheritance, that she might be scared away, and requested time to gain Missy's confidence. Flo reminded Danny that Madge can easily blow the whistle on him by telling Ed everything she knows. Missy stood on the rooftop of Danny's building while cradling a cold, lost kitten. Lenore told Bill that she declined an invitation to go to the lake to prepare him for the bar exams. Danny fibbed to Missy that Flo was a coworker who is infatuated with him and thinks that Missy is merely a friend. Missy promised Danny that she wouldn't reveal their upcoming wedding and plans to leave Chicago to Flo. Bill scoffed at Alice's notion that Lenore was showing off her dancing skills for his benefit. Lenore informed Tony and Alice that they are having a study session in the morning. Tony told Alice that Lenore badmouthed Missy while they were dancing together. Danny wickedly ordered Flo to feign ignorance of Missy's identity and follow his cues or risk being pushed off the rooftop.

Flo: "The drunk at the bar wants you to play "Deep Purple."
Danny: (TAUT) "Tell him to come back on request night."
Flo: "Well, you're in a good humor tonight, aren't you? Take a break, why don't you, have your drink."
Danny: (LOOKS AT HER, THEN BREAKS OFF PLAYING) "Yeah, you're right. Why should I beat my fingers to a pulp." (...THEN AS AN AFTERTHOUGHT, LOOKING OVER TOWARD THE BAR, PLAYS ONE QUICK PERFUNCTORY PHRASE OF "DEEP PURPLE" WITH ONE FINGER, AS SOTTO) "There, there you are, you crumb...Drunken slob, shape he's in, he wouldn't know 'Deep Purple' from Beethoven's Fifth."
Flo: "You really love your work, don't you, Danny?"
Danny: "I don't hate the work, I just hate all these jerks I have to play for..."

Notes: Danny was playing the end of "Anyplace I Hang My Hat is Home" during Act I when the scene dissolved from Tony and Alice at a dance club to "The Alley."

AUGUST 16, 1966 (EP. #569)
Flo carefully studied Missy as Danny made introductions. Bill made a tentative move to leave rather than respond to Lenore's musings about her sheltered life. Lenore guessed rightly that Liz had arranged their date, but assured Bill that he wasn't obligated to keep doing so. Bill was impressed with Lenore's observations that Liz wants him to start dating and isn't receptive to him expressing his heartache. Lenore offered Bill a sympathetic ear then bantered with him about fighting as children and recalled that Bill thought she was a spoiled brat. Helen speculated that Lenore was experiencing the natural result of shamelessly making a play for Bill and not genuine affection, despite Lenore's claims to the contrary. Danny fumed as Flo made veiled remarks to Missy about people who take in strays and sell people out for monetary gain. Flo grew frightened as Danny accused her of jeopardizing his chances of getting Missy's inheritance and viciously threatened her. Missy told Flo that she grew up in foster homes and was attending college, but fretted that she dropped out and doesn't currently have any definitive plans. Flo marveled over Missy being a nice, innocent, trusting girl and nettled Danny's ego by noting that she isn't romantically interested in him. Missy kept Mrs. Simpson from getting rid of her stray kitten by grabbing it and bolting up the stairs. Danny calmed Missy by suggesting that Flo care for the kitten once they get married and move away. Missy tried to persuade Danny into telling Flo about their wedding, prompting Danny to argue that Flo would get him fired because she is untrustworthy. Missy ruminated over having a name that truly belonged to her.

Lenore: "All this time I was making a play for him, trying to hook him, like fishing for sport -- hook 'em, then throw 'em back -- a vicious little sport we women play, isn't it?"
Helen: "Oh, some men play it, too. But yes, it is vicious."
Lenore: (GOING ON) "Even tonight --" (SMILES) "--mother, you would have been furious with me, I was utterly shameless - promoting the invitation in the first place --"
Helen: "With help from Liz, of course."
Lenore: "Yes, but when she provided the opening I jumped in so fast -- and then later, when we were out together, I hung on his every word, I bubbled, I danced divinely -- but not with him, for him."
Helen: "Congratulations. It sounds as though you didn't miss a trick."
Lenore: "I didn't. Only now I'm beginning to realize -- it wasn't a trick." (FROWNS; WHAT SHE FEELS DISTURBS AND CONFUSES HER)

Notes: Lenore and Bill have known each other since third grade while going to the Country Day School. Bill attended school for seven years in pursuit of his law degree. Flo mentions that she was born and raised on a farm in Iowa and is one of eleven children.

AUGUST 17, 1966 (EP. #570)
John had a nightmare of Fred and Henry lamenting that his paralysis precludes him from having a future in the law profession. Pat reluctantly went to get John another sedative to cure his restlessness. Pat dejectedly told Michael that John won't make eye contact with her or confess his troubles, prompting Michael to urge Pat to have faith that John will overcome his depression. Michael was pleased that Pat valued his moral support and promised to assist her in getting John to resume his career. Dru and Mary abided by Alice's request to treat her like an adult by being forthright about John's severe depression and Pat's resistance in asking anyone for guidance. Alice grew pensive when Dru advised that they must respect Pat's right to solve her own problems and not intrude in John and Pat's personal affairs. Michael confided in Dru that he didn't tell Pat that Dr. Lewis diagnosed John with depression because she's hanging by a thread. Dru decided to arrange for Fred and Henry to see John to lift his spirits. John reprimanded Liz for asking him to reveal whether Missy had drawn any money from Katherine's estate so Bill will accept that Missy has left town permanently and has gained financial independence. Pat received a call from Fred and decided to keep his and Henry's visit a surprise as John argued with Liz about her interference in Bill's life, Missy, and having Bill's best interests in mind. Dru and Mary lambasted Liz for disparaging John over not trying to conquer his handicap, burdening Pat, and incredulity that John was ever a competent lawyer. Fred and Henry debated on whether John will ever try a case in the courtroom again.

Mary: (TRYING HARD FOR CONTROL) "Liz, just once...just one time -- I wish you'd listen to what you say. Then maybe you'll have some idea of what you are really saying!!"
Liz: "What do you mean?"
Dru: "I think what Mary means, Liz, is that you have regrettable faculty for saying rather reckless things -- and the great good fortune of not being able to hear yourself."
Liz: "That's absurd!! Of course I know what I'm saying."

AUGUST 18, 1966 (EP. #571)
Danny informed a dubious Madge that Flo and Missy met. Madge suggested Danny drop dead when he acted wounded by her suspicious nature and wanted to remedy it. Bill understood Michael's resolve to marry again for the right reasons once Michael explained that he hadn't loved Julie and had tried to hold the marriage together for Hope's sake. Bill planned to have Ed write an article in the newspapers that is addressed to Missy from him. Madge refused to promise Danny that she won't call Ed or Bill and expose him. Danny scoffed when Madge accused him of keeping Flo from following her dreams. Madge remained skeptical towards Danny's contentions that he will marry Flo and reunite Bill and Missy once she finances his business. Michael convinced Bill to postpone going to Chicago until after his bar exams. Bill approved of Michael's idea to join Fred and Henry in visiting John. Michael told Bill that he admires and respects Pat's strength and devotion to John. Bill agreed with Michael's assessment that Pat is a giving person who should be more assertive with John. Pat was embarrassed as John acted cold to Fred and Henry while making acerbic remarks towards their well wishes. Pat went to embrace John, who revealed that he overheard Fred and Henry's hurtful comments at the Bar Association banquet. John caused Pat to stumble and fall to the floor by flinging her away from him, then blamed Pat for insisting that he attend the event. Michael angrily defended Pat against John, who retreated to the bedroom. Michael and Pat became aware of their emotional connection as he brushed Pat's hair back from her face and comforted her.

Script notes for Danny during Act I: "...Danny is a young man scared, having been pushed to the wall, afraid that his one big chance could escape him by one word too many spoken by Madge Murray. Danny's a swinger, he's used to thinking on his feet, but this deal is bigger than any he's ever tackled before - and he's scared. So, for once in his life, he's thinking twice before he speaks once - and we must see this going on, see him looking at Madge and plotting his strategy. It also galls him to have to pacify and mollify this dame....So he tightens his tie, straightens his lapels, takes one long drag on his cigarette, grinds it under his foot, grits his teeth, then puts on his most winning face as he sweeps into the diner...."

John: "The night of the Bar Association dinner. The night they all came up and told me how great it was to see me. But when I was out on the terrace waiting for Michael to drive the car around to get me, I heard Douglas and Parks talking....I heard Henry Parks say -- how sorry he felt for me. That he'd rather be dead than like me."
John: "I don't want your pity! Can't you understand that? I don't want your pity - and I don't want you hounding me to do things I'm not able to do. I was fairly happy, I was even getting adjusted to my life until you insisted that I go to that dinner. Yes, you insisted! You've been wanting to know what happened to me. Well, now you know! And you know it was your fault."
Michael: "Don't speak to her that way, John. Don't speak to Patricia that way."

Notes: Bill mentions that Ed Blake is a reporter for "The Dispatch" in Chicago. Madge revealed that Flo went to Charm School and had aspirations to become a model.

AUGUST 19, 1966 (EP. #572)
Michael and Pat gazed into each other's eyes until Pat broke the stare and apologized for getting hysterical. Bill was puzzled that Fred and Henry had already left the house. Michael instinctively kept Bill engaged by discussing his bar exams so that Pat could regain her composure. Bill grew curious when Michael and Pat exchanged knowing glances before she headed to the bedroom to see John. Michael told Bill that Fred and Henry's gossip caused John's depression but confessed that he lost some sympathy for John because he laid all the blame onto Pat. Bill was astonished that Michael got involved in a dispute between spouses and advised that they shouldn't pass judgments. Michael fumbled in trying to counter Bill's assertions that he and Lee are heading towards an engagement. Flo grew homesick as Madge spoke of the good life they had in Iowa, then chided Flo for dating creeps like Danny. Madge was amazed when Flo told her that she met Missy and that she and Danny share a platonic relationship. Ed told Danny that Missy's letter to Bill has kept the missing heiress story relevant and that his editor is hounding him for another article. Danny felt desperate as Ed expressed certainty over Bill's return to Chicago. Ed rebuked Danny's idea of covering him in the paper as an up-and-coming musician. Danny got nervous when Ed planned to offer a reward for information. Flo refused to comply with Danny's request that she break ties with Madge to protect his plans. Michael and Pat felt awkward while making small talk about Emily and Hope. Michael commended Pat for the sacrifices she has made for John and pointed out that she has been suffering too.

Description of Madge's apartment: One small but sunny and immaculate room. If it could have slanted walls to indicate the roof of the house (a dormer window or two) it would be nice. It is furnished in simple, inexpensive taste but good. And there is a touch of country about it. Maybe wicker furniture, cretonne covers, braided rug on the floor. There are some nice healthy plants at the window. A small round dining room table with a cover to the floor, sewing basket on it. On the wall a large old-fashioned calendar from some small town in Iowa (Feed Store) with a typical country scene on it would be nice. On the chest there's an assortment of family pictures, boys in uniform, graduation pictures, etc...

AUGUST 22, 1966 (EP. #573)
Pat became composed as she held Michael's handkerchief and recalled him comforting her. John thrashed and mumbled while having a nightmare until Pat ran to his bedside to calm him. Michael grimly recounted John and Pat's confrontation to Emily, but conceded that he hadn't considered that John might stir Lee's guilt and remorse by taking his fury out on her. Emily was puzzled as Michael griped about John's treatment towards Pat, who has lavished ceaseless devotion and attention on him, then blamed himself for prodding John into going to the banquet. Emily was hopeful that cooler heads would prevail once Michael and John get some much-needed rest. Danny gently reproached Missy for worrying that he was having second thoughts about marrying her. Missy admitted to a disappointed Danny that she doesn't have any money of her own. Missy vowed to herself that she would never touch Katherine's "conscience" money. Ed reacted quizzically to Danny's questions on the ways in which he discovered that Missy had inherited a fortune. Danny was secretly relieved once Ed explained that Bill works for the law firm that drew up Katherine's will, but the missing heiress hasn't made claim to the estate yet. Michael maintained that he wishes to protect Pat from the consequences of John's animosity after Emily voiced disapproval over his involvement in John and Pat's issues. John informed Michael and Pat that he is quitting his law practice and wants him to take over the firm, much to Michael and Pat's chagrin. Pat implored Michael to decline John's business proposition and suggested that he leave town, which Michael flatly refused.

AUGUST 23, 1966 (EP. #574)
Mrs. Cassie Wilson was anxious to tear her husband, Justice of the Peace C.L. Wilson, from an auction to conduct Danny and Missy's wedding ceremony. Missy apprehensively insisted that she was a nobody when Cassie thought she recognized her while preparing the legal paperwork. Bill rebuffed Liz's suggestions to eat breakfast and drive everything out of his mind in preparation for his bar exams. Liz assured Lenore that Bill passing his exams is the first step towards his emancipation from Missy. Lenore was startled when Liz boasted that she uncovered things about Missy and that she didn't have much of a choice in leaving under the circumstances. Flo told Madge that she doesn't mind keeping the books for Max despite not getting paid overtime. Liz covered smoothly by telling Lenore that a marriage between Bill and Missy was doomed because of the disparity in their backgrounds and that Missy had the good sense to walk out of the engagement. Liz wistfully told Lenore that she is criticized for meddling in other people's lives, but suppressed the urge to reveal the full story of confronting Missy. Lenore was flattered that Liz considered her the perfect girl for Bill. Liz advocated patience to Lenore so that Bill can get over Missy. Missy smiled numbly as Danny pointed out that she finally has a name. Bill informed Liz that the oral portion of his exams was grueling and that he envisioned coming home to Missy after getting married and passing them. Danny asked Flo for a payroll advance so that he could take Missy out to dinner. Madge encouraged Flo to be more assertive with Danny. Danny cryptically told Flo that his investment in Missy is paying off.

Mrs. Wilson: "All signed, license stamped, everything."
C.L.: "Good." (COMING BACK, FASTENING SHABBY JUDICIAL ROBE) "Got to get back to the auction, got my eye on a little Jersey heifer I might buy." (PICKS UP BOOK) "All right now." (BEGINS TO READ) "Daniel Fargo, wilt thou have this woman to be thy lawful wedded wife; wilt thou love her, comfort her and keep her in sickness and in health..." (AS THE MUSIC SWELLS PAST THE SOUND OF HIS VOICE, OUR LAST GLIMPSE IS OF MISSY, TRYING TO SMILE IN THE FACE OF THIS TRAVESTY. FADE OUT)
C.L.: (THE NEXT THING IS A DRONE -- AS PERFUNCTORY AS HE CAN GET AWAY WITH WITHOUT IT'S HAVING A COMIC EFFECT) "...and now under the authority vested in me by the laws of this state and in the presence of this witness, I declare that --" (REFERRING TO THE LICENSE, OR TO A SHEET OF PAPER ON WHICH HE HAS SCRIBBLED THEIR NAMES) "-- Daniel Fargo and Annie Summers are husband and wife." (LOOKS UP, CLOSES THE BOOK; BUT CASSIE CLEARS HER THROAT SIGNIFICANTLY, SO HE RELUCTANTLY ADDS: ) "Whom God has joined together let no man put asunder." (NODS IN FINALITY) "You can kiss your bride young fellow." (AND AS DANNY DOES, VERY GENTLY ON THE CHEEK HE IS ALREADY TURNING AWAY, DIVESTING HIMSELF OF THE ROBE) "Cassie, anybody else needs me, I'll be at the auction barn."

Danny: "Well, how does it feel, Mrs. Fargo?"
Missy: (SMILING, OF COURSE, BUT NUMB) "Mrs. Fargo..."
Danny: "You finally got a name, a real name."

AUGUST 24, 1966 (EP. #575)
Lee was dumbfounded by Pat's veiled remarks about unwanted thoughts and questions without answers. Lee passionately told Pat that she refuses to accept Missy's letter to Bill and wants to believe that she will return. Pat nodded respectfully as Lee reflected on maturing over time and falling in love with Michael. Michael dwelled on his worries and affection for Pat. Lee was grateful for an excuse to see Michael once Pat dissembled nonchalance over his handkerchief being left behind and suggested she return it. Dru happily informed Michael that Professor Morris opined that Bill displayed a remarkable grasp of law, poise, balance, and perspicacity during oral examinations. Michael filled Dru in on Fred and Henry's roles in causing John's regression, John's business proposition, and intentions to quit his practice. Dru was troubled by Michael's concerns that Pat would bear the brunt of John's fury. Pat realized that John wasn't into playing cards after her joke about receiving her winnings in installments fell flat. John inquired into Lee's day, then asked Lee to help Pat in the kitchen after failing to pay attention. Pat carefully dodged confirming Lee's suspicions that something was wrong with John. Lee was distressed when Pat blamed herself for cursing John and Lee with endless turmoil. Dru caught Michael and Pat exchange lingering glances. Michael fumed when John joked about his hesitation in taking over the firm. John bluntly told Dru that Pat's dinner invitation was contingent on sparing him lectures. Pat declined Michael's offers of help beyond being a trusted confidante. Lee possessively took Michael's arm as they left to get Hope for an evening out.

Production Notes: Pat and Michael's individual flashbacks (of Act IV, Episode #573) were shot using a diffusion lens. The camera represented Pat in the prologue and Michael during Act II, which enabled the flashbacks to be performed live.

AUGUST 25, 1966 (EP. #576)
Danny conceded that Flo was right to discourage him from defying Max before he acquires Missy's money. Flo was clueless to Danny's hidden meaning about surprising everyone once he achieves his goals. Bill didn't share Liz's elation over Professor Morris' assessment of Bill's oral examinations. Dru lamented to Bill that John allowed Fred and Henry's tactless comments to ruin the progress he was making, but agreed with Bill that Michael's involvement in John and Pat's problems could make matters worse. Bill informed Dru that he is returning to Chicago and is writing a letter to Missy for Ed to publish in the newspapers. Flo was thrilled that Danny was receptive to getting a marriage license on their way to New York. Danny provoked Flo's jealousy by hinting that he could get Missy's money by romancing her in response to Flo's impatience in Danny earning Missy's trust. Madge chastised Danny and Flo for being irresponsible with money since their mother needs medication. Flo laid into Madge when she voiced skepticism over Danny's deals being legitimate. Danny charmed Missy by claiming that he submitted a song he wrote for her to be published, but needs funds to promote it. Bill vetoed Liz's idea of hosting a party to celebrate him passing the bar exams. Liz was shaken by Bill's determination in finding Missy. Madge warned Flo that Danny is deceptive enough to marry Missy to further his schemes. Danny pressed Missy into revealing that she inherited Katherine's estate. Missy offered to give Danny the initial disbursement, but blew a fuse when Danny pushed for details on the amount of the fortune and the reasons Missy refuses to claim it.

AUGUST 26, 1966 (EP. #577)
Pat was disheartened when John insolently proclaimed that he was quitting his practice. John angrily told Pat that he loathes being pitied and that she must accept him unconditionally or make other arrangements. Jim ascertained that John is acting ridiculous and griped that he lashes out at Pat every time he hits some kind of snag, despite Dru and Mary advocating compassion and understanding. Dru informed Jim and Mary that Michael hasn't decided on whether to assume full ownership of John's law firm. Lee implored Michael and Pat to update her on John, but let them off the hook due to the time of night. Michael dismissed his influence when Lee credited him for making her a mature, responsible person. Lee told Michael that he has helped her gain the strength to handle the truth about anything and urged Michael to level with her about John. Danny and Missy agreed to have complete honesty between them. Danny played on Missy's insecurities by putting on airs of being an injured party because she kept quiet about bequeathing a fortune. Missy begged for Danny to use the $5,000.00 disbursement to have a song published, but balked at discussing Katherine's estate. Danny decided to call John to inquire about the disbursement since Missy didn't want to travel to Bay City. Lee disagreed with John's contention that he isn't needed since Michael began running the firm. John dismissed Pat's concerns that Lee senses that something is wrong with him. Michael furtively called Pat to arrange for them to talk confidentially. Pat refused to burden Lee despite Michael's assertions that she shouldn't carry the weight of John's paralysis alone. Michael resolved to be up front with Lee about John's current condition for Pat's sake.

AUGUST 29, 1966 (EP. #578)
Madge acted awestruck in front of Danny over Ed taking her picture to accompany a final story about Missy. Danny cringed when Madge teased that someone who knows Missy's current whereabouts would have come forward by now. Ed grew annoyed as Madge taunted Danny over being a big spender and a clever, talented man who is destined to be a famous musician. Ed was discouraged that Madge couldn't give new information on Missy and fretted that her letter to Bill didn't develop the missing heiress story. Madge bluntly told Danny that she suspects he will marry Missy, abscond with her money, and ditch Flo completely. Pat covered by updating John on the family, but denied his accusations that she complained about him to Mary. John exploded at Pat for suggesting that he hire a detective to investigate Missy's disappearance and provide legal insight. John apologized to Pat for hurting her, pleaded for forgiveness, and bemoaned that he would be lost without her. Danny grew scared upon learning from Ed that Bill intends to resume his search for Missy. Ed informed Danny that Bill questioning Madge and his open letter to Missy might provide him with a new story angle. Danny disguised alarm by telling Ed that his ideas won't pay off. Michael mustered conviction to support Bill's faith that Missy wishes to be found and to reconcile with him. Bill was nonplussed over Michael's concern for Pat, but convinced him that Pat should be the one to tell Lee about John's poor morale. Lee sensed that Pat had downplayed John's reaction to the patronizing comments by his colleagues and had dissembled optimism over getting John through a temporary setback.

Script Notes for John: "A picture of apathy, the increasing disinterest with which he views his life and everything around him. This withdrawal -- from which he rouses himself only occasionally for vicarious enjoyment of other people's lives (such as Lee's) is a facet of his decline which we need to see along with the self-loathing which manifests itself so often. So he is just there, vegetating...."

AUGUST 30, 1966 (EP. #579)
Missy slept as Danny vowed to acquiesce to her wishes until he gets her fortune. Danny resolved to call John should Missy fail to claim her inheritance and feared that Bill's return will ruin his plans. Helen disguised her distress as Lenore recounted Liz's cryptic remarks about being thankful that Missy removed herself from Bill's life and had no choice but to leave under the circumstances. Helen reminded Lenore that she would have been notified by John if Missy had inquired about gaining access to the inheritance. Lenore went to store some of Katherine's possessions away while Helen looked at the jewelry box and was alarmed to find that Missy's hospital records were missing. Missy was haunted by the recurring nightmare of Liz confronting her about her parentage. Danny acted wistful and assumed a courageous smile while ruefully pointing out to Missy that they aren't living as husband and wife. Missy felt conflicted as Danny complained that he can't afford to buy her a wedding ring and send money to his sick mother. Helen was disappointed that Katherine hadn't left Missy's birth records and picture of Rick with John. John tried to quell Helen's fears over Missy's confidentiality being breached. Liz scrambled to detain Bill, who was making reservations for the next available flight to Chicago. Bill decided not to fight against Liz's plans to enlist Lenore's aide in throwing a dinner party to celebrate him passing the bar exams. Missy revealed to Danny that Katherine was the mother who abandoned her as a baby. Danny failed to placate Missy, who emphatically stated that she is rejecting Katherine by refusing to make her rightful claim on the inheritance.

Danny: (VOICE OVER, PRE-RECORDED) "Some marriage isn't it, Annie? You there, me out here...All right, that's the way you want it, that's the way it'll be...anything you say, until I get my hands on that money...then all bets are off." (TAKES PIECE OF PAPER OUT OF HIS POCKET, LOOKS AT IT READING:) "John Randolph, attorney-at-law, Bay City...all right, Mr. Randolph, if she doesn't get in touch with you you're going to hear from me personally. After all, I am her husband, I got rights. If she doesn't claim that inheritance, and quick -- it's got to be quick, or that kid Bill Matthews will be back here and blow the whistle on me..." (FOLDS UP THE PAPER, DETERMINED:) "All right, today's the big push, I really start crowding you." (THE BLANKET CURTAIN CLOSES IN FRONT OF HIM AS WE FADE OUT).

Liz: (VOICE OVER, PRE-RECORDED) (to herself) "You're no match for us anymore, match at all."

AUGUST 31, 1966 (EP. #580)
Missy grew agitated when Danny pushed for details on the estate. Danny was dismayed as Missy expressed hatred towards Katherine and vowed to never touch her money. Helen was nettled at John's negativism towards administering Katherine's estate rather than Michael since she is the executrix of the estate. John agreed with Helen that they shared privileged information on Katherine and Missy, but John maintained that ethics wouldn't be violated regardless of his involvement. John parceled his own knowledge as Pat revealed that Missy selected her name and fabricated her background due to feeling inferior to others. Pat confessed to John that she was amazed by Katherine and Missy's close bond and recognized that they filled a void in each other's lives. John and Pat contemplated Missy's reasons for not claiming Katherine's estate and leaving town abruptly. Missy bitterly told Danny that Liz gave her proof of her parentage, that Katherine befriended her to alleviate guilt, and that she died before acknowledging her as a daughter. Danny opined to Missy that she was judging Katherine too harshly. Missy sadly told Danny that Liz freed Bill to marry a girl who is worthy of him. Liz felt consternation towards Lenore, who casually suggested giving Bill the information she learned about Missy to stop him from going to Chicago. Liz chided Lenore for assuming she had concrete facts about Missy. Lenore grew hopeful as Liz hinted that she and Bill can build on their friendship. Danny wore Missy's defenses down by insisting that she is entitled to her inheritance. Missy wrote a letter to John to request the disbursement be mailed by check to Chicago.

Missy: "It was Mrs. Matthews -- Bill's mother. She came to me the night before the wedding and told me she knew all about me. My background."
Danny: "How do you know it was even true about Mrs. Corning?"
Missy: "Oh, it was true all right. Mrs. Matthews had the proof. Besides, as soon as she told me, I knew." (WITH QUIET VENOM, ALL THE HURT AND ANGER JUST UNDER THE SURFACE) "I suddenly realized that's why Mrs. Corning had been so nice to me -- all the time, I thought it was because she really liked me. But it was just her guilt and shame -- trying to make up to me for something so terrible that nobody could ever --" (STOPS, LOOKS AT HIM) "-- No. The only way she could ever have made it right would have been to acknowledge me as her daughter. Not with money, not with gifts or friendship --" (STOPS) "-- and now she's gone, so it will never be right." And I just want --" (TURNS AWAY, QUIET, BLEAK) "I just want to forget it all." (DANNY WATCHES HER, TRYING VAINLY TO FIGURE HOW HE CAN MAKE A NEW APPROACH TO THE PROBLEM, AS WE FADE OUT).

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Pat recalls that she befriended Missy while she was dating Tom. Pat reflected that she was naive and practically hypnotized by Tom's charms, which made her believe she had loved him. Pat concluded by describing her experience with Tom as a horrible nightmare that ended once John came into her life.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1966 (EP. #581)
Liz implored Bill to quit hoping for Missy to return to him. Bill seethed while quietly chastising Liz for putting Missy's portrait on his desk face down. Alice confessed that she isn't thrilled about attending the party for Bill because Liz is promoting a romance between him and Lenore. Tony reasoned that Bill should resume dating again after Missy left him, but Alice maintained that Bill is destined for unhappiness by being pushed into Lenore's arms. Alice earnestly proclaimed to Tony that Bill and Missy will be reunited. Liz failed to talk a determined Bill out of traveling to Chicago. Bill informed Liz that Missy's letter sounds vastly different from the ways in which she speaks, thinks, and expresses emotions. Michael and Pat exchanged affected, uncomfortable glances as Lee had Michael fasten a pearl necklace on her. Michael was relieved that Pat had leveled with Lee about John's poor morale. Lee sang Michael's praises for being compassionate and guiding her to maturity and contentment, which made Michael and Pat feel trapped. Fred advised Liz that she won't succeed in getting Bill romantically interested in Lenore. Bill was contrite when Lenore guessed rightly that he was too pre-occupied by thoughts of Missy to enjoy himself. Tony laughed at Alice, who theorized that Liz might shift her focus from Bill to Tony should she and Fred get married. Fred made Liz nervous by admitting that he was suspicious of her request for information on Rick Summers. Liz skillfully improvised the explanation to Fred that she inquired into Rick to maintain confidentiality for a friend who wanted to sell property in his name. Lenore felt satisfied when Bill became stricken by her proposal that Missy assumed a facade to attract him and left because she couldn't maintain it.

Alice: "I don't like the reason for the party."
Tony: "What's wrong with celebrating your cousin Bill's passing his bar exams? I thought you liked him."
Alice: "I do -- that's why I hate to see what his mother is doing to him."
Tony: "Where do you keep your crystal ball, gypsy lady?"

(LIZ LOOKS AT MELISSA'S PICTURE AND PICKS IT UP) "You're a lot stronger than I thought you were Melissa. No, Bill doesn't know how much I've done for him...and he never will...Yes, you're strong but you're no match for Lenore. And she's here -- and you are not." (PUTTING DOWN PICTURE) "You won't be around much longer -- even as a memory."

SEPTEMBER 2, 1966 (EP. #582)
Danny relented when Missy insisted on mailing the letter to John's home address to avoid being traced. Missy was unconvinced despite Danny's assurances that he will make big things happen for them. John hedged on taking Pat's suggestion to hire a detective agency to search for Missy and contended that they should respect the wishes Missy stated in her letter. Pat excitedly raised the theory to John that Missy ran away because she couldn't bear to reveal her true background to Bill and go through with a marriage based on deceit. John advised Pat that they shouldn't give Bill privileged information and make assumptions on the reasons for Missy's departure. Lee informed John and Pat that Liz and Lenore are resolute over getting Bill to forget Missy. Michael was discomfited after Lee joked that she had Michael signed, sealed, and delivered before he suspected anything. Michael felt stuck in a tangled web in which he couldn't extricate himself once Lee proposed that he provide her with "permanent security" to encourage John to resume his career. Flo was thrilled that Danny persuaded Missy into discussing her inheritance. Madge reacted sympathetically as Danny gave a detailed account on Missy's background and Liz's underhanded role in forcing Missy to flee. Danny told Madge and Flo that he will reunite Missy with Bill once she grants him a loan. Flo tearfully accused Madge of undermining her trust in Danny. Danny invented a sob story about his mother needing medical care to guilt Missy into claiming her inheritance. Missy wavered as Danny purposefully mused about having a shared family who would benefit greatly with money from her trust fund.

Notes: Danny and Missy chose Post Office Box 513 at the Clark Street branch to receive correspondence from John on Katherine's estate. Flo mentions that Danny's mother is deceased. Madge revealed that she is one year older than Flo. Danny has a brother named Harry who lives in West Virginia.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1966 (EP. #583)
Liz tore Bill and Missy's wedding announcement to shreds and arrogantly proclaimed that Bill will marry Lenore. Alice hypothesized to Jim and Mary that Liz wouldn't have thrown the party for Bill had Missy been present and that Lenore is making a play for Bill. Mary and Alice debated on whether Bill has a choice in getting interested in Lenore because of Liz. Bill glumly admitted to Lenore that he has felt forlorn and lost without Missy. Lenore tactfully assured Bill that he isn't wrong for wanting to find Missy but opined that she was foolish to turn her back on love. Bill speculated to Lenore that she and Missy would easily become friends and tried to be optimistic about Chicago. Lenore fantasized that Bill deemed himself a fortunate man, who was given another chance at love and will have a successful career with her as his strong, understanding wife. Dru echoed Mary's skepticism that Lee marrying Michael would alleviate John's angst and the issues surrounding his paralysis. Liz carped to Dru and Mary that the party was a dismal failure because it didn't preclude Bill from going to Chicago. Dru and Mary balked at Liz's request for Jim to give Bill advice on Missy and contended that she should trust Bill to handle his own life. Liz went on a tirade about Bill loving a girl who is clever and pretty, but completely unworthy of him, which prompted Dru and Mary to stare at Liz in disbelief. Lenore maintained a sweet-natured countenance as Alice bluntly advised Lenore that she is merely a substitute for Missy and doesn't stand a chance with Bill. Lenore and Alice squared off on Missy's love for Bill, her reasons for leaving town, and which girl is meant to be with Bill.

Mary: "Why do you think your Aunt Liz had the dinner then?"
Alice: "It's part of her plot to get Bill interested in Lenore."
Mary: "Helen Moore's daughter?"
Alice: "I think Aunt Liz has her all hand-picked to become Mrs. William Matthews."
Jim: "Oh, honey, you're imagining things."
Alice: "Dad, I couldn't imagine that gooey, gooey look on Lenore's face when she was dancing with Bill. And they sat down for a while and Lenore never let up...yackety, yackety, yackety...all the time. Poor Bill...he looked as though he didn't know what hit him."
Mary: "I never thought talking all the time was any way to attract a man."
Alice: "It all depends. If you're talking about them...and what interests them...they never think you're talking too much."
Jim: (A LITTLE MOCK INDIGNATION) "Where did you ever get that idea!"
Alice: "Oh, Dad...all the girls know that."
Jim: (TO MARY) "Listen to her!"
Mary: (LAUGHING) "They say girls learn what men are like from their fathers."
Alice: (HUGGING HER FATHER) "And I've got the best father there is...He just doesn't know about women, that's all."
Jim: "Young lady..."
Alice: "It's true, Dad. We women can always pull the wool over your eyes."

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Alice theorizes to Jim and Mary that Liz is sizing Fred up as husband material for herself. Lenore's vision in Act II of herself and Bill was shot using a diffusion lens. The camera represented Lenore, which enabled the sequence to be performed live.

SEPTEMBER 6, 1966 (EP. #584)
Danny regrouped after Missy grew irate towards his insinuations that she doesn't want to risk running into Bill by meeting with John to discuss her inheritance. Missy's resistance wavered as Danny surmised that she isn't a person who would begrudge their shared family of financial assistance by allowing money to sit in a bank. Flo approved of Danny's idea to reconcile Missy with Bill and play on her gratitude to secure financing for his business. Danny tried to assure Flo that he must accompany Missy to Bay City to protect his investment and their plans for the future. Ed was cynical over Bill returning to Chicago while showing Danny a picture in the society pages of Bill and Lenore at a dance club. Michael reluctantly conceded to Bill's view that they should not get involved in John and Pat's issues. Bill bristled with anger upon seeing himself in the newspaper with Lenore, prompting Michael to point out that people don't pay attention to tripe. Danny smiled as Ed carped that he was wrong to believe that Bill was heartbroken over Missy. Ed was perplexed by Danny's interest in getting newspapers from Bay City at a local newsstand. Flo lectured Madge on fueling Danny's temper by insulting him. Madge told Flo that she may accept Max's job offer to keep an eagle eye on Danny and potentially break up his romance with Flo. Madge wearily urged Flo to watch Danny closely until she gets a wedding ring and a signed marriage license. Missy pointed out her former College English professor and "The Joint" while Danny innocently flipped through a Bay City newspaper. Danny felt triumphant when Missy was deeply stricken to see the photograph of Bill and Lenore.

Notes: Announcement at top of program, "The part of Danny Fargo is played today by Jordan Charney." Of course, Charney would later play Sam Lucas on AW and Somerset.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1966 (EP. #585)
Danny emphasized to Missy that Bill and Lenore looked happy in the photograph. Missy told Danny that she wants Bill to be happy as she numbly realized that Bill has moved on with Lenore. Pat dropped all pretenses to speak frankly to Bill about John dwelling on Fred and Henry's tactless remarks and opined that John isn't being fair to Michael by expecting him to take over his practice. Bill pointed out that he lacks the experience to run John's firm when Pat urged Bill to accept John's business proposition to keep it in the family. Bill caught Pat's uneasy reaction when he mentioned Michael and Lee's potential engagement and inquired into the reasons she seems bothered by Michael. Pat insisted to Bill that Michael shouldn't take John's offer merely to please him. John voiced certainty to Bill and Pat over Michael purchasing the firm and proposing marriage to Lee. Bill was stunned to learn from John that Missy hasn't touched Katherine's money. John and Pat exchanged glances when Bill guessed that Missy's reference to committing a terrible wrong in her letter was jilting him. Danny was incredulous when Missy defended Liz as a mother who acted in Bill's best interests. Missy described Lenore as a pretty, confident girl who fits into high society to Danny. John convinced Pat that it's not their place to reveal Missy's secrets to Bill. Pat was ecstatic upon receiving a letter from Missy. Danny shrewdly badgered Missy over refusing to accept her inheritance. Danny invented a story about his mother spending every dollar on the children rather than herself and wanting to help her financially, which persuaded Missy to claim her fortune.

Missy: (INCREDULOUS:) "You don't have a picture of your mother!"
Danny: "No..." (HANGING HIS HEAD:) "And you want to know why?"
Missy: "Why, Danny?"
Danny: (IMPROVISING) "Well, I always wanted one so one Christmas I sent her twenty-five bucks and I said I wanted her to go into town and get a real good picture made. Something I could have and I asked her to get extras so the rest of the kids could each have one...And you know what she did?"
Missy: (SO BELIEVING:) "I'll bet I do, Danny."
Danny: "Yeah?... What?"
Missy: "I'll bet she just couldn't spend that money on herself."
Danny: (SHAKING HIS HEAD:) "How'd you know, Annie? That's just what happened. She wrote me to forgive her for spending the money on the kids." (SLY LOOK AT MISSY:) "How'd you figure it out?"
Missy: "Because that's what mothers always do. They give to their children...even when they don't have things for themselves."
Danny: "So now you see why I feel like I do about her. You understand...even if your mother wasn't like that." (PAUSE) "It's because of Mom I want us to go to Bay City and get the rest of the money. It's because I got a mother like that - and I want you to have a chance to get to meet her. That's what money is for's to do for the people you love."
Missy: (LOOKING AT NEWSPAPER PICTURE:) "Alright, Danny."
Danny: (HOLDING HIS BREATH) "All right, what?"
Missy: (PUTTING PAPER DOWN) "I don't mind going back to Bay City now. As soon as we get the $5,000, we'll go back to Bay City and get the money so we can help your mother." (ADMIRING LOOK) "I feel I owe her a great deal. You're a fine person, Danny. She must be proud of you."

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Missy tells Danny that she is grateful to Liz for revealing Katherine as her mother, which thwarted Katherine's efforts to "fix things with money" and "buy her off."

SEPTEMBER 8, 1966 (EP. #586)
Mary told Alice that John has been severely depressed ever since the banquet and that Jim is upset because Pat is carrying the burden. Alice urged Mary to visit Pat, despite Mary's qualms over interfering in John and Pat's lives. Pat was crestfallen that Missy's letter requested the disbursement and nothing more. John reminded Pat that Missy's letters were coherent and rational and ascertained that they should respect her privacy. Pat resigned to John's views that Missy had deeply personal reasons for leaving and that she must reconcile with Bill of her own volition. John promised to consider allowing Pat to write Missy to notify her of Bill coming to Chicago, but was unyielding towards Pat's objections to Michael handling Missy's estate. Mary was mortified to overhear John tell Pat that she isn't qualified to judge his decisions on the ownership of the firm. John deemed the matter settled, despite asking Mary's objective opinion on the subject. Mary noticed that Pat became tense, yet bright and talkative with Michael, who joked about Hope wanting to model her new school clothes for him. Pat rambled about dinner preparations and busied herself to avert Mary's worried glances. Lee raved to Alice about Michael and Pat's support and guidance. Alice grew excited when Lee proclaimed that she and Michael are practically engaged. John told Michael to get instructions from Missy on administering the rest of her inheritance. Mary unwittingly made Pat vulnerable by inquiring into her newfound friendship with Michael. Pat snapped at Mary for mentioning her initial reservations about Michael and Lee's romance and the similarities between John and Michael.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1966 (EP. #587)
Pat gazed into Michael's eyes as he spoke passionately about earnestly helping true love prevail for Bill and Missy. Michael informed John that he issued a certified check to Missy and included instructions for her to come to Bay City and sign papers to acquire Katherine's estate. John approved Michael and Pat's proposition of telling Bill about Missy's letters to provide him with an opportunity to see Missy by waiting at the post office. Michael deflected John's questions on whether he is ready to propose marriage to Lee. Missy consented to Danny's idea that they buy new clothes for their trip to Bay City. Danny quickly made the excuse that his mother dislikes being fussed over to nix Missy's suggestion that they give her money for an operation in person. Liz harped on Bill going to Chicago without having any plans or leads on Missy's whereabouts. Bill booked an earlier flight to Chicago, which precluded him from fulfilling John's urgent request to speak with him. Missy denied Danny's assumption that she was upset over Bill and Lenore becoming an item. Danny conned Missy into keeping their marriage secret until he can level with Flo. Michael and Pat fretted that they cannot reach Bill in Chicago to notify him about Missy's letters. John accused Pat of recruiting Michael to her side and angrily concluded that Pat faulted him for Bill missing the chance to see Missy. Michael jumped to Pat's defense and lectured John on speaking harshly to her, prompting John to retreat to the bedroom. Pat pleaded with Michael to stay out of her problems and to make a commitment to Lee. Michael resisted the urge to take Pat into his arms and left feeling frustrated and defeated.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1966 (EP. #588)
Pat composed a letter to advise Missy that Bill is searching for her and that he can be reached through the "Chicago Dispatch." Missy winced from pain and suffered dizzy spells. Madge informed Flo that she bought the life story Danny told them about Missy, but was doubtful that Danny's intended plans included Flo. Flo got testy when Madge opined that Danny is greedy enough to marry Missy to get her entire fortune. Danny refused to let Missy accompany him to see whether the disbursement check had arrived and convinced her to get some rest. Pat's anxiety was abated once John admitted he was wrong to hesitate in telling Bill about Missy's letters, but grew despondent when John lamented that she was better off without him until John realized that he was behaving unfairly. Bill told an incredulous Ed that Lenore is merely a friend and Liz engineered their evening out since she helped him study for his bar exams. Ed told Bill that his editor approved of printing his open letter to Missy and tried unsuccessfully to pressure Bill into calling John to ask whether Missy had claimed her trust fund. Madge was hard-pressed to believe Flo's assertions that Danny was requesting a legitimate loan from Missy as an investment for himself and Flo. Flo boasted to Madge that she and Danny will be living in a penthouse in New York. Madge and Flo grew flustered upon learning that Bill had returned. Flo and Madge assumed that Danny would be thrilled to have the chance to reunite Bill and Missy. Danny happily told Missy that the disbursement check had arrived. Missy fueled Danny's frustration by asking to postpone their trip because she didn't feel well.

Ed: "Hi ya, Flo. Madge, now you're in your proper environment!"
Madge: "There you go, insulting me with those big words again."
Ed: "I was paying you a compliment. In other words, I'm glad you're working here. I get to see you more often."
Madge: "You know something? It's the only reason I took the job."
Ed: "Just like all women. Crazy about me. Crazy about me."

SEPTEMBER 13, 1966 (EP. #589)
Michael was transfixed with honest, naked adoration while observing Pat unnoticed until she caught his gazes. Dru reminisced with Mary about taking Pat and Alice to Table-Rock Park years ago, which allowed Mary to segue into telling Dru about her woes for Pat. Mary told Dru that she senses tension in the Randolph household and deplored John for turning into a self-centered, obstinate man. Dru agreed with Mary's contentions that Pat's love for John stems from honor, respect, and gratitude and that Pat deserves a future full of happiness. Pat deprived herself of Michael's sympathy and understanding by defending John as a noble human being and excellent lawyer, who saved her life by utilizing his strong will and character. Michael questioned the responsibility one person can assume for another's happiness after Pat recalled that she and John hurt Lee terribly and proclaimed that Lee's happiness means so much to them. Pat understood Michael was describing John and Lee as he spoke generally of people becoming too dependent on others for validation and contentment. Michael didn't have the heart to cancel Lee's plans for them to take Hope to the carnival. Lee was perturbed when Pat couldn't give a definitive answer to whether John would benefit from Michael making a firm commitment to her. Lee teased Hope for knowing about the rides that are at carnivals, then helped her put on a new dress for the evening. Michael confessed to Emily that he may have been wrong to expect Lee to wait for him to be ready for a serious relationship. Emily grew concerned for Michael, who feared that things wouldn't develop the way he had initially envisioned.

Script Notes: "Michael comes to door and sees Pat through the screened top [in the kitchen]. He has a moment to let us see just what Pat is coming to mean to him. His feelings are completely obvious since he knows no one can see him. For people in the situation that Pat and Michael find themselves in, moments like this of complete openness and honesty are the only small indulgence they can permit. Since they must be on guard all the time -- against themselves and against discovery. This is held long enough -- right at the top of the show, to let the audience know exactly what is happening between Pat and Michael. Finally the intensity of Michael's gaze reaches Pat and she looks in his direction. And there has to be another moment that also tells the audience that it is the same way with Pat...."

Notes: Mary mentions an approximate age difference of five years between Pat and Alice while recalling the Matthews family trip to Table-Rock Park. Lee gives Hope's age as six years old in this episode.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1966 (EP. #590)
Danny summoned Dr. Bolton for an extremely ill Missy. Madge criticized Flo for having blind trust in Danny's promises of marriage and getting a portion of Missy's money. Flo defended Danny to Madge, who hypothesized that Bill may be furious with Danny for keeping Missy hidden and feigning ignorance on her whereabouts. Dr. Bolton was disgusted by Danny's flippant attitude towards Missy's illness and rushing him to finish his examination. Danny grew apprehensive and worried once Dr. Bolton grimly advised against taking Missy on any trips. Liz nervously paced while worrying that Bill will find Missy in Chicago. Lenore was puzzled by Liz's disparaging remarks about Alice's immaturity, poor judgement, and shallow assessment of Lenore's intentions for Bill. Liz hinted to Lenore that Bill doesn't truly know Missy, then emphatically assured her that Bill will become interested in her once he is over Missy. Lenore griped that her efforts will be in vain because Bill still loves Missy, prompting Liz to advocate patience and faith in things turning out right. Flo stopped Madge from answering Bill's question on seeing Missy again by rambling about Madge changing jobs. Madge browbeat Flo for passing up the chance to help Bill and deluding herself into thinking that Danny operates without having ulterior motives. Dr. Bolton informed Danny that Missy urgently needs surgery due to acute appendicitis. Flo purposefully bragged to Bill that she is slated to marry Danny, who is destined for fame in the music business. Bill sadly told Flo that his life was planned around getting married to Missy. Flo begrudgingly left Madge alone with Bill to find out the reasons for Danny's tardiness.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1966 (EP. #591)
Dr. Bolton brusquely warned Danny not to gamble on Missy's life by stalling in getting her to the hospital. Madge waited until Flo went to speak with Max to candidly reassure Bill that he will be successful in his search. Flo pantomimed to Madge to detain Bill while she goes to check on Danny. Bill expressed admiration over Madge's confidence in him, but wrestled with the possibility that Missy had been injured or grew terribly ill after hearing the siren of an ambulance. Michael tried to alleviate Lee's worries that she was pressuring him into getting officially engaged. Lee encouraged Michael to accept John's business proposition, despite Michael's profound misgivings. Michael was evasive with Lee over discussing John's decision with Pat and responding to Lee's contentions that she is equally affected by everything that happens in his life. Pat casually told Michael that Bill is staying at the Ambassador Hotel and agreed with Michael's stance that Missy's letters are information that should be shared according to John's discretion. Pat unwittingly expressed her own inchoate feelings when she described the love between Bill and Missy as precious, rare, and worth being preserved. Flo was flabbergasted to learn from Mrs. Simpson that Danny accompanied Missy to the hospital. Danny complained to himself about being delayed in getting Missy out of town. Dr. Bolton was stunned by Danny's hesitation in signing the necessary consent forms to operate on Missy. Danny struggled to fight his anxiety and panic over Missy's condition. Flo returned and tried to articulate the cause of her shocked state just as Madge was hinting to Bill about having information on Missy.

Notes: Danny's address is given as 525 Rush Street in Chicago.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1966 (EP. #592)
Flo quietly told Madge that Danny took Missy to the hospital and stalled to keep Bill occupied. Madge told Flo that Bill is a decent man who deserves their help, but begrudgingly reinforced her promise to remain silent. Danny groaned about signing the consent forms listing Missy as his wife and holding a check that he cannot cash. Danny trembled with fear upon learning that a blood transfusion was being performed on Missy. Michael leaned over Pat and spoke with fierce intensity about it being in Pat's best interest for John to retain his practice. Michael and Pat drew close while staring at each other until Pat pulled away just as Lee returned. Lee kissed Michael passionately, which wounded Pat and mortified Michael due to the ostentatious display. Pat surmised to Lee that Michael may be pre-occupied with keeping John from quitting his practice to justify Michael seeming distant lately. Lee told Pat that she has urged Michael to propose marriage since it would please John. Pat admitted to Lee that she is without a solution to Michael's reservations on making a commitment to her. Flo grew flustered while listening to Bill talk about Missy. Michael confessed his dreams of accomplishing great things and making everyone in his life happy to Emily, who was floored by his critical self-assessment. Emily decided to give Michael space after he railed against coming to Bay City and working for John. Madge was appalled that Flo had the audacity to wish for Missy's well-being for the sake of acquiring her money. Dr. Bolton criticized Danny's selfish reaction to Missy's appendix rupturing. Danny fibbed to Dr. Bolton that Missy doesn't have relatives or friends to contact.

Danny: (STANDS LOOKING AFTER [NURSE] FOR A MOMENT, THEN PUTS THE CHECK BACK IN HIS POCKET AND SHAKES HIS HEAD AS WE MOVE FOR C/U. VOICE-OVER, PRE-RECORDED) "Why did I have to sign her in here? Mrs. Danny Fargo? Great! Just let Flo find out that Annie is Mrs. Fargo now, and I'm in the soup. Even let Max find it out, and...Max. I oughta be on duty in The Alley right now. This morning I didn't care, this morning the sun was shining, we were going to Bay City, I was going to be rich, who needed Max's job anyway? But now if I got fired, I'd be walking the streets with a check for five grand in my pocket and I couldn't even eat!"

SEPTEMBER 19, 1966 (EP. #593)
Danny called Flo and was dumbfounded that she knew about him taking Missy to the hospital, but refused to divulge any details. Flo agonized over speaking to Bill despite Danny's demands to keep quiet. Madge quietly seethed when Flo mentioned Danny's call and encouraged Flo to dump him and tell Bill the truth about Missy. Danny grumbled about his misfortune and being uninformed of Missy's current condition. Danny panicked over Flo telling Bill and Ed about Missy's hospitalization and the two men tracking them down. Flo perpetuated Danny's lie that he called out sick when Ed noticed his absence. Ed was dubious towards Flo's theory that Bill's open letter to Missy will be pointless should she resurface before it's printed. Madge lectured Flo on allowing Bill to pour his heart out about Missy and implored her to break Danny's confidences. Dr. Bolton told Danny that Missy may have developed peritonitis and needs to recover from surgery before she is allowed visitors. Flo tried to catch up to Bill and Ed, but retreated once she spotted Danny approaching them outside of The Alley. Danny made a mental note of Bill's open letter while waiting for Ed to retrieve Flo for him. Flo contemptuously took Danny to task for giving Bill false encouragement. Danny cajoled Flo by reminding her that she will ruin their futures by confessing all to Bill and warned Flo not to grow spiteful towards him. Bill reflected on the stars falling since he and Missy didn't get married as planned. Flo resigned to Danny's arguments that Missy will survive and that their efforts will ultimately pay off. Dr. Bolton grimly told a nurse that Danny must be contacted because Missy may die.

Production Notes: Stock footage of a real "Ambassador Hotel" was used for Act IV, which consisted of Bill in his hotel room during the evening.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1966 (EP. #594)
Madge angrily ridiculed Flo for having failed dreams, wasting her life with Danny, and snubbing the family's modest, happy lives. Flo told Madge that staying silent is her only chance to marry Danny and reiterated her beliefs that Missy will recover and Danny's plans will succeed, but Madge maintained that Flo was foolish to accept Danny's claims. Danny berated himself for unwittingly giving Bill an opportunity to trace him because he named himself as Missy's husband. Dr. Bolton bluntly questioned Danny's concern for Missy due to his desperation in going on a trip rather than getting her medically treated. Danny feigned ignorance to Dr. Bolton as Missy called for Bill while regaining consciousness. Dru told Michael that, while he supports Michael's wishes for John to resume his career, John's business proposition is an excellent opportunity to consider carefully. Michael tensed appreciably when Dru brought up John's hopes that he marries Lee and downplayed their relationship being serious. Dru and Michael discussed Missy's request for the disbursement, which didn't reference the bulk of the estate or provide a return address. Michael acted objective and disinterest while echoing Dru's sentiments that Pat is a compassionate, selfless person. Dru agreed with Michael's opinion that hiring a detective to monitor the post office in Chicago would be an invasion of Missy's privacy. Danny struggled to maintain Missy's focus as he implored Missy to endorse the disbursement check so that they can send money to his mother. Dr. Bolton unknowingly prevented Danny from acquiring Missy's signature by ordering Danny to leave so that he could examine Missy.

Madge (about their mother): "I could have listened to her by the hour."
Flo: "I used to fall asleep."
Madge: "Sure. And dream about when you were coming to the Big City and go to charm school. And what a big model you were going to be. So look at you now. Throwing your life away on that no-good bum."
Flo: "Now, Madge --"
Madge: "Oh, I mean it! I get disgusted with you." [REFERENCING FAMILY PICTURES] "Look at these wonderful people. Everyone of those folks had a better life than you've had."
Flo: "Oh, sure, Mama's had a great life. Working from sun-up until she dropped in bed at night. Eleven kids. You know Papa never really appreciated her."
Madge: "Papa married her, didn't he? That's more than you can say for some men I know."
Flo: "Lay off me, will you, Madge."
Madge: "And you lay off Mama and her family."

Notes: Madge mentions an Uncle Martin, great-aunt Agnes, and their mother having an older sister and brother while discussing family with Flo. Their mother's name is given as Lizzie Mooney [maiden name], written on the back of a photograph of her at a piano recital.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1966 (EP. #595)
Ed's interest was piqued when Bill explained that John told him about Missy's request for the disbursement from Katherine's estate. Bill told Ed that he is going to stake out the Clark Street post office in hopes that Missy will come to retrieve mail there. Charlie overheard Danny yell at Madge for harping on Missy's hospitalization and Max's dubious attitude towards him calling out sick. Ed decided to call Lt. Molinksy to find out whether Missy provided a physical address when she registered at the post office, which made Danny nervous and jittery. Pat felt uneasy in Michael's presence while they waited for John to wake up so that Michael could discuss business with him. Michael caused Pat to get defensive by questioning whether she will ever consider her gratitude to John completely repaid. Michael apologized to Pat for criticizing her marriage and openly reflected on pretending to love Julie despite knowing there was nothing between them except for Hope. Mary studied Pat's reactions as they talked about the progress of Michael and Lee's relationship. Pat happily told Mary that John receiving a letter from Missy proves that she is alive and is thinking clearly. Ed was puzzled that Danny left The Alley before they could resume their conversation. Madge was relieved that Ed may be able to obtain Missy's address from Lt. Molinsky. Ed eased Madge's guilty conscience towards not doing more to detain Missy at the diner. Bill didn't recognize Danny, who wore Charlie's hooded raincoat and stealthily closed out the post office box. Danny read Pat's letter to Missy, which provided instructions on reaching Bill, then tore it up, discarded it, and departed hastily.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1966 (EP. #596)
Jim and Mary were flabbergasted that Alice had decided to quit art school and attend nurse's training after careful consideration. Alice was thrilled to receive Jim and Mary's blessing and bantered with them about marrying a doctor. Mary imparted to Dru the epiphany she had of John and Pat's marriage being strained, that Pat doesn't love John, and married him out of gratitude. Dru told Mary that she shouldn't feel guilty for speaking openly about her worries for Pat. Mary graciously declined Dru's suggestion that they visit Pat because she had invited Emily over for lunch. Alice feigned melodramatic despair over being single while Lee joked that Michael practically begged for her hand in marriage, which amused Pat greatly. Pat grew edgy as Alice rambled about Lee's resolve in marrying Michael, then snapped at Alice for assuming that she still objects to their relationship. Mary and Emily agreed that Lee is a young girl who is very much in love with Michael. Emily ruefully told Mary that Lee seemed to be the ideal girl for Michael, but confessed that he may not come to reciprocate Lee's feelings. Pat made excuses about having to entertain guests while working in the kitchen when Lee thought that Pat's attitude towards Michael had soured. Michael felt pained when Pat reiterated her gratitude and Lee as barriers to having a more personal conversation. Pat told Michael that it his decision to accept John's business proposal or not, but disagreed with Michael on whether his future with Lee is a foregone conclusion. Lee linked her arm with Michael's as they left to pick up Hope from school. Pat fought back tears over Michael after accidentally burning her fingers.

Alice: "Thank you both - for understanding -- wild kid ideas."
Mary: "I don't think it's a wild kid idea. I think it's a very fine thing that you want to go into a profession that offers such a wonderful opportunity to serve people, darling."
Alice: (THE IRREPRESSIBLE) "Not only that, but think of all those cute interns you meet. I mean, who said anything about being a nurse all their life?"
Mary: "Alice, you're awful!"
Alice: "I know, but you love me anyway, right?"
Mary: (SMILING, BUT BRIMMING A LITTLE TOO) "Oh, honey, yes." (QUIET) "And we're very proud of you."
Alice: "For what?"
Mary: "For -- (CATCHES A LITTLE, REACHES UP, ADJUSTS HER CAP) "-- for being the kind of girl who wants to be a nurse."

SEPTEMBER 23, 1966 (EP. #597)
Danny scolded Madge for nagging him about Flo's happiness, but was sobered by Madge's theory that Missy might be recognized once Ed's newspaper story is printed. Madge tried to appeal to Danny's purported noble side by imploring him to take Bill to the hospital to see Missy. Lenore claimed she was too busy with rush week at her sorority and spending time with Bill to accompany Helen to care for her Uncle Wayne in Longport. Helen cautioned Lenore against letting Liz use her as an instrument in keeping Bill and Missy separated. Lenore thanked Helen for believing that her feelings for Bill are genuine. Liz triumphantly informed Helen and Lenore that Missy wrote John requesting the initial disbursement from her inheritance. Helen and Lenore exchanged perplexed glances as Liz ardently ranted about the possibility of Bill finding Missy. Liz griped to Helen and Lenore about Bill's unwavering love for a woman who is solely interested in money. Danny downplayed the significance of Missy calling Bill's name to Dr. Bolton, who thought that seeing Bill might soothe Missy's agitation. Dr. Bolton was unyielding towards Danny's desperation in taking Missy to Bay City. A clerk informed Bill and Ed that a man picked up mail that was delivered to Missy's post office box, but refused to risk losing his job by providing any additional information. Bill was shocked and devastated to spot Pat's letter to Missy in a trash can. Charlie was puzzled to find his raincoat wet. Ed tried to encourage Bill, who reasoned that Missy doesn't wish to be traced and that she is dating the man who pawned her engagement ring and retrieved her mail. Bill angrily informed Ed to kill the story on Missy.

Lenore: (LOOKING AT HELEN) "It does look as though Bill will find her at last, doesn't it?"
Liz: (VEHEMENTLY) "He can't!! He just can't!! I can't go through it all again."
Helen: (CURIOUSLY) "Go through what, Liz?"
Liz: (EVASIVELY) "Oh, all this. Just everything. Helen, you have no idea what I've had to do. How difficult it has all been."

Notes: Helen mentions that she grew up in Longport and has a brother named Wayne, whose deceased wife's name was Lucille.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1966 (EP. #598)
Madge felt conflicted as Ed tried to goad Bill into printing the newspaper story by implying that he feared facing Missy's true feelings. Lee confided to John that Michael has seemed distant and pre-occupied, prompting John to content that Michael is considering his business offer carefully because his career and Lee's happiness are at stake. John reminded a furious Liz that Missy is his client and anything that transpires between them is confidential. Liz obstinately stated that Missy is hiding from Bill and that she is motivated by money after John admitted that he informed Bill of Missy's letter. John told Liz that she has drastically opposing views on Missy's character, personality, and love for Bill than everyone else. Liz insisted that she got to know Missy well as her wedding day approached and that Bill was easily fooled by Missy's charms. John privately tried to piece together the truth underneath Liz's inconsistencies and disparaging remarks. Bill told Ed and Flo that he is leaving since Missy has likely moved on with another man. Flo balked at helping Ed and Madge persuade Bill into writing the open letter because she thought it would further Danny's goals. Madge angrily told Flo that she forfeited any right to happiness since she won't assist Bill. Flo fumbled for an explanation after Madge revealed that Danny has obtained some of Missy's money. Dru noticed Michael's tepid reactions to Lee's visit and plans with Hope. Michael groused to Dru that Pat will be subjected to more of John's rancor should he take ownership of the firm. Dru complimented Michael on his magnificent influence on Lee, but warned against meddling in John and Pat's issues.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1966 (EP. #599)
Dr. Bolton suppressed his disdain for Danny to tell Missy that she is out of medical danger. Missy was disoriented as Danny began talking to her about the $5,000.00 check. John grew self-conscious towards Dru, who questioned whether Missy fled after experiencing a traumatic episode and mused about people behaving in unexpected ways. Dru was astonished by John's suspicions that Liz may have intimate knowledge of Missy's departure. Liz acted sympathetic upon learning from Bill that he is through with pursuing Missy. Liz beamed with smug, triumphant satisfaction while telling herself that Bill will cease being mystified over Missy's disappearance and accept that she left him for another man. Danny recounted to Missy that she requested the disbursement to help their shared family, then played the devoted husband by insisting on paying her medical bills. Missy endorsed the check for Danny to cash. Madge accused Danny of buying her and Flo's silence by bringing them a bouquet of flowers. Danny masked his pleasure as Ed lamented that Bill cancelled the story on Missy, but grew fearful when Ed mentioned that Bill is convinced that Missy has a new boyfriend. Ed scoffed at Danny finding humor in Bill staking out a post office and never spotting the man who retrieved letters from Missy's box. Madge felt guilty when Ed described her as forthright and honest. Ed vowed to launch his own search for Missy. Danny fibbed that he sent money to his mother to ease Missy's displeasure towards him buying a new sports jacket for himself and flowers and a bedjacket for her. Missy fueled Danny's temper by throwing the bedjacket to the floor and refusing to wear it.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1966 (EP. #600)
Dr. Bolton resisted Danny's efforts to get Missy discharged from the hospital. Pat found delight in Alice earnestly taking Mary's temperature as they bantered about her becoming a nurse and marrying a doctor someday. Alice fantasized about Bill and Missy reconciling, attending their wedding, and catching the bridal bouquet as Pat hummed the "Wedding March" and Mary laughed heartily. Mary and Alice noticed Pat's exuberance deteriorated upon receiving a call from John requesting that she come home. Alice complained to Mary about John wasting his life, refusing to resume his career, and monopolizing Pat's time with her family. John stubbornly dismissed Pat's qualms that it was unhealthy for them to live in their own isolated world. John informed Pat that Bill believes that Missy rejected him and that Pat's letter was meaningless to her. Pat broke down into tears once she realized that she had been living vicariously through hope for Bill and Missy's reunion. Danny recounted Liz's machinations in thwarting Missy's marriage to Bill and lied that Pat didn't write her to convince Missy that she has been forgotten by her friends. Missy thanked Danny for taking care of her. Pat and Lee grew livid when John echoed Liz's assertions that Bill's mission was a lost cause and that money affected Missy. Michael defended Pat by admonishing John for accusing her of implying that Liz influenced his judgment. Pat prevented a heated exchange by having John retire for the evening while Lee quelled Michael's temper. Lee conceded to Michael that John puts Pat through emotional turmoil. Michael implored Pat to share his faith that Bill and Missy will be together again.

Danny: "So don't you see why I said you didn't know anybody named Bill anymore. That's all in the past, Annie. You gotta put it out of your mind, They've forgotten you so you have to forget them."
Missy: "Yes...yes, I guess they have forgotten me by now."

SEPTEMBER 29, 1966 (EP. #601)
Michael and Pat regained their aplomb just as Lee returned from bidding John a good night. Pat tried to match Lee's enthusiasm towards having Michael in her life. Alice tended to a sick Mary while grumbling about Liz bragging that her assessments of Missy were correct. Jim and Mary assured Alice that they were sincerely pleased by her change in vocations. Mary told Jim that Pat seemed youthful and radiant while chatting and laughing with Alice until John's call caused weariness to overtake her. Jim urged Mary not to torture herself over Pat's problems. John was unyielding towards Pat's concerted efforts to get out of delivering legal papers to Michael. Pat failed to persuade John into visiting everyone at the office. Lee was thrilled that Alice was transferring to the university to pursue nursing degrees. Alice was crestfallen to hear from Lee that Bill has concluded that Missy doesn't want to see him or be found. Lee beamed while telling Alice that she is constantly learning new things about Michael and has come to appreciate Pat's devotion to John. Alice was genuinely happy for Lee, who reinforced her commitment to patiently wait for Michael to propose marriage. Michael alluded to himself and Pat as he predicted that something will happen to bring Bill and Missy back together since true love endures in the most impossible situations, which made Pat squirm. Michael was puzzled when Pat explained that she married John out of love and not obligation because she thought that Michael had made dubious inferences about her marriage. Michael felt anguished when Pat resoundingly refused to have any personal conversations with him.

Jim: "...What Mom says is true, and you know it. All we care about is for you and Pat and Russ to be happy, in whatever life you choose."
Alice: "I know that Dad. I just meant -- well, you aren't just pretending to be happy about it, because you knew it's what I wanted?"
Mary: "We don't believe in pretending to our children."
Alice: "Yes Ma'am. And hey, if I'm a nurse and Russ becomes a doctor -- we could open up a clinic or something."
Jim: "And your mother and I will get all our medical care free in our old age."

Notes: Act III consisted of Lee and Alice at the Kopper Kettle, then dissolved to Michael's office at the Randolph firm. Penciled-in dialogue included a brief exchange between Michael and Peggy, who was having him sign legal documents before greeting Pat and leaving the room. Act IV continues the previous scene from Act III, but consists of only Michael and Pat. Peggy is not included in the Cast List for this episode, despite her appearance being an addition to the script.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1966 (EP. #602)
Bill told Michael and Pat that he intends to immerse himself into work and to forget about Missy. Danny fussed over Missy taking her first steps since the appendectomy and enthused about her being strong enough to travel to Bay City in a few days. Missy defended John's honesty to counter Danny's fears that she may be bilked of her inheritance unless the estate gets settled soon. Danny covered the lies he told Missy by stating that his mother had swiftly recovered and was appreciative of the money they provided when Missy inquired about her. Michael and Pat offered moral support to Bill despite their beliefs that he was wrongfully accepting the simplest explanations to Missy's disappearance. Bill warned Michael that he was ingratiating himself into John and Pat's lives by trying to spare her of John's angst, prompting Michael to angrily denounce Bill's advice. Michael and Bill quickly calmed their tempers, though Michael was shaken to realize the depth of his feelings for Pat. Danny reserved a suite at the Barclay House in Bay City and scoffed at Missy's assertion that Liz acted in Bill's best interests. Missy wistfully told Danny that Bill and Lenore grew up together and wondered aloud whether they will eventually get married. Liz complimented Lenore on being a perfect match for Bill and invited her to a dinner party to celebrate Bill's return. Lenore tolerated Liz fawning over Bill while patiently waiting for her turn to welcome Bill home. Bill assured Lenore that she was right to encourage him to leave Missy in the past. Lenore felt gratified when Bill agreed to fib that they had tickets to see a theater group at the college so that Bill wouldn't be bombarded with questions about his trip to Chicago at Liz's party.

Note: The Barclay House is later renamed Barclay Hotel. Danny and Missy reserved a suite on the 24th floor. They stayed at suite 512.

OCTOBER 3, 1966 (EP. #603)
Michael lectured Bill on prematurely giving up without allowing Ed to print his story and giving Missy a chance to read it. Bill insolently told Michael that Missy ended their engagement via letter, had another man retrieve her mail, and pawned her engagement ring to justify moving forward with his life. Michael dodged Bill's inquiry into his romance with Lee and agreed to join Bill and Lenore on a double date. Bill told Michael that he is genuinely interested in Lenore. Danny was nonplussed by Flo's knowledge of Missy receiving the initial disbursement, but quickly covered by alleging that he forgot because of Missy's illness. Flo struggled to believe Danny's claims that he must accompany Missy to Bay City to ensure he gets a share of Missy's fortune. Danny professed love to Flo and promised that his schemes are to guarantee their prosperous future. Pat tactfully pointed out to Bill that he was madly in love with Missy. Bill disagreed with Pat's concerns that he was seeing Lenore on the rebound and dismissed her hints of couples who marry out of gratitude being an awful situation. John informed Bill that he is determined to hand the firm to Michael and ignored Pat after giving her an errand to run. Bill defiantly rebuffed John's attempts to discuss Missy. Danny bristled with hostility when Missy threw the bedjacket away and proclaimed that she won't accept Katherine's money. Missy commended Danny for accepting that she doesn't love him, taking care of her, and not forcing her to do anything against her will. Danny pushed Missy into claiming her trust fund by noting that they can financially assist their family and fulfill his dream of starting a business.

Missy: "If you're saying I should go to Bay City and get the money for you, Danny, because you've been so good to me..."
Danny: "How can you say that? That's the last thing I'd bring up. No: what I'm saying is I've proved to you that I really care about you. Did the people in Bay City care the way I did?"
Missy: "I had really wonderful friends there, Danny."
Danny: "Some friends. Like your boyfriend's mother, that trots out the proof about how you were born. She was a great friend, wasn't she?"
Missy: "She brought me to my senses. Made me face the lie I'd been living."
Danny: "Well, all I got to say is I'm a better friend than any of them. And I know you're gonna be better off if you go there, take the money your mother wanted you to have, and do some good with it. We did good with the five grand you got, didn't we?"
Missy: "Well, yes. We helped your mother."
Danny: "And we can help her a lot more. All my family. Look: you trust me, don't you, Annie?"
Missy: "Of course, Danny."
Danny: "I've never given you a bum steer yet, have I?"
Missy: "No, Danny. And I do know how much I owe you."
Danny: "The last thing I want is to be paid back for anything, Annie. But to be able to set up my own business, get my songs published, and then help my folks - my mother - that's always been my dream, Annie...."

OCTOBER 4, 1966 (EP. #604)
Flo panicked upon realizing that Danny didn't notify Max of his absence. Madge grimly theorized to Flo that Danny won't return to Chicago should he acquire a share of Missy's money. Missy recounted roaming the streets after Liz's confrontation, passing the houses of friends who anticipated her wedding, and being unwilling to go into the church as the person she invented to Danny, who grew uneasy as she spoke ruefully on practically trying to resume her former life. Bill tried to convince himself and John that it was best not to see Missy ever again. John warned Bill that he was hurting himself needlessly by concluding that Missy never loved him. Lee wistfully informed a presumptuous John that she didn't arrange her and Michael's double date with Bill and Lenore. Michael spotted Pat walking through a park. Pat became flustered and rambled about buying John mystery novels to avoid accepting Michael's offer to give her a ride home. Flo obstinately defended Danny against Madge's retorts that Danny hid Missy from everyone while plotting to gain access to her money and stringing Flo along. Madge imparted to Flo their mother's philosophy on having dreams that are tangible and honest. Ed lamented to Madge and Flo that locating Missy is currently a pipe dream. John told Bill that Lee and Michael are ready for marriage. Bill implored John to resume working and take charge of his life for Pat's sake. Michael emphatically told an astonished Pat that he isn't going to marry Lee. Pat rebuffed Michael's demands to unequivocally state whether she wants him to stay in town and own John's firm or leave. Michael kissed Pat, who fought against her desires.

Madge: "Oh, so today's the day we give our tips away, is it? And why would that be? Because Danny Fargo is going to come back with a May basket full of thousand-dollar bills to hang on your door?"
Flo: "Can't you leave me alone, Madge?"
Madge: "Okay." (PICKS UP THE DOLLAR AND PUTS IT IN HER POCKET) "I'll save this buck for the day when you realize you're not going to see him again.'
Flo: "You don't understand Danny, Madge."
Madge: "Maybe not. Maybe when I see him stringing my sister along for all this time I ought to realize he's just burning to get married."
Flo: "He needs money, Madge. He needs to get a start."
Madge: "Uh huh. And when I see him take an heiress into his house and never let on that he knows she is an heiress -- why then maybe I should think he is the frankest and most honest person I ever met."

Flo: (about Missy) "....She wouldn't even have got any of her money if Danny hadn't persuaded her to go to Bay City with him. This way, she'll get her money and loan some to Danny and he and I will have a start."
Madge: "That's right, and I will be Elizabeth Taylor, and...and..." (THE DOOR OPENS AND ED BLAKE COMES IN) "...And Ed Blake will be President of the United States."
Ed: "With the deepest humility, I accept the nomination of this Convention. And what else is new?"

Production Note: A film clip of a jet flying during the daytime was utilized for the beginning of Act I. It was followed by a dissolve to Danny and Missy in the interior of an airplane cabin.

OCTOBER 5, 1966 (EP. #605)
Pat was consumed with abnegation while ordering Michael to stay away from her, but resigned to Michael's assertion that they cannot deny their feelings for one another. Missy smiled affectionately while telling Danny that Pat was her best friend and confidante. Danny hypothesized that John will most likely inform Pat that Missy has returned since he will be working with John on her trust fund, then warily tried to gauge Missy's resolve in avoiding Liz and Bill. Michael apologized to Pat for not acquiescing to her wishes to decline John's offer and leave town. Pat was chagrined and anguished when Michael openly declared his love for her instead of Lee. Pat told Michael that they must not see each other going forward. Dru spotted Michael and Pat while strolling through a park. Michael told Dru that he was having a silly argument with Pat, who needed assistance due to her car battery dying. Dru talked about the specific outdoor scents of the seasons with Michael and Pat, who appreciated the light-hearted reprieve. Pat deemed Michael's theory that Missy left Bill for another man as absurd. Michael dryly agreed to give Dru and Pat a lift home. Missy tried to muster enthusiasm towards Danny's extravagant plans for them once she has gained her inheritance. John reassured Lee that Michael is withdrawn and pre-occupied due to his consideration of taking over his law practice. Lee delivered a heartfelt apology to John for opposing his marriage, then vowed not to let anything stand between her and Michael. Lee bought Michael's excuses of going home to have dinner with Emily. John beamed and Pat reflected on Michael as they watched him interact with Lee.

Production Notes: During Act IV (John on the terrace) of this episode and the Prologue (Bill on the porch) of the following episode, an emphasis of a jet passing overhead and being noticed separately by John and Bill was directed in the scripts. This was likely a mechanism of foreshadowing as Danny and Missy's plane was approaching Bay City in these episodes.

OCTOBER 6, 1966 (EP. #606)
Liz gently reproached Bill against dwelling on Missy and encouraged Bill to take a nap so that he would be refreshed for his date with Lenore. Alice told Lenore that she was reserving judgment instead of agreeing with her opinion that Missy left Bill, wrote him a vague letter, and latched onto another man in Chicago. Lenore confessed that she was making a conquest for Bill, but has grown fond of him and wants Bill to be happy and fall in love, which caused Alice to be impressed and somewhat shaken by Lenore's determination and sincerity. Bill cited lawyer-client confidentiality to justify John's actions when Liz groused about not being informed of Missy's correspondence. Liz ascertained to Bill that Michael lacked the stature to take control of John's law practice and that Pat's youth was being squandered by constantly waiting on a self-centered and ungrateful John. Dru and John were distressed by Pat's haggard appearance and distracted behavior. Lee was troubled when Pat declined her offer to help fix dinner and quickly retreated to the kitchen. John accepted Dru's hypothesis that Pat's car trouble was the source of her fatigue. Lee prepared for her date with Michael, who was too consumed with concern for Pat to contribute to John and Dru's discussion on litigation. Pat sunk into a chair, buried her head in her arms, and sobbed. Lee told John, Dru, and Michael that she is the luckiest girl in the world to have such loving, supportive people in her life. Pat assumed a brave front while talking to Lee about Bill and Lenore and handling Michael's presence. Dru looked at Pat with agony and defeat as she wailed that she cannot be consoled and burst into tears.

John: (LOOKS UP, AS LEE ENTERS:) "Ah, here she is --"
Lee: "Good evening, gentlemen."
John: "Without a doubt, the prettiest young lady in town." (AND SHE DOES LOOK BEAUTIFUL -- AND RADIANT)"
Dru: "Your father is prejudiced, of course, so I will second the motion. You are the prettiest young lady in town."
Lee: "Oh, stop it, you two."
Dru: "In fact, I will go further than that:" (TO MICHAEL) "If I were twenty years younger, young man, I'd give you a run for your money." (LOOKS BACK AT LEE:) "No, make that fifteen." (THEY LAUGH)
Lee: (TAKING MICHAEL'S ARM:) "I'm very flattered, sir, but you're too late. I'm already spoken for."
Dru: "Yes, so I understand. Well, I'll just have to try to be brave about it."

Lee: "...and I'm a very lucky girl, to have so many wonderful people in my life, sometimes it's hard for me to believe --" (STOPS, HER ARM THROUGH MICHAEL'S, LOOKS UP AT HIM:) " -- I feel like Cinderella at one minute to midnight. Only we're going to stop the clocks, aren't we, so it can all stay just like it is now..."

OCTOBER 7, 1966 (EP. #607)
Missy was exhausted and Danny exhilarated upon arriving at the Barclay House. Danny minimized his jubilance over the luxurious surroundings and assumed a big-shot attitude while tipping a bellboy, who viewed Danny with contempt. Alice remarked on Mary cleverly drawing a slight parallel between her negative assessment of Lenore and Liz's interference in Bill's life. Dru tried to casually tell Mary and Alice that he decided against having dinner with John and Pat and persuaded Alice to visit them. Mary feared that Pat is heading for a breakdown, despite Dru's assurances that Pat is simply tired. Danny was chivalrous in giving Missy the bedroom until she is ready for intimacy. Missy admitted to Danny that she isn't thrilled to be in Bay City and doesn't want Katherine's money for herself. Lee raved about Hope, prompting Michael to joke that conversations involving other people's children are dull to lighten the mood. Lenore took Lee's advice to have patience with Bill to heart. Lee was baffled when Michael thought that accepting John's proposition and convincing him to go into a partnership in the future was merely pushing problems aside. Bill and Lee remarked on Pat wearing herself out for John, prompting an uncomfortable Michael to ask Lee for a dance. Bill told Lenore that he doubts that Michael reciprocates Lee's love. Danny related to Missy's shame as she reflected on lying about herself and fretted over facing everyone. Danny advised Missy to trust him to handle her legal matters. Lenore tested Bill by stating that she fulfilled her purpose of getting him over Missy. Bill complimented Lenore on being a wonderful person and kissed her affectionately.

Lenore: "I'm sure Michael Bauer is glad to see you in the office."
Bill: "Well, if he is, you're the one he should thank."
Lenore: (PLEASED) "Why do you say that?"
Bill: "If you hadn't kept after me -- everlastingly -- to study, cram and review -- if you hadn't fooled me into thinking that writs and habeas corpus can be fun...well, I'd be on the outside right now."

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Missy mentions that she and Bill considered having their wedding reception at the Barclay House.

OCTOBER 10, 1966 (EP. #608)
Charlie realized that Flo is in denial over Danny's sudden departure. Jim angrily told Mary that he is through with John's poor treatment of Pat. Mary warned Jim that confronting John would only exacerbate the tension between them. Liz boasted to Jim and Mary that Missy is out of the picture and that Bill is starting over with Lenore, then airily opined that Bill's trips to Chicago were destined to be disappointing. Mary pointed out Missy's virtues and cautioned Liz against pushing Bill and Lenore's romance. Liz voiced grievances about John protecting Missy and becoming impossible, which fueled Jim's anger. Jim and Mary were aghast when Liz tersely advised Mary that she is unfit to criticize her involvement in Bill's life because Pat is suffering with John. Liz admonished Jim and Mary for ignoring Pat's problems and bragged that Bill is sincerely interested in Lenore. Madge faced an uphill battle in getting Flo to accept that Danny fed her empty promises and phony plans. Ed told Madge and Flo that Danny quit his job. Flo covered her shock by telling Ed that Danny went to New York to meet a song publisher, but aroused Ed's suspicions when she couldn't provide any details. Ed impressed Madge by astutely describing Flo as vulnerable to contemptible men and Danny as a determined, operator with limited musical talent. Bill advised Liz that knowing the full story of Missy's departure would ease his mind. Liz explained away Bill's lingering questions about Missy's behavior, her bond with Katherine, and claiming the inheritance. Madge suggested to Flo that they level with Ed about Missy to give him a sensational story in exchange for finding someone to spy on Danny.

OCTOBER 11, 1966 (EP. #609)
Danny fantasized about Missy's lawyers catering to his demands once he comes for Missy's trust fund. Danny plotted to sweet-talk Flo to ensure her silence and toasted to absconding with Missy's money. Pat was discomfited towards Alice's desire to ease her burdens and praises of Pat's unwavering love and dedication to John. Alice grew frightened when Pat sharply requested to be left alone and chastised her for constantly talking about love. Madge reminded Flo that Danny has been using Missy because she is an heiress, passed on the opportunity to reunite her with Bill, and is likely not returning to persuade Flo into revealing the truth about Missy to Ed. Flo was ecstatic to receive a call from Danny, who declared his love and spoke of anxiously returning to her once he gains access to Missy's fortune. Pat apologized to Alice for snapping at her unjustly. Alice was puzzled by Pat's forlorn and guilty reaction to Lee singing her praises. Pat grew alarmed as Alice theorized that Michael seems absorbed with things on his mind and questioned whether Michael returns Lee's affections. Pat kept busy straightening the house and working in the kitchen to avoid Michael. Lee pledged to help Pat with chores and caring for John once Alice explained that Pat nearly collapsed from stress and exhaustion. Michael advised Pat that they must face their feelings and not expect the situation to be rectified simply by staying away from each other. Lee and Alice gossiped about Lenore using her feminine wiles on Bill. Pat got upset and stormed out when Lee reflected on loving Michael and requested advice on playing hard to get, which stunned Lee and Alice.

Danny: (V/O, PRE-RECORDED) "That's the baby, Annie - sleep. Just stay dead to the world..." (HE CLOSES THE DOOR QUIETLY, THEN TURNS, RUBS HIS HANDS, AND LOOKS AROUND EXPECTANTLY AS IF THIS WERE A ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE THROWING A PARTY FOR HIM) "Annie sleeps and I make the plans. Okay, tomorrow I walk into that lawyer's office, and those legal eagles with their two-hundred dollar suits and their secretaries and their diplomas on the wall, maybe they won't like Danny Fargo, but they won't dare show they don't like me, because there I'll be telling them I came for the money - my wife's money. So it'll be Mr. Fargo this and Mr. Fargo that even though they hate my guts because I didn't go to some rah-rah college. And I'll walk out with Annie's money..." (HE GRINS AND GOES TO THE TABLE. THIS TIME HE POUR SCOTCH INTO THE GLASS, EXAMINES IT, AND THEN WITH A WHAT-THE-HELL ATTITUDE POURS IN MORE) "Now, wait-a-minute, Danny. Don't lose your head." (HE PACES A BIT) "Gotta figure. Is everything all right? Can anything go wrong?" (CONSIDERS THIS) "Well, Annie won't cause trouble. Annie won't know what's happening 'til I'm long gone with her money...Okay...Flo? Oh, there's a dumb broad. She's not gonna blow the whistle on me - not Flo, who all I gotta do is pinch her cheek and she thinks her and me are Romeo and Juliet...No, Flo's safe...unless...unless that sister of hers, that Madge, unless Madge starts talking. If Madge told Ed Blake...or got Flo to tell Ed..." (GOES TO THE TABLE, POURS SODA IN THE GLASS, HOLDS UP THE GLASS AS IF FOR A TOAST, AND SPEAKS) "Here's to Madge -- may she fall downstairs and crack her skull open!" (GRINS AND SIPS THE DRINK; BACK TO V/O, PRE-RECORDED) "Thing to do, maybe, is call up Flo. Sure. Tell her I love you baby, I miss you...and it's a cinch then. She'll keep Madge in line. Just 'til tomorrow. Just 'til I get my hands on the money. I'm gonna make it. I'm gonna make it!" (HE DRINKS THE REST OF THE DRINK, PLUNKS THE GLASS DOWN ON THE TABLE, AND LAUGHING ALOUD, REACHES FOR THE SCOTCH AGAIN. FADE OUT).

OCTOBER 12, 1966 (EP. #610)
Danny rose halfway and placed his hands onto the table to disguise his rage when Missy reminded him that Bill works in John's office. Danny assured himself that he and Missy are entitled to her fortune, but planned to avoid Bill. Danny exuded confidence while instructing Missy to rest and let him handle everything. Missy promised Danny that she would stay in the suite and not contact anyone. Bill exploded at Liz for badgering him about working on Katherine's estate. Liz predicted that Bill will become an excellent lawyer after he successfully argued against discussing Lenore by citing Liz's tendency to compare Missy unfavorably to her. Bill disagreed with Liz's opinion that it was unrealistic to hope that John will resume his career and scoffed at Liz's contentions that he and Michael are equally qualified to become head of the firm. Jim told Dru that he is meeting with Liz to discuss the future of the family's business. Mary reluctantly agreed with Dru that parents yearn for their children to reach independence unless they proactively request help. Dru told Mary that Liz was justifying her interference in Bill's life by insinuating that she regrets not preventing John and Pat's union. Mary was bewildered once Dru aired his suspicions that Liz may have engineered Missy's disappearance due to the veiled remarks she has made. Danny had Missy give a detailed account of Liz revealing her parentage. Jim groaned when Liz stated that Bill's rights in taking Will's place and Jim getting a new business partner depend on Michael accepting John's proposition. Liz was floored when Danny surreptitiously called to have a meeting to talk about Missy.

OCTOBER 13, 1966 (EP. #611)
Liz furtively improvised a story for Jim of talking on the phone with an acquaintance to finalize plans for a charity fashion show. Jim informed Liz that Bill becoming a full-fledged lawyer working for John precludes him from taking Will's place at the accounting firm. Pat tried to shake recollections of her last encounter with Michael. Jim chose not to question Pat, who brushed off concerns over her stress symptoms. Pat joked with Jim about Liz's negative attitude towards Michael getting the opportunity to buy John's law practice, but feigned ignorance on Michael's decision. Michael opined that Lenore was an intelligent, attractive girl, but warned Bill against making commitments until he is ready. Bill was forthright with Michael about Liz's ridiculous notion of him running John's practice and sheepishly dismissed Michael's assertions that he could succeed in doing the job. Michael vehemently told Bill that he temporarily replaced John and dislikes people assuming that he will accept John's proposal. Lenore smiled bashfully while telling Liz that her romance with Bill is developing nicely and quipped that Michael and Lee's happiness may have influenced them. Liz reassured Lenore sufficiently, then tactfully had her leave by claiming she had a previous engagement. Pat emphatically told Michael that they have nothing to discuss. Jim commended Pat's inner strength, but cautioned her against stretching herself too thinly. Liz failed to bluff her way out of Danny's claims that they shared intimate knowledge of Missy fleeing town. Danny declined Liz's payoff attempt, hinted at Bill's reaction to the truth behind Missy's departure, and suggested doing each other a favor.

Danny: "Oh, you know her all right. Annie is a nice innocent young girl, who never hurt anybody in her life. And then you came along, and for no reason at all, you gave her such a clout --"
Liz: "Mr. Fargo, let's not talk in riddle. Who is Annie?"
Danny: "Annie is Melissa Palmer. That's her real name -- Annie --" (ALMOST SAYS "FARGO" BUT DECIDES NOT TO FOR NOW) " -- Summers. But what am I telling you for? You knew her real name was Summers."
Liz: "I knew --" (AND ONE LAST EFFORT TO BLUFF IT THROUGH) " -- I knew a young woman named Melissa Palmer. She used to live here in Bay City -- she was engaged to my son for a time, but they broke off, and she --"
Danny: "Mrs. Matthews, what's with the big act? You ought to be able to figure from what I've already told you that I know the whole story. Just the fact that I know her name is Summers -- doesn't that tip the whole thing?"
Liz: "I -- I'm not sure I understand you --"
Danny: "What I mean is, we know something about her that nobody else knows. So that gives us, you and me, something in common, doesn't it?"
Liz: "If you mean about her real name, about her origins --"
Danny: (NEGLIGENTLY) "Oh, I mean that, sure, but that's not too important anymore. No, the thing I'm talking about is, you and I are the only people alive that know why she -- how did you say that, you put it so nice -- oh yeah, why she 'broke off' with your son."
Liz: "Mr. Fargo, I don't see any point in discussing --"
Danny: (KNOWS SHE'S NOT ABOUT TO WALK OUT ON HIM NOW) "Only that isn't exactly the way it happened, is it? I mean, they didn't have a big fight or anything, or decide just to call it quits."
Liz: "I really couldn't say. I wasn't with her when she made the decision, and --"
Danny: "Oh, weren't you? I hear you were. I hear you helped her make it. That you told her who her mother and father really were, and how her mother deserted her when she was a baby --" (STOPS, SMILES AT HER) "-- is it coming back to you now, Mrs. Matthews? -- and how you weren't about to have your son marry a girl who was a --" (STOPS) "-- well, you know what I mean. I don't say words like that in front of ladies."
Liz: (AFTER A MOMENT, SMALL) "Go on. What else do you - hear."
Danny: (SHRUGS) "Not much. That Melissa, Annie, whatever you want to call her, that she kind of flipped when she heard all this -- especially the part about her being abandoned by her mother -- and she took off --" (AGAIN SMILES AT HER) "-- just like you hoped she would, right? -- just disappeared, and left old Bill high and dry. And pretty torn up about the whole thing, too." (PAUSES, SIZES HER UP) "Well, what about it? Am I right -- we have got a lot in common, haven't we?"
Liz: (LOOKS AT HIM) "Where did you find this out?"
Danny: "Where could I? I mean, didn't we just decide you and I were the only ones that knew?"
Liz: "Except for -- Melissa."
Danny: "Hey, that's very good. You got it right the first time."

OCTOBER 14, 1966 (EP. #612)
Danny smiled insouciantly as Liz tried to downplay the two of them having Missy in common. Liz was discomfited over Danny's confidence in striking a bargain with her. Michael apologized to Bill for blowing a fuse when he questioned whether he is buying John's practice. Bill admitted to Michael that he has been too absorbed in his own problems to realize the brutal punishment Pat has endured from John and understands his concerns. Michael approved of Bill's idea that John and Pat go on a belated honeymoon, but grew hostile when Bill joked that John won't leave town due to anxiously waiting for Michael to propose to Lee. Bill sadly noted to Michael that they cannot have frank conversations without sparking his anger. Lenore opined that Bill showed progress by concluding that Missy didn't love him, prompting Pat to diplomatically refute Lenore's claims. Pat credited Lenore for getting Bill through his broken engagement, but didn't share her dismissive view of Missy's possible return. Liz was speechless once Danny revealed that he and Missy are married. Danny didn't pass judgment on Liz's motivations for hounding Missy out of town, but relished in calling her out for lying that Bill knows the truth and approves of her tactics. Danny freely admitted to Liz that he married Missy to acquire a portion of her inheritance. Danny requested that Liz keep Bill away from the office during his meeting in exchange for keeping her secrets. Lee told Pat that her attachment to Michael makes her empathetic to Lenore's feelings for Bill. Lee was thrilled that Michael dropped by while Bill obtained John's signature on some legal papers. Michael begged Pat to speak with him alone.

Liz: (SHE CAN'T BELIEVE THIS EVEN OF MISSY:) "She married you --?"
Danny: "Well, I'll tell you something, Mrs. Matthews. She thinks I'm pretty great. See, I took her in, in Chicago, when she was lost and pretty near out of her head and had nobody to turn to, and I was nice to her and kind to her -- in fact, I was the only person that had done anything for her, ever since that night you stood her up in front of you and kicked her in the teeth, telling her she couldn't marry your son."
Liz: "I -- I did the only thing I could do, the only thing any mother would do --"
Danny: "Yea, well I'm not here to fight you on that. Only I don't think Bill would appreciate it, if he knew what you did."
Liz: (TRYING TO BRAZEN IT THROUGH:) "I don't know what Melissa has told you, Mr. Fargo, but Bill is aware of everything that happened; he knows and approves of everything I --"
Danny: (SHAKES HIS HEAD:) "Uh-huh. No good, Mrs. Matthews."
Liz: "What --?"
Danny: "Good try. But see, I know Bill, too."
Liz: "You --?"
Danny: "Got to know him after he came to Chicago -- and he didn't have any more idea why Missy cut and run than anybody else did. But I'm glad you brought it up, because that's the favor I'm going to do for you."
Liz: "What favor?"
Danny: (SMILES:) "I'm not going to tell him what I know. That you drove his girl away, that you busted up what was going to be his happy marriage. Pretty big favor don't you think?"
Liz: (LOOKS AT HIM IN ILL-CONCEALED CONTEMPT, BUT:) "And what do you suggest that I do for you in return?"
Danny: "Oh, nothing anywhere near that big. Very small, in fact. See, I got some business to transact here in Bay City, and I don't want to run into Bill until I've taken care of it. So I want you to make sure that he doesn't go to his office tomorrow morning..."

Liz: "So you married her, thinking you could get your hands on the money --"
Danny: "...Mrs. Matthews, before you get all sweated up about what a louse I am, what about what you did? Anyway, I'm not interested in what you think of me -- all I want to know is, have we got a deal?"
Liz: "A deal?"
Danny: "I keep my mouth shut about you, and you keep your son away from that office tomorrow morning." (CURLS HIS LIP EVER SO SLIGHTLY:) "How about it, Duchess? Or don't you do business with peasants?"

OCTOBER 17, 1966 (EP. #613)
Pat promised to contact Michael once she is ready. Mary and Emily discussed cherishing precious moments while their children grow up, Michael's professional dedication to John, and John helping Pat to regain her dignity and self-esteem. Emily relayed Lee's theory to Mary that John would become active again if Lee's future with Michael could be assured. Mary conceded to Emily that she is too consumed with worries over Pat to fear the repercussions of Michael not reciprocating Lee's love. Pat fibbed to Lee that she and Michael had an in-depth conversation about John. Lee pressured Pat into using her diplomatic skills to subtly encourage Michael to commitment to her. Bill implored Pat to acknowledge her marital woes rather than skirting the issues. Pat entertained the idea of removing herself from Michael as Bill suggested that going on an extended trip would alleviate her stress symptoms, John's angst, and pressure on Michael to buy John's firm. Pat deflected Bill's efforts to get her opinion on whether Michael has come to a decision regarding his relationship with Lee. Bill advised Pat that he cannot handle any more heartache and has grown genuinely fond of Lenore. Lee laughed over Michael being clueless about her tutoring Hope and possibly having dinner with Emily. Lenore was pleased that Bill vowed to forget about Missy, but admitted that she was baffled by Katherine and Missy's friendship. Bill refrained from giving an assessment on Michael and Lee's relationship to Lenore, who commented on Lee's determination. Emily was troubled by Lee's certainty over Michael, who foreboded that life has become complicated and unpredictable.

OCTOBER 18, 1966 (EP. #614)
Liz was haunted by memories of meeting Danny and decried him as odious and dreadful. Liz resolved to obey Danny's wishes to protect her secrets from Bill and keep Missy out of his life. Lenore and Alice tried to exchange pleasantries while socializing with Bill and Tony. Alice stared daggers at Tony for bringing up the Legal Aid Society Ball, though Lenore graciously excused Bill for forgetting about it due to having a great deal on his mind. Bill warily noted that Liz seemed unusually run-down when Tony mentioned that she cancelled a date with Fred. Liz gently chided Dru for concluding that she was ill and lamented that Will's friends cannot properly fill the void in her life. Dru carefully broached the subject of Liz's interference in Bill's life and inquired into whether she fears that Bill still loves Missy. Liz brazened through Dru poking holes in her theories of Missy and hinted that there may be unknown circumstances that would clarify Missy's disappearances and reasons for jilting Bill. Danny was relieved when Missy bought his lie that John and Bill were in court when he arrived at the office. Missy sadly recalled promising Bill that she would be present to witness him trying his first case and broke down in tears. Danny assured Missy that he will obtain her inheritance and take her away from Bay City permanently. Alice told Bill that Pat does everything in a somnambulant manner and is quite vulnerable to having a nervous breakdown. Bill planned to persuade John and Pat into taking a sabbatical. Alice told Tony that she cannot truly grasp that Missy dumped Bill for another man in Chicago. Bill and Lenore kissed cordially after making a date to attend the upcoming ball.

Notes: Dru mentions that Fred was one of Will's best friends along with being close to Liz. Lyrics to the song, "Little Sally Tease" were included at the end of this script. Likely this song was used in scenes that featured Bill and Lenore, though the script is somewhat vague.

OCTOBER 19, 1966 (EP. #615)
Liz nervously sipped her coffee as Bill hummed while getting dressed for work. Danny called Liz to reiterate his orders to detain Bill all morning. Bill relented when Liz accused him of rushing out and neglecting her, then was puzzled by Liz's somewhat muted response to him taking Lenore to the Legal Aid Society Ball. Liz professed that she was feeling generally ill and needed his company rather than a doctor's examination. Hope insisted that reading was more important than college studies in response to Michael's warnings not to impose on Lee with first grade homework. Michael was immediately contrite over snapping at Emily, who proposed bringing her grape preserve to John and Pat and taking the time to get acquainted with them. Emily was disturbed by Michael's denials that he wasn't bothered about anything. Danny played on Missy's fears of running into Liz and Bill to discourage her from leaving the hotel room to get some exercise. Missy was deeply hurt as Danny purposely groused about Liz hounding her out of town and Bill starting a relationship with Lenore. Liz became desperate when Bill summoned Mary to tend to her while he goes into the office. Bill and Mary were nonplussed with Liz, who went on a tirade about burdening them with hysteria and protested Bill calling a doctor. Liz gave Bill the ultimatum that she will never forgive him should he leave her alone in the house. Michael seethed upon finding a newspaper clipping of Pat's acquittal. Peggy failed to stop Danny from barging into Michael's office unannounced. Michael was floored by Danny's declarations that he is Missy's husband and legal representative.

OCTOBER 20, 1966 (EP. #616)
Danny was offended by Michael's obvious dismay towards Missy marrying him. Michael angered Danny by requesting proof of his marriage and Missy's consent in Danny being her legal representative. Danny insolently strolled around the office glancing at law books, memo pads, and newspaper clippings while Michael convinced Bill to stay with Liz over the phone. John accused Pat of ridiculing him by pretending that they can honeymoon in the Caribbean Islands with him being handicapped. Pat admonished John for jumping to unreasonable conclusions about her intentions. John was amazed and alarmed by Pat's earnest assertions that she has done everything possible for him and that they need a respite. Pat became exasperated with John for insinuating that she is tired of nursing and caring for an excessively demanding invalid. Emily humbly accepted John's praises on providing Michael and Hope with a maternal influence, but maintained that Hope envies more conventional families. Pat felt anguished as John reflected on Lee's determination to marry Michael, prompting Emily to respond objectively to maintain Michael's confidence. Emily noticed Pat's hand trembling once John made the decision to postpone going out of town until Michael and Lee marry. Danny tried to convince Michael that Missy wants her inheritance without seeing anyone. Michael was unyielding towards meeting Missy and having a consultation with John, much to Danny's chagrin. Michael called to advise Pat that he must speak with John on an important business matter. Pat felt trapped when John insisted that she prepare lunch for Michael instead of visiting Mary.

OCTOBER 21, 1966 (EP. #617)
Pat told Michael that she won't speak with him privately at the house since they would have to lower their voices and sneak around corners. Michael tried to express his frustration to Pat, who left abruptly to inform John of his arrival. Michael and Pat forced polite, gracious smiles in response to John's lunch invitation to him. John was flabbergasted when Michael revealed that he received an unexpected visit at the office from Missy's husband, Danny Fargo. Alice joked to Dru that Mary fussed over her having a cold, then affectionately ribbed Dru for doing everything in precise and meticulous ways. Mary told Dru that Liz didn't have command of herself and was behaving strangely, but theorized that Liz was probably faking an illness to cling to Bill and stop him from going to work. Dru and Mary reflected on Missy thwarting Liz's carefully laid plans in setting Bill up with Lenore. Dru pointed out that Liz is an intelligent, resourceful woman and deduced that the answer to Missy's disappearance may rest with Liz. John agreed with Michael's stance that they should confirm Danny's claims directly with Missy and wait for Danny's call before proceeding. John reminded Lee of lawyer-client confidentiality when Lee inquired into his talk with Michael. Michael was cornered into taking Lee to the Legal Aid Society Ball because Lee had purchased a new dress and John offered them his complimentary tickets to the occasion. Michael grew hopeful that John's interest in Missy's case would lead to him resuming his career. Pat exchanged agonized glances with Michael once John cheerfully persuading him into driving Pat to see Mary and to retrieve her car from the shop.

Mary: "Sometimes I wish I were one of those dictatorial mothers who never brook any back-talk from their children, who run their homes like military camps."
Dru: (SMILES:) "Somehow I can't see you in that role." (LOOKS AT HER APPRAISINGLY:) "Colonel Matthews?" (SHAKES HIS HEAD) "No."
Mary: (SMILES BACK AT HIM:) "I guess I couldn't bring it off, at that."
Dru: "How is Liz, by the way? Alice said you were over there this morning."
Mary: (LOOKS AT HIM CURIOUSLY) "How is--? I didn't realize we were--"
Dru: (SMILES:) "Her name wasn't mentioned, but you just finished describing her."
Mary: "Oh, you mean Colonel Matthews?"

Script notes for Act I: Randolph living room. Come up on Pat as she enters and makes her way to John -- outwardly composed and unruffled, going through all the wifely motions -- perhaps even emphasizing them a bit, as though to demonstrate her determination to Michael.

OCTOBER 24, 1966 (EP. #618)
John and Lee stripped Pat of legitimate excuses to get out of letting Michael take her to see Mary. Alice told Mary that, while Lenore has honorable intentions for Bill, Lenore's efforts to make Bill forget about Missy and to fall in love with her are misguided. Mary sniffed sadly while telling Alice that she shares Bill's concern for Pat and yearns to spare her children of unhappiness and heartbreak. Lee recognized the storm signals and dropped her objections once John firmly proclaimed that selling his practice and quitting his career are closed subjects. John was touched when Lee happily remarked that she is taking the opportunity to make amends to Pat by helping around the house. Michael parked his car in a quiet area to have a frank discussion with Pat. Michael and Pat agreed that they cannot deny their feelings, but must fight against surrendering to their passions. Pat told Michael that John has become completely dependent on her and couldn't survive alone should they betray him, then tried unsuccessfully to get Michael to reconsider the possibility of falling in love with Lee. Michael professed his love to Pat and held her shoulders, causing Pat to huddle in a corner of the car and sob uncontrollably. Pat told Michael that she cannot bear to hurt anyone and suggested that he let Lee down slowly and easily. Alice fantasized about becoming a nurse for Russ's own medical practice and getting married to his business partner, which amused Mary greatly. Pat was noncommittal over seeing Michael again and quickly walked up the driveway to greet Mary and Alice. Mary cradled Pat's head and stroked her hair gently, then held Pat tightly as she began to cry.

OCTOBER 25, 1966 (EP. #619)
Missy mused about potentially facing people in Bay City while waiting for Danny to return from John's office. Danny was frazzled and paced nervously while telling Missy that they had things to iron out. Helen warned Lenore that she and Bill were hastily assuming the worst by believing that Missy jilted him for another man. Lenore vowed to Helen that she will succeed in making Bill forget all about Missy. Danny gave Missy a self-aggrandized account of protecting her rights to Katherine's estate and privacy against Michael's cold, business-like demeanor. Missy was puzzled by Danny's staunch objections to her contacting Pat, but had mixed emotions over going to John's office to answer verification questions and sign paperwork right away. Michael was scarcely paying attention as Bill aired suspicions that Liz faked an illness and that Pat is worn out and in dire need of a holiday. Bill backed off after Michael ordered him to quit pressuring him to take over the firm to relieve John's mind. Danny called Michael and requested that he come to the Barclay Hotel to speak with Missy. Bill was puzzled by Michael's reticence over his upcoming meeting with a client and swift decline of his dinner invitation. Missy obeyed Danny's advice by dodging Michael's inquiry into her fleeing town. Michael maintained decorum while getting Missy updated on her friends, despite Danny's constant interruptions to steer the conversation back to Missy's inheritance and used her operation as an excuse to hurry things along. Danny felt ill upon learning from Michael that Missy's inheritance is locked in a trust fund, will take time to administer, and cannot be released in a lump sum.

Michael: "...It's a relief, too. Everyone in Bay City was wondering whether any of us would..."
Danny: (OVER) "Well, now, you promised you wouldn't tell anybody, just that John Randolph."
Missy: "It's all right, Danny." (THEN TO MICHAEL) "It's nice of you to say that. I wasn't sure how people would feel --" (LETS IT TRAIL OFF)
Danny: "Your friends feel about you the way they always did, Missy."
Missy: "That's -- that's nice of you to say."
Michael: "Can you tell me why you left?"
Danny: "Now, wait a minute, wait a minute, Mr. Bauer. Why she left has got nothing to do with the business you came here for."
Michael: "That's true, Mr. Fargo. All I asked was if she could tell me. I didn't say she had to."
Missy: "I...can't, Michael."
Missy: "I hope you'll believe me, though, when I say that I did have to leave. I had to."
Danny: "And that's all she's gonna tell you, see?"
Michael: (LOOKS AT HIM AS THOUGH HE WERE GOING TO TELL DANNY OFF, THEN JUST SIGHS AND TURNS TO MISSY) "I do believe you, Missy -- and you know I wish you the best of luck, always."

OCTOBER 26, 1966 (EP. #620)
Missy quelled Danny's fury by advocating Michael and John's integrity, but conceded that she had forgotten that the money must be administered in monthly allowances. Danny decided to forego leaving the suite to clear his head and allow Michael to provide the figures while masking his frustration. Madge accused Flo of resorting to flimsy excuses to justify Danny's actions and surmised that she is behaving like a zombie because her faith in Danny is beginning to waver. Ed grew suspicious when Flo fumbled to maintain her claims of Danny being in New York to sell the publishing rights to one of his songs. Madge appealed to Flo's desire to be updated on Danny's time in Bay City by urging her to confide in Ed. Bill was exasperated with Liz for fussing over his tie and buying a corsage to match Lenore's gown. Liz assured Bill that she wants him to handle his own life, but quickly hurried Bill out the door when he wondered about Missy contacting John about her fortune. Liz wished for Danny and Missy to get the inheritance and get out of town and Bill's life permanently. Missy tried to play peacemaker to Michael and Danny, who disagreed over the terms of Katherine's estate and exchanged acerbic barbs over lawyers and protecting Missy from unscrupulous people. Danny told Michael that he intends to hire a lawyer once they finish their discussion. Flo admitted to Madge that she is lonely without Danny and scared that she will never see him again. Michael informed Danny and Missy that their children would be the sole beneficiaries of her trust fund. Danny died inside as Missy joked that he would have bequeathed her fortune had she not survived the appendectomy.

OCTOBER 27, 1966 (EP. #621)
Michael furrowed his eyebrows at Danny for implying that Missy needed protection because she didn't understand the conditions of Katherine's estate. Danny tried to rush Michael out of the suite for mentioning Pat's letter to Missy, who caused Danny to be speechless after telling Michael that she hadn't received it. Alice groaned to Jim and Mary that Bill was dragooned into taking Lenore to the Legal Aid Ball after Tony casually brought the occasion up at The Joint. Jim guessed rightly that Mary was upset over Pat when she sadly compared Alice's happy, uncomplicated life to Pat's troubled, stressful marriage. Mary informed Jim that Pat felt compelled to seek refuge in her childhood home, went into her arms, and sobbed like a little girl. Jim and Mary pondered supporting Pat without interfering in her life. Pat struggled to concentrate on arranging flowers and making meal plans while Michael's declarations of love crowded her thoughts. John resented Pat for pressing him on taking a vacation and bitterly ranted about preparations and being stared at by people. Pat dejectedly turned down John's idea of rehiring Mrs. Webber to ease her workload. Michael told John that Missy didn't explain herself, that Danny monopolized their conversation, and calls the shots in a loveless marriage to Missy. John urged Michael to tell Bill everything as they fretted over Danny shielding Missy from her friends and being a fortune hunter. Danny got agitated with Missy for carping about Pat's letter and acquiescing to getting her trust fund in monthly installments. Missy was pacified once Danny soothed his anger and filled her head with claims of aggressively working for her welfare.

Alice: (PIROUETTES TOWARDS EXIT, THEN TURNS TOWARDS THEM:) "When next you see me, I shall have turned into a mysterious international beauty, driving men to desperation. So long y'all."
Jim: (WHO WITH MARY IS LAUGHING:) "Now there's a happy girl."
Mary: "I love to see her this way. So much verve..."

OCTOBER 28, 1966 (EP. #622)
Danny berated himself for allowing Missy's fortune to slip through his fingers by paying for her operation. Danny shrewdly played on Missy's sympathies by bemoaning her mistrust in him to manage her financial affairs, give advice, and act in her best interests. Missy acquiesced to Danny's plans to consult with a lawyer after Danny bemoaned that a monthly allowance would force him to take another job and squash his dreams of establishing a music publishing business. Missy interrupted Danny from surreptitiously placing a call to Liz. Jim and Mary pitied Liz, who complained that her sickness stemmed from the emptiness she feels while alone. Jim and Mary echoed Liz's sentiments in having pride in their children becoming adults, though Liz begrudgingly conceded that lightning hasn't struck twice for Bill to fall in love with Lenore yet. Danny ordered Liz to get rid of her guests because he was coming to the house for an impromptu meeting. Lenore was intrigued as Bill cited instances when clients see lawyers outside of the office to explain Michael's secrecy towards having a business meeting prior to coming to the dance. Missy desperately tried to convince herself to forget about Bill. Missy acted out telling Bill about marrying Danny, then sobbed while sadly yearning to see him once more. Danny boasted to a disinterested Liz that he will purchase a place for himself and Missy that will rival her home. Danny ridiculed Liz's possessiveness of Bill, caught her wrist when she tried to strike him, and bullied Liz into recommending Fred to represent him in challenging the stipulations of Katherine's estate. Liz sunk into a chair feeling humiliated, unclean, and exposed.

Liz: "'s simply further evidence that I judged your character -- and your intentions --correctly the first time I saw you."
Danny: "Yeah? Well, let me tell you something -- I judged your character correctly before I ever saw you." (LOOKS HER UP AND DOWN INSULTINGLY:) "The great lady with her baby doll son, which she won't let anybody come near, because she wants to save him for herself--"
Liz: (FLARING, FURIOUS:) "That's a lie!"
Danny: "Is it?"
Danny: "Boy, you really would have clobbered me, wouldn't you? And that wouldn't have been smart at all -- because I can clobber you seven ways from Sunday with that son of yours, and you know it." (SLOWLY RELEASES HER WRIST, WATCHING HER CLOSELY:) "Now, are we going to cooperate with each other or not?"
Danny: (ALL INNOCENCE:) "Now Duchess, didn't I give you my word I would? Just as long as you cooperate, you got nothing to be afraid of. You believe me, don't you?"
Liz: (LOOKS AT HIM WITH INFINITE LOATHING:) "I have no choice, do I?"
Danny: "You're so right. You got no choice at all. You know, Duchess, I got to take off my hat to you. You got nerve, you know what you want and you [let] nothing stop you from getting it. You're rich --" (LOOKS AROUND:) "-- well, rich enough --" (LOOKS HER UP AND DOWN AGAIN, ALMOST SALACIOUSLY:) "-- too bad I didn't meet you before I ran into Annie. Might have been interesting."
Liz: (TURNS AWAY IN REVULSION) "You get out of here. Get out!"

Notes: Liz gives Fred's law firm as Douglas and Hume.

OCTOBER 31, 1966 (EP. #623)
Lee misinterpreted Pat's reactions to her wanting to dazzle Michael into proposing marriage as envy and tried to improve Pat's sour mood. Pat forced a smile when Lee joked that Michael might forget that she's his date if Pat attended the Legal Aid Ball in her gorgeous white dress. John urged Michael to take Bill aside and tell him everything about Danny and Missy. Michael complimented Lee's appearance and chastely and tenderly kissed her cheek for John and Pat's benefit. Pat was pleased that John promised to give serious consideration over taking her on an extended vacation. John revealed to an incredulous Pat that Missy married Danny while in Chicago and that Danny spoke with Michael about claiming the inheritance, which is Missy's sole purpose for coming back to town. Pat vigorously refused to believe that Missy didn't love Bill and was capable of cruelly turning her back on everyone while tearfully fretting over Bill's reaction. Lenore quipped to Bill that Lee will stress over her appearance until she secures an engagement ring and exchanges vows with Michael on their wedding day. Alice told Bill that John and Pat going on a cruise would be very ideal because they would visit exotic locations and meet interesting people. Michael grew pensive over Pat's desire to get away while Bill and Alice recruited Lee's help in getting through to John. Tony entertained Lee, Alice, and Lenore so that Michael could speak to Bill alone. Bill grew hopeful and anxious to contact Missy once Michael revealed that she has returned to Bay City and is staying at the Barclay Hotel. Michael grimly told Bill that Missy came to acquire her inheritance and that she is married.


Tony: (DEEP BOW, AFFECTING A GAYLORD RAVENAL ACCENT:) "Miss Lenore, would you do me the honor -- I mean, may I have the privilege --" (SHAKES HIS HEAD:) "--aw, shucks, I never was much good at sweet talk --"
Lenore: (LAUGHING, FALLING INTO THE ACCENT TOO:) "Why, Gaylord, I do believe yo' blushin'..."
Tony: "I am?"
Lenore: (DROPPING THE ACCENT, TAKING HIS HAND:) "Come on, before the music stops." (AS SHE LEADS HIM AWAY:) "I never could stand to see a grown man blush."

NOVEMBER 1, 1966 (EP. #624)
Michael delicately informed Bill that he deserved to hear the whole story about Missy. Bill solemnly told Michael that he thought Missy's return was a miracle and a chance for them to start over. Michael told Bill that Missy's spouse is a cheap, flashy, fast-talking phony who came to John's office while Bill was tending to Liz. Bill sardonically toasted to Missy's marriage once Michael explained that Missy married a man she befriended in Chicago and had returned for her inheritance. Michael was profoundly troubled as Bill laughed bitterly, then fell into deep sorrow upon learning that Missy had married Danny. Bill recounted to Michael that Danny played the piano at the Alley and that Madge, Flo, and Ed had encouraged him to keep searching for Missy. Michael was unable to console Bill, who bitterly concluded that the people in Chicago knew Missy's whereabouts, but strung him along for their own amusement and selfish purposes. Lenore and Lee tried to raise Bill's spirits. Danny formulated plans to consult with Fred, get Missy's inheritance, and keep Bill away from Missy. Bill asked Lenore for advice, prompting Lenore to proclaim that she would avoid seeing a person who could open old wounds and impede her from moving on. Lenore coolly appraised Bill's mindset as he dwelled on being jilted by Missy. Danny woke Missy from a nightmare by roughly grabbing and kissing her, which disturbed Missy greatly. Missy realized that her marriage to Danny was a terrible mistake while lying in bed. Bill expressed appreciation to Lenore for providing him with sympathy, patience, and understanding. Lenore was dazed and speechless from Bill's passionate kiss.

NOVEMBER 2, 1966: Pre-empted for coverage of 1966 Election.

NOVEMBER 3, 1966 (EP. #625)
Liz feared that Bill was ill or drunk upon finding him sitting in the dark while the front door was ajar. Bill told Liz that Danny met with Michael to discuss Missy's inheritance, then groused that Danny dissembled helpfulness while concealing his own association to Missy. Liz emphatically urged Bill to put his broken engagement behind him and commit to Lenore. Liz pondered whether Bill would ever understand her tactics and resolved to secure Missy's silence on the truth. Pat tried unsuccessfully to avoid facing Michael by claiming to John that she was weary of discussing Bill and Missy and wanted to go to bed. Michael lamented to John, Pat, and Lee that Bill was devastated over Missy, that Bill became acquainted with Danny in Chicago, and that Missy didn't provide explanations for her actions. John was doubtful that Missy would take Pat into her confidence by pointing out that she deliberately severed ties with everyone and has likely been brainwashed by Danny. Michael struggled to obey Pat's demand against touching her while John retrieved notes on stealthily probing Danny for information. Pat sternly informed Michael that she isn't resorting to pretenses and that they must stay apart. Lee promised to help Pat persuade John into going on a trip. Lee fretted that Michael hasn't proposed marriage and pleaded for Pat to gently pressure him. Pat agreed to consider Lee's request, but agonized over hurting her and betraying their friendship. Emily tried to chalk Michael's cryptic remarks about time running out for him in Bay City as exhaustion and discouragement. Michael informed Emily that he is declining John's business offer and leaving town.

Pat: "Plans --?"
Lee: "You know, for you and Dad to go away together for a while."
Pat: "Oh. Well, of course there's nothing definite yet--"
Lee: "I know, but I just wanted to say I think it's a wonderful idea -- and Bill and I are going to get you two on that boat or plane or whatever you decide, even if we have to hog-tie you. After all, it's for your own good -- I hope you realize that."
Pat: "Yes, ma'am."

NOVEMBER 4, 1966 (EP. #626)
Missy subconsciously rebuffed Danny's touches as he vowed that he won't tolerate anyone keeping them from getting her fortune. Danny was undaunted by Missy's warnings that Fred was a close friend to Liz. Dru insisted that the story of Missy's departure and marriage was incomplete, despite Bill's fervent belief that Missy played him for a fool. Bill ranted about pouring his heart out to everyone in Chicago while Missy was likely at Danny's nearby apartment, then went to the phone once Dru subtly hinted about verifying whether Ed published their aborted story on Missy. Madge told Flo that she was clinging to unrealistic dreams of marriage with Danny and success in New York while allowing herself to be strung along and used for intimacy and convenience. Flo credited Madge for having her best interests at heart, but adamantly defended Danny going to Bay City. Ed eagerly told Madge and Flo that his boss appointed him to be a war correspondent in Vietnam. Madge gently ribbed Ed for getting sentimental over their friendship while Flo rushed to the phone in hopes that Danny was calling her. Flo confidently told Madge that Bill most likely contacted Ed because he has reconciled with Missy and expressed confidence in Danny and their relationship's future. Liz gave vague, indirect answers to Missy's inquiry on Bill's knowledge of her marriage and return to Bay City. Liz wished happiness for Missy with Danny, implied that she protected her and Bill from entering into a doomed marriage, and commended her for showing the good sense to leave town. Missy blurted out to Liz that her chances of having happiness were shattered during their last meeting.

NOVEMBER 7, 1966 (EP. #627)
Liz assured Missy that she would keep quiet about her unhappy marriage to Danny. Missy was incredulous towards Liz's suggestion that they bury the past. Pat frantically pulled out groceries to dispel memories of Michael pleading that they work together to fight against their feelings for each other. Mary was saddened to observe Pat nervously cooking and rapidly asking questions to start a conversation. John and Pat told Mary that Missy married Danny and returned for the sole purpose of getting her inheritance. John echoed Mary's assumption that the news about Missy may have caused Bill to be more attentive to Lenore. Liz got Missy to acknowledge that she fled town because she couldn't continue living a lie. Missy wailed that she felt worthless when Liz revealed her parentage and declared that she married Danny to acquire a real name. Liz begrudgingly admitted to Missy that she never told Bill the reasons that she left him. Mary was disgusted as Michael and John explained that Danny feigned friendship to Bill while knowing Missy's whereabouts and that Danny wants Missy's fortune delivered in a lump sum. John and Michael strategized on protecting Missy from Danny while ensuring that Katherine's wishes are carried out properly. Mary expressed concerns over Pat's tired appearance and lack of interest in Missy, prompting Pat to rant that everyone is nagging her to take a trip with John. Pat vehemently denied to Mary that she has problems she refuses to address. Liz told Missy that Bill found solace in Lenore, who has the same upbringing as Bill and provided invaluable sympathy, patience, and understanding to him. Missy dejectedly consented to Liz's request that she remain silent on their last meeting to ensure Bill's newfound happiness.

Liz: "Melissa, do you remember Lenore Moore?"
Missy: "I...Yes, I do."
Liz: "A lovely girl. She and Bill have grown up together. They'd known each other all their lives, and as sometimes happens in such cases, they took each other for granted. They didn't realize how...well-suited they are to each other."
Missy: "Please..."
Liz: "Look, Melissa, I'm explaining to you what happened. You asked me to. Bill turned to Lenore. In a time of trouble, he wanted to be with one of his own kind. Does that surprise you?"
Missy: "No."
Liz: "And she helped him. She understood, you see."
Missy: "Yes...I see..."
Liz: "You would have wanted that, wouldn't you, Melissa? You wouldn't have wanted Bill to be without someone to comfort him?"
Missy: "No..."
Liz: "Melissa, he talks more about Lenore and how wonderful she's been to him than he's talked about you."

NOVEMBER 8, 1966 (EP. #628)
Mary intuitively deduced that Pat was troubled as she hurriedly composed a grocery list. Michael quelled Pat's misgivings when John insisted that Michael accompany her to the Barclay Hotel to see Missy. Mary sensed underlying feelings between Michael and Pat. John grew hostile as Mary carefully broached the subject of him handling all of Missy's legal matters instead of Michael. Mary admonished John for believing gossip from his colleagues and wrecking his life with false pride, self-pity, and vanity. John angrily accused Mary of objecting to his marriage and resenting the ways in which he treats Pat. Dru arrived as John rudely told Mary to mind her own business and stop interfering in his and Pat's personal matters. Dru lamented to John and Mary that Bill is embittered, Liz will boast that she was right about Missy, and shared their puzzlement towards Missy marrying a man like Danny. Michael convinced Pat to talk to him before they call Missy at the Barclay Hotel. Michael professed his love to Pat, then ascertained that they will continue to be thrown together and that John may become suspicious of them. Pat agreed with Michael's contentions that they couldn't live with the guilt of surrendering to their passions. Michael wouldn't let Pat blame herself for compromising Lee's romance with him and their friendship. John refused to reconsider taking Pat on an extended getaway, despite Dru's best efforts. Dru told Mary that he believes that Michael doesn't reciprocate Lee's love and may be interested in another woman, causing Mary to privately reel over Michael possibly having feelings for Pat. Michael informed a devastated Pat that he must leave town.

Production Notes: A promotional slide of the Liz/Missy scene from the November 7, 1966 episode ran during the show's closing, followed by Bill Wolff's normal announcement.

NOVEMBER 9, 1966 (EP. #629)
Missy readily agreed to meet Pat and Michael at the hotel's coffee shop. Pat contemplated whether Missy has changed since departing Bay City. Charlie told Flo that Max is demanding to see her. Flo refused to let Madge's cynicism towards Bill calling Ed about reuniting with Missy ruin her cheerful mood and faith in Danny. Madge was horrified and perplexed when Ed approached her menacingly and banged his fist on the bar. Michael advised Pat to expect that Missy may conceal painful aspects of fleeing town and living in Chicago. Pat and Missy became overwhelmed with emotion and warmly embraced after initially greeting each other tentatively. Pat was distressed with Missy, who insisted that she had nothing left to say to Bill and proclaimed that she can never discuss her reasons for jilting him. Ed lambasted Madge for playing him and Bill for fools by concealing her knowledge of Missy's disappearance and whereabouts. Madge tried to convince Ed that she lied for Flo's sake because Danny had promised reunite Bill and Missy and return to Flo once he obtained a loan from them. Ed refuted Madge's claims by angrily stating that Danny married Missy. Missy explained to Pat the ways in which Danny selflessly helped her. Pat was stunned that Missy married Danny to get a name without being in love with him. Madge told Ed that Danny used Flo's unwavering devotion to ensure their silence about Missy. Ed informed Madge that Danny is exercising his rights as Missy's spouse to handle her financial affairs and is seeking Missy's trust fund to be delivered in a large sum. Ed and Madge stared at each other in consternation while anticipating Flo's reaction to the news.

Flo: (HAPPILY) "...It's because of the phone call [Ed] got from Bill Matthews. Don't you see, Madge? It has to mean that Danny has got Bill and Melissa Palmer together--"
Madge: (OVER) "Whoa! This is where I came in. I know: Danny the hero got the two nice kids together again and right this minute they're getting married on the traffic island on the Main Street in Bay City while thousands cheer and the Bay City Boy Scouts carry Danny Fargo around their shoulder and everybody sings for he's a jolly good swindler!"
Madge: "Well, that's just about what you said, isn't it? And in the end, Flo and Danny go off into the sunset all bent over from carrying great big bags of Melissa Palmer's money."

NOVEMBER 10, 1966 (EP. #630)
Ed and Madge felt miserable as Flo confessed that she and Madge kept mum about Missy since Danny could reap the benefits of helping her. Pat tried unsuccessfully to convince Missy that Bill deserved an explanation on her reasons for leaving him. Missy deflected Pat's question on whether she is content by vaguely musing about having certain duties and obligations that supersede happiness. Pat felt awkward as Missy raved about Michael being well qualified to run John's practice during his convalescence. Charlie fibbed to Flo that Max wanted her to balance the books to prevent Ed and Madge from having to answer Flo's inquiry on Bill's phone call to Ed. Madge told Ed that she wishes for Danny to get his comeuppance for being a louse and decided to tell Flo everything once they get home. Missy was noncommittal on getting together with Pat again and introducing her to Danny. Michael was incredulous to Pat's theory that Missy married Danny out of gratitude since his character made it impossible to believe that Danny was capable of altruism. Pat warned Michael that they should avoid talking to each other and that professing their love settles nothing. Michael was startled when Pat pleaded with him to leave town because of the risk of succumbing to their passions. Missy tried to muster enthusiasm towards Danny buying her a ring. Danny coldly told Missy that he doesn't care about Flo now that he has her. Missy infuriated Danny by rebuffing his sexual advances. Ed forgave Madge and Flo for lying to him, bade them farewell, and prepared to leave for Vietnam. Flo spoke happily of Madge being her bridesmaid at her wedding to Danny.

NOVEMBER 11, 1966 (EP. #631)
Danny impatiently defended buying a wedding ring for Missy against her objections to using money from the disbursement. Danny grew alarmed when Missy mentioned Liz's unexpected visit to the hotel suite. Missy bitterly told Danny that Bill knows of her return and Liz came to ensure that she spares Bill's feelings by staying away from him. Danny covered referring to Liz as "Duchess" by claiming it was a nickname he devised based on Missy's interactions with her. Missy felt satisfaction in telling Danny that she is no longer obligated to get along with Liz since she isn't marrying Bill. Danny convinced Missy that breaking the conditions of her trust fund were in their mutual best interests. Helen pointed out to Liz that Missy being married takes her out of contention in rekindling her romance with Bill. Liz disparaged Danny for playing Bill for a fool and chastised Helen for failing to recognize Missy as a schemer who tried to infiltrate their social circle and enter the Matthews family. Bill sadly told Lenore that he found some comfort in learning that he and Ed had been equally duped by Danny's lies. Lenore urged Bill to quit trying to understand Danny and Missy's actions and to move forward with his life. Bill decided to abandon his idea of joining the military and give his romance with Lenore more time. Danny taunted Liz with the possibility of Bill and Missy patching things up should they see other again. Liz ridiculed Danny's swaggering manner, masculinity, and willingness to enter into a loveless marriage to get Missy's fortune. Danny seethed as Liz pointed out that they must tolerate each other to meet their individual goals and demanded that he leave.

Liz: "But Helen, that's just my point -- Bill was the one who was wrong for Melissa. Or rather she was wrong for him -- very wrong. And this latest escapade would seem to confirm that, for once and all."
Helen: "I'd hardly call marriage an escapade, Liz. I'm sure Missy doesn't view it as such."
Liz: "Helen, what you and everyone else fails to realize is that Melissa is a -- an adventurer, an interloper, a fraud --"
Helen: (FLICKERS:) "Fraud, Liz? Why do you say that?"

Liz: "And to think she tried to break into our social circle, our way of life."
Helen: "Through the back door -- you mean, because she wanted to marry Bill."
Liz: "Yes, and if that isn't fraud, I don't know what is."

Helen: (SMILES, WITH TOLERANCE AND LONG ACQUAINTANCE AND UNDERSTANDING OF LIZ'S FOIBLES) "Liz, you are the most complete, undiluted, dyed-in-the-wool snob I have ever known."

NOVEMBER 14, 1966 (EP. #632)
Danny inched closer to Liz and leered at her while relishing in getting under her skin. Liz seethed with a cold, quiet fury as Danny got comfortable in a chair and venomously declared that he wants a better deal from her. Bill was consumed by thoughts of Missy as Lenore walked idly around the law office and hypothesized that Michael's hesitance in proposing marriage to Lee may be a sign that they aren't meant for each other. Lenore challenged Bill by pretending to admit defeat in getting him over Missy and urged Bill to contact her once he is truly ready to move forward. Bill apologized to Lenore, expressed gratitude for her support, and agreed to take her to a sorority formal in December. Danny threatened to expose Liz unless she leaves Missy alone and keeps her and Bill apart. Liz mocked Danny, who tried to downplay Missy's reasons for marrying him and bragged that he could easily get her to forget about Bill. Liz goaded Danny to prove his masculinity to Missy by harping on the fact that they haven't consummated the union. Lenore complained to Helen that Bill inexplicably continues to carry a torch for Missy. Helen lectured Lenore on judging a person's character on their background, skin color, and ancestors, then gave sage advice on love being imperfect. Missy cried after gazing at Bill and Lenore's picture taken at the Legal Aid Ball. Missy was perplexed by Danny's sour mood as he disparaged Bill and Liz and fibbed that Fred wasn't available to meet. Danny decided to take Missy out and buy a sports car due to wanting them to be seen in public together. Missy forced an enthusiastic smile once she deduced that Danny is yearning for intimacy.

Danny: (CURLS HIS LIP:) "What happened to your manners? All the time it was Mr. Fargo, and now all of a sudden--"
Liz: (NODS:) "Now all of a sudden it's Danny. Because I can see you're really just a little boy -- blustering and threatening and trying to be a big man."
Danny: "I'll show you who's a man --"
Liz: "No, don't show me, Danny. Show Melissa. I wish you luck."

NOVEMBER 15, 1966 (EP. #633)
Mary told Jim and Alice the news about Missy and Danny. Alice anxiously waited to hear about Pat's time with Missy. Jim sensed rightly that Mary was troubled by something involving Michael. John and Dru agreed that, while Danny is without legal grounds to break the terms of Katherine's will, they have no recourse available to protect Missy except to warn her against getting swindled. Dru and Lee failed to make progress in convincing John to take Pat on an extended vacation. Michael disliked Pat's suggestions that he decline John's business proposal immediately and allow his relationship with Lee to fade naturally by leaving town. Pat told John, Dru, and Lee that Missy vowed she would never provide an explanation for fleeing town and revealed nothing specific about Danny. Michael impulsively echoed Lee's contention that getting married for reasons other than love was a terrible arrangement. Jim carped to Mary about John wallowing in self-pity and finding selfish enjoyment in Pat overworking herself to cater to his needs. Mary told Jim that Pat seems bothered by Michael's presence, but caught them staring at each other in silence when Michael came to discuss Missy with John. Jim realized the implications when Mary relayed Dru's hypothesis that Michael isn't going to marry Lee and may be interested in another woman. Pat told John, Dru, Lee, and Michael that Missy behaved as though she were frightened by something following her and believes that Missy doesn't love Danny. John fretted that Missy will likely be unreceptive to offers of help. Dru, Michael, and Pat squirmed over John's assertion that Lee doesn't have problems with Michael.

NOVEMBER 16, 1966 (EP. #634)
Madge stealthily arranged a meeting with Ed to avoid Flo overhearing their conversation. Ed planned to exonerate Madge and Flo by telling Bill that Danny had coerced them into staying silent about his association to Missy. Michael grew annoyed with Bill, who criticized Michael's stall tactics in telling John and Lee that he won't be taking ownership of the firm and is leaving town. Bill sardonically quipped that a party should be thrown for Danny and Missy once Michael mentioned Pat visiting Missy at the Barclay Hotel. Michael tried to sway an indignant Bill into trusting Pat's intuition that Missy doesn't love Danny and that her true reasons for fleeing town were mysterious. Bill stubbornly adhered to his beliefs that Missy conned him as equally as Danny, Madge, and Flo, despite Michael's warnings against professing to know the truth prematurely. Michael's curiosity was piqued as Bill spoke to Ed over the phone. Bill was dazed while telling Michael that Madge and Flo didn't know about Danny and Missy's marriage and that Ed is preparing Madge to break the news to Flo. Ed speculated to Madge that Danny must play the dutiful husband to Missy to gain access to her fortune, but isn't above committing murder to achieve his goals. Ed warned Madge not to count on Danny letting Flo down gently and encouraged her to be open and honest. Flo rambled dreamily about being Danny's bride and relieving Madge of burden once she and Danny get their own place in New York. Madge grew exasperated as Flo requested that she make a concerted effort to get to know Danny better. Flo was in disbelief and bewilderment once Madge blurted out that Danny has married.

Flo: "Mama's family...You know, I enjoy looking at them tonight."
Madge: "I always look at them when I...don't know what to do...when I wonder how Mama would handle a problem I've got."

NOVEMBER 17, 1966 (EP. #635)
Flo wailed that Madge was lying about Danny out of spite because she never approved of him. Madge submitted to Flo shaking her while consumed with pity, love, and sorrow for her sister. Flo angrily remonstrated Madge for vindictively hurting her, putting Danny down, and being jealous. Madge tactfully informed Flo that she falsely jumped to the conclusion that Bill's call to Ed involved him getting back together with Missy. Flo went into denial once Madge revealed that Danny married Missy. Liz tried to straighten up the house to escape being plagued by memories of her encounters with Danny. Dru was bemused as Liz reflected on things working out perfectly because Bill and Missy are in new relationships with more suitable partners. Liz conceded to Dru that she objected to Bill and Missy's union, but emphatically stated that she had nothing to do with Missy jilting Bill or getting married to Danny, prompting Dru to observe that Liz was defending herself against accusations that have not been made. Danny wandered around the suite and drank alcohol as Liz's barbs on Missy's motivation for marrying him and his manhood pierced his thoughts. Missy disliked Danny rubbing her arms and stroking her cheek. Danny talked to Missy about driving a fancy car, getting her fortune with Fred's help, and putting Bay City behind them permanently. Missy hid her disdain when Danny equated her seeing Pat with introducing him to her friends. Madge told Flo that Danny plans to abscond with Missy's money once he breaks the provisions of the trust fund. Flo rejected Madge's attempts to comfort her. Madge wished she could murder Danny.

Liz: "Oh, I admit I was very much against Bill's marrying her - and why not? I had a mother' it sixth sense. And now we know that the minute she ran away from Bay City she took up with raffish people, she was going back to her own kind. It only proves that it was none of my doing."
Dru: "That's very interesting logic, Liz - but if you were on trial and I were your lawyer, I'd remind you that you did not have to take the witness stand - and I'd advise strongly against doing so."
Liz: "I'm not on trial, Dru!" (THEN:) "Surely you don't...still...think..."
Dru: "What I think is certainly not competent evidence, Liz. But along with many lines from the Boy Scout Manual and other youthful reading, I do recall a certain line of Shakespeare's. Do you remember it, Liz? 'Methinks the lady doth protest too much.'"

Production Notes: During Act II and Act III, Liz and Danny's faces may have been superimposed as the characters were separately haunted by their encounters up to this point. According to the script, this decision was left to production's discretion, but possibly not done in the end.

NOVEMBER 18, 1966: Pre-empted.

NOVEMBER 21, 1966 (EP. #636)
Pat was perturbed when Michael came to speak with John during the morning. Alice's comedy routine on Russ boasting about his exceptional grades in medical school fell flat with a pre-occupied Jim and Mary. Jim urged Alice to spend time with Missy out of friendship and not curiosity over her leaving Bill and marrying Danny. Mary told Jim that she was remiss for allowing her imagination to manufacture trouble between Michael and Pat and airing her unfounded concerns. Jim ascertained to Mary that John's paralysis would have brought him and Pat closer together had they married for love and not due to gratitude. Jim reflected to Mary that John disregarded the consequences of marriage on Lee and that Pat has been a dedicated wife to him and reconciled her differences with Lee. Mary grew troubled as Jim lamented that John may be the worst thing that has ever happened to Pat. Pat informed Michael that there isn't a chance for the two of them to be together and encouraged him to level with John and seek advice on breaking things off with Lee. Michael went through the motions as Lee gave him a kiss and talked of cooking for him. Pat deflected Lee's questions on whether she pled her case in subtly pushing Michael to propose to her. Michael was horrified to realize that John hastily assumed that a celebration was in order and Michael was about to ask for Lee's hand in marriage. John chastised Michael for depriving himself of a career opportunity due to a momentary lack of confidence, but Michael maintained that his reasons were sufficient with justification unnecessary. Michael informed John that he is quitting his job and leaving Bay City permanently.

NOVEMBER 22, 1966 (EP. #637)
Michael reminded John that he promised not to probe him for specific reasons on leaving the firm and Bay City. John and Michael were stunned that Lee had overheard her name mentioned as she came into the living room with coffee and cookies. John stalled by telling Lee that he and Michael were confidentially discussing business and to promptly rejoin Pat in the kitchen. Lee told Pat that Michael and John fell silent after she heard her name brought up by Michael. Pat secretly agonized as Lee concluded that Michael was requesting John's consent in proposing marriage and mused over fixing her first breakfast as an engaged woman. Lee chattered to Pat about finding an apartment with a garden for Hope, house-hunting, and having a small wedding ceremony with John giving her away and Pat being her matron of honor. Pat was haunted by Michael's declarations of love and choice not to marry Lee. Pat silently grieved for Lee's inevitable heartbreak while hugging her and reassuring Lee that she wants her happiness. Jim recalled his reflections of John and Pat's marriage to Mary. Dru informed Jim that Liz's denials over orchestrating Missy's disappearance only reaffirmed his suspicions to the contrary. Jim agreed with Dru's belief that Pat's gratitude towards John could develop into love by working things out as a married couple and that Pat will console Lee should Michael end their romance. Michael dissembled to John that he unintentionally allowed things to progress too far with Lee, but feared hurting her by being candid. John advised Michael to allow himself time to reconsider Lee remaining in his life, which left Michael sagging in defeat.

NOVEMBER 23, 1966 (EP. #638)
John was noncommittal in telling Lee that she will know the details of his conference with Michael in due time. Pat grew chagrined as John doubted that Michael truly needed to straighten things out and made conjectures that Michael was backing away from Lee because of the trauma from his first marriage. Pat rebuked John's request for her to talk some sense into Michael as an unwarranted intrusion into his life and contended that he should be free to examine his feelings without being pressured by anyone. Michael struggled to concentrate due to thoughts of Pat. Bill tactfully asked Michael not to bring up the handling of Katherine's estate with him. Michael glumly told Bill that John believes he is going through a temporary bout of confusion and will want to settle down, take over his law practice, and marry Lee. Bill boldly asked Michael whether he has fallen for another woman and surprised himself by finding Michael's swift denials to be dubious. Alice warned Lenore against putting her in the difficult position of disparaging Missy in any way despite Lenore's blossoming romance with Bill. Lee was radiant with anticipation while telling Lenore and Alice that Michael has likely asked John for permission to marry her. Pat tried to blot out memories of Michael professing his love and the two of them sharing a kiss. Bill sheepishly asked Pat about her afternoon spent with Missy. Pat reprimanded Bill for jumping to conclusions that Missy coldly dumped him and knew about his earnest search for her in Chicago. Bill was perplexed when Pat abruptly went to tend to John after he aired his suspicions that Michael has developed feelings for someone other than Lee.

Lenore: "...And I hope you Matthews appreciate what I'm doing for Bill."
Alice: "You mean asking him to your sorority dance?"
Lenore: "No, I mean the whole campaign I've got going."
Alice: "Campaign?"
Lenore: "I don't have an official name for it yet, but I'm thinking of calling it the Committee to Get Bill Matthews Back Into Circulation. Would you like to join?"
Alice: "I don't know -- who else belongs?"
Lenore: "Just me. Oh, his mother is an ex-officio member --"
Alice: "I figured. And I've got a better name for you. The Committee to Make Bill Matthews Forget All About Missy Palmer."
Lenore: "I'm for that, too. Small correction, though."
Alice: "What"?
Lenore: "Not Missy Palmer. Mrs. Fargo."
Alice: (FROWNS) "Oh, yes, of course. I keep forgetting."
Lenore: "Well, Bill hasn't. And that's what I'm working on. Don't you think that's a worthy cause?"

NOVEMBER 24, 1966: Pre-empted for coverage of Thanksgiving Day Football.

NOVEMBER 25, 1966 (EP. #639)
Alice called Missy and requested that she join her at the Kopper Kettle. Fred was quite irritated when Danny brusquely introduced himself as Missy's husband, who wishes to hire him for legal representation concerning the disbursement of her fortune. Danny grew indignant as Fred vouched for John's astute work in handling estates and explained that trust funds protect the beneficiaries, but became optimistic once Fred disclosed that mismanagement of the funds by the trustee and pressing, unanticipated needs were possible grounds to break the terms. Bill opined to Michael that it would be cruel to leave town while Lee remains uncertain about their relationship and that a clean break may be the best option in the long run. Michael expressed appreciation to Bill for his advice and understanding. Lee talked Michael into being her date for Lenore's sorority formal and thanked him for being in her life. Bill laid into Michael for conveniently forgetting to be upfront with Lee, but conceded to Michael's view that it wasn't the proper time to level with her. Michael decided to leave the office to unwind. Danny dampened Missy and Alice's spirits by impulsively opening the door as they approached the suite. Missy was embarrassed when Danny possessively grabbed her hand and smugly remarked that Missy acquired her own family in response to Alice describing their dear friendship. Missy criticized Danny for being rude to Alice. Danny viciously told Missy to be mindful of her gratitude towards him should she ever feel compelled to defy or cross him. Missy slammed the bedroom door and let out a despairing gasp, which left Danny unaffected and stone-faced.

NOVEMBER 28, 1966 (EP. #640)
Missy seethed with fury and humiliation over Danny's savage comments. Danny tried to downplay his words as jests, leading Missy to lambast Danny for joking about the circumstances of her birth, not having a name, and exclaimed that no one had spoken so cruelly to her besides Liz. John was mollified once Alice explained that she refrained from putting Missy through an interrogation during their time together. Alice told John that she pegged Danny for a snake and proclaimed that nothing could convince her that Missy married him out of love. Missy angrily reminded Danny that she had been honest with him about still loving Bill. Danny whined to Missy that meeting Michael and Fred, her past engagement to Bill, and friendships stirred his inferiority complex because he felt snubbed by them. Missy softened towards Danny due to her own feelings of inadequacy, though she was reluctant to forgive him. Danny bragged to Missy that Fred agreed to represent him once he demanded results. Bill was stunned to receive a request from the Mutual National Bank to meet with Michael to discuss Missy's trust fund. Michael suppressed his incredulity towards Bill's claims that he hardly thinks of Missy. Bill asked Michael to postpone leaving town until John can be persuaded into taking Pat on a trip before she potentially has a nervous breakdown. John brusquely thwarted Alice's efforts to persuade him into resuming physical therapy and taking Pat on a vacation. Bill deemed Alice's claims that Missy is unhappy as dubious since she is now a married and wealthy woman. Alice informed Bill that something is terribly wrong in Missy's life and pleaded for him to see her.

Script Notes in Prologue: "Open on a Missy who is still angry and humiliated by the cruel words Danny hurled at her...Missy is suffering: a suffering which has quite an element of shock in it, as Danny has never before talked to her in [such a manner]. And this is an important point to remember throughout the script: that Missy has at last gotten a glimpse of Danny's true colors..."

NOVEMBER 29, 1966 (EP. #641)
Madge was relieved to have moral support from Ed, who was detained from leaving due to a military emergency. Mary advised Alice not to pass judgment on Danny or push Bill into seeing Missy because he is struggling to come to grips with Missy's marriage. Alice defended herself against Mary's lecture on meddling in the delicate area of human emotions by insisting that she acted as a friend to Bill and Missy. Bill thought of Alice's disbelief in Missy marrying Danny. Liz chided Bill for being absent-minded and nonchalant about his upcoming dates with Lenore. Bill was confused when Liz scoffed at Alice's childish, absurd suggestion that Bill talk to Missy. Madge recounted for Ed the difficult endeavor of telling Flo the truth about Danny and fretted that Flo passed out from exhaustion and drinking. Flo woke up after thinking that she overheard Madge talking to Danny, searched the apartment, and was devastated to find Ed hiding behind a screen. Ed bluntly countered Flo's contentions that Liz was the true culprit in keeping Bill and Missy apart and Danny was innocent of Madge's charges. Madge criticized Ed for hurting Flo's self-respect by being insensitive. Liz had a laugh riot over the notion of Bill speaking with a girl who never loved him and worked with Danny to make a total fool of him, which wounded Bill deeply. Liz realized that Bill will not be free of Missy until he is married to Lenore. Lenore told Bill that seeing Missy might allow him to overcome his illusions of her and push him into finally accepting that Missy has permanently moved on with Danny. Bill praised Lenore for getting him to see things more clearly and decided against visiting Missy.

NOVEMBER 30, 1966 (EP. #642)
Missy grew aggravated with Danny, who defended renting a piano by comparing his occupation of music to Bill needing law books as a lawyer. Danny and Missy found themselves equally irritated over Bill constantly being on their minds. Jim agreed to Mary's idea of visiting Pat and lending her moral support, despite the risk of the two of them potentially clashing with John. Jim felt defeated in helping Pat deal with her conflicts with Michael as Mary vividly recalled Pat crying in her arms. Jim and Mary declined Alice's suggestion that they spend time with Missy and warned her against interfering in Danny and Missy's marriage. Alice talked to Russ on the phone about nursing, her disapproval of Danny as Missy's husband, and Russ starting an internship at Memorial Hospital. Danny and Missy had an argument over her carrying a torch for Bill, being unable to speak frankly to each other, and Danny feeling like Missy is shutting him out of his life. Missy assured Danny that she has no intention of seeing Bill. Danny vowed to Missy that they will leave Bay City once they get her inheritance in a lump sum. Liz accused Alice of trying to jeopardize Bill's newfound happiness with Lenore by bringing up Missy. Alice defiantly told Liz that Bill is an adult who deserves happiness on his own terms, but reinforced her pledge to uncover the trouble in Missy's life. Bill bought Liz's ruse of feigning sleeping on the couch while holding her engagement ring. Liz hinted to Bill that Christmas would be the perfect time to become engaged and offered Bill the ring for Lenore. Bill was pained by Liz's flippant, acerbic comment that it wouldn't end up in a pawn shop.

Jim: "Alice, what you were telling us at dinner about Missy and that Danny Fargo she married was interesting, but don't go on a crusade about it."
Alice: (OVER) "But, Dad, Missy doesn't love him!"
Jim: "If you're going to find remedies for all the loveless marriages there are, you've got a tougher task than they ever gave Hercules. Stay out of it, Alice. That's my advice..."

Alice: "Aunt Liz, Missy Palmer is a friend of mine..."
Liz: (OVER) "Missy Fargo, you mean."
Alice: "All right. And so is Bill. More than a cousin - a friend."
Liz: "I'm glad to hear that you feel that way about Bill. I'm sure you'd like him to be happy."
Alice: "I want all my friends to be happy, Aunt Liz - on their own terms."
Liz: "Which means, of course, your terms."
Alice: "No, theirs, not mine." (THEN:) "And not yours, Aunt Liz."
Liz: "I'll disregard your impertinence, Alice, because I try to be tolerant of the young. The fact is that quite on his own terms, Bill is very happy indeed. He is going with a lovely girl as you know - and I'm sure that such a devoted friend as you say you are wouldn't want to jeopardize his happiness."
Alice: "If he's all that ecstatic about Lenore, I couldn't change that, could I? Tell you what, Aunt Liz? Why don't we let Bill decide what makes him happy? He's all grown up now."
Liz: "That's right he is and, because he is, he doesn't need you interfering in his life."
Alice: "In other words, I don't so much as mention Missy to Bill because he's all grown up, but you feed Lenore for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because he's still your little boy."
Liz: "You're a very clever child, Alice, but you are a child. Otherwise, you'd realize that Melissa is married and that's all there is to it."
Alice: "I don't think that's all there is to it. I want to know why Missy is married to that man."
Liz: "Birds of a feather, I imagine."
Alice: "I'll disregard that remark, Aunt Liz, because I try to be tolerant of older people." (LIZ OPENS HER MOUTH BUT ALICE CONTINUES:) "But, I've seen Missy and I've seen that man she married instead of Bill - and something is wrong. Personally, I think that a good friend of Bill's - or close relative, would want to know what was wrong. And I'm going to find out."

DECEMBER 1, 1966 (EP. #643)
John and Pat covered their discomfiture as Lee cheerfully mentioned Michael taking her to Lenore's sorority formal. Pat was distressed that John equated her hesitation in reasoning with Michael as a refusal to fight for the family's collective happiness. John complained to Dru and Pat about Michael having whims instead of definitive plans despite the significant impact of his departure. Dru compared John sending Pat to change Michael's mind to posing a question during cross-examination without knowing the answer beforehand and potentially ruining a case. Michael was disturbed as Bill recounted Tom and Pat's romance and John's brilliant defense case in Pat's murder trial, but vehemently refuted Bill's assertion that Tom and Missy charmed him and Pat with false declarations of love and promises of building a future. Bill was floored by Michael's negative reaction to Liz gifting her engagement ring to Lenore and emphatic warnings against getting married to a woman he doesn't love. Alice admitted to Lee that Jim, Mary, and Liz disapprove of her efforts to get Bill to talk to Missy, but maintained that Bill could uncover the mystery behind Missy marrying Danny. Lee tried to reassure herself and Alice that Michael's discretion was due to the mistakes in his first marriage and that Michael is waiting for Christmas to surprise her with a proposal. Pat informed Michael that he must convince John that his decisions are final and tell Lee that he is leaving town. Pat reflected to Michael that John was everything she needed after Tom's death, her trial, and the tumultuous aftermath. Michael took Pat into his arms and kissed her after pointing out that they could be happy together.

Michael: "Bill, did Tom Baxter?"
Bill: "Don't you believe it. I don't know what she herself thought when she...took up with him, but I know what Tom Baxter was like. He was a...a chaser, a Don Juan...with the morals of a rattlesnake. I know he took advantage of Pat."
Michael: "Sounds charming."
Bill: "Not a bit charming...but he was a charmer." (THEN, WITH SOME BITTERNESS) "What is it about the Matthews family that makes us fall for charmers?"
Michael: "What do you mean?"
Bill: "Missy."
Michael: "I don't think the two situations are comparable."
Bill: "No? Tom dazzled Pat and didn't care a thing about her. Missy dazzled me and didn't..."
Michael: "I don't believe she didn't care for you."

Alice: "When you go home, get out a thesaurus and look up 'gruesome.' You'll get twenty-five adjectives to describe Danny Fargo."
Lee: "Well...maybe he isn't nice, but he must have charm or something."
Alice: "Because Missy married him? Lee, that's just the point. He has all the charm of Dracula with a hangover, and it is absolutely impossible for a girl like Missy ever to have married him."
Lee: "But she did."

DECEMBER 2, 1966 (EP. #644)
Michael wished that he and Pat could openly profess their love while Pat insisted that they cannot trust themselves to stay apart. Michael fibbed that Pat was delivering messages for John to stifle Fred's possible suspicions of them being alone in the office together. Michael guessed rightly that Danny had appointed Fred to discover the legal means to bypass the provisions of Katherine's will. Fred informed Michael that Danny was undeterred by his close friendship with Liz and chuckled at the thought of Liz and Danny knowing each other. Danny ordered Liz to push Fred to expedite unlocking Missy's trust fund for them. Liz smiled sweetly while taunting Danny about Missy's refusal to consummate their marriage and the possibility that she could seek an annulment. Fred assured Michael that he would keep him abreast of Danny's schemes to acquire Missy's fortune. Michael was bemused as Fred expressed sympathy for Missy and that Liz has grown possessive of Bill ever since Will's death. Missy yearned for Bill to warmly and lovingly take her into his arms while gazing out at the city lights. Pat and Missy reminisced about their close friendship and reflected on their lives changing since they first met. Danny unwittingly precluded Pat from confessing all her troubles to Missy. Danny ingratiated himself with Missy by getting acquainted with Pat and suggesting that she and John come to dinner as their guests one night. Missy admitted to being impressed by Danny's improved attitude and manners. Danny carefully showed Missy subtle displays of affection while basking in her beauty. Missy graciously accepted Danny's offer to take her out to dinner.

DECEMBER 5, 1966 (EP. #645)
Dru questioned Michael on the troubles he was contemplating while closing the office for the day. Michael was forthright in telling Dru that John is deluding himself into believing that he will take over the practice permanently. Dru told Michael that he sensed the absence of ardor on his part once Michael revealed that his fondness for Lee didn't turn into love the way he had envisioned. Dru dismissed his suspicions that Michael had fallen for another woman and was involved in a futile, dead-end relationship, which left Michael shaken by Dru's uncanny instincts. Dru and Mary ribbed Alice for wearing a rejuvenation mask while she was getting ready for the dance. Dru informed Mary that Michael is turning down John's offer and possibly starting his own practice elsewhere. Mary dissembled to Dru by theorizing that Michael may want to spare Lee of his presence in town once they break up. Dru didn't catch Mary's sigh of relief towards Pat knowing of Michael's plans. John grew impatient with Pat for evading his inquiry into her talk with Michael. Pat told John that she was unsuccessful at getting Michael to reconsider his choices before burning any bridges. John accused Pat of allowing Lee to be hurt needlessly by refusing to speak to Michael any further, leading Pat to state that some things are beyond their control. Pat stiffened when John hypothesized that unknown factors influenced Michael's decisions. Dru and Mary exchanged knowing glances as Alice hoped that Michael and Lee would become engaged by Christmas so that John would take Pat on vacation. Michael told Pat that their situation is impossible and that he has resolved to level with Lee immediately.

Alice: "And you can kid me all you want to, but I think a girl should do everything she can to -- to enhance her looks."
Dru: "To improve on nature? I'm not so sure. What's that wonderful line in "Our Town" -- you know, the play -- where the girl, Emily, asks her mother, 'Mama, am I pretty?' And her mother says, 'My dear, you're --"
Mary: (NODDING, JOINING WITH HIM TO FINISH THE QUOTE) "'-- pretty enough for all practical purposes.'" (THEY SMILE)
Alice: "I don't get it."
Mary: "It means if you leave that on much longer you'll be so ravishing nobody will even recognize you. Go on, now -- get up there and scrape that off."
Dru: "Will you need my chisel?"
Alice: (MOCK HAUTEUR) "That's all right, go ahead -- laugh -- but when I go to the dance tonight, and there's a rich, handsome Hollywood producer there, and he offers me that starring role in his new epic--"
Mary: "I thought you were going to marry a doctor."
Alice: "Who said anything about marriage, my dear?" (STRIKES A TRAGIC POSE) "It is the fate of a great star to be married to her adoring public!" (MARY AIMS A PLAYFUL SWIPE AT ALICE WHICH SHE DODGES, AND EXITS, AS) "Hello out there! America, are you ready for me?"

DECEMBER 6, 1966 (EP. #646)
Missy unwittingly offended Danny by laughing at his ignorance over a Jane Austen novel. Danny maliciously read aloud an article on Lenore's sorority formal and Bill attending as Lenore's escort. Danny insolently told Missy that she must accept losing Bill and focus her attentions on him. Madge tried to sober up Flo so that she would return to work after a three-day absence. Flo babbled almost incoherently about Missy marrying Danny despite not loving him and labelled herself a patsy while Madge consoled her with gentle patting and murmurs. Danny went on an angry tirade about vapid, rich snobs in Bay City and having to take requests at The Alley. Missy became distressed as Danny mused about playing love songs since they met. Danny grew angry and frustrated with Missy for harping on Flo loving him and being crushed once she hears about their marriage. Missy realized that her platonic arrangement with Danny has become an impossible situation. Danny looked at Missy with murderous rage while playing the piano to diffuse his fury. Lenore mused to Helen about the opening of the holiday season and men being less demonstrative in expressing their love than women. Helen gave Bill her condolences about Missy, but ascertained that his bitterness was not helping him to move on with his life. Lenore fished for praise of her dress as Bill clasped her hands and gazed at her fondly. Flo went into hysterics while brooding over Danny's marriage and whether Missy knew that Danny had knowledge of her being an heiress. Madge calmed Flo, helped get her into bed and left for work. Flo drank shots in between times she started to call Danny.

DECEMBER 7, 1966 (EP. #647)
Michael flatly refused Pat's suggestion to postpone informing Lee of his plans until another time. Lee laughed in self-deprecation while relishing in John announcing her entrance. John raved that Lee was more beautiful than Cleopatra in her dress while Michael nodded in a nonplussed manner, assumed a smile, and told Lee she looked lovely. Alice joked to Dru and Mary that Lenore invited her and Tony to the dance to ingratiate herself with the Matthews family, but promised that she doesn't want to come between her and Bill. Dru and Mary reminded Alice that she shouldn't pressure Bill into seeing Missy. Dru informed Mary that Michael isn't going to propose marriage to Lee. Mary hypothesized to Dru that Lee overcame her resentment towards John and Pat's marriage because she fell in love with Michael, but wondered aloud whether Pat and Lee's friendship will endure once Michael breaks up with her. John and Pat disagreed on whether Michael will truly leave town and risk losing Lee. John speculated to Pat that Michael is resistant to change due to his traumatic first marriage, facing the responsibility of heading an extensive law practice, and finding himself in love once again. Pat cautioned John against potentially pushing Michael into marriage without being in love with Lee. John abruptly ended discussing the matter after growing weary of Pat's pessimism. Alice was compassionate to Lee, who reflected on being happy, confident in her future, and free from the loneliness she felt for years. Lee snuggled with Michael while reflecting on her close friendship with Pat. Michael felt dread as Lee urged him to follow his heart and speak candidly.

Lee: "...Oh, I don't know. I'm just confident. Happy. I think Michael has been going slowly with me because he wonders if I might be too young. But I'm not. Not anymore - and oh, Alice, it's a wonderful feeling - to feel - ready."

DECEMBER 8, 1966 (EP. #648)
Pat looked out the living room window while ruminating over the possible aftermath of Michael ending his relationship with Lee. Mary sat alone while clutching a picture of Pat as a little girl and reminisced about protecting her and lamented that Pat is now a grown woman who must fight her own battles. Dru tried to assuage Mary's concerns that Lee's hostility towards Pat will resurface once Michael leaves town. Dru and Mary were relieved when Alice wished to regale them with details of the sorority formal while eating cream cheese and jelly. Alice denied Dru's assertion that she was using her romantic imagination to conclude that Bill was thinking of Missy while at the dance with Lenore. Dru and Mary advised Alice that Missy meeting Bill would be pointless because she is married and chided her for suggesting it to Bill. Alice stated her fervent belief that Bill and Lenore's prospective marriage would be unhappy and that Bill and Lee will never love anyone besides Missy and Michael. Michael grew troubled as he prepared to level with Lee. Lee became discomfited as Michael reflected on his first marriage and mistakenly assuming that he could put the past behind him. Michael told Lee that he was declining John's business proposition and going away, prompting Lee to plead for Michael to come into the house to talk further. Pat covered when Lee put her in the awkward position of asking whether she knew about Michael rejecting John's offer. Lee bravely reiterated her patience in waiting for Michael, claimed that she was content staying with John and Pat, and that he was right in wanting to think everything through, which left Michael feeling tortured.

Mary: (VOICE OVER, PRE-RECORDED, LOOKING AT PICTURE OF PAT AS A LITTLE GIRL IN WONDERMENT) "Oh Pat, darling, where have the years gone? Where is my little girl who used to come to me with a scraped knee, a tummy ache...with spelling lessons to hear, with doll dresses to make, or a birthday cake...You are gone, my darling, and there is a grown woman in your place...But when your silly Mother looks at her she still sees the little girl there: thinks she can protect least she wants to...wants to shut out the heartache the way she used to shut out the dark...wants to hold you in her arms the way she used to rock you to sleep...she wants to draw happiness on your face, Pat, the way you used to draw your smiling paper dolls. But I can't do that, can I? The little girl is gone forever. And the grown woman must suffer and learn alone."

Alice: (describing the sorority formal) "...and a crystal globe reflecting the light and revolving over us...and colored streamer...everything boss, everything swank, because the Kappa Theta Kappas are all like Lenore - dripping money. They'd have to be to pay for the band they had."
Dru: "Pretty cool band, eh? How do you like that, Mary? Cool?"
Alice: "'Ark at 'im now! No, not cool, really. But big. Fourteen pieces. Mostly they played the Business Man's Bounce, but to tell you the truth, that corny rhythm is nice to dance to."

DECEMBER 9, 1966 (EP. #649)
Pat couldn't get Lee interested in Missy's possible visit to the house. Lee had a distressed Pat confirm her knowledge of Michael's plans. Pat died with shame and guilt when Lee intimated that Michael was running away from love, but expressed faith that Michael will be ready for marriage one day since he didn't care for anyone else. Bill recommended that Michael bluntly restate his decisions to John and Lee so that they are forced to accept them as final. Michael informed Bill that Fred summoned him to a meeting with Danny, who has been calling Fred incessantly to pressure him on getting Missy's fortune. Bill was resolute in attending the conference because Danny had lied to his face about not knowing Missy's whereabouts, despite Michael's objections to Bill potentially compromising his safety. Liz shrewdly asked Fred leading questions to probe him about representing Danny in his quest to get Missy's fortune in a lump sum. Fred informed Liz that he accepted the case to protect Missy and that Danny has no legal standing in breaking the conditions of Katherine's will. Liz abruptly dashed out of her lunch date with Fred upon learning that Bill would be present during Michael's meeting with Fred and Danny. Missy grew agitated when Pat recalled that she would have been her matron of honor. Pat quelled Missy's fears that Danny has ruined her friendship with John due to his schemes to beat the provisions of Katherine's will. Liz was unsuccessful in convincing Danny to skip the meeting due to Bill's presence. Danny showed Liz a nearly pathological determination in getting Missy's money and proving that Bill isn't competition because he is Missy's spouse.

Danny: "I got to hand it to you, Duchess - you're the only Bay City snob I know who could make out all right in a Chicago slum full of hustlers and grifters."
Liz: "It's touching to hear you speak of your natural habitat, Mr. Fargo."

Liz: "I hope you didn't mind my inviting myself to lunch with you, Fred."
Fred: "Why, Liz, I was delighted. This country is full of men who want to have lunch with other men, but my preference has always been for some very lovely lady."
Liz: "Oh, you are a gay blade, Fred Douglas."

DECEMBER 12, 1966 (EP. #650)
Liz warned Danny that he was foolishly letting his pride color his judgment. Danny was undaunted by Liz's insinuations that Missy may discover that she was kept ignorant of Bill's search for her in Chicago and tricked into marriage. Madge told Ed that Max is annoyed with Flo's absences from work and may replace her soon. Ed grumbled that Danny was a cold-hearted louse as Madge fretted that Flo sold her hostess dresses and hocked their mother's sterling silver ladle to buy alcohol to drown her sorrows. Madge proclaimed to Ed that she would shoot Danny without hesitation if given the chance. Liz tried unsuccessfully to persuade Bill into leaving work to provide a masculine opinion on the upholstery fabric she chose for the living room furniture. Bill was unyielding in keeping his appointment with Fred, Michael, and Danny, despite Liz's best efforts. Ed and Madge failed to sober up Flo and convince her to go to work and face being at The Alley without Danny. Flo sulked over Danny's marriage and ignored Ed and Madge's assertions that Danny was a greedy, heartless man who was incapable of love. Fred assured Bill that it was simply a coincidence that Danny chose him for legal services despite being a close friend of Liz's. Bill requested to speak with Danny privately before he and Michael conduct their meeting with him. Danny relished in telling Bill that Missy fully supports him starting a song publishing business and that they share pet names as a married couple in love. Bill left disgusted after Danny bragged about the ways he and Missy deceived him, Ed, and Flo and claimed that he shielded Missy from the invasive publicity of being an heiress.

Script Notes: "[Danny's] own gnawing need to win acceptance, to overcome his deep seated inferiority, has taken him beyond the point of no return. He can rationalize it a dozen ways but the fact remains that he is determined to be accepted as Missy's husband and this colors and dictates all his other actions."

Flo: (LIKE A WOUNDED DOE:) "He didn't care how I'd feel? He didn't care at all?"
Ed: "That's right, Flo. He didn't care. Because Danny Fargo doesn't know how to care about anybody but himself. That's why you shouldn't care about him."
Flo: "You don't know how I feel...Nobody knows how I feel."
Ed: (Exit Line) "Nobody...but I got a hunch, Flo, that Bill Matthews knows."

Note: Last appearance of Vincent Colbert as Ed Blake.

DECEMBER 13, 1966 (EP. #651)
Michael felt contempt for Danny, who bragged that Bill decided against sticking around after their chat. Danny refused to argue with Michael over the circumstances of him marrying Missy. Dru gently chided Alice for making him feel old by offering to help him remove his galoshes and serve him hot chocolate. Alice unhappily told Dru that she feels conflicted since Liz visited her unexpectedly. Fred informed Danny that Katherine exercised her rights in making specific provisions for Missy's financial interests that cannot be easily broken. Danny bristled with fury once Fred expressed his unwillingness to sue John's law firm for mismanagement of funds by the trustee. Michael seized on Danny accidentally revealing his plans for using Missy's fortune for a business venture by firmly stating that his purposes weren't pressing needs that would be admissible in court. Fred was livid that Danny accused him of putting friendship ahead of performing his legal duties and alluded to finding another attorney. Dru applauded Alice's pure intentions towards Bill's happiness by asking him to see Missy, but pointed out the painful, regrettable fact that Missy is married now. Dru tried to cheer up Alice by joking that Liz should follow her own advice by staying out of Bill's personal life. Danny grinned with satisfaction when he startled Liz by tapping on the window glass to get her attention. Liz was puzzled by Danny's cryptic remarks on whether she will honor their partnership. Danny proudly told Liz that Bill loathes him and ordered her to persuade Fred into breaking Katherine's will or risk being exposed. Liz hurled a glass at the door as Danny made a hasty retreat.

Danny: "You sold out to me the first time we ever saw each other. You named your price and I met it."
Liz: "My price --?"
Danny: "Your son. You said you'd do anything to keep your son's love and respect. All right, that's a price -- a pretty high price, but then you care a lot about how old Bill feels about you."
Liz: "What does that have to do with you?"
Danny: "I'm telling you. You aren't through paying yet. There's an installment due."
Liz: "An installment --?"
Danny: (NODS) "You sell Fred Douglas on this little project of mine."
Liz: "And if I don't? If I fail -- or if I refuse --?"
Danny: "Well, I'll let you answer that one, Duchess. What happens if you miss a payment to the finance company? They come and they take away the car, the furniture, whatever the merchandise is, right? Only in this case it isn't merchandise. It's your son."

Production Note: A recollection that the exterior of the rear end of the Matthews' house was "double-faced."

DECEMBER 14, 1966 (EP. #652)
Bill sunk in despondency while dwelling on Danny's arrogant claims during their talk in Fred's office. Bill grimly accepted that Missy left town because she couldn't go through with marrying him. John warmly reminded Missy that she is always welcome at the house while Pat called a cab to take Missy back to the hotel. Missy tried to convince John and Pat that she is enabling Danny's efforts to beat the provisions of the trust fund because he needs capital to start a business. John and Pat were disturbed as Missy reflected that Danny has spent his life supporting himself without Bill's advantages and insisted that she is helping Danny out of gratitude and duty as his wife. Missy evaded John and Pat's questions about her fleeing town. Pat was touched when Missy clung to her tightly before leaving to catch her cab. Dru unsuccessfully tried to stop Alice from telling Bill that Missy was spending time with John and Pat. Bill told Dru and Alice that he has put Missy out of his mind after seeing Danny and has made plans for the future. Alice couldn't restrain herself from voicing her objections to Bill proposing marriage to Lenore. Dru looked at Alice with affection and exasperation as she vowed to uncover the truth about Missy jilting Bill. Missy tried to minimize John's objections to Danny trying to get her fortune in one disbursement. Danny deliberately lied to Missy that Bill sends his regards, that he has put their broken engagement behind him, and is getting serious with Lenore. Danny guessed rightly that Missy was desperate to leave town before Bill and Lenore get married. Missy grew taut and fearful as Danny stood behind her, bent his head, and kissed her neck.


DECEMBER 15, 1966 (EP. #653)
John and Pat deplored Missy's pitiful defense of Danny's actions. John expressed derision to Pat over Michael's claims that he isn't ready to marry Lee and wants to get away to sort through his feelings. Pat got nervous as John speculated on Michael's reasons for leaving town. Michael informed Emily that John and Lee have convinced themselves that he will take over the firm and marry Lee once he has straightened things out his mind. Lee was oblivious to Michael's regretful glances as she sat with him by the fireplace. Bill was vitriolic while he recounted his chat with Danny for Liz and commented that he is fascinated and appalled by him. Bill informed Liz that he accidentally announced his plans to propose marriage to Lenore while briefly visiting Dru and Alice. Michael told Lee that Danny is resolute in beating the conditions of Katherine's will, despite Fred's efforts to convince Danny that he has virtually no chance of succeeding. Hope listened intently as Michael described the origins of fire and its uses by prehistoric people and their ancestors upon settling in the country. Lee stopped herself from suggesting that she and Michael become a family unit for Hope. Michael grew discouraged when Lee prevented him from clarifying that he is leaving for good. Pat cringed as John hypothesized that Michael developed feelings for another woman. Michael firmly reminded John that he never promised to reconsider his decisions or refrain from being upfront with Lee. Pat interceded between Michael and John, who accused Michael of misleading him and Lee and placing Pat in an awkward position by choosing her to be the first to know of his plans.

Notes: Last appearance of Mona Bruns as Emily Hastings.

DECEMBER 16, 1966 (EP. #654)
Bill glumly recalled slipping an engagement ring on Missy's finger and pledging that they belonged together. Lenore smiled quizzically at Bill, who promised to stop dwelling on Missy once and for all. Tony good-naturedly ribbed Alice for insisting on dropping by the Hastings residence to see Michael. Alice grew flustered when Michael hedged on trying to talk Bill out of marrying Lenore on the rebound. Michael firmly told Tony and Alice that he is not going to marry Lee. Alice became subdued and chastened as Michael explained that Lee had convinced herself that he reciprocated his love and intended to propose marriage around Christmas time. Michael blamed himself for causing turmoil in Pat's life by falling in love with her. Tony cited Lee initiating the affection with Michael to justify his suspicions that they were never on equal footing as a couple. Lenore asked Tony to dance to give Bill a break. Alice didn't appreciate Bill casually noting that she fully supports Michael and Lee's relationship while objecting to his engagement to Lenore. Lenore quipped that Bill was speaking in riddles when he agreed to share a nightcap and hinted that the evening was a special occasion. Bill disguised his lackadaisical attitude while opening a small box and showing Lenore the engagement ring that Liz bequeathed him to gift to Lenore. Lenore professed her love to Bill and quickly accepted his marriage proposal. Bill assured Lenore that he has turned a corner in his life and has put Missy behind him, then told Lenore that she has made him happy. Lenore put her arms around Bill, who gave her a long kiss to convince her that he was being completely sincere and honest.

DECEMBER 19, 1966 (EP. #655)
Helen was bewildered and speechless to see Liz's engagement ring on Lenore's finger. Lenore refused to heed Helen's warnings on marrying Bill without being absolutely certain that he loves her. Helen informed Lenore that Bill is profoundly bitter over losing Missy, dwelled at length on the ways in which she fooled him, and theorized that Bill's marriage proposal may be his attempts to prove to everyone that he is not hurt by Missy breaking their engagement. Lenore indignantly told Helen that Missy played on Bill's sympathies, assumed the part of the helpless female in love with a strong, wealthy male, and dumped Bill once Katherine died and conveniently left her a fortune. Helen remained fearful for Lenore, who defensively proclaimed that Missy walking out on Bill will turn out to be the luckiest moment in both of their lives. Alice complained to Pat that she was unsuccessful in recruiting Michael in keeping Bill from getting engaged to Lenore. Pat felt trapped when Alice inquired into the reasons she is sure that Michael is turning down John's business proposition, doesn't love Lee, and is leaving town. Alice told Pat that nothing will convince her that Bill loves Lenore, despite Bill's conviction in marrying her and Liz's support. Lenore tried to assert her independence with Liz, who made unsolicited suggestions on wedding announcements, bridal pictures, and having a ceremony next Spring. Helen admonished Liz for using Lenore to maintain her grip on Bill, but warned that Lenore has a strong will that won't permit Liz to interfere in her married life to Bill. Lenore hid her own concerns as Alice groaned that Liz always seems to get what she wants.

Helen: "No! You want Bill to marry Lenore because you think you'll be able to hang on to him that much more easily. All this talk about Missy not being from the same background as Bill, not being 'his kind,' that was nothing but a smoke screen, Liz, to hide your own terror of losing your son completely to another woman. You knew how deeply he loved Melissa, and you couldn't bear the thought of that relationship replacing yours."
Liz: "Really, Helen, I've never heard anything so -"
Helen: (CONTINUING) "You've never heard anything so true in your life. You know Bill doesn't care as deeply for Lenore and you don't feel as threatened by her. You think you can go on managing Bill's life by managing Lenore's."
Liz: "Helen, my dear, I know that this has all been very excited and you must be terribly tired. I'll talk to you when you're feeling more yourself." (AND SHE STARTS TOWARDS THE DOOR)
Helen: "Liz, I am not tired."
Liz: "But, this is just nonsense --"
Helen: "Lenore has had to play your rules up to now; but you're only fooling yourself if you think it will always be that way. Lenore has a will of iron which, up to now, she has kept hidden from you. A will quite as strong as yours, Liz. In fact, it amazes me at times, how very much alike you are in many ways."

DECEMBER 20, 1966 (EP. #656)
Missy daydreamed of Bill measuring her finger with a ring sizer he borrowed and the two of them getting engaged last Christmas. Missy cried in anguish after looking at Danny's wedding ring and calling herself "Mrs. Danny Fargo." Helen was quite flattered that Bill came to pay his respects to his future mother-in-law. Bill tried to assure Helen that he is over Missy, that his different feelings for Lenore will ensure that he doesn't repeat past mistakes, and mused that Lenore won't run out on him for a cheap, flashy man like Danny. Missy got agitated when Alice recalled that the Student Union Building was a special meeting place for her and Bill. Alice reluctantly told Missy about Bill and Lenore becoming engaged. Missy tried to suppress her shock and assumed a brave facade while telling Alice that she wishes all the happiness in the world for Bill and Lenore before making a hasty retreat. John sympathized with Pat for obeying Lee's request that she not discuss Michael's departure with him. Pat was intrigued as John scrutinized Liz's contentions that Bill and Lenore are destined for each other and her promotion of their romance won't stop it from becoming a happy, successful marriage. John thought Liz naive for suggesting that he satisfy Danny's greed by releasing Missy's entire trust fund so that they could leave town. Liz was surprised to learn from John and Pat that Michael won't be proposing marriage to Lee. Danny got angry when Missy returned in a daze, rejected his displays of affection, and was indifferent towards him buying a car. Missy was consumed with sorrow while compassionately telling Danny that their marriage was a mistake.

DECEMBER 21, 1966 (EP. #657)
Danny felt rage, frustration, and humiliation build inside him as Missy apologized for marrying him out of gratitude and admitted that she can never love him. Danny angrily accused Missy of mooning over Bill and vowed that he will make her love him. Missy confessed to Danny that she committed a terrible wrong because she is plagued by memories of Bill that persist as long as they remain in Bay City. Danny vindictively reminded Missy that she left Bill because of Liz and that he provided her with shelter and a name through marriage. Missy told Danny that they cannot have anything more than a platonic arrangement. Dru advised Alice that it isn't her place to tell Bill and Missy whether they love each other or different people. Alice wryly admitted that she is satisfied that Lenore won't allow Liz to interfere in her and Bill's lives once they are married. Dru was amused that Alice diffused Liz's excitement by revealing that Lenore gave her a first-hand account of Bill's marriage proposal. Dru sarcastically complimented Liz for distinguishing herself from everyone else who see Missy's virtues, her union to Danny as mysterious, and express curiosity over Missy's abrupt departure months ago. Liz referred to Dru's theory that she has intimate knowledge of Missy fleeing town an absurd notion. Dru joked that Liz had the power of prophecy after she mused that Bill will have a marvelous, happy life with Lenore. Michael told Bill that he succeeded in getting revenge on Missy by proposing marriage to Lenore, which has nothing to with love. Danny switched tactics by warmly trying to convince Missy that she could develop feelings for him if she would allow herself to do so.

Dru: "Alice, I share the yearning of most young people for life to be more like the movies, but the fact is, it is more interesting."
Alice: (LAUGHING A LITTLE) "No happy endings?"
Dru: "There are quite often. But often they don't come to the golden boys and girls but to somebody we wouldn't have expected to experience happy endings at all."
Alice: "Well, all I can say is that I wish Missy could have a happy ending. I saw her today, Uncle Dru."
Dru: "Oh?"
Alice: 'Yes, and I told her."
Dru: "Told her Bill had given a ring to Lenore?"
Alice: "That's right...How do you think the tree looks?"
Dru: "It is a tribute to your sense of order and form, Alice."
Alice: "Thank you, sir."
Dru: "And the way you avoided telling me Missy's reaction is a tribute to your sense of suspense."

DECEMBER 22, 1966 (EP. #658)
Michael informed Pat that he has decided to give John a definitive date for his departure. Pat admitted to Michael that she is tortured with the knowledge that each time they are together may be their last. Michael held Pat's hand as she lamented that, while she would cherish keeping in touch, it would only prolong the agony of the two of them being apart. Pat grew alarmed once Lee spotted her and Michael at a coffee shop. Lee bought Pat's lie that Michael ran into her coming out of the supermarket and offered her a cup of coffee and a ride home. Lee tried to convince herself and Lenore that Michael is going away to re-evaluate his life and sort through his feelings, is apprehensive because of the terrible experience of his first marriage, and will eventually gift her with an engagement ring. Lenore tried to muster optimism as Lee expressed confidence that Pat will nudge Michael into proposing to her. Pat told Michael that she feels as though she is betraying Lee's trust and reiterated her stance that they must stay apart. John didn't have the heart to challenge Lee's rationale that Michael will gain perspective on their relationship and will return free from doubts and reservations. Bill was noncommittal when Lenore suggested that they get married while she finishes school and take an apartment near the college campus. Lenore casually mentioned Lee running into Michael and Pat, prompting Bill to privately question whether Michael and Pat have become romantically involved. Bill was compassionate and understanding once Michael confessed that he and Pat have fallen in love and that he is leaving to prevent anything from happening between the two of them.

Production Memos: Dated December 19, 1966: "Please have first 15 min. of Thursday, December 22 #658 recorded. We will use a piece of Act I at some future date."
Art: "Please use 'Mary's Boy Child' in the prologue."
Pick up with it again in Act I and then go to Frankie Carle's 'Dancing on the Ceiling.'
Please note that music must be out during sequences marked VT for future which starts on the bottom of page 8 and continues through the middle of page 10." [Act I: 2nd half of the Michael/Pat/Lee scene].

DECEMBER 23, 1966 (EP. #659)
Danny resentfully gave Missy the Christmas cards that were addressed to her. Missy was surprised and Danny unimpressed upon receiving the first monthly installment of her trust fund. Danny tried to dismiss Missy's previous statements about their marriage as meaningless and insisted that things will improve between them. Liz dissembled having a committee meeting to Bill when Danny called and requested to speak with Liz immediately. Liz smiled grimly while contemplating Bill and Lenore's engagement being beneficial to her and Danny. Danny refused to accept Liz's excuses over trying to convince Fred to get Missy's inheritance disbursed in a lump sum. Liz stewed with hatred as Danny threatened to expose her machinations against Missy to Bill. Danny was menacing while warning Liz that this may be the last opportunity she has to get through to Fred and achieve his desired results. Missy was touched when Alice reinforced their friendship and invited her and Danny over to the Matthews house to have Christmas dinner with the family. Alice realized that Missy was still very much in love with Bill, despite Missy bleakly musing that everything has worked out for the best. Liz tried to persuade Fred into finding the means to give Danny and Missy a bulk disbursement so that they will leave town. Fred told Liz that Danny is a selfish, unscrupulous man who is looking after his own interests and proclaimed that he should urge Missy to ditch Danny to protect herself. Danny was deeply shaken as Liz disdainfully told him about her talk with Fred. Danny warned Liz that he will reveal her secret to Bill if Missy obtains a divorce or annulment from him.

DECEMBER 26, 1966 (EP. #660)
Danny recalled Liz urging him to accept the monthly income from Missy's trust fund and ensure that Missy remains married to him. Danny coldly and impersonally stared at Missy while she was sleeping and swore that he won't let anything stand in the way of accomplishing his goals. Charlie was sympathetic as Madge brooded over Max giving her Flo's termination notice and final paycheck. Madge informed Charlie that Flo has developed a drinking problem to cope with losing Danny and mused that Ed would have treated Flo right had they been a couple. Danny viciously nettled Missy for dwelling on her past engagement to Bill. Missy tried to persuade Danny into leaving Bay City while Fred settles Katherine's estate for them. Danny told Missy to abandon hopes of reconciling with Bill and to start acting as his dutiful wife or face the consequences. Alice bantered with Dru and Russ on their insatiable appetites, finding a game of chess strenuous, and her being possessive towards the refreshments. Alice told Russ that Danny is rude, uncouth, and mean-spirited, and Missy refuses to discuss walking out on Bill, going to Chicago, or her marriage. Dru was thrilled that Russ had applied for an internship at Memorial Hospital. Missy was embarrassed when Danny wished to be on a first name basis with everyone and commented that the Matthews family seem to be a big deal. Danny told Russ, Alice, and Dru about Rush Street and playing at The Alley. Charlie suggested to Madge that Flo take a sabbatical to Iowa to spend time with family and dry out. Madge considered Charlie's idea of going to Bay City and asking Danny to share some of his money with Flo.

Russ: (Sam Groom, Introduction Line) "What's the matter - is it against the law to eat this stuff? I thought that's what it's for."
Alice: (TAKING FLOWERS TO TABLE, ARRANGING THEM) "It is - when the company comes."

Notes: First appearance of Sam Groom as Russ Matthews. Madge mentions that her brother Herb runs the farm for their mother. The farm is a "whole quarter-section down near Shenandoah, in the Missouri Valley -- some of the richest farmland you ever saw...Oh, it's beautiful in the winter, too -- the corn stubble in the fields, and the snow, and the kids skating on the river..."

DECEMBER 27, 1966 (EP. #661)
Fred joked that Liz deemed Lenore worthy of Bill and in belonging to her exclusive circle of friends. Liz decided to forego tradition to bestow congratulations onto Lenore and best wishes in leading a long, happy, and healthy married life with Bill. Fred, Tony, Liz, and Helen gave Bill and Lenore tips on entertaining guests and using Liz's cook two days a week. Lenore graciously demurred when Liz asked her to consider taking items from the hope chest she kept while engaged to Will. Fred and Tony were incredulous that Michael turned down the opportunity to own John's law firm and get married to Lee. Bill told Fred and Tony that he won't risk embarrassing the family by dropping by Jim and Mary's place while Danny and Missy are there for Christmas dinner. Alice grumbled to Mary that Missy is desperately trying to disguise her unhappiness and disappointment. Mary frowned but maintained decorum as Danny showed off Missy's wedding ring and bragged about buying a car rather than share in Missy's feelings of warmth and family in the kitchen. Alice took Danny on a guided tour of the house to relieve Mary of his presence. Mary was shocked and disturbed when Missy minimized her bond with Katherine and the significance of inheriting her estate. Helen warned Liz that Lenore is playing the obedient prospective daughter-in-law, who will assert her independence once she is married to Bill. Liz grew fearful after she couldn't talk Helen out of visiting Missy. Danny was puzzled as Missy speculated on Mary's reaction to learning that Katherine was her mother. Lenore urged Bill to slowly fall in love with her while he works to forget about Missy.

Notes: Fred's law firm is a joint partnership with George Hume.

DECEMBER 28, 1966 (EP. #662)
Bill purposefully noted the awkward silence between himself and Michael despite the two of them working on the same case. Bill emphatically advised Michael to leave Bay City before other people get hurt due to his and Pat's feelings for each other. Pat couldn't answer Russ's questions on the reasons Missy married a flashy, impossible windbag like Danny. Russ realized he upset Pat by mentioning John's disappointment in Michael, then frightened Pat by speculating that Michael has secretly fallen for another woman. Bill encouraged Michael to talk to John about Fred taking some of his clients to ease the workload in his absence. Michael decided to take the initiative to make a plane reservation for next week out of town. Russ told John that he should be finished with school by January. John tersely informed Russ that he quit physical therapy and is sick of people giving unsolicited advice on his life, which left Russ perturbed and unsettled. John bowed his head and closed his eyes in a wounded, defeated manner once Michael made his intentions of leaving permanently known. Russ cited Pat's negative reaction to his theories about Michael's impending departure and Bill's refusal to give an opinion on Danny and Missy's marriage as proof that he has a dubious habit of broaching taboo subjects. Bill told Russ that Jim and Mary share his concerns on the terrible impact John's self-pity has had on Pat. John approved of Michael's idea to request Fred's help at the firm. Pat was noncommittal towards Michael's hushed plea to meet him at the park before he leaves town. John resolved to uncover the truth behind Michael's abrupt departure, which unnerved Pat greatly.

Pat: "I was wondering when I'd get a chance at you all by myself. You've certainly been surrounded since you came home."
Russ: "Well...the prodigal returns."
Pat: (BRINGS THE COFFEE TO THE TABLE) "Not so prodigal anymore. Although I remember when I thought you were my lazy little brother."
Russ: "Your lazy little brother has been working like a mole, no kidding. If you ever go to Med school, don't accelerate."
Pat: "Well, it's all over now."
Russ: "After the finals it will be."
Pat: And, that'll be a'll be interning right here at Memorial..." (SHE SMILES) "...with Alice to bother you."
Russ: "That isn't set yet."
Pat: "I'm sure you'll swing it...."

DECEMBER 29, 1966 (EP. #663)
Missy tried to graciously accept Danny's compliments on her looks and his vows to do good deeds for her. Danny urged Missy to invite John and Pat to dinner in hopes of influencing John to release of Missy's inheritance. Bill was pleased with John's plans to recruit Fred and Dru in lending a hand to the firm's workload. Michael told Bill that he cannot postpone telling Lee that he is leaving permanently since Hope invited Lee over for dinner. Bill was profoundly affected by Michael's requests for him to keep an eye on Pat and persuade John into returning to the office. Michael empathized wiith Bill's heartbreak over Missy, but Bill insisted that Missy never loved him while Michael's pride is unscathed. Pat used John's meeting with Fred and Dru to decline Missy's dinner invitation. Pat was distressed when Missy made veiled remark about doing the right thing at the expense of her own happiness. Danny was furious with Missy, who conceded that she doesn't approve of his ploys to use John and Pat. Missy defended John and Fred's integrity to counter Danny's insinuations that Fred taking some of John's clients was a conflict of interest due to the handling of Missy's inheritance. Danny glared angrily at Missy once she confessed that her eagerness in acquiring a name and her gratitude pushed her into marrying him. Lee berated herself for believing that Michael reciprocated her feelings and had planned to marry her once she realized that Michael was going away for good. Michael denied loving another woman to Lee, who assuaged her heartache by citing his trepidation because of his first marriage and restated her commitment in waiting for Michael's return.

Michael: "Lee, please --"
Lee: "No, I want you to hear how I feel, Michael. I've kept it bottled up all these weeks and weeks but it just can't stay bottled up any longer...I honestly thought I was going to get a ring for Christmas....Yes! Isn't that a riot? I walked into our living room one night and heard you talking to Dad, heard my name mentioned, and I thought you were asking him permission to marry me...But I suppose you were telling him right then that you didn't want to marry me. That you were going away."
Michael: "I was telling him that I was going away."
Lee: "And yet I should have known. Shouldn't I? I should have guessed from the way you've been acting. The way you grew more and more silent. The way you avoided being alone with me. The way I never saw in your eyes the look I knew was in mine." (AND NOW THE TEARS COME) "And the way I've thrown myself at you. Time and again...I know what you must think of me. I know."
Michael: (HE GOES OVER TO COMFORT HER) "Lee, I think you're one of the finest people I've ever known -- a lovely, desirable girl..."
Lee: "But you don't desire me."
Michael: "Lee--"
Lee: "Is there someone else, Michael? Do you care for someone else?"
Michael: (HE MUST DENY THIS FORCEFULLY) "Lee, it's...I -- I can't get married now. For reasons I can't explain to you."

Lee: "...And I know you'll come back. I know you'll come back and I want you to know that I'll be waiting for you...I know that, Michael, just as surely as I know the sun will rise tomorrow."

DECEMBER 30, 1966 (EP. #664)
Missy read Bill and Lenore's wedding announcement in the society pages, then tried to hide the paper behind a chair. Fred sternly reminded Danny that John's firm and the bank are carrying out Katherine's wishes for Missy's trust fund, that the money was bequeathed to Missy and not him, and encouraged him to seek another lawyer. Danny bristled with anger when Fred insisting on having a consultation with Missy should Danny wish to retain Fred as their legal counsel. Danny threatened to make people aware of his association to Liz and expose her machinations against Missy unless she pressures Fred into breaking the terms of Missy's inheritance. Dru was unusually subdued as Liz and Mary talked about Michael quitting his job, deciding not to marry Lee, and leaving town. Liz accused Dru of being caustic after he questioned whether Liz throwing a lavish party for Bill and Lenore despite Bill's objections was similar to his recent engagement. Dru sarcastically commended Liz's ingenious mind for concocting the theory that Missy invented a grudge against Katherine to rationalize breaking the conditions of her trust fund. Liz spotted gloves that Danny had left behind and panicked that Dru and Mary had witnessed her placing them into a drawer. Danny was haunted by Fred's request to see Missy and Liz's warnings to stay married to Missy or risk lose access to her inheritance. Danny worried over Missy's whereabouts after finding the wedding announcement. Missy recalled her engagement to Bill. Missy vowed to see Bill one last time after fretting that Bill might have been understanding and forgiving had she revealed her true background and parentage to him.

Notes: Bill and Lenore's wedding announcement: "Mrs. Franklin Phipps Moore, of 940 Longwood Terrace, has announced the engagement of her daughter Lenore to Mr. William L. Matthews, the son of Mrs. William Matthews and the late Mr. Matthews...Mrs. Moore, a senior at State University, is a member of the Kappa Theta Kappa Sorority. She was presented to society at the Assembly Ball in the winter of 1964...Mr. Matthews, graduated in June from the University Law School, is a member of the John Randolph Law Firm. A spring wedding is planned by Miss Moore..."