Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

Sam finally took (and passed) his bar exams, and he and Lahoma reunited after working through their differences and resolving to put the past behind them.
Liz hired interior decorator Joe Bruno to work on Susan's house in hopes that his reputation as a ladies' man would result in discord in Susan and Fred's marriage. Susan found herself attracted to the equally responsive Joe when Fred's demanding job took time away from her.
Law student Chris Tyler came to work at Randolph, Dru, and Curtin, and became attracted to Alice.
Wayne had Bernice leave his office and become Steve's secretary so that she could spy for him, and recruited Walter's help in double-crossing Steve. Their plot paid off when they were able to buy some land Steve had his eye on for property development, with the aim of selling it back to him at an inflated price.
Wayne proposed to Liz when he realized her fortune would serve him well should his schemes backfire. Confident in Wayne's love, she happily accepted. She began planning a charity fashion show.
John and Pat were beside themselves with joy when Pat discovered she was pregnant.
Rachel put down a $100 deposit for the new apartment, but scrambled to come up with the $630 security. She wrote her father about Jamie's birth, but received no reply. For Rachel's sake, Dru searched for Gerald in Mt. Holly.
Russ left for Houston to work on a space-medicine project phase-testing astronauts.
Ernie asked Jim for advice on how to get closer to Rachel.

JANUARY 2, 1970 (EP. #1403)
Tony bragged to Susan that he'll be in good shape for a promotion by recruiting top notch, young graduates for his pharmaceutical firm.

JANUARY 7, 1970 (EP. #1406)
Appearance by Tony Douglas. At a cocktail lounge, Steve ran into Tony, who told him about his recruiting efforts.

JANUARY 9, 1970 (EP. #1408)
Last appearance of Alex Canaan as Tony Douglas.

Alice sadly told Tony about her broken engagement to Steve.
Tony: (Exit Line, to Alice, who expressed doubts over finding love again) "Sure you will. Sure you will."

JANUARY 15, 1970 (EP. #1412)
First appearance of Steve Harmon as Chris Tyler, a law student who dated and proposed marriage to Alice.

JANUARY 23, 1970 (EP. #1418)
Last appearance of Jeff David as Ron Styles.

FEBRUARY 5, 1970 (EP. #1427)
First appearance of Humbert A. Astredo as Joe Bruno, an interior decorator who dated Susan while she was estranged from Fred Douglas.

Note: The character also appeared on Somerset on a recurring basis.

FEBRUARY 16, 1970 (EP. #1434)
Steve was exasperated and disappointed when Walter said they'd missed out on buying the Fairview land. Steve was good-natured about it when Walter said the new owner, Quincy Stoner, was willing to sell it at double the price paid. Liz deigned to join Lahoma at the sandwich shop to congratulate her on getting back with Sam. Lahoma was haunted after Liz sipped her tea and remarked Lee had been such a fine person. Lahoma was miserable she'd tried to fill Lee's shoes after Sam hugged and kissed her passionately. He was annoyed Liz had given her a sugar cookie and hit her with a sledge hammer. Pat joked about doing cartwheels when John described his plan for her safe pregnancy, then she and Lenore howled in dismay when John said it was time to go home.

FEBRUARY 17, 1970 (EP. #1435)
Ada scolded Rachel that Dru overheard her asking for Steve at Tallboys Restaurant. When Ada refused, Rachel phoned Mary to babysit for Jamie while she went to Liz. Susan wasn't able to hustle Liz out the door in time to prevent her from telling Joe that Susan has been raving about him. Susan was flustered when her hand touched Joe's accidentally while they looked over swatches. Mary held Jamie and expressed her pity for him until Pat arrived to coo over him. Mary and Jim smile bravely when Pat thought having Rachel over for dinner would ease the stress with Alice and Chris. After beating about the bush by talking about her role in the fashion show, Rachel waved her bank book under Liz's nose and exclaimed about Dru and the Matthews making significant contributions to Jamie's trust fund. Rachel was breathless when Liz began writing her a check, but was disappointed and resentful it was only for $100.

FEBRUARY 18, 1970 (EP. #1436)
As Chris was introduced to Jim, Mary warned Alice in sotto voce to steel herself as Rachel was coming to dinner. Rachel let Chris peek at Jamie, whom he thought looked husky, and remarked he looks like his father. To help clear the thoughts of a distracted Walter, Lenore put her hands over his forehead as if over a crystal ball. She frowned at the expensive landscaping he suggested. Wayne put off setting a wedding date, then had to struggle to remember the details of his lies when Liz asked him about business. Chris was interested and puzzled when Alice complained of his incessant talk of Rachel.

FEBRUARY 19, 1970 (EP. #1437)
Rachel phoned Lahoma to come and meet the baby. John was worried when Pat complained of little aches and pains. Ernie tried to defuse Ada's suspicions of Rachel's latest actions, but she felt sure Rachel was up to something. Alice was glad Dru was leading a gay and social life when he described how Rachel asked him to take her to lunch then coaxed a financial contribution out of him. Lahoma informed Rachel child-labor laws forbade a baby as young as Jamie from working when Rachel wanted Jamie to earn money modeling. Rachel tore up the lease extension form when the mailman delivered it.

FEBRUARY 20, 1970 (EP. #1438)
Sam scolded Ernie for his messy bookkeeping and revealed he has his first case, defending a teenager accused of breaking and entering. Sam felt Russ would be back before Rachel could get into trouble. Walter repaid in cash the $3,000 Steve wired to him in Jamaica. Walter eyed Bernice thoughtfully when he learned she was now working for Steve. Lahoma had a time getting Ada to simmer off after she vowed to give Rachel a piece of her mind she'll never forget for trying to put Jamie to work. Ada was sympathetic when Lahoma sighed that it was hard for her and Sam to forget Ron and Lee and wipe the slate clean. Wayne and Bernice had a good laugh when she related Walter paid Steve back with money he cheated Steve out of. They toasted to Walter's greed and his feeling he wasn't good enough for his wife.

FEBRUARY 23, 1970 (EP. #1439)
Rachel gave the rental agent all the money she had, but he asked for another $50 by five o'clock before signing the apartment over to her. Jim was surprised when Dru remarked Chris, charming and forthright, reminded him of Steve. Dru revealed he's learned Gerald removed the contents of his storehouse in Mt. Holly and left without word to anyone, and they both agreed it sounded shady. Susan accused Liz of deciding to marry Wayne to get back at her for taking Fred away from her, but Liz cooly remarked she wasn't interested in a man like Fred, but if she was, could have had him at any time. Pat told Rachel she was pregnant, but Rachel was uncomfortable with talk of babies. Rachel dumped out the contents of her purse and faked dismay that Russ's $50 had been lost. Rachel was triumphant when Pat loaned her the money. Fred and Steve returned from a rousing late-night meeting to find Susan waiting for them. Steve told them of running into Tony at Tallboys. Steve and Fred were embarrassed when Susan said she talks to herself about Fred and the room says back to her, "Fred who?"

FEBRUARY 24, 1970 (EP. #1440)
Bernice sighed with relief that Steve didn't catch her poring over one of his files. Sam and John discussed Sam's client's motives for the attempted robbery, and Sam vowed to save him from the reformatory. Dru disappointed Rachel with the news her father apparently never received the note she left for him with the storehouse manager. Wayne urbanely tut-tutted Walter's moral posturing when Wayne admitted using Bernice to get inside information on Steve. Walter let Wayne help him with his coat, which to Wayne meant Walter was now his. Bernice held the forbidden file, File 32, as unobtrusively as possible as Steve asked for the update on his football team. She triumphantly lifted it from its hiding place when Steve wondered where he'd left it.

FEBRUARY 25, 1970 (EP. #1441)
Fred thought Susan unreasonable when she was furious he was off to Hobart again on business as Joe was on his way over with the new draperies. He told her to cut out bickering with him over trifling things, then stormed out before she could utter a retort. Alice was in disbelief when Muriel pointed out that everything she just said about Chris being rugged on the outside but tender on the inside could be applied to Steve. Pat appreciated Mary's baby sweater, then regretted sharing her view that Mary and Jim seemed to be neglecting Jamie. After they admired the new draperies, Susan coquettishly offered Joe a drink. She looked at him with a goodly share of admiration, almost adoration, and was flustered when he called her pretty. She refused to kiss him, and demanded to be let go when he tried anyway.

FEBRUARY 26, 1970 (EP. #1442)
Joe explained he'd felt Susan wanted him to kiss her; it was her little girl approach that other women had used on him. Susan was left feeling unsure of herself when she agreed to let Joe finish decorating the house. Liz told John and Pat her insights tell her Wayne is thoroughly trustworthy, and was genuinely happy to hear Pat was expecting. Liz noted John put a reassuring hand on Pat's shoulder when Pat mentioned Jim and Mary never discuss Jamie. Peggy marveled it was like old times when at Sam and Lahoma's for dinner. Everyone was at least mildly upset when Lahoma realized she was still wearing Ron's bracelet. Susan didn't like it when Fred innocently compared her to Liz. She cried miserably in his arms after her outburst that she was sick to death of herself.

FEBRUARY 27, 1970 (EP. #1443)
Chris showed up with flowers after Alice told Muriel she'd broken her date with him. He told Alice not to waste time brooding over Steve as he'd make her forget she ever knew him. Ernie related to a troubled Jim how he gave Rachel $25 when she said Russ had left her short, but she had lit out after asking for more when he wanted to know why. Jim promised Mary he'd have a talk with Rachel after Dru raised their suspicions by saying Rachel had claimed to have a lot of things to do before Russ returned. Rachel insisted to Jim that Ernie misunderstood her. Rachel escaped his scrutiny by checking on Jamie. Jim answered the phone when the moving company called, so Rachel hastily explained she's having a couch of Pat's brought over. Rachel phoned the rental agent for an extension as her baby was sick.

Notes: This episode took place over three days.

MARCH 2, 1970 (EP. #1444)
Lahoma was flustered when Sam found the money she'd been saving to pay Ron the rent money she owes him. He was annoyed that she'd accepted a $65-a-month apartment since it implied Ron expected favors in return. They mused about pulling up stakes and leaving for somewhere the past won't haunt them. A letter from Bill established how crazy he was about sailing. Liz was furious when Luella Watson (General Chairman of the Woman's Club) remarked she'd thought she'd seen Liz and Bill (actually Wayne) at Castleman's Jewelry. When Mary brought up Liz's seeming ambivalence about marrying Wayne, Liz threw in Mary's face the discrepancy in her attitude toward Jamie and Pat's baby. John told Pat that Rafe Carter has a meeting to see Dru. A tender and concerned John made sure Pat was taking care of herself. Walter accused Lenore of not wanting to change the landscaping of the former owner (Bill) when she was hesitant about the cost of the landscaping estimates.

MARCH 3, 1970 (EP. #1445)
Susan phoned Alice to come over after Joe dropped by briefly. John and Dru's old lawyer friend Rafe Carter came by the office, where Dru told him Sam was the perfect choice to handle the accounts system of Delaney Brands. Steve introduced his lawyer, Fred, to his administrative assistant, Bernice. Though he couldn't reach Susan by phone, Fred was sure she wouldn't mind him inviting Steve and Bernice over. Alice described Chris to Susan, then asked who else she was describing; but Susan pointed out she just likes the same personality traits in men. Alice realized Susan asked her over because she didn't want to be alone with Joe, just as Fred and company came in the door. Susan encouraged Alice to stay, who was curious to find out who Bernice was anyway. Steve played on Alice's jealousy when she harped on the after-hours he and Bernice must spend together.

Rafe: (Intro Line) "[ENTERING, STRIDING FORWARD AND SHAKING DRU'S HAND WARMLY] Dru, Dru, you old rascal; how are you. [THEN] Where's John? Hiding from me?"

MARCH 4, 1970 (EP. #1446)
Alice parroted what Susan told her when Muriel wondered why Alice was so hot on Chris again. Alice insisted seeing Steve with Bernice had nothing to do with seeing Chris in a new light. Wayne brooded Bernice would use her new apartment as a step to siding with Steve and double-crossing him. Bernice thought Liz would flip over the diamond Wayne showed her, then was shocked to hear it was a fake. She advised him it would be wiser to sell one of his warehouses and buy Liz a real one. When Liz noticed Susan became hot under the collar at her praise of Joe's work she quickly and correctly gleaned he'd made a pass at her, which Liz was sure Susan must have invited.

MARCH 5, 1970 (EP. #1447)
Steve thought Walter's bad mood was because he felt he should be grateful to Steve for lending him money, and was worried about it affecting their friendship, but Walter just sneered bitterly about his supposed champagne taste and beer pocketbook. Rafe informed Dru that Jasper Delaney found out his son Robert and son-in-law Rex Cooper sold some of the family shares to Amalgamated Canning, enough to let it get its foot in the door but not enough to precipitate a stock fight. Sam agreed to work for Rafe after he approved of Sam's critique of the company's bookkeeping. Fred was concerned when he came home to find Susan had been nipping at the sherry again. She mimicked his end of the conversation when he had to make some business calls. She then tried to make up, but he disengaged himself as he didn't want a child and a drunk. She stormed out after retorting she didn't want him, drunk or sober. Chris miffed Alice by harping on Steve, then requested she be more responsive to his kisses. She slipped and called him "Steve" when he became especially obnoxious.

MARCH 6, 1970 (EP. #1448)
A nervous and excited Rachel chattered self-consciously to the bank teller, then eyed the money hungrily as the teller passed it to her. Pat and John had dinner at Mary and Jim's and discussed Sam working for Rafe. Mary didn't believe her when Rachel called to say she couldn't make dinner with them as she had to prepare for Russ's return. Liz was touched when Wayne slid the (real) diamond ring on her finger. Liz's protests were distinctly half-hearted when Wayne kissed her, stroked her hair, and showered her with compliments. A stubborn Mary vowed to an irritable Jim she'd find out what Rachel was up to. Mary told Ada she'd call and offer Rachel some help. With her head tied up in a scarf and in slacks, Rachel directed the two movers as they removed furniture and cartons from her apartment. She phoned the phone company to make sure she'd still have the same number at her new place. Ada phoned, and Rachel told her she needed to bring Jamie over tomorrow as they were fumigating the apartment. Mary phoned and wondered what all the commotion was she was hearing in the background.

MARCH 9, 1970 (EP. #1449)
Susan stared blackly at Fred when he couldn't agree to a dinner date. Fred suggested she read a book when she complained of twiddling her thumbs all day. She blazed when he advised her to be more understanding and patient about his work schedule. She poured herself a drink after he told her to stay away from the liquor cabinet. Rachel brought Jamie to Ada's, then got yesterday's lies to Ada and Mary mixed up. Rachel insisted whatever she was doing was for Jamie. They had a small flare-up when Mary thought Liz was too interested in Mary's attitude toward Rachel. Susan coaxed Joe into sharing a drink with her, but talked of bathrooms when he started moving closer. She resisted for only a second or two, then gave in when he pulled her to him and kissed her strongly.

MARCH 10, 1970 (EP. #1450)
Susan broke away from Joe's kisses and held her head in her hands, distressed. He defended himself against her self-righteous accusations by describing her as a frustrated, unfulfilled woman with too much time on her hands. She pathetically tried to get him to stay, but he wouldn't play whipping boy to her conscience. Rachel showed off her new apartment to Ada. Russ phoned to ask Rachel to come to Houston to meet his future partner Dan Shearer. There was no answer when a weeping Missy tried to phone Liz. A sweet-smiling Rachel came to Jim and Mary's to say she was flying down to be with Russ, and the phone rang and rang after they left to take her to the airport. Fred took Susan home after she socked it to her future Daddy Wayne while they had after-dinner drinks with Liz. Liz felt it was the most perfect moment of her life after a long and lasting kiss from Wayne. Missy broke down in hysterical tears after finally reaching Liz.

Ada: "What Rachel wants Rachel gets, eh?"
Rachel: "Eventually."

Notes: First reappearance of Carol Roux as Missy Palmer.

MARCH 11, 1970 (EP. #1451)
Missy told Liz that Bill drowned after his sailboat capsized during a storm. Jim and Mary came over and were shocked when Liz told them Bill was dead. People on another boat had seen the mast hit Bill on the head. He was knocked unconscious and washed out to sea, but they never found the body. Jim and Mary offered to go and bring Missy back. Liz looked at Wayne without interest as she murmured, "My son is dead" over and over. Susan wondered why she couldn't be more like Missy, who thought only of making her husband happy. Fred couldn't bring himself to comfort her when she cried about being a disgusting and degrading person who allowed Joe to kiss her. Ada fumed to Lahoma about Rachel. Dru told Sam and Lahoma about Bill, whom Sam thought of like a brother. Sam insisted they had to do everything they could to make things easier for Missy.

Missy: "Mother... Bill was... He..."
Liz: "[ALMOST A SHRIEK] What happened?"
Missy: "Mother... God... Bill was drowned... Mother, Bill's dead! [GO OUT ON A STRICKEN LIZ]"

MARCH 12, 1970 (EP. #1452)
Peggy and Dru chided Sam for wallowing in grief, and they thought it best he and Lahoma moved away from Bay City. Alice found Ada in the hospital waiting to see her friend Helen Ordway. Ada ran out of prevarications after trying to discover if Alice knew about Rachel's new apartment. Over the phone, John told Russ he didn't have to come home as there would be no funeral. Liz told Alice she's finally accepted that Bill is gone. In a semi-trance, Alice described how she does understand Liz's loss as she herself lost the person she loved.

MARCH 13, 1970 (EP. #1453)
There was a horrified gasp then a stunned silence after Peggy told Walter about Bill. John gave Rafe his permission to ask Sam to work with Rafe and Ben Grant in Somerset, as Lee's death was a tormenting memory for everyone in Bay City. Walter told Wayne that not being his own man and his unspoken competition with Bill, who was always looming both as a threat and an unattainable goal, led directly into what he did to Steve. Wayne smiled at Walter's tortured expression when he asked if Walter's new-found soul would pay his bills. Dru took Ricky to his room as Liz asked Missy how she was bearing up. A dampened Missy realized living with Liz wouldn't work out. Imagining he was upset at Bill's death, Lenore cradled a distraught and inebriated Walter in her arms.

Walter: (About Bill) "Knew him? Let's see? I married his former fiancé, I bought his house, I took over his job. Yes, I would say I knew him."

Ricky: "Yes, sir."
Dru: "Don't call me sir. Call me Uncle Dru, okay? I want us to be good friends."
Liz: "That's just a horsey. A breakable horsey, I'm afraid. [SHE TAKES IT FROM HIM] We'll have to buy you a stuffed one."

MARCH 16, 1970 (EP. #1454)
Rafe offered Sam a junior partnership and offered to show him around Somerset. Alice buried herself in her menu after Lenore revealed she and Walter will be dining with Steve and Bernice in her apartment. Steve admired Bernice's new apartment and subtly flirted with her. He took her expertly in his arms and their lips almost touched as she glided away without missing a beat. Bernice was flattered but preferred to keep their relationship strictly business. Sam and Lahoma had Missy over for dinner, where she was sad to hear they might be moving away.

Steve: (To Bernice) "You just looked so delicious... I just wanted a taste."

MARCH 17, 1970 (EP. #1455)
Ada and Ernie were happy Sam and Lahoma were moving away as Bay City reminded them of Lee and Ron. Ada worried about what would happen when Russ found out about the apartment. When Alice noticed that Susan seemed to be depending on alcohol, Susan remarked that the one thing she and Fred agree on was in their disapproval of Susan, of how Susan behaves, and of how Susan is ruining her life. Liz grandiosely apologized to Missy for her dinner engagement with Wayne, who really took a shine to Missy. Not at all pleased, Liz grudgingly approved when Wayne badgered Missy into accompanying them to The Top of the Tower. Russ brought Dan to his motel room where they discovered Rachel had gone out. Russ sung Rachel's praises to Dan, who said they ought to look for a technician for their new clinic. Russ suggested Susan, whom Dan used to date in high school.

Russ: "[CALLS] Rachel? Company.... [BACK TO SHEARER] Come on in."
Dan: (Intro Line) "Thanks."
Dan: "[MUSING] Little Susan Matthews... What do you know."

MARCH 18, 1970 (EP. #1456)
Susan smoldered as Fred prepared to dash off to Hobart again, then was furious to find the liquor cabinet locked. Fred maintained he was just keeping the pre-marriage promise she made him take not to let her destroy their marriage. He also felt the liquor, not so much their quarreling, was what led to Joe kissing her. Missy told Alice and Jim that Ricky has been setting Liz's teeth on edge. Alice worried to Jim that Liz was beginning to suspect about Jamie. Lahoma told Ernie the increased salary Sam would make will really help relieve their tight budget, then she gloated about Sam being taken out to lunch by Robert, the general manager. In Somerset, Sam and Robert entered the Riverboat restaurant (where gambling was available to preferred patrons). Robert nodded at Gerald Davis, the owner, then scanned the room, his gaze resting a moment too long on Jessica Buchanan. At their table, Robert's attention transferred subtly and gradually from Sam to Jessica as she rehearsed snatches of song at the piano. Sam watched this with growing dismay as Robert was married to India. Robert had Gerald ask Jessica to sing a few bars of a number for them, then went to her as she played "When Sunny Gets Blue." Gerald was ruffled when Sam introduced himself as Sam Lucas from Bay City. It came as a shock to Sam when Robert later told him Gerald's name.

Robert: (Intro Line, to the waiter) "Yes. Put us near the piano, will you?"

Gerald: (Intro Line, to Robert) "I'll check; hold on."

Jessica: (Intro Line) "Thank you, Mr. Delaney. You flatter me."

MARCH 19, 1970 (EP. #1457)
Though he was just a kid when Gerald left, Sam told Ada he was sure the Gerald Davis he saw was her ex-husband. A troubled Ada made Sam promise not to tell anyone about it, especially Rachel. Pat felt very gay about planning a party for Sam and Lahoma, Rafe, and Ben and Ellen Grant. Walter blustered when Steve wondered why his attitude toward him seems to have changed. Liz felt Ricky should be taught certain rules of conduct and frowned on Missy spending so much time with the Lucases, whom Liz felt were interested in the money Missy inherited from Katherine and from Bill's insurance.

Pat: "I've got enough baby things for triplets."

MARCH 20, 1970 (EP. #1458)
Russ wondered why Rachel was dragging her feet as they packed to go home. Pat thought it ridiculous and outrageous when Missy imitated Liz's opinion that Sam and Lahoma weren't "our kind of people," and thought Missy should consider moving to Somerset. Pat introduced Ellen to Missy, Sam, and Lahoma, who found her very nice. Ellen complained she forgot the belt for her dress. Ernie was startled and unhappy when Ada figured she needed to go to Somerset and check things out for herself. John and Dru told Pat that Sam was hesitating to accept the job out of loyalty to them. Sam brought Rafe and Ben over and they all had drinks. The women came and Lahoma presented Ellen with a belt for her dress. Lahoma was pleased and a bit embarrassed when Ellen impulsively kissed her on the cheek. Rachel brought Russ to the new apartment by way of introduction, and he demanded to know where she got the money for it. He was furious she had used Jamie's trust fund, money given by friends and relatives, to buy the ridiculous, extravagant apartment.

Ellen: (Intro Line) "It's very nice to meet you, Mrs. Matthews."

Ben: (Intro Line) "Not too late, are we?"

Sam: (Making a toast) "All right. Here's to Bay City and Somerset. Long may they wave."

Russ: "You're a liar!"
Rachel: "What?"
Russ: "I said you're a liar! Jamie? You didn't do it for him! You did it for yourself- because, for some idiotic childish reason, this is where you wanted to live! And I think it's the absolute bottom- the most outrageous, despicable thing I ever heard of."

MARCH 23, 1970 (EP. #1459)
Gerald was desperate to get off the subject when Ada reminded him of skipping town and leaving her with a two-year old daughter and no money. Gerald was happy to dismiss the past with an airy wave of his hand. He didn't like the idea Rachel thought him a god. Ada warned him to treat Rachel nice when she runs to him for help. Lahoma told Peggy she thought moving to Somerset would help her marriage. Russ gave a slightly hysterical laugh when Jim asked didn't he like his new apartment. Jim was really shocked to learn Rachel got the money from Jamie's trust fund. Russ was hurt that Rachel was implying he couldn't find a good enough home for his own son. Sam and Lahoma celebrated his decision to take the job, and their wonderful new life, new friends, new job, new town, new home, and new love.

Gerald: "[FINISHING A COLUMN OF FIGURES] Yup? Something I can do for you?"
Ada: "Maybe. [GERALD LOOKS UP]"
Gerald: "... Ada?"
Ada: "Yes, Gerry... Ada."
Gerald: "Well, for the love of... Well, I'll be... Ada! You.. You've changed a little bit..."
Ada: "You haven't changed much."

MARCH 24, 1970 (EP. #1460)
Mary worried Russ was upset because he knew about the baby, but Jim jumped in before she could spill the beans to Russ, and explained about Rachel and the apartment. Jim insisted they had to perpetuate the lie for the baby's sake when Mary ranted about Rachel. Jim became worried at the thought that Rachel might somehow come between him and Mary. Ada told Ernie she's not going to tell Rachel about Gerald, not after what he told her about himself. Susan laid into Liz for snooping and asking Mary about Russ and the apartment. Susan was stricken when Liz felt her marriage had been doomed from the start as she and Fred are simply not compatible. Russ wandered around her living room and spoke to Alice as she changed in the bedroom. Alice blazed with the apartment news, but he tried to be light-hearted if it killed him. She had resolved to tell him about the baby when Chris came in.

Announcer: "Join us each weekday at this time for the continuing story of ANOTHER WORLD in Bay City, and beginning next Monday, March 30, one half hour from now on most of these stations, be sure to watch the new story of ANOTHER WORLD in Someset."

MARCH 25, 1970 (EP. #1461)
Rachel was pleased when Russ admitted it would cost a small fortune to break the lease. He laid down the new ground rules: she's to be removed as trustee to Jamie's account and will have to account for every cent she spends. She agreed when he threatened to walk out if she didn't. Walter was torn, unhappy, but tempted when Wayne instructed him to get Steve to buy his electronics company and get Sam to do the auditing. Pat encouraged Liz to go on with the fashion show. Liz felt that Sam and Lahoma leaving was the best thing that could happen to Missy. Missy assured Lenore and Walter she enjoyed visiting their house, where she used to live with Bill. Walter was very disturbed when he got a call that Wayne's warehouse was completely empty.

MARCH 26, 1970 (EP. #1462)
Walter asked Sam to audit Wayne's electronics parts firm and certified that he himself had already validated the inventory. Ada was pleased Rachel brought back a scarf from Houston, but was deflated to learn it was Russ's idea. Ada was disgusted when Rachel beamed she always gets what she wants. Jim tried to convince Alice they had no right to destroy Russ's marriage, as he was sure anyway that Jamie was Russ's child. He was unconvinced when she gloated being over Steve. Russ dropped in on Liz and Missy. Liz remembered Dan as the only man Susan ever went with whom she couldn't push around. She encouraged Russ to hire Susan as his technician. Dru and Peggy brought in an ice bucket with champagne for a farewell party, and they and John and Walter drank to Sam and Lahoma's fortune. Walter was the only one who looked unhappy as they toasted to friendship.

MARCH 27, 1970 (EP. #1463)
Since Steve was eager to cook up a good merger now that congress has defeated an anti-merger bill, Walter lied that Wayne's firm was a good possibility as he'd already inspected his warehouses. Sam interrupted Missy helping Lahoma pack with a phone call saying he's started work at Delaney Brands. Wayne admired Walter's guts in making up a story to Steve. Walter babbled somewhat idiotically when John poked his head in the room, and agonized when Wayne joined John in singing his praises. In the Delaney conference room, Sam's head whirled with the wheeling and dealing among Rafe, Jasper, Robert, India, and Rex. Jasper told Sam of his daughter Laura, whom Rex said was home sick. India smiled almost patronizingly at Sam's frazzled attempts to keep up. Afterwards, Sam phoned Lahoma and said he's not sure what he got himself into.

India: (Intro Line) "If you all say so..."

Rex: (Intro Line) "[FROM ACROSS THE ROOM] I don't say so."

MARCH 30, 1970 (EP. #1464)
Walter was a bit sick when Steve announced Walter and Bernice will be working together on the new merger. Bernice assured Steve she wouldn't breathe a word about it to Wayne. Pat and John felt Sam and Lahoma would be able to make a fresh start in Somerset. Pat tried to distract his attention with Ricky when he worried about her appearing in the fashion show. Russ showed the apartment to Jim, who was helping him pay for it. Russ flipped when Jim found a delivery box from Bryant's partly hidden behind the door. Rachel explained it was a crib she'd ordered before Russ laid down his austerity budget. He felt it unbelievable she accused him of not being interested in the baby when he was the one who always wanted one. His attitude scared her when he didn't respond to her claims of doing everything she did in Jamie's name. With a great show of martyrdom she sat and sobbed on the couch, covertly watching to see if her tears will win him; but Russ just walked out of the room.

Notes: Last appearance of Anne Wedgeworth as Lahoma Vane Lucas on AW.

MARCH 31, 1970 (EP. #1465)
Bernice worried that Steve would be suspicious if he saw Wayne, who had dropped by her office. Bernice told Wayne that Steve had warned her not to talk to Wayne about the electronics merger he was planning. Wayne boasted that he got Walter to vouch for him even though his parts company was phony. Walter had then lied to Sam and got him to do the actual auditing, and now Wayne gloated that Sam left town to live in Somerset. Bernice worried about losing her nerve now that she has to work with both Steve and Walter, but Wayne reassured her by pointing out that Walter has double-crossed Steve twice already, once on this deal and previously on the Fairview deal.
Mary told Liz that Alice was now dating Chris. Mary adamantly denied the possibility when Liz felt that Alice still loved Steve despite that they had broken their engagement. Liz told Mary she won't shed any tears if Lahoma doesn't return to Bay City as planned to model in their fashion show. Liz worried that Lahoma latched onto Missy because Missy was a wealthy woman now. Liz stunned Mary when she said she gave Rachel the money to finance her and Russ's new apartment, after Rachel came to her and told her Dru and others were making contributions to the baby's trust fund.
Lenore showed off her new synthetic wiglet to Walter, but she got exasperated with him when he implored her to buy the more expensive one at the store. She said it was good enough, and just wanted something different to wear to the fashion show. Walter pooh-poohed Lenore's concern for the money he lost betting on the horses during their trip to Jamaica. Walter bristled when Lenore said she wants to invite Steve and Bernice over for dinner.
Jim, Mary, Alice, and Chris broke bread. Jim boasted that Russ would soon go into private practice and share a clinic with Dan. Chris worried that Jim disapproved of him and his employment status. Chris proposed to Alice, who refused to take him seriously.

APRIL 1, 1970 (EP. #1466)
Ada told Ernie she wasn't sure if she should tell Rachel about her father, since she'd be upset to learn he gave everything to his other daughter. She also confided she's worried about the state of Rachel's marriage. In Somerset, Gerald revealed to his daughter Pammy that he had been married to a woman named Ada Lucas, but that he was too young and they got a divorce after a couple years. Pammy wasn't pleased to hear she has a sister, whom Gerald hasn't seen since she was two, and was unconvinced when he assured her he loved only her, not Rachel.
Susan and Fred reconciled, and she assured him things would be different. She told him Liz made her furious by suggesting Susan and Fred were all wrong for each other and should never have gotten married. Susan was stunned when Russ brought Dan over, a man she hadn't seen in years. Dan told Susan he got tired of space medicine at NASA in Houston so he and Russ decided to team up together and go into private practice. Susan told Russ she had held a torch for Dan, who shared some great times with Susan in high school and college, but finally wandered off to other pastures after graduation. Russ and Dan tried to coax Susan into joining their clinic as a lab technician.
Dru and Peggy hoped Sam's new life in Somerset worked out for him, even though they missed him at the office. Chris, Sam's replacement, told Dru he wouldn't take "no" for an answer from Alice.

Susan: "Who... [AS DAN APPEARS] Dan Shearer!..."
Dan: "Hi, Susan. Well, if there was ever a time to say long time no see..."

Notes: Crossed-out dialogue, but likely integrated into future scripts, Dan's reference to ex-wife Edith Walters, whom he divorced in 1965.

APRIL 2, 1970 (EP. #1467)
Pat asked Alice if she'd noticed that Mary and Jim acted uncomfortable around Jamie, despite that he was their first grandchild. Alice reassured Pat the family won't feel the same way about Pat's baby when it was born. Ada told Dru, who had been helping Rachel try to find her father, that Sam ran into Gerald in Somerset. Dru advised Ada to tell Rachel the truth about Gerald. Liz told Susan she resented the way Lahoma and Sam monopolized Missy. Walter accused Wayne of planting Bernice in Steve's office. Wayne and Jasper hid their mutual recognition when John introduced them.

APRIL 3, 1970 (EP. #1468)
Luella introduced Liz as mistress of ceremonies. Liz emceed a grand fashion show, which featured as models Rachel, Lenore, Pat, Peggy, Lahoma, Susan, and Alice. Lenore told Rachel she wished Walter would give her a baby. Wayne panicked to Bernice that Jasper may blow the whistle on him as having conned money out of Robert three years ago. Pat looked "a bit strained and faltering" when it was her turn down the runway. Lahoma told Pat about life in Somerset, then bit her tongue when she compared India Delaney to Liz. Alice's dressing-down of Rachel was interrupted by Pat collapsing on the runway. Liz let Lahoma know that Missy will be staying put in Bay City.

APRIL 6, 1970 (EP. #1469)
Pat told John it was likely her anxiety over Sam's new job and the health of her baby that made her faint. Ada told Ernie she hasn't gotten around to talking to Rachel about her father yet. Russ asked Dru to draw up the partnership agreement between him and Dan and to handle the purchase of the clinic. Dru thought it a good idea that Susan might be joining them since she wasn't keen on the Social Club scene. Missy told Liz she feels uneasy that she and Ricky live with her when she's making plans to marry Wayne. Missy said that Peter Delaney, Jasper's youngest son, helped convince her to move to Somerset.

APRIL 7, 1970 (EP. #1470)
Mary thought it was an understatement when Pat thought Rachel was a strange girl who did some pretty odd things. When John visited Sam at his office in Somerset, Sam told him he was puzzled by some discrepancies in the DB financial records. Liz fumed to Susan that Missy wants to cut and run to Somerset, but Susan said the best way to honor Bill's memory was to let Missy do what she wants. Liz enjoyed the rise it got out of Susan when Rachel commented on how attractive Dan is. Russ was unshakable when Rachel pouted about not having bought any new clothes recently. Rachel was "rocked" but hid her feelings when Russ said he won't be bringing in much more money despite going into private practice.

APRIL 8, 1970 (EP. #1471)
Bernice was upset when Steve told her he was going to a meeting in Somerset with Jasper. Bernice told Walter that the money Robert gave Wayne was company money he didn't have permission to use. Walter pressed the panic button when he realized Jasper might tell Steve what he knows about Wayne. Mary wasn't impressed when Liz said Missy would lose her social status if Liz wasn't in her life. Liz beamed but Mary was puzzled that Wayne was pushing Liz for a quickie wedding. Russ told Alice that Rachel will be in deep trouble if she tries any more stunts, and confided he was unsure that Rachel really loved him. Ada was aghast when Rachel told her she'd used Jamie's trust fund to buy their new apartment.

Liz: "Sam and Lahoma Lucas. Now there are two nobodys for you."

Russ: "You've never liked Rachel, have you?"
Alice: "No. Never. Not at the beginning, and not now. Most especially not now."

Russ: (About Jamie) "I can't even begin to tell you how much he means to me."

APRIL 9, 1970 (EP. #1472)
Mary and Jim were terrified Dru had come by to talk to them about Rachel and Steve, but he only revealed that Gerald had been found. Missy exploded at Liz for visiting her in Somerset and saying she was forgetting about Bill. On his way back from Laurel Hollow, Ernie dropped by to see Sam and Lahoma, who are having a tough time settling in. Ernie nixed going to the Riverboat as he didn't want to bump into Gerald. Alice admitted to Chris she sometimes thinks of Steve. She gave him a "maybe" to his proposal.

Dru: (About Gerald) "Well, he didn't even remember Rachel's name."

APRIL 10, 1970 (EP. #1473)
Wayne told Walter not to burst a blood vessel over Steve's meeting with Jasper. Wayne revealed he had sold Robert an invention for a food preservative he'd stolen from someone else, and that Jasper knows company money was used illegally to close the deal, which went bust. Russ told Mary and Jim that the hospital okayed affiliation for him and Dan. Jim prevented Mary from even hinting to Russ about Rachel and Steve, but were both miserable when he gushed about his love for Jamie. Steve and Jasper renewed old ties. Just as Jasper was about to warn Steve about Wayne, he got a phone call from Wayne threatening to reveal Robert's illegal fiscal activities to the company's stockholders. Lenore teased Walter about being Mr. Grumps when he was less than enthusiastic about upcoming dinners with Bernice and Steve, and Liz and Wayne. A beam glanced off Steve's hard hat during a visit to the Riverview construction site and he crumpled to the ground.

Wayne: "Really, Walter, you have so little faith in me."

APRIL 13, 1970 (EP. #1474)
Russ broke the news to Alice that the emergency patient was Steve. Russ diagnosed Steve's skull fracture as a possible intercranial hemorrhage, then felt guilty that Alice was there, but she insisted on remaining despite feeling agonized for Steve. Russ assisted Dr. Cameron who performed brain surgery on Steve. Alice told Wayne and Bernice that even if Steve pulled through there was no telling what the results might be. Walter hated himself for asking Alice if Steve had been conscious enough to say anything about what he'd done that day. Chris arrived to take an exhausted Alice back to her apartment after Dr. Cameron told her they'd stopped the intercranial bleeding and removed the clot.

APRIL 14, 1970 (EP. #1475)
Chris was skeptical when Alice insisted she didn't love Steve anymore. Alice began to weep Steve's name after Chris left, while Steve whispered Alice's name from his hospital room. Rachel tried to cover how upset she was when Russ told her about Steve. Wayne told Bernice they have Jasper under their thumb now that his firm has gone public and he has to answer to stockholders. Steve drifted in and out of consciousness when the doctors were examining him. Steve woke up to find Alice ministering to him, and stunned her by asking why she wasn't wearing her diamond engagement ring.

Bernice: "You are a rascal."
Wayne: "I try to be."

Alice: "And do you know who I am?"
Steve: "Of course... Alice."
Alice: "[NOW REALLY HOPEFUL] Alice who?"
Steve: "Only one Alice... My Alice... my darling."

APRIL 15, 1970 (EP. #1476)
Russ told Alice the blow to Steve's head must have blotted out the memory of something he wanted to forget. Alice wouldn't be talked out of helping Steve when Russ said it would speed Steve's recovery if Alice played along with Steve's fantasies. Alice was tormented when Steve made her promise she'd never leave him. Liz was putty in Wayne's hands when he poured on the charm. He insisted it wasn't too soon after Bill's death for them to marry, and could barely control his frustration when Liz postponed their wedding for a few weeks. Rachel seethed silently when Russ let Lenore go take a peek at Steve. Alice wept on Dru's shoulder about having to make excuses to Steve about not wearing his ring and other things, but confessed she wasn't pretending when she told Steve she loved him.

APRIL 16, 1970 (EP. #1477)
John told Pat not to waste her sympathy on Rachel when Pat wondered what Jim and Mary had against her. Russ told Mary and Jim that it's obvious Alice still loves Steve from the way she's been acting since his accident. Jim put a restraining hand on Mary's arm when Russ wondered why Alice had ever broken off the engagement. Alice had to fend off Steve's busy hands. When Steve asked her what kind of house she wanted him to build her, she rambled on about an old-fashioned house with a stone fireplace. Ada told Ernie it would be a miracle if Rachel got along with Pammy. Rachel dropped Jamie off at Ada's and said she's going to visit Sam and Lahoma in Somerset.

APRIL 17, 1970 (EP. #1478)
Walter stewed that he was in over his neck with Wayne. Mary and Jim put on their smiling faces when Ada brought Jamie for a visit. Mary laid into Ada about how difficult the current Steve/Alice situation was for Alice. Fred told Susan he wouldn't object to her working since he knew that being a full-time housewife hasn't satisfied her completely. Susan said she could have the best of both worlds if she worked only part-time for Russ and Dan. Walter went to see Steve and was relieved Steve can't remember anything that happened since last summer.

Steve: "You really are a good friend, Walter."
Walter: "Well, I hope I am."

APRIL 20, 1970 (EP. #1479)
Ernie told Rachel about his phone call from Lahoma. In Somerset, Rachel and Pammy had run into each other in a coffee shop. Though neither knew who the other was, Rachel had gotten a feeling she'd seen her somewhere before. Ernie told Ada she was borrowing trouble by worrying that Steve's memory lapse will result in making it public knowledge that Steve is Jamie's father. Fred encouraged Susan to take the job offer after assuring her their home life wouldn't suffer. John told Peggy and Chris they shouldn't be spending so much time at the office. Alice canceled her dinner date with Chris claiming exhaustion. A despairing Alice told Muriel that Steve was making honeymoon plans today.

APRIL 21, 1970 (EP. #1480)
Ada told Rachel she'd better hang onto to Russ or she'll end up with nothing, and she warned her to stay away from Steve. Walter was apprehensive when John mentioned that Sam said Jasper was making inquiries about Wayne. Liz insisted that she loved Wayne when Jim and Mary suggested she might be having second thoughts about marrying him. She also said she's going to tell Missy she insists she return to Bay City. Jim and Mary tried to stop Liz from taking any action when they told her about Steve's memory lapse. Pat enjoyed letting John pamper her because she was pregnant, then both were overcome with joy when the baby moved for the first time.

Rachel: (To Ada about Russ) "I'm sick and tired of having to fawn over him day and night! When all the time all I can think about is Steve! I should be married to Steve!"

Pat: "Do you know what I want? I want a girl baby. Of course, a boy would be lovely, too."

APRIL 22, 1970 (EP. #1481)
Rachel got upset with Steve for "playing games" when she dropped by to see him. She couldn't figure out what was going on when Alice came in and Steve acted like they were still engaged. Alice took Rachel by the arm and forcibly removed her from the room when Rachel started to protest. Alice threatened to tell Russ everything if Rachel didn't stay away from Steve. Wayne invited Bernice to be present when he met with a DB stockholder. Wayne advised Earl Bigsby to investigate more fully the company's affairs of three years ago. Liz wasn't happy when Missy told her she's moved into Sam and Lahoma's new house. Missy tried to reassure Liz she wasn't deserting her. Russ complained bitterly to Rachel that they don't share a common idea of marriage. When Russ started to say he thought Rachel married him for his money, Rachel begged him to try harder for Jamie's sake, and he relented.

Steve: "What about... the game about the baby? 'Steve, sweetheart, it's your baby, your child.'"
Rachel: "But Steve, that's not a game."

Alice: (To Rachel) "Steve is not to be upset. Now I said go!"

Liz: "I've never felt as close to Susan as I have to you, Melissa. Never."

Missy: (To Liz) "At any rate, Mother, I'm going to get a house in Somerset, and I'm going to stay there."

APRIL 23, 1970 (EP. #1482)
Russ told Alice that even though his marriage is in trouble, he'll stick it out for the baby's sake. Wayne didn't give a hoot when Walter said he's been miserable having to lie to someone like John who trusts him implicitly. Peggy told Dru she received a letter from Lahoma that she's afraid the people Sam works with will discover he has a criminal record. Dru told Peggy she'd still be able to work part-time for him if she resumed college. Rachel told Ada she intends to hold onto to Russ since Steve won't admit the baby was his and she has no one else to turn to.

Walter: "You know, Wayne, my life was fine, until I met you, now..."

APRIL 24, 1970 (EP. #1483)
Steve asked Alice who Chris was when a nurse told Alice she had a call from him. Steve struggled with his memory, and wondered why Somerset nagged at him when Alice told him Sam had moved there. Lenore and Pat dropped in to see Walter and John at the office after spending the day shopping for maternity clothes at Bryant's. The foursome made plans to go to Tallboys for dinner. Lenore said she'd received a letter from her mother about moving back to Bay City from Florida. Liz bristled when Fred said marriage was a serious step for someone her age, and pointed out he was older than she was and old enough to be Susan's father. Fred admitted he and Susan had marriage problems in the beginning because Susan didn't have enough to do, but insisted it was a very good marriage. Alice tried to assure an upset Chris that things would go back to normal after Steve's memory returned.

APRIL 27, 1970 (EP. #1484)
Steve couldn't understand his memory of having his picture taken with Mary. Ada told Ernie that Rachel was probably too scared of Russ's warning to go trotting off to the hospital to see Steve. Mary and Jim warned Alice that Liz might cause trouble for her. Susan insisted Liz must have twisted Fred's words until it seemed he was saying they had marriage trouble. Steve confided to Russ that he feels like he's losing Alice forever every time she walks out the door. Russ told Alice he thinks a memory breakthrough is imminent.

Alice: "Dad, I'm not pretending. Everything I tell him is true. I love him. I love him more than anything."

APRIL 28, 1970 (EP. #1485)
Walter made an appointment with Jasper when Bernice pointed out it would look perfectly innocent if Walter pumped him for info under the guise of Steve's lawyer. Rachel was resentful when she overheard Walter phone Lenore that they will be driving to Somerset for dinner. Since Lenore was an artist, Rachel asked her to draw a picture of Jamie that Russ could hang in his office. Fred had to nod his head unhappily when Steve rambled about how he and Alice were going to live happily ever after. During dinner at the Riverboat, Jasper asked Walter and Lenore if the woman Wayne was marrying was rich. Lenore noticed the words "Gerald Davis, prop." on the back of the restaurant matchbook.

Rachel: "Jamie is just fine. He's the cutest, smartest little boy you ever saw in your life. And I'm not saying that just because I'm his mother."

APRIL 29, 1970 (EP. #1486)
Steve told Alice to ask his secretary, Miss Burrell, to bring a suitcase full of clothes to him in anticipation of his release from the hospital. Rafe arrived to meet with John and Dru and they discussed Sam and Wayne. Rafe revealed that Robert wasn't such an astute businessman, but that Jasper had settled for him when the smart son, Peter, became a school teacher. Pat evaded the question when Liz wanted to know why Alice broke off her engagement to Steve, so Liz went on to complain about Missy. Susan told Fred she didn't like the idea of him discussing their marriage with her mother. He was able to smooth things over, but the two of them avoided any harsh scrutiny of their marriage. Fred and Susan visited Steve in hopes that seeing them married would jog his memory. Alice helped Steve unpack his suitcase and he came across a small jewelry box containing Alice's engagement ring, which she'd returned to him. His memory flooded back and, totally crushed, he buried his head in a pillow.

Steve: "Oh my god... I remember now."

APRIL 30, 1970 (EP. #1487)
Steve apologized to Alice for what he must have been putting her through, but pointed out that he never forgot his love for her. Alice said she would make good on her promise to visit Steve at home on her nights off and take care of him. Mary told Liz she was only thinking of herself by insisting that Missy move back to Bay City. Rachel was on her best behavior when she helped Russ and Dan move into their new offices. Alice arrived and told them Steve's memory had returned. Rachel got restless waiting for Lenore to finish her sketch of Jamie. She went into shock when Lenore innocently gave her the Riverboat matchbook with Gerald's name in it.

MAY 1, 1970 (EP. #1488)
Lenore told Rachel not to jump to conclusions that Ada had been keeping the truth of Gerald's presence in Somerset from her. Rachel declared that Russ wouldn't care if she missed the open house at his clinic to go to Somerset that night. Alice called it an affair, but Steve called it a one-night thing with Rachel that he'd give anything not to have done. Steve believed the only reason Rachel wants him to believe the baby is his is because he's rich. Russ wasn't exactly understanding but relented when Rachel told him how important it was she see her father. Dan told Dru his mother wasn't well enough to make the trip in from Sun City. Jim and Mary noticed that Pat looked tired when she and John arrived at the open house. Russ agreed when Dru said Rachel was in for a shock when she learned about her half-sister.

Steve: (To Alice about Rachel) "Like her? I never did like her. I felt sorry for her for a while. But now, after what she did to me, I could wring her neck!"

MAY 4, 1970 (EP. #1489)
Ada was sure it was already too late when Ernie and Russ thought about calling all the hotels in Somerset to track Rachel down. Mary and Jim toasted their milk glasses to Russ when Jim was feeling his oats over how he'd raised a boy like that. Mary felt Rachel's absence at the open house had been an indication of how little Russ means to her. Jim was unyielding when Mary suggested a blood test to determine if Jamie really was Russ's. Wayne said it was time for a meeting between him and Jasper when Walter told him Rafe had been inquiring about Wayne's marriage plans with Liz. Rachel ran into Pammy at the Riverboat, where "the two girls stud(ied) each other with an almost unabashed curiosity." Pammy told Rachel she was engaged to Tony Cooper, and Rachel bragged she was married to a doctor. Rachel was stricken when she was about to introduce herself to Gerald and Pammy took his arm possessively and called him "Pops."

Ada: "Gerry's a very strange man."

Mary: "Why, James Matthews, at last the rogue's coming out in you."
Jim: "Oh, it's there all the time, I just let it out on special occasions."

Pammy: "I've never really felt the urge, the need you might say, to visit Bay Town."
Rachel: "Bay City."
Pammy: "Bay City, excuse me."

Gerald: "Are you the young lady who was asking for me?"
Rachel: "[BREATHLESS WITH EXCITEMENT] Are you... are you... Gerald Davis?"
Gerald: "Yes. Can I help you?"

MAY 5, 1970 (EP. #1490)
Rachel and Pammy "barely nod(ded) at each other" when Gerald awkwardly introduced them as half-sisters. Her spoiled nature revealing itself, Pammy kept interfering in the conversation, so Gerald arranged to meet Rachel later that afternoon. Ada took Ernie's advice to phone Sam and ask him to send out the bloodhounds for Rachel. Gerald tried to muster some enthusiasm when Rachel showed him a snapshot of Jamie. He was at a loss for words when Rachel told him she'd given Jamie the middle name "Gerald" in his honor. Gerald tried to explain that he'd been "on the bum" when she was little, that he'd married his second wife, Marsha, then divorced her. An employee kept interrupting them so many times that Gerald finally brought their meeting to a halt. He hesitatingly kissed Rachel goodbye on the cheek. Steve insisted that Alice didn't love Chris and would never accept his marriage proposal.

Rachel: "I'm your daughter."
Gerald: "[REALLY FLOORED] You... You're..."
Rachel: "I'm Rachel."

Gerald: "Rachel... I'm sorry about... you know, about not having looked you up... all these years. I meant to, but..."
Rachel: "Why didn't you?"
Gerald: "Well... you know."

MAY 6, 1970 (EP. #1491)
Peggy happily told John she'd been accepted into the summer school session of law school. John decided to take Peggy with him on his business trip to Somerset when she told him how much she missed Sam and Lahoma. Liz told Jim and Mary she doubts Missy has been grieving for Bill at all since she'd been spending so much time with Peter. Jasper told Robert they have to find a way to prevent Wayne from marrying Liz as an act of chivalry, but he worried it put his embezzlement in danger of being revealed. Bernice was relieved when Steve said he's not firing her, only transferring her to the Fairview project.

Jim: (To Liz about Mary) "She's a tyrant."

Liz: (About Bill's death) "Oh, my poor son, my poor son."

MAY 7, 1970 (EP. #1492)
Pat and John were frightened when Pat had a severe cramp. Russ and Dan sweated when no clients showed up on the opening day of the clinic. They flipped a coin to see who would answer the door when the bell rang, but it was only Dru to drop off their legal papers. Russ and Dan pounced on him when they noticed a bandage on his finger. Dru got worried when they talked about edemas and tetanus, but caught on to the joke. Dru wouldn't hear if ot when Peggy and Chris joked about going into practice together. Ernie told Russ Ada was taking a bus to Somerset. Rachel phoned Russ and lied that everything went wonderfully with her father.

MAY 8, 1970 (EP. #1493)
Liz told Pat that since Missy seemed to be getting on with her life, there was no reason she shouldn't get on with her own and marry Wayne. Jasper told Wayne he could live with Wayne fooling Robert, but he couldn't stand by and let him victimize a helpless, trusting woman. Wayne was only too happy to cancel his marriage plans when Jasper said Robert was willing to risk prison to keep Wayne from marrying Liz. Steve thought Alice might be jealous when he commented that Bernice changed his view of women in business. Alice was anguished when she tried to tell Steve there was no hope for them anymore. Ada arrived at Rachel's hotel room to explain why she'd been afraid to tell Rachel about Gerald, but Rachel was adamant that things were going swimmingly between her and Gerald.

Wayne: (To himself) "Well, well. So I can't marry Liz. Now isn't that too bad? [HE LAUGHS]"

Ada: "Don't try and kid me, Rachel. Don't you think I know Gerald Davis? You don't mean a thing to him."

MAY 11, 1970 (EP. #1494)
Bernice warned Wayne about a woman scorned when he gleefully told her he no longer needs to marry Liz as insurance in case his con of Steve falls through. Rachel told Gerald about growing up without a father, and he got uncomfortable when she said she'd idolized her fantasy of him. Gerald leveled with Rachel that he was a heel, the lowest thing you can be. Rachel was disappointed with the fatherly advice she sought, that she talk things over with Russ. Rachel was flabbergasted at the presents Gerald gave her: some perfume, cheap Scotch for Russ, lobster bibs for Jamie, and a couple of Riverboat ashtrays thrown in for good measure. Jim was interested to see the "unmentionables" Liz and Mary had bought for Liz's trousseau. An ecstatic and misty-eyed Liz asked Jim to give her away at the wedding. Gerald tried to placate Ada when she arrived to ream him out for disappointing Rachel, and to blame him for the way Rachel turned out.

Rachel: "...uh... well... You know, I don't even know what to call you. I've always thought of you as... as "Daddy," and... should I call you that, or should I call you... 'Pops'...?"
Gerald: "Uh... uh. Why not call me Gerry. That's what everyone else does."
Rachel: "[REBUFFED] Oh... Okay."

Ada: "Your daughter is a liar, a cheat, and you can even call her a thief."
Gerald: "You kidding?"
Ada: "I wish I were."

MAY 12, 1970 (EP. #1495)
Dru kicked Jim's butt at checkers. Dru sensed something was wrong with Rachel when she dropped by to pick up Jamie. Liz was deflated when Wayne said his business concerns necessitated a postponement of any wedding plans. Lenore and Pat wondered why Alice had broken off her engagement. Lenore asked John if he knew why Walter was so moody and edgy lately. Rachel told Russ she blames Pammy for her father's indifference, but finally broke down sobbing in his arms.

Rachel: "Junk! It's all junk! My father loves me so much he gives me junk! [TURNS INTO RUSS'S ARMS, SOBBING] My father doesn't love me! He doesn't love me!"

Bay City was rocked when everyone learned Steve was Jamie's father. Russ and Rachel separated, and she hired slick lawyer Brian Blake to represent her. Mary and Jim took Rachel to court when she refused to return the trust fund they'd set up for Jamie. Brian pulled a slick legal trick on Dru and Rachel walked away with the dough.

Needing solitude to sort out her feelings for Steve, Alice left for Avignon, France to work with sick children.

Peggy began dating Frank Chadwick, who worked in law enforcement.

Russ treated simple, honest Cindy Clark, who was so grateful she became his receptionist. Cindy had an overbearing, greedy, and materialistic mother, Belle, whom she supported.

Fred moved away after agreeing to give Susan a divorce. She began to date Dan, who received a brief visit from his daughter Barbara (who lived in Guilford with her mother Gloria).

Unstable nanny Caroline Johnson was a patient at Russ and Dan's clinic, where she met a pregnant Pat, who, impressed with her stated devotion to children, hired her. Pat gave birth to twins, Michael and Marianne, whom Caroline lost no time in monopolizing.

Lenore threw a party for her mother when Helen returned to town. Helen lived with the Curtins while Walter had a house built for her.

Steve agreed to buy Wayne's big electronics parts firm, not realizing the five warehouses were empty. Walter and Bernice panicked when Wayne vowed that if the merger fell through for any reason, he would have Steve killed and then wrest control of his company through Walter.

MAY 19, 1970 (EP. #1500)
First appearance of Leonie Norton as Cindy Clark. Luella brought Cindy, whom she knew from church, in to be diagnosed by Russ.

Russ: “(GOING TO THE DOOR AS LUELLA LEAVES) Will you come in now, Miss Clark.”
Cindy: (Intro Line) “Yes. Dr. Matthews.”
Russ: “Please sit down. I understand your friends call you Cindy. Do you mind if I do?
Cindy: “(SHY, ANXIOUS) No, not at all.”

Notes: Background information of Cindy Clark:
Cindy's age was revealed to be 22. Ted and Cindy's father had been sent to prison for stealing drugs to help manage Ted's illness. Their father died in prison in 1965.

MAY 22, 1970 (EP. #1503)
First appearance of Alan Manson as Quincy Stoner.

Missy: “It’s the most wonderful thing that can happen to any two people... to love each other... completely. With no reservations at all. Openly... and honestly... and completely... the way Bill and I loved each other... If two people can do that... then they’ve got the best of everything. They’ve got the best that life has to offer.”
Mary: “(GENTLY) That’s true.”
Missy: “Even if it only happens once to a person... to love and be loved that way... still that person has had the most precious gift she’ll ever have... ever. (FADE OUT)”

MAY 28, 1970 (EP. #1507)
Russ told Alice that Rachel had seemed eager to have a baby after returning to him for the second time. Alice was stunned once Russ confessed that he and Rachel hadn't been intimate for four months before she left him. Alice relayed this information to Steve, who was in utter shock and agony as he finally began to realize that he was Jamie's biological father.

MAY 29, 1970 (EP. #1508)
Steve insisted to Alice that he assumed Rachel had lied about her lack of intimacy with Russ to pass Jamie off as his child. Alice believed Steve's assertions that he denied paternity because Rachel wanted to divorce Russ and trap him into marriage. Steve and Alice marveled at Rachel's jealousy as they discussed Rachel revealing her pregnancy at the engagement party and pitied Russ for trying to hold onto a marriage for the sake of a son he mistakenly thought was his.

Steve: "I simply thought...she was trying to trap me. She wanted to get a divorce from Russ...marry me...Alice, it all sounded a plot..."
Alice: "Yes...I can see that."
Steve: "And I wouldn't play along with it."
Alice: "So she went back to Russ..."
Steve: "And made him think the baby was his. But then why, if she made up her mind to deceive Russ about the baby -- why did she tell you the truth?"
Alice: "Can't you see why? She told me on the very day you and I were to announce our engagement?"
Steve: (NODS) "She couldn't stand it that you and I were love and happy and going to be married..."
Alice: "Exactly."
Steve: "Is it possible for one woman to be so jealous of another woman she'd wreck her own life?"
Alice: "I don't think Rachel was thinking about wrecking her own life."
Steve: "Only about wrecking yours...and mine."
Alice: "And now...there's Russ's life to think about."
Steve: "Yes."
Alice: "He's been trying to hold that marriage together, somehow...because of Jamie. If it weren't for that baby, he'd have left Rachel a long time ago. Instead, he's gone on living with her -- for the sake of his son...who turns out not to be his at all."

JUNE 1, 1970 (EP. #1509)
Alice told Jim and Mary the ways in which she deduced that Steve had fathered Jamie. Mary agreed when Jim resolved to tell Russ the truth privately.

JUNE 2, 1970 (EP. #1510)
Jim lamented to Mary that he wished Steve had accepted Jamie's paternity and married Rachel to free Russ and the family from her social climbing and vindictive, devious ways.

JUNE 3, 1970 (EP. #1511)
Jim told Russ that Alice was terribly upset to learn that he and Rachel hadn't made love for four months and has kept her reasons for breaking her engagement to Steve secret. Russ stared blankly at Jim, who revealed Jamie's paternity and the true reasons that Rachel returned to him.

Russ: "I have to know?" (NOW MORE SERIOUS) "Dad, what is it?"
Jim: "The insurmountable barrier between Steve and Rachel."
Russ: (AFTER A GOOD LONG PAUSE) "Rachel?" (PAUSE) "How could it be Rachel?"
Jim: "Son...when Rachel left you...she went to Steve his apartment...and she spent the night there."
Russ: "She what?"
Jim: "Just one night. Just one."
Russ: (PAUSE) "With Steve Frame?"
Jim: "Yes. Don't blame Steve too much, Russ...Alice doesn't and your mother and I don't."
Russ: "What do you mean, 'don't blame him?'"
Jim: "Rachel had gone to his apartment several times before that uninvited. And Steve had always sent her home. This one night, he didn't."
Russ: "And she stayed with him?"
Jim: "Yes. And very shortly after that, she found out she was pregnant." (NOW HURRYING BECAUSE THE SUBJECT IS GETTING TOO DIFFICULT) "She went back to Steve...told him she was going to have his child...he refused to believe her...and the next day she went back to you." (STOPS HIS PACING ABOUT AND GOES TO RUSS) "Son, I'd give my life if I didn't have to tell you this." (RUSS STARES BLANKLY AT HIM) "Believe me...I'd give my life..."
Russ: "But that means...that means Jamie is Steve Frame's child!"
Jim: (PAUSE) "Yes...son. That's what it means." (GO OUT ON RUSS)

JUNE 4, 1970 (EP. #1512)
Russ gave Rachel a lacerating lecture for marrying him to gain prominence and social position and passing Jamie off as his son once Steve rejected her efforts to trap him into marriage. Russ ignored Rachel's claims of innocence and angrily informed her that their marriage is through. Steve reasoned that Russ is a fair and intelligent man who will gain some perspective and realize that Rachel would have used another rich man for her own purposes and urged Alice not to close the door to their potential future. Russ laid into Steve for being blind to Rachel's schemes and commended Alice for wisely breaking their engagement and hoped that she would cut Steve out her life permanently.

Russ: "You're a liar, Rachel. You've always been a liar and a cheat and a selfish, little conniver. I've known it for a long time, but I kept closing my eyes to it, trying to ignore it, because I felt that there was one thing that made our marriage thing that made it worth trying to save -- Jamie. But now I've discovered that's the biggest lie, the biggest cheat of all. How could you do it, Rachel? How could even you do it? How could you be so low, so completely without conscience as to pass off Jamie on me as my own son when you've known from the beginning that he was Steve Frame's baby?"
Rachel: "What? That's ridiculous? How can you say such a thing?"
Russ: "Rachel, stop lying, because it won't work!"
Rachel: "Russ, I've tried to be a good wife to you."
Russ: "Rachel, do you remember what our marriage was like before you left me that last time?"
Rachel: "Well, I mean, I guess maybe things weren't so great between us, but..."
Russ: "Great! It wasn't a marriage at all! I hadn't been near you -- you hadn't let me come near you -- for months. You went after me in the first place because you thought you'd be marrying money, getting status, social position, all the things you really wanted."
Rachel: "Russ, no! I love you!"
Russ: "No, you don't. You couldn't love anyone, and when you discovered it was going to take a long while before I went into private practice, and that even then I'd never make the kind of money that Steve already had, you went after him."
Rachel: "That...that's not so, Russ. We were just friends."
Russ: "Friends - that's a very polite name for it! You spent the night with your friend. And when you discovered you were pregnant, you found out he didn't want you. Oh, he didn't believe the baby was his, but he didn't want you anyway. So you came back to me. Remember? You threw yourself all over me, so that you could pass off Jamie as my child!"
Rachel: "No! No!"
Russ: "Well, you don't have to admit it, Rachel. Because I know it's true. And I know what you did to Alice, too, because you wanted to wreck her whole future -- wanted to see that she didn't marry Steve. That was one of the most vicious and despicable things I've ever heard of!"
Rachel: "Russ, you're not giving me a chance..."
Russ: "A chance to what? To do some more lying? Do you think I'd believe anything you say to me now? Rachel, it won't work. There's only one person you've ever considered, ever cared about, in all the time I've known you. And that's yourself. You even used Jamie, the baby you claim you love as a weapon. You used him as an excuse to move us into this fancy apartment -- well, now you can have it all to yourself. Because I'm leaving you, Rachel. We're through." (AND HE GOES LEAVING HER STUNNED. FADE OUT).

Russ: "...All those times when she went running to you supposedly for advice...we know what she was really after, don't we? But Rachel's a child -- emotionally, at least -- a not very bright and very selfish, spoiled child. And you're a man -- a mature, responsible man. Couldn't you have seen what the consequences were going to be for all of us? Or didn't you care?"
Steve: "Of course I cared, Russ. I cared very much. And if it's any comfort to you..."
Russ: "Because Alice broke off your engagement. As far as I'm concerned, that's the only good thing to come out of this whole mess. Because it gave her a chance to find out exactly what sort of person you are. I wouldn't blame her if she wouldn't have any more to do with you than I'm going to have with Rachel!" (TAKE ALICE, ANGUISHED BY ALL THIS. THEN DISSOLVE TO RUSS'S LIVING ROOM WHERE RACHEL SITS IN A ROCKER WITH THE BABY IN HER LAP, ROCKING SLOWLY, MECHANICALLY, MISERABLY, FADE OUT:)

JUNE 5, 1970 (EP. #1513)
Ernie and Ada were unsympathetic once Rachel revealed that Russ knows the truth about Jamie and has left her. Steve promised Rachel that he would financially support Jamie and that she can continue living in the fancy apartment, but emphatically informed Rachel that he has no intentions of marrying her.

JUNE 8, 1970 (EP. #1514)
Liz and Pat deduced that Rachel's machinations explained Jim and Mary's strained attitude towards Jamie and the reasons that Alice broke off her engagement to Steve. John fretted that Russ and Rachel's divorce may be one of the messiest he has ever come across while expressing pity for both Russ and Alice.

JUNE 9, 1970 (EP. #1515)
Last appearance of Charles Baxter as Fred Douglas.

Susan reluctantly agreed when Fred felt she’d married him to prove to Liz she could make her own life, and even that she could take a man from her mother. Fred admitted he’d wanted to prove to himself that he could be attractive to a pretty young woman.

Fred: “We don’t have to make any great decision right now. But I do think we should be thinking about it while I’m away.”
Susan: “Yes, I guess so.”
Fred: (Exit Line) “Let’s write and tell each other what we’re thinking.”
Susan: “Yes. Write. Yes. All right. (FADE OUT).”

JUNE 10, 1970 (EP. #1516)
Fed up with Rachel’s attitude, Russ asked Dru about starting divorce proceedings.

JUNE 23, 1970 (EP. #1525)
Last appearance of Jenny O'Hara as Muriel Burke.

JUNE 24, 1970 (EP. #1526)
First appearance of Janet Ward as Belle Clark, mother of Ted and Cindy Clark.

JUNE 26, 1970 (EP. #1528)
Last appearance of Steve Harmon as Chris Tyler.

JUNE 30, 1970 (EP. #1530)
Ada admitted to Russ she had known all along that Jamie wasn’t his.

Ada: “Russ... wait a second... (RUSS TURNS) Russ... I have to tell you something... I can’t let you go out of here without telling you something...”
Ernie: “Ada...”
Ada: “No, I’ve got to tell him. Let me say it now.”
Russ: “What is it, Ada?”
Ada: “Russ.. I’ve know for a long time... a good long time... that Jamie wasn’t your son.”
Russ: “(TURNS WHITE) What?”
Ada: “I knew it before he was born.”
Russ: “You knew... about Steve... and Rachel?”
Ada: “Yes, I did.”
Russ: “And you let her come back to me? And tell me that Jamie was mine?”
Ada: “(IMPLORING) Russ... I didn’t want her to lose you.”
Russ: “But... but what about me? What about... what about... me?”

JULY 1, 1970 (EP. #1531)
Rachel: “I love Jamie. I’ve done everything for my son.”
Mary: “Rachel, you have never done one single solitary thing in your life for anybody but yourself.
You’ve never given a thought to anyone else... ever. Not to your mother... not to your husband... I don’t know that you’ve even given much thought to your own child.”
Rachel: “That’s not true!”
Mary: “And as far as this family is concerned... you’ve done about as much harm as one person could possibly do. You’ve broken Alice’s life in half... you’ve humiliated and degraded Russ to a point where we don’t know if he’ll ever recover... you’ve put my husband and me through one of the worst years we’ve ever known.. and all because you’re selfish and dishonest! I hope... I really hope... that one day you’ll change, Rachel... but as of right now, I don’t see any sign that you ever will! And whatever bad things happen to you – you deserve them! (TAKE RACHEL AND FADE OUT).”

JULY 2, 1970 (EP. #1532)
First appearance of Jered Holmes as Brian Blake.

JULY 6, 1970 (EP. #1534)
Last appearance of Carol Roux as Missy Palmer Matthews. Missy told Liz that she and Stan were only friends, and that he was very real and very open.

Missy: “Mother, there’s no trouble between you and Wayne, is there?”
Liz: “Trouble? How could there possibly be any trouble? I told you, he calls me practically every day.”
Missy: (Exit Line) “Yes, I know. Well, I’m glad to hear that everything’s fine. (TAKE MISSY, UNCONVINCED, AND FADE OUT)”

JULY 14, 1970 (EP. #1540)
First appearance of Mel Winkler as Frank Chadwick.

JULY 23, 1970 (EP. #1547)
First appearance of Rue McClanahan as Caroline Johnson.

Caroline: (INTRO LINE) “Good afternoon, Dr. Shearer.”
Dan: “Oh, hello, Miss Johnson. How are you?”
Caroline: “Fine. Just fine.”

AUGUST 24, 1970 (EP. #1569)
Re-introduction of Muriel Williams as Helen Moore. Helen agreed to sell her house in Florida and stay with Lenore and Walter while he had a house built for Helen in Bay City.

Helen: (Re-intro Line) “Lenore...”

SEPTEMBER 4, 1970 (EP. #1578)
Birth and first appearance of Michael and Marianne Randolph.

John: “But... but which is ours?”
Dan: “Both.”
John: “Both? You mean Pat had twins?”
Dan: “Yes. One of each, a boy and a girl. I had a hunch she might have for some time now, but I didn’t want to say anything about it because I wasn’t absolutely sure. (THEN) Well, John, what do you say? Are you pleased? (TAKE JOHN, STUNNED, BUT CLEARLY DELIGHTED) “[END EPISODE]

SEPTEMBER 18, 1970 (EP. #1588)
First appearance of Christine Cameron as Barbara Shearer.

Barbara: (Intro Line) “It’s very nice to meet you, Mrs. Douglas.”

SEPTEMBER 21, 1970 (EP. #1589)
An anxious Bernice phoned to let Wayne know she needed to see him. Russ was very subdued to hear Ernie describe how Jamie was learning to walk. Russ appreciated Ernie showing him a copy of Jamie's blood test, which only proved he couldn't be Russ's son. Steve let Bernice know how impressed he was with the work she's done for him. Steve wanted to send her to London to work on the merger, and admitted he didn't want to go himself as he might not be able to restrain himself from going across the channel to see Alice. Liz told Mary about her wedding gift, a sculpture, to Wayne. Liz didn't share Mary's concerns that Caroline was so proprietary with the babies she would hardly let Mary near them. Wayne reiterated his plan to kill Steve if the merger doesn't go through, since he doesn't intend to marry Liz, but Bernice was dead set against helping him knock Steve off.

Cover notes: "Retaped Act I because of men seen through venetian blinds."

SEPTEMBER 22, 1970 (EP. #1590)
Peggy told Dru she'd love to give those babies a hug if she thought Caroline would let her. Walter couldn't bring himself to do it when Bernice said he could stop Wayne dead in his tracks by confessing everything to Steve. Dru warned Russ to expect Rachel to put up a fight for a large alimony. Steve came in to drop off his blood test report, and Russ thanked him for agreeing to testify at the divorce hearing. Pat told Jim that Mary was upset because Caroline's rigid schedule for the babies didn't allow Mary much grandmotherly interference. In the park, Caroline beamed broadly at the woman who commented on what a lucky mother she was. Caroline made excuses about the woman's misconceptions when Peggy walked up. Caroline told Peggy that Michael was smaller when they were born, and Peggy lamented she'd never had any children during her years of marriage.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1970 (EP. #1591)
Russ assured Cindy he didn't mind that Belle was coming in for another check-up. Lenore complained to Pat about Walter's latest outburst of jealousy. Pat lavished praise on Caroline, who appreciated Pat wanted her to feel right at home. Caroline told Pat they would need to wean the babies in a few weeks. Since he too worried about Walter, Dru told Pat that he and John had overheard Walter and Wayne discussing something that seemed to worry Walter. In the waiting room, Liz wasn't interested when Belle yakked to her about the spiritual effect Russ had on her. Liz put her foot in her mouth by thanking Cindy for getting rid of that gabby and pushy woman. Cindy confided to Russ she agreed with Liz's assessment of her mother. Russ convinced her to come with him to dinner.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1970 (EP. #1592)
Mary was pleased to find it was Cindy Russ brought home for dinner. After Cindy insisted on setting the table, Russ read Alice's letter but was tight-lipped about its contents to his parents. Susan told Dan how much she'd liked Barbara, but felt it might have been a mistake to have joined them both for dinner. Dan convinced her she'd been right to admit her marriage was a mistake. Ernie tried to watch a Western as Ada worried about the baby. Ada fumed that despite his attempts to make things go smoothly for the trial, Brian had followed Rachel to St. Thomas. As Russ finally read Alice's letter to his parents, the scene dissolved to Alice at a cafe table, reading over the letter in her mind as she composed it. Alice told Russ she hadn't left town because of the way he confronted Steve at her apartment; she asked him how he would feel if she decided to marry the man who betrayed him. Though he thought Alice and Steve should marry, Russ told his parents he didn't want to make Alice's decision for her.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1970 (EP. #1593)
Ada was more concerned about Jamie's restless night than she let on to Ernie. Lenore denied it when Wayne noticed she was uncomfortable he'd joined her at her table. Wayne let her know how jealous Walter was of all the time they've been spending together. Liz was jealous to find them together. Lenore was distracted by Liz glaring at her from across the restaurant as Steve told her about sending Bernice to London. When Lenore confided that Walter was keeping something from her, Steve was sure he would know if it were money troubles. Ada told Ernie she'd written Rachel to come home since Jamie continued fussing, then decided to call Steve to cancel his visit with Jamie. Steve agreed regretfully when Ada phoned him as he was describing to Lenore Robert's plans for Helen's house. Liz wasn't interested to hear Helen describe Luella's attempts to recruit her to the fall bazaar. An angry Helen cowed Liz for voicing her opinion that Lenore's gotten rather tired of Walter.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1970 (EP. #1594)
Helen groused vaguely to Lenore about Liz, then thought Tallboys was a new place, but Lenore believed she'd been there before she left town. Helen advised her to tell Walter about seeing Wayne at the restaurant, then Lenore expressed sympathy for Steve and Jamie. Brian dropped in to see Ada between visits to Rachel, but wouldn't be talked into convincing Rachel not to ask for alimony. For her early birthday present, Mary told Jim they were going to get a call from Alice. Alice insisted repeatedly she was fine and was happy to hear she was a double aunt. Mary almost wept with the joy of talking to Alice, who admitted she was thinking of coming home. Promising he wasn't jealous, Walter asked Lenore to try to avoid Wayne as much as possible. Walter was very bothered at Lenore's plans to canvas for the fund drive during the evening.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1970 (EP. #1595)
Caroline disagreed when Pat thought Marianne's first sound was "kii...kii...kii" and Michael's "ullllllgh." Caroline reminded her she can't nurse the babies forever, and wasn't excited to hear John wanted to bathe them tonight. Caroline inserted pictures of the twins into a picture book of all the babies she's taken care of. Luella gave Helen a list of foods she's required to sell at the bazaar. Luella advised her to pay no attention to Liz, but Helen vowed not to let Liz go around spreading gossip about Lenore. Caroline reluctantly handed John Marianne to bathe as John told her his first daughter Lee (whose first word was "pretty") died awhile ago. Caroline glared at them with growing hostility as Pat and John spoke of how Michael and Marianne will grow up, have children, and make them grandparents. Walter insisted repeatedly he had no worries whatsoever when Steve told him he only worries Lenore by not discussing money issues with her.

Pat: "I hope they like each other. Michael and Marianne."
John: "Well, of course they'll like each other."
Pat: "They'll have fights, of course..."
John: "Naturally."

SEPTEMBER 30, 1970 (EP. #1596)
Ada assured Ernie she'd call Dr. Bartlett if Jamie's temperature didn't come down. John was alarmed when he found a travel brochure on Dru's desk. Dru was thinking about a trip around the world by freighter when he retired, but he assured John it wasn't in the immediate future. John told Dru that while Caroline obviously had some pretty serious doubts about his fathering, he thought she was indispensable. When Caroline said she was upset to hear Pat intends to let her go one day, Pat assured her she'd be delighted if Caroline stayed on as long as she wants. Ada told Ernie she didn't like the idea of talking to the doctor who'd taken over for Dr. Bartlett, Dr. Gilman. Susan found Russ pondering what to say in his letter to Alice. Just as Russ was telling her how he couldn't forget how Rachel made him believe for over a year that Jamie was his son, Ada phoned to tell him Jamie had a temperature of 106.

OCTOBER 1, 1970 (EP. #1597)
After Ada described Jamie's symptoms, Russ ordered her to take him to the E.R. Russ told Susan and Cindy that Jamie might have meningitis. Susan encouraged Cindy, who desperately wanted to become a nurse if she could afford training school. Mary complained to Dru about the misery Rachel brought to and the scars she left on Russ. Mary thought it typical of Rachel to be away at this time when Cindy phoned with news of Jamie's illness. Wayne amused himself by trying to fling his hat onto Liz's sculpture. Bernice affirmed Wayne's suspicion that she was holding onto some information, but he wouldn't agreed to back off on his "back-up" plan if she told him. Instead, he grabbed her roughly and made her tell him she was being sent to London to see George Merrill of International Electronics. Ernie failed to comfort Ada, then Russ reported Jamie was being given ampicillin for influenzal meningitis.

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, the name of Wayne's infamous sculpture was Lone Warrior.

Cover notes: "Started prologue again because there were no filters for phone conversation."

OCTOBER 2, 1970 (EP. #1598)
In the hotel bar, Rachel was glad to see Brian, who told her Ada had told him Jamie was probably just cutting his molars. Susan filled Dan in on Jamie's illness. Steve told Bernice the merger will go through if she clinches the deal in London. Steve disregarded Bernice's advice to get a bodyguard, then said they'll be starting to excavate next week building Alice's house in Danville. Walter told Lenore not to worry about him, then was uncomfortable when Steve joined them at their table and praised him for his help with the merger. Steve was alarmed to received a call from Bernice about Jamie. Rachel pressed Brian to elaborate on how much he'd missed her, then received a cablegram from Ada.

OCTOBER 5, 1970: Pre-empted due to World Series.

OCTOBER 6, 1970 (EP. #1599)
An anxious Steve found Russ hovering over Jamie, who was in a fever crisis. The "killer" described for Walter how he'd put Steve under surveillance. Wayne paid him half the money and was told the signal to alert the killer to go ahead. Bernice arrived to tell Wayne the merger may not go through since Jamie was ill. Lenore worried to Walter about the merger not going through after the nervous exhaustion it caused him. Steve speculated to Ernie when Rachel might be able to catch a plane home, since he owned a house in St. Croix. Steve introduced Ernie to Bernice, who came to inquire about Jamie. About one a.m., Rachel arrived, and Russ was struck by her reference to Jamie having both his parents (her and Steve) with him, but she was grateful to Russ for helping Jamie. Russ defended Ada's actions to Rachel, and could only promise a good chance that Jamie will pull through.

Cover notes: "Unable to get baby to act sick! Audio was already out and Walter said a few more words (actor goof)"

OCTOBER 7, 1970 (EP. #1600)
Rachel woke up beside Jamie's bed to have Russ tell her he was still in crisis. Cindy praised Russ's quick actions to Dan, who encouraged her to take night classes at the university if she really wanted to become a nurse. Russ assured Steve it didn't gall him to treat Steve's son. Steve was floored to hear Alice wrote to Russ about getting married. Grateful to have at least one friend to turn to, Rachel almost threw herself into Lenore's arms. A moved Lenore told Steve she hadn't the heart to tell Rachel she'd come to see him. A haggard Rachel wailed to Steve that her poor little boy will die as punishment for her. Rachel gave an anguished cry of relief after Russ, who took his time, reported that Jamie's fever was broken.


OCTOBER 8, 1970 (EP. #1601)
Wayne was on the phone with his hitman when Walter showed up. Walter assured Wayne the merger was bound to go through since Bernice was seeing Merrill about the stock-split ratio. Over cornmeal hotcakes, Mary, Jim, and Dru discussed Jamie's brush with death. Mary was doubtful when Dru thought Rachel might relinquish alimony since Russ saved Jamie. Cindy bubbled over and told Susan she had her first class tonight though she missed the first two weeks of the term. Cindy impulsively hugged Susan, who offered to tutor her to help her catch up. A tough but well-dressed man observed as Steve met with Walter at Tallboys. Steve revealed his plan to go to London in Bernice's place now that he knows Alice feels more favorably toward him. He told Walter he'd pick up the fancy original French scarf Walter asked Bernice to get for Lenore.

OCTOBER 9, 1970 (EP. #1602)
Steve called Rachel to say he needed to see her before he left for London. Caroline told an inquisitive Pat she'd never married as the right man never came along at the right time. Caroline was annoyed and uninterested when another nursemaid wheeled a baby carriage over and chatted her up, but then smiled as she described having met a man who was very interested in her. After they finished discussing the Delaney chain-store negotiations, John told Sam about Walter's work on the Frame/Addison merger. Sam was about to tell John about Wayne when Pat walked in. Steve curtailed Rachel, who blabbed about bringing Jamie into the office so he can learn his father's business. He told Rachel that it was only a biological accident that they were both Jamie's parents, and, far from feeling closer to her since his illness, all he felt for her was disgust and pity. Steve threatened to cut off her personal allowance when she completely refused to return Jamie's trust fund. Brian warned Rachel that a judge would likely agree if Steve and Walter suggested a minimum acceptable limit. He argued that it would increase her chances of getting alimony if she returned the trust fund.

OCTOBER 12, 1970 (EP. #1603)
In London, Steve made plans to see Alice. John went to the park to see the twins and Pat, who complained of Caroline's insistence that nursing the babies was too much for her. John worried about what Sam wanted to tell him yesterday. Dru confided to Jim that he worried Brian had something up his sleeve, and was apprehensive about Brian's reference to Rachel's big surprise for the Matthews family. Susan told Dan she sympathized with Cindy since they both had mother problems. After Dan told her he has very honorable dishonorable intentions toward her, they danced to their humming, then kissed passionately. Steve approached Alice, waiting at a table in a small French restaurant, came up behind her, and kissed her on the cheek. They spoke French to the waiter, then Steve called Alice's attention to the young lovebirds at another table. Alice didn't like it that Russ had told Steve about her letter. Steve and Alice clasped hands after he told her he was preparing a surprise for her in Bay City.

Notes: The following songs played during Steve and Alice's scene: "I Remember Paris," "Reviens a moi," and "Springtime in Paris."

OCTOBER 13, 14, and 15, 1970: Pre-empted due to World Series.

OCTOBER 16, 1970 (EP. #1604)
Steve surprised both Wayne and Walter by walking in on their meeting. After a long digression about Alice, Steve told them the merger will be completed once the paperwork goes through. Steve promised Walter he'd pick up Lenore's scarf on his next trip to see Alice. Wayne looked forward to dumping Liz. Mary warned Jim that Rachel's surprises are usually blows to the head, from behind. Jim and Mary assured Liz it wasn't silly for a woman to act like she was in love, since she felt girlish at the thought of modeling her wedding dress for Wayne. Walter told Lenore and John about Steve meeting Alice and going ahead with the merger. John let Lenore know that he thought Wayne might know what was worrying Walter. Liz was devastated when Wayne informed her he didn't love her and had met another woman.

Notes: A camera from Somerset was used when there was a problem with an AW camera.

OCTOBER 19, 1970 (EP. #1605)
Ada and Ernie were nervous when Rachel wondered if they knew anything about the blood tests for Jamie she received in the mail. Rachel hit the roof when Ada admitted agreeing to Dru's request to help the Matthews. An indignant Rachel promised Ada her clever little tricks won't stop Rachel from getting what she wants. Speaking emotionlessly, Liz told Dru that Wayne had broken up with her. Dru thought it preposterous when Liz was sure it was Lenore who'd finally succeeded in bewitching Wayne. Dru tried to comfort Liz, who cried on his shoulder about being just a silly old woman. John told Pat he was writing a letter to Sam since he'd gotten the impression that Walter was unenthusiastic about the merger. Brian didn't think it important that there was now proof Russ wasn't Jamie's father when Rachel wailed that everyone is against her. Brian assured her he'd make short work of Steve if he decided to testify against her. Brian threatened to dump her as a client if she refused to agree to give up the trust fund.

OCTOBER 20, 1970 (EP. #1606)
Dru told Susan that Wayne jilted Liz. When Wayne came by to see Walter, Lenore decided to ask him about what he had reassured Walter about, but Wayne said it was just about the merger. Walter walked in to find them apparently holding hands as Wayne admired Lenore's wedding ring. Lenore sympathized with Wayne when he announced the cancellation of his wedding. Cindy babbled about how amazing it was that the blood moved all through your body even when you're asleep, then Russ introduced her to Steve, who came to tell him about meeting Alice. Cindy was incredulous when Russ described Rachel as being attracted to money-machines. Lenore thought she knew why Walter was so jealous of Wayne, when Walter admitted he never thought Wayne intended to marry Liz. Steve wasn't concerned when Lenore told him how upset Liz must be now that Wayne has broken things off with her. Susan tried to comfort Liz, and Dru couldn't answer when Liz wondered if it was possible Wayne never loved her at all. Susan told Liz not to count on Wayne's changing his mind, and was torn when Liz begged her to move back home instead of leaving Fred's house for a new apartment.

Susan: "Mother, you have me... you have all your friends..."
Liz: "I have nothing. Nothing that matters."
Dru: "Liz... don't feel that way. It's wrong..."
Liz: "What other way is there to feel? [CLUTCHING AT SUSAN] Oh, Susan... I loved him... I did. I truly loved him."

OCTOBER 21, 1970 (EP. #1607)
Dan thought Susan was out of her mind when she told him she's decided to move in with her mother. Ada told Ernie she was sure Brian had an angle for the trial, and that it was more than likely that Rachel had her own angle for holding onto the trust fund. In the park, Rachel and Jamie met Caroline, who was there with the twins. Caroline advised Rachel not to worry about her in-laws as Caroline herself had people misjudge her. Rachel told her that the Matthews are going to feel sorry they ever hated her. Susan tried to make Dan understand that she was the only one who could be there for Liz. Dan was concerned that Liz would start in again on trying to make herself feel better by making Susan feel worse. Lenore spoke to Helen about Walter's peculiar behavior in front of Steve. Lenore failed to provide adequate excuses when Rachel phoned to arrange a meeting. Lenore told Helen she thought giving up her job might make Walter happier.

OCTOBER 22, 1970 (EP. #1608)
Liz was flabbergasted when Bernice answered the phone in Wayne's apartment. Wayne hung up on Liz after refusing to meet with her. Bernice warned Wayne about the fury of a woman scorned. Luella phoned Liz to confirm their business lunch. Wayne mocked Quincy for his abhorrence of violence. Though they were both horrified of Wayne's back-up plan, Quincy disagreed when Bernice worried that Steve was sharp enough to find out it was a phony deal before the merger went through. Rachel admitted she should have given the trust fund back right away, but claimed she had been miserable that nobody cared about whether she lived or died after her break up with Russ. Lenore was very embarrassed that Rachel valued her friendship so highly, but thought it wonderful Rachel wanted to give the trust fund to Pat's twins. Liz nodded her head across the restaurant at Lenore and Wayne (who'd come to chat with her) as she told Luella there was the reason she wouldn't be marrying Wayne. Luella was sympathetic to hear Lenore had vamped Wayne after getting fed up with Walter.

Rachel: "Imagine! Twins! That must be marvelous."

OCTOBER 23, 1970 (EP. #1609)
Rachel phoned Cindy at the clinic to make an appointment to see Russ. Cindy thought he may be saying "bless you" when Russ described Alice and Steve's situation and how he was having trouble writing a letter to her about it. Dan helped Susan move her stuff into Liz's, and felt Liz had too much destructive energy when she painted a picture of a heartbroken, shattered woman haunting a house full of memories and broken dreams. Liz vowed to Mary and Jim she'd find a way to avenge herself. Jim thought Liz was just imagining a bunch of imponderables when she was sure Lenore had left Walter for Wayne. Mary stuck up for Lenore, but Liz accused her of having her head in the clouds. Russ thought it unnecessary when Rachel praised his care of Jamie, then was suspicious when Rachel handed the pass book to him and said she was giving the money back. He was absolutely bewildered when Rachel offered apologies to him and his parents, claiming she'd only fought for it because she'd been so miserable when everyone was so unfriendly to her.

OCTOBER 26, 1970 (EP. #1610)
Russ came home and showed his parents the legal statement Rachel signed relinquishing any claim to the trust fund. Jim and Mary thought it extremely unlikely for Rachel to give money back and thought it suspicious in light of the upcoming divorce hearing, but Russ found it hard to believe Rachel was dreaming up some dark nefarious plot. Wayne told Walter he was eager for the merger to go through so he can skip town and get away from Liz. Wayne advised Walter, who worried about having certified the warehouses were stocked as claimed, to lie that they were full when he inspected them and that Wayne must have removed their contents under cover of darkness. Dru let John know he felt prepared for the divorce hearing. Dru was surprised John took a shot in the dark by writing Sam if he knew what was up with Walter. Sam listened politely as Robert described the construction of Alice's house: he saved the old hickory tree in the driveway by circling around it; the real dining-room has a fireplace and looks out on a grove of pine tress. Robert felt this commission may be the start of a whole new career. Sam confided he worried Wayne intended to take Steve for a lot of money. Robert promised to consider telling Steve about how Wayne had conned him, since Sam was duty-bound as his attorney not to discuss it.

Robert: "Well, I'm sorry I was late, Sam, but I was at Alice's house."
Sam: "Oh?"
Robert: "That's what I call it because that's what Steve Frame calls it. Alice's house. I don't even know Alice."
Sam: "Alice is quite a girl."
Robert: "She must be."

OCTOBER 27, 1970 (EP. #1611)
Already in a black mood, Liz grew even more depressed and angry when Susan phoned to say she was going to Little Falls with Dan for dinner. Caroline ran into the nursemaid in the park again and bragged about her boyfriend the lawyer. After John dropped by briefly to coo at the babies, the nursemaid commented that Caroline's boss resembles her description of her boyfriend. John filled Peggy in on his search for answers from Sam about Walter's odd behavior, then he read her Sam's letter in which Sam admitted he did know something that indirectly concerned Walter, but that it was something he knew by way of privileged information. An agitated Liz smashed a romantic figurine in the fireplace. Liz thanked Dan for his concern but assured him she was all right. Dan noticed the broken figurine Liz had replaced in its box. Liz lied it was a wedding present that arrived broken, but after Liz fled upstairs Dan noticed another piece in the fireplace. Pat worried about Caroline's reaction when John wanted to spoil the babies. Pat couldn't help but warm a little to Rachel's mother talk. Rachel found no support, only reserve, from Pat and John when she let them know she had turned the trust fund over to them. John told Pat he had a hunch Brian had put Rachel up to it.

OCTOBER 28, 1970 (EP. #1612)
Mary and Jim entered the courtroom and approached the table where Russ and Dru were conferring, then Rachel entered with Brian. Caroline failed to convince Pat that nursing the babies was a strain and an inconvenience. Receiving a call from her old friend Mildred, Caroline related how John was a successful and respected lawyer, but that Pat seemed unwell, pale and weak. Pat arrived in court and shared with her parents John's hunch, which Mary agreed with, but Jim felt they should take Rachel's action at face value. Dru advised the Matthews not to worry that Steve hadn't shown. Brian ordered Rachel not to elaborate when answering Dru's questions, and said Steve likely won't show up as a man with his reputation and position couldn't afford some scandalous speculation in the papers. As Dru told Russ the blood tests strengthened their case, Brian assured Rachel any blood tests were irrelevant. Brian questioned Rachel on the stand about the basic facts of the case. Dru didn't object when Brian wanted to refer to the baby's natural father as Mr. X to save him from being subject to humiliation. Rachel explained she deserved alimony because she'd worked hard as Russ's wife, cooking, sewing, and doing the laundry for him. According to Rachel, Russ grumped, growled, and criticized, and treated her like a piece of furniture, until he drove her into the arms of Mr. X. She'd given the trust fund money back because she wanted only the money she was entitled to, such as alimony.

Brian: "Take a moment to collect yourself. [THEN:] Tell us in your own words what your marriage to Russell Matthews was like."
Rachel: "[DOES TAKE A MOMENT, THEN:] It was awful, if you want to know the truth about it. When I married Russ, he was an intern. He didn't make much money."

OCTOBER 29, 1970 (EP. #1613)
After Brian had Rachel sum up her views on the marriage and her right to alimony, Dru decided not to cross-examine her. Judge Carstairs agreed with Brian it was irrelevant when Dru wanted the blood typings introduced as evidence, since it only related to the divorce petition, which the defense was not opposing. On the stand, Russ related that Rachel complained constantly, did housework when it suited her, and was affectionate only when she wanted something in return. Brian made Russ admit he'd left Rachel alone night after night. Dru called Steve to the stand to maintain he'd acknowledged Jamie's paternity by setting up a trust fund for Jamie and a personal living allowance for Rachel. Steve testified that Rachel had returned the Matthews trust fund only after he threatened to reduce her allowance by a considerable amount. Dru objected when Brian questioned Steve about seducing Rachel. The judge granted the divorce without alimony since the plaintiff committed adultery and she was already being provided for most generously. Rachel was furious at Brian for advising her to relinquish the trust fund, but he reminded her she had a healthy source of income. Rachel was pleased when Brian asked her to dinner after he pointed out she was free to do as she pleases. Lenore noticed Walter had trouble with the catch when he put some papers in the wall safe concealed behind a picture. Lenore let Walter know she'd spoken to Wayne (who hadn't offered much to explain what might be worrying him), then they embraced after she revealed she'd quit her job to please him.

Notes: Frank Chadwick was the bailiff during the trial.

OCTOBER 30, 1970 (EP. #1614)
Lenore told Helen she found it heavenly that she was now a lady of leisure. John told Pat his plans to drive to Somerset to recruit Rafe (to replace Dru), who needed time to phase out of his practice gradually to give Ben Grant a chance to take over. Caroline was annoyed when Pat told John of the joys of motherhood. Mary told Helen how wonderful it felt for Rachel not to get what she was after, but worried that Rachel wouldn't stop making trouble for her family. Helen made Mary confirm her suspicion that Liz had some wild notions about Wayne and Lenore, but Mary assured her she knew it was nonsense. Cindy praised Susan's help to Lenore, who reminded her Russ was free to start a new life for himself. Cindy told Lenore she remembers how respected Walter was when he was D.A. Lenore apologized for wasting Dan's time when she wasn't pregnant but she was excited about having a girl and naming her "Helen." Lenore was ecstatic when Dan told her there was a very good chance she was pregnant.

Pat: "So you'll be Randolph, Curtin and Carter."
John: "Yes... I'll miss 'Dru' in the name... and really miss him in the office..."
Pat: "Darling Uncle Dru..."

Notes: It's almost certain John appeared on today's episode of Somerset.

NOVEMBER 2, 1970 (EP. #1615)
Steve looked forward to meeting Alice again at the same restaurant. Belle phoned to tell Cindy she'd gotten a job as companion to 80-year old Mrs. Jorgensen, who had an apartment full of antiques. Russ pop-quizzed Cindy on the main difference between a frog's and a person's heart. Russ remembered Alice felt the same way when Cindy described wanting to become a nurse because she wanted to feel needed, then he offered to drive her to the university. Susan wasn't sure she liked Liz's second thought when Liz decided Wayne had never fallen in love with Lenore (since, though attractive, she wasn't an exciting woman), but that Lenore had been attracted to him. Liz phoned Wayne about a reconciliation after promising Susan she wouldn't. With Bernice prodding him to agree, Wayne gave up and told Liz he'd meet her. Wayne vowed not to be stuck forever in a little rut tied down to a boring silly woman like Liz. Bernice was distressed when Wayne got a call from his hired killer. Steve and Alice met at the restaurant, kissed tenderly, and this time sat side-by-side at the table. Steve showed her the Pommier scarves he bought for her and Lenore, and she consented to choose one and wear it on her head in a triangle-shape. Alice told him she liked being away from home taking care of children who needed her, that it was the only way she could shake off her hang-ups. Steve said she had a surprise awaiting her when she chose to return.

Steve: "Thank you. Merci. Mon jeune fille. Ma jeunne fille... Elle arrivera pretty soon."
Waiter: "Bientot."
Steve: "Fine, bientot, okay. Et... Leave us alone, huh? Seul? Trois est un crowd, if you know what I mean."

NOVEMBER 3, 1970 (EP. #1616)
Lenore hugged Dan after he assured her the test results were positive. Dan dissembled when Susan and Cindy wanted to know what Lenore was so happy about. Susan worried when Liz phoned to say everything's changed now that she will be meeting Wayne. Walter and Wayne were startled when Steve arrived; Steve gave Walter the scarf. Wayne said he didn't mind when Steve said he had to go to Chicago before the deal could go through, then Wayne slapped Walter on the back and said they could finally see daylight. Lenore gave Walter a Daumier painting, and he gave her the scarf. Walter thought it wonderful when Lenore told him they were going to have a baby. Liz apologized and promised Wayne she'd never be jealous of Lenore again and begged him to let things be the way they were at the beginning when they loved each other so much. Wayne became irritable and nasty, telling Liz she was free to think whatever she liked when she wanted to know if he was having an affair with Lenore.

Wayne: "You're a silly, vain, stupid woman and you don't even know it."
Liz: "Wayne--"
Wayne: "You think you're beautiful and devastating and irresistible... and, young. Well, you're none of those things and you might as well wake up and admit it."
Liz: "Why are you saying these things to me?"
Wayne: "Somebody has to say them."
Liz: "You loved me..."
Wayne: "I never loved you."
Liz: "You told me,,, I believed you..."
Wayne: "You were wrong!"

Notes: Today was originally referred to as Walter and Lenore's anniversary, but this was changed to Walter's birthday.

NOVEMBER 4, 1970 (EP. #1617)
Liz marched triumphantly past Peggy into Walter's office when he consented to see her. Liz felt it her duty to tell Walter that Wayne practically admitted he was having an affair with Lenore. Walter knew she only wanted to believe Wayne left her because Lenore enticed him, as she lacked the courage to face the truth that he never cared about her in the first place. A crushed Liz looked at Walter with hate in her eyes when he told her Wayne implied months ago he would never marry her. Peggy told John and Dru that Liz left looking like she could murder someone. Dru was touched that Peggy lamented his retirement, but he assured her it wouldn't happen for months and months. Ernie didn't sympathize when Rachel groused about not getting alimony. Rachel was sure Steve would take his business away from Walter if Lenore had anything to do with her. Helen was relieved when Walter assured her he gave no credence to the poison Liz was spewing. Helen promised him she wouldn't let Liz destroy Lenore's reputation.

NOVEMBER 5, 1970 (EP. #1618)
Helen phoned Liz to say she was coming right over. Caroline folded a pile of baby clothes mechanically as Pat let Mary hold Marianne. Caroline went to a crying Michael to tell him that "mother" was there. Helen couldn't forgive Liz for telling Walter that Lenore was involved with Wayne, but Liz maintained that Wayne pretty much admitted he broke the engagement because he and Lenore had been attracted to each other. Liz was both devastated and thoughtful when Helen informed her that Lenore was pregnant. Steve told Wayne he'd been delayed, but gave Wayne a copy of the merger papers and promised he'd fly back tomorrow night so they could close the deal. Liz referred to Wayne as a monster, and thought Mary a fool and Jim such an innocent to believe that Wayne hadn't fathered Lenore's baby since Walter had never been able to do it. Liz drank a toast to the wedding she was supposed to have tomorrow, blaming Wayne for smashing every hope and dream she had, and smashed the glass on the mantle.

Mary: "Come on, Marianne... come to your grandmother! [LIFTS THE CHILD] Oh... what a good girl... what a good, lovely, sweet, beautiful girl... Pat... she looks the way you did... especially those eyes..."
Pat: "Really?"
Mary: "Oh, yes. Oh, I love you, Marianne... Do you know that I love you?"

Liz: "One rotten selfish faithless man... chased after the first pretty blond who encouraged him,,, and left me... like this. Alone... and broken into bits. Do you know how that feels? Do you? I could kill him... I could kill him! [FADE OUT]"

NOVEMBER 6, 1970 (EP. #1619)
Sam visited at the garage and Ernie noticed he didn't act so chipper. Sam was troubled when Dru arrived to pick up his car and told him the merger would go through tomorrow. Liz ranted to Susan about Wayne having an affair with a married woman and getting her pregnant, and insisted she'll never forget the way he humiliated, disgraced, shamed, and destroyed her. A sleepy John found Pat looking in on the babies, and told her he was still concerned about what Sam wrote. Steve complimented Robert about the house. When Sam arrived, Robert told Steve that a crooked Wayne had once conned him. Steve, incredulous that Wayne had pulled the wool over Walter's eyes, phoned chief building inspector Roger Keefe in Montrose to check on one of Wayne's warehouses.

NOVEMBER 11, 1970 (EP. #1622)
Lenore went to see Wayne to discuss Walter's stress symptoms. She was appalled when Wayne attempted to kiss her, then shocked when Wayne suggested that they make the rumors of an affair between them true. Belle stood at the next-door neighbor's doorway as she strained to overhear Wayne and Lenore's argument. Lenore lunged away from Wayne's grip, hastily grabbed her purse, and left. Wayne grinned with self-satisfaction to discover that Lenore had left her scarf on his couch.

NOVEMBER 12, 1970 (EP. #1623)
Steve was given details on how Wayne had conned Robert three years ago. Liz thought it fortunate that Mary arrived and enjoyed a long visit with her. Steve demanded to have Wayne come to his office immediately. Liz gave Dan vague answers to his questions about her agitated behavior. Dan prescribed a sedative to a frazzled Liz to help her sleep. Inspector Roger Keefe reported to Steve that Wayne's warehouse in Montrose was empty.

NOVEMBER 13, 1970 (EP. #1624)
Wayne arrived at Steve's office ebullient until he noticed the tension in Steve's face. Liz told Dan that she felt interrogated by him. Helen was stunned as Lenore recounted her encounter with Wayne. Dan had some slight doubts towards Liz's claims that she's in good shape now and indifferent towards Wayne. Liz said she might go on a long trip and appreciated Dan's concern but insisted she doesn't need help. Liz called to check on Wayne's whereabouts. Wayne told Steve that Robert invested in an invention he learned about, but the deal fell through. Wayne maintained he is the head of several prosperous enterprises, his assets haven't changed, and the warehouse in Montrose was emptied because it was a fire hazard. Steve called Wayne a liar and moved towards Wayne in a threatening manner.

Steve: "Shut up! No more lies! No more excuses! You've been pulling a con game on me, Addison..."
Wayne: "Steve, listen to me!"
Steve: "Oh, I have listened. I gave you your chance to explain." (TAPE FOR REPLAY) "You've been trying to take me, Addison...and nobody does that to me. You hear me? Nobody does that to me!

NOVEMBER 16, 1970 (EP. #1625)
Rachel and an executive overheard Steve and Wayne's argument while in the office lobby. They were alarmed to hear Steve proclaim that no one gets away with conning him and vowed to retaliate against Wayne. Wayne made excuses that Steve's businesses hadn't suffered because the merger wasn't taking place. He infuriated Steve by smugly taunting him for putting on a show of indignation, then warned that he could be charged with assault and battery. Wayne was caught off guard and genuinely scared when Steve grabbed him forcefully. The executive separated Steve and Wayne, who made a hasty retreat as Steve angrily told Rachel about his deception. Rachel failed to calm Steve and was distressed over his cryptic statements about handling Wayne. Rachel nagged Steve about his party plans for her as it would cure her loneliness towards being without friends. Steve made a plane reservation for Chicago. Wayne frantically promised to pay his "cousin" back the loan to settle his contract with Steve.

Production Note for Act II: (continuation of Steve and Wayne confrontation) "Wayne play (sotto voice) so that Rachel and man [executive] can't hear him, only Steve."

Wayne: "That hurt your pride?"
Steve: "More than that...a lot more...."
Wayne: "You just can't stand the idea that Steven Frame is a poor sucker...just like everybody else. But calm haven't lost any money...."
Steve: (SHOUTING) "I'm not talking about money!"
Wayne: "I guess you're not, at that. "What you lost is that sublime faith that you're smarter than anybody else...It's turned out you're not and that burns you up."
Steve: "You burn me up...right..."
Wayne: "I am but the humble instrument that fate has chosen to demonstrate to you that you are not infallible...that's all."

Note: This last line was quoted in the 35th Anniversary Book [page 16], but surprisingly is among Wayne's lines to be crossed out in the script.

NOVEMBER 17, 1970 (EP. #1626)
Luella believed Liz was having trouble in coping with Wayne's rejection and invited her shopping. Liz tried to salvage some pride by telling Luella that it had been against her better judgement to keep the engagement and was delighted that Wayne is out of her life. Liz found Luella to be blind and naive for not recognizing that Wayne and Lenore were having an affair and trusting Lenore's devotion to Walter. Luella was mystified as Liz maligned Lenore, insinuating that Wayne fathered Lenore's child. Bernice informed Wayne that Steve told her about their scam, but covered their tracks by telling Steve that she quit working for Wayne because she suspected that he was making shady business deals. Bernice threatened Wayne, who wouldn't call off having Steve killed so he could milk Frame Enterprises with Walter at the helm.

Wayne: "This whole business with Robert Delaney. If Steve hadn't called him in to do the plans for that house he's building for his girl, the merger would have gone through, and right now we'd be in clover."
Bernice: "You really think that?"
Wayne: "Of course. It was one of the best cons I've ever dreamed up--big, but good. And it should have come off. We had everything going for us--Walter in my pocket and you working for Steve..."

Liz: "...As a matter of fact, there were several times when I was tempted to break off with him -- but people -- Susan especially kept on telling me to be patient, to give him the benefit of the doubt. Well, now you can see who was right about him."
Luella: "Right in what way?"
Liz: "Why, in the kind of person he is. He may have a certain superficial charm, but he's shallow, unstable, and completely untrustworthy. In fact, he's quite a terrible person and I'm very glad to be rid of him."

NOVEMBER 18, 1970 (EP. #1627)
Frank looked forward to his date with Peggy. John theorized to Peggy that Walter was bothered by Sam's veiled warnings about Wayne and would be devastated that anyone could cheat Steve. Mary stewed over the repercussions of Liz being jilted. Jim suspected that Liz blames Lenore out of jealousy because she's young, attractive, and happily married, but didn't deny that Liz can be cruel. Mary genuinely pitied Liz despite their quarrels and convinced Jim to visit her. Bernice advised Quincy that Sam got Robert to reveal that he was swindled by Wayne. Quincy realized that he was in too deep but encouraged Bernice to make things square with Steve. He decided to pressure Wayne into calling off having Steve killed, but astonished when Bernice swore she'd handle it if Quincy was unsuccessful.

Jim: (about Liz) "...I'm well aware of her faults, but I can't see her actually doing anything that we should be concerned about."
Mary: "You can't? Then you've got a pretty short memory. Have you forgotten how awful....No, not just awful, but downright vicious she was to Missy--driving her out of town the night before she was going to be married to Bill?"
Jim: "No, I haven't forgotten about that. And that was pretty bad. But Bill was her son, and that makes a difference. She just couldn't stand the idea of his getting married."
Missy: "And what about what she did after that--going to the District Attorney when Missy was accused of murder and giving him information about her...."
Jim: "Mary, that was a long time ago. Liz has changed since then."
Mary: "Has she? I don't think she has. And I don't think she ever will change. We all know she's self-centered and insensitive, but I think she's a lot more than that. She's always convinced she's right and she'll say or do anything to get what she wants, or to get back at anyone who's hurt her or who she even thinks has hurt her."
Jim: "Well, yes. I suppose that's true. She can be pretty cruel when she's injured."

Notes: Quincy mentions that Bernice almost killed Wayne while they were married because he had spent her entire savings.

NOVEMBER 19, 1970 (EP. #1628)
Wayne paced in his apartment in anticipation of a call from the hitmen. Quincy taunted Wayne for risking the Delaneys telling Steve that Wayne had bilked them. He called Wayne delusional in thinking that the merger was guaranteed and for ordering Steve to be killed. Wayne insisted that Walter would be the sole executor of Frame Enterprises and they could milk the company once Steve is dead. He was distressed by Quincy's demands to give the minimum sum he was promised so he could skip town. The two hitmen spied on Steve and Rachel, who argued over throwing her a party as Steve tried to hail a cab to the airport. Steve avoided Rachel's questions about his confrontation with Wayne. A hitman pushed Steve in front of a speeding car driven by the other hitman. Rachel pulled Steve out of the car's path in the nick of time.

Quincy: (DOING SO) "You bet I'll come in. (FACES WAYNE) So, the world's champion con artist. 'Sure Thing Addison,' huh?"

Quincy: "You should have pushed the merger faster."
Wayne: "Quincy Stoner is giving me lessons on how to pull a con."
Quincy: "Quincy Stoner has been promised money for a whole year."
Wayne: "You'll get your money."
Quincy: "Fine. I'll take it now."
Wayne: "I haven't got it now, and you know it."
Quincy: "You haven't got any, but I'm going to get some, huh? You're going to give it to me, huh? In the future. 'There'll be Pie in the Sky by and by.'"

Production Notes for pre-taping:
Prologue: Wayne in his apartment. Features Wayne. Dissolve: Exterior of Frame Enterprises building. Features two hitmen.
ACT IV: Wayne's Apartment. Features Wayne and Quincy Stoner. Exterior of Frame Enterprises building. Features Steve, Rachel, and hitmen.
(ACTS I, II, and III to be done later)

NOVEMBER 20, 1970 (EP. #1629)
Wayne was enraged when the hitmen called to say that they failed to kill Steve with his car. He demanded that they try again before Steve reaches the airport. Lenore arranged to retrieve her scarf from Wayne's apartment, afraid Walter would feel betrayed if he found it there. Wayne claimed that he had business to handle and couldn't wait for Lenore any longer than half an hour. He was full of surprise and consternation when Liz unexpectedly arrived outside of his door.

NOVEMBER 23, 1970 (EP. #1630)
Belle stepped out of the Jorgenson apartment and witnessed Wayne closing the door, but only spotted Liz's back. Steve quickly suspected Wayne's hand in the botched hit-and-runs. Wayne cruelly informed Liz that their engagement had been a ruse and wouldn't confirm Liz's suspicions that Lenore had come between them. Wayne handed over the statuette Liz had bought him as a wedding present. While Wayne's back was turned, Liz grabbed the statuette and slowly advanced towards him.

(WAYNE'S APARTMENT) Wayne: (to Liz) "I'm sick to death of listening to your yammering about Lenore Curtin."
Liz: "You're cruel."
Wayne: "Okay, I'm cruel. Now, I've got to ask you to leave."
Liz: "Wayne, we were so happy, and you ruined it."
Wayne: "I wasn't happy."
Liz: "You were. You were. I couldn't have been wrong about that."
Wayne: "You never think you can be wrong about anything. That's one of your outstanding characteristics."
Liz: "You loved me. You wanted me."
Wayne: "I never loved you and I never wanted you."
Liz: "You begged me to marry begged me."
Wayne: "Get off it, Liz. We had some good times and now they're over, so let's forget it."
Liz: "But you meant wanted to marry me! Otherwise why would you have..."
Wayne: "Why do you think? For your money. Because let's face it...that's the one thing you had lots of. Money makes anybody at least look attractive."
Liz: " can't mean that."
Wayne: "Oh, but I do mean it."
Liz: "But...we made plans...I bought my wedding dress...I bought my trousseau...we talked about our honeymoon, where we'd go...I even gave you this sculpture as a wedding present..."
Wayne: "So?"
Liz: "So, you let me give it to you..."
Wayne: "How could I refuse?"
Liz: "You said you loved it..."
Wayne: "Nevermind what I said. Look Liz, you want it back, take it."
Liz: "I wouldn't take it back for anything in the world."

Production Notes: Tape the Following for Replay
Wayne: "That's up to you..take it or leave it. Now, I warned you to go. There's too much going on right now to waste any more time on this nonsense."
Liz: "You're cruel...cruel...cruel..."
Wayne: "Okay, so I'm cruel. Goodbye, Liz."
Liz: "Nothing...between us...ever meant anything to you?"
Wayne: "That's right."
Liz: "It is Lenore. I know it's Lenore that came between us. Isn't it? Isn't it?"
Wayne: "You're a broken record, baby."
Liz (TURNS...WANDERS..SHE'S DAZED..BUT SEES LENORE'S SCARF. PICKS IT UP) "This...this scarf...It's Lenore's isn't it?"
Wayne: "That's right, Lenore left it here. Now, if you want to make something of that go ahead. But I'm sick of all your talk about Lenore. I've got work to do. Get out of my life."

Notes: This scene ended with a close up of Liz's hand raised while clutching the statuette and ended with a Fade Out. Lenore was the first to find Wayne's dead body in his apartment. For months, viewers were led to believe Liz had committed the murder. The following is the rest of this scene, which aired in February 1971 during Lenore's trial.

Wayne: "Hey...what are you doing?"
Liz: " hate you."
Wayne: (PUTS DOWN PHONE, GOES TO HER AND VERY ROUGHLY HANDLES HER AS HE TAKES THE STATUETTE AWAY) "What did you think you were going to do with that?"
Liz: (HORRIFIED WITH HERSELF) "To think you would bring me to this. Look at what you've done to me!"

NOVEMBER 24, 1970 (EP. #1631)
Liz stepped out of Wayne's apartment and leaned against the door, agitated and breathing heavily. She regained her composure, straightened her clothes, and ran into Luella at the elevator. Lenore confided in Pat about her unpleasant encounter with Wayne at his apartment. Pat grimly told Lenore it was likely that Liz spread rumors about her and Wayne having an affair. Lenore wouldn't let Pat reschedule her appointment with Dan to accompany her to retrieve her scarf. Liz covered her tracks by telling Luella that she had seen a travel agent and returned a book to a woman in the apartments to explain being there. Luella harped on Liz needing time to recover from the broken engagement and gossiping about the paternity of Lenore's baby. Liz gave in to Luella, who insisted they run an errand and have tea so Liz wouldn't be alone.

Pat: "Lenore, Wayne Addison tried to...make love to you?"
Lenore: "Yes."
Pat: "Oh...I can certainly see why you don't want to go back to his apartment alone."
Lenore: "That's right -- but the scarf is there, and I've got to get it...Pat, please come with me."
Pat: "Oh, Lenore...I have an appointment with Dan Shearer in his office. (THEN) "Oh, never mind. I'll call him and break it."
Lenore: "No, I won't let you do that. I'll just have to go to Wayne's alone." (END TAPING FOR REPLAY)

Notes: The scene of Wayne's murder was taped but did not air until February 1971 during Lenore's murder trial.

NOVEMBER 25, 1970 (EP. #1632)
Lenore arrived at Wayne's apartment tense and hesitant. She found it odd that the door was slightly ajar and stepped inside, calling for him. Lenore absentmindedly picked up the statuette on the floor and placed it on the table. She discovered Wayne's dead body and fled, only to literally bump into Belle who was carrying groceries. Belle picked up a grapefruit that rolled near Wayne's door, saw his body, and loudly pegged Lenore as a murderer.

NOVEMBER 26, 1970: Pre-empted.

NOVEMBER 27, 1970 (EP. #1633)
Chief Slocum had a medical examiner, photographer, and finger printer collect evidence and ordered an autopsy on Wayne. Belle interjected with incriminating statements while Slocum questioned Lenore. Lenore realized things looked bad for her because the police couldn't find her scarf. Dru grew distressed as Liz laughed hysterically over almost marrying a mere con artist, then cried for being a fool. Walter was dumfounded as Steve described nearly getting hit by a car on his way to the airport and getting there, which caused him to miss his plane. Steve laid out how Wayne had tricked them to Walter, who was taken aback by his cryptic remark that Wayne won't pose problems anymore. Walter received a call from Helen and learned that Lenore's being questioned by the police.

Notes: Last appearance of Robert Milli as Wayne Addison.

Dru: "...I know that this is a shock to you. But I thought--once you got over it--that it might be some comfort to you, too."
Liz: "Comfort?"
Dru: "Yes. To realize what you'd escaped, and to find out you weren't the only one who had been fooled by him. To discover that he was clever enough to deceive two hard-headed businessmen like Robert Delaney and Steve, as you know, Walter's been working closely with him." (AS LIZ BEGINS LAUGHING AND CRYING WITH MOUNTING HYSTERIA) "Liz, what is it? Why are you laughing?"
Liz: "You don't think it's funny?"
Dru: "No, I'm afraid I don't."
Liz: "Well, I do. This is the man I was going to marry, would have married if he'd have had me. Wayne, so attractive, sophisticated, intelligent and successful...and he turns out to be a cheap confidence man! I think it's the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life."
Dru: "Now, Liz, please. You've got to get hold of yourself."
Liz: (STOPS CRYING) "Get hold of myself? What's there to get hold of? What is there that's left. Oh, Dru, what a fool I've been! What a ridiculous, pathetic fool!" (TAKE DRU AS HE TRIES TO COMFORT HER, DISTRESSED BY HER REACTION)

NOVEMBER 30, 1970 (EP. #1634)
Helen told Walter that Wayne is dead, Lenore is being questioned, and begged for his return. Walter filled Steve in and packed some belongings to catch the next flight home. Steve clarified his statement that he meant Wayne isn't a problem now that they know the truth. Walter and Steve mused that Wayne had been clever and shrewd in fooling them and that Lenore is caught in the middle of it. Helen didn't pressure Lenore into talking about her ordeals over Wayne and police questioning. Lenore was on the verge of breaking down as she recounted her desperation in retrieving the scarf, finding Wayne's body, and being suspected of murder. Helen urged Lenore to be mindful of Walter's love and faith in her and tell him everything. Helen cancelled attending a party to stay with Lenore, who embraced Walter tightly upon his arrival home.

DECEMBER 1, 1970 (EP. #1635)
Lenore walked Walter through everything that happened at Wayne's apartment and about being grilled by the police. Walter promised Lenore that the police will soon share his belief in her innocence. Lenore felt stupid for picking up the statuette, but John reminded her and Walter that the statuette hasn't been established as the murder weapon and that the police suspect everyone that knew Wayne. John and Pat advised Walter and Lenore they think that the culprit was an associate of Wayne's or a victim of one of his scams. Pat felt it would benefit Lenore by telling the police that she had asked her to come along to Wayne's only to get the scarf. Lenore fretted that a prolonged murder case could adversely affect her pregnancy due to stress and anxiety.

Notes: Crossed-out stage direction. Probably filmed and aired later due to its significance.

DECEMBER 2, 1970 (EP. #1636)
Lt. Aaronson questioned Liz. Susan was bewildered over Liz lying to Lt. Aaronson that the broken engagement had been a mutual decision by her and Wayne. Liz tersely told Susan that, while she has nothing to hide from the police or anyone else, her personal matters are none of their business. She drifted off into deep thought, recalling her last, horrible encounter with Wayne.

Wayne: "Liz...look. I don't much want to talk to you any more. But I'll give you a drink. Why don't you have a drink with me and then walk out of my life forever?"
Liz: "You're cruel...cruel..."
Wayne: "It's the only way to get through to you."
Liz: "Nothing...between us..ever meant anything to you?"
Wayne: "I told you. Your money did for a while. Nothing else."
Liz: "It is Lenore. I know it's Lenore that came between us. Isn't it? Isn't it?"
Wayne: "You're a broken record."
Liz: (TURNS...WANDERS...SHE'S DAZED BUT SEES LENORE'S SCARF. PICKS IT UP) "This...this scarf...where did you get it?"
Wayne: "Matter of fact, Lenore left it here. Think what you want about that. Get out of my life."

Notes: This dialogue is listed as a taped recall of Episode #1630 with different dialogue but still ends with Wayne making a call while Liz picks up the statuette. I assume the discrepancies may have involved Liz being traumatized and therefore, struggling with her memory.

Production Note: Based on the scripts, it appears events from November 12 - December 2, 1970 (EPs. #1623-1636) took place in one day.

DECEMBER 4, 1970 (EP. #1638)
Lt. Aaronson questioned Steve and Rachel. Rachel boasted she had done Lenore a favor by telling Lt. Aaronson that Lenore loathed Wayne and thought it ridiculous that she would've had an affair with him. Ernie informed Rachel that Lenore is the prime suspect in Wayne's murder because Belle overheard her fight with Wayne and was caught where his body was found. Rachel realized she had unwittingly given the police a motive for Lenore to kill Wayne.

DECEMBER 8, 1970 (EP. #1640)
Rachel tried to do damage control by swearing to Lenore that she hadn't meant to implicate her in Wayne's murder. Lt. Aaronson questioned Walter, Lenore, and Liz.

DECEMBER 9, 1970 (EP. #1641)
First appearance of Pierrino Mascorino as District Attorney Tom Albini, who was the prosecutor during Lenore's trial.
Tom started building a case against Lenore to prosecute her for Wayne's murder.

Notes: Cast sheet indicates that Tom Albini's original last name was intended to be McBride.

DECEMBER 11, 1970 (EP. #1643)
Lt. Aaronson came to the Curtin residence to arrest Lenore for Wayne's murder. She became hysterical and ran into Walter's arms. Aaronson respectfully let them have a moment alone and went outside. Walter said some comforting words before escorting Lenore to be arrested.

Lenore: "They're taking me away from this house...our house...and I'll never see it again...they're taking me to jail...they think I killed a man."
Walter: (VERY FIRMLY) "Lenore!...It's true you've been arrested. That's a fact and we'll face it. You have not been have not been convicted. None of those has happened and they are not going to happen. Do you understand? Come, let's get your coat."

DECEMBER 14, 1970 (EP. #1644)
Lenore was arrested and brought to the police station to be officially booked for Wayne's murder.

DECEMBER 25, 1970 (EP. #1653)
Merry Christmas message from Bill Wolff on behalf of Another World – Bay City.