Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

JANUARY 1, 1970 (EP. #1402)
Wayne was stunned when Steve suggested that he forget about the proposed merger with his electronics firm. Steve explained to Wayne that he spoke with the federal government about acquisitions since Wayne's firm is one small component of a larger merger and legislation that would severely restrict corporate expansions is being considered by a Congressional committee. Wayne lauded Steve's principles, honesty, and willingness to reconsider the merger should things change within the government. Dru was impressed with Sam's swift recovery and the legal research he asked him to complete. Sam told Dru that he is anxious to take walks outdoors and get discharged from the hospital. Dru readily approved of Lahoma's suggestion that Sam resume studying law again and prepare to take the bar exams. Sam grew thoughtful as Dru waxed philosophically about making hasty decisions and learning from them, but was touched by Dru's faith in him and offers to help him study. Sam promised Dru that he will carefully consider taking the bar exams. Lenore happily told Pat that her test results indicated that she could conceive a child. Pat sang John's praises to Lenore for being sympathetic and encouraging upon learning that she is not pregnant. Lenore evaded answering Pat's inquiry into Walter's reaction to her test results. Ada fumed when Rachel showed her a brochure of a luxury apartment complex in which she wants to live. Rachel vehemently denied Ada's assertions that she wants an expensive place for selfish reasons, despite that Russ will not be in private practice for some time. Ada was suspicious and apprehensive over Rachel's confidence in affording a fancy place.

Pat: "What are they talking about?"
Lenore: "John and Dru and Walter? What else."
Pat: "Oh. A case, huh?"
Lenore: "And at a New Year's party, too..."
Pat: "Well, New Year's day is over..."
Lenore: "Pat, if it were the last stroke before midnight on the thirty-first and law came up for discussion, do you think for a minute those three in there would pause long enough to say 'Happy New Year?'"
Pat: "Well, the law is sacred, you know."
Lenore: "Lawyers aren't..."

JANUARY 2, 1970 (EP. #1403)
Mary was distant and monosyllabic in response to Jim's musings about the weather and knowing the things to expect while having dinner at Liz's house. Jim was floored when Mary angrily proclaimed that she will not be blackmailed by Rachel. Jim insisted to Mary that they feel compromised because Rachel has backed them into a corner, but failed to convince Mary that Rachel is truly thinking of Jamie's welfare. Mary told Jim that she sees deceit and shame by acquiescing to Rachel's wishes, prompting Jim to hypothesize that they would raise people's suspicions should they refuse to set up a trust fund for Jamie. Susan was privately dismayed that Tony had spread papers all over the living room while making arrangements to hold a recruitment drive at the university. Fred discussed Tony's job duties at Windemere Pharmaceutical Corporation with him. Susan grew sullen and belligerent while feeling excluded from Fred's conversation with Tony, who boasted that he will be in fine shape for a promotion by recruiting eight to ten young, top-notch graduates for the firm. Dru told Steve that Jim and Mary have been busy due to the holidays, that Rachel brought Jamie to visit while Russ was on night duty, and that Alice is sharing an apartment with Muriel. Steve somberly told Dru that a reconciliation between him and Alice is impossible. Liz chided Jim and Mary for being evasive towards Wayne's inquiry into Jamie. Wayne lied to Jim, Mary, and Liz that his proposed merger with Steve is progressing slowly and that he sold property that Liz had considered buying as an investment. Jim and Mary were dubious towards Liz's certainty that she and Wayne will do business in the future.

JANUARY 5, 1970 (EP. #1404)
Ernie guided Sam into the apartment after they took a short walk. Ernie and Lahoma spotted divorce papers among a bundle of mail Sam had received. Lahoma emphasized to Ernie that things have not improved between her and Sam, that they have casual chats, and that Sam has not given her incentive to halt the divorce proceedings. Ernie warned Lahoma that she must decide whether or not to divorce Sam. Ernie noticed when Lahoma stealthily hid the envelope with the divorce papers before giving the mail to Sam. Walter happily told Wayne that he is lucky to have a stunning, loving, and talented woman like Lenore as his wife and relishes in impulsively buying her gifts. Wayne was discouraged by Walter's certainty that Steve has ceased initiatives on acquisitions. Walter was interested when Wayne suggested that they do business so that he can continue spoiling Lenore. Susan groused to Alice that she and Fred cancelled their trip to Jamaica because of Tony, that Tony is a messy person, and she feels excluded every time Fred and Tony get together. Alice castigated Susan for being suspicious of Fred for not having business dinners since Tony came to town. Bernice accused Wayne of dragging his heels and acting maudlin to draw sympathy from her. Wayne broke the news to Bernice that Steve squelched his proposed merger, that Liz has been uncooperative, and that he lied to Liz about selling a property because Jim wanted supporting documents on it before advising Liz to move forward with purchasing it. Bernice warned Wayne that he may have to marry Liz to gain access to her fortune, but was incredulous towards Wayne's confidence that Liz will take his financial advice.

JANUARY 6, 1970 (EP. #1405)
Walter's lighthearted mood vanished once Lenore stated that they seem to have run out of money. Lenore informed Walter that she was relieved to discover she had not made a mistake in balancing her checkbook, but was nonplussed that the bank had not committed an error after speaking with Mr. O'Malley. Walter stiffly told Lenore that he had forgotten to make deposits into the account and promised that he would take care of the issue in the afternoon. Lenore acquiesced when Walter refused to let her deposit her salary into the household account, but politely balked at Walter's request to handle it going forward. Lenore grew puzzled by Walter's irritable attitude towards Mr. O'Malley. Pat conceded to Mary that she is indifferent towards planning the Church Woman's Club Easter luncheon because she is upset that she is not pregnant. Mary urged Pat to concentrate on other things instead of brooding over her fertility. Pat admonished Mary for referring to Jamie as Rachel's baby since Russ is a proud father. Mary dissembled agreement with Pat's beliefs that Rachel is a surprisingly passionate mother and that she appreciates that Jim and Mary are setting up a trust fund for Jamie. Peggy opined to Lahoma that Sam should learn to articulate his feelings and that she is too good to him. Lahoma told Peggy that she is pleased that Sam is thinking of taking the bar exams. Peggy became sympathetic after coaxing Lahoma into admitting that she hopes that Sam will give her incentive to drop the divorce suit. Ada remonstrated Rachel for nagging Jim and Mary about financial support for Jamie. Ada implored Rachel to forget about Gerald, the Matthews family, Steve, and getting a fancy place.

JANUARY 7, 1970 (EP. #1406)
Liz was intrigued when Wayne invited her to dinner so that they could discuss something urgent. John asked Dru to attend a scheduled engagement with Dean Brewster to discuss replacing Sam because he must travel to Somerset to help Rafe Carter manage his client, Delaney Brands. John lamented to Dru that he would gladly rehire Sam should he wish to return to the firm. Dru tried to convince John that Sam will take the bar exams and make definitive decisions on his future and marriage to Lahoma. Ada became despondent upon learning from Ernie that Lahoma must eventually give Sam the divorce papers she has been hiding from him. Ernie and Ada ruminated over the ways in which Rachel intends to get the money to afford a luxury apartment. Ernie suggested that Ada visit Mary to gauge whether she and Jim know that Steve may have fathered Jamie. Ada reluctantly agreed with Ernie's assertion that Rachel will never accept him as a father figure. Wayne was pleased that Liz was wearing the ring he bought her for Christmas and raved about the designer scarf he gifted her. Liz assured Wayne that she does not feel obligated to accept his financial advice. Wayne told Liz that he received a tip to invest in a company called Space Age Industries. Wayne smiled bravely to disguise his defeated feelings towards Liz writing him a check for a lesser amount than he had proposed. Tony told Steve about his job and recruitment efforts for Windemere Pharmaceutical Corporation. Steve fibbed that he was meeting a business associate to get out of having dinner with Tony and Alice. Alice was immediately forgiving when Tony chastised himself for thoughtlessly inviting Steve to join them.

Ada: "I don't know if I can face Mary. I'm not like Rachel."
Ernie: "I don't know anybody who is."
Ada: (BEAT) "Her father is...they're just alike. That's her whole trouble. The two most selfish, restless people I've ever seen." (THEN) "If only Rachel weren't so obsessed with finding him, Ernie..."

Notes: John mentions that Delaney Brands is one of Rafe Carter's biggest clients. Dean Brewster's first name is revealed to be Stanley. Dru mentions that he and Stanley Brewster attended the same law school. Windemere Pharmaceutical Corporation has eight hundred employees. Most work in laboratories and perform thorough testing on experimental drugs.

JANUARY 8, 1970 (EP. #1407)
Liz arranged to meet with Rachel. Ernie was delighted that Lahoma was checking out books from the law library because Sam planned to study should he decide to take the bar exams. Sam marveled to Ernie about the cooking Ada did for him and Lahoma running herself ragged by doing errands, tending to his needs, and working at the Purple Plum. Ernie told Sam that he yearns to be a father figure in Rachel's life, prompting Sam to suggest that Ernie do something for Jamie since he is constantly on Rachel's mind. Russ confirmed for Jim that he has nearly completed his residency and that he is considering potential partnerships as he prepares to go into private practice. Jim told Russ that he and Mary wish to finance the establishment of his medical practice. Russ was touched by Jim and Mary's generosity, but insisted on paying them back once he has a thriving practice. Jim was relieved once Russ proclaimed that he and Mary are not obligated to set up a trust fund for Jamie. John told Pat that he and Rafe Carter had a successful business luncheon with executives of Delaney Brands. Pat quelled John's worries that she was getting obsessive about conceiving a child. John speculated that Rachel may have offended Jim and Mary after Pat complained that they do not seem genuinely fond of Jamie. Pat told John that she hopes Jim and Mary will feel differently should she and John have a baby. Liz chatted with Rachel on the benefits of Ricky and Jamie having their own bedrooms. Rachel was thrilled when Liz asked her to model in a fashion show for the Woman's Club Easter luncheon. Liz noted Rachel's complaints about waiting for Jim and Mary to open a trust fund for Jamie.

JANUARY 9, 1970 (EP. #1408)
Lahoma was mortified when Ron walked into the apartment to shave while she was about to change clothes. Ron warned Lahoma that she was postponing the inevitable by hiding the divorce papers from Sam since he has not changed his mind about her. Lahoma resented Ron's insinuations that she is hoping that Sam will persuade her into dropping the divorce suit. Ron gave Lahoma an ultimatum to make a decision about her marriage to Sam because he is growing impatient for Lahoma to commit to him. Liz felt deflated that Mary and Pat had made considerable progress in plans for the Woman's Club luncheon because Susan has been uncooperative about the fashion show. Mary griped about Rachel pushing her and Jim into establishing a trust fund for Jamie and casually discussing family matters with Liz. Liz defensively asked Mary to clarify her statements that she takes an unnatural interest in the family, causing Mary to criticize Liz for blowing the simplest things out of proportion. Mary resumed vacuuming so that Liz would leave her alone. Lenore tried to ignore Walter's disdain for her working overtime for Jerry and conviction in handling things with Mr. O'Malley. Walter was unsympathetic as Lenore outlined Susan's grievances towards Tony. Walter decided to book a trip to Jamaica for himself and Lenore, who daydreamed of lying on the beach and being away from their daily routines. Tony urged Alice to confide in him about Steve since they are close friends. Alice told Tony about her relationship with Steve, but could not bring herself to divulge the circumstances behind her breaking their engagement. Alice could not share in Tony's optimism that she will find love again.

Tony: "What're your plans for the future?"
Alice: "Oh...I have my job. And my friends. And my family."
Tony: "Well, great. But what about the rest of it? The love part?"
Alice: "Tony...I don't know if I'll ever be ready to fall in love again."
Tony: (Exit Line) "Sure you will. Sure you will."
Alice: "It's a sweet thing for you to say, Tony...but I just don't know if I ever will..."

Notes: Last appearance of Alex Canaan as Tony Douglas.

JANUARY 12, 1970 (EP. #1409)
Rachel was dubious towards Russ's excitement over touring two-bedroom apartments in their complex so that Jamie could have his own room. Russ demanded that Rachel forget about renting a luxury apartment that they cannot afford. Sam told Lahoma that his doctor advised that he is strong enough to go to the hospital for the rest of his appointments. Lahoma was quite discomfited to learn from Sam that Liz requested to speak with her. Lahoma impulsively embraced Sam once he committed to taking the bar exams, which made both of them self-conscious and slightly embarrassed. Wayne grew irritable as Bernice laughed at him for securing a far lesser investment in Space Age Industries than he had proposed. Bernice mocked Wayne's arrogance by strutting around the room with a bouquet of flowers and humming the "Wedding March." Wayne told Bernice that Liz will gladly accept his marriage proposal and willingly give him money. Susan begrudgingly agreed to help Liz with the fashion show for the Woman's Club luncheon, but did not appreciate Liz's assumption that her boredom with homemaking is hurting her marriage to Fred. Liz coyly told Susan that she and Wayne are compatible and enjoy each other's company. Susan felt wounded when Liz stated that she will never get married again because she had enough of it married to Will. Russ fumed that Rachel did not tour the two-bedroom apartments. Rachel was furious upon learning from Russ that Jim and Mary will finance his medical practice in lieu of establishing a trust fund for Jamie. Russ angrily proclaimed to Rachel that he is the head of the household and will decide on the ways in which to provide for his family.

Lahoma: "You oughtn't to do that, Sammy."
Sam: "I'm Charles Atlas...didn't you know?" (TAKES OTHER BUNDLES)
Lahoma: "Looks like you're trying to be."

JANUARY 13, 1970 (EP. #1410)
Sam permitted Ellen to visit him after work, much to Lahoma's chagrin. Dru and John discussed the credentials of two graduating seniors of the law school as potential replacements for Sam. John told Dru that Rafe Carter asked for help with some administrative and accounting duties for Delaney Brands and that he is looking for a bright young attorney to join his firm. John and Dru were floored that Liz bought an expensive fur coat under the assumption that her investment in Space Age Industries will double. Liz ignored John and Dru's warnings on making frivolous purchases before the profits are realized because of her unwavering confidence in Wayne's judgment. Susan griped to Lenore that she and Fred had to cancel their trip to Jamaica because of Tony's arrival, that Tony monopolized the living room and telephone to conduct business, and that she felt shut out every time Fred and Tony spent time together. Lenore politely urged Susan to quit rambling about her grievances and berating herself for feeling inconvenienced by Tony. Susan was elated when Lenore suggested that she and Fred go with her and Walter to Jamaica. Lenore mused to Susan that a vacation may alleviate her worries over conceiving a child and allow nature to take its course. Liz acted sympathetic once Lahoma explained that she cannot commit to appearing in the Woman's Club fashion show. Lahoma asked Liz for a ride to avoid Ellen, who had arrived to see Sam. Susan harangued Fred for postponing dinner engagements with his Hobart clients for Tony's benefit and for hesitating to book their trip to Jamaica. Fred comforted a contrite Susan while reminding her that their marriage will not be ruined.

Notes: Whitfield Connor temporarily plays the role of Fred Douglas due to Charles Baxter's illness.

JANUARY 14, 1970 (EP. #1411)
Ada was bewildered by Rachel's insistence that she come at a specific time to babysit Jamie. Rachel insolently told Ada that she needed to schedule an appointment and resented Ada's suspicions that she was planning to see Steve. Ernie exchanged pleasantries with Jim and expressed hope that Mary and Ada can get together now that the holidays have concluded. Jim suggested that Ernie build a playpen for Jamie in an effort to please Rachel and bond with her. Dru assuaged Rachel's impatience by reassuring her that Jim and Mary will keep their promise to establish a trust fund for Jamie. Rachel lamented to Dru that she was unsuccessful in locating Gerald. Dru was nonplussed by Rachel's resolve to see Gerald while assuring her that he will get in touch with his contacts in Mt. Holly. Mary and Pat vigorously defended Luella's record as chairman of the Woman's Club against Liz's disparaging remarks over her being unorganized and absent-minded. Liz scoffed at Luella for having a picture taken of Mary and Steve at the Children's party, but Pat insisted that Luella simply forgot about Steve and Alice's broken engagement. Liz told Mary and Pat that Ricky is talking a great deal, that Bill received a promotion and a Christmas bonus, and bought a sailboat that he uses every weekend. Mary and Pat pondered the implications of Wayne sending Liz a box of sweetheart roses. Ada was relieved that Rachel went to see Dru and then shopped at Bryant's afterwards. Rachel told Ada that Russ is attending a medical convention in Houston, which involves creating an artificial space environment for astronauts. Ada sensed correctly that Rachel was elated to be free of Russ for a few weeks.

JANUARY 15, 1970 (EP. #1412)
Lahoma conceded to Sam that she avoided coming to his apartment because she assumed that she would be interrupting Sam's visit with Ellen. Sam accused Lahoma of going back to her apartment in hopes that Ron would be there waiting for her. Lahoma browbeat Sam for reading into her claims to Liz that she could not commit to modeling for the Woman's Club luncheon fashion show because it is several months away. Dru was thrilled that Sam had decided to take the bar exams and readily offered to help him prepare for it. Sam reflected to Dru and Lahoma that it is foolish to let his personal life affect his potential career. Pat told Alice that she is taking calls for Peggy while John is interviewing a law student named Chris Tyler to replace Sam. Alice told Pat that she does not mind covering for a nurse in the emergency ward since it is not interfering in her social life. Chris flirtatiously told Alice that he would have recovered from pneumonia sooner had she been his nurse at the hospital. Pat joked to Alice that Chris seemed quite smitten by her. John told Pat and Alice that he will hire Chris, despite getting the impression that Chris may be slightly unstable. Ada was moved to tears over Ernie buying a child's table and chair that he planned to repair for Jamie. Ernie told Ada that he hopes Rachel will be appreciative, come to consider him a father figure in her life, and forget about Gerald. Dr. Mercer and Alice bantered about staying alert while working long shifts. Alice was nonplussed when Steve was brought into the hospital after being in an automobile accident. Dr. Mercer and Alice tended to an injured Steve, who complimented her for looking beautiful while being disoriented.

Chris: (Introduction Line) "...I tried my best to lose...but I couldn't...the ball kept going in the hole..."
John: "Dean Brewster knows a whole lot more about the law than he does about golf."
Chris: "Well, I hope so."

Notes: First appearance of Steve Harmon as Chris Tyler.

JANUARY 16, 1970 (EP. #1413)
Alice defiantly told Muriel that she doesn't want the roses Steve had delivered to her. Muriel admitted to Alice that she concealed her knowledge of Steve's accident because she wanted to gauge Alice's reaction to seeing him in the hospital. Alice told Muriel that she was distressed by Steve's injuries and still loves him, but reiterated that she cannot forgive him. Muriel failed to get Alice to reveal the circumstances behind her breaking her engagement to Steve. Dru told Jim and Mary that Rachel has become more sensible in her quest to locate Gerald by seeking his help and that she likely mentioned the trust fund for Jamie to encourage Dru to make contributions to it. Jim tried to placate Mary by emphasizing that they cannot renege on their promise to establish the trust fund because it would arouse Russ's suspicions. Mary angrily told Jim that she will not acquiesce to Rachel's greedy schemes. John told Pat that he is unenthusiastic about hiring Chris because Sam refuses to return to the law firm, despite Dru's concerted efforts to lure Sam back by having him complete research projects. John gently teased Pat for trying to play matchmaker for Chris and Alice by inviting them both to dinner at the house some time. Pat bemoaned to John that she is losing patience over trying to conceive a child. Fred became concerned for Susan, who drank and sulked over being unable to generate ideas for redecorating the living room. Susan marveled that Fred loves her unconditionally, despite deeming herself a failure as a wife, homemaker, and stepmother. Fred raised Susan's spirits by cancelling a business appointment with clients and calling Walter and Lenore to finalize their plans to go to Jamaica.

Notes: Whitfield Connor temporarily plays the role of Fred Douglas due to Charles Baxter's illness.

JANUARY 19, 1970 (EP. #1414)
Steve was envious that Walter and Lenore are planning a vacation to Jamaica. Walter became crestfallen when Peggy reminded him that he has a mortgage payment due, which was noticed by Steve. Steve told Walter and Lenore that he was in the hospital after injuring his shoulder due to being in a car accident. Walter acted dignified but offended when Steve remonstrated him for spending frivolously and offered to lend him some money. Steve apologized to Walter for imposing on their friendship by bluntly criticizing him. Peggy was miffed that Lahoma refused to accept credit for influencing Sam into taking the bar exams. Lahoma grew teary-eyed while fretting to Peggy that Sam does not need her, that he keeps insinuating that she is romantically involved with Ron, and is tired of Sam's contemptuous looks at her. Peggy sympathized with Lahoma, who called herself naive for thinking that she and Sam had a chance to reconcile and resolved to move out of Sam's apartment. Ada lectured Rachel for being unfair to Russ by viewing the two-bedroom apartments with no intention of renting one of them and hoping that Gerald will pay for an expensive place for her. Rachel was full of self-confidence and fierce determination while telling Ada that she and Jamie deserve to live in a fancy apartment, that she is running her own life, and ordered Ada to mind her own business. Liz melted when Wayne put his arms around her and expertly kissed her. Wayne was secretly pleased that Liz bought the lies that he did not put her money in Space Age Industries because Liz would not get a return on her investment. Liz responded to Wayne's kisses with abandon and wild passion.

JANUARY 20, 1970 (EP. #1415)
Sam energetically told Lahoma that he had a good study session at the library. Lahoma informed Sam that she was planning an early dinner for them because she has some personal things to tackle. Mary and Liz outlined their plans for the Woman's Club Easter luncheon and fashion show to Luella. Liz harped on Mary being adversely affected by Alice's broken engagement to explain the tension between her and Steve at the Children's Home Christmas party. Luella apologized profusely despite Mary's assertions that posing with Steve was a minor embarrassment. Mary upbraided Liz for mentioning Steve and Alice's engagement to Luella, causing Liz to imperiously emphasize that Mary insists that the breakup is insignificant. Walter called Mr. O'Malley to make excuses for being late on the mortgage payment. Lenore showed Walter the beach hats and bathing suits she bought for their trip, then became girlish and teary-eyed after displaying a charm of miniature baby shoes that Lenore hoped would bring good luck. Walter grew worried as Lenore expressed optimism that a vacation will help them conceive a child. Jim seethed as Mary groused about Liz making insinuations to Luella and trying to probe her for information on Alice's broken engagement. Mary sadly told Jim that she loathes playing a game of concealing Rachel's deception for Russ and voiced suspicions that Steve fathered Jamie, despite Jim's beliefs to the contrary. Jim was disturbed as Mary opined that Wayne is courting Liz. Lahoma was stricken as she packed her belongings while Sam cheerfully washed the dishes. Sam was floored once Lahoma handed him the divorce papers before leaving the apartment.

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Luella mentions a daughter who lives in Milwaukee, Michigan with her husband, Henry. Lenore bought Walter an 1890's style red stripe knee-length bathing suit with a matching tank top for their vacation. Luella went to Milwaukee to care for her daughter, who injured herself during a skiing accident.

JANUARY 21, 1970 (EP. #1416)
Chris used the phone on Peggy's desk to arrange a date with Alice at Tallboys. Alice ribbed Chris for being overly confident that John intends to hire him to work at the firm. John told Chris that he will be replacing Sam as a researcher, legal assistant, and will handle the administrative tasks for Delaney Brands. Walter was too pre-occupied by his vacation to Jamaica to be genuinely interested in Chris. John was saddened to learn from Peggy that Lahoma gave Sam the divorce papers and feared that he would not take the bar exams. Peggy opined to John that Sam may be unaffected by Lahoma's actions because he wants a divorce. Walter gave Steve a business file while telling him that he and Lenore are going to Montego Bay, Jamaica for two weeks. Wayne provided Walter with a list of excursions and sights in Jamaica and suggested he contact Julio, who is a bartender and bookie that places bets for customers. Walter became hurt and indignant over Steve's warnings that gambling with money he does not have is stupid and irresponsible. Alice purposefully flirted with Chris in front of Steve, who was on a date with another woman. Chris got Alice to reveal that she once loved Steve, that they seemed to be the perfect couple, and were engaged until she broke it off. Alice was subdued and ashamed when Chris admonished her for fussing over him to prove to Steve that she is living her life to the fullest without him. Chris warned Alice not to play games by dating him to spite Steve. Ron grew exasperated with Lahoma for wanting to move out of the apartment and being indecisive about her life. Lahoma agreed to have dinner with Ron once he returns from a business trip.

JANUARY 22, 1970 (EP. #1417)
Sam restlessly wandered around the apartment. Sam went into a trance-like state while reading the divorce papers as the telephone rang repeatedly. John and Dru brooded over Rachel's urgency in uncovering Gerald's whereabouts every time she wants to run from her personal problems. John conceded to Dru that he may have reservations towards Chris because he is unfairly comparing him to Sam. Dru feared that Sam was tardy for a study session because he is devastated over receiving the divorce papers from Lahoma. Liz surmised to Pat that Susan pretends to enjoy being a homemaker and scoffed at Fred and Susan for acting as though they have a blissfully happy marriage. Pat was intrigued as Liz admitted that she has spent a lot of time with Wayne and voiced suspicions that Wayne has marriage in mind. Liz persuaded Pat into appearing as a model for the Woman's Club luncheon's fashion show. Pat quietly fumed as Liz made insinuations about Alice breaking her engagement to Steve and being shattered over it. Pat emphatically told Liz that Alice works, has her own apartment, and is maintaining a social life, then advised Liz to quit speculating on Alice's well-being. Ernie and Ada were alarmed that Sam was not in his apartment and had left it in disarray. Dru told Ernie and Ada that Sam failed to keep an appointment with him. Ernie disagreed when Ada blamed Lahoma for hurting Sam by giving him the divorce papers. Ada stifled her anger upon learning that Lahoma was planning to have dinner with Ron. Lahoma told Ada that she does not know Sam's whereabouts. Sam professed his love to Lahoma, who accepted his embrace and kisses with much ardor.

Liz: "Well, of course I like him." (BEAT) "He's younger than I am, you know."
Pat: "I know."
Liz: "But it doesn't seem to matter to him...not a bit..." (THEN) "...Alright, I'll be frank, Pat: I actually think Wayne's got marriage in the back of his mind. Can you imagine that?"
Pat: " do you feel about that?"
Liz: "How do I feel? Oh. Well..." (THEN) "I've always said nothing could induce me to marry again. Nothing. And no one."
Pat: "Not even Wayne Addison..."
Liz: " you really think it would be suitable?"
Pat: "Because he's younger? That's for you to decide..."

JANUARY 23, 1970 (EP. #1418)
Lahoma doubted Sam's declarations of love. Sam was startled once Lahoma admitted that she shared more than friendship with Ron. Sam ruefully confessed to Lahoma that it took almost losing her to realize that he loves her deeply. Ron arrived with roses and was flustered to find Sam and Lahoma embracing on the couch. Sam thanked Ron for caring about Lahoma and supporting her. Ron graciously admitted defeat once Sam advised that Lahoma will be moving out of the apartment, quitting her job at the Purple Plum, and reconciling with him. Sam apologized to Lahoma for treating her poorly because he was grieving over Lee, prompting Lahoma to admit that she allowed Ron to be in her life out of loneliness. Sam and Lahoma pledged to put Ron and Lee behind them and reunite. Wayne lamented to Bernice that he may need to marry Liz to gain access to her fortune despite describing Liz as a vain, egotistical woman. Wayne told Bernice that he is keeping close to Walter because the bill to restrict mergers may die during Congressional hearings. Bernice was intrigued as Wayne suggested that she apply for a job to replace one of Steve's assistants. Lenore asked Susan not to complain about Fred and Walter playing golf since they went on excursions and promised to take them river-rafting. Lenore tried unsuccessfully to talk Walter out of gambling on horse races while Susan wandered off to sulk over Fred's golf plans. Fred was surprised to find Susan in the hotel room drinking while in partial darkness. Susan castigated Fred for playing golf and rejected Fred's offers to teach it to her. Fred contemptuously told Susan to get changed for dinner or continue drinking alone.

Sam: "...Lahoma is going to go back to being my wife. She is going to quit working for you. She is going to move out of this apartment. And if you so much as phone her, speak to her, write her a postcard or look sideways at her...I will knock you cold."
Sam: "You understand me, Mr. Styles?"
Ron: "Yes. Yes, I understand you."
Lahoma: (CROSSES TO RON) "'ve been such a good friend..."
Ron: "Sure." (THEN) "I'm happy for you, kid...really happy"
Lahoma: "I'm so grateful to you..."
Ron: (Exit Line) "No need to be. No need at all." (TO SAM) "Well! I can't say I like being a loser...because I don't. But I'll try not to be a bad one." (PUTS OUT HIS HAND TO SAM) "Good luck..." (THEY SHAKE) (TO LAHOMA) "All the best, Lahoma."

Notes: Last appearance of Jeff David as Ron Styles. Whitfield Connor temporarily plays the role of Fred Douglas. A steel band played in the background during Act IV of this episode, which took place in Jamaica and featured Fred and Susan.

JANUARY 26, 1970 (EP. #1419)
A rental agent informed Rachel that an apartment cannot be held without a month's worth of rent plus a security deposit. Lenore failed to notice Susan's morose and sullen mood as she rattled on about the shopping they can do in Montego Bay and enthused about going with Walter and Fred to The Golden Guinea, a nightclub with dancers and steel bands. Susan told Lenore that she refused to leave the hotel room last night because she was sulking over the time Fred has played golf while they have been on vacation, then berated herself for treating Fred badly and for being self-destructive. Lenore urged Susan to trust in herself, allow Fred to guide her through rough times, and opined that Susan should have more confidence in herself. Alice grumbled to Muriel about getting home late because she was stuck checking a stack of charts at the hospital. Muriel tearfully told Alice that Harold married a floozy who wears excessive makeup and throws herself at men. Alice fumed upon learning that Muriel had mentioned Rachel's assessment of her being a goody-goody to Russ. Muriel was perplexed and intrigued when Alice abruptly became cheerful after accepting her apology. Walter told Lenore that he yearns to be indispensable, well-liked, happy, and rich. Walter ignored Lenore's lectures over gambling money on horse races. A bartender and bookie named Julio cryptically reminded Walter that he must settle his debts before leaving Jamaica. Dru told Rachel that Gerald's assistant cleaned out his workshop in Mt. Holly and that his personal address could not be found. Dru was taken aback as Rachel proclaimed that she must ensure that Jamie is not deprived of anything he needs.

Susan: "The beach was a little searing, all right."
Lenore: "Searing? I feel as if I just climbed off a rotisserie."
Susan: "You are a little pinkish. Want some suntan lotion."
Lenore: "No, thanks." (SIPS [A TROPICAL DRINK]) "I want to look tropical when I get back."

Notes: A steel band played during Acts I and III, which took place in Jamaica and featured Walter, Susan, and Lenore. Lenore wrote a postcard to an Aunt Rita in this episode.

JANUARY 27, 1970 (EP. #1420)
Sam told Lahoma that he is going to ask John to rehire him. Lahoma was dismayed upon learning from Peggy that Sam's position at the firm has been filled. Ada lauded Ernie's plans to repair the antique child's furniture set for Jamie. Ernie was delighted as Ada explained that Lahoma is ecstatic over reconciling with Sam, who wants to return to the law office. Ernie contended that Sam and Lahoma must maintain open communication in response to Ada's concerns that ghosts from the past tend to resurface over time. Ada told Ernie that she fears Jim and Mary are suspicious of Jamie's paternity and noted that she has not talked to Mary in weeks, prompting Ernie to encourage Ada to contact her. Sam tried to hide his immense disappointment as John and Peggy introduced him to Chris. John tried to ease Sam's embarrassment by emphasizing that he would have kept his position open had he known that Sam might return. Sam tried to be optimistic when John asked for time to look into a potential job at another law firm for him. Chris told John, Pat, and Alice that he was born out in the country, moved to Bay City when he was twelve, and is in the top ten percent of his law class. John left to help Pat, who was suffering from nausea. Alice was startled when Chris sat close to her on the couch. Chris accused Alice of carrying a torch for Steve and stated that he will not allow himself to be a substitute for him. Lahoma urged Sam not to consider John's efforts to find him another job as charity. Sam humbly admitted to Lahoma that he is stubborn, prideful, and afraid people will take advantage of his kindness. Sam and Lahoma vowed to work on their personal issues together.

Chris: "Oh, modesty's out this year."
Alice: "What ever happened to nice Victorian boys?"
Chris: "They went out with forget-me-nots and the Crystal Palace."
Pat: "And Queen Victoria..."

JANUARY 28, 1970 (EP. #1421)
Mary dissembled enthusiasm over Ada paying her a visit and sampling her oatmeal cookies. Liz aroused Mary's ire by noting that she pretended to be gracious and friendly to Ada over the phone, despite the two women being friends. Bernice told Steve that she gained business acumen working for Wayne, that she is seeking a job with more responsibilities since Steve's merger with Wayne has been cancelled, and expressed interest in being Steve's assistant. Steve promised to review Bernice's resume and consider hiring her. Bernice overheard a phone conversation between Steve and Walter, who called from Jamaica asking Steve to wire him money. Dru told John that Chris's research is thorough, concise, and well organized. John conceded to Dru that he is wrong to compare Chris to Sam, who has an aptitude for precedents and analyzing figures. Dru and John agreed that Chris is a confident, personable young man who will not accept being a diversion for Alice. John contacted Rafe about hiring Sam to handle Delaney Brands after talking with Dru. Bernice told Wayne about her meeting with Steve and Walter's call to him. Wayne convinced Bernice to stay since Liz enjoys him fussing over her in front of other people. Bernice grinned slyly as Wayne poured on the charm and called himself lucky to have Liz in his life. Jim and Mary feigned pleasure over spending time with Rachel and Jamie for Ada's benefit. Ada raved to Jim and Mary that Rachel is a devoted mother who appreciates their kindness, but was mortified that Jim and Mary assumed she was hinting at the trust fund for Jamie. Jim told Mary that they must settle the issue concerning the trust fund.

JANUARY 29, 1970 (EP. #1422)
Jim and Mary deplored Rachel for trapping them into opening a trust fund for Jamie by blabbing about it to everyone. Mary felt consternation when Jim reiterated his stance that Jamie is their grandson and that they must keep their promise. Jim informed Mary that John suggested that they open a savings account for Jamie, then decided to list Russ and Rachel as the joint trustees since Mary did not want anything to do with it. Mary implored Jim to wait until Russ returns because Rachel will have access to the money until he can sign the necessary documents, but Jim refused to postpone settling the matter any further. Liz talked to Alice about adopting a positive outlook on life, spending time with Wayne, and redecorating her bedroom while making veiled remarks about her and Steve. Alice told Liz that the reasons for her separation from Steve are a private matter and that she has been dating Chris, who believes that she should get over Steve and focus on the future. Pat told Mary that she has temporarily lost her sense of taste and has been nauseous. Mary agreed with Pat's contentions that it is good for Alice to be dating Chris because it is unbearable to witness her brooding over Steve. Pat adamantly denied Mary's assertion that she may be pregnant and refused to see a doctor since she does not want to go through more disappointment. Ada suspected that Gerald was involved in shady dealings when Rachel mentioned an unknown man who pays the rent on Gerald's supply room in Mt. Holly. Rachel proclaimed to Ada that she will locate Gerald and get the luxury apartment. Rachel laughed after Jim called to make arrangements to take her to the bank to open Jamie's savings account.

JANUARY 30, 1970 (EP. #1423)
Lenore bought Walter's lie that he needed to tend to some business. Walter grew despondent over not receiving money from Steve yet. Jim held Jamie while Rachel excitedly spoke of the baby being his grandson, that she called Russ to update him on the trust fund, and cooed at Jamie over having money in a bank. Rachel thanked Jim for his generosity and mentioned that Russ met a doctor named Dan Shearer who is from Bay City. Jim acted neutral as Rachel babbled about needing a larger apartment for Jamie that is more suitable for Russ as a doctor in private practice. Jim informed Rachel that she is responsible for handling the savings account as the sole trustee until Russ can sign the papers and that the money is for Jamie's future. Rachel secretly schemed once Jim explained that she can draw money from the trust fund should unexpected expenses arise. Fred smoldered at Susan for making acerbic comments about him playing golf. Julio eyed Walter while he received notification that Steve's wire had arrived. Lenore remonstrated Susan for fighting with Fred. Walter cheerfully paid off Julio while Lenore felt sickly upon looking at the bar tab's total. Susan sobbed when Fred voiced concerns that she dislikes their age difference and regrets marrying him. Fred fretted to Susan that their honeymoon has been ruined. Susan became troubled as Fred stated that she must adjust to having a husband who expects her to be an adult. Liz resisted the urge to respond to Wayne's kisses while they danced to soft music. Wayne told Liz that they must have time apart to think rather than succumb to their passionate yearnings for each other, which left Liz shocked and breathless.

Susan: "Oh, Fred, don't leave me!"
Fred: "Don't look for any such simple solution as my leaving you. I don't know whether that would be easy or hard for you to take..."
Susan: "Hard? Impossible!"
Fred: "...but I'm going to give you something much harder to cope with than that. I'm going to stay with you and you're going to have the very hard task of adjusting to a man who insists that his wife stop being a baby, and if you really do want our marriage to work, then you're going to have to ask yourself why you do these destructive things."
Susan: "I don't know, I don't know. I've always been this way, I told you that. I...I..."
Fred: "Destroy relationships."
Susan: "Yes. Oh, Fred, I need you. I need your help."
Fred: "You can have those things from me, Susan...but I can only do so much. You've got to help, too."

Notes: First appearance of Seth Holzlein as Jamie Frame. Whitfield Connor temporarily plays the role of Fred Douglas.

FEBRUARY 2, 1970 (EP. #1424)
Sam grew nervous over his appointment with John. Mary graciously accepted Liz's peace offering of cheesecake for getting her riled about Steve and Alice's broken engagement in front of Luella. Liz talked to Mary about redecorating her house, hosting a party, contributing to Jamie's trust fund, and Mary's visit with Ada to stall discussing the reasons she is distracted. Mary dodged giving Liz an opinion on the age difference between her and Wayne. Dru and John urged Sam not to reproach himself over the firm having a backlog of research projects due to his absence. Sam was excited as Dru and John explained that the firm will be taking on Delaney Brands as a client and that Chris will be moved into a conference room so that Sam can have his old desk back. Sam happily told Peggy that he feels like he is starting another honeymoon due to reconciling with Lahoma. Peggy grew pensive as Sam mused that he and Lahoma must put Lee and Ron behind them. Mary told Jim and Dru that Liz pressed her for an opinion on Wayne and hypothesized that he wishes to propose marriage to Liz. Jim told Dru and Mary that Russ is enjoying himself in Houston and getting reacquainted with Dan Shearer, who is on the medical staff at the space station. Dru told Jim and Mary that he is delighted that they set up a trust fund for Jamie and is anxious to make contributions to it. Jim and Mary were disturbed as Dru explained that Rachel's urgent search for Gerald seems to involve Jamie in some way. Ada urged Rachel to allow Mary to spend time with Jamie and keep up the pretense that he is Russ's son. Rachel beamed while triumphantly showing Ada the passbook attached to Jamie's trust fund.

Notes: Jim mentions that Dan Shearer is the oldest son of Randy Shearer, who once owned a pharmacy in Bay City. Dan was a "track star" in high school and was a member of Susan's graduating class. Jim and Mary opened the savings account/trust fund for Jamie at Guarantee Bank and Trust.

FEBRUARY 3, 1970 (EP. #1425)
Rachel convinced a rental agent to hold a terrace apartment until tomorrow morning so that she could get the months' worth of rent and deposit that are required to sign the lease. A thin-skinned Walter jumped to the hasty conclusion that Steve was nagging him about repaying his loan by asking about his and Lenore's vacation to Jamaica. Steve was impressed by Bernice's dedication to hard work, undivided attention, and professed loyalty and agreed to hire her as an assistant. John told Pat that he is thrilled that Sam has resumed work at the firm and has reunited with Lahoma. Pat tried to downplay feeling sick and refused to see Dr. Ramirez because she made a fool of herself by mistakenly believing that she was pregnant. John grew concerned by Pat's resistance towards getting a medical examination. Steve informed Walter and Lenore that Bernice will be working for him. Lenore ruefully told Walter that she removed the charm of baby shoes from her bracelet because she is not pregnant. Walter incorrectly assumed that Lenore was implying that he has a condition that is preventing them from conceiving a child. Lenore consoled a distraught Walter, who bemoaned that he could not tolerate a doctor telling him that he is sterile. Banker Mr. Wayland maintained his decorum and patience while Rachel babbled about Jamie being named after his two grandfathers, coming into the bank with Jim to open the trust fund, and the Matthews family being fond of Jamie. Mr. Wayland explained Rachel's responsibilities as sole trustee of the trust fund. Rachel was dumbfounded once Mr. Wayland revealed that money cannot be withdrawn from the account for the first thirty days it is opened.

FEBRUARY 4, 1970 (EP. #1426)
Susan smoldered when Liz implied that she had resumed redecorating the living room to forget about the awful time she had in Jamaica. Susan dissembled contentment to Liz over Fred playing golf while she and Lenore went shopping, spent time at the beach, and went on excursions during their vacation. Liz was patronizing while suggesting that Susan call an interior decorator named Joe Bruno because she lacks the talent for redecorating a home. Pat admitted to Mary that she has been feeling queasy for several days, but insisted that she will not see a doctor and that she will recover. Pat was somewhat mollified once Mary asserted that her reaction to thinking she was pregnant a couple months ago was perfectly normal. Mary took matters into her own hands by making an appointment for Pat to see Dr. Ramirez. Jim sensed correctly that Mary was troubled and distracted by thoughts of Rachel while they played gin rummy. Mary told Jim that she is bothered by Rachel's anxious pursuit of locating Gerald and was dubious over Ernie's concerted efforts to bond with Rachel. Jim bristled as Mary fretted about Russ being in Houston and feared that Rachel will be driven by her determination and greed to chase after Steve again. Mary was speechless once Jim castigated her for dwelling on the past and imagining things that are going to happen. Muriel tore up pictures of her ex-boyfriends named Harold and Bernie while Chris flirted with Alice on the couch. Chris and Andy upset Alice by harping on Rachel's assessment of her being a goody-goody and Alice still being in love with Steve. Muriel lambasted Andy for ruining the evening by instigating a fight between Chris and Alice.

Notes: Last appearance of James Secrest as Andy Cummings.

FEBRUARY 5, 1970 (EP. #1427)
Rachel smiled with satisfaction after she extracted the name of Steve's favorite restaurant from Lenore by claiming she had friends in town who are looking for a nice place to eat. Ada felt resigned after agreeing to babysit Jamie so that Rachel could have lunch with Dru. Ernie understood Ada's concerns that Russ being out of town will allow Rachel to get into mischief. Ada had reservations when Ernie proposed that they invite Rachel to live with them while Russ is away so that they can watch her like a hawk. Dru noted Rachel glancing around Tallboys while eyeing the menu. Rachel lied to Dru that Ada encourages her to get out of the apartment as an excuse to babysit Jamie and that everyone has been pestering her about opening Jamie's trust fund so that they can make contributions to it. Dru pleased Rachel by writing her a check to deposit into Jamie's trust fund. Dru grew perplexed upon realizing that Rachel was hoping that Steve would come into Tallboys. Steve praised Bernice's efficiency, adaptability, and ability to learn her job duties quickly. Bernice tried to persuade Steve into cross-training her on the development sect so that she could grow professionally and eventually become familiar with all facets of his business. Steve was puzzled to hear from a waiter that a young woman asked about him at Tallboys. Bernice flattered Steve by calling him a rich, handsome bachelor. Susan told Fred that she was wrong for being petulant over him playing golf and getting home late from work. Interior decorator Joe Bruno told Susan that he goes to fabric stores for samples in between projects. Susan brightened and Joe eyed her appreciatively as they discussed redecorating ideas.

Joe: (Introduction Line) "How do you do; Mrs. Douglas? I'm Joe Bruno."
Susan: "Oh, yes...come in." (HE DOES)
Joe: "I've come to turn your home into a happening."
Susan: "If you can just make it look a little less like the lounge at the YMCA..."

Notes: First appearance of Humbert A. Astredo as Joe Bruno. The character also appeared on Somerset on a recurring basis. Joe mentions that he inherited his redecorating business from an aunt.

FEBRUARY 6, 1970 (EP. #1428)
Sam told Peggy that he wants to take her and Lahoma to an elegant, expensive restaurant to celebrate passing the bar exams. Peggy grew apprehensive when Ellen notified her that she was stopping by the firm's offices to deliver papers Steve has for Walter. Wayne advised Bernice that he is counting on her to push his proposed merger with Steve along and expressed confidence that the bill to severely limit acquisitions will die in Congress soon. Bernice told Wayne that she has been unable to learn about the development and investment sects of Steve's business because they are secretive. Wayne grew pensive as Bernice suggested that he concentrate on Liz while she gradually uncovers information about Steve's operations. Lahoma was discomfited to find Sam laughing foolishly with Ellen, who flirtatiously modeled her new coat and short mini dress for him. Ellen bade a hasty retreat after congratulating Sam and Lahoma on their reconciliation. Lahoma was elated that Sam passed the bar exams and humbly accepted his and Peggy's praises for encouraging him to take them. Susan refused Liz's request to see the fashion coordinator at Bryant's to choose the clothes for the Woman's Club luncheon's fashion show. Liz attributed Susan's good mood to hitting it off with Joe and making progress in redecorating the living room, prompting Susan to deny that she was attracted to Joe. Susan groused to Fred that Liz is making insinuations over her hiring Joe. Fred watched Susan curiously as she eagerly poured over the material and swatches that Joe had left for her. Wayne professed his love to Liz. Liz was thrilled by the romantic atmosphere as Wayne proposed marriage to her.

Notes: Last appearance of Irene Bunde as Ellen Boswell.

FEBRUARY 9, 1970 (EP. #1429)
Wayne tried to pressure Liz into accepting his marriage proposal. Liz faltered by telling Wayne that she is fond of him, but struggled to profess her love and consent to marry him. Wayne made Liz feel guilty by pointing out that her evasiveness is forcing him to doubt their relationship and Liz's feelings towards him. Liz reflected to Wayne that she has been a widow for years, has enjoyed her freedom, and swore that she would never marry again. Wayne embraced and kissed Liz ardently and finally convinced her to accept his marriage proposal. Ada lovingly put Jamie down for a nap. Ernie proudly showed Ada the antique child's table and chair set that he repaired for Jamie. Rachel graciously thanked Ernie for gifting Jamie the furniture. Ada informed Rachel that a rental agent called to tell her that Rachel needs to bring the months' worth of rent and security deposit to keep an apartment on hold. Rachel lied that she had lunch alone at Tallboys, prompting Ada to remonstrate her for wasting money by dining by herself. Ernie and Ada left willingly once Rachel bragged that she invited Walter and Lenore over for drinks. Rachel nearly burst into tears while looking at a slip of paper. Rachel fibbed to Walter and Lenore that her friends from out of town enjoyed Tallboys and that she ate there alone. Walter and Lenore raved about the child's furniture Ernie fixed for Jamie. Walter rebuffed Lenore's suggestion that he see a doctor to determine whether he is sterile or not. Pat told Mary that she is waiting for her test results from Dr. Ramirez. Mary was noncommittal as Pat mused about Russ missing Rachel and Jamie while he is in Texas. Pat told Mary that Dr. Ramirez verified that she is pregnant.

FEBRUARY 10, 1970 (EP. #1430)
John was ecstatic when Pat told him that they are going to have a baby. Mary told Liz that she was out of the house most of the day running errands and took Pat to a doctor's appointment. Liz tried unsuccessfully to imply that Mary's happiness over Wayne and Liz's engagement was insincere, that she dislikes him, and objects to the age difference between them. Mary opined to Liz that it is charming for Liz to refer to Wayne as her future husband. Liz told Mary that she will announce her engagement to Fred and Susan during dinner. Wayne was thrilled to learn from an informant named Quincy that the bill to severely restrict mergers is going to die in Congress. Bernice lambasted Wayne for potentially raising Steve's suspicions by calling her at the office using a fictitious name. Bernice told Wayne that Steve's company is planning to build a small suburban city near Fairview, but most of the land is privately owned. Wayne decided to surreptitiously buy the land, resell it to Steve at an inflated price, and cut Walter into the deal to keep him under his thumb. Bernice noted Wayne's optimism in swindling Steve so that he will not have to marry Liz. Jim was delighted when Pat revealed that she is pregnant. Jim and Mary tried to echo John and Pat's sentiments that Rachel is special because she bore their first grandchild. John and Pat were flabbergasted by Mary's gripes about Jamie's trust fund, prompting Mary to fib that she is simply annoyed by the inconvenience of Russ signing papers to become a trustee with Rachel once he returns home. Liz promised Wayne that she does not have doubts towards marrying him. Fred and Susan dissembled joy over Wayne and Liz's engagement.

Jim: "Pat's got roses in her cheeks tonight."
John: "Must be the nippy weather."
Pat: "Yes, that's it." (WINKS, PERHAPS KISSES JIM ON THE CHEEK) "When do we eat? I'm hungry."
Jim: "Goodness, haven't you been feeding my daughter, John?"
John: "No, I keep her in the tower spinning straw into gold."

Notes: Dorothy Stinnette temporarily plays the role of Liz Matthews due to Nancy Wickire's illness. Pat gives her due date as October 1st.

FEBRUARY 11, 1970 (EP. #1431)
Rachel persuaded the rental agent to hold a terrace apartment for three more days by giving him a $100.00 deposit. Wayne told Walter that Julio acts as his informant and subtly ribbed Walter for losing money by betting on horse races. Wayne advised Walter that Quincy Stoner is determined to make a substantial bid for land in Fairview, expects to earn a profit on its resale, and wants Walter to tackle the offer, title search, and bill of sale. Walter readily accepted Wayne's proposition upon learning that Quincy is offering a customary fee and ten to fifteen thousand dollar bonus. Wayne was thrilled when Walter called Quincy to initiate the deal. Steve harangued Walter for being overly sensitive about his loan, lacking judgment in handling money, and living beyond his means. Walter responded cautiously as Steve asked him to contact Sidney Jolson and submit an offer to purchase his land in Fairview on behalf of Frame Enterprises. Walter double-crossed Steve by telling Sidney that the potential buyer of the land is Quincy. Susan denied Liz's assertions that she is implicitly disapproving of her romance with Wayne by displaying a poor attitude. Liz was offended by Susan's suggestion that Wayne is marrying her for her fortune. Susan was aghast when Liz viciously accused her of being jealous that a younger man like Wayne prefers her company. Ernie was touched that Rachel came by the garage to praise his work on Jamie's furniture set. Rachel tried to charm Ernie by confiding in him like a father figure about needing money. Ernie asked Rachel to jot down expenses so that they could create a budget while he talked with his mechanic, which caused Rachel to angrily storm out.

Notes: Dorothy Stinnette temporarily plays the role of Liz Matthews due to Nancy Wickire's illness.

FEBRUARY 12, 1970 (EP. #1432)
Ada was suspicious of Rachel's claims that she was going shopping at a department store because she was in fancy dress. Rachel was flummoxed when Ada asked whether she was going out to lunch with cash Ernie gave to her. Ada reproached Rachel for abruptly leaving the garage without saying goodbye to Ernie after getting money from him. Rachel insolently refused to answer Ada's inquiries into the reasons she needs money or listen to her lecture on wanting a luxury apartment that Russ cannot afford. Pat happily told Dru that she is pregnant, leading Dru to joke that Jim, Mary, and John committed a conspiracy of silence by keeping mum about it. Dru urged Pat not to worry about Jim and Mary's ambivalent attitude towards Jamie, but agreed with Pat's hypothesis that it may involve their long-standing qualms towards Rachel. Pat groused to Dru that Rachel shamelessly chased after Steve and relied heavily on getting his advice. John assigned Sam his first case, defending a teenage boy who is accused of breaking and entering with intent to commit theft. Sam was humbled once John likened his client's lack of cooperation to Sam while he was accused of murdering Lefty. John grew thoughtful as Sam reflected that he and Lahoma are reminded of the past, despite their concerted efforts to move forward with their lives. Rachel confirmed for Steve that she was the young woman who asked for him at Tallboys a few days ago. Steve accused Rachel of demanding money from him to pay for an expensive apartment that she cannot afford and provide for a son who is not his. Rachel seethed at Steve, who contemptuously agreed to pay for her lunch and walked out of Tallboys.

Steve: "Rachel...all you know is you want it. All you know in this whole world is what you want. That's all you ever think about...what you want, what you need, what you haven't got, what you must get...and everybody else can roll over and play dead as long as you get what you want. Well, good luck...only you're not getting it from me."
Rachel: "Yes, I am..."
Steve: "No..." (PATS HER HAND) "No, you're not." (GETS UP) "Nice try, Rachel. Nice try." (BEAT) " want half a lobster? I'll order one for you. Coffee? Chocolate eclair? I'll tell them to put it on my bill."
Rachel: "Steven you..."
Steve: "You're getting a free lunch from me, Rachel - and that's all." (STEVE GOES OFF LEAVING A FUMING, FRUSTRATED RACHEL)

FEBRUARY 13, 1970 (EP. #1433)
Ada arranged to speak with Dru at his office. Mary cheerfully mused to Jim and Alice that Pat is blooming, radiant, and overflowing with joy and thankfulness over being pregnant. Alice agreed with Mary's opinion that it is a gift from God for Pat after years of believing that she would never conceive a child. Jim and Mary understood Alice being flabbergasted over Liz's engagement to Wayne. Jim immediately regretted mentioning Jamie's trust fund to Mary while Alice was present, but insisted that he was simply keeping a promise he made to Russ and Rachel. Alice went on a tirade about Rachel taking everything away from her and tearfully proclaimed that she is overdue to have something that she can keep, which left Jim and Mary distraught and contrite. Fred realized that Susan was in a bad mood over Wayne and Liz's engagement. Susan accused Fred of being uncaring when he stated that Liz's personal life is none of his business and refused to talk to Wayne about his intentions for Liz. Fred told Susan that he is concerned about their marriage and emphasized that she must figure out the reasons she feels left out, despite Fred's love for her. Dru soothed Ada's concerns by reassuring her that Rachel wants the trust fund for Jamie's future and cannot withdraw money from it for thirty days. Ada became miserable and scared once Dru mentioned that Rachel asked about Steve while they were having lunch at Tallboys. Walter asked for Lenore's advice by citing a hypothetical scenario of a client who may resort to unethical means to pay off his debts. Walter secretly read Quincy's letter, which promised to share the profits from the Fairview land purchase with him.

Alice: "It's ridiculous. It's absolutely ridiculous. Why...why it started when she was living in this house...she decided she wanted my room...the room I'd had ever since I was a little girl. And she got it. Nobody stopped her. She got it."
Mary: "Alice, we know what she's like."
Alice: "And then when I found a man I could love and who loved me...she couldn't wait to spoil that for me either. Do you think it was an accident that she waited for my engagement engagement tell me she was having his baby...?"
Mary: "Honey, please..."
Alice: "I think I'm going out of mind. I'm sure I am. I don't understand anything anymore. I'm crazy. that Rachel has everything...and I have're going to give her some money. You're going to reward her!"
Jim: "But the money's for the baby..."
Alice: "Is there any sense to anything? Aunt Liz is getting married...Pat's going to have a baby...Rachel's going to have money in the bank...Well, when is it my turn, huh? When am I going to have something? Something I can keep?"

FEBRUARY 16, 1970 (EP. #1434)
Steve was exasperated and disappointed when Walter said they'd missed out on buying the Fairview land. Steve was good-natured about it when Walter said the new owner, Quincy Stoner, was willing to sell it at double the price paid. Liz deigned to join Lahoma at the sandwich shop to congratulate her on getting back with Sam. Lahoma was haunted after Liz sipped her tea and remarked Lee had been such a fine person. Lahoma was miserable she'd tried to fill Lee's shoes after Sam hugged and kissed her passionately. He was annoyed Liz had given her a sugar cookie and hit her with a sledge hammer. Pat joked about doing cartwheels when John described his plan for her safe pregnancy, then she and Lenore howled in dismay when John said it was time to go home.

FEBRUARY 17, 1970 (EP. #1435)
Ada scolded Rachel that Dru overheard her asking for Steve at Tallboys Restaurant. When Ada refused, Rachel phoned Mary to babysit for Jamie while she went to Liz. Susan wasn't able to hustle Liz out the door in time to prevent her from telling Joe that Susan has been raving about him. Susan was flustered when her hand touched Joe's accidentally while they looked over swatches. Mary held Jamie and expressed her pity for him until Pat arrived to coo over him. Mary and Jim smiled bravely when Pat thought having Rachel over for dinner would ease the stress with Alice and Chris. After beating about the bush by talking about her role in the fashion show, Rachel waved her bank book under Liz's nose and exclaimed about Dru and the Matthews making significant contributions to Jamie's trust fund. Rachel was breathless when Liz began writing her a check, but was disappointed and resentful it was only for $100.

FEBRUARY 18, 1970 (EP. #1436)
As Chris was introduced to Jim, Mary warned Alice in sotto voce to steel herself as Rachel was coming to dinner. Rachel let Chris peek at Jamie, whom he thought looked husky, and remarked he looks like his father. To help clear the thoughts of a distracted Walter, Lenore put her hands over his forehead as if over a crystal ball. She frowned at the expensive landscaping he suggested. Wayne put off setting a wedding date, then had to struggle to remember the details of his lies when Liz asked him about business. Chris was interested and perplexed when Alice complained of his incessant talk of Rachel.

FEBRUARY 19, 1970 (EP. #1437)
Rachel phoned Lahoma to come and meet the baby. John was worried when Pat complained of little aches and pains. Ernie tried to defuse Ada's suspicions of Rachel's latest actions, but she felt sure Rachel was up to something. Alice was glad Dru was leading a gay and social life when he described how Rachel asked him to take her to lunch then coaxed a financial contribution out of him. Lahoma informed Rachel child-labor laws forbade a baby as young as Jamie from working when Rachel wanted Jamie to earn money modeling. Rachel tore up the lease extension form when the mailman delivered it.

FEBRUARY 20, 1970 (EP. #1438)
Sam scolded Ernie for his messy bookkeeping and revealed he has his first case, defending a teenager accused of breaking and entering. Sam felt Russ would be back before Rachel could get into trouble. Walter repaid in cash the $3,000 Steve wired to him in Jamaica. Walter eyed Bernice thoughtfully when he learned she was now working for Steve. Lahoma had a time getting Ada to simmer off after she vowed to give Rachel a piece of her mind she'll never forget for trying to put Jamie to work. Ada was sympathetic when Lahoma sighed that it was hard for her and Sam to forget Ron and Lee and wipe the slate clean. Wayne and Bernice had a good laugh when she related Walter paid Steve back with money he cheated Steve out of. They toasted to Walter's greed and his feeling he wasn't good enough for his wife.

FEBRUARY 23, 1970 (EP. #1439)
Rachel gave the rental agent all the money she had, but he asked for another $50 by five o'clock before signing the apartment over to her. Jim was surprised when Dru remarked Chris, charming and forthright, reminded him of Steve. Dru revealed he's learned Gerald removed the contents of his storehouse in Mt. Holly and left without word to anyone, and they both agreed it sounded shady. Susan accused Liz of deciding to marry Wayne to get back at her for taking Fred away from her, but Liz cooly remarked she wasn't interested in a man like Fred, but if she was, could have had him at any time. Pat told Rachel she was pregnant, but Rachel was uncomfortable with talk of babies. Rachel dumped out the contents of her purse and faked dismay that Russ's $50 had been lost. Rachel was triumphant when Pat loaned her the money. Fred and Steve returned from a rousing late-night meeting to find Susan waiting for them. Steve told them of running into Tony at Tallboys. Steve and Fred were embarrassed when Susan said she talks to herself about Fred and the room says back to her, "Fred who?"

FEBRUARY 24, 1970 (EP. #1440)
Bernice sighed with relief that Steve didn't catch her poring over one of his files. Sam and John discussed Sam's client's motives for the attempted robbery, and Sam vowed to save him from the reformatory. Dru disappointed Rachel with the news her father apparently never received the note she left for him with the storehouse manager. Wayne urbanely tut-tutted Walter's moral posturing when Wayne admitted using Bernice to get inside information on Steve. Walter let Wayne help him with his coat, which to Wayne meant Walter was now his. Bernice held the forbidden file, File 32, as unobtrusively as possible as Steve asked for the update on his football team. She triumphantly lifted it from its hiding place when Steve wondered where he'd left it.

FEBRUARY 25, 1970 (EP. #1441)
Fred thought Susan unreasonable when she was furious he was off to Hobart again on business as Joe was on his way over with the new draperies. He told her to cut out bickering with him over trifling things, then stormed out before she could utter a retort. Alice was in disbelief when Muriel pointed out that everything she just said about Chris being rugged on the outside but tender on the inside could be applied to Steve. Pat appreciated Mary's baby sweater, then regretted sharing her view that Mary and Jim seemed to be neglecting Jamie. After they admired the new draperies, Susan coquettishly offered Joe a drink. She looked at him with a goodly share of admiration, almost adoration, and was flustered when he called her pretty. She refused to kiss him, and demanded to be let go when he tried anyway.

FEBRUARY 26, 1970 (EP. #1442)
Joe explained he'd felt Susan wanted him to kiss her; it was her little girl approach that other women had used on him. Susan was left feeling unsure of herself when she agreed to let Joe finish decorating the house. Liz told John and Pat her insights tell her Wayne is thoroughly trustworthy, and was genuinely happy to hear Pat was expecting. Liz noted John put a reassuring hand on Pat's shoulder when Pat mentioned Jim and Mary never discuss Jamie. Peggy marveled it was like old times when at Sam and Lahoma's for dinner. Everyone was at least mildly upset when Lahoma realized she was still wearing Ron's bracelet. Susan didn't like it when Fred innocently compared her to Liz. She cried miserably in his arms after her outburst that she was sick to death of herself.

FEBRUARY 27, 1970 (EP. #1443)
Chris showed up with flowers after Alice told Muriel she'd broken her date with him. He told Alice not to waste time brooding over Steve as he'd make her forget she ever knew him. Ernie related to a troubled Jim how he gave Rachel $25 when she said Russ had left her short, but she had lit out after asking for more when he wanted to know why. Jim promised Mary he'd have a talk with Rachel after Dru raised their suspicions by saying Rachel had claimed to have a lot of things to do before Russ returned. Rachel insisted to Jim that Ernie misunderstood her. Rachel escaped his scrutiny by checking on Jamie. Jim answered the phone when the moving company called, so Rachel hastily explained she's having a couch of Pat's brought over. Rachel phoned the rental agent for an extension as her baby was sick.

Notes: This episode took place over three days.

MARCH 2, 1970 (EP. #1444)
Lahoma was flustered when Sam found the money she'd been saving to pay Ron the rent money she owes him. He was annoyed that she'd accepted a $65-a-month apartment since it implied Ron expected favors in return. They mused about pulling up stakes and leaving for somewhere the past won't haunt them. A letter from Bill established how crazy he was about sailing. Liz was furious when Luella Watson (General Chairman of the Woman's Club) remarked she'd thought she'd seen Liz and Bill (actually Wayne) at Castleman's Jewelry. When Mary brought up Liz's seeming ambivalence about marrying Wayne, Liz threw in Mary's face the discrepancy in her attitude toward Jamie and Pat's baby. John told Pat that Rafe Carter has a meeting to see Dru. A tender and concerned John made sure Pat was taking care of herself. Walter accused Lenore of not wanting to change the landscaping of the former owner (Bill) when she was hesitant about the cost of the landscaping estimates.

MARCH 3, 1970 (EP. #1445)
Susan phoned Alice to come over after Joe dropped by briefly. John and Dru's old lawyer friend Rafe Carter came by the office, where Dru told him Sam was the perfect choice to handle the accounts system of Delaney Brands. Steve introduced his lawyer, Fred, to his administrative assistant, Bernice. Though he couldn't reach Susan by phone, Fred was sure she wouldn't mind him inviting Steve and Bernice over. Alice described Chris to Susan, then asked who else she was describing; but Susan pointed out she just likes the same personality traits in men. Alice realized Susan asked her over because she didn't want to be alone with Joe, just as Fred and company came in the door. Susan encouraged Alice to stay, who was curious to find out who Bernice was anyway. Steve played on Alice's jealousy when she harped on the after-hours he and Bernice must spend together.

Rafe: (Introduction Line) (ENTERING, STRIDING FORWARD AND SHAKING DRU'S HAND WARMLY) "Dru, Dru, you old rascal; how are you." (THEN) "Where's John? Hiding from me?"

Notes: First appearance of Philip Sterling as Rafe Carter.

MARCH 4, 1970 (EP. #1446)
Alice parroted what Susan told her when Muriel wondered why Alice was so hot on Chris again. Alice insisted seeing Steve with Bernice had nothing to do with seeing Chris in a new light. Wayne brooded Bernice would use her new apartment as a step to siding with Steve and double-crossing him. Bernice thought Liz would flip over the diamond Wayne showed her, then was shocked to hear it was a fake. She advised him it would be wiser to sell one of his warehouses and buy Liz a real one. When Liz noticed Susan became hot under the collar at her praise of Joe's work she quickly and correctly gleaned he'd made a pass at her, which Liz was sure Susan must have invited.

MARCH 5, 1970 (EP. #1447)
Steve thought Walter's bad mood was because he felt he should be grateful to Steve for lending him money, and was worried about it affecting their friendship, but Walter just sneered bitterly about his supposed champagne taste and beer pocketbook. Rafe informed Dru that Jasper Delaney found out his son Robert and son-in-law Rex Cooper sold some of the family shares to Amalgamated Canning, enough to let it get its foot in the door but not enough to precipitate a stock fight. Sam agreed to work for Rafe after he approved of Sam's critique of the company's bookkeeping. Fred was concerned when he came home to find Susan had been nipping at the sherry again. She mimicked his end of the conversation when he had to make some business calls. She then tried to make up, but he disengaged himself as he didn't want a child and a drunk. She stormed out after retorting she didn't want him, drunk or sober. Chris miffed Alice by harping on Steve, then requested she be more responsive to his kisses. She slipped and called him "Steve" when he became especially obnoxious.

MARCH 6, 1970 (EP. #1448)
A nervous and excited Rachel chattered self-consciously to the bank teller, then eyed the money hungrily as the teller passed it to her. Pat and John had dinner at Mary and Jim's and discussed Sam working for Rafe. Mary didn't believe her when Rachel called to say she couldn't make dinner with them as she had to prepare for Russ's return. Liz was touched when Wayne slid the (real) diamond ring on her finger. Liz's protests were distinctly half-hearted when Wayne kissed her, stroked her hair, and showered her with compliments. A stubborn Mary vowed to an irritable Jim she'd find out what Rachel was up to. Mary told Ada she'd call and offer Rachel some help. With her head tied up in a scarf and in slacks, Rachel directed the two movers as they removed furniture and cartons from her apartment. She phoned the phone company to make sure she'd still have the same number at her new place. Ada phoned, and Rachel told her she needed to bring Jamie over tomorrow as they were fumigating the apartment. Mary phoned and wondered what all the commotion was she was hearing in the background.

MARCH 9, 1970 (EP. #1449)
Susan stared blackly at Fred when he couldn't agree to a dinner date. Fred suggested she read a book when she complained of twiddling her thumbs all day. She blazed when he advised her to be more understanding and patient about his work schedule. She poured herself a drink after he told her to stay away from the liquor cabinet. Rachel brought Jamie to Ada's, then got yesterday's lies to Ada and Mary mixed up. Rachel insisted whatever she was doing was for Jamie. They had a small flare-up when Mary thought Liz was too interested in Mary's attitude toward Rachel. Susan coaxed Joe into sharing a drink with her, but talked of bathrooms when he started moving closer. She resisted for only a second or two, then gave in when he pulled her to him and kissed her strongly.

MARCH 10, 1970 (EP. #1450)
Susan broke away from Joe's kisses and held her head in her hands, distressed. He defended himself against her self-righteous accusations by describing her as a frustrated, unfulfilled woman with too much time on her hands. She pathetically tried to get him to stay, but he wouldn't play whipping boy to her conscience. Rachel showed off her new apartment to Ada. Russ phoned to ask Rachel to come to Houston to meet his future partner Dan Shearer. There was no answer when a weeping Missy tried to phone Liz. A sweet-smiling Rachel came to Jim and Mary's to say she was flying down to be with Russ, and the phone rang and rang after they left to take her to the airport. Fred took Susan home after she socked it to her future Daddy Wayne while they had after-dinner drinks with Liz. Liz felt it was the most perfect moment of her life after a long and lasting kiss from Wayne. Missy broke down in hysterical tears after finally reaching Liz.

Ada: "What Rachel wants Rachel gets, eh?"
Rachel: "Eventually."

Notes: First reappearance of Carol Roux as Missy Palmer. Last appearance of Humbert A. Astredo as Joe Bruno.

MARCH 11, 1970 (EP. #1451)
Missy told Liz that Bill drowned after his sailboat capsized during a storm. Jim and Mary came over and were shocked when Liz told them Bill was dead. People on another boat had seen the mast hit Bill on the head. He was knocked unconscious and washed out to sea, but they never found the body. Jim and Mary offered to go and bring Missy back. Liz looked at Wayne without interest as she murmured, "My son is dead" over and over. Susan wondered why she couldn't be more like Missy, who thought only of making her husband happy. Fred couldn't bring himself to comfort her when she cried about being a disgusting and degrading person who allowed Joe to kiss her. Ada fumed to Lahoma about Rachel. Dru told Sam and Lahoma about Bill, whom Sam thought of like a brother. Sam insisted they had to do everything they could to make things easier for Missy.

Missy: (Re-introduction Line) "Mother... Bill was... He..."
Liz: (ALMOST A SHRIEK) "What happened?"
Missy: "Mother... God... Bill was drowned... Mother, Bill's dead!" (GO OUT ON A STRICKEN LIZ).

MARCH 12, 1970 (EP. #1452)
Peggy and Dru chided Sam for wallowing in grief, and they thought it best he and Lahoma moved away from Bay City. Alice found Ada in the hospital waiting to see her friend Helen Ordway. Ada ran out of prevarications after trying to discover if Alice knew about Rachel's new apartment. Over the phone, John told Russ he didn't have to come home as there would be no funeral. Liz told Alice she's finally accepted that Bill is gone. In a semi-trance, Alice described how she does understand Liz's loss as she herself lost the person she loved.

MARCH 13, 1970 (EP. #1453)
There was a horrified gasp then a stunned silence after Peggy told Walter about Bill. John gave Rafe his permission to ask Sam to work with Rafe and Ben Grant in Somerset, as Lee's death was a tormenting memory for everyone in Bay City. Walter told Wayne that not being his own man and his unspoken competition with Bill, who was always looming both as a threat and an unattainable goal, led directly into what he did to Steve. Wayne smiled at Walter's tortured expression when he asked if Walter's new-found soul would pay his bills. Dru took Ricky to his room as Liz asked Missy how she was bearing up. A dampened Missy realized living with Liz wouldn't work out. Imagining he was upset at Bill's death, Lenore cradled a distraught and inebriated Walter in her arms.

Walter: (About Bill) "Knew him? Let's see? I married his former fiancé, I bought his house, I took over his job. Yes, I would say I knew him."

Ricky: (Jason Bernard, Introduction Line) "Yes, sir."
Dru: "Don't call me sir. Call me Uncle Dru, okay? I want us to be good friends."
Liz: "That's just a horsey. A breakable horsey, I'm afraid." (SHE TAKES IT FROM HIM) "We'll have to buy you a stuffed one."

Notes: First appearance of Jason Bernard as Ricky Matthews.

MARCH 16, 1970 (EP. #1454)
Rafe offered Sam a junior partnership and offered to show him around Somerset. Alice buried herself in her menu after Lenore revealed she and Walter will be dining with Steve and Bernice in her apartment. Steve admired Bernice's new apartment and subtly flirted with her. He took her expertly in his arms and their lips almost touched as she glided away without missing a beat. Bernice was flattered but preferred to keep their relationship strictly business. Sam and Lahoma had Missy over for dinner, where she was sad to hear they might be moving away.

Steve: (To Bernice) "You just looked so delicious... I just wanted a taste."

MARCH 17, 1970 (EP. #1455)
Ada and Ernie were happy Sam and Lahoma were moving away as Bay City reminded them of Lee and Ron. Ada worried about what would happen when Russ found out about the apartment. When Alice noticed that Susan seemed to be depending on alcohol, Susan remarked that the one thing she and Fred agree on was in their disapproval of Susan, of how Susan behaves, and of how Susan is ruining her life. Liz grandiosely apologized to Missy for her dinner engagement with Wayne, who really took a shine to Missy. Not at all pleased, Liz grudgingly approved when Wayne badgered Missy into accompanying them to The Top of the Tower. Russ brought Dan to his motel room where they discovered Rachel had gone out. Russ sung Rachel's praises to Dan, who said they ought to look for a technician for their new clinic. Russ suggested Susan, whom Dan used to date in high school.

Russ: (CALLS) "Rachel? Company...." (BACK TO SHEARER) "Come on in."
Dan: (John Cunningham, Introduction Line) "Thanks."
Dan: (MUSING) "Little Susan Matthews... What do you know."

Notes: First appearance of John Cunningham as Dan Shearer.

MARCH 18, 1970 (EP. #1456)
Susan smoldered as Fred prepared to dash off to Hobart again, then was furious to find the liquor cabinet locked. Fred maintained he was just keeping the pre-marriage promise she made him take not to let her destroy their marriage. He also felt the liquor, not so much their quarreling, was what led to Joe kissing her. Missy told Alice and Jim that Ricky has been setting Liz's teeth on edge. Alice worried to Jim that Liz was beginning to suspect about Jamie. Lahoma told Ernie the increased salary Sam would make will really help relieve their tight budget, then she gloated about Sam being taken out to lunch by Robert, the general manager. In Somerset, Sam and Robert entered the Riverboat restaurant (where gambling was available to preferred patrons). Robert nodded at Gerald Davis, the owner, then scanned the room, his gaze resting a moment too long on Jessica Buchanan. At their table, Robert's attention transferred subtly and gradually from Sam to Jessica as she rehearsed snatches of song at the piano. Sam watched this with growing dismay as Robert was married to India. Robert had Gerald ask Jessica to sing a few bars of a number for them, then went to her as she played "When Sunny Gets Blue." Gerald was ruffled when Sam introduced himself as Sam Lucas from Bay City. It came as a shock to Sam when Robert later told him Gerald's name.

Robert: (Introduction Line, to the waiter) "Yes. Put us near the piano, will you?"

Gerald: (Introduction Line, to Robert) "I'll check; hold on."

Jessica: (Introduction Line) "Thank you, Mr. Delaney. You flatter me."

Notes: First appearance of Walter Mathews as Gerald Davis. First appearance of Nicolas Coster as Robert Delaney. Appearance by Wynne Miller as Jessica Buchanan, who appeared regularly on Somerset.

MARCH 19, 1970 (EP. #1457)
Though he was just a kid when Gerald left, Sam told Ada he was sure the Gerald Davis he saw was her ex-husband. A troubled Ada made Sam promise not to tell anyone about it, especially Rachel. Pat felt very gay about planning a party for Sam and Lahoma, Rafe, and Ben and Ellen Grant. Walter blustered when Steve wondered why his attitude toward him seems to have changed. Liz felt Ricky should be taught certain rules of conduct and frowned on Missy spending so much time with the Lucases, whom Liz felt were interested in the money Missy inherited from Katherine and from Bill's insurance.

Pat: "I've got enough baby things for triplets."

MARCH 20, 1970 (EP. #1458)
Russ wondered why Rachel was dragging her feet as they packed to go home. Pat thought it ridiculous and outrageous when Missy imitated Liz's opinion that Sam and Lahoma weren't "our kind of people," and thought Missy should consider moving to Somerset. Pat introduced Ellen to Missy, Sam, and Lahoma, who found her very nice. Ellen complained she forgot the belt for her dress. Ernie was startled and unhappy when Ada figured she needed to go to Somerset and check things out for herself. John and Dru told Pat that Sam was hesitating to accept the job out of loyalty to them. Sam brought Rafe and Ben over and they all had drinks. The women came and Lahoma presented Ellen with a belt for her dress. Lahoma was pleased and a bit embarrassed when Ellen impulsively kissed her on the cheek. Rachel brought Russ to the new apartment by way of introduction, and he demanded to know where she got the money for it. He was furious she had used Jamie's trust fund, money given by friends and relatives, to buy the ridiculous, extravagant apartment.

Ellen: (Introduction Line) "It's very nice to meet you, Mrs. Matthews."

Ben: (Introduction Line) "Not too late, are we?"

Sam: (Making a toast) "All right. Here's to Bay City and Somerset. Long may they wave."

Russ: "You're a liar!"
Rachel: "What?"
Russ: "I said you're a liar! Jamie? You didn't do it for him! You did it for yourself- because, for some idiotic childish reason, this is where you wanted to live! And I think it's the absolute bottom- the most outrageous, despicable thing I ever heard of."

Notes: Appearances by Edward Kemmer as Ben Grant and Georgann Johnson as Ellen Grant, who would appear regularly on Somerset.

MARCH 23, 1970 (EP. #1459)
Gerald was desperate to get off the subject when Ada reminded him of skipping town and leaving her with a two-year old daughter and no money. Gerald was happy to dismiss the past with an airy wave of his hand. He didn't like the idea Rachel thought him a god. Ada warned him to treat Rachel nice when she runs to him for help. Lahoma told Peggy she thought moving to Somerset would help her marriage. Russ gave a slightly hysterical laugh when Jim asked didn't he like his new apartment. Jim was really shocked to learn Rachel got the money from Jamie's trust fund. Russ was hurt that Rachel was implying he couldn't find a good enough home for his own son. Sam and Lahoma celebrated his decision to take the job, and their wonderful new life, new friends, new job, new town, new home, and new love.

Gerald: (FINISHING A COLUMN OF FIGURES) "Yup? Something I can do for you?"
Ada: "Maybe." (GERALD LOOKS UP)
Gerald: "... Ada?"
Ada: "Yes, Gerry... Ada."
Gerald: "Well, for the love of... Well, I'll be... Ada! You.. You've changed a little bit..."
Ada: "You haven't changed much."

MARCH 24, 1970 (EP. #1460)
Mary worried Russ was upset because he knew about the baby, but Jim jumped in before she could spill the beans to Russ, and explained about Rachel and the apartment. Jim insisted they had to perpetuate the lie for the baby's sake when Mary ranted about Rachel. Jim became worried at the thought that Rachel might somehow come between him and Mary. Ada told Ernie she's not going to tell Rachel about Gerald, not after what he told her about himself. Susan laid into Liz for snooping and asking Mary about Russ and the apartment. Susan was stricken when Liz felt her marriage had been doomed from the start as she and Fred are simply not compatible. Russ wandered around her living room and spoke to Alice as she changed in the bedroom. Alice blazed with the apartment news, but he tried to be light-hearted if it killed him. She had resolved to tell him about the baby when Chris came in.

Announcer: "Join us each weekday at this time for the continuing story of ANOTHER WORLD in Bay City, and beginning next Monday, March 30, one half hour from now on most of these stations, be sure to watch the new story of ANOTHER WORLD in Someset."

MARCH 25, 1970 (EP. #1461)
Rachel was pleased when Russ admitted it would cost a small fortune to break the lease. He laid down the new ground rules: she's to be removed as trustee to Jamie's account and will have to account for every cent she spends. She agreed when he threatened to walk out if she didn't. Walter was torn, unhappy, but tempted when Wayne instructed him to get Steve to buy his electronics company and get Sam to do the auditing. Pat encouraged Liz to go on with the fashion show. Liz felt that Sam and Lahoma leaving was the best thing that could happen to Missy. Missy assured Lenore and Walter she enjoyed visiting their house, where she used to live with Bill. Walter was very disturbed when he got a call that Wayne's warehouse was completely empty.

MARCH 26, 1970 (EP. #1462)
Walter asked Sam to audit Wayne's electronics parts firm and certified that he himself had already validated the inventory. Ada was pleased Rachel brought back a scarf from Houston, but was deflated to learn it was Russ's idea. Ada was disgusted when Rachel beamed she always gets what she wants. Jim tried to convince Alice they had no right to destroy Russ's marriage, as he was sure anyway that Jamie was Russ's child. He was unconvinced when she gloated being over Steve. Russ dropped in on Liz and Missy. Liz remembered Dan as the only man Susan ever went with whom she couldn't push around. She encouraged Russ to hire Susan as his technician. Dru and Peggy brought in an ice bucket with champagne for a farewell party, and they and John and Walter drank to Sam and Lahoma's fortune. Walter was the only one who looked unhappy as they toasted to friendship.

MARCH 27, 1970 (EP. #1463)
Since Steve was eager to cook up a good merger now that congress has defeated an anti-merger bill, Walter lied that Wayne's firm was a good possibility as he'd already inspected his warehouses. Sam interrupted Missy helping Lahoma pack with a phone call saying he's started work at Delaney Brands. Wayne admired Walter's guts in making up a story to Steve. Walter babbled somewhat idiotically when John poked his head in the room, and agonized when Wayne joined John in singing his praises. In the Delaney conference room, Sam's head whirled with the wheeling and dealing among Rafe, Jasper, Robert, India, and Rex. Jasper told Sam of his daughter Laura, whom Rex said was home sick. India smiled almost patronizingly at Sam's frazzled attempts to keep up. Afterwards, Sam phoned Lahoma and said he's not sure what he got himself into.

India: (Introduction Line) "If you all say so..."

Rex: (Introduction Line) (FROM ACROSS THE ROOM) "I don't say so."

Notes: First appearance of Ralph Clanton as Jasper Delaney. Appearances by Marie Wallace as India Bishop Delaney and Paul Sparer as Rex Cooper. All three characters appeared regularly on Somerset.

MARCH 30, 1970 (EP. #1464)
Walter was a bit sick when Steve announced Walter and Bernice will be working together on the new merger. Bernice assured Steve she wouldn't breathe a word about it to Wayne. Pat and John felt Sam and Lahoma would be able to make a fresh start in Somerset. Pat tried to distract his attention with Ricky when he worried about her appearing in the fashion show. Russ showed the apartment to Jim, who was helping him pay for it. Russ flipped when Jim found a delivery box from Bryant's partly hidden behind the door. Rachel explained it was a crib she'd ordered before Russ laid down his austerity budget. He felt it unbelievable she accused him of not being interested in the baby when he was the one who always wanted one. His attitude scared her when he didn't respond to her claims of doing everything she did in Jamie's name. With a great show of martyrdom she sat and sobbed on the couch, covertly watching to see if her tears will win him; but Russ just walked out of the room.

Notes: Last appearance of Jason Bernard as Ricky Matthews. AW was renamed Another World - Bay City. Added to show closing, "Join us each week day at this time for the continuing story of ANOTHER WORLD in Bay City, and one half hour from now over most of these stations, be sure to watch the new story of ANOTHER WORLD in Somerset."

MARCH 31, 1970 (EP. #1465)
Bernice worried that Steve would be suspicious if he saw Wayne, who had dropped by her office. Bernice told Wayne that Steve had warned her not to talk to Wayne about the electronics merger he was planning. Wayne boasted that he got Walter to vouch for him even though his parts company was phony. Walter had then lied to Sam and got him to do the actual auditing, and now Wayne gloated that Sam left town to live in Somerset. Bernice worried about losing her nerve now that she has to work with both Steve and Walter, but Wayne reassured her by pointing out that Walter has double-crossed Steve twice already, once on this deal and previously on the Fairview deal. Mary told Liz that Alice was now dating Chris. Mary adamantly denied the possibility when Liz felt that Alice still loved Steve despite that they had broken their engagement. Liz told Mary she won't shed any tears if Lahoma doesn't return to Bay City as planned to model in their fashion show. Liz worried that Lahoma latched onto Missy because Missy was a wealthy woman now. Liz stunned Mary when she said she gave Rachel the money to finance her and Russ's new apartment, after Rachel came to her and told her Dru and others were making contributions to the baby's trust fund. Lenore showed off her new synthetic wiglet to Walter, but she got exasperated with him when he implored her to buy the more expensive one at the store. She said it was good enough, and just wanted something different to wear to the fashion show. Walter pooh-poohed Lenore's concern for the money he lost betting on the horses during their trip to Jamaica. Walter bristled when Lenore said she wants to invite Steve and Bernice over for dinner. Jim, Mary, Alice, and Chris broke bread. Jim boasted that Russ would soon go into private practice and share a clinic with Dan. Chris worried that Jim disapproved of him and his employment status. Chris proposed to Alice, who refused to take him seriously.

APRIL 1, 1970 (EP. #1466)
Ada told Ernie she wasn't sure if she should tell Rachel about her father since she'd be upset to learn he gave everything to his other daughter. She also confided she's worried about the state of Rachel's marriage. In Somerset, Gerald revealed to his daughter Pammy that he had been married to a woman named Ada Lucas, but that he was too young and they got a divorce after a couple years. Pammy wasn't pleased to hear she has a sister, whom Gerald hasn't seen since she was two, and was unconvinced when he assured her he loved only her, not Rachel. Susan and Fred reconciled, and she assured him things would be different. Susan confessed to Fred that Liz made her furious by suggesting that they were all wrong for each other and should never have gotten married. Susan was stunned when Russ brought Dan over, a man she hadn't seen in years. Dan told Susan he got tired of space medicine at NASA in Houston so he and Russ decided to team up together and go into private practice. Susan told Russ she had held a torch for Dan, who shared some great times with Susan in high school and college, but finally wandered off to other pastures after graduation. Russ and Dan tried to coax Susan into joining their clinic as a lab technician. Dru and Peggy hoped Sam's new life in Somerset worked out for him, even though they missed him at the office. Chris, Sam's replacement, told Dru he wouldn't take "no" for an answer from Alice.

Susan: "Who..." (AS DAN APPEARS) "Dan Shearer!..."
Dan: "Hi, Susan. Well, if there was ever a time to say long time no see..."

Notes: Crossed-out dialogue, but likely integrated into future scripts, Dan's reference to ex-wife Edith Walters, whom he divorced in 1965. First appearance of Pamela Toll as Pammy Davis.

APRIL 2, 1970 (EP. #1467)
Pat asked Alice if she'd noticed that Mary and Jim acted uncomfortable around Jamie, despite that he was their first grandchild. Alice reassured Pat the family won't feel the same way about Pat's baby when it was born. Ada told Dru, who had been helping Rachel try to find her father, that Sam ran into Gerald in Somerset. Dru advised Ada to tell Rachel the truth about Gerald. Liz told Susan she resented the way Lahoma and Sam monopolized Missy. Walter accused Wayne of planting Bernice in Steve's office. Wayne and Jasper hid their mutual recognition when John introduced them.

APRIL 3, 1970 (EP. #1468)
Luella introduced Liz as mistress of ceremonies. Liz emceed a grand fashion show, which featured as models Rachel, Lenore, Pat, Peggy, Lahoma, Susan, and Alice. Lenore told Rachel she wished Walter would give her a baby. Wayne panicked to Bernice that Jasper may blow the whistle on him as having conned money out of Robert three years ago. Pat looked "a bit strained and faltering" when it was her turn down the runway. Lahoma told Pat about life in Somerset, then bit her tongue when she compared India Delaney to Liz. Alice's dressing-down of Rachel was interrupted by Pat collapsing on the runway. Liz let Lahoma know that Missy will be staying put in Bay City.

APRIL 6, 1970 (EP. #1469)
Pat told John it was likely her anxiety over Sam's new job and the health of her baby that made her faint. Ada told Ernie she hasn't gotten around to talking to Rachel about her father yet. Russ asked Dru to draw up the partnership agreement between him and Dan and to handle the purchase of the clinic. Dru thought it a good idea that Susan might be joining them since she wasn't keen on the Social Club scene. Missy told Liz she feels uneasy that she and Ricky live with her when she's making plans to marry Wayne. Missy said that Peter Delaney, Jasper's youngest son, helped convince her to move to Somerset.

APRIL 7, 1970 (EP. #1470)
Mary thought it was an understatement when Pat thought Rachel was a strange girl who did some pretty odd things. When John visited Sam at his office in Somerset, Sam told him he was perplexed by some discrepancies in the DB financial records. Liz fumed to Susan that Missy wants to cut and run to Somerset, but Susan said the best way to honor Bill's memory was to let Missy do what she wants. Liz enjoyed the rise it got out of Susan when Rachel commented on how attractive Dan is. Russ was unshakable when Rachel pouted about not having bought any new clothes recently. Rachel was "rocked" but hid her feelings when Russ said he won't be bringing in much more money despite going into private practice.

APRIL 8, 1970 (EP. #1471)
Bernice was upset when Steve told her he was going to a meeting in Somerset with Jasper. Bernice told Walter that the money Robert gave Wayne was company money he didn't have permission to use. Walter pressed the panic button when he realized Jasper might tell Steve what he knows about Wayne. Mary wasn't impressed when Liz said Missy would lose her social status if Liz wasn't in her life. Liz beamed but Mary was puzzled that Wayne was pushing Liz for a quickie wedding. Russ told Alice that Rachel will be in deep trouble if she tries any more stunts, and confided he was unsure that Rachel really loved him. Ada was aghast when Rachel told her she'd used Jamie's trust fund to buy their new apartment.

Liz: "Sam and Lahoma Lucas. Now there are two nobodys for you."

Russ: "You've never liked Rachel, have you?"
Alice: "No. Never. Not at the beginning, and not now. Most especially not now."

Russ: (About Jamie) "I can't even begin to tell you how much he means to me."

APRIL 9, 1970 (EP. #1472)
Mary and Jim were terrified Dru had come by to talk to them about Rachel and Steve, but he only revealed that Gerald had been found. Missy exploded at Liz for visiting her in Somerset and saying she was forgetting about Bill. On his way back from Laurel Hollow, Ernie dropped by to see Sam and Lahoma, who are having a tough time settling in. Ernie nixed going to the Riverboat as he didn't want to bump into Gerald. Alice admitted to Chris she sometimes thinks of Steve. She gave him a "maybe" to his proposal.

Dru: (About Gerald) "Well, he didn't even remember Rachel's name."

Notes: Last appearance of Ann Wedgeworth as Lahoma Vane Lucas.

APRIL 10, 1970 (EP. #1473)
Wayne told Walter not to burst a blood vessel over Steve's meeting with Jasper. Wayne revealed he had sold Robert an invention for a food preservative he'd stolen from someone else, and that Jasper knows company money was used illegally to close the deal, which went bust. Russ told Mary and Jim that the hospital okayed affiliation for him and Dan. Jim prevented Mary from even hinting to Russ about Rachel and Steve, but were both miserable when he gushed about his love for Jamie. Steve and Jasper renewed old ties. Just as Jasper was about to warn Steve about Wayne, he got a phone call from Wayne threatening to reveal Robert's illegal fiscal activities to the company's stockholders. Lenore teased Walter about being Mr. Grumps when he was less than enthusiastic about upcoming dinners with Bernice and Steve, and Liz and Wayne. A beam glanced off Steve's hard hat during a visit to the Riverview construction site and he crumpled to the ground.

Wayne: "Really, Walter, you have so little faith in me."

APRIL 13, 1970 (EP. #1474)
Russ broke the news to Alice that the emergency patient was Steve. Russ diagnosed Steve's skull fracture as a possible intercranial hemorrhage, then felt guilty that Alice was there, but she insisted on remaining despite feeling agonized for Steve. Russ assisted Dr. Cameron who performed brain surgery on Steve. Alice told Wayne and Bernice that even if Steve pulled through there was no telling what the results might be. Walter hated himself for asking Alice if Steve had been conscious enough to say anything about what he'd done that day. Chris arrived to take an exhausted Alice back to her apartment after Dr. Cameron told her they'd stopped the intercranial bleeding and removed the clot.

APRIL 14, 1970 (EP. #1475)
Chris was skeptical when Alice insisted she didn't love Steve anymore. Alice began to weep Steve's name after Chris left, while Steve whispered Alice's name from his hospital room. Rachel tried to cover how upset she was when Russ told her about Steve. Wayne told Bernice they have Jasper under their thumb now that his firm has gone public and he has to answer to stockholders. Steve drifted in and out of consciousness when the doctors were examining him. Steve woke up to find Alice ministering to him, and stunned her by asking why she wasn't wearing her diamond engagement ring.

Bernice: "You are a rascal."
Wayne: "I try to be."

Alice: "And do you know who I am?"
Steve: "Of course... Alice."
Alice: (NOW REALLY HOPEFUL) "Alice who?"
Steve: "Only one Alice... My Alice... my darling."

APRIL 15, 1970 (EP. #1476)
Russ told Alice the blow to Steve's head must have blotted out the memory of something he wanted to forget. Alice wouldn't be talked out of helping Steve when Russ said it would speed Steve's recovery if Alice played along with Steve's fantasies. Alice was tormented when Steve made her promise she'd never leave him. Liz was putty in Wayne's hands when he poured on the charm. He insisted it wasn't too soon after Bill's death for them to marry, and could barely control his frustration when Liz postponed their wedding for a few weeks. Rachel seethed silently when Russ let Lenore go take a peek at Steve. Alice wept on Dru's shoulder about having to make excuses to Steve about not wearing his ring and other things, but confessed she wasn't pretending when she told Steve she loved him.

APRIL 16, 1970 (EP. #1477)
John told Pat not to waste her sympathy on Rachel when Pat wondered what Jim and Mary had against her. Russ told Mary and Jim that it's obvious Alice still loves Steve from the way she's been acting since his accident. Jim put a restraining hand on Mary's arm when Russ wondered why Alice had ever broken off the engagement. Alice had to fend off Steve's busy hands. When Steve asked her what kind of house she wanted him to build her, she rambled on about an old-fashioned house with a stone fireplace. Ada told Ernie it would be a miracle if Rachel got along with Pammy. Rachel dropped Jamie off at Ada's and said she's going to visit Sam and Lahoma in Somerset.

APRIL 17, 1970 (EP. #1478)
Walter stewed that he was in over his neck with Wayne. Mary and Jim put on their smiling faces when Ada brought Jamie for a visit. Mary laid into Ada about how difficult the current Steve/Alice situation was for Alice. Fred told Susan he wouldn't object to her working since he knew that being a full-time housewife hasn't satisfied her completely. Susan said she could have the best of both worlds if she worked only part-time for Russ and Dan. Walter went to see Steve and was relieved Steve can't remember anything that happened since last summer.

Steve: "You really are a good friend, Walter."
Walter: "Well, I hope I am."

APRIL 20, 1970 (EP. #1479)
Ernie told Rachel about his phone call from Lahoma. In Somerset, Rachel and Pammy had run into each other in a coffee shop. Though neither knew who the other was, Rachel had gotten a feeling she'd seen her somewhere before. Ernie told Ada she was borrowing trouble by worrying that Steve's memory lapse will result in making it public knowledge that Steve is Jamie's father. Fred encouraged Susan to take the job offer after assuring her their home life wouldn't suffer. John told Peggy and Chris they shouldn't be spending so much time at the office. Alice canceled her dinner date with Chris claiming exhaustion. A despairing Alice told Muriel that Steve was making honeymoon plans today.

APRIL 21, 1970 (EP. #1480)
Ada told Rachel she'd better hang onto to Russ or she'll end up with nothing, and she warned her to stay away from Steve. Walter was apprehensive when John mentioned that Sam said Jasper was making inquiries about Wayne. Liz insisted that she loved Wayne when Jim and Mary suggested she might be having second thoughts about marrying him. She also said she's going to tell Missy she insists she return to Bay City. Jim and Mary tried to stop Liz from taking any action when they told her about Steve's memory lapse. Pat enjoyed letting John pamper her because she was pregnant, then both were overcome with joy when the baby moved for the first time.

Rachel: (To Ada about Russ) "I'm sick and tired of having to fawn over him day and night! When all the time all I can think about is Steve! I should be married to Steve!"

Pat: "Do you know what I want? I want a girl baby. Of course, a boy would be lovely, too."

APRIL 22, 1970 (EP. #1481)
Rachel got upset with Steve for "playing games" when she dropped by to see him. She couldn't figure out what was going on when Alice came in and Steve acted like they were still engaged. Alice took Rachel by the arm and forcibly removed her from the room when Rachel started to protest. Alice threatened to tell Russ everything if Rachel didn't stay away from Steve. Wayne invited Bernice to be present when he met with a DB stockholder. Wayne advised Earl Bigsby to investigate more fully the company's affairs of three years ago. Liz wasn't happy when Missy told her she's moved into Sam and Lahoma's new house. Missy tried to reassure Liz she wasn't deserting her. Russ complained bitterly to Rachel that they don't share a common idea of marriage. When Russ started to say he thought Rachel married him for his money, Rachel begged him to try harder for Jamie's sake, and he relented.

Steve: "What about... the game about the baby? 'Steve, sweetheart, it's your baby, your child.'"
Rachel: "But Steve, that's not a game."

Alice: (To Rachel) "Steve is not to be upset. Now I said go!"

Liz: "I've never felt as close to Susan as I have to you, Melissa. Never."

Missy: (To Liz) "At any rate, Mother, I'm going to get a house in Somerset, and I'm going to stay there."

APRIL 23, 1970 (EP. #1482)
Russ told Alice that even though his marriage is in trouble, he'll stick it out for the baby's sake. Wayne didn't give a hoot when Walter said he's been miserable having to lie to someone like John who trusts him implicitly. Peggy told Dru she received a letter from Lahoma that she's afraid the people Sam works with will discover he has a criminal record. Dru told Peggy she'd still be able to work part-time for him if she resumed college. Rachel told Ada she intends to hold onto to Russ since Steve won't admit the baby was his and she has no one else to turn to.

Walter: "You know, Wayne, my life was fine, until I met you, now..."

APRIL 24, 1970 (EP. #1483)
Steve asked Alice who Chris was when a nurse told Alice she had a call from him. Steve struggled with his memory, and wondered why Somerset nagged at him when Alice told him Sam had moved there. Lenore and Pat dropped in to see Walter and John at the office after spending the day shopping for maternity clothes at Bryant's. The foursome made plans to go to Tallboys for dinner. Lenore said she'd received a letter from her mother about moving back to Bay City from Florida. Liz bristled when Fred said marriage was a serious step for someone her age, and pointed out he was older than she was and old enough to be Susan's father. Fred admitted he and Susan had marriage problems in the beginning because Susan didn't have enough to do, but insisted it was a very good marriage. Alice tried to assure an upset Chris that things would go back to normal after Steve's memory returned.

APRIL 27, 1970 (EP. #1484)
Steve couldn't understand his memory of having his picture taken with Mary. Ada told Ernie that Rachel was probably too scared of Russ's warning to go trotting off to the hospital to see Steve. Mary and Jim warned Alice that Liz might cause trouble for her. Susan insisted Liz must have twisted Fred's words until it seemed he was saying they had marriage trouble. Steve confided to Russ that he feels like he's losing Alice forever every time she walks out the door. Russ told Alice he thinks a memory breakthrough is imminent.

Alice: "Dad, I'm not pretending. Everything I tell him is true. I love him. I love him more than anything."

APRIL 28, 1970 (EP. #1485)
Walter made an appointment with Jasper when Bernice pointed out it would look perfectly innocent if Walter pumped him for info under the guise of Steve's lawyer. Rachel was resentful when she overheard Walter phone Lenore that they will be driving to Somerset for dinner. Since Lenore was an artist, Rachel asked her to draw a picture of Jamie that Russ could hang in his office. Fred had to nod his head unhappily when Steve rambled about how he and Alice were going to live happily ever after. During dinner at the Riverboat, Jasper asked Walter and Lenore if the woman Wayne was marrying was rich. Lenore noticed the words "Gerald Davis, prop." on the back of the restaurant matchbook.

Rachel: "Jamie is just fine. He's the cutest, smartest little boy you ever saw in your life. And I'm not saying that just because I'm his mother."

APRIL 29, 1970 (EP. #1486)
Steve told Alice to ask his secretary, Miss Burrell, to bring a suitcase full of clothes to him in anticipation of his release from the hospital. Rafe arrived to meet with John and Dru and they discussed Sam and Wayne. Rafe revealed that Robert wasn't such an astute businessman, but that Jasper had settled for him when the smart son, Peter, became a school teacher. Pat evaded the question when Liz wanted to know why Alice broke off her engagement to Steve, so Liz went on to complain about Missy. Susan told Fred she didn't like the idea of him discussing their marriage with her mother. He was able to smooth things over, but the two of them avoided any harsh scrutiny of their marriage. Fred and Susan visited Steve in hopes that seeing them married would jog his memory. Alice helped Steve unpack his suitcase and he came across a small jewelry box containing Alice's engagement ring, which she'd returned to him. His memory flooded back and, totally crushed, he buried his head in a pillow.

Steve: "Oh my god... I remember now."

APRIL 30, 1970 (EP. #1487)
Steve apologized to Alice for what he must have been putting her through, but pointed out that he never forgot his love for her. Alice said she would make good on her promise to visit Steve at home on her nights off and take care of him. Mary told Liz she was only thinking of herself by insisting that Missy move back to Bay City. Rachel was on her best behavior when she helped Russ and Dan move into their new offices. Alice arrived and told them Steve's memory had returned. Rachel got restless waiting for Lenore to finish her sketch of Jamie. She went into shock when Lenore innocently gave her the Riverboat matchbook with Gerald's name in it.

MAY 1, 1970 (EP. #1488)
Lenore told Rachel not to jump to conclusions that Ada had been keeping the truth of Gerald's presence in Somerset from her. Rachel declared that Russ wouldn't care if she missed the open house at his clinic to go to Somerset that night. Alice called it an affair, but Steve called it a one-night thing with Rachel that he'd give anything not to have done. Steve believed the only reason Rachel wants him to believe the baby is his is because he's rich. Russ wasn't exactly understanding but relented when Rachel told him how important it was she see her father. Dan told Dru his mother wasn't well enough to make the trip in from Sun City. Jim and Mary noticed that Pat looked tired when she and John arrived at the open house. Russ agreed when Dru said Rachel was in for a shock when she learned about her half-sister.

Steve: (To Alice about Rachel) "Like her? I never did like her. I felt sorry for her for a while. But now, after what she did to me, I could wring her neck!"

MAY 4, 1970 (EP. #1489)
Ada was sure it was already too late when Ernie and Russ thought about calling all the hotels in Somerset to track Rachel down. Mary and Jim toasted their milk glasses to Russ when Jim was feeling his oats over how he'd raised a boy like that. Mary felt Rachel's absence at the open house had been an indication of how little Russ means to her. Jim was unyielding when Mary suggested a blood test to determine if Jamie really was Russ's. Wayne said it was time for a meeting between him and Jasper when Walter told him Rafe had been inquiring about Wayne's marriage plans with Liz. Rachel ran into Pammy at the Riverboat, where "the two girls stud(ied) each other with an almost unabashed curiosity." Pammy told Rachel she was engaged to Tony Cooper, and Rachel bragged she was married to a doctor. Rachel was stricken when she was about to introduce herself to Gerald and Pammy took his arm possessively and called him "Pops."

Ada: "Gerry's a very strange man."

Mary: "Why, James Matthews, at last the rogue's coming out in you."
Jim: "Oh, it's there all the time, I just let it out on special occasions."

Pammy: "I've never really felt the urge, the need you might say, to visit Bay Town."
Rachel: "Bay City."
Pammy: "Bay City, excuse me."

Gerald: "Are you the young lady who was asking for me?"
Rachel: (BREATHLESS WITH EXCITEMENT) "Are you... are you... Gerald Davis?"
Gerald: "Yes. Can I help you?"

MAY 5, 1970 (EP. #1490)
Rachel and Pammy "barely nod(ded) at each other" when Gerald awkwardly introduced them as half-sisters. Her spoiled nature revealing itself, Pammy kept interfering in the conversation, so Gerald arranged to meet Rachel later that afternoon. Ada took Ernie's advice to phone Sam and ask him to send out the bloodhounds for Rachel. Gerald tried to muster some enthusiasm when Rachel showed him a snapshot of Jamie. He was at a loss for words when Rachel told him she'd given Jamie the middle name "Gerald" in his honor. Gerald tried to explain that he'd been "on the bum" when she was little, that he'd married his second wife, Marsha, then divorced her. An employee kept interrupting them so many times that Gerald finally brought their meeting to a halt. He hesitatingly kissed Rachel goodbye on the cheek. Steve insisted that Alice didn't love Chris and would never accept his marriage proposal.

Rachel: "I'm your daughter."
Gerald: (REALLY FLOORED) "You... You're..."
Rachel: "I'm Rachel."

Gerald: "Rachel... I'm sorry about... you know, about not having looked you up... all these years. I meant to, but..."
Rachel: "Why didn't you?"
Gerald: "Well... you know."

Notes: Last appearance of Pamela Toll as Pammy Davis.

MAY 6, 1970 (EP. #1491)
Peggy happily told John she'd been accepted into the summer school session of law school. John decided to take Peggy with him on his business trip to Somerset when she told him how much she missed Sam and Lahoma. Liz told Jim and Mary she doubts Missy has been grieving for Bill at all since she'd been spending so much time with Peter. Jasper told Robert they have to find a way to prevent Wayne from marrying Liz as an act of chivalry, but he worried it put his embezzlement in danger of being revealed. Bernice was relieved when Steve said he's not firing her, only transferring her to the Fairview project.

Jim: (To Liz about Mary) "She's a tyrant."

Liz: (About Bill's death) "Oh, my poor son, my poor son."

MAY 7, 1970 (EP. #1492)
Pat and John were frightened when Pat had a severe cramp. Russ and Dan sweated when no clients showed up on the opening day of the clinic. They flipped a coin to see who would answer the door when the bell rang, but it was only Dru to drop off their legal papers. Russ and Dan pounced on him when they noticed a bandage on his finger. Dru got worried when they talked about edemas and tetanus, but caught on to the joke. Dru wouldn't hear of it when Peggy and Chris joked about going into practice together. Ernie told Russ Ada was taking a bus to Somerset. Rachel phoned Russ and lied that everything went wonderfully with her father.

MAY 8, 1970 (EP. #1493)
Liz told Pat that since Missy seemed to be getting on with her life, there was no reason she shouldn't get on with her own and marry Wayne. Jasper told Wayne he could live with Wayne fooling Robert, but he couldn't stand by and let him victimize a helpless, trusting woman. Wayne was only too happy to cancel his marriage plans when Jasper said Robert was willing to risk prison to keep Wayne from marrying Liz. Steve thought Alice might be jealous when he commented that Bernice changed his view of women in business. Alice was anguished when she tried to tell Steve there was no hope for them anymore. Ada arrived at Rachel's hotel room to explain why she'd been afraid to tell Rachel about Gerald, but Rachel was adamant that things were going swimmingly between her and Gerald.

Wayne: (To himself) "Well, well. So I can't marry Liz. Now isn't that too bad?" (HE LAUGHS)

Ada: "Don't try and kid me, Rachel. Don't you think I know Gerald Davis? You don't mean a thing to him."

Notes: Last appearance of Ralph Clanton as Jasper Delaney.

MAY 11, 1970 (EP. #1494)
Bernice warned Wayne about a woman scorned when he gleefully told her he no longer needs to marry Liz as insurance in case his con of Steve falls through. Rachel told Gerald about growing up without a father, and he got uncomfortable when she said she'd idolized her fantasy of him. Gerald leveled with Rachel that he was a heel, the lowest thing you can be. Rachel was disappointed with the fatherly advice she sought, that she talk things over with Russ. Rachel was flabbergasted at the presents Gerald gave her: some perfume, cheap Scotch for Russ, lobster bibs for Jamie, and a couple of Riverboat ashtrays thrown in for good measure. Jim was interested to see the "unmentionables" Liz and Mary had bought for Liz's trousseau. An ecstatic and misty-eyed Liz asked Jim to give her away at the wedding. Gerald tried to placate Ada when she arrived to ream him out for disappointing Rachel, and to blame him for the way Rachel turned out.

Rachel: "...uh... well... You know, I don't even know what to call you. I've always thought of you as... as "Daddy," and... should I call you that, or should I call you... 'Pops'...?"
Gerald: "Uh... uh. Why not call me Gerry. That's what everyone else does."
Rachel: (REBUFFED) "Oh... Okay."

Ada: "Your daughter is a liar, a cheat, and you can even call her a thief."
Gerald: "You kidding?"
Ada: "I wish I were."

Notes: Last appearance of Walter Mathews as Gerald Davis (1970).

MAY 12, 1970 (EP. #1495)
Dru kicked Jim's butt at checkers. Dru sensed something was wrong with Rachel when she dropped by to pick up Jamie. Liz was deflated when Wayne said his business concerns necessitated a postponement of any wedding plans. Lenore and Pat wondered why Alice had broken off her engagement. Lenore asked John if he knew why Walter was so moody and edgy lately. Rachel told Russ she blames Pammy for her father's indifference, but finally broke down sobbing in his arms.

Rachel: "Junk! It's all junk! My father loves me so much he gives me junk!" (TURNS INTO RUSS'S ARMS, SOBBING) "My father doesn't love me! He doesn't love me!"

MAY 13, 1970 (EP. #1496)
Walter lied that he had mailed a check to remedy his account being overdrawn when Mr. O'Malley called him. Walter tersely told Wayne that his debts are none of his business and suggested that he discuss the merger with Bernice. Wayne informed Walter that Jasper promised to keep mum about him swindling Robert under the condition that he break his engagement to Liz. Walter grew dismayed when Wayne reminded him that he is responsible for ensuring that the merger is successful. Chris boasted to Alice that he is maintaining his grades and that John, Dru, and Walter are pleased with his work for the firm. Alice admitted to Chris that she still loves Steve, but insisted that she she has become fond of him. Chris kindly offered friendship to Alice while she figures things out. Alice fretted to Chris that her significant conflicts with Steve may be too much for her to handle and burst into tears. Bernice told Fred that she is motivated by a genuine interest in her job and the desire to impress Steve by working hard. Fred complimented Bernice for being an efficient, conscientious person and offered his and Walter's assistance while she is in Fairview. Bernice noted the irony as Fred predicted that the Fairview project was the beginning of her career. Wayne ordered Bernice to keep him abreast on her progress. Bernice taunted Wayne by emphasizing that his trip to Washington is a short-term solution to stalling Liz. Lenore told Walter that Helen plans to sell her house in Florida and return to Bay City. Walter suggested to Lenore that they have a house built for Helen on an empty lot that is close to them, but rebuffed Lenore's offer to use her inheritance to finance the construction of it.

Notes: Following this episode, the character of Bernice Robinson was absent from May 14 - September 11, 1970 due to Janis Young being on maternity leave.

MAY 14, 1970 (EP. #1497)
Liz became evasive when Mary surmised that she was busy with wedding plans and asked whether she and Wayne had set a date. Liz informed Mary that they temporarily delayed their wedding because Wayne is uncertain of his schedule while he handles a business deal in Washington. Mary assured Liz that she would candidly voice her opinion should she suspect that Wayne was backing out of the marriage, prompting Liz to apologize for taking her frustrations out on her. Liz echoed Mary's belief that marrying Wayne is an important decision and cheerfully joked that Wayne might decide that they should elope, which made Mary feel dubious. Ada told Ernie that she could have prevented Rachel's heartbreak over Gerald's coldness towards her by confessing that she saw him in Somerset. Ernie theorized to Ada that meeting Gerald may force Rachel to pay attention to her marriage. Ada told Ernie that she fears Alice's hatred towards Rachel may drive her to expose Rachel's deception and ruin her marriage to Russ, but Ernie contended that Alice would not want to hurt Russ and believes that Jamie is his son. Dru got Chris to admit that he has been depressed lately. Chris somberly told Dru and Peggy that he has no chance with Alice and hypothesized that she and Steve will get engaged soon. Lenore told Steve that she is astonished by Walter's generosity in wanting to finance the building of a house for Helen near them. Steve confessed to Lenore that he is struggling to come to grips with hurting Alice while he had amnesia and still loves Alice deeply. Lenore was puzzled as Steve bemoaned that a reconciliation with Alice is impossible because of a mistake he made months ago.

MAY 15, 1970 (EP. #1498)
Walter was disconcerted and complained of having a headache when Lenore mentioned his proposition for Helen to Steve. Lenore retrieved aspirin for Walter while Steve blamed himself for causing Walter to obsess over money. Walter became guilt-ridden as Steve praised him for being his best friend, taking the reins at Frame Enterprises, and working on the merger with Wayne during his absence. Steve told Walter and Lenore that he put Bernice in charge of the Fairview project because she has become indispensible to him. Walter was immediately contrite after exploding at Steve for harping on business affairs, but fibbed that he was irritable because of his headache. Walter and Lenore grew sympathetic when Steve mused that he never wants to live without Alice. Susan told Dan that she likes her job at the clinic because it keeps her from wallowing in self-pity and motivates her to do housework, which should improve her marriage to Fred. Dan and Susan discussed daily routines that make them feel like adults. Susan was appreciative towards Dan, who opined that she is her own person aside from being Fred's wife and Liz's daughter. John told Pat that he is concerned because Walter has been edgy and moody lately. John and Pat beamed while talking about the life they will have with the baby. Steve professed his love to Alice, who grew anxious to leave when he asked to discuss the issues between them. Alice told Steve that she has forgiven him for having a dalliance with Rachel, but cannot forget that Russ would be devastated should he ever discover it. Steve implored Alice to believe that Jamie is Russ's son. Alice sobbed in Steve's arms over her and Russ's misfortune.

MAY 18, 1970 (EP. #1499)
Rachel talked to Ada about caring for Jamie while acting as receptionist for the clinic since Susan went to Somerset with Fred. Russ eyed Rachel coldly and demanded that she get off the phone. Russ berated Rachel for tying up the phone lines by making personal calls and failing to complete her clerical duties at the front desk. Dan got annoyed and Russ was disgusted when Rachel forgot to obtain a phone number to return a call from a patient. Dan, Russ, and Chris discussed the pension and retirement plan that Dru drew up for the clinic's employees. Chris told Dan and Russ that he is unsure of his plans once he passes the bar exams. Russ sympathized with Chris, who professed his love for Alice and conceded that their potential future has been compromised because she still loves Steve. Russ told Chris that he does not know Alice's reasons for breaking her engagement and could not provide insight into Alice's remark that there is an insurmountable barrier between her and Steve. Walter griped to Wayne that their association is causing suspicion to be aroused and that Wayne's name has been mentioned in connection to him several times. Wayne was patronizing towards Walter having a guilty conscience over swindling Steve. Wayne feigned regret while telling Liz that he has to break their date because he is heading for Washington. Dru arrived at Liz's house with Martha Whitaker as his date. Liz got reacquainted with Martha, who had served on one of Liz's committees years ago and had returned to Bay City after the sudden death of her husband. Dru sung Wayne's praises to Martha. Liz disguised her insecurities as Martha wished her a happy life with Wayne.

Walter: "...Because every time I think about what I've done to help you swindle Steve - I feel sick."
Wayne: (COOL CONTEMPT) "I know, Walter. It's been fascinating to watch you struggle with your conscience. In the end you always come through for me, of course - or rather for yourself."

MAY 19, 1970 (EP. #1500)
Jim sensed that Alice was upset as she spoke of her evening with Steve. Alice bemoaned to Jim that she has qualms over marrying Steve despite being in love with him. Alice stressed to Jim that Steve and Rachel had a one-night stand, that Rachel threw herself at Steve, and that he never truly cared for Rachel. Jim told Alice that Russ would feel betrayed by her marriage to Steve should he discover his indiscretion with Rachel. Alice was anguished as she contemplated reuniting with Steve and keeping a secret from Russ. Dan and Susan fixed Rachel's inaccurate filing of medical records. Susan was miffed when Liz compared her unfavorably to Rachel since she is content with being a housewife. Russ informed Susan that Luella scheduled an appointment for Cindy Clark, who has been ill and has not seen a doctor because she does not have much money. Liz disbelieved Susan's claims that Missy is happily getting settled in Somerset. Russ understood once Susan confessed that Missy is grieving over Bill but made her promise not to tell Liz. Dan urged Susan to ignore Liz's acerbic remarks. Luella told Russ that Cindy volunteered at the Community Center until she got sick, works at Frazer Manufacturing, and financially supports her mother. Cindy told Russ that she has been experiencing a fever and severe headaches. Russ promised Cindy that he will contact her employer and provide her with superb medical care. Fred quickly backtracked after telling Liz that he recently spotted Wayne on Main Street. Susan aroused Fred's annoyance by speculating that Wayne may have doubts over marrying Liz for her fortune. Liz concealed her angst over Wayne from Fred and Susan.

Russ: (GOING TO THE DOOR AS LUELLA LEAVES) "Will you come in now, Miss Clark?"
Cindy: (Introduction Line) "Yes. Dr. Matthews."
Russ: "Please sit down. I understand your friends call you Cindy. Do you mind if I do?"
Cindy: (SHY, ANXIOUS) "No, not at all."

Notes. First appearance of Leonie Norton as Cynthia (Cindy) Clark. Cindy's age is revealed to be 22. Her father died in 1965. Cindy works in the typing pool at Frazer Manufacturing and lives with her mother at 12 Bennett Street.

MAY 20, 1970 (EP. #1501)
Jim was evasive when Mary asked for the reason that Alice went home before she could return from the library. Mary was disturbed once Jim confessed that Alice is considering marriage to Steve. Jim presented Alice's case for wanting to marry Steve to Mary, who acknowledged that Russ is devoted to Rachel and Jamie but feared that Russ would feel betrayed by the engagement. Mary begrudgingly realized that Jim was right to point out that she should not read into Rachel's conviction that Steve fathered Jamie because she has never accepted Rachel's word. Ernie brought air conditioners that he fixed for Russ and Dan to put in their offices. Russ told Ernie about Cindy's medical case and lamented that he was remiss for practically giving her a guarantee of results. Russ and Ernie expressed pity for Rachel because her dreams of finding a loving father in Gerald were dashed, but agreed that she must stop clinging to unrealistic hope. Ernie felt grieved as Russ asserted that Rachel must accept her life as a married woman and a young mother. Pat told Liz that she is following doctor's orders by staying in bed. Liz assured Pat that the wedding was postponed temporarily since Wayne had business to handle in Washington. Pat enthused over the idea that Steve and Alice may marry at the same time as Liz and Wayne. Rafe raved to John and Dru about Sam straightening out Delaney Brands' books and reorganizing its production lines. John told Rafe that he is sure that the various stockholders of Delaney Brands will be pleased. John, Dru, and Rafe congratulated Peggy on returning to law school. Rafe was miffed and John perplexed as they discussed Wayne and Liz's engagement.

MAY 21, 1970 (EP. #1502)
Russ advised Dan that he is struggling to diagnose Cindy, who suffers from a constant high fever accompanied by chills, headaches, and periodic back and leg pains. Dan and Russ probed Cindy for details on her symptoms. Cindy solemnly told Russ and Dan that she cannot afford medical tests and is often too tired to cook for herself once she gets home from work. Cindy was vaguely optimistic when Russ tried to assure her that she will be fine. John and Pat felt sure that Dr. Ramirez will have good news for them at her follow-up appointment. Pat conceded to John that she is distressed for Liz because Wayne has not set a wedding date due to his involvement in a business deal in Washington. John grew thoughtful after telling Pat that Rafe seems to share her worries about Wayne and Liz's engagement. John expressed certainty that Walter would know about Wayne's character flaws and shrugged off his own reservations. Susan took blood samples from Cindy for tests to be conducted. Cindy spoke to a sympathetic Susan about living in a small apartment with her mother, supporting the two of them, and being too tired to attend school or to socialize. Susan related to Cindy's complaints about being unable to please her mother, who is demanding and an alcoholic. Susan urged Cindy to have faith in Russ and Dan. Russ relented when Rachel complained that he is working long hours at the clinic and hardly spends time with her and Jamie. Rachel became bored when Russ tried to discuss Cindy's medical case with her. Rachel alleged that she is concerned about money to provide for the needs of the family, prompting Russ to retort that she impetuously rented an expensive place.

Pat: "...I've been feeling stronger and stronger. And the baby seems stronger too." (INDICATING TUMMY)
John: "Just wait, tomorrow Dr. Ramirez will tell you to get up and stay up."
Pat: "Maybe he'll say I need exercise."
John: "Yes, like jogging."
Pat: "Or skiing!"
John: "Or weight-lifting!" (THEY LAUGH AND EMRACE).

MAY 22, 1970 (EP. #1503)
Walter was perturbed that Wayne summoned him to his place. Wayne introduced Walter to Quincy Stoner, who will be his liaison since Wayne intends to be out of town in the future. Walter and Quincy felt enmity towards each other while Wayne stated that Walter was working with Bernice on the merger until she was assigned to the Fairview housing project. Walter informed Wayne and Quincy that Steve is returning to work part-time and anticipated that Steve will resume the merger. Wayne and Liz made dinner arrangements. Walter warned Wayne that Liz will become vindictive should he jilt her. Missy failed to quell Jim and Mary's concerns over her health by insisting that Sam, Lahoma, and her new friends in Somerset babysit for Ricky and fuss over her. Jim and Mary promised Missy that they would keep quiet about her frail appearance and troubles with eating and sleeping to preclude Liz from pressuring her into moving back to Bay City. Mary was noncommittal as Missy enthused about the possibility that Steve and Alice may reunite. Missy reflected to Jim and Mary that unconditional love is the best thing life has to offer and is a precious gift. Wayne evaded Liz's inquiry into his trip to Washington and showered her with affection and compliments to ease her discomfiture. Liz bought Wayne's lie that he needs to finish work with Quincy after they have dinner together. Steve was disappointed that Alice decided against continuing to check on him and cook his meals since he has recovered from his head injury. Alice told Steve that she has qualms about marrying him because his dalliance with Rachel would hurt Russ should he ever discover it. Steve and Alice agreed to start fresh.

Missy: "Itís the most wonderful thing that can happen to any two people... to love each other... completely. With no reservations at all. Openly... and honestly... and completely... the way Bill and I loved each other... If two people can do that... then theyíve got the best of everything. Theyíve got the best that life has to offer."
Mary: (GENTLY) "Thatís true."
Missy: "Even if it only happens once to a person... to love and be loved that way... still that person has had the most precious gift sheíll ever have... ever." (FADE OUT)

Notes: First appearance of Alan Manson as Quincy Stoner.

MAY 25, 1970 (EP. #1504)
Alice informed Jim and Mary that Steve is returning to work part-time. Mary was displeased once Alice revealed that she and Steve have resumed dating. Alice acknowledged Mary's fears that she will be hurt again and that Russ should be told about Steve and Rachel's tryst, but insisted that she is willing to take a risk because she and Steve love each other. Jim impressed upon Mary and Alice that Russ believes that Jamie is his son and wants to stay married to Rachel for the baby's sake. Mary begrudgingly agreed with Jim's assessment that Rachel is a devoted mother and that she may want to make her marriage to Russ work. Jim and Mary questioned whether Alice is thinking of marrying Steve. Susan told Liz that she is intrigued by Cindy, who is a new patient of Russ's and has a mysterious ailment that is difficult to diagnose. Liz warned Susan against developing latent qualities in Cindy by pointing out that she was unsuccessful with Lee, Fred, and redecorating her house. Liz boasted to Susan that she and Wayne enjoyed a superb dinner at the Top of the Tower. Susan was skeptical towards Liz's assertions that Wayne will set a wedding date once he has completed the business deal in Washington and that she has found true love with Wayne. Dan told Dru about Cindy's medical case. Dru squirmed as Dan hypothesized that Rachel must be a loving, understanding wife since Russ works many hours at the clinic. Susan accompanied a frightened and forlorn Cindy in to see Russ. Russ and Dan soothed Cindy's anxiety over checking into the hospital to have additional medical tests performed and hinted that they will help find her a new job should she be fired due to absences.

Susan: "Things are all right between you two, aren't they?"
Liz: "All right? Well of course they're all right."
Susan: "I just wondered."
Liz: "They're much better than all right. They're...things are wonderful between Wayne and me."
Susan: "I'm glad..."
Liz: "I don't suppose I've ever had such devotion in my entire life...from anyone. It's really been...quite a revelation to me...realizing what a woman's life can be like when a man truly loves her. I mean truly loves her."
Susan: "I know."

MAY 26, 1970 (EP. #1505)
Alice felt awkward when Russ asked whether she has been avoiding him. Russ was placated by Alice's explanation that they have not had a chance to talk because he has spent most of his hours at the clinic. Alice was amenable to Russ's requests that she be assigned to Cindy's medical case. Russ candidly told Alice that Chris believes that their romance is doomed because she still loves Steve, but the serious issues that caused Alice's broken engagement to Steve remain an obstacle for them. Alice concealed despondence as Russ stated that his marriage to Rachel is worthwhile because of Jamie. Liz told Mary that she cherishes Wayne more after they have time apart. Mary unwittingly aroused Liz's suspicions by mentioning that she impulsively accompanied Jim to Somerset to see Missy and maintained that she is well. Liz rationalized postponing her wedding plans to Mary by citing his business deal in Washington and allowing more time to pass since Bill's death. Jim, Mary, and Dru agreed that Dan and Russ are wise to implement a self-employed pension and retirement plan. Dru opined to Jim and Mary that he had hoped that Rachel would become a proper wife and mother now that Gerald has rejected her. Jim explained to a concerned Dru that Russ and Rachel's marriage is rocky, but reiterated faith that Russ will strive to make it work. Susan chided Cindy for calling herself a nuisance to Dan and Russ. Fred offered to contact Cindy's boss to discuss employee provisions for sick leave. Russ informed Cindy that her test results will be completed soon. Fred and Susan grew concerned when Russ lamented that he works overtime because his home life is lousy.

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Cindy mentions that her father died at Memorial Hospital when she was fifteen years old and that she has been taking care of her mother ever since. Cindy's boss is named Harry Frazer, who is the owner of Frazer Manufacturing. She became a proficient typist while attending high school.

MAY 27, 1970 (EP. #1506)
Ada agreed to babysit Jamie for Rachel, who presumed that she and Russ would be going to see a movie. Russ accused Rachel of ignoring his plans to return to the clinic. Rachel alleged to Russ that Ada is worried about the hours he has been working and wants Russ to take an evening off, which made Russ dubious over her claims. Russ upbraided Rachel for calling Cindy a charity case and proclaimed that he cares about patients whether they can pay for their medical expenses or not. Rachel grew resentful and afraid when Russ walked out on her without having dinner. Ada got Rachel to admit that she got into an argument with Russ because she wrongly assumed that Russ would change his mind about resuming work. Rachel hung up the phone on Ada rather than be lectured on her poor attitude towards Russ's job. Ernie tried to assuage Ada's woes over Russ and Rachel's fight. Ada ranted to Ernie about Rachel's idiotic actions and lamented to Ernie that Russ tolerates Rachel's nonsense because of Jamie. Ernie and Ada ruminated over the consequences should Russ discover that Steve may have fathered Jamie. Muriel understood Chris's desire to stick around the apartment in hopes that Alice would come home and be free during the evening. Chris advised Muriel that Alice has leveled with him about Steve and questioned whether she can resolve her issues with him. Alice told a disappointed Chris that she has dinner plans with Steve. Steve vowed that he would help Alice forget about his indiscretion with Rachel. Russ apologized for interrupting Steve and Alice's time together. Alice braced herself as Russ confided that he has had it with Rachel and their marriage.

MAY 28, 1970 (EP. #1507)
Russ told Alice that he and Rachel have frequent fights. Russ bemoaned to Alice that the only happiness he and Rachel have experienced took place when she was eager to have a baby. Alice was dumbfounded once Russ stated that Rachel was anxious to confirm her pregnancy after they had not been intimate for four months prior to Rachel leaving him the last time. Russ urged Alice not to compare her troubles with Steve to his marital woes and to overcome the obstacles that are keeping her from marrying Steve. Alice dissembled gratitude towards Russ's advice, then broke into sobs while she was alone. Lenore thanked Liz for assembling a committee to gather donations for the Community fund. Liz feigned modesty as Lenore joked that she effusively cited Wayne's virtues to Jasper. Wayne told a disappointed Liz that he came to return the compact she left in his car and could not stay because he has a business meeting to attend. Liz was baffled by Wayne's offer to give Lenore a ride back to her office. Walter cringed as Steve lavished praise on Bernice for her work on the Fairview project. Wayne gave Steve the updated figures that Sam calculated based on the audit that Walter performed on Wayne's warehouses. Walter ribbed Wayne for telling Steve that his electronics firm has special qualities that will benefit from an acquisition. Steve and Walter dashed Wayne's hopes that the merger had been approved. Alice stiffened when Steve gifted her a jeweled heart on a gold chain. Steve begged for forgiveness after he rashly assumed that Alice was about to end their romance. Steve was agonized as Alice recounted her talk with Russ and revealed that Steve is Jamie's father.

Production Note: The interaction during Act II in which Lenore accepted Wayne's offer to drive her back to the Community Fund was saved for replay to be used in future episode(s).

MAY 29, 1970 (EP. #1508)
Steve was horrified as Alice explained that Russ and Rachel had not been intimate for four months before she slept with Steve. Alice believed Steve, who asserted that he thought Rachel was deceiving him by passing Jamie off as his child. Steve laboriously recounted Rachel revealing her pregnancy to him and promised Alice that he assumed that Rachel had engineered a contrived plot to trap him into marriage. Steve and Alice marveled that Rachel could be vindictive enough to wreck their lives. Alice somberly told Steve that Russ is holding onto a marriage for a child he mistakenly thinks is his son. Rachel fondly watched Russ hold Jamie. Dru reminded Rachel that the clinic fulfills a dream of Russ's, that she must be patient with Russ's devotion to his work, and urged Rachel to be grateful for everything that she has in life. Rachel acquiesced to Dru's stances that she is disappointed in Gerald and that Russ is dedicated to treating Cindy. Russ was unmoved when Rachel repeated Dru's praise of him as her own opinions and went to bed after changing Jamie. Liz conceded to John and Pat's contention that Wayne may have forgotten about their dinner plans because he is inundated with business affairs. John voiced fears to Pat that Wayne may be losing interest in Liz. Liz made insinuations to a chagrined John and Pat that Lenore is starting to regret marrying Walter. Lenore told Walter that Wayne is not acting like an expectant groom by being off-handed about his and Liz's nuptials. Walter fumed when Lenore asked whether Wayne driving her to work caused his jealous tendencies to resurface. Steve was cagey towards discussing his issues with Alice to Walter and Lenore.

Steve: "Is it possible for one woman to be so jealous of another woman she'd wreck her own life?"
Alice: "I don't think Rachel was thinking about wrecking her own life."
Steve: "Only about wrecking yours...and mine."
Alice: "And now...there's Russ's life to think about."
Steve: "Yes."
Alice: "He's been trying to hold that marriage together, somehow...because of Jamie. If it weren't for that baby, he'd have left Rachel a long time ago. Instead, he's gone on living with her -- for the sake of his son...who turns out not to be his at all."

JUNE 1, 1970 (EP. #1509)
Cindy was crestfallen that Russ and Dan have yet to diagnose her ailment. Alice hurried out of the hospital room in response to Russ's jests to Cindy that he intruded on Alice's date with the best looking and most eligible bachelor in town. Russ guessed rightly that Alice is having problems with Steve that stem from the circumstances behind breaking her engagement, but abided by Alice's request not to pressure her into divulging details on the situation. Cindy provided Russ with a potential lead by recalling that she used to babysit for the Simpsons, who drove to Mexico while on vacation before she started getting sick. Rachel griped to Ada that she is tired of receiving lectures from everyone on Russ's clinic and their marriage. Ada chastised Rachel for holding onto dreams that Gerald will love her, provide her with financial support, and solve her troubles instead of focusing on her marriage to Russ. Rachel arrogantly told an incredulous Ada that she is not worried because Steve and Alice believe that Jamie is Russ's son. A miserable Alice asked to speak with Jim and Mary about a serious matter. Cindy ruefully told Luella that her mother will not visit her because she does not want to be made responsible for her medical bills. Luella advised Cindy that the Church Social Service organization will take care of the expenses that are not covered by her job. Luella was delighted that Susan has befriended Cindy and wishes to help her make a better life for herself. Alice told Jim and Mary the ways in which she deduced that Steve had fathered Jamie. Jim, Mary, and Alice swore that Russ must be told the truth. Jim left an urgent phone message with Rachel to have Russ contact him.

JUNE 2, 1970 (EP. #1510)
Jim and Mary acknowledged that neither of them slept well because Alice has been in shock ever since she talked with Russ. Jim lamented to Mary that he dreads telling Russ the truth. Jim and Mary agreed that Rachel's infidelity would be a significant blow to any man, but the situation is worse because Russ will know that Jamie is not his child. Jim told Mary that he wishes Steve had accepted Jamie's paternity and married Rachel to spare the family from her vindictive, devious ways. Mary defended Steve to Jim by stating that Steve's refusal in believing that he fathered Jamie was justified since Rachel distorts the truth. Jim acted unassuming when Russ asked for the reason for his message. Russ was intrigued once Jim insisted that he stop by the house rather than talk over the phone. Dru and John shared Pat's bewilderment over Mary abruptly cancelling dinner plans with them. Pat complained to Dru and John that Liz suggested that Lenore has grown disenchanted with her marriage to Walter. John recalled that Lenore inquired into whether Walter's work has suffered because he has been moody and edgy lately. Dru, John, and Pat denounced Liz for making speculations and stirring up trouble. Peggy was contrite upon realizing that Chris was too depressed to be ribbed about being ambitious and aggressive. Chris helplessly told Peggy that he cannot get a date with Alice, that she is seeing Steve, and that she has been avoiding everyone's phone calls. Dr. Karen MacMillan told Dr. Taylor that she is struggling to prove that Cindy has murine typhus so that she can begin treatment. Mary cradled Jim in her arms after agreeing that he should speak with Russ alone.

Production Note: A hand-written note from Executive Producer, Lyle B. Hill instructing Story Consultant, Frances Rickett to reallocate Dan and Russ's lines (discussing Cindy's medical case during Act IV) to two specialists named Dr. MacMillan and Dr. Taylor at the Garden Place Clinic. Dr. Karen MacMillian regularly appeared on Somerset and was played by Nancy Pinkerton.

JUNE 3, 1970 (EP. #1511)
Russ ruefully mused that nothing Jim has to say about Rachel could shock him and that the only thing holding their marriage together is Jamie. Jim told Russ that Alice was distraught upon learning that he and Rachel had not been intimate for four months prior to Rachel leaving him the last time. Russ grew anxious once Jim confessed to knowing the cause of Alice's reservations in marrying Steve. Jim told Russ that Rachel spent one night with Steve, became pregnant, and returned to Russ after Steve refused to accept paternity of Jamie. Russ stared blankly at Jim, who bemoaned that he would trade his life for not having to tell him that Jamie is Steve's child. Quincy told Walter that Wayne left town to avoid encounters with Jasper and Fred since the merger will take two months to proceed. Walter opined to Quincy that Wayne is devious for pretending to go to Washington to gradually ease Liz out of his life. Quincy joked that business was taking precedence in response to Liz's complaints that Quincy has interrupted her time with Wayne. Liz became downcast once Walter evaded her inquiry into Quincy not knowing Wayne's whereabouts. Liz hinted to Walter that she is surprised that Lenore told him about Wayne giving her a ride back to work. Dru assured Liz that Wayne is absorbed in business affairs and will return her messages shortly. A switchboard operator informed Liz that Wayne retrieved his messages and left town. Ada lambasted Rachel for putting a strain on her marriage and losing Russ's trust by getting the apartment without consulting him. Rachel noted that Russ didn't say goodbye to Ernie and Ada. Russ demanded that he and Rachel have a serious discussion.

JUNE 4, 1970 (EP. #1512)
Russ denounced Rachel as a lying, selfish, conniving woman without a conscience and proclaimed that he overlooked her faults and deemed their marriage worthwhile for Jamie's sake. Rachel was speechless as Russ revealed his knowledge of Rachel passing Steve's child off as his. Russ upbraided Rachel for being a social climber, chasing after Steve, and returning to him once Steve rejected her and refused to acknowledge Jamie's paternity. Rachel's claims to the contrary fell on deaf ears when Russ accused her of using Jamie as a weapon. Russ contemptuously told Rachel that he is leaving her. Liz graciously declined Dru's offers to take her out to dinner or cook for her to alleviate her distress over Wayne. Dru tried to quell Liz's woes by theorizing that Wayne left town due to having an emergency business matter and swore that Wayne will contact her soon. Liz recalled asking Wayne to postpone their wedding plans because it was too soon after Bill's death and broke into sobs. Fred reminisced with Martha about parties they once attended, old friends, and playing card games. Susan told Martha that she works as a lab technician and receptionist at the Garden Place Clinic. Susan felt excluded as Fred and Martha bantered about the past. Steve asserted to Alice that Russ is a bright and fair man who will gain perspective of the situation and begged Alice not to consider their romance hopeless. Russ told Steve that Rachel is an immature, ignorant child and harangued Steve for ignoring her true intentions. Russ expressed hope that Alice will realize Steve's true nature and have nothing to do with him. Rachel mechanically sat in a rocking chair while holding Jamie.

Rachel: "Russ, no! I love you!"
Russ: "No, you don't. You couldn't love anyone, and when you discovered it was going to take a long while before I went into private practice, and that even then I'd never make the kind of money that Steve already had, you went after him."
Rachel: "That...that's not so, Russ. We were just friends."
Russ: "Friends - that's a very polite name for it! You spent the night with your friend. And when you discovered you were pregnant, you found out he didn't want you. Oh, he didn't believe the baby was his, but he didn't want you anyway. So you came back to me. Remember? You threw yourself all over me, so that you could pass off Jamie as my child!"
Rachel: "No! No!"
Russ: "Well, you don't have to admit it, Rachel. Because I know it's true. And I know what you did to Alice, too, because you wanted to wreck her whole future -- wanted to see that she didn't marry Steve. That was one of the most vicious and despicable things I've ever heard of!"
Rachel: "Russ, you're not giving me a chance..."
Russ: "A chance to what? To do some more lying? Do you think I'd believe anything you say to me now? Rachel, it won't work. There's only one person you've ever considered, ever cared about, in all the time I've known you. And that's yourself. You even used Jamie; the baby you claim you love as a weapon. You used him as an excuse to move us into this fancy apartment -- well, now you can have it all to yourself. Because I'm leaving you, Rachel. We're through." (AND HE GOES LEAVING HER STUNNED. FADE OUT).

Production Note: Tape of Act II from April 15, 1970 (EP. #1476) was used during Act II of this episode. The rehearsal schedule for this episode added a camera run-through to the normal schedule. Martha Whitaker's deceased husband was named Larry.

JUNE 5, 1970 (EP. #1513)
Ernie and Ada were aghast once Rachel revealed that Russ has left her. Rachel indignantly relayed Russ's recriminations against her and professed love for Steve, prompting Ada to scold Rachel for cheating on Russ and for trying to ruin Alice's life. Steve caused Rachel to grow flustered by arranging to speak with her at the apartment. Rachel walked jauntily over to a chair and bragged to Ernie and Ada that she is going to marry Steve. Cindy was relieved once Dan and Russ concluded that she had contracted murine typhus from the Simpson's family dog, who is a carrier of the disease. Dan grew curious of Russ's cold reaction to receiving a message from Rachel. Dan triumphantly informed Susan that he and Russ have diagnosed Cindy and that her fever and pain decreased since she began taking antibiotics. Susan agreed to Dan's suggestion that she nurture Cindy's dreams of going to college due to her natural curiosity of chemistry and medicine. Dan laughed heartily when Susan vowed that she would guide Cindy through her conflicts with her mother since she is an expert on dealing with such matters. Fred told Susan that his Hobart clients are sending him to Japan and was miffed that Susan balked at joining him because of her job. Steve squirmed as Rachel showed off a new dress she wore for the special occasion of him coming to see her, that she feels a closeness to him, and declared her love. Steve brusquely advised Rachel that he will not marry her and simply came to discuss support for Jamie. Rachel nodded defeatedly once Steve explained that he will provide her with a generous financial settlement and pay her rent, but otherwise wants nothing to do with her.

JUNE 8, 1970 (EP. #1514)
Mary apologized to John and Pat for cancelling their previous dinner plans. Jim somberly informed John and Pat that Russ has left Rachel for good. Jim and Mary revealed to John and Pat the circumstances behind Alice breaking her engagement to Steve and the ways in which she deduced that Jamie is not Russ's son. John and Pat decried Rachel's schemes and duplicity as monstrous and felt bereft over the heartache that Russ and Alice have endured. John bemoaned to Jim, Mary, and Pat that Russ and Rachel's divorce may become one of the messiest he will ever come across. Fred was subdued despite Susan's assertions that she cannot accompany him to Tokyo because of her work. Susan emphasized to Fred that she feels responsibility to Russ and Dan, that it would take time to replace her at the clinic, and that she has taken Cindy under her wing. Fred lauded Susan's professional dedication and altruism, but conceded that he hoped that their trip to Japan would repair their marriage. Susan felt disconsolate while trying to reassure herself and Fred that their marriage is fine. Liz handed Walter a list of donors of the Ladies' Aid fund-raiser to give to John. Walter declined Liz's request for Wayne's phone number and reminded her that Steve is his client and not Wayne. Walter was secretly delighted by Liz's distress, despite her efforts to dissemble. Russ and Alice were pleased with Cindy's response to medical treatment. Alice was compassionate and forgiving when Russ apologized for confronting Steve in front of her. Russ told Alice that he still loves Jamie. Alice was anguished while telling Russ that she cannot forget everything that has happened between her and Steve.

JUNE 9, 1970 (EP. #1515)
Ernie urged Ada not to blame herself for Rachel's actions and behavior. Ada sarcastically asked Rachel whether she and Steve set a wedding date during their meeting. Ernie and Ada pried it out of a cagey Rachel that Steve does not want to marry her, but were surprised that Steve intends to provide her with child support and pay the rent on her apartment. Rachel stubbornly asserted to Ernie and Ada that she will have more nights with Steve and will persuade him into marrying her. Dan noted that Susan seemed preoccupied. Susan told Dan that she is conflicted about going with Fred to Japan and remaining in town due to work and Cindy's case because she thought her obligation was to her marriage to Fred. Dan theorized to Susan that the time apart may benefit her and Fred. Susan grew wary when Fred requested that she leave work early. Pat suggested that Mary tell Liz about Russ's separation since Rachel might boast that Steve is Jamie's father. Mary carped to Pat that she struggles to speak the truth after months of keeping secrets. Pat and Mary told Liz that Rachel got pregnant by Steve and passed Jamie off as his child. Mary and Pat asked that Liz not bother Alice and Russ by trying to give them moral support. Liz lied to Mary and Pat that she and Wayne have postponed their wedding plans until he returns. Susan protested when Fred stated that they should accept that their marriage might be a failure. Susan reluctantly agreed when Fred felt that she had married him to prove to Liz she could lead her own life and snag a man from her while Fred wished to establish that he is attractive to younger women. Fred and Susan resolved to keep in touch before making decisions.

Fred: "We donít have to make any great decision right now. But I do think we should be thinking about it while Iím away."
Susan: "Yes, I guess so."
Fred: (Exit Line) "Letís write and tell each other what weíre thinking."
Susan: "Yes. Write. Yes. All right." (FADE OUT).

Notes: Last appearance of Charles Baxter as Fred Douglas.

JUNE 10, 1970 (EP. #1516)
Dan left the clinic after Russ politely declined his invitation to have dinner with him. Dru was floored when Russ inquired about starting divorce proceedings from Rachel. Dru reflected to Russ that he and Rachel seemed to be pulling in opposite directions and that he gave suggestions to Rachel on ways to work out their differences to no avail. Dru was speechless once Russ explained Alice's reasons for breaking her engagement and Rachel getting pregnant by Steve. Russ dreaded returning to the apartment to retrieve his belongings and asserted to Dru that he wants to avoid contact with Rachel. Dru agreed to represent Russ in the divorce suit and resolved to speak with Rachel before taking action. Susan confided to Dan that she has mixed feelings about Fred's contentions that their marriage was a mistake from the beginning and that they have irreconcilable differences. Dan grew pensive as Susan presumed that Fred has likely made a final decision on their union without verbalizing it. John ribbed Pat for eating as though she was preparing to give birth to multiple babies. John fretted over Russ and Alice's pain. Pat told John that she and Mary dissuaded Liz from contacting Russ and Alice. John and Pat speculated that Liz may be assuming a brave facade because things have turned sour between her and Wayne. Pat told John that she is concerned for Alice because she seems indecisive and aimless. Steve was honest with Alice about his plans to financially support Rachel and Jamie. Alice relayed Russ's apologies to Steve, who commended him for being generous, kind, and fair. Steve grew morose once Alice revealed that she needs time to sort out her feelings.

JUNE 11, 1970 (EP. #1517)
Russ made arrangements with Rachel to retrieve his personal belongings. Dan incorrectly assumed that Russ was visiting Rachel to settle their differences and reunite. Russ gave his reasons for leaving Rachel to Dan, who was immediately sympathetic towards Russ grappling with Jamie not being his son. Liz went on a diatribe about Rachel's machinations while ignoring Russ's protests. Russ slammed his fist on a table and angrily proclaimed to Liz that he does not need help from her. Lenore excitedly outlined Walter's plan to build a house for Helen to John while they poured over the blueprints for it. Walter grew uneasy when John lauded him for being a "genius with money." John told Walter and Lenore that Sam is prospering in Somerset, but that Jasper felt Sam was casting aspersions on his judgment by fearing that his prison record would matter to him. Lenore tactfully opined to John and Walter that they cannot fathom the impact of having a prison record because John and Walter have blemish-free pasts. Alice told Chris that she has not returned his calls because she is going through a rough time. Chris was placated once Alice promised that she would never snub him. Alice encouraged Chris to make plans for his future since she cannot commit to anyone right now. Alice went to see the personnel director of the hospital. Russ and Rachel were constrained with their behavior upon greeting each other. Russ mused to Rachel that Steve showed principles by financially supporting her and Jamie. Rachel fell silent once Russ explained that Dru will contact her about the divorce. Russ cried while taking Jamie's hand into his before grabbing his things and leaving the apartment.

JUNE 12, 1970 (EP. #1518)
Alice asked Steve to come to her apartment after he has dinner with Walter and Lenore. Steve was mildly hopeful and Alice forlorn as they ended their phone conversation. John and Peggy congratulated Chris on getting excellent grades during his last term of law school. Chris surmised to John and Peggy that Alice broke up with him because Russ and Rachel have separated. John and Peggy impressed upon Chris that Alice is devoted to Russ and has faced many ordeals with Steve. Chris fretted to John and Peggy that his relationship with Alice was doomed from the beginning because she never stopped loving Steve. Walter and Lenore were amenable to Steve cutting the evening short because he has plans to see Alice. Steve revealed to a flabbergasted Walter and Lenore the circumstances that led to Alice breaking their engagement, that Jamie is his son, and that Russ has left Rachel. Walter and Lenore urged Steve to be optimistic since Alice arranged to see him. Susan admitted to Liz that she has been avoiding her. Liz listened intently as Susan explained that she and Fred have concluded that their marriage may have been a mistake. Susan ordered Liz not to interfere in her life and allow her to make her own decisions. Liz reminded Susan that she and Wayne cannot finalize wedding plans while he is away. Susan suggested to Liz that they may both be losing their men. Steve implored Alice not to shut him out of her life and pledged to prove his love and win her back at all costs. Alice told Steve that she is taking an indefinite leave of absence from work and heading to Europe to sort out her feelings. Steve vowed to Alice that he will patiently wait for her to return to him.

JUNE 15, 1970 (EP. #1519)
Alice informed Jim and Mary that she is leaving Bay City for a while. Alice explained to Jim and Mary that witnessing Steve willingly endure Russ's wrath convinced her that she needs to get away. Jim and Mary reluctantly accepted Alice's choice not to accept money or moral support from them, but secured Alice's promise that she will keep them abreast of her whereabouts. Alice confessed to Jim and Mary that she is going to Europe to search for solutions to her problems. John, Peggy, and Sam had a productive conference with Delaney Brands. Peggy gushed about meeting the Delaneys, touring Sam's office, his new home, and catching up with Lahoma. John and Sam reassured Peggy that she will succeed in law school. Sam admitted to John and Peggy that he and Gerald dislike each other and that he is unsure whether Gerald will use his prison record against him. Sam posited to John and Peggy that Rachel will seek out Gerald again, despite not knowing his true character. Liz told Dru that she is worried because she has not heard from Wayne in some time. Dru tried to refute Liz's claims that Fred and Susan were ill-suited for each other and did not have the faith and devotion she and Wayne have shared. Dru urged Liz to be patient with Wayne. Liz convinced herself that Wayne loves her and that he did not get her phone messages. Steve boasted to Walter that Wayne was foolish for letting Bernice get hired at Frame Enterprises. Walter pointed out to Steve that his contact with Wayne is limited to the proposed merger with his electronics firm to downplay their interactions. Steve told Walter that Alice is leaving town and that he is optimistic in her eventual return.

Notes: Tape of February 6, 1970 (EP. #1428) which consisted of Wayne's marriage proposal to Liz was used during Act III (Dru/Liz interaction) of this episode. Act II (featuring John, Peggy, and Sam) of this episode took place in Somerset.

JUNE 16, 1970 (EP. #1520)
Lenore admitted to Walter that she does not have the heart to cancel her plans with Rachel to attend an auction. Lenore swiftly refuted Rachel's claims that Steve pursued her, that they succumbed to their mutual attraction, and that Alice is poisoning everyone's mind against her. Lenore reached her limit in hearing Rachel's lies, cancelled their plans, and asked her to leave. A livid Rachel vowed to Lenore that she will get Russ to admonish Alice for being vindictive. John told Dru that he and Peggy had a successful conference with Delaney Brands, Sam is thriving in Somerset, and Peggy and Lahoma enjoyed catching up with each other. Dru echoed Ernie's sentiments that the circumstances behind Russ and Rachel's separation are sad and unfortunate. Ernie was not surprised to hear from Dru that Russ wants a divorce from Rachel. Dru reassured Ernie that Mary still considers Ada a friend, despite the trouble Rachel has caused the Matthews family. Ernie ruefully told Dru that Rachel does not have a friend in the world now. Pat showed John the graduation present she bought for Chris. John told Jim and Pat that Missy is getting over her depression over Bill's death by seeing a therapist. Jim informed John and Pat that Alice is going to Europe to sort out her feelings for Steve and distress over Russ. John and Pat agreed to accompany Jim to say farewell to Alice. Dan coolly updated Rachel on Cindy's medical treatment. Rachel accused Alice of telling Russ about her affair with Steve to wreck her marriage to Russ and leave Jamie without a father. Alice valiantly defended herself and exclaimed that Rachel deserves everyone's scorn for being a scheming, selfish, duplicitous liar.

Alice: "...Now would you like to know what really happened?"
Rachel: "I don't want to hear anything from you."
Alice: "I'm sure you wouldn't. But I'm going to tell you anyway. I didn't hate you. Not at the beginning anyway. I didn't like you very much, because I didn't trust you. Well, you taught me what a mistake that was at my engagement party. But I didn't tell Russ about you and Steve, and..."
Rachel: "You did! You did! Who else...?"
Alice: "I didn't tell Russ because I knew how much Jamie meant to him and I couldn't be sure - really sure - that he wasn't Russ's child. Well, I just discovered the other day that he wasn't - couldn't be - from Russ himself!"
Rachel: "From Russ?"
Alice: "Yes. He told me that he hadn't been near you - hadn't had anything to do with you - for months before you spent that night with Steven. So Jamie had to be Steven's child. And that freed me - not to speak to Russ, which I didn't do - but to my parents who did speak to him. And I'm glad they did. Because when they told him, he was through with you. And if everyone else is through with you, if everyone wants no part of you, it's for only one reason. Because they've finally discovered what I've known all along. That you're a scheming, selfish, lying, cheat who's finally gotten exactly what she deserves!"

JUNE 17, 1970 (EP. #1521)
Dru was touched when Alice warmly embraced him while she was crying. Alice confided to Dru that she is torn between her love for Steve and Russ. Dru conceded to Alice that he has always been fond of Rachel, but cannot overlook the unforgiveable acts she committed against Russ and Alice. Alice told Dru that she had a confrontation with Rachel at Russ's clinic, but conceded that she almost pities Rachel because she is going to be an unhappy and lonely woman after hurting several people terribly. Dru expressed hope to Alice that she will put things into perspective and make important decisions while she is traveling through Europe. Dan and Russ humbly accepted Cindy's compliments on working diligently to treat her illness and save her life. Cindy informed Dan and Russ that she was laid off from Frazer Manufacturing. Dan and Russ teased Cindy for forgetting that they promised to help her find a new job should she be fired for any reason. Cindy was thrilled that Dan and Russ hired her as a receptionist so that Susan could focus on the lab. Rachel groused to Ada that Lenore looked at her with disgust because Alice has been maligning her to everyone by spreading lies. Ada chastised Rachel for refusing to take responsibility for her actions. Rachel swore to Ada that Steve will marry her once he realizes that he loves her more than Alice and wants to be a father to Jamie. Ada called Rachel's bluff by pressing her to tell Gerald the truth and see whether he will provide support to her. Steve respected Alice's wish to keep her destinations a secret. Alice was moved when Steve gifted her a friendship ring. Alice sobbed after Steve kissed her before leaving the apartment.

Steve: "...Do you really have to go away, Alice?"
Alice: "Yes, I do. I've got to get this straightened out in my own mind, try to decide whether we can do anything about this - the way we feel about each other..."
Alice: "Yes, Steven." (HE TURNS AWAY) (THEN HE TURNS BACK:)
Steve: "I'm not going to say goodbye because it can't be goodbye. I'll just say -- till I see you again." (HE KISSES HER AGAIN, LIGHTLY, QUICKLY THEN GOES. TAKE ALICE STANDING AT THE OPEN DOOR AND LOOKING AFTER HIM WITH THE TEARS RUNNING DOWN HER CHEEKS).

Notes: Jacqueline Courtney goes on a one-year leave of absence following this episode. However, she returned to pre-tape scenes that were spaced out over this time period.

JUNE 18, 1970 (EP. #1522)
Pat told Liz that she took Mary shopping to lift her spirits. Liz was surprised to receive a letter from Wayne. Liz lied to Mary and Pat that Wayne wrote a love note to hide her dismay that the postmark was blurred and Wayne did not state when he will be returning to town or provide a contact number for her. Pat advised Liz that Alice went to Europe to sort things out and recover from the turmoil she has suffered. Mary told Liz and Pat that Steve gifted Alice with a friendship ring without promises attached to it. Liz became downcast as she recalled Wayne's marriage proposal. Peggy sensed rightly that Chris was too distracted with thoughts of Alice to listen to her ramblings about Sam, Lahoma, and Missy's new lives in Somerset. Chris sadly told Peggy that Alice was formal while telling him that she is going to Europe and refused to give an explanation for her departure. Peggy encouraged Chris to get over his hurt and accept that Alice must overcome the obstacles that are stopping her from marrying Steve on her own. Ernie emphasized to a guilt-ridden Ada that Rachel is a grown adult who is responsible for herself. Ada told Ernie that she doubts Mary will want to remain friends with her because Rachel is nursing pipe dreams of Alice badmouthing her to everyone, that Gerald will take her side on personal matters, and that Steve will marry her. Ernie failed to dissuade a determined Ada from confronting Steve. Susan reflected to Dan that Liz is wealthy and in good health, but alleviates her own unhappiness by getting herself involved in other people's business. Susan regretfully declined Dan's offer to take her out to dinner and to a concert because she is expecting a call from Fred.

JUNE 19, 1970 (EP. #1523)
John reminded Pat to obey doctor's orders by taking naps for her sake and that of their unborn child. Pat exclaimed to John that they are lucky because other couples are going through misery. John opined to Pat that Alice may benefit greatly from her extended trip to Europe. John and Pat feared that Wayne and Liz are growing apart, despite Liz's certainty towards their impending nuptials. Chris understood when John and Pat could not ease his confusion over Alice abruptly leaving town. Chris informed John and Pat that he has accepted a position at a law firm in Chicago since nothing is keeping him in Bay City. Liz thought of Wayne offering Lenore a ride to work while she reviewed contributions written out to the Community Fund. Lenore was confused by Liz's vehemence as she ranted that Rachel is a homewrecker, which is the lowest, most despicable kind of creature she could imagine. Liz emphatically told Lenore that she is confident in Wayne resuming their wedding plans once he returns. Lenore became perplexed as Liz talked of devotion and absolute loyalty being essential between couples. Dan and Cindy noticed that Russ was subdued as they went over her job duties as the receptionist for the clinic. Russ confided to Dan that he feels like a failure because Dru had such high hopes for his marriage to Rachel. Dan tried to reassure Russ that he will meet a woman who is worthy of him someday. Lenore told Walter that Liz seemed to make veiled threats against her concerning Wayne. Walter hedged on clarifying his suspicions to Lenore that Wayne will not marry Liz. Lenore was bewildered that Walter became quite worried about an upcoming meeting he has with Steve.

JUNE 22, 1970 (EP. #1524)
Steve told a nervous Walter that the discussion that they are going to have will lead to bad news. Walter jumped to the incorrect, hasty conclusion that Steve wished to cancel the merger, prompting Walter to deplore Wayne for being an impatient, grasping man and openly voicing his dislike of the man. Steve asked Walter to handle his settlement with Rachel because she has wild notions that they should get married now that Rachel is free from Russ. Walter took copious notes of Steve's financial arrangements for Jamie and Rachel, which Steve hoped would eliminate having any contact with her. Steve ruefully mused to a guilt-ridden Walter that he would be married to Alice had he been a good man like Walter. Dru gave his condolences to Jim and Mary for carrying the burden of knowing Jamie's paternity and the breakup of Russ and Rachel's marriage. Jim and Mary were appreciative that Dru intended to speak to Rachel to initiate the divorce proceedings from Russ. Mary told Jim that she is pleased that Russ has returned home and that they can talk candidly to one another again, despite the terrible circumstances. Sam was surprised to learn from Ernie that Ada had confronted Gerald in Somerset without telling him or Lahoma. Sam told Ernie that he, Lahoma, and Missy joined the Sportman's Club to keep Missy from brooding over Bill's death. Ernie pleaded with Sam to talk Ada out of meeting with Steve to secure his promise that he will take care of Rachel and Jamie. Steve ordered Rachel to stop coming to his office and not to touch Jamie's trust fund. Rachel failed to persuade Steve into visiting Jamie on occasion. Steve felt dejected while thinking of saying farewell to Alice.

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Sam told Ernie about life being good for him and Lahoma in Somerset and that he anticipated that Rachel would not be deterred in seeking out Gerald again, despite their disappointing initial meetings.

JUNE 23, 1970 (EP. #1525)
John opined to Pat that it is a good sign that Alice sent them a postcard shortly after leaving town and speculated that Alice is seeing the sights in London. Pat was nonplussed and intrigued to receive a call from Dan. Dan informed Pat that Dr. Ramirez checked into the hospital for treatment of a kidney infection and asked him to take over Pat's case. Pat was relieved once Dan reassured her that he had extensive conversations with Russ and Dr. Ramirez about her pregnancy and read the medical records thoroughly to become familiar with her case. John urged Pat to relax and enjoy life rather than worry unnecessarily. Chris conceded to Muriel that he feels guilty for leaving John, Dru, and Walter's law firm, despite the job opportunity in Chicago. Muriel cautiously told Chris that Alice is fond of him and that she left Bay City because of the mess between Russ and Rachel. Chris got Muriel to begrudgingly admit that she knows the circumstances behind Alice's abrupt departure, but Muriel refused to provide details to maintain Alice's confidence. Dru downplayed Wayne's seemingly casual letter to Liz as typical of busy businessmen. Liz told Dru that Lenore was vitriolic in condemning Rachel for ruining people's lives and asserted that she should not be rewarded with a settlement. Dru was doubtful when Liz claimed that Lenore is reacting negatively due to marital discord with Walter and is romantically interested in Wayne. Dru urged Liz not to allow her anguish over Wayne to destroy her objectivity. Dan gave Lenore a tour of the clinic. Susan told Lenore about her estrangement from Fred. Lenore piqued Susan's curiosity by mentioning Walter's theory that Wayne will not marry Liz.

Muriel: (Exit Line) (about Alice) "Chris, I can't. What she told me about her and Steve was in confidence. I'm sorry. I'd like to tell you but I can't. I just can't."

Notes: Last appearance of Jenny O'Hara as Muriel Burke. Alice's postcard read, "Dear Pat and John, I think I'll be here in London for two weeks or so. It's quite a city. After that I'll have to decide where next. Love, Alice." The postcard contained a picture of Kensington Gardens.

JUNE 24, 1970 (EP. #1526)
Walter coolly and formally suggested that Rachel retain a lawyer since they will be discussing a financial settlement. Rachel grew resentful when Walter dodged acknowledging that they are friends, emphasized that Steve is his client, and gave her the agreement to review. Rachel raged against Alice for causing Walter and Lenore to turn against her and implied that Alice fled town because she is humiliated over failing to make progress with Steve. Walter informed Rachel that Steve is providing generous support to her and Jamie. Rachel asked Walter to consult Steve on changing Jamie's surname to Frame. Walter refused Rachel's offers to bury the hatchet, prompting Rachel to tearfully vow that she will hire an attorney and demand more money from Steve. Russ instructed Cindy to redo Medicare forms that she completed incorrectly. Dan told Cindy not to berate herself for making mistakes and explained that Russ is glum because he is separated from Rachel. Russ was impressed by Cindy's swift remediation of the Medicare forms and smiled upon noticing the flowers Cindy bought to brighten the clinic. Susan applauded Cindy for cheering up Russ. Cindy received a visit from her mother Belle, who came to check out the clinic because she was suspicious of Russ and Dan's altruism. Susan contradicted Belle's disparaging remarks about Cindy by stating that she is smart and efficient. Susan groused to Cindy that Liz wants her company out of boredom. Susan told Liz that Fred is in Hong Kong. Liz stirred Susan's ire by mentioning that Martha received a long, detailed letter from Fred about his trip. Susan warned Liz that Walter may be correct in believing that Wayne will not marry her.

Belle: (Introduction Line) "Well, Cindy!"
Cindy: "Mom! What are you doing here?"
Belle: "What do you think I'm doing? I wanted to see what kind of a place you were working in!"
Cindy: "What do you mean, what kind of a place? I told you..."
Belle: "Never mind what you told me. I wanted to see it for myself!"

Notes: First appearance of Janet Ward as Belle Clark.

JUNE 25, 1970 (EP. #1527)
Ernie told Ada that he is covering for his mechanic at the garage. Steve reluctantly agreed to meet with Ada. Liz apologized to Mary for forgetting that she is taking Pat to her follow-up appointment with Dan because she has been distracted with wedding plans and missing Wayne. Mary reassured Liz that she is not harboring fears that things are going sour between her and Wayne. Liz insinuated to Mary that Susan vindictively suggested that she focus her concerns on Wayne's absence because Fred went to Japan to get away from her and their failing marriage. Mary was dubious when Liz surmised that Lenore is jealous of her and Wayne, that she is having marital woes with Walter, and shamelessly pursuing Wayne. Liz arrogantly proclaimed to Mary that Lenore is pathetic for believing that she could snag Wayne away from her. Dan built a rapport with Pat to gain her trust as his new patient. Pat privately told Mary that she fears that Dan withheld information about her pregnancy during her appointment. Ada was slightly mollified once Steve explained that he has acknowledged Jamie's true paternity, has made financial arrangements for Rachel and Jamie, and revised his will to include Jamie. Ada failed to get Steve to pity Rachel for being alone. Steve told Ada that he despises Rachel and considers her to be a vicious, petty, and selfish woman. Ada was unsurprised but discouraged when Steve vowed that he will spend time with Jamie without Rachel's interference. Rachel seethed upon learning from Ernie that Ada went to see Steve and bitterly badmouthed her. Ernie gave Rachel a lacerating lecture for insulting Ada and being ungrateful towards her unwavering love and support.

Ernie: "....I've kept my mouth shut for Ada's sake. But when you said what you did just now..."
Rachel: "What did I say?"
Ernie: "Nasty things about your mother -- the one person who's stuck with you through thick and thin -- the one person who always defended you and tried to help you. I don't know what's going to happen to you now, Rachel. But I hope it's as bad as you deserve!" (AND HE STALKS OUT, SLAMMING THE DOOR BEHIND HIM. TAKE RACHEL, ROCKED, AND FADE OUT).

Production Notes: Enclosed with this script is a letter to Lyle Hill and the directors which stated, "Will you please check the props listed on the attached script breakdowns, and if additional props are required let me know 48 hours prior to the production date so that we can prevent last-minute ordering of things. This is important, as the last-minute ordering of props is causing us additional and unnecessary prop man expense which we intend to remedy with your cooperation."

JUNE 26, 1970 (EP. #1528)
John and Dru discussed a case involving the disputed ownership and sale of a lot. Rachel was nervous and subdued while complaining to Dru that her suffering is equal to that of Alice and Russ because she has lost her friends. Dru advocated for Rachel to solve her complicated, deep-seated personal problems. Rachel gave Dru details on the financial agreement that Steve offered to her. Dru advised Rachel that Russ will pay for the divorce filing, but will not give her alimony. Rachel went on a diatribe to Dru that everyone has sided with the Matthews family and vowed that she will hire a lawyer who will fight for her rights. Dru grew disturbed when Rachel griped that she has nothing to anticipate except loneliness. John asked for Peggy's help in finding a replacement for Chris. John and Peggy congratulated Chris on getting hired at a firm in Chicago. Chris confided to John that he is hurt because Alice left abruptly after breaking up with him and chose not to marry Steve. John leveled with Chris on Alice's reasons for fleeing town, which immediately drew Chris's sympathy for Alice. Ernie was stricken while telling Ada about losing his temper with Rachel, but Ada maintained that Rachel needed to face the truth. Ada lamented to Ernie that she likely made things worse by confronting Steve. Ernie and Ada questioned the means in which Rachel plans to pay for a full-time cleaning woman and babysitter for Jamie. Ada feared that Rachel will seek out Gerald again. Cindy gushed to Jim and Russ about everyone's kindness and generosity. Jim failed to convince Russ to come home for dinner. Russ half-heartedly promised Jim that he will not drown his sorrows by immersing himself into work.

John: "It's a brutal situation any way you look at it. For Alice to know that the man she loves is responsible for the agony her brother is going through."
Chris: "That poor girl...that poor girl."
John: "Yes, and her pain is doubled, because she and Steve love each other so much."
Chris: "Yes, I know they do." (THINKS IT OVER) "They're in an impossible situation."
John: "Yes. At least for now. Perhaps in time it can work itself out."
Chris: (Exit Line) (RISES SLOWING, STILL FULL OF THE SHOCK OF THE NEWS) "I hope so, yes. Well, thank you for telling me, Mr. Randolph. At least now I know. Poor Alice." (TAKE CHRIS, PAINED AS WE FADE OUT).

Notes: Last appearance of Steve Harmon as Chris Tyler.

JUNE 29, 1970 (EP. #1529)
Ada warned Rachel that Steve is not paying her enough to afford a cleaning woman and for her to go on shopping sprees. Rachel surprised Ada by bragging that she will get more money from Steve. Rachel crowed to Ada that she does not care that people have snubbed her, that she is going to fight Russ and Steve in court, and compared alimony to Russ being her employer during their marriage. Ada impressed upon Rachel that attorneys are expensive and that she may end up with nothing should she push Steve too far by demanding more money from him. Pat sung Dan's praises to Mary for being a compassionate, gentle doctor. Mary echoed Pat's sentiments that being in exotic places may help Alice with sorting out her feelings or exacerbate her issues. Mary asked Russ to convince Rachel to return the bassinette she borrowed so Pat could use it. Cindy chided Russ for expecting his colleagues to leave the clinic within business hours while he insists on working late. Russ was touched by Cindy's assurances that he is not causing everyone unhappiness by brooding and testing people's patience. Cindy squirmed when Russ expressed regret over being unable to meet Belle and inquired into her background. Cindy told Russ that her brother worked at a warehouse and left Bay City without giving his whereabouts after fighting with Belle. Russ resolved to introduce Cindy to new people and ensure that she enjoys life. Jim told Steve that he and Mary have maintained objectivity towards him, recognize that he and Alice love each other, and should decide their own future. Steve expressed his devotion to Alice and confidence that she will return to him, which moved Jim greatly.

Notes: Cindy gives the name of her brother as Michael, later to be renamed Ted Clark. Acts II (Russ/Cindy at the clinic) and III (Pat/Mary on Matthews Patio) were switched for the taping of this episode. Mary reveals that she gained the most weight with Russ out of her three pregnancies and that their bassinette has been in the family for three generations thus far.

JUNE 30, 1970 (EP. #1530)
Russ made Ernie and Ada apprehensive by requesting to come see them. Susan groused to Dan that she received a short note from Fred, who wrote a long, fascinating letter to Martha about experiencing Japanese culture. Dan was conciliatory when Susan scolded herself for allowing Liz to upset her by harping on her marriage falling apart. Susan ruefully told Dan that she retaliated against Liz by citing Walter's theory that Wayne has no intentions of marrying her, which ruined Susan's satisfaction over tactfully and diplomatically handling Belle. Dan and Susan agreed that Belle is an insensitive woman. Susan urged Dan to continue asking her on dates. Dru approved of John being honest with Chris over Alice's departure. John scoffed when Dru recited Liz's absurd notion that Lenore has set her sights on Wayne. Dru told a bewildered John that Sam probed him on Wayne and Liz's relationship, that Walter knows Wayne best, and noted that Wayne's name continues to be mentioned in Somerset. Dru suggested that Liz disregard Walter's remarks about Wayne as idle speculation. Liz vowed to Dru that she will confront Walter. Lenore told Liz that Walter's liaison to Wayne is Quincy and that she does not know his current whereabouts. Liz lied to Lenore that she gets frequent calls from Wayne, that he is involved in many business endeavors, and keeps her abreast of his destinations. Russ assured Ernie and Ada that he remains fond of them and does not hold them accountable for Rachel's actions. Ada ignored Ernie's warnings and confessed to Russ that she knew that Jamie was not his son. Russ remonstrated Ernie and Ada for hiding the truth from him and disregarding his feelings.

Ada: "Russ... wait a second..." (RUSS TURNS) "Russ... I have to tell you something... I canít let you go out of here without telling you something..."
Ernie: "Ada..."
Ada: "No, Iíve got to tell him. Let me say it now."
Russ: "What is it, Ada?"
Ada: "Russ.. I've known for a long time... a good long time... that Jamie wasn't your son."
Russ: (TURNS WHITE) "What?"
Ada: "I knew it."
Russ: "You knew... about Steve... and Rachel?"
Ada: "Yes, I did."
Russ: "And you let her come back to me? And tell me that Jamie was mine?"
Ada: (IMPLORING) "Russ... I didn't want her to lose you."
Russ: "But... but what about me? What about... what about... me?"