Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

JULY 1, 1970 (EP. #1531)
Russ ordered Rachel to take the bassinette she borrowed back to Mary. Dru bashfully shrugged off Russ's praises of him being a friend, godfather, and confidant to many people to Cindy. Cindy beamed while telling Dru that Russ and Dan treated her illness and hired her as the clinic's receptionist. Dru shared Russ's incredulity over Rachel's demand for him to pay alimony. Russ ruefully mused to Dru that Rachel continues to surprise him. Dru promised Russ that he will fully contest any claims made by Rachel. Walter told Steve that Rachel balked at signing the financial settlement and intends to hire a lawyer to get more money out of him. Steve laughed bitterly while noting the irony to Walter that one mistake cost him Alice, ruined Russ, and motivated Rachel's greed. Steve explained to Walter that Jim is being fair and kind, but was noncommittal over Alice returning to him. Walter was shocked by Steve's admission that he cannot live without Alice. Luella and Cindy grew flustered when Belle came to inspect the clinic further. Russ introduced himself to Belle and gave her a tour of the laboratory. Cindy complained to Luella that Belle is being a nuisance and compromising her job. Luella talked Belle into joining her for tea and pastries to relieve Cindy of her presence. Mary felt awkward when Rachel groused that she is without friends until she blamed Alice for badmouthing her to everyone. Mary lambasted Rachel for chasing after Steve, ruining Alice's happiness, humiliating Russ, and putting the family through one of the worst years of their lives. Rachel was speechless once Mary proclaimed that she is incapable of caring about anyone but herself and deserves her comeuppance.

Rachel: "I love Jamie. I've done everything for my son."
Mary: "Rachel, you have never done one single solitary thing in your life for anybody but yourself. You've never given a thought to anyone else... ever. Not to your mother... not to your husband...I don't know that youíve even given much thought to your own child."
Rachel: "That's not true!"
Mary: "And as far as this family is've done about as much harm as one person could possibly do. You've broken Alice's life in half... you've humiliated and degraded Russ to a point where we don't know if heíll ever recover... you've put my husband and me through one of the worst years we've ever known... and all because you're selfish and dishonest! I hope... I really hope... that one day you'll change, Rachel... but as of right now, I donít see any sign that you ever will! And whatever bad things happen to you Ė you deserve them!" (TAKE RACHEL AND FADE OUT).

JULY 2, 1970 (EP. #1532)
Susan harangued Liz for trying to convince herself of Wayne's devotion rather than admit that he has lost interest in her. Liz made excuses to explain Wayne's sudden departure from town without notifying her, missing a dinner date, and writing her a short note that did not include any contact information, prompting Susan to assert that Liz was blindly defending Wayne's actions. Susan told Liz that Wayne lied about going to Washington and that Fred positively identified him on Main Street. Liz faltered and sobbed in despair as Susan tried to console her. Walter got upset after telling an agent that he will provide a down payment to buy the empty lot on which to build Helen's house. Quincy requested copies of the projection graphs pertaining to the merger from Walter. Walter doggedly probed Quincy for Wayne's whereabouts, but Quincy stated that Wayne is too busy with the merger to assist him with an urgent business matter. Quincy told Walter that Wayne will call him at his convenience. Dan proudly told Jim and Mary that he enjoys bringing new life into the world while they admired the sunset. Jim and Mary suggested that they can ease Russ's wounded pride and depression by not mentioning his personal issues. Dan, Jim, and Mary were distressed when Russ decided against joining them to see a movie. Attorney Brian Blake informed Rachel that she has favorable grounds for a divorce since Russ left her. Rachel whined to Brian about Russ's low income, austere budget, absence due to working excessively, and Russ's family causing marital discord by despising her. Brian assured an appreciative Rachel that he will fight for her to get alimony from Russ and sole custody of Jamie.

Brian: (Introduction Line) "Come right in, Mrs. Matthews."
Rachel: "Thank you, Mr. Blake."
Brian: "Please be seated." (SEATS HIMSELF) "May I ask who referred you to me?"
Rachel: (SHE IS TAKING HIM IN) "What? Oh, I called a friend...she said you were the best divorce lawyer in town."

Notes: First appearance of Jered Holmes as Brian Blake. Jim mentions that he took several vacations to Arizona as a boy and compared the sunsets in Arizona to the turning of leaves in the Midwest during the fall as spectacular.

JULY 3, 1970 (EP. #1533)
Walter informed Lenore that he has to fly to Chicago to see a client. Lenore told Walter that he must close the deal on the empty lot within two days or risk losing it to another prospective buyer. Walter fumed while telling Lenore that he assured the real estate agent that he would be providing a down payment to secure the lot and urged Lenore not to worry about filing the construction plans with the Zoning Board. Lenore acquiesced when Walter insisted on finalizing the deal himself. Walter told Lenore that he must discuss business with Wayne and that Quincy does not know his whereabouts. Lenore was surprised by Walter's dubious attitude towards Liz's claims that she hears from Wayne every evening and evasiveness in justifying his suspicions that Wayne will not marry Liz. Rafe told John that Sam is in a sticky situation because he is defending Ben's son, David Grant against charges that he embezzled money from Gerald. John caused Rafe to grow uneasy while remarking that there seems to be intrigue surrounding Wayne in Somerset, opined that Jasper's meeting with Wayne was peculiar, and that people are starting to doubt that Wayne and Liz will get married. Rachel was sullen while carping to Ernie and Ada that she is tired of being labeled an awful person. Ernie and Ada were shocked that Rachel hired Brian to get alimony from Russ and a larger settlement from Steve, but concealed Jamie's paternity from him. Rachel swore to Ernie and Ada that she will get revenge against everyone. Liz dissembled to avoid Lenore's inquiry into contacting Wayne for Walter. Pat objected when Liz insinuated that Lenore was brazenly trying to reach Wayne for her own selfish purposes.

John: "It's strange how we keep getting these connections between here and things that are happening in Somerset."
Rafe: "Not really. After all, Sam and Lahoma used to live here and there are still quite a few old ties."
John: "I suppose that's true..."

JULY 6, 1970 (EP. #1534)
Rachel put off talking to Ada on the phone. Steve coolly told Rachel that he came to straighten things out with her. Rachel confirmed for Steve that she refused to sign the financial agreement and has hired a lawyer named Brian to protect her interests. Steve angrily proclaimed to Rachel that he only cares about Alice's opinion of him when Rachel hinted that Steve would not want their affair and Jamie's paternity exposed to the public by fighting her in court. Rachel brightened when Steve agreed to see Jamie in the near future, but bristled once Steve laid out the condition that he does not want her present during their visits. Pat informed Russ that Dan is going to check her weight since she is suffering from pain in her back and ankles. Mary told Cindy that Russ talked about her constantly while she was ill and that he and Dan consider themselves lucky to have found her. Pat agreed with Mary's assessment that Cindy is a warm, intelligent girl. Pat told Mary that Liz is going through a rough time due to Wayne's absence and suspects that Lenore wishes to snag him away from her. Mary feared Walter's reaction to Liz's accusations against Lenore. Missy dismissed Liz's concerns over her flushed, thin appearance and explained that Dr. Stan Kurtz has helped her grieve for Bill. Liz tried to nag Missy into introducing her to Stan, but Missy maintained that he is a friend who is very open and real. Missy was not placated by Liz's claims that her romance with Wayne has not soured. Cindy was mortified when Belle encouraged her to date Russ since he is separated from Rachel and comes from a wealthy family. Russ was hurt by Cindy's reservations towards accepting his dinner invitation.

Missy: "Mother, there's no trouble between you and Wayne, is there?"
Liz: "Trouble? How could there possibly be any trouble? I told you, he calls me practically every day."
Missy: (Exit Line) "Yes, I know. Well, I'm glad to hear that everything's fine." (TAKE MISSY, UNCONVINCED, AND FADE OUT)

Notes: Last appearance of Carol Roux as Missy Palmer.

JULY 7, 1970 (EP. #1535)
Dru surmised to a stunned Jim and Mary that Russ is more withdrawn because Rachel wants alimony from him. Dru told Jim and Mary that Russ was shocked and infuriated by Rachel's greed, that she is certain over getting money from Russ, and that she has hired a lawyer. Mary grimly commented to Jim that Rachel invents her own rules about the ways the world should work and deflects blame. Dru and Jim thought Rachel's stance that Alice poisoned people's mind against her was preposterous. Dru advised Mary that the question of fraudulent representation on Rachel's part will dictate whether Russ has the ability to dissolve Jamie's trust fund. Mary implored Dru to talk to Russ about it right away. Russ was formal and stoic while having Susan and Cindy update patient records. Cindy bemoaned to Susan that she ruined her evening with Russ by being unresponsive and quiet during dinner because Belle pressured her to make a play for Russ. Susan urged Cindy not to let Belle influence her. Cindy was sympathetic when Susan chastised herself for having a lousy history of relationships and predicted that she may not have a marriage once Fred returns. Peggy informed a discouraged Walter that he did not receive any messages from Wayne. Walter panicked upon learning from Peggy that he must notify the real estate agent within twenty-four hours on whether he wants to buy the empty lot or not. Dru was amused by Walter's relief after giving him a bonus check from the firm's mid-year profits. Walter anxiously informed the real estate agent that he has the funds to close the deal on the empty lot. Russ forgave Ada for hiding Jamie's paternity from him and reaffirmed their friendship.

JULY 8, 1970 (EP. #1536)
Ernie came home to find Ada distracted and brimming with tears. Ada tearfully told Ernie that she hates herself for concealing the truth from Russ, despite trying to protect Rachel. Ernie tried to quell Ada's fears by pointing out that Steve has promised to financially support Rachel and Jamie. Ada grimly told Ernie that Rachel may end up with nothing by fighting Steve for more money, that Russ will contest her demands for alimony, and that Rachel will seek out Gerald again. Jim updated Liz on Pat and Alice, but decided against talking about Russ. Liz fretted to Jim that Missy does not appear to be healthy despite seeing a doctor regularly. Liz rattled on compulsively about Wayne contacting her once he is settled in one place, having an outdated schedule of his destinations, and Lenore chasing after Wayne. Jim tried to interpose as Liz babbled about Wayne preferring mature women instead of Lenore and Susan. Jim emphasized to Liz that she is accustomed to leading her own life and that marriage would be a major adjustment for her. Jim grew thoughtful as Liz maintained that Wayne is everything a woman wants in a man. Brian acted unaffected as Dru revealed the circumstances of Rachel's divorce suit, Steve acknowledging Jamie's paternity, and offering a generous settlement. Dru told Brian to contact him once he has consulted with Rachel again. Steve told Walter that Rachel is an obstacle in him seeing Jamie because she will take the opportunity to set up intimate outings for them. Walter suggested that Steve have Ada supervise his visits with Jamie so that Rachel is not present. Steve was skeptical of Walter's project to build a house for Helen to please Lenore.

JULY 9, 1970 (EP. #1537)
Dan complimented Susan for being dedicated and conscientious by coming to work early. Susan became indecisive when Dan asked her to attend a concert with him. Dan got Susan to confess that she feels guilty over potentially going on friendly dates with him because the state of her marriage to Fred is currently uncertain. Susan told Dan that she does not want to be in denial like Liz, who adamantly is excusing Wayne's negligent behavior rather than face the reality that their romance is finished. Dan subtly encouraged Susan to accept his invitation rather than brood over whether Fred wants a divorce from her. Pat told John that she went to Bryant's to get exercise and because she enjoys buying things for the baby. John and Pat considered names for their unborn child. John told Pat that Rafe and Sam become awkward and ill-at-ease each time they inquire about Wayne yet downplay their interest as idle curiosity. Pat was intrigued as John resolved to confront Sam since it is affecting their working relationship in handling the Delaney Brands account. Brian laid into Rachel for lacking confidence in him and wasting his time by concealing significant facts about her separation from Russ. Rachel defiantly reiterated that she is entitled to alimony from Russ and financial support from Steve. Brian applauded Rachel's spirit and determination in fighting for the things that she wants. Brian and Rachel gazed at each other with recognition and attraction once Brian committed to being her attorney. Steve confided his troubles with Rachel and wanting to be a father to Jamie to Walter and Lenore. Walter and Lenore enthused over Steve potentially building a house in the country for Alice.

John: "A name for the baby? I thought we agreed it would be Mary, after your mother."
Pat: "Who said it was going to be a girl? If it's a boy, I'd still like to call him John."
John: "Junior? Oh, I don't know, calling him Junior might make him feel junior."
Pat: "I think the only thing he'll feel is loved."
John: "He'll certainly feel that. But...Oh, all right. If that's what you want, okay."
Pat: "Then that's settled?"
John: "Let's say we'll take it under advisement. I honestly don't know why you want another John in your life. Isn't one enough?"
Pat: "Certainly not..."

JULY 10, 1970 (EP. #1538)
Sam was startled and uncomfortable when Peggy mentioned that John has the distinct impression that Sam has been avoiding him. John believed Sam's assertion that he was unable to attend his last conference with Rafe because proving David Grant's innocence of embezzlement has become a daunting task. Sam asked John to handle the patent of possible trade names for a frozen food idea that Rex has developed. John dropped the subject when Sam was not forthcoming towards the reasons that Robert is not involved in Rex's project. Sam stifled his discomfiture after trying to convince John that his interest in Wayne centers around his impending nuptials to Liz and nothing more. Ada told Steve that she does not see Rachel very often since she hired a cleaning lady. Steve tactfully outlined his dilemma in forging a relationship with Jamie while avoiding having any contact with Rachel to Ada. Ada agreed with Steve's assumption that Rachel would not trust him to be alone with Jamie, but expressed doubts that Rachel would approve of her supervising Steve's visits with the boy. Susan told Liz that she is unsure about attending her dinner party because she has preliminary plans with Dan and his friends. Liz refused to concede to Susan that her engagement with Wayne is over, but admitted that his behavior is inexcusable and she will not forgive Wayne without a satisfactory explanation. Susan privately pitied Liz while deeming her suspicions of Lenore pursuing Wayne as utter nonsense. Dan urged Russ to quit criticizing himself over his marriage to Rachel and to start dating, prompting Russ to scoff at the proposal because Cindy did not seem to enjoy their evening together.

JULY 13, 1970 (EP. #1539)
Rachel boasted to Ada that she has good news. Rachel grew worried when Ada stated that she has a message for her from Steve. Jim joked to Mary that earning statements of the accounting firm should cheer up Liz since she has faced delays with Wayne. Mary agreed with Jim's belief that Wayne is making a "tactful withdrawal" from Liz, despite Liz's claims to the contrary. Jim told Mary that Liz ridiculed the pretense of Lenore supposedly chasing after Wayne because she is desperate to deflect blame rather than admit that she has lost Wayne. Mary approved of Jim's efforts to convince Liz that marrying Wayne would be at the expense of her privacy and independence. Jim talked Mary into calling Ada to affirm that she does not harbor ill against her. Walter proudly told John that Lenore and Helen are ecstatic about the construction of the house on the vacant lot he purchased. John accepted Walter's contention that he worked with Wayne on the merger in a limited capacity and could not state that Wayne is a fine, reputable businessman. Walter got nervous as John ruminated over Sam and Rafe inquiring about Wayne. John accepted Walter's statement that he has no reason to believe that Wayne is a fraud. Cindy faltered while trying to apologize for her attitude during dinner to Russ. Rachel interrupted Russ and Cindy's conversation to beg Russ to pay an overdue bill for her. Russ demanded that Rachel communicate with him through Dru going forward. Ernie and Ada warned Rachel that her chances of getting more money out of Steve are slim. Rachel seethed once Ernie and Ada disclosed Steve's terms for visiting Jamie, then sullenly decided to temporarily admit defeat.

Notes: According to the script, the Matthews' accounting firm is now named James Matthews, C.P.A., Inc.

JULY 14, 1970 (EP. #1540)
Susan was crestfallen after reading her letter from Fred. Susan told Dan that Fred's Hobart clients plan to acquire a Japanese company and appointed Fred to handle the negotiations. Dan resigned to Susan's conclusion that her marriage to Fred is over. Susan told Dan that she feels like a failure and berated herself for getting easily irritated with Fred and withholding affection from him. Dan hypothesized that Susan actively seeks doomed relationships to punish Liz for raising her to be self-destructive and unhappy. Susan was intrigued when Dan proposed that she conquer her need to prove anything to Liz. Assistant D.A. Frank Chadwick joked about Peggy pouring over her copious notes from his guest-lecture in her law class. Peggy told Frank that she is reading her old textbooks to refresh her memory since she quit law school two years ago to marry Dick. Frank talked to Peggy about his job, retired parents, and teenage daughter. Peggy promised to tell Walter that Frank considered him a conscientious D.A. with integrity. Ernie and Ada deplored Rachel for believing that Steve would ever marry her and that she will get more money out of him. Ada dreaded telling Mary that she knew Jamie's paternity from the beginning and fretted that it will ruin their friendship. Liz fumed that Luella had invited Lenore to lunch to discuss qualifying for money from the Community Fund. Luella effusively told Liz and Lenore that Cindy is blossoming under Susan's influence. Liz covered when Luella mentioned that she saw Wayne the other day. Lenore unwittingly aroused Liz's suspicions by mentioning that Walter resolved an urgent business matter without needing Wayne's help after all.

Frank: (Mel Winkler, Introduction Line) "I see my lecture really got to somebody."
Peggy: (LOOKS UP, SURPRISED) "Oh, Mr. Chadwick. Yes...Yes, it did."
Frank: "I noticed you taking all those notes during my lecture."
Peggy: "I must be getting old, or the courses are getting tougher, but this time around I have to write it down or I forget it."
Frank: "You don't look like you're getting old to me. Let's blame it on the courses."

Notes: First appearance of Mel Winkler as Frank Chadwick. Frank's wife died ten years ago. He has a teenage daughter named Juliet, who is being raised by her paternal grandparents in Bay City. Frank's father is a retired bus driver and Juliet is an honors student with a slight rebellious streak.

JULY 15, 1970 (EP. #1541)
Russ emphatically told Ada not to tell Jim and Mary that she knew that Steve was Jamie's father. Jim postponed going to work for a few minutes to be a potential mediator between Ada and Mary. Jim and Mary tried to assuage Ada's shame over Rachel by stressing that she is not accountable for Rachel's actions. Ada told Jim and Mary that Steve wants her present during his visits with Jamie. Jim and Mary solemnly told Ada that they receive postcards from Alice with little insight. Ada could not bring herself to clarify her guilt over Alice to Jim and Mary. Sam informed Ben Grant that Dr. Kurtz gave Missy a preliminary diagnosis of undulant fever that she contracted from drinking raw milk. Ben impressed upon Sam that their knowledge of Wayne swindling Robert is privileged information from Jasper. Sam bemoaned to Ben that he is conflicted because he feels indebted to John for helping him become a lawyer and Walter would be sickened should Wayne successfully con his best friend, Steve. Ben tried to mollify Sam by speculating that John and Dru may dig into Wayne's background because of Sam's curiosity. Susan told Russ that she is working late to occupy her time since she has deduced that her marriage to Fred is finished. Russ took Susan's advice to speak candidly about his feelings towards Rachel in order to work through them. Susan reflected to Russ that she allows Liz to adversely affect her self-esteem and gets into unsuitable romances to punish Liz. Walter told Brian that Steve does not care about a well-publicized paternity suit and will contest Rachel clamoring for a huge settlement. Brian persuaded Walter into talking to Steve about re-negotiating the terms of Jamie's trust fund.

Notes: Act II of this episode, which featured Sam Lucas and Ben Grant took place in Somerset. Appearance by Edward Kemmer as Ben Grant.

JULY 16, 1970 (EP. #1542)
Rachel was furious upon learning from Brian that Steve remains adamantly opposed to increasing the initial financial settlement. Brian lectured Rachel for putting him in a difficult position by withholding details involving her separation from Russ. Brian advised Rachel that he failed to make progress with Walter over the financial settlement, but succeeded in getting Walter to discuss adjusting the period of Jamie's trust fund to the age of twenty-one to increase the yearly payments. Rachel was somewhat dubious that Brian could retain the trust fund that Jim and Mary established for Jamie. Brian piqued Rachel's interest by comparing law to navigating interpersonal relationships. Cindy upbraided Belle for pressuring her into pursuing Russ because he is a handsome doctor from a prominent family. Belle insulted Cindy's intelligence and plain appearance when Cindy went on a diatribe about Russ disliking materialistic, opportunistic women like Belle and Rachel. Belle schemed while telling Cindy that she would be dumb not to take advantage of Russ's loneliness and sincere interest in her. Susan told Pat that Fred has not asked her to join him in Japan. Pat's fears were soothed by Susan's belief that Dan would be forthright about finding any complications in her pregnancy. Susan was incredulous when Liz fibbed that she spent two days with Wayne before he left town again. Liz insinuated to Pat and Susan that Lenore fabricated a tale of Walter desperately needing Wayne to resolve a crisis so that Lenore could contact Wayne herself. Cindy slammed the phone down when Belle badgered her about securing another date with Russ. Russ convinced Cindy to have dinner with him.

JULY 17, 1970 (EP. #1543)
Rachel thwarted Ada's efforts to get her to leave per Steve's orders by primping in the mirror and watering the plants. Steve arrived with a package for Jamie, greeted Ada, then quickly stormed out upon seeing Rachel. Rachel practically dragged Steve back into the apartment and promptly left. Ada suggested that Steve allow Jamie to get used to him before attempting to hold him. Steve was amenable to Ada's advice not to spoil Jamie by constantly bringing him presents and that he will need paternal love and support once he gets older. Steve grew pensive as Ada lamented that Rachel turned out badly because she grew up without a father. Dan told John and Pat that she is not overweight for her pregnancy and that the baby is developing normally. John and Dan persuaded Pat into hiring a nanny and housekeeper. Dan recommended Caroline Johnson, a patient of Dan's who has experience as a nurse. Susan reluctantly told Dan that she is going to Liz's dinner party instead of attending a concert with him. Susan was touched that Dan intended to continue asking her on dates. Liz agreed with Susan's conclusion that her marriage to Fred is over after they discussed Fred's letter and plans to remain in Japan for six months. Susan bitterly parroted Liz's assertion that she has a bad record of relationships and job history. Liz got defensive when Susan remonstrated her for denying that she acknowledged that her relationship with Wayne is through. Susan admitted defeat since Liz insisted on keeping up pretenses about Wayne. Steve told Lenore that visiting Jamie made him face the reality of being a father. Lenore suggested that Steve hire Robert as the architect to design a house for Alice.

Notes: Dan predicts that Pat will deliver her baby at 4 in the morning. John and Pat mention that they have a regular cleaning lady named Mrs. Eliot.

JULY 20, 1970 (EP. #1544)
John informed Jim and Mary that Russ cannot abolish Jamie's trust fund for them. John warned Jim and Mary that Rachel would have excellent chances of suing Russ should he write out a check to Jamie to dissolve the trust fund. Jim was apprehensive when Mary suggested that Russ sue Rachel because they have a responsibility to provide for their grandchildren. John impressed upon Jim and Mary that private lives would be exposed to public scrutiny during court proceedings, but that Russ has viable grounds since Rachel lied about Jamie's paternity. Walter told Steve that Wayne will be returning to town and will be attending a conference with them on the merger. Steve asked Walter to draw up an agreement to increase the yearly payments from Jamie's trust fund until the age of twenty-one per Brian's proposal. Walter marveled at Rachel's nerve for ignoring Steve's orders to be absent during his visit with Jamie. Steve told Walter that Robert is a brilliant architect and is General Manager of Delaney Brands because Jasper conned him into joining the company. Walter squirmed when Steve considered visiting Jasper after meeting with Robert to discuss designing a house for Alice. Ada told Ernie that she had a pleasant time with Mary, but could not bring herself to reveal that she knew the truth about Jamie's paternity. Rachel got Ernie and Ada to leave the apartment under the pretense that she and Brian needed to confer on her case. Rachel gushed over Brian having dinner delivered and served to them at the apartment. Rachel's mind schemed as Brian talked about his law career, the suite he owns at the Bayview Towers that overlooks the marina, and his boat.

JULY 21, 1970 (EP. #1545)
Peggy joked to Frank that she is indispensable at the firm by running things while Walter, Dru, and John are occupied. Peggy happily accepted Frank's dinner invitation. Dan good-naturedly teased Cindy for constantly filling out forms and for getting a bite to eat with Russ last night. Dan suggested that Russ bring a date to see a new science-fiction movie whose premise involves implications for the medical profession. Russ and Cindy beamed upon agreeing to see the movie together. John left to find a reference tool that Sam used to determine an estimate on Wayne's fiscal deposits. Walter tried to cite work piling up on his desk to avoid talking to Sam and John. Sam implored Walter to check the figures Wayne provided to him, but maintained that he cannot divulge his purpose for making the recommendation. Dan was sympathetic when Susan admitted that she regrets not attending a Mozart concert with him because she had an unpleasant evening with Liz, who seemed to relish throwing it in Susan's face that Fred's letters prove that her marriage is finished. Susan fretted to Dan that Liz is keeping up a ruse that her romance with Wayne is fine out of fear and pride. Dan told Susan that his ex-wife Gloria visited him to discuss their daughter Barbara and attended the concert with him. Susan ribbed Dan for initially lying to her about not having any children. John enthusiastically introduced Sam to Frank, who praised Peggy's powers of concentration during his guest-lecture on criminal law. Walter humbly brushed off Frank's compliments on his handling of cases as the former District Attorney. John believed Walter's lies that he and Sam engaged in casual chat and nothing more.

JULY 22, 1970 (EP. #1546)
Steve signed papers for Rachel's settlement while telling Walter that he is heading to Somerset. Walter grew disquieted once Steve decided to see Jasper to maintain good relations. Lenore ribbed Walter for being distracted while she talked to Steve about building a house for Alice. Walter became querulous with Lenore, who observed that he seems unenthusiastic about Robert designing Alice's house and has a peculiar attitude towards the Delaney family. Lenore was puzzled that Walter forgot to mention Sam's last visit to her. Liz informed Mary and Pat that Missy is in the hospital due to having undulant fever and is unresponsive to treatment right now. Mary and Pat tried to pacify Liz by asserting that Ricky should be in familiar surroundings instead of staying with Liz while Missy is sick. Pat told Liz and Mary that Dan recommended Caroline Johnson to help her with the baby and the household chores. Mary grimly told Pat that Russ cannot dissolve Jamie's trust fund, but expressed determination in preventing Rachel from getting access to the money. Russ was empathetic to Cindy's reluctance to go home because of Belle, but urged Cindy not to let things get out of proportion and to consider remedies for situations carefully. Cindy hinted that Russ should not generalize on a person's priorities when Russ opined that Rachel places excessive value on material possessions because she grew up poor. Steve reassured Robert that he is receptive to feedback on his ideas for Alice's house. Robert was intrigued by Steve's tenacity in the project despite the uncertainty over Alice returning to Bay City. Steve pictured Alice's face while listening to Jessica sing "Long Ago and Far Away."

Notes: Appearance by Wynne Miller as Jessica Buchanan and Bill Hunt as Bill Greeley. Act IV of this episode took place in Somerset at The Riverboat and featured Robert, Jessica, Steve, Bill Greeley, and a piano player portrayed by Stan West.

JULY 23, 1970 (EP. #1547)
Jim informed Russ that he would have to sue him to reclaim the money in Jamie's trust fund since Russ is the trustee of it, which would stir up unpleasant facts and attract media attention. Russ somberly remarked to Jim that everything concerning Rachel gets complicated and painful. Jim and Russ resolved to speak with Dru before taking further action. Lenore told Quincy that Walter referred to him as a friend and associate of Wayne's while they got acquainted. Quincy told Walter and Lenore that Wayne is coming back to Bay City for an extended stay. Lenore cancelled dinner plans with Walter in order to keep an appointment with Liz. Quincy subtly mocked Walter's indignation over getting involved with Wayne. Walter angrily told Quincy that Sam asked him to verify Wayne's figures, that Sam handles the Delaney Brands account, and has likely grown suspicious of Wayne. Quincy nonchalantly suggested that Walter discuss the issue with Wayne. Walter glared at Quincy for instructing him to maintain his composure. Dan told Caroline Johnson that Pat is searching for someone who can assist her with chores and taking care of the baby once it is born. Pat hired Caroline upon being impressed by her credentials, list of references, and willingness to start immediately to become familiar with the Randolph household. Caroline promised Pat that she will be satisfied with her work. Liz coolly thanked Lenore for telling her that the Community Fund will donate money to her Church Service Organization. Lenore told Liz that Steve plans to build a house for Alice and that Wayne is returning. Liz shrewdly covered her shock over the news and lied to Lenore that Wayne is anxious to see her.

Caroline: (Introduction Line) "Good afternoon, Dr. Shearer."
Dan: "Oh, hello, Miss Johnson. How are you?"
Caroline: "Fine. Just fine."

Notes: First appearance of Rue McClanahan as Caroline Johnson.

JULY 24, 1970 (EP. #1548)
Susan caught Liz in a fib that Wayne informed her that he is coming back to Bay City. Liz decried Wayne's neglectful behavior while he has been away to Susan, who suggested that she avoid Wayne. Susan rejected Liz's theories that Wayne was too busy with business affairs and traveling to phone her, but Liz balked at continuing to make excuses for him. Susan was dubious when Liz claimed that Lenore obtained Wayne's number from Walter, found out that he is returning, and told Liz out of spite. Liz made Susan feel exasperated by concluding that Wayne is overly confident in their relationship, he is taking her for granted, and vowed to force Wayne's hand by refusing to see him. John cautioned Russ against allowing Jim to sue him to reclaim the money from Jamie's trust fund since the negative publicity could jeopardize the family's accounting firm and Russ and Dan's clinic. John and Russ were doubtful when Dru surmised that Rachel must realize that Jamie is not entitled to Jim's money. Dru decided to draw up a preliminary agreement and persuade Brian into convincing Rachel to sign it. Belle complimented Cindy for having a date with Russ. Cindy denied to Belle that Russ is romantically interested in her since he opined that a romance between two people from vastly different backgrounds is impossible. Cindy was disgusted when Belle hinted that she will become more desirable to Russ by furthering her education. Rachel signed the agreement that lowered the trust period and raised the yearly payments of Steve's trust fund for Jamie. Brian was amused by Rachel's determination in getting money from the Matthews family out of revenge and asked Rachel out to dinner.

Brian: "All right, Rachel. We do have one thing going for us..."
Rachel: "What's that?"
Brian: "Well, we've got a little leverage in the fact that it's your husband who wants the divorce. If he wants it badly enough, he may be willing to pay to get it."
Rachel: "That's right. And I want him to pay -- I want him to pay a lot -- not just because I want the money, but because of all the things the Matthews have done to me."
Brian: (AMUSED) "You're really a good hater, aren't you?"
Rachel: "Is there anything wrong with that?"
Brian: "On the contrary. Good haters usually make good lovers too."

JULY 27, 1970 (EP. #1549)
Walter was surprised when Wayne unexpectedly came into his office. Wayne nonchalantly told Walter to stall Sam and lie that he had verified his financial records and business acumen when Walter complained that Sam has grown suspicious of him. Walter brusquely proclaimed to Wayne that he can manage his money without any help, but was subdued as Wayne stressed the importance of the merger with Steve being completed. Wayne was chagrined when Walter mentioned that Steve is out of town. Walter smugly told Wayne that Liz is on the warpath and that she can cause trouble for him in Bay City should he fail to appease her. Pat sheepishly admitted to Mary that she is enjoying the pampering she is receiving from Caroline. Mary felt reassured that Pat is in good hands after witnessing Caroline's competence, efficiency, and consideration for Pat. Brian told Dru that Rachel impeded his work by withholding pertinent facts on the divorce suit, but maintained that Rachel fervently believes that she is entitled to compensation as Russ's wife. Dru accused Brian of being uncooperative by refusing to discuss Steve's arrangements for Rachel and Jamie. Brian was undeterred once Dru proclaimed that he will not be bullied for Rachel's benefit and promised to fight Brian in court. Dru told Brian of Jim and Mary's wish to abolish Jamie's trust fund and ascertained that Rachel would be wise to sign the agreement. Liz stifled her joy when Wayne arrived at her house. Wayne slowly chipped away at Liz's defenses by insisting that he purposely left town to give her breathing space to ensure that Liz is marrying him of her own volition. Wayne and Liz happily reconciled and kissed tenderly.

Production Notes: Act II of this episode, featuring Pat, Caroline, and Mary on the Randolph Terrace, was pre-taped on July 17, 1970 due to the limited availability of actress Rue McClanahan during her earliest scheduled appearances. Due to some scenes for Episodes #1549, #1551, and #1552 being pre-taped, the production schedules on July 22, 24, and 27, 1970 were shortened.

JULY 28, 1970 (EP. #1550)
Liz gushed to Wayne about their marvelous evening together. Wayne came up behind Liz, embraced her, and stealthily mocked Liz as she leaned her head against him. Liz dissembled when Wayne inquired into whether she had nagging suspicions and persistent doubts about him. Liz placated Wayne by insisting that she always wanted to marry him and suggested that they finally set a wedding date. Wayne advised Liz that they should continue seeing each other and impulsively go to the Justice of the Peace to get married on a starlit night or bright, sunny day when everything seems perfect. Cindy blurted out to Susan that Belle is pushing her to set her cap for Russ because she would gain money and social position. Susan pointed out that Russ is getting a divorce from Rachel and smiled as Cindy mused that she feels admiration, respect, and gratitude for Russ. Cindy felt inspired once Susan urged her to consider furthering her education. Wayne derisively told Brian that nothing short of complete control of Steve's vast wealth will satisfy Rachel. Brian told Walter that he finds Rachel amusing, consistent, and predictable. Walter agreed to keep Brian abreast of revisions Steve makes to his will. Wayne bragged to Walter that he has Liz wrapped around his finger. Walter felt uneasy despite Wayne's assurances that Sam and John's curiosity will not prevent the merger from taking place. Rachel refused to listen to Ada's laments over wanting to tell Mary that she knew Jamie's true paternity from the beginning. Rachel ranted to Ada that Russ left her, turned all of her friends against her, and convinced Jim and Mary to take away Jamie's trust fund after receiving an urgent call from Brian.

JULY 29, 1970 (EP. #1551)
Rachel rudely ordered Cindy to schedule an appointment for her to see Russ tomorrow. Pat informed Lenore that she and John hired Caroline to help her with the household and take care of the baby. Lenore joked that nurses lead plural lives when Pat noted that Caroline is devoted, motherly, and empathetic to her needs. Pat and Lenore ruefully agreed that Steve is putting himself through potential grief by commissioning a house to be built for Alice, who may not reunite with him. Pat praised Caroline's work in decorating the nursery to Lenore. Caroline smiled possessively while limiting Pat's snacking. Rachel called Susan to ensure that Russ will expect her at the clinic. Susan forgave Dan for not mentioning his daughter Barbara while they admired a snapshot of her taken at a local horse show. Dan commended Susan for speaking honestly about wanting a divorce from Fred. Liz gushed to Susan that she and Wayne had dinner at the Top of the Tower, shared a nightcap, and enjoyed intimate conversation. Susan grew suspicious when Liz recounted Wayne's proposition that they get married on a whim instead of making wedding plans. Liz accused Susan of being jealous that she is happily coupled while her marriage went sour. Liz told Susan not to badmouth Wayne and bragged that she knows him better than anyone else in the world. Russ told Cindy about Missy becoming ill since Bill's death. Russ acerbically reminded Rachel that Jim and Mary wish to dissolve Jamie's trust fund since Rachel committed fraud by passing the baby off as his son. Rachel fumed when Russ ignored her threats and suggested that they communicate solely through their lawyers going forward.

Production Notes: Act I of this episode, featuring Pat, Lenore, and Caroline on the Randolph terrace, was pre-taped on July 17, 1970 due to the limited availability of actress Rue McClanahan. The framed picture of Barbara was not seen from the front during Dan and Susan's scene.

JULY 30, 1970 (EP. #1552)
Russ asked Jim and Mary to wait while he completes a medical case history before they go to a fish fry at Gibbon Park. Jim and Mary were alarmed to learn from Russ that Rachel refuses to sign the agreement that relinquishes her claim to Jamie's trust fund. Russ solemnly told Jim and Mary that Rachel is unconcerned that she perpetuated fraud by lying about Jamie's paternity, despite knowing Jim and Mary's stance on the issue and being forced to fight them in court. Jim and Mary debated the merits of suing Russ to reclaim the money from Jamie's trust fund, but Russ tried to be optimistic that Brian will convince Rachel that she has no legal recourse. Peggy confided to Frank that she quit law school to become a homemaker upon marrying Dick and continued working because a policeman's pension is limited. Frank empathized with Peggy as they spoke of the deaths of their respective spouses, immersing themselves into their jobs, and moving on with their lives. Frank made plans with Peggy to have a picnic so that she could meet his daughter, Juliet. Caroline anticipated that John would ask her to eat dinner with him while Pat was napping. John was impressed with Caroline's cooking and certainty that Pat will bear a beautiful baby. Caroline told John that she does not remain with a family for more than three months because she risks getting too attached to leave. John reflected to Caroline that Pat is excited to have the baby after facing many frightening moments. Brian assured Rachel that his concerns for her and Jamie are sincere. Rachel embraced Brian impulsively once he stated that they have a chance to win the battle over Jamie's trust fund against the Matthews family.

Mary: "...You know very well why Rachel's doing it. Even if there weren't any money involved, she'd still do it because she hates us and she'll do anything she can to make trouble for us."
Jim: "What do you think, Russ?"
Russ: "I think a lot of what Mom said is true. Along with all her other charming qualities, Rachel is the most vindictive person I've ever known."

Production Notes: Act III of this episode, featuring John and Caroline on the Randolph terrace, was pre-taped on July 20, 1970.

JULY 31, 1970 (EP. #1553)
John told Walter that he is having a consultation with Jim on Jamie's trust fund. Walter awkwardly accepted John's request that he attend a Delaney Brands conference to review the renewals on the distribution contracts with Sam. Dru and John advised Jim that suing Russ would be procedural, but understood Jim's qualms that the case could damage Russ's professional reputation and the clinic's work due to the negative publicity. Jim instructed John and Dru to initiate the case based on the principle that Rachel should not have access to the money. Dru ruefully told John that he refrained from speculating on the defense Brian may present on Rachel's behalf for Jim's sake. Ada praised Ernie's ability to fix things and for spending time with her while she watches Jamie. Ernie and Ada questioned whether a romance is developing between Brian and Rachel. Ada deplored Rachel for fighting the Matthews family for Jamie's trust fund. Ernie opined to Ada that talking to Brian about Rachel's case would not be interfering in her life. Dan and Susan hypothesized that the emotional strain of losing Bill and Missy's conflicts with Liz over moving to Somerset contributed to Missy's illness. Susan told Dan that she was not bothered that Liz lashed out at her for concluding that Wayne's excuses for his absence were nonsense. Dan persuaded Susan into having dinner with him to celebrate her maturity. Lenore was perplexed by Walter's ambivalence towards participating in the Delaney Brands conference and working with Sam. Walter secretly felt like a heel once Lenore revealed that Steve placed the lowest bid on constructing Helen's house out of appreciation for Walter's work on the merger.

AUGUST 3, 1970 (EP. #1554)
Rachel was delighted that Brian invited her out for dinner and dancing. Wayne taunted Walter for trying to rush him out of the office before Sam arrived for the Delaney Brands conference. Walter protested when Wayne suggested that he convince Sam that he conducted a thorough background check on him to quell Sam's suspicions. Wayne briefly exchanged pleasantries with Sam and politely left Walter's office. Walter lied to Sam that Wayne came to pay him a casual visit. Walter begrudgingly told Sam that Wayne's figures are reliable, that he verified his reputation with noteworthy citizens, he has a respectable background, and that Wayne has been forthright and honorable during Walter's personal dealings with him. Sam tried to probe Walter further, which caused Walter to belligerently accuse Sam of doubting his judgment and insinuating that he did not adequately research Wayne. Walter and Sam dissembled when John interrupted their argument and gazed at them quizzically. Ada lamented to Ernie that Rachel may be compromising her own interests by going out with Brian while she is married and feared that Brian is filling Rachel's head with false promises of getting loads of money. Ernie warned Ada against wanting Brian to level with her to protect Rachel. Rachel convinced Ernie and Ada to leave because she has legal things to discuss with Brian. Rachel twisted the truth by telling Brian that Steve fell in love with her, that they had an affair, and that she went back to Russ while Steve decided to marry Alice to avoid complicating matters further. Brian felt renewed conviction once Rachel revealed that Jim, Mary, and Alice knew that Jamie was Steve's child prior to his birth.

AUGUST 4, 1970 (EP. #1555)
Ada asked to pay Mary a friendly visit. Jim echoed Mary's sentiment that, while they like Ada very much, it is difficult to see her due to the battle over Jamie's trust fund. Jim and Mary agreed that it is wrong that they have to sue Russ as trustee and that Rachel is initiating litigation over money she does not deserve. Mary marveled to Jim that one silly, ignorant, greedy girl like Rachel could inflict so much misery onto one family. Jim reminded Mary that Rachel's machinations have likely been hard on Ada. Liz was chagrined by Wayne's indifference towards being at The Mirador. Walter nodded sourly and Liz turned icy when Wayne complimented Lenore's beauty and tried to talk everyone into having drinks. Liz felt resigned and Walter smoldered once Wayne coaxed Lenore into dancing with him. Susan sensed rightly that Liz was lying about the superb evening she had with Wayne. Susan defended Lenore's character as a dignified, reserved woman who would never throw herself at any man against Liz's insinuations that Lenore monopolized her time with Wayne. Susan deduced that Liz's version of events was a desperate attempt to blame Lenore for her evening with Wayne being ruined. Ada sadly told Mary that Rachel ignored her pleas to give up Jamie's trust fund. Ada reflected to Mary that she thought her dreams for Rachel to marry a man who would love and protect her had been granted when she married Russ. Mary raged against Ada for raising a daughter who destroyed, humiliated, and degraded her family. Ada berated herself for failing to fill the void in Rachel's life when Gerald left, prompting a contrite Mary to apologize for losing her temper and to comfort Ada.

Ada: "...You always had a husband...a man to be a father to your children. A father to feed them and take care of them and talk to them...Rachel never had that. She just had me."
Mary: "I know."
Ada: (GETTING VERY UPSET) "And I wasn't enough. From the time Gerald Davis left us...Rachel started grabbing for whatever she could get. When she was five years old she took money out of my pocketbook to buy ribbons to put in her hair. She stole candy from the candy store. She did anything to make herself feel pretty and loved and taken care of...because she didn't have a father, she only had me and I wasn't enough! I...wasn't...ever...enough..."
Mary: "Ada, I'm sorry...forgive me..." (SHE HUGS ADA. BOTH ARE MISERABLE. FADE OUT)

AUGUST 5, 1970 (EP. #1556)
Liz chided Wayne for thinking that she was flirting with the head waiter of a restaurant. Wayne tried unsuccessfully to get out of sharing a nightcap with Liz. Wayne sipped his brandy thoughtfully as Liz suggested that they talk about getting married. Liz emphatically told Wayne that she is certain that they should marry since her happiness is complete. Wayne carefully improvised lies that they cannot make wedding plans because he has multiple business endeavors that may close and has dozens of long-distance calls to make. Liz was mollified when Wayne professed his love and promised to get in touch with her soon. Susan told Dan that Liz's imagination is running wild with ideas that Lenore is unhappy with Walter, that she has designs on Wayne, and that Liz is forging ahead blindly rather than accept that Wayne will likely never marry her. Susan told Dan that Fred has not responded to her letter in which she proposed that they start divorce proceedings. Dan and Susan convinced Russ and Cindy to join them for dinner and dancing at The Mirador. Wayne impatiently tried to pressure Walter into influencing Steve to push the merger forward. Walter ridiculed Wayne for being a sophisticated con-artist who would rob anyone without conscience while twitching about Liz's presence in his life. Wayne angrily grabbed Walter by the lapels, denounced him as a two-bit lawyer and hired help, and warned Walter that the merger must succeed or they will both face the consequences. Russ and Cindy talked about taking care of patients and learning new things. Cindy was moved when Russ suggested that they address each other on a first-name basis and encouraged her to begin Nurses Training.

Walter: "You know it's really funny? Big sophisticated crook like'd take Steve Frame for a million bucks...and never bat an'd take anybody for anything...but Liz Matthews has got you jittery as an old lady."
Wayne: "Look, Walter..."
Walter: (OVER) "It's funny, you know. You'll set up a deal...wait and wait and wait for the right moment to arrive when you can steal some poor sucker blind...walk off with all his money and never look back...but a woman like Liz Matthews...a silly stupid woman like Liz Matthews has got you twitching all over. It's really funny, I mean it."
Wayne: "I'm so glad you're amused."
Walter: "Well, it is funny. Isn't it? I mean all of us have known Liz Matthews for a hundred years. She's a silly woman. Absolutely in love with herself, always has been. A born pushover for a guy like you. You shouldn't have any trouble with her at all...but here you are, sweating blood..."

AUGUST 6, 1970 (EP. #1557)
Russ accompanied Cindy home while they gushed about their evening. Cindy was mortified when Belle came out of her bedroom and effusively greeted Russ. Belle tried to play up to Russ by fibbing that she waits up for Cindy, invited Russ to stay for a beer, and voiced approval over Dan, Susan, Russ, and Cindy going to The Mirador. Cindy fumed as Belle criticized her for being picky about her dates in front of Russ and reminisced about her youth. Cindy raked Belle over the coals for causing Russ to leave due to her tacky behavior. John recounted interrupting Sam and Walter's heated exchange to Dru, who contemplated the subject of their argument. Dru told John that he wants the court proceedings over Jamie's trust fund to be held in chambers to avoid publicity. John and Dru were floored to learn that Rachel insists that the case be heard in open court. Caroline told Lenore that Pat went to Bryant's. Lenore good-naturedly told Caroline that her habit of referring to the baby as hers and Pat's is endearing while the women discussed permanent items Lenore could buy for it. Caroline was pleased that Lenore took her suggestion to gift Pat with a baby book. Caroline was almost smug while praising Pat for getting a good start on their shopping for the baby. Cindy sheepishly tried to compose a message for Russ when Rachel stormed into the clinic. Rachel ranted to Cindy that Jim and Russ are trying to take money away from an infant and that the case will be public so that everyone will know that they are bullies. Russ ignored Rachel's tirades and demanded that she leave the clinic. Cindy sympathized with Russ, who apologized to Cindy for Rachel's temper and lack of decorum.

AUGUST 7, 1970 (EP. #1558)
Mary grew apprehensive when Dru explained that he has news concerning the trust fund controversy. Pat told Dan that Caroline's pampering is responsible for her good health and that she is not bothered that Caroline has taken over the household. Dan reassured Pat that Russ is establishing a social life by seeing Cindy and going out on a double date with him and Susan. Pat confessed to Dan that she is guilt-ridden because Jim and Mary are fighting Rachel over Jamie's trust fund because they want the money for her child. Dan opined to Pat that Jim and Mary's actions are justified since Steve is generously providing for Jamie, but eased Pat's fears that the publicity will hurt the clinic. Pat was unconvinced when Dan hoped that Rachel will ultimately agree to settle matters quietly. Liz boasted to Mary that she sees Wayne nearly every night, that he is morose while they are apart, and downplayed her annoyance over Wayne's absences. Liz aroused Mary's fury by harping on the details of Jim and Mary's efforts to dissolve Jamie's trust fund. Mary lambasted Liz for probing her on an upsetting subject and ordered her not to treat it as gossip. Dru chided Frank for lying that he came to discuss a case with him instead of admitting that he was taking Peggy out on a date. Peggy laughed as Frank recalled that he first witnessed Dru in the courtroom years ago pretending to be ineffective before doggedly questioning a witness during cross-examination. Dru agreed with Jim and Mary's stance that Jamie might be negatively affected by the impending court battle. Dru told Jim and Mary that they must decide whether to proceed since Rachel is adamant about having a public trial.

AUGUST 10, 1970 (EP. #1559)
Jim was displeased as Mary related that Liz learned about their efforts to dissolve Jamie's trust fund from Susan and Liz aroused Mary's ire by relentlessly probing her for specifics on the situation. Jim grumbled to Mary that he wishes they could drop the fight with Rachel and avoid the dreadful publicity. Jim and Mary were astonished that Rachel seems eager to wage a public legal battle against them, despite that it could tarnish Jamie's name. Cindy griped to Susan that she was appalled that Belle gushed over Russ, hung on his every word, and acted coy once she decided to give her and Russ privacy. Susan grew perturbed with Liz's maudlin account of Russ's disputes with Rachel and imperiously opined that Mary tried to downplay the ordeals. Liz took advantage of Cindy's naivete by asking leading questions about her night out with Russ, Dan, and Susan. Susan agreed to have dinner with Liz and Wayne, but chaffed at Liz's idea that she invites Dan as her date. Cindy and Susan joked about Liz and Belle being incorrigible to ease their frustrations. Jim expressed consternation to Dru over the stress that the court battle has caused. Dru informed Jim that he requested a private hearing in chambers since the welfare of a child usually takes precedence in such cases. Jim told Dru that he and Mary are willing to abandon the trust fund should Rachel prove ruthless. Rachel wailed to Dru that she desperately needs to confide in him. Dru tactfully advised Rachel that she should not speak to him without Brian being present since they are involved in litigation, prompting Rachel to hysterically swear that the Matthews family's mistreatment towards her will become public knowledge.

AUGUST 11, 1970 (EP. #1560)
Ada told Brian that she is babysitting Jamie while Rachel runs errands. Brian asked Ada to inform Rachel that he is stopping by her apartment this evening and to call him should that be inconvenient for her. Wayne remonstrated Quincy for mocking Walter's annoyance over having an impromptu meeting while a client is waiting for him. Quincy and Wayne's boasts to Walter about their past swindles had sinister undertones as they cryptically hinted at the unknown fates of their accomplices who developed a distaste or guilty consciences by being involved with them. Wayne ordered a baffled Walter to contact Steve once he returns and to pressure him into completing the merger. Steve gently chided Lenore for assuming that all of his extensive business trips are profitable. Lenore told Steve that she is unaware of whether Rachel has concocted more trouble for him while he has been out of town. Walter tried in vain to get Steve to commit to the merger with Wayne. Steve was immediately contrite after snapping at Walter for badgering him and humbly accepted Lenore's gratitude for hiring contractors to build Helen's house. Ada apologized to Brian for Rachel's tardiness in getting home. Brian refused to convince Rachel to relinquish the trust fund, despite Ada singing Jim and Mary's praises for being kind and patient with Rachel, asserting that Rachel was not a good wife to Russ, and that Jamie is not entitled to the money. Ada was stricken by Brian's belief that he can win the legal battle over the trust fund for Rachel. Brian lambasted Rachel for idiotically visiting Dru, Russ, and Mary. Rachel acquiesced to Brian's orders that she avoid the Matthews family and everyone connected to them.

Notes: Wayne reveals that he has known Quincy for ten years. Among the people Wayne and Quincy swindled in the past are: a woman who owned a building in Kansas City which led to a nearly one-million-dollar deal, a bookkeeper in San Diego, Robert Delaney, and a CPA in Indianapolis.

AUGUST 12, 1970 (EP. #1561)
Dan promised to lend moral support to Susan, who plotted to steer the conversation to expose Wayne as a phony during dinner with Liz. Pat cautioned Caroline against giving credibility to Liz's comments that Lenore is unhappy with Walter. Lenore gushed to Pat that Steve negotiated the price of constructing Helen's house with the contractor by calling in a favor on her and Walter's behalf. Pat opined to Lenore that Steve is taking a chance by building a house for himself and Alice without knowing whether she will return to him. Pat told Lenore that John's firm is handling Russ's divorce suit and litigation on Jamie's trust fund. Lenore and Pat assumed that Rachel went to Somerset to see Gerald. Lenore told Pat that Liz was cold towards her when she and Walter talked with her and Wayne at The Mirador. Russ and Susan told Cindy that Alice found Nurses Training difficult but ultimately rewarding. Russ and Cindy were intrigued by Dan and Susan's dinner plans with Liz and Wayne. Cindy told Russ that she thinks that nursing will give her purpose and value in her life. Russ caused Cindy to become flustered by complimenting her smile and voice. Liz and Lenore discussed the Community Fund financing some of Liz's charities. Lenore bought Liz's claims that she had a headache which affected her mood at the Mirador. Liz purposefully remarked to Lenore that Wayne prefers her company over large parties and younger women. Dan and Susan forced Wayne to relent by nagging him to cancel some appointments, allow Liz to accompany him on business trips, and have a small wedding ceremony soon. Liz was ecstatic and Wayne gloomy while he took a phone call from Quincy.

AUGUST 13, 1970 (EP. #1562)
Ernie lovingly teased Jamie for making himself at home by spreading out his toys all over the kitchen. Ernie and Ada debated on whether Jamie understands the difference between cars, stuffed animals, and the conversations they have around him. Ada groused to Ernie that Rachel impulsively went to Somerset. Ernie frowned as Ada explained that Rachel arrived unannounced to have her babysit Jamie because she and Brian are having dinner with Gerald at The Riverboat in Somerset. Ada told Ernie that Rachel and Brian are determined to fight the Matthews family and Steve over money. Ernie felt concerned as Ada contemplated Rachel's true reasons for seeking out Gerald. Caroline assured Pat that she would not mind accompanying her to buy things for the baby on her day off. Pat took Caroline's advice to take a nap after a tiring day of shopping. Caroline feigned resistance to Pat's request that she eat dinner with John on the terrace. Pat commended Caroline for having a calming, reassuring presence and expressed gratitude to Dan for convincing her and John to hire Caroline. Russ abruptly left when Cindy voiced sympathy and understanding towards him being depressed and tired. John told Russ that Dru is hopeful that Judge Rossiter will grant his request to hold the court proceedings in chambers to protect Jamie and to avoid publicity. Russ accepted John's invitation to have dinner with him and Pat. Cindy was relieved when Russ apologized for hurting her feelings by retreating into his office. Caroline told John and Russ that Pat rested due to feeling slightly fatigued. Caroline covered her disappointment when John and Russ decided to have dinner in the bedroom with Pat.

Production Note: Handwritten note on Cast and Crew portion of the script to "delete references to Randolph 'upstairs.'"

AUGUST 14, 1970 (EP. #1563)
Wayne tried unsuccessfully to cut short his phone conversation with Liz. Liz guilted Wayne by stressing that her family will be upset should they postpone getting married. Wayne reluctantly agreed to call Liz once he straightens out his business affairs. Walter dejectedly told Wayne that Steve has lingering reservations towards the merger because he is dissatisfied with the current business conditions. Walter browbeat Wayne for expecting him to pressure Steve while criticizing his efforts. Wayne complained to Walter that the merger with Steve must be completed since Liz is pushing him to finalize their wedding plans. Walter confirmed for Wayne that Steve has revised his will so that Jamie inherits the bulk of his estate. Wayne ominously hinted to Walter that Steve may leave everything to Jamie and appoint an executor who will run Frame Enterprises should something happen to Steve. Liz happily thanked Dan and Susan for influencing Wayne into setting a wedding date and asked Susan to be her matron of honor. Susan pointed out to Dan that she is skeptical that Wayne will marry Liz because he was initially full of excuses on setting a date. Jim, Mary, and John were relieved that Judge Rossiter approved Dru's request to have the court proceedings heard in a private session to protect Jamie's good name. John and Dru were sympathetic to Jim and Mary's qualms towards the litigation since Russ and Rachel will be present. Steve readily accepted Walter's apologies for losing his temper the other day. Steve decided to leave his land holdings to Alice, small settlements to his family, and Frame Enterprises to Jamie. Walter felt miserable when Steve asked him to be executor of his estate.

AUGUST 17, 1970 (EP. #1564)
Walter agreed to have a late evening meeting in his office with Wayne so that no one else will be present. Caroline and Pat did some gardening. Liz told Pat that Wayne is stopping by her house because she foolishly left her wallet in Wayne's car last night. Pat discouraged Liz from buying her or the baby anything once it is born. Liz aggravated Pat by babbling about Rachel fighting Jim and Mary to keep Jamie's trust fund and suggesting that she testify as a character witness against Rachel. Pat bluntly told Liz that the legal fight is a private matter and that Jim and Mary will call them should they need additional help. Caroline half-heartedly asked Liz to have lunch with her and Pat, then reminded Liz that she is expecting Wayne at her house. Pat was grateful when Liz took Caroline's hint and left. Wayne was anxious to leave before Liz arrived home after giving her wallet to Susan. Susan stalled Wayne by ribbing him for making excuses to see Liz, that she went shopping with Liz for her trousseau, prattled about the colors a bride should wear, and nagged Wayne about setting a wedding date. Wayne politely declined Liz and Susan's offer to stay for lunch and stopped to regain his composure after leaving Liz's house. Frank encouraged Peggy to have faith that she will pass her exams. Walter lied to Frank and Peggy that he is working late on an urgent case of his. Wayne made veiled threats should Walter fail to fulfill his role in their scheme. Walter gave Wayne a detailed account of Steve's plans for his estate. Wayne noted that Walter may be in charge of Frame Enterprises should anything happen to Steve. Walter was flabbergasted once Wayne decided to pressure Steve himself.

Susan: "We went shopping, for clothes for mother." (BEAT) "For her trousseau."
Wayne: "Oh. Oh, yes...Her trousseau."
Susan: "We found some lovely things. We had a little argument...mother says you like her in black...Is that true?"
Wayne: "Yes...I think your mother looks marvelous in black."
Susan: (PAUSE) "But for a bride? Black for a bride?"
Wayne: "Well...I don't have any strong feelings about it..."

AUGUST 18, 1970 (EP. #1565)
Dan informed Russ that he received a call from the space medicine project in Houston, who want Dan to return under their employ. Dan told Russ that he cannot leave town because he has patients who are due to have their babies within the next two weeks. Russ refused Dan's suggestion that he replace him in Houston since he must be present while Rachel blocks Jim and Mary's efforts to dissolve the trust fund and make arrangements with Rachel on the divorce suit. Steve wistfully told Wayne that he hired Robert to design a house for Alice with wide halls, windows looking upon beautiful trees, and fireplaces. Wayne made progress with Steve by proposing that they finalize the merger so that he can focus on rebuilding a relationship with Alice. Steve agreed to discuss the merger with Walter while Wayne is out of town. Rachel flirtatiously tried to persuade Steve into scheduling more visits with Jamie. Steve offered to pay for Wayne's lunch so that they could get away from Rachel. Brian acerbically remarked that he would like to hide Rachel to stop her from doing dumb things that could ruin her case. Rachel acted innocent when Brian upbraided her for throwing herself at Steve in public. Brian advised Rachel that she is to play the role of the devoted mother fighting to retain money that rightfully belongs to Jamie. Rachel enthused over Brian's idea that she moves to St. Thomas to escape associating with her enemies. Jim testified for Judge Rossiter that he and Mary established the trust fund prior to Jamie being born because they firmly believed that he was their grandson. Dru was baffled when Brian postponed cross-examining Jim because he is expecting a surprise witness to testify.

Brian: "Rachel...the important thing is...I don't want anybody in Bay City to see you...I don't anybody in Bay City to know anything about you..."
Rachel: "How much would this all cost?"
Brian: "Not too much. Use some of that money Steve Frame gave you."
Rachel: "You really want to get rid of me, don't you?"
Brian: "I want to stop worrying about you and what you're doing...and where you're being seen...and whom you're talking to...and what silly thing you're going to say next..."

Notes: Jim gives his full name as James Arthur Matthews while being sworn in as a witness during the court proceedings. Act IV began with the trial in progress with opening statements already taking place. This episode was pre-taped on the following days: Act IV on July 30; Acts II and III on August 6; and the Prologue and Act I on August 7, 1970.

AUGUST 19, 1970 (EP. #1566)
Mary testified for Dru that she and Jim saved money over time to secure the futures of their grandchildren. Brian objected when Mary accused Rachel of falsely passing Jamie off as her grandson. Judge Rossiter accepted Russ's plea of no contest as the defendant in Jim's lawsuit. Rachel informed Brian that Russ is her estranged husband, that she is Jamie's mother, and he was born while she was living with Russ. Dru objected when Rachel wailed that Russ was temperamental towards her without cause in response to Brian's questions on Jamie's paternity. Rachel acted like an injured party who is discussing intimate, painful matters as she testified that Alice knew that Jamie was not Russ's son while she was living with Jim and Mary. Dru, Mary, Jim, and Russ were shocked when Brian called Alice to the stand. Dru scoffed at Brian's assertions that Alice has been unresponsive to his summons, has chosen not to appear in court, and requested to cross-examine Jim. Brian established that Jim and Mary had spoken to Alice about Jamie's paternity on many occasions and that the trust fund was created based on the belief that Jamie was their grandson. John told Lenore that the trial has concluded, Judge Rossiter will render a verdict by late afternoon, and that Brian put up a good defense for Rachel. Mary urged Russ to reconsider going to Houston. Judge Rossiter ruled that Rachel's alleged fraud was not proven and that the trust fund belongs to Jamie. Brian valiantly tried to silence Rachel, who gloated that she won the case despite the Matthews family's slanderous, sneaky tactics against her. An angry and defeated Russ asked to replace Dan at the space medicine project.

Notes: This episode was pre-taped on the following days: Prologue, Act I, and Act II on August 5; First of half of Act III on August 6; and the last half of Act III and Act IV in its entirety on July 30, 1970. A "fade to black" was done during the conclusion of Act IV while Sam Groom (Russ) delivered his lines to Dan (off-screen) over the phone.

AUGUST 20, 1970 (EP. #1567)
Pat predicted that Peggy earned good grades on her exams. John agreed to have lunch with Pat. Ada was disgruntled while telling Ernie that Rachel decided to vacation in the Virgin Islands, despite that she has a cleaning woman and that Ada and Rachel take care of Jamie on an equal basis. Ernie tried to calm Ada's temper as she groused over Rachel waging a successful battle over the trust fund to spite the Matthews family, that Mary is devastated over the outcome of the case, and that Russ left to work on the space medicine project. Cindy caught Belle in a lie when she complained about feeling sharp pain in her shoulder and demanded to be examined by Russ. Belle dropped the pretenses after learning from Cindy that Russ went to Houston. Cindy provoked Belle into angrily stalking out by defiantly stating that Russ's absence will give her a reprieve from Belle's interference in her personal life. John and Pat were pleased that Peggy is seeing Frank regularly. Pat told John that she received a letter from Alice, who is living with a family in Avignon, socializing with new friends, and working at a children's hospital. John and Pat were disturbed that Alice did not mention Steve in her letter. John told Peggy that Dru is glum over losing Jim and Mary's case concerning Jamie's trust fund. Peggy told John that she dislikes that Alice has not stated whether or not she plans to come home. John lauded Peggy for getting straight A's on her exams. Frank flattered Peggy by bringing her a bouquet of flowers and complimenting her grades. John was puzzled when Frank and Peggy mentioned that Walter returned to the office late one night to ostensibly do research on a legal brief.

AUGUST 21, 1970 (EP. #1568)
Liz left an urgent message with Cindy to have Susan contact her. Susan confided to Cindy that she will not return Liz's call because she finds her effusive prattling about Wayne's attentions exhausting and has reserved most of the day for performing laboratory tests at the hospital. Cindy pitied Russ as Susan theorized that Jim and Mary losing the legal battle over Jamie's trust fund prompted Russ to go to Houston for two weeks. Cindy griped to Susan that Belle pretended to suffer from pain in her shoulder as an excuse to speak to Russ about her. Susan and Cindy bonded further as they reflected on the poor influences Belle and Liz had on their self-esteem and personal lives, but resolved not to hold their mothers indefinitely responsible for their woes. Susan admitted to Cindy that her marriage to Fred was doomed because they got married for the wrong reasons. Liz told Jim that she does not want to involve Wayne in her financial affairs by having him interpret the accounting firm's quarterly statement for her. Jim echoed Liz's sentiments that the outcome of the trust fund case was a blow to the family, but that Russ is fortunate to be rid of Rachel. Jim updated Liz on Alice's whereabouts. Liz lamented to Jim that she is worried about Susan's welfare. Lenore discussed the plans for Helen and Alice's respective houses with Steve and Walter. Steve waxed philosophically to Walter and Lenore about making life worth living by being optimistic about Alice's return. Susan confessed to Dan that she has qualms over committing to him until she receives Fred's response to her request for a divorce. Susan felt trepidation upon learning from Liz that she received a letter from Fred in a thick envelope.

AUGUST 24, 1970 (EP. #1569)
Susan refuted Dan's theories that Liz had pure intentions for retrieving her mail and notifying Susan that she received a letter from Fred. Liz ignored Susan's pleas to be quiet so that she could read Fred's letter by rambling that the marriage was ridiculous, bound to fail, and a tragic mistake. Susan used Wayne's arrival as an excuse to hastily leave Liz's place. Wayne was discomfited when Liz insisted on setting a wedding date. Helen called to inform Lenore that the buyers of her home in Florida wish to move into it next week. Walter and Lenore asked Helen to live with them while they await the construction of her house in Bay City. Lenore planned a homecoming dinner party for Helen. Walter grumpily told Lenore that he disapproves of Steve's construction company building Helen's house at a reduced price, but Lenore countered that Steve was generously compensating Walter for working hard on the merger with Wayne. Lenore was troubled when Walter decided to take a walk alone. Caroline noticed that Pat was absent-minded while they played gin rummy. Pat introduced Caroline to Walter, who asked to speak with John privately. Walter brightened slightly when Pat credited him for making Lenore one of the happiest wives she knows. Pat and Caroline were baffled that Walter chose not to wait for John to get home. Wayne and Liz narrowed down their wedding date to take place during the last week of October. Liz informed Wayne that Peter Delaney will be visiting her because Missy's condition has not improved. Susan sadly told Dan that Fred has consented to the divorce. Dan empathized with Susan while she described the dissolution of her marriage as another major failure.

Helen: (Re-introduction Line) (over the phone in Florida) "Lenore..."

Notes: Re-introduction of Murial Williams as Helen Moore.

AUGUST 25, 1970 (EP. #1570)
Ada exclaimed to Ernie that she cannot quit feeling responsible for Rachel's actions while she continues to do despicable things to other people. Ernie agreed to supervise Steve's visit with Jamie while Ada left to meet with Dru. Jim told Pat that Mary is feeling low over Judge Rossiter's verdict and cancelled their dinner plans with Liz. Pat accepted Jim's reasoning that Walter was just moody when he stopped by the Randolph household to talk to John and exchanged pleasantries with Caroline and Pat. Jim grew alarmed when Pat briefly grimaced from pain, despite Pat's assurances that she merely experienced a pre-labor contraction and keeps Dan abreast of her pregnancy. Steve watched Jamie with some fascination while agreeing with Ernie's stance that Rachel is not entitled to the money from Jamie's trust fund. Steve spoke wistfully to Ernie about the unexpected ways in which he became a father, but proclaimed that he will always provide for his son. Ernie was startled when Steve hinted that he may have a surprise in store for Rachel concerning their financial settlement. Steve tentatively approached Jamie and held him while receiving encouragement from Ernie. Dru tried to assure Ada that Brian would not act unlawfully while representing Rachel as her lawyer. Ada stated her objections towards Brian and Rachel going out on dates, prompting Dru to suggest warning Rachel that a romance with Brian would be unwise. Peter Delaney informed Jim and Liz that Missy is depressed, weak, malnourished, and unenthusiastic towards an invitation to live with friends in Arizona. Jim tried to convince an anguished Liz to make wedding plans and to have faith that Missy will recover.

Jim: "Anyway...your mother doesn't want to go out tonight...we were supposed to go to your Aunt Liz's for dinner."
Pat: "Dinner with Aunt Liz is seldom a tonic. The food's marvelous but the conversation can be...exhausting."
Jim: "Right."

Notes: Appearance by Len Gochman as Peter Delaney, who appeared regularly on Somerset. Peter mentions Bill and Missy's friends from California, who are named Ted and Margaret Shaughnessy and own a ranch in Arizona.

AUGUST 26, 1970 (EP. #1571)
Steve and Walter had a grueling work session. Steve was excited to receive a letter from Alice. Walter emphasized that Alice seems to be benefiting from her time in Europe and wrote him of her own volition to alleviate Steve's disappointment that Alice did not profess her love for him. Steve informed Walter that Bernice is returning from Fairview in a few weeks. Walter tried unsuccessfully to caution Steve against signing his revised will until he reviews it thoroughly. Steve reiterated his trust in Walter acting as Jamie's trustee and running Frame Enterprises. Dan advised Jim that Mary needs rest and tenderness after becoming nervously exhausted due to losing Jamie's trust fund. Dan reassured Jim that Pat's pre-labor contractions are normal in pregnancies. Susan asked Dan to provide her with moral support while she reveals to Liz that Fred consented to giving her a divorce. Dan expressed pride in Susan, who reflected that she could tolerate life's setbacks more easily and considers herself a fallible human being like everyone else. Susan left Liz speechless by emphatically stating that she can separate the hurt and disappointment from the unpleasant facts of her marriage to Fred. Liz told Dan and Susan that she feels guilty over making wedding plans while Missy is ill and that Stan has ordered tests to be performed on Missy. Lenore fumed when Wayne invited himself to her table at Tallboys and ordered drinks while they waited for Walter. Steve warned Walter not to get into a jealous rage over seeing Wayne with Lenore. Lenore was thrilled with Steve's news about Alice's letter. Walter smiled sourly when Wayne joked that he needed to ask his permission to join them for dinner.

AUGUST 27, 1970 (EP. #1572)
Ada decided to call Brian to reprimand him for indulging Rachel's vindictive behavior despite Ernie's objections. Ada voiced suspicions to Ernie that Brian's secretary refused to divulge his whereabouts because he left to join Rachel in the Virgin Islands. Ernie surmised to a dubious Ada that Brian took a vacation alone and that Dru described Brian as smart, opportunistic, but not crooked and unscrupulous. Ada glumly read Rachel's postcard to Ernie. Ernie and Ada updated Lahoma on Rachel and the Matthews family. Ada foreboded to Ernie and Lahoma that Steve may retaliate against Rachel for winning the legal fight with the Matthews family over the trust fund. Dan was not upset with Cindy for unknowingly scheduling an appointment for him to see another doctor's patient. Caroline humbly downplayed her contributions when Dan and Pat credited her for being a fine caretaker. Caroline told Cindy that her arrangement with the Randolphs is ideal because she can get acquainted with the family and learn the proper ways to do things for them. Cindy was puzzled when Caroline opined that John would be unable to help Pat without her. Lahoma told Peggy that Missy is assuming a brave front while she endures more hardships and that she is making herself scarce while Liz visits Missy in Somerset. Peggy grew curious as Lahoma griped that she and Sam socialize with Chuck Hillman, who works at Delaney Brands and acts peculiar around Lahoma. Lahoma was overjoyed as Peggy talked about her budding romance with Frank. Dan admitted to Cindy that he has a hunch about Pat's pregnancy yet dodged giving specifics. Cindy was delighted to receive a letter from Russ.

Notes: Appearance by Anne Wedgeworth as Lahoma Vane Lucas.

AUGUST 28, 1970 (EP. #1573)
Cindy asked Susan to watch the reception desk while she takes notes for Dan. Belle maintained the ruse by telling Susan that she will have Russ treat her shoulder pain once he returns. Cindy harangued Belle for inventing excuses to come to the clinic and flipped upon realizing that Belle had found her letter from Russ after snooping around her desk. Belle doubted that Cindy could handle Russ and insolently suggested that she be sensible and take her advice. Cindy ordered Belle to leave, then groused to Susan that Belle is interfering in her personal life and making her friendship with Russ into something cheap. Wayne acted sympathetic as Liz fretted that Missy is unresponsive to medical treatment. Liz planned to cancel her fundraising meeting with Luella and Lenore in hopes that Wayne's company will soothe her woes over Missy. Wayne was relieved that Luella's arrival freed him from having to spend the evening with Liz. John told Dru that Mary is slowly recovering from her emotional strain. Dru and John agreed that Walter has been pre-occupied and short-tempered lately. John told Dru that Walter chose not to wait for him to get home after ostensibly wanting to discuss an urgent matter with him. Susan asked John to start divorce proceedings for her and Fred. John understood Susan's desire to pursue new relationships. Liz hid her rage as Lenore gushed about having a great time with Walter, Steve, and Wayne the other night. Wayne lied that Quincy cancelled their business dinner after unexpectedly running into Lenore, Liz, and Luella at Tallboys. Luella was shocked by Liz's hostile attitude and venomous glances at Lenore as she chatted with Wayne.

Wayne: (COMING OVER) "Hello, Lenore. Hello, Liz, Luella. Why didn't you tell me this was where you were going to have lunch, Liz?"
Liz: "Because I didn't know it myself. Luella made the reservation."
Luella: "I think if you're going to have lunch, you might as well have it in a pleasant place, don't you, Wayne?"
Wayne: "I certainly do."

AUGUST 31, 1970 (EP. #1574)
Quincy planned a short business trip after Wayne assembled documents for him. Wayne groaned that he is desperate to be rid of Liz, but Quincy maintained that he may have to marry Liz since funds are running low and the merger with Steve is still pending. Quincy rejected Wayne's idea of arranging a fatal accident for Steve to solve their problems. Wayne dissembled hesitance when Liz probed him on whether Lenore insisted that he join her, Walter, and Steve for dinner at Tallboys. Wayne pointedly remarked that Lenore is a well-dressed, attractive woman and that he is anxious to become better acquainted with her, causing Liz to fume with jealousy. Jim remained somewhat neutral as Steve felt optimism because Alice took the time to write him a letter. Steve told Jim that he visits the location of Alice's future home to cure his restlessness and depression. Jim graciously declined Steve's offer to reimburse him and Mary the money they put into Jamie's trust fund. Lenore grew agitated as Helen raved about Walter being thoughtful, generous, and very much in love with her. Helen was disturbed as Lenore expressed hope that she can provide insight into Walter's distress by getting to know him. Wayne carped to Quincy that he fueled Liz's obsessive jealousy towards Lenore because he is tired of appeasing her. Quincy opined that Wayne was overplaying his hand by urging Steve to finalize the merger so that he can devote his attentions to Alice. Wayne boasted to Quincy that he convinced Steve to grant Walter full legal authority of Frame Enterprises as the trustee of Steve's estate. Quincy rebuffed Wayne's contention that he would commit murder for the right price.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1970 (EP. #1575)
Wayne derisively told Quincy that his distaste for murder proves that he is complacent in pulling off smaller swindles. Wayne modified his approach by emphasizing to Quincy that his initial con to pry money out of Steve has evolved into a multi-million-dollar deal since Jamie will inherit Frame Enterprises and Walter will have corporate control as the sole trustee. Wayne scoffed at Quincy's assertion that he should obtain Bernice's input towards Wayne's plot to kill Steve. Quincy offered himself as a cover when Wayne yearned to avoid seeing Liz. Liz was somewhat placated when Wayne gifted her roses as consolation for cancelling their dinner date. Helen told Wayne that Liz piqued her curiosity by mentioning him frequently in her letters. Liz thanked Helen for her condolences over Bill's death and sadly updated her on Missy. Helen laughed at Liz's insinuations that Walter is devoted to Lenore to disguise his fears of losing her. Liz felt wounded when Helen merrily parroted her assessment of Walter's insecurities to justify Wayne's dedication to her. Pat admitted to John that she cherishes their time alone together despite having no regrets over hiring Caroline. John and Pat contemplated Sam's purpose for coming to Bay City tomorrow. Walter promised Mr. O'Malley that he will make a deposit to rectify his bank account being overdrawn. Steve reiterated his trust that Walter is a fine lawyer and friend who will protect Jamie's interests. Wayne was thrilled to learn from Walter that Steve has committed to the merger. Walter begged Wayne not to hastily dump Liz. Wayne smiled enigmatically at Walter, who was aghast over his veiled remarks about Steve's life being endangered.

Liz: (about Walter's love for Lenore) "Oh, Helen, you and I know that there's always something behind devotion like that."
Helen: "Uh huh. Love, usually."
Liz: "Or fear. Fear of losing the girl."
Helen: "Oh, come on, Liz. You haven't changed, have you?"
Liz: "You sound as if you wish I had."
Helen: (LAUGHS) "I pass...."

Production Notes: The Prologue and Act I of this episode, which featured Wayne and Quincy in Wayne's apartment were pre-taped on August 25, 1970.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1970 (EP. #1576)
Pat tried to dismiss an increase in the strength and frequency of her contractions. Dan advised Jim to be strict with Mary to ensure that she doesn't do anything strenuous for a while. Jim ruefully told Dan that he and Mary feel lost without Russ, who helps them maintain their health. Ada brought homemade bread for Jim and Mary and offered to do household chores for them. Jim told Ada that Steve shares her anger towards the outcome of the trust fund battle and that Steve tried in vain to remedy the situation. Jim urged Ada not to dwell on the past. Susan happily informed Dan that Stan diagnosed Missy with bacterial endocarditis and that she is beginning to recover. Dan good-naturedly defended himself when Susan chided Dan for considering himself easy-going and occasionally relying on hunches in medical cases. Susan reminisced about being crazy about Dan wearing his football uniform in high school. Dan stroked Susan's hair while admiring its natural color and flattering style and kissed Susan tenderly. Ernie joked to Sam that he never learned to balance his books because they both preferred that Sam did the work for him. Sam regretfully told Ernie that he has yet to prove David Grant's innocence and feels dumb since the solution may be obvious. Ernie was puzzled by Sam's inquiry after telling him that he does not know Wayne. Sam reflected to John that he misses the simplicity of being a mechanic despite enjoying his promising law career. Pat noted that Sam's evasiveness was similar to Walter's the night he decided to leave rather than initiate the conversation he wished to have with John. John held Pat's hand as she mused about giving birth while enduring labor pains.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1970 (EP. #1577)
John and Caroline called Dan's service because of Pat's labor pains. Jim told Dru that he refrained from telling Russ about Mary's ailment because he was fatigued and angry over Rachel winning the fight over Jamie's trust fund. Dru theorized to Jim that Steve did not mean to offend him by pledging to reimburse him and Mary for the money they put into the trust fund. Dru informed Jim that they cannot underestimate Brian and Rachel in the divorce suit and warned Jim to be prepared for an unpleasant, bitter court battle. Dan recalled for Susan that he paced the floor and pestered the hospital staff for updates when Gloria went into labor with Barbara. Susan was pleased by Dan's eagerness for her and Barbara to meet soon. Cindy bashfully told Susan that she is buying a new dress for Russ's return. Dan advised Caroline to have John take Pat to the hospital since her contractions are taking place every five minutes. Susan and Cindy were fascinated as Dan explained that Stan detected a slight heart murmur that Missy developed from having rheumatic fever as a child, that Missy had a wisdom tooth pulled, and bacteria from it entered her bloodstream, lodged into her heart valve, and caused bacterial endocarditis. Dan dodged Susan and Cindy's persistent requests to reveal his hunch concerning John and Pat's unborn child. Caroline reflected to John that it meant so much that she has been involved for weeks in preparations for the arrival of their baby. Dan fretted that he cannot allow John to be present for the birth because the hospital is old-fashioned and not equipped for it. Caroline assured John that her natural instincts are telling her that they have nothing to fear.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1970 (EP. #1578)
Peggy was surprised to find Walter in his office since he had not answered a call she placed to him earlier. John called to inform Walter and Peggy that Pat was taken into the delivery room. Walter carped to Peggy about Helen and Lenore being delayed in meeting him at his office. Dru, Walter, and Peggy reflected on John and Pat's difficulty in conceiving a child and excitement over its impending arrival. Dru encouraged Walter to confide in him by pointing out that he and John get the impression that something is weighing heavily on his mind and that they should help each other as law partners. Lenore covered after accidentally overhearing Walter tersely tell Dru that assumptions of him being troubled are ridiculous. Helen found Dru warm and charming as they happily discussed her return to Bay City and John and Pat's baby. Lenore grew distressed as Helen sympathetically confirmed that Walter seems stressed and agitated. Brian told Dru that Rachel is enjoying her time in St. Thomas and has taken up snorkeling. Dru accused Brian of playing games by asserting that the grounds for the divorce suit are desertion and that Rachel is entitled to alimony, despite that Russ left Rachel because she had a child with Steve while married to him. Brian advised Dru that Rachel is unconcerned by her and Jamie's reputations being tarnished from negative publicity and stressed that any separation agreement must include alimony. Dru flatly rejected Brian's terms and secured Steve's willingness to help Russ in the divorce suit. Dan told John that his hunch about Pat's pregnancy had been correct as he led John to the nursery. John was floored but delighted that Pat had delivered twins.

John: "But... but which is ours?"
Dan: "Both."
John: "Both? You mean Pat had twins?"
Dan: "Yes. One of each, a boy and a girl. I had a hunch she might have for some time now, but I didn't want to say anything about it because I wasn't absolutely sure." (THEN) "Well, John, what do you say? Are you pleased?" (TAKE JOHN, STUNNED, BUT CLEARLY DELIGHTED) [END EPISODE]

Notes: Birth and first appearance of Michael and Marianne Randolph. They are listed as "Baby #1" and "Baby #2" in the script of this episode.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1970 (EP. #1579)
Mary was plaintive with Liz over not going to the hospital because Pat went into labor. John beamed while telling Liz and Mary that Pat had twins, causing Mary to cry with joy over becoming a grandmother. Cindy and Susan were restless while waiting to receive updates on Pat. Susan, Cindy, and Dan happily greeted Russ upon his arrival to the clinic. Dan confessed to Russ, Susan, and Cindy that he suspected that Pat was carrying twins since she appeared closer to delivery than expected, but Dan did not detect two heartbeats, and chose not to take x-rays. Dan, Susan, and Cindy's celebratory mood soured upon realizing that Russ had quietly retreated into his office while they talked about Pat. Cindy pitied Russ, who somberly reflected that he once considered Jamie's birth to be a gift. Liz told Susan that Missy will benefit from living with the Shaughnessys in Arizona by being in new surroundings and with a higher class of people. Susan was appalled as Liz thought of excuses for her and Wayne to avoid attending Helen's party. Liz told an incredulous Susan that she will not tolerate watching Lenore descend on Wayne and vowed to speak to Walter about her behavior. Russ and Dru persuaded Mary to rest. Dru updated Russ on Steve's offer to reimburse Jim for Jamie's trust fund and Brian's separation agreement for Rachel. Russ was intrigued when Dru stated that he has obtained Steve's cooperation in the divorce suit. John and Pat marveled at Jim's awe, rambling, and joy over the sight of his grandchildren. John reminded Pat that they are fortunate to have Caroline. John and Pat promised to build a happy world for Michael and Marianne so that they are never bitter or unhappy.

Pat: "Funny...when you grow're so used to thinking of your father as big and strong and powerful...the master of the world, really...and you show him two tiny little babies and say, look dad, these are your grandchildren..."
John: "And he turns to jelly."
Pat: "Did he think they were beautiful?"
John: "Well...they're in an incubator, you know."
Pat: "But he saw them..."
John: "Well, he knew they were there, all right. He was looking and looking...and clearing his throat...and saying well, well, and for heaven's sake and whadda you know and which one is Michael and oh that one and that's Marianne...and well well and for heaven's sake..."

Notes: Russ confirms for Dan that the Matthews family has no prior history of twins. Michael was smaller than Marianne at birth. Susan remarks that Liz and Helen practically grew up together.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1970 (EP. #1580)
Wayne was undaunted as an agitated Walter vowed that Sam will eventually tell John everything he knows about Wayne. Walter was shaken by Wayne's orders to pressure Steve into closing the merger or face the dire consequences. Pat informed Caroline that she consulted with Dan and is resolute over nursing the twins, despite Caroline's efforts to dissuade Pat. Pat told Caroline that she and John enjoyed a happy marriage and that she has been spared the anguish of feigning happiness for women who are mothers by being blessed with children of her own. Steve told Dru that he responded to Alice's letter and that he is optimistic that she will reunite with him. Dru praised Steve's generosity for offering to reimburse Jim for Jamie's trust fund and advised that Rachel still demands alimony from Russ. Steve agreed to testify for Dru that he has acknowledged Jamie as his son, has been providing financial support for him and Rachel, and revised his will to include Jamie. Dru warned Steve that he may request a blood test to prove Jamie's paternity and ask Steve to testify for Russ. Dru grimly mused to Steve that Rachel will finally discover that people are willing to fight against her. Wayne denied Liz's assertions that he is being apathetic towards finalizing their wedding and honeymoon plans. Liz was chagrined when Wayne enthusiastically agreed to attend Lenore's dinner party for Helen because Walter and Lenore are their friends. Steve urged Walter not to allow the merger with Wayne deter him from taking Lenore on a vacation. Walter felt ill as Steve refused to reconsider appointing him trustee for Frame Enterprises and joked that Walter acts like he is not destined to live much longer.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1970 (EP. #1581)
Russ scheduled an appointment for Belle, who complained of suffering from backaches and stomach pains. Cindy quietly fumed when Russ asked whether Belle has a history of ulcers in preparation for her visit. Mary lovingly told Pat that she looks effervescent and that Michael and Marianne are darling. Pat admitted to Mary that she was bothered by Caroline's disappointed reaction towards her wishes to nurse the twins, but concluded that Caroline thinks that modern life is not conducive to producing good nursing mothers. Cindy bantered with Ernie while he repaired the clinic's air conditioners. Ernie told an appreciative Russ that he and Ada believe that he has solid grounds for getting a divorce from Rachel. Russ informed Ernie that Brian will not abandon efforts for Rachel to be awarded alimony. Ernie and Russ deplored Rachel's willingness to blemish Jamie's good name by letting his parentage go public during court proceedings. Russ was startled yet thoughtful as Ernie mentioned that Steve intends to retaliate against Rachel for keeping the trust fund. Liz told Mary that the Shaughessys promised to take care of Missy in Arizona and urged Mary to let people wait on her while she is convalescing. Mary tried to refute Liz's contentions that Lenore's sincere, kind demeanor is a facade and that she is plotting to entrap Wayne. Mary chastised Liz for maliciously projecting her own insecurities onto others by vowing to tell Walter of her unfounded suspicions of Lenore. Cindy accused Belle of faking ailments to pressure Russ into romancing her. Belle cast a triumphant glance at a weepy Cindy when Russ returned to the clinic before Dan could take over Belle's scheduled appointment.

Pat: "...Oh, mom, twins! A boy. A girl. A future President and...and..."
Mary: "A great actress, maybe?"
Pat: "Oh, no, no, no, the girl's going to be the President. The first woman President."
Mary: "Oh. How nice."
Pat: "The boy will be a...Nobel prize-winning scientist. Or a good carpenter. John never fixes anything around the house..."

SEPTEMBER 10, 1970 (EP. #1582)
Cindy anxiously gazed at the door of Russ's office while she completed forms. Russ was apprehensive over confirming Cindy's suspicions that Belle was not truly sick or in physical pain. Russ told Cindy that he performed a physical and ordered tests for Belle since he strongly advocates preventive medicine. Cindy was mollified when Russ graciously declined Belle's offer to cook dinner for them since she should not entertain while feeling ill. Russ was thrilled that Cindy accepted his dinner invitation. Ernie told Ada that he fixed the air conditioners at the clinic to occupy his time since things were slow at the garage. Ada carped to Ernie that Jamie's paternity will be in the media since the divorce proceedings will be public and that Brian and Rachel are adamant over Russ paying alimony. Ernie speculated that Dru may be keeping mum about Steve's role in the divorce suit to ensure that they cannot accidentally reveal Dru's legal strategy to Brian and Rachel. Ada conceded to Ernie that she cannot turn her back on Rachel, despite her despicable behavior and Brian's importance in her life. Dan and Susan were amused when Russ quipped that he is taking Cindy out to dinner to relieve Belle from having to cook for them. Susan confided to Dan that she feels somewhat numb after learning that Fred signed the divorce papers. Dan approved of Susan's plans to find an apartment, but was miffed over Liz's suspicions of Lenore and Susan's doubts that Wayne will marry Liz. Susan was pleased that Dan eagerly arranged for Barbara to visit them next week. Steve and Lenore discussed Walter's erratic behavior. Lenore was grateful once Steve agreed to talk to Walter about his stress symptoms.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1970 (EP. #1583)
Steve opined to Lenore that Walter insists on completing the merger before taking a vacation. Walter almost overheard Lenore lament to Steve that she is getting depressed over Walter's stress symptoms. John, Jim, and Dru talked to Helen and Lenore about Mary's recovery and Pat having twins. Walter brusquely proclaimed to Steve that he is not having financial or personal problems. Walter reiterated to a concerned John that he did not have anything pressing to discuss with him at the house during his brief visit. Walter bristled with fury when Wayne complimented Lenore's appearance. Dru told Jim that he is confident in getting a favorable ruling on the divorce suit because of Steve's cooperation. Liz groused to Jim about Lenore's poor planning since there were six men and three women at Helen's party. Jim vehemently protested Liz's insinuations about Lenore monopolizing Wayne's time. Liz heeded Jim's demands not to interfere in people's business by airing her suspicions of Lenore to Walter. Wayne repeated his orders to Walter to pressure Steve into finalizing the merger or be ready for Steve's untimely death. Liz got irritated with Wayne for being indifferent towards their honeymoon. Walter denied Steve's assertions that he is jealous of Wayne. Helen was perplexed by Liz's veiled remark that other women find Wayne attractive. Liz overheard Walter lecture Lenore on spending time with Wayne and gloated about it to Jim. Lenore theorized to an upset Walter that Wayne had quarreled with Liz and paid Lenore excessive attention to annoy Liz, then defended herself as a gracious host to everyone. Walter became indecisive when Lenore firmly requested that he speak frankly.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1970 (EP. #1584)
Walter accused Lenore of being overly gracious and friendly to Wayne during Helen's party. Lenore browbeat Walter for displaying his old, unfounded jealousies and reminded Walter that they had already endured a miserable year of dealing with it. Lenore went on a tirade about Walter doubting her fidelity, causing conflicts, and mistakenly believing that he had conquered his jealous tendencies. Walter implied that Lenore was hiding her attraction to Wayne by claiming to loathe him, which Lenore found utterly ridiculous. Lenore professed her love, devotion, and tenderness to Walter, then emphatically warned Walter that she will not tolerate his jealousy anymore. Liz ranted to Wayne about Lenore shamelessly monopolizing his time and praised Walter for awakening to her true nature. Wayne ruefully opined to Liz that Walter is a chronic worrier and insecure man. Wayne subtly mocked Liz for claiming that she is not a jealous woman and that he is secretly attracted to Lenore. Frank remarked to Lenore and Peggy that Walter left an indelible impression on everyone while he was the District Attorney. Walter bashfully dismissed Frank's sentiments that his former employees miss him since Walter joined John and Dru's law firm. Frank and Peggy agreed that Lenore seems to be lacking her usual vitality and enthusiasm because of unknown personal issues. Bernice proudly informed Wayne that she worked hard in Fairview and took time to recuperate before contacting Wayne. Wayne tried to bully Bernice into discussing the merger with him. Bernice yearned to forget hearing Wayne's scheme to kill Steve and emphatically stated that she will not commit murder under any circumstance.

Bernice: "Gee! You haven't changed a bit! Still the same old gallant charming Wayne!"

Notes: Janis Young returns from maternity leave to resume her role as Bernice Robinson full-time.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1970 (EP. #1585)
Liz carped to Susan that Luella is the general chairman of three charity events this year because she thrives on delegating responsibilities to other people. Susan told Liz that Dan has arranged for her to meet Barbara while she is in Bay City. Susan defended herself against Liz's assertions that history is repeating itself and that Dan should reconcile with his ex-wife Gloria since they share a child. Liz lectured Susan for having a poor record of relationships, pursuing Dan romantically, and getting involved with a man while her divorce from Fred is pending. Susan bravely told Liz that she is being cautious before embarking on any romances and asked a skeptical Liz to believe that she could end the destructive patterns in her life. Dru informed Ernie that he plans to establish that Russ cannot possibly be Jamie's father during the divorce hearing. Ernie told Dru that he and Ada will be happy to have a blood test performed to determine Jamie's blood type as compensation for the grief Rachel has caused the Matthews family. Dru sympathized with Ernie's grievance that Ada blames herself for Rachel's dirty deeds. Russ told Peggy that he was remiss for blindly falling in love with Rachel. Peggy imparted to Russ that he can move forward in life by accepting disappointment, learning to be wiser and kinder, and receptive to new relationships. Liz feigned innocence when Luella stated that she got the distinct impression that she dislikes Lenore due to her friendship with Wayne while they were at Tallboys. Luella suggested that Liz buy Wayne luggage for a wedding gift. Liz beamed while telling Luella that her wedding day is October 27th and the ceremony will be held outdoors.

Peggy: "Do I look radiant?"
Russ: "Yes, you do. If passing law exams can make somebody look that radiant...maybe I chose the wrong profession."
Peggy: "Didn't you feel wonderful when you passed your medical exams?"
Russ: "Yes, I did. Matter of fact...I felt absolutely marvelous. Top of the world." (BEAT) "But that was a long time ago..."

SEPTEMBER 16, 1970 (EP. #1586)
Wayne's unexpected arrival startled Walter, who promised Mr. O'Malley that he would deposit funds in his account to resolve a balance discrepancy over the phone. Walter glared at Wayne for loaning him money. Helen and Lenore marveled that Pat had twins after years of believing that she was incapable of bearing children. Lenore vented her frustrations to Helen over her difficulty in getting pregnant and her argument with Walter. Helen reassured Lenore that she was an attentive host at the party and posited that Walter's jealousy may be an innate personality flaw of his. Lenore told Helen that Walter has been moody since Wayne arrived in Bay City and that Walter's jealous displays have been recent. Wayne reminded Walter that he stands to earn a large profit from the merger with Steve. Walter bristled as Wayne gushed about the marvelous time he had at Helen's party because of Lenore's hospitality. Wayne castigated Walter for letting his jealousy cast aspersions on Lenore's devotion and scoffed at Walter's demands that he stays away from Lenore. Walter panicked as Wayne reiterated the consequences should the merger not succeed. Dru informed John that he recruited Ernie and Ada's help to conclusively prove Jamie's paternity. John agreed with Dru's hypothesis that Brian sent Rachel to St. Thomas to stop her from indiscreetly speaking to people who could ruin her chances in the divorce suit. John and Dru overheard Wayne trying to ease Walter's anxieties in the conference room. Walter told Lenore that he bought tickets for them to spend a long weekend in Acapulco. Lenore dissembled excitement over taking a vacation to hide her concerns over Walter's spending habits.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1970 (EP. #1587)
Cindy congratulated Pat on giving birth to twins while writing a message for Russ to call Pat. Russ was somewhat unenthusiastic while talking to Cindy about Michael and Marianne. Cindy grew awkward while scheduling an appointment for Belle to review her test results with Russ. John embraced and kissed Pat tenderly as they spoke dreamily about being blessed with twins. Pat told John that she is grateful and bemused by Caroline's willingness to take care of Michael and Marianne along with her other duties. Caroline acquiesced to Pat nursing Michael and Marianne instead of starting them on formula. John and Pat good-naturedly teased Caroline for being concerned that a constant stream of visitors will disrupt the babies. Ada happily told Ernie about taking Jamie to the park. Ernie convinced Ada to have tests completed to prove Jamie's paternity, despite Ada's fears that Rachel will object to their decision and accuse them of betraying her. Belle chastised Cindy for having a poor attitude towards her. Russ told an astonished Belle that she is healthy and has the blood pressure and cholesterol levels of a younger person. Cindy realized that Russ was privy to Belle's true intentions and felt comforted by Russ's promises that he will handle Belle with tact and decorum. Russ gave Ada consent to have Jamie's blood type tested and voiced appreciation to Ernie and Ada for their cooperation. John and Pat apologized to Russ for thoughtlessly expecting him to be more enthusiastic towards Michael and Marianne. Russ confided to John and Pat that he feels responsible for Alice leaving town and believes that Steve and Alice should reconcile and get married in the future.

Russ: "Well, I can't help feeling that I had a lot to do with her going away. You know about that time I ran into Steve at her place and really let him have it..."
Pat: "Yes."
Russ: "I still feel bad about that -- not that I said what I did, but that I said it in front of Alice. Actually, I wish she would come home. And if she really does love Steve -- and I think she does -- then I think she should marry him. After all, there's no point in all of us being miserable."
Pat: "I'm glad you feel that way, Russ."
Russ: "Well, I do. There's really only one villain in this whole thing, -- Rachel. And I think it would be criminal if we let her ruin all our lives."

SEPTEMBER 18, 1970 (EP. #1588)
Wayne lied that he was having a conference with Quincy to forestall Liz from coming to his apartment. Liz convinced Wayne to make time for her because she has a surprise for him. Jim urged Mary to be patient with her recovery. Mary fretted to Jim that they will be unable to avoid the negative publicity of the divorce hearing and felt pessimistic that Russ will win the case. Jim outlined Dru's legal strategy and warned a skeptical Mary that she may compromise her health by worrying unnecessarily about the possible outcomes of the divorce suit. Caroline told Susan that she dislikes leaving Pat alone with the babies because motherhood is new to her, having various people hold them while they are small, and picking up a prescription to treat Marianne's stomach ache. Dan tried to reassure Caroline that Michael and Marianne are not being adversely affected by Pat nursing them. Susan noted to Dan that Caroline seemed frazzled while being away from Pat and the babies, but Dan maintained that John and Pat are fortunate to have a conscientious person like Caroline in their employ. Dan and Susan were excited over Barbara's impending arrival. Wayne asked Quincy to call him incessantly while posing as different people so that he can shorten Liz's visit with him. Liz gifted Wayne with a statuette, prompting Wayne to commend her generosity and excellent taste. Liz grew infuriated by the interruptions as Wayne improvised taking business calls. Barbara told Dan and Susan that she rides horses and groused about her mother Gloria being over-protective. Susan tried to get out of having dinner with Dan and Barbara, who failed to stifle her disappointment over sharing Dan's time with Susan.

Susan: "Hi."
Dan: "Hi, Susan. This is Barbara. Barbara, Susan Douglas."
Barbara: (Introduction Line) "It's very nice to meet you, Mrs. Douglas."
Susan: "I've been very anxious to meet you Barbara. Your father's been talking about nothing else for weeks now."

Notes: First appearance of Christine Cameron as Barbara Shearer. Liz bought the statuette she gifted Wayne at an art show she attended with Luella in Danville. In crossed-out dialogue, Liz states that the sculptor of the statuette was named Victor Fabian.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1970 (EP. #1589)
An anxious Bernice phoned to let Wayne know she needed to see him. Russ was very subdued to hear Ernie describe how Jamie was learning to walk. Russ appreciated Ernie showing him a copy of Jamie's blood test, which only proved he couldn't be Russ's son. Steve let Bernice know how impressed he was with the work she's done for him. Steve wanted to send her to London to work on the merger, and admitted he didn't want to go himself as he might not be able to restrain himself from going across the channel to see Alice. Liz told Mary about her wedding gift, a sculpture, to Wayne. Liz didn't share Mary's concerns that Caroline was so proprietary with the babies she would hardly let Mary near them. Wayne reiterated his plan to kill Steve if the merger doesn't go through, since he doesn't intend to marry Liz, but Bernice was dead set against helping him knock Steve off.

Cover notes: "Retaped Act I because of men seen through venetian blinds."

SEPTEMBER 22, 1970 (EP. #1590)
Peggy told Dru she'd love to give those babies a hug if she thought Caroline would let her. Walter couldn't bring himself to do it when Bernice said he could stop Wayne dead in his tracks by confessing everything to Steve. Dru warned Russ to expect Rachel to put up a fight for a large alimony. Steve came in to drop off his blood test report, and Russ thanked him for agreeing to testify at the divorce hearing. Pat told Jim that Mary was upset because Caroline's rigid schedule for the babies didn't allow Mary much grandmotherly interference. In the park, Caroline beamed broadly at the woman who commented on what a lucky mother she was. Caroline made excuses about the woman's misconceptions when Peggy walked up. Caroline told Peggy that Michael was smaller when they were born, and Peggy lamented she'd never had any children during her years of marriage.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1970 (EP. #1591)
Russ assured Cindy he didn't mind that Belle was coming in for another check-up. Lenore complained to Pat about Walter's latest outburst of jealousy. Pat lavished praise on Caroline, who appreciated Pat wanted her to feel right at home. Caroline told Pat they would need to wean the babies in a few weeks. Since he too worried about Walter, Dru told Pat that he and John had overheard Walter and Wayne discussing something that seemed to worry Walter. In the waiting room, Liz wasn't interested when Belle yakked to her about the spiritual effect Russ had on her. Liz put her foot in her mouth by thanking Cindy for getting rid of that gabby and pushy woman. Cindy confided to Russ she agreed with Liz's assessment of her mother. Russ convinced her to come with him to dinner.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1970 (EP. #1592)
Mary was pleased to find it was Cindy Russ brought home for dinner. After Cindy insisted on setting the table, Russ read Alice's letter but was tight-lipped about its contents to his parents. Susan told Dan how much she'd liked Barbara, but felt it might have been a mistake to have joined them both for dinner. Dan convinced her she'd been right to admit her marriage was a mistake. Ernie tried to watch a Western as Ada worried about the baby. Ada fumed that despite his attempts to make things go smoothly for the trial, Brian had followed Rachel to St. Thomas. As Russ finally read Alice's letter to his parents, the scene dissolved to Alice at a cafe table, reading over the letter in her mind as she composed it. Alice told Russ she hadn't left town because of the way he confronted Steve at her apartment; she asked him how he would feel if she decided to marry the man who betrayed him. Though he thought Alice and Steve should marry, Russ told his parents he didn't want to make Alice's decision for her.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1970 (EP. #1593)
Ada was more concerned about Jamie's restless night than she let on to Ernie. Lenore denied it when Wayne noticed she was uncomfortable he'd joined her at her table. Wayne let her know how jealous Walter was of all the time they've been spending together. Liz was jealous to find them together. Lenore was distracted by Liz glaring at her from across the restaurant as Steve told her about sending Bernice to London. When Lenore confided that Walter was keeping something from her, Steve was sure he would know if it were money troubles. Ada told Ernie she'd written Rachel to come home since Jamie continued fussing, then decided to call Steve to cancel his visit with Jamie. Steve agreed regretfully when Ada phoned him as he was describing to Lenore Robert's plans for Helen's house. Liz wasn't interested to hear Helen describe Luella's attempts to recruit her to the fall bazaar. An angry Helen cowed Liz for voicing her opinion that Lenore's gotten rather tired of Walter.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1970 (EP. #1594)
Helen groused vaguely to Lenore about Liz, then thought Tallboys was a new place, but Lenore believed she'd been there before she left town. Helen advised her to tell Walter about seeing Wayne at the restaurant, then Lenore expressed sympathy for Steve and Jamie. Brian dropped in to see Ada between visits to Rachel, but wouldn't be talked into convincing Rachel not to ask for alimony. For her early birthday present, Mary told Jim they were going to get a call from Alice. Alice insisted repeatedly she was fine and was happy to hear she was a double aunt. Mary almost wept with the joy of talking to Alice, who admitted she was thinking of coming home. Promising he wasn't jealous, Walter asked Lenore to try to avoid Wayne as much as possible. Walter was very bothered at Lenore's plans to canvas for the fund drive during the evening.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1970 (EP. #1595)
Caroline disagreed when Pat thought Marianne's first sound was "kii...kii...kii" and Michael's "ullllllgh." Caroline reminded her she can't nurse the babies forever, and wasn't excited to hear John wanted to bathe them tonight. Caroline inserted pictures of the twins into a picture book of all the babies she's taken care of. Luella gave Helen a list of foods she's required to sell at the bazaar. Luella advised her to pay no attention to Liz, but Helen vowed not to let Liz go around spreading gossip about Lenore. Caroline reluctantly handed John Marianne to bathe as John told her his first daughter Lee (whose first word was "pretty") died awhile ago. Caroline glared at them with growing hostility as Pat and John spoke of how Michael and Marianne will grow up, have children, and make them grandparents. Walter insisted repeatedly he had no worries whatsoever when Steve told him he only worries Lenore by not discussing money issues with her.

Pat: "I hope they like each other. Michael and Marianne."
John: "Well, of course they'll like each other."
Pat: "They'll have fights, of course..."
John: "Naturally."

SEPTEMBER 30, 1970 (EP. #1596)
Ada assured Ernie she'd call Dr. Bartlett if Jamie's temperature didn't come down. John was alarmed when he found a travel brochure on Dru's desk. Dru was thinking about a trip around the world by freighter when he retired, but he assured John it wasn't in the immediate future. John told Dru that while Caroline obviously had some pretty serious doubts about his fathering, he thought she was indispensable. When Caroline said she was upset to hear Pat intends to let her go one day, Pat assured her she'd be delighted if Caroline stayed on as long as she wants. Ada told Ernie she didn't like the idea of talking to the doctor who'd taken over for Dr. Bartlett, Dr. Gilman. Susan found Russ pondering what to say in his letter to Alice. Just as Russ was telling her how he couldn't forget how Rachel made him believe for over a year that Jamie was his son, Ada phoned to tell him Jamie had a temperature of 106.

OCTOBER 1, 1970 (EP. #1597)
After Ada described Jamie's symptoms, Russ ordered her to take him to the E.R. Russ told Susan and Cindy that Jamie might have meningitis. Susan encouraged Cindy, who desperately wanted to become a nurse if she could afford training school. Mary complained to Dru about the misery Rachel brought to and the scars she left on Russ. Mary thought it typical of Rachel to be away at this time when Cindy phoned with news of Jamie's illness. Wayne amused himself by trying to fling his hat onto Liz's sculpture. Bernice affirmed Wayne's suspicion that she was holding onto some information, but he wouldn't agreed to back off on his "back-up" plan if she told him. Instead, he grabbed her roughly and made her tell him she was being sent to London to see George Merrill of International Electronics. Ernie failed to comfort Ada, then Russ reported Jamie was being given ampicillin for influenzal meningitis.

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, the name of Wayne's infamous sculpture was Lone Warrior.

Cover notes: "Started prologue again because there were no filters for phone conversation."

OCTOBER 2, 1970 (EP. #1598)
In the hotel bar, Rachel was glad to see Brian, who told her Ada had told him Jamie was probably just cutting his molars. Susan filled Dan in on Jamie's illness. Steve told Bernice the merger will go through if she clinches the deal in London. Steve disregarded Bernice's advice to get a bodyguard, then said they'll be starting to excavate next week building Alice's house in Danville. Walter told Lenore not to worry about him, then was uncomfortable when Steve joined them at their table and praised him for his help with the merger. Steve was alarmed to received a call from Bernice about Jamie. Rachel pressed Brian to elaborate on how much he'd missed her, then received a cablegram from Ada.

OCTOBER 5, 1970: Pre-empted due to World Series.

OCTOBER 6, 1970 (EP. #1599)
An anxious Steve found Russ hovering over Jamie, who was in a fever crisis. The "killer" described for Walter how he'd put Steve under surveillance. Wayne paid him half the money and was told the signal to alert the killer to go ahead. Bernice arrived to tell Wayne the merger may not go through since Jamie was ill. Lenore worried to Walter about the merger not going through after the nervous exhaustion it caused him. Steve speculated to Ernie when Rachel might be able to catch a plane home, since he owned a house in St. Croix. Steve introduced Ernie to Bernice, who came to inquire about Jamie. About one a.m., Rachel arrived, and Russ was struck by her reference to Jamie having both his parents (her and Steve) with him, but she was grateful to Russ for helping Jamie. Russ defended Ada's actions to Rachel, and could only promise a good chance that Jamie will pull through.

Cover Notes: "Unable to get baby to act sick! Audio was already out and Walter said a few more words (actor goof)"

OCTOBER 7, 1970 (EP. #1600)
Rachel woke up beside Jamie's bed to have Russ tell her he was still in crisis. Cindy praised Russ's quick actions to Dan, who encouraged her to take night classes at the university if she really wanted to become a nurse. Russ assured Steve it didn't gall him to treat Steve's son. Steve was floored to hear Alice wrote to Russ about getting married. Grateful to have at least one friend to turn to, Rachel almost threw herself into Lenore's arms. A moved Lenore told Steve she hadn't the heart to tell Rachel she'd come to see him. A haggard Rachel wailed to Steve that her poor little boy will die as punishment for her. Rachel gave an anguished cry of relief after Russ, who took his time, reported that Jamie's fever was broken.


OCTOBER 8, 1970 (EP. #1601)
Wayne was on the phone with his hitman when Walter showed up. Walter assured Wayne the merger was bound to go through since Bernice was seeing Merrill about the stock-split ratio. Over cornmeal hotcakes, Mary, Jim, and Dru discussed Jamie's brush with death. Mary was doubtful when Dru thought Rachel might relinquish alimony since Russ saved Jamie. Cindy bubbled over and told Susan she had her first class tonight though she missed the first two weeks of the term. Cindy impulsively hugged Susan, who offered to tutor her to help her catch up. A tough but well-dressed man observed as Steve met with Walter at Tallboys. Steve revealed his plan to go to London in Bernice's place now that he knows Alice feels more favorably toward him. He told Walter he'd pick up the fancy original French scarf Walter asked Bernice to get for Lenore.

OCTOBER 9, 1970 (EP. #1602)
Steve called Rachel to say he needed to see her before he left for London. Caroline told an inquisitive Pat she'd never married as the right man never came along at the right time. Caroline was annoyed and uninterested when a nursemaid named Sheila wheeled a baby carriage over and chatted her up, but then smiled as she described having met a man who was very interested in her. After they finished discussing the Delaney chain-store negotiations, John told Sam about Walter's work on the Frame/Addison merger. Sam was about to tell John about Wayne when Pat walked in. Steve curtailed Rachel, who blabbed about bringing Jamie into the office so he can learn his father's business. He told Rachel that it was only a biological accident that they were both Jamie's parents, and, far from feeling closer to her since his illness, all he felt for her was disgust and pity. Steve threatened to cut off her personal allowance when she completely refused to return Jamie's trust fund. Brian warned Rachel that a judge would likely agree if Steve and Walter suggested a minimum acceptable limit. He argued that it would increase her chances of getting alimony if she returned the trust fund.

OCTOBER 12, 1970 (EP. #1603)
In London, Steve made plans to see Alice. John went to the park to see the twins and Pat, who complained of Caroline's insistence that nursing the babies was too much for her. John worried about what Sam wanted to tell him yesterday. Dru confided to Jim that he worried Brian had something up his sleeve, and was apprehensive about Brian's reference to Rachel's big surprise for the Matthews family. Susan told Dan she sympathized with Cindy since they both had mother problems. After Dan told her he has very honorable dishonorable intentions toward her, they danced to their humming, then kissed passionately. Steve approached Alice, waiting at a table in a small French restaurant, came up behind her, and kissed her on the cheek. They spoke French to the waiter, then Steve called Alice's attention to the young lovebirds at another table. Alice didn't like it that Russ had told Steve about her letter. Steve and Alice clasped hands after he told her he was preparing a surprise for her in Bay City.

Notes: The following songs played during Steve and Alice's scene: "I Remember Paris," "Reviens a moi," and "Springtime in Paris."

OCTOBER 13, 14, and 15, 1970: Pre-empted due to World Series.

OCTOBER 16, 1970 (EP. #1604)
Steve surprised both Wayne and Walter by walking in on their meeting. After a long digression about Alice, Steve told them the merger will be completed once the paperwork goes through. Steve promised Walter he'd pick up Lenore's scarf on his next trip to see Alice. Wayne looked forward to dumping Liz. Mary warned Jim that Rachel's surprises are usually blows to the head, from behind. Jim and Mary assured Liz it wasn't silly for a woman to act like she was in love, since she felt girlish at the thought of modeling her wedding dress for Wayne. Walter told Lenore and John about Steve meeting Alice and going ahead with the merger. John let Lenore know that he thought Wayne might know what was worrying Walter. Liz was devastated when Wayne informed her he didn't love her and had met another woman.

Notes: A camera from Somerset was used when there was a problem with an AW camera.

OCTOBER 19, 1970 (EP. #1605)
Ada and Ernie were nervous when Rachel wondered if they knew anything about the blood tests for Jamie she received in the mail. Rachel hit the roof when Ada admitted agreeing to Dru's request to help the Matthews. An indignant Rachel promised Ada her clever little tricks won't stop Rachel from getting what she wants. Speaking emotionlessly, Liz told Dru that Wayne had broken up with her. Dru thought it preposterous when Liz was sure it was Lenore who'd finally succeeded in bewitching Wayne. Dru tried to comfort Liz, who cried on his shoulder about being just a silly old woman. John told Pat he was writing a letter to Sam since he'd gotten the impression that Walter was unenthusiastic about the merger. Brian didn't think it important that there was now proof Russ wasn't Jamie's father when Rachel wailed that everyone is against her. Brian assured her he'd make short work of Steve if he decided to testify against her. Brian threatened to dump her as a client if she refused to agree to give up the trust fund.

OCTOBER 20, 1970 (EP. #1606)
Dru told Susan that Wayne jilted Liz. When Wayne came by to see Walter, Lenore decided to ask him about what he had reassured Walter about, but Wayne said it was just about the merger. Walter walked in to find them apparently holding hands as Wayne admired Lenore's wedding ring. Lenore sympathized with Wayne when he announced the cancellation of his wedding. Cindy babbled about how amazing it was that the blood moved all through your body even when you're asleep, then Russ introduced her to Steve, who came to tell him about meeting Alice. Cindy was incredulous when Russ described Rachel as being attracted to money-machines. Lenore thought she knew why Walter was so jealous of Wayne, when Walter admitted he never thought Wayne intended to marry Liz. Steve wasn't concerned when Lenore told him how upset Liz must be now that Wayne has broken things off with her. Susan tried to comfort Liz, and Dru couldn't answer when Liz wondered if it was possible Wayne never loved her at all. Susan told Liz not to count on Wayne's changing his mind, and was torn when Liz begged her to move back home instead of leaving Fred's house for a new apartment.

Susan: "Mother, you have me... you have all your friends..."
Liz: "I have nothing. Nothing that matters."
Dru: "Liz... don't feel that way. It's wrong..."
Liz: "What other way is there to feel?" (CLUTCHING AT SUSAN) "Oh, Susan... I loved him... I did. I truly loved him."

OCTOBER 21, 1970 (EP. #1607)
Dan thought Susan was out of her mind when she told him she's decided to move in with her mother. Ada told Ernie she was sure Brian had an angle for the trial, and that it was more than likely that Rachel had her own angle for holding onto the trust fund. In the park, Rachel and Jamie met Caroline, who was there with the twins. Caroline advised Rachel not to worry about her in-laws as Caroline herself had people misjudge her. Rachel told her that the Matthews are going to feel sorry they ever hated her. Susan tried to make Dan understand that she was the only one who could be there for Liz. Dan was concerned that Liz would start in again on trying to make herself feel better by making Susan feel worse. Lenore spoke to Helen about Walter's peculiar behavior in front of Steve. Lenore failed to provide adequate excuses when Rachel phoned to arrange a meeting. Lenore told Helen she thought giving up her job might make Walter happier.

OCTOBER 22, 1970 (EP. #1608)
Liz was flabbergasted when Bernice answered the phone in Wayne's apartment. Wayne hung up on Liz after refusing to meet with her. Bernice warned Wayne about the fury of a woman scorned. Luella phoned Liz to confirm their business lunch. Wayne mocked Quincy for his abhorrence of violence. Though they were both horrified of Wayne's back-up plan, Quincy disagreed when Bernice worried that Steve was sharp enough to find out it was a phony deal before the merger went through. Rachel admitted she should have given the trust fund back right away, but claimed she had been miserable that nobody cared about whether she lived or died after her break up with Russ. Lenore was very embarrassed that Rachel valued her friendship so highly, but thought it wonderful Rachel wanted to give the trust fund to Pat's twins. Liz nodded her head across the restaurant at Lenore and Wayne (who'd come to chat with her) as she told Luella there was the reason she wouldn't be marrying Wayne. Luella was sympathetic to hear Lenore had vamped Wayne after getting fed up with Walter.

Rachel: "Imagine! Twins! That must be marvelous."

OCTOBER 23, 1970 (EP. #1609)
Rachel phoned Cindy at the clinic to make an appointment to see Russ. Cindy thought he may be saying "bless you" when Russ described Alice and Steve's situation and how he was having trouble writing a letter to her about it. Dan helped Susan move her stuff into Liz's, and felt Liz had too much destructive energy when she painted a picture of a heartbroken, shattered woman haunting a house full of memories and broken dreams. Liz vowed to Mary and Jim she'd find a way to avenge herself. Jim thought Liz was just imagining a bunch of imponderables when she was sure Lenore had left Walter for Wayne. Mary stuck up for Lenore, but Liz accused her of having her head in the clouds. Russ thought it unnecessary when Rachel praised his care of Jamie, then was suspicious when Rachel handed the pass book to him and said she was giving the money back. He was absolutely bewildered when Rachel offered apologies to him and his parents, claiming she'd only fought for it because she'd been so miserable when everyone was so unfriendly to her.

OCTOBER 26, 1970 (EP. #1610)
Russ came home and showed his parents the legal statement Rachel signed relinquishing any claim to the trust fund. Jim and Mary thought it extremely unlikely for Rachel to give money back and thought it suspicious in light of the upcoming divorce hearing, but Russ found it hard to believe Rachel was dreaming up some dark nefarious plot. Wayne told Walter he was eager for the merger to go through so he can skip town and get away from Liz. Wayne advised Walter, who worried about having certified the warehouses were stocked as claimed, to lie that they were full when he inspected them and that Wayne must have removed their contents under cover of darkness. Dru let John know he felt prepared for the divorce hearing. Dru was surprised John took a shot in the dark by writing Sam if he knew what was up with Walter. Sam listened politely as Robert described the construction of Alice's house: he saved the old hickory tree in the driveway by circling around it; the real dining-room has a fireplace and looks out on a grove of pine tress. Robert felt this commission may be the start of a whole new career. Sam confided he worried Wayne intended to take Steve for a lot of money. Robert promised to consider telling Steve about how Wayne had conned him, since Sam was duty-bound as his attorney not to discuss it.

Robert: "Well, I'm sorry I was late, Sam, but I was at Alice's house."
Sam: "Oh?"
Robert: "That's what I call it because that's what Steve Frame calls it. Alice's house. I don't even know Alice."
Sam: "Alice is quite a girl."
Robert: "She must be."

OCTOBER 27, 1970 (EP. #1611)
Already in a black mood, Liz grew even more depressed and angry when Susan phoned to say she was going to Little Falls with Dan for dinner. Caroline ran into the nursemaid named Sheila in the park once again and bragged about her boyfriend the lawyer. After John dropped by briefly to coo at the babies, Sheila commented that Caroline's boss resembles her description of her boyfriend. John filled Peggy in on his search for answers from Sam about Walter's odd behavior, then he read her Sam's letter in which Sam admitted he did know something that indirectly concerned Walter, but that it was something he knew by way of privileged information. An agitated Liz smashed a romantic figurine in the fireplace. Liz thanked Dan for his concern but assured him she was all right. Dan noticed the broken figurine Liz had replaced in its box. Liz lied it was a wedding present that arrived broken, but after Liz fled upstairs Dan noticed another piece in the fireplace. Pat worried about Caroline's reaction when John wanted to spoil the babies. Pat couldn't help but warm a little to Rachel's mother talk. Rachel found no support, only reserve, from Pat and John when she let them know she had turned the trust fund over to them. John told Pat he had a hunch Brian had put Rachel up to it.

OCTOBER 28, 1970 (EP. #1612)
Mary and Jim entered the courtroom and approached the table where Russ and Dru were conferring, then Rachel entered with Brian. Caroline failed to convince Pat that nursing the babies was a strain and an inconvenience. Receiving a call from her old friend Mildred, Caroline related how John was a successful and respected lawyer, but that Pat seemed unwell, pale and weak. Pat arrived in court and shared with her parents John's hunch, which Mary agreed with, but Jim felt they should take Rachel's action at face value. Dru advised the Matthews not to worry that Steve had not shown. Brian ordered Rachel not to elaborate when answering Dru's questions, and said Steve likely will not show up as a man with his reputation and position couldn't afford some scandalous speculation in the papers. As Dru told Russ the blood tests strengthened their case, Brian assured Rachel any blood tests were irrelevant. Brian questioned Rachel on the stand about the basic facts of the case. Dru did not object when Brian wanted to refer to the baby's natural father as Mr. X to save him from being subject to humiliation. Rachel explained she deserved alimony because she had worked hard as Russ's wife, cooking, sewing, and doing the laundry for him. According to Rachel, Russ grumped, growled, and criticized, and treated her like a piece of furniture, until he drove her into the arms of Mr. X. She had given the trust fund money back because she wanted only the money she was entitled to, such as alimony.

Brian: "Take a moment to collect yourself." (THEN:) "Tell us in your own words what your marriage to Russell Matthews was like."
Rachel: (DOES TAKE A MOMENT, THEN:) "It was awful, if you want to know the truth about it. When I married Russ, he was an intern. He didn't make much money."

OCTOBER 29, 1970 (EP. #1613)
After Brian had Rachel sum up her views on the marriage and her right to alimony, Dru decided not to cross-examine her. Judge Carstairs agreed with Brian it was irrelevant when Dru wanted the blood typings introduced as evidence, since it only related to the divorce petition, which the defense was not opposing. On the stand, Russ related that Rachel complained constantly, did housework when it suited her, and was affectionate only when she wanted something in return. Brian made Russ admit he'd left Rachel alone night after night. Dru called Steve to the stand to maintain he'd acknowledged Jamie's paternity by setting up a trust fund for Jamie and a personal living allowance for Rachel. Steve testified that Rachel had returned the Matthews trust fund only after he threatened to reduce her allowance by a considerable amount. Dru objected when Brian questioned Steve about seducing Rachel. The judge granted the divorce without alimony since the plaintiff committed adultery and she was already being provided for most generously. Rachel was furious at Brian for advising her to relinquish the trust fund, but he reminded her she had a healthy source of income. Rachel was pleased when Brian asked her to dinner after he pointed out she was free to do as she pleases. Lenore noticed Walter had trouble with the catch when he put some papers in the wall safe concealed behind a picture. Lenore let Walter know she'd spoken to Wayne (who hadn't offered much to explain what might be worrying him), then they embraced after she revealed she'd quit her job to please him.

Notes: Frank Chadwick was the bailiff during the trial.

OCTOBER 30, 1970 (EP. #1614)
Lenore told Helen she found it heavenly that she was now a lady of leisure. John told Pat his plans to drive to Somerset to recruit Rafe (to replace Dru), who needed time to phase out of his practice gradually to give Ben Grant a chance to take over. Caroline was annoyed when Pat told John of the joys of motherhood. Mary told Helen how wonderful it felt for Rachel not to get what she was after, but worried that Rachel wouldn't stop making trouble for her family. Helen made Mary confirm her suspicion that Liz had some wild notions about Wayne and Lenore, but Mary assured her she knew it was nonsense. Cindy praised Susan's help to Lenore, who reminded her Russ was free to start a new life for himself. Cindy told Lenore she remembers how respected Walter was when he was D.A. Lenore apologized for wasting Dan's time when she wasn't pregnant but she was excited about having a girl and naming her "Helen." Lenore was ecstatic when Dan told her there was a very good chance she was pregnant.

Pat: "So you'll be Randolph, Curtin and Carter."
John: "Yes... I'll miss 'Dru' in the name... and really miss him in the office..."
Pat: "Darling Uncle Dru..."

Notes: It's almost certain John appeared on today's episode of Somerset.

NOVEMBER 2, 1970 (EP. #1615)
Steve looked forward to meeting Alice again at the same restaurant. Belle phoned to tell Cindy she'd gotten a job as companion to 80-year old Mrs. Jorgensen, who had an apartment full of antiques. Russ pop-quizzed Cindy on the main difference between a frog's and a person's heart. Russ remembered Alice felt the same way when Cindy described wanting to become a nurse because she wanted to feel needed, then he offered to drive her to the university. Susan wasn't sure she liked Liz's second thought when Liz decided Wayne had never fallen in love with Lenore (since, though attractive, she wasn't an exciting woman), but that Lenore had been attracted to him. Liz phoned Wayne about a reconciliation after promising Susan she wouldn't. With Bernice prodding him to agree, Wayne gave up and told Liz he'd meet her. Wayne vowed not to be stuck forever in a little rut tied down to a boring silly woman like Liz. Bernice was distressed when Wayne got a call from his hired killer. Steve and Alice met at the restaurant, kissed tenderly, and this time sat side-by-side at the table. Steve showed her the Pommier scarves he bought for her and Lenore, and she consented to choose one and wear it on her head in a triangle-shape. Alice told him she liked being away from home taking care of children who needed her, that it was the only way she could shake off her hang-ups. Steve said she had a surprise awaiting her when she chose to return.

Steve: "Thank you. Merci. Mon jeune fille. Ma jeunne fille... Elle arrivera pretty soon."
Waiter: "Bientot."
Steve: "Fine, bientot, okay. Et... Leave us alone, huh? Seul? Trois est un crowd, if you know what I mean."

NOVEMBER 3, 1970 (EP. #1616)
Lenore hugged Dan after he assured her the test results were positive. Dan dissembled when Susan and Cindy wanted to know what Lenore was so happy about. Susan worried when Liz phoned to say everything's changed now that she will be meeting Wayne. Walter and Wayne were startled when Steve arrived; Steve gave Walter the scarf. Wayne said he didn't mind when Steve said he had to go to Chicago before the deal could go through, then Wayne slapped Walter on the back and said they could finally see daylight. Lenore gave Walter a Daumier painting, and he gave her the scarf. Walter thought it wonderful when Lenore told him they were going to have a baby. Liz apologized and promised Wayne she'd never be jealous of Lenore again and begged him to let things be the way they were at the beginning when they loved each other so much. Wayne became irritable and nasty, telling Liz she was free to think whatever she liked when she wanted to know if he was having an affair with Lenore.

Wayne: "You're a silly, vain, stupid woman and you don't even know it."
Liz: "Wayne--"
Wayne: "You think you're beautiful and devastating and irresistible... and, young. Well, you're none of those things and you might as well wake up and admit it."
Liz: "Why are you saying these things to me?"
Wayne: "Somebody has to say them."
Liz: "You loved me..."
Wayne: "I never loved you."
Liz: "You told me,,, I believed you..."
Wayne: "You were wrong!"

Notes: Today was originally referred to as Walter and Lenore's anniversary, but this was changed to Walter's birthday.

NOVEMBER 4, 1970 (EP. #1617)
Liz marched triumphantly past Peggy into Walter's office when he consented to see her. Liz felt it her duty to tell Walter that Wayne practically admitted he was having an affair with Lenore. Walter knew she only wanted to believe Wayne left her because Lenore enticed him, as she lacked the courage to face the truth that he never cared about her in the first place. A crushed Liz looked at Walter with hate in her eyes when he told her Wayne implied months ago he would never marry her. Peggy told John and Dru that Liz left looking like she could murder someone. Dru was touched that Peggy lamented his retirement, but he assured her it wouldn't happen for months and months. Ernie didn't sympathize when Rachel groused about not getting alimony. Rachel was sure Steve would take his business away from Walter if Lenore had anything to do with her. Helen was relieved when Walter assured her he gave no credence to the poison Liz was spewing. Helen promised him she wouldn't let Liz destroy Lenore's reputation.

NOVEMBER 5, 1970 (EP. #1618)
Helen phoned Liz to say she was coming right over. Caroline folded a pile of baby clothes mechanically as Pat let Mary hold Marianne. Caroline went to a crying Michael to tell him that "mother" was there. Helen couldn't forgive Liz for telling Walter that Lenore was involved with Wayne, but Liz maintained that Wayne pretty much admitted he broke the engagement because he and Lenore had been attracted to each other. Liz was both devastated and thoughtful when Helen informed her that Lenore was pregnant. Steve told Wayne he'd been delayed, but gave Wayne a copy of the merger papers and promised he'd fly back tomorrow night so they could close the deal. Liz referred to Wayne as a monster, and thought Mary a fool and Jim such an innocent to believe that Wayne hadn't fathered Lenore's baby since Walter had never been able to do it. Liz drank a toast to the wedding she was supposed to have tomorrow, blaming Wayne for smashing every hope and dream she had, and smashed the glass on the mantle.

Mary: "Come on, Marianne... come to your grandmother!" (LIFTS THE CHILD) "Oh... what a good girl... what a good, lovely, sweet, beautiful girl... Pat... she looks the way you did... especially those eyes..."
Pat: "Really?"
Mary: "Oh, yes. Oh, I love you, Marianne... Do you know that I love you?"

Liz: "One rotten selfish faithless man... chased after the first pretty blonde who encouraged him, and left me... like this. Alone... and broken into bits. Do you know how that feels? Do you? I could kill him...I could kill him!" [FADE OUT].

NOVEMBER 6, 1970 (EP. #1619)
Sam visited at the garage and Ernie noticed he didn't act so chipper. Sam was troubled when Dru arrived to pick up his car and told him the merger would go through tomorrow. Liz ranted to Susan about Wayne having an affair with a married woman and getting her pregnant, and insisted she'll never forget the way he humiliated, disgraced, shamed, and destroyed her. A sleepy John found Pat looking in on the babies, and told her he was still concerned about what Sam wrote. Steve complimented Robert about the house. When Sam arrived, Robert told Steve that a crooked Wayne had once conned him. Steve, incredulous that Wayne had pulled the wool over Walter's eyes, phoned chief building inspector Roger Keefe in Montrose to check on one of Wayne's warehouses.

Sam: (Exit Line) (To Steve in Robert's office about Wayne) "I hope...well, I just hope you find out the truth, that's all. Robert, I'll come back later..."

Notes: Last appearance of Jordan Charney as Sam Lucas.

NOVEMBER 9, 1970 (EP. #1620)
Steve told Peggy that he is with Robert in Somerset and requested that Walter call him back immediately. Peggy frowned upon dialing Walter's phone number and receiving a busy signal. Walter was somewhat distracted as Lenore spoke dreamily of being pregnant and proposed naming the baby Walter Jr. should they have a boy. Lenore told Walter that she wants to prepare in advance for buying baby supplies. Walter let Lenore contact the phone company because their phone was inoperable. Lenore was nonplussed by Walter's lackadaisical attitude towards Wayne's merger with Steve being near completion. Steve paced angrily while telling Robert that he is floored that Wayne almost conned him, but agreed with Robert's assertion that Wayne was clever enough to fool Walter. Steve learned from Roger Keefe that Wayne's warehouses in Montrose are empty. Robert apologized to Steve for not telling him about being swindled by Wayne sooner. Peggy noted Steve's grim tone while he left instructions for Walter to fly to Chicago and meet him at the Hotel Danforth right away. Lenore joked to Pat and Caroline that collecting pledges for the Community Fund will help her transition into a leisurely life. Lenore happily revealed her pregnancy to Pat while holding Marianne. Caroline hid her resentment when Pat suggested that she become Lenore's future nanny once Pat is able to take care of the twins by herself. Caroline privately vowed to Michael and Marianne that she will never leave them. Peggy gave Steve's message to Walter and made arrangements for him to leave town. Robert grew concerned when Steve ranted about getting revenge against Wayne for trying to scam him.

Steve: "I know what I'd like to do...I'd like to murder that Addison, that's what I'd like to do..."
Robert: "Well, you can't even talk to him till you get back from Chicago, so..."
Steve: "I don't have to go to Chicago..."
Robert: (Exit Line) "But Steve, you've already arranged to meet Walter Curtin there...and besides, what good will it do you to talk to Addison sooner? I mean, you're so angry..."
Steve: "I may be angry but that doesn't mean I can't think straight. I can still meet Walter in Chicago but first I'm going to make a quick trip back to Bay City...have a little talk with Mr. Addison and when I get through with that gentleman he's going to be very sorry that he ever started this whole thing..." (FADE OUT ON STEVE'S FURY AND ROBERT'S CONCERN).

Notes: Last appearance of Nicolas Coster as Robert Delaney (1970).

NOVEMBER 10, 1970 (EP. #1621)
Bernice grew fearful when Steve stated that they need to talk about Wayne. Liz brooded over her cancelled wedding plans instead of taking Susan's suggestions that she eat, drink, sleep, or read to keep her mind occupied. Dan and Susan tried to console Liz, but were appalled when she raged that the child that Wayne had with Lenore will be a constant reminder of her heartbreak. Liz begrudgingly took a bottle of sedatives that Dan had prescribed for her and threw it in the trash once Dan and Susan left for work. Ada scoffed at Rachel's complaints that Steve caused her to lose friends and threatened to quit doing business with Walter should Lenore continue being her friend. Rachel ignored Ada's objections towards her plans to wait for Steve at his office. Ada was unconvinced by Rachel's claims that both Steve and Lenore want to see her. Russ and Cindy discussed Liz being despondent over her broken engagement to Wayne. Russ called Mary and requested that she spend time with Liz. Belle boasted to an amused Russ and Cindy that she has a new job as a caretaker to a rich, elderly woman named Mrs. Jorgenson. Belle accused Russ and Cindy of being rude for subtly hinting that she should leave so that they could resume their work. Russ wished Cindy good luck as she enters nurses training and hoped that Belle succeeds at her job. Bernice told Steve that she left Wayne's employ because she noticed unexplained expenditures and profits and Wayne abruptly dropped deals that were near completion. Steve told Bernice the ways in which Wayne conned him, prompting Bernice to feign shock and dismay. Bernice grew alarmed after failing to deter Steve from confronting Wayne.

NOVEMBER 11, 1970 (EP. #1622)
Wayne was summoned to Steve's office on the pretense of completing the merger. Walter grew irritable when Lenore questioned him on rushing to Chicago and asked Walter to retrieve Helen's diamond brooch from the safe. Walter apologized to Lenore for blowing a fuse, but maintained that his business trip has nothing to do with Wayne. Lenore grew disturbed once Wayne proclaimed that she is the most meaningful part of his life. Dru informed Dan and Russ that Sam has been pre-occupied lately and that he assisted Walter with Steve and Wayne's merger. Dan opined to Russ and Dru that it is fortunate that Wayne is leaving town because Liz is depressed and blames Lenore for her predicament. Dru predicted to Dan and Russ that a concerned Susan will likely incur Liz's wrath. Mary's arrival thwarted Liz's plans to leave the house. Liz fibbed to Mary that she was going to run errands, wants to re-decorate the house to keep herself busy, and that she is sleepy from taking a sedative. Mary disbelieved Liz's contentions that she is better off without Wayne in her life. Wayne was buoyant when Lenore came to see him. Lenore was temporarily placated once Wayne asserted that Walter's mind will be at ease once the merger is done. Lenore tried to pull away when Wayne aggressively kissed her, then was disgusted by Wayne's proposal that they make the rumors of their supposed affair a reality. Belle stood in Mrs. Jorgenson's doorway and strained to hear Wayne and Lenore's scuffle with fascination and pleasure. Lenore broke away from Wayne, hastily grabbed her purse, and stormed out of Wayne's place. Wayne grinned upon discovering that Lenore had left her scarf on his couch.

NOVEMBER 12, 1970 (EP. #1623)
An upset and frazzled Lenore prepared to confide in Helen. John informed Peggy that Sam called to reveal that Wayne is a con-artist. John explained to Peggy that Sam grew suspicious of Wayne after reviewing Delaney Brands' accounting books and discovered that Wayne had pulled a confidence trick on Jasper and Robert, but Sam could not divulge the truth because it was privileged information. John and Peggy concluded that Wayne was exposed to Steve and that Walter's peculiar behavior came from having difficulty in understanding Sam's subtle warnings about Wayne. Peggy opined to John that Walter would have been utterly devastated had Wayne successfully bilked Steve. Mary told Jim that Liz tried to remain calm while disguising tremendous tension and fury and that Liz was not receptive to her consoling gestures. Jim was stunned as Mary emphasized that Liz is absolutely convinced that Lenore snagged Wayne away from her. Mary expressed dread over the repercussions of Wayne jilting Liz to a startled Jim. Steve vehemently denied Rachel's assertions that he has turned Lenore against her while anticipating Wayne's arrival. Rachel tried to persuade Steve into throwing a party for her to mend friendships. Lenore told Helen that she went to Wayne's apartment to retrieve his pledge for the Community Fund and to discuss Walter's stress symptoms. Helen deplored Liz for spreading rumors once Lenore recounted her terrible encounter with Wayne. Lenore was relieved that Helen and Walter fervently believe that she is not having an affair with Wayne. Helen grew distraught when Lenore realized that she had accidentally left her scarf at Wayne's apartment.

Production Notes: This episode was taped on November 2, 1970. The taping took place at 5:00 - 5:30 PM instead of the usual time period (3:45 - 4:15 PM) because the crew "waited for Somerset to finish."

NOVEMBER 13, 1970 (EP. #1624)
Wayne was ebullient until he noticed the angry expression on Steve's face. Helen stressed to Lenore that Walter does not believe Liz's lies that she is having an affair with Wayne. Lenore laid out the possible scenarios in which Walter might discover her scarf in Wayne's apartment, despite Helen's contention that Walter does not have a reason to go to Wayne's place. Helen promised Lenore that she will accompany her to retrieve the scarf after she has a meeting with the architect of her house. Lenore expressed hope to Helen that Liz will stop spreading rumors, Walter will quit being tense, and she will never see Wayne again once the merger is finalized. Belle gloated to Cindy about selflessly taking care of Mrs. Jorgenson. Cindy reproached Belle for eavesdropping on people as she gossiped about Wayne's quarrel with an unknown, upper-class lady at his apartment. Belle tried in vain to pump Cindy for information on Wayne and questioned the identity of the woman who argued with him. Dan got Liz to admit that she did not take the sedatives that he prescribed for her. Liz told Dan that she is indifferent towards Wayne, that she may take a vacation, and does not need support from Dan or Susan. Liz surreptitiously called to check on Wayne's whereabouts. Wayne insisted that he persuaded Robert into investing in an invention that fell through. Steve successfully challenged Wayne to prove his innocence in bilking Robert. Wayne maintained to Steve that he owns several prosperous enterprises, his assets have not changed, and the warehouse in Montrose was emptied because it was a fire hazard. Steve denounced Wayne as a liar and moved towards him in a threatening manner.

Steve: "Shut up! No more lies! No more excuses! You've been pulling a con game on me, Addison..."
Wayne: "Steve, listen to me!"
Steve: "Oh, I have listened. I gave you your chance to explain." (TAPE FOR REPLAY) "You've been trying to take me, Addison...and nobody does that to me. You hear me? Nobody does that to me!"

NOVEMBER 16, 1970 (EP. #1625)
Wayne derisively told Steve to lower his voice and to quit talking to him in a menacing way. Rachel and a male executive were frightened to overhear Steve proclaim that no one is allowed to con him and vow to retaliate against Wayne. Ada told Ernie that Rachel adamantly believes that Steve caused her to lose friends and expects him to remedy matters. Ernie suggested that Rachel can meet new people through Brian, prompting Ada to express fears that Brian is using Rachel and that he is a bad influence on her. Ada told Ernie that Rachel should meet a strong, forceful man who loves her unconditionally, but will not tolerate her wiles and selfishness. Wayne contended to Steve that he had not lost money since the merger did not take place. Steve became infuriated as Wayne taunted him for acting indignant and threatened to charge him with assault and battery for grabbing his lapels. The executive separated Steve and Wayne, who bade a hasty retreat while Steve outlined Wayne's deception to a shocked Rachel. Rachel and the executive were bewildered after Steve swore revenge against Wayne and sunk into a chair. Pat was puzzled after receiving a call from a woman named Sheila, who invited Caroline and her boyfriend to attend an ice show. Caroline explained to Pat that Sheila mistakenly assumed that she is dating a gentleman friend who is unhappily married. Steve booked a plane reservation to Chicago while Rachel nagged him about throwing a party to cure her loneliness due to being without friends. Rachel failed to grasp Steve's fury over nearly being cheated by Wayne. Wayne frantically promised to pay his "cousin" back a loan to settle their contract with Steve.

Wayne: "That hurt your pride?"
Steve: "More than that...a lot more...."
Wayne: "You just can't stand the idea that Steven Frame is a poor sucker...just like everybody else. But calm haven't lost any money...."
Steve: (SHOUTING) "I'm not talking about money!"
Wayne: "I guess you're not, at that. "What you lost is that sublime faith that you're smarter than anybody else...It's turned out you're not and that burns you up."
Steve: "You burn me up...right..."
Wayne: "I am but the humble instrument that fate has chosen to demonstrate to you that you are not infallible...that's all."

Production Note for Act II: (continuation of Steve and Wayne confrontation) "Wayne play (sotto voice) so that Rachel and man [executive] can't hear him, only Steve."

Notes: The last line in the script excerpt was quoted in the 35th Anniversary Book [page 16], but surprisingly is among Wayne's lines to be crossed out within the script. The male executive was played by Charles Durning, who would later play Gil McGowan in 1972.

NOVEMBER 17, 1970 (EP. #1626)
Bernice was floored when Wayne declared that their schemes are not finished just because he has been exposed to Steve as a fraud. Pat ribbed John for coming home during his lunch break more often since Caroline took over the cooking duties. Pat tactfully rejected Caroline's suggestion to temporarily switch to formula so that she will not be tied down by nursing the babies. Caroline felt triumphant after convincing Pat to let her accompany John to see a client in Newtown under the pretense that she has a friend she wants to visit who lives there. Liz declined Luella's offers to take her out for the day and denied that she is struggling to cope with Wayne's rejection. Luella was dubious towards Liz's claims that she is fortunate to be free of Wayne or that she considered dumping Wayne herself, but heeded Susan's advice to give him the benefit of the doubt. Liz accused Luella of being naive for not believing that Wayne fathered Lenore's child and for trusting Lenore's devotion to Walter. Liz panicked after attempting to reach Wayne by phone. Dan told Susan that Liz admitted to not taking the sedative and is putting on a brave front to hide her anguish. Susan told Dan that Liz has a bad temper and never forgets a personal injury, but insisted that she must continue living with Liz. Dan kissed Susan after proclaiming that he wants to share a life with her. Bernice informed Wayne that Steve told her about their scam, but covered her tracks by telling Steve that she quit working for Wayne because she suspected that he was involved in shady deals. Bernice threatened Wayne, who refused to abandon his plot to murder Steve and milk Frame Enterprises with Walter at the helm.

Wayne: "This whole business with Robert Delaney. If Steve hadn't called him in to do the plans for that house he's building for his girl, the merger would have gone through, and right now we'd be in clover."
Bernice: "You really think that?"
Wayne: "Of course. It was one of the best cons I've ever dreamed up--big, but good. And it should have come off. We had everything going for us--Walter in my pocket and you working for Steve..."

Liz: "...As a matter of fact, there were several times when I was tempted to break off with him -- but people -- Susan especially kept on telling me to be patient, to give him the benefit of the doubt. Well, now you can see who was right about him."
Luella: "Right in what way?"
Liz: "Why, in the kind of person he is. He may have a certain superficial charm, but he's shallow, unstable, and completely untrustworthy. In fact, he's quite a terrible person and I'm very glad to be rid of him."

NOVEMBER 18, 1970 (EP. #1627)
Bernice advised Quincy that she has some bad news to give to him. Cindy told Russ that Dan is worried about Liz's distraught state of mind and refusal to take the sedatives he prescribed. Russ did not fault Cindy for unwittingly identifying Wayne as a neighbor of Mrs. Jorgenson's to Belle, who gave a detailed account of a woman angrily stalking out of Wayne's apartment. Cindy lamented to Russ that Belle will likely continue to spy on Wayne since she knows that he was engaged to an impressive woman like Liz. Peggy told Frank that Steve and Walter will resolve unforeseen issues that arose from finalizing the merger. John joked to Frank and Peggy that he practically has to obtain permission from Caroline to see the twins. John theorized to Peggy that Walter was bothered by Sam's veiled warnings about Wayne and would be devastated should anyone cheat Steve. Jim and Mary agreed that Liz's hesitance over discussing Wayne is justified because she is shocked and humiliated over their separation. Mary told Jim that she fears the repercussions of Liz being jilted by Wayne. Jim suspected that Liz blames Lenore out of jealousy because she is young, attractive, and happily married, but conceded that Liz can be cruel and vindictive. Mary expressed genuine pity for Liz and convinced Jim to visit her. Bernice told Quincy that Sam was instrumental in getting Robert to reveal Wayne's swindle against him years ago. Quincy ruefully admitted that he is too involved to escape the consequences of Wayne being exposed, but encouraged Bernice to level with Steve. Bernice swore to Quincy that she will handle Wayne should he fail to persuade Wayne into dropping the plan to kill Steve.

Jim: (about Liz) "...I'm well aware of her faults, but I can't see her actually doing anything that we should be concerned about."
Mary: "You can't? Then you've got a pretty short memory. Have you forgotten how awful....No, not just awful, but downright vicious she was to Missy--driving her out of town the night before she was going to be married to Bill?"
Jim: "No, I haven't forgotten about that. And that was pretty bad. But Bill was her son, and that makes a difference. She just couldn't stand the idea of his getting married."
Mary: "And what about what she did after that--going to the District Attorney when Missy was accused of murder and giving him information about her...."
Jim: "Mary, that was a long time ago. Liz has changed since then."
Mary: "Has she? I don't think she has. And I don't think she ever will change. We all know she's self-centered and insensitive, but I think she's a lot more than that. She's always convinced she's right and she'll say or do anything to get what she wants, or to get back at anyone who's hurt her or who she even thinks has hurt her."
Jim: "Well, yes. I suppose that's true. She can be pretty cruel when she's injured."

Notes: Quincy mentions that Bernice almost killed Wayne while they were married because he had spent her entire savings. Act II of this episode, which featured Peggy, John, and Frank in the Randolph conference room was pre-taped on November 4, 1970 due to the unavailability of Mel Winkler (Frank Chadwick).

NOVEMBER 19, 1970 (EP. #1628)
Wayne nervously paced and chain-smoked while waiting for a call from two hitmen, who sat in a car outside of Frame Enterprises. Quincy ridiculed Wayne for ignoring his warnings that the Delaneys will tell Steve that Wayne had bilked Robert and for not paying him for services rendered. Quincy accused Wayne of being delusional for plotting to kill Steve so that he can milk Frame Enterprises dry with Walter at the helm. Wayne grew disturbed by Quincy's demands to give him the minimum sum so that he can quickly skip town. Mary noted to Pat that Caroline has completely filled her life with caring for the twins. Pat agreed with Mary's opinion that Caroline would not get involved with a married man, but admitted that she will enjoy having time alone with the twins while John and Caroline are in Newtown. Mary told Pat that Jim is visiting Liz in hopes of calming her because she is consumed with spite and hatred towards Wayne and Lenore. Liz carped to Jim that she is sick of everyone treating her like a patient in a hospital ward. Liz swore to Jim that she is not upset over her broken engagement, that Wayne means nothing to her, and that she has forgotten Wayne and Lenore's perfidy, much to Jim's chagrin. Jim abandoned his concerted efforts to reason with Liz and bade a hasty retreat. Liz frantically rushed out of her house. Steve snapped at Rachel for interrogating him about his confrontation with Wayne while Steve tried to hail a cab to the airport. A hitman pushed Steve into the path of the other hitman's speeding car. Rachel saved Steve's life by grabbing his arms and pulling him back in the nick of time. Steve angrily muttered Wayne's name while trying to catch his breath.

Quincy: "You should have pushed the merger faster."
Wayne: "Quincy Stoner is giving me lessons on how to pull a con."
Quincy: "Quincy Stoner has been promised money for a whole year."
Wayne: "You'll get it."
Quincy: "Fine. I'll take it now."
Wayne: "I haven't got it now, and you know it."
Quincy: "You haven't got any, but I'm going to get some, huh? You're going to give it to me, huh? In the future. 'There'll be Pie in the Sky by and by.'"

Production Notes: Scenes that were pre-taped on November 9, 1970:
Prologue: Wayne in his apartment. Dissolve: Exterior of Frame Enterprises building. Features two hitmen.
ACT IV: Wayne's Apartment. Features Wayne and Quincy Stoner. Exterior of Frame Enterprises building. Features Steve, Rachel, and hitmen. It appears multiple takes were filmed of Act IV to perfect the timing of the action.

NOVEMBER 20, 1970 (EP. #1629)
Ernie and Ada were spooked when Rachel came into the kitchen looking pale and agitated. Rachel gave Ernie and Ada a detailed account of Steve's physical altercation with Wayne, her conversation with Steve while he was trying to catch a ride to the airport, and saving Steve from nearly getting hit by a speeding car. Ernie and Ada exchanged troubled glances when Rachel lamented that she and Jamie would be lost should Steve die. Helen theorized to Lenore that Liz is spreading rumors about her and Wayne to desperately rationalize their broken engagement. Lenore told Helen that Walter's insecurities and jealousies could be aroused by Liz's lies and exacerbated should he find her scarf in Wayne's place. Helen reflected to Lenore that Walter may be a person who cannot achieve peace of mind, despite having everything he could possibly want out of life. Lenore readily accepted Helen's offer to come with her to Wayne's apartment to retrieve her scarf. Caroline asked Sheila not to leave personal messages for her after fibbing that Pat is a nervous, new mother who gets upset when Caroline's time and attention is diverted from the twins. Sheila pitied Caroline for supposedly having an employer who is not interested in her personal life. Caroline happily bragged to Sheila that she is taking a drive with her boyfriend while he handles legal affairs in Newtown. Wayne browbeat the hitmen for failing to murder Steve and ordered them to finish the job before he gets to the airport. Lenore arranged to pick up her scarf alone since Wayne stated that he could not wait for Helen to accompany Lenore to the apartment. Wayne was surprised and consternated by Liz's unexpected arrival.

Production Note: The taping of this episode, which took place on November 10, 1970, was delayed due to Somerset running longer than originally scheduled. Sheila is the nursemaid (played by Bette Henritze) who met Caroline in the park and previously appeared on October 9 and October 27, 1970.

NOVEMBER 23, 1970 (EP. #1630)
Wayne coolly advised Liz to keep their chat brief. Belle stepped out of Mrs. Jorgenson's apartment and saw Wayne opening his door, but only saw Liz's back. Ernie opined to a dubious Ada that Steve may be justified in suspecting that Wayne wants him dead since Steve threatened vengeance against Wayne for attempting to swindle him. Ernie tried to soothe Ada's worries that Jamie would turn out like Rachel should he grow up without a father. Ada ominously predicted to Ernie that Wayne might hate Steve enough to kill him. Cindy was not interested as Belle excitedly gossiped about seeing a well-dressed woman go into Wayne's apartment. Belle told Cindy that she has held off going to the store for Mrs. Jorgenson in hopes of catching a glimpse of the woman who is with Wayne. Russ understood the importance of Belle keeping her job so that Cindy could enter nurses training, but felt awkward once Cindy acknowledged that she must quit working at the clinic to start the program. Jim echoed John's sentiments that Liz seeks revenge for every slight that is inflicted on her and blames Lenore because she cannot accept that Wayne never reciprocated her love. John speculated to Jim that Liz will be grateful to be free of Wayne once she learns that he is a criminal. Wayne cruelly told Liz that their engagement had been a ruse. Liz noticed Lenore's scarf and rashly concluded that she was responsible for their split. Wayne balked at confirming Liz suspicions, handed over the statuette that Liz had gifted him and ordered her out of his life. A desperate, angry, and reticent Liz clutched the statuette and slowly walked towards Wayne, who had his back turned while making a phone call.

Production Notes: Tape the Following for Replay
(WAYNE'S APARTMENT) Wayne: "That's up to you..take it or leave it. Now, I warned you to go. There's too much going on right now to waste any more time on this nonsense."
Liz: "You're cruel...cruel...cruel..."
Wayne: "Okay, so I'm cruel. Goodbye, Liz."
Liz: "Nothing...between us...ever meant anything to you?"
Wayne: "That's right."
Liz: "It is Lenore. I know it's Lenore that came between us. Isn't it? Isn't it?"
Wayne: "You're a broken record, baby."
Liz: (TURNS...WANDERS..SHE'S DAZED..BUT SEES LENORE'S SCARF. PICKS IT UP) "This...this scarf...It's Lenore's isn't it?"
Wayne: "That's right, Lenore left it here. Now, if you want to make something of that go ahead. But I'm sick of all your talk about Lenore. I've got work to do. Get out of my life."

Notes: This scene ended with a close up of Liz's hand raised while clutching the statuette and ended with a Fade Out. Lenore was the first to find Wayne's dead body in his apartment. For months, viewers were led to believe Liz had committed the murder. The rest of the scene was taped on November 11, 1970, but was saved for broadcast during Lenore's trial.

NOVEMBER 24, 1970 (EP. #1631)
Liz stepped out of Wayne's apartment and leaned against the door while feeling jittery and breathing heavily. Liz slowly regained her composure, straightened her clothes, and walked to the elevator. Susan chided Dan for making light-hearted remarks about Liz because she has tried to call her several times without success. Susan agreed with Dan's assertions that Liz has reacted irrationally to being spurned by concocting stories about Wayne and Lenore. Dan pointed out to Susan that Liz invested herself in a future with Wayne and may have considered her upcoming nuptials as her last chance at finding happiness with a man. Susan was moved when Dan offered to go with her to check on Liz. Cindy groused to Russ about Belle potentially risking her job by spying on Wayne. Russ attributed Belle's traits of being overly sensitive, suspicious, and easily offended to alcoholism when Cindy groused about Belle's unstable work history. Russ felt optimistic that Belle will keep her job and that Cindy will start nurses training soon. Pat was appalled as Lenore recounted her terrible episode with Wayne, but understood Lenore's anxiety in retrieving the scarf. Lenore opted to go to Wayne's apartment alone since she refused to let Pat reschedule her appointment with Dan. Liz fibbed to Luella that she met with a travel agent and was returning a book she borrowed from a female tenant of the apartment complex. Luella chastised Liz for openly questioning the paternity of Lenore's unborn child, but hoped that Liz would be more reasonable once she recovers from her heartbreak. Luella badgered Liz into accompanying her to a clock repairman and having tea with her afterwards.

Notes: The taping of this episode, which occurred on November 12, 1970, was a half-hour late due to a delay in Somerset's dress rehearsal. Penciled-in additions to Act IV included a brief exchange of Luella asking a janitor for directions to a tenant's apartment and an appearance by Mrs. Jorgenson, who was portrayed by veteran actress, Betty Garde.

NOVEMBER 25, 1970 (EP. #1632)
Lenore noticed that Wayne's door was slightly ajar, cautiously stepped inside, and tentatively called for him. Dan and Susan spotted an empty glass that had traces of alcohol and realized that Liz was not at home. Susan ruefully told Dan that Liz was happy during Wayne's courtship and conceded that he seemed genuinely fond of her, despite Susan's suspicions of him. Dan and Susan agreed that Liz should not have believed Wayne's excuses for breaking dates and abruptly leaving town and that Liz is wrong to disparage Lenore. Susan thanked Dan for trying to convince her that Liz may be planning to take a vacation. Pat told Cindy that she would have rescheduled her appointment for Lenore's sake had she known that Dan would be delayed due to going with Susan to check on Liz. Cindy told Russ and Pat that she unwittingly enticed Belle to eavesdrop on Wayne by mentioning his engagement to Liz. Pat concluded that Wayne was seeing another woman after Cindy mentioned his fight with an unknown attractive, young woman. Pat told Russ and Cindy that Caroline may be interested in a man who is preparing to divorce his wife. Liz tearfully told Dan and Susan that Wayne offered her excitement, companionship, and love, then berated herself for dismissing her qualms about Wayne. Dan and Susan were puzzled when Liz implored them not to confront Wayne. Lenore absentmindedly picked up the statuette on the floor and placed it onto a table. Lenore discovered Wayne's dead body and fled, only to literally bump into Belle, who dropped the groceries she was carrying. Belle recovered a grapefruit that rolled near Wayne's door, saw his body, and loudly pegged Lenore as a murderer.

NOVEMBER 26, 1970: Pre-empted for Thanksgiving NFL Football game.

NOVEMBER 27, 1970 (EP. #1633)
Chief Slocum ordered a medical examiner, photographer, and fingerprinter to collect evidence and to perform an autopsy on Wayne. Belle incriminated Lenore by pointing out to the policemen that she had been in Wayne's place, fled the scene, and tried to stop her from seeing Wayne's lifeless body. Dru was floored as John and Peggy explained that Wayne has been exposed as a con-artist and surmised that Walter has been frustrated for months in trying to figure out Sam's reasons for urging him to research Wayne further. John and Peggy told Dru that Walter is meeting Steve in Chicago and that Liz is unaware of Wayne's criminal activities. Chief Slocum tolerated Belle making damning remarks about Lenore because he ascertained that she was forcing Lenore to give a detailed account of her visits to Wayne's apartment. Lenore realized the situation looked bleak for her once Slocum revealed that they cannot find her scarf. Liz tried to assure Dru that she is getting perspective over her breakup with Wayne, but was touched by Dru's concern towards her. Dru informed Liz that Wayne was a phoney who tried to trick Steve into merging with a fake electronics firm. Liz laughed and cried hysterically as she thought about almost marrying a cheap confidence man and chastised herself for being a pathetic fool. Walter was dumbfounded as Steve described nearly getting hit by a grey sedan on his way to the airport, which caused Steve to miss his flight. Steve laid out the ways in which Wayne nearly bilked him to Walter, who was startled by Steve's veiled remark that Wayne will not pose problems for them anymore. Walter learned from Helen that Lenore is being interrogated by the police.

Dru: (AS LIZ BEGINS LAUGHING AND CRYING WITH MOUNTING HYSTERIA) "...Liz, what is it? Why are you laughing?"
Liz: "You don't think it's funny?"
Dru: "No, I'm afraid I don't."
Liz: "Well, I do. This is the man I was going to marry, would have married if he'd have had me. Wayne, so attractive, sophisticated, intelligent, and successful...and he turns out to be a cheap confidence man! I think it's the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life."
Dru: "Now, Liz, please. You've got to get hold of yourself."
Liz: (STOPS CRYING) "Get hold of myself? What's there to get hold of? What is there that's left. Oh, Dru, what a fool I've been! What a ridiculous, pathetic fool!" (TAKE DRU AS HE TRIES TO COMFORT HER, DISTRESSED BY HER REACTION)

Notes: Last "regular" appearance of Robert Milli as Wayne Addison. Among the unnamed police officers who appeared in this episode, one would later be named Lt. Aaronson. An actor named Don Burns was originally hired for the role, but was quickly replaced by John Carpenter for unspecified reasons. The scenes were re-taped prior to the episode's airdate.

NOVEMBER 30, 1970 (EP. #1634)
Helen told Walter that Lenore is being held for questioning in relation to Wayne's homicide. Walter arranged to catch the next flight home and frantically began packing his belongings while telling Steve that Wayne is dead. Steve clarified his previous statements about Wayne by stressing to Walter that he is no longer involved in his business affairs. Walter and Steve mused that Wayne was clever in fooling a savvy entrepreneur and a former District Attorney. Steve told Walter that he was furious enough to kill Wayne, but considers his death to be a horrible dream. Walter sadly commented to Steve that Lenore has inadvertently placed herself in the middle of a dreadful situation. Belle imperiously told Russ and Cindy that she stopped Lenore from fleeing the crime scene after seeing Wayne's dead body, that she shared the police officer's skepticism towards Lenore's claims, and identified Lenore as the woman who left Wayne's apartment after getting into an argument with him. Russ and Cindy were stunned as Belle opined that Lenore is a murderer. Brian informed Rachel that Wayne was found dead. Rachel told Brian about Steve's altercation with Wayne, his threats against him, and the attempts on Steve's life as he was heading to the airport. Brian warned Rachel to keep quiet about her recollections because she does not want to potentially implicate Steve for Wayne's demise. Lenore nearly broke down as she recounted for Helen her desperation in retrieving her scarf, finding Wayne's body, and being suspected of his murder. Helen urged Lenore to be forthright with Walter and remember his faith and devotion to her. Lenore rushed into Walter's arms once he arrived home.

DECEMBER 1, 1970 (EP. #1635)
Walter embraced Lenore tightly to comfort her. Lenore struggled to keep her composure while she walked Walter through returning to Wayne's place to retrieve her scarf, finding his body, and being grilled by the police while Belle made incriminating comments about her. Walter assuaged Lenore's fears by proclaiming that the authorities will share his fervent belief in her innocence once they investigate Wayne's homicide further. John told Caroline and Pat about Wayne's murder. Pat became guilt-ridden over chosing to keep her appointment with Dan instead of accompanying Lenore to Wayne's place. John and Pat resolved to discuss giving statements to the police in Lenore's defense since she is under suspicion of killing Wayne. Caroline was thrilled that John decided not to cancel his business trip to Newtown. Ernie and Ada debated on whether Steve was truly capable of committing murder because of his altercation with Wayne and the attempts made on Steve's life. Ada foreboded to Ernie that Jamie may grow up without a father should it be proven that Steve killed Wayne. Walter convinced Lenore to lie on the couch while he put Helen's diamond brooch back into the safe. Lenore told Walter, John, and Pat that she was stupid to absent-mindedly pick up the statuette off Wayne's floor, but John maintained that it has not been established as the murder weapon and that the police suspect everyone who knew Wayne. John and Pat suggested to Walter and Lenore that the culprit may have been an associate of Wayne's or a victim of one of his schemes. Lenore fretted to Pat that the stress and anxiety caused by a prolonged homicide case could adversely affect her pregnancy.

Notes: Based on the scripts, it appears that the events from November 10 - December 1, 1970 (EPs. #1621-1635) took place in a single day. Crossed-out stage direction. Probably filmed and aired later due to its significance.

DECEMBER 2, 1970 (EP. #1636)
Liz was sullen and withdrawn while telling Susan that she does not share other people's interest in Wayne's homicide case. Liz shuddered when Susan mentioned that the authorities have identified the statuette as the murder weapon. Lt. Joe Aaronson of the Homicide Bureau informed Liz and Susan that he has been assigned to investigate Wayne's murder. Liz told Lt. Aaronson that she had not seen Wayne in several days and that she is upset that the statuette she gifted to Wayne was used to kill him. Susan was surprised when Liz insisted that she and Wayne parted ways by mutual agreement. Lt. Aaronson chose not to pressure Liz into voluntarily coming to police headquarters to be fingerprinted. Liz tersely told Susan that, while she has nothing to hide from anyone, her personal affairs are none of their business. John and Pat insisted to Caroline that she deserves to take the trip to Newtown after working so hard for them. Pat told Jim that Caroline does not trust her to take care of the twins by herself and that she is a conscientious nursemaid. Jim playfully addressed himself to the twins as their grandfather and joked to Pat that girls are more intelligent than boys. Pat lamented to Jim that Lenore is scared of losing her child due to the stress of Wayne's murder. Jim grimly told Pat that Liz whole-heartedly believes that Wayne fathered Lenore's baby, but warned Pat not to raise the theory that Liz killed Wayne in a jealous rage. Luella offered consoling words to an ambivalent Liz over her broken engagement. Liz tricked Luella into believing that they had met outside of Wayne's building while Luella was taking her antique clock to be repaired the day before Wayne's murder took place.

Jim: "Girls are always brighter than boys when they're little. Come to think of it, they're brighter than boys when they're big too." (TO THE BABY [MARIANNE]) "'re such a pretty little are so pretty."
Pat: "She is, isn't she?"
Jim: "You're almost as pretty as my know?"
Pat: "Prettier."
Jim: "Well, now, let's not get carried away..."

Script Note: After Pat took Marianne from Jim, Beverly Penberthy's line was either "She's sleepy, I think" or "She ought to be sleepy," depending on the infant actor's behavior during the scene. Act I, featuring Liz, Susan, and Lt. Aaronson (John Carpenter replacing Don Burns) was re-taped on November 20, 1970, which was the day after this episode's original production date (November 19).

DECEMBER 3, 1970 (EP. #1637)
Lt. Aaronson arranged to interview Lenore again. Walter insisted to Lenore that she has nothing to fear because she has not been charged with a crime. Belle bragged to Cindy about preventing Lenore from escaping Wayne's apartment after killing him and being the chief witness for Lt. Aaronson. Cindy castigated Belle for risking her job by neglecting Mrs. Jorgenson. Belle and Cindy were embarrassed upon seeing Lenore walking out of Dan's office. Cindy apologized to Lenore because Belle jumped to hasty conclusions about her, but Lenore conceded that Belle was correct about the events that took place during her visits to Wayne's apartment. Dan and Cindy told Lenore that Belle relished spying on Wayne and reported the details to them. Dan, Cindy, and Lenore deduced that Belle had seen another woman enter Wayne's apartment before Lenore had arrived to get her scarf. Dan tried to ease Lenore's anxiety by stressing that the police will prove her innocence and that she will not suffer complications during her pregnancy. Liz lied to Peggy that she split with Wayne before he was exposed as a fraud and voiced confidence that Wayne's killer will be apprehended soon. Walter informed Peggy that he intends to be present while Lt. Aaronson interrogates Lenore. Liz tried to cover her discomfiture when Walter mentioned a woman other than Lenore visiting Wayne on the day of his murder. Walter had Lenore emphasize that she was never intimate with Wayne, that he jilted Liz, and that she wrongfully blames Lenore for her separation. Lenore felt pride and adoration towards Walter, who remonstrated Lt. Aaronson for harassing Lenore instead of pursuing other leads in the case.

DECEMBER 4, 1970 (EP. #1638)
Steve informed Lt. Aaronson that he had seen Wayne during some social occasions, but primarily interacted with Wayne to complete a merger until he learned that his electronics firm was a front. Lt. Aaronson took copious notes as Steve confessed his altercation with Wayne, the two hit-and-run incidents that he experienced on his way to the airport, and being at Wayne's apartment a few times. Steve reluctantly consented to Lt. Aaronson's request to have a police assistant named Harry take a sample of his fingerprints. Liz complained to Jim about being interrogated by Lt. Aaronson. Jim and Dru were incredulous when Liz admitted that she told the authorities that her separation with Wayne was by mutual agreement. Dru harangued Liz for misleading Lt. Aaronson, for concocting preposterous stories about Lenore's supposed infidelity, and believing that Lenore is capable of committing murder because of her confrontations with Wayne. Rachel lambasted Lt. Aaronson for suspecting that Steve may have killed Wayne and denied that she ever saw the two men together, but mentioned the two attempts made on Steve's life. Lt. Aaronson grew thoughtful after Rachel asserted that the notion of Lenore having an affair with Wayne is ridiculous because she loathed him. Ernie, Ada, and Steve scolded Rachel for lying to Lt. Aaronson's and arousing his suspicions by contradicting Steve's previous statements. Ernie and Ada told Rachel that Lenore is the prime suspect in Wayne's murder because Belle overheard her argument with Wayne and was caught fleeing the scene of the crime. Rachel was floored upon realizing that she had unwittingly given the police a motive for Lenore to kill Wayne.

Notes: Steve reveals that Ray Blanchard was the male executive (played by Charles Durning) who had witnessed his altercation with Wayne during the November 16, 1970 episode.

DECEMBER 7, 1970 (EP. #1639)
Quincy nervously confirmed for Lt. Aaronson that he had known Wayne for years. Quincy purposefully told Lt. Aaronson that Wayne was a legitimate businessman, that they had discussed a potential deal on the day of the murder, but maintained that Wayne was alive when he left the apartment. Lt. Aaronson listened intently as Quincy stated that he and Bernice had a luncheon, went to a department store so that he could buy a new suit, and had heard about Wayne's murder while having drinks at a bar. Lt. Aaronson did not object to Quincy's plan to go on a business trip. Quincy called Bernice to advise her that they must corroborate each other's alibis to the authorities. Pat told Lt. Aaronson that she was unable to fulfill Lenore's request to accompany her to Wayne's, but became flummoxed when Lt. Aaronson brought up Lenore's fight with Wayne and the fact that the police have been unable to find Lenore's scarf. Lt. Aaronson apologized to Pat, who was offended by his insinuations that she would do anything to protect Walter and Lenore because of Walter's law partnership with John. Pat feared that she had worsened Lenore's lot by talking to Lt. Aaronson. Bernice was not swayed by Quincy's theory that Wayne resorted to violence because he lacked faith in swindling Steve. Quincy and Bernice eyed each other suspiciously after they refused to disclose their true whereabouts the day of Wayne's murder. Liz took Dan's advice and decided to go to bed. Susan told Dan that Liz was consumed with rage and wounded pride, despite Liz's insistence that she and Wayne ended their engagement by mutual decision. Dan cautioned Susan against suspecting that Liz may have murdered Wayne.

Production Notes: Act IV of the December 2, 1970 episode (EP. #1636), featuring Liz, Susan, and Lt. Aaronson, was re-taped on the production date of this episode (November 20, 1970). The taping was delayed because some unspecified actors were late getting to the studio.

DECEMBER 8, 1970 (EP. #1640)
Walter informed Lenore that Lt. Aaronson asked him to come to police headquarters at his convenience. Lenore smiled gratefully at Walter, who restated that the authorities will determine that she is innocent. Rachel confessed to Lenore that she concealed Steve and Wayne's scuffle and accidentally incriminated Lenore by stating that she hated Wayne. Lenore belied her own angst by reassuring Rachel that her statements to Lt. Aaronson will not make a difference. Lenore sadly mused to Rachel that she is shocked that anyone could suspect her of committing murder because she has everything she wants out of life. Rachel sincerely encouraged Lenore to believe in her innocence and to celebrate being pregnant. Walter told Lt. Aaronson that he sensed that Wayne was crooked, but could not narrow it down until Sam disclosed that Wayne had bilked Robert years ago. Lt. Aaronson assumed a friendly yet non-committal demeanor as Walter proclaimed that Liz blames Lenore because she refuses to accept Wayne's rejection gracefully and proposed that Liz is concealing her whereabouts on the day of Wayne's murder. Lenore praised John and Pat for providing a respite by taking her and Walter out to dinner. John and Pat theorized to Lenore that the true culprit must have passionately despised Wayne because he was fatally struck over the head with the statuette. Dru interrupted Liz trying to downplay the impact of Wayne breaking their engagement on her by persuading Liz into getting fingerprinted by Lt. Aaronson. Liz grew frazzled as Lt. Aaronson hypothesized that her fingerprints would not be on the statuette since Liz has claimed that she had not seen Wayne for several days.

DECEMBER 9, 1970 (EP. #1641)
Jim and Mary grew worried when Dru hypothesized that Liz is lying about the circumstances behind her separation from Wayne. Dru told Jim and Mary that Liz did not commit to being fingerprinted or to being honest with Lt. Aaronson, but insisted that she was upset that Wayne initiated their breakup before she could end it herself. Mary told Jim and Dru that Luella recalled running into Liz as she was leaving Wayne's building, but Liz convinced Luella that she was returning a book to a tenant and that the encounter occurred on the day before Wayne's death. Dru, Jim, and Mary debated on whether Liz is deflecting suspicion since she had motive and opportunity to kill Wayne. Walter told Lenore that he recommended that Lt. Aaronson put more scrutiny onto Liz and stated that the authorities are obtaining fingerprints of everyone linked to Wayne. Lenore postponed going to Lt. Aaronson's office for more questioning because she was feeling jittery. Walter tried to assuage Lenore's woes that the police did not find her scarf. Cindy was subdued while telling Russ that Belle is certain of Lenore's guilt. Russ told an insecure Cindy that she is the best thing to happen to the clinic and to him personally. Cindy was starry-eyed when Russ credited her for curing his depression and kissed her on the cheek. District Attorney Tom Albini bragged to Lt. Aaronson that he has a strong case against Lenore. Tom insinuated that Lt. Aaronson has doubts about Lenore's culpability because she is sophisticated and pretty, prompting Lt. Aaronson to accuse Tom of doggedly pursuing Lenore due to his past strained working relationship with Walter. Tom asked Lt. Aaronson to obtain Lenore's fingerprints.

Tom: (Pierrino Mascorino, Introduction Line) "Good morning, Joe."
Lt. Aaronson: "Oh, good morning, Tom. Well, you're right on the button."
Tom: "I usually am. I don't like wasting time. I've got too much to do."
Lt. Aaronson: "Haven't we all?"

Notes: First appearance of Pierrino Mascorino as District Attorney Tom Albini. The cast sheet indicates that Tom Albini's original last name was intended to be McBride.

DECEMBER 10, 1970 (EP. #1642)
Liz spilled her coffee in response to Susan reading an exclusive news interview with Lt. Aaronson, who stated that the authorities expect to make an arrest soon. Liz told Susan that she is right to be upset about the investigation into Wayne's murder because they were close until the end of their romance and groused about Lt. Aaronson grilling her and taking her fingerprints. Susan was intrigued as Liz theorized that a woman could not attack a strong man like Wayne and strike him over the head, then surmised on the ways that Quincy, Steve, and Robert are viable suspects. Liz assumed a brave front for Dan's benefit. Pat talked Caroline into letting her buy uniforms to wear when she is handling the twins so that she can keep her regular clothes fresh and clean for her gentleman friend. Caroline was touched when Pat lauded her for being an excellent worker, a kind person, and an attractive woman. Ernie remarked on Steve's paternal instincts as Ada gushed that Steve helped her bathe and feed Jamie, read to him, and put Jamie to bed. Steve told Ernie and Ada that he is displeased with the progress in Wayne's homicide case because Lenore is the chief suspect. Steve ignored Ernie and Ada's warnings to keep quiet about his fight with Wayne, his hatred towards him, and declaration that Wayne deserved to die. Susan opined to Dan and Liz that the police will eventually eliminate Lenore as a suspect. Dan and Susan were appalled when Liz disagreed that Lenore deserves special consideration and theorized that Wayne fathered her baby. Liz went on a tirade about being an intelligent and perceptive woman who was fooled and humiliated by Wayne, much to Dan and Susan's shock.

DECEMBER 11, 1970 (EP. #1643)
Lt. Aaronson asked a police assistant to deliver Lenore's fingerprints to the lab and contact him with the report right away. Lenore leaned against Walter gratefully as he tried to calm her nerves. Walter fumed as Lt. Aaronson had Lenore restate her relationship with Wayne, reasons for going to his apartment, and unknowingly leaving her scarf at Wayne's place. Lt. Aaronson impressed upon Walter and Lenore that she visited Wayne twice on the day of his death, inadvertently identified the bronze statuette as the murder weapon, and that her scarf is still missing. Lenore was stricken once Lt. Aaronson received a report, which stated that Lenore's fingerprints and unidentifiable smudges were found on the statuette. Jim and Mary urged Liz to accept Luella's apologies for thinking that she had seen Liz outside Wayne's apartment building on the day of Wayne's demise. Liz fibbed to Jim and Mary that she had returned a book to a casual acquaintance who lived in Wayne's complex. Jim and Mary exchanged worried glances as Liz absent-mindedly and restlessly spoke about gardening. Rachel confided to Ernie her fears that Steve will be arrested for murdering Wayne because he had tried to bilk Steve and had ordered him to be killed. Ernie grew puzzled as Rachel berated herself for not going to the airport with Steve since he does not have an alibi. Lenore sung Walter's praises for having a house built for Helen near them. Lenore somberly reflected to Walter that she had realized her purpose in life was to be a wife and mother and that they were bursting with happiness over her pregnancy. Walter consoled Lenore, who became unhinged when Lt. Aaronson arrived with a warrant for her arrest.

DECEMBER 14, 1970 (EP. #1644)
Sgt. Charley booked Lenore while Walter and a jail matron were present. Walter urged Lenore to have courage as the matron escorted her to have mugshots and fingerprints taken in the corridor of the police station. Cindy was amused and touched when Russ admitted that he had peeked at her class schedule in hopes that she would be free to have dinner with him. John called to inform Russ that Lenore has been arrested and that he obtained permission to have Lenore examined by her own physician. Russ placed an urgent call to Dan at John's behest. Cindy blamed herself for Lenore's arrest because Belle had implicated her in Wayne's murder and expressed certainty on her guilt. Russ foreboded to Cindy that Lenore may miscarry due to emotional strain and feared that she might be convicted of killing Wayne. Ernie was too upset over Lenore's arrest to debate with Ada on whether Brian is taking advantage of Rachel. Ada surmised to Ernie that Steve would not allow Lenore to be charged with a murder he committed, despite that Steve had a motive. Walter confidently told John that they will clear Lenore of the murder charges. John persuaded Walter into hiring him as Lenore's attorney and promised that Walter can participate in his defense strategy. Walter broke down into sobs once Lenore was taken through the jail house door. Peggy suggested to John and Walter that they hire a private detective named Matthew Carberry and conduct interviews with everyone who was connected to Wayne. John, Walter, and Peggy resolved to take their time to build a solid case for Lenore. Walter and Peggy were alarmed when John briefly became disoriented while heading to the law library.


Notes: The Prologue and Act III took place at the police station, which included a waiting area and corridor with a jailhouse door. Cuts to Walter outside, pacing and disturbed were done while Lenore was being booked at the police station. Peggy reveals that Matthew Carberry was the private investigator John and Bill hired when Missy fled to Chicago years ago.

DECEMBER 15, 1970 (EP. #1645)
Steve was bewildered by the surroundings while waiting to see Lenore, who rushed into Steve's comforting arms. Lenore became distraught while recounting her arrest and being booked for Wayne's homicide. Steve tried to reassure Lenore that none of her friends and loved ones believe that she committed murder, but Lenore fretted that the police seem convinced otherwise. Lenore told Steve that Walter is going to discuss the investigation with Tom and that the authorities have permitted Dan to give her regular exams. Steve urged Lenore to remain calm and have faith for the sake of her unborn child and be optimistic that she will be freed from jail. Lenore voiced fears to Steve that she will be convicted and her baby will be born in prison. Dan explained to Russ and Cindy that complications may arise during Lenore's pregnancy due to the stress of being imprisoned and put on trial. Cindy agreed to cancel her dinner plans with Russ and asked Dan to offer her moral support to Lenore. Cindy was disgusted by Belle's glee towards Lenore's arrest and boasts that she is the prosecution's key witness. Belle failed to recall details about the other woman she saw visiting Wayne, but insisted to Cindy that it is meaningless because the true culprit has been apprehended. Tom balked at Walter's request for Lenore to be released on bail because she is pregnant. Walter accused Tom of waging a vendetta against him for giving him unimportant, low-profile cases as Walter's former assistant. Tom bragged to Walter that Wayne's homicide case will offer much publicity and that he will successfully convict Lenore. Lenore paced the floor and whispered Walter's name in her cell.

Cindy: "Being a good doctor means being concerned..."
Russ: "And knowing what to do...and how to do it...and loving your work."
Cindy: "When I'm a nurse...I'm going to love it."
Russ: "Sure you are."
Cindy: "Also, I'm going to be good at it."
Russ: "If you're not good at it, you won't love it...and if you don't love won't be good at it."

DECEMBER 16, 1970 (EP. #1646)
Liz told a horrified Susan that she was correct about Lenore after learning that she had been arrested for Wayne's murder. Liz infuriated Susan by imperiously remarking that Lenore's arrest proves that people are capable of unspeakable acts should they be consumed with enough passion and rage. Susan bristled while proclaiming to a dismissive Liz that Lenore did not kill Wayne and was not interested in him. Liz told Susan that Belle saw Lenore running out of Wayne's apartment, that she saw his dead body, and alerted the police but does not accept Belle's story about another woman visiting Wayne prior to Lenore's return later that day. Susan made Liz squirm by stating that she hopes the police identify the "mystery woman" that Belle mentioned. John informed Pat and Caroline that he can be dispassionate enough to carefully prepare Lenore's defense since Walter is too emotionally invested in the case. Caroline expressed admiration to John and Pat for being lovely, intelligent people whom she admires greatly. Pat convinced John to lay down after he complained of having a headache. Rachel tried to assure Brian that she is romantically interested in him and fond of Steve since they share Jamie. Brian accused Rachel of caring about Steve because of the money he provides for Jamie's upbringing and education. Rachel was stricken once Brian revealed that Lenore has been jailed for Wayne's murder. Jim and Mary griped to Liz about the police refusing to believe Lenore's purpose for going to Wayne's place. Liz insulted Lenore for carrying Wayne's child, causing Jim to browbeat Liz for incriminating Lenore by making wild speculations and spreading malicious rumors.

Liz: "I never said that Lenore killed Wayne...I never said that."
Jim: "No, but you've spread rumors...little bits of gossip...the police have got hold of those little chunks of scandal...and unless I'm very much mistaken, they've helped to send Lenore to jail..."
Liz: "All I ever said was..."
Jim: (OVER) "All you ever said was speculation...jealous speculation. And in view of what's happened to Lenore Curtin, I'd hate to have on my conscience what you must have on yours, Liz."

DECEMBER 17, 1970 (EP. #1647)
Lenore felt nauseated when a fellow prisoner named Gertie marveled at meeting an accused murderer for the first time in her life. Dan arrived to examine Lenore and to lend her moral support. Walter grumbled to Helen that Tom denied granting bail because he harbors a grudge against him and has permitted Dan to give Lenore regular checkups. Frank told Walter that he disagrees with Tom's stance that Walter held him back as an Assistant District Attorney, and conceded that Tom is overly ambitious. Frank assured Walter and Helen that he does not share Tom's aspirations to prosecute Lenore for the sake of winning the case, but hopes that Lenore's attorneys will prove her innocence. Dan was pleased with Lenore's condition, gave her calcium pills, and left dietary instructions for her with the jail matron. Lenore confided to Dan that she fears her child will be taken away should it be born while she is still in jail. Dan unsuccessfully tried to mollify Lenore, who was pessimistic towards being acquitted. Jim was sympathetic as Peggy explained that Walter did not expect the authorities to have sufficient evidence against Lenore to indict her. Peggy expressed optimism to Jim that she and Frank will keep their personal relationship separate from their respective job duties since they are on opposing sides in Lenore's case. Jim and Peggy were astonished when Frank admitted that he is convinced of Lenore's guilt. Steve suggested that John have him subpoenaed so that he can testify about his hatred towards Wayne to prove that other people had motive to kill him and raise reasonable doubt for Lenore. Helen contemplated Steve's possible culpability as Walter carefully considered his proposal.

Production Notes: "3 extra tapings today [December 1, 1970] of jail house." Takes were done with Judith Barcroft in "blue costume" and "brown costume" with the latter being chosen for the episode's broadcast. Extra time was utilized for "pacing with Lenore" and shots of Lenore pacing restlessly in a jail cell and sitting on a cot while distraught were filmed for this episode.

DECEMBER 18, 1970 (EP. #1648)
Bernice called Liz to cryptically tell her that she has some things to return to her. Dru opined to Jim and Mary that Frank was courageous for providing Walter with sympathetic words over Lenore's indictment since Frank is working for the prosecution and Tom dislikes Walter. Jim told Dru and Mary that he is upset because Frank ascertained that Lenore's chances of getting acquitted are dire after reviewing the evidence. Dru, Jim, and Mary talked about Liz's claims that she ran into Luella the day before Wayne's murder and was at his apartment complex to return a book to a friend. Dru informed Jim and Mary that he cannot discuss Liz's possible involvement in the case since Dru acted as Liz's attorney during police questioning. Ada disbelieved Rachel's assertions that she wants to get Steve's advice on ways she can help Walter and Lenore. Ada accused Rachel of underestimating Brian's intelligence and using him while she foolishly pursues Steve. Steve told Ada and Rachel that Walter is worried because the Grand Jury swiftly indicted Lenore and that John's defense strategy is to prove reasonable doubt. Rachel vehemently protested Steve's plan to testify on his dealings with Wayne, their heated confrontation, and the attempts on his life out of fear, but Steve advised Rachel that she must cooperate since John will serve her with a subpoena. Bernice gave Liz items that she had once gifted to Wayne. Liz caused Bernice to feel awkward as she went into a reverie about her romance with Wayne and deplored Lenore for snagging him away from her. Bernice and Liz gazed at each other suspiciously after they both agreed that Wayne was a cruel, horrible man who deserved to die.

DECEMBER 21, 1970 (EP. #1649)
John unwittingly made Walter squirm by noting that he tried to justify suspicions of Wayne for months and is grappling with Lenore's indictment. Walter told John that Frank reassured him than there is nothing personal concerning his involvement in Lenore's prosecution and hopes that her innocence will be proven. John and Walter consoled Peggy, who wailed that Frank and Tom are convinced of Lenore's guilt. John, Walter, and Peggy vowed not to get frustrated that the preliminary reports failed to yield new insight or leads. Peggy received a call from Luella requesting to speak with Walter. Walter carped to John and Peggy about Belle spotting Lenore at Wayne's apartment, but not the "mystery woman" who also visited him on the day of the murder. Luella apologized for babbling about Lenore's arrest and asked Walter for the jail's visiting hours. Walter felt dejected that Luella had mistakenly thought that she ran into Liz at Wayne's apartment complex the day before he was murdered. Luella gave Walter a book she had gifted to Lenore. Lenore miserably paced in her cell. Susan enthused over touring the apartment that Dan had chosen for her. Liz became stricken by Susan's plans to move out of the house. Susan tried to placate Liz for feeling deserted while she is grieving for the loss of Bill and Wayne, much to Dan's chagrin. Liz harangued Luella for harping on their chance meeting, blamed Walter for causing Lenore to turn to Wayne to cure her boredom, then lambasted everyone for defending Lenore. Dan and Susan sided with Luella, who reproached Liz for maligning Walter and Lenore. Susan pondered Liz's knowledge of Wayne's death and the extent of her angst.

DECEMBER 22, 1970 (EP. #1650)
Walter was dumbstruck as Bernice congratulated him because Wayne is permanently out of their lives. Walter told Bernice that he was upset over Wayne's efforts to swindle Steve and wrongfully assumed that he would not commit murder to achieve his goals. Bernice confided to Walter that she had a long association with Wayne, had been in denial that he was unscrupulous, and realized that she did not need money from him. Bernice theorized to Walter that Steve killed Wayne for trying to con him and suspected that Wayne had wanted him dead. Walter grew pensive when Bernice revealed that she and Quincy struck a deal not to incriminate each other and suggested that she and Walter do the same. Mary told an impatient Liz that she leans on Jim for support when she needs to discuss troubling subjects with others. Jim and Mary implored Liz to assist in identifying the mysterious woman that Belle saw in Wayne's place to spare Lenore from enduring a long, agonizing trial. Liz coldly told Jim and Mary that she has been completely truthful to the police and cannot help Lenore. John joked to Caroline that Pat relished in her friend's raves about the twins being healthy and adorable. Caroline grew frightened when John became dizzy again. John planned to rest after he completes a couple work tasks. Walter berated Dru for lecturing him on ethics when Dru refused to debate on Liz being the mysterious woman who visited Wayne. John mediated between Dru and Walter, whose temper diffused once he conceded that they cannot violate principles to clear Lenore. Walter agreed to have Matthew Carberry question Liz since he doubted his abilities to remain calm and rational towards her.

Notes: John gives the names of Pat's school friends as Jean Driscoll and Abby English. Jean's husband recently died, leaving her with two sons who are ten and twelve years old.

DECEMBER 23, 1970 (EP. #1651)
Jim and Dru lamented that Walter and Lenore will not have a happy Christmas. Dru informed Jim that he cannot delve into the possibility that Liz is the "mystery woman" since he was Liz's attorney while she was questioned by the police, which precludes him from taking actions that might be interpreted as prejudicial to a client. Jim was sympathetic yet objective as Dru recounted his argument with Walter over ethical issues. Cindy commented to Pat that she hopes to get married and have a baby to experience Pat's joy and fulfillment. Pat told a guilt-ridden Cindy not to blame herself for Belle incriminating Lenore. Cindy told Pat that she will have to quit nurses' training should Belle become unemployed. Caroline cautiously agreed with Cindy's opinion that she loves Michael and Marianne like they were her own children. Cindy excused herself after growing embarrassed by Caroline's excessive fawning over the twins. Caroline swore to Michael and Marianne that she loves them more than anyone else and that someday they will belong to her. Cindy bashfully told Pat that she is knitting a sweater for Russ as a Christmas present. Pat was unimpressed by Rachel's claims that she is consulting John because she wants to help Lenore. Cindy resolved a bill that Rachel had incorrectly received for a personal visit with Russ at the clinic. Rachel tricked Cindy into thinking that Russ prefers to buy his clothes at stores instead of getting something homemade. Liz got annoyed with Dru for harping on whether she has been upfront with the authorities. Dru convinced Liz to release him as her lawyer by stressing that it would be a kind gesture to Lenore and allow him to be fully dedicated to her defense.

DECEMBER 24, 1970 (EP. #1652)
Walter threatened to expose Tom to the public as vindictive for objecting to the number of visitors Lenore has received at the jail. Helen bemoaned to Walter that being unable to see Lenore would be intolerable and that this is the worst Christmas that she has ever known. Ada told Ernie that Rachel left in a foul mood because Steve is flying to France to spend time with Alice and that she exploded when Rachel lied that she is eager to testify about Steve's altercation with Wayne to help Lenore, but Ernie countered that Rachel must comply to a subpoena should it be served to her. Ernie and Ada debated on the risks Steve is taking by testifying for Lenore's defense. Ernie, Ada, and Jamie admired their Christmas tree after decorating it. Russ and Cindy thought about Lenore while listening to a radio newscast, which announced that Lenore's trial is scheduled for next week. Susan gently chided a subdued Cindy for believing Rachel's spiteful comment that Russ hates wearing homemade clothes and promised Cindy that Russ will love the sweater she knitted for him. Dan informed Russ and Cindy that Lenore is in fine physical condition and has remained calm and composed despite being in jail. Dan, Russ, and Cindy reflected on treasuring the company of loved ones while they tried to muster optimism over Lenore's defense case. Dan and Susan exchanged Christmas presents. Dan and Susan kissed while they talked about living together in the future. Lenore was thrilled by the antique locket Walter gifted her, which contained open compartments for pictures inside of it. Walter made Lenore brighten by swearing that they will have nothing but happiness in their lives once she is acquitted.

Notes: Several lines of dialogue during the first portion of Act I, which featured Ernie, Ada, and Jamie at the Downs household, were cut and replaced with ad libs while the characters decorated a Christmas tree and listened to holiday music on the radio. The locket that Walter gifted Lenore was early Victorian.

DECEMBER 25, 1970 (EP. #1653)
Jim and Mary urged John to call Walter to persuade him into coming to their Christmas party. Walter graciously declined John's invitation since he has plans to visit Lenore and was not up to seeing anyone else. Dru told Jim, Mary, and Pat that he has joined John and Walter as Lenore's defense team. Russ, Caroline, and Cindy urged John to stay cognizant of his health since everyone is depending on him to get Lenore acquitted. Dan hinted to Jim and Mary that he chose a large remodeled, two-bedroom apartment for Susan because it is affordable and a prospective husband could move in with her in the future. Susan responded to Liz's protests over her plans by emphasizing that the apartment will not be ready for weeks and that Liz lived happily alone for years, which impressed Dan. A depressed Cindy told Dru that she feels guilty for enjoying herself and is mortified that Belle is a witness for the prosecution. Dru pacified Cindy by ascertaining that John has a good chance of winning the case. Russ impulsively kissed Cindy under the mistletoe. Lenore advised Walter that the locket gave her strength and faith that everything is going to be all right for them. Walter told Lenore that he is having dinner with Helen and that Steve flew to France to spend Christmas with Alice. Walter professed his love and determination in clearing Lenore with hidden desperation. Russ mused to Cindy and Pat that Jamie is celebrating the first Christmas that will mean anything to him without rancor while holding Michael. Cindy beamed when Russ raved about the sweater that she had made for him. Jim and Mary received a call from Alice while John led everyone else in singing Christmas carols.

Merry Christmas message during show closing: "This is Bill Wolff speaking. We of 'Another World - Bay City' would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of holiday seasons."

Script Note for Act IV: "Mike Ryan [John] take cast vote on which carol you'd all prefer and let us know so we can get sheet music out."

DECEMBER 28, 1970 (EP. #1654)
Liz noted to Susan that Dan has been driving her to the clinic regularly, then asked Susan's opinion on swatches of material that she pulled from an envelope. Susan warned Liz that it is pointless to redecorate her bedroom since she plans to move out. Liz accused Dan of influencing Susan into moving out, but Susan insisted that the living arrangement was temporary and that she does not have any reasons to stay since Liz claims she is not devastated over Wayne. Dan and Susan were undaunted when Liz complained that she will be forced to relive her entire relationship with Wayne and may be called as a witness during Lenore's trial. Liz became anxious and resentful over Dan and Susan's plans to visit Lenore and have dinner out. John went over the questions he intends to ask Steve to establish reasonable doubt for Lenore's defense case. Steve reassured John and Walter that he does not have qualms towards testifying on Lenore's behalf, despite Walter's warnings. Steve lauded Walter for tirelessly looking out for his interests by trying to substantiate Sam's suspicions of Wayne. Walter felt tormented after Steve gave him a check out of gratitude for his loyalty and conscientious work. Cindy gave consoling words to Walter over Lenore's ordeals. Belle informed Walter that the "mystery woman" came to Wayne's apartment around the time that Russ and Cindy had lunch delivered to the clinic, that she was of average height and weight, and well-dressed, but could not provide any more specifics. Dan and Susan admitted to each other that they dislike Liz's condescending attitude. Susan grimly told Dan that her belief system would be shattered should Lenore be convicted.

DECEMBER 29, 1970 (EP. #1655)
Quincy called to inform Bernice that he must reluctantly return to Bay City because he promised to stay in touch with Lt. Aaronson. Bernice grew uneasy after agreeing that Quincy should come to her office after everyone else has left for the day. Russ asked Cindy to let him know immediately should Rachel try to cause trouble for her again. Cindy decried Belle's attitude towards Lenore, but conceded to Russ that Belle kept her opinions to herself and genuinely tried to be helpful when Walter questioned her about the other, unidentified woman who visited Wayne on the day of his demise. Russ expressed confidence to Cindy that Walter will not rest until he has pursued every possible lead to prove Lenore's innocence. Helen and Pat decided to talk to John and Walter about testifying on Lenore's requests for them to accompany her to Wayne's place and as character witnesses. Helen complimented Pat for bearing beautiful children while holding Michael and Marianne. Lenore and Caroline empathized with Helen, who tearfully relayed Lenore's fears that she will miscarry or the baby will be taken away while she is in jail. Caroline angrily muttered to herself about Pat leaving Michael and Marianne in the play pen so she could start dinner in the kitchen. John advised Pat and Caroline that he wishes to stay away from the babies while he is feeling ill. Pat and Caroline convinced John to make an appointment to see Russ. Caroline secretly brooded over the twins. Quincy told Bernice that he will not be protect Walter should the police interrogate him further about Wayne. Quincy and Bernice cryptically acknowledged that they have provided each other with an alibi and both wanted Wayne dead.

DECEMBER 30, 1970 (EP. #1656)
Tom called Liz and asked to speak with her in connection to Wayne's homicide case at her house. Dru informed Mary that Steve is willing to testify on his hatred and threats towards Wayne to establish reasonable doubt, despite potentially incriminating himself. Dru told Jim and Mary that identifying the "mystery woman" who went to Wayne's apartment would strengthen Lenore's case, but that Belle was unable to help Walter because she could not recall any details. Dru concealed sharing Jim and Mary's doubts that Liz has been completely candid to the police, despite reiterating Liz's statements to the contrary. Ada fondly watched Ernie play with Jamie. Walter told Ernie and Ada that he will make an appointment with Rachel to prepare her for testifying to corroborate Steve's remarks. Ernie and Ada were forgiving when Walter brusquely defended the plans to call Steve as a defense witness and vowed that he will question everyone associated with Wayne to help Lenore get acquitted. Walter became subdued while telling Ernie and Ada that it is difficult to be happy while Lenore is in jail. Dru opined to Walter that he should accept Steve's check. Dru admitted to Walter that Liz may have been the mysterious woman who visited Wayne and that she released him as her lawyer after voicing numerous objections. Walter lamented to Dru that Lenore may be convicted with circumstantial evidence. Tom appeased Liz by acknowledging that murder trials are unpleasant and surmised that she would be begrudgingly testifying on Wayne and Lenore's relationship. Liz conscience was cleared once she accepted Tom's offer to subpoena her to dispel the backlash she may receive from other people.

DECEMBER 31, 1970 (EP. #1657)
Luella arranged to stop by Liz's house to give her sponsor cards for their charities and hinted at having a surprise for Liz. Rachel assured Walter that she will do everything possible to help Lenore. Walter became temperamental with Rachel, who injected her own observations and vacillated on her accounts of Steve's hatred towards Wayne because she feared incriminating him. Walter was exasperated and Rachel sullen as they prepared to rehearse her testimony again. Liz told Dru that Tom asked her to testify on the shameful ways Lenore and Wayne acted in public. Dru objected to Liz's disparaging remarks about Lenore, but was nonplussed that Tom planned to subpoena her to appear as a witness for the prosecution. Liz cringed at Dru's suggestion that she hire Brian as her lawyer because he accepted Rachel as a client. Liz raged to Dru that she regrets meeting Wayne, that she was blissfully unaware that Wayne was a fraud, and that he dumped her for Lenore. Dru lost sympathy for Liz, who griped that Wayne was murdered, her former attorney is defending the woman who killed him, and that she was foolish to love Wayne. Jim and Russ assuaged Mary's guilt over going to the Top of the Tower for dinner. Russ told Jim and Mary that he has forgotten the misery that Rachel caused and predicted that the new year will be full of hope and happiness. Jim and Mary felt pride towards Russ, who paid them back half of their investment into the clinic. Luella told Liz that she is taking a course to improve her memory. Liz squirmed as Luella brooded over forgetting something from the day she ran into Liz at Wayne's apartment complex. Luella got Liz to join her in a toast to the new year.

Russ: "For all of us...this new year will be one of hope and happiness...For myself...I've never been happier to see a New Year."
Mary: "Yes. Last year was a nightmare."
Russ: "But it's all over now, don't you see? I can forget all the misery. I can forget everything that Rachel ever's all in the past now. Completely in the past."
Jim: "I'm glad you feel that way, son."
Russ: "I do."
Jim: "You know, Russ...the one thing that parents want more than anything else is to see their children happy...And your mother and I have been very lucky, I think. Pat is as happy as any woman ever was..."
Russ: "Yes and this new year will even be better for her..."
Mary: "And you, Russell. Lately you've been happier than I've ever seen you..."
Russ: "Yes I am. And Alice...I think that soon, very soon, she and Steve will find each other again..."
Jim: "I hope so."
Russ: "So you see? Tonight is a night for celebration...."