Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

Vindictive Liz aided in the indictment of Lenore. Lenore stood trial for murder, with Walter defending her. She was acquitted, but Walter, steeped in guilt, brooded and drank heavily.

Rafe came to live in Bay City and joined the law firm as replacement for Dru, who left on an around-the-world tour. He began squiring Liz around and made headway in helping soften her harsh ways with others.

Rachel found love, joy, and sex in Brian's arms. She began to mellow and change into a new Rachel, even convincing Steve and Russ and making amends with them of sorts.

Having lost her own husband and twins, Caroline began to fantasize she was in love with John. Little did people realize that the "gentleman friend" she described to everyone but no one ever met was actually John. Pat began to bristle at the attention Caroline paid her husband, who took no notice. When Pat made noises about sending Caroline on her way, Caroline began poisoning her, and even faked an illness herself. Caroline was happy to extend her stay and care for the Randolph household.

Cindy decided to enter nursing school and agreed to marry Russ when he convinced her he loved her despite her poor background.

Susan was put out when Barbara visited again, but she left after a few months, their problems more or less sorted out. Dan's love changed Susan and she became a happier, more relaxed person.

Cindy was overjoyed but Belle suspicious when brother/son Ted showed up on their doorstop. Russ got Ted a job at the nutrition department of the hospital, but he quit and took a job with Mr. Grossman at a restaurant since his first love was the restaurant business.

To pay back a loan shark, Ted broke into Russ's clinic and stole some drugs. Russ came in and slipped on something Ted had knocked over. He was hospitalized with a serious head injury. Ted agonized as his sister sat bedside vigil to the man she loved. Dr. Paula McCrea performed delicate surgery on Russ and he pulled through. Paula found herself falling for the charming doctor/patient, and was only a little perturbed to learn he was already engaged.

Steve was hopeful Alice would return to Bay City and his life, and take up residence in the dream house he'd built for her.

Thinking she was deeply in love with him, Rachel accompanied Brian to New York when he got word of a prospective job. She had a marvelous time meeting new people and felt sure in her heart that Brian felt the same way and intended to go the whole nine yards with her. She decided to surprise him and flew down a second time, but her dreams were dashed when she arrived at his hotel room and caught him in flagrante delicto with another sweet young thing. She returned to Bay City broken-hearted. Truly changed, she became aimless and dejected instead of vengeful and wrathful.

Liz was upset and annoyed when Rafe took off for a business trip to Denver, but he promised to keep in constant telephone contact.

JANUARY 19, 1971 (EP. #1670)
First appearance of Frances Sternhagen as Jane Overstreet, friend of Caroline Johnson.

Dan: "Good evening. Can I help you?"
Jane: (Introduction Line) "Yes, I'm looking for either Dr. Shearer or Dr. Matthews."
Dan: "I'm Dr. Shearer."
Jane: "Oh. I wasn't sure I'd still find you here. I'm Mrs. Overstreet, a friend of Caroline Johnson's."

JANUARY 25, 1971 (EP. #1674)
Joan McClintock temporarily plays the role of Lenore due to Judith Barcroft’s illness.

JANUARY 26, 1971 (EP. #1675)
Last appearance of Mel Winkler as Frank Chadwick.

Albini: "...Come on, now...cheer up."
Frank: "Why should I cheer up?"
Albini: "Because we're going to win, that's why."
Frank: "That's why I should cheer up?"
Albini: "Well, of course...don't you want to win?"
Frank: "I guess I want to win."
Albini: "You know you do."
Frank: (Mel Winkler, Exit Line) "One thing I know. You do."

JANUARY 29, 1971 (EP. #1678)
Joan McClintock temporarily plays the role of Lenore due to Judith Barcroft’s illness.

FEBRUARY 1, 1971 (EP. #1679)
Rafe Carter went on a business trip to Denver, but promised to stay in contact with Liz. He would take a job at a prestigious law firm in Colorado and break off his relationship with Liz. The character also appeared on Somerset.

Notes: First appearance of Robert Kya-Hill as Frank Chadwick.

FEBRUARY 5, 1971: Pre-empted.

FEBRUARY 15, 1971 (EP. #1688)
Walter recalled killing Wayne in a fit of rage with the statuette Liz gave him as a wedding present.

Wayne: "You'll do anything to provide that beautiful wife of yours with everything she wants."
Walter: "You leave Lenore out of this."
Wayne: "Why? Everything you've done for her, right? And the funny part of it is it hadn't worked so far."
Walter: "What are you saying?"
Wayne: "Well, for example... Lenore came here today. We had a wonderful time together."
Walter: "You dirty liar."
Wayne: "Liar? [THEN TURNS, FINDS LENORE'S SCARF, AND SHOWS IT TO WALTER] Recognize the scarf, Walter? What do you suppose it's doing here, Walter? Here, Walter, take the scarf. I'm through with it... and with her now."

Notes: Walter's flashback of murdering Wayne was pre-taped on November 11, 1970, which was the production date for the episode that aired November 23, 1970 (EP. #1630).

FEBRUARY 26, 1971 (EP. #1697)
Liz flashbacks to her final confrontation with Wayne while being cross-examined by Walter.

Wayne: "That's up to you..take it or leave it. Now, I warned you to go. There's too much going on right now to waste any more time on this nonsense."
Liz: "You're cruel...cruel...cruel..."
Wayne: "Okay, so I'm cruel. Goodbye, Liz."
Liz: "Nothing...between us...ever meant anything to you?"
Wayne: "That's right."
Liz: "It is Lenore. I know it's Lenore that came between us. Isn't it? Isn't it?"
Wayne: "You're a broken record, baby."
Liz (TURNS...WANDERS..SHE'S DAZED..BUT SEES LENORE'S SCARF. PICKS IT UP) "This...this scarf...It's Lenore's isn't it?"
Wayne: "That's right, Lenore left it here. Now, if you want to make something of that go ahead. But I'm sick of all your talk about Lenore. I've got work to do. Get out of my life."

Wayne: "Hey...what are you doing?"
Liz: " hate you."
Wayne: (PUTS DOWN PHONE, GOES TO HER AND VERY ROUGHLY HANDLES HER AS HE TAKES THE STATUETTE AWAY) "What did you think you were going to do with that?"
Liz: (HORRIFIED WITH HERSELF) "To think you would bring me to this. Look at what you've done to me!"

Notes: Liz's flashbacks were pre-taped on November 11, 1970, which was the production date for the episode that aired November 23, 1970 (EP. #1630).

Rachel was called as a witness in Lenore's defense to reveal that Steve had a motive to kill Wayne, but defended Steve and hurt Lenore's case under cross-examination. Walter established a solid alibi by claiming he had flown back to Bay City at the time of the Wayne's murder. Lenore was aquitted due to lack of evidence. Luella placed Liz at the scene of the crime, but was not put on trial because Liz's attorney contended that reasonable doubt could easily be proven. Walter kept Lenore's scarf hidden in a safe. He was consumed by self-loathing for forcing Lenore to be tried for Wayne's murder. Walter drank heavily and cried as he held Lenore's scarf as he recalled confronting Wayne and killing him in a jealous rage. Lenore put an end to her budding friendship with Rachel, feeling betrayed by Rachel's testimony during the trial.

MARCH 1, 1971 (EP. #1698)
The show returned to the title of Another World instead of Another World: Bay City.

MARCH 5, 1971 (EP. #1702)
Lenore was acquitted for the murder of Wayne Addison.

MARCH 16, 1971 (EP. #1709)
Lenore went into labor.

MARCH 18, 1971 (EP. #1711)
Birth and first appearance of Wally Curtin Jr. (Christine Ombramonti)

MARCH 24, 1971 (EP. #1715)
Pat told John and Lenore that she doesn't understand the reasons she has been feeling ill lately. John and Lenore assured Pat that she isn't putting a strain on Caroline to take care of Michael and Marianne. Helen, John, Pat, and Lenore toasted to Wally.

John: "Don't you worry about Caroline. She won't mind staying on a little longer..."
Pat: "I suppose not...but it's so unfair of me, tying her down like this..."
Lenore: (Judith Barcroft, Exit Line) "Oh, Pat, she won't feel tied down. After all, she loves the babies, and she's so fond of you and John..."
Pat: (PULLING HERSELF TOGETHER) "Look, John, getting back to the toast...I'd like to propose one..."
John: "Darling...are you sure?"
Pat: "Yes. Really. I don't feel all that bad. To Walter Jr. May he be as handsome and successful as his father, as loving and gentle as his mother, and as happy as both of them...Come on, Walter Jr.!"

Notes: Last appearance of Judith Barcroft as Lenore Moore. Lenore went on vacation to St. Croix.

MARCH 30, 1971 (EP. #1719)
First appearance of Stephen Bolster as Ted Clark.

Cindy: “(DOORBELL) Oh, no! That can’t be Russ already. (GOES TO DOOR. DOES BIG TAKE, THEN:) Ted! Ted! Oh, mother, it’s Ted! (SHE HUGS HIM ECSTAICALLY AS HE COMES IN)”
Ted: (Introduction Line) “Little sister! You’re all grown up now, Cindy! Mom... how are you, mom?”
Mrs. Clark: “(AWKWARD) Ted...”

MAY 14, 1971 (EP. #1752)
Last appearance of Philip Sterling as Rafe Carter.

MAY 20, 1971 (EP. #1756)
Last appearance of Geoffrey Lumb as Mitchell Dru.

Dru: (Exit Line) “My good friends... my dear friends... I’ve never found myself at a loss for words before... but I admit to you freely, I am now. I... I simply don’t know that to say. (PAUSE FOR WIPING OF EYES) Well now. I think the best thing for me to say is... what I feel... if I can find words for that. I feel so much. For all of you... for all that you have done for me... not only today... but through the years... so many years... so many friends... so many kindnesses... so much consideration and thoughtfulness and... and love... have come my way from you. I... I’ve been a lucky man. I... I really do not know how I can bear to leave you all... upon my word, I don’t know how I can do it... and I swear I’ll be back... because I do love you all so much... (HE CANNOT GO ON. THE WOMEN GATHER ROUND AND KISS HIM)” John: “We’ll drink to your coming back, Dru... (SINGS) For he’s a jolly good fellow... (ALL JOIN IN. GO OUT ON DRU AS THEY SING)” [END EPISODE]

MAY 21, 1971 (EP. #1757)
First appearance of Susan Sullivan as Lenore Moore. Initially, Beverly Owen was hired to replace Judith Barcroft as Lenore, but was replaced by Susan Sullivan before scenes were taped. Owen would later appear as Dr. Paula McCrae instead.

Bernice enjoyed the pampering she received from hotel manager, Mr. Remington in Chicago, since she claimed to be Steve's employee. Mr. Remington confirmed for Bernice that Walter (the day of Wayne's murder) had arrived about a half-hour before Steve did, though he did look worn and frazzled. Bernice revealed that Wayne had tried to bilk money from Steve but didn't succeed. Mr. Remington recalled being annoyed over Steve and Walter being late for their hotel reservations.

Introduction Scene: Hotel Room in St. Croix, over the phone with Walter Curtin.
Walter: "Lenore are you?"
Lenore: (Susan Sullivan, Introduction Line) "Hello, Walter."

MAY 24, 1971 (EP. #1758)
Last appearance of Alan Manson as Quincy Stoner.

JUNE 1, 1971 (EP. #1764)
First appearance of Beverly Owen as Dr. Paula McCrae.

JUNE 4, 1971 (EP. #1767)
Reintroduction of Joseph Ponazecki as Dr. David Thornton. Return of character, who last appeared on September 30, 1969.

JUNE 16, 1971 (EP. #1775)
Last appearance of Pierrino Mascorino as Tom Albini.

JUNE 18, 1971 (EP. #1777)
Last appearance of Jered Holmes as Brian Blake.

Brian was unapologetic when Rachel caught him in bed with a woman named Claire. Rachel left broken-hearted once Brian cruelly stated that she meant nothing to him and the only thing they shared was a casual affair.

JUNE 22, 1971 (EP. #1779)
Walter tried to soothe Lenore's fears when she learned the newspaper planned a series of articles on unsolved crimes. He was tormented when she hugged him and called him the most wonderful man in the world. Russ told Paula he might be able to use her neuro-surgeon skills at his clinic. Russ introduced Paula to Dr. David Thornton, but she already knew him as the resident womanizer on staff. David urged Paula to break down and be more social, since eligible doctors were being grabbed off. As a joke, Russ phoned Cindy with a disguised voice. Cindy had mixed feelings when Ted said he was going over to Somerset to see a man named Gerald Davis about a job. Ernie complained when Ada insisted on taking the plane for their trip to Arizona. Ada tried to discourage a depressed Rachel from seeking advice from Gerald.

Note: Last appearance of Harry Bellaver as Ernie Downs.
Ernie: (Exit Line) "But I told you I don't want to fly, Ada. I ain't never flown and I'm too old to start."

JUNE 23, 1971 (EP. #1780)
A thoroughly irritated and jealous Caroline tried to hide her face when John and Pat couldn't keep their hands off each other during breakfast. They encouraged her to visit a travel agent to plan a long trip now that they no longer needed her. Caroline was overcome at the prospect when Pat asked her to stop in at John's office to see if she, Pat, had left her any messages. Steve expressed his condolences when a subdued Rachel revealed Brian had thrown her over. Steve was concerned when she was desperate to believe her father would be able to tell her what she was to do with her life now. Cindy gave Russ, who'd recently been released from the hospital, a warm welcome back to the clinic. Cindy said a friend who's recently been in Somerset would be the perfect candidate to replace her as receptionist when she starts her nurse's training. Caroline came in and Cindy reacted a bit to an odd quality in her voice as she moaned about having to share the man she loved and vowed to become more aggressive in getting what she wanted. In his office, Gerald met Ted, who sought advice on running his own restaurant, as he used to own a diner out West before a new highway wiped out transient business. Gerald revealed there was a restaurant in Bay City he'd been thinking of buying for about a year, and suggested Ted seek employment there, though of course he couldn't provide Ted with a reference. Rachel interrupted, and Gerald awkwardly introduced her to Ted as his daughter, and they nodded to each other. Ted stepped out, and Rachel threw herself into Gerald's arms and he held her, very concerned.

Caroline: "I'm getting pretty tired of it myself."
Cindy: "[CAREFULLY] Tired of what?"
Caroline: "Of not having the man I love all to myself... all the time. Of course it's my own fault. I'm not aggressive enough by nature, I guess. Yes... it's high time I did something about it. High time... [CINDY LOOKS AT HER, FADE OUT]"

Notes: Reappearance of Walter Mathews as Gerald Davis.

JUNE 24, 1971 (EP. #1781)
Gerald was nonplussed when Rachel said she was staying for a week to visit with him. Rachel told Gerald all about her and Brian, whom she believed intended to marry her. Gerald made Rachel face the fact she had dreamed up his intentions. He lifted and held her as he told her she had a habit of building pretty castles in the air. Rachel sought comfort from him, but Gerald kissed her and said he'd rather have her in good shape ten years from now. Liz couldn't wait to tell Luella that Rafe had called her long-distance. Luella told Liz that she has something special with Rafe. Liz thought Pat a wonderful replacement for Janet Smith (recuperating from illness) to run the Women's Club Camp for Underprivileged Children, and was sure Caroline would agree to stay on another several weeks while Pat was away during the day. Caroline dropped by the office and showed John and Peggy the travel brochures she picked up. Later, Gerald went to Rachel sitting disconsolately at a table to say she couldn't visit with him because Pammy had a problem he had to take care of. Gerald took Rachel's hand earnestly and said she could have filet mignon on the house, but Rachel jerked it away and told Gerald to leave. Gerald agreed, after impulsively kissing Rachel's cheek. Touched by Rachel's tears, Ted came over and tried to comfort Rachel. When Rachel didn't want to return home after having told everyone she would be staying with her father, Ted suggested she take a hotel for a week, and he'd drive in every evening and take her out to dinner. Rachel wailed that Ted was the first one to ever offer her help.

Gerald: "You've got to be a big girl. You've got to... change."
Rachel: "Stop dreaming."
Gerald: "Yeah, stop dreaming."

Ted: "You don't have to tell me a thing, but you're going to feel better if somebody's sitting with you." (HE SITS)

Luella: (about Pat) "Yes, but now that she has the twins..."
Liz: (OVER) "I'm not so sure that has to make a difference. She has Caroline."
Luella: (Exit Line) "I thought Caroline was due to leave her."
Liz: "Oh, that's true, but Caroline is devoted to...well, frankly, to John more than anybody. But to both of them...."

Notes: Last appearance of Dorothy Blackburn as Luella Watson.

JUNE 25, 1971 (EP. #1782)
They were immediately in each other's arms when an eager Dan showed Susan a marriage license application form. Lenore felt badly for Rachel when Walter related how she found Brian in bed with someone else. Walter was disappointed he and Lenore couldn't continue necking when Susan phoned and begged them to come over. Mary and Jim told Liz they were anticipating Alice's return in ten days. They tried to discourage Liz from convincing Caroline to stay on so Pat could run the summer camp. Lenore and Walter were thrilled when Susan and Dan asked them to stand up for them. They solemnly sipped sparkling burgundy when Lenore toasted the holy state of matrimony, which she and Walter found beautiful beyond compare. On her hotel room patio, Rachel was elated that Ted came all the way from Bay City to see her, but he was glad to be needed. She shivered when he said he was glad he had moved to Bay City because he met her there. He put his arm around her consolingly after she sniffed about Brian and her previous marriage. She believed him when he promised to make no demands on her.

Lenore: "Wonderful. Oh, just wonderful! [SHE KISSES DAN]"
Dan: "This is why I took the step. So that Lenore would kiss me."
Susan: "I have heard every word, Dan Shearer, and I'm going to make your life miserable after we're married. [THEY ALL LAUGH]"

JUNE 28, 1971 (EP. #1783)
Ted told Rachel she had a very expressive face, and they both felt they could tell what was going on with the other just by looking. Lenore idly leafed through a stack of bills after Helen coaxed her into handling the backlogged bookkeeping herself despite Walter's insistence on doing it himself. Bernice told Walter that D.A. Albini was persistently dogging her about Wayne, and warned life would get difficult for Walter too if Albini kept after her. Russ and Cindy traded "I love you's" as they necked in his car. They wondered how Ted had done in Somerset. Over the phone, Steve told Rachel that Jamie was doing fine. Rachel showed Ted pictures of Jamie and said her step-father was teaching him how to read. Neither was happy when they realized his sister was engaged to her ex-husband, but he took her hand and said it didn't matter as he didn't want it to end, and she agreed.

Cindy: "That's my wish for the world. Be happy, world. Don't get messed up... don't fight... don't be mean... don't be miserable... be happy. Like Russ and me."
Russ: "Cindy... I love you."
Cindy: "Russ... I love you. [ANOTHER KISS... FADE OUT]"

JUNE 29, 1971 (EP. #1784)
Caroline opened the cupboard and looked at the medicine as John nuzzled Pat, who was sitting on his lap by invitation. Peggy noticed how exuberant Steve looked when he described the hugs and kisses he gets from Jamie when he comes home from the office. He told her and John of Rachel's misadventures with Brian. Cindy was delighted when Ted admitted he's been seeing a girl in Somerset, but he wasn't so sure Cindy would like her when she met her. Liz was annoyed when Susan wouldn't agree to come to dinner tomorrow or explain why. As Caroline made them tea, Liz persuaded Pat to work at the camp until Labor Day, then asked Caroline, the poison in her hands, to stay. Caroline shot down Pat's protests and insisted she'd love to stay, then put the cap back on the bottle and returned it to the cupboard.

JUNE 30, 1971 (EP. #1785)
Dan moved his stuff into Susan's apartment, and joked he expected service from her comparable to that of the best hotels. Paula pumped Russ for info on Cindy to gauge the extent of his feelings for her, which proved to be considerable. Lenore showed Walter the silver tea service she was giving the newlyweds. Waiting till Walter went to shower, Lenore sat down to puzzle out the mass of financial records, but got a call from Susan asking for something borrowed. Lenore was startled by a canceled check from D.B.F. Personal Loan Company, which she put in an increasingly heavy envelope she'd labeled "Don't Understand." While putting the finishing touches on the apartment, Susan promised Dan they'd call Barbara later so she'll feel part of them. When Liz revealed she'd blueprinted her plans for Susan's wedding, Jim joked it meant the Marine Band will play "Oh Promise Me." Mary and Jim were displeased Liz had worked through Caroline to get Pat to agree to her plans. Walter toasted Susan and Dan after they were married by Judge Corcoran.

Judge: "Daniel Shearer, do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, so long as you both shall live?"
Dan: "I do."
Judge: "Susan Matthews Douglas, do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, so long as you both shall live?"
Susan: "I do."
Judge: "The ring? [DAN PUTS THE RING ON SUSAN'S FINGER] Join hands. [THEY CLASP HANDS] Now, by the authority vested in me by the laws of this state, I pronounce you man and wife. [DAN AND SUSAN LOOK AT EACH OTHER] I think you could kiss her now. [DAN AND SUSAN KISS]
Dan: "Hello."
Susan: "Hello."

JULY 1, 1971 (EP. #1786)
Susan assured Dan she wasn't anxious about her mother's reaction. They broke the news to Liz, who was upset she'd been cut out. Susan was pleased and relieved when Liz embraced her, forgave them, and wished them happiness. Dan and Russ interviewed Susan Giles as Cindy watched nervously. Since Dan didn't want two Susan's working at the clinic, he decided to call her Beth since her middle name was Elizabeth. Beth was eager to start work when a starry-eyed Cindy related how her whole life changed the minute she had walked in the door. At the clinic, Mary ran into Caroline, who said she and her gentleman friend would be able to be together when Pat is finished her work at the camp. Cindy tried to smile but looked somewhat anxious when Mary suggested a dinner so their families could become acquainted. Cheeks were kissed and hands shook when Dan and Susan told Russ and Cindy they'd married. Cindy worried to Russ that her mother would start acting funny and embarrass her during the dinner.

Dan: "I hope you don't mind if I call you Liz from now on. I can't call you Mrs. Matthews - and you're much too young looking for me to call you mother."
Liz: "[PLEASED] Oh, Dan."

JULY 2, 1971 (EP. #1787)
They looked at each other fondly as Rachel told Ted he didn't need to take her to a fancy restaurant as she had his company. John didn't see any signs of it when Pat felt Caroline was getting too attached to the twins. A nervous Cindy introduced Belle to Jim and Mary. Belle admired their fancy house and thought they must have come over on the Mayflower. She accepted sherry even though she usually drinks beer, despite that it gives her a "little tummy." Jim and Mary didn't share her opinion, Cindy was mortified, and Belle was disconcerted when Belle, after crowing about being Albini's star witness, remarked that she thought Lenore was guilty. After Mary and Jim took Belle to see the garden, Cindy panicked that Russ shouldn't marry her as their backgrounds were too different. She was relieved and adoring when Russ insisted he loved her and didn't care what her family was like. Again on her hotel room patio, Rachel vowed she'd never forget the courage Ted gave her by being kind and thoughtful and interested in her. They came into each other's arms after a declaration of love.

Ted: "I care for you. I've never met a girl I cared for so much. In fact, this may sound crazy when we've only known each other for such a short time, but... I love you, Rachel."
Rachel: "Ted, please don't say that unless you really mean it."
Ted: "But I do, Rachel, I do love you!"

JULY 5, 1971 (EP. #1788)
When Ted insisted it didn't have to end, Rachel turned to him with stars in her eyes and a new Rachel was about to be born. Mary and Jim thought it splendid Ted was being friendly with some poor girl in Somerset, and were especially happy Alice wouldn't have Rachel around to remind her of the past. Gerald was stunned when Rachel sprung it on him that she was getting married and needed his help in making the ceremony happen as quickly as possible. He thought it an awful mix-up when she explained it would be simpler to return to Bay City to face the people there if they were already married. Ted arrived and Gerald felt optimistic about them. Steve had Jamie in his lap and was telling him a story about the stock deal he made in Cleveland a couple years ago when Walter and Lenore dropped by. Lenore remarked that Walter Jr. adored his daddy. Steve wasn't very interested when Rachel phoned she'd be back in town tomorrow with some exciting news, but was beaming after a cablegram announced Alice was returning home tomorrow night. On Rachel's hotel patio, since that's where they fell in love, Rachel and Ted chatted with Judge Ambler until Gerald arrived with their witness, Bill the bartender. Though she wasn't, Rachel told Bill she was proud and happy to have him as witness. They dashed inside the hotel room as it began to thunder and lightening. Ted and Rachel kissed, linked arms, and went inside after assuring each other they had everything they needed.

Crossed-out dialogue:
Rachel: "Even if I didn't see you... I always thought about you. And I love you."
Gerald: "I'm nobody to love."
Rachel: "You are to me. And now Ted is. You and Ted... the two men I love best."

JULY 6, 1971 (EP. #1789)
Rachel and Ted were married. There was some love play between them as she phoned Ada in Arizona with the news. Ada was near speechless when Rachel gushed about her wonderful new husband, and was even more tight-lipped when Ted took the phone to assure her he loved Rachel very much. Rachel was almost weeping after she convinced Ada to give them her blessing. The next morning, Steve was worried about telling Rachel he planned to marry Alice, but he noticed she seemed to have mellowed. He was dumbstruck when she revealed being married, and even more so to learn Russ's fiancé is now her sister-in-law. Ted flew into the apartment in great spirits and announced to Cindy and Belle that Rachel Matthews was now Rachel Clark. Tactful for once, Belle gave Ted her blessing and left him alone with Cindy, who was troubled to hear him say how much he loved Rachel. Cindy realized Rachel may have thought Ted was rich since he'd told her he planned to have his own restaurant, but Ted felt Russ must have misunderstood Rachel's desire for material things. Ada asked Rachel if Ted knew Steven Frame was Jamie's father.

Judge: "Do you, Theodore, take Rachel to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold for better or worse, in sickness and in health, so long as you both shall live?"
Ted: "I do."
Judge: "Do you, Rachel, take Theodore to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold for better or worse, in sickness and in health, so long as you both shall live?"
Susan: "I do."
Judge: "And now the rings... Then, by the authority vested in me by the laws of this state, I pronounce you man and wife. [TED AND RACHEL TURN TOWARD EACH OTHER, GO SLOWLY INTO EACH OTHER'S ARMS, AND KISS]"

Rachel: (Over the phone) "Mom, I'm married to a wonderful man named Ted Clark."

JULY 7, 1971 (EP. #1790)
At the air terminal, Alice smiled tentatively as Steve rushed to meet her. He stopped abruptly and looked at her gravely for a moment, and then held out his arms to her. She hesitated, then went into his arms. Jim assured a concerned Mary that it was a happy occasion as Russ and Cindy are engaged, Pat is over her illness, and Alice was coming back to them. Russ noticed how listless and pre-occupied Cindy was. Cindy confided in Dan, who urged her to tell Russ before Rachel did. Everyone stood stock still when the doorbell rang, then they all rushed to greet Alice, who insisted she was very happy now. Alice didn't want to hear Steve's news about Rachel on her first night home. John came to chat Cindy up before she could tell Russ what was bothering her. Russ was irritated when Cindy finally told him, but insisted nobody, not Rachel or her mother or her brother, could ever come between them.

Steve: "Oh, Alice...Alice..."
Alice: (Re-introduction Line) "What is it? Is something wrong?"
Steve: "No, no. It's just that I had all these things I was going to say to you, I practiced them driving over, and now they're all gone. Right out of my head."
Alice: "They'll come back."
Steve: "I hope so..."

Mary: "Alice!"
Jim: "Alice, darling!"
Pat: "Oh, it's so wonderful!"

Notes: Marianne misspelled Mary Ann in this script. Jacqueline Courtney returns to the role of Alice Matthews Frame full-time after a year's absence.

JULY 8, 1971 (EP. #1791)
Steve told Alice about Rachel and Ted, and she vowed not to let Rachel continue to affect their lives the way she has in the past. Alice and Russ broke the news to Mary and Jim, who were floored. Mary was sure Rachel married him before he could find out Jamie wasn't Russ's. Lenore noticed Caroline likes to get her own way after Caroline won an argument with Pat over what they should have for dinner. Pat confided she doesn't like it at all that Caroline was staying on. Jane Overstreet came to visit her friend Caroline as she relaxed on the Randolph terrace as if it were her own. Jane was concerned that Caroline hadn't yet told the Randolphs about Charles and her twins, but Caroline convinced her she couldn't wait to leave as her gentleman friend promised to divorce his wife and marry her. Alice restricted Steve from making too many plans for them as she wanted to be sensible. She wanted to start over since she couldn't forget the mess with Rachel.

Russ: (Sam Groom, Exit Line, to Mary and Jim) "In any case, there's nothing I can do about it -- and I'm not going to give up Cindy because of it."

JULY 9, 1971 (EP. #1792)
Ted wanted to know why Rachel was getting a call from a big wheel like Steve, but she lied that it was about the United Charities Benefit Committee. Rachel denied Ada's claim she married Ted to get back at the Matthews. Ada almost succeeded in convincing Rachel to tell Ted about Jamie and Steve. Liz told Peggy that Missy was happy in Arizona. Liz was disturbed when John told her Rafe is considering a job with the biggest law firm in Colorado. Walter thought Steve was dreaming for thinking there would be a big change in Rachel from now on. Walter felt the marriage was doomed, but Steve wanted to see things work out for her. Ted was furious when Rachel told him the details of Jamie's paternity, since she'd lied to him about that and about why Steve had phoned. She was accepting when he was ready to walk out, but he softened when he saw how honestly contrite she was. Ted was tormented by his own secret when Rachel promised always to tell him the truth as her mother so rightly advised.

JULY 12, 1971 (EP. #1793)
Ada phoned to say the climate in Arizona wasn't helping Ernie feel much better, and was hardly able to believe the new Rachel who insisted she put Ted first. Cindy firmly turned down the dinner invite Rachel had Ted pass along. Ted told Cindy and Belle he knows all about Steve, and doesn't blame Rachel as he's made some mistakes of his own in his life. Ted urged Cindy to become friends with Rachel. Susan was unhappy to hear Liz had lost Rafe, but Liz veered away from the subject to comment Melissa has never shut her out of her life. Liz was touched by Susan's concern for her despite her words. Rachel told Steve he doesn't need to give her money anymore, then introduced him to Ted. Rachel was floating on cloud nine that she and Ted knew everything about each other and that their whole lives together were going to be just loving each other and not ever ever hiding anything.

JULY 13, 1971 (EP. #1794)
Steve hinted at a surprise for Alice. Lenore and Helen speculated on the effect Rachel's marriage would have on Steve and Alice. Helen felt sure Walter just co-signed the loan check Lenore showed her. Bernice harped to Walter that she knew he and Wayne had bilked money out of Steve and that Walter knew Wayne was willing to resort to murdering Steve. Bernice began to do some heavy thinking after Walter reiterated he was in Chicago at the time of the murder. Liz arrived dressed to the nines for her dinner at Dan and Susan's, who were fixing up a bedroom for Barbara. Liz, pining for Rafe, was left looking sad and alone when they walked off laughing about Dan not knowing what Susan's favorite color was. Alice agreed to be Wally's godmother.

Alice: "To Walter Curtin, Junior... may he be forever happy."

JULY 14, 1971 (EP. #1795)
While Rachel wondered if Belle would like her, Ted worried what his mother might reveal about him. John refused to rescind Caroline's night off when Pat got a call for an evening meeting, but Caroline later canceled her dinner engagement to be able to stay home with John. Ted brought Belle over for dinner, and she recognized Rachel as testifying at the trial. Rachel asked Ted's permission before drinking to Belle's toast. Since Belle brought up his poor employment record, Ted was forced to confess to Rachel he hadn't meant to give her the impression he was well-off. Rachel was unhappy and by no means reassured by Ted's reassurances. Caroline prepared John a fancy dinner, then sat very close to him after she asked him to go over a health insurance contract. He was somewhat flattered at the heap of praise she dumped in his lap for explaining the difficult passages to her. Rachel averred she hadn't cared if Ted were rich and successful as she loved him for his kindness. He explained he'd been hesitant to tell her the truth after she introduced him to Steve, but she declared she loved him more than she ever loved Steve. He was miserable when she sung the virtues of total honesty. He started to tell her about something he was forced to do, but broke down in desperate "I love you's."

Rachel: "It's very nice to meet you, Mrs. Clark."
Mrs. Clark: "It's very nice to meet you, Rachel. Only I don't think it ought to be Mrs. Clark, do you? Why don't you call me Belle? That might even be better than mother."

JULY 15, 1971 (EP. #1796)
Paula tried not to react when Russ kissed Cindy goodbye in the hospital cafeteria and left for the clinic. After Cindy described the difficulties she had faced during her first week of nursing, Paula shared her opinion that it demonstrated a lack of real conviction on Cindy's part to be a nurse. Alice told Cindy those ideas were ridiculous, as she and Cindy had spoken a long time ago about her becoming a nurse. Liz wondered if it happened often, when Pat and Caroline disagreed about serving the Stilton cheese with the canapes or the salad. When John arrived home to find Caroline waiting for him with a scotch and water he wondered if they should keep her on indefinitely. Liz was disconsolate when John imparted Rafe's decision to remain in Denver. John put his arm around Pat and they went inside whispering and laughing, with Caroline looking after them resentfully. Russ encouraged Cindy to keep up her relationship with Ted, though he preferred to keep his distance from Rachel.

Russ: (Robert Hover, Introduction Line) "Oh, come on, Cindy. That's nothing to be upset about."

Notes: Reference to Mrs. Hewitt, nurses' supervisor, who would be last seen in 1979.

Notes: Hospital noises described as "Hosp. Bong bongs."

JULY 16, 1971 (EP. #1797)
Steve picked Alice up, leaving Russ and Jim to continue their chess game on the porch. While Russ was for it, Jim explained Mary's doubts about this second courtship of Steve and Alice's. Russ believed Ted and Rachel's marriage would just provide embarrassments, not difficulties, for him and Cindy. Over drinks at their house, Walter and Lenore discussed Rachel with Peggy and Frank. Walter was embarrassed when Frank sung the praises of his former boss. Russ started work on their wedding guest list as Cindy mended some of Ted's clothes. Cindy wanted to ask Susan to be her maid of honor, but then backtracked on her enthusiasm when he mentioned inviting Ted. He shot down her elopement idea, then threw aside Ted's trousers (the very ones he wore during the robbery) to kiss her soundly. Steve was moved when Alice told him a story to illustrate that she liked as well as loved him.

Walter: "Someday Peggy will be an associate of mine and John's, you wait and see. Randolph, Curtin, and Nolan -- how does that sound?"
Peggy: "Don't rush me, please. Right now, it's just Peggy student. Briefs, torts, liens, and precedents. Class after class after class."

Frank: (about Walter) "I remember when I was this guy's Assistant D.A. I was younger then, and oh, how I admired him. Honesty, integrity, skill, sympathy --"
Lenore: "That's my Walter."
Frank: (Robert Kya-Hill, Exit Line) "People rely upon lawyers as human beings, not only in minor matters and civil cases, but in life --" (HE STOPS SUDDENLY)
Lenore: "You can say it, Frank. Life and death. No one knows that better than I do. Except Walter."
Peggy: "We've embarrassed him." (WALTER TURNS AND LOOKS AT HER, HELPLESSLY) "Don't fight it. Everybody admires you."
Walter: "I wish everybody wouldn't."
Lenore: "Walter, darling, after all you've done for me, after all you've been to me, do you think I could stop admiring you?" (HE LOOKS AWAY, AGONIZED, AS FADE OUT).

Notes: Last appearance of Robert Kya-Hill as Frank Chadwick.

JULY 19, 1971 (EP. #1798)
Rachel was shining and Ted triumphant after he received a call from Mr. Ritter, the owner of the Fireside Inn. Cindy had to accept Rachel's dinner invite, but said Russ couldn't make it. Mary warned Alice that the damage Steve did in the past with Rachel can never be undone, especially now that Rachel was back in their lives again. Alice admitted it was hard for her to be sure about anything. A glum Ted informed Rachel that the owner tried to sell him the Inn, a place he'd give his back teeth to own. Rachel's brain started clicking invisibly to Ted and she urged him not to stop dreaming. Steve didn't know what else to say except he loved her when Alice couldn't help dragging Rachel into the conversation. She worked herself up into a state trying to explain that no matter how hard she tried she couldn't make up her mind.

JULY 20, 1971 (EP. #1799)
Lenore caught Walter with the envelope containing the incriminating scarf, but he hurriedly stuffed it into the safe, twirled the dial, then leaned his head wearily against the wall. Bernice dropped by before heading out of town on business, then Walter made an appointment with Russ. Rachel leveled with Steve about Ted's history in the restaurant business, then asked him to back Ted. He was hesitant, but was willing when Rachel offered to get Gerald to pay for part of the financing. Cindy enjoyed meeting Jamie, but her chat with Rachel was filled with long awkward pauses. Rachel was more optimistic when Ted told Cindy he'd never be able to raise the cash to buy the Inn. Russ gave Walter a clean bill of health, but Walter was irritated when Russ remarked on his nervous tension. Trying to be casual, Walter wondered if Russ could recommend a psychiatrist for a client who was a really nervous man.

Steve: "You really love that man you married, don't you?"
Rachel: "Yes, I do."
Steve: "Well whadda you know about that? [LOOKS AT RACHEL, SEARCHINGLY WITH SOME AMAZEMENT]"

JULY 21, 1971 (EP. #1800)
Cindy filled Russ in on the awkward evening last night. Cindy felt out-classed when Paula joined them. Paula recommended Dr. Arnold Meadows when she felt Russ's lawyer's friend was suffering from an anxiety neurosis, as Cindy gazed at her impressed by her ease and knowledge. After Caroline revealed that her friend Millie wants her to move into her new apartment with her, John suggested to an unenthusiastic Pat that in the future they hire Caroline to work weekdays only as opposed to being a live-in housekeeper. Gerald insisted he had enough troubles with his own restaurant when Rachel told him Steve needed someone who knew the restaurant business to share the financing with. Gerald wouldn't make any promises, but agreed to look over the books and talk to Steve. Russ admitted to Cindy he still has fatherly feelings for Jamie. Cindy wondered if they were going to spend the rest of their lives thinking about Ted and Rachel. He stopped her with pecking kisses when she began comparing herself unfavorably with Paula.

JULY 22, 1971 (EP. #1801)
Lenore wasn't convinced when Walter assured her he felt up to renewing their social life. Liz told Dan and Susan she's planning an extended visit to Missy, as Missy was having trouble with Ricky and was considering buying a house, and they agreed she didn't have much reason to stay in Bay City. Hoping for opposition, Liz was taken aback and disconcerted by their acceptance of her proposal. Pat worried about having to invite Ted and Rachel to the engagement party she was planning for Russ and Cindy, but Alice maintained Rachel was an unfortunate fact of life like taxes and the common cold. John got Pat to agree to talk to Caroline about staying on. Jim was glad Alice realized he and Mary had only love and faith in her. Walter explained to Lenore that Russ had called because of a depressed client of his, who was very happily married and has a child (which Walter quickly amended to two children). Walter went off to get some aspirin after Dan mentioned running into Albini.

Susan: "Lots of people will miss you."
Liz: "Who? Jim and Mary? They're too busy with Russ's wedding and Alice and the twins. It was different when Rafe was here. I had some pleasant social life then. But now that he's gone, everything's different. And so I've decided to go -- and nothing you can say will make me change my mind."

JULY 23, 1971 (EP. #1802)
Steve was taken aback when Rachel announced he can begin forking over the financing since Gerald was hot to get into the deal. Almost drowning in Rachel's praise of Ted, he finally agreed to make the deal if everything checked out. Steve told Walter he's not going to show Alice her house yet as he doesn't want her to think he was trying to put pressure on her. An anxious Walter dissuaded a contrite Peggy from trying to figure out who the client was he'd recommended a psychiatrist for. Liz came by to say goodbye to Mary and Jim and to ask Jim to sell her house. Mary speculated that Rafe was the biggest factor in Liz's departure as Liz had really blossomed in his company, and she and Jim were sincerely sorry to see Liz go. Rachel was troubled when Ted refused to consider a loan from her father as it was his duty to support her.

Mary: "Well, I don't know what to say, Liz. Bay City's not going to be the same without you."

Liz: (Nancy Wickwire, Exit Line, to Jim and Mary while going to the phone) "Thanks. I'll be back in a few minutes. [AND SHE GOES]"

JULY 26, 1971 (EP. #1803)
Solemn feelings registered as Alice and Steve held Wally near the baptismal fount. Lenore became worried when Walter became all choked up during the ceremony. Alice prevented Steve from going to Walter, who became even more emotional. Caroline didn't at all like when Pat took over playing with Michael and Marianne and sent her to address some envelopes. Caroline took the twins to bed after surprising John with the news she'd already trimmed the hedges. Alice insisted she took her responsibility over Wally's spiritual welfare very seriously. Wanting Alice to see beneath his hardheaded surface, Steve talked about how growing up in a large family made him want to become himself, to create Steven Frame Enterprises as an entity, though the entity was never the real him. She began to kiss him tenderly, but he took off, not wanting her to love him out of pity.


Lenore: "He was so good [OR ANGRY DEPENDING ON HOW WE BEHAVED] during the christening."

Steve: "Final toast. To Walter Curtin, Jr. May he romp on the grass and climb trees and hit home runs and marry a princess. [LAUGHING, THEY ALL SIP]"

Steve: "Because when you're one of a large brood, and your mother calls to you and uses the names of three of your brothers before she hits on your name, you... don't like it. You understand it, but you don't like it. You want to become yourself."

Notes: The latter quote of Steve's is strong evidence this is one of the bi-weekly scripts Lemay wrote for Cenedella before taking over as head writer.

JULY 27, 1971 (EP. #1804)
Walter dredged up the courage to make an appointment with Dr. Meadows. Caroline was disappointed when Pat asked her to stay on as a nine-to-five housekeeper only, and Pat was clearly not delighted when Caroline accepted the offer. Alice stopped herself from reminiscing about her own engagement party, then she and Pat vetoed Cindy's suggestion they not invite Ted. Lenore told Alice she was hoping to surprise Walter with a sorted-out household accounts. Lenore asked her professional opinion on Walter's strange mood swings. Dr. Meadows' words struck home as Walter described how his client was driven to commit a criminal act. The doctor (who realized Walter was talking of himself) had no answer when Walter wanted to know if his client could qualify for a ruling of criminal insanity.

JULY 28, 1971 (EP. #1805)
Paula ignored Cindy to discuss a case with Russ. Cindy couldn't pay much attention to Susan as she was made more and more uncomfortable by Russ and Paula's cosy laughing and engrossment in her medical report. Paula was interested to know if Susan's marriage affected her professional life, and envied her having found the right man to marry. A touch of Bernice's yen for Steve came through when he asked her why she never married and settles for working for a schmo like him. The phone rang before she could indulge her itch to tell him she had been married. Rachel looked very pleased and expectant after phoning both Steve and Gerald and prodding them to back Ted. Despite being turned down for loans all over town and feeling like a bum, Ted couldn't help but tell Rachel his grandiose plans for the Inn.

Notes: Last appearance of Walter Mathews as Gerald Davis (1971).

JULY 29, 1971 (EP. #1806)
Alice told her parents and brother she's realizing just how tormented Steve is by his one moment of weakness with Rachel. Russ, who proclaimed he doesn't hate Rachel, warned Alice she'd drive a wedge in the family if she kept on obsessing about Rachel. Steve told Walter he doesn't really mind Rachel's latest mild manipulations, especially since helping Ted will help Jamie, and give Rachel less reason to interfere in his life. Steve and Mary cleared the air: he promised to spend his life making Alice happy, and she admitted she has reservations about their getting married but promised to accept it if that was the decision Alice made. Ted flared up when Rachel told him she'd asked Gerald and Steve to loan him the money. Rachel got a call from a distressed Ada as Ted was vowing to never take money from them.

JULY 30, 1971 (EP. #1807)
Ada revealed Ernie was rushed to the hospital after complaining about a pain in his chest all morning. She declined Rachel's offer to come down as it would only upset Ernie unduly. Remorseful now that Rachel was worried and upset, Ted agreed to talk to Steve and Gerald. John told Jim that he might need to get a replacement for Rafe. Steve and Alice met Walter and Lenore for dinner at the Colonial Inn. Poor Alice had to break it to poor Steve that though it was awfully unfair, she just didn't know whether she could marry him.

Notes: On specs sheet: "Audio: Edit at top of Act II (actor confused and said on tape "Who has the first line")." The scene consisted of Jim and John.

AUGUST 2, 1971 (EP. #1808)
Ted and Rachel reaffirmed their deep love after he made an appointment with Steve. A nervous Cindy almost knocked over a bottle when she noticed Paula watching her, then was stricken when Paula scolded her for reading a patient's temperature out loud (even though Paula had asked for the information). Paula hesitated but then agreed to be David's date for Russ's engagement party. Ted told Steve he would make the Fireside Inn a cosy place for young couples who couldn't afford the Tallboys or the Top of the Tower, and insisted the loan be handled as strictly as a bank loan. Steve speculated to Walter that Ted would be a success. Cindy cried on Susan and Dan's shoulders about her terrible mistake. Rachel was thrilled with Ted's news, especially that Walter was acting as his lawyer, as Lenore was her very closest and dearest friend. Rachel encouraged him to accept the invite to the engagement party and promised not to say or do anything to embarrass them.

AUGUST 3, 1971 (EP. #1809)
Suffering again from head pains, Walter brooded over the scarf when Lenore wanted to know the safe's combination so she could put Helen's brooch in it. Walter warned Lenore not to tempt the fates by being too happy. After Rachel phoned to express her gratitude to Steve, Bernice wondered if he was inviting her back into his life by getting involved with her husband. Mary credited Cindy with making the whole Matthews family happier than it's been in a long time. Mary was touched when Cindy impulsively kissed her on the cheek, but still worried about Rachel. Cindy was upset when Russ told her Dr. McCrae, the dragon lady herself, would be coming to their party.

AUGUST 4, 1971 (EP. #1810)
Lenore and Helen wondered why Rachel insisted on coming over. Rachel left after unsuccessfully trying to get them and their husbands together for dinner. Ada told Ted that Ernie was resting comfortably, and was greatly affected when Ted described in glowing terms everything Rachel had done to get him the restaurant. Ted was dubious when Rachel crowed about being best friends with the Curtins, who want to have lots of evenings together. Cindy hid her apprehensiveness and turned down Ted's offer to stay away from her engagement party. Alice didn't share Lenore's opinion that Rachel was softening and becoming less intense and demanding. Lenore couldn't provide the one wise word that would convince Alice she wouldn't be a bitter wife who doubted her husband.

A displeased Pat became bad-tempered and disagreeable when John began spending long nights working at the office.

Alice and Steve were married in the house he built for her and they looked forward to the birth of Alice's baby at the end of next summer. Steve bristled when Ted began adoption proceedings to become Jamie's legal father with the help of social worker Mrs. Halliwell.

Paula eagerly stepped in to fill her shoes when Cindy, feeling unworthy of him, broke up with Russ.

Cindy eventually apologized to Ted for turning against him for the theft at Russ's clinic and Ted accepted. During his hearing,Ted nobly stood up and asked for a fair punishment for his crime, shaming his lawyer Walter into running out in the middle of the proceedings. Walter later turned up drunk at Steve's house, where he almost made a full confession.

Ted recuperated in prison, where he became friends with fellow inmate Ray Scott, finishing up a 3-4 year sentence for armed robbery.

John became even more overworked when Walter announced he was resigning private practice and re-entering the D.A.'s office under Albini.

AUGUST 16, 1971 (EP. #1817)
Reappearance of Christine Cameron as Barbara Shearer, who came to visit her father Dan Shearer and Susan Matthews Shearer. She also appeared on August 26, 30, and September 2, 1971.

AUGUST 18, 1971 (EP. #1819)
Jeanne Lange appears as a student nurse named Kathy. Lange would later play the role of Carol Lamonte (1974-1976).

AUGUST 30, 1971 (EP. #1827)
Last episode to credit Robert Cenedella as Head Writer.

AUGUST 31, 1971 (EP. #1828)
First episode to credit Harding Lemay as Head Writer.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1971 (EP. #1833)
Last appearance of Christine Cameron as Barbara Shearer.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1971 (EP. #1840)
Appearance by Linda Scruggs as Pamela, Steve’s secretary.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1971 (EP. #1842)
Last appearance of Rue McClanahan as Caroline Johnson. Pat was livid to find a scrapbook Caroline had been keeping with articles covering Lee, Tom Baxter, and Pat's murder trial. Caroline left in tears after she was fired by Pat.

Exit Scene: Randolph Kitchen, to Pat Randolph in response to being fired, "You want me to leave tonight?"

SEPTEMBER 22, 1971 (EP. #1844)
Last appearance of Joseph Ponazecki as Dr. David Thornton.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1971 (EP. #1846)
Wedding of Steve and Alice. Jim escorted Alice. Walter and Pat were the attendants.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1971 (EP. #1847)
John and Pat were shocked to read in the newspaper that Caroline was apprehended by the police for kidnapping the Ridgeway twins. John berated himself for not checking Caroline's references, but he and Pat were grateful it hadn't been Michael and Marianne. Walter and Peggy informed John that her fiance, Charles and twin children had been killed in a car accident on Christmas Eve after attending church services. Walter revealed that Caroline had been institutionalized several times. Peggy kept things in perspective by pointing out she had no criminal past and former employers held her in high regard. Mary was saddened to hear Pat compare herself to Caroline blaming themselves for killing someone. Pat explained that she discusses Tom's death to help reconcile with memories of the past. Mary urged Pat to concentrate on raising the twins and the future.

Walter: "...People carry so many secret skeletons around them that no one ever knows. Who really knows another person that well? Even living in the same house. Sharing our lives..."

Mary: "But, darling, you can't blame yourself for Lee's death. She was profoundly unhappy no one could have helped her...But Pat...I haven't heard you mention...the other thing for years. Why in the world drag that up? It's so pointless. It's over with. It happened. It's past."
Pat: "The fact remains I did kill a man, mother."
Mary: "But, darling, you've paid for that in suffering many times over. Why bring it up again?"
Pat: "It comes up, mother. By itself. Like some ugly poison plant. And when it comes up, I have to talk about it to someone, or I'd go...I'd be as deranged as Caroline. So, John and I talk about it from time to time. It's better." [....] "We should concentrate on the present...I know. I know that."
Mary: (REGARDING THE TWINS. PERHAPS PICKING ONE OF THEM UP) "Your children are right here with with us. They're the present. And they're so much more important than anything that happened in the past. We mustn't forget that. (SHE KISSES THE TWINS. FADE OUT).

SEPTEMBER 30, 1971 (EP. #1850)
Last appearances of Lisa Cameron as Susan Shearer and John Cunningham as Dan Shearer.

Susan: (Lisa Cameron, Exit Line) (About the news that Russ and Cindy were close to setting a wedding date) “Oh that’s wonderful! I’m so glad.”
Dan: (John Cunningham, Exit Line) (To Russ) “Fine with me.”

OCTOBER 4, 1971: Pre-empted for American League Playoffs.

OCTOBER 5-6, 1971: Pre-empted for National League Playoffs.

OCTOBER 11, 12, and 14, 1971: Pre-empted due to World Series.

OCTOBER 21, 1971 (EP. #1859)
Ted confessed to Cindy that he had stolen drugs from the clinic to pay loan sharks in St. Louis, who had threatened Cindy's life if he couldn't pay his debt. He had panicked and grabbed an iron bar upon hearing Russ in the lab, but accidentally dropped it while escaping, causing Russ to fall. Cindy admonished Ted for nearly killing Russ and making her feel unworthy to marry him. Ted pleaded that the loan sharks had threatened Jamie's life when he wouldn't steal drugs and make the Fireside Inn a drop off spot. Cindy tearfully rejected Ted, who decided to turn himself into the police.

Cindy: (about Russ) "...But whether you hit him or not, you nearly killed him. Oh, what am I gonna do? You've ruined everything."
Ted: "What do you mean?"
Cindy: "I love Russ. I've never loved anyone so much in my life. We were going to get married, we've even set the date. And now---"
Ted: "Cindy, listen to me. Whatever I've done, whatever I am, that doesn't mean you can't marry Russ."
Cindy: "Of course I can't. The reason I couldn't set a date for our wedding was because of Dad...dying in jail...and now I've got two criminals in the family---"

Cindy: "No, you stay away from Russ. And stay away from me, too. I never want to see you again."
Ted: "Cindy, don't say that---"
Cindy: "You've taken everything away from me. The brother I've always loved, and the man I wanted to marry. I'll never forgive you for that, Ted!" (SHE BURSTS INTO TEARS AND RUSHES INTO HER ROOM. TAKE TED, STRICKEN)

OCTOBER 25, 1971 (EP. #1861)
First known mention of the Perrini family. Made by Ada.
First appearance of John Carpenter as Inspector Earl Woods.
Ted became nervous about Earl investigating the break-in at Russ Matthews' clinic and drug theft.

Notes: Earl would grow fond of Ted and worked to help rehabilitate him. Ada and Earl became attracted to each other but never became romantically involved.

NOVEMBER 1, 1971 (EP. #1866)
Ted Clark was shot by Casey, a drug dealer and loan shark that Ted had implicated.

NOVEMBER 24, 1971 (EP. #1883)
Ted was arraigned for breaking into Russ's clinic and stealing drugs. The D.A. ordered a tough sentence for Ted to make him an example while Earl hoped that the judge would be lenient on him due to his cooperation in getting Casey jailed.

NOVEMBER 25, 1971: Pre-empted.

DECEMBER 10, 1971 (EP. #1894)
Last appearance of Robin Strasser as Rachel.

Rachel: “Maybe you don’t know what you really want.”
Steve: “What makes you say that?”
Rachel: “Some of the things you told me once – the night we were together. The night Jamie was conceived.”
Steve: “What things?”
Rachel: “About your family – the way you grew up – what you were afraid of. Steve – you told me things about yourself I’ve never mentioned to a soul, and I never will. But I think you ought to. To Alice.”
Steve: “What are you talking about?”
Rachel: (Robin Strasser, Exit Line) “You know. If you love her the way I love Ted, you’ve got to be as open with her as you were with me. I think wives ought to know as much about their husbands as some girl they once spent the night with.”

DECEMBER 24, 1971 (EP. #1904)
Mary and Pat fussed over the twins before putting them in a crib Mary had set up for them. Jim told John that he's surprising Mary with a new car while they sipped eggnog. John lamented that he must find a replacement at the firm for Walter, who is returning to prosecution and admitted he's made work a priority over family. Jim gave a toast to Steve and Alice for the grandchild they are due to have next year. Steve and Alice joked about "breaking tradition" by choosing the name Christopher and not Steve or James Jr. should Alice have a boy to avoid confusion. Russ and Paula attended the family gathering as friends. The awkward reaction to mentioning Cindy was eased when Paula said she's fond of Cindy and admires her unwavering courage and spirit. Paula told Jim and Mary that she and her sister were sent to boarding schools and spent holidays with school friends because they didn't figure into their parents' social lives. As the cast sang, "Silent Night," Steve recalled learning Christmas songs after leaving home as he never had reason to sing them during his childhood. Alice promised that all the Christmases they'll have together will help him love the holidays. Steve respected Alice's wish to postpone giving Jamie his present since she didn't want to see Rachel. Mary put the past aside and welcomed Steve to the family.

Jim: "You know, I don't know how you manage it on these big occasions so easily, no matter how many people we have. I never understood it."
Mary: "Darling, after years..I've had about thirty years' experience it's second nature..."
Jim: "Well, maybe second nature to you, but I was here for all those thirty years too."
Mary: "Not in the kitchen you weren't."
Jim: "Oh yes, I was one year. Don't you remember, one year when I decided that I was going to make the Christmas dinner?"
Mary: "Right. Right, that was the year that I had the flu and you didn't do it all badly as a matter of fact."
Jim: "Oh, never again. I don't know how you manage it."
Mary: "Because I love...I love doing it. I think Christmas Eve is my favorite occasion."
Jim: "So do I. It's when we get the chance to have everybody here together."
Mary: "I think now that the children have grown...I think it's right that they should spend Christmas Day with their families, but as long as we can have them here on Christmas Eve, I'm happy. That sound too sentimental?"
Jim: "No, not at all, unless I'm too sentimental too."
Mary: "Merry Christmas, Jim."
Jim: "Merry Christmas, darling."

DECEMBER 27, 1971 (EP. #1905)
First appearance of Margie Impert as Rachel.

Rachel: (Margie Impert, Introduction Line) “That’s very good, Jamie. I didn’t know you could draw horses.”

DECEMBER 31, 1971: Pre-empted.