Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

JANUARY 1, 1971 (EP. #1658)
Peggy gazed at Walter's snowball paperweight and wished for 1971 to be a good year for everyone. Pat told Caroline that she looked rapturous while tending to Michael and Marianne. Caroline admitted to Pat that her life revolves around happily taking care of the babies. Pat reflected to Caroline that she once thought she would have to be content with loving other people's children and accept that she could not have kids of her own. Caroline hinted to an ecstatic Pat that she has considered marrying her boyfriend once certain complications are resolved and may adopt a child someday. Caroline secretly vowed to never leave the twins. Jim and Mary marveled that Russ paid them back a large portion of the loan for opening the clinic. Jim and Mary hoped that Russ and Cindy's relationship gets serious, expressed relief that Russ is free of Rachel, but felt conflicted by the possibility that Steve and Alice may reunite. Jim urged Mary to stay optimistic that John will get Lenore acquitted. Frank opined to Peggy that he objects to Tom's approach to Wayne's homicide case because of his old grievances against Walter and his ambitions. Peggy disagreed with Frank's assertions that Lenore is guilty of killing Wayne, but acquiesced to Frank's stance that he is carrying out his job duties. Frank and Peggy grew fearful that their budding romance will be ruined because of Lenore's trial. Cindy felt awkward when Russ did not share her and Pat's amusement towards Walter's contemptuous recollections of rehearsing testimony with Rachel to corroborate Steve's statements. Russ reassured Cindy that he is over Rachel and kissed her lightly after describing her as a kind person and efficient worker.

Production Notes: An interoffice memo from Lyle Hill stated, "In order to have the week between Christmas and New Year's dark, we need to pre-tape one Bay City show. We will pre-tape episode #1658 [this episode] on Thursday, December 10. The regularly scheduled BAY CITY and SOMERSET shows for that day will be produced on their normal schedules."

Notes: Last appearance of Jeanne Beirne and Dennis Sullivan as Michael and Marianne Randolph.

JANUARY 4, 1971 (EP. #1659)
A radio newscaster reported that Lenore appeared pale, tense, but not nervous during jury selection. Russ told Dan and Cindy that John, Dru, and Walter have been working diligently on Lenore's behalf and that Tom has strong circumstantial evidence against her. Russ, Cindy, and Dan agreed that Dru maintains optimism regardless of the circumstances. Cindy decried Belle for being excited and intrigued by Lenore's trial, considering herself a key witness for the prosecution, and for risking her job by going to the courtroom every day. Russ implored Pat to pressure John into seeing him because of his recent bouts of dizziness. Russ told Cindy that John must be in good physical condition to defend Lenore properly. Pat declined Caroline's suggestion that she wean the babies to bottles so that she can attend Lenore's trial and give her moral support. Caroline assured her friend Millie that she can take care of the twins and that she will be staying with the Randolphs because they cannot cope without her assistance. Liz informed Brian that Dru advised her to find another lawyer since the authorities have questioned her repeatedly about Wayne and Tom intends to subpoena her to testify at Lenore's trial. Brian was skeptical that Tom would put Liz on the stand to testify on Wayne and Lenore's alleged affair since it was based on assumptions. Brian agreed to represent Liz, despite being suspicious of her attitude towards Wayne and supposed reluctance in testifying against Lenore. Dan urged Lenore to accept Walter's support and believe that she will be acquitted. Lenore promised Walter that she will think of her pregnancy as the beginning of a new life and a source of hope for them.

Lenore: "And I'm going to be happy...and I'm going to hope...I'm going to take care of that baby...I'm going to make that baby strong and well and beautiful...and I'm going to try not to think about anything else. Just this new person that I'm going to bring into the world for us."
Walter: "Oh, my darling, Dan is right. Just think about our baby. John and Dru and I are working day and night...we're doing everything for must trust us and don't think of anything but the child you and I are going to have. And it will make you strong and serene...and...happy. Oh, Lenore...I love you so."
Lenore: "I love you. I love you so." [THEY EMBRACE, FADE OUT].

JANUARY 5, 1971 (EP. #1660)
Dru patted Peggy's shoulder comfortingly as she exchanged sad glances with Frank. Peggy gave John a list of prospective jurors to review. Walter scoffed when Dru reiterated that Liz insists that she did not see Wayne on the day of the murder and theorized that Liz is delighted to testify for the prosecution. Dru reminded Walter that Matthew Carberry is searching for the "mystery woman." Walter told Dru that interviewing Bernice would be pointless. Frank stirred Tom's ire by musing that Liz seems eager for the trial despite her claims that she did not care about Wayne and knows nothing about his murder. Tom flipped upon learning that Frank was summoned to Gorham County to testify on a drug case from last summer. Frank defended his beliefs that Tom acted too quickly in charging Lenore and has strong circumstantial evidence to refute Tom's grievance that he is impassive towards Wayne's homicide case. Peggy grew distressed as Frank lamented that Tom is belying his good and fair nature by doggedly prosecuting Lenore. Susan surmised to Cindy that Liz lied about not attending Lenore's trial because she prefers to do things indirectly. Cindy and Susan fretted that their mothers are on the wrong side of the case. Liz defended herself when Susan protested her going to the courtroom and testifying against Lenore. Susan hinted to Cindy that Liz is hiding knowledge that is crucial to Wayne's case. Dru, John, Walter, and Peggy discussed jury selection and Lenore's confident appearance. John urged Walter to prepare Lenore for Tom's opening statement. Walter, Peggy, and Dru got worried when John dismissed his dizzy spells after almost falling to the floor.

JANUARY 6, 1971 (EP. #1661)
Dru, John, and Walter hoped that Matthew Carberry could uncover the identity of the "mystery woman." Helen and Walter were anguished to see Lenore escorted into the courtroom by a matron and police officer. Judge Horowitz instructed the jury. Tom advised the jury that people are capable of committing desperate, irrational actions to counter defenses of Lenore being a pretty, well-mannered woman and Wayne having a questionable character. Tom contended that the paternity of Lenore's unborn child is in doubt, that she quarreled with Wayne, and brutally killed him, which shocked and horrified Lenore. John felt disoriented while making his opening statements that Tom's conclusions of the motive, relationships, and the events surrounding Wayne's murder were erroneous and that he will prove reasonable doubt for Lenore. Pat grew concerned for John, who downplayed another bout of dizziness. Medical Examiner Dr. Barnes testified that Wayne died from a massive hemorrhage to the forehead and temple areas and identified the statuette as the murder weapon. John got Dr. Barnes to concede that the fatal blows to Wayne's head were delivered at close range and from the front, but Wayne was strong enough to thwart an attack by a woman. An expert witness named Mr. Price told Tom that Lenore's fingerprints were the only clear ones found on the murder weapon. John had Mr. Price testify that the fingerprints were located around the middle of the statuette and that it would be difficult to strike Wayne forcibly with the statuette based on the way in which it was held. John almost collapsed while asking that Mr. Price be retained as a witness, leading Pat to rush to his side.

Notes: A special schedule for both AW and Somerset was created due to the production day of this episode [January 4, 1971] being heavy. Most of the dialogue in Acts I-IV that did not directly involve court proceedings was cut, which omitted all of Mary and Helen's lines and the majority of Pat and Dru's. Therefore, these characters mainly appeared as trial spectators during this episode.

JANUARY 7, 1971 (EP. #1662)
Dan and Russ carefully brought John into the clinic. John shakily started walking towards Russ's office, then quickly went to sit in a chair instead. Mary and Pat told Jim that John nearly collapsed during court proceedings. Pat explained to Jim that John has suffered dizziness and an earache and adamantly resisted consulting with Russ about his illness. Jim, Mary, and Pat expressed relief that Judge Horowitz had granted a postponement for John, but lamented that Lenore's turmoil is being prolonged. Pat proudly told Jim and Mary about John's opening statement refuting Tom's disparaging remarks about Lenore. Dan and Russ diagnosed John with Meniere's syndrome. Russ advised John to let Dru handle Lenore's defense case so that he can rest. Dan and Russ were sympathetic towards John's fears of Dru becoming overwhelmed by the defense case and Lenore's pregnancy being adversely affected by a lengthy trial. Lenore felt renewed hope in her jail cell. Dan enthused to Liz over research he is doing for a paper on postnatal complications in older women while Liz waited for Susan to return to the clinic. Dan told Liz that a reconciliation with Gloria is not possible, that he does not see Barbara very often, and that his medical research eases loneliness. Liz grew defensive as Dan waxed philosophically about not living vicariously through other people to feel fulfilled. Liz griped to Dan that the trial is making her relive the awful moments she experienced with Wayne. Lenore aired her frustrations to Walter over Tom spewing lies and innuendoes about her. Walter urged Lenore to be strong, promised that her trial will not be delayed for weeks, and that John will quickly recover.

Lenore: "All the other little girls were in love with movie stars, or football heroes...but I was in love with famous trial lawyers..."
Walter: "So that's why you married me..."
Lenore: "No. I married you because you were you, silly...But when I met was as if all my dreams had come were lawyer in shining armor...I've always been so proud of you...I've loved to watch you in was just like the mystery stories."
Walter: "Not quite as thrilling, though."
Lenore: "Much more thrilling. Because you were my lawyer...But the stories everything always came out all right."
Walter: "And it will for you, too."
Lenore: "But Walter, this isn't a story. It's real. And now that it's real I don't like it anymore."

JANUARY 8, 1971 (EP. #1663)
Peggy informed Walter that Steve had to postpone their meeting because Rachel insisted on speaking with him. Walter and Peggy grew troubled while contemplating whether John will be able to resume Lenore's case. John regretfully told Dru that he must step down as Lenore's defense attorney and rest per doctor's orders. Dru was appreciative towards John and Pat's concerns that the trial would be a terrible burden on him to handle alone. John, Dru, and Pat discussed relying solely on Steve and Rachel's testimony to cast reasonable doubt for Lenore should Matthew Carberry be unsuccessful in locating the "mystery woman." Rachel chastised Steve for wanting to incriminate himself by revealing his fight with Wayne and threats against him in court. Steve defended his reasons for testifying on Lenore's behalf, but agreed with Rachel that he lacks an alibi for the time of Wayne's murder. Rachel grew defiant and sullen once Steve hinted at severing her and Jamie's financial support should she refuse to cooperate with Walter. John humbly accepted Caroline's praises for delivering a marvelous opening statement and being a fine lawyer. Caroline suggested that John contribute to Lenore's case by looking up cases of innocent people who were wrongly convicted on circumstantial evidence that Dru can cite during closing remarks. Caroline was secretly delighted by John's compliments on her being a thoughtful person. Dru and Walter decided to recruit Rafe Carter because of his expertise at examining witnesses. Walter told Dru and Peggy that Steve quelled Rachel's protests over testifying on Lenore's behalf. Walter boldly proclaimed to Dru and Peggy that he will represent Lenore.

Caroline: "But I had a chance to hear part of your opening statement, and I thought you were just -- just marvelous."
John: "Well, thank you, Caroline. But I expect you're just prejudiced. After all, two magnificent babies like Michael and Marianne couldn't have a complete dolt for a father."
Caroline: "They certainly couldn't. And they certainly don't."
John: "You're going to make my head swell..."

JANUARY 11, 1971 (EP. #1664)
Walter was resolute in taking over Lenore's defense, despite Dru and Peggy's objections that the case is too emotionally fraught for him. Dru purposely caused Walter to explode by stressing that Lenore may be accused of having an affair with Wayne and carrying his baby. Walter told Dru and Peggy that he is best suited to represent Lenore because of his knowledge of the case and passionate investment in it. Dru and Peggy were discouraged as Walter vowed that Liz will rue spreading rumors about Lenore, will establish that she is the mysterious woman who visited Wayne, and will prove Lenore's innocence. Rachel carped to Ernie and Ada that Steve is forcing her to corroborate his testimony at Lenore's trial. Ernie and Ada were mortified by Rachel wallowing in self-pity over seeing Lenore because of the risks Steve is taking for her. Caroline profusely told Peggy that she is elated to help John by retrieving and returning law books for him, then boasted that her nursing experience allows her to gauge John's health more acutely than Pat. Peggy hedged on making dinner plans with Frank. Caroline sympathetically told Peggy that they are facing obstacles that are impeding their respective budding romances. Peggy was alarmed by Caroline's intense resolve in overcoming barriers to her plans. Lenore professed Steve's innocence and thanked Rachel for supporting his testimony, which prevented Rachel from stating her fears over Steve's welfare. Walter told Lenore he is handling her defense since John has Meniere's syndrome. Lenore flung herself into Walter's arms and cried with joy because Walter is fulfilling her dream of saving her from prison and a murder conviction.

JANUARY 12, 1971 (EP. #1665)
Dru told a stunned Jim and Mary that Walter is adamant about defending Lenore himself. Dru conceded to Jim and Mary that Walter outlined good reasons for conducting Lenore's defense despite his qualms that Walter is too emotionally involved to stay calm and objective. Jim and Mary shared Dru's concerns that Walter will blow a fuse once Liz testifies on the ridiculous notion that Wayne and Lenore had an affair. Judge Horowitz held a conference about Walter taking over Lenore's case. Lenore grew troubled while Dru explained his reservations towards Walter's decision, but informed Judge Horowitz that she accepts Walter as her counsel. Lt. Aaronson confirmed for Tom that the only clear fingerprints found on the statuette belonged to Lenore and that blood was discovered on her dress. Walter established that the blood stains were visible under microscopic examination and could have been left when Lenore kneeled to check on Wayne. Walter and Bernice agreed that it would be mutually beneficial for them to keep mum on each other's connections to Wayne. Bernice dodged answering Walter's inquiry into her whereabouts on the day of Wayne's murder. Brian advised Liz not to worry about testifying unless she has been dishonest in any way. Mary told Jim that she does not pity Liz because she assisted Tom in indicting Lenore by making absurd conclusions. Liz testified that she and Wayne broke their engagement by mutual agreement and that Wayne hinted that he loved Lenore. Jim and Mary were intrigued when Bernice remarked that Liz called Wayne many times begging to see him. Walter confronted Liz with the knowledge that Dan visited her twice and prescribed her sedatives.

Notes: Robert Kya-Hill appears as a court clerk on January 12, 15, 20, and 21, 1971. Kya-Hill would replace Mel Winkler as Assistant D.A. Frank Chadwick shortly after these appearances. The script for this episode includes a diagram of the characters' placements in the courtroom and a complete list of extras who appeared as jury members, police officers, and court clerks during the trial.

JANUARY 13, 1971 (EP. #1666)
John told Jim that he cannot get out of bed without getting dizzy. Jim and John concluded that Liz lied on the witness stand and Lenore showed unwavering love and trust in Walter by emphatically approving of him conducting her defense. John planned to discuss Bernice's remarks about Liz's testimony with Walter since he may recall Liz as a witness once Walter begins presenting the defense's case. Jim opined to a dubious John that Liz will regret maligning Lenore. Liz denied that she was devastated over her split with Wayne and asserted that Susan made an unnecessary fuss by summoning Dan, despite Walter's dogged questioning. Walter tried to paint Liz as a jilted, jealous woman who unjustly deflected blame onto Lenore and made assumptions based on her interpretation of Wayne's veiled comments. Tom had Liz state that Wayne's implication of being in love with Lenore was clear. Lenore lamented to Walter that Liz must hate her to spout such lies about her and dreaded Liz being recalled as a witness. Dru and Peggy feared that Walter will become unglued as Tom continues his prosecution of Lenore. Peggy told Dru that her relationship with Frank is being adversely affected because he believes in Lenore's guilt and Tom is being vicious. Frank lambasted Tom for using the trial as a means to exact revenge against Walter. Tom arrogantly predicted that Walter will fail and advised Frank to perform his job duties. Peggy declined Frank's lunch invitation. Liz accused Susan of telling Walter that she was distraught over Wayne. Susan harangued Liz for lying on the stand. Liz recalled picking up the statuette with murderous intent during her last encounter with Wayne.

Wayne: "That's up to you...take it or leave it. Now, I warned you to go. There's too much going on right now to waste any more time on this nonsense."
Liz: "You're cruel...cruel...cruel..."
Wayne: "Okay, so I'm cruel. So get out."
Liz: "Nothing...between us...ever meant anything to you?"
Wayne: "I told you. Your money did for a while. Nothing else"
Liz: "It is Lenore. I know it's Lenore that came between us. Isn't it? Isn't it?"
Wayne: "You're a broken record, baby."
Liz: (TURNS...WANDERS...SHE'S DAZED...BUT SEES LENORE'S SCARF. PICKS IT UP) "This...this scarf...It's Lenore Curtin's scarf isn't it?"
Wayne: "Matter of fact, Lenore left it here. Think what you want about that."
Wayne: "Hey...what are you doing?"
Liz: " hate you."
Wayne: (PUTS DOWN PHONE, GOES TO HER AND VERY ROUGHLY HANDLES HER AS HE TAKES THE STATUETTE AWAY) "What did you think you were going to do with that?"
Liz: (HORRIFIED WITH HERSELF) "To think you would bring me to this. Look at what you've done to me!"

Notes: Liz's flashback was pre-taped on November 11, 1970, which was the production date for the episode that aired November 23, 1970 (EP. #1630). The recollection was a revision to the episode's original script. Headline of newspaper article during prologue read, "Curtin Murder Trial Resumes: Defendant's Husband To Act As Counsel."

JANUARY 14, 1971 (EP. #1667)
Bernice opined to Steve that Liz unwittingly provided reasonable doubt by lying about her feelings towards Wayne and making false insinuations that he had a relationship with Lenore. Steve expressed doubts towards Bernice's belief that Walter discredited Liz during cross-examination. Bernice told Steve that she went to Wayne's place several times, that Wayne cruelly dumped Liz, and was sick of her incessant calls. Steve bought Bernice's claim that she accompanied Quincy to buy a new suit on the day of Wayne's death and agreed to consider Steve's suggestion that she talk to Walter. Dan reassured Pat that John's symptoms will lessen while he gets rest and approved of John helping Dru and Walter by doing research for them. Pat begrudgingly accepted Dan's advice to gradually wean the twins off nursing. Dan echoed Pat's sentiments that Caroline would have made a marvelous wife and mother. Pat surmised that Caroline may have unfulfilled dreams of marriage to Dan, who suspected that Caroline once had a husband. Rachel tried to probe Brian on his reasons for being Liz's lawyer, who is the prosecution's key witness. Brian laid out for Rachel the slow and methodical ways in which Tom must lay out the prosecution's case and teased Rachel for objecting to him representing Liz. Cindy told Dan and Russ that she is reluctantly attending a court session per Belle's request. Dan reflected to Russ and Cindy that Lenore seems cheerful due to Walter's confident conduct at the trial. Belle bragged to Dan, Russ, and Cindy that her testimony is vital to Tom's case. Russ comforted Cindy, who tearfully deplored Belle for embarrassing her by doing hurtful things to other people.

JANUARY 15, 1971 (EP. #1668)
Belle told Tom that a peephole in Mrs. Jorgenson's door allows her to see everyone who visited Wayne and stated that Lenore came to his apartment on the morning of the murder. Tom had Belle testify that Lenore stormed out of Wayne's pad while he ridiculed her, then bumped into Belle while she was carrying groceries upon her return. Judge Horowitz sustained Walter's numerous objections to Belle's assumptions that Lenore had tried to flee the scene after leaving Wayne's body on the floor. Walter forced Belle to admit that she did not witness Wayne's murder or consider that Lenore had found him dead upon her arrival. Liz was relieved once Belle failed to recognize her as the "mystery woman" during cross-examination. Jim and Mary defended Walter's tactics when Liz complained about Walter harping on the "mystery woman." Liz bade a hasty retreat after Jim and Mary posited that Belle may have imagined certain things. Mary told Jim that Liz gets nervous at the mention of the other woman who visited Wayne and that she has convinced herself into believing untrue circumstances. Jim grew pensive once Mary recalled that she had unintentionally stopped Liz from hurriedly leaving her house on the day of the murder. Cindy lamented to Russ that it is unfortunate that Lenore argued with Wayne and that her scarf is missing. Ernie and Ada agreed that Russ deserves a nice girl like Cindy who will appreciate him. Walter and Lenore were puzzled over Tom huddling with Belle. Belle informed Tom that the unknown woman's size and appearance matched that of a freelance stenographer who regularly came to retrieve work from Wayne and had ridden the elevator with Belle several times.

Production Note: "[Taping] re-started because of [unspecified] actor mistake and camera in shot." Bay City resides in Bayview County according to the script. Belle's first name was originally intended to be Gladys.

JANUARY 18, 1971 (EP. #1669)
Walter told John that Tom established that the female stenographer who came to Wayne's place frequently is likely the mysterious woman that Belle could not identify. Walter learned from Matthew Carberry that the typist's name is Amy Fray. John and Walter were deflated to learn from Amy that she stopped by Wayne's apartment to obtain work sometime on the afternoon that he was killed. John told Walter that Bernice was shocked by Liz's testimony because she called Wayne many times begging to see him while Bernice was present. Walter deemed John's suggestion that he have Bernice appear as a witness to discredit Liz unnecessary since Walter felt Steve's testimony would prove reasonable doubt. Susan griped to Dan that Liz will want to discuss the trial when she meets Luella at the clinic for a charity meeting. Liz bragged to Dan and Susan that Belle dispelled Walter's theory on the "mystery woman." Susan was appalled as Liz hypothesized that Wayne threatened to expose their affair in retaliation to Lenore's demands that he marry her and Lenore killed Wayne with the statuette in a fury. Dan told Liz that he will not dignify her assertions by calling them interesting guesswork. Susan accused Liz of being too invested in Lenore's guilt and fabricating tales. Luella tried to assure Cindy that Belle obeyed a subpoena and may have injected her own comments because she was nervous while on the stand. Liz grew uneasy when Belle recalled that Liz had cleared up confusion over the day that Luella took her antique clock to get repaired. Steve rehearsed his testimony with Dru, who lamented that Walter cannot prove that Liz went to Wayne's place on the day of the murder.

Production Note: "Re-taped Prologue - actor errors," which involved either Michael Ryan or Val Dufour (John and Walter).

JANUARY 19, 1971 (EP. #1670)
Rachel carped to Ernie and Ada that Walter is sacrificing Steve to save Lenore. Ernie and Ada were troubled by Rachel's indecisiveness towards cooperating with Walter. Ada voiced suspicions to Ernie that Rachel has changed her mind about testifying for Walter, despite Rachel's initial enthusiasm on wanting to help Lenore. Steve told Ernie and Ada that he threatened to cut off Rachel's allowance should she refuse to appear as a defense witness. Susan groused to Dan over Liz inventing an elaborate, fantastic story to justify believing that only Lenore could have killed Wayne. Jane Overstreet told Dan and Susan that she is a friend of Caroline's and came to visit a relative. Dan and Susan informed Jane that Caroline works for the Randolphs and gave their contact information to her. Jane quickly covered after she wrongly assumed that Caroline had been Dan's patient during her recovery from an accident. Dan and Susan were baffled by Jane's hints about Caroline once being involved in trouble. Steve asked Lenore not to worry about the possibility that he may implicate himself by testifying on her behalf. Lenore sang Walter's praises to Steve for being magnificent in court and generally maintaining his temper, despite Tom's concerted efforts to provoke Walter's ire. Steve felt conflicted as Lenore commended him for being a loyal friend. Brian informed Rachel that she will take the stand to lay the groundwork for Steve's testimony as an apparent hostile witness to raise reasonable doubt for Lenore. Brian castigated Rachel for downplaying Steve's altercation with Wayne and accused Rachel of being worried about losing Steve's financial support should he be charged with murder.

Dan: "Good evening. Can I help you?"
Jane: (Introduction Line) "Yes, I'm looking for either Dr. Shearer or Dr. Matthews."
Dan: "I'm Dr. Shearer."
Jane: "Oh. I wasn't sure I'd still find you here. I'm Mrs. Overstreet, a friend of Caroline Johnson's."

Notes: First appearance of Frances Sternhagen as Jane Overstreet. Jane lives in Somerset and has a cousin named Hattie who lives in Bay City. Her husband was named Henry, who died of heart failure three years ago.

JANUARY 20, 1971 (EP. #1671)
Tom rested the prosecution's case. Ada noted Rachel's apprehension to Ernie as she took the witness stand. Walter pried it out of Rachel that she and an executive named Ray Blanchard overheard an argument between Steve and Wayne while they were waiting in the office lobby. Rachel reluctantly testified that Steve got into a physical altercation with Wayne and shouted that he had tried to swindle him. Walter got Rachel to admit that Steve suspected that Wayne had plotted to kill him and swore vengeance against Wayne. Tom forced Rachel to concede that Steve never explicitly threatened to kill Wayne and likely intended to report him to the police, prompting Lenore to scoff at Rachel for referring to herself as her best friend. Walter had Steve acknowledge their personal and professional connections and contend that Steve was obeying a subpoena by testifying at the trial. Steve told Walter that he went to the first aid station after escaping the two murder attempts, cited a meeting he attended with Walter at Wayne's place to demonstrate that he had time to kill Walter and return to the airport, and cannot prove his whereabouts for the time of the murder. Tom instructed Frank to cross-examine Steve and purposely force Walter to request redirect. Dru remonstrated Liz for voicing an elaborate theory against Lenore to Susan. Brian warned Liz that she may need to find another lawyer because she could raise concerns that she is trying to cast suspicions away from herself. Frank defended himself against Tom's accusations that he was too lenient on Steve. Tom felt triumphant when Lt. Aaronson arrived with two female witnesses and a receipt that will discredit Steve.

JANUARY 21, 1971 (EP. #1672)
Walter glowered at Tom, who bragged that he is anxious to cross-examine Steve once Walter completes a redirect. Jim, Mary, and Liz debated on the impact of Steve's testimony on the jury. Liz complained to Jim and Mary that Susan broke a confidence by repeating her theory on Lenore's motive for killing Wayne, imperiously claimed that she has been fair and open-minded throughout the ordeal, and denied that she has ever been under suspicion. Jim and Mary grew exasperated when Liz suggested that everyone stop gossiping about the case and opined that Steve made the dreadful mistake of incriminating himself. Dru reassured John that he is valuable to Lenore's defense by conducting legal research and informed John that Matthew Carberry plans to question Bernice thoroughly. Dru maintained that Walter is prepared to quell John and Pat's concerns over Frank cross-examining Steve to force Walter to reaffirm his hatred of Wayne. Lenore tearfully told Walter that she is eager to see him every day and believes that they will be reunited soon. Walter and Lenore spoke dreamily about their unborn child. Walter mollified Lenore by putting on a brave front and dismissing her fears that Tom may undermine Steve's testimony. Dru and Walter were puzzled when Tom got Steve to confess that he had volunteered to be subpoenaed and to testify for the defense. Tom did not object to Steve's refusal to incriminate himself in response to Tom's cross-examination, which shocked Dru and Walter. Tom presented two hostesses of the airport's private club and a receipt to the court, which discredited Steve by giving him an alibi. A dejected Steve apologized profusely to Lenore.

Lenore: "...When the baby comes we'll give him everything...we'll never let him know pain and horror..."
Walter: (TRYING TO BE LIGHT) "How do you know it will be a him?"
Lenore: "I know it will. It has to be. We'll call him Walter, Junior, and he'll grow up to be like you...a courageous, wonderful lawyer..."
Walter: "Maybe he won't want to be a lawyer."
Lenore: "Then he'll be a wonderful doctor...or plumber...or whatever he wants...but I know he'll be courageous and strong and his father...he'll grow up loving and respecting you...and he'll know he has the most wonderful man in the world for a father."
Walter: "And the most wonderful woman in the world for a mother."

Production Notes: Act IV, which took place in the courtroom and mainly featured Walter, Steve, and Tom Albini, was re-taped due to a directorial mistake. AW and Somerset were taped on the same schedule on January 19, 1971 [Production date for this episode].

JANUARY 22, 1971 (EP. #1673)
Steve, Dru, and Walter brooded over the major setbacks to their defense. Dru was dismayed and Steve unhappy by Walter's vehemence as he berated Steve for not disclosing that he had signed a receipt at the private club, which Tom produced to prove Steve had never left the airport. Walter was contrite once Dru concluded that they should have interviewed Steve more closely because he flies quite frequently and signing into the club has become almost automatic for him. Dru convinced Walter that they should have a meaningful discussion on the case to ensure that Walter does not lose his temper and objectivity by allowing Tom to provoke him in court. Walter and Dru talked about pursuing the "mystery woman" that Belle saw visit Wayne and opined that Liz had a better motive for killing him than anyone else, but Dru reiterated that they cannot prove that Liz is lying. Steve suggested to Dru and Walter that they put Bernice on the stand to undermine Liz's testimony by demonstrating that she was dishonest about her reactions to Wayne breaking their engagement. Dru and Steve were puzzled by Walter's dismissive, evasive attitude towards recruiting Bernice to help them. Caroline covered her anxiety over Jane tracking her down at the Randolph household and paying her an unexpected visit. Jane was relieved when Caroline falsely insisted that she has recovered from an accident and has been honest with John and Pat about her past. Caroline used Pat taking care of John while he convalesces to escape from introducing them to Jane. Liz tried to dissemble when Russ hypothesized that the trial is causing her hypertension and loss of appetite and prescribed Liz a mild sedative.

JANUARY 25, 1971 (EP. #1674)
Matthew Carberry introduced himself to Bernice as the private detective that John, Dru, and Walter hired to pursue leads for Lenore's case. Bernice shrewdly improvised background information on her associations with Wayne as Matthew took copious notes. Bernice described Wayne to Matthew as secretive and confessed that she quit working for him due to suspecting that he was involved in shady deals. Matthew told Bernice that he will research and verify her claims, prompting Bernice to frantically call Walter and demand to speak with him immediately. Ernie and Ada told Rachel that they took Jamie to the park and the harbor to see the ships. Ada chastised Rachel for forcing Walter to repeat questions and pry the truth out of her when she testified at Lenore's trial. Rachel told Ernie and Ada that Walter's efforts to raise the possibility that Steve killed Wayne backfired once Tom established an alibi for him. Dan urged Lenore to openly cry to get through the depression, angst, and fright she may experience. Lenore confided to Dan that she fears the baby will be born in prison and have a convicted murderer for a mother. Dan placated Lenore by stressing that Walter did not allow setbacks to deter his determination in proving her innocence. Bernice mocked Walter as a brilliant, resourceful lawyer and the epitome of integrity. Walter insisted to Bernice that he was backed into a corner because Dru kept pushing him to pursue Bernice as a potential defense witness. Bernice convinced Walter to stop Matthew from investigating her further by threatening to expose his complicity in Wayne's swindle. Walter grew frustrated when Bernice flatly refused to testify on Lenore's behalf.

Notes: Jean McClintock temporarily plays the role of Lenore due to Judith Barcroft's illness. Matthew Carberry was played by Stratton Walling. The actor previously appeared as Lt. Ira Buckley (1966-1967). The airport's private membership club was called the "Welcome Aboard Club."

JANUARY 26, 1971 (EP. #1675)
Frank dejectedly joined Tom rather than approach Peggy, who stared straight ahead in the courtroom. Helen testified that Lenore went to Wayne's apartment to pick up his pledge for the Community Fund Drive and was upset because Wayne had made sexual advances and she had left her scarf there. Walter had Helen establish that she had agreed to accompany Lenore once she attended a meeting with an architect, but that Lenore had decided to go alone after all. Tom made Helen falter by confronting her with the fact that Lenore's scarf is missing, but denied that she was lying on the stand for her daughter's sake. Pat confided to Jim and Mary that John is morose over being unable to participate in the trial and Steve's testimony being refuted. Jim and Mary echoed Pat's sentiments that Steve was brave for trying to paint himself as a viable murder suspect. Peggy tersely rebuffed Frank's attempts to discuss the case and angrily proclaimed Lenore's innocence. Frank was noncommittal as Tom bragged that Walter's defense case is deeply flawed and that a conviction is guaranteed. Pat testified that Lenore had asked her and Helen to go with her to Wayne's place to retrieve her scarf, but decided to go alone instead of letting Pat cancel a doctor's appointment. Judge Horowitz sustained Walter's objections when Tom tried to get Pat to concede that Lenore did not want to see Wayne alone because she intended to cause him grave bodily harm. John told Dru and Pat that Matthew intends to hound Bernice because he suspects that she is withholding information. Dru, John, and Pat were surprised upon learning from Matthew that Walter asked him to cease investigating Bernice.

Frank: "I guess I want to win."
Tom: "You know you do."
Frank: (Mel Winkler, Exit Line) "One thing I know. You do."

Notes: Last appearance of Mel Winkler as Frank Chadwick. Jean McClintock temporarily appears as Lenore Moore. According to an Office Memorandum, approximately 20 court extras were hired to appear during the trial, which included clerks, a female Assistant D.A, policeman, a spectator, matron, and the jury. They were instructed to wait at the downstairs lounge of the studio.

JANUARY 27, 1971 (EP. #1676)
John tried to calm Dru's agitation while they waited for Walter to come to the house. Dru and John argued that Walter should allow Matthew to investigate Bernice because of her long association to Wayne and consider the possibility that she could be a murder suspect. Walter told John and Dru that he had talked at length with Bernice about her ties with Wayne and that Quincy had corroborated her statements. John and Dru chose to accept Walter's assertions that Bernice simply overheard Wayne's phone conversations with Liz, that Wayne could have lied about Liz being devastated over their broken engagement, and that Tom would interpret Bernice taking the stand as Steve sacrificing her to save Lenore. Caroline became unnerved when Dan stated that he got the impression that she had once been married and bore children of her own and that Jane had stopped by the clinic to obtain her new address. Dan grew thoughtful when Caroline downplayed her friendship with Jane and bade a hasty retreat. Dan told Russ and Cindy that Lenore thinks Walter is the most honest and brilliant lawyer who ever lived, draws strength from Walter's confidence, and that Lenore's pregnancy is developing normally despite the stress of the trial. Russ and Cindy fretted that Lenore's trial is not going well. Cindy groused to Russ that Belle's memory is blank about the "mystery woman," despite her ability to remember minute details about people. Lenore recalled for Walter that Wayne mentioned her scarf during their last phone conversation and theorized that the true culprit took it after killing him. Lenore dreaded being cross-examined by Tom, despite agreeing to take the stand in her defense.

JANUARY 28, 1971 (EP. #1677)
Pat informed Liz and Susan that Walter has decided to put Lenore on the stand to testify in her own defense. Mary told Jim that Liz had Russ prescribe her a sedative and griped about Susan being selfish for planning to move out in the near future. Jim was pleased to learn from Mary that Alice wrote them a letter, but was doubtful that Alice could help Lenore by coming back to Bay City for a visit. Russ and Jim speculated that Walter may be desperate and out of options by having Lenore testify while they discussed the trial with Mary and Cindy. Jim and Mary reassured Cindy that she should not blame herself for Lenore's indictment or be embarrassed that Belle is one of Tom's chief witnesses. Cindy happily agreed with Jim, Mary, and Russ's opinion that Lenore will make a wonderful impression on the stand, Walter will handle the questioning beautifully, and he will convince the jury to believe in her innocence. Pat told Caroline that John is recovering and that Lenore is in fine physical shape. Caroline spoke with conviction about women possessing the strength, courage, faith, and determination to endure the most difficult, terrible situations fate can hand to them, which impressed and shocked Pat. Caroline smiled contently when Pat planned to relay her beliefs in women to raise Lenore's spirits. Susan was resolute in leading her own life despite Liz's insolence and accusations that she is thoughtless and inconsiderate. Liz mused to Susan that she never expected Lenore to cause so many people sorrow through her destructive actions because of her affluent upbringing. Susan bit her tongue and stifled her emotions rather than confront Liz about her remarks.

Caroline: "...A woman can endure anything she has to endure. Don't you know that?"
Pat: "Why...I guess I never thought about it. But maybe you're right."
Caroline: (TURN TO STOVE) "I know I'm right. I've seen it happen too often. A woman has an inner strength that men don't seem to have. Men may crack up or start to whine and complain when things get difficult...but a's when things get difficult...very difficult indeed...that a woman finds courage...and faith...and see the thing through to the bitter end. Oh, mark my words...Mrs. Curtin will be fine."
Pat: "Why, Caroline...I never heard you talk this way before..."

JANUARY 29, 1971 (EP. #1678)
Liz impatiently waited for court proceedings to start while Susan groaned that Tom looked smug. Susan refused to elaborate on her veiled remark to Liz that Lenore will be completely truthful on the witness stand, unlike other people who have testified. Luella and Helen praised Susan's kindness when she stated that Lenore's friends know that she did not commit murder. Helen told Luella that Liz is avoiding her because she lied about her breakup with Wayne being by mutual consent, denied attempting a reconciliation, and did not care about Wayne. Luella became troubled as Helen opined that Lenore is paying the price for Liz cleverly manipulating people into believing anything she wishes them to believe. Ernie tried to quell Ada's concerns for Lenore taking the stand. Lt. Aaronson subtly expressed skepticism towards Tom's certainty in Lenore's guilt, the motive, and Walter having a defense case. Tom told Lt. Aaronson that he relishes in making headlines by cross-examining Lenore while conducting an honest prosecution, though Tom rejected the notion that he is using the trial to further his legal career. Lenore gave Helen a small, encouraging smile while Walter tried to keep composed. Walter told Lenore that he hopes to find just cause in putting Liz back on the witness stand. Liz mocked Susan's acerbic barbs to her. Susan was dubious towards Liz's denials that she begged Susan not to speak to Wayne on her behalf and was shattered over Wayne jilting her. Liz was haunted by memories of Wayne thwarting her attempt to strike him with the statuette. Walter prepared Lenore for taking the witness stand. Judge Horowitz affirmed Lenore's consent in testifying in her own defense.

Notes: Jean McClintock temporarily plays the role of Lenore Moore due to Judith Barcroft's illness.

FEBRUARY 1, 1971 (EP. #1679)
Dru initiated a hushed conference with Walter. Luella cited Lenore's poise, confidence, and upbeat nature to mollify Helen's worries that she appears pale and unsettled. Dan studied Lenore while listening to Susan recount that Liz grew excited and somewhat desperate while she confronted Liz on the discrepancies in her statements. Lenore collapsed after testifying that she had seen Wayne on two separate occasions on the day of his murder. Walter became incensed when Tom insinuated that he had orchestrated a stunt to draw sympathy from the jury. Judge Horowitz admonished Walter for blowing a fuse at Tom and called a recess so that Dan could tend to Lenore. Dru ruefully told Rafe that Walter's outbursts prove his qualms over him taking over Lenore's defense were justified. Rafe informed Dru that he was briefed on the firm's business and predicted that he will replace Dru soon. Dru left to check on Lenore while Rafe and Liz exchanged pleasantries. Liz squirmed as Rafe mused that he is haunted by references to the unknown, mysterious female who visited Wayne. Lenore felt better once Dan gave her medicine to steady her nerves. Walter and Dru warned Lenore that Tom's cross-examination will likely be brutal. Judge Horowitz overruled Tom's objections to Lenore stating her feelings towards Wayne since they were introduced during Liz's testimony. Lenore stated that she was civil to Wayne because he was planning to do business with Steve, Walter was handling the legal end of things, and Wayne and Liz had become engaged. Walter ignored Tom's objections and Judge Horowitz pounding his gavel while pushing Lenore to characterize Liz as a woman scorned by Wayne.

Notes: First appearance of Robert Kya-Hill as Frank Chadwick.

FEBRUARY 2, 1971 (EP. #1680)
Liz groused to Jim and Mary that Walter pushed Lenore to insinuate that she was distressed over her breakup with Wayne. Jim and Mary tried to refute Liz's claims that contradicted Walter's contentions. Liz angrily proclaimed that Wayne was a deceitful, cheap crook and Bernice was presumptuous and unreliable to dodge Jim and Mary's valiant efforts to get Liz to admit her true feelings towards her broken engagement. John and Pat marveled that Tom would take his hostilities towards Walter out on Lenore despite that she is pregnant and enduring an immense emotional strain because of the trial. Pat told John that Judge Horowitz sustained Tom's objections towards Walter leading Lenore to testify that Liz was consumed by grief, despair, and fury from being jilted by Wayne. John refused to let Pat blame herself for Lenore's predicament because she did not cancel her doctor's appointment on the day of Wayne's death. John and Pat concluded that the true culprit took Lenore's scarf, but resigned to the fact that it is missing. Russ gently teased Cindy for being earnest in becoming a nurse. Dan reflected to Russ and Cindy that Walter is practically driving himself to exhaustion while working to get Lenore acquitted. Cindy gazed at Russ as they contemplated Walter and Lenore's love for each other. Liz told Brian that Bernice insisted to Jim and Mary that she called Wayne incessantly and begged for a reconciliation. Brian tried to placate Liz by stating that Walter would need to directly tie her reactions to the broken engagement to the murder and prove that Liz was at the scene of the crime to put her on the witness stand again. Liz wailed to Brian that she regrets that she ever met Wayne.

Russ: "...You know, you're as earnest about being a nurse as I was about being a doctor, and that's great."
Cindy: "Thank you, Russ."

FEBRUARY 3, 1971 (EP. #1681)
Tom told Lt. Aaronson that he finds trial proceedings invigorating and senses that he will be victorious in getting a conviction. Lt. Aaronson debated with Tom on whether Walter has anything for his defense case after Lenore takes the stand. Tom vehemently denied Lt. Aaronson's warnings that he is losing his objectivity, cares more about beating Walter in the courtroom, and is making it clear to everyone that he has a personal vendetta against Walter. Tom exclaimed to an incredulous Lt. Aaronson that the truth in the case is that Lenore is guilty of killing Wayne. Bernice was relieved once Walter successfully argued against taking Steve's suggestion to call Bernice to testify on Liz's phone calls to Wayne. Steve and Bernice encouraged Walter to have faith that Lenore will survive being cross-examined by Tom because she will be honest on the stand and is innocent of the murder charge. Susan tried to calm Liz, who became jittery upon seeing Walter talking with Steve and Bernice. Liz raged against Susan for pestering her and Walter for being eager to put her back onto the stand to humiliate her to save Lenore. Susan was shocked as Liz denounced Walter for being desperate and swore that Brian will protect her against him. Liz got defensive when Susan questioned her claims that she had spoken with a travel agent on the day of Wayne's death. Walter had Lenore describe her encounter with Wayne, explain that she went to retrieve her scarf alone because Pat and Helen could not accompany her, that she absent-mindedly picked up the statuette off the floor and placed it onto a coffee table, and spotted Wayne's dead body. Walter had Lenore emphatically proclaim that she did not kill Wayne.

FEBRUARY 4, 1971 (EP. #1682)
Dan encouraged Lenore not to be anxious about testifying further while Walter spoke with a criminal attorney named Harvey Evans. Lenore wryly told Walter and Dan that they are prejudiced to assert that she touched members of the jury by being simple, direct, truthful, and sincere while on the witness stand. Walter placated Lenore by relaying Harvey's opinion that having her testify was a brilliant move in this particular case. Dan and Walter verified that Lenore did not want an adjournment to postpone testifying and was prepared in anticipation of Tom's harsh cross-examination. John told Caroline that putting Lenore on the stand in her own defense is risky because Tom will hammer away at her testimony. Caroline listened intently as John explained that Walter proved he is too emotionally invested in the case because Judge Horowitz reprimanded him for blowing a fuse at Tom in court. Caroline relished helping John into bed after he became dizzy from making sudden movements and then massaged his forehead to relieve the tension. John told Caroline that he hopes that things work out between her and her gentleman friend who is having marital problems. Liz boasted to Bernice that Walter has no defense case and is stalling for time. Bernice stood firm against Liz's accusations that she is spreading lies about her calling Wayne on many occasions and pleaded for a reconciliation. Liz turned the tables on Bernice by implying that Tom and Walter would be fascinated to learn that she had been with Wayne at his apartment several times. Quincy and Bernice argued over giving each other an alibi and their possible culpability. Lenore reassured Walter that she is ready to face Tom.

Notes: Within several scripts, penciled-in notes include word substitutions and lines rephrased by the actors during the taping of the episodes.

FEBRUARY 5, 1971 (EP. #1683)
Walter squeezed Lenore's hand encouragingly before she returned to the stand. Lenore told Tom that she disliked Wayne, but socialized with him because he was doing business with Walter and was engaged to Liz, who is a friend of Helen. Lenore denied Tom's assertions that she paid Wayne excessive attention during Helen's dinner party or that Liz was right to suspect that there was anything between her and Wayne. Walter lambasted Tom for making outrageous, insulting remarks about Wayne fathering Lenore's unborn child without providing evidence, causing Judge Horowitz to reproach Walter for failing to raise objections properly. Judge Horowitz had the jury strike Tom's line of questioning after sustaining Dru's objection that it was irrelevant and immaterial. Rachel groused to Ernie and Ada that Tom's treatment of Lenore was awful and that his theories are ludicrous. Liz stirred Rachel's ire by commenting that the trial is progressing in the way she expected and compared Lenore lying about the paternity of her baby to Rachel passing Jamie off as Russ's son. Rachel hypothesized to Ernie and Ada that Liz killed Wayne for jilting her. Dru told Jim and Mary that Walter decided against having Bernice testify to discredit Liz and that Matthew Carberry has yet to identify the "mystery woman." Walter tried to assure Dru that he will maintain self-control despite Tom's efforts to provoke him. Tom accused Lenore of killing Wayne with the statuette and lying about her reasons for going to his apartment while grilling Lenore about her actions on the day of the murder. Judge Horowitz lectured Walter for reacting emotionally to testimony and Tom for making statements that belong in a summation.

Production Note: Peggy was included in the cast list with the penciled-in note, "If wanted by production at defense table." However, the character does not have any dialogue in this episode and may have been absent according to the script.

FEBRUARY 8, 1971 (EP. #1684)
Dru tried to stay upbeat while telling a forlorn Ada that Tom is a forceful prosecutor, but Walter will repair the defense's case on redirect examination. Ernie told Ada that they should not feel bad for briefly questioning whether Lenore killed Wayne because Tom is a fine actor who seems like he knows everything about the case and is simply jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions. Ada sighed with resignation when Rachel claimed she had an urgent errand to run and lamented that the trial is not going well for Lenore. Cindy's protests fell on deaf ears as Belle babbled about feeling pity for Lenore, but that Tom's intense cross-examination and logical conclusions made her certain of Lenore's guilt in murdering Wayne. Cindy caused Belle to grow defensive by accusing her of reveling in Lenore's misery and parroting Tom's insinuations. Belle felt insulted when Cindy demanded that she stop talking about the trial and leave the clinic. Rachel confided to Russ that it is a tragedy that a rich, beautiful, happily married woman, and expectant mother like Lenore could be enduring such hardships. Russ waxed philosophically to Rachel about life becoming more difficult over time, that people must survive ordeals, and carry on with their lives. Cindy assumed Rachel was sharing a tender moment with Russ, who held Rachel by the arms while graciously accepting her apologies. Dru surmised to John that Tom's righteous indignation and contempt towards Lenore may have swayed the jury and expressed dread over Walter's reaction to Tom pressing Lenore on the stand further. John's resolve to attend court proceedings was thwarted when he collapsed after having a dizzy spell.

FEBRUARY 9, 1971: Pre-empted for News coverage of the San Fernando earthquake.

FEBRUARY 10, 1971 (EP. #1685)
Walter embraced Lenore and tried to convince her that the trial is not going poorly. John was crestfallen when Russ estimated that he should fully recover within three weeks and must not overexert himself. Russ was sympathetic to John contributing to Lenore's case by conducting research, despite his professional opinion that John should do nothing except rest. John told Russ that Walter must do a superb job going forward to get Lenore acquitted. Caroline passionately imparted her beliefs to John that innocent people create a self-imposed, mental jail to separate themselves from the world after being punished for a crime that they did not commit. Caroline began to fabricate a tale of witnessing the suffering of a dear friend to explain her tearful and empathetic reaction to Lenore's plight when Peggy arrived to give John the latest transcript of the trial. Peggy told John that Tom was rough with Lenore and that Walter has had numerous outbursts despite Dru's efforts to keep him calm. John was intrigued as Peggy stated that Quincy has been to every court session, that Wayne's killer was likely someone he had betrayed, and that the missing scarf could be the key to solving the case. Dan told an insecure Cindy that Russ has put his marriage to Rachel behind him and that there is no chance that they will reunite. Russ noted Cindy's radiant face and cheerful disposition as she left to make coffee. Dan told Russ that Lenore constantly sings Walter's praises and resigned to the possibility that she may be convicted. Lenore assured Walter that nothing could compromise her faith and love for him. Walter felt anguished while promising Lenore that he will not allow anyone to hurt her.

Russ: (to Cindy) "When I left here you had a face a mile you''re absolutely radiant..."
Dan: "Uh...I think I probably had something to do with that, Russ."
Russ: "You?"
Dan: "Oh, I'm a great little cheerer-upper. Didn't you know that?" (HE WINKS AT CINDY...TAKE HIM AND CINDY'S SHINING FACE--FADE OUT).

FEBRUARY 11, 1971 (EP. #1686)
Liz feigned ignorance when Quincy reintroduced himself as a former associate of Wayne's. Quincy gave Liz the engraved ring and wristwatch she had gifted Wayne. Liz and Quincy squared off over Bernice's recollections of Wayne and Liz's phone conversations and Wayne's true feelings for her. Quincy called Liz's bluff when she threatened to ask the police to question him and Bernice about their ties to Wayne. Liz grew disturbed once Quincy derisively suggested that she have Tom return the statuette since Liz was likely the last person to handle it prior to Lenore picking it up. Liz ranted to Mary that she may stop attending the trial because she is sick of the matter and the people who have been at the sessions and her connection to Wayne is finished. Jim and Mary debated on whether Liz is feeling remorse for testifying against Lenore, but agreed that they will find it difficult to forgive Liz. Jim opined to Mary that Walter and Dru's chances of finding the "mystery woman" are slim. Walter regretfully told Helen that he had Matthew drop all other lines of investigation except for the "mystery woman" and that none of the tenants at Wayne's apartment complex recognized Liz in a picture Matthew has shown them. Walter opined to Helen that Liz visited Wayne on the day of the murder, has a better motive for killing him than anyone else, and vowed to expose Liz. Liz accused Susan of excessively focusing on Dan and Lenore at her expense. Susan seethed as Liz denounced Lenore for causing Wayne to callously dump her and ruin their happiness. Liz accidentally blurted out that Wayne had implied that he and Lenore were in love while flaunting the scarf at her, which shocked Susan.

FEBRUARY 12, 1971 (EP. #1687)
Liz became agitated once Susan realized that the only time Wayne had Lenore's scarf was on the day he was murdered and that Liz had been at his place. Susan disbelieved Liz's claims that Wayne had figuratively taunted her with the scarf, described it as a symbol of his love for Lenore, and that she was upset because her bright future with Wayne had been ruined. Liz admitted to Susan that Wayne had expressed his contempt and boredom for her, implied that he and Lenore had been having an affair, and that she hated Wayne as much as anyone else. Susan felt tormented as Liz implored Susan to keep quiet or risk destroying her life and sending her to prison. Rachel told Steve that she initially thought it was ridiculous for Lenore to be charged with murder and opposed Steve testifying on her behalf because it seemed unnecessary, but conceded that Tom laid out a good case against her. Steve warned Rachel not to question Lenore's innocence and suggested that she have faith in Walter. Rachel was delighted when Steve begrudgingly asked her to have dinner with him. Dan told Steve and Rachel that Susan seemed distressed when they finalized their evening plans. Susan recounted Liz's confessions to Dan, who deduced that Liz is the "mystery woman" and that the revelations could provide Walter with reasonable doubt. Dan understood Susan's dilemma of having obligations not to withhold information while potentially implicating Liz. Lenore told Susan that her trust in the legal system and thoughts of her unborn child help her cope with being in jail. Susan felt anguished when Lenore speculated that identifying the "mystery woman" would lead to her getting acquitted.

FEBRUARY 15, 1971 (EP. #1688)
Liz tried to cover her disdain towards Susan's presence in the courtroom. Walter summoned Lenore to the stand to conduct his re-direct. Lenore testified that she has been happily married for nearly three years, met Wayne through Walter, and that she found Wayne more affable once he had become engaged to Liz. Walter had Lenore establish that Liz loved Wayne, but was very possessive of him, grew jealous of Lenore, and spread rumors that she was having an affair with Wayne. Lenore gave detailed accounts of her two visits to Wayne's apartment, described picking up the statuette which matched the fingerprints evidence, and emphatically denied striking Wayne with it. Tom failed to get Lenore to admit that Wayne had fathered her unborn child and that she visited Wayne to inform him that Walter was growing suspicious of their friendship. Tom proclaimed that Lenore struck Wayne on the head with the statuette, wiped the blood off with her scarf, and destroyed it. Judge Horowitz overruled Tom's objection to adjourning court until the following morning. Susan accused Liz of taking pleasure in Lenore's misery and denied that she agreed to maintain Liz's secrecy about her confrontation with Wayne. Jim and Mary asked Susan to leave a distraught Walter alone for the time being. Liz admitted to Jim and Mary that she lied out of pride and fear that she would be suspected of killing Wayne. Walter apologized after snapping at Dru for harping on the missing scarf and preparing a summation. Dru lauded Walter's performance in court and urged him to take the evening off. Walter opened his safe, pulled out Lenore's scarf from a large envelope, and looked at it while consumed with torment.

Notes: During Tom's cross-examination of Lenore (taking place in Act II of this episode), the camera shifted to Bernice sitting among the courtroom spectators. While Tom questioned Lenore about her scarf, Bernice nervously pulled at her own scarf that she was wearing until another spectator looked at her curiously.

FEBRUARY 16, 1971 (EP. #1689)
Walter held the scarf while telling Steve over the phone that the latest court session was a disaster. Steve received consent from Walter to come lend him moral support and friendship. Walter felt Steve visiting Lenore in jail would raise her spirits. Lenore failed to discourage conversation with a fellow inmate named Gertie, who spoke with fascination over Lenore being accused of murder and put before a jury that will render a verdict on her guilt or innocence. Lenore expressed gratitude to Gertie for believing in her. Steve tried to mollify Lenore's worries by emphasizing that Walter and Matthew are diligently working on her case. Lenore lamented to Steve that Walter is going through a terrible strain by defending her against a murder charge and that she may be convicted in spite of everyone's best efforts. Steve consoled Lenore, who bemoaned the possibility of being separated from her family and friends, growing old in prison, and her baby being taken away from her once he is born. Helen informed Walter that Bernice wants him to return her call. Walter was immediately contrite after taking his frustrations over proving that Liz is the "mystery woman" out on Helen. Helen hypothesized to Walter that Lenore could be saved should someone find her missing scarf. Lenore cried while clutching the locket that Walter had gifted her. Walter recalled arguing with Wayne about his role in nearly swindling Steve and enabling his planned murder by making Walter executor of Steve's estate. Wayne ridiculed Walter with Lenore's scarf and implied that they had a wonderful time together in his apartment, which caused Walter to fatally strike Wayne with the statuette in a jealous fit of rage.

Wayne: "...You'll do anything to provide that beautiful wife of yours with everything she wants."
Walter: "Leave Lenore out of this."
Wayne: "Why? Everything you've done you've done for her. Right? And the funny part of it is it hasn't worked so far."
Walter: "What are you saying?"
Wayne: "Well, for example... Lenore came here today. We had a wonderful time together."
Walter: "You dirty liar..."
Wayne: (Robert Milli, Exit Line) "Liar?" (TURNS, FINDS THE SCARF, AND FLIPS IT IN WALTER'S FACE) "Recognize the scarf, Walter? What do you suppose it's doing here, Walter?" (TOSSES SCARF AT WALTER) "Here, Walter, take the scarf. I'm through with it... and with her now."

Notes: Walter's flashback of murdering Wayne was pre-taped on November 11, 1970, which was the production date for the episode that aired November 23, 1970 (EP. #1630).

FEBRUARY 17, 1971 (EP. #1690)
Steve assumed that Walter had agreed to see Bernice because he planned to call her as a witness. Walter advised Steve that most of Bernice's testimony would be inadmissible evidence unless he can place Liz at the crime scene. Steve and Walter were miffed that Matthew's investigation has yet to yield any new leads. Walter recalled killing Wayne while Steve theorized that he was murdered by a man who loathed him and wanted revenge for being swindled. Brian told Rachel that Walter may have to rely on a summation to emphasize that Tom's evidence is circumstantial, that Wayne and Lenore's supposed affair is merely gossip, and point to Lenore's character, breeding, loveliness, pregnancy, and devotion to her husband. Rachel flirtatiously marveled to Brian that Lenore is fortunate to have Walter for support and protection. Brian persuaded Rachel into spending a quiet evening with him at her apartment. Susan remonstrated Liz for concealing information to counter Liz's lecture on Susan repeating her confessions to Dan. Dan and Susan pleaded with Liz to come forward and reveal that she had been in Wayne's apartment on the day of the murder because Lenore may be convicted. Liz wailed to Dan and Susan that everyone will think that she had a motive to kill Wayne because she was heartbroken, furious, and vengeful over being spurned by him. Dan and Susan squirmed when Liz vowed that she will not allow Walter to sacrifice her to save Lenore. Bernice reminded Walter that she will reveal his complicity in Wayne's attempted swindle of Steve should he throw suspicion onto her. Walter recalled Luella mentioning the day that she ran into Liz at Wayne's apartment complex.

FEBRUARY 18, 1971 (EP. #1691)
A tired yet hopeful and excited Walter called Luella and arranged for a cab to bring her to his office for an urgent discussion. Helen told Jim and Mary that Lenore is trying to stay cheerful and positive in the face of adversity. Jim, Mary, and Helen agreed that Walter will deliver a brilliant summation in front of the jury, but fretted that Walter has nothing else to present in Lenore's defense. Walter graciously declined Jim and Mary's dinner invitation because he is anxiously pursuing a potential break in Wayne's homicide case. John groused to Russ about his slow recovery from Meniere's syndrome. John and Russ gently teased Cindy for describing Michael and Marianne as the most gorgeous, well-behaved, and brightest children in the world. Caroline told John, Russ, and Cindy that taking care of the twins is a responsibility that she takes seriously, but secretly seethed when Cindy innocently pointed out that Caroline is their nurse. Cindy was astonished when Caroline called herself Michael and Marianne's second mother before putting them down for their bedtime. Caroline commented to John that Russ had an unfortunate first marriage, that he may find romance soon, and that Cindy has not experienced true happiness in her life. John was intrigued as Caroline stated that patience and fortitude will remove the obstacles that are standing in the way of her future with a gentleman friend. Luella recalled for Walter that Liz seemed distrait and that she had taken her antique clock to be repaired by a Mr. Conover. Walter was ecstatic when Luella produced a receipt that proved that she had met Liz at Wayne's apartment complex on the day of the murder and agreed to testify for him.

Russ: " know what you're baby-happy."
Cindy: "I don't know exactly what baby-happy is...but it sounds all right to me...Happiness just naturally goes with babies, doesn't it?"
Caroline: "Miss are absolutely right. Babies go with happiness and vice versa. Anyway for women they do."
Russ: "Hey. Men like babies too."
John: "Sure they do."
Caroline: "Well, yes, I'm sure they do. But not quite the way women do. Every woman wants a baby...."

Notes: First appearance of John J. Sullivan and Lora McDonald as Michael and Marianne Randolph.

FEBRUARY 19, 1971 (EP. #1692)
Russ joked to Cindy and Susan that Dan loses all sense of time except when he is entertaining socially. Russ and Cindy shared Susan and Dan's surprise when they were served with subpoenas to appear as witnesses at Lenore's trial. Dan and Susan assumed that Walter had asked Judge Horowitz to issue the subpoenas and shrewdly confirmed that neither of them have spoken to Walter. Russ and Cindy were miffed that Dan and Susan refused to disclose Liz's confessions to them while they contemplated the ways in which their testimony could be valuable to Walter. Cindy concluded to Russ, Dan, and Susan that Walter's actions may indicate that the prospects of Lenore's case have improved. Dan and Susan were puzzled that Liz had not received a subpoena. Pat and Caroline remarked on John, Dru, and Walter having a secretive, earnest conference. Caroline inspired Pat to believe that Lenore will be acquitted, freed from jail, and will deliver a healthy baby. Pat advised Caroline that she hopes the obstacles between her and the gentleman friend will disappear soon. Caroline bragged to Pat that she does not follow recipes as written while cooking. Jim and Mary told Pat and Caroline that Walter declined their dinner invitation because he was pursuing a lead that will help Lenore. Caroline aroused Pat's annoyance by criticizing her use of wine in a recipe for Boeuf Bourguignon. Caroline stopped herself from pouring a powder of her indigestion medicine into an empty jar. Dan and Susan swore to Liz that they did not reveal to Walter that she had lied on the witness stand, but stated that they are obligated to be honest while testifying in court. Liz flipped upon receiving a subpoena.

Liz: "...I tell you something in the strictest confidence -- something that would make me suspected of killing Wayne..."
Susan: (RISES) "Just a second, mother. Let's get this straight. You didn't tell me about it in confidence or any other way. You made a slip that made it clear that you must have been to Wayne's apartment -- and I finally got you to admit it."
Liz: "I thought I could tell you about it because you were my daughter. And you promised."
Susan: "I didn't promise anything! You made a big thing about how I couldn't tell Walter -- and I said I didn't know whether I was going to or not."
Liz: "But you did tell Dan about it!"
Dan: "Yes, she did, Mrs. Matthews. But I didn't tell Walter about it either. I told Susan she had to decide what she wanted to do. But I'll say this. If I'm asked about it in court, I'll tell everything I know."
Liz: "Do you realize what that would mean?"
Susan: "What it means is that you've been lying for weeks, mother -- not just about Lenore and how you felt about Wayne -- but about the fact that you were at his apartment the day he was murdered. And the truth is finally coming out."

FEBRUARY 22, 1971 (EP. #1693)
Ada brought Ernie to the clinic so that Russ could treat a hand that he injured at the garage. Cindy told Ernie and Ada that Walter served Dan, Susan, and Liz with subpoenas. Ernie, Ada, and Cindy surmised that Walter hopes to prove that Liz gave false testimony for the prosecution. Cindy commended Ada for speaking highly of Russ despite his disastrous marriage to Rachel and their bitter divorce proceedings. Ada conceded to Cindy that Rachel was foolish not to appreciate Russ and was not a proper wife to Russ. Ada looked at a starry-eyed Cindy and remarked that Russ deserves a woman who will make him happy and treat him right. Brian informed a desperate Liz that she must obey Walter's subpoena. Liz admitted her lies to Brian, who warned Liz that she must be truthful on the stand or he will have to defend her against perjury charges. Liz was agonized yet determined to stick to her initial testimony to prevent Walter from incriminating her despite Brian's legal advice. Jim credited Cindy with curing Russ's withdrawn, unhappy state and turning him into a more social, jovial person and doctor. Cindy confided to Jim that her parents were unhappily married, Belle grew jaded after becoming a single mother to two young children, and that her brother has not written the family since he left town four years ago. Jim told Cindy that he is quite fond of her. Walter was haunted by vivid memories of killing Wayne while the matron went to retrieve Lenore from her jail cell. Walter asked Lenore to maintain faith in him and solemnly promised that she will be acquitted, freed from jail, and reunited with him in a few days without revealing the new developments in the defense's case.

Production Notes: The original prologue featured Liz reproaching Brian for his delayed responses to her summons and showing him the subpoena. A second prologue was written of Liz frantically trying to reach Brian over the phone. These were ultimately omitted and the first two pages of Act I (featuring Cindy, Ernie, and Ada) became the prologue for this episode.

FEBRUARY 23, 1971 (EP. #1694)
Susan groaned to Dan that she dreads testifying against Liz. Jim and Mary pondered Walter's reasons for having Dan, Susan, and Liz subpoenaed. Ernie and Ada noted the excited atmosphere in the courtroom. Walter promised a worried Dru that everything will go according to their plans. Luella fibbed to Liz that she is merely a trial spectator and was introduced to Brian. Judge Horowitz agreed to have Susan declared a hostile witness because she is Liz's daughter. Susan testified that she is living with Liz at her behest. Walter successfully argued against Tom's objections to the relevance of Liz's relationship with Wayne by arguing that it was integral to her testimony and colored her statements about Lenore's alleged affair with Wayne. Susan told Walter that Liz was in shock and despair once Wayne called off their wedding, which led Susan to call a doctor. Tom decided to save cross-examinations for when Walter puts Liz on the stand after consulting with Frank. Dan stated that Liz needed sedatives due to her edgy state, but conceded to Frank that Liz balked at taking them. Walter established that Dan remained concerned about Liz because she remained agitated and disturbed. Jim and Mary posited that Walter may prove that Liz was the "mystery woman" after Ada opined that he plans to discredit her. Brian warned Liz that she may face perjury charges should she lie under oath. Walter read a complete list of tenants in Wayne's apartment complex and noted that Liz did not recognize any of them to refute her claims that she went there to return a book she had borrowed. Judge Horowitz consented to Walter's request to interrupt questioning Liz to put another witness on the stand.

Notes: Dan gives his full name as Daniel Johnson Shearer while being sworn in as a witness during the trial. This episode contains Robert Kya-Hill's first lines of dialogue since assuming the role of Frank Chadwick.

FEBRUARY 24, 1971 (EP. #1695)
Luella awkwardly declined Jim and Mary's lunch invitation due to Liz's presence. Liz predicted to Jim and Mary that Walter's plans for Luella as a witness will not succeed. Liz told Jim and Mary that Luella's flustered manner proves that she is going to testify that they met in front of Wayne's apartment complex on the day of the murder, but arrogantly exclaimed that Luella's memory cannot be trusted. Jim and Mary were noncommittal when Liz ranted that Dan and Susan dramatized her reaction to Wayne breaking their engagement and that Walter is trying to get people to make incriminating remarks about her. An exasperated Jim told Liz that she should not be bothered by Walter's tactics if she was not at the crime scene when Wayne was killed. Caroline feigned graciousness when Jane gifted her with a conch shell and made excuses to shorten Jane's visit. Jane voiced admiration towards Caroline for being a remarkable, strong woman who survived a bad accident. Caroline asked an incredulous Jane not to jump to hasty conclusions about her taking care of the twins. Pat felt that Jane seemed like a genuine, friendly person despite Caroline's gripes that Jane is a busybody. Caroline fibbed that a box of powder Pat found in the cupboard was a remedy for her indigestion. Caroline told her friend Millie over the phone that she is biding her time to take action while smiling at the box. Liz grew suspicious upon seeing Tom and Lt. Aaronson eating together. Lt. Aaronson noted Tom's underlying doubts despite his boasts that Walter will lose the case. Luella nervously fretted to her friend, Marjorie that she may get confused on the stand and accidentally make things worse for Lenore.

FEBRUARY 25, 1971 (EP. #1696)
Luella told Walter that she had to persuade Liz into keeping a luncheon date, which Liz had forgotten because she was upset over being spurned by Wayne. Walter had Luella establish that she was incredulous towards Liz's perturbed reaction to seeing Wayne and Lenore talking in a public place. Luella testified that Liz convinced her that she was mistaken about the day they met at Wayne's apartment lobby and that she was taking her antique clock to a Mr. Conover for repairs. Walter stressed that Luella's receipt from Mr. Conover proved that Liz was at Wayne's apartment complex on the day of the murder. Cindy told Rachel that Russ is tending to Liz, who complained that she may be too ill to testify. Rachel forced a smile when Cindy stated that she enjoys her job and that Russ occasionally takes her to dinner with the Matthews family. Brian groused to Dru that Rachel and Liz ignored his legal advice to be truthful. Dru theorized to Brian that Liz came to believe untrue circumstances and invented malicious stories about Lenore rather than face the hurt and rejection she incurred from Wayne. Brian noted to Dru that Tom seems to have lost some confidence. Frank averted Tom's glare after remarking that seeking the truth is more important than winning a trial. Brian reminded Liz that she has no choice but to take the witness stand again. Rachel suggested to Steve that they should be civil to each other for Jamie's sake. Walter was tormented by recollections of Lenore praising his honor, strength, and endurance and of killing Wayne. Liz gradually buckled under Walter's persistent questioning and admitted that she went to see Wayne on the day of the murder, then professed her innocence.

Brian: "Mr. Dru...I appreciate the clients you've sent me but really..."
Dru: "I haven't sent you so many, Brian."
Brian: "Rachel Matthews and Mrs. Elizabeth Matthews..."
Dru: "Well, I think you're a very good lawyer. They're lucky to have you."
Brian: "Well, thank you. But both of them are...pretty difficult clients."
Dru: "Yes...I should imagine so. But there's no such thing as a perfect client. And probably no such thing as a perfect lawyer, either."
Brian: "They're foolish when they lie. How can you give advice to someone who never tells the truth?"

FEBRUARY 26, 1971 (EP. #1697)
A smug Tom told Frank that he will repair their case and point the finger definitively at Lenore. Judge Horowitz sustained Walter's objection to Liz downplaying Dan's medical assessment of her mental state on the day of her aborted wedding. Liz testified that she persuaded Susan to live with her because she had recently obtained a divorce and staying in her ex-husband's house might have subjected Susan to a scandal. Liz told Tom that she does not spread gossip or false stories, then claimed that she sought to have a calm, mature conversation with Wayne, and that they agreed that a reconciliation was impossible. Tom had Liz establish that Wayne confirmed his affair with Lenore, that she was hurt but not angry, and left Wayne's place on good terms with him. Dru gently restrained Walter, who seethed at Tom. Peggy softened towards Frank, who expressed doubts on Lenore's guilt and eagerness to see Walter discredit Liz further. Frank and Peggy apologized to each other for letting their respective jobs affect personal matters. Peggy beamed at Frank after they decided to dine together. Susan carped to Dan that Liz resumed lying to shift suspicion back onto Lenore during Tom's cross-examination. Dan tried to assuage Susan's fears that Liz may be charged with Wayne's murder should Lenore be acquitted. Walter pried it out of Liz that she loved Wayne, gave him extravagant gifts, and fully intended to marry him. Liz denied Walter's assertions that Wayne jilted her and never reciprocated her feelings, which enraged Liz and led her to strike him with the statuette. Liz accidentally revealed to Walter that she had fingered the statuette, but swore that she did not use it to kill Wayne.

Production Notes: Bill Wolff's new closing, in preparation for the following Monday stated, "Join us each weekday at this time for the continuing story of ANOTHER WORLD and one half hour from now over most of these stations, be sure to watch the new story of Another World in Somerset." Flashbacks of Wayne and Liz's last encounter (EP. #1630) were used while she was testifying at the trial during this episode.

MARCH 1, 1971 (EP. #1698)
Walter vowed to Lenore that her nightmare will be over soon. Judge Horowitz ordered Tom and Walter to deliver their summations. Lenore squeezed Walter's hand after he mused that this is the most important moment of their lives together. Walter cited cases in which defendants were wrongfully convicted of first-degree murder based on circumstantial evidence. Walter contended that Liz is a wildly jealous woman and the alleged affair between Wayne and Lenore is baseless, that the fingerprint evidence demonstrates that it would be difficult for Lenore to hit Wayne in the manner in which it was held, that Liz lied on the witness stand repeatedly, and had more motive to kill Wayne than anyone else. Rachel opined to Helen that people are going to feel differently towards Liz since she was exposed by Walter. Helen was touched when Rachel stated that Lenore's friends have always believed in her innocence. Ernie reminded Ada and Rachel that the prosecution speaks last because they have the hardest job in proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Ada voiced concerns to Ernie that Tom's summation may leave a more lasting impression on the jury. Tom disparaged Walter for attacking the judicial process by discounting circumstantial evidence, pointing a finger at an innocent woman who suffered greatly like Liz, and justified Liz's lies by claiming she was scared of being implicated for Wayne's murder. Tom declared that Lenore killed Wayne in cold blood and destroyed the scarf, then urged the jury not to be deceived by appearances, and to find Lenore guilty. Judge Horowitz gave instructions to the jury. Lenore gazed lovingly at Walter, who pledged that she will not suffer any longer.

Notes: The show returned to the title of Another World instead of Another World: Bay City. Sam Groom's planned appearance as Russ was cut because the actor was "not back yet" according to the cast list of the script. Dialogue for Pat, Cindy, Liz, and Dru was omitted from the prologue during the broadcast of this episode.

MARCH 2, 1971 (EP. #1699)
Jim told Mary that he is not hungry due to restlessness. A radio announcer revealed that the jury has been deliberating for two hours and that a verdict has not been reached. Dru informed Jim and Mary that Walter is nervous and that the jury will resume their work tomorrow morning. Dru ascertained for Jim and Mary that Walter's summation was excellent, the turning point of the trial was Walter discrediting Liz, and likely created the reasonable doubt that they were seeking. Jim told Dru that he was bowled over that Liz ended up being the "mystery woman" while Mary noted the irony of Luella helping the defense since she is one of Liz's dearest friends. Jim, Mary, and Dru agreed that Liz acted abominably, but conceded that Liz was correct to worry that she might be suspected of killing Wayne by being honest in court. Dru speculated to Jim and Mary that the jury is thoroughly weighing the evidence and testimony. John told Pat that he is eager to return to the office. Pat agreed with John's assumption that Caroline is vague about her gentleman friend because he is married. John and Pat decided that they are ready to take care of the twins themselves and should dismiss Caroline before she becomes too attached to the family. Caroline described her gentleman friend to John. John was guilt-ridden as Caroline raved about Michael and Marianne and enthused over taking them to the park once they start walking. Walter, Dru, and Peggy discussed the news coverage of the trial and Frank being swayed by Walter's effectiveness in putting Liz on the stand a second time. Dru and Peggy felt conflicted when Walter received notification that the jury has questions for the legal counsel.

Notes: Two restaurants mentioned in this episode are Louie's, a seafood restaurant located by the docks, and Enrico's which is opposite the courthouse.

MARCH 3, 1971 (EP. #1700)
Dan told Susan that Russ needs his expertise in examining a patient at the hospital. A radio announcer speculated that the jury sent a message to Judge Horowitz to inquire about points of law or ask for certain parts of testimony to be read to them. Liz complained to Susan that Luella aided Walter in ruining Tom's case by discrediting her, then accused Susan of wanting to believe that she killed Wayne ever since she blurted out that he flaunted Lenore's scarf at her. Susan suggested that Liz go out with friends, but Liz maintained that everyone is avoiding her because they suspect that she murdered Wayne. Liz wallowed in self-pity while encouraging Susan to moved out since she has been alone ever since Bill died. Susan tried to convince Liz that she does not believe that she killed Wayne to no avail. Liz wailed to Susan that she is in trouble because of Walter. Judge Horowitz complimented the jury on their serious and responsible consideration of the evidence and asked a court stenographer to read the closing sections of Tom's cross-examinations of Liz and Lenore. Walter took out an envelope from his attache, looked at Lenore's scarf with anguish, and vowed that Tom will never convict her. John relayed Walter's news to Dan and Pat. Dan advised John that he can get out of bed tomorrow and to contact him or Russ should he have a recurrence of symptoms. John was amused when Dan instructed Pat to get a prescription from him instead of using Caroline's powder to treat her nausea. Lenore reiterated her belief that Walter emulates her father by giving her strength and comfort while fighting for her freedom. Walter felt tormented while telling Lenore that a verdict will come soon.

Lenore: "I told you about the time I went walking in the snow with my father when I was a little girl -- the love and trust I felt as he held my hand. The feeling I had that nothing could ever happen to me as long as I was with him. And I told you that the second time I felt that way was the night you asked me to marry you and I said to myself 'I've been very lucky. Because though my father's dead, I've found another man I feel the same way about. A man who will never falter -- who will always know what has to be done and do it -- a man who stands for everything that's good and honorable and right...'"
Walter: (TORMENTED) "Lenore, don't..."
Lenore: "Why, darling? If I felt that way then -- that night when there was nothing threatening me -- how do you think I feel now, after what you've done? After you've stood beside me, given me your strength, comforted me, and fought for me?"

MARCH 4, 1971 (EP. #1701)
Susan and Cindy were crestfallen upon hearing from a news broadcast that the jury has yet to reach a verdict. Dan told Susan and Cindy that John theorized that the jury requested specific testimony to be re-read to determine whether Tom repaired his case after Walter discredited Liz and the significance of the missing scarf. Susan fretted to Dan and Cindy that Liz is disturbed. Dan and Cindy awkwardly tried to pacify Susan's concerns that they think Liz murdered Wayne. Pat half-heartedly suggested that she take Caroline's powder to soothe her queasiness. Caroline cryptically muttered to herself that she will give Pat the stomach medicine once she is ready. Pat told Caroline that she and John have imposed on her, asserted that Caroline has her own future to consider, and suggested that Caroline leave once John resumes working. Pat took Caroline's advice to lay down and call Dan after she winced from stomach pains. Caroline secretly poured her powder for indigestion into an empty jar. Dan suspected that Pat contracted a virus and ordered her to rest and avoid being around the twins for twenty-four hours. John told Dan and Pat that he learned from Dru that the jury is not deadlocked. Caroline was relieved when Pat asked her to postpone leaving while she is ill. Dan confessed to Susan that Liz's own actions caused him and other people to question whether she killed Wayne. Susan told Dan that she will not move out because Liz will need her support should she be tried for murder. Dan lambasted Susan for slipping into old patterns and forgetting her destructive relationship with Liz. Dan and Susan's argument was interrupted by Dru, who advised that the jury has come to a verdict.

Production Note: The "middle break" prior to Act III had to be re-taped because the old title card (Another World in Bay City) was used. Caroline's box of powder is labeled, "Caroline Johnson for Indigestion."

MARCH 5, 1971 (EP. #1702)
Walter felt anguished while fingering the scarf and swore that he will confess should Lenore be convicted. Dru told Walter to rush to the courthouse since the jury has returned with a verdict. Walter hoped that Lenore will understand and forgive him if he has to reveal the truth. Dan assured Dru that he is prepared to examine Lenore should she need medical assistance. Dru, Dan, and Susan mused about feeling helpless and frightened from knowing that Lenore's fate rests on the jury. Dan tried to calm Susan's nerves while Walter thanked Dru for helping him to defend Lenore. Steve made arrangements with Robert to check on the progress of Alice's house when Bernice arrived to inform Steve that a verdict has been reached. Tom downplayed Liz's testimony damaging his case and insisted to Lt. Aaronson that he proved motive, opportunity, and means beyond a reasonable doubt. Lenore panicked over the delays in the jury entering the courtroom and bemoaned the possibility of going back to her jail cell. Helen consoled Lenore as Walter surreptitiously held the scarf. Dru and Dan told Helen not to blame herself for failing to protect Lenore. Susan bade a hasty retreat when Bernice spoke of Walter undermining Liz's testimony. Bernice hypothesized to Steve that Wayne was killed by a man who yearned to settle old scores. Liz surmised to Susan that everyone believes that she committed murder without a shred of evidence. Lenore was found not guilty. Lt. Aaronson was conciliatory to Tom, who sat at the prosecution table in shock and fury. Tom congratulated Walter, unwittingly picked up the envelope that contained Lenore's scarf that fell to the floor, and handed it to Walter.

Production Notes: "Re-taped pg. 34 to end (Acts III and IV) - Walter [Val Dufour] blocked matron." The script originally indicated that the envelope containing Lenore's scarf fell to the floor as Tom and Walter shook hands. A penciled-in note from Lyle Hill to the director states, "Have scarf fall sooner. Talk to me before day of show."

MARCH 8, 1971 (EP. #1703)
Helen reassured an ecstatic Lenore that she is not imagining that her ordeals are finished and that she and Walter can focus on their future. Lenore walked around and touched everything while telling Helen and Walter that she laid awake in her jail cell worrying that she would forget the details of the living room and the house that she loves so much. Walter tried to play down Lenore and Helen's praises of him being a wonderful husband and the only attorney who could have successfully won her acquittal. Lenore convinced Walter and Helen that they should not go to the Top of the Tower to celebrate because home is the only place she wants to be now. Helen and Lenore almost caught Walter putting the envelope with the missing scarf in a safe while they prepared dinner. A contrite Luella vigorously defended herself against Liz's accusations that she relished in testifying against her, purposely kept Mr. Conover's receipt, and caused Liz to become a murder suspect. Liz haughtily accepted Luella's apologies, but doubted the sincerity of her claims that no one thinks that she killed Wayne. Susan opined to Liz that Luella should not feel guilty over testifying for the defense and would not intentionally hurt anyone. Liz told Susan that she expects to be charged with Wayne's murder and declined Jim and Mary's dinner invitation because she will not accept pity from anyone. Susan allowed Liz to guilt her into postponing plans to move out until everyone is convinced that Liz did not kill Wayne. Mary and Russ waited for Jim to arrive home because they forgot their keys. Jim, Mary, and Russ came into the house, looked towards the staircase, and reacted to Alice standing there.

Notes: The script is unclear on whether Jacquie Courtney was seen on-camera at the end of Act IV once Jim, Mary, and Russ came into the Matthews' house.

MARCH 9, 1971 (EP. #1704)
Alice beamed at Jim, Mary, and Russ as they inundated her with questions. Alice happily embraced Jim, Mary, and Russ while telling them that she used her key to get into the house and kept quiet about returning to Bay City to surprise them. Jim, Mary, and Russ listened intently as Alice explained that she took a leave of absence, but must return to Avignon to finish a project working with traumatized children before she can consider moving back home. Russ talked Alice into accompanying him and Cindy on a date to see a movie and to Schlumberger's afterwards for sodas. Alice wistfully told Jim and Mary that she left to sort out her feelings and that she understands herself better since she has been in Europe. Susan told an exasperated Dan that she has delayed moving out since Liz is scared that Tom will indict her and Liz needs someone who believes in her innocence. Dan warned Susan that Liz's tenacity will cause her to invent more excuses for keeping Susan at home. Dan coaxed an evasive Susan into signing the apartment lease that she received in the mail. Caroline reassured John that staying in the Randolph house while taking care of the family is exactly the place she wishes to be. John told Caroline that he is returning to the office. Caroline grew flustered when Jane called and requested that they discuss her being a nanny to twins in person. Russ and Alice remarked on Cindy's improved health while she marveled at the way the Matthews' family interacts with each other. Russ told Alice that he no longer harbors grudges against Steve and Rachel. Alice thought of seeing Steve again as Russ encouraged her not to make decisions based on his own heartache.

Notes: Reappearance of Jacqueline Courtney as Alice Matthews. All of Courtney's scenes for this and subsequent episodes were pre-taped on February 8, 15, and 18, 1971 after the regular shows for these production dates were done. The schedule includes a memo addressed to Lyle Hill, which stated "In order to keep the character of Alice Matthews alive, and since Jacqueline Courtney is going to be up north in February, we will pre-tape scenes for six shows in which Alice will appear..."

MARCH 10, 1971 (EP. #1705)
Ada tried to rush Rachel out of the apartment before Steve arrived to see Jamie. Steve called Rachel to cancel his visit with Jamie due to handling business affairs and stopped Rachel from coming to his office to discuss the boy. Rachel chastised Ada for failing to understand that she feels that Steve brushed off her and Jamie, despite that Steve sees Jamie regularly. Ada urged Rachel to give Lenore breathing space while she copes with her recent ordeals and warned Rachel against defying Steve's wishes by going to his office. Caroline told Jane that Pat is spending time with Alice and that John is returning to work. Jane reminded Caroline that she had a relapse four years ago and took twins away from their home without notifying the parents on two separate occasions in California, but Caroline maintained that the incidents were misunderstandings and that she had no intention of keeping the children. Caroline swore to Jane that John and Pat know everything about her past and trust her implicitly. Jane was thrilled that Caroline plans to leave the Randolph's employ and start a romance with her gentleman friend once he ends his unhappy marriage. Steve groused about Rachel using Jamie as an excuse to remain in his life while Bernice drafted an outline of a business deal for him. Bernice fibbed to Steve that she and Walter do not carry any hostility or resentment towards each other. An "ocean of love and desire" stirred between Steve and Alice as they lovingly gazed at each other and struggled to articulate their feelings. Alice told Steve that she still has things to figure out on her own. Steve and Alice professed their love and kissed tenderly and passionately.

Steve: "...And when you've got things figured out...then maybe...?"
Alice: "Then maybe I'll come home for good. Steven..."
Steve: "Yes, darling?"
Alice: "Do you want to know what I'd like more than anything?"
Steve: "Tell me."
Alice: "I want you to kiss me."

Notes: Appearance by Jacqueline Courtney as Alice Matthews.

MARCH 11, 1971 (EP. 1706)
John joked to Peggy that work piled up during his absence and mused that Walter exceeded his expectations by handling Lenore's case beautifully. John and Peggy humbly accepted Lenore's gratitude for giving her and Walter moral support and legal help. Lenore effusively praised Walter's magnificent performance in the courtroom, reassurance, and strength in getting her through the trial. John and Peggy encouraged Lenore to focus on the future after she wistfully mused that she might have been convicted and had her baby taken away from her while she remained in jail. Pat advised Caroline that she can concentrate on her personal life by finding a less demanding job and promised that John will write her a glowing reference for prospective employers. Caroline was evasive while telling Pat that there are still obstacles between her and the gentleman friend. Pat went to light a fire while Caroline secretly poured her indigestion powder into Pat's bowl of soup. Walter and Lenore remarked that they are happy and healthy expectant parents. Lenore told Walter that she went into his office and looked at the furniture, pictures on the wall, and sat in a chair while sensing his presence. Walter dreamily spoke about taking Lenore and their baby to visit Alice while they enjoy an extended European vacation. Lenore was overjoyed that Walter made a reservation at the Colonial Inn for the evening. Alice told Pat that she and Steve nervously smiled at each other, stated nonsensical things, then professed their love, and had a wonderful time together. Pat joked to Alice that her stomach aches must be psychosomatic because she gets them after she tells Caroline that she is no longer needed.

Notes: Appearance by Jacqueline Courtney as Alice Matthews. Penciled-in note on cast sheet: "After end of pretape in black audio of Bill Wolff saying 'good lord' could be heard." The Colonial Inn is located fifty miles east of Bay City (near Danville), on the way to Somerset, has fireplaces in every room, and serves "the most perfect blueberry pancakes ever devised by man."

MARCH 12, 1971 (EP. 1707)
Walter was pleased as Lenore gushed about their charming hotel room and the nice, friendly people helping her to unwind. Lenore happily embraced Walter after she lauded his fervent belief in her innocence and valiant fight for her freedom. Liz resisted Jim and Mary's efforts to take her out to dinner and claimed that Susan chose to stay home while they determine whether Tom will charge Liz with Wayne's murder. Jim and Mary approved of Liz's decision to have a legal consultation with Brian. Jim and Mary surmised to Liz that Alice visited to help her settle personal matters, that Steve and Alice have spent time together, that John went back to the office, and Pat is suffering from a stomach virus. Liz wailed to Jim and Mary that Wayne continues to haunt her. Cindy told Russ that talking to Alice enhanced her excitement and dedication towards studying nursing. Russ and Cindy debated on whether Alice will continue working should she and Steve get married and have children. Cindy was touched that Russ gave Alice his blessing to marry Steve and credited Cindy for getting him over Rachel by being warm, sweet, and gentle. Russ and Cindy kissed after declaring their love for each other. A relieved Susan told Dan that Jim and Mary persuaded Liz to leave the house. Dan ranted that Liz is acting like an appreciative, considerate mother to play on her sympathies in response to Susan's reluctance towards telling Liz that she signed the lease. Susan became unhappy once Dan voiced concerns that she will undo the significant progress she has made in becoming an independent person. Walter brusquely asked Lenore to quit harping on her missing scarf, the trial, and the true culprit.

Notes: According to the film routine for this episode, actor Robert Milli (Wayne Addison) appeared in a General Foods commercial for Cool Whip during the commercial break that followed Act I.

MARCH 15, 1971 (EP. 1708)
Caroline stopped John from drinking the coffee with her powder that was meant for Pat. John unsuccessfully tried to convince Pat to contact a doctor. Caroline reiterated to Pat that she does not feel burdened by staying until she recovers, has no intentions of taking a new job immediately, and can find work elsewhere quickly. John anticipated to Caroline and Pat that Walter will buckle down at the office since Lenore's trial has concluded and they have a backlog of work to complete. Pat took John and Caroline's suggestion that she get some sleep. Liz carped to Brian that she fears that Tom will have the police arrest her every time the doorbell or phone rings. Brian lectured Liz for incriminating herself by ignoring his advice and lying under oath, but theorized that Tom does not have a strong case against Liz. Liz was not mollified when Brian advised her not to raise Tom's suspicions by worrying that he will prosecute her. Pat complained to Lenore and Caroline that her illness is keeping her away from the twins. Lenore was disappointed when Caroline made excuses to decline a job offer to be her nanny. Lenore told Pat that she plans to enjoy her freedom, await the birth of her baby, and remember that she and Walter share the same faith in each other. Walter graciously accepted Tom's apologies for prosecuting Lenore and treating both of them poorly. Tom conceded to Walter that he would not have indicted Lenore without Liz's dubious claims. Tom agreed to Walter's request that he not pursue Liz as a murder suspect. Walter covered his distress when Tom vowed that he and Lt. Aaronson will solve Wayne's homicide case and asked to consult him during the investigation.

MARCH 16, 1971 (EP. #1709)
Mary told Jim that Alice seems to be enjoying herself by seeing her friends and Steve. Jim advised Mary that they should not interfere by trying to persuade Alice into returning to Bay City. Rachel told Ada that Helen and Lenore set up a definite time for people to come to the house so that they would not have a steady stream of visitors throughout the day. Ada tried to deter Rachel from taking Jamie over to see Lenore to no avail. Rachel enthused to Ada that she and Lenore will bond further by talking endlessly about raising children in the future. Liz tried to be gracious when Walter revealed that he convinced Tom not to prosecute her for Wayne's murder since the defense would attempt to cast reasonable doubt by way of Lenore. Walter fumed when Liz accused him of believing in her guilt and doubted his intentions for making a deal with Tom. Liz made subtle, acerbic remarks at Walter for causing her to be suspected of murder. Walter retaliated by calling Liz a vindictive woman who tried to ruin Lenore's life because of her spite and jealousy, then proclaimed that he will never forgive Liz for inflicting misery and suffering upon Lenore. Jim and Mary agreed that Pat should consult Russ about her illness. Jim was amused when Mary tried to convince herself that they should not worry about their grownup children. Lenore marveled to Steve and Alice about the people who have wished her and Walter much happiness. Lenore tried to interpose upon noticing Steve and Alice's discomfiture towards Rachel shamelessly showing off Jamie and suggesting that everyone put the past behind them. Alice was devastated and Steve at a loss once Lenore finally got Rachel to leave the house.

Walter: "Whatever anyone thinks of you, Liz, you've brought on yourself."
Liz: (VERY ANGRY) "That's your opinion."
Walter: "Yes, it is. You're a jealous, vindictive woman. You did your best to ruin the life of the most wonderful woman in the world. You came very close to succeeding and don't think I'll ever forget that or forgive you. If you think you're suffering now, just give a thought to what Lenore suffered because of you and your jealousy and your spite. I don't think you killed Wayne Addison, no, but you inflicted misery on my wife...a woman who never caused you a moment's pain, who never gave you so much as an unkind word...Lenore may forgive you because she's the kind who does forgive...but I won't. I shall never forgive you..." (HE LEAVES. GO OUT ON LIZ).

Notes: Final appearance of Robert Milli as Wayne Addison (during Walter's flashback in Act II). Appearance by Jacqueline Courtney as Alice Matthews.

MARCH 17, 1971 (EP. #1710)
Cindy confided to Russ that she never realized that a family could be close until she met the Matthews. Russ and Cindy noted Dan's bad mood after he apologized for snapping at Cindy. Liz informed Susan that Walter talked Tom out of prosecuting her for Wayne's murder. Susan told Liz that she signed the lease, that people may resent Liz for spreading lies about Lenore during the trial, and that she can move into her apartment. Liz accused Susan of acquiescing to Dan's wishes by finding her own place. Susan was upset when Liz warned that she may repeat past mistakes by rushing into a romance with Dan. Russ and Cindy suspected that Dan and Susan had a quarrel. Russ expressed admiration over Cindy's ability to understand Dan and Liz's points of view on Susan moving out of the house. Russ and Cindy agreed that Wayne accumulated many enemies who wanted him dead. Lenore told Russ and Cindy that Walter is working hard, that Tom apologized to Walter, and the investigation into Wayne's homicide is still open. Russ and Cindy grew thoughtful as Lenore proposed that finding her missing scarf may lead the police to the true culprit. Rachel griped to Ada that taking Jamie to see Lenore was awkward because of Steve and Alice's presence. Ada lambasted Rachel for claiming innocence to purposely hurting Alice, fooling herself into thinking that Steve loves her, and potentially ruining the chance for Steve and Alice to reconcile. Dan gave Lenore a clean bill of health. Lenore told Dan and Susan that she is happy and certain about the future. Susan frowned upon Lenore heaping so much praise onto Walter. Dan made arrangements for Lenore, who went into labor.

MARCH 18, 1971 (EP. #1711)
Lenore tried to quell Walter's nerves while Dan prepared a hospital room for her. Walter bemoaned to John that he has been unable to settle back into work since Lenore's trial concluded. John refused to let Walter berate himself for being associated with Wayne. Walter was tormented and consumed with guilt as John opined that he is experiencing the normal anxieties of expectant fathers. Ernie agreed to fix Dru's car once he gets the accounting books ready for his income tax return. Dru told Ernie that Pat is sick with a stomach virus and that Lenore went to the hospital after going into labor. Ernie lamented to Dru that Ada is upset because Rachel made things terribly awkward for Steve and Alice by taking Jamie to see Lenore the other day. Dru and Ernie agreed that Alice is a wonderful girl who deserves happiness with Steve after facing so much trouble from Rachel. Ernie agreed to help Dru sell his car. Dru informed Ernie that he is retiring soon, that Rafe Carter will replace him at the firm, and that he is going on a cruise around the world. Susan offered to use her connections at the hospital to get updates on Lenore for Walter. Walter dismissed Susan's compliments over convincing Tom not to indict Liz, but was unsympathetic towards Liz's concerns because she will not endure a difficult, lengthy trial or time in jail like Lenore. Dan told a euphoric Walter that Lenore delivered a healthy baby boy. Lenore held the baby while gushing about him being wonderful like his father. Walter let go of his reservations towards Lenore's request that they name their newborn son Walter Jr. Walter and Lenore happily spoke of their future being bright and clear as the morning after a storm.

Notes: Birth of Wally Curtin Jr. and first appearance of Christine Ombramonti in the role. Wally's birth weight was seven pounds, eleven ounces. He was born at six o'clock in the evening.

MARCH 19, 1971 (EP. #1712)
Pat groaned to John that she still feels weak and that she is tired of being away from the twins. John asked Pat to contact Dan should she continue to be sick. Pat theorized that Walter is exhausted from the trial when John noted that Walter acted as though Lenore's life was endangered while she was in labor. Pat approved of John's resolve to persuade Walter and Lenore into taking a vacation and that Rafe will help the firm on their backlog of cases. John and Pat reflected that Dru has been a confidante to both of them and that they will miss him once he retires and leaves for an extended trip. Lenore joked to Steve that there was a procession of nurses and doctors who clamored for Alice to return to the hospital. Steve deemed naming the baby after Walter quite fitting. Lenore predicted to Steve that Walter will dote on Wally but will never be permissive because of his high personal standards. Steve and Lenore discussed the lingering effects of Wayne's murder and the trial on Walter. Lenore was enraptured by Steve's idea that she and Walter go to St. Croix. Jim, Mary, Russ, and Cindy talked about Alice's visit and Caroline being indispensable to John and Pat. Russ begrudgingly showed Jim, Mary, and Cindy a newspaper article that described Lenore as a former murder suspect giving birth to the child whose paternity was an important aspect of the trial. Jim, Mary, Russ, and Cindy hoped Walter and Lenore will have the chance to forget about Wayne's murder. Steve told Russ and Cindy that he is taking Alice to the airport tomorrow morning. Russ helped Cindy complete an application for a nursing program. Cindy accepted Russ's invitation to attend a hospital dance with him.

MARCH 22, 1971 (EP. #1713)
Belle was disinterested in Cindy's account of her evening with Russ due to the news that she received a letter from her brother, Ted. Belle did not share Cindy's joy over Ted coming home since he has been away for four years, is self-centered, and may be running away from trouble. Cindy accused Belle of being cynical about people. Belle was elated that Russ reciprocates Cindy's feelings and that she likes the Matthews family. Cindy was grateful to Belle, who hemmed her blue velvet dress so she could wear it on her big date with Russ. John regretted that he could not hold a welcome party for Rafe to celebrate their new partnership because Walter is at the hospital and Dru is make arrangements to retire. Rafe opined to John that Walter did a magnificent job at the trial and that Lenore is a marvelous, strong woman. Peggy was bashful towards John due to receiving a call from Frank. John told Rafe that he is leaving work early to bid Alice farewell. Rafe was pleased when John expressed happiness over him joining the firm and hopes that he likes Bay City. Rachel gushed to Brian that she and Lenore will become closer due to being mothers. Brian teased Rachel, who stated that she was polite and cordial while Steve, Alice, and Lenore fussed over Jamie and suggested that everyone should be friends. Rachel complained to Brian that Steve is neglecting Jamie due to Alice's presence and made veiled remarks about changes in life while yearning to get affectionate with Brian. Alice told Steve that she must return to France to finish a project and dispel the doubts she is harboring. Steve spoke poetically of his love for Alice, then they kissed while a middle-aged couple watched them.

Notes: Appearance by Jacqueline Courtney as Alice Matthews. The song "Softly, As I Leave You" by Roger Williams played during Act IV (Steve/Alice scene). Other songs considered for this scene were "How Beautiful is the Night" and "Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet" by Nino Rota. The name of Belle's son and Cindy's brother was changed from Michael to Ted as of this episode.

MARCH 23, 1971 (EP. #1714)
Ada was miffed that she had to let herself into the apartment because Rachel was in a hurry to run errands. Rachel begrudgingly took Ada's advice to refrain from visiting Lenore. Ada inquired into the reasons that Rachel has Jamie stay with her and Ernie every time she has a date with Brian. Rachel insisted to Ada that she and Brian play records, go out some evenings, and get home late. Ada defended herself when Rachel accused her of not wanting to be a grandmother to Jamie. Rachel tried in vain to convince an incredulous Ada that she and Brian love each other and that he intends to marry her. Ada warned Rachel that she dislikes Brian's influence on her. Steve was touched that Walter and Lenore wished to appoint him Wally's godfather. Lenore guessed rightly that Walter angrily destroyed a letter with a news clipping about her bearing a child whose paternity was called into question during the trial. Steve persuaded Walter to accept his offer to stay at his house in St. Croix. Walter was evasive when Lenore posited that people will not forget about her trial. Pat told Mary that her illness may be psychosomatic because she gets them each time she dismisses Caroline, which belies her desires to be alone with John and to tend to the twins herself. Mary was dubious when Pat vowed that she would regain her appetite. Walter and Lenore marveled at things seeming perfect for them. Bernice commended Lenore for conducting herself beautifully on the witness stand. Lenore ruefully mused to Bernice that she cannot be cleared until Wayne's killer is found. Bernice emphasized to Walter and Lenore that Tom is determined to solve Wayne's murder case, which made Walter squirm.

Ada: "What other way is there except in so many words? A man doesn't ask a girl to marry him in sign language."
Rachel: "I can tell how he feels about me. Brian and I have...a really deep understanding. He understands me and I understand him. He loves me."
Ada: "Did he say so? In so many words? Or did he send up smoke signals?"
Rachel: "You're very funny, Mom..."

MARCH 24, 1971 (EP. #1715)
Pat introduced Caroline to Rafe, who came to retrieve apartment listings. Rafe echoed Caroline's sentiments that a house with a yard feels more permanent than an apartment. Pat joked to Rafe that Caroline is most likely relieved that she has recovered from her illness so that she can leave the Randolph's employ. Caroline smiled mischievously after getting Pat to try a new herbal tea. Caroline told Millie over the phone that she cannot consider taking another job because Pat has chronic stomach issues and stated that she will be staying with the Randolphs for quite some time. Rafe was puzzled when Caroline mentioned being in Somerset years ago yet could not give the names of anyone who lived there. Cindy was enchanted while admiring Liz's house and expressed gratitude to Susan for lending her a wrap to wear to the hospital dance. Susan felt endearment towards Cindy, who raved about taking nursing classes, Russ loving her, and Ted coming home. Cindy persuaded Susan into moving out by parroting Dan's advice that she is not needed by Liz and she will be happier living on her own. Susan and Cindy tried to assuage Liz's paranoia that her friends think she killed Wayne, act peculiar at the mention of Lenore's trial, and that the society pages are printing gossip about her. Cindy gave Susan a sorrowful nod upon realizing that Liz's grievances are impeding her from moving into her own place. Walter and Lenore told Helen, John, and Pat that they are excited about their vacation. John and Lenore fussed over an ill Pat and reassured her that Caroline will not be inconvenienced by staying to work for her. Pat steadied herself to lead John, Walter, Lenore, and Helen in a toast to Wally.

John: "Don't you worry about Caroline. She won't mind staying on a little longer..."
Pat: "I suppose not...but it's so unfair of me, tying her down like this..."
Lenore: (Judith Barcroft, Exit Line) "Oh, Pat, she won't feel tied down. After all, she loves the babies, and she's so fond of you and John..."
Pat: (PULLING HERSELF TOGETHER) "Look, John, getting back to the toast...I'd like to propose one..."
John: "Darling...are you sure?"
Pat: "Yes. Really. I don't feel all that bad. To Walter Jr. May he be as handsome and successful as his father, as loving and gentle as his mother, and as happy as both of them...Come on, Walter Jr.!"

Notes: Last appearance of Judith Barcroft as Lenore Moore.

MARCH 25, 1971 (EP. #1716)
Dan told Susan that he has been too busy to know that Russ is taking Cindy to the hospital dance. Susan sulked while sitting at Cindy's desk when Dan retreated to his office rather than make amends with her. Dan diagnosed Pat with an intestinal virus, but ruled out psychological factors since she is not anxious about taking care of the twins on her own. Mary was not fully mollified, despite Pat's certainty that obeying Dan's orders will cure her illness. Dan ribbed Russ for being a social butterfly while he and Susan work long hours. Cindy beamed as Dan and Susan complimented her lovely appearance in her dress. Russ surprised Cindy by gifting her with a corsage. Dan apologized to Susan for trying to dictate the ways in which she lives her life. Susan told Dan that she is staying with Liz because she feels estranged from her friends and still needs moral support. Dan asked Susan whether she is scared of starting a new life for herself, prompting Susan to rashly assume that Dan was referring to her failed marriage to Fred. Dan and Susan chose to drop the discussion without resolving their differences. Dru fretted to Rafe that his and Walter's involvement in the trial and John's illness caused the firm to get behind on their work. Rafe decried Wayne for ruining lives after Dru fretted that Liz has isolated herself because she is shaken by Wayne and the trial. Dru readily approved of Rafe's interest in seeing Liz socially. Cindy confided to Russ that she is worried that Belle and Ted will resume their acrimonious relationship once he returns home. Russ told Cindy that his objections to her pursuing nursing are selfish personal reasons. Russ and Cindy declared their love and happiness together.

MARCH 26, 1971 (EP. #1717)
Cindy reluctantly declined Russ's offer to extend their evening by reminding him that he has an early appointment tomorrow. Russ warned Cindy that she will not have much of a social life once she enters Nurse's training school. Belle was embarrassed when she accidentally interrupted Russ and Cindy's romantic interlude. Cindy dodged Belle's inquiry into her date with Russ. Belle got defensive when Cindy blamed her for causing Ted's estrangement from the family by constantly finding fault in him, but Belle maintained that she had tried to keep Ted on the straight and narrow after Ted and Cindy's father died. Cindy was exacerbated when Belle aired her suspicions that Ted is in trouble. Rachel told Brian that Ada believes that he is taking advantage of her and is worried since Rachel is a single woman raising a child. Brian agreed to Rachel's request that they spend more time together. Brian insisted to a slightly disappointed Rachel that he is not ready to commit to anyone. Rachel feigned having a cold and claimed that Jamie was still napping so that Steve would keep her company. Steve balked at Rachel's suggestion that they fly down to St. Croix with Jamie because he refuses to spend time with Rachel and it would be an intrusion on Walter and Lenore's privacy. Rachel taunted Steve over Alice returning to France without securing a promise that she will return and marry him, prompting Steve to angrily proclaim that Alice is the only woman he loves. Russ joked to Jim and Mary that he invited Cindy to the dance because he assumed that the doctors would scare her out of becoming a nurse. Jim and Mary grew pensive as Russ admitted that he wants Cindy to stay in his life.

MARCH 29, 1971 (EP. #1718)
John tried to reassure himself that Pat's condition is not serious, despite recurrences of her stomach ailment. John and Peggy apologized to Bernice upon noticing that Walter left Steve's contracts for a business deal incomplete. Bernice reminded John and Peggy that she had offered to testify for the defense while they concluded that Walter's work suffered because he carried the burden of Lenore's trial. Peggy was intrigued as John reflected that Walter stopped Matthew from investigating Bernice, a long-term male associate of Bernice's corroborated her statements, and raised the theory that she is concealing knowledge of Wayne's murder. Susan tersely told Liz that she is going to work late because of the extra hours she spent at the hospital yesterday running laboratory tests. Cindy spoke generally to Susan about the heavenly time she had with Russ without providing specifics. Liz scoffed at Susan's prediction that Russ is falling in love with Cindy by contending that Russ would be seeking solace on the rebound after being disillusioned by his marriage to Rachel. Susan was miffed since she interpreted Liz's remarks as criticisms towards her finding comfort with Dan. Ada confided to Ernie that Rachel is convinced that Brian intends to marry her someday. Ernie urged Ada to forget Rachel's problems and let her make mistakes so that she might learn some vital life lessons. Susan was subdued while telling Liz that Dan thinks she is foolish for not moving into her own place. Liz credited Susan for helping her cope with the gossip surrounding Wayne's murder and the trial. Liz and Susan tried to assume happy dispositions after agreeing to see a movie and to have dessert afterwards.

MARCH 30, 1971 (EP. #1719)
Ernie and Ada chastised Rachel for getting back late. Rachel told Ernie and Ada that Brian is taking her and Jamie out to dinner, a drive, and bringing her home to put Jamie to bed. Ada asked Rachel about her plans with Brian once Jamie is asleep, causing Rachel to sharply tell Ada that she does not have to account for every minute she spends with someone. Rachel fibbed to Ernie and Ada that Steve approved of her idea to take Jamie to St. Croix and pay Walter and Lenore a visit soon. Ernie and Ada protested Rachel's intentions to make Brian jealous by planning a vacation with Steve and Jamie. Belle told Cindy that her dreams of Cindy marrying a decent man with good prospects have come true because of her romance with Russ. Cindy was touched when Belle expressed pride in her for having a good job and furthering her education. Ted Clark made veiled remarks about being busy with a million things after Belle and Cindy updated him on their lives during the last four years. Cindy told Ted that she prepared his old bedroom for his arrival. Belle was troubled and suspicious that Ted brought minimal belongings with him and was evasive about not writing them. Cindy gently chided Ted for constantly cracking jokes. Ted was not enthusiastic towards Russ's offer to find him a job in the nutrition department of the hospital, but was pleased by Cindy's pursuit of nursing as a career. Russ and Cindy told Ted about the clinic and invited him and Belle to go with them to the Top of the Tower. Rachel manipulated Brian into objecting to her prospective vacation plans with Steve by withholding affection and stressing the importance of Jamie having a male influence in his life.

Cindy: (DOORBELL) "Oh, no! That can't be Russ already." (GOES TO DOOR. DOES BIG TAKE, THEN:) "Ted! Ted! Oh, mother, it's Ted!" (SHE HUGS HIM ECSTATICALLY AS HE COMES IN)
Ted: (Introduction Line) "Little sister! You're all grown up now, Cindy! Mom... how are you, mom?"
Belle: (AWKWARD) "Ted..." (SHE RISES UNCERTAINLY. THEN HE COMES OVER TO HER AND THEY HUG) "Ted, how are you? How've you been?"
Ted: "I've been fine. Just fine. Well, let me look at both of you. Cindy, I can't get over it. When I left you were just a skinny little runt, and now you're a grown woman."
Cindy: (HUGGING HIM AGAIN) "Oh, Ted!..."

Notes: First appearance of Stephen Bolster as Ted Clark.

MARCH 31, 1971 (EP. #1720)
Liz was perplexed when Luella firmly stated that she wished to have a frank discussion with her and asked Liz to listen to her carefully. Luella gradually wore down Liz's defenses and got her to consider attending Women's Club meetings, accepting the nomination for chairman of charity functions, and to face people to prove that their suspicions of her are unfounded. Liz received a call from Rafe, who persuaded her into having dinner with him. Luella was satisfied that Liz's spirits had been raised and that she seemed to be willing to resume having a social life. Cindy reflected to Dan and Susan that Ted makes jokes out of everything to avoid talking about his private life. Dan helped Susan conquer her reservations about leaving a bored and sullen Liz alone for the evening to go out on a date. Liz tried unsuccessfully to make Susan feel guilty towards having plans with Dan. Susan told Dan that she will not let Liz take the fun out of everything. Dan, Susan, and Cindy gave Ted a tour of the clinic while describing the work that they perform for low-income patients. Ted noted that Russ monitors the drug inventory at the clinic and the security of the cabinet. Ted told Dan, Susan, and Cindy that he has many interests. Cindy expressed hopes that Ted will stay in Bay City, which made Ted speculative about the prospect. Rafe was flattered when Liz thanked him for taking her to the Mirador and likened his strong work ethic and temperament to Dru. Liz insisted to Rafe that she prefers not to subject herself to prying and gossip by going out in public. Rafe echoed Luella's assertions that she should socialize and ignore people's suspicions of her. Liz happily toasted to Rafe's new life in Bay City.

Ted: "...But I've also thought I'd like to manage a restaurant."
Cindy: "That's quite a jump. From doctor to restauranter."
Ted: "Well, it'll be hard to decide...I'm interested in so many things...Maybe I'll run a restaurant by day and go to medical school at night...and in my spare time be a mild-mannered newspaper reporter...Clarke Kent."

APRIL 1, 1971 (EP. #1721)
Caroline grew apprehensive as Dan checked Pat's vitals. Dan attributed Pat's relapses to impatience towards being ill and advised her to rest and forget about dismissing Caroline until she has fully recovered. Dan noted Pat's tepid reaction to his opinion that Caroline is a remarkable lady who has been invaluable while she has been sick. Pat ruefully admitted to Dan that she is envious of Caroline's competence and believes that she is a bit bossy and overbearing. Mary told Jim that Steve is picking up uniforms to take to Alice when he flies to France. Jim and Mary conceded that Steve's tryst with Rachel is difficult to forget despite his admirable behavior towards Jamie's trust fund and Lenore's murder trial. Steve told Jim and Mary that he was thrilled to lend his house in St. Croix to Walter and Lenore and to discover that Russ has found happiness with Cindy. Jim and Mary confessed that they have not completely forgiven Steve, who encouraged them to speak openly to him. Steve told Jim and Mary that he hopes that Alice will give him answers during his trip. Jim and Mary had mixed feelings as Steve fretted that his life is meaningless without Alice. Steve informed Jim and Mary that he plans to surprise Alice with the house that he is building for her. Jim and Mary were delighted that Liz is considering Luella's nomination and spending time with Rafe. Liz lied to Jim and Mary that she has been unable to tell Susan about Rafe. Caroline told John that her gentleman friend stayed married out of obligation, but now realizes that Caroline will be a better wife and mother to him and the children. Caroline secretly spoke of things working out for her and John while holding Marianne.

APRIL 2, 1971 (EP. #1722)
Ted quipped to Cindy and Susan that he used his charm to get lunch promptly for them. Susan impressed upon Cindy that Ted just arrived in Bay City two days ago and expressed confidence that Ted will get a job quickly to ease Cindy's concerns. Cindy smiled weakly when Ted gently teased her for fussing over him like a little sister. Russ reminded Ted that his offer to get him a job in the nutrition department of the hospital still stands and added that he would be amenable to writing a reference for him. Ted was keenly interested as Russ and Cindy explained that they get medical supplies and drugs from their distributors since the clinic dispenses some of them to poor patients. Cindy left Ted alone to help Susan with stocking the cabinets. Ted received a menacing call from a man named Casey, who warned Ted to provide repayment by the end of the week or face the consequences. Ted surreptitiously pocketed Cindy's keys to the drug cabinet. Dru praised Rafe for swiftly handling a case for an important client of Walter's. Rafe told Dru that he is determined to convince Liz that she is not a murder suspect and to continue seeing her. Dru surmised to Rafe that Walter and Liz are eager for Tom to solve Wayne's homicide and that Walter may still be shaken by the trial. Jim and Mary delivered Russ and Dan's tax returns to them. Russ reassured Mary that Pat will get over her stomach virus. Susan decided to confront Liz after learning from Jim and Mary that Liz went out with Rafe. Russ told Cindy that Susan realizes that Liz has played on her sympathies to keep her at the house, which has harmed Susan's relationship with Dan. Cindy was disturbed to discover that her keys were missing.

Casey: (Introduction Line) (Voice-Only) "Hello, Ted. Know who this is?"

Notes: Casey is AW's first unseen, mysterious character and was voiced by John Karlen. Karlen's first on-screen appearance does not take place until August 24, 1971. Handwritten note to the director, which pertained to Ted lifting Cindy's keys: "Draw this out to better dramatize this moment."

APRIL 5, 1971 (EP. #1723)
Russ tried to calm Cindy's nerves over misplacing her keys to the clinic's drug cabinet. Cindy became frantic until Russ found the keys on the kitchen table with a note from Ted next to them. Russ understood Cindy and Ted's close bond as she reminisced about Ted writing her rhyming notes whenever he located things she had lost and recalled that Ted made their childhood fun while taking care of her. Cindy grew flustered when Russ professed his love and kissed her gently. Susan made a big deal out of Liz looking gorgeous for her second date with Rafe, but Liz tried to downplay it as a casual evening and hedged on answering Susan's question about Rafe being attractive. Liz insisted to Susan that she will not attend Women Club meetings and does not care about the candidate who becomes chairman of charity functions. Susan told Liz that she is moving into her own apartment since Liz seems to be on the mend. Liz lashed out at Susan for acquiescing to Dan's wishes by wanting to move out and suggested that she consider her affair with Dan carefully. Rafe informed Liz that Walter agreed to help Tom in solving Wayne's homicide case and that she is no longer a suspect. Susan appreciated Rafe's sympathies towards her wanting to live on her own and pledge to help Susan gain independence from Liz. Belle warned Ted that Russ may be offended should he fail to pursue the job Russ offered at the nutrition department of the hospital. Ted became discomfited as Belle recalled that Cindy worshiped him when they were children, that Cindy raved about him finding her keys, and proudly read his poem to her. Belle implored Ted not to hurt her or Cindy again by leaving home.

Ted's poem to Cindy: "Sister Cindy always said...where's my mittens, brother Ted? Where's my skates? Where's my hat? What on earth became of that? That was all so long ago...Now Ted's back and whadda you know? Cindy still is losing and socks and ribbons and rings...Brother Ted finds them these keys...on the floor...of the closet in the hall!"

APRIL 6, 1971 (EP. #1724)
Pat rapturously threw herself into John's arms and kissed him after Caroline left to have dinner with Millie. Pat confessed to John that losing Caroline's services and marvelous cooking will be worth it because they will be alone. John was amused when Pat chose not to eat the turtle soup that Caroline had prepared for her. Pat told John that Caroline does not seem to spend much time with her gentleman friend, that everyone knows little about him, and that she avoids delving into the topic at length. Steve wistfully told Bernice that he and Alice went to her favorite restaurant in France and the staff acted overjoyed to see them because they relish watching young couples in love. Bernice advocated patience when Steve lamented that Alice has not agreed to marry him or committed to coming home. Steve told Bernice that Walter and Lenore's vacation in St. Croix is doing them a world of good. Bernice tried to quell Steve's angst when they spotted Rachel coming into Tallboys with Brian. Dru told Jim and Mary that he is anxious for Walter to return since he is retiring soon, Rafe is new to the firm, and the backlog of work is too much for John to handle on his own. Dru told Jim and Mary that Tom is resolute in solving Wayne's murder and wants Walter's assistance since he knew Wayne personally and had researched his background thoroughly. Mary admitted to Dru that she is depressed over him leaving Bay City. Dru affectionately told Jim and Mary that he will not forget everyone who is dear to him. Steve thanked Bernice for letting him vent his woes over Alice. Rachel grew frustrated and angry when Brian asked to dance with Bernice and Steve walked back to his table to sit by himself.

APRIL 7, 1971 (EP. #1725)
Ada groused to Ernie that time is meaningless to Rachel when she is on dates with Brian. Ernie grew thoughtful as Ada explained that Rachel is interested in Brian because he is the only man who takes her out these days. Rachel reproached Ada for stalling for time and scaring Brian away by insisting that she hem Rachel's dress before she and Ernie head home. Ernie and Ada were unsympathetic as Rachel carped that Steve escorted her back to her table, then went to sit alone while Brian danced and talked with Bernice as though they were on a date. Ada opined that Brian got revenge against Rachel for using Steve to arouse his jealousy. Rachel boasted to a skeptical Ernie and Ada that she will change Brian's mind on making a commitment and that he will eventually propose marriage to her. Caroline hid her chagrin towards Pat's good health, sentiment that evenings alone are the best in happy marriages, and Pat's optimism that Walter's return will lessen the hours John is spending at the office. Caroline told Pat that her gentleman friend's wife claims that she loves him and she will not consent to a separation or divorce, but reiterated her faith that things will work out for her. Dru laid out his travel plans to Dan while Susan prepared the necessary vaccinations for him. Dan told Dru that Ted is affable, but acknowledged that neither he nor Cindy have mentioned his work history. Brian admitted to Rachel that she got her comeuppance last night for trying to show him off to Steve. Brian told Rachel that he is going on a business trip to New York. Rachel contemplated living in New York while Brian described the theaters, restaurants, shops, and exciting atmosphere there.

APRIL 8, 1971 (EP. #1726)
Liz begrudgingly agreed to attend a Women's Club meeting once Luella explained that the only talk among the members surrounding Liz is managing this year's charity events without her. Jim informed Pat that he is setting up a new accounting system for the clinic. Pat told Jim and Dan that she has not had a recurrence of the stomach virus for days, will not to rush Caroline into leaving, and asked Dan to confirm that her illness is not contagious so that she can be with the twins. Jim advised Susan that she should not allow Liz to act like a martyr, impede her from moving out, and warned that continuing to stay with Liz may cause problems for her. Mary expressed doubts to Helen that Luella succeeded in getting Liz to attend meetings. Pat told Jim, Mary, and Helen that Dan gave her a clean bill of health. Helen bemoaned to Jim, Mary, and Pat that Lenore is still plagued with memories of finding Wayne's dead body, the trial, and her missing scarf. Jim, Pat, and Helen agreed that Wayne's killer was likely a male associate he had conned. Helen told Mary that her house should be finished in a few weeks. Liz was taken aback when Helen joined Luella in praising her qualifications as the chairman of charity events for the Women's Club. Helen accepted Liz's apologies for maligning Lenore. Mary and Luella tried to mediate when Helen lambasted Liz for claiming that she bought Wayne's lies of having an affair with Lenore and did not mean to intentionally hurt her. Dan and Susan talked about Rafe seeing Liz socially. Dan promised to help Susan move into her apartment and cook dinner for them that first night. Susan smiled contently when Dan stated that she means a great deal to him.

Helen: (to Pat) "...Your mother told me you were coming over. But I didn't expect to see you, Jim."
Mary: "Neither did I. Where did you two meet?"
Pat: "At the clinic. I had an appointment with Dan, and Dad was there to do something with the books and offered to drive me here."
Jim: "I thought this was a good chance to find out what women do when there are no men around."

APRIL 9, 1971 (EP. #1727)
Susan was dismayed when Liz hypothesized that she may not want to move out once she describes her recent ordeals. Liz complained to Susan that Luella coaxed her into attending a Women's Club meeting, the members were initially cordial, but surmised that they were gossiping behind her back. Susan was noncommittal as Liz carped that Helen rejected her apologies for the harm she inflicted onto Lenore and that she unintentionally hurt her by believing Wayne's lies. Susan tried to convince Liz that she jumped to conclusions over everyone's attitudes towards her and suggested that she run for chairman of fundraising events. Liz was stunned when Susan stated that she has other people in which to confide and warned that Liz may use her presence as an excuse to avoid being socially active. Caroline effusively spoke to Russ and Cindy about her gentleman friend being a youthful, vigorous person who works in an altruistic profession. Russ and Caroline congratulated Cindy for being accepted into Nurse's training. Cindy disagreed with Russ's contention that Caroline babbles endlessly about her gentleman friend because she is in love. Peggy helped Dru delegate his cases to John, Walter, and Rafe and gradually clear his office. John informed Dru and Peggy that Walter plans to commute to Bay City during weekdays and fly back to St. Croix on weekends to be with Lenore. Dru conjectured to John and Peggy that Walter wants to stay abreast of Tom's progress in Wayne's case and offer his assistance. Russ admitted to Cindy that he is depressed because she is leaving the clinic. Cindy held hands with Russ, who lauded her for bringing happiness and optimism into his life.

APRIL 12, 1971 (EP. #1728)
Ted covered his discomfort when Cindy praised him for finding her keys to the clinic's drug cabinet. Cindy told Ted that she shared a few fond memories of their childhood with Russ. Casey called to warn Ted to repay his debts immediately. Jim and Mary remarked that John thinks highly of Rafe, has known him for years, and that he is a handsome bachelor after complimenting Liz for looking dazzling in a new dress. Liz griped to Jim and Mary that Susan is determined to move out despite the ghastly Women's Club meeting Liz attended and her confrontation with Helen. Jim and Mary lectured Liz for expecting Helen to quickly forgive her significant role in getting Lenore indicted and tried for murder. Susan overheard Liz wail to Jim and Mary that she picked a dreadful time to move out. Dru familiarized Rafe with a long-term client that he will be assuming once Dru retires. Dru told Rafe that Walter seemed tense while telling John that he is commuting from Bay City to St. Croix, but Dru concluded that Walter is eager to assist Tom in finding Wayne's killer. Dru was pleased that Rafe is dating Liz and taking her to see the opera, La Traviata. Liz exploded at Susan for asking for permission to take some kitchen appliances and stated that Susan cannot know the ways in which she has suffered. Susan was bemused as Liz brightened and forgot her grievances once Rafe came to take her on their date. Ted lied to Cindy that the call he received was about potential jobs. Cindy urged Ted to take the nutrition job at the hospital should they offer it to him. Ted teased Cindy for being in love with the doctor who treated her illness. Cindy told Ted that she wants him to be happy and successful.

Cindy: "And you know...people come into the clinic...I get to meet them...and talk to them sometimes...very nice Mrs. Luella Watson...she's that very nice lady that took me to the clinic in the first place, you know, when I was sick...that's how I met Russ..."
Ted: (TEASING HER) "And now you're in love with the boss doctor. And the boss doctor is in love with you."
Cindy: "Now, Ted. Cut it out."

APRIL 13, 1971 (EP. #1729)
Ada told an incredulous Ernie that she agreed to babysit Jamie while Rachel went to the movies alone since she is not with Brian and will be home early. Ernie and Ada were floored to discover that Rachel had checked out a guidebook on New York from the library. Russ tried to persuade Cindy into leaving work because of her tired appearance to no avail. Cindy quipped that she and Russ had reached an impasse since he forestalled working at the hospital while Cindy insisted that she felt fine. Russ declared his love to Cindy, then berated himself for lousing up his marriage to Rachel. Luella unwittingly interrupted Russ and Cindy kissing tenderly. Cindy expressed gratitude to Luella for bringing her to the clinic to be treated since it led to meeting Russ and getting a new job. Luella tried to assuage Cindy's insecurities about Russ's feelings for her by pointing out that Rachel was an awful wife. Luella reflected to Cindy that she learned that divorces leave scars and a sense of failure on people. Cindy became wistful once Luella opined Russ fell in love with the person she is. Ted did not share Belle's enthusiasm over him getting a job in the nutritionist department of the hospital. Belle provoked Ted's ire by begging him not to spoil Cindy's romance with Russ and the family's newfound happiness. Ted accused Belle of being ashamed of him, but promised that he will not do anything to hurt her or Cindy. Rachel boasted to Ernie and Ada that Brian will be working on an important case in New York that could take him to the top of the legal profession. Ada reproached Rachel for inventing fantasies of marrying Brian and moving to New York with him instead of making friends in Bay City.

Notes: Rachel's book on New York was titled, "Guide To New York and Environs." Luella mentions that she has known Russ and Cindy separately since they were children and has been widowed for ten years.

APRIL 14, 1971 (EP. #1730)
Steve and Peggy thought it peculiar and uncharacteristic of Walter after finding several legal documents shoved in the back of his filing cabinet in an unorganized fashion. Steve and Peggy debated on whether it will be beneficial for Walter to work in Bay City on weekdays and spend weekends with Lenore and Wally in St. Croix. Walter told Peggy that St. Croix has been recuperative for Lenore and thanked Steve for lending his house to them. Walter became unnerved upon learning from Peggy that he received several messages from Tom. Pat joked to Caroline that Lenore is a typical mother for believing that Wally is handsome, tall, and intelligent after reading Lenore's letter. Dan called to check on Pat, who opined that he should feel marvelous that he is responsible for delivering healthy, thriving babies. Caroline gradually slid a cup of herbal tea that contained her indigestion powder towards Pat and subtly encouraged her to drink it. Caroline was frustrated when Pat poured out the tea because it had become stone cold. Tom ruefully told Walter that there are no new developments in Wayne's homicide case. Walter vehemently told Tom that he had a business relationship with Wayne through Steve, rarely saw him socially, and Wayne never confided in him about anything personal. Tom asked Walter to keep in touch should he remember anything that might assist in the investigation and reiterated his tenacity in solving Wayne's murder. Susan asked Dan to accompany her to Bryant's to purchase furniture for her new apartment. Dan expressed pride in Susan for resisting Liz's efforts to stop her from moving out of the house. Susan thanked Dan for helping her to grow up and gain independence.

APRIL 15, 1971 (EP. #1731)
Rachel received a call from Brian, who asked to make their date an early night since he is flying to New York tomorrow. Ada was miffed when a smug Rachel bragged that she is certain that Brian has something important to say to her before going on business. Steve fondly watched Jamie play with the toy he had gifted him and urged Ada to discuss her troubles over Rachel since her issues likely affect Jamie. Ada griped to Steve that Brian made Rachel jealous by flirting with Bernice and she fears that Rachel will be devastated because Brian may be interested in nothing more than a casual fling with her. Steve agreed to speak to Rachel about Brian as a favor to Ada, though Steve dreaded bringing up the subject to Rachel. Caroline slipped poison into Pat's bowl before serving soup to her and John. John informed Pat and Caroline that he will be working with an out-of-state client in the study for most of the evening. Pat gushed to Caroline and John that it felt wonderful to be healthy again and take the twins outdoors. Caroline reassured John and Pat that her plans are flexible and that she is delighted to continue working for them. Rachel hid her disappointment while joining Brian in toasting to his potential career advancement while he is in New York. Brian told Rachel that he will likely be too busy with meeting and socializing with partners of the firm to call her. Rachel swooned after Brian kissed her passionately and vowed to alleviate her loneliness once he returns. Pat grew distraught while telling John and Caroline that she is suffering from another recurrence of the stomach virus. John and Pat declined Caroline's offers to help and agreed to consult Dan first thing in the morning.

APRIL 16, 1971 (EP. #1732)
Walter demanded to see Bernice, prompting her to remind Walter that he cannot bully her anymore. Bernice realized that Walter had lightened his approach in arranging a meeting with her because John came into Walter's office during the phone conversation. Walter told John that he wants to recruit Bernice in helping Tom to solve Wayne's homicide case. John theorized to Walter that Wayne would not disclose the names of his accomplices or people he had swindled because he posed as a legitimate businessman. John opined to Walter that Bernice has concealed knowledge of Wayne's murder, but Walter argued that Bernice is above suspicion. Russ told Dru that Dan is going to thoroughly examine Pat and perform medical tests to ensure that they can permanently cure her stomach virus. Dru was pleased to learn from Russ that Cindy is at orientation for Nurse's school and Ted secured the job at the nutrition department of the hospital. Russ glumly told Dru that he will miss Cindy once she leaves the clinic, that he was too blindly in love with Rachel to see her true nature, and that his personal flaws might ruin a second marriage. Dru assured Russ that Cindy is the antithesis of Rachel and predicted that he and Cindy would have a fine marriage. Jim tried to ease Mary's concerns over Pat's health. Jim and Mary defended Susan's reasons for moving out to Liz. Liz downplayed the significance of dating Rafe to an amused Jim and Mary. Bernice gave Walter the names of Wayne's accomplices but warned Walter not to mention Quincy to Tom. Walter was stricken once Bernice stated that he would be her primary suspect had he not been in Chicago on the day that Wayne was killed.

Russ: "Everybody knows you're perceptive -- but has anyone ever told you that you're very reassuring?"
Dru: "Oh, come on. I'll bet you say that to all your adopted Uncles..."

Notes: Bernice gives the following names of Wayne's past accomplices: Paul Skelly (phony company named Northwest Mining and Development), Sam Roberts (Canadian deal in Toronto), and Roger Cronin (West Coast deal in San Francisco, California).

APRIL 19, 1971 (EP. #1733)
John got Pat to be candid with Dan about being tired and morose since she had a relapse of her stomach ailment, despite not having symptoms for two days. Dan and John grew concerned when Pat questioned whether she will ever feel well again. Pat gave Dan a detailed account of her activities, meals, and the time frame in which she started feeling sick again. Dan advised John and Pat that he and Russ are puzzled that she is not running a temperature, then outlined plans to perform blood tests to properly diagnose and treat Pat. Steve urged Rachel to look into a nursery school named the Waverly School before Jamie reaches the appropriate age because it has a long waiting list. Rachel seethed when Steve conjectured that Brian is a fine lawyer, but expressed doubts that he would marry a woman who cannot further his career. Rachel angrily told Steve that she does not need his input. Ada swore to Rachel that she did not tell Steve that Jamie stays with her and Ernie while she goes out with Brian. Rachel accused Ada of interfering in her life by asking Steve to talk to her about Brian, but Ernie countered that Ada wishes that she would be sensible. Ernie and Ada lectured Rachel for thinking that Brian will commit to her or propose marriage. Rachel reiterated her confidence that Brian wants a future with her in New York. Liz denied Dan's contention that she and Susan will get along better living apart since they have different interests and temperaments. Liz made subtle, acerbic remarks about Dan and Susan having a failed marriage in common. Dan purposefully told Liz that most second marriages are successful without outside interference, which neither he nor Susan will tolerate.

APRIL 20, 1971 (EP. #1734)
Dru was displeased with Walter's inefficiency when he could not locate building leases and a contract for clients. John glumly told Dru that Pat is depressed due to being under siege by a virus, but expressed relief that Dan is performing tests to verify Pat's initial diagnosis. Dru and John agreed that Walter's time in St. Croix was not as beneficial for him as they had hoped and that Walter is making potentially costly errors. John took Dru's advice not to mention the quality of Walter's work and to be patient with him because of the residual stress of the trial and Tom's ongoing investigation. Walter told Steve that giving Tom the names of Wayne's associates that Bernice provided is futile since Wayne only mentioned legitimate dealings to maintain his ruse of being a reputable businessman. Steve accepted Walter's theory that Wayne ordered the hits on Steve's life so that he would not be exposed as a con artist. Walter suggested to Steve that the true culprit may have killed Wayne in a fit of rage without premeditation during a confrontation. Liz feigned indifference when Russ and Cindy enthused about her dating Rafe. Russ and Cindy tried to convince Liz that she is not suspected of killing Wayne and that Susan yearns for independence by living on her own. Liz called Russ and Cindy naive for ignoring the cruelty in people and carped that they cannot appreciate her point of view towards Susan moving out. Russ and Cindy predicted that Liz would try to thwart Susan's plans. Ted told Russ that he is seeking other employment while working at the hospital. Ted felt tortured witnessing Russ and Cindy's affectionate banter while he pondered his scheme to steal drugs from the clinic.

APRIL 21, 1971 (EP. #1735)
Rafe asked Liz to pick the restaurant for their dinner date. Rafe interjected when Liz tried to fabricate reasons that Dan and Susan should postpone moving her belongings into the new apartment. Liz sincerely expressed gratitude to Susan for sacrificing her own needs and giving Liz moral support while she suffered horrible travails. Rafe reassured Liz that, while he does not consider her a selfish, demanding mother, she cannot continue treating Susan like a child who should continue staying with her, that she lived alone content for years, and hinted that she might not be by herself for much longer. Dan praised Susan for taking the big step of moving into her own place. Dan and Susan marveled that Rafe spared them from Liz's protests and remarked that he may be the best thing to happen to Liz in ages. Dan professed his love and got affectionate with Susan in her new kitchen. Mary updated Liz on Pat's illness, Alice's work in France, and Russ's romance with Cindy while Jim gave Rafe a tour of Liz's house. Jim and Mary noted that Liz seems to relish the fact that Rafe is gradually softening her harsh, manipulative ways and opined that Rafe is affable. Rafe got Liz to agree that children should assert their independence as adults and that parents who rebuke these efforts are attempting to prolong their childhood. Liz commended Rafe for being wise and understanding, prompting Jim, Mary, Dan, and Susan to exchange delighted glances at each other. Ted implored Casey to have trust and patience that he will repay his debts soon. Belle smiled wanly to Ted's declaration that he is not in trouble because she overheard Ted's frantic tone while he was on the phone with Casey.

Jim: (SOTTO [VOICE]) "What do you think of him?"
Mary: "Rafe?" (JIM NODS) "I love him."
Jim: (MOCKING) "Love him?"
Mary: "I mean I love him for Liz. I think he's just about perfect."
Jim: "Doesn't let her get away with a thing, does he?"
Mary: "Not a thing. And you know something else? She loves it."
Jim: "Does she?"
Mary: (NODS) "I can tell. She may not know it, but she loves it."
Jim: "You're such a smart cookie."
Mary: "Yes...about some things I am."

APRIL 22, 1971 (EP. #1736)
Russ sensed rightly that Cindy was forlorn because she did not give him a cheerful greeting upon his arrival to work. Cindy told Russ that Belle was scared by Ted's reaction to a call he had received and fretted that Belle may cause Ted to leave town by nagging him about possibly being in trouble. Russ cautioned Cindy against inventing things to worry about concerning Ted. Dan told Russ and Cindy that Susan's move into her new apartment went swimmingly because Rafe stopped Liz from acting like Susan was deserting her. Cindy noticed Dan sobered after he retrieved a message from Gloria. Russ explained that Gloria has provided Dan with troubling reports on Barbara lately, leading Cindy to hope that the issue does not ruin Dan and Susan's happiness. Rafe tried to reassure Walter that his law partners have been patient with him because of the stress of the trial and Wayne's homicide case being unsolved. Walter and Rafe discussed the manner in which Wayne was killed. Rafe cited the novel "Crime and Punishment" to illustrate to Walter that the killer may turn himself in to the police due to being consumed with guilt from committing the crime, which made Walter ill. Cindy expressed admiration to Caroline for treating the twins like her own children. Dan advised Caroline not to give Pat a prescription unless she has a relapse of her stomach virus. Dan called to inform Pat that her medical tests came back negative. Caroline whispered to the twins that they will be returned to their real mother after Pat takes them to the park. Cindy swooned as Russ listed the ways in which he loves her. Russ and Cindy were utterly shocked when Ted arrived at the clinic disheveled, dirty, and bruised.

APRIL 23, 1971 (EP. #1737)
Russ asked a dazed and despondent Cindy to get the first aid supplies so that he could treat Ted's wounds. Ted claimed that he got into an argument which escalated into a physical altercation as Russ consoled Cindy, who sobbed over Ted being hurt. Ted improvised a tale for Russ and Cindy of getting into a bar fight over politics, which he jokingly compared to being the captain of his high school's debate team. Russ cleaned and applied antiseptic to Ted's bruises while Ted adamantly refused Cindy's request to report the incident. Cindy retrieved a patient's file for Russ while he gave Ted a tetanus shot and monitored him to ensure that he would not have an adverse reaction to it. Ted apologized to Cindy for coming to the clinic injured and feared that Belle will chastise him for getting into trouble. Cindy remarked that Belle and Ted clash because they are both strong-willed people who want success for him yet pursue things in vastly different ways. Ted told Cindy that he has a passion for the restaurant industry, that he ran a diner until a freeway was built nearby, and decried his lack of funds to start a business. Russ instructed Ted to use a compress to ease the swelling on his face. Dan sang Susan's praises to Russ for asserting herself against Liz's influence. Russ and Dan marveled that they are lucky to be in love with beautiful, remarkable women. Cindy started to doubt Ted's claims when Belle probed for details on the circumstances behind his fight. Ted proclaimed to Belle and Cindy that he does not intend to work at the hospital long-term. Casey boasted that Ted knows the consequences of not meeting his financial obligations and made a veiled threat about Cindy's safety.

APRIL 26, 1971 (EP. #1738)
Dan was impressed that Cindy had assisted Susan with moving furniture and got her settled in her new apartment. Jim advocated for letting things develop naturally when Dru and Mary expressed optimism that Russ and Cindy will get married and Rafe and Liz will become romantically involved. Jim and Mary told an incredulous Dru that Rafe impeded Liz from fussing over Susan moving out and Liz complimented his wisdom as though he were Moses delivering the Ten Commandments. A distraught Russ told Jim, Mary, and Dru that Cindy was frightened because Ted had been beaten during a fight at a bar. Dru agreed with Russ's assertions that Walter's commute has been rough, that Lenore is conscious of some people thinking that she killed Wayne, and Walter is contrite over struggling to concentrate at work. Jim, Mary, and Russ were intrigued as Dru recounted Rafe's theory that Wayne's murderer may unburden himself by surrendering to the police after showing tell-tale signs of guilt. Mary opined to Jim, Russ, and Dru that Rafe's hypothesis would be the best outcome for Lenore's sake. Frank and Peggy made a pact that they will never allow their respective jobs to affect their personal relationship again. Peggy carefully advised Frank that she wishes to finish law school without distractions, which means she must make sacrifices to her social life. Frank begrudgingly agreed to remain friends with Peggy and expect nothing more. Dan fretted to Susan that he is worried because he has not received more updates from Gloria on Barbara in several days. Susan was overjoyed when Dan expressed the desire to learn everything about her and professed his love.

Jim: "Russell has been dining with Cindy Clark instead of us...most nights."
Dru: "I wonder why."
Mary: "Must be he likes her better than he likes us."
Dru: "She's prettier..." (TO MARY) "Than Jim or me, I mean."
Mary: "No kidding..."

Production Notes: Dan McCullough, who was the show announcer for ATWT from 1956-1957, substituted for Bill Wolff as the announcer during this episode. Act IV was heavily revised to include Dan's concerns about Barbara, Susan cracking jokes about topics of conversation, and Dan and Susan's declarations of love.

APRIL 27, 1971 (EP. #1739)
Peggy gathered Tom's phone messages for Walter. Walter mused to Peggy that he enjoys St. Croix because it is peaceful and has perfect weather. Peggy became concerned when Walter revealed that Lenore is haunted by memories of the trial, dreads leaving St. Croix, and expects that more newspaper articles will be written about Wally's paternity being a cornerstone of Tom's prosecution. Walter told Peggy that he blames himself for not realizing that Wayne was an evil man who negatively impacted the lives of many decent, innocent people. Peggy informed Walter that a news story reaffirmed Tom's determination in solving Wayne's homicide case. Walter complained to Peggy that he cannot help Tom's investigation, but scheduled an appointment to consult Bernice and return Tom's phone calls while feeling anguished and pressured. Liz made subtle barbs about not expecting an invitation to see Susan's new apartment, that she cannot make decisions on her own, and was being extravagant by getting a place with a second bedroom she does not currently need. Susan told Liz that she and Dan are being sensible as they build a future together. Liz felt a rapport with Susan, who described Rafe as smart, warm, and sympathetic and suggested that they come to dinner soon. Peggy admitted to Pat that Lenore is still brooding over the murder trial. Pat became excited when Peggy suggested that she keep a diary of her meals and any reactions to them so that Dan can determine whether her stomach ailment was from an unknown food allergy. Cindy bought Ted's claims that the bar fight was not indicative of being in trouble. Casey threatened Ted's life should he fail to pay back his debts.

Production Notes: According to the script, Bill Wolff's announcements prior to the commercial breaks were not present at the end of Acts I and II during this episode for an unknown reason. Susan gives her address as 7 Piermont Street while checking on kitchen supplies she had ordered to be delivered to her apartment.

APRIL 28, 1971 (EP. #1740)
Walter told Bernice that Tom is requesting more names of Wayne's accomplices, but Bernice maintained that Tom's endeavors are pointless. Bernice explained to Walter that Wayne was a loner, carefully picked his marks, and that a victim of Wayne's schemes would have dealt with him before he was killed. Walter proclaimed Liz's innocence, but grew unnerved when Bernice posited that Wayne's murderer was a recent acquaintance of his from Bay City. Bernice warned Walter to quell John's suspicions or she will reveal that Walter was complicit in Wayne's scam on Steve and knew of his plot to kill him. Pat reassured John that she feels fine after taking the twins to the park and preparing a special meal since Jim and Mary are joining them for dinner. John and Pat agreed that it is strange that Caroline rarely sees her gentleman friend and noted that she considers Jane a snoop. Pat advised John that Dan approved of her keeping a diary to pinpoint potential food allergies. John ruefully decided to obtain the date that Dru plans to leave Bay City so that Pat can plan his farewell celebration. Pat agreed with John's sentiments that Dru is liked by everyone due to his wise, patient, and sympathetic nature and lamented his upcoming departure. Jim, Mary, John, and Pat discussed the twins, Russ and Cindy, and Ted's new job. Pat decided to exclude alcohol from her diet after recalling that Caroline has put wine in several dishes lately, which can irritate the stomach. Belle remained suspicious of Ted's activities while he was away and the reasons that he came home despite Cindy's defense of Ted. Cindy was shaken after Belle learned that Ted had lied about working late by calling the hospital.

Notes: Cindy mentions that Ted attended culinary school and worked as a cook while in the Army. Mary reveals that Russ was taller than most boys his age during much of his youth.

APRIL 29, 1971 (EP. #1741)
Pat enthused to Caroline that she feels as though she has never been sick a day in her life. Caroline was skeptical towards Pat's conclusion that she has developed a sensitivity to the wine that Caroline has been putting in soups to enhance their flavor. Pat refuted Caroline's assumption that Dan would object to keeping a diary to identify potential food allergies and planned to avoid eating meals that contain several ingredients, much to Caroline's chagrin. Caroline covered her desperation and acquiesced to Pat's request that she stay for a couple additional weeks. Dan admitted to Russ that it took time to persuade Susan into moving out of Liz's house. Russ sadly alluded to his failed marriage to Rachel while wistfully commenting that Dan makes loving Susan, getting married, and sharing a home with her look easy. Dan urged Russ to have faith that he will find happiness again. Dan told Russ that he offers Barbara support and reassurance, but fretted that they do not talk about personal issues. Russ convinced Dan to visit Barbara in hopes that he can straighten her out by spending time with her. Rafe raved about Liz's house and cooking. Rafe decided to quit being amenable to Liz and criticized her for griping about living alone and doing her own gardening. Liz laughed at Rafe's joke that they are both impossible yet perfect for each other. Susan related to Barbara's complicated relationship with Gloria as Dan explained that he had wanted to spare Barbara from balancing loyalties between her parents by having her stay with Gloria. Dan was elated when Susan proposed that they fix up the second bedroom for Barbara and yearned to forge a relationship with her.

APRIL 30, 1971 (EP. #1742)
Rachel happily told an indifferent Ada that Brian called her right after returning home and arranged a date for them. Ada questioned Rachel's gratitude towards letting Jamie stay with her and Ernie and was doubtful over Rachel's certainty that Brian will propose to her. Liz struck down appointing John, Walter, and Brian to replace Dru as her personal attorney. Dru recommended Rafe for Liz by citing his keen insight into other people, fine character, and professional credentials. Liz confessed to Dru that Rafe presumes on their friendship and that she dislikes his frankness with her, but decided to accept Dru's advice. Ernie gently chided Ada for telling Steve that he is exhausted from fixing things for Rachel and working at the garage during the evenings. Steve regretfully told Ernie and Ada that Rachel got defensive when he opined that she is not leading her life intelligently. Ernie and Ada carped to Steve that Rachel is consumed by romantic ideas that Brian intends to marry her. Steve, Ernie, and Ada bemoaned that Rachel creates unrealistic expectations and takes a fall when her plans fail. John told Caroline that Pat's food diary is a perfect example of her resilience towards meeting goals that she sets for herself. Caroline told John that she made tentative plans to leave the Randolph's employ in two weeks. John echoed Caroline's sentiment that life should be like a jigsaw puzzle in which a person can find the ways in which the pieces fit together. Brian fibbed to Rachel that he spent most of his trip to New York at the hotel and thought about her. Rachel disguised her frustration when Brian took her in his arms and kissed her, but parroted her declarations of love without proposing marriage.

MAY 3, 1971 (EP. #1743)
Brian was ambivalent as Rachel gushed about cooking breakfast for the man that she loves. Ernie told Rachel that he enjoyed trying to teach Jamie to read while the boy sat in his lap. Rachel prattled that Brian wanted to tell her all about his important trip to New York and hear about her activities while he was away to forestall answering Ernie's question on whether Brian proposed to her. Ernie tried to muster optimism as Rachel emphasized that Brian loves her and will propose marriage soon. Rachel grew fearful when Ernie's knees buckled slightly as he was about to leave the apartment and went to rest in a chair. Mary fretted to Jim that a part of their lives will be gone once Dru leaves town. Dru told Jim and Mary that Liz deliberately ruled out John and Walter to be her lawyer and dissembled hesitation over choosing Rafe so that Dru would vouch for him, prompting Dru to pretend as though he needed Rafe's consent. Jim cautioned Mary against pushing Rafe and Liz into a relationship. Mary happily told Jim and Dru that Alice's latest letter seems to indicate that she might be coming home. Luella humbly downplayed her role in getting Cindy treated for her illness and bringing Russ into her life. Cindy confided to Luella her worries about Ted's fight, odd reaction to phone calls he has received, and Belle's suspicions that Ted is in trouble. Luella urged Cindy to support Ted in hopes that he will confess his issues. Brian told Rachel that he must consider some things before taking a partnership in a law firm in New York. Rachel raved that Brian is a charming, brilliant, and handsome lawyer who will have exciting cases, rich and powerful clients, a large office, and his own secretaries.

Rachel: "...Oh, Brian! You're going to be a big important New York lawyer...with big important clients...and you'll be handling wonderful exciting cases...and you'll get to be terribly well-known...and I'll be so proud of you..."
Brian: "Wait a minute! Nothing has happened yet, you know."
Rachel: "Oh, but it will...I know it will...Oh, I can just see you in New York...great big office...way high up in one of those buildings...with carpeting and everything..."
Brian: "Oh...wall to wall to wall."
Rachel: "Yeah...and secretaries all over the place...and everybody calling you up and asking you to be their lawyer...very rich people and heads of corporations and chairmen of banks' boards and...all those kinds of people...Oh, you'll be sensational."

MAY 4, 1971 (EP. #1744)
Ernie and Ada noticed that Rachel was scatterbrained as she prepared to go grocery shopping with them. Rachel crowed to Ernie and Ada that a New York law firm offered Brian a partnership after being impressed with his work on a corporate law case, but maintained that Brian is considering marriage and taking Rachel and Jamie away from their family before accepting the job. Ernie and Ada objected when Rachel insisted that she would not interfere in Brian's career and would follow him anywhere as his wife. Rachel harangued Ernie and Ada for doubting that Brian loves her and that they will move to New York. John encouraged Walter to take Bay City newspapers to Lenore to show that coverage of her trial has dissipated. Walter told John that Lenore knows that he is assisting Tom in Wayne's homicide case. John commended Walter for the vast improvement in his legal work at the office. Walter belied his own self-doubt by reassuring John that he is making strides in putting Wayne's murder in the past. Russ playfully made dinner plans with Cindy. Cindy admitted to Russ that she is forlorn because Ted was beaten without provocation, that Ted has been jumpy and restless, and may leave town due to boredom and dissatisfaction. Russ raised Cindy's spirits by telling her that Ted's boss at the hospital is pleased with his work. Steve chose to have Bernice audit Welco Electronics to determine the cost of replacing management since the company is located in Chicago, which Walter associates with learning of Wayne's murder and Lenore being interrogated by the police. Walter covered his anxiety when Steve commented that Bernice has a knack for digging deeply to unearth the facts.

MAY 5, 1971 (EP. #1745)
Cindy was touched that Ted came to accompany her home from work. Ted felt tormented when Cindy expressed pride in him for the glowing assessment his boss at the hospital gave to Russ. Ted acted ignorant towards Casey's reasons when Cindy mentioned that he had called the clinic. Russ noticed that Ted seemed uptight while claiming that he was not injured in the fight he had with an unruly bar patron. Ted politely declined Russ's invitation to join him and Cindy for dinner. Casey warned Ted that the next attack he receives may be fatal unless he is repaid. Ted promised Casey that he will have a large portion of his debt settled by tomorrow. Jane was surprised to learn from Pat that Caroline agreed to stay in her employ until she is certain that she will not have more recurrences of the stomach virus. Pat told Jane that Caroline has faced setbacks with her unhappily married gentleman friend, but Caroline maintains that things will work out for them. Jane unwittingly stunned Pat by lamenting that Caroline has suffered in her life and that a romance with her gentleman friend cannot match the love she felt for Charles. Pat told Caroline that John is working late with Walter and Rafe. Caroline probed Pat to gauge whether Jane had revealed anything previously undisclosed about her. Pat bought Caroline's lies that her relationship with Charles was not serious, that they drifted apart, and that she hardly thinks about him anymore. Caroline and Pat yearned for Russ to find true love with Cindy. Russ admitted to Cindy that he is being cautious with her because Rachel hurt his self-esteem. Ted snuck into the clinic, unlocked the drug cabinet, lifted drugs, and escaped through a window.


MAY 6, 1971 (EP. #1746)
Russ and Cindy realized that someone had broken into the clinic. Russ and Cindy discovered that the laboratory's drug cabinet had been cleaned out after they canvassed the offices, equipment, and supply of petty cash. Cindy made an inventory of the medications that needed to be replaced while Russ reported the robbery to the authorities. Russ urged a despondent Cindy not to hastily conclude that she had forgotten to lock the cabinet before leaving work last night. Ted angrily slammed a duplicate set of keys onto a table while trying to numb his self-loathing over stealing drugs from Russ and Dan. Rafe readily agreed to take some clients from Dru, which included Liz. John and Dru ribbed Rafe for his eagerness to legally represent Liz, considering her a charming companion, and interest in continuing to date her. Rafe told John and Dru that Liz is stimulating and that he wishes to teach Liz the proper ways in which to use her intelligence. Liz reprimanded Luella for pressuring her over running for chairman of charity functions for the Women's Club. Liz complained to Rafe that she hardly leaves the house and is not kept abreast of things by her family. Rafe assured Liz that he is not socializing with her out of pity, then expressed admiration for Liz's indomitable attitude, proud refusal to be defeated, and character as a leader. Liz decided to accept Luella's nomination for chairman of charity events after pondering Rafe's assessment of her. Ted dissembled shock and distress as Cindy told him about the robbery at the clinic. Russ and Ted felt miserable when Cindy surrendered her keys due to not trusting herself with them. Ted was consumed with regret while gazing at the drug cabinet.

MAY 7, 1971 (EP. #1747)
Ada became distraught when Ernie came home early because he was not feeling well. Ernie let Ada guide him to a chair and dismissed his condition as exhaustion from working too hard at the garage. Ada tried to get Ernie to eat and allow her to call Russ to no avail. Ernie was listless and weary while Ada talked to him about the burglary at the clinic. Ada grew worried when Ernie decided to get some sleep. Steve ruefully told Bernice that the news of Wayne's murder and Lenore being implicated caused him to foolishly acquire Welco Electronics with the current management and asked Bernice to fly to Chicago to examine their books and light a fire under the staff. Steve suggested that Bernice stay at the Hotel Danforth and disclose that she is an employee of Frame Enterprises so that the manager will give her preferential treatment. Steve was self-conscious while calling Jim to ask whether Alice had mentioned returning home in any recent correspondence. Liz bashfully admitted to Jim and Mary that Rafe inspired her to accept the nomination for chairman of charity events. Liz became slightly coy when Jim and Mary voiced approval towards her dating Rafe. Walter and Bernice were sympathetic as Steve bemoaned that he trusts few people since Wayne attempted to con him. Steve and Bernice reflected that Walter's time in Chicago was traumatic. Bernice subtly insinuated that Walter and Wayne had built a friendship and implicit trust over time. Steve stressed to Bernice that he had revealed Wayne's swindle of Robert Delaney to Walter, that he was present when Walter received the call about Wayne and Lenore, and that Wayne had fooled everyone by posing as a legitimate businessman.

MAY 10, 1971 (EP. #1748)
Caroline swore to Pat that her past romance with Charles was nothing like the one she has with her gentleman friend. Mary smiled wryly while telling Pat and Caroline that Rafe and Liz like each other very much. Caroline was vague and evasive in response to Mary and Pat's questions about her gentleman friend, but eventually claimed that things are progressing nicely for the two of them. Pat informed Caroline that she is free to leave anytime so that she can start a new life with her boyfriend since Pat has not relapsed in days. Jim and Rafe tactfully pointed out to Liz that she was alluding to Dan and Susan when she objected to Caroline getting married to her boyfriend after he gets divorced. Rafe convinced a contrite Liz that Dan and Susan are more experienced to make the compromises necessary to make a second marriage successful. Jim quietly encouraged Rafe's efforts to soften Liz's ways. Jim remarked that Dru will be eating authentic meals in their respective countries with forced jocularity. Dru, Jim, and Mary reminisced about the meals and the many milestones that they have shared together. Dru told Jim and Mary their children will always be young to him and that he has the privilege of feeling welcome and needed by them. Jim and Mary sadly accepted Dru's assertions that he must see the world while he still has the chance. Pat told John that she plans to throw a party for Dru at the house. Caroline was upset after catching John and Pat kissing fervently. Pat unwittingly stopped Caroline from poisoning her cocoa by having her check whether John had put out the fireplace. Caroline slammed the bottle of poison on the shelf as John and Pat headed to the bedroom.

Dru: "...I've had a wonderful life here...knowing the two of you so well...loving you more every day...watching the children grown up...being happy for them in their joyful times..."
Mary: "Why must you leave?"
Dru: "There are places I have to see, Mary...As many of them as I have time for. I don't have the blessed responsibilities that you two have...sons and daughters to worry about...and I think I should try to take in as much of this mysterious and fascinating world as I possibly can...while I still can."
Jim: "You'll write?"
Dru: "Well now of course I'll write...I'll keep in touch...No...let's say I'll never be out of touch. Wherever I am...a great chunk of me will still be right here...with you."

MAY 11, 1971 (EP. #1749)
Caroline told Millie that she does not believe that Pat has conquered her stomach virus because she has been quite tired and irritable lately. Caroline grinned as she clutched the bottle of poison and predicted to Millie that Pat will likely have another relapse. Pat credited Peggy with helping to maintain her health for the last two weeks by suggesting that she keep a diary to pinpoint any food allergies. John advocated caution to Pat over scheduling Caroline's departure. Walter told John and Peggy that he is meeting with Bernice to discuss Steve's business and has misplaced the file on the merger, which Peggy found in a law book Walter had used as a reference. John tried to convince himself and Peggy that Walter was not letting the quality of his work slip again. John told Frank that Walter is helping Lenore come to terms with the trial and Tom with Wayne's homicide case. Frank was mollified once John reassured him that Peggy does not harbor resentment towards him for initially believing in Lenore's guilt and urged Frank to be patient while she finishes law school. John ribbed Frank and Peggy for not telling him that they had planned a lunch date. Walter lambasted Bernice for needling him over his sloppy work on Steve's files and his qualms towards returning to Chicago. Bernice denounced Walter as a cheap confidence man like Wayne who would swindle anyone for a profit and contemptuously referred to Quincy as his partner-in-crime. Pat denied Caroline's claims that she looked ashen and may have over-exerted herself from shopping for the twins and running errands. Caroline was livid when Pat set a date for her departure and insisted on tending to a fussy Michael on her own.

MAY 12, 1971 (EP. #1750)
Dru was surprised by Brian's request to discuss a personal issue with him. Ada asked Ernie to quit giving her a hard time for scheduling a doctor's appointment and dismissing her worries. Rachel told Ernie and Ada that she took Jamie to check out the nursery school that Steve recommended, but maintained that Jamie will not be attending it since they will be in New York with Brian. Ada reminded Rachel that her assumptions that Brian would propose marriage have been wrong thus far. Ada refuted Rachel's claims that Brian is carefully considering the partnership and getting settled in New York by revealing that she spotted Brian with Steve near his law office yesterday. Russ eased Cindy's guilt over the burglary by emphasizing that her keys fell out of her coat pocket at home and quipped that they should hire a security watch dog. Russ defended Ada's concerns for Ernie's health. Cindy admitted to Ada that she was hesitant to begin nurses training because she will see less of Russ. Ada remarked to Cindy that she remains fond of Russ and conceded that Rachel never gave him the love and understanding that he deserved during their marriage. Brian told Dru that he has qualms over giving up his law practice and the pressure of handling landmark cases should he accept the partnership with the New York firm. Dru sensed that he had convinced Brian to take the job offer. Brian diffused Rachel's fury by admitting that he had returned two days ago, but lied that calling her would have impeded him from getting work done because he missed her terribly. Brian told Rachel that the legal matters he handled in New York would not interest her and got Rachel to respond to his sexual advances.

Notes: The name of the law firm that extended a partnership to Brian Blake was named Morton, Walker, and Webb whose offices are located in New York.

MAY 13, 1971 (EP. #1751)
Ted panicked when Casey revealed that only half of his debts have been paid. Casey hinted to a terrorized Ted that it would be a shame should something horrible happen to Cindy as a result of Ted failing to settle his financial obligations. Cindy helped Susan rearrange furniture in preparation for the "formal opening" of her apartment when Rafe and Liz come to have dinner with Susan and Dan. Susan urged Cindy not to be self-conscious about her living arrangements, background, or family because Russ is not materialistic and loves her unconditionally. Cindy agreed to take Susan's advice to be patient with Russ because he had been badly hurt by his unhappy marriage to Rachel. Susan told Cindy that she feels free, that Liz seems to respect her drive to lead her own life, but credited Rafe for being a positive influence on Liz. Ted spoke to a banker about his passion for the restaurant industry, admitted that the diner he once owned failed because a highway was built near it, and asked for a loan to start his own business. Casey's threats echoed in Ted's mind after the banker rejected his request for financial assistance to open a new restaurant. Cindy introduced Ted to Jim and Mary while they waited for Russ to make some phone calls. Ted joked that Cindy's admiration strokes his ego and awkwardly declined an invitation to join Jim, Mary, Russ, and Cindy for dinner. Russ tried to mollify Cindy's concerns that Ted seemed perturbed and pre-occupied to no avail. Rafe told Dan and Susan about his life as a bachelor in Somerset. Liz joined Rafe in complimenting Susan's cooking and decorating skills. Dan informed Susan, Liz, and Rafe that he was just notified that Barbara is in trouble.

Production Notes: A penciled-in note instructed Chet Kingsbury not to play any music during the end of the Prologue to enhance the dramatic effect of Casey's threats to Ted. Casey's voice-overs may have been pre-recorded, though the script is inconclusive.

MAY 14, 1971 (EP. #1752)
Dan struggled to articulate to Rafe, Liz, and Susan the bad news he had received from Gloria. Rafe stopped Liz from pressing Dan for details on Barbara and firmly escorted her out of the apartment so that Dan and Susan could be alone. Liz acquiesced to Rafe's advice that she should not pry into personal affairs by questioning Dan and Susan on Barbara's issues. Rafe opined to Liz that Dan is a nice man and Susan is wonderful and very mature. Liz told Dan that Susan was difficult to raise because she is headstrong, willful, and went through some difficult times. Rafe told Liz that she has a right to be proud of Susan for learning many life lessons through her. Dan groused to Susan that Barbara was caught cheating on a geometry exam and got suspended from school. Susan pitied Barbara as Dan reflected that Gloria pushed her to be the brightest, prettiest, and most popular girl in school who gets all the attention of her male classmates. Dan took Susan's suggestion to discuss the divorce and Gloria's excessive expectations with Barbara by contacting her by phone. Cindy confided to Susan that she has been pondering Belle's overbearing approach with Ted and carped that he stammered in response to Jim and Mary's dinner invitation as though he wanted to be alone. Ted stunned Cindy by requesting to speak with her and Russ. Ted commended Russ for being kind and considerate for getting him a job in the nutritionist department at the hospital, but confessed that his real aspiration is to get into the restaurant business. Russ and Cindy were rattled once Ted explained that he quit his job after getting upbraided for calling food wholesalers for his own purposes.

Liz: "There were times when I despaired of Susan's ever learning anything..."
Rafe: "Well, she learned how to make a basic white sauce at the age of eight."
Liz: "Oh, that! Well, of course I taught her such things...but I don't mean things like cooking...I mean about people and life and...and what fate can do to you."
Rafe: "She seems to have learned the basics of that, too."
Liz: "Do you think so?"
Rafe: "Yes."
Liz: "I guess she has. Yes, on the whole I'm very pleased with Susan."
Rafe: (Exit Line) "You have every right to be."
Liz: "Yes. It's nice to have confirmation from you. All in all I guess my lessons have sunk in. At last." (TAKE RAFE, FOR WHOM THIS LAST REMARK IS A BIT MUCH).

Notes: Last appearance of Philip Sterling as Rafe Carter.

MAY 17, 1971 (EP. #1753)
Ted looked through the newspaper want ads for work. Casey ridiculed Ted's search and threatened to harm Ted and Cindy unless he is paid by the end of next week. Ted gazed at a framed photograph of Cindy and buried his face in despair. Belle upbraided Ted for disappointing Russ and Cindy by quitting his job and making inquiries on positions for which he is not qualified. Ted resented Belle for accusing him of chasing unrealistic dreams and being stubborn, but hedged on confiding his troubles to Belle. Ted stormed out after threatening to leave town should Belle keep pestering him. Steve told Dru that he appreciates knowing him and wished Dru well. Steve called Bernice and asked her to obtain Welco Electronics' balance sheet. Walter advised Bernice to examine transactions on the company's quarterly statement. Bernice capitalized on Steve's presence by taunting Walter over quickly recognizing crooked people and spending quality time with Quincy in Chicago. Walter agonized to Steve that he is worried about Lenore's return to Bay City. Pat noted Jim's superb taste on the matched luggage he had bought for Dru. Jim and Mary talked about the years that the family has shared with Dru while Pat flipped through a large photo album they had assembled. Pat assured Jim and Mary that she is not rushing Caroline's departure and that she has ample energy to handle the household and the twins. Jim and Mary were taken aback by Pat's irritation towards Caroline. Liz was unyielding despite Dru's protests towards her treating him to dinner. Liz laughed wistfully and sadly with Dru, who joked about her recalcitrant views towards their disputes and reminisced about their friendship.

Liz: "I am taking you to dinner, and I am paying. It's little enough, after all you've done."
Dru: "I don't know really whether your paying for dinner represents the triumph of Women's Liberation or some final Men's Liberation -- but for once I'm going to let you have your way, my dear friend." (HE KISSES HER CHEEK) "And thank you." (FADE OUT)

Production Notes: During Act III, a note included within the scripts requests that some pictures be made visible to viewers as Pat flipped through the photo album that Jim and Mary gifted to Dru. The photo album came with the caption, "Through the years with the Matthews clan." The only picture specifically referenced within the accompanying dialogue to this scene was one of Russ as a baby.

MAY 18, 1971 (EP. #1754)
Caroline informed Millie that she is leaving the Randolphs after John and Pat throw Dru's party. Caroline told Millie that Pat is likely to have another recurrence of her virus and that she is fixing a special dessert for Pat while taking out the jar of poison. Dru made arrangements with Ernie to complete the sale of his vehicle. Ernie and Ada thanked Dru for his friendship and kindness to Rachel. Ada told Dru that Rachel is repeating past mistakes by convincing herself that Brian will marry her. Dru pacified Ada's concerns by explaining that he will discuss Brian with Rachel during a meeting that they had scheduled. Ada took Ernie to see Russ after he had a dizzy spell. Walter and John informed Dru that they should tackle the reassignment of general clients and his financial interest in the firm. Pat told John that she is handling the grocery shopping so that Caroline can spend time with the twins by taking them to the park. Pat was somewhat miffed when John explained that he must work late with Dru and Walter. Dru tried to placate Rachel's angst over not being invited to his farewell party by stating that it is a family affair. Rachel praised Dru for being the only person who was nice and understanding towards her since the Matthews family never liked her. Dru sensed correctly that Rachel was lying when she insisted that she knew that Brian had accepted the partnership at the New York firm and that she and Jamie are going with him. Caroline was not thrilled upon learning that John will not be joining her and Pat for dinner at the Tallboys. Caroline was furious when Pat had her throw out the dessert she had made rather than risk keeping it overnight and potentially going bad.

MAY 19, 1971 (EP. #1755)
Ernie chided Ada for being a chronic worrier while telling Dan and Susan that Russ gave him a prescription to lower his blood pressure and suggested that he take it easy. Dan told Susan that Barbara was reinstated in school because her math teacher and principal concluded that Barbara was driven to cheat on an exam because Gloria is pushing her too hard to succeed. Susan was pleased to learn from Dan that Barbara has gained insight into her academic performance and is trying not to go into a tailspin over being the best at everything. Dan was upset and Susan sympathetic after he received a call from Gloria, who insolently insisted that her approach with Barbara is correct. Rachel berated Brian for telling Dru that he had accepted the partnership in New York and accused him of planning to leave town without notice. Brian quelled Rachel's fury by stating that he must travel to New York for conferences and wrap up his practice in Bay City before moving permanently. Rachel was ecstatic when Brian invited her to accompany him on a business trip to New York. Rachel refused to cancel Steve's visit with Jamie, despite that Ada needed to help Ernie convalesce instead of staying in the apartment with Jamie. Ernie tried to mediate in Ada and Rachel's argument over Brian's supposed intentions for Rachel until he started feeling weak again. Ernie persuaded Ada into taking care of Jamie while Brian and Rachel are in New York. Steve reluctantly accepted Rachel's claim that Ada could not supervise his visit with Jamie because Ernie is ill. Rachel became angry and indignant in response to Steve's amenable reaction to her moving to New York with Brian and the two of them getting married.

Production Notes: Act III (featuring Ada, Rachel, and Ernie) had to be re-taped due to a prop man being visible on-camera.

MAY 20, 1971 (EP. #1756)
Pat told Peggy that she and Caroline are finishing the party plans. Peggy solemnly told Pat that everything will change at the office once Dru leaves town. Caroline became sullen and petulant after clashing with Pat over the arrangement of the hors d'oeuvres, punch recipe, and snack trays. Pat apologized to Caroline for being short-tempered due to the work and excitement of throwing Dru's party. Dru joked to Jim, Mary, Russ, Cindy, and Pat that he should not have been so eager to get to the Randolph house. Jim good-naturedly laughed at Mary's pleasure towards Russ having a good time with Cindy. Dru sang Pat's praises for throwing a splendid party for him and noticed Walter sitting alone looking miserable. Liz echoed Dru's sentiments that it is endearing for him to be surrounded by his dearest friends. Dru coaxed Liz into talking to Walter in hopes of cheering him up. Walter was amused and touched by Dru's involvement despite that Liz's efforts to be sympathetic to him were lackadaisical and weak. Dru assuaged Peggy's sadness by explaining that she never had to articulate her fond feelings for him. Jim gently teased Mary for going to pieces due to the punch and Dru's impending departure. Dru was thrilled by the photo album that Mary had gifted him. John expressed appreciation to Caroline on his and Pat's behalf. Pat fumed when Caroline brought Marianne to see Dru without getting permission. John interrupted Walter's drunken, maudlin despondency to dedicate a speech to Dru. Dru was teary-eyed and emotional while telling everyone that he has been blessed with their love, friendship, kindness, and consideration for many years and swore that he will return someday.

Dru: (Exit Line) "My good friends... my dear friends... I've never found myself at a loss for words before... but I admit to you freely, I am now. I... I simply don't know that to say." (PAUSE FOR WIPING OF EYES) "Well now. I think the best thing for me to say is... what I feel... if I can find words for that. I feel so much. For all of you... for all that you have done for me... not only today... but through the years... so many years... so many friends... so many kindnesses... so much consideration and thoughtfulness and... and love... have come my way from you. I... I've been a lucky man. I... I really do not know how I can bear to leave you all... upon my word, I don't know how I can do it... and I swear I'll be back... because I do love you all so much..." (HE CANNOT GO ON. THE WOMEN GATHER ROUND AND KISS HIM)
John: "We'll drink to your coming back, Dru..." (SINGS) "For he s a jolly good fellow..." (ALL JOIN IN. GO OUT ON DRU AS THEY SING)

Notes: Last appearance of Geoffrey Lumb as Mitchell Dru.

MAY 21, 1971 (EP. #1757)
Rachel told Brian that Ada is happy to take care of Jamie even though Ernie is sick. Brian agreed to pick up Rachel from Ernie and Ada's house, but did not share Rachel's enthusiasm over going to New York. A restless Ernie groused to Ada that he would prefer to be putting in an honest day's work at the garage instead of convalescing at home. Rachel gushed about spending time with Brian in New York while Ernie got tired quickly from playing with Jamie. Ernie and Rachel tried to ease Ada's concerns over his frail health. Ada chastised herself for agreeing to watch Jamie while Ernie is ill. Walter was inattentive while Steve vented his frustrations over Rachel's refusal to reschedule his visit with Jamie and trying to make him jealous towards Rachel marrying Brian and taking Jamie to live with him in New York. Steve grew empathetic as Walter reflected that Lenore fears that people still think she killed Wayne and speculated that she may never fully recover from Wayne's murder, the gossip, and the trial. Hotel Manager Mr. Remington told Bernice that anyone who works for Steve is an important person who is given the best treatment. Bernice revealed to Mr. Remington that Wayne's efforts to bilk money from Steve had failed and that he and Walter were upset about Wayne's murder and Lenore being questioned by the authorities. Mr. Remington confirmed for Bernice that Walter had arrived about a half-hour before Steve looking frazzled and confessed that he was slightly annoyed that Steve and Walter were late for their hotel reservations. Lenore told Walter that she is coming home. Rachel resented Ada, who expressed doubts that she has a bright future ahead of her with Brian.

Walter: "Lenore are you?"
Lenore: (Susan Sullivan, Introduction Line) (In St. Croix, over the phone) "Hello, Walter."

Notes: First appearance of Susan Sullivan as Lenore Moore. An interoffice memo indicates that Beverly Owen was originally hired to replace Judith Barcroft. However, she was replaced by Susan Sullivan before scenes were taped. Then, Owen would appear as Dr. Paula McCrae shortly after Sullivan's debut as Lenore.

MAY 24, 1971 (EP. #1758)
Bernice shushed Quincy while telling Walter over the phone that she has to extract more information from the Welco Electronics executives before Walter can write a report for Steve on the company. Bernice told Quincy that she has something interesting yet upsetting to tell him about Walter. Peggy begrudgingly informed Liz that Rafe has yet to return from Denver. Walter relished in telling Liz that Rafe will not be coming back for several weeks because a former client of Dru's is being sued for a considerable sum. Peggy noticed Liz was crestfallen while she waited for John to become available so that they could have a casual chat. Walter was nonplussed when Liz could not provide names of associates that Wayne might have mentioned to her. Liz commented that Walter did not grill her for information, despite that he should be anxious to help Tom to clear Lenore. Walter told Liz that he cannot prevent Tom from harassing her during his investigation. Liz repeated Rafe's theory to Walter that the true culprit was someone that Wayne had met in Bay City. John and Peggy noted that Liz tried to disguise her concerns about Rafe's absence as idle social inquiries. Peggy was elated when John offered her a position as a lawyer for the firm once she finishes law school. Jim, Peggy, and John discussed the ways in which everyone is coping with Dru's departure. Bernice disagreed with Quincy's assessment of Walter as a weak, insecure man who is self-destructive but harmless to other people. Quincy scoffed at Bernice's theory that Walter killed Wayne and quickly flew to Chicago to meet Steve at the hotel. Bernice advised Quincy that Walter would be wise not to cause her any trouble.

Bernice: "...He was supposed to meet Steve here, and he couldn't have known that Steve had been delayed."
Quincy: "You couldn't convict him on this kind of evidence."
Bernice: "I'm not trying to convict anybody. I'm not the District Attorney. But it's always nice to have a little something on somebody."
Quincy: "You haven't got anything on Walter."
Bernice: "I've got enough to get more if I ever need it."
Quincy: (Exit Line) "Leave it alone, Bernice."
Bernice: "Oh, I might leave it alone for a little while. But Walter had better toe the mark. He'd better not cause me any trouble."

Notes: Last appearance of Alan Manson as Quincy Stoner.

MAY 25, 1971 (EP. #1759)
Ada told Rachel that Jamie has been a doll and that Ernie is still sick. Rachel effusively babbled to Ada about the marvelous shops, well-dressed people, discotheques, and fancy restaurants in New York. Ada grew pensive as Rachel predicted that she is going to love living there with Brian. Mary told Pat and Caroline that Ada is terribly worried about Ernie. Caroline slipped poison into a bowl of sorrel soup while Pat escorted Mary to her car. Pat unwittingly served Caroline the tainted soup that was meant for her, which Caroline ate gingerly and apprehensively. Ada tried to convince herself and Mary that Ernie is simply worn out and will recover by resting and taking the medicine that Russ prescribed for him. Mary reluctantly admitted to Ada that Russ and Cindy love each other and will likely get married, but that Russ has issues with marriage because of his past experience with Rachel. Ada tried to accept Mary's hypothesis that Rachel has a selfish nature despite the good upbringing Ada provided for her. Mary sympathized with Ada, who bemoaned that Rachel is setting herself up for a letdown by making herself believe that Brian is going to marry her. Brian amiably teased Rachel for finding all the shops and boutiques on Fifth and Madison Avenues, but failing to locate the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Rachel was clueless and undaunted when Brian made veiled comments that all good things must come to an end. Caroline covered feeling ill to enjoy the celebration John and Pat had prepared out of appreciation for her selfless, loyal service to them. John and Pat helped Caroline get into bed upon concluding that she had caught the same stomach virus that had afflicted Pat for weeks.

MAY 26, 1971 (EP. #1760)
Russ asked Cindy to keep his schedule open should Pat bring Caroline to the clinic since she is ill. Pat had Caroline follow Russ into his office to be examined while telling a sympathetic Cindy that she is guilt-ridden because Caroline caught her stomach virus. Pat mused to Caroline that it is as though a conspiracy was at play to ensure that Caroline stays in the Randolphs' employ. Cindy became awkward when Pat stressed that she and Russ will have to make arrangements to see each other since she will be leaving to attend Nurse's training. Cindy started to tell Pat about Ted quitting his job when Russ returned to confirm that Caroline is sick with a virus. Russ approved of Pat's decision to take care of Caroline, but warned Pat to be careful so that she does not get sick again. Ted and Cindy agreed that their respective career aspirations fulfill basic human needs. Cindy soothed Ted's bitterness towards their poor background by emphasizing that she is not driven to be a nurse due to being ashamed of Ted and Belle. Ted inadvertently caused Cindy to grow anxious when he proclaimed that he will not allow anyone to run his life. Liz lectured Pat for turning down her dinner invitation to take care of her employee, Caroline. Pat told Liz that she doubts that she developed a food allergy now that Caroline is suffering from the same ailment. Liz understood Pat's eagerness for Caroline to leave so that she can handle the household and the twins alone. Russ pacified Cindy's angst over Ted quitting his job. Cindy received a cut on her cheek when someone in a limousine broke a window by throwing a brick through it. Ted grew ashen after Casey called and suggested that he check on Cindy's welfare.

MAY 27, 1971 (EP. #1761)
Ted frantically called the clinic after Casey suddenly ended their phone conversation. Cindy wryly told Ted that he is psychic because Russ treated her for a wound on the cheek she received from shattered glass as she was leaving the clinic. Susan gently chided Dan for teasing Cindy, who insisted that she does not want to appear shaken or silly while in Jim and Mary's presence when she and Russ join them for dinner. Russ reassured Cindy that she does not have to be at her best for Jim and Mary. Cindy told Russ that she can sometimes become moody, withdrawn, and sullen once her feelings are hurt or she is disappointed in a loved one. Russ hypothesized that she may subconsciously expect perfection in people that she loves. Liz tried to curb Luella's enthusiastic account to Mary of Liz easily winning the election for chairman of charity events for the Women's Club. Luella opined to Mary that Rafe has changed Liz's attitude towards living and inspired her to become social again, despite that Luella pestered Liz into attending meetings and getting her out of the house. Liz suggested to Mary and Luella that they brainstorm ideas for fundraising events and focus on attracting newcomers to Bay City in their campaigns. Susan encouraged Dan to touch base with Barbara since things have worsened between her and Gloria. Dan and Susan were pleased and relieved that Liz is content, cheerful, and full of plans. Susan left the key in the drug cabinet after locking it for the evening. Russ agreed to pick up Cindy after he finishes work at the clinic while she learns to play bridge by observing Jim and Liz. Ted secretly entered the clinic, tripped over a waste basket, and stared at the drug cabinet.

Notes: Mary mentions that she and Jim have been married for 30 years. Act III (featuring Russ, Cindy, Dan, Susan, and Liz) had to be re-taped due to "boom trouble."

MAY 28, 1971 (EP. #1762)
Ted replaced a bottle of gentian violet that had spilled onto the laboratory's floor and hurriedly rubbed off the liquid from his shoe. Ted forced the cabinet open with a tire iron, emptied drugs into a bag, and fled through a window after hearing someone enter the clinic. Russ slipped on the tool that Ted had used and was knocked unconscious from hitting his head on the table. Mary expressed optimism that Alice will return soon while she and Jim joked to Cindy that Alice will be thrilled to talk to her about Nurse's training. Jim told Luella and Liz that Russ is picking Cindy up to take her to the movies once he completes some work at the clinic. Liz disagreed with Mary and Luella, who voiced sympathy towards Walter for getting drunk at Dru's farewell party to drown his sorrows. Cindy grew concerned over Russ's tardiness after she did not receive an answer to her call at the clinic. Ted became exasperated trying to remove a stain from the bottom of his shoes with cleaning fluid and a rag. Belle upbraided Ted for embarrassing her and Cindy and being ungrateful to Russ by abruptly quitting his job at the hospital. Ted stormed out of the living room after lashing out at Belle for unfavorably comparing Russ's character and work ethic to his own. Luella tried to teach a distracted Cindy the rules to playing bridge, much to Liz's chagrin. Jim and Mary postponed continuing their game to drive Cindy to the clinic so that they could check on Russ. Cindy debated with Jim and Mary on Russ's current whereabouts while they began to search the clinic for him. Jim and Mary tried to quell Cindy's agitation over Russ's absence. Cindy was horrified after finding Russ lying unconscious on the laboratory's floor.

Production Notes: Director Len Valenta and Associate Producer Bernie Sofronski had a meeting on blocking the Prologue (featuring Russ and Ted at the clinic). According to a penciled-in note, the teleprompter was not working during the taping of Act II.

MAY 31, 1971 (EP. #1763)
Cindy rushed to call an ambulance and the authorities as Jim and Mary knelt over an unconscious Russ and noticed that the clinic's window was shattered, and all the drugs from the cabinet had been stolen. Jim informed Cindy and Mary that Dan and Susan are likely at the clinic talking to the police about the burglary. Mary comforted Cindy as Jim explained that the doctors brought Russ to the hospital for a thorough examination instead of making premature speculations on the seriousness of his condition. Jim and Mary cautioned Cindy against blaming herself for the robbery and Russ's head injuries because she decided to stay at the Matthews' house instead of accompanying Russ to the clinic. A police lieutenant told Dan and Susan that the thief used a tire iron to pry the drug cabinet opened, skid marks were found on the floor that are consistent with someone slipping on the tire iron, and a footprint from a sneaker with a diamond pattern on the sole was found in a stain of gentian violet. Dan and Susan were shaken when the lieutenant stated that he hopes Russ will regain consciousness and identify the thief or the crime may become a first-degree murder case should Russ not survive his head trauma. John was forgiving when Pat chastised herself for getting cross with Caroline on occasion and being eager for her to leave so that she can handle the household and the twins by herself. John and Pat were stricken upon learning from Mary that Russ was knocked unconscious during a burglary at the clinic. Susan gave Jim, Mary, and Cindy a detailed account of her and Dan's conversation with the police lieutenant. Cindy angrily deplored fate for putting Russ's life in danger.

John: "Does it seem to you Michael always wants attention?"
Pat: "No, he doesn't."
John: "More than Marianne anyway."
Pat: "Well, that's true."
John: "When we were in the nursery quieting him...her ladyship slept through the whole thing. Didn't even open her eyes. Totally indifferent to her brother's suffering."
Pat: "He wasn't suffering...he was just fretting."

Production Notes: The script includes the following note, "Important that set remains untouched on #1762 for this continuation after the burglary. Careful attention to Russ's position on floor, broken bottle, window glass, etc..."

JUNE 1, 1971 (EP. #1764)
Cindy ran to Ted for comfort while struggling to articulate her despondence over Russ. Ted was ashen and disturbed upon learning from Cindy that Russ is in the hospital after sustaining a blow on the head. Cindy berated herself while telling Ted that she stayed with the Matthews to learn to play bridge until Russ finished work, but came to the clinic with Jim and Mary due to Russ's tardiness in picking her up for a movie date. Ted was consumed with remorse and misery as Cindy lamented that Russ is unconscious, may require surgery, and may suffer from blindness, paralysis, or speech impairments depending on the severity of his head trauma. Ted offered to meet Cindy at the hospital to give her moral support. Rachel tried to reassure Cindy that she is not bothered by her feelings for Russ and hoped that he was not injured badly. Cindy was fascinated as Rachel remarked that the authorities can accomplish magnificent things with the most miniscule of clues to solve cases and apprehend criminals. John assuaged Walter's guilt over leaving work early to meet Lenore and Wally at the airport, get them settled at home, and to help Lenore unpack her belongings. Peggy talked with John and Walter about the burglary at the clinic and Russ potentially going through neurosurgery. Walter squirmed as John and Peggy noted that the police are adept and tenacious in tracking down criminals from a single clue. Neurosurgeons Dr. Pace and Dr. Paula McCrae informed Jim, Mary, and Cindy that they are assessing the risks of performing surgery on Russ by conducting tests. Cindy introduced Liz to Ted, who decided to stay with Cindy despite being uncomfortable around the Matthews family.

Paula: (Introduction Line) (to Jim and Mary about Russ) "You see, surgeons really don't like to operate unless it's really vital."

Notes: First appearance of Beverly Owen as Dr. Paula McCrae.

JUNE 2, 1971 (EP. #1765)
Helen cleaned the house and arranged flowers in anticipation of Lenore and Wally's homecoming. Walter and Lenore gushed to Helen that Wally has smiled at them with recognition many times. Walter told Helen that Lenore expects that people will stare at her and gossip about her supposed culpability in killing Wayne. Helen informed Walter that John encouraged him to stay home with Lenore instead of coming to work. Walter told Helen that Lenore was upset to hear about Russ's hospitalization. Dan asked Paula to keep him abreast of Russ's condition upon learning that his operation has been scheduled. Dan and Susan told Rachel that Russ was injured while the thief was escaping after taking the clinic's drugs, that Russ is still unconscious, and that he is having surgery. Rachel was appreciative when Dan offered to provide her with timely updates on Russ. Susan tactfully discouraged Rachel from going to the hospital since the Matthews family are there. Rachel decided to visit Lenore after reiterating that they are best friends, despite Dan and Susan's warnings that Lenore just returned home and has not had a chance to catch up with Helen. Helen invited Steve to have lunch with her, Walter, and Lenore. Walter, Steve, Lenore, and Helen were miffed when Rachel arrived unannounced and unimpressed as Rachel bragged about her trip to New York with Brian. Lenore maintained her decorum after deducing that Steve made excuses to leave due to Rachel's presence. Dan and Susan remarked that it is fortunate that Cindy has Ted to help her cope with Russ's accident. Dan told Susan that Russ was diagnosed with intercranial pressure caused by a hematoma.

JUNE 3, 1971 (EP. #1766)
Dr. Pace and Paula prepared Russ for neurosurgery. Cindy praised Ted for staying with her at the hospital overnight and being compassionate towards her grief over Russ. Ted was stricken as Cindy vehemently declared her hatred towards the thief for stealing the drugs, causing Russ's hospitalization, and hoped that the culprit will be apprehended by the police. Ted was filled with self-loathing as he made plans to dispose of his sneakers that had a gentian violet stain on them. Dr. Pace told Paula that Russ is an excellent doctor who completed his residency at the hospital and now runs a clinic. Jim, Mary, and Pat were touched that Steve came to receive updates on Russ and had tried unsuccessfully to contact Alice to inform her about Russ. Mary told Jim, Pat, Steve, and Liz that she is proud of her children and that Russ always dreamed of being a doctor, which likely persuaded Alice into becoming a nurse. Liz cautioned against dwelling on the past after Jim and Mary refused to let Steve blame himself for Russ's misfortunes. Mary and Cindy embraced tightly and wept. Belle lamented to Ted about the profound effect Russ's hospitalization has had on Cindy and expressed rage at the clinic's thief. Ted felt guilty when Belle complimented him for being a supportive brother to Cindy. Ted called Casey to proclaim that his debts are paid and groused that their deal has cost him dearly. Liz reminisced on Bill and Russ's close relationship, expressed pride in his accomplishments, and denounced Russ's injuries as senseless. Dr. Pace informed Jim, Mary, Pat, Liz, Cindy, and Ted that Russ's surgery was successful and that he can assess Russ's condition once he regains consciousness.

Liz: "...Well, it takes something like this to make you realize just how much someone means to you. I was always terribly fond of Russ -- not just because of the kind of person he is -- but because he was so close to Bill..."
Pat: "They were close -- very close."
Liz: "They were more -- a lot more than just cousins. When they were growing up, Russ was at our house as much as he was at yours...and I was always so proud of Russ -- what he'd done, the whole idea of the clinic. And then to have something like this happen -- something so completely unnecessary."
Mary: "I think that's the worst part of it -- the fact that it was so unnecessary. Because some dreadful man needed a few dollars for some completely selfish reason. Russ -- who never did anyone any harm in his whole life -- who only wanted to help people -- is in that operating room."

Production Notes: Gene Tunezi appeared as Russ's (played by Sam Groom) "body double" during the character's brain surgery. Tunezi laid on a table face down while being covered with a sheet in the hospital operating room. Actress Yvette Prentiss appeared as a Nurse in episodes surrounding Russ's operation and served as a Surgical Consultant for these shows.

JUNE 4, 1971 (EP. #1767)
Russ joked to Cindy that he is still groggy despite sleeping a lot. Paula politely asked Cindy to leave Russ's hospital room so that she could perform a post-operative exam on him. Cindy groaned to Ted that she yearns to start training so that she can help Russ convalesce instead of feeling helpless and inadequate. Ted got Cindy to acknowledge that she gets anxious and depressed in hospitals because it stirs painful memories of their father spending a lot of time there during their childhoods. Cindy debated with Ted on whether the clinic's thief and their father's actions were compulsive, but Ted grew frustrated upon realizing that Cindy is adamant that the perpetrator should be jailed regardless of his motives for stealing the drugs. Dr. David Thornton told Paula that he befriended Russ while he was an intern, that he is a good diagnostician, attractive, and well-liked. Paula suppressed interest in Russ as David explained that Alice may return after working in France, that Russ opened a clinic with Dan, and that he went through a tumultuous first marriage. Pat was relieved to learn from Paula that Russ is recovering nicely. Ted told Cindy that he has an appointment concerning a restaurant job. Cindy was impressed as Paula informed Dan that she is pleased by Russ's prognosis and does not foresee any complications. Dan reassured an insecure Cindy that she is capable of becoming a fine medical professional like Paula. Cindy begrudgingly postponed visiting Russ so that Rachel could see him. Russ was too distracted to listen to Rachel talk about her trip to New York with Brian and Ernie's ailing health. Cindy was floored when Russ called her Rachel while he was falling asleep.

David: (Joseph Ponazecki, Re-introduction Line) "Hello, Paula."
Paula: "Oh, David, hello."

Notes: Reintroduction of Joseph Ponazecki as Dr. David Thornton. In crossed-out dialogue, Pat tells Paula that the Matthews family is well represented on the hospital staff, that Russ worked with Dan on a space medicine project in Houston, and learns that Paula had started working at the hospital about a month ago.

JUNE 7, 1971 (EP. #1768)
Susan was grateful to Cindy for arriving to work early since they have a busy schedule and Dan is treating a few of Russ's patients while he recovers. Cindy wailed to Susan that Russ may still be in love with Rachel. Susan emphasized that Russ was under sedation when Cindy bleated that Russ called her Rachel after she visited him in the hospital. Cindy compared herself unfavorably to Paula despite Susan's assertions that she is a sweet, attractive, smart girl who is perfect for Russ. Dan echoed Susan's arguments by listing the traits that he finds the most appealing about Susan, which placated Cindy slightly but did not relieve her insecurities. Lenore conceded to Steve that she cannot allow her fears of people suspecting that she killed Wayne to impede her from leading a normal life. Lenore admired Steve's dedication towards spending time with Jamie despite Rachel's presence because Ada is taking Ernie to be examined at the clinic. Steve and Lenore were ecstatic upon learning from Alice that she will returning to Bay City in about a month. Rachel told Steve that Ernie is fatigued and has been suffering from chest pains. Steve suggested to Rachel that they postpone making plans until Brian proposes marriage to her. Rachel was chagrined by Steve's cynical, pessimistic outlook towards her having a future with Brian. Steve told Rachel that Alice will be coming home. Rachel bragged to a doubtful Steve that Brian is anxious for her to join him in New York. Dan informed Ernie that he is showing symptoms of a pulmonary disease and recommended that Ernie recuperate in a dry, warm climate. Dan warned Ada that Ernie will seriously risk his health should he ignore medical advice.

JUNE 8, 1971 (EP. #1769)
Lenore gushed to Walter that she is the wealthiest woman in the world because he, Helen, and Wally are living happily with her in a lovely house. Walter grew pensive as Lenore mused about the ways in which people feel happiness, but Lenore credited Walter for being the source of the love that she expresses to their friends and loved ones. Helen assured Lenore that she is justified in being content and happy while she cooed at Wally. Walter told John that he wants Lenore to become more social so that she can overcome fears that people have lingering suspicions that she murdered Wayne, but admitted that neither he nor Bernice have been helpful to Tom in the homicide investigation. Walter acknowledged for John that he became acquainted with Bernice while they worked for Steve, who was with Walter in Chicago when they received the news that Wayne had been killed. Lenore was displeased when Tom called Walter to arrange a meeting to speak with her. Caroline admitted to Jane that she was dishonest towards telling John and Pat about Charles and her twins because Jane worries and fusses excessively. Jane listened intently as Caroline groaned that the stomach virus stopped her from leaving the Randolph's employ and that she daydreams of the future. Lenore agreed not to hold Tom's conduct at the trial against him. Tom lamented to Walter and Lenore that he has not made progress in solving Wayne's murder. Walter angrily told Tom that he would have grilled Bernice for pertinent information during Lenore's trial and that she is a truthful, straightforward person. Tom resolved to question Bernice further despite Walter's assertion that he would be wasting his time.

Notes: According to penciled-in notes at the end of Act III, actress Rue McClanahan requested that this scene end with Caroline promising to inform Jane of her plans. Originally, the scene ended with Caroline daydreaming while staring at the ceiling after she bade Jane farewell.

JUNE 9, 1971 (EP. #1770)
Cindy checked the clinic's drug cabinet while Ted took a call from Belle, who advised that a Mr. Grossman wants to discuss a job opportunity at his restaurant with Ted. Ted squirmed as Cindy ruefully commented that she feels compelled to monitor the drug cabinet every day since the burglaries. Russ tried to muster enthusiasm over Jim and Mary receiving a postcard from Dru and Alice's plans to return home in four weeks. Jim impressed upon Mary that Russ supports Alice should she decide to marry Steve and that he has reconciled with the past, but conceded to Mary's belief that the past leaves indelible marks. Jim suggested to Mary that they follow Russ's example. Susan gently ribbed Liz for appearing "dewy-eyed and girlish" due to receiving a letter from Rafe. Liz tried to downplay Rafe's suggestion that she fly to Denver as simply needing her help in entertaining clients, prompting Susan to encourage Liz to see Rafe. Susan appreciated Liz's restraint from probing her for details on plans she and Dan have made for the future. Liz shared a laugh with Susan, who joked that Liz was parroting Rafe's advice to respect Susan's privacy and independence. Russ agreed that he and Cindy must find her replacement at the clinic. John tried to ease Russ's worries that Cindy acted distant towards him. Russ told John that he has yet to succeed at improving Cindy's self-esteem and confidence. Ted exuberantly told Cindy that he will gain valuable experience and contacts in the restaurant business by temporarily working as Mr. Grossman's Assistant Manager. Cindy stunned Ted by deploring the burglar for causing Russ to mistake her for Rachel while under sedation.

JUNE 10, 1971 (EP. #1771)
Brian was flattered that Rachel expressed willingness to come to New York and patiently wait for him to finish with work. Rachel became disconsolate when Brian abruptly ended their phone conversation. Walter and Lenore gave Russ a detailed description of Steve's house in St. Croix. Russ informed Walter and Lenore that Alice will likely be coming home permanently. Russ assured Walter and Lenore that he is not opposed to talking about Steve because he wants Alice to be happy should she decide to marry Steve. Rachel enthused to an unconvinced Lenore that she and Brian have an understanding that they will eventually get married and live together in New York. Helen overheard Rachel prattle about getting a large apartment with Brian and taking Lenore to the theatre, night clubs, and restaurants during her visits to New York. Rachel went to see Wally in the bedroom. Lenore fretted to Helen that she pities Rachel because she doubts that Brian intends to marry her. Helen smiled fondly at Lenore, who remarked that she is fortunate to be certain of Walter's love and devotion. Walter denied Bernice's accusations that he influenced Tom to interview her. Walter warned Bernice that Tom is obsessed with solving Wayne's murder because he seeks vindication after losing the case against Lenore. Bernice hinted to a puzzled Walter that she had an intriguing time in Chicago and stormed out of his office. Walter became agitated when Lenore credited him with regaining her freedom. Lenore was bewildered as Walter raged in a deliberately hypothetical manner that Wayne had driven his killer to a blind, uncontrollable rage after humiliating, cheating, and compromising the associate.

Walter: "Well, St. Croix is a pretty marvelous place..."
Lenore: "And Steve's house! Russ...his house is on a beautiful piece of land...private beach..water on three sides!"
Russ: "Sounds great!"
Lenore: "The house is almost all can see the ocean from practically any place you stand..."
Walter: "And at night...the stars! All so bright you could reach up and touch them."
Russ: "Stop! I can't stand it! I feel as though I ought to be there right now..."

JUNE 11, 1971 (EP. #1772)
David disbelieved Paula's claims that she inquired into Russ's character and his first marriage to make casual conversation with him. David smugly told Paula that she should make due with his company since Cindy is Russ's girlfriend. Ernie was weary and unenthusiastic as Ada coaxed him into eating the meal she had prepared and shoved a sheaf of resort brochures in front of him. Ada confessed to Ernie that she developed the habit of constantly worrying about Rachel, but proclaimed that Ernie is her husband, the source of her happiness, and the primary concern in her life. Ernie approved of Ada's assertions that Rachel is an adult woman who must learn to resolve her personal problems and cope with disappointments on her own. Russ graciously accepted the mystery novel Steve had gifted him. Steve ruefully speculated to Russ that Alice is returning because of his hospitalization and being away from her family. Russ grew sympathetic as Steve commented that he wishes to share Alice's close familial bonds. Steve told Russ that he will patiently wait while hoping that Alice will forgive his transgressions, reconcile with him, and accept a future marriage proposal. Russ joked that he will use the pepper mill Ted gifted him to season the bland hospital food. Ted reflected to Russ that Cindy may have built up his ego by idolizing him while they were growing up and believed Russ's declarations of love for Cindy. Paula was touched that Russ considers her a friend. Russ reassured Cindy that calling her Rachel while he was groggy meant nothing and that he is over Rachel. Russ surprised Cindy with a marriage proposal while they waited for him to be discharged from the hospital.

JUNE 14, 1971 (EP. #1773)
Russ was baffled when Cindy hedged on accepting his marriage proposal because he does not know anything about her deceased father. Cindy revealed to Russ that her father spent five years in prison for embezzling money from the bank that he worked at as a teller to cover the expenses for Ted's polio treatment. Russ quelled Cindy's lingering doubts by emphasizing his unconditional love and certainty in making Cindy his future bride. Paula was puzzled as Russ and Cindy tried to stifle their joy while she scheduled a post-operative examination for him. Mary informed Liz that Russ can resume working at the clinic part-time while he recovers and that Alice is permanently returning to Bay City. Liz agreed to abandon the topic when Mary dodged confirming Liz's suspicions that she does not want to think about Steve and Alice getting married someday. Mary was pleased as Liz explained that Rafe reserved a suite for her, that she hosted a cocktail party for some of his clients, and attended a formal dinner with Rafe at a country club in Denver. Ernie readily approved of Ada serving him a small glass of brandy each day per Dan's medical advice. Ernie and Ada discussed staying at a resort in Tucson, Arizona since the clean, dry climate and sunny weather will be beneficial to him. Rachel was perturbed by Ada's doubts that Brian asked her to join him in New York. Ada adamantly refused to babysit Jamie for Rachel because she plans to devote her time to nursing Ernie back to health. Cindy grew teary-eyed once Jim and Mary revealed that Russ fulfilled their hopes by proposing marriage to her. Russ assured Cindy that her father's criminal record will not matter to Jim and Mary.

JUNE 15, 1971 (EP. #1774)
Rachel tried to be understanding towards Ada's stance that she must put Ernie first in her life, but crowed that Brian is anxious for her to come to New York. Ernie and Ada were astonished when Rachel called to arrange an urgent meeting with Steve about Jamie. Rachel ignored Ernie and Ada's objections to her idea that Jamie spends a few days with Steve while she visits Brian in New York. Ada informed Rachel that she is taking Ernie to a resort in Tucson, Arizona so that he can convalesce. Ernie and Ada were incredulous towards Rachel's confidence that Steve will take care of Jamie and that Brian will marry her soon. Ted was delighted that Cindy consented to marry Russ. Cindy admitted to Ted that she is relieved that her background and their father's criminal past means nothing to Russ. Cindy told Ted that he can congratulate Russ on the engagement once Jim drives him to their apartment for a short visit. Ted felt tormented when Cindy remarked that she could almost forgive the clinic's robber for causing Russ's hospitalization because she is the happiest she has ever been in her life. Russ joked to Ted that Cindy kept him in suspense before she accepted his marriage proposal. Cindy harped on wanting the police to apprehend the burglar again, causing Ted to bid a hasty retreat to speak with other restaurant owners about potential jobs. Russ and Cindy embraced while noting that they should start making wedding plans right away. Rachel told Steve that going to New York is vital to her and Brian's future. Rachel coaxed Steve into calling an agency named "Part-Time Parents" to babysit Jamie during the day and stated that Steve will have the evenings free to bond with Jamie.

Production Notes: According to a penciled-in note within the routine sheets, Executive Producer Lyle B. Hill had a meeting with the cast on the production date of this episode [June 9, 1971] on storylines and other unspecified matters. This script includes a detailed document entitled "Jamie's Schedule" that Rachel gave to Steve during Act IV, which included recommended foods during meals, play activities, nap times, and a bedtime routine.

JUNE 16, 1971 (EP. #1775)
Dan hinted to Susan that he is thinking of going to Cozumel, Mexico because it is an ideal place for a honeymoon. Dan and Susan were despondent upon learning from Gloria that Barbara ran away. Caroline told Dan that she feels fine and has not exhibited symptoms for several days. Dan agreed with Caroline's theory that she caught the stomach virus that afflicted Pat. Caroline boasted that she is stronger than Pat and stays mindful of her health. Caroline insinuated to Dan that Pat seems pale and peaked lately. Dan told Susan that he is not hysterical like Gloria over Barbara's disappearance because she is a level-headed girl. Barbara informed Dan and Susan that she quietly saved up money to pay for a flight to Bay City once the school year had concluded and chose not to tell Gloria so that she could not insist that Dan send her back home. Dan agreed to Barbara's suggestion that they have a long talk about her living arrangements. Susan nobly cancelled her dinner plans with Dan so that he could be alone with Barbara. Bernice purposefully told Tom that she went to Chicago on business for Steve. Tom became suspicious as Bernice claimed that she worked with Wayne for two years, but has grown closer to Steve because he is open, direct, and forthright. Bernice was undaunted by Tom's threats to dig extensively into her past. Tom swore to Bernice that he is too stubborn and tenacious to abandon solving Wayne's murder. Walter and Lenore gave Wally the nickname of 'Curt' to avoid confusion between father and son. Walter briefly gazed at Lenore's scarf with anguish, then dismissed the bills and checks he had left on the floor so that Lenore's concerns would not be aroused.

Bernice: "...After all, it's been months since Wayne was killed -- and in all this time you haven't turned up any new leads -- any possible suspects."
Tom: "No, I haven't. But it looks as if you're not as good a judge of character as you think."
Bernice: "I'm not?"
Tom: (Pierrino Mascorino, Exit Line) "No. Because if there's one thing I am it's stubborn. I told you this case means a lot to me -- and it does. It may take a long time -- but eventually, one way or another -- I'll find Addison's murderer!"

Notes: Last appearance of Pierrino Mascorino as Tom Albini. Last appearance of Chris Ombramonti as Wally Curtin. Reappearance of Christine Cameron as Barbara Shearer. Act II (featuring Dan, Susan, and Barbara) was taped before Act I (Dan/Caroline) because the crew could not locate Rue McClanahan during the appropriate scheduled time.

JUNE 17, 1971 (EP. #1776)
Russ and Cindy were flattered that Pat had cooked a special dinner to celebrate their engagement. John and Pat toasted to Russ and Cindy sharing a happy life together. Russ reassured Cindy that he fully supports her efforts to pursue nursing because it is a wonderful profession in which Cindy will thrive. Cindy told John, Pat, and Russ that she has ideas on finding a replacement for her at the clinic, but asked that they refrain from talking about work during the evening. Cindy was ecstatic as Russ slipped an engagement ring on her finger and happily showed it to John and Pat. Rachel fibbed to Ada that Steve readily agreed to take care of Jamie while she is in New York and knows that Brian will likely propose marriage to her. Ada fretted to Rachel that she cannot risk Ernie's health by watching Jamie for her. Rachel promised Ada that she will have a marvelous time in New York and reiterated that she wants to be Brian's wife. Ernie and Ada made reservations to stay at the Catalina Motel in Tucson. Ada's spirits were raised once Ernie dreamily spoke of the two of them taking an overdue, recuperative vacation. Rachel provided Steve with detailed instructions for Jamie, then urged Steve to call Ada should he have questions on handling him. Steve opined that it was dumb for Rachel not to keep Brian abreast of her travel plans to New York. Brian made drinks and ordered room service in anticipation of his lover, Claire's arrival. Claire was impressed that Brian secured a lucrative partnership and a fancy penthouse. Brian was lecturing Rachel for coming to New York without giving him advanced notice when Claire came out of the bathroom, spotted Rachel, and looked at Brian questioningly.

Ada: (about New York) "Have a good time."
Rachel: "Oh, don't worry about that. I'm going to have a marvelous time. Restaurants and night clubs and theater and everything...probably I'll do some shopping." (CROSSES TO DOOR) "You want me to buy something for you?"
Ada: "If you see some peace of mind in any of the stores, buy me a yard of that."

Notes: Drew Holzlein temporarily plays the role of Jamie Frame due to Seth Holzlein's illness. Drew is the brother of Seth Holzlein, who played Jamie regularly (1970-1971).

JUNE 18, 1971 (EP. #1777)
Brian awkwardly introduced Rachel as a friend of his from Bay City who paid him an unexpected visit to Claire. Rachel stared at Brian, who asked Claire to wait for him in the lounge while rushing her out of his hotel room. Brian remonstrated Rachel for interpreting his musings over the phone about missing her as an open invitation to come see him in New York. Rachel was shattered when Brian cruelly stated that, while they shared many laughs and good times, he does not love her, never intended to marry her, and ordered Rachel out of his life. Steve reflected to Walter that Jamie makes him feel as though he once had the child-like innocence to find everything in life fascinating. Walter and Lenore enthused over the photographs that Steve had taken of the house that he is building for Alice and the surrounding wooded area. Steve told Walter and Lenore that Alice's long letter makes him hopeful for the future. Walter and Lenore tried to assure Steve that Russ is sincerely willing to accept his marriage to Alice should it ensure her happiness. Steve promised Walter and Lenore that he will not allow Rachel to cause trouble for him and Alice. John told Liz that Caroline has been invaluable to him and Pat. Liz realized that Caroline is infatuated with John, whom Caroline effusively praised as kind, considerate, solicitous, and handsome. Steve confessed to Walter and Lenore that Alice is his one true love. Lenore and Steve were dubious towards Walter's theory that Brian may marry Rachel. Steve and Walter did not share Lenore's sympathy for Rachel and stressed that she is childish and brings about her own disappointments. Rachel wept while looking at a picture of Brian.

Brian: "No, Rachel. I never told you I was in love with you...and I never told you I wanted to marry you. You dreamed that all up yourself. And Rachel....once you dream something up, and you go right on living as though the dream was a reality. Well, as of right now, kid...stop dreaming. Wake up. Face facts. Pull yourself together. Because I am not in love with you, I never was, I never will be. I never wanted to marry you, I don't want to now, and I never will want to." (PAUSE) "Now, is that all crystal clear?"
Rachel: "Brian...please stop."
Brian: "I hope you don't want me to repeat all that because I don't really have time. I have a date downstairs in the lounge."
Rachel: "Brian, please, I can't believe it...I just can't believe it..."
Brian: (Exit Line) "Well, you study what I said for a while and maybe you'll start believing it. You'd better because it's the truth." (STARTS TO GO AND TURNS BACK) "Oh...if room service shows up...tell them to take it back." (HE LEAVES, GO OUT ON RACHEL).

Notes: Last appearance of Jered Holmes as Brian Blake.

JUNE 21, 1971 (EP. #1778)
Dan told Cindy that Susan took Barbara shopping to buy new clothes. Dan admitted to Cindy that he was disturbed that Barbara left home instead of talking to him first so that he could arrange things with Gloria, but that he straightened out the issues between Gloria and Barbara. Belle arrived to see Cindy as Dan was explaining that Barbara is returning home tonight and she will visit him sometime during the summer. Cindy informed Belle that she and Russ will start making definitive wedding plans once Russ has resumed part-time work for a few weeks and the doctors have conducted a post-operative examination to gauge his recovery. Belle stirred Cindy's ire by theorizing that Ted seems happier and settled because he resolved the trouble in which he was involved. Cindy defended Ted as the most courageous, determined person she has ever known to Belle. Mary told Pat that Russ is recovering nicely. Pat voiced suspicions to Mary that Paula may be romantically interested in Russ. Mary understood Pat's eagerness for Caroline to leave. Dan reflected to Barbara that he and Gloria were ill-suited for each other, but insisted that he and Susan have learned from their pasts. Barbara grew sullen over the prospect of Dan and Susan getting married, but Barbara's spirits were raised once Dan mentioned that he and Susan are preparing an extra bedroom for her. Rachel was evasive towards Ada's questions on her trip to New York to see Brian. Ada lectured Rachel for repeating her mistakes with Steve, Russ, and Brian and for being selfish, materialistic, and incapable of truly loving a man. Rachel was crushed while realizing that Ada was forcing her to face harsh realities.

Ada: "...Because Russ is ten times the man that Brian is. But were you upset? You were not. And you didn't learn anything from it either."
Rachel: "What was there to learn from it?"
Ada: "Everything. That was the time for you to take a good look at yourself and see what you really are. You're beautiful Rachel -- and men like you. But you're selfish and self-centered and you're much more interested in the things a man can give you than you are in the man himself. And any man with a brain in his head is going to know that and treat you just the way Steve and Brian did."
Rachel: "That...that's not true."
Ada: "It is true. Listen to me this once, please. You're a divorced woman with a child that's not even your husband's. Now when you add that to everything else where are you going to find a man who'll want you for his wife?"
Rachel: "I'll find some man...somewhere..."
Ada: "No, Rachel. Not unless you finally have learned something from this -- unless you admit that there is an awful lot wrong with you and try to do something about it!"

Notes: Appearance by Christine Cameron as Barbara Shearer.

JUNE 22, 1971 (EP. #1779)
Walter tried to soothe Lenore's fears when she learned the newspaper planned a series of articles on unsolved crimes. He was tormented when she hugged him and called him the most wonderful man in the world. Russ told Paula he might be able to use her neuro-surgeon skills at his clinic. Russ introduced Paula to Dr. David Thornton, but she already knew him as the resident womanizer on staff. David urged Paula to break down and be more social, since eligible doctors were being grabbed off. As a joke, Russ phoned Cindy with a disguised voice. Cindy had mixed feelings when Ted said he was going over to Somerset to see a man named Gerald Davis about a job. Ernie complained when Ada insisted on taking the plane for their trip to Arizona. Ada tried to discourage a depressed Rachel from seeking advice from Gerald.

Ernie: (Exit Line) "But I told you I don't want to fly, Ada. I ain't never flown and I'm too old to start."

Note: Last appearance of Harry Bellaver as Ernie Downs.

JUNE 23, 1971 (EP. #1780)
A thoroughly irritated and jealous Caroline tried to hide her face when John and Pat couldn't keep their hands off each other during breakfast. They encouraged her to visit a travel agent to plan a long trip now that they no longer needed her. Caroline was overcome at the prospect when Pat asked her to stop in at John's office to see if she, Pat, had left her any messages. Steve expressed his condolences when a subdued Rachel revealed Brian had thrown her over. Steve was concerned when she was desperate to believe her father would be able to tell her what she was to do with her life now. Cindy gave Russ, who'd recently been released from the hospital, a warm welcome back to the clinic. Cindy said a friend who's recently been in Somerset would be the perfect candidate to replace her as receptionist when she starts her nurse's training. Caroline came in and Cindy reacted a bit to an odd quality in her voice as she moaned about having to share the man she loved and vowed to become more aggressive in getting what she wanted. In his office, Gerald met Ted, who sought advice on running his own restaurant, as he used to own a diner out West before a new highway wiped out transient business. Gerald revealed there was a restaurant in Bay City he'd been thinking of buying for about a year, and suggested Ted seek employment there, though of course he couldn't provide Ted with a reference. Rachel interrupted, and Gerald awkwardly introduced her to Ted as his daughter, and they nodded to each other. Ted stepped out, and Rachel threw herself into Gerald's arms and he held her, very concerned.

Caroline: "I'm getting pretty tired of it myself."
Cindy: [CAREFULLY] "Tired of what?"
Caroline: "Of not having the man I love all to myself... all the time. Of course it's my own fault. I'm not aggressive enough by nature, I guess. Yes... it's high time I did something about it. High time..." [CINDY LOOKS AT HER, FADE OUT]

Gerald: (Reintroduction Line, 1971) "Sit down, sit down, Mr. Clark..."
Ted: "Ted. Ted Clark."

Notes: Reappearance of Walter Mathews as Gerald Davis (1971).

JUNE 24, 1971 (EP. #1781)
Gerald was nonplussed when Rachel said she was staying for a week to visit with him. Rachel told Gerald all about her and Brian, whom she believed intended to marry her. Gerald made Rachel face the fact she had dreamed up his intentions. He lifted and held her as he told her she had a habit of building pretty castles in the air. Rachel sought comfort from him, but Gerald kissed her and said he'd rather have her in good shape ten years from now. Liz couldn't wait to tell Luella that Rafe had called her long-distance. Luella told Liz that she has something special with Rafe. Liz thought Pat a wonderful replacement for Janet Smith (recuperating from illness) to run the Women's Club Camp for Underprivileged Children, and was sure Caroline would agree to stay on another several weeks while Pat was away during the day. Caroline dropped by the office and showed John and Peggy the travel brochures she picked up. Later, Gerald went to Rachel sitting disconsolately at a table to say she couldn't visit with him because Pammy had a problem he had to take care of. Gerald took Rachel's hand earnestly and said she could have filet mignon on the house, but Rachel jerked it away and told Gerald to leave. Gerald agreed, after impulsively kissing Rachel's cheek. Touched by Rachel's tears, Ted came over and tried to comfort Rachel. When Rachel didn't want to return home after having told everyone she would be staying with her father, Ted suggested she take a hotel for a week, and he'd drive in every evening and take her out to dinner. Rachel wailed that Ted was the first one to ever offer her help.

Gerald: "You've got to be a big girl. You've got to... change."
Rachel: "Stop dreaming."
Gerald: "Yeah, stop dreaming."

Ted: "You don't have to tell me a thing, but you're going to feel better if somebody's sitting with you." (HE SITS)

Luella: (about Pat) "Yes, but now that she has the twins..."
Liz: (OVER) "I'm not so sure that has to make a difference. She has Caroline."
Luella: (Exit Line) "I thought Caroline was due to leave her."
Liz: "Oh, that's true, but Caroline is devoted to...well, frankly, to John more than anybody. But to both of them...."

Notes: Last appearance of Dorothy Blackburn as Luella Watson.

JUNE 25, 1971 (EP. #1782)
They were immediately in each other's arms when an eager Dan showed Susan a marriage license application form. Lenore felt badly for Rachel when Walter related how she found Brian in bed with someone else. Walter was disappointed he and Lenore couldn't continue necking when Susan phoned and begged them to come over. Mary and Jim told Liz they were anticipating Alice's return in ten days. They tried to discourage Liz from convincing Caroline to stay on so Pat could run the summer camp. Lenore and Walter were thrilled when Susan and Dan asked them to stand up for them. They solemnly sipped sparkling burgundy when Lenore toasted the holy state of matrimony, which she and Walter found beautiful beyond compare. On her hotel room patio, Rachel was elated that Ted came all the way from Bay City to see her, but he was glad to be needed. She shivered when he said he was glad he had moved to Bay City because he met her there. He put his arm around her consolingly after she sniffed about Brian and her previous marriage. She believed him when he promised to make no demands on her.

Lenore: "Wonderful. Oh, just wonderful!" [SHE KISSES DAN]
Dan: "This is why I took the step. So that Lenore would kiss me."
Susan: "I have heard every word, Dan Shearer, and I'm going to make your life miserable after we're married." [THEY ALL LAUGH]

JUNE 28, 1971 (EP. #1783)
Ted told Rachel she had a very expressive face, and they both felt they could tell what was going on with the other just by looking. Lenore idly leafed through a stack of bills after Helen coaxed her into handling the backlogged bookkeeping herself despite Walter's insistence on doing it himself. Bernice told Walter that D.A. Albini was persistently dogging her about Wayne, and warned life would get difficult for Walter too if Albini kept after her. Russ and Cindy traded "I love you's" as they necked in his car. They wondered how Ted had done in Somerset. Over the phone, Steve told Rachel that Jamie was doing fine. Rachel showed Ted pictures of Jamie and said her step-father was teaching him how to read. Neither was happy when they realized his sister was engaged to her ex-husband, but he took her hand and said it didn't matter as he didn't want it to end, and she agreed.

Cindy: "That's my wish for the world. Be happy, world. Don't get messed up... don't fight... don't be mean... don't be miserable... be happy. Like Russ and me."
Russ: "Cindy... I love you."
Cindy: "Russ... I love you." [ANOTHER KISS... FADE OUT]

JUNE 29, 1971 (EP. #1784)
Caroline opened the cupboard and looked at the medicine as John nuzzled Pat, who was sitting on his lap by invitation. Peggy noticed how exuberant Steve looked when he described the hugs and kisses he gets from Jamie when he comes home from the office. He told her and John of Rachel's misadventures with Brian. Cindy was delighted when Ted admitted he's been seeing a girl in Somerset, but he wasn't so sure Cindy would like her when she met her. Liz was annoyed when Susan wouldn't agree to come to dinner tomorrow or explain why. As Caroline made them tea, Liz persuaded Pat to work at the camp until Labor Day, then asked Caroline, the poison in her hands, to stay. Caroline shot down Pat's protests and insisted she'd love to stay, then put the cap back on the bottle and returned it to the cupboard.

JUNE 30, 1971 (EP. #1785)
Dan moved his stuff into Susan's apartment, and joked he expected service from her comparable to that of the best hotels. Paula pumped Russ for info on Cindy to gauge the extent of his feelings for her, which proved to be considerable. Lenore showed Walter the silver tea service she was giving the newlyweds. Waiting till Walter went to shower, Lenore sat down to puzzle out the mass of financial records, but got a call from Susan asking for something borrowed. Lenore was startled by a canceled check from D.B.F. Personal Loan Company, which she put in an increasingly heavy envelope she'd labeled "Don't Understand." While putting the finishing touches on the apartment, Susan promised Dan they'd call Barbara later so she'll feel part of them. When Liz revealed she'd blueprinted her plans for Susan's wedding, Jim joked it meant the Marine Band will play "Oh Promise Me." Mary and Jim were displeased Liz had worked through Caroline to get Pat to agree to her plans. Walter toasted Susan and Dan after they were married by Judge Corcoran.

Judge: "Daniel Shearer, do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, so long as you both shall live?"
Dan: "I do."
Judge: "Susan Matthews Douglas, do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, so long as you both shall live?"
Susan: "I do."
Judge: "The ring?" [DAN PUTS THE RING ON SUSAN'S FINGER] "Join hands." [THEY CLASP HANDS] "Now, by the authority vested in me by the laws of this state, I pronounce you man and wife." [DAN AND SUSAN LOOK AT EACH OTHER] "I think you could kiss her now." [DAN AND SUSAN KISS]
Dan: "Hello."
Susan: "Hello."