Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

JULY 1, 1971 (EP. #1786)
Susan assured Dan she wasn't anxious about her mother's reaction. They broke the news to Liz, who was upset she'd been cut out. Susan was pleased and relieved when Liz embraced her, forgave them, and wished them happiness. Dan and Russ interviewed Susan Giles as Cindy watched nervously. Since Dan didn't want two Susan's working at the clinic, he decided to call her Beth since her middle name was Elizabeth. Beth was eager to start work when a starry-eyed Cindy related how her whole life changed the minute she had walked in the door. At the clinic, Mary ran into Caroline, who said she and her gentleman friend would be able to be together when Pat is finished her work at the camp. Cindy tried to smile but looked somewhat anxious when Mary suggested a dinner so their families could become acquainted. Cheeks were kissed and hands shook when Dan and Susan told Russ and Cindy they'd married. Cindy worried to Russ that her mother would start acting funny and embarrass her during the dinner.

Dan: "I hope you don't mind if I call you Liz from now on. I can't call you Mrs. Matthews - and you're much too young looking for me to call you mother."
Liz: [PLEASED] "Oh, Dan."

Notes: First appearance of Alice Mary Riley as Susan "Betsy" Giles, who would appear regularly on Somerset. Nicknamed "Beth" on AW by Dan Shearer.

JULY 2, 1971 (EP. #1787)
They looked at each other fondly as Rachel told Ted he didn't need to take her to a fancy restaurant as she had his company. John didn't see any signs of it when Pat felt Caroline was getting too attached to the twins. A nervous Cindy introduced Belle to Jim and Mary. Belle admired their fancy house and thought they must have come over on the Mayflower. She accepted sherry even though she usually drinks beer, despite that it gives her a "little tummy." Jim and Mary didn't share her opinion, Cindy was mortified, and Belle was disconcerted when Belle, after crowing about being Albini's star witness, remarked that she thought Lenore was guilty. After Mary and Jim took Belle to see the garden, Cindy panicked that Russ shouldn't marry her as their backgrounds were too different. She was relieved and adoring when Russ insisted he loved her and didn't care what her family was like. Again on her hotel room patio, Rachel vowed she'd never forget the courage Ted gave her by being kind and thoughtful and interested in her. They came into each other's arms after a declaration of love.

Ted: "I care for you. I've never met a girl I cared for so much. In fact, this may sound crazy when we've only known each other for such a short time, but... I love you, Rachel."
Rachel: "Ted, please don't say that unless you really mean it."
Ted: "But I do, Rachel, I do love you!"

JULY 5, 1971 (EP. #1788)
When Ted insisted it didn't have to end, Rachel turned to him with stars in her eyes and a new Rachel was about to be born. Mary and Jim thought it splendid Ted was being friendly with some poor girl in Somerset, and were especially happy Alice wouldn't have Rachel around to remind her of the past. Gerald was stunned when Rachel sprung it on him that she was getting married and needed his help in making the ceremony happen as quickly as possible. He thought it an awful mix-up when she explained it would be simpler to return to Bay City to face the people there if they were already married. Ted arrived and Gerald felt optimistic about them. Steve had Jamie in his lap and was telling him a story about the stock deal he made in Cleveland a couple years ago when Walter and Lenore dropped by. Lenore remarked that Walter Jr. adored his daddy. Steve wasn't very interested when Rachel phoned she'd be back in town tomorrow with some exciting news, but was beaming after a cablegram announced Alice was returning home tomorrow night. On Rachel's hotel patio, since that's where they fell in love, Rachel and Ted chatted with Judge Ambler until Gerald arrived with their witness, Bill the bartender. Though she wasn't, Rachel told Bill she was proud and happy to have him as witness. They dashed inside the hotel room as it began to thunder and lightening. Ted and Rachel kissed, linked arms, and went inside after assuring each other they had everything they needed.

Crossed-out dialogue:
Rachel: "Even if I didn't see you... I always thought about you. And I love you."
Gerald: "I'm nobody to love."
Rachel: "You are to me. And now Ted is. You and Ted... the two men I love best."

JULY 6, 1971 (EP. #1789)
Rachel and Ted were married. There was some love play between them as she phoned Ada in Arizona with the news. Ada was near speechless when Rachel gushed about her wonderful new husband, and was even more tight-lipped when Ted took the phone to assure her he loved Rachel very much. Rachel was almost weeping after she convinced Ada to give them her blessing. The next morning, Steve was worried about telling Rachel he planned to marry Alice, but he noticed she seemed to have mellowed. He was dumbstruck when she revealed being married, and even more so to learn Russ's fiancé is now her sister-in-law. Ted flew into the apartment in great spirits and announced to Cindy and Belle that Rachel Matthews was now Rachel Clark. Tactful for once, Belle gave Ted her blessing and left him alone with Cindy, who was troubled to hear him say how much he loved Rachel. Cindy realized Rachel may have thought Ted was rich since he'd told her he planned to have his own restaurant, but Ted felt Russ must have misunderstood Rachel's desire for material things. Ada asked Rachel if Ted knew Steven Frame was Jamie's father.

Judge: "Do you, Theodore, take Rachel to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold for better or worse, in sickness and in health, so long as you both shall live?"
Ted: "I do."
Judge: "Do you, Rachel, take Theodore to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold for better or worse, in sickness and in health, so long as you both shall live?"
Susan: "I do."
Judge: "And now the rings... Then, by the authority vested in me by the laws of this state, I pronounce you man and wife." [TED AND RACHEL TURN TOWARD EACH OTHER, GO SLOWLY INTO EACH OTHER'S ARMS, AND KISS]

Rachel: (Over the phone) "Mom, I'm married to a wonderful man named Ted Clark."

JULY 7, 1971 (EP. #1790)
At the air terminal, Alice smiled tentatively as Steve rushed to meet her. He stopped abruptly and looked at her gravely for a moment, and then held out his arms to her. She hesitated, then went into his arms. Jim assured a concerned Mary that it was a happy occasion as Russ and Cindy are engaged, Pat is over her illness, and Alice was coming back to them. Russ noticed how listless and pre-occupied Cindy was. Cindy confided in Dan, who urged her to tell Russ before Rachel did. Everyone stood stock still when the doorbell rang, then they all rushed to greet Alice, who insisted she was very happy now. Alice didn't want to hear Steve's news about Rachel on her first night home. John came to chat Cindy up before she could tell Russ what was bothering her. Russ was irritated when Cindy finally told him, but insisted nobody, not Rachel or her mother or her brother, could ever come between them.

Steve: "Oh, Alice...Alice..."
Alice: (Jacqueline Courtney, Re-introduction Line) "What is it? Is something wrong?"
Steve: "No, no. It's just that I had all these things I was going to say to you, I practiced them driving over, and now they're all gone. Right out of my head."
Alice: "They'll come back."
Steve: "I hope so..."

Mary: "Alice!"
Jim: "Alice, darling!"
Pat: "Oh, it's so wonderful!"

Notes: Marianne misspelled Mary Ann in this script. Jacqueline Courtney returns to the role of Alice Matthews Frame full-time after a year's absence.

JULY 8, 1971 (EP. #1791)
Steve told Alice about Rachel and Ted, and she vowed not to let Rachel continue to affect their lives the way she has in the past. Alice and Russ broke the news to Mary and Jim, who were floored. Mary was sure Rachel married him before he could find out Jamie wasn't Russ's. Lenore noticed Caroline likes to get her own way after Caroline won an argument with Pat over what they should have for dinner. Pat confided she doesn't like it at all that Caroline was staying on. Jane Overstreet came to visit her friend Caroline as she relaxed on the Randolph terrace as if it were her own. Jane was concerned that Caroline hadn't yet told the Randolphs about Charles and her twins, but Caroline convinced her she couldn't wait to leave as her gentleman friend promised to divorce his wife and marry her. Alice restricted Steve from making too many plans for them as she wanted to be sensible. She wanted to start over since she couldn't forget the mess with Rachel.

Russ: (Sam Groom, Exit Line) (to Mary and Jim) "In any case, there's nothing I can do about it -- and I'm not going to give up Cindy because of it."

Caroline: "...You were afraid I was getting too attached to the twins."
Jane: (Exit Line) "Exactly. But now I'm not just relieved, I'm terribly happy for you. I've been hoping for years that things would work out for you and now it looks as if they are going to."
Caroline: "Well, thank you, Jane. I think things are going to work out just fine, just the way I want them to."

Notes: Last appearance of Sam Groom as Russ Matthews. Last appearance of Frances Sternhagen as Jane Overstreet.

JULY 9, 1971 (EP. #1792)
Ted wanted to know why Rachel was getting a call from a big wheel like Steve, but she lied that it was about the United Charities Benefit Committee. Rachel denied Ada's claim she married Ted to get back at the Matthews. Ada almost succeeded in convincing Rachel to tell Ted about Jamie and Steve. Liz told Peggy that Missy was happy in Arizona. Liz was disturbed when John told her Rafe is considering a job with the biggest law firm in Colorado. Walter thought Steve was dreaming for thinking there would be a big change in Rachel from now on. Walter felt the marriage was doomed, but Steve wanted to see things work out for her. Ted was furious when Rachel told him the details of Jamie's paternity, since she'd lied to him about that and about why Steve had phoned. She was accepting when he was ready to walk out, but he softened when he saw how honestly contrite she was. Ted was tormented by his own secret when Rachel promised always to tell him the truth as her mother so rightly advised.

JULY 12, 1971 (EP. #1793)
Ada phoned to say the climate in Arizona wasn't helping Ernie feel much better, and was hardly able to believe the new Rachel who insisted she put Ted first. Cindy firmly turned down the dinner invite Rachel had Ted pass along. Ted told Cindy and Belle he knows all about Steve, and doesn't blame Rachel as he's made some mistakes of his own in his life. Ted urged Cindy to become friends with Rachel. Susan was unhappy to hear Liz had lost Rafe, but Liz veered away from the subject to comment Melissa has never shut her out of her life. Liz was touched by Susan's concern for her despite her words. Rachel told Steve he doesn't need to give her money anymore, then introduced him to Ted. Rachel was floating on cloud nine that she and Ted knew everything about each other and that their whole lives together were going to be just loving each other and not ever ever hiding anything.

JULY 13, 1971 (EP. #1794)
Steve hinted at a surprise for Alice. Lenore and Helen speculated on the effect Rachel's marriage would have on Steve and Alice. Helen felt sure Walter just co-signed the loan check Lenore showed her. Bernice harped to Walter that she knew he and Wayne had bilked money out of Steve and that Walter knew Wayne was willing to resort to murdering Steve. Bernice began to do some heavy thinking after Walter reiterated he was in Chicago at the time of the murder. Liz arrived dressed to the nines for her dinner at Dan and Susan's, who were fixing up a bedroom for Barbara. Liz, pining for Rafe, was left looking sad and alone when they walked off laughing about Dan not knowing what Susan's favorite color was. Alice agreed to be Wally's godmother.

Alice: "To Walter Curtin, Junior... may he be forever happy."

Notes: First appearance of Scott Firestone as Wally Curtin.

JULY 14, 1971 (EP. #1795)
While Rachel wondered if Belle would like her, Ted worried what his mother might reveal about him. John refused to rescind Caroline's night off when Pat got a call for an evening meeting, but Caroline later canceled her dinner engagement to be able to stay home with John. Ted brought Belle over for dinner, and she recognized Rachel as testifying at the trial. Rachel asked Ted's permission before drinking to Belle's toast. Since Belle brought up his poor employment record, Ted was forced to confess to Rachel he hadn't meant to give her the impression he was well-off. Rachel was unhappy and by no means reassured by Ted's reassurances. Caroline prepared John a fancy dinner, then sat very close to him after she asked him to go over a health insurance contract. He was somewhat flattered at the heap of praise she dumped in his lap for explaining the difficult passages to her. Rachel averred she hadn't cared if Ted were rich and successful as she loved him for his kindness. He explained he'd been hesitant to tell her the truth after she introduced him to Steve, but she declared she loved him more than she ever loved Steve. He was miserable when she sung the virtues of total honesty. He started to tell her about something he was forced to do, but broke down in desperate "I love you's."

Rachel: "It's very nice to meet you, Mrs. Clark."
Belle: "It's very nice to meet you, Rachel. Only I don't think it ought to be Mrs. Clark, do you? Why don't you call me Belle? That might even be better than mother."

JULY 15, 1971 (EP. #1796)
Paula tried not to react when Russ kissed Cindy goodbye in the hospital cafeteria and left for the clinic. After Cindy described the difficulties she had faced during her first week of nursing, Paula shared her opinion that it demonstrated a lack of real conviction on Cindy's part to be a nurse. Alice told Cindy those ideas were ridiculous, as she and Cindy had spoken a long time ago about her becoming a nurse. Liz wondered if it happened often, when Pat and Caroline disagreed about serving the Stilton cheese with the canapes or the salad. When John arrived home to find Caroline waiting for him with a scotch and water he wondered if they should keep her on indefinitely. Liz was disconsolate when John imparted Rafe's decision to remain in Denver. John put his arm around Pat and they went inside whispering and laughing, with Caroline looking after them resentfully. Russ encouraged Cindy to keep up her relationship with Ted, though he preferred to keep his distance from Rachel.

Russ: (Robert Hover, Introduction Line) "Oh, come on, Cindy. That's nothing to be upset about."

Notes: First appearance of Robert Hover as Russ Matthews. Reference to Mrs. Hewitt, nurses' supervisor, who would be last seen in 1979. Hospital noises described as "Hosp. Bong bongs."

JULY 16, 1971 (EP. #1797)
Steve picked Alice up, leaving Russ and Jim to continue their chess game on the porch. While Russ was for it, Jim explained Mary's doubts about this second courtship of Steve and Alice's. Russ believed Ted and Rachel's marriage would just provide embarrassments, not difficulties, for him and Cindy. Over drinks at their house, Walter and Lenore discussed Rachel with Peggy and Frank. Walter was embarrassed when Frank sung the praises of his former boss. Russ started work on their wedding guest list as Cindy mended some of Ted's clothes. Cindy wanted to ask Susan to be her maid of honor, but then backtracked on her enthusiasm when he mentioned inviting Ted. He shot down her elopement idea, then threw aside Ted's trousers (the very ones he wore during the robbery) to kiss her soundly. Steve was moved when Alice told him a story to illustrate that she liked as well as loved him.

Walter: "Someday Peggy will be an associate of mine and John's, you wait and see. Randolph, Curtin, and Nolan -- how does that sound?"
Peggy: "Don't rush me, please. Right now, it's just Peggy student. Briefs, torts, liens, and precedents. Class after class after class."

Frank: (Robert Kya-Hill, Exit Line) "People rely upon lawyers as human beings, not only in minor matters and civil cases, but in life --" (HE STOPS SUDDENLY)
Lenore: "You can say it, Frank. Life and death. No one knows that better than I do. Except Walter."
Peggy: "We've embarrassed him." (WALTER TURNS AND LOOKS AT HER, HELPLESSLY) "Don't fight it. Everybody admires you."
Walter: "I wish everybody wouldn't."
Lenore: "Walter, darling, after all you've done for me, after all you've been to me, do you think I could stop admiring you?" (HE LOOKS AWAY, AGONIZED, AS FADE OUT).

Notes: Last appearance of Robert Kya-Hill as Frank Chadwick.

JULY 19, 1971 (EP. #1798)
Rachel was shining and Ted triumphant after he received a call from Mr. Ritter, the owner of the Fireside Inn. Cindy had to accept Rachel's dinner invite, but said Russ couldn't make it. Mary warned Alice that the damage Steve did in the past with Rachel can never be undone, especially now that Rachel was back in their lives again. Alice admitted it was hard for her to be sure about anything. A glum Ted informed Rachel that the owner tried to sell him the Inn, a place he'd give his back teeth to own. Rachel's brain started clicking invisibly to Ted and she urged him not to stop dreaming. Steve didn't know what else to say except he loved her when Alice couldn't help dragging Rachel into the conversation. She worked herself up into a state trying to explain that no matter how hard she tried she couldn't make up her mind.

JULY 20, 1971 (EP. #1799)
Lenore caught Walter with the envelope containing the incriminating scarf, but he hurriedly stuffed it into the safe, twirled the dial, then leaned his head wearily against the wall. Bernice dropped by before heading out of town on business, then Walter made an appointment with Russ. Rachel leveled with Steve about Ted's history in the restaurant business, then asked him to back Ted. He was hesitant, but was willing when Rachel offered to get Gerald to pay for part of the financing. Cindy enjoyed meeting Jamie, but her chat with Rachel was filled with long awkward pauses. Rachel was more optimistic when Ted told Cindy he'd never be able to raise the cash to buy the Inn. Russ gave Walter a clean bill of health, but Walter was irritated when Russ remarked on his nervous tension. Trying to be casual, Walter wondered if Russ could recommend a psychiatrist for a client who was a really nervous man.

Steve: "You really love that man you married, don't you?"
Rachel: "Yes, I do."
Steve: "Well whadda you know about that?" [LOOKS AT RACHEL, SEARCHINGLY WITH SOME AMAZEMENT]

JULY 21, 1971 (EP. #1800)
Cindy filled Russ in on the awkward evening last night. Cindy felt out-classed when Paula joined them. Paula recommended Dr. Arnold Meadows when she felt Russ's lawyer's friend was suffering from an anxiety neurosis, as Cindy gazed at her impressed by her ease and knowledge. After Caroline revealed that her friend Millie wants her to move into her new apartment with her, John suggested to an unenthusiastic Pat that in the future they hire Caroline to work weekdays only as opposed to being a live-in housekeeper. Gerald insisted he had enough troubles with his own restaurant when Rachel told him Steve needed someone who knew the restaurant business to share the financing with. Gerald wouldn't make any promises, but agreed to look over the books and talk to Steve. Russ confided to Cindy he still has fatherly feelings for Jamie. Cindy wondered if they were going to spend the rest of their lives thinking about Ted and Rachel. He stopped her with pecking kisses when she began comparing herself unfavorably with Paula.

Notes: Last appearance of Walter Mathews as Gerald Davis (1971).

JULY 22, 1971 (EP. #1801)
Lenore wasn't convinced when Walter assured her he felt up to renewing their social life. Liz told Dan and Susan she's planning an extended visit to Missy, as Missy was having trouble with Ricky and was considering buying a house, and they agreed she didn't have much reason to stay in Bay City. Hoping for opposition, Liz was taken aback and disconcerted by their acceptance of her proposal. Pat worried about having to invite Ted and Rachel to the engagement party she was planning for Russ and Cindy, but Alice maintained Rachel was an unfortunate fact of life like taxes and the common cold. John got Pat to agree to talk to Caroline about staying on. Jim was glad Alice realized he and Mary had only love and faith in her. Walter explained to Lenore that Russ had called because of a depressed client of his, who was very happily married and has a child (which Walter quickly amended to two children). Walter went off to get some aspirin after Dan mentioned running into Albini.

Susan: "Lots of people will miss you."
Liz: "Who? Jim and Mary? They're too busy with Russ's wedding and Alice and the twins. It was different when Rafe was here. I had some pleasant social life then. But now that he's gone, everything's different. And so I've decided to go -- and nothing you can say will make me change my mind."

JULY 23, 1971 (EP. #1802)
Steve was taken aback when Rachel announced he can begin forking over the financing since Gerald was hot to get into the deal. Almost drowning in Rachel's praise of Ted, he finally agreed to make the deal if everything checked out. Steve told Walter he's not going to show Alice her house yet as he doesn't want her to think he was trying to put pressure on her. An anxious Walter dissuaded a contrite Peggy from trying to figure out who the client was he'd recommended a psychiatrist for. Liz came by to say goodbye to Mary and Jim and to ask Jim to sell her house. Mary speculated that Rafe was the biggest factor in Liz's departure as Liz had really blossomed in his company, and she and Jim were sincerely sorry to see Liz go. Rachel was troubled when Ted refused to consider a loan from her father as it was his duty to support her.

Mary: "Well, I don't know what to say, Liz. Bay City's not going to be the same without you."

Liz: (Nancy Wickwire, Exit Line, to Jim and Mary while going to the phone) "Thanks. I'll be back in a few minutes." [AND SHE GOES]

Notes: Last appearance of Nancy Wickwire as Liz Matthews.

JULY 26, 1971 (EP. #1803)
Solemn feelings registered as Alice and Steve held Wally near the baptismal fount. Lenore became worried when Walter became all choked up during the ceremony. Alice prevented Steve from going to Walter, who became even more emotional. Caroline didn't at all like when Pat took over playing with Michael and Marianne and sent her to address some envelopes. Caroline took the twins to bed after surprising John with the news she'd already trimmed the hedges. Alice insisted she took her responsibility over Wally's spiritual welfare very seriously. Wanting Alice to see beneath his hardheaded surface, Steve talked about how growing up in a large family made him want to become himself, to create Steven Frame Enterprises as an entity, though the entity was never the real him. She began to kiss him tenderly, but he took off, not wanting her to love him out of pity.


Lenore: "He was so good..." [OR ANGRY DEPENDING ON HOW WE BEHAVED] "...during the christening."

Steve: "Final toast. To Walter Curtin, Jr. May he romp on the grass and climb trees and hit home runs and marry a princess." [LAUGHING, THEY ALL SIP]

Steve: "Because when you're one of a large brood, and your mother calls to you and uses the names of three of your brothers before she hits on your name, you... don't like it. You understand it, but you don't like it. You want to become yourself."

Notes: Last appearance of John J. Sullivan and Lora McDonald as Michael and Marianne Randolph. The latter quote of Steve's is strong evidence this is one of the bi-weekly scripts Lemay wrote for Cenedella before taking over as head writer.

JULY 27, 1971 (EP. #1804)
Walter dredged up the courage to make an appointment with Dr. Meadows. Caroline was disappointed when Pat asked her to stay on as a nine-to-five housekeeper only, and Pat was clearly not delighted when Caroline accepted the offer. Alice stopped herself from reminiscing about her own engagement party, then she and Pat vetoed Cindy's suggestion they not invite Ted. Lenore told Alice she was hoping to surprise Walter with a sorted-out household accounts. Lenore asked her professional opinion on Walter's strange mood swings. Dr. Meadows' words struck home as Walter described how his client was driven to commit a criminal act. The doctor (who realized Walter was talking of himself) had no answer when Walter wanted to know if his client could qualify for a ruling of criminal insanity.

JULY 28, 1971 (EP. #1805)
Paula ignored Cindy to discuss a case with Russ. Cindy couldn't pay much attention to Susan as she was made more and more uncomfortable by Russ and Paula's cosy laughing and engrossment in her medical report. Paula was interested to know if Susan's marriage affected her professional life, and envied her having found the right man to marry. A touch of Bernice's yen for Steve came through when he asked her why she never married and settles for working for a schmo like him. The phone rang before she could indulge her itch to tell him she had been married. Rachel looked very pleased and expectant after phoning both Steve and Gerald and prodding them to back Ted. Despite being turned down for loans all over town and feeling like a bum, Ted couldn't help but tell Rachel his grandiose plans for the Inn.

JULY 29, 1971 (EP. #1806)
Alice told her parents and brother she's realizing just how tormented Steve is by his one moment of weakness with Rachel. Russ, who proclaimed he doesn't hate Rachel, warned Alice she'd drive a wedge in the family if she kept on obsessing about Rachel. Steve told Walter he doesn't really mind Rachel's latest mild manipulations, especially since helping Ted will help Jamie, and give Rachel less reason to interfere in his life. Steve and Mary cleared the air: he promised to spend his life making Alice happy, and she admitted she has reservations about their getting married but promised to accept it if that was the decision Alice made. Ted flared up when Rachel told him she'd asked Gerald and Steve to loan him the money. Rachel got a call from a distressed Ada as Ted was vowing to never take money from them.

JULY 30, 1971 (EP. #1807)
Ada revealed Ernie was rushed to the hospital after complaining about a pain in his chest all morning. She declined Rachel's offer to come down as it would only upset Ernie unduly. Remorseful now that Rachel was worried and upset, Ted agreed to talk to Steve and Gerald. John told Jim that he might need to get a replacement for Rafe. Steve and Alice met Walter and Lenore for dinner at the Colonial Inn. Poor Alice had to break it to poor Steve that though it was awfully unfair, she just didn't know whether she could marry him.

Notes: On specs sheet: "Audio: Edit at top of Act II (actor confused and said on tape "Who has the first line")." The scene consisted of Jim and John.

AUGUST 2, 1971 (EP. #1808)
Ted and Rachel reaffirmed their deep love after he made an appointment with Steve. A nervous Cindy almost knocked over a bottle when she noticed Paula watching her, then was stricken when Paula scolded her for reading a patient's temperature out loud (even though Paula had asked for the information). Paula hesitated but then agreed to be David's date for Russ's engagement party. Ted told Steve he would make the Fireside Inn a cosy place for young couples who couldn't afford the Tallboys or the Top of the Tower, and insisted the loan be handled as strictly as a bank loan. Steve speculated to Walter that Ted would be a success. Cindy cried on Susan and Dan's shoulders about her terrible mistake. Rachel was thrilled with Ted's news, especially that Walter was acting as his lawyer, as Lenore was her very closest and dearest friend. Rachel encouraged him to accept the invite to the engagement party and promised not to say or do anything to embarrass them.

AUGUST 3, 1971 (EP. #1809)
Suffering again from head pains, Walter brooded over the scarf when Lenore wanted to know the safe's combination so she could put Helen's brooch in it. Walter warned Lenore not to tempt the fates by being too happy. After Rachel phoned to express her gratitude to Steve, Bernice wondered if he was inviting her back into his life by getting involved with her husband. Mary credited Cindy with making the whole Matthews family happier than it's been in a long time. Mary was touched when Cindy impulsively kissed her on the cheek, but still worried about Rachel. Cindy was upset when Russ told her Dr. McCrae, the dragon lady herself, would be coming to their party.

AUGUST 4, 1971 (EP. #1810)
Lenore and Helen wondered why Rachel insisted on coming over. Rachel left after unsuccessfully trying to get them and their husbands together for dinner. Ada told Ted that Ernie was resting comfortably, and was greatly affected when Ted described in glowing terms everything Rachel had done to get him the restaurant. Ted was dubious when Rachel crowed about being best friends with the Curtins, who want to have lots of evenings together. Cindy hid her apprehensiveness and turned down Ted's offer to stay away from her engagement party. Alice didn't share Lenore's opinion that Rachel was softening and becoming less intense and demanding. Lenore couldn't provide the one wise word that would convince Alice she wouldn't be a bitter wife who doubted her husband.

AUGUST 5, 1971 (EP. #1811)
Rachel wailed to Ted that she is dreading Russ and Cindy's engagement party because everyone who despises her will be in attendance. Belle praised Cindy for blossoming under Russ's positive influence and making significant strides in improving her life. Cindy assuaged Belle's fears that she embarrassed herself in front of the Matthews' family by making inappropriate comments. Caroline begrudgingly followed Pat's exact instructions as they prepared for Russ and Cindy's engagement party. Alice confided to Pat that she feels guilty for being indecisive towards marrying Steve and cannot quit dwelling on his and Rachel's affair since she is involved in their lives again. Pat told Alice that she resents the time Caroline spends with the twins. Alice noticed Pat's discomfiture when Caroline resolved to spend the night at the Randolph's house so that she could tidy up once the engagement party is over. Ted quelled Rachel's concerns that the Matthews family will shun her and stressed that Cindy would have asked that they not attend the party if she thought Rachel's presence would be upsetting. Rachel expressed optimism to Ada that Ernie's health will improve with time. Ada suggested that Rachel express gratitude to Steve for helping to finance Ted's acquisition of The Fireside Inn by not causing issues for him and Alice. Rachel sincerely told Ada that she wants Russ and Cindy's party to be a success. Pat was displeased when John defended Caroline's foresight in staying overnight so that she could help clean the Randolph residence. John tried to ease Pat's fears that Rachel may ruin Russ and Cindy's engagement party because she ruined the last one that was for Steve and Alice.

AUGUST 6, 1971: Pre-empted for News Coverage of Total Lunar Eclipse.

AUGUST 9, 1971 (EP. #1812)
Cindy joked that Russ inherited his tendency to tease her when Jim, Mary, Pat, and John addressed Cindy and Russ as though they were meeting for the first time. The chatter came to an abrupt hush upon Ted and Rachel's arrival to the engagement party. Mary retreated to lend Caroline a hand while Jim introduced himself to Ted and joined John in exchanging pleasantries with Rachel. John advised Pat not to anticipate that Rachel will wreck the evening. Russ and Cindy politely congratulated Ted and Rachel on their nuptials. Paula ribbed David for his acerbic sense of humor and fishing for compliments by mentioning to Mary that he dated Alice years ago. Mary thanked Paula for performing the neurosurgery that saved Russ. Rachel resisted Ted's wishes for them to greet Steve and Alice. John and Pat encouraged Belle to formally announce Russ and Cindy's engagement. Mary covered her disdain when Rachel gushed that her marriage to Ted is the best thing to have happened to her in her entire life. Steve predicted to Peggy that Walter and John will eagerly promote her to a law partner once she passes the bar exams. Steve emphasized to a subdued Alice that they have changed since their disastrous engagement party and believes that Rachel is happily married now. Ted became unnerved as Cindy groused to Russ, Paula, and David that the clinic's burglar has yet to be apprehended by the police. Rachel was puzzled by Ted's agitated demeanor. Mary urged Belle not to feel foolish for weeping since they are both overjoyed that Russ and Cindy have found each other. Steve grew hopeful when Alice acknowledged that she would like to share Russ and Cindy's happiness.

David: "You know of course that Paula's the president of the hospital's chapter of Woman's Lib."
Cindy: "You're not really, are you, Dr. McCrae?"
Paula: "No, but the more time I spend with Dave the more I'm tempted to join."
David: "Well, I just happen to have an application blank here. If you'll give me the ten-dollar initiation fee..."

Production Notes: According to penciled-in notes, this episode aired five minutes late because an unspecified actor's hair was not ready, the audio during the beginning of Bill Wolff's closing announcement was out-of sync, and recorded music was played for the duration of the show instead of organ music. An expanded film routine was scheduled for this episode and #1813 (Production dates of August 2 and 3, 1971) in the event of upcoming pre-emptions.

AUGUST 10, 1971 (EP. #1813)
Alice reflected to Steve that she is relieved that Russ found true love with Cindy. Alice stopped Steve from expressing optimism towards their future together. Lenore speculated to Walter that Russ's engagement party may help Alice reconcile with the past and consent to marry Steve. Dan and Susan congratulated Russ and Cindy and opined that they will have a fine marriage. Dan and Susan informed Cindy and Russ that Barbara is coming for a visit so that Susan can bond with her and Dan can prove that Barbara has not lost her father. Rachel fretted to Ted that she is a nervous wreck because she unintentionally offended Mary and has yet to talk to Alice. Ted and Rachel chatted with Alice about her interest in Cindy's nursing, their first meeting in Somerset, and expressed happiness for Russ and Cindy, but Ted got defensive when Rachel theorized that the burglar hit Russ over the head at the clinic. Alice appreciated Rachel's sincere apologies for causing problems for her and Steve. Ted commended Rachel's decorum and teased her for worrying needlessly. Walter did not share in Steve, Alice, and Lenore's certainty that Rachel is remorseful for the past and has changed because of Ted. Alice sympathized with Walter, who lamented that he is dreading an upcoming business trip to Chicago because it stirs memories of Wayne's murder. Russ and Cindy assured Dan and Susan that they do not have reservations towards getting married. Cindy was apprehensive as Russ mused that he and Rachel may get on friendly terms by seeing each other in social settings. Steve was dismayed and Alice stunned when Rachel thanked him for financing Ted's purchase of the Fireside Inn.

Rachel: (about Alice) "...I guess she's decided to let bygones be bygones."
Ted: "You know what Mark Twain said about that?"
Rachel: "No."
Ted: "He said, 'I'm an old man and I've known many troubles - and most of them never happened.'"

AUGUST 11, 1971 (EP. #1814)
Rachel was mortified upon realizing that she unwittingly upset Alice because Steve had not informed her that he was financing Ted's business endeavor. Steve and Alice desperately tried to interpose when Rachel insisted that Steve's investment in Ted is a business deal, that she assumed that Steve had discussed it with Alice, and that Gerald is involved because he is an expert in the restaurant industry. Pat was disturbed when Alice started avoiding Steve and Rachel. Steve tersely warned Rachel that he and Alice will take care of their own problems. Pat got annoyed with Caroline for monopolizing the kitchen and refusing to let anyone help her clean. John noticed Steve wandering around the living room restlessly while Mary, Jim, and Pat remarked on Belle being touched by the engagement party. Steve dodged confiding his troubles to John. Jim requested that Pat and Mary not assume that Rachel purposely hurt Alice and heed John's suggestion that everyone leave Steve alone. Alice defiantly informed John, Pat, and Caroline that she will not wait for Steve to drive her home. Pat pointedly asked Caroline to stay out of other people's business by refraining from making conjectures about Steve and Alice's quarrel. John tried to assuage Pat's dissatisfaction towards Caroline. Pat lamented to John that Rachel came between Steve and Alice again. Ted opined that Steve should not feel compelled to disclose his business affairs to Alice, but Rachel maintained that she will be blamed for causing discord for Steve and Alice. Alice exclaimed to Steve that Rachel and Jamie continue to be obstacles for them, then quickly pulled away from Steve's grip, and ran up the Matthews' driveway.

AUGUST 12, 1971 (EP. #1815)
Steve was distressed that Alice rejected his pleas to talk things out. Alice coldly hinted that Steve should tackle his many other interests. Russ and Cindy became concerned when Alice made veiled remarks about Rachel as they discussed the engagement party. Alice went to retrieve a nursing textbook for Cindy after claiming that she was tired from working too hard, apologized for putting a damper on Russ and Cindy's elation, but ignored Cindy's statement that she and Steve deserve happiness. Russ tried to assure Cindy that Steve and Alice will work through misunderstandings. Russ and Cindy were baffled when Mary gave the textbook to Cindy for Alice. Pat glared at Caroline, who was showered with compliments on her baking skills by John, while she urged Mary not to push Alice into confessing her troubles. John asked Pat not to jump to the hasty conclusion that Rachel ruined the evening for Alice. Pat snapped at Caroline for musing that couples must overcome conflicts with patience, causing John to chide Pat for being rude to Caroline. Bernice told Quincy that she is eager to observe Walter's behavior during their business trip to Chicago. Steve was impressed that Bernice anticipated that he would hire a new accountant for Welco Electronics. Steve told Bernice that he failed to stop Rachel from revealing his investment in Ted to Alice. Jim, Mary, and Alice debated on whether Steve has a personal interest in Ted because he is Jamie's stepfather. Alice dwelled on life's complications as Jim and Mary asserted that she would not want Steve to abandon his responsibilities to Jamie and that Alice must face Rachel's presence in their lives should she decide to marry Steve.

Steve: "...I can't imagine running my business without your help, but I'm afraid this is one thing that nobody else can help me with. It's my...own particular problem I got myself into it and I'm going to have to find my way out again."
Bernice: "You will, I'm sure."
Steve: "I hope so. I seem to run my business much more effectively than I do my personal life."

AUGUST 13, 1971 (EP. #1816)
Rachel asked for Ted's moral support while she talks to Steve about Alice and prepares for the possibility that he may back out of financing Ted's purchase of the restaurant. Ted conceded to Rachel that he feels undeserving of Steve's financial help and their marriage because of unforgivable mistakes he has made, but maintained that he is grateful to Rachel for being forthright with him about Jamie's true paternity. Steve graciously accepted Rachel's apologies and promised Ted that he will not cancel their business deal. Steve told Ted and Rachel that he must resolve his issues with Alice alone. Walter noted that Rachel seems content while he and Lenore bemoaned that Steve did not discuss investing in Ted with Alice before committing himself to it. Walter and Lenore decided that they can tolerate an evening with Rachel since Ted is Walter's client and he seems to be affable and principled. Lenore assuaged Walter's fears over leaving her because of the ordeals that she endured during the last time he went to Chicago. Bernice was evasive when Walter quizzed her on the reasons that an assistant D.A. in New York is suspicious of the length of time in which she was involved with Wayne. Walter tried to hide his anxiety while denying Bernice's insinuations that he would prefer not to stay at the Hotel Danforth again, which amused Bernice. Ted told Rachel that Steve would dislike her efforts to reason with Alice on his behalf. Ted was thrilled by Rachel's offer to choose fabrics for the Fireside Inn and wishes for them to share a successful business and personal life together. Rachel was alarmed to hear Ada sobbing uncontrollably and unable to speak over the phone.

AUGUST 16, 1971 (EP. #1817)
Ada wept while informing Rachel that Ernie had died of a heart attack about an hour ago, despite his condition initially improving so that the oxygen tent could be removed and the doctors had hoped to let him out of bed. Ted offered heartfelt condolences to Ada for Ernie's death and expressed regret over not having the chance to meet him. Ted resolved to enlist Belle and Cindy's help in watching Jamie so that Rachel could be with Ada, who planned to make funeral arrangements for Ernie in Arizona. Ted embraced a disconsolate Rachel, who grieved for Ernie while denouncing life for being dreadful at times. Paula was impressed with Russ and Dan's clinic and the elaborate cross-indexing records system that Cindy had developed. Russ and Dan welcomed the possibility of recruiting Paula to expand the clinic's services to other specialties because Paula yearns to delve more into neurology. Dan and Susan told Russ and Paula that Barbara is visiting them for a month. Russ ruefully told Paula that he and Dan share a bond over having a failed first marriage. Russ told Paula that Walter is hesitant in committing to psychiatric treatment. Cindy asked Russ to pick her up from Ted and Rachel's place after relaying the news about Ernie, which affected Paula greatly. Barbara enthused over the bedroom Dan and Susan had prepared for her and the time they will spend together. Susan covered for Barbara, who carped about Gloria's restrictions on her. Ted apologized to Russ for asking Cindy to babysit Jamie and swore that Rachel is trying to redeem herself for the past. Ted felt tortured when Russ praised him for supporting Cindy while he was in the hospital and called him a good friend.

Barbara: (Re-introduction Line) "Oh. What a great apartment!"
Susan: "You saw it before, Barbara."
Barbara: "Just for a few minutes before you and Daddy were married. But you've done all kinds of things to it since then."

Notes: Reappearance of Christine Cameron as Barbara Shearer. In the script, Dan, Susan, and Barbara refer to an event that they are attending as a "Music Circus," which features operettas and music comedies. Barbara's favorite musical is "Man of La Mancha."

AUGUST 17, 1971 (EP. #1818)
Walter became nervous as Mr. Remington recalled that he was visibly upset the last time he arrived at the Hotel Danforth, which was hours before Walter learned of Wayne's murder and Lenore's police interrogation. Mr. Remington was privately dubious when Walter asserted that he was perturbed since Steve summoned him to Chicago with little notice, he was delayed in retrieving his luggage, and got into a traffic jam on his way to the hotel. Bernice grew thoughtful and amused when Walter hedged on divulging the details of his conversation with Mr. Remington. Lenore told Helen that she invited Alice to dinner in hopes of unearthing the reasons for Steve and Alice's problems. Lenore groused to Helen that her quest to straighten out Walter's financial records is taking longer than she anticipated. Helen surmised that the personal loan documents within Walter's papers involves a client and approved of Lenore's decision to discuss it with Steve. Steve told Lenore that Alice cannot cope with the possibility that Rachel will be involved in their lives should they get married, despite that Steve invested money into Ted's restaurant because he wants Jamie to have stability, to fulfill his responsibilities for the child, and to alleviate guilt for not marrying Rachel. Lenore was sympathetic as Steve noted the irony of driving Alice away by wanting to ensure that Rachel's presence in his life is minimized. Walter seethed while he watched Bernice talk to Mr. Remington. Walter demanded that the accountant at Welco Electronics provide him with a balance sheet. Bernice relished in Walter's discomfort while poking holes in Walter's claim that a traffic jam caused his long delay in getting to the hotel.

Lenore: "...Why are men so proud and secretive? Why can't they be open and direct like us women?"
Helen: "Because what we call open and direct they call gushy and indiscreet."
Lenore: "I guess so."

AUGUST 18, 1971 (EP. #1819)
Jim and Mary were perplexed when Alice brusquely insisted on walking to the hospital instead of accepting Russ's offer to drive her there. Jim advised Mary and Russ that they should not agonize over Alice's misery and that she and Steve must resolve the rift between them on their own. Mary opined to Jim and Russ that Alice must begrudgingly realize that Rachel will be part of her life should she marry Steve. Ada appreciated Jim and Mary's condolences and stated that Rachel is settling everything for Ernie's funeral arrangements. Jim, Mary, and Russ acknowledged that Rachel seems to have reformed since she married Ted, but Mary expressed hopes that Rachel will resist interfering in Steve and Alice's lives. Jim bemoaned to Mary and Russ that Alice must vent her frustrations and reconcile with the past. Alice struggled to maintain her composure and patience while conducting a demonstration on changing the linen while a patient is in the hospital bed for Cindy and another student nurse named Cathy Russo. Ada told Rachel that she was touched that so many people attended Ernie's funeral, despite that they had only known him for a short period. Rachel reflected to Ada that Ted comforted her while she was in a terrible state because Brian had dumped her and she did not get the support she was seeking from Gerald. Ada and Rachel agreed that Ted loves her unconditionally, makes her feel vital without having to prove anything, and brings out the best in her. Ada dreaded returning to the house that she once shared with Ernie. Russ and Cindy vowed that they will not let outside influences affect their romance in the same ways that Steve and Alice have become strained.

Notes: The student nurse named Cathy was played by Jeanne Lange, who would later play the contract role of Carol Lamonte (1974-1976). A technical error in the audio's sub-master had to be reloaded and started again during the taping of this episode. Connie Barber was engaged as a medical consultant for this episode.

AUGUST 19, 1971 (EP. #1820)
Alice was ultimately thankful when Lenore shamed her for trying to avoid Steve's friends by wanting to cancel their dinner date. Dan and Susan told Alice that they want to curry Barbara's favor by encouraging her to meet kids her own age while Barbara stays with them. Alice urged Dan and Susan not to feel tactless for showing affection towards each other because she is estranged from Steve. Susan hinted to Alice that she accepts Barbara because she is Dan's daughter from his first marriage. Alice countered that Rachel was married to Russ and lied about Jamie's paternity, prompting Susan to suggest that she sever ties with Steve should she be unwilling to cope with Jamie. Walter noticed that Steve got depressed as they discussed hiring Harry Jensen to oversee Welco Electronics. Steve told Walter that his decision to back Ted was a sound business proposition and fulfilled his desire to stabilize Jamie's household and meet his paternal obligations. Walter resolved to talk to Alice about accepting Rachel's presence in her and Steve's life for Jamie's sake. Peggy reminded Pat that she and John will be working on an important case this evening and that John must travel to Detroit for the trial. Pat groused to John and Peggy about Caroline taking the twins to the zoo because she had planned to do so on her day off from the summer camp. Pat predicted that Caroline would continue to monopolize her time with the twins. Alice desperately tried to find topics to discuss with Walter and Lenore to stop herself from talking about Steve. Walter caused Alice to doubt herself after stressing that Steve financed Ted's restaurant in hopes that it will be successful and to keep Rachel out of their lives.

AUGUST 20, 1971 (EP. #1821)
Alice felt troubled and Steve conflicted after they made arrangements to meet at a park to have a long-awaited chat. Ada was abstracted with Ted and Rachel while reminiscing about the time she spent with Ernie in the house and reflected that he conquered his fear of flying and enjoyed their trip to Arizona. Ted and Rachel told Ada about their plans for the Fireside Inn and invited her to the restaurant's re-opening once it is redecorated. Ada listened intently as Rachel explained that she inadvertently caused a rift between Steve and Alice because she took for granted that Alice knew about the funding for Ted's purchase of the Fireside Inn. Dan lauded Susan for making Barbara feel welcome and agreed with Susan that it is fortunate that Barbara does not seem to resent their marriage and thinks of Susan as a friend. Dan and Susan questioned the reasons that Gloria and Barbara have not been getting along lately. Susan told Dan that Alice is upset because Steve's deal with Ted reminds Alice too much of Rachel and Jamie's presence in Steve's life. Dan and Susan agreed that Alice should make allowances so that her romance with Steve can flourish. Russ was slightly noncommittal when Ada praised Rachel for helping her through Ernie's death and contended that she has changed since marrying Ted. Ada griped to Russ about Rachel making trouble for Steve and Alice again, but Russ maintained that no one believes that Rachel acted maliciously and expressed optimism that they will work out their differences. Alice accepted Steve's reasons for doing business with Ted and apologized for not believing in him. Steve and Alice professed their love and admitted to being miserable apart.

Notes: According to this script, a park named "Grant Park" is up the street from the Matthews' residence.

AUGUST 23, 1971 (EP. #1822)
John told Pat that he cannot go with her to the children's camp show because he must complete more work on the Detroit case. Pat was displeased by Caroline's offer to cook dinner for John and intentions to stay with the twins during the evening. Pat happily told Jim that Steve and Alice resolved their differences. Jim tried to assure Pat that Mary will eventually accept Alice's decision should she marry Steve in the future. Pat covered her irritation at Caroline for ignoring the day's cleaning schedule and for moving her notes of items she needed to bring to the children's show. Paula applauded Cindy for doing well on a nurse's training exam and for conquering her trepidation towards being on the hospital floor. Ted became frightened as Cindy spoke regretfully of Russ's surgery and that the police have yet to apprehend the clinic's burglar. Cindy tactfully decided to ask Russ whether they should attend Ted's re-opening of the Fireside Inn since Rachel will be present. John informed Pat that the pre-trial for a case was rescheduled for tomorrow and that he must spend ten days in Detroit. Pat chose not to accompany John since she hoped to spend time with the twins. Caroline tried to soothe Pat's annoyance because she innocently moved her memo pad to the telephone. John was delighted to learn from Pat that Steve and Alice have reunited. Caroline emphatically promised John that she will take care of Pat while he is in Detroit. Russ told Cindy that she should be proud of her grade on the exam. Cindy told Russ that Steve and Alice's reconciliation alleviated her guilt since their problems involved Ted and Rachel. Cindy was thrilled when Russ agreed to go to Ted's grand opening.

AUGUST 24, 1971 (EP. #1823)
Rachel advised Ted not to let the excitement of remodeling the Fireside Inn make him forget their plans with Walter and Lenore. Casey spoke with Rachel over the phone, was surprised to hear that she and Ted are married, and cryptically stated that he will see Ted soon. Ada lamented to Jim and Mary that Arizona's climate failed to cure Ernie's illness, that they met a lot of nice people, and that Ernie bravely dealt with his illness. Jim and Mary urged Ada to get over her shock from Ernie's death before making decisions on whether to keep the house or not. Ada told Jim and Mary that Rachel will share her relief that Steve and Alice have reunited. Mary was skeptical when Ada opined that Rachel once lacked the maturity to love and appreciate Russ. Bernice purposefully mentioned that Mr. Remington harped on Walter's last stay at the Hotel Danforth to probe Lenore and Peggy for information. Lenore and Peggy told Bernice that Walter caught an early flight to Chicago after getting short notice and spent most of the day waiting for Steve to arrive at the hotel, which pleased Bernice. Ted told Rachel that he relished handling the preparations for the re-opening of the Fireside Inn. Rachel told Ted about Casey's call. Ted was alarmed upon learning that Casey had left St. Louis and may have called from a local phone number. Ted complimented Lenore's cooking while Rachel gushed about Walter being a fine lawyer. Walter and Ted tried to interpose as Rachel raved about Walter getting Lenore acquitted for Wayne's murder. Ted opined to Lenore and Rachel that Wayne's killer was likely a decent person who was threatened and backed into a corner, which Walter privately deemed profound.

Casey: (Re-introduction Line) (over the phone, to Rachel) "Hello? I'd like to speak to Ted Clark."

Notes: First on-screen appearance of John Karlen as loan shark and drug dealer, George Casey. The character previously appeared by voice-over only (April 2 - May 26, 1971).

AUGUST 25, 1971 (EP. #1824)
Alice persuaded Steve into having dinner with Pat instead of going to the Top of the Tower. Pat caused Alice to grow pensive by asking whether she loves Steve enough to marry him. Pat conceded to Alice that she feels guilty for resenting Caroline because she continues to be a model of efficiency and quite thoughtful. Alice told Pat that she does not want to be apart from Steve, has come to grips with Jamie's importance in Steve's life, and that the two of them will deal with Rachel together. Rachel was pleased when Ada noted that she is adopting Ted's good habits, consideration for her, and enthusiasm over running the Fireside Inn as a family business. Rachel cheerfully told Ada that she and Lenore have become closer because Walter is Ted's lawyer and thinks the world of him. Ada happily blessed Ted for helping Rachel become a content, fulfilled woman and agreed to consider Ted's invitation to the grand opening of the Fireside Inn. Beth joked that she should find work to do so that Russ and Cindy can be alone to show each other affection. Beth teased Cindy for wanting to cut her evening short with Russ so that she could study and finish some sewing at home. Russ hurried Cindy out of the clinic to avoid receiving more patient calls that might detain him. Pat retreated back to the kitchen after briefly catching Steve and Alice share kisses and profess their love. Steve and Alice embraced while making plans for the rest of the week. Alice reassured Steve that she will quit imagining problems between them and allow Steve to explain himself to prevent more conflicts. Steve was thrilled when Alice was amenable to going to Ted's grand opening, despite that Rachel will be there.

Alice: "I'm not trying to evade, Pat...not with you."
Pat: "I should hope not."
Alice: "I've always been able to talk with you, even when I was little. You're not like an older sister at all. An older sister is supposed to be kind of disgusted with her kid sister, and order her around and tell her she's homely. But not you. You just never knew how to be an older sister. You're more like a friend. There must be something wrong with you."
Pat: "Very funny..."

AUGUST 26, 1971 (EP. #1825)
Walter grumbled to Lenore about their social calendar being booked solid. Lenore was disturbed when Walter impulsively went to take a walk. Barbara griped to Susan that she and Gloria clash over her choices for a career, that she will miss her best friend once she returns to California, and that Gloria does not miss her. Susan was flattered when Barbara fibbed that she wants to be a lab technician after she observed tests being conducted and looked at blood samples through a microscope. Dan informed Susan that Barbara has previously never discussed vocations she might pursue once she becomes an adult. Walter drunkenly complimented Ted's renovations on the Fireside Inn, opined that he deserves to be a success, and voiced appreciation for Ted's perceptive and fair-minded nature. Walter rambled to Ted about the pressures that men face, getting involved in questionable things on behalf of clients, and the desperate, violent acts that can arise from circumstances in which a man is cornered and goaded into protecting his loved ones. Ted became distressed as Walter decided to have another drink instead of walking home. Barbara received permission from Dan and Susan to go sailing with a friend's family. Susan theorized to Dan that Barbara tolerates her because they are married and lied about her career aspirations in hopes of recruiting allies against Gloria. Walter apologized to Lenore for getting home late and swore that he is content in life. Lenore told Walter that Ted's defense of Wayne's killer puzzled her. Walter dismissed Lenore's suspicions that Ted had alluded to committing a crime by stressing that Ted sympathizes with people who have been in trouble.

AUGUST 27, 1971 (EP. #1826)
Ada and Belle believed Ted and Rachel's conviction in making the Fireside Inn a success. Ted and Rachel decided to seat Ada with Belle so that they could get to know each other. Ted became dismayed to find Casey sitting at the bar. Casey emphasized that they are in a public place when Ted ordered him to leave rather than accept his friendly overtures or discuss a business proposition. Rachel told Belle that Gerald lives in Somerset, invested money in the Fireside Inn, but is unable to attend the grand opening. Belle gave her condolences to Ada over Ernie's death as they discussed being widows, Russ and Cindy's engagement, and the ways in which Ted and Rachel have changed since they got married. Ada and Belle raised their glasses in honor of Ted's future and Rachel's faith in him. Steve surprised Walter, Lenore, and Alice with tickets to see the "Ukrainian Dancers." Cindy was relieved that Russ did not find difficulty in attending Ted's special night because of his past with Rachel. Lenore was miffed when Walter ordered another round of drinks instead of dinner. Russ, Alice, and Lenore raved about the restaurant while Ted gave Steve and Walter a tour of the kitchen. Lenore expressed concerns to Alice over Walter's drinking. To quell Lenore's confusion towards Walter's interest in Ted, Alice surmised that Walter may have needed to confide in someone who is not a long-time friend. Steve was relieved that Rachel was being a good hostess while chatting with Lenore and Alice. Russ told Ted not to blame himself for Walter getting drunk. Casey hinted to Ted that he will provide him with money for more renovations to the restaurant in exchange for his full cooperation.

Notes: According to penciled-in notes, recorded music was used for the Prologue and Acts 1-III, while Act IV was taped and aired without music.

AUGUST 30, 1971 (EP. #1827)
Casey pointed out to Ted that he can provide the funds needed for a new air conditioner and a better stock of liquor for the Fireside Inn without any potential risks. Ted lambasted Casey for threatening his and Cindy's lives, forcing him to steal drugs from the clinic, and causing Russ to need surgery because he was behind on paying his debts. Ted was shaken when Casey arrogantly proclaimed that Ted will eventually accept his proposition. Susan confided to Dan that she chose not to attend Ted's grand opening to avoid the negative impact of Ted and Rachel's marriage on Russ and Cindy, but Dan maintained that Rachel has changed in a short period of time. Barbara screamed due to having an apparent nightmare just as Dan and Susan were getting affectionate. Dan and Susan comforted Barbara, who wailed that she dreamed that all of her belongings were destroyed in a fire. Peggy eyed Caroline strangely as she subtly complained about John preferring to talk to Pat more than Caroline on the phone and Pat taking the twins to the park. Caroline was unresponsive to Peggy's assertions that Pat is well-liked and wants to be with the twins now that her work at the children's camp has concluded. Caroline told Peggy that she is willing to wait until the obstacles between her and the gentleman friend have been removed. Ted praised Rachel for being a fine hostess and helping to make the grand opening of the Fireside Inn a smashing success. Ted suggested to Rachel that they make arrangements so that Ada can live with them so that Jamie has a regular babysitter. Rachel was curious over Ted's animosity towards Casey, whom Rachel spotted sitting at the bar of the restaurant.

Notes: Last episode to credit Robert Cenedella as Head Writer. Penciled-in production notes state that the cast crawl that ran during the closing of this episode listed Barbara Shearer with an incorrect last name.

AUGUST 31, 1971 (EP. #1828)
Steve assured Alice that their marriage will not impede him from fulfilling his obligations to Jamie or be impacted by Rachel's presence. Alice's eyes shined as she threw herself into Steve's arms and happily accepted his marriage proposal. Alice was awed yet confused when Steve had her peek through a window of an unfinished house that was built on privately owned land in the country. Steve told Alice that he did extensive thinking and planning while she was in France without considering the possibility that she might not return to Bay City or reconcile with him. Alice was enraptured once Steve revealed that he built the house for her in which they will live as a married couple. Walter got defensive and agitated when Lenore explained that she was trying to organize the financial records that had been neglected since the trial to surprise him. Lenore tried unsuccessfully to quiz Walter on payments to the DBF Loan Company and unspecified accounting entries, causing Walter to stuff the papers into his briefcase and reiterate his policy of handling all financial matters himself. Caroline got her way in putting the twins down for their nap since Alice arrived unexpectedly to announce to Pat and Mary that she and Steve are getting married in three weeks. Alice tried to mollify Mary's reservations by insisting that Steve will take care of Rachel and Jamie and that the wedding ceremony is taking place on the terrace of the house Steve had constructed for her. Steve noticed Walter's distress despite being thrilled by his and Alice's impending nuptials. Walter asked Steve to quit calling him a trustworthy friend and hinted that there are aspects of his life that he keeps hidden.

Steve: "Then trust me to take care of...anything I have to take care of to keep us together, and happy forever..."
Alice: (DEEPLY TOUCHED, LEANS TOWARDS HIM. HE TOUCHES HER GENTLY) "Steven...when like that...I believe you can deal with anything."
Steve: "When you trust me, I can deal with everything."
Alice: "Are you sure?"
Steve: "I'm sure. You love me, and the day is beautiful, and I've asked you to marry me, and you're going to say yes. You are going to say yes, aren't you? Aren't you?"

Notes: First episode to credit Harding Lemay as Head Writer. First appearance of Christopher Corwin and Tracey Brown as Michael and Marianne Randolph. A meeting in the kraft room was scheduled for Beverly Penberthy and Virginia Dwyer to meet and interact with the children in preparation for their first scenes together.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1971 (EP. #1829)
Jim and Mary consented to have Steve and Alice over for dinner to celebrate their engagement. Mary confessed to Jim and Alice that, while she accepts Alice's impending nuptials to Steve, she is worried about their complicated situation. Alice agreed to consider Mary's suggestion that she tell Steve about the trauma that Pat experienced years ago to avoid keeping secrets from Steve. Jim theorized to Mary that she is subconsciously inventing roadblocks by wanting Alice to reveal Pat's past to Steve because she is still bothered by Jamie's paternity. Mary predicted to Jim that Steve will not allow Ted to replace him as Jamie's father and Rachel will badger Steve to maintain his support of Jamie, but Jim countered that Steve and Alice are capable of handling the situation on their own. Caroline diffused Pat's temper by conceding that she may have unwittingly eavesdropped while Alice announced her engagement to Pat and Mary. Caroline was intrigued when Pat dismissed her praise of the Matthews family being among the best in town. Pat ignored Caroline's boasts about taking care of the twins constantly and insisted on tending to them, which stirred Caroline's resentment towards Pat. Alice tried to reassure Steve that Mary is trying to overcome her qualms about their marriage. Steve asked Alice to tell Mary that marrying into the Matthews family is the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to him. Jim, Mary, and Alice were embarrassed when Steve explained that his parents are deceased and the rest of his family would likely decline any invitations to the wedding. Mary told Jim that she is curious about Steve's remark that he and his siblings are "not much of a family."

Production Notes: Act IV had to be restarted twice due to noise during the taping of a Somerset episode.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1971 (EP. #1830)
Dan and Susan advised Barbara that engaged couples like Steve and Alice do not have to have a big wedding because the most important thing is the love between them. Barbara was pleased when Dan and Susan affirmed that she can attend Steve and Alice's wedding. Susan was astonished by the gravity in Dan's voice when he wished to discuss Barbara with her. Dan told Susan that Gloria thinks that Barbara craves attention and that she feigned wanting to be a lab technician to ingratiate herself to Susan. Dan told Susan that they may be making it difficult for Barbara to return to California because of the fun activities that Susan has arranged for her and that Barbara may be trying to make her stay in Bay City permanent. Barbara became thoughtful and calculating while overhearing Dan tell Susan that Barbara may be trying to dominate their lives. Russ swore to Dan that he accepts Steve and Alice's union. Dan advocated Russ's decision to specialize in cardiology and to work as an associate of Dr. Hecht, who is establishing a cardiology unit at the hospital. Russ was understanding when Dan vowed that he will not let emotional factors influence him while considering a job offer in New York. Susan told Dan that it is a fine opportunity for him to work with Dr. Ferris. Dan and Susan were disturbed by Barbara's adamant assertion that Gloria intends to come to Bay City. Cindy lamented to Russ that she was reported to the nurses' supervisor named Mrs. Hewitt because she snapped at a demanding patient and that Mrs. Hewitt doubts her dedication to nursing. Russ objected to Cindy's wishes for them to work together at the hospital or clinic due to sharing emotional connections.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1971 (EP. #1831)
Mary admitted that she brought a recipe for chocolate cake as an excuse to see Ada, who graciously declined Mary's offers to help her with the ironing. Mary told Ada that Steve and Alice resolved their problems, that they are getting married on the terrace of the house that Steve constructed for Alice, and that Alice has reconciled with Jamie's importance in Steve's life. Ada and Mary gushed about being grandmothers. Mary told Ada that she and Alice have forgiven Steve and are both confident that Alice has come to terms with the past. Ada remarked to Mary on the ways in which Rachel has changed, but feared the repercussions should Rachel's marriage to Ted fail. Russ told Mary that Cindy is unhappy with her progress in nurses' training and wants to resume working with him, but Cindy may not understand his desire to switch from general practice to cardiology as a specialty. Mary confessed to Russ that she is still concerned about Steve and Alice. Russ mused to Mary that it is difficult to overcome the paternal feelings he once had for Jamie. Mary was somewhat dubious when Russ opined that Rachel will not care about Steve and Alice's marriage because of Ted. Ada told Rachel that she admires that Ted is running an honest promotional campaign to increase business at the Fireside Inn. Rachel acquiesced to Ada's belief that Mary was right to despise her because she treated Russ poorly. Ada was surprised by Rachel's positive reaction to Steve and Alice's wedding plans. Rachel told Ada that Ted hopes to repay Steve and financially support her and Jamie. Ada was unconvinced by Rachel's confidence that she and Ted can cut Steve out of their lives in the future.

Notes: The opening billboard slide had to be placed on-air, flooding occurred in one of the studios, and the intercom malfunctioned during the taping of this episode. First known mention of the Perrini family, in which Ada stated that Jamie was spending time at "Mrs. Perrini's house."

SEPTEMBER 6, 1971 (EP. #1832)
Ted apologized to Rachel for being impatient towards the Fireside Inn becoming profitable because he is eager to repay Steve and Gerald's loans. Rachel noticed that Ted was too distracted to enthuse over Steve and Alice's engagement. Ted fretted to Rachel that Jamie will be negatively impacted because he has two fathers, but credited Steve for making a good investment by financing his purchase of the Fireside Inn for Jamie's sake. Ted outlined plans to Rachel on repaying Steve, adopting Jamie, and ensuring that they do not have to depend on Steve to maintain their household. Rachel asked Ted to give her ample time to consider his proposals. Alice expressed her concerns that Steve is part of Ted and Rachel's family situation, which is something separate from her. Steve explained to Alice he yearns to undo the past and redeem himself for not taking familial obligations seriously by supporting Jamie. Alice was troubled as Steve stated that he intends to support Jamie until he reaches college age, but Steve promised that Alice will never have to share him with anyone else. Steve was floored when Rachel approved of his and Alice's plans to get married in a few weeks. Rachel tried to ease the awkward tension as Ted witnessed Steve feeding Jamie some ice cream. Steve and Ted agreed that it was overdue for them to discuss Jamie. Walter informed Steve that he has no legal rights to Jamie yet has absolute responsibility to provide for him. Steve was shocked when Walter implored him not to repeat his mistakes of trying to protect a loved one by keeping secrets from Alice. Steve told Walter that he wants to be prepared should Ted use Rachel to shut him out of Jamie's life.

Rachel: "Well, Jamie, we're going to have company. How about that?" (THEN, BACK TO SPOONING THE ICE CREAM) "Here...don't you want some French fries?" (AT THIS MOMENT STEVE IS PASSING THE BOOTH. HE SEES THEM AND STOPS).
Steve: "Well! Hello."
Rachel: "Steve! My goodness..."
Jamie: (IF HE CAN DO THIS HERE) "Daddy! Daddy!"
Steve: (IF JAMIE CAN'T OR DOESN'T SAY THE ABOVE) "Well! Aren't you going to say hello to your dad?"
Rachel: (EMBARRASSED BY WHICHEVER OF THE TWO FORGOING LINES IS ACTUALLY DELIVERED) Well! It's really a surprise to see you here, Steve.."

Notes: This episode includes the character of Jamie's first scripted line of dialogue. The script includes penciled-in directions for ad libs in the event that Seth Holzlein was unable to deliver the line during the taping of the show.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1971 (EP. #1833)
Dan coaxed it out of Barbara that she had lied about Gloria's plans to move to Bay City so that Barbara could see Dan regularly. Dan advised Barbara that staying with him and Susan would be unfair to Gloria, that he has accepted a job offer in New York, and that it will take time for them to get settled before Barbara can visit again. Barbara stormed out once Dan stated that she must return to California after Steve and Alice's wedding. Susan agreed with Dan's contention that it will be difficult for them to adjust to a new community without worrying about Barbara. Dan informed Russ that he has the potential to replace Dr. Ferris as the head of the obstetrical services at the hospital in Westchester County once he retires. Russ was sympathetic as Dan confessed that he wants Susan to be spared of unhappy memories in Bay City and believes that he and Susan should establish their marriage before taking on the additional responsibilities of raising Barbara. Russ decided to pursue cardiology as his specialty under Dr. Hecht and recruit colleagues who can take his and Dan's positions at the clinic. Paula opined that Cindy may be ill-suited for nursing because she gets too emotionally involved with her patients. Russ confirmed for Paula that he is thinking of leaving the clinic to work with Dr. Hecht in the cardiology unit of the hospital. Cindy wailed that she cannot do anything right after Russ lectured her for disclosing his professional decision prematurely. Dan and Susan discovered a note from Barbara, in which she apologized for her poor behavior and stated that she is returning to California. Dan and Susan vowed that their children will not grow up in a broken home like Jamie and Barbara.

Barbara: "But you said I could stay for Alice and Steve's wedding. You promised!"
Susan: "Yes, we did, Dan."
Dan: "All right. But, I'm afraid you'll have to go home right after that..."
Barbara: (Exit Line) "I knew it wouldn't work. I just knew it." (SHE GOES SLOWLY INTO HER ROOM. SUSAN LOOKS AFTER HER SADLY).

Notes: Last appearance of Christine Cameron as Barbara Shearer.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1971 (EP. #1834)
Alice told Pat that she has promised to accompany Steve to visit Jamie. Caroline overheard Pat state that Alice is starting her marriage with love that she did not possess when she initially married John. Pat begrudgingly satisfied Caroline's inquiry into Lee by reflecting that it involved personal, family matters that happened years ago. Alice declined Pat's offer to relate her past experiences with Lee to Mary in hopes that she could better understand Alice's situation with Jamie. Pat gave Alice sage advice on recognizing Steve's familial responsibilities. Caroline spoke to Alice about her wedding plans. Pat advised Alice that the decisions that she and Steve make will have an immense effect on their lives along with Jamie's, though Alice refused to let Pat blame herself for Lee's tragic death because she was not mature and understanding towards Lee's problems. Rachel told Ada that things became awkward between Steve and Ted while they acted like Jamie's father. Ada emphasized the importance of parents living with a child after Rachel mentioned Ted's wishes to adopt Jamie. Rachel had mixed feelings when Ada refused to let her be present while Steve and Alice visit Jamie. Alice told Steve that she is reminded that she knew Jamie's true paternity while Rachel passed him off as Russ's son. Steve squirmed as Alice opined that the man who lives with a child each day and takes care of him is more of a parent than the biological father. Ada told Steve that Ted's love will impede Rachel from repeating past mistakes. Alice told Mary that she went with Steve to see Jamie and soothed Mary's fears by asserting that Steve will do what is best for their marriage and for Jamie.

Ada: (about Jamie) "I love having him here. Somehow the house doesn't seem so big and empty..."
Alice: "I know children make a tremendous difference. Mother thinks one of the main reasons Aunt Liz moved to Arizona was to be with Ricky - and she's not even his grandmother." (NOT LOOKING AT STEVE BUT MAKING THE POINT FOR HIM) "... but I guess in a sense she is. While my cousin Bill wasn't his real father, I think that someone who lives with a child every day, and takes care of him, is much more his parent than his natural parent."

Notes: Last appearance of Seth Holzlein as Jamie Frame. For an unspecified reason, a separate dress rehearsal took place for Constance Ford, Robin Strasser, and Seth Holzlein because the child actor missed the originally scheduled dress rehearsal. Therefore, crew had to complete the blocking for Act II ahead of time.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1971 (EP. #1835)
Walter left for work after finding Lenore's list of questions to ask Steve concerning his duties as best man, which prevented Lenore from quizzing him about documents that she had placed into the "Don't Understand" folder. Lenore told Helen that Walter fussed over her efforts to organize the financial records and that she forgot about the folder she set aside to discuss with him. Helen remarked that Steve and Alice deserve tranquility after Lenore laid out Mary's plans for the wedding and reception. Pat told Lenore that Alice is excited about getting married despite Mary's qualms about Steve, credited Alice for being open-minded about Jamie, but agreed with Lenore that Steve may become more attached to Jamie over time. Lenore confided to Pat that Walter is not receptive to talking through his reasons for drinking excessively and being forgetful and preoccupied. Steve chided Bernice for lacking compassion towards Walter. Bernice warned Steve that he is too trusting and generous towards his staff. Caroline mused to John that everyone has troubles to resolve and dreams they wish will come true. Caroline was amenable to putting Pat's store packages away for John's benefit while Pat checked on the twins. Lenore lauded John's plans to reallocate some of Walter's cases to ease his stress. John cited Walter's conscientious, empathetic nature while hypothesizing to Lenore that Walter may be troubled by a client's problems. Steve suggested a psychiatrist when Walter hinted that his "close friend" was forced to betray a client to save himself. Walter was baffled when Steve recalled that he was too young to understand and help a family member who suffered from a mental disorder.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1971 (EP. #1836)
Ted told Rachel that the conflict with Jamie must be settled and that the boy should have one father. Rachel cautioned Ted against antagonizing Steve since he supports Jamie and they owe him money for financing the restaurant. Ted pointed out to Rachel that Steve suggested that they discuss Jamie, that Jamie should not be confused about his father, and that both men want Jamie's future to be secure. Ada asked Rachel not to invite trouble by fearing that the restaurant will fail or Ted or Jamie will get sick, but praised Ted's determination in wanting to provide for Jamie without Steve's assistance. Ada theorized to Rachel that Steve may not willing give up Jamie and pondered Steve's motives for bringing Alice to see Jamie. Steve described his impoverished childhood to illustrate to Ted that he understands being penniless. Ted informed Steve that he intends to adopt Jamie and assume responsibility for him. Steve told Ted that, while he accepts having a limited presence in Jamie's life, he will not be permanently cut out of his life. Ted asked Cindy to obtain Russ's consent for him to adopt Jamie since he is the boy's legal father. Belle remonstrated Ted for rushing into a marriage, a new business, and wishing to support Steve's son after switching jobs and residences for years. Ted told Belle and Cindy that he wants Jamie to have a loving childhood and become a confident, honest young man who is proud of Ted as his father. Ted carped to Rachel that Steve may not relinquish his obligations to Jamie. Rachel convinced Ted to drop the subject until after Steve and Alice are married. Ted was stunned when Rachel posited that Alice will see to it that Steve minimizes his involvement with Jamie.

Ted: "Nobody started with less than me."
Steve: "You wanna bet?"
Ted: "Of course, I don't really know."
Steve: "No, I doubt if you do...Patched clothes, hand-me-downs, no warm clothes in the winter, a houseful of us kids staring out the window at the snow, envying those who had more than we did. And, let me tell you, that was practically everybody we knew."
Ted: "Why are you telling me this?"
Steve: "I want you to know that I understand what it's like to be poor, only too well."

SEPTEMBER 13, 1971 (EP. #1837)
Cindy apologized to Russ for being poor company because she is anxious to discuss Jamie with him. Russ pointed out to Cindy that Jamie already lives with Ted and Rachel, approves of Ted's plans to fully support and adopt Jamie, and opined that Ted will be an excellent father to him. Belle carped to Russ and Cindy that Ted should realize that Steve can provide for Jamie and that he should not take on the responsibilities of another man. Russ valiantly defended Ted as a caring, generous man who wants to create a normal home for Jamie and be the head of his household. Cindy marveled at Russ's simple views on people working out their problems without hurting anyone in the process. Rachel was wary and puzzled by Belle's gripes that Ted is allowing himself to get overwhelmed with running the restaurant, paying for an apartment, and getting into debt. Belle stirred Rachel's ire by insinuating that she is forcing new responsibilities onto Ted. Rachel asked Belle to share her faith in Ted and promised that she will ensure that Ted does not take on more than he can handle. Cindy told Ted that Russ approves of him adopting Jamie, but implored Ted not to let the situation cause conflicts for Steve and Alice. Ted stunned Cindy by musing that adopting Jamie may redeem him for past mistakes. Russ fretted to Mary that Cindy is exhausting herself with nurses' training and concerns for Ted. Mary asserted to Russ that Ted's adoption of Jamie might remove the source of unhappy memories from Steve and Alice's future marriage. Russ told Mary that Cindy is insecure, despite being a genuine, honest, affectionate girl. Mary told Russ that she and Jim want their children to be settled and happy.

Production Notes: According to penciled-in notes within the script, this was the first show that displayed an NBC tag instead of the network's peacock logo, included a "Stay Tuned" announcement, and the closing contained one "AW slide" starting with this episode. Due to Hugh Marlowe's illness, the character of Jim was cut from the script and his lines given to Virginia Dwyer during Act IV of this episode and Act III of the following episode.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1971 (EP. #1838)
Paula was envious of Susan's support towards Dan's career and dedication to their union. Susan was surprised that a young, attractive, bright career woman like Paula could long for a marriage like hers. Paula conceded to Susan that she has been unlucky with dating because none of the men who have piqued her interest were available. Paula reflected to Russ that she chose a career over marriage after the man she loved married her older sister, which led to a divorce within a year. Russ told Paula that Cindy may quit nursing once they are married and have children. Paula felt inspired when Russ encouraged her to combine her career with romance. Dan and Beth informed Cindy that Russ is at the hospital talking to candidates to fill Dan's position and consulting Paula on a patient who underwent neurosurgery months ago. Dan told Cindy that he and Susan will be leaving for New York after Steve and Alice's wedding. Cindy remained uncertain despite Dan's assurances that she will feel better about nurses' training with time and that she does not face competition from Paula for Russ's affections. Susan told Mary that she is more upset about moving away from her and Jim than Liz being in Arizona because of the closeness she feels for them. Mary surmised to Susan that Alice must think she can cope with Jamie's presence by accepting Steve's marriage proposal. Cindy told Paula that she is unsure of waiting until she gets more relaxed with nurses' training before she and Russ set a wedding date. Cindy begrudgingly left Russ and Paula alone so that they could review a patient's chart. Paula was thrilled when Russ invited her to a professional dinner to discuss a patient's case further.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1971 (EP. #1839)
Lenore dispelled Walter's doubts by insisting that he could never disappoint her. Lenore gave Walter's papers to Peggy because he left his briefcase at home. Peggy was startled when Walter chastised her for going through the papers to check on whether she could file or type anything because Lenore's folder that was labeled "Don't Understand" was among the documents. Walter apologized to Peggy for taking his frustrations over a case out on her. Walter bristled when Bernice demanded to speak with him. John and Peggy were distressed that Walter abruptly left for lunch and has not returned for an important conference that he and John had scheduled. John and Peggy discussed Walter being irritable, forgetful, and moody, and concluded that it was strange that Walter dodged talking to Bernice since she works for Steve, who is an important client of the firm's. Caroline raved to John that she was impressed by Walter's defense of Lenore during the trial and John's ceaseless dedication to his work. Pat advised John that her annoyance at Caroline has dissipated because they have the twins and house to themselves more often. Caroline purposefully made veiled remarks about Pat being sympathetic and understanding despite leading a sheltered life, prompting John to hint that Pat once endured terrible hardships. Walter claimed to John that he visited a former defendant who wishes he had been convicted since the guilt of committing the crime has become worse than any punishment the law could hand down to him. Bernice called to tell Walter that they need to discuss their dealing with Wayne. John, Pat, and Lenore were stunned when Walter angrily hung up the phone on Bernice.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1971 (EP. #1840)
Steve wryly commented to John that he is marrying Alice to ingratiate himself into the Matthews family and their in-laws. John went over proper wedding etiquette with Steve. John told an astonished Steve that Walter upbraided Bernice for calling him while he and Lenore were at the Randolph's house for dinner and posited that Bernice may be the source of Walter's angst. Steve told John that Walter and Bernice are high-strung and competitive and dismissed their issues as personality conflicts. John persuaded Steve into speaking to Walter about Bernice. Bernice reassured Steve that she contacted Walter to discuss a personal matter and was agreeable to Steve's suggestion that she and Walter settle their differences. Bernice cryptically told Steve that she has taken out insurance against certain eventualities in response to Steve's advice on handling personal and business matters by anticipating possible complications before they become unmanageable. Lenore promised Pat that Ada will not be offended that she is the only mother invited to Alice's bridal shower whose daughter will not be in attendance. Pat scoffed at Lenore's theory that Walter is drinking excessively because he suspects that she is guilty of killing Wayne. Caroline tried to encourage Pat to take John on a vacation so that she could babysit the twins for them. Lenore and Pat agreed that they should count their blessings as Caroline looked at them with envy. John sensed rightly that Pat was referring to her own murder indictment while they talked about Walter's fervent belief in Lenore's innocence. Pat decided to concentrate on the happiness she shares with John instead of discussing the past further with him.

Lenore: "...You're getting as jumpy as your brother-in-law-to-be."
Pat: "That's some comparison. Steve's the original nervous bridegroom."
Lenore: "They're all about the same. The bridegrooms I've known, anyway. Walter was so nervous, I didn't think he'd make it to the altar at all."

Notes: Appearance by Linda Scruggs as Pamela Sloan, Steve's secretary. The crawl for the September 14, 1971 episode had to be repaired and retaped during the production of this episode (Production date of September 9th). An "irregular close" was done for this episode and included one "AW Slide" since the show went over its allotted time slot.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1971 (EP. #1841)
Alice talked Steve into getting traditional gold bands to rid themselves of links to their past engagement. Steve sadly told Alice that a gold band was the only jewelry his deceased mother ever possessed, his siblings have scattered across the country, and that he is ashamed of abandoning them years ago. Alice told Steve that his background and estrangement from his family do not matter because she loves him unconditionally. Mary reminisced about the family's first years in the Matthews' house while she and Pat finalized plans for Steve and Alice's wedding and reception in the house that he constructed for her. Alice laughed as Steve fabricated ostentatious greetings he supposedly requested from the local people for their honeymoon, though Alice was excited about going to St. Croix. Steve took Alice's suggestion that they reword their wedding vows. Steve joked to Alice that she is marrying a "social deficit" and mused that his adult life has been tied to business deals, finances, and paperwork. Pat stated that Mary is babysitting the twins when Caroline griped that she would be more useful with the children than in storing supplies and decorations at Alice's new house. Caroline enthused over the house that Steve had built for Alice. Pat told John that she has conquered her misgivings about Caroline. Caroline overheard John tell Pat that she was not at fault for Lee's death and should not brood over the past. Alice told Mary that she was inspired by a wedding she went to in France to incorporate modern elements into her ceremony and revise the vows in lieu of the usual service. Mary was appeased once Alice reiterated her faith that Steve will solve any problems they may face.

Alice: (A TALL, FROSTY DRINK, VERY EXOTIC, IN FRONT OF EACH OF THEM. ALICE LAUGHING) "A Rum Collins, Steve? Before lunch? In September?"
Steve: "Listen, honey...where we're going on our honeymoon, you can bathe in Rum Collins', throw mangos at me, and snorkel to your heart's content."
Alice: "We're really going to St. Croix? Oh, Steve...I'm so excited!"
Steve: "You just want me for my palm trees...I know."
Alice: "That's all you've got to offer me? Palm trees?"
Steve: "Also a beach house."

SEPTEMBER 20, 1971 (EP. #1842)
Pat was immediately contrite after snapping at Mary for fussing over the twins because she has been tired. Pat told Mary that she is teaching the twins self-reliance by leaving them alone in the nursery, but agreed with Mary's assertion that Caroline hovers over them and is resistant to changing her ways. Mary vehemently told Pat that Caroline usurps her place in the household and that she should not tolerate her overbearing nature. Pat insisted to Mary that she admires Caroline's skills and dedication despite her faults. Mary voiced suspicions to Pat that Caroline wants everything she has for herself. Pat brooded over the travails she once endured, prompting Mary to encourage Pat to focus on her good fortune and put the past behind her. Caroline flipped through Lee's old scrapbook of John's law career and was amazed to learn that Pat had been tried for murder years ago. John pretended to believe Caroline's claim that she accidentally discovered the scrapbook while she was cleaning the bookshelves in the living room. Caroline gave condolences to John as he briefly mentioned the deaths of his first wife and Lee, but echoed John's sentiments that he is lucky to have a successful and happy life. John questioned whether Pat had purposely kept Lee's scrapbook. Pat mollified Mary's concerns by pointing out that Alice is too sensible to allow herself to be spoiled by Steve. John reached Pat at the Matthews' house and asked her to come home right away. Pat promised to destroy the scrapbook after she and John deduced that Caroline had found it while looking through the trunks in the attic. Pat chastised Caroline for snooping through her belongings and fired her without notice.

Pat: "I want you to leave this house at once. I'll send you a check for whatever I owe you."
Caroline: (Exit Line) "You want me to leave tonight?"
Pat: "I want you to leave right this minute! When I come back from bathing the twins I want you to be gone."

Notes: Last appearance of Rue McClanahan as Caroline Johnson.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1971 (EP. #1843)
John was shocked once Pat revealed that she fired Caroline. Pat told John that her justifiable anger towards Caroline has been building for months because, while her efficiency was beyond reproach, Pat found her overbearing nature, assumptions that she knew what was best for the twins, and the business with the scrapbook intolerable. John advocated Pat's belief that the murder trial brought them together and that Steve and Alice have a "road to marriage" that has had its share of detours. Pat asked Mary to babysit the twins since she is taking Alice shopping for wedding dresses tomorrow. Mary was relieved to learn from Pat that she had terminated Caroline's employment. Pat impressed upon Alice that every married couple has arguments and their own problems as they navigate through life together. Alice showed off gold cufflinks that she is gifting Steve for their wedding. Pat agreed with Alice that Steve feels profound shame for his affair with Rachel, but likely does not have any kind of interest towards her anymore. Alice reassured Pat that she accepts that Jamie is a constant reminder of Steve's moment of weakness with Rachel and that he loves Jamie because she does not want to live without Steve. John assuaged Pat's fears by fully supporting her decision to fire Caroline. John convinced Pat to invite Jim to join Mary for dinner. Mary raved to John and Jim that the evening was the most relaxed she has experienced since Caroline began working for John and Pat. Pat dumped Caroline's indigestion medicine into the kitchen sink after Mary discovered the jar in the cupboard. Mary told Pat that her marriage to John makes her optimistic about Steve and Alice's future union.

Notes: John's interactions with Peggy during Act III of this episode were cut, possibly due to time constraints.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1971 (EP. #1844)
Cindy got upset when David jokingly suggested that Paula find time for him between Russ and her other beaus. Paula and Cindy were not placated as David defensively acknowledged Russ and Cindy's exclusive relationship and insisted that he ribs Paula for resisting his efforts to date her. Russ was bothered that Cindy made a hasty retreat upon his arrival to the cafeteria. Paula theorized to Russ that Cindy may be bothered by their professional dinner because she is insecure and overwhelmed by their engagement. Paula secretly disagreed with Russ's opinion that they shared nothing more than an innocent dinner. Cindy groused to Susan that she let her jealousy impede Russ from giving his reasons for going out with Paula. Susan gave Cindy sage advice on becoming secure with Russ's profession and his unconditional love for her. Susan eased the awkwardness between Russ and Cindy by inviting them to have dinner with her and Dan. Cindy felt foolish as Russ explained that he invited Paula on a whim to have a casual, professional dinner to discuss a patient at a restaurant that is popular among the hospital staff and that David joined them for coffee later that evening. Russ urged Cindy to quit comparing herself unfavorably to Paula, but complimented Cindy for being warm, genuine, and honest about her feelings. Susan and Cindy talked about the excitement of Steve and Alice's upcoming wedding while Russ and Dan discussed their potential replacements at the clinic. Cindy had reservations towards subleasing Dan and Susan's apartment because her training schedule, their wedding date, and Russ's time between the hospital and the clinic are currently undetermined.

David: (Joseph Ponazecki, Exit Line) (to Paula and Cindy) "I think I'd better have my coffee somewhere else."

Notes: Last appearance of Joseph Ponazecki as Dr. David Thornton.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1971 (EP. #1845)
Walter struggled to get a nervous Steve prepared for the wedding ceremony. Steve grew quizzical as Walter compared life to living in a jungle and waxed philosophically about surviving the terrors and anxieties of the world with the love and support of women like Alice and Lenore. Walter ruefully commented to Steve that he is in a different league than Steve concerning the foolish things he has done during his lifetime, which Walter deemed worthwhile solely because of Lenore and Wally. Ada echoed Rachel's sentiments that Ted would be pleased by Steve and Alice's nuptials whether he had provided the financing for the Fireside Inn or not. Rachel almost left in tears when Ada harped on her past tenacity in breaking up Steve and Alice and mistreating Russ, despite Rachel's sincere wishes for them to be happy. Rachel reassured Ada that she will keep the promise that she made on her wedding day to be a faithful, nurturing wife to Ted. Cindy informed a persistent Russ that they can set a wedding date once she is certain that she will pass the nurse's examination. Russ contended to Cindy that she is placing undue importance on education and the differences between their backgrounds and families, despite Russ's declarations that he could never be ashamed or regret marrying Cindy. Alice was flooded with painful memories of Steve's sad musings about his family, Rachel revealing her pregnancy during her first engagement party, and spending time with Jamie while Mary finished helping her get dressed. Jim encouraged Alice to put lingering doubts out of her mind and concentrate on the joy she will share with Steve as a married couple while Jim started walking her down the aisle.

Notes: A photographer was employed for Act IV (Jim walking Alice down the aisle) and the following episode that featured Steve and Alice's wedding to take promotional pictures for the event. According to penciled-in notes, Alice's flashback of spending time with Jamie (Episode #1834) included ad libs because Seth Holzlein was unable to speak the line in the script during the original airing of that episode.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1971 (EP. #1846)
Steve returned Alice's tremulous gaze with steadfast love as they stood at the altar and turned their attention to the minister to begin the wedding ceremony. Walter, John, Russ, Dan, and Jim glanced at their significant others with love, adoration, and warmth while being touched by the minister's officiant speech and Steve and Alice exchanging vows. Jim and Mary congratulated Steve and Alice on their nuptials, welcomed him into the family, and accepted his promises to give Alice security, love, and nurturing. Walter teased Steve for nearly dropping Alice's ring before putting it on her finger during the ceremony. Everyone complimented Steve and Alice on writing their own touching, straightforward, and honest vows and reciting them flawlessly. Steve gladly accepted Russ's jovial assessment that he seemed frazzled during the wedding and was moved by Russ's sincere congratulations. Walter told Lenore that he thought of mouthing Steve and Alice's vows to her during the ceremony. Walter led a toast to Steve and Alice as the newlyweds. Alice advised Russ and Cindy not to delay their happiness by postponing their own wedding plans. Mary showed Dan and Susan the table of wedding gifts after they secured Alice's guarantee that she will visit them in New York. Steve and Lenore ribbed Walter for being modest towards finalizing the arrangements for his and Alice's honeymoon to St. Croix. John and Pat joked to Jim and Mary that the twins will not adjust their schedule for a wedding. Russ and Cindy told Jim and Mary that they will set a wedding date soon. Jim expressed optimism to Mary that Steve and Alice will have a marriage as happy as theirs has been.

Minister: "Steve, will you care for Alice with gentleness, and strength, and understanding to the very best of your own human capabilities?"
Steve: "I will."
Minister: "Alice, will you match Steve's gentleness with gentleness, his strength with your own strength, his understanding with yours to the very best of your own capabilities?"
Alice: "Yes, I will."
Minister: "And will each of you deal with the other honestly, and with compassion? Steve?"
Steve: "Yes."
Minister: "Alice?"
Alice: "Yes."
Minister: "And leave room for joy to flower in your growing love?"
Minister: (TO THE WEDDING AUDIENCE) "With God as our the rings on each other's hands..." (STEVE AND ALICE EXCHANGE THE RINGS AS THE MINISTER CONTINUES TO SPEAK...THE MINISTER TOUCHES EACH OF THEM ON THE SHOULDER, WARMLY, THROUGHOUT) "Since you love each other in your heart of hearts, and have promised to help each other live and grow in wisdom and compassion, may God bless this union. With these rings, you Alice, and you Steve, bind your lives and loves together...forever. I now pronounce you man and wife." (MUSIC SWELLS. STEVE LIFTS ALICE'S VEIL AND KISSES HER FULLY. FADE OUT).

SEPTEMBER 27, 1971 (EP. #1847)
Dan and Susan offered to leave the furniture in their apartment for Russ and Cindy until they are ready to have it shipped and deduct the potential costs for storage from the monthly rent. Russ told Dan and Cindy that he will discuss subleasing their apartment with Jim and Mary and expressed hopes that Cindy will overcome her reservations. Ted told Russ that he wishes to adopt Jamie to simplify everyone's lives and to avoid confusion on the boy's father figure. Russ approved of Ted's plans and suggested that Ted have a consultation with Walter on starting the adoption proceedings for Jamie. Ted appreciated Russ's belief that Rachel and Jamie are lucky to have him as a husband and a father. Rachel expressed concerns to Ada that Jamie's financial support could be negatively affected should Ted adopt Jamie and theorized that Steve may not care about Jamie once he has children with Alice. Ada informed Rachel that she can use Ernie's insurance and the house should she and Ted need money and praised Rachel for supporting Ted's plans despite her own trepidations. Ada advised Rachel that she and Ted can provide Jamie with security by being two loving, nurturing parents to him that Rachel was denied because she grew up without a father. Mary told Ada about Steve and Alice's wedding and honeymoon plans in St. Croix. Jim agreed to look into Ernie's estate for Ada so that she could be in a position to financially assist Ted and Rachel should they need it. Dan and Susan told Jim and Mary that Russ intends to sublet their apartment. Russ told Jim, Mary, Dan, and Susan, that he hopes taking Dan and Susan's apartment will persuade Cindy into setting a wedding date.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1971 (EP. #1848)
John and Pat were shocked to read in the newspaper that Caroline was apprehended at a zoo by the police for abducting the ten-month-old twins of Mrs. Stanley Ridgeway near the entrance of a supermarket. John and Pat learned that Caroline is being held for charges by authorities and under official psychiatric investigation. John berated himself for not thoroughly checking Caroline's references, but shared in Pat's relief that Michael and Marianne had not been kidnapped by Caroline. Pat decided to call Mary to provide her with company while John went to a scheduled appointment. Walter and Peggy informed John that Caroline's fiancť, Charles and twin children had been killed in a car accident on Christmas Eve after attending church services and that Caroline had been institutionalized several times. Peggy kept things in perspective by pointing out Caroline did not have a criminal record and that her former employers held her in high regard. John fretted to Walter and Peggy that he did not heed Pat's concerns towards Caroline's overzealous and bossy nature. Mary was saddened to hear Pat empathize with Caroline because they both blame themselves for taking the life of another person and remain haunted by their pasts. Pat revealed to Mary that she talks with John about the past to help reconcile with the memories. Mary urged Pat to quit dwelling on the past and concentrate on raising the twins and her future with John. Lenore and Pat predicted that Steve will become less attached to Jamie once he and Alice have children of their own. Walter secretly held the scarf while vowing that he can no longer hide the truth from Lenore. Walter happily helped Lenore bathe Wally.

Walter: "...People carry so many secret skeletons around them that no one ever knows. Who really knows another person that well? Even living in the same house. Sharing our lives..."

Mary: "...But I think you've suffered enough from the past. We all did when we went through it with you."
Pat: "John says the same thing."
Mary: "When something like this thing with Caroline happens, try hard to keep it in proportion. Otherwise the past will cloud the present, every time something like this happens."
Pat: "We should concentrate on the present...I know. I know that."
Mary: (REGARDING THE TWINS. PERHAPS PICKING ONE OF THEM UP) "Your children are right here with us. They're the present. And they're so much more important than anything that happened in the past. We mustn't forget that." (SHE KISSES THE TWINS. FADE OUT).

SEPTEMBER 29, 1971 (EP. #1849)
Lenore reminded Walter that their dinner plans are the last chance they have to see Dan and Susan before they leave for New York. Walter was pleased by Lenore's promises that they will have more evenings alone to be with Wally. Dan was livid when a reporter called to question him on recommending Caroline to John and Pat and obtain the name of his patient who previously employed Caroline. Dan convinced Susan that they should stay at a hotel in New York so that they can have a belated honeymoon and go house-hunting. Dan reflected to Susan that Russ has been a good friend and he will miss the "great adventure" they shared in running the clinic. Susan told Dan that the envy she feels towards Pat and Lenore makes her yearn for them to conceive a child. Walter informed Ted that he must be forthright with the social worker who will gauge Ted's suitability as Jamie's adoptive father. Ted grew pensive as Walter emphasized that Steve can raise objections that might influence the court's decision, despite that Steve has no legal rights to Jamie. Walter was impressed by Ted's resolve to provide for Rachel and Jamie yet worried that he has started adoption proceedings without Steve's knowledge. Alice lauded Steve for constantly thinking of her as they ate lunch on the beach. Steve agreed to help Alice decorate her house, but grew crestfallen over Jamie as Alice spoke of the children they will have someday. Steve implored Alice to never leave him. Dan and Susan told Walter and Lenore that Russ will sublease their apartment and hold it until he and Cindy get married. Walter told Lenore that he dreads telling Steve that Ted wants to permanently replace him as Jamie's father.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1971 (EP. #1850)
Beth good-naturedly tricked Cindy into believing that she misunderstood Russ's phone message, which was an invitation to an office celebration for Dan and Susan. Dan toasted to Russ as a partner and cofounder of the clinic and wished for everyone to remain together in spirit and in their devotion to medicine. Russ joked to Beth that she should be prepared for his replacement, Dr. Henry Dunlop, because he is an eligible bachelor. Dan and Susan agreed that Russ subleasing their apartment will spare him and Cindy from having to search for a new place. Russ insisted that he and Cindy will treat Dan and Susan to dinner at the Tall Boys. Russ told Jim and Mary that he and Dan refuse to let their closeness as friends and medical professionals impede them from pursuing advancement in their respective careers. Jim, Mary, and Russ remarked on forgiving Steve because he makes Alice happy and she has reconciled with Jamie's role in Steve's life. Jim and Mary opined to Russ that Ted's adoption of Jamie is the best solution under the circumstances for all parties involved, despite the inherent complications that arise from the proceedings. Russ told Jim and Mary that he will not pressure Cindy into making wedding plans until she is certain of her feelings. Belle admonished Cindy for inventing excuses to postpone setting a wedding date and refusing to grow up. Cindy told Russ that Dan and Susan's happiness and Alice's bravery in marrying Steve convinced her that they should set a wedding date in early November, which is prior to Cindy finishing her nurse's training. Susan looked thoughtfully at Cindy, who insisted on talking to Belle before she and Russ pick an exact date.

Susan: (Lisa Cameron, Exit Line) (About the news that Russ and Cindy were close to setting a wedding date) "Oh thatís wonderful! Iím so glad."
Dan: (John Cunningham, Exit Line) (To Russ) "Fine with me."

Notes: Last appearance of Lisa Cameron as Susan Matthews Shearer and John Cunningham as Dan Shearer.

OCTOBER 1, 1971 (EP. #1851)
Rachel hurriedly straightened up the apartment while Ted played with Jamie to calm his nerves as they prepared for a visit from a social worker named Mrs. Nancy Halliwell. Mrs. Halliwell opined to Ted and Rachel that Jamie seems happy and secure and complimented them for having a lovely apartment. Ted told Mrs. Halliwell about holding jobs in various places, owning a diner in St. Louis that folded due to an expressway being constructed near it, and his passion for the restaurant industry. Mrs. Halliwell noted Ted getting defensive when he adamantly insisted that Gerald runs the Riverboat as a clean operation and gave him a valid loan to purchase the Fireside Inn. Rachel disclosed to Mrs. Halliwell that Steve acknowledged Jamie's paternity and has been financially supporting them. Ted emphasized to Mrs. Halliwell that he wishes to assume full responsibility of Jamie and be the boy's father. Rachel told Ted that he fears Steve's reaction once Mr. Halliwell mentions Ted's desire to adopt Jamie to him during her investigation. Steve commended Alice for accepting that he would be unhappy over neglecting his obligations to Jamie. Alice suggested that Steve consult Walter about setting up a trust fund so that Jamie can be anonymously supported in the future. Ted and Rachel's doubts about their interview with Mrs. Halliwell were assuaged due to Ada's faith that they have learned from their pasts and have great potential. Ada reminded Ted that Steve and Gerald invested in him as a sound business and that Jamie could not have a better father than Ted. Ted speculated to Ada and Rachel that Steve's marriage to Alice will not diminish his love for Jamie or presence in his life.

Notes: First appearance of Aiden McNulty as Jamie Frame. Social worker, Mrs. Nancy Halliwell, was played by Bette Henritze. The character is described as "a calm, reasonably attractive woman of 40 [years old]." Ted mentions that he lived in Denver, San Diego, and several places along the West Coast prior to settling in St. Louis before returning to Bay City.

OCTOBER 4, 1971: Pre-empted for American League Playoffs.

OCTOBER 5-6, 1971: Pre-empted for National League Playoffs.

OCTOBER 7, 1971 (EP. #1852)
Ted told Walter that he was not up front with Mrs. Halliwell about knowing shady characters while he was traveling around the country, but Walter pointed out that Ted does not have to volunteer the information since he does not have a criminal record. Ted fretted to Walter that Mrs. Halliwell may be negatively influenced because his father died in jail while serving a sentence for committing larceny. Ted was thrilled when Walter promised that he and Lenore will be character references for him. Mrs. Halliwell was surprised that Belle and Cindy were unaware of Ted's adoption application for Jamie. Belle was pragmatic while telling Mrs. Halliwell that she did not know Ted's whereabouts for four years and aired concerns over Ted's recent marriage, business venture, and ability to financially support Jamie. Cindy told Mrs. Halliwell that she is proud of her father for paying for Ted's hospital bills despite breaking the law, swore that Ted is honest, and the adoption will be good for Jamie. Belle countered Cindy's lectures over maligning Ted to Mrs. Halliwell by emphasizing that she fears Ted may resort to desperate measures to meet his obligations to Steve's son. Lenore opined to Walter that everyone endures painful experiences when Walter fussed over Wally teething. Walter told Lenore that he hopes that Wally will not face remorse. Walter dreaded Lenore's reaction once he confesses that she was wrongfully tried for Wayne's murder. Belle apologized to Cindy for her bad attitude towards Ted in front of Mrs. Halliwell. Cindy admitted to Russ that she shares Belle's suspicions about the years Ted was away from Bay City, that he may end up like their father, and it will hurt their romance.

OCTOBER 8, 1971 (EP. #1853)
Ted abruptly ended his phone conversation with Casey when Mrs. Halliwell unexpectedly arrived at the Fireside Inn. Mrs. Halliwell informed Ted that the adoption proceedings will take time because she has more people to interview during her investigation. Ted was delighted when Mrs. Halliwell lauded him for the renovations he has completed on the Fireside Inn and for having Walter and Lenore as personal references. Russ told Mrs. Halliwell that he refrains from visiting Jamie to avoid complicating his life. Mrs. Halliwell listened intently as Russ explained his associations to Ted, emphasized that Rachel is a good mother to Jamie, refused to hold Rachel fully responsible for their failed marriage, and opined that Ted would make an excellent father to Jamie. Russ dodged speculating on Steve's personal feelings towards the adoption proceedings to Mrs. Halliwell. Ted was grateful for Cindy's endorsements as they discussed Mrs. Halliwell's investigation into Jamie's prospective adoption. Ted hinted to Cindy that he got mixed up with the wrong people while he was away from Bay City and fears the consequences of his past mistakes on Rachel and Jamie. Jim and Mary were elated that Russ and Cindy are close to setting a wedding date, but somewhat saddened over Russ moving out of the house. Mary theorized to Jim and Russ that Steve will not be happy with Ted's efforts to adopt Jamie, but Russ maintained that the issue is none of their business. Casey offered Ted money to make the Fireside Inn thrive and lean into his competition in exchange for permitting it to be a meeting place for drug deals. Ted angrily rejected Casey's proposition and ordered him to leave.

Production Notes: The original ending of Act IV, which consisted of Ted threatening to expose Casey's accomplices and Casey claiming that Ted will never escape their past association had to be cut due to the show potentially running over its allotted time slot.

OCTOBER 11-12, 1971: Pre-empted due to World Series.

OCTOBER 13, 1971 (EP. #1854)
Lenore gave advice to Walter on taking care of Wally before she left to play bridge with Helen. Walter ran Lenore's scarf through his hands while consumed with guilt. Lenore was surprised yet amenable to Walter's decision to give up his partnership with John to join the District Attorney's staff as a public prosecutor. Walter mused to Lenore that he can help bring guilty people to justice as a way to repay society for the advantages that he has enjoyed and to gain job satisfaction. Lenore comforted a fussy Wally while Walter ruminated on whether he could be redeemed for his crime by bringing others to punishment instead of himself. Bernice apologized to John for interrupting his and Pat's dinner party to call Walter on a personal matter. Bernice caused John to gaze at her thoughtfully as she lamented that other people she knows should be as straightforward and direct as Steve. John was baffled when Bernice decided against waiting at the office to speak with Walter. Walter asked Peggy to instruct Bernice to make an appointment with him instead of coming to the office unannounced. John convinced Walter to work late with him. Walter was sympathetic when John expressed conflicted feelings over Walter's request that he and Pat provide Ted with references. Walter told John that his interest in Ted involves the influence of a father upon a son. Lenore was relieved that Walter resolved to minimize his drinking to avoid becoming codependent on alcohol. Walter grew pensive as Lenore promised that she could never change her opinion of him. Lenore felt helpless as Walter tearfully commented that a child has little chance of having a good future should his father be a bad man.

OCTOBER 14, 1971: Pre-empted due to World Series.

OCTOBER 15, 1971 (EP. #1855)
Ada readied herself when Mrs. Halliwell arrived to ask her questions about Rachel to evaluate Jamie's parents and determine whether his living environment is favorable. Mrs. Halliwell pointed out to Ada that children blame themselves in cases of desertion when Ada admitted that Gerald abandoned her and Rachel when she was an infant. Ada reflected to Mrs. Halliwell that Rachel's marriage may have failed because Russ was too fatherly towards her, but maintained that Ted and Rachel have a solid marriage and yearn to share the responsibility of raising Jamie. Mrs. Halliwell opined that Ted's desire to provide for Jamie without Steve's money is unrealistic because he went into debt to buy the Fireside Inn and his income is currently uncertain. Mary alleviated John and Pat's reservations about being references for Ted by emphasizing that Russ wants to end the pretense that Jamie is legally his son and Alice wishes to minimize Steve's involvement with Rachel. Mary tried to reassure Pat that Steve will accept Ted's efforts to adopt Jamie. Alice convinced Mary and Pat to assist her in decorating the new house by reviewing its floor plans. Ada informed Jim that she would like to keep the house she shared with Ernie and use his assets so that she has a regular income and can provide for Jamie should Ted have financial issues. Jim impulsively and tenderly hugged Jamie while Ada remarked on her fondness for Ted. Mary acquiesced to Jim's stance that they should not harbor resentment towards Rachel for deceiving them over Jamie's paternity and mistreating Russ. Mary was appreciative when Jim expressed optimism that his former grandson will be fine with Ted and Rachel.

Notes: This episode includes the character of Jamie's first confirmed line of dialogue that took place during the airing of the show.

OCTOBER 18, 1971 (EP. #1856)
Ted suggested that Rachel learn a new hobby like knitting or needlepoint to cure her boredom while Jamie is at Ada's house. Mrs. Halliwell informed Ted that his adoption application for Jamie is going through, but the process will not be finalized for several weeks. Paula was forgiving when Cindy apologized for overreacting to her having dinner with Russ and thinking that Paula was trying to take Russ away from her. Ted realized that his adoption of Jamie is not yet guaranteed after relaying Mrs. Halliwell's news to Cindy. Russ bemoaned to Paula that he exacerbated Cindy's insecurities by not telling her about the professional dinner they shared the other night. Cindy vowed to a delighted Russ that she will quit worrying excessively and make wedding plans after she discusses the matter with Belle. Ada was suspicious when Rachel's mood quickly shifted from brooding over the time Jamie spends at Ada's place to excitement concerning Jamie's pending adoption. Rachel convinced Ada to have dinner at the apartment instead of taking Jamie to her house for another evening. Jim and Mary were elated once Russ and Cindy revealed that they set a wedding date to take place next month. Mary promised Cindy that she will help Belle calm her nerves over their upcoming wedding. Jim served champagne to Russ, Mary, and Cindy and toasted to their future union. Rachel credited Ted for being patient and levelheaded while teaching her to be selfless and giving after Ada opined that Ted is a good businessman, husband, and a father. Rachel grew terrified after receiving a call from Casey, who menacingly stated that Ted should cooperate with him or risk endangering Jamie's safety.

OCTOBER 19, 1971 (EP. #1857)
Cindy assured Russ that she does not have doubts about setting a wedding date and that she is committed to him. Cindy fretted to Belle that Russ may regret marrying her because she is incapable of carrying out plans for a wedding, reception, and performing the duties of a housewife. Belle lambasted Cindy for belittling herself and emphasized that she is nothing like Rachel, who caused Russ profound unhappiness and conceived a child with another man. Walter informed Ted that John and Pat consented to being used as references for his adoption of Jamie. Walter and Ted agreed that a boy should have a solid background, happy childhood, and maturity without suffering from his parents' mistakes. Casey tried to interrupt Ted's conversation with Walter to discuss his proposition for the Fireside Inn with Ted. Ted bristled as Casey introduced himself to Walter and complimented his work in getting Lenore acquitted for murder. Casey insinuated to an irritated Walter that Ted is keeping secrets from him and may be beyond his depth in handling "certain transactions." Ted congratulated Cindy on setting a wedding date with Russ. Jim heeded Mary's advice to relax after spending hours poring over account books. Russ told Jim and Mary that he is anxious to marry Cindy and fully devote to his new position in the cardiology unit of the hospital once his and Dan's replacements get acclimated to running the clinic. Ted, Cindy, and Belle debated on places in which to hold Russ and Cindy's reception. Belle confided to Ted and Cindy that her children's bright futures have changed her outlook on the family's fortunes. Ted panicked when Ada called and requested that he rush home.

OCTOBER 20, 1971 (EP. #1858)
Belle and Cindy listened with consternation as Ada begged Ted to come home immediately because of an issue surrounding Jamie, but Ada refused to divulge any details over the phone. Ada tried to calm a frazzled Rachel, who could not identify Casey as the caller despite recognizing his voice. Rachel told Ted that a man called the apartment and threatened Jamie's life should Ted fail to cooperate with him. Ted asked Ada to take Jamie to her house for safekeeping while lamenting that he failed to keep his past with Casey out of his life and compromised the safety of his friends and loved ones. Ted assured Rachel that he had accompanied Ada and Jamie to the house without incident. Rachel was appalled when Ted admitted that he broke into Russ and Dan's clinic to steal drugs for Casey and that Russ was seriously injured after slipping on gentian violet that Ted had spilled while escaping from the clinic. Ted told Rachel that Casey forced him to rob the clinic by threatening Cindy and Rachel's lives should Ted fail to repay his immense debts. Rachel promised to stand by Ted, who laid out plans to turn himself in to the police to protect Cindy, Rachel, and Jamie since Casey is pressuring Ted into accepting a proposition concerning the restaurant. Ted took Rachel's advice to consult Walter for legal advice, but berated himself for causing Russ's injury and insisted on admitting everything to Cindy before he surrenders to the authorities. Belle was offended when Cindy voiced concerns that the Clark residence may not be suitable for a wedding reception and the apartment is in sharp contrast to the Matthews' standards. Ted told Cindy that he has something awful to confess to her.

Notes: According to penciled-in notes within the script for this episode, the actors who appeared during Act I (Connie Ford, Robin Strasser, and Stephen Bolster) felt that "the writer is writing stage directions as dialogue," which likely referenced several lines such as, "I'm scared," and "I'm confused." However, cuts and revisions of the dialogue within the script were completed to improve the episode during its airdate.

OCTOBER 21, 1971 (EP. #1859)
Ted revealed to Cindy that he had stolen drugs from the clinic to pay loan sharks in St. Louis, who had threatened Cindy's life if he failed to repay his debts. Ted had panicked and grabbed an iron bar upon hearing Russ in the lab, but accidentally dropped it while escaping, causing Russ to get knocked unconscious. Cindy admonished Ted for nearly killing Russ and making her feel unworthy to marry him after she had come to terms with their father's criminal past. Ted implored Cindy to understand that Casey had threatened Jamie's safety when he refused to steal more drugs and turn the Fireside Inn into a drop off spot. Cindy tearfully denounced Ted for costing her the man that she loves and the brother that she idolized throughout her life. Rachel promised Ada that she will tell her the events that culminated in Jamie's life being threatened soon. Rachel tried to assure a guilt-ridden Ted that he has not ruined anyone's life, that Cindy will not break her engagement to Russ, and everyone will understand Ted's motives for robbing the clinic in due time. Ted tried to emulate Rachel's confidence that Walter can assist him. Walter advised Ted to be forthright with the authorities, but adamantly refused to represent Ted because he is not innocent of committing a crime. Walter was privately anguished and tormented when Rachel remonstrated him for not empathizing with Ted and for taking for granted that Walter never faced issues with the law. Ada tried to warn Rachel against asking Steve for money to pay for Ted's legal expenses or worry that the adoption will be declined because Ted may be considered unfit to be Jamie's father should John fail to spare him from getting a prison sentence.

Ted: "Cindy, listen to me. Whatever I've done, whatever I am, that doesn't mean you can't marry Russ."
Cindy: "Of course I can't. The reason I couldn't set a date for our wedding was because of Dad...dying in jail...and now I've got two criminals in the family---"
Ted: "Forget your family...forget Dad...and me."
Cindy: "I can't do that. You're my brother."
Cindy: "No, you stay away from Russ. And you stay away from me, too. I never want to see you again."
Ted: "Cindy, don't say that ---"
Cindy: "You've taken everything away from me. The brother I've always loved, and the man I wanted to marry. I'll never forgive you for that, Ted! Never!" (SHE BURSTS INTO TEARS AND RUSHES INTO HER ROOM. TAKE TED, STRICKEN)

Production Notes: A pre-taped re-enactment of Ted's second theft of the Garden Place Clinic was used during Ted's confession to Cindy during Act II of this episode. Peggy's interactions with Walter and Ted during Act III were cut due to time constraints. This episode had to be retaped because the actors did not have the script revisions and cuts made to the original draft at the time.

OCTOBER 22, 1971 (EP. #1860)
Cindy was immediately apologetic after she snapped at Beth for joking about a patient's enthusiasm towards Russ and Cindy's engagement. Russ frowned when Cindy turned her head and stiffened to evade his loving embrace and kisses. Cindy conceded to Russ that the source of her angst will be revealed shortly, that she must transform herself into the person she wishes to be alone, and that she reached an important decision after considering it carefully. Russ was speechless and bewildered when Cindy slipped off her engagement ring, stated that she cannot marry him, and rushed out of Russ's office in tears. Ted told John and Peggy that he did not go to the authorities concerning Casey because he distrusts them after witnessing his father being escorted to prison years ago. John planned to contact Inspector Wood of the Narcotics Division to order police protection for Jamie, but warned Ted that he must plead guilty and may face a stiff penalty despite that he committed the burglaries under duress. Ted became scared after agreeing to John's suggestion that he work with the authorities to apprehend Casey without Ada and Rachel's knowledge in hopes of getting a lighter sentence. Pat invited a glum Russ to dinner while John works late so that she could give Russ a woman's perspective on Cindy breaking their engagement without providing an explanation or reason. Cindy vehemently disagreed with Belle's assertions that Ted and her deceased father committed desperate acts for good causes and felt they could not trust the police. Cindy swore to Belle that she will become a nurse instead of reaping the benefits of carrying the Matthews' name by marrying Russ.

Notes: Last appearance of Alice Mary Riley as Susan "Betsy" Giles on AW. This episode possibly contains the first times Michael and Marianne speak on-air, although the lines are penciled-in and labelled as "ad libs" within the script. However, it is unclear whether the child actors were actually able to deliver the lines.

OCTOBER 25, 1971 (EP. #1861)
Rachel expressed admiration for Ada's willingness to jeopardize her own life for Jamie's sake while trying to quell her nerves over Ted's situation. Inspector Earl Wood of the Narcotics Division was impressed that Ada demanded that he show valid identification before letting him enter the house and was prepared to knock an intruder over the head should he attempt to break into Ada's residence. Ada was satisfied once Earl explained that he ordered twenty-four hour protection by police officers dressed in civilian clothing. Ada consented to Earl's requests that she contact the authorities should she receive any suspicious phone calls or packages, keep the polices' involvement secret, and introduce Earl to Jamie. Earl outlined the plans with John and Peggy to have Ted make a phony drug deal with Casey at the Fireside Inn while Earl and two undercover officers act as a bartender and patrons to arrest Casey once the transaction is complete. Earl impressed upon John, Peggy, and Ted that their sting operation must be kept confidential to ensure that they can nail Casey without Ted getting hurt. Pat told Lenore that John's familiarity with drug cases may prevent another tragedy like Lee's death as the women speculated that Ted's crime may have caused Cindy to break her engagement to Russ. John informed Pat and Lenore that he is legally representing Ted, but emphasized that he cannot divulge details of the case and must keep Russ in the dark to maintain Ted's safety. Ted told a despondent Rachel that he will cooperate with the police and serve the jail time that he is sentenced to wipe the slate clean and become the kind of husband and father that Rachel and Jamie deserve.

Ada: (GOING TO DOOR) "Who is it?"
Earl: (Introduction Line) (THROUGH THE DOOR) "Inspector Earl Wood, Bay City Police."
Ada: "Prove it?"
Earl: "Yes, ma'am."
Ada: "Good. Well, I got a chain on this door. I'm going to open it just that much. You hold out your identification then we'll see." (SHE OPENS THE DOOR, ON CHAIN, A CRACK)
Earl: "I like your style, ma'am. Here you are." (A HAND APPEARS, HOLDING POLICE ID)
Ada: "Hmm. Inspector Earl Wood. Looks like the real thing."

Notes: First appearance of John Carpenter as Inspector Earl Wood. First mention of Joey Perrini, whom Ada invites to have lunch and play with Jamie while calling Mrs. Perrini.

OCTOBER 26, 1971 (EP. #1862)
Cindy insolently mentioned Belle's shame towards her father's criminal record when Belle stated that Ted's troubles have nothing to do with Russ and Cindy's relationship. Belle felt dejected after Cindy proclaimed that she will not burden Russ with her background and vehemently refused to talk to Russ on the phone. Cindy asked Paula's advice on handling patients who decline to take their medication to avoid responding to Paula's inquiry into the cause of her bad mood. Paula was baffled when Cindy claimed that she needed to attend a training class upon Russ's arrival to the cafeteria. Russ spoke at length to Paula about his post in cardiology rather than confide in Paula about his issues with Cindy. Paula grew concerned when Russ bluntly stated that his romance with Cindy is a private matter that he does not wish to discuss. Ted reminded Rachel that he must conduct his life normally so that Casey does not suspect that he is working with the cops. Rachel valiantly defended Ted against Belle's recriminations that he is being selfish by refusing to talk Cindy out of ending her relationship with Russ and foolishly believing that his cooperation with the police will benefit him. Belle was spooked when Rachel alluded to the fact that Ted is endangering his life to protect other people. Mary and Pat contemplated Steve's reaction to Ted's efforts in adopting Jamie. Mary fretted to Pat that Russ is baffled and depressed because Cindy uncharacteristically broke their engagement without providing justification. John quelled Russ's anger towards Ted after describing his reasons for stealing drugs from the clinic. Russ agreed to remain silent about the sting operation against Casey at John's behest.

OCTOBER 27, 1971 (EP. #1863)
Alice encouraged Steve to drive to his office to get updated on business affairs so that she and Mary could chat. Mary informed Alice that Cindy abruptly broke her engagement to Russ and she has cut off communication with him, prompting Alice to lament over Russ going through more personal disappointments. Alice grew concerned with the repercussions as Mary revealed that Ted has started adoption proceedings for Jamie and reiterated that Steve does not possess legal rights to the boy. Ted fumed while he arranged a drug deal with Casey to take place at the Fireside Inn while John and Peggy secretly taped the phone conversation. John told Ted to wait for further instructions while he obtained the drugs in marked packets from Earl so that the authorities can arrest Casey after the deal is completed. Peggy expressed fears to John that Rachel and Jamie may be injured should the plot against Casey backfire. Alice teased Pat for having an old-fashioned taste in decorating while she gushed about starting her married life in the house that Steve had built for her. Pat told Alice that Walter is handling the legal aspects of Jamie's adoption and that John is representing Ted in a legal matter that he cannot disclose to maintain Ted's trust. Alice opined to Pat that she wants Ted's adoption of Jamie to be approved because she and Steve wish to have a child of their own soon. Russ did not believe Steve's prediction that he and Cindy will reconcile in due time. Jim went to retrieve business documents for Steve while John called to get updates on Ted's case. Steve and Alice were astonished that Russ resisted revealing Cindy's reasons for breaking their engagement.

Alice: "...After weeks of saying how glad he was to be away from the office, what does he do five minutes after we're back? Runs to the office. Although I must admit I encouraged him to go."
Pat: "Well, men are like that, you know. John keeps saying he's got too much work...and he complains all the time about bringing it home, but he's lost without it. Sometimes men have different lives than women - you know? Their interests revolve so much more around their outside work than around their homes."
Alice: "I hope that won't be the case in my marriage, frankly..."

OCTOBER 28, 1971 (EP. #1864)
Alice gently chided Steve for having a flashy, impractical apartment and stated that she is eager to move into their new house. Alice sympathized with Steve's hurt feelings towards Ted thoughtlessly starting adoption proceedings for Jamie while they were in St. Croix, but opined that Ted had not acted maliciously in submitting the application to the courts. Steve told Alice that he questions Walter's reasons for handling Ted's legal affairs without informing him. Walter was perturbed and suspicious that Bernice had ulterior motives when she apologized for pestering him after business hours. Bernice stirred Walter's ire by insinuating that Mr. Remington had caught him lying about his travel arrangements to Chicago on the day of Wayne's murder and that her conclusions reflect badly onto Walter. Walter retaliated against Bernice by stressing that she should worry about facing further interrogation from Tom on her associations with Wayne instead of Walter's guilt or innocence. Steve browbeat Walter for allowing Ted to begin adoption proceedings for Jamie without his knowledge. Walter defensively told Steve that he does not have legal standing to fight Ted's efforts and that Jamie's welfare is more important than his personal wishes. Steve was perplexed when Walter made veiled remarks about a father's past negatively affecting a child's happiness. Lenore told Walter that she and Wally would like to see him ease his workload, but credited Walter for being in good spirits lately. Walter and Lenore noted that Steve displays the typical concerns of a father by thinking of Jamie's welfare, despite the limited time Steve spends with Jamie. Lenore gazed lovingly at Walter as he put Wally to bed.

Steve: (to Alice who is brushing her hair) "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down thy golden hair..."
Alice: "Oh, Steve...for heaven's sakes..."
Steve: "See? I had a cultural upbringing. Grimm fairy tales from a grim childhood, ha ha."
Alice: "That was not funny."
Steve: "Sorry..."

OCTOBER 29, 1971 (EP. #1865)
Cindy waxed philosophically to Belle about feeling empowered to shape her own destiny. Belle suggested that Cindy act with decorum and grace by allowing Russ to talk to her instead of avoiding him when Russ arrived at the Clark residence unexpectedly. Russ told Cindy that he learned about Ted's crimes from John and reiterated that Ted's mistakes should not influence her decision to marry him. Cindy disappointed Russ by unfavorably comparing herself to the Matthews family and insisted that they are too different to have a good marriage. Russ told Cindy that she is too timid to take chances, accept challenges, and truly commit herself to him. Cindy cried after Russ kissed her on the forehead and wished her well before quietly leaving the apartment. Ada had conflicting emotions about Jamie leaving her care as Ted explained that the situation with Casey should be resolved soon. Ted theorized to Ada that he will be sentenced to a minimum of six months in jail, Jamie's adoption will be denied, and he will lose the Fireside Inn once his liquor license is suspended. Ada was stricken by the possibility as Ted expressed fears that his marriage to Rachel will ultimately fail. Russ somberly told Jim and Mary that he is finished with women who will not grow up and intends to live in the apartment that Dan and Susan subleased to him. Jim and Mary debated on whether Russ is trying to run away from his problems. Ted groused to Rachel about getting involved with Casey and allowing his life to be ruined. Casey called Ted to finalize their drug deal at the Fireside Inn. Rachel tried to alleviate her anxiety as Ted swore that he will survive the sting operation and Casey will face justice.

NOVEMBER 1, 1971 (EP. #1866)
Alice told John, Steve, and Pat that spending time with the twins helps her get comfortable with becoming a mother in the future. John deduced that Earl had signaled for them to meet at the Fireside Inn by making two consecutive one-ring phone calls and remaining silent before disconnecting the line and informed Steve, Pat, and Alice. John advised Pat that he is working with the authorities to protect a client. Steve agreed to keep Pat and Alice company once John acknowledged his suspicions that John is acting on Ted's behalf. Rachel wailed to Ada that something terrible will happen to Ted during the police's sting operation against Casey. Ada urged Rachel to be thankful that she has a loving husband to admire for trying to redeem himself. Steve conceded to Alice that he would emulate John's bravery to protect his friends. Alice decided to have Pat speak to an upset Rachel, who revealed knowledge of John's meeting with Ted and Earl at the Fireside Inn. Pat tried to suppress her own fears while trying to reassure Rachel that the police's sting operation will be successful without John or Ted getting hurt. Pat noted to Steve and Alice that Rachel has changed since marrying Ted. Steve confessed to Pat and Alice that he was unreasonable with Walter over Ted's efforts to adopt Jamie and that Ted and John's safety is the most important thing to consider. Earl informed Ted that he replaced his normal patrons with police officers in civilian clothing to maintain the ruse on Casey. Ted gave Casey packets of drugs as a first installment to gain his trust. Casey grabbed his gun after recognizing Earl, causing Ted to step in the line of fire and take two bullets that Casey had fired at Earl.

NOVEMBER 2, 1971 (EP. #1867)
Two plainclothes police officers pinned Casey against the bar while John and Earl checked on a wounded Ted, who was slumped on the floor and unconscious after getting shot twice. Earl summoned an ambulance for Ted and ordered Casey to be booked for attempted homicide, assault, and trafficking illegal drugs, then warned Casey that he may face murder charges should Ted die. John was relieved that Peggy had waited outside in the car for him and left to contact Rachel while Earl and Peggy tucked a blanket around Ted to keep his body warm and less susceptible to going into shock. John told Ada that he was coming to her house to talk to Rachel after telling Ada that Ted was injured in an accident at the Fireside Inn. Ada advised Rachel to believe in John's conviction that Ted is receiving the best care possible at the hospital. John suggested that Rachel consider it a victory that Ted prevented Casey from threatening Jamie again despite that he was warned of the risks he was taking on his life. Rachel was mollified once John proclaimed that he will work diligently to ensure that Ted receives a reduced sentence for committing the felonies. Russ informed John, Peggy, and Earl that Dr. David Hecht will operate to remove the bullets from Ted's body and requested that they minimize the severity of Ted's condition to Rachel, Cindy, and Belle. Earl impressed upon Rachel that Ted valiantly protected him by stepping into the line of fire and taking bullets that were meant for him. John and Earl told Rachel that Ted has paid for his mistakes by cooperating with the police and accepting the penalties for his crimes. Rachel fought gallantly to stop herself from sobbing over her and Ted's poor luck.

John: "Alive."
Casey: (Exit Line) "Yeah? I got him twice. He may not make it."
Earl: "You better hope he does..."

Notes: Last appearance of John Karlen as George Casey.

NOVEMBER 3, 1971 (EP. #1868)
Rachel resigned herself to losing Ted while telling Belle and Cindy that he is being prepared for surgery in which Russ is participating because one of the bullet wounds is near the heart. Cindy wailed to Belle and Rachel that she will never forgive herself should Ted die because she rejected him upon learning that Ted had robbed the clinic and was present when Russ sustained his head injuries. Rachel defended a devastated and guilt-ridden Cindy to Belle, who lambasted Cindy for treating Ted poorly and ordered her to concentrate on Ted surviving the surgery. Belle hoped that the judge will take Ted's bravery into account once he faces charges for burglary upon learning details about Ted's shooting. Russ informed Belle, Cindy, and Rachel that Ted's vital signs are stable and that the surgery will take several hours. Pat told Steve and Alice about the shooting and that Ted made it through surgery successfully. Steve resolved to keep abreast of the situation since it affects Jamie. Russ told Jim and Mary that Ted will have a subsequent operation to remove the bullet lodged in his spine after Dr. Hecht successfully removed the bullet that grazed Ted's heart and right lung. Jim opined to a conflicted Mary that Russ is re-evaluating his life to ensure that he does not repeat past mistakes. Belle was dismayed when Rachel pointed out that the surgery on Ted's spine will determine whether he can walk again or not. Rachel dodged telling Steve that Jamie was staying at Ada's to protect him from Casey's threats against Ted and his family. Steve offered to helped Rachel pay for Ted's expenses and insisted that it is best for Jamie that Ted is his legal father, despite Steve's initial objections.

NOVEMBER 4, 1971 (EP. #1869)
Earl informed Ada that the officers who were maintaining security on her house have been recalled and that Jamie is no longer in danger because Casey implicated his associates after being apprehended by the police. Ada fretted to Earl that she would feel more relieved if Ted had not been hospitalized and his survival was more certain. Earl told Ada that Ted's courageous actions and the fact that he was injured should help Ted get a lighter sentence for committing the burglaries, despite that drug offenses draw stiff penalties in the state. Ada graciously accepted Earl's offer to babysit Jamie so that she could go to the hospital to give Rachel moral support. Cindy apologized to Rachel for turning her back on Ted once he confessed to stealing drugs from the clinic to repay his debts to Casey. Rachel tried to stop Cindy from harping on the possibility that she will never get the chance to make amends for coldly rejecting Ted. Paula urged Rachel and Cindy not to anticipate that the bullet lodged near Ted's spine will cause him paralysis in the lower limbs and that Ted is stable. Rachel sobbed upon learning from Paula that Ted uttered her name while laying semi-conscious in the hospital. Walter mused to Lenore that Ted's actions prove that people can atone for committing crimes. Cindy told Walter and Lenore that Ted has received several transfusions after losing a significant amount of blood from his gunshot wounds. Rachel resisted Ada's suggestion that she leave the hospital to get some rest, but she and Ada were elated that Ted lived through the second surgery. Walter proclaimed to Rachel that he yearns to redeem himself for refusing to represent Ted by donating blood.

Notes: Earl mentions that his wife died several years ago, that he has an adult daughter who moved to Seattle, Washington with her husband a year ago, and has a grandson from them who is quite close to Jamie's age. The newspaper cover story of Ted's shooting that Walter and Lenore read during Act III included the headline, "Restaurant Owner Shot Aiding Police."

NOVEMBER 5, 1971 (EP. #1870)
John evaded answering Steve's questions on the reasons that he got involved in a police operation and Ted volunteered to help trap a drug pusher like Casey until Steve emphasized that he has personal and business interests concerning Ted. Steve was shocked as John gave an account of Ted's dealings with Casey, the drastic measures he took due to Casey's threats against Cindy and Jamie, and throwing himself into the line of fire when Casey shot bullets at Earl. John hypothesized to Steve that Ted's actions will weigh heavily in his favor once he faces criminal charges should Ted survive in the hospital. Cindy waited for news on Ted's prognosis while Rachel went to call Ada and speak to Jamie. Walter humbly told Russ and Cindy that he donated blood to help Ted and commented that he is a brave, remarkable man. Russ promised to arrange for Cindy to visit Ted once he is transferred from the Intensive Care Unit and out of anesthesia so that she could apologize to Ted for mistreating him. Walter told Rachel that he is grateful to Ted for risking his life to atone for committing multiple crimes, which made Walter realize things about himself. Alice was incredulous as Steve explained the circumstances that led to Ted's shooting at the Fireside Inn. Steve questioned whether Ted is a proper father for Jamie since he may be facing a jail sentence, which caused Alice to walk out of the living room. Russ informed Rachel that Paula will assess the neurological damage because Ted is struggling to move his legs. Rachel blamed herself for Ted's ordeals, apologized to Russ for the past, and swore that she will take care of Ted should permanent complications arise from the surgeries.

Rachel: " way or another, we always pay for everything in life. And what I had before all this happened was much too good for me."
Russ: "Don't say that. You had your faults - I'm not denying that, but..."
Rachel: "I had more than faults. I wasn't a nice person. I only thought of myself. I didn't care about anyone else and I hurt a lot of people, you and Alice, too."
Russ: "I won't pretend you didn't. But that's all over. For all of us. I think you're a different person than you were when we got married."
Rachel: "I'm sorry, Russ - for what I did to you. Since I married Ted I've been different. And if something happens to him - if he's not going to be able to take care of me -- then I'll have to take care of him. Just so he lives. I'll settle for that..."

NOVEMBER 8, 1971 (EP. #1871)
Paula told Cindy that she is optimistic that Ted will come out of a coma and cited his medical chart as proof that Ted is improving overall. Cindy abruptly left in tears after Paula mentioned that Russ is working long hours at the hospital to save the life of his future brother-in-law, which stunned Paula. Russ informed Rachel that he and Paula will run tests on Ted's reflexes to assess the damage to his spinal column, but stressed to Rachel that Ted has made progress in moving his legs. Rachel cried while expressing appreciation to Russ for his exhaustive work for Ted, his fond feelings for him, and for insisting that Russ's head injuries that took place during Ted's robberies of the clinic were accidental. Russ encouraged Rachel to quit dwelling on past mistakes and to be cautiously optimistic that Ted will recover. Belle griped to a sympathetic Ada that her previous experience with her husband's legal and health issues has influenced her to be hard on Ted and impatient about his progress. Ads gave sage advice to Belle about letting Ted learn and grow from his trespasses and to have faith that he and Rachel have an honest marriage. Belle confided to Ada that she hopes that Cindy will realize that she was wrong to break up with Russ. Jim agreed with Mary's contention that Russ is keeping himself occupied with work so that he cannot brood over Cindy. Mary conceded to Jim that she fears the repercussions should Ted die. Russ and Paula had to restrain Ted, who woke from a coma in a panic over Casey pulling a gun on Earl and berated himself for causing Russ and Cindy's problems. Rachel rushed to Ted's bedside upon learning from Russ that he had regained consciousness.

Production Notes: According to a penciled-in notes, an "emergency cut" had to be made during Act IV because actor, Hugh Marlowe missed a cue, which prolonged Act III thirty-seconds over its designated time. It appears that Rachel's visit with Ted in his hospital room may have been condensed accordingly, though the script does not specify the cut(s) made.

NOVEMBER 9, 1971 (EP. #1872)
A groggy, weak, and disoriented Ted initially had trouble recognizing Rachel and maintaining his composure. Rachel explained to Ted that he endured two operations and that Jamie is no longer subjected to threats because Casey and his criminal associates were apprehended by the authorities, which caused Ted to sigh with great relief. Ada informed Steve that Jamie is safe, that Earl suspended the surveillance on her house, and that Ted's recovery will take time. Steve begrudgingly agreed with Ada's suggestions that he cease visiting Jamie because it would confuse the boy and that Steve should stay considerate of Alice since they are married and will have children of their own in the future. Ada acknowledged Steve's concerns that Ted may be sent to prison for burglary and drug charges, but bluntly advised Steve that Jamie is solely Ted and Rachel's responsibility and not his. Paula politely refused to let Cindy see Ted since he is still critical, needs a neurological exam, and treatment to restore the mobility in his legs. Rachel asked Cindy to stay away from Ted for the time being because she will remind Ted of the upcoming trial proceedings he will face once Ted is released from the hospital. Alice told a shocked Mary about Ted stealing drugs from the clinic and cooperating with the police to trap Casey. Mary asserted to Alice that Ted is still Jamie's father because he is Rachel's husband even though the court will likely deny the adoption. Steve waxed philosophically to Alice about people's fortunes and escaping their traumatic childhoods. Steve told Alice that he questions whether his presence in Jamie's life is more harmful than knowing that Ted served jail time as Jamie ages.

Steve: "...It started me thinking about a lot of things."
Alice: "What kind of things, Steven?"
Steve: "Oh, about life. The accidents - or what seem to be accidents - that make one man lucky and another unlucky. Ted, for instance. Look at what happened to him, where he ended up?"
Alice: "You don't think it was entirely an accident?"
Steve: "Yes and no. I don't think it happened out of the blue. I think we become what we are because of things that happened to us way back - in our childhood. And some of us are just luckier than others ---"

NOVEMBER 10, 1971 (EP. #1873)
Walter confessed to Lenore that he is worried about Ted's fate, feels guilty for refusing to represent him, then mused that everyone must accept the consequences of their mistakes. John and Peggy discussed Earl keeping abreast of Ted's condition and Rachel maintaining her composure when Ted was hospitalized and his survival seemed uncertain. John and Walter talked about the potential jail sentence Ted might receive since the crimes were his first offenses, Ted saved Earl's life, and robbed the clinic under duress. Walter approved of John's strategy for Ted to plead guilty, but cited the court's tough stance on drug charges to temper John's hopes that Ted would receive a lenient sentence. John was baffled by Walter's ruminations after the two men debated on whether criminals are driven to bring themselves to justice after being riddled with guilt and self-loathing. Lenore revealed to Alice the extenuating circumstances that led to Ted stealing drugs from the clinic and his shooting at the Fireside Inn. Alice speculated to Lenore that Steve would never forgive himself should Jamie be harmed. Jim applauded Russ's good sense in focusing on his medical career, moving into an apartment, and examining the reasons he entered into a doomed marriage with Rachel and got engaged to Cindy before she was truly ready for such a commitment. Walter and Lenore surmised that Steve would become vehemently opposed to Ted adopting Jamie if he knew that Casey had threatened the boy's safety. Lenore felt helpless as Walter sadly ruminated over criminals who are secretly overwhelmed by self-hatred, suddenly fell silent, and retreated upstairs after claiming that he had a terrible headache.

John: "...But I think they sometimes bring themselves justice."
Walter: "You mean their guilt usually punishes them as much or more than the law would."
John: "Sometimes, yes."
Walter: "I wonder whether that's enough. On the other hand, maybe that is the answer - to bring yourself to justice - not just in your mind, but literally the way Ted did."
John: "I don't follow that, Walter."
Walter: "Well, no matter. I've got to get over to court, John. I'll see you later." (AND HE GOES)
John: (LOOKING AFTER HIM, V.O.) "I wonder what Walter meant. It was as if he were trying to tell me something." (HE SHAKES HIS HEAD, BAFFLED)

NOVEMBER 11, 1971 (EP. #1874)
Russ instructed Nurse Carroll to modify Ted's diet, decrease the sedative being administered to him, check his reflexes, and to consult with Paula on the neurological aspects of Ted's case. Ted woke up and frantically begged Russ to let him speak with Cindy. Paula tactfully hinted to Cindy that people should be flexible in life and suggested that she should reconsider breaking her engagement to Russ because it seems unnecessary. Cindy defensively told Paula that she cannot understand her insecurities because of their different backgrounds and education, but Paula maintained that Cindy is depriving herself of the happiness she deserves by imposing impossible demands onto herself. Cindy told Paula that she has her own personal reasons for ending her romance with Russ which have nothing to do with him. Russ ascertained to Paula that it was fortunate that they were present when Ted first regained consciousness because his agitation could have caused Ted to have a major setback in his recovery. Paula gave her condolences to Russ over his broken engagement to Cindy. Russ graciously accepted Paula's offer to cook him dinner at her place under the condition that he does not have to talk about his private affairs. Cindy apologized profusely to Ted for selfishly turning against him. Ted felt Cindy was taking a risk on losing Russ for good once Cindy concluded that she is too dependent, immature, and indecisive to enter into marriage right now. Russ and Paula realized that they are both cautious, reserved people despite yearning to take more chances in life. Russ appreciated Paula's candor in admitting that she sacrificed romantic involvements for the sake of her career.

NOVEMBER 12, 1971 (EP. #1875)
Ada voiced concerns to Rachel that she is exhausting herself by dividing her time between the hospital and running the Fireside Inn. Rachel told Ada that Ted has been taken off the critical list. Ada urged Rachel to be grateful that Russ is giving Ted fine medical care and does not hold grudges against her instead of dwelling on their failed marriage. Rachel resisted facing the possibility when Ada reiterated that Ted may be sent to prison and lose his liquor license. Ada objected to Rachel's proposition that she have Walter put the restaurant in her name or Steve's so that Ted will not have to sell it. Rachel conceded to Ada that she is unsure whether Ted can provide for Jamie once he has served time in jail. John informed Ted that the D.A. is requesting a deposition from him in preparation for Casey's trial and that Earl will intercede on Ted's behalf once he appears before a judge. Ted grew despondent once John acknowledged that he is most likely going to be sentenced to jail. John tried to reassure Ted that he has friends who will help Rachel and Jamie and urged Ted to accept his legal penalties and be a model prisoner. Pat told Jim that being with the twins and helping Alice get settled into the new house has cured her of dwelling on the past. Jim surmised to John that Ada asked him to put her financial affairs in order so that she can help Jamie since Ted is in trouble. John conceded to Pat that Marianne reminds him of Lee, but promised not to show her favoritism over Michael. Ada mentioned Sam to illustrate to Ted that a person can be given a second chance despite having a prison record. Ted grew teary-eyed after Ada laid out plans to financially support him in making a fresh start.

Jim: "You've got yourself a wonderful little boy there."
John: "And a little girl who's just as wonderful."
Pat: (TO JOHN, SOTTO [VOICE]) "She's your favorite, isn't she?"
John: "Oh, I don't know. Though I do think little girls are something special to their fathers."
Jim: "I know that's how I used to feel about Pat and Alice. I remember it annoyed Mary quite a bit." (HE MOVES OFF, TO PLAY WITH TWINS)
Pat: (TO JOHN) "I don't blame Mother. Children are always aware of favoritism, no matter how young they are."
John: "Then I'd better watch myself. I wouldn't want Michael to think I love him less than his twin sister."

NOVEMBER 15, 1971 (EP. #1876)
Alice was surprised by Steve's indifferent attitude towards inviting Walter and Lenore to a small dinner party. Steve griped to Alice that Walter kept him in the dark about representing Ted on his adoption application for Jamie and Ted's dealings with hoodlums who threatened the boy, despite that Walter is supposed to be Steve's best friend. Alice cited the fact that she and Steve could have been married long ago had they been honest and forthright with each other to persuade Steve to clear the air with Walter right away. Steve happily remarked to Alice that he is fortunate to have her as his wife and confidante. Lenore lectured Walter for failing to tell Steve that he was acting in Jamie's best interests by representing Ted on the adoption proceedings, helped Ted with his legal issues without showing disloyalty to Steve, and thinks highly of Ted's character. Lenore was perplexed when Walter mused that all men have "feet of clay." Steve theorized to Bernice that she has been dissatisfied with her job at Frame Enterprises because of her conflicts with Walter. Bernice was startled yet appreciative towards Steve's perceptive abilities when he advocated Walter's right to keep personal matters to himself until he is ready to discuss them with someone. Lenore told Rachel that people are not harboring grudges against her because she and Ted are sharing a life together while supporting Jamie. Rachel was stricken when Lenore begrudgingly relayed Walter's prediction that Ted will be sentenced up to twenty years in jail. Rachel pointedly quipped to Steve that Ted risked his life to save Jamie rather than pay for police protection and private detectives like Steve would have done in the situation.

NOVEMBER 16, 1971 (EP. #1877)
Russ told Paula that he is well-rested now that Ted is recovering nicely, but sadly admitted that he wishes to protect Ted from standing trial for the burglaries and drug thefts that he committed. Russ gave Paula a detailed account of Ted's involvement with Casey since legal authorities will be frequently visiting Ted while he recovers in the hospital. Paula was sympathetic as Russ reflected that several people will be negatively affected by Ted going to jail and promised Russ that she will keep Cindy's reasons for breaking their engagement confidential. Russ agreed to consider Paula's offer to help furnish his new apartment by going to second-hand shops. Paula became thoughtful as Russ remarked that he is uncertain about many things in his life at the moment. Belle refused to hold Ted responsible for Russ and Cindy's breakup. Ted maintained that Cindy is miserable despite Belle's contentions that she has become cheerful, self-assured, and completely dedicated to her nursing classes since she split with Russ and Ted regained consciousness. Paula arranged for Rachel to obtain special permission to bring Jamie to visit Ted in hopes that it would cure his depression and expedite his recovery. Pat decided to gift Russ with furniture that Jim and Mary have stored in their attic and items that John and Pat do not use anymore. Russ reflected to Pat that he may have been too anxious to get married again, that Cindy may have been correct to break their engagement, and vowed to find more enjoyment out of life. Pat teased Russ about potentially being interested in Paula. Ted told Rachel that they should be truthful with Jamie about Ted's crimes and prison record when the time is right.

NOVEMBER 17, 1971 (EP. #1878)
Earl was impressed that Ada remembered his first name from looking at his identification during their first encounter and Ada's cautious approach to letting visitors into her house. Earl warned Ada that Ted may face a harsh jail sentence and lose his liquor license because he committed felonies by stealing and selling narcotics, but stressed to Ada that the judge will take Ted's cooperation with the authorities to nail Casey and taking bullets meant for Earl into consideration. Ada was delighted when Earl commented that the big house she shared with Ernie should be full of life and praised Jamie's good behavior. Bernice complained to Alice that she has buried herself into work and feels apprehensive towards relationships because of a failed first marriage. Bernice confided to Alice that she is jealous of her because she is married to an organized, marvelous man like Steve and they are furnishing a house that they will share together. Earl and John cautioned Rachel against assuming that Ted will receive a suspended sentence because of the severity of his crimes. John reviewed Ted's sworn statement with Rachel to ensure completeness and accuracy so that the presiding judge can study the document and ask pertinent questions during Ted's trial. Alice joked to Steve that shopping for furniture was a constructive activity to build a refuge for him as an escape from the business world. Steve scoffed slightly when Alice commented that Bernice has "hidden depths" and secret designs on him, though Steve was genuinely surprised to learn that Bernice had once been married. Steve and Alice reminded each other that they have the rest of their lives to cherish their love and good fortune.

Bernice: "Any woman who's happily married has really got it made, I think. Like Lenore Curtin. And your sister, Pat. And you, of course. Sometimes I wonder where I was standing when they handed out all the luck."
Alice: "Probably the same place I was, until a little while ago. I didn't think I'd ever get married. Certainly not to Steve. And now look."
Bernice: "I know. Luck can turn. I just don't think it ever will for me."
Alice: "You don't think you'll ever get married? I can't believe that, Bernice."

Notes: Earl reveals that his deceased wife was named Helen.

NOVEMBER 18, 1971 (EP. #1879)
Walter surmised to Steve that Mrs. Halliwell filed an amended recommendation after reading news coverage of Ted's shooting, but disagreed with Steve's stance that the court should be made aware of Ted's dealings with Casey. Steve proclaimed that he is Jamie's biological father and loves him when Walter hedged on answering Steve's inquiry into whether Ted would make a suitable father to Jamie. Alice told Lenore that she invited Russ to her dinner party because he has been morose over his broken engagement to Cindy and inundated with work lately. Lenore was somewhat mollified once Alice explained that Steve understands Walter's reasons for not telling him about Ted's adoption application for Jamie, but confessed that Steve's current objections stem from Ted's legal troubles. Lenore encouraged Alice to find solutions to difficult, complicated problems by relying on the love she and Steve share for each other. Paula brought Jamie into Ted's hospital room for a brief visit. Ted's happiness over seeing Jamie quickly dissipated once he acknowledged to Rachel that he is heading for prison and may lose the Fireside Inn. Rachel informed Ted that she has been handling the accounting books and ordering at the restaurant and urged Ted not to abandon dreams of getting a suspended sentence, becoming a successful businessman, and adopting Jamie. Paula felt awkward while watching Jamie interact with Steve, who arrived at the hospital to see Ted. Steve became annoyed when Rachel cut his time with Jamie short so that she could take him to Ada's house. Steve told Ted that Jamie will always be his son regardless of Ted and Rachel raising him as their own.

NOVEMBER 19, 1971 (EP. #1880)
Paula informed Russ that she concurs with Dr. Pace and Dr. Hecht's assessment that Ted is well enough to be discharged from the hospital soon. Cindy felt dejected after she overheard Russ invite Paula to Steve and Alice's dinner party as his date. Belle told Cindy that she cannot expect an attractive man like Russ to wait for Cindy to change her mind about getting married. Cindy tried to convince Belle that it is a good thing that Russ is dating Paula since she is bright, pretty, accomplished, and can hold conversations on a multitude of subjects. Russ told a restless Ted that his doctors must be sure that he does not experience complications from the surgeries and continues to exercise his legs before Ted can be released. Ted repeated his apologies to Russ for causing his injuries during the second robbery of the clinic and blamed himself for Russ and Cindy's broken engagement, prompting Russ to surmise that Cindy used Ted's crimes as an excuse to end their romance. Ted was not pacified as Russ stated that Cindy made the right choice not to marry him. Steve, Alice, and Lenore talked about Russ bringing Paula as his date and the likelihood that Ted will be jailed. Steve aired his frustrations towards Walter for not telling him that Casey had threatened Jamie. Walter advised Steve that he has no legal rights concerning Jamie and warned Steve that trying to forge a relationship with Jamie could destroy Jamie's happiness and Steve's marriage to Alice. Paula and Lenore were relieved that Steve and Alice knew about Jamie's visit with Ted. Lenore was baffled when Walter abruptly poured himself a drink after Alice remarked that a marriage cannot last by keeping secrets.

NOVEMBER 22, 1971 (EP. #1881)
Rachel bemoaned to Ada that Jamie will not be allowed to see Ted again because Paula obtained a one-time exception to the hospital's restrictions on having children visit patients. Ada echoed Rachel's sentiments that Ted loves Jamie as much as a biological father ever could, but failed to muster hope in Rachel that Ted's problems will get resolved. Ada persuaded Rachel into consulting Walter about putting the Fireside Inn and Ted's liquor license in Rachel's name so that she does not have to sell the restaurant or request a loan from Steve or Gerald. Rachel was overwhelmed with love and gratitude after Ada offered to help provide for Jamie, pay Ted's hospital bills, keep the Fireside Inn operational, and live with Ada in her house. Paula lauded Ted's excellent recovery after conducting a medical examination on him. John informed Ted that he will submit his signed confession to the court, supplement it with supporting statements from himself and Earl, and request a hearing date to take place in two weeks. Ted mused to John and Earl that he can finally live life to the fullest and without fear once he has served his prison sentence. Earl asserted to Ada that Rachel seems unwilling to face the harsh reality that Ted committed felonies involving dangerous narcotics, which carry a mandatory sentence. Earl agreed with Ada's assessment that Ted has the ability and drive to succeed like Sam after serving time in jail. Paula asked Rachel to raise Ted's spirits since he has been despondent ever since John and Earl visited him at the hospital. Ted broke into tears when Rachel promised him that she and Jamie will stand by Ted and that they will manage through their setbacks as a family.

Earl: "Ada, serving time in prison isn't always the end of the world."
Ada: "I know that. My brother went to prison. It didn't finish him."
Earl: "Your brother?"
Ada: "That's right. My brother Sam. Sam Lucas. He's a lawyer over in Somerset. Ever hear of him?"
Earl: "Oh sure. He's got quite a reputation - and all of it's good. Just goes to show you, doesn't it? Prison can help some people."

NOVEMBER 23, 1971 (EP. #1882)
Russ and Paula informed Ted that he can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow after they put him through a rigorous set of leg exercises. Russ advised Ted that he will stop at his and Rachel's place every day to monitor his progress since the attention and rest that he requires may be quite difficult and demanding on Rachel. Ted bitterly told himself that he has little for which to be thankful because he will be going to jail soon. Ada suggested that Rachel, Ted, and Jamie move into the house with her so that Rachel can run the Fireside Inn while Ada takes care of Ted during his convalescence and babysits Jamie. Rachel credited Ada for giving her unconditional love and guidance throughout her life and shyly kissed Ada on the cheek, which touched Ada immensely. Paula offered to quit seeing Russ once Cindy admitted that she has mixed feelings about the two of them spending time together socially. Cindy swore to Paula that she broke her engagement to Russ after much consideration and that they do not have a chance at a reconciliation. Russ discouraged Cindy from joining Rachel to visit Ted since it may be too much for him for both women to be there at once. Cindy awkwardly told Russ that she learned from Paula that Ted is being released from the hospital, then bade a hasty retreat when Russ noted that Cindy seems to have changed her opinion of Paula. Russ told Rachel that she should not let their past or Ted's pride get in the way of accepting help from Russ and Ada. Ted felt conflicted when Rachel suggested that they give up their apartment, put the furniture in storage, and live with Ada to save money and increase their chances of holding onto the Fireside Inn.

Ada: "You don't know what it was like for me here after Ernie died -- alone in our house with nothing to do. Having the three of you here would do me a lot of good."
Rachel: "It makes sense. I'll talk to Ted about it."
Ada: "Okay."
Rachel: You know something, Mom? You're great." (ADA GRUNTS) "No, come on let me say it. We've been through a lot. But whenever I've needed you, you've always been there."
Ada: "You had a lot of problems. But even when I didn't like what you were doing, I loved you. I always will."
Rachel: "And I love you too, Mom. And I won't forget this -- not ever."

NOVEMBER 24, 1971 (EP. #1883)
Lenore persuaded Walter into staying home from work because he had a terrible headache and an upset stomach. Walter stared at the ceiling and was too consumed with his inner turmoil to rest while he laid in bed alone. John complained to Pat that Walter has been tardy, forgetful of appointments, and far less productive than usual, but rejected Pat's suggestion that he lessen his case load and mentioned that he may hire a younger attorney to handle the less crucial cases. Alice was surprised when Pat relayed John's assessment that Walter has not been doing his share of work at the office. Pat echoed Alice's sentiments that John and Steve enjoy their careers despite occasionally groaning about their respective workloads. Steve told John that he apologized to Walter for judging him harshly over not telling him that Casey had threatened Jamie's life. John informed Steve that Ted, Rachel, and Jamie will be moving into Ada's house while Ted recuperates and lamented that he is not optimistic about the outcome of Ted's upcoming hearing and the adoption proceedings for Jamie. Pat ruefully commented to Alice that John exemplifies the special bond fathers have with daughters and that Marianne reminds John of Lee, the child that he lost. Alice reassured Pat that she and Steve speak openly about Jamie and hypothesized that Steve's attitude towards Jamie will change once they have a child of their own together. Pat and Alice debated on whether Russ and Paula can develop a serious romance because she would not be content with a domestic, married life. Walter had a nightmare in which he was put on trial for killing Wayne in cold blood and allowing Lenore to stand trial for the crime.

Prosecutor: "Your honor, I ask you to direct the witness to answer the question."
Walter: (FAINTLY, EYES CLOSED) "What?"
Prosecutor: "Did you or did you not on the date mentioned go to the apartment of Wayne Addison and in a jealous rage strike him on the head and kill him?"
Walter: "Well, yes I did."
Prosecutor: "You admit that?"
Walter: "Yes. Yes, yes I do. I do admit it."
Prosecutor: "And what did you do after that?"
Walter: "I didn't do anything. I just..."
Prosecutor: "And someone else stood trial for that murder. Who?"
Walter: "My wife. My wife, Lenore."
Prosecutor: "You wife! You not only killed Wayne Addison in cold blood, but permitted your wife - your own wife whom you claim you love and who was carrying your child - to be imprisoned and brought to trial for a crime you committed. Is that true?"
Walter: (SITTING UP AND SHOUTING WILDLY) "Yes! It is! That's what I did. I didn't mean to...didn't want to, because I love her, but..."

Production Notes: During Act IV, the scene of Lenore rocking Wally and singing "Lullaby and Goodnight" dissolved to Walter in bed. Walter's nightmare was pre-recorded and consisted of Val Dufour wearing black velour while playing Walter (in limbo) and a "change of clothes for Walter as prosecutor."

NOVEMBER 25, 1971: Pre-empted for NFL Football Game.

NOVEMBER 26, 1971 (EP. #1884)
Ted admired Rachel for working at the Fireside Inn and helping Ada cook Thanksgiving dinner. Ted advised Rachel that they should sell the restaurant while it is performing well because the publicity Ted is bound to receive will drive customers away. Rachel suggested to Ted that they repay their debts by making installment payments using profits from the Fireside Inn. Ted suggested that Rachel consult with Walter about transferring his liquor license and ownership of the restaurant to her. Rachel swore to Ted that she is capable of running the restaurant and raising Jamie with Ada's assistance. John went upstairs to see Ted while Earl prepared to talk to Ada about making Rachel accept that Ted will not receive a suspended sentence. John consented to Ted's request of scheduling his hearing for next week rather than postpone it for months and risk getting a different judge to preside over the legal proceedings. Ted fretted to John that Rachel is ignoring the fact that they will be separated for a long time. Earl told Ada that he will alert the authorities on the circumstances of Ted's situation as a precaution because other inmates despise informants. Ada felt Ted would dismiss her and Rachel's concerns as irrational when Earl surmised that Ted would be cautious in prison due Ada and Rachel's fears for his safety. Rachel told Walter that Ted is certain that he will be handed a long sentence and that she and Ted disagree over selling the Fireside Inn. Walter advised Rachel that her proposals for the restaurant must be approved by Steve and Gerald. Rachel consoled Ted, who lamented that he felt a finality when he kissed Jamie because Ted may be away from him and Rachel for years.

Notes: The Fireside Inn's head bartender was named Harry Parker and was later portrayed by actor, Gil Rogers.

NOVEMBER 29, 1971 (EP. #1885)
Ted told an apprehensive Rachel that Russ instructed him to move around as much as possible and get back into bed once he feels tired. John asked Ted to obtain Russ's medical recommendation before he finalizes the date of his hearing. Ted kept his composure for Rachel's sake while John explained that he will be taken into the custody of the authorities immediately after the hearing and the judge may request for Ted to be initially placed into the prison's hospital facility. Ada implored Rachel to provide Ted with moral support to ease his depression. Russ respected Ted's wishes not to postpone his hearing because anxiety about his future is probably slowing the healing process, but decided to provide medical instructions to the prison doctors for Ted. Ada shared Russ's discomfiture when Jamie insisted on hugging Ted before he went to play with Joey Perrini. Ted complained to Russ that Jamie's adoption was halted once he pled guilty to the robberies, prompting Russ to point out that Jamie clearly knows Ted as his only father. Ada was upset for Russ when Cindy arrived to visit Ted as he was leaving Ada's house. Russ told Ada that Cindy's reasons for breaking their engagement are more complicated than they seem and opined that he and Cindy are ill-suited for each other. Paula told Cindy that the supervisor of Nurses' Training mentioned Cindy's outstanding work in her classes during a staff meeting and complimented Cindy's attitude while working in the hospital wards. Russ agreed with Paula's observations that Cindy seems to have gained newfound self-confidence. Paula was thrilled by Russ's invitation for the two of them to have dinner with Steve and Alice again.

NOVEMBER 30, 1971 (EP. #1886)
Ted glumly told John that he wants to teach Rachel the proper ways to tackle the account books and ordering for the Fireside Inn. John explained to Ted that his hearing will be held in the judge's chambers with no spectators and attended by people that Ted wishes to be present. Ted told John that he is prepared for loneliness, regimentation, boredom, and seeing loved ones through a screen on visiting days while he serves a prison sentence. John cautioned Ted against taking matters into his own hands should he be threatened by inmates and encouraged Ted to rely on Walter and Earl's connections with the authorities to request the necessary protections. Ted reinforced his determination to John in facing the consequences of his crimes and taking care of himself. Lenore was bemused by Alice's plans for the two large upstairs bedrooms in her house to be nurseries and confidence in raising children. Lenore confided to Alice that Walter has been fatigued, seems tortured by something that he cannot articulate, but Walter balked at seeing a doctor. Alice decided that she would speak with Steve about easing Walter's workload. John reflected to Walter that a seemingly isolated event like Ted's burglaries could have such far-reaching effects on so many people. Steve informed Walter that he does not object to transferring ownership of the Fireside Inn, but both men questioned Rachel's competency in running a business. Steve carped to Alice that he feels powerless to protect Jamie against the damage that Ted's incarceration will have on him. Alice suggested to Steve that they squarely deal with Jamie's support so that they are not trapped into an unavoidable situation in the future.

DECEMBER 1, 1971 (EP. #1887)
An unnerved Rachel asked Ada to allow her to hope that Ted will receive a reduced sentence, despite that Ada felt that Rachel was ignoring the reality of the situation. Ted caused Rachel to start weeping while in his embrace once Ted's despair shattered her self-generated optimism. John and Ada shook their heads in dismay when Rachel did not feel that Ted needed to say goodbye to Jamie or pack a suitcase in preparation for going directly to prison once the hearing has concluded. Ted told Jamie that he must go away for a while and asked Jamie to be a good boy for Ada and Rachel. Ted requested that Ada keep him informed should anything terrible happen to Rachel or Jamie and to comfort Rachel once she gets back from the hearing. Walter informed Lenore that he filed the paperwork to transfer the Fireside Inn's ownership and liquor license to Rachel. Lenore took Walter's suggestion that she have Helen babysit Wally so that they could discuss the outcome of Ted's hearing over lunch. Walter fretted to Lenore that Ted being separated from his family while in prison is a punishment Walter would not be able to bear. John tried valiantly to emphasize to Judge Chandler that Ted committed the crimes under duress, despite that Ted pled guilty to the charges and took full responsibility for his actions. Earl and Walter debated on whether Ted deserved the maximum sentence of twenty years for committing the criminal offense of trafficking narcotics. Ted asked Judge Chandler to temper justice with mercy for the sake of his wife and son. Cindy had to restrain Rachel, who became unhinged when Judge Chandler sentenced Ted to one year in prison followed by four years of probation.

Walter: (VOICE-OVER) "Ted is a better man than I am. Would I ever have the courage to throw myself on the mercy of the court for my crimes! Even if I did - could I ever throw myself on Lenore's mercy? For permitting her to stand trial for a murder I committed? I love Lenore - and she was carrying our son - and yet I put her through all that agony - to save my own skin. Oh God, is there mercy enough anywhere in this world to forgive that?"

DECEMBER 2, 1971 (EP. #1888)
Ted explained to Rachel that Judge Chandler imposed the minimum sentence possible and that John and Earl's documents carried a lot of weight. John and Earl convinced the State's Prison Marshal to allow Ted time to say farewell to Rachel and his family. John confirmed for Ted that Judge Chandler's sentence establishes that Ted committed felonies and that he will lose the right to vote, purchase firearms, and engage in certain businesses. John advised Ted and Rachel to contact him should they need assistance. Earl and John were surprised that Walter chose not to remain at the hearing for Ted's sentencing. Belle expressed pride in Ted's conduct during the hearing. Ted pleaded with Cindy not to punish herself by refusing to marry Russ because of the dumb mistakes he made, but Cindy insisted that she is not ready to marry anyone. Lenore admitted to John that she has recurring nightmares about her trial and that it is unlikely that Wayne's murder will be solved unless the culprit confesses to the crime. Ted asked Rachel to make arrangements to settle their debts. Rachel talked Ted out of selling the Fireside Inn because she refuses to let him abandon his dream of running a restaurant. Ted balked at letting Rachel bring Jamie to visit him because Ted did not want Jamie to share his memories of seeing his father in prison. Steve quietly seethed when Ada kept him away from Jamie while Steve learned the outcome of Ted's hearing by calling Lenore at Walter's office. John fretted to Lenore that Walter must handle the legal aspects of Rachel owning the Fireside Inn. Lenore told John that she is worried about Walter's welfare because he is two hours late for their planned lunch date.

Notes: The first portion of Act IV of this episode consisted of Ada reading from a "Mother Goose" book to Jamie. The original dialogue had Ada reading specific nursery rhymes to Jamie, but the script was revised to include ad libs between Connie Ford and Aiden McNulty until Steve arrived at Ada's house.

DECEMBER 3, 1971 (EP. #1889)
Pat hypothesized to Lenore that Walter had been detained by an appointment that slipped his mind or had lunch with old colleagues he met at the courthouse, but Lenore emphasized that Walter is considerate enough to call her about such occurrences. Lenore told Pat that Walter has become reclusive, morose, preoccupied, and yearns to leave the law practice with John. Pat lectured Lenore for blowing things out of proportion by fearing that Walter had been in a car accident or may be having an affair with another woman. Lenore resolved to confront Bernice on her suspicions that she was involved in the matters that have been troubling Walter for months. Jim told Mary that Rachel is assuming ownership of the Fireside Inn, that she and Jamie have moved into Ada's house, and that Ada is converting her assets to support them for a year. Mary fretted to Jim that she hopes that Steve's drive to provide Jamie with a paternal influence during Ted's absence will not cause marital problems for Steve and Alice. Bernice tersely told Lenore that Walter is very forgetful, but pointed out that Walter refuses to see her on pressing business endeavors to refute Lenore's claims that they work closely together on legal matters for Steve. Lenore bade a hasty retreat once she realized that Bernice was not helpful in answering her inquiries into Walter's peculiar behavior. Jim, Mary, and Pat agreed that it was strange that Walter left Ted's hearing before Judge Chandler passed sentence and shared Lenore's concern that he never arrived for his luncheon with Lenore. Pat called to inform Steve and Alice that Lenore is terribly worried about Walter's welfare because he has been missing for several hours.

Jim: "You know, it's very pleasant being a grandfather. I rather like it."
Mary: "It's all the extra attention you get, dear."
Jim: "Now, Mary. You like it as much as I do. Admit it."
Mary: "All right. I admit it..."

DECEMBER 6, 1971 (EP. #1890)
Pat told Steve and Alice that Walter never met Lenore for their lunch date and that Walter abruptly left Ted's hearing before Judge Chandler pronounced sentence. Steve swore to Lenore that he and Walter resolved their differences and offered to check on Walter's whereabouts by making some calls. Steve and Alice were startled when Walter arrived at their house drunk and disheveled. Walter bemoaned to Steve and Alice that he fled the hearing because he could not bear to witness Ted bravely professing guilt for his crimes and throwing himself onto the mercy of the court, then Walter hinted at exposing his own treachery to Steve and Lenore. Steve and Alice decided to drive Walter home. Jim, Mary, and Pat tried to pinpoint when Walter started acting strangely until an exhausted John came home after tying up loose ends that were connected to Ted's case. John admitted to Jim that Walter has missed appointments, the quality of his work has suffered, and that he stumbled out of the judge's chambers as Ted made his remarks at the hearing. Jim urged John to set aside his qualms that he would undermine Steve's faith in Walter's work by questioning Steve on Walter's personal woes. John reflected to Jim and Pat that Rachel denounced Ted's sentence as unfair and broke down into tears, that Rachel will find difficulty in running the Fireside Inn, and that Ted's mistakes will likely haunt them for the rest of their lives. Mary groused to Jim, Mary, and John that Jamie's support will become an issue for Steve and Alice because Ted's adoption application will be denied. Lenore froze upon seeing Steve and Alice come through the door while trying to keep a drunken Walter from falling to the floor.

DECEMBER 7, 1971 (EP. #1891)
Steve soothed Lenore's anxiety by explaining that Walter is inebriated yet unharmed. Lenore was baffled as Walter babbled that she should not have married him and insisted that Steve should take him to the bedroom so that he cannot hurt Lenore. Alice recalled to Lenore that Ted first consulted Walter after he got into trouble and that Walter refused to represent him, but neither Lenore nor Alice could think of reasons for Walter being moody lately. Steve told Lenore that Walter passed out and suggested that he is overwhelmed by the pressure of his work. Rachel reiterated her resolve to Ada that she and Jamie will be waiting for Ted and that she will keep the Fireside Inn operational while they wait for Ted to be released from prison. Ada reassured Rachel that Jamie will not forget Ted but objected when Rachel planned to ask Gerald for advice on running the restaurant. Rachel phoned Walter to check on the progress of getting the ownership of the Fireside Inn and Ted's liquor license transferred into her name. Steve fibbed to Rachel that Walter cannot talk to her because he is feeling ill. Steve and Alice commented on Ada helping Rachel get through her separation from Ted and ensuring that Jamie will be supported. Steve lamented to Alice that Jamie does not currently have a father in his life. Walter confessed to Lenore that he was not ready for Ted's remarks during his hearing and that he became terrified of losing everything that is meaningful to him because Ted has been isolated from his family for a crime he never meant to commit. Lenore became determined to uncover the source of Walter's angst when he claimed that he must handle his problems without Lenore's aid.

DECEMBER 8, 1971 (EP. #1892)
Rachel told Ada that she was restless last night while writing a letter to Ted and is grappling with the fact that she did not expect Ted to be given a prison sentence. Ada convinced Rachel that Russ would have requested that the hearing be postponed had Ted not been in good shape. Rachel told Ada that she intends to seek advice on running the Fireside Inn from Steve, who is a fine businessman and holds the largest investment in the restaurant. Ada warned Rachel that she secured the investment in the restaurant without getting approval from Ted, that he would dislike Rachel getting assistance from Steve, and suggested that she get advice from Jim. Rachel told Ada that she will talk to Gerald because he put money into the Fireside Inn and owns the Riverboat in Somerset, prompting Ada to proclaim that she does not want Gerald in their lives. Russ was intrigued when Alice stated that she invited Paula to lunch in an effort to get to know her better. Paula admitted to Alice that it would be highly unlikely for her to find a man remarkable enough to make her give up her medical career. Russ assured Mary that he has the basic necessities for his apartment, has been busy with work, and has maintained a social life. Mary commended Russ for being responsible and mature as they discussed the differences between Rachel and Cindy and the ways in which each woman was not right for him. Russ was slightly embarrassed when Mary recounted that Paula conducted his surgery and that they first met during Russ and Cindy's engagement party. Paula told Russ about her background, then urged Russ not to rush her into a relationship because she does not take such things lightly.

Notes: Paula reveals that she is from Chicago, her father is a successful attorney, and that she has an older sister named Sara, who is two years older than Paula and is considered the beautiful and charming one in the family. In crossed-out dialogue during Act III, Russ expressed reservations about Alice getting friendly with girls in which he has a romantic interest such as Paula.

DECEMBER 9, 1971 (EP. #1893)
Walter admitted to Lenore that he is ashamed of himself for hurting her and breaking his promise to quit drinking. Lenore chastised Walter for shutting her out of his life, failing to keep their luncheon, disappearing without a trace, and getting drunk without a justification. Walter confessed to Lenore that a past business matter that continues to plague him is the source of his discomfiture, but pleaded with Lenore for time and patience so that he can decide on the ways to settle the issues. Rachel decided to give the legal documents transferring ownership of the Fireside Inn to John so that he could have Ted sign them. Rachel fibbed to Walter that business at the restaurant is smooth and that she is handling the accounting books, ordering, and menus without anyone's help. Walter warned Rachel to be prepared for the disturbing atmosphere of a prison once she visits Ted, but denied Rachel's suspicions that he was referring to Lenore's time in custody. Walter informed Rachel that Ted's conviction will influence the courts to harshly judge Ted as a prospective father for Jamie and that a prison sentence is a punishment that exceeds any penalty handed down by the court system. Pat hypothesized that men keep their problems to themselves out of pride and the desire not to burden their wives in response to Lenore's gripes about Walter being secretive. Lenore told Pat that Walter's behavior has stirred up questions on whether Walter privately believes that she killed Wayne or not. Walter ordered Bernice to quit making snide insinuations to Lenore about him. Bernice retaliated against Walter's threats by hinting that he should reveal his whereabouts on the day of Wayne's murder to Lenore.

DECEMBER 10, 1971 (EP. #1894)
Ada unhappily told Steve that he should have called to inquire about Ted and Rachel's welfare instead of paying a visit to her house. Ada decided to clear the air with Steve when he insisted on seeing Jamie. Steve and Ada argued over Ted compromising Jamie's safety and his influence on the boy. Ada impressed upon Steve that he is successful, has a lovely wife, a bright future ahead, and does not seem to recognize his good fortune. Steve grew frustrated when Ada maintained that he will have children with Alice and would make everyone unhappy by holding onto Jamie, a child who never truly belonged to him. Alice reflected to Jim that all of the problems that troubled her dissipated with Steve's support and that she is content in her marriage. Jim was thrilled that Alice consented to have dinner with him and Mary since Steve was detained at the office. Steve told Rachel that he is protecting the things that are important to him and keeping the Fireside Inn operational by generously letting Rachel make smaller payments to him. Steve angrily asked Rachel for the reasons that she and Ada are denying him the visitation rights that he was awarded by the courts. Rachel harangued Steve for refusing to be involved in Jamie's life beyond financially supporting him, hinted that Steve is unsure of some things in life because of his traumatic childhood, and suggested that Steve confide in Alice about his past. Steve told Alice that a fire from a wood-burning stove wiped out his family's farm years ago, that he sometimes feels like a frightened little boy, and that he is bitter that Jamie is without a father. Alice promised to help Steve understand the reasons that Jamie means so much to him.

Rachel: "Maybe you donít know what you really want."
Steve: "What makes you say that?"
Rachel: "Some of the things you told me once Ė the night we were together. The night Jamie was conceived."
Steve: "What things?"
Rachel: "About your family Ė the way you grew up Ė what you were afraid of. Steve Ė you told me things about yourself Iíve never mentioned to a soul, and I never will. But I think you ought to. To Alice."
Steve: "What are you talking about?"
Rachel: (Robin Strasser, Exit Line) "You know. If you love her the way I love Ted, youíve got to be as open with her as you were with me. I think wives ought to know as much about their husbands as some girl they once spent the night with."

Alice: "We decided that some time ago. Once and for all, I thought. That it would be best for Jamie if you didn't see him again. And I think that was a wise decision, darling."
Steve: "Alice, this isn't something you can 'decide' and then forget about -- like a business contract, or a deed to a piece of property. This is something else, much deeper, something I can't put in one corner of my mind and forget all about..."
Alice: "Sometimes I don't understand you."
Steve: "Sometimes I don't understand myself. But I'm trying to. I don't like being confused - I don't like upsetting you..."

Notes: Last appearance of Robin Strasser as Rachel (1971).

DECEMBER 13, 1971 (EP. #1895)
John shared Lenore's confusion over Walter being missing for twelve hours and arriving at Steve and Alice's doorstep drunk to the point that they had to drive him home. John confessed to Pat that he was mistaken to believe that Walter's strange behavior was temporary, that the quality of his work has been diminishing significantly, and was astonished that Walter refused to represent Ted and left the hearing before the judge had pronounced sentence. Pat hypothesized that Walter may feel anxiety towards leaving his law practice, may privately suspect that Lenore killed Wayne, and may be having an affair with Bernice. John countered that Walter is too devoted to Lenore and Wally to be unfaithful, then John grew thoughtful after recalling that Walter and Bernice despise each other and that she made unpleasant insinuations about Walter to Lenore. Bernice acknowledged for John that she and Walter dislike each other, but insisted that she cannot provide insight into Walter's erratic behavior and actions. John maintained his decorum as he methodically grilled Bernice, who went on an angry tirade about everyone pestering her about the source of Walter's problems. Alice opined to Pat that Bernice seems too self-contained to have a personal life, despite that Alice suspects that Bernice may have a crush on Steve. Pat implored Alice not to stand between Steve and Jamie and to be flexible in her marriage. Alice fretted to Pat that Rachel's presence makes it impossible for her to accompany Steve to see Jamie. Lenore was relieved when Walter acquiesced to her request to handle their personal finances. Walter took Lenore's scarf from the safe and stuffed it into a pocket of his coat.

DECEMBER 14, 1971 (EP. #1896)
Cindy brought Christmas gifts for Ada or Rachel to give to Ted during their visits with him. Ada was perplexed when Cindy mused that nursing is the only thing she has accomplished in her life because she comes from a family plagued with bad luck. Ada gave Cindy sage advice on adapting a positive outlook on the future because it will raise Ted's spirits. Cindy was pleased when Ada accepted her offer to take Jamie out to lunch and to the zoo so that Ada could go Christmas shopping. Cindy confessed to Ada that she has low self-esteem, that Russ deserves the best wife in the world, and that she would consider a reconciliation once she believes in herself. Paula warned Russ that they have different interests, that Jim and Mary may unfavorably compare her to Cindy, and that they may have an informal relationship for some time. Russ ribbed Paula on her claims that she masks insecurities and fears with a veneer of confidence and sophistication. Jim convinced Cindy to reconsider her plans to work at a clinic in Somerset to be close to the nearest State prison because she would have to leave her friends and Ted will be released in a year. Cindy was touched that Jim and Mary consider themselves her friends. Jim was impressed when Cindy spoke philosophically of accepting the harsh realities of life. Paula told Jim, Mary, and Russ that she is more invested in her career than that of cooking and keeping house, despite that she respects women who are domestically inclined. Mary's reservations about Paula were not placated when Jim opined that Russ may remain unscathed should things not work out between him and Paula because Russ has not grown emotionally attached to her.

Paula: "Oh, anything's possible, I suppose."
Russ: "Including the arrival, someday, of the proverbial Mr. Right. Upon which, you will instantly change your mind..."
Paula: "And discard my scalpel for the skillet?"
Russ: "And the I.V. feeder for a nursing bottle."
Paula: Don't bet on it. I've invested too much time, effort, and money into becoming a doctor..."
Russ: "I know. "M.D." means much more after your name than "M-R-S" in front of it. Ever occur to you, you could have it both ways?"

DECEMBER 15, 1971 (EP. #1897)
Walter told Lenore that he is giving her the combination to the safe should something happen to him or in the event that he is out of town. Lenore decided to postpone retrieving Helen's brooch from the safe because Wally needed to be fed. Walter put on his coat, pulled out Lenore's scarf from its pocket, and sadly gazed at it. Lenore unwittingly interrupted Walter searching for a place in which to hide the scarf by bringing Wally downstairs and into the kitchen. Lenore joked that Walter is becoming a hermit because he wanted to cancel their dinner plans with John and Pat and expressed the desire to stay at home with Lenore and Wally instead of going to work. Jim showed Pat his blueprints for building Marianne a doll house modeled after the Matthews home and a dairy barn for Michael as their Christmas gifts. Pat reflected to Jim that she is blessed with having a happy childhood, supportive parents, and a wonderful husband, despite the travails that she endured over the years. Pat told Jim that Lenore is trying to get Walter to confess his troubles to her, prompting Jim to opine that a husband should take his wife into his confidence to solve marital issues. Walter called Bernice's bluff in proving that he was in Bay City at the time of Wayne's murder, took an afternoon flight to Chicago, and arrived a half-hour before Steve at the Hotel Danforth. Bernice secretly muttered that she would risk her job at Frame Enterprises and talk to the D.A. if she could refute Walter's alibi. Lenore acquiesced to Walter's request that they cut their evening short with John and Pat because he was tired. John and Pat noted that Walter has become increasingly moody, difficult, and unpredictable over time.

Production Notes: Taping of this episode was stopped for ten minutes (middle of Act II) due to technical problems, the producer "wanted to eliminate shadow on Jim's [Hugh Marlowe] face," and Beverly Penberthy was not on set at the time. The combination to Walter's safe was 30-90-50 according to the prologue in this script.

DECEMBER 16, 1971 (EP. #1898)
Cindy was pleased when Paula wished her success in her nursing career and personal life. Russ informed Cindy that Ted has almost recovered completely, pointed out that Ted went to prison willingly to face the punishment for his crimes, and suggested that they be optimistic and cheerful for Ted's sake. Russ tried to assure Cindy that he is not bitter over their broken engagement, but deemed Cindy's decisions to refrain from asking anyone for help and to stop dreaming so that she cannot get hurt again unreasonable. Pat raved about the collection of old-fashioned children's decorations that she, Alice, and Russ had accumulated over the years while Jim and Mary reminisced about past Christmases the family spent together. John, Pat, Jim, and Mary helped Michael and Marianne put the last of the ornaments onto the decorated Christmas tree. Mary told Jim, John, and Pat that she sympathizes with Steve because Jamie will be without a father this Christmas. Jim mollified Mary's concerns about Jamie by stressing that he is providing financial advice to Ada, Jamie is happy and healthy, and Rachel will spend less time at the Fireside Inn as she becomes more efficient in running it. Russ and Paula had to cut short their visit with Jim, Mary, John, and Pat after being summoned back to the hospital. Mary disagreed with Jim and Pat's conclusion that Paula was pleased to be invited to the Matthews house for dinner on Christmas Eve. Paula told Russ that she tries to live in the present, feels apprehensive about relationships, and finds expectations lead to frustration and failure. Russ and Paula agreed to enjoy each other's company and to refrain from taking themselves too seriously.

Jim: "My old Santa-suit is about worn out."
Mary: "It's good for many years to come. We'll patch it up. A new one now just wouldn't seem right. I remember all those years you sneaked out to the workshop to put that suit on..."
Jim: "Until Russ caught me at it and told Pat and Alice. That was the end of Santa Claus."
Mary: (REACHES ACROSS THE TREE AND TAKES JIM'S HAND) "I can't believe those years have all gone, darling. It's been so wonderful..."

DECEMBER 17, 1971 (EP. #1899)
Lenore was pleased that Walter had shut off the alarm so that she could get more sleep while he fed Wally and prepared coffee so that they could have a leisurely breakfast together. Walter was puzzled when Lenore questioned the source of his good spirits. Walter confessed to Lenore that he has been punishing Lenore and their friends by being thoughtless and rude and deprived Lenore of a pleasant evening by falsely claiming he had a headache so that they could leave John and Pat's house early. Walter told Lenore that he is not going to set impossibly high standards for himself any longer, take responsibility for his actions going forward, and discuss a professional decision he has made with John before he divulges the details to Lenore. Pat and Alice consulted with Jim on getting a special Christmas present for Mary as a reward for her children being happy. Jim, Pat, and Alice decided to combine their money and buy Mary a brand new car for Christmas. Alice was understanding when Jim admitted that he has conflicted feelings for Jamie, who Jim once thought of as his grandson. Jim complimented Alice for being sensible by openly talking to Steve about Jamie and focusing on Steve's happiness. Jim hypothesized to Alice that men suppress memories of their childhoods until they become secure by marrying a loving, empathetic woman. John accepted Walter's apologies for being inhospitable when he and Lenore had dinner with them. Walter was elated that John was amenable to his decision of leaving the law firm to work under the D.A. as a prosecutor. Walter hinted to John that he yearns to punish the person who put Lenore through agony by getting her charged with murder.

Alice: "He told me no one who sees such things as a child ever forgets them. Because it means your entire life can go up in flames in fifteen minutes...It gives him a sense that nothing's ever really permanent."
Jim: "Steve grew up on a farm?"
Alice: "Yes."
Jim: "I didn't know that."
Alice: "His family was very poor...He talks about getting up at five in the morning to do chores, going to school so tired he fell asleep there, and walking back home to do more chores."
Jim: "That may explain Steve's drive to be successful..."

DECEMBER 20, 1971 (EP. #1900)
Steve jumped to hasty conclusions when Alice seemed eager to be relieved of his company. Pat informed Alice that Russ wants to contribute to purchasing a new vehicle for Mary, that Jim found a car dealership that sells the desired model, and that it will be delivered to the Matthews' driveway on Christmas morning. Alice dropped hints to Pat and Steve that she is verifying whether the order can be fulfilled to provide Steve with a special gift this year. Steve was touched by Alice's generosity when she offered to accompany him to give Jamie a toy sailboat that Steve bought for him in St. Croix and help to buy more presents for Jamie. Alice encouraged Steve to discuss his painful childhood because dwelling on the past confuses the present and spoils the future. Walter informed Lenore that he plans to leave the law firm because he finds civil law tedious and misses the excitement of conducting a prosecution in a courtroom setting. Lenore reassured Walter that she does not mind that his income will be reduced by half and was thrilled that Walter entrusted her in handling the household finances for them. Lenore gushed to Walter that they can start their new life together without Walter being plagued by sadness, fears, and anxieties. Bernice admitted to Steve that she was once married, but insisted that it was a mistake and that she rarely thinks of her ex-husband because he has been dead for years. Bernice eyed Steve speculatively in response to his musings about Bernice being free from the past haunting her. Steve reflected to Alice that his life is a dream that he never thought would be fulfilled. Alice told Steve that Dr. Stuart Philbin confirmed that she is pregnant with Steve's child.

Notes: Steve mentions that he performed odd jobs as a child like loading groceries into cars for customers so that he could save up money to do things like attend movies. Fire clearance was obtained for all episodes in which a fireplace was featured in the scene. In some cases the actual fire permit is included with the scripts.

DECEMBER 21, 1971 (EP. #1901)
Belle admonished Cindy for having inconsistent moods and reactions towards the family's setbacks and good fortunes. Cindy insisted to Belle that she is trying not to let things get to her anymore, that Russ is interested in Paula, and that she intends to become more secure before she gets into another relationship. Cindy was surprised but not disconcerted and Belle grew flustered when Russ unexpectedly arrived with Christmas presents for them. Russ made a pact with Cindy to remain friends. Belle carped to Russ that Earl was unable to get an exception for Rachel to see Ted because prisoners are not allowed visitors during the first two weeks of their incarceration. Cindy tried to ease Belle's sorrow by stressing that she is not ashamed of her deceased father or Ted for being in prison and that she does not hold herself and Belle responsible for their mistakes. Russ expressed pride in Cindy for thriving at the hospital and taking care of Jamie to give Ada the occasional break. Cindy thanked Russ for treating her like an adult and for taking her seriously. Steve resisted discussing his childhood with Alice since he did not want to put a damper on getting their first Christmas tree and Alice cooking a champagne supper for the two of them. Steve and Alice decided to announce her pregnancy to everyone. Russ told Jim and Mary that Paula is a reserved, independent woman who has devoted years to establishing a successful medical career. Jim ascertained to Russ and Mary that Steve and Alice speak openly about Jamie because the issue kept them separated for more than a year. Jim, Mary, and Russ were overjoyed that Steve and Alice are expecting their first child together.

Steve: "...Happy? I'm way up there on Cloud Nine."
Alice: "Well come on down and help me pick a name for Junior."
Steve: "That's one thing we won't call him -- okay?"
Alice: "Selfish man. You only want one 'Steven' in the house."
Steve: "That's right - but not for my sake. For his. A kid has a tough enough time being himself without being confused with his father."

Notes: Steve gives his father's name as Henry for the first time during this episode. Alice states that she is due to have a child in late August or early September according to her obstetrician, Dr. Stuart Philbin. Christopher and Christine are two names that Steve and Alice strongly consider as names for their baby.

DECEMBER 22, 1971 (EP. #1902)
Alice tactfully discouraged Steve from donating a large amount to buying Mary's gift because Jim, Pat, Russ, and John wish for each family member to make equal contributions to the new car, though Alice commended Steve for his generosity. Steve admitted to Alice that he yearns to spoil Mary with an extravagant present because he was never able to do so for his own mother. Steve recalled for Alice that his mother worked the hardest among the family, that she did not find showing affection very easy, and that she died from an illness before Steve left home permanently. Alice was encouraging towards Steve, who bemoaned that he feels like an outsider around the Matthews family and needs Alice's help to stop him from doing foolish, thoughtless things. Paula graciously declined Russ's offer to take her to Jim and Mary's dinner party to celebrate Steve and Alice's news since she did not want to intrude on a family affair. Russ confessed to Paula that he still has emotional scars from learning that Jamie was not his biological son and that Alice's pregnancy made Russ realize that he would like to have children of his own. Paula politely warned Russ that showing affection at the hospital could cause their colleagues to jump to conclusions about their relationship. Steve became envious and slightly bitter as Jim recounted traditions that the family maintained during the many Christmases they shared together. Jim reassured Steve that he will never be disappointed during the holidays as a member of the Matthews family. John and Pat were thrilled that Steve and Alice are expecting a child as everyone drank aged brandy that Steve had purchased on his last trip to France.

DECEMBER 23, 1971 (EP. #1903)
Cindy confidently told Belle that she wants good marks on her midterm exams as a Christmas gift to herself. Belle grumbled to Cindy that the prison warden refused to let Rachel visit Ted so that she could give him Christmas presents and that Ted is alone in a cell. Cindy tried to soothe Belle's ire by encouraging her to be cheerful and to believe that the family is working hard to change their history of bad luck. Belle and Cindy were touched when Jim brought presents for them and Ted. Jim joined Cindy in trying to convince Belle that Ted has nearly recovered from his operations and will become a stronger man from serving his prison sentence. Belle told Jim that the sacrifices she made for her children made sense once Russ and Cindy became engaged, that she struggled to raise Ted and Cindy while their father was in jail, and that she felt accepted by the Matthews family. Jim urged Belle not to dwell on Cindy's reasons for breaking her engagement to Russ, the bad luck the Clark family has experienced, and to stand by her children. Russ and Paula humbly downplayed their role in Ted's physical recovery to a grateful Cindy. Cindy looked at Russ lovingly after noting that he gets his warmth and good nature from Jim. Cindy was touched when Paula gifted Ted with a book of memoirs by a famous restaurant owner in New York. Paula advised Cindy to balance gaining self-respect and fulfillment without letting them dominate her personal life. Cindy grew teary-eyed when an embarrassed Paula let it slip that she is having Christmas dinner with Russ and his family. Russ told Pat that he is going to take his time with Paula so that he does not repeat the mistake of rushing into a marriage.

Notes: Jim reveals that Russ left Bay City shortly after graduating high school "to see what the world had to offer" but realized he was content with living in his hometown. Originally, Russ attended a private high school out of town and returned to Bay City in December 1966 on the verge of completing medical school.

DECEMBER 24, 1971 (EP. #1904)
Jim lauded Mary's management of special occasions throughout the years. Jim told John that Mary is getting a new car for Christmas. John informed Jim that he must hire two replacements at the firm because Walter is returning to the D.A.'s office as a prosecutor. Jim advised John to think of Pat and the twins to maintain perspective after John ruefully admitted that he has prioritized work over his family. John disagreed with Jim's assumption that Walter will have more time with Lenore and Wally by leaving his partnership at the firm. Lenore complained to Helen that she thinks the worst each time Walter is late getting home because he will not take Lenore into his confidence. Walter embraced Lenore and Helen while happily remarking on the joy of being together to celebrate Wally's first Christmas. Jim and Mary toasted to Steve and Alice for the grandchild they are due to have next year. Steve and Alice joked about "breaking tradition" by choosing the name Christopher and not Steve or James Jr. should Alice have a boy to avoid confusion. Mary was mortified when Russ complimented Jim's thoughtfulness for delivering gifts to Belle and Cindy. Paula eased the awkwardness by expressing admiration towards Cindy's determination, spirit, and bravery in the face of adversity. Paula told Jim and Mary that she and her sister were sent to boarding schools and spent holidays with friends because they did not figure into their parents' social lives. Alice promised Steve that he will love the holidays once they enjoy several Christmases together. Steve respected Alice's wish to postpone giving Jamie the sailboat since she did not want to see Rachel. Mary welcomed Steve into the family.

Mary: "...I think Christmas Eve is my favorite occasion."
Jim: "So do I. It's when we get the chance to have everybody here together."
Mary: "Now that the children are grown up, they should spend Christmas day with their families, but as long as we can have them here on Christmas Eve, I'm happy. That sound too sentimental?"
Jim: "No, not at all. Unless I'm too sentimental too."
Mary: "Merry Christmas, Jim."
Jim: "Merry Christmas, darling."

DECEMBER 27, 1971 (EP. #1905)
Jamie gave Rachel his drawing of a tiger to gift to Ted. Ada surmised that it might not be good for Ted to draw attention to himself by getting favors when Rachel bleated about the prison's policy that inmates cannot receive visitors for the first fifteen days of their sentences. Rachel carped to Ada that running the Fireside Inn is more difficult than she had anticipated. Alice called Ada to make arrangements for her and Steve to give Jamie the sailboat that Steve had purchased for him. Ada was troubled after lying to Jamie that Steve and Alice have a surprise for him because they are old friends of hers. Pat eased Lenore's guilt by stressing that Walter will remain at the firm until John has found and trained his replacement and that Walter will become a more successful prosecutor by utilizing the experience he gained in defending Lenore. Lenore and Pat agreed that Steve and Alice and Ted and Rachel's marriages are proof that things work out in life. Pat theorized to Lenore that Alice will feel less threatened by Jamie's presence since she and Steve are expecting their own child. Ted informed Rachel that he is recovering nicely and has learned new things about food-management through his job in the kitchens. Rachel relished Ted's enthusiastic reaction to the pictures that she and Ada had taken of the family for him. Ted reiterated his stance to Rachel that Jamie should not visit him while he is in jail. Alice was immediately apologetic when Ada groused that Steve calls Jamie "son" and that it is unfair to Ted and Rachel for Steve to buy Jamie expensive gifts. Alice posited to Ada that Jamie will not mean as much to Steve once she gives birth to the child that they conceived together.

Rachel: (Margie Impert, Introduction Line) "Thatís very good, Jamie. I didnít know you could draw horses."

Notes: First appearance of Margaret (Margie) Impert as Rachel. According to penciled-in notes, a photo session (for promotional purposes) featuring Constance Ford (Ada) and Margie was scheduled to take place on the set prior to dress rehearsal for this episode.

DECEMBER 28, 1971 (EP. #1906)
Lenore praised Walter's contentment since he decided to leave his practice with John. Walter informed Lenore that Tom Albini is willing to wait a couple months for Walter while he helps John get his replacement settled. Rachel scheduled an appointment with Walter to discuss an issue that is troubling Ted. Lenore graciously accepted Bernice's apologies for being rude towards her during Walter's disappearance. Bernice told Lenore that she envies her for being a loving wife who is concerned about Walter's welfare and happiness. Bernice masked her bitterness while telling Lenore that she will talk about her past marriage once they get to know each other better, then dissembled agreement with Lenore that Wally will be fortunate to take after Walter in every way possible. Paula admitted to Pat that she and Russ enjoy each other's company. Pat opined to Paula that Cindy was ill-suited for Russ because she is too insecure and dependent on other people. Paula ruefully admitted to Pat that she is wary of marriage and plans to remain single because her mother has been married three times and Sara snagged a man that Paula thought reciprocated her love. Walter advised Rachel to focus on making the Fireside Inn a success rather than pursue a lost cause like Ted's adoption of Jamie. Rachel disclosed her reservations to Walter towards asking Steve for the necessary funds to hire a restaurant manager and requesting assistance from Gerald on running it. Jim convinced Rachel to accept his offer to study the Fireside Inn's account books for her. Walter was intrigued to learn from Lenore that Bernice had been married years ago and questioned Bernice's efforts to befriend Lenore.

Notes: According to penciled-in notes, a photo session for Susan Sullivan (Lenore) was scheduled after the airing of this episode for a feature in the magazine, Daytime TV. Paula mentions that her older sister is on her third marriage, which is an unhappy one that seems to be heading for divorce.

DECEMBER 29, 1971 (EP. #1907)
John approved of Pat's idea of supplementing the family's New Year's Eve celebration with an open house as a substitute for the annual party John throws for the staff and their clients at the office. Pat acquiesced when John insisted that she should not let Walter and Bernice's contempt for each other impede Pat from including Bernice in the party plans. Mary stated her belief to Pat that Steve's attention to Jamie will lessen once his child with Alice is born, but expressed worries that Steve's involvement with Jamie and Ted being in prison could inspire Rachel to interfere in Steve and Alice's happiness again. Pat told Mary that she feels that John favors Marianne over Michael because she reminds John of Lee when she was a little girl. John felt conflicted by Walter's objection to Bernice being invited to Pat's party because he did not want to offend Bernice since she works closely with Steve and the law firm handles his legal affairs. Walter told John that he is unconcerned about working under Tom because the men have mutual respect for each other. John suggested that Walter reveal his resignation to Steve right away and that they should schedule interviews for replacements shortly after the holidays. Pat joked to Alice that she should take advantage of Steve pampering her during the pregnancy. John and Pat agreed that they should not enable a feud between Walter and Bernice because she is an important assistant to Steve and Walter will be leaving the firm. Bernice boasted to Walter that she intends to become good friends with Lenore, retorted that she finds most of the men in her life are not marriage material, and blurted out that she is attending the open house party.

Notes: Mary mentions to Pat that she visited her family's farm starting when she was a little girl while the two women played with Michael and Marianne.

DECEMBER 30, 1971 (EP. #1908)
John explained to Pat that Peggy took a short vacation to visit her family because she was overwhelmed with attending law classes and working in the law firm's offices. John intervened when Walter rudely reminded Bernice that she was only invited to have drinks with the firm's other clients during John and Pat's open house. Walter stood alone at the bar while angrily watching Bernice exchange pleasantries with John, Pat, Steve, Lenore, and Alice. Lenore agreed with Walter's opinion that Bernice can be tactless, but surmised that Bernice is lonely and yearns for company in response to Walter's complaints that Bernice ingratiated herself to everyone so that she could be invited to stay for John and Pat's New Year's Eve dinner party. Paula told Jim, Mary, and Russ that she made a small concession by wearing an elegant dress for the evening and that she does not share her family's enthusiasm for attending social events. Jim and Mary pitied Paula, who explained that her mother has a house on the French Riviera, her father is constantly traveling on business, and that she grew up without any close familial ties. Bernice gushed about Michael and Marianne as Pat and Lenore compared notes on raising children and Alice commented on Steve's elation towards her pregnancy. Bernice enjoyed seeing Walter stalk off to the terrace in a fury due to her presence. Lenore tried unsuccessfully to get Walter to divulge the origins of his feud with Bernice. Alice observed the tension between Walter and Lenore as everyone sang "Auld Lang Syne." Walter abruptly stopped singing with the group and walked out of the house in response to Lenore's assessment that 1971 was the worst year of her life.

DECEMBER 31, 1971: Pre-empted for broadcasting of the Gator Bowl.