Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

JANUARY 6, 1972 (EP. #1912)
Jamie was pleased when a busy Rachel consented to join them for breakfast, but she confided to Ada she's unsure she can run the Inn by herself. When Rachel related how Ted didn't want Jamie visiting him in prison the way he did with his own father, Ada suggested speaking to Earl about it. Alice and Steve discussed the baby as they enjoyed a relaxing breakfast. Alice suggested Steve try to convince John to become his new attorney. As Pat sat with Marianne on her lap and Mary with Michael on hers, Pat said that John's late hours at the office have only gotten worse since Walter resigned. Pat was upset to hear of Alice's suggestion to Steve, as even if the new lawyer handles Frame business, John would devote time to checking up on everything. After Mary and Alice went to do the dinner dishes, Jim advised Steve against helping Rachel with the Inn since it might be a problem for him and Alice. Steve commented he found it easier to talk to Jim that it had been to talk to his own father.

Notes: First appearance of Tim Nissen as Michael Randolph.

JANUARY 7, 1972 (EP. #1913)
A fed-up Pat refused to let John leave for work without explaining why it was necessary to stay late at the office going over an extremely complicated affair with a very important client. She complained about being left alone so much and how little the twins see of him, but John was at a loss to satisfy her as he saw no alternative to the work that was demanded of him. Pat begged him not to jeopardize their happiness by considering Walter and Steve's needs before their own. Pat phoned Russ to come to dinner with Paula, who was glad to be exposed to Russ's family life. John, Walter, and Peggy discussed, then dismissed possible new attorneys (Bob Brice, Chester Felsen, and Paul Wilkie) in favor of a younger man. When Walter begged off handling Steve's caseload in the interim, Peggy proposed doing some of the detail work herself. After the twins said goodnight, Paula confided to Russ she felt awkward around children, though she'd enjoyed the twins. Paula told Pat of being jealous of her sister Sara, and Russ lamented having lost Jamie.

Notes: Last appearance of Tim Nissen as Michael Randolph.

JANUARY 10, 1972 (EP. #1914)
Lenore asked Walter for advice on what they could claim as a deductible on their income tax, and he discouraged her from checking on the credit card slips he keeps in the office. Walter told Lenore he got in touch with his old law school roommate Paul about possible replacements. Lenore predicted a better year than the last since Walter was less tense and depressed since quitting the firm. Alice told Mary she thinks highly of Dr. Stuart Philbin, the obstetrician Russ recommended now that Dan was gone. Alice told Mary that Walter dropped Ted's suit to adopt Jamie now that he was leaving the firm, and speculated no judge would allow Ted to adopt the boy while he was in jail. Mary worried about the damage a delay might cause Alice's marriage. Bernice dropped by with a present for Wally to thank Lenore for her kindness. Bernice related how surprised she'd been to hear Walter had given up a lucrative salary to return to the D.A.'s office. Citing his promise to Pat to cut down on his work, John declined Steve's request to take over his affairs. John also didn't think it a good idea for an attorney to act for his relatives. Paul phoned Walter to say he was sending along some resumes, and that he recalled once knowing Bernice. Walter was intrigued to learn Bernice had been married to someone who didn't have a very good reputation.

JANUARY 11, 1972 (EP. #1915)
Belle was miffed that Cindy planned to go to Ada's instead of visiting Ted, but was mollified when Cindy explained Ted was dying for news about Rachel and Jamie that only Ada could provide if someone sat with Jamie. When Cindy commented on how Rachel worked so hard because she would lose her only income if the Inn went under, Belle rubbed her nose in the fact that Rachel was also sticking by her man, unlike Cindy. Cindy looked almost physically distressed to overhear Russ and Paula discuss their plans to go dancing. Ted was surprised when Earl came to visit him. Ted said he was learning some things about food management in the prison kitchen he hoped to apply to the Inn. Earl warned him against associating with criminals when Ted raved about Ray's culinary skills. Ted turned down Earl's offer to pull strings to get Jamie in to see him. Cindy daydreamed about Russ and Paula waltzing in elegant clothes as they cooed at each other and denigrated poor Cindy Who. Belle was bewildered when Cindy burst into tears and vowed to change.

JANUARY 12, 1972 (EP. #1916)
Ada told Rachel, who was surprised to hear Ada refer to Earl by his first name, that Earl told her Ted doesn't want Jamie to visit him in prison. Cindy distracted Jamie when he told Ada how much he missed his Daddy (Ted). Ada thanked Cindy for sitting with Jamie so she could get this Jamie business straightened out with Ted. Steve told Alice he couldn't meet her for lunch as John wanted him to meet two candidates for Walter's position. Steve was more concerned about having reliable legal counsel when Alice explained why Pat didn't want John to be saddled with more work. Ada wondered if Earl could get Ted to visit Jamie outside of prison, but Earl thought he'd try to get them a visit in the warden's house within the prison. Ada worried about lying to Jamie about Ted being in jail. Cindy brought Jamie to the Inn to see Rachel, who was hard at work. Steve thought it a lucky coincidence to find Jamie playing tic-tac-toe at the Inn with Cindy, but Rachel was upset to see Steve talking to the boy. Rachel accused Steve of trying to take over when he wouldn't agree not to shower Jamie with expensive gifts. Rachel almost agreed when Steve offered to support Jamie again despite her promise to Ted not to take money from him.

Notes: Last appearance of John Carpenter as Inspector Earl Wood.

JANUARY 13, 1972 (EP. #1917)
Steve admitted running into Jamie when Alice noticed how distracted he was. Alice realized Steve wasn't really bothered by the number of people taking care of Jamie, but he just groused about Jamie eating in a cocktail lounge and wearing clothes that seemed too small for him. Alice suggested he speak to Ada about the trust fund he wanted to set up for Jamie. Ted told Ada about his physical therapy and making friends with Ray. Ted was adamant about not letting Jamie remember visiting him in prison as he still harbored bad memories about visiting his own father in prison (Ted's father was sent to prison (where he died) after stealing money to get medical care for his son). Ada argued that Ted needed to tell Jamie the truth before he heard it from someone else, such as Joey Perrini next door since his folks read the papers. Ted thanked her for knocking some sense into him. Pat turned down Mary's suggestion of hiring some help again after their experience with Caroline. Pat assured Mary she had been firm with John about his overworking, but there was nothing he could do until they hired a new lawyer for Steve and another for the firm. Pat mused she and the twins would never see John since not only was he handling the work Walter, Rafe, and Dru did, he would also have to train the new lawyer.

JANUARY 14, 1972 (EP. #1918)
Lenore couldn't agree when Walter insisted Bernice was a troublemaker. Peggy gave Walter Dean Barrett's suggestions for lawyers. Paul phoned Walter to recommend Mark Venable, one of his most brilliant students who was thinking of leaving his firm. Paul said he'd discovered Bernice was married to a man named Wilbur Albertson, though there was some doubt as to his real name. Walter covered when John overheard and thought "Wilbur"a candidate for the office. Lenore phoned to arrange a lunch date with Bernice. Steve told Bernice she ought to have a say in who their new attorney is as she'll be working closely with him. Bernice became anxious when Steve mentioned Walter was already in touch with the law professor she suggested contacting. Walter and John made plans to fly Mark in for a meeting, but Steve was unhappy about trusting highly personal matters with a stranger. When Steve and John argued about John handling Steve's affairs, Walter offered to stay on until the replacement became familiar with Frame business. Walter told Lenore it only made things more difficult that Steve resisted putting his affairs in the hands of strangers. Lenore wondered why Walter was curious about the state of Bernice's marriage.

Notes: The name of Mark's New York firm was "Short, Potter, and Trach." This was an inside joke as Bob Short was a Procter & Gamble executive in charge of AW, Allen Potter was the show's original producer, and Ed Trach was a P&G supervisor who'd recently been transferred to another soap.

JANUARY 17, 1972 (EP. #1919)
Fed up that John yet again said he would miss dinner, Pat accused him of having had plenty of time to find a replacement for Walter by now, but John blamed Steve for vetoing everybody seen so far. John forbade her from talking to Alice about getting Steve to lay off the pressure, and told her Bernice's presence was only exacerbating Walter. Lenore's hopes were dashed when Bernice told her Walter's replacement hadn't been found yet. Bernice offered Lenore the use of the office adding machines to help tally her tax records. Mary, Jim, and Pat had sherry while discussing why John felt he'd be drawn into personal as well as legal matters if he becomes Steve's attorney. Pat implored Mary to talk to Alice as she suspected Steve was stalling deliberately so John will agree to become his counsel after all. John, Walter, and Bernice were very impressed with Mark, who looked forward to moving to Bay City. Walter didn't believe her when Bernice said she never met Paul. Mark noticed a photograph of Pat and seemed to find her familiar. Mark: (Introduction Line) "The big question was at what rate the stock was exchanged."

Notes: First appearance of Andrew Jarkowsky as Mark Venable.

JANUARY 18, 1972 (EP. #1920)
Rachel helped an excited Jamie get ready to visit Ted. Ada couldn't convince Rachel to level with Jamie about Ted's incarceration, but Rachel came around and agreed to discuss it with Ted when Ada recalled to her how Doris Amory had made her cry once by saying she didn't have a father. Steve apologized to Alice for harping on how much he needed John's help, what with the two new subsidiaries he's acquiring, even though the extra work would affect John's marriage. Rachel and Jamie embraced Ted, in civvies in the warden's living room. Ted sent Jamie out so he could harp to Rachel about Steve getting close to Jamie behind his back by buying him expensive gifts. Since he didn't want Jamie growing up thinking he was a liar, Ted put Jamie on his lap and confessed he was being punished for taking things that didn't belong to him. Ada refused Steve's offer of a trust fund for Jamie, and wouldn't suffer his presence in her house. Steve was outraged to learn Rachel took Jamie to the prison to see Ted.

Jamie: "I love you, Daddy!"
Ted: "I love you, son!"

Ada: "If you were in prison, you'd want to see your son, wouldn't you?"
Steve: "I'm not in prison, and I never will be. And I don't want my son taken there, either. That's something I can see to, Ada. And I promise I will."

JANUARY 19, 1972 (EP. #1921)
Pat nagged John into promising not to let Steve convince him to take on any more work, but he worried about losing his account. Though she sympathized when Mary told her Pat and John had taken to quarreling, Alice felt Steve stood to lose a great deal if the right lawyer wasn't found. Alice finally relented and agreed to talk to Steve, but refused to do anything to disrupt their home life. Steve interviewed Mark, who was later assured by Bernice that he was really a good man to work for. An obstinate John told an equally stubborn Steve he would not break his promise to Pat. After John and Bernice praised Mark to him, Steve agreed to hire him on the condition Walter trains him thoroughly. Steve phoned Alice with the news, which he admitted he was already coming to like. Pat was thrilled when John told her Mark was hired, and he thanked her for making him see what was happening in their lives.

JANUARY 20, 1972 (EP. #1922)
Lenore dropped by the office to pick up Walter's record of expenses, assuring Peggy he wouldn't mind if she gave her his personal papers. Bernice came by as Peggy emerged to hand Lenore two manila folders. Walter then arrived with Mark, and didn't mind at all when Peggy told him Lenore had just left with some personal expenses folders. Alice assured Lenore that Steve and Walter's friendship won't suffer just because they no longer work together. Lenore agreed she and Walter can be godparents to Alice's baby, and revealed she dreads having to see so much of Albini now that Walter will be working with him. Pat told Jim she expects that John will now be more than a Sunday-father. Jim advised Pat to make sure Alice understood that there was nothing personal in John's refusal to work with Steve. After Walter stepped out to take a call from Paul, Mark let it slip to Bernice that Paul had been making inquiries about her husband. As Bernice extricated her coat from under Walter's, an envelope fell from an inner pocket. Bernice looked inside and was shocked to find the scarf that disappeared from Wayne's apartment the day he was killed. She put the envelope in her bag as the men re-entered the room.

JANUARY 21, 1972 (EP. #1923)
Walter's concern turned to acute distress when he noticed the envelope missing from his coat, and Lenore came downstairs with Wally to find him rummaging through the closet frantically. Walter retraced his steps after assuring Lenore he had the envelope, with important business papers, on him when he came home last night. Walter left quickly after telling her sharply he didn't have time to discuss the expense records. Bernice told John she thinks highly of Mark. Walter questioned Peggy, who thought the envelope may have fallen out when he had his jacket off yesterday. Bernice watched Walter search for the envelope, remarking he looked like he was doing his morning exercises. Steve told Alice and her parents that Mark seemed to know what he was talking about, and confessed he worried about reality bursting his bubble of success and happiness. Walter admitted to Lenore that the cryptic notations on his vouchers mean he borrowed money that he still has to pay back. Upset that Walter's secrets were destroying their marriage, Lenore threatened to go ask Bernice, John, and Steve about it unless Walter told her what he spent the money on. Bernice addressed the envelope to Lenore and included this note: "I think this scarf belongs to you. I found it in your husband's jacket. A Friend."

JANUARY 24, 1972 (EP. #1924)
Walter confessed he'd borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from Wayne (the "A" in the vouchers) to buy their house, her mother's house, fur coats, jewelry, and the trip to Jamaica. He claimed Wayne practically forced money on him, and that he'd committed a breach of confidence by telling Wayne one of his clients planned to buy some property, which Wayne then bought and sold to his client for an inflated price. Walter did it to buy Lenore's love, though he came to realize too late he didn't have to buy her love with material things. Mary told Steve how pleased she was that he and Alice are so happy. Steve told Mary and Jim he couldn't help feeling that Walter left the firm because of him. Bernice told John it no longer mattered why she and Walter never got along. Bernice phoned Miss Simpson at the Signal Messenger Service to pick up a package from her at Tallboys tomorrow at noon. To keep Walter from escaping in drink again, Lenore grabbed the glass from his hand after he admitted Steve was the client he cheated on the property deal. Since she didn't feel the property scam explained his recent erratic behavior, Lenore got Walter to admit Wayne got him involved in the merger swindle by threatening to expose him to Steve. Lenore also learned Bernice was in on the swindle, before an anguished Walter left and drove off.

Lenore: "Walter, what are you saying?"
Walter: "I betrayed you, and myself, and everything I believe in. And I betrayed my best friend!"

Lenore: "Walter, who are you, and what kind of person are you? I'm beginning to feel I don't even know you."
Walter: "I told you you'd be sorry you asked what this was all about."
Lenore: "I am sorry, but not because I asked--"
Walter: "Don't say that. Try to understand why I did it-- "
Lenore: "You told me. So you could give me things I never wanted."
Walter: "Yes, that's how it all began."
Lenore: "And this is how it ends. By taking away from me everything that has meant anything to me until tonight--"
Walter: "Lenore, don't say that..."
Lenore: "Keep away from me! Don't touch me!" [SOBBING, SHE TURNS AND RUNS UP THE STAIRS]"
Lenore: "Walter, there's something I've got to ask you..." [SHE BREAKS OFF AS SHE SEES HE'S NOT THERE. THEN WE HEAR A CAR START AND DRIVE OFF. SHE RUNS TO THE DOOR AND OPENS IT] "Walter... Walter!" [FADE OUT]

JANUARY 25, 1972 (EP. #1925)
The next morning, Pat arrived at the Curtin's to find an exhausted Lenore weeping that she'd driven Walter away. Lenore berated herself for the unforgivable act of not listening to Walter explain. She confessed Walter's debts to Pat, and felt she'd failed him by making him think he had to buy her love. Bernice and Mark told John that Walter was very late for their meeting. John wasn't sympathetic when Pat phoned to tell him Walter drove off last night after a quarrel and hasn't come back. Bernice told them she'd be back as soon as she took care of her errand. Alice told Mary that a trust fund for Jamie would mean they wouldn't have to get directly involved with him and Rachel. A distressed Pat filled Mary and Alice in on Walter's disappearance. Lenore rocked the baby distractedly on her lap as she told Alice she's turned Walter against her. Alice left after Lenore couldn't bear to have her around. A messenger gave the envelope to Lenore, who reacted with growing fear and disbelief when it implied whoever had the scarf murdered Wayne.

JANUARY 26, 1972 (EP. #1926)
Rachel told Ada she was so happy about telling Jamie the truth that she was going to push for the adoption. Ada discouraged her from talking to Walter about it since no judge would look favorably on an imprisoned Ted. Lenore phoned Peggy, who hadn't heard from Walter. Rachel insisted she intended to speak to Walter despite Peggy begging her not to disturb him at home. Lenore didn't confide in Helen, but lied that Walter was out of town on a business trip. Lenore repeated the lie when Rachel phoned sure that Walter was purposely avoiding her. Helen respected Lenore's need for privacy, but made her promise to let her know if she needed her at any time. Puzzled by the scarf, Lenore phoned Miss Simpson, who promised to phone back about who sent it. Walter, drunk, unshaven, and unkempt, stumbled down an alley and smashed his empty bottle against the wall. When a police car pulled up and a cop came over to investigate, Walter ordered him to keep his hands off since he was the D.A.

Notes: Memo from Producer Joe Rothenberger, dated 1/6/72:
"On Monday, January 24, 1972, in addition to our regular ANOTHER WORLD taping, we will tape a short scene outside the building on 14th street.
"...Actors involved are Val Dufour and two policeman.
"Please keep in mind that this extra taping will in no way interfere with our regular show taping schedule that day."

JANUARY 27, 1972 (EP. #1927)
Steve groused to Alice that Walter's disappearance leaves no one to train Mark on his legal matters, and was peeved that Alice made excuses for Walter's unreliable behavior. Steve suggested a doctor when Alice told him Lenore was worrying herself sick. Russ and Paula complimented Cindy on her new dress and hairdo. Alice phoned Russ to come with her to check up on Lenore. Bernice felt Mark was competent enough to handle the merger with Rogers-Chemicals, but Steve felt John was the only one who could handle it. When Steve got annoyed at her digs at Walter, Bernice claimed she and John have been doing Walter's work. Bernice phoned Miss Simpson for delivery verification, lying her name was Mrs. Loretta Brown. Lenore unburdened herself to Alice, confessing she'd failed Walter when he needed her most, then received a call from Miss Simpson about Mrs. Brown. Lenore insisted she was all right but Russ noticed how exhausted she was.

JANUARY 28, 1972 (EP. #1928)
Ada promised Rachel she wouldn't do anything foolish with what Ernie left her. Jim told Ada a client of his who has two garages on the west side made a fairly good offer on Ernie's garage. Jim advised her against putting money into the Inn to help Rachel, since with a net loss of almost 30%, it was a losing proposition. Ada worried about Rachel when Jim said he'd go to Somerset to talk to Gerald about managing the Inn. Ted advised Rachel not to dream about Jamie's adoption while he was still in prison. Ted revealed Walter had come to the Inn drunk one night with something on his mind when Rachel felt everyone was covering up for him. John phoned Lenore to say he was coming over to see her. Steve appreciated John temporarily taking over handling his presentation on a low-cost housing plan before Senator Driscoll's committee next week since it was urgent. John thought it a good idea when Steve suggested Bernice work directly with John out of his office since she was familiar with Walter's work. Walter woke up fully dressed in a cheap motel room to the sounds of a couple arguing violently in the next room. Walter was galvanized when Ted's face appeared in the mirror as an example of a man willing to face the music for his wife and son.

Lenore: "Walter, why are you doing this?"
Walter: "No, no, Lenore. Don't... please..."

JANUARY 31, 1972 (EP. #1929)
John arrived at Lenore's intent on finding out what was up with Walter. Lenore couldn't tell John anything useful about where Walter might be. He thought it mysterious she was so curious about a Loretta Brown. Determined not to leave Lenore alone, Alice forced the door open firmly but gently. Alice admitted that Steve was angry with Walter, and was disturbed to hear Lenore reveal there was another woman in Walter's life. John, Bernice, and Mark weeded out Steve's most pressing cases. Lenore showed up to ask Bernice about Loretta, but Bernice claimed ignorance. Bernice glanced at Lenore with undisguised hostility, but then smiled a quick, encouraging, friendly smile when Lenore turned her way. Walter begged Ted to tell him where he got the courage to throw himself on the mercy of the court. Walter shook a baffled Ted's hand with deep emotion after agreeing he can't go on living without telling Lenore everything.

FEBRUARY 1, 1972 (EP. #1930)
Alice implored Steve to accompany her in checking up on Lenore. Steve felt Walter was headed for some kind of breakdown. Lenore let Steve and Alice in with great reluctance, then fielded another call from Rachel. Lenore fended off their concern and their dinner invite. Rachel found it fishy when Ted related how Walter came to him for advice. Alice and Steve shared with Russ and Paula their concern about Lenore. Rachel phoned to tell Alice and Steve about Ted seeing Walter. Steve phoned to relay the news to John, who asked Steve to come into the office to help them with the merger. John phoned to tell Lenore, and to have her relay to Walter that no matter what's happened, they need him back at the office. She slammed down the receiver when she saw Walter through the window standing in the rain, then ran to the front door with the baby in her arms.

FEBRUARY 2, 1972 (EP. #1931)
Walter entered the house, his hair, face, and clothing wet with rain. He belted back some whiskey as Lenore put Curt to bed, then was amazed when Lenore produced the scarf. Walter admitted he'd had the scarf for months, taking it with him after he left Wayne's apartment the day he was killed. Lenore realized he'd murdered Wayne when Walter told her Wayne had taunted him that day about her. John and Steve told Bernice and Mark that Walter will likely need their help more than they need his. Looking wildly about the room, Lenore backed away from Walter as he confessed to the murder. Lenore was incredulous that he'd let her go to jail and stand trial, but he felt he would have lost her forever if he'd confessed. Mary thought Lenore might let Pat help her when Russ told her and Jim of Lenore's troubles. Russ promised to drop in at Lenore's since Pat was locked in with the twins. Walter vowed to spend the rest of his life making it up to her, but Lenore realized he wasn't the man she loved, that he sacrificed her to save himself. He hoped she would believe in him again when he turns himself in and takes what's coming to him. Lenore, who felt something was dead inside her, wished someone else were her baby's father.

Walter: "I would have lost you! Don't you understand?"
Lenore: "You did this because..."
Walter: "There was no other way."
Lenore: "Liar!"
Walter: "No, I'm not lying."
Lenore: "Liar! Liar! Liar!"
Walter: "Lenore, this is the truth."
Lenore: "You don't know what the truth is."
Walter: [SIMPLY] "I love you, I always have. I always will."
Lenore: [LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY] "Love! Love! You dare use that word to me now!" [SOBBING] "Love!" [FADE OUT]

Notes: The word "CRYING" was written next to "SIMPLY" above, indicating that Walter chose to read those lines with much more emotion.

FEBRUARY 3, 1972 (EP. #1932)
Walter entered the bedroom to explain everything he did was because he was terrified he'd lose her, but Lenore just stared sadly but lovingly at the baby. He was horrified when she shrank from his touch, terrified. Walter began a long-winded account, starting with how he never felt he was good enough for her, and ending up with a flashback to Wayne's murder. Walter explained he'd kept the scarf as a means to get her acquitted if it came to that. Walter came downstairs, sank down on the couch, and buried his face in his hands. John and Steve, who couldn't make heads or tails of Walter's notes and doodles, speculated on Walter's behavior. Walter phoned the office to say he was coming in to explain. Lenore put the baby in his room as the violence of the storm intensified. Steve got on the phone to suggest Walter wait until morning, after he's had a good night's sleep, but Walter felt he had to talk to them right away. Walter left after telling Lenore he was going to confess everything to Steve and John. Exhausted after destroying her living room, Lenore ignored him when Russ knocked on the window to be let in. After she went upstairs in response to the baby's cries, Russ forced the door in and stared in amazement at the destruction. Russ took the baby from her arms when he realized how sick she was, and she reacted violently when he referred to him as Walter, Jr.

Walter: "Lenore, answer me. If you tell me there's a chance to rebuild our lives, I'll do anything you ask. I'll go to John and Steve and tell them everything. I'll confess the murder... anything if you just tell me there's a chance. Lenore? Please answer me." [HE WAITS, LOOKING AT HER IMPLORINGLY. LENORE STARES AT HIM, FOR A LONG MOMENT, AND THEN TURNS AWAY, MURMURING TO THE BABY. WALTER KNOWING AT LAST THAT IT'S ALL OVER AND HE HAS LOST HER, BACKS AWAY FROM HER AND STUMBLES FROM THE ROOM]

Walter: "If you don't want me to come back, I'll understand. But if you do-- if you think there's even a chance that you can forgive me... That's all I ask for, Lenore. A chance. A lifetime of making up for the wrongs I've done. If you give me that chance, I can face anything... Even Steve and John... any punishment I get, I can take as long as you forgive me..."

FEBRUARY 4, 1972 (EP. #1933)
Russ spoke with gentle persistence to Lenore, lost in a withdrawn silence. She didn't notice the wind blowing the door open, but screamed with uninhibited rage as she ripped the wedding ring from her finger and hurled it viciously against the wall. Lenore ran upstairs and locked herself in her bedroom when Russ insisted someone needed to come look after her. Even pointing out the baby's cries couldn't help Russ convince Lenore to come down. Paula was pleased with Cindy's progress. Russ phoned for Paula to come right over. Russ filled Paula in on what little he knew when she arrived. Lenore became hysterical when Paula told her, through the door, to stop feeling sorry for herself. Russ broke the door down when Lenore started throwing cosmetic bottles. Lenore sat motionless on the edge of the bed as Paula prepared an injection for Russ to administer. At the wheel of his car in motion through a sleet and wind storm, Walter concentrated, but not on driving, and his self absorption was almost as catatonic as Lenore's had been. Steve told John he may have been too hard on Walter. Walter berated himself for swindling his best friend when Steve's face, smiling with complete trust, superimposed itself on the windshield. Then he agonized similarly over John's face before crashing his car to avoid a collision.


Note: The three minute crash scene was borrowed from an old "Mod Squad" episode. This episode ended with sound effects of a stormy night with no music.

FEBRUARY 7, 1972 (EP. #1934)
The windshield superimpositions and Walter's crash were played back. Paula was unsuccessful in trying to draw out Lenore, who stared blank-eyed and dismissed her with an impatient gesture. Lenore seemed to be listening as Russ reminded her of how she'd danced with him at the Senior Prom, and was bothered when he spoke of Wally's future. Paula tried to get her to eat some broth, but Lenore just wanted to die. Sergeant Cutter of the Bay City Highway Patrol phoned John with the news Walter died when his car went off the road on Overlook Pass, and to ask him to identify the body at the morgue. Both in shock, Steve told John he'd accompany him to the morgue, and John said he'd get Pat to break the news to Lenore. Pat was surprised to find Russ at the house, and Russ agreed they should wait until tomorrow to tell Lenore. Lenore overheard them talking, shook off Paula's hand, and vowed to stand there on the landing until Pat told her what she'd come to say. Lenore rushed to the bedroom and screamed incoherently that she'd killed her husband. Lenore permitted Paula to take her in her arms, but leapt up when Pat and Russ left the room with Wally. Russ just managed to catch Lenore, who fainted after a piercing scream. Lenore made Pat promise to look after the baby as Russ and Paula took her to be admitted to hospital.

Lenore: "Are you going to tell me?"
Pat: "Lenore, I've got very bad news about Walter."
Lenore: [AFTER A MOMENT] "He's been hurt?"
Pat: "Oh, Lenore, Walter is dead. His car went off the road."

Note: In the original draft, Walter was reported to have been alive for several minutes after Cutter found him, and was able to tell the sergeant where he had been going. When this was changed to Walter being found dead, lines were added for Cutter explaining he knew to call the law office because bills and papers were thrown out of the car on impact. The original name of the road was Overlook Drive.

FEBRUARY 8, 1972 (EP. #1935)
Russ wouldn't allow Helen in to see Lenore in her hospital room. Russ told Cindy, the nurse he assigned Lenore, that Lenore had gone berserk. Helen said the funeral would be tomorrow at the Maple Street Church, to save Lenore the extra shock of having to attend. Pat speculated on how exhausted Walter must have been, and Mary suggested she not nag John about the extra work he's bound to have to do now. John phoned Pat to say he would have to miss dinner again as the merger meeting was still scheduled. Bernice expressed her shock and sympathy to Steve. John told Steve he's settled Mark in Rafe's old office, said they can only mourn Walter and remember him as the honorable man he was, and revealed he felt there was no choice but to become Steve's attorney. Russ was puzzled when Lenore awoke and just shrugged when he forbade her from attending the funeral. As the minister's remarks on Walter's unassailable integrity played in Lenore's head, she promised Walter that no one would ever find out what he did.

FEBRUARY 9, 1972 (EP. #1936)
Rachel phoned John, apologizing for missing the funeral and requesting to speak to him about the Inn, which she feared could go under. Cindy arrived to babysit Jamie and told Rachel about Lenore being in hospital. Rachel confided to Cindy she wasn't running the restaurant well. Alice and her parents worried about Lenore drifting off into another world. Mary wondered if Alice was right to believe there would be no direct contact between Rachel and Steve if a trust fund for Jamie was established. Ted told Rachel he'd already heard of Walter's death through the prison grapevine. Ted suggested Ray, to be released next month, when Rachel admitted the restaurant business was more complicated than she thought it was. Cindy let in Steve, who tousled Jamie's hair and asked him if he'd like to go to nursery school. Steve wondered why Rachel was arguing with him if she wanted Jamie to have things the both of them never had when they were his age.

FEBRUARY 10, 1972 (EP. #1937)
Pat understood when John said Walter's death forces him to take on Steve's business affairs. Mary asked Paula if she could visit Lenore. Cindy was pleased when Mary asked her home to dinner. John discussed work with Bernice, then encouraged her to visit Lenore. Pat was upset when John phoned to say he won't be home for dinner. Pat apologized to Mary after throwing a tantrum about John, and felt ashamed about complaining in the face of Lenore's uncertain future. Bernice got Cindy to ask Paula if Lenore could have another visitor, but Lenore became distraught at the mention of Bernice's name. Bernice wondered what Walter may have told Lenore about her.

FEBRUARY 11, 1972 (EP. #1938)
Russ and Paula wondered if a visit from the baby would improve Lenore's condition. Russ was slightly bothered when Cindy couldn't work some overtime tonight as she had a dinner date. Mary felt Paula wasn't right for Russ as she was more interested in her work than anything else, but Jim and Alice felt it was up to Russ to decide that. After they left, Mary phoned Russ to invite him to a home-cooked dinner. Over drinks, Mary and Jim assured Cindy they wanted to remain friends, and Cindy told them how Ted was faring. Mary was pleased with herself when Russ, delighted to see Cindy, complimented her outfit. Lenore agreed when Alice felt sure Wally will be as fine a man as his father. When Lenore noticed Alice's scarf, she begged Paula to be allowed to go home to get something. When Paula refused, Lenore later got out of bed and put on her coat, determined to make sure nobody finds the scarf.

FEBRUARY 14, 1972 (EP. #1939)
Paula restrained Lenore, who frantically pushed the elevator button. Paula gave Lenore an injection to relax her, and was suspicious when Lenore wouldn't tell her what she wanted to get at home. Mary revealed Russ had taken Cindy home after a family dinner when Paula phoned that it was urgent she get in touch with him. Belle was thrilled when Cindy came home with Russ, and was defensive when Cindy pointed out Belle won't visit Ted because it upsets her. Paula phoned and reached Russ. Pat was upset to wake up from her doze on the sofa to find John coming home late looking exhausted. Pat wondered if it would be against regulations to bring Wally to visit Lenore. Paula told Russ that something was troubling Lenore. Russ was puzzled when Lenore forbade him from straightening her house as there were things there that no one should ever see.

FEBRUARY 15, 1972 (EP. #1940)
Rachel refused to let Ada cash in a savings bond to help her pay back the restaurant bills and loans. When Ada warned she'd lose her liquor license if she hires ex-con Ray, Rachel decided to seek advice from John. In the prison pantry, Ted told Ray of his restaurant troubles. Ray warned him against letting other inmates know he has influential friends on the outside. Rachel was surprised Peggy had been assigned the Fireside Inn account now that she's been admitted to the bar. Peggy introduced Pat to Mark, who was sure he'd met her before. Pat welcomed him to Bay City, trying not to bore him with the eternal lament of the lawyer's wife. Mark insisted to Peggy he'd met Pat before.

Rachel: (Margie Impert, Exit Line) "Thanks. 'Bye, Peggy."

Notes: Last appearance of Margie Impert as Rachel. First appearance of James Preston as Raymond Scott.

FEBRUARY 16, 1972 (EP. #1941)
A cool Paula let Russ know she thought it odd he didn't bother to tell her of his dinner with Cindy. Lenore was happy when Pat brought Wally in to see her, then forbade Pat from straightening up her house. Alice disapproved when Mary admitted setting up Russ and Cindy. Russ refused to release Lenore until she agreed to have someone stay with her. Lenore agreed to have her mother stay with her as long as nobody goes into her house until she gets there. Russ let Paula know he might want to ask her to marry her someday, but she feared a marriage would hurt her career and was unsettled by her mother's three marriages and her sister's two. Paula was relieved when Russ agreed they didn't have to make a decision right now.

FEBRUARY 17, 1972 (EP. #1942)
Steve received a phone call from John as Alice was helping him empty the closet of wedding gifts. Mark dragged John away from Bernice to work on the Manning brief. Steve let Peggy know he didn't mind that Rachel's been falling behind in her payments on his loan. Steve wanted John to accompany Bernice to the meeting in Chicago to provide legal counsel. Bernice backed John up when he begged off leaving town. Peggy warned Rachel she'll be in financial trouble at the end of the month, and Rachel fretted about having to admit to Ted how badly things were going. Rachel didn't think borrowing money was the answer when Peggy advised her to secure additional capital from Steve or Gerald, so Peggy suggested she hire a really experienced restaurant manager. Steve told Alice the merger went through after John spoke to Rogers through a conference call. Alice wondered to Steve what sort of financial state Lenore was in. Rachel phoned to thank Steve, who was also pleased to learn she'd dropped the adoption for the time being.

Rachel: (Robin Strasser, [Re]Introduction Line) [COMING ON WITH GLASS] "Here's your ginger ale, Peggy."

Notes: Announcement before ACT III, "Today, ANOTHER WORLD welcomes back Robin Strasser in the role of Rachel."

FEBRUARY 18, 1972 (EP. #1943)
When Russ advised Helen to cushion Lenore's shock upon entering the shambles of her living room, Helen revealed she'd had all the rooms straightened up. Lenore gasped as she walked in to her completely cleaned house and tried to casually inquire if Helen had found anything that didn't seem to belong. Lenore was near tears when Helen described putting all of Walter's things in the attic for Wally to have one day. Lenore sent Helen off to the kitchen, then sighed with relief as she opened a drawer and found the scarf and note in the envelope, which she transferred to her suitcase. Rachel agreed when Ted asked her to give Ray a chance. Ted said he couldn't wait to be released so he can get the adoption application going again. Lenore took Wally off to bed after Pat brought him home. Pat told Helen, worried about Lenore's finances, she'd speak to John about Walter's will. After Helen went to bed, Lenore went to get the envelope, then also picked up the baby when he started crying.

Notes: Last two pages of Lenore retrieving the envelope with the scarf as Wally started crying once thought to be missing.

Lenore: (VOICE OVER, READING BERNICE'S NOTE) "I think this scarf belongs to you. I found it in your husband's jacket..."
Lenore: "Now no one will ever know my husband was a murderer!"
NOTE: Originally this line was addressed to Wally and written as, "Now no one will ever know your father was a murderer!"

FEBRUARY 21, 1972 (EP. #1944)
Helen was shocked when Lenore checked Walter's bank book and learned he has only $230 in their savings account. Steve was sympathetic when he overheard John and Bernice discuss Lenore's financial state. John asked Peggy to check the papers Lenore took home since Walter's will wasn't among his office papers. Steve and John were interested when Bernice let it slip that she'd overheard a phone conversation about a year ago that implied Walter had money problems. Alice congratulated Cindy in advance on graduating at the top of her class. Russ was baffled that Paula was irritated at the news of a visit from her mother. Russ was impressed that Cindy was so cheerful these days. Steve told Alice how pleased he was with John's work on the merger. He was mum, not totally agreeing when Alice wanted the trust fund set up while Ted was still in prison.

FEBRUARY 22, 1972 (EP. #1945)
Ada wanted Cindy to tell Ted that the Inn may not be waiting for him when he gets out, since he was the only one who could convince Rachel to hire someone. Ada was holding onto the garage in case Ted needed it to fall back on when he got out. Ted was sorry to hear Ray would be released in a couple of weeks. When Ted wanted him to help Rachel with the restaurant, Ray worried Ted's parole officer wouldn't want him working with another ex-con once he got out. Paula warned Russ that her mother intends to swoop down on them, and confided they've never really got on very well. Ted thought Cindy, who visited him for the first time, looked fantastic. Ted already knew about the restaurant's troubles from Rachel, and didn't enthuse about working in a garage. Cindy revealed she's already started when Ted urged her to fight for Russ.

John had an affair with Bernice when he became sick of Pat's attitude. Mark became enamored of Bernice, who played him like a string instrument. Partly to ease John's workload, Frame Enterprises opened an office in Washington, which became a favored spot for John and Bernice's trysts.

Gerald, who came to help manage the Inn, shared Rachel's greed. They conspired to ensure Steve maintained both a personal and financial interest in Jamie. Since Rachel made her presence a condition for Steve to see his son, Steve felt he had no choice but to keep Alice in the dark. Alice fell from a step ladder and had a miscarriage. Unknown to her, Steve was with Rachel and Jamie at the time and could not be reached when she needed him. Since motherhood was no longer in the foreseeable future, Alice decided to reenter nursing, joining Russ in the Cardiology field.

Ted became enraged when Steve visited him in prison to tell him he had no intention of not being a father to Jamie. Ted was consigned to solitary confinement after trying to get at Steve with a chair through the screen in the waiting room. When Ted wouldn't agree to a trust fund for Jamie, Alice agreed to let Steve open charge accounts Rachel could use for Jamie

Russ and Cindy reunited and became engaged. They decided to postpone the wedding until Ted was paroled so he could walk her down the aisle.

Lenore became Stuart's secretary. They went out several times, but while Stuart showed an interest, no sparks flew for Lenore.

Location sequence. Filmed outside the studio door on 14th Street. "Nursery school exterior" with Rachel, Steve, and Jamie.

FEBRUARY 24, 1972 (EP. #1947)
First appearance of Nancy Marchand as Irene Kimball, mother of Dr. Paula McCrae.

Dated: March 20, 1972.
From: Paul Rauch

To: Susan Sullivan, Robin Strasser, Bob Hover, Walter Matthews

"On Monday, March 27, 1972, an NBC Photographer will shoot publicity photographs of you sometime during and after run-through. He knows he is to take as little of your time as possible and photograph only when you are conveniently available during this period. Will Frank Rubertone, Lewis Brown, and Makeup please see that these people are ready for pictures by 11:30 AM."

To: Jacquie Courtney, Connie Ford, George Reinholt, Hugh Marlowe

"On Wednesday, March 29, 1972, an NBC Photographer will shoot publicity photographs of you sometime during and after run-through. He knows he is to take as little of your time as possible and photograph only when you are conveniently available during this period. Will Frank Rubertone, Lewis Brown, and Makeup please see that these people are ready for pictures by 11:30 AM."

MARCH 10, 1972 (EP. #1958)
Alice (about four months pregnant) had an accident while Steve was visiting with Rachel and Jamie.


MARCH 14, 1972 (EP. #1960)
Reappearance of Walter Mathews as Gerald Davis, in which the character begins appearing regularly.

Gerald: (Introduction Line) (To Rachel in the Fireside Inn) "Hi honey."

MARCH 15, 1972 (EP. #1961)
Appearance by Nancy and Allison Charney as extras with three other mother/child pairings.

MARCH 22, 1972 (EP. #1966)
Ted and Ray appeared in a prison yard. Taped on March 6. Exterior: Possible Location Sequence.

APRIL 3, 1972 (EP. #1974)
Last appearance of Beverly Owen as Dr. Paula McCrae.
Paula gave up pursuing Russ and accepted a job in Stockholm.

APRIL 5, 1972 (EP. #1976)
Last appearance of Nancy Marchand as Irene Kimbalt.

APRIL 10, 1972 (EP. #1979)
Last appearance of Tracey Brown as Marianne Randolph.

APRIL 17, 1972 (EP. #1984)
First appearance of Tom Ruger and Loriann Ruger as Michael and Marianne Randolph.

APRIL 21, 1972: Pre-empted for Apollo 16 Launch.

APRIL 27, 1972: Pre-empted for Apollo 16 Return/Landing.

MAY 5, 1972 (#EP. 1996)
First appearance of Beverlee McKinsey as Emma Frame Ordway. Emma got acquainted with Alice before Steve came home.

Emma was two years younger than Steve. She had five children. The eldest, Henry, was named after her father. Sterling, the youngest, was born February 1971. She miscarried two. Growing up, their farm was outside Chadwell, which they got to maybe once every two weeks, by wagon. Her mother, Jenny, died after Emma got married. Her father was dead years before that, right before Steve left home 15-16 years ago.

Mark: "Good afternoon. I understand you want to see me."
Emma: (Beverlee McKinsey, Introduction Line) "You Mark Venable?"
Mark: "Thatís right."
Emma: "Iím Emma Ordway. Mrs. Emma Ordway."
Mark: "The name sounds familiar, but I canít place it."
Emma: "You send me checks from Steve Frame. Used to be Mr. Curtin, now itís youó"

Note: Willisís letter to Emma from Louisville: "Need thousand dollars. Fast. Help me. Willis." Willis left home two years ago.

MAY 8, 1972 (EP. #1997)
Appearance by Emma Ordway. Steve remembered fighting with his father to save Willis from a beating.

Steve: "Itís been a long time Ė too long."
Emma: "Things have changed for you, Steve..."
Alice: "Is something wrong, Emma?"
Emma: "If I wasnít seeing it with my own two eyes, Iíd never believe it."
Alice: "What?"
Emma: "That anyone coming from what Steve and I were raised up in, would ever live in a house like this Ė or have a wife like you."
Steve: "Sometimes I canít believe it myself."
Emma: "Itís a long way from the overalls and the oilcloth Ė but maybe youíve forgotten all about them Ė"
Steve: "Iíve tried to..."
Jenny: "No! Henry! Stop it!"
Henry: "Out of my way or youíll get the same." (HE SLAPS HER)
Jenny: "You ought to be locked up!"
Henry: "Give me that kid."
Steve: "You leave him along, Pa."
Jenny: "You stay away from my baby Ė" (HENRY TRIES TO TAKE WILLIS FROM HER)
Willis: "Stevie! Stevie!"
Steve: "Iím telling you to let him alone Ė"
Steve: ["grab him" pencilled in] "(YELLING) "You let him alone, Pa. Next time you ever touch that boy, Iíll kill you!" (HENRY SLOWLY LETS THE CHILD DOWN) "I mean it..." (CAMERA COMES BACK OUT OF FLASHBACK ONTO STEVEíS FACE IN THE PRESENT. HE SHAKES HIS HEAD)

Notes: Mark Beal appeared as Young Willis. Actress Chase Crosley appeared as Jenny Frame. The cast sheet doesn't give acting credits for Young Steve and Henry Frame. However, it's possible that George Reinholt played Henry Frame.

MAY 9, 1972 (#EP. 1998)
Last appearance of Beverlee McKinsey as Emma Frame Ordway.

Emma: (Beverlee McKinsey, Exit Line) In the Frame living room, to Steve Frame, "Well, now, you got things to do, so why don't I pack my satchel while Alice is fixing my breakfast."

JUNE 1, 1972 (EP. #2015)
A dispirited John arrived home to find Pat had come back early from Adrianne's. Pat didn't understand why John was so grouchy about her sentimental attitude toward Mark and Bernice's romance. After Steve assured him he held no grudges, Russ asked him to be an usher at his wedding. Steve agreed, but declined to attend Ted's welcome home party. Steve warned Peggy he expects loan repayments from Ted as soon as he's released. Steve told John he was trying to force Ted into letting him both see Jamie and pay his bills. When Steve felt Bernice would be more essential being transferred to the Washington office, John disagreed and suggested he send Mark instead. Pat assured Lenore that she would be more understanding about John's workload. Lenore told her she had too many memories of Walter to be interested in Stuart. Cindy and Russ, and Pat and John had dinner at Mary and Jim's. Jim was touched when Russ asked him to be his best man.

JUNE 2, 1972 (EP. #2016)
Mark was upset to hear Bernice, who was packing her bags to return to Bay City, order him not to make grand plans for them without consulting her. Rachel told Ada she was upset Gerald intended to go to Detroit to look for another job now that Ted would be running the restaurant. Rachel vowed that Jamie would be somebody and get what he wants out of life, the way Steve does. Rachel worried she'd never see him again when Gerald refused to reconsider leaving town, but he hugged her awkwardly and promised to be back. Ray wished Gerald luck with his job hunt. Gerald advised Rachel not to let Ted or anything stand in the way of Steve seeing his son. Alice told Jim she was feeling better now, but worried about neglecting Steve once she returns to work. Steve (whom Alice believed was in Somerset on business) and Rachel enjoyed watching Jamie tackle a bowl of ice cream. Steve warned Rachel he'll press Ted for the money if Steve doesn't get what he wants. Parole officer Bill Ludlow told Ted he's decided to have him released today instead of making him wait over the weekend.

JUNE 5, 1972 (EP. #2017)
Though busy with customers, Ray was thrilled when Ted walked in. Mary came over to find Alice and Jim awaiting Steve. Alice told her mother she refused to give in to regrets and self pity anymore. Ada was surprised to open the door to Ted. Ada confided she fears Rachel was too fond of Gerald to judge him objectively. As Jamie slept in the back seat, Rachel worried about Steve visiting Jamie now that Ted was being released, but Steve felt it was somewhat safer since Alice would be working in the hospital every afternoon. Steve reminded her he was only seeing her from time to time because there was no other way he could see Jamie. Ted surprised Rachel, who came in carrying a sleeping Jamie. After Ada took Jamie upstairs, a reluctant Rachel kissed Ted dutifully, and he apologized for the insinuations he'd made about her and Steve.

JUNE 6, 1972 (EP. #2018)
After Cindy welcomed her back to the hospital, Alice phoned Steve with her new schedule. Rachel showed up at Steve's office to panic about the possibility of Ted finding them together. Rachel warned him to stay away or Ted might move them away since Ludlow had already given permission. Steve confessed to John he's been seeing Jamie about once a week behind Alice's back. John warned him Ted might believe it is in his best interest to draw Alice into it, and went on record as being opposed to Steve's plans to blackmail Ted by calling in his loan. Ted phoned Cindy with news of his release. Lenore told Stuart to pick her up at home so he can meet her son, then told Alice going out with him was easier than making up excuses about why she can't. Mary put the twins to bed when Pat began to cry after John phoned to say he'd be home late again. Though Bernice felt she could handle Mark, John, worried he was getting too serious about her, revealed he plans to persuade Mark to transfer to the Washington office.

Steve: "Nothing or nobody is going to keep me from seeing Jamie."
John: "What about Alice?"
Steve: "I'll tell Alice when I think she's able to accept it."
John: "What if she finds out before you tell her?"
Steve: "She won't."

JUNE 7, 1972 (EP. #2019)
Ted had an emotional reunion with Belle. Ted agreed when Cindy wanted to throw a double party at the Inn celebrating his release and her engagement. Mark admitted Bernice was the cause of his high spirits, and realized Lenore didn't share his appreciation of her. Lenore advised patience when Pat told her there was a wall between her and John he refused to acknowledge. Mark didn't want to leave Bay City on account of Bernice when John argued with him about moving to Washington. John denied it when Mark accused him of trying to get rid of him. Rachel was upset to find Ted letting Ray see the books, since Gerald handled the finances. Rachel became furious at Ted for criticizing her father, the only person who's ever tried to understand what she wants.

JUNE 8, 1972 (EP. #2020)
Ada disagreed when Ted felt he, Rachel, and Jamie should move into the rooms above the Inn so they could be alone. Ted told Ada Rachel's feelings about her father were coming between them. Steve phoned Ted to arrange a meeting. Ted was incredulous when Steve revealed he's been paying Jamie's bills. Steve wasn't cowed when Ted threatened to take his family out of Bay City if Steve demands his loans be repaid immediately. Helen, but not Lenore, thought it a grand idea when Stuart offered to get to know Wally better. When Ted lit into Rachel for lying to him for months, Rachel said he can't become Jamie's father just by saying so, then getting sent to prison and leaving her stuck with the bills. Rachel walked out as Ted argued he didn't want her taking money from Steve.

JUNE 9, 1972 (EP. #2021)
John thought it seemed vindictive when Steve announced he was through playing Santa Claus to Ted. Peggy and Ray noticed Ted wasn't as happy as he ought to be at his welcome home party. Belle told Ada how surprised she'd been to see Ted. Ada admitted to Ted she'd known about Steve's charge accounts for Jamie. Ted greeted Cindy and Russ. Steve refused to send Mark to Washington as he wasn't nearly familiar enough with Frame Enterprises. Jim sent Mary for coffee so he could advise Pat to keep the door open despite how John shuts her out of everything. John said Steve's refusal explodes his solution to their problem, but Bernice felt Mark was a perfect cover for them. She was willing to break it off with Mark if he wanted her to, but he agreed they could use a cover. Ray enjoyed dancing with Peggy, who said her husband had taught her how. Rachel accepted Ted's apology. Ada prodded Rachel into dancing with Ted. John interrupted Mark and Bernice's dance to reveal Mark doesn't have to go to Washington after all. John stared after them after a happy Mark kissed Bernice and danced away.

John: [HE KISSES HER] "I don't know what I'd do without you."
John: "If I don't leave you now, I'll never be able to..." [HE LEAVES QUICKLY. FADE OUT]

JUNE 12, 1972 (EP. #2022)
Steve informed John he wants his entire investment in the Inn repaid immediately, and refused to be swayed when John argued against waging a personal vendetta. Steve agreed to tell Alice, but not about his seeing Jamie. Rachel accused Steve of causing trouble for her, and thought him cold-blooded when he revealed the proceedings he asked John to start. Peggy told a worried Ted she'd try to work out a re-financing on the Inn. Alice showed up to relieve Cindy so she could accompany Russ and Jim to lunch. Steve told Alice he was seeking a total repayment from Ted since it wasn't good business sense to go on carrying a losing proposition. Ted told Peggy he wants the Inn put back in his name. Rachel thought Ted was dreaming when he felt he might be able to come up with some other financing.

Notes: Reference to Mrs. Hewitt, nurse's supervisor, not seen on-camera until 1979.

JUNE 13, 1972 (EP. #2023)
Bernice agreed to break up with Mark when John was jealous to hear they'd been out late last night. Rachel stalked out after berating Ted for misfiling the bill from the Bayview Meat Company. Ray, sympathetic when Ted described his troubles with Steve, urged him to talk to Ludlow. John saddled Mark with extra work to prevent him from going out with Bernice that night. Bernice was impressed by how John managed to swing things so he'd be able to come over and spend the evening with her. After John phoned to say he would have to miss their dinner, Pat complained to her parents that she can hardly remember John as he used to be. Mary and Jim looked at her in concern as she poured herself a stiff drink. Ada told Ted to stick to his guns about keeping Jamie from Steve, and said she'd sell the garage to help him repay Steve. Rachel didn't feel like joining Ted upstairs.

JUNE 14, 1972 (EP. #2024)
John was offended when Jim tried to make suggestions that would improve his marriage. Ada took Jamie to school after Cindy arrived, and Cindy was mortified to overhear Rachel and Ted arguing. Ted admitted his troubles to Cindy, but didn't want to cause trouble for her and Russ again by bad-mouthing Russ's brother-in-law. John admitted to Peggy Steve was hoping to force Ted into allowing him to see Jamie. Worried about Ray if the restaurant goes under, Peggy phoned to arrange a dinner date so they can talk. Rachel was annoyed that Ted left the Inn during the busiest hours to drop in on Jamie during dinner. Ted was angry and upset when Rachel left to take care of the Inn in his absence. Russ didn't want to get involved when Cindy worried about Ted's troubles. Ted agreed when Ada felt the house was like a battlefield today.

Jim: "John, sometimes I have the feeling that we don't know you as well as we used to."
John: "People change, Jim."

JUNE 15, 1972 (EP. #2025)
Cindy cried against Russ's chest after Stuart made a harmless comment about two people in love. Russ thought Ted should handle it himself when Alice wondered if Cindy worried about Steve's loan to Ted. Alice assured Stuart she didn't mind taking care of pregnant Mrs. Jackson around the clock. Pat showed up as John and Bernice were making plans for an assignation at lunch. John took Pat to task for complaining to everyone that he neglects her, but admitted it was his fault they no longer have a personal life. Pat thought it a shame that Mark couldn't have lunch with Bernice because she just went home with a splitting headache. Russ agreed she should speak to Ted when Cindy worried he might revert to old habits and do something impulsive. Rachel told Ted to wake up to reality when he felt there must be another way besides Steve to give Jamie the things he ought to have. Rachel walked out since she wasn't interested in what Cindy had come to say. Ted refused to let Cindy speak to Alice about his dilemma when she had a chance to be happy again with Russ. Ted informed Rachel he's taken all he's going to take from her.

JUNE 16, 1972 (EP. #2026)
Gerald walked in on Ted and Ray's meeting, and Rachel was thrilled to have him back. Rachel filled Gerald in on the troubles resulting from Ted refusing to let Steve see Jamie. Rachel denied it when Gerald felt sure she had a thing for Steve. But Gerald dialed Steve's number, handed her the phone, and prompted her to tell Steve he can only see Jamie today if she comes along. Lenore was sympathetic but felt Pat was imagining things when she felt John hadn't even been pleased to see her when she dropped in on him yesterday. A downcast Pat worried about what would happen to her, since she's almost lost the will to live. Jim was ashamed to admit to Mary he'd interfered by going to see John. Pat told Jim he could help her better by fixing her a drink. A huffy Ted wouldn't agree to cancel his parole meeting when Gerald wanted him to meet with the meat supplier. Though they missed seeing Ted, Gerald made Rachel and Jamie stay so he could get the boy some ice cream. Ted returned to overhear Rachel tell Jamie not to tell anyone about seeing Mr. Frame.

JUNE 19, 1972 (EP. #2027)
Gerald took Jamie to the office so Rachel could tell Ted that Steve had given them a lift after he saw them at the bus station. Rachel left when Ted started accusing her of lying to him. Gerald warned Ted Steve will take everything he has away from him if he steps on his toes much more. Steve advised Rachel to tell the truth when she phoned that Ted suspects she was letting him see Jamie behind his back. Mary and Jim were distressed when Pat cried bitterly over her drink about Steve and Alice's life of ease. Rachel told Ada that Ted and Ray plot against Gerald all the time, and wouldn't take chances on Jamie's future just because Ted wants to play Daddy. Steve arrived for dinner at the Matthews and agreed when Mary and Jim, on Pat's behalf, asked him to see about easing John's work schedule. Ada phoned Jim about her intention to raise money for Ted in case he needs help.

Ted: "Nobody can help me. I've got a restaurant I don't really own, a wife who won't tell me the truth, and a father-in-law backing up every lie she tells me!"

Notes: Alice's appearance was cut since the actress was sick, and her lines redistributed.

JUNE 20, 1972 (EP. #2028)
Rachel was annoyed Jamie was over at the Perrini's seeing Joey's new puppy when he was late for school. When Ted told her he didn't believe Rachel had run into Steve accidentally, Ada felt that whatever her faults, Rachel was her daughter and she was never going to turn against her. Jim told Ada she was helpless to help Ted as selling the garage wouldn't begin to pay back Steve. Gerald was cagey when Ted's new parole officer, Gil McGowan, introduced himself and inquired about the state of the restaurant's affairs. Gil told Ted that Bill Ludlow was transferred back to the prison, then came down on him for missing his appointment yesterday. Rachel came in and met Gil. Feeling sourly that someone else will now be checking up on them, Rachel walked out after refusing Gil's request to sit in on their discussion. Lenore was honored when Cindy asked her to be her matron-of-honor. Worried about Pat and grateful for her help when Walter died, Lenore asked Russ to join them with Cindy when she asks Pat over for dinner. When Rachel didn't know what to do anymore, Gerald said to simply tell Ted what the situation is and he'll learn to live with it. Rachel informed Ted she was going to live her life the way she thinks she should, and he can take it or leave it.

Gerald: "Yeah? Come in."
Gil: (Richard Dysart, Introduction Line) "Good morning. I'm looking for Ted Clark."

Notes: According to pencil notes on the cover page, Gil was played by an actor named Dick Dysard, though his actual name was Richard Dysart.

Notes: Various campaigns were sometimes promoted during the show's close. Here is the text for the "Jobs for Veterans" campaign that aired on this day: "Employers are finding a lot of good reasons to hire veterans. How about you? Don't forget. Hire the vet. Contact your State Employment Service or Veterans Administration office."

JUNE 21, 1972 (EP. #2029)
Ignoring Helen's suggestion to invite Stuart to the dinner party, Lenore phoned Mark, who declined since his days as an "extra man" are at an end. Pat was disappointed to phone John and have him say he would be unable to attend the party. John then boasted to Bernice about now being free to come to her place. Bernice broke her date with Mark, then wondered if Walter had told Lenore she had been mixed up in Wayne's swindle. After Mark phoned her to accept the invitation, Lenore extended an invite to Stuart, who eagerly accepted; Russ agreed to come over after dinner. Peggy told Ray how her husband died, then they discussed Ted's problems with Steve, realizing one of the stubborn men had to give in to the other. Pat informed Helen John wouldn't be coming, then fixed herself a drink. Helen took Mark upstairs to see the lord and master of the house. Lenore suggested Pat phone to see if John can drop in just for dinner. On their way out, John told Bernice not to answer the phone as they've got more important things on their mind.

Notes: During Peggy and Ray's discussion of Dick Nolan's death, there may have been an attempt to hint that Ray was the one whom Dick was pursuing when his car overturned, killing him.

JUNE 22, 1972 (EP. #2030)
Lenore admonished Pat about trying to find reliable courage in her glass. Pat soured on Mark and Lenore's discussion of Cindy's wedding. Mark and Stuart both vied to hold Wally when Helen brought him down. Ada told Peggy that Ted will never agree to let Steve see Jamie. Peggy reluctantly agreed to help when Ada wanted to sell the garage and give the money to Ted anonymously. Russ dropped in on his parents, who were babysitting at Pat's. Mary tried to tell Russ that Pat was seeking a means of escape. Lenore asked Mark to take Pat home after Pat became hostile at Lenore's attempts to curtail her drinking. Stuart let Lenore know how much he admires her. Mary and Jim realized Pat had too much to drink when Mark brought her home. Mary told Jim she would spend the night with Pat since John usually comes home very late from his evening sessions.

Notes: Last appearance of Scott Firestone as Wally Curtin.

JUNE 23, 1972 (EP. #2031)
John left for the office after refusing to discuss Pat with Mary. Mary agreed to leave after her solicitous behavior exasperated Pat. Though John didn't want to talk about how his work schedule was affecting his relationship with Pat, Steve vowed not to allow the work John does for him to jeopardize his marriage. Russ thought Lenore might be exaggerating Pat's drinking problem. Lenore let Stuart know she didn't want complications in her life and thought of him as only a friend. When Mary told her about Pat drinking and almost snapping her head off this morning, Alice revealed Steve had already spoken to John today about reducing his workload. Ada came down on Steve for forcing Ted to the wall, telling him he should have married Rachel if he wanted his son. Steve told a half-truth when Alice wondered why Ada seemed unfriendly. Since Alice worried about Rachel taking advantage of him, Steve agreed he wouldn't push her to let him visit with Jamie.

JUNE 26, 1972 (EP. #2032)
An irritable Pat was almost insulted that John deigned to talk to her about her drinking. Mary urged a listless Pat not to be despondent. Jim phoned Mary (who would be babysitting after getting Pat to agree to have lunch with Lenore) that she had a special delivery letter from Liz. Lenore flared up when, after rejecting his advances, Stuart made some negative comments about her marriage; Pat was baffled to walk in on them arguing. John moaned to Bernice about how Pat was drawing her entire family into their quarrels, then blamed Pat for his turning to Bernice because she didn't understand about how hard he had to work. Bernice kissed him to take his mind of worrying about what Pat's drinking will do to the twins. Pat apologized to Lenore for her tacky behavior at the party. Liz wrote she broke her leg and needs Mary's help, since Missy was busy with Ricky. Jim encouraged a reluctant Mary to go to Arizona since their interference was only causing trouble for John and Pat. Pat told Lenore that John might as well be in another world as he's hardly said a word to her in months, and felt the best solution to her problems was to blank them out with alcohol.

JUNE 27, 1972 (EP. #2033)
Rachel informed Ted that he can object to Steve paying for Jamie's summer camp when he was able to take care of them the way husbands are supposed to. When Ted didn't want to be lectured by someone who ran out on his family, Gerald called him a two-time loser heading for the third time fast. When Ted threatened to fire him if he didn't stop turning Rachel against him, Gerald warned he'll see that the restaurant closes down. Russ and Cindy told Alice they intend to set a wedding date over lunch. Alice reassured Jim that she'll look in on Pat while Mary was away. In the park, Steve easily convinced Rachel to let him pay for Jamie's camp. Ray told Ted of an organization for ex-convicts that might be able to provide some financing. Fed up with everyone telling her how to take care of Jamie, Rachel informed Steve she won't let him see Jamie again if he makes Ted repay the loan. Far from cowed, Steve vowed to see Jamie without her along from now on. When Steve wanted to tell Jamie he was his father, Rachel forbade it, worried about what Jamie would think of her upon learning she was married to a man who wasn't his father when he was born. As they argued, a snake slithered out from some vegetation and glided toward Jamie.

JUNE 28, 1972 (EP. #2034)
Steve rushed over with a stick after a copperhead snake bit Jamie on the ankle. Steve wrapped his belt around Jamie's ankle, but didn't have a knife to slash the wound and suck out the poison. Steve and Rachel brought Jamie into the E.R. and asked Stuart to help the boy. Alice arrived to find Steve and Rachel in a comforting embrace, and learned Steve had been with her and Jamie when she thought he was in Somerset. Rachel begged Russ to help with Jamie, and for Cindy to let Ada know what was going on. Stuart said Jamie will likely be all right now that he's been given a shot of anti-venom. Steve admitted he's been lying to Alice for months about his activities. Jim phoned Ada that he'd sold the garage for a good price. Russ and Cindy arrived to tell Ada about Jamie, then Cindy phoned Ted with the news. Russ was mum about Jamie when he came to say goodbye to Mary, but confided in Jim that Steve and Rachel had been together when they brought Jamie in with a snakebite. Steve undid Rachel's dissembling by admitting to Ada and Ted he'd spent the day with Jamie. Steve turned away angrily and Alice stared ahead stonily when Ted went in to see Jamie after Stuart reported the boy was asking for his Daddy.

JUNE 29, 1972 (EP. #2035)
Rachel admitted bringing Jamie to see Steve while Ted was in prison. Ted said he'd be at his mother's since Rachel didn't want him to come home with her and Jamie. Lenore worried about Alice when Stuart told her about Steve and Jamie. Steve implored Lenore to convince Alice to let him explain, admitting everything was his fault. Rachel wouldn't let Ada kick Steve out when he showed up concerned about Jamie. Rachel agreed when Steve urged her to convince Ted he has a natural right to visit with his son. Ted was despondent when Peggy told him and Ray that every financing lead turned up empty. Gerald informed Peggy he didn't intend to lose his investment because Steve has a bone to pick with Ted. Ada offered to pay for it when Rachel, feeling hassled with Ted and Steve pulling her in two directions, wanted to take Jamie and go away for a week. Ted refused to speak to her when Ada made Rachel phone him about her plans.

Rachel: (Exit Line, Robin Strasser) "All right, then. Goodbye." [SHE HANGS UP AND TURNS TO ADA] "Mom, he won't talk to me--"
Ada: "Well, maybe he could use a week to cool off in, too. I'll get the money out of the bank first thing in the morning, and you take Jamie somewhere so you can relax and figure out what you're going to do with your life when you come back." [FADE OUT]

JUNE 30, 1972 (EP. #2036)
Steve begged Alice to listen to him, but she stormed out, sure she could never trust him again. Ada encouraged Ted to start over with Rachel when she comes back, but he felt he could no longer trust her after all her lies. Ted was unmoved when Ada told the sob story of Rachel growing up feeling nobody cared. Alice cried to Stuart about her troubles. Steve felt he'd had to lie about seeing Jamie because she'd just lost their baby, but Alice accused him of never caring about their baby half as much as he did about the one he had with Rachel. Steve found out Rachel took Jamie away, and Ada informed him Ted was Jamie's father because he spends his whole life with him, unlike Steve. John was surprised to find the house in disarray and Pat with a highball glass in her hand. Pat accused him of taking her granted, then Alice showed up suitcase in hand. Pat suggested she and Alice head to Reno to solve all their problems, then dissolved into tears. Alice led Pat toward the bedroom after Pat shied away from John's touch.

JULY 3, 1972 (EP. #2037)
John didn't want to talk about Pat's drinking with Alice. Alice unburdened herself to John, who advised her not to put a wedge between her and Steve this early in their marriage. Alice was annoyed when John defended Steve's actions, then refused to stay at his house when she realized John had known all along. Gerald denied it when Ted accused him of encouraging Rachel to let Steve see Jamie so he can get in good with Steve. Gerald reminded him that Rachel was young and pretty when Ted was sure Rachel would come back to him. Ted apologized to Cindy for how his troubles were affecting her. Cindy gave Ted cause for thought about Steve's need to see his son, and advised him to let them get together if the alternative was marriage trouble for both couples. Alice cried to Jim about how angry and hurt she was about all the lies Steve told her, and he agreed she can stay in her old room. Steve phoned, but could only get Jim to convey his love to Alice.

JULY 4, 1972 (EP. #2038)
A disheveled Pat told John she had no memory of Alice putting her to bed. John made to leave when Pat said she doesn't care about the state of the house if he won't come home to it. He hesitated, then sat down next to her on the couch when she started to cry. He offered to cancel a client dinner so they could talk, then patted her hand instead of kissing her goodbye. On her way to Mrs. Jorgenson's, Belle dropped in to have Ada fill her in on what was troubling Ted and Rachel. Belle lamented that Ted's life has blown up. Bernice accused John of not caring about her when he tried to explain he felt an obligation to Pat and the twins even though there was never a time when he didn't wish he was with Bernice. Irritated that John broke their date tonight, Bernice gladly accepted Mark's dinner invite. Jim was happy to find Pat in good spirits, and asked her to speak to Alice. John promised they'd work it out when Pat agreed to stop drinking. Mark was pleased when Bernice asked him to have dinner in rather than going out.

JULY 5, 1972 (EP. #2039)
Gerald groused when Ray insisted on taking the night off. Gerald assured Steve he'd let him know where Rachel was if he knew, then suggested Steve call back his loan, take over the restaurant, and let Gerald manage it. But Steve refused to be dragged into his personal arguments with Ted. Alice hurried out when Stuart wanted to give her a check-up and Lenore wanted to talk to her about Steve. Lenore maintained it made it very difficult to work for Stuart when he persisted in asking her out. Ray met Gloria, Peggy's mother, when he came to pick her up. Gloria boasted that Peggy was putting her baby sister Linda through nursing school, then disapproved when a forthright Ray admitted he'd been in prison. Lenore told Alice she may not make it easy for Steve to talk to her about Jamie because he senses she doesn't approve. Alice agreed to think about meeting with Steve.

Gloria: "Dick Nolan was a very good man."
Ray: "I'm sure he was."
Gloria: "Linda will be coming home for dinner tonight so I'd better check what's on the stove. Please excuse me, Mr. Scott."
Ray: "Of course."

Notes: First appearance of Rosetta LeNoire as Gloria Metcalf

JULY 6, 1972 (EP. #2040)
John was irritated when a happy Mark implied dinner was only the beginning for him and Bernice last night. John told Steve that his deceits about Jamie might be making Alice wonder if he's lying about his feelings for Rachel. Bernice didn't want not to be able to look across the room at John when Steve wanted her to come back to work at his office, but John felt it might be wiser if they weren't working in the same office. Since she needed the money, Lenore told Pat she had to keep working for Stuart though she found his persistence distasteful. Cindy didn't approve of Belle talking to Russ about Ted and Rachel. John felt Steve might find a place for her when Pat told him Lenore has come to dread going into the office. Bernice phoned Mark after John refused to leave Pat to come see her.

JULY 7, 1972 (EP. #2041)
Jim read Alice Mary's letter about Ricky growing up by leaps and bounds. Lenore phoned to browbeat Alice into agreeing to meet Steve at her house. When Ted came to see Jim, he and Alice apologized to each other for the troubles they were having. Jim told Ted the only way to prevent Ada from using her savings to bail him out was to get Steve to change his mind. Steve and John argued to convince Bernice to become Project Assistant on the new housing development that would boast individual styles for each house. When Bernice insisted John needed her in the office, John suggested Lenore as she had a lot of administrative experience running the city's charity drives. Bernice promised not to argue about his feelings for Pat if John was willing to keep things going between them as they have been. Lenore threatened to quit if Stuart continued to talk to her about her personal life. Stuart admitted to Russ he needed to get over his one-sided feelings for Lenore. Lenore managed to make herself scarce so Steve could talk to Alice alone. Steve begged Alice to help him understand himself when she maintained she feared never being able to understand him.

JULY 10, 1972 (EP. #2042)
Alice told Steve she would have accepted it if he'd insisted on seeing Jamie, and claimed she can accept Jamie as his son despite how it reminds her he had a child with Rachel. Ashamed of abandoning his own family, Steve couldn't being himself to turn his back on anyone again. Ted felt bad when Cindy worried about him. Peggy phoned Ted to say the ex-con organization wouldn't be able to come up with enough money to bail him out. A depressed Ted left quickly, but when Cindy tried to follow him to the door, she suddenly felt faint. Russ discouraged Cindy from trying to live Ted's life for him. Steve agreed to talk to Ted about a resolution when Alice admitted she sympathized with Ted. Steve let Lenore know he has a job she might be interested in.

JULY 11, 1972 (EP. #2043)
Ted asked Ada to convey his love to Rachel. Gil arrived to talk to Ada about Ted, discouraging her from putting money into the restaurant. Ada promised to contact him if Ted exhibits danger signals. Ray promised Steve he'd have Ted get in touch with him. Gerald wasn't much help when Steve inquired about Rachel's whereabouts. Bernice played up to Mark to get John jealous. John was pleased when Steve revealed he intends to honor Alice's request he lay off Ted. Bernice didn't do back flips when John said he may or may not be able to wrangle a visit tonight. Ada fumed that Steve was using Jamie as an object to bargain about. Gerald wouldn't let Ted in on what he had discussed with Steve.

Gil: "Mrs. Downs?"
Ada: "That's right."
Gil: "I'm Gil McGowan, Ted Clark's new parole officer."
Ada: "Oh, I've heard about you. Come on in."
Gil: "Thanks, but am I interrupting you...?"
Ada: "No, I was just doing some cleaning. Excuse the way the place looks."
Gil: "Looks fine to me, Mrs. Downs."

JULY 12, 1972 (EP. #2044)
Jim watched as Pat guided the twins in returning their toys to the toy box. Tired of being second fiddle to Pat, Bernice let John know she will not tie herself down any longer to a man not free. Mark was happy to hear Bernice had turned down John's request work to late to be able to keep her date with him. Lenore begged Stuart to stop asking her out. Stuart tried to make her feel guilty when she invited Cindy over for supper to make wedding plans. Jim told Pat that Mary reports Liz is quieter and more settled now that she has a less active social life. After Pat sadly wondered to Jim why people change, she was thrilled when John returned home unexpectedly. After he vowed to make her happy, Bernice responded to Mark's kisses. Lenore and Cindy leafed through wedding magazines to find a suitable gown. Cindy dismissed it when Lenore found her resting her eyes.

Stuart: "Lenore?" [SHE TURNS] "Does it really bother you so much to know that a man finds you attractive?" [LENORE LOOKS AT HIM, AND THEN QUICKLY EXITS. FADE OUT]

JULY 13, 1972 (EP. #2045)
Alice confided in Jim she worries that Steve wants to have his own way about everything. Steve let Ted know that he no longer has to worry about repaying the loan right away. When Steve wanted permission to see Jamie, Ted worried that Jamie would learn Steve was his father, thus finding out that his mother was never married to his father. Ted agreed to have an official meeting with John and Peggy present as soon as Rachel returns. Lenore quit when Stuart accused her of suffocating her son with the love she's afraid to give to a man. A distraught Lenore walked up as Steve was detailing his new reasonable attitude to Alice. Steve offered Lenore a job again. Stuart admitted to Alice he made a first-class idiot out of himself, and Alice envied Lenore being able to plan her life without a man in it. Jim advised Steve to trust Alice to accept the truth about him. Alice was nervous to come home to find Jim had cooked Steve dinner, but agreed to have dinner with Steve tomorrow night.

JULY 14, 1972 (EP. #2046)
Lenore was grateful when Steve hired her to work on the housing project. When John tried to convince him Bernice wanted to come back to his office, Steve preferred keeping her at the law office so she can help cut down John's workload. Alice was glad when Pat reported things were much better with John. John ordered him to discuss it with Alice when Steve wanted to hire a detective to trace Rachel. Gerald arrived and met John. Steve left the room after informing Gerald he should discuss his desire to become Inn manager with John. John told Gerald he was wasting everybody's time by discussing anything but Jamie with Steve. Steve found it hard to stick to impersonal subjects as he dined with Alice. Bernice let Steve know he misunderstood John if he thought she wanted to come back to Frame Enterprises. Alice gave Steve permission to trace where Rachel took Jamie.

JULY 17, 1972 (EP. #2047)
Alice came home suitcase in hand to find Steve mopping up the coffee he'd spilled on his business papers. He kissed her happily after she promised to never leave him again. Lenore was happy for him when Steve told her Alice had come home. Steve described the development project as a self-contained community on waterfront acreage near the State Park, but Lenore wasn't happy she would be working with Bernice. Bernice felt that John was trying to find a way to get rid of her, but John claimed he'd just been trying to separate her from Mark. Bernice asked Mark to lunch at her apartment after informing John he can't demand exclusive rights to her if she can't have the same of him. Stuart was irritated with his new secretary, Kay. When Alice told Stuart that Lenore had found a new job, he asked her to pass along his apologies for his behavior. Steve was grateful when Gerald revealed he's just learned Rachel was at the Totem Pole Lodge up at Bear Lake. Steve asked Alice if it would be all right if he stopped off to see Jamie on his way to Washington.

JULY 18, 1972 (EP. #2048)
Gerald told a worried Ada that Rachel can take care of herself. Ada advised Ted to speak with Gil. Ted offered Ray some time off to find out if Peggy's interested in him. Steve told Ada that Gerald has been sending Rachel money. John complained to Steve about Mark and Bernice mooning around the office. As Pat served John and Jim drinks on the terrace, Bernice phoned to accuse John of trying to dominate her life. Ada accused Gerald of playing games, but he refused to divulge Rachel's whereabouts.

Gil: (Richard Dysart, Exit Line) (To Ada in her living room about looking after Ted Clark) "Can I count on you for that?"

Notes: Last appearance of Richard Dysart as Gil McGowan.

JULY 19, 1972 (EP. #2049)
Robert Delaney told Pamela he needed to speak with Steve. Robert met Lenore, then told Steve his wife and son were killed in an automobile accident last week in Chicago. Robert requested a job so he won't have time to think about anything else. Stuart begged Cindy to let Lenore know she can come back under any conditions she wants. Steve brought Robert home to meet Alice. Steve let Lenore know Robert has some personal difficulties he doesn't want to talk about. Steve filled Alice in on Robert's loss, then she allowed him to visit Jamie even though Rachel will be there.

Pamela: "Good morning."
Robert: (Re-introduction Line, 1972) "Hello. Is Mr. Frame in?"

Steve: "I'll never be too busy to see you, Robert. Oh, Lenore, I'd like you to meet Robert Delaney... Lenore Curtin..."
Robert: "Hello--"
Lenore: "Hello, Mr. Delaney-- your name sounds familiar."
Steve: "Robert designed the house I built for Alice."
Lenore: "Of course, that's it. Well, I'm very happy to meet you. That house is something very special."
Robert: "Thank you, but it wasn't such a difficult assignment. Steve knew exactly what he wanted."

Notes: Reappearance of Nicolas Coster as Robert Delaney.

JULY 20, 1972 (EP. #2050)
Ada told Alice that she needed Steve to tell her where Rachel was. Alice insisted she won't force her attitude on anyone when Ada wanted to know what they'll tell Jamie when he gets curious about Steve's visits. Ted unloaded his troubles onto Cindy, who made excuses when she felt faint. Ray came for dinner and met Peggy's sister, Linda, almost a full-fledged nurse. Gloria said she worried about Linda wanting to leave Bay City. Alice told Jim, Russ, and Cindy that she and Steve will be taking a trip to St. Croix after he stops off to see Jamie on his way to Washington.

Linda: (Introduction Line) "Peggy! Your date's here."

Peggy: [TO RAY] "Linda's the noisy one of us two."
Linda: "I'm not noisy, I'm what's called vivacious." [PEGGY AND RAY LAUGH]

Notes: First appearance of Vera Moore as Linda Metcalf.

JULY 21, 1972 (EP. #2051)
Steve dropped by Rachel's hotel room. As they settled in to their new office, Robert turned away abruptly when Lenore placed a photo of Walter Jr. on her desk. Though he had known Walter and Wayne, Robert told Lenore he wouldn't pursue the subject. John disapproved when Pat invited Bernice over to dinner with Mark. Gil advised Ted to get the money matters settled with Steve as soon as possible. Rachel said one reason she left town was because everyone was trying to manage her life. She agreed to let Steve go to the pool to see Jamie only if she comes along.

Rachel: (Victoria Wyndham, Introduction Line) [INSIDE] "Who is it?"
Steve: "Why don't you open the door and find out."
Rachel: [OPENING THE DOOR] "Steve!"
Steve: "Hello, Rachel."
Rachel: "What are you doing here?"
Steve: "I'm on my way to Washington, and I stopped by to see Jamie."

Gil: (Charles Durning, Introduction Line) (To Ted) "Come on, sit down and make yourself comfortable."

Notes: First appearance of Victoria Wyndham as Rachel. First appearance of Charles Durning as Gil McGowan.

JULY 24, 1972 (EP. #2052)
Peggy was embarrassed when Linda phoned her at work. Bernice reminded John that she's only spending time with Mark when John is too busy for her. Robert was uncomfortable when Lenore spoke about her son. Peggy told Ted there was little she could do about Steve's insistence upon seeing Jamie. Ted offered to help Linda get on staff at Bay City General. Bernice welcomed Robert to the ship. Lenore cooly refused Bernice's offers to teach her the ropes. Pat envied Bernice her romantic lifestyle. John got rid of Bernice when he came home to find her lounging on his terrace, but Pat accused him of driving her off so Pat doesn't have any friends.

JULY 25, 1972 (EP. #2053)
Ada was glad when Rachel came home. Since Cindy seemed tired, Russ suggested enlisting Pat's help in planning the wedding. Russ told Ted he'd arrange an interview for Linda with Mrs. Hewitt. Rachel told Ada that if it comes to a choice between what's best for Jamie or Ted, she can't go along with Ted. Pat sipped her highball, brooded about the trap women all fall into, lamented she'd never become a career woman, and tried to advise Cindy so she wouldn't become a similarly bitter and disappointed woman. Rachel ran into Ted when she visited Gerald. Ted promised not to lose his temper anymore if Rachel took him back, but she needed a few days to decide.

JULY 26, 1972 (EP. #2054)
Gerald explained to Rachel he'd thought she would agree that Steve had a right to know where Jamie was since Steve pays his bills. Gerald fumed about being left out of the loop when Rachel informed him that Steve and Ted agreed to delay the loan repayment. Gerald advised her not to be so quick to tell Ted the truth about Steve. Peggy introduced Linda to Cindy and Alice. As Pat dropped a drink behind him, Jim phoned Alice to come see Pat before she leaves for her trip. Ted told Ray he was confident he and Rachel can work out their problems. Ted told Rachel he won't object to Steve's paying for things for Jamie as long as they keep a strict accounting so he'll be able to pay back every cent Steve spends on Jamie. A hostile Pat accused Alice of living the good life and not caring about anyone else. An upset Jim apologized to Alice, then tried to warn Pat she was wrecking her marriage, but she was sure John has found another woman.

JULY 27, 1972 (EP. #2055)
Lenore told Alice that Robert was easy to work with but a little distant. Alice asked Lenore to look in on Pat while she was away. When she realized she wasn't the problem, Lenore let Robert know she respected his privacy. On a picnic, Cindy and Russ discussed where they'll live after they have kids, then vowed to marry at the end of August, no matter what. Bernice told John that Lenore was rejecting her offers of help, but she felt it wouldn't do any good when he wanted to send Mark over to help Lenore. Though Bernice insisted she can be a very discreet woman, John said her pretending a friendship with Pat she didn't really feel put Pat in a humiliating situation. Pat hastily poured her highball on the ground and hid the glass behind a shrub when Lenore stopped by. Lenore said Robert was a refreshing change from Stuart. Lenore thought it puzzling when Pat said Bernice was befriending her.

JULY 28, 1972 (EP. #2056)
Jim happily welcomed Mary home, but she was sure Jim was keeping something from her. Jim revealed that Alice found out Steve had been seeing Jamie and Rachel behind her back. Mary promised to keep out of it, though she felt Steve should give up seeing Jamie because Rachel can't be trusted. Ada told Rachel to give Ted a chance to prove he loves her. Linda was pleased when Stuart agreed to take her on his staff. Russ and Cindy made plans to have dinner with his parents. Stuart asked Cindy to be remembered to Lenore. Jim and Mary agreed Pat was going through a very bad time. As they shopped for wedding gowns, Lenore told Cindy to see a doctor about her fainting spells, or she'll tell Russ.

Crawl: Empty bridal shop.

JULY 31, 1972 (EP. #2057)
Mary offered to look after the twins to encourage Pat to get out of the house. After Cindy surprised Russ with a fancy breakfast, they discussed the wonderful life they'll have. Bernice wanted to bring Pat and the twins along when Mark invited her on a picnic lunch. Bernice spoke to Mary over the phone, then decried married life to Mark. Pat admitted to Lenore she'd driven John away with her nagging. Lenore dismissed the notion of John seeing another woman, realizing from her own marriage that there are other explanations for a husband's weird behavior. Mary felt Pat wanted more attention at home, but John refused to discuss it since he's encouraged Pat to visit friends when he's not around but she prefers staying home, brooding, with a drink in her hand.

Pat: "I drink because it's the only way I can forget that my husband no longer finds me attractive."

AUGUST 1, 1972 (EP. #2058)
Rachel let Ada know she didn't appreciate her siding with Ted all the time. Ada filled Mary in on the upcoming legal meeting to decide Steve's visitation rights. Gerald disagreed when Rachel said she may have no choice but to settle for Ted. When Ted told Rachel that Gil made him realize how difficult an adjustment it was not only for an ex-con but for his family as well, she agreed he can move back. Rachel returned his embrace tolerantly, but with less conviction than Ted displayed. Ada and Jamie welcomed Ted when Rachel brought him home. Rachel complained to Ada she was still scrounging along while others have rich husbands and not a care in the world. Belle told Cindy that Ted's gone back to Rachel. Lenore came over to show them swatches, then badgered Cindy to make the doctor's appointment.

Ada: "There are more important things in the world than money."
Rachel: "Yeah? Like what?"
Ada: "Like love."
Rachel: "That's what you've been telling me ever since I was a kid."
Ada: "It's still true."
Rachel: "I'll believe it when I find it."

AUGUST 2, 1972 (EP. #2059)
Pat phoned to ask Bernice and Mark over to dinner. John thought it very risky when Bernice insisted she liked Pat and wanted Pat to trust her. When John considered finding some reason not to attend the dinner, Bernice reminded him being there was the only way to be sure nobody said anything to give them away. Robert declined Pat's invite, then passed it along to Lenore, who also declined on learning Bernice would be there. Jim showed Pat his plans to build a playhouse for the twins, then conferred with Russ over wedding details. John told his dinner guests that his old partner Rafe Carter always spoke highly of Robert. Bernice changed the subject when John and Mark wondered what Walter's connection to Wayne had been. Lenore insisted to Russ that Cindy have a thorough check-up before the wedding.

AUGUST 3, 1972 (EP. #2060)
Rachel told Ada they may be able to work things out with Steve since Ted's been so reasonable. Peggy told Ray to give her mother time to come around. Ted told Peggy that the only sticky point will be whether Steve should see Jamie on a regular basis. Ada felt it would be a hard sell when Gil wanted to tell Rachel he's looking out for her welfare as well as Ted's. Rachel refused to discuss her personal situation with Gil. Gerald advised Rachel to get her own lawyer since Peggy's looking after Ted's interests, not hers. Russ told Belle that Dr. David Rogers from Boston will be taking over for Dr. Hecht as head of Cardiology. Cindy resisted when Russ wanted her to see a doctor.

Gerald: "Well, you come to me if things go wrong. I'm not going to let anyone ruin your life, or Jamie's either, you can count on that."
Rachel: "Thanks, Dad. You're the one person I know I can really trust."

AUGUST 4, 1972 (EP. #2061)
Cindy put on a brave act for Belle's sake when she doubled over in pain. Mary and Ada wondered whom they can ask to give a wedding reception for Russ and Cindy so that it will be on neutral ground, since Rachel and Ted would be there. Helen agreed to speak to Lenore when Mary wanted to have it at her house. Rachel and Cindy made amends. Ada thought it selfish when Rachel revealed her intention to skip the wedding reception altogether. Ted insisted to Rachel they both needed to attend the reception for Cindy's sake. Gerald suggested she say she's going along, but then pretend to be sick at the last minute. Cindy and Russ discussed their honeymoon plans with his parents. Cindy fainted as Russ poured her a drink.

AUGUST 7, 1972 (EP. #2062)
Jim and Mary were concerned as Russ ministered to Cindy. Cindy admitted she'd had previous fainting spells, but insisted she was fine. Helen offered to take care of all the arrangements when Lenore agreed the reception can be held at her house. Lenore told Helen that Cindy hasn't been feeling well. Gerald fumed when Ted wouldn't forgo watching Jamie act in a play to be there when the carpenters installed the new booths. After a call from a worried Belle, Ted learned from Jim that Russ took Cindy to the hospital. Cindy protested when David insisted she stay overnight for tests. Russ told Ted not to alarm Belle. Russ told David that he diagnosed Cindy with Murine Typhus several years ago.

David: (Introduction line) "Sit down, Cindy."

Notes: First appearance of Walter McGinn as Dr. David Rogers, Head of Cardiology at the hospital.

AUGUST 8, 1972 (EP. #2063)
Linda took blood from Cindy, who insisted to Russ she hadn't wanted to worry him about nothing. Pat told Russ about the time she found Cindy dozing on her terrace. Pat asked Bernice over for lunch. John sent Mark over to see about Lenore after Bernice complained Lenore kept refusing to let Bernice help her. Bernice made excuses for him when Pat pointed out John's sometimes suspicious behavior. Bernice thought it impossible when Pat felt there must be another woman. Robert confided he'd had a son who died when Lenore showed him toys she bought for Wally. Russ met Robert, then got Lenore to describe Cindy's fainting spells.

Notes: First appearance of Jason Gladstone as Wally Curtin.

AUGUST 9, 1972 (EP. #2064)
John wasn't pleased when Pat admitted that she'd had Bernice over for lunch. John assured Bernice he loved her and won't leave her, and she said she'll continue being friends with Pat to keep her from suspecting them by raving about Mark all the time. David and Linda ran tests on Cindy. Ted promised Cindy that things will work out for both of them. John told Peggy it was important that Rachel and Ted present the same argument. Peggy decided it was a good time to see Rachel when Linda told her Ted was at the hospital waiting for word on Cindy's tests. Gerald told Peggy he'd like to sit in on the meeting if the Inn will be discussed. Since he hadn't told her about Cindy's illness, Rachel begged Ted not to keep secrets from her.

AUGUST 10, 1972 (EP. #2065)
Russ promised Cindy their wedding will go through as planned. When all their tests came back as inconclusive, Russ and David questioned Belle about Cindy's early medical history. Belle said her late husband went to prison for embezzling money so he could pay for Ted's polio medical bills, then revealed Cindy had a lot of colds as a child. Pat brought Michael and Marianne over for a visit with Jim. Jim thought she'd be better off spending time with Lenore when Pat felt Bernice was the only person who listened to her without passing judgment. When Lenore said to consider her as a friend, Robert related how he'd said goodbye to Jessie and Robbie, then her brother Randy drove them off while he had to go to another appointment. Lenore assured him the nightmares stop after awhile. Linda told Gloria there was no news on Cindy. A belligerent Pat felt Linda was purposely keeping her from seeing Cindy. A lost Pat cried on Russ's shoulder about having nowhere to go and no one to talk to.

Notes: Jim's role was originally written for Mary, so there was extensive rewriting to fit Jim into the scene instead.

AUGUST 11, 1972 (EP. #2066)
Cindy fussed to Russ about having to remain in hospital. Russ pumped Ted for information on Cindy's childhood colds. When Alice phoned Jim to let him know she was back home, she learned of Cindy's illness. Rachel and Steve let each other know there were no longer keeping any secrets from their spouses. Bernice complained to Steve about Lenore's unfriendly attitude. Bernice tried to change his mind when Mark suspected Pat thought John might be having an affair. Cindy said she'd like both Alice and Linda to be her nurses. Russ fretted to Alice they still have no clue what was ailing Cindy.

AUGUST 14, 1972 (EP. #2067)
David informed Russ he suspected Cindy has a defective mitral valve, then told Alice not to alarm Cindy so they can accurately evaluate the test results. Steve asked Robert and Lenore to rough-out a brochure for contractors. Steve was miffed Rachel seemed to be resisting the meeting; she agreed to visitation but refused his request to tell Jamie the truth. Gerald warned Rachel she was handing over the one weapon she had (Jamie) to get what she wants out of life. Alice offered to help Cindy make wedding plans. Stuart was pleased to run into Lenore, who visited Cindy. Ted told Rachel he'd rather lose the restaurant than let Steve make Jamie miserable by telling him he's his natural father.

AUGUST 15, 1972 (EP. #2068)
Pat apologized to Alice for her ridiculous behavior, blaming it on John being in love with another woman that they haven't slept together for months. Alice warned her that jealousy can wreck a marriage. Russ put on a brave face for Cindy. Russ told Lenore that even though Cindy wasn't getting better, she should continue helping her plan the wedding. Lenore told Helen about Robert's loss, then he arrived for dinner. Robert told Lenore that Steve's first commission turned his life around. Lenore brought Walter Jr. down and let Robert hold him. Russ told Mary he refused to put out the hope in Cindy's eyes.

AUGUST 16, 1972 (EP. #2069)
When Pat wanted an explanation for their bedroom inactivity, John said he found it hard to be affectionate to someone who's always antagonistic. Both half-dressed at her apartment, John groused about the time Bernice spends with Mark, but she convinced him not to look for reasons not to trust her. Ada thanked Cindy for sitting with Jamie so she and Rachel could visit Ted in prison. Ada met Linda. Since Peggy was ill, Mark discussed the Inn with Steve. Steve phoned Pat when John was late for the meeting. John, who arrived after Ted and Rachel, apologized for the delay. Steve was agreeable when Ted insisted on making regular payments to pay him off ASAP. Everyone agreed on Steve taking care of the bills for Jamie's welfare and health. Steve didn't like it but felt he had to accept not being able to tell Jamie he was his father. Rachel proposed herself when she felt somebody should be there when Jamie sees Steve to ensure Steve doesn't reveal his paternity, but unhappily agreed to John's suggestion of Ada.

Bernice: "I love you, John, and I'm doing things I feel are deceitful, too, but I can't give you up. Not now."
John: [PUTTING HIS ARMS AROUND HER] "I don't want to give you up."
Bernice: "Then hold me tight, please." [HE DOES. THEY KISS]

Steve: "I told you I wanted to talk to you privately before the meeting."
John: "Something came up unexpectedly."

AUGUST 17, 1972 (EP. #2070)
A displeased Rachel refused to discuss the meeting with Ada. Ada didn't enthuse about her role when Ted told her the decision, since she felt Steve shouldn't see Jamie at all. Linda and David tried to soothe Cindy's fears. Gerald let Rachel know she played right into Alice's hands as it was obviously Alice who insisted Rachel not accompany Jamie on his visits with Steve, then said she didn't have to live up to an unfair agreement she made when her back was against the wall. Gloria admitted to Ray she didn't think Peggy should be involved with someone who has a prison record. Linda told Ray not to let her mother scare him off. Steve agreed to Ada's conditions on his twice-weekly visits, and also agreed not to shower Jamie with expensive gifts. Rachel complained to Ada about feeling shut out of her son's life.

Linda: "Dick was a lot of fun, but I was still a kid when he died. Peggy sure was crazy about him."

AUGUST 18, 1972 (EP. #2071)
Russ and Cindy talked about their wedding and honeymoon. Cindy asked Belle to recruit Lenore's help to ensure the wedding goes perfectly. David informed Russ that Cindy will die of Mitral Stenosis in a matter of weeks. John reminded a dissatisfied Bernice he'd never hid the fact he'd never leave Pat for her, but she was envious of what other women had. Bernice vowed to herself to find a way to make sure she and John will have a life together. Jim tried to assuage Mary's fears about Cindy. Bernice's phone call interrupted a quiet moment between Pat and John. Bernice apologized for being foolish, but insisted she was lonely and just needed to hear his voice. Russ fought back tears while promising Cindy they won't postpone their wedding.

AUGUST 21-22, 1972: Pre-empted due to Republican National Convention Sessions.

AUGUST 23, 1972 (EP. #2072)
Jim and Mary were speechless when Russ told them Cindy has only a few weeks left to live. Russ buried his face in his hands, insisting there will be no miracle, but vowed to have the wedding as planned the first week of September, in hospital. Cindy told Alice she can't wait to come down the aisle at St. Luke's to Russ standing at the altar. Rachel refused to let Gerald take over as manager of the Inn, since even though the Inn was in her name, they were only waiting until Ted can get the liquor license back in his own name. Gerald suggested the possibility of her marrying Steve, but she was only concerned with what Jamie would think of her should he find out she wasn't married to his father when he was born. Cindy was pleased Ted worked everything out with Steve. Ted thanked Alice for persuading Steve not to call in his loan. Russ told Alice they have a meeting with David tomorrow morning, then made a great effort of cheerfulness with Cindy.

AUGUST 24, 1972 (EP. #2073)
David, with Russ, told Ted, Alice, and Linda that Cindy has a very serious heart condition and has only a few weeks left to live. Russ, Ted, and Alice made arrangements to perform the wedding ceremony in Cindy's hospital room. Mary told Pat that Cindy had heart trouble, but hid the fact it was fatal. She took the drink out of Pat's hand and urged her to forget her troubles so she can make Russ's more bearable for him. Pat decided to dress up and surprise John at his office at the exact moment he and Bernice were embracing on her couch. Mark told Pat that both John and Bernice were out working. Bernice brought up Mark's vacation invite just to enjoy John's jealous reaction, but then realized if she's not careful she'll lose him. Mark let it slip to Pat that even Steve has had trouble tracking John down. A drunk Pat cried and accused John of seeing another woman, but he insisted she was the only person in the world he really cared about.

AUGUST 25, 1972 (EP. #2074)
Concerned about Russ, Alice told Steve she'd like to invite him over for dinner. Stuart dropped in to try to cheer Cindy up, then Alice let him know about the hospital wedding. Ada forbade Rachel from being home when Steve brought Jamie back, but Rachel had second thoughts about an agreement that kept her from seeing her own son when she wanted to. Steve introduced Ada and Robert, who realized they have Sam in common. Lenore watched as Robert lifted Jamie up and settled him on a stool before the draftsman's table and showed him a blueprint, then she invited him to a quiet dinner where he can spend time with her own son. Rachel wondered why Ted seemed distracted. An impatient Rachel phoned Alice, then was displeased when Ada brought Jamie home. Ted told Rachel and Ada that Cindy was going to die.

AUGUST 28, 1972 (EP. #2075)
Lenore explained to Helen she was simply doing a good deed by being friendly with Robert. Russ asked Lenore to go ahead with the wedding plans she's started even though Cindy's going to die. Belle cried hysterically when Ted insisted Cindy had a few weeks to live at most. Belle promised she'd help make Cindy's last few weeks happy. Linda tried to maintain her professional discretion when Ray and Peggy pressed her on Cindy's condition. Gloria disagreed when Linda felt Peggy became more involved in her work than in living since Dick died. Jim urged Russ to let out his frustration, and insisted Cindy will always be a part of their family because no one will ever forget her.

Russ: "If Cindy never knows the truth, but believes her life is beginning instead of ending in that hospital bed, you will have done the most anyone can do to help."
Lenore: "I'll make sure she believes that. You can count on me." [SHE KISSES HIS CHEEK AT THE DOOR. RUSS TURNS AND LEAVES HURRIEDLY, AS LENORE GAZES AFTER HIM. FADE OUT]

Ted: "She's going to die."
Belle: "I don't understand. Russ told me that Dr. Rogers is the best doctor in the..." [SHE STOPS]

AUGUST 29, 1972 (EP. #2076)
Cindy was willing to settle for one wedding when Russ offered her a second wedding in a church once she's out of hospital. John apologized for putting Bernice in an impossible position, but felt seeing her was the only thing that kept him going since Pat wasn't herself and he didn't know how to reach her. Belle blamed herself for not paying enough attention to Cindy when she was a little girl, but Mary encouraged her to help make Cindy's wedding a happy occasion for everyone. Bernice insisted to Pat that John would never risk losing her by having an affair. Even though she admitted Pat was right about her being in love, Bernice wasn't sure she was ready to settle down as Mrs. Mark Venable. Cindy told Pat and John that Alice and Pat will be her attendants and Lenore her matron-of-honor (with Jim as best man). Cindy dozed off while looking over travel brochures with Russ, who then ran out of the room to lean against the wall and bite back tears.

AUGUST 30, 1972 (EP. #2077)
David agreed Russ can bring Cindy into the hospital chapel in a wheelchair for their wedding. Pat complained to John he pays more attention to Marianne. Mary and Jim dropped in on the spur of the moment to invite everyone on a picnic, but John left angrily after declining. Lenore discussed gowns with Cindy, then Russ came to tell her Ted will be wheeling her down the chapel aisle next week. Jim felt telling Pat the truth about Cindy might shock her back to reality, but Mary felt it would plunge her even deeper into despair. Mary decided Pat needed someone with her during the day. While on a business lunch with Lenore and Robert, John was surprised to see Pat and Bernice having drinks at the bar. Pat thought Robert very handsome and wondered if he was interested in Lenore, but Bernice suspected Lenore had a long-term affair that would explain Walter's unhappiness before his death.

Jim: "Well, Marianne, are you ready to go for a long drive in the country."
Marianne: (possibly her first script dialogue) "Yes, Grandpa."

AUGUST 31, 1972 (EP. #2078)
Rachel complained to Ada that Steve's unscheduled visits with Jamie disrupted her own ability to see Jamie. Ada and Ted convinced Rachel to attend the wedding for Cindy's sake. John accused Bernice of playing a cheap trick on Pat and encouraging her to drink. To appease John, Bernice refused a luncheon date when Pat phoned. Gerald was understanding when Rachel let it slip that Ted was upset lately because Cindy won't be leaving the hospital. When Rachel whined that Steve making up his own schedule to see Jamie prevented her from making her own plans to see the boy, Gerald suggested she talk directly to Steve about it. Steve was concerned that it was a strain on Alice to be in constant attendance on Cindy. Alice offered to let Steve bring Jamie over so he can play out in the woods.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1972 (EP. #2079)
Pat and Lenore showed Helen their wedding gowns. Pat smelled a conspiracy to keep her in the dark when Lenore revealed Cindy was dying, then she blew up at Lenore for not being as true a friend to her as Bernice. A drunk Pat phoned to accuse John of keeping Cindy's illness a secret from her, then asked him to pick up her dress at Lenore's. Bernice advised John to keep Pat from the wedding as she will likely make a scene. Mary put the twins down for their nap, then ordered Pat to stop wallowing in self-pity and pull herself together. Jim brought Russ his suit, then Pat phoned to decry her selfish and foolish behavior, but Russ told her to pour the drink she was holding down the sink.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1972 (EP. #2080)
Rachel, Ted, and Ada made plans for Jamie during the wedding. Rachel complained to Ada about walking into a room full of people who hate her, like Alice and Pat, and seeing Mary staring at her. Russ soothed Cindy's nerves. Belle fought back tears as she brushed Cindy's hair. Jamie enjoyed sitting on the terrace listening to Steve tell him about all the animals in the woods. Steve was pleased when Jamie remembered Alice as having given him a big boat for Christmas. Rachel was disagreeable when Steve phoned not wanting her to be around when he brought Jamie home. As Alice began helping her put her dress on, Cindy felt as if everything in her life was falling into place.

Rachel: "Oh, all right. I'll go. But don't blame me if something goes wrong."
Ada: "What can go wrong?"
Rachel: "Something always does when I do something I really don't want to do."

SEPTEMBER 5, 1972 (EP. #2081)
Wedding of Russ and Cindy.


SEPTEMBER 6, 1972 (EP. #2082)
Russ tried to calm an ecstatic Cindy, who enthused over the wedding and was anxious to be discharged from the hospital.

Cindy: (to Russ) "It's hard to fall asleep after such a day."

SEPTEMBER 7, 1972 (EP. #2083)
First on-screen appearance of Joan Barnard, secretary of John Randolph. Mary visited Cindy in the hospital.

Joan: (Introduction Line, to Bernice) "Here are the Washington folders you wanted, Miss Robinson."

Russ: "Well, how's my girl tonight?"
Cindy: "I'm not your girl, I'm your wife."
Russ: "Really. When did this happen?"
Cindy: (to Mary) "See how he teases me?"

SEPTEMBER 13, 1972 (EP. #2087)
Ada soothed Cindy's nerves, urging her to concentrate on being released from the hospital. Cindy radiated with hope, reminding herself she and Russ have their entire lives ahead without her illness as an obstacle. Pat and Alice assumed brave faces as they helplessly watched Russ exhaust himself between work and spending every spare moment with Cindy. Russ rushed to Cindy's hospital room and held Cindy tightly as she died in his arms.

Cindy: "You know, sometimes I tell your picture things I haven't told you..."
Russ: "What kind of things?"
Cindy: "Oh, what our lives will be like...the house we'll live in some day, what we'll name our children..."
Russ: "Darling." (HE HOLDS HER IN HIS ARMS)
Cindy: "I have these long conversations. I'm glad to say the picture doesn't tease me the way you do."
Russ: "What have you two decided to name our children?"
Cindy: "We can't make up our minds."
Russ: "There's lots of time, darling--"
Cindy: "I know. One step at a time, but I'm ready now for the first step."
Russ: "Oh, what's that?"
Cindy: "Leaving this hospital room and going to our home with a nurse in attendance."
Russ: "That's really up to Dr. Rogers."
Cindy: "Have you talked it over with him?"
Russ: "No..."
Cindy: "Please, call and ask him."
Russ: "I will."
Cindy: "Right now. We should have thought of that before. Please, Russ, call him before he goes home.."
Russ: "But, darling...All right, just don't get excited, please. I'll call him outside..." (HE KISSES HER AND LEAVES)
Russ: "Cindy! What happened?"
Alice: "Emergency. Stat. Rm. 538."
Russ: "Darling, Oh, my darling."
Cindy: "Hold me, Russ...Oh, please, hold me. Where are you?"

SEPTEMBER 14, 1972 (EP. #2088)
Replay of Cindy's death and continuation with Russ still holding her in his arms. Russ was especially despondent that Cindy died so quickly.

Notes: Last appearance of Leonie Norton as Cindy Clark.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1972 (EP. #2092)
First appearance of Terry Alexander as Zack Richards. Funeral service for Cindy Clark.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1972 (EP. #2094)
Gerald secretly called Alice and told her to meet Steve at the apartment where he knew Alice would find Steve and Rachel together.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1972 (EP. #2095)
Alice overheard Steve and Rachel "intimately" discussing Jamie. She was deeply hurt as she jumped to the conclusion that they had been having clandestine meetings behind her back. Alice misunderstood the conversation, swore off Steve, and fled to New York heartbroken.

OCTOBER 4, 1972 (EP. #2102)
Last appearance of Charles Durning as Gil McGowan. Ada wished she could do more to help Ted leave his criminal past behind.

Gil: (Charles Durning, Exit Line) (in Ada's house) "There is. You keep in touch with me and let me know what's going on so we can keep it from getting out of hand, okay?"

OCTOBER 10, 11, 12, 1972: Pre-empted for American Playoffs.

OCTOBER 13, 1972 (EP. #2106)
First appearance of Victoria Thompson as Janice Frame.

Gerald: "Hi."
Janice: (Victoria Thompson, Introduction Line) "Hello."
Gerald: "Are you expecting somebody?"
Janice: "Get lost."
Gerald: "Oh-."

OCTOBER 16, 1972 (EP. #2107)
Peggy was too tired to get into an argument with Linda over Ray and Zack.

OCTOBER 18, 1972: Pre-empted.

NOVEMBER 8, 1972 (EP. #2123)
Last appearance of Micki Grant as Peggy Nolan.
Peggy took a job with a law firm in Detroit working with people who couldnít afford legal help.

Mrs. M: "Ray, can you stay for dinner with us?"
Ray: "Well..."
Peggy: (Exit Line) "Please stay, Ray."
Mrs. M: "Itís just the family, Ray, but Iíd like to have you here with us on Peggyís last night, and so would she." (FADE OUT)

NOVEMBER 10, 1972 (EP. #2125)
Last appearance of Janet Ward as Belle Clark, Ted and Cindy's mother.

NOVEMBER 13, 1972 (EP. #2126)
Lenore recalled learning of Walter's fatal car accident.
Flashbacks included:
January 21, 1972 (EP. #1923), Lenore's voice reading Bernice's note she placed inside an envelope containing her scarf.
February 18, 1972 (EP. #1943), Lenore retrieving the envelope with the scarf and burning it in the fireplace as Wally started crying.

NOVEMBER 14, 1972 (EP. #2127)
First appearance of Dolph Sweet as Gil McGowan.

Introduction Scene: Ada's kitchen.
Ada: "Well, Gil...I mean, Mr. McGowan."
Gil: (Dolph Sweet, Introduction Line) "I liked it better the first time. Ada, how are you?"

Production Notes: Gil and Ada's scenes in this episode were originally slated to air on November 8, 1972, but were cut and rescheduled.

NOVEMBER 22, 1972 (EP. #2133)
First appearance of Carol Williard as Nurse Harriet Sullivan.

NOVEMBER 24, 1972 (EP. #2134)
Last appearance of Rosetta LeNoire as Gloria Metcalf, mother of Peggy Harris Nolan and Linda Metcalf.
First appearance of Stephen McHattie as Dr. Paul Graham.

DECEMBER 4, 1972 (EP. #2140)
Last appearance of Carol Williard as Nurse Harriet Sullivan.

DECEMBER 6, 1972 (EP. #2142)
First appearance of Joe Hannaham as Eliot Carrington and Anne Meacham as Louise Goddard.

Louise: (Introduction Line) "Good afternoon."
Alice: (STARTLED) "Oh, forgive me, I didnít hear you come in."
Louise: "Oh, Mr. Carrington. I didnít expect you home so soon."
Eliot: (Joe Hannaham, Introduction Line) "I have to rush right out again to interview Senator Morrison."
Louise: "You didnít tell me about that."
Eliot: "I didnít know it." (LOOKING AT ALICE) "Hello, Iím Eliot Carrington."
Alice: "Good afternoon, Mr. Carrington."

Book text: "A Journalistís Diary of Eastern Europe: by Eliot Carrington. Eliot Carrington, one of Americaís most distinguished journalists, has won numerous prizes for his daily syndicated columns. He began his career as a war correspondent for the [...]"

DECEMBER 12, 1972 (EP. #2146)
First appearance of Jane Alice Brandon as Nurse Harriet Sullivan.

DECEMBER 13, 1972 (EP. #2147)
First appearance of Mike Hammett as Dennis Carrington.

Louise: "Dennis, are you sure of that spelling?"
Dennis: (Mike Hammett, Introduction Line) (LOOKS AT A PIECE OF PAPER AND SPELLS IT OUT) "Langerhans... Itís right here!"
Louise: "Thereís no need to shout."

Note: Despite that Louise and Dennis were looking in an atlas, Langerhans is not a place. The "islets of Langerhans" are found in the pancreas.

DECEMBER 14, 1972 (EP. #2148)
Last appearance of Walter McGinn as Dr. David Rogers. Last appearance of Joe Hannaham as Eliot Carrington.

Eliot: (Joe Hannaham, Exit Line) (to Louise, about Alice) "Give her a chance. You may even end up liking her as much as Dennis and I do."

DECEMBER 19, 1972 (EP. #2151)
Mary tried to comfort a hysterical Pat when they stumbled across Bernice's motionless body on the Randolph terrace. Jim told John that Pat disappeared from the hospital. Lenore came over and Mary watched as she tried to find Bernice's pulse but couldn't. Pat accused Lenore of killing Bernice to keep her from telling Pat about Lenore's affair with John, but Lenore insisted Bernice invented all that to protect herself. Dr. Paul Graham arrived to confirm that Bernice was dead. Gil, who recently joined the police force, arrived on the scene and questioned John about the obviously violent death.

Mary: "What is it, Lenore?"
Lenore: "I'm afraid you're right. Bernice is dead."

Pat: (To John) "Go out on the terrace and see for yourself what Lenore has done!"

DECEMBER 20, 1972 (EP. #2152)
Gil's further questioning of John made him realize Pat has the answers he was looking for, but Paul had already sedated her. John said Pat wasn't responsible for what she might say because she'd been behaving irrationally since her accident. Steve phoned and John told him that Bernice was dead. Gil told John to tell Steve to come over so he could question him. Janice phoned Rachel at the Fireside Inn to let her know Steve wouldn't be able to see Jamie tomorrow. Rachel worried what would happen to Gerald when Ted said he wants to sell the Inn so he could pay Gerald and Steve back. Fearing for his income, Gerald advised Rachel to fight Ted all the way. In New York City, Dennis Carrington and his live-in nurse Alice (using the alias Alice Talbot) talked about how much they missed their mothers as she sat by his bed while he fell asleep. Eliot, Dennis's father, tried to cheer Alice up when Dennis told him she misses her family. Steve told Gil Bernice had been dating Mark, currently in Washington on business.

Eliot: (James Douglas, Introduction Line) (to Alice and Dennis) "Good evening, you two."

Notes: First appearance of James Douglas as Eliot Carrington.

DECEMBER 21, 1972 (EP. #2153)
Linda told Gil he couldn't talk to Pat (who was back in hospital) without her doctor's permission. Pat told Gil she'd fallen asleep waiting for Bernice to arrive for their meeting. Russ was upset with Pat for implicating Lenore in Bernice's death. Gil had Mary down to his office, where she told him she didn't know what had turned Pat against Lenore. Ted came by to see Gil to say he was going to Chicago to check out a job offer. John told Pat that Lenore had told him the truth about Walter being a liar and a cheat so that he could see what kind of a fool he'd been. Pat was furious at John when he admitted he'd had an affair with Bernice, and she broke down in tears when she realized how she'd wronged Lenore.

John: "The woman you think was your best friend... was the woman I'd been having an affair with."
Pat: [WHISPERING] "Bernice?"
John: "Yes."
Pat: "I don't believe you!"

DECEMBER 22, 1972 (EP. #2154)
Lenore told Robert she's worried she might say something to Gil that would incriminate Pat. Lenore broke the news about Bernice's death to Mark when he came to tell her he was taking a job in Washington. Steve told Ted he wouldn't let him take Jamie away from Bay City. Housekeeper Louise Goddard introduced Alice and Iris Carrington. Dennis was apprehensive when Alice told him his mother was home from Europe, and started to cry when Louise came to tell him Iris had changed her mind about seeing him, not knowing Louise had advised Iris not to see the boy without Eliot's permission. John told Lenore that Pat wanted to see her now that she knew the truth, and couldn't believe it when Gil said Lenore is his best suspect so far.

Iris: (Beverlee McKinsey, Introduction Line) "Aren't you going to introduce us, Louise?"

Notes: First appearance of Beverlee McKinsey as Iris.

DECEMBER 25, 1972 (EP. #2155)
At Christmas morning at the Matthews home, Jim took a photo of Michael and Marianne with Mary in front of the mantelpiece. Mary was thrilled that Russ dropped by since her other children were indisposed. John visited Pat in hospital to try to make amends, but she shrank away when he tried to touch her. Steve told Janice that unhappy Christmases were in their past. Russ brought Janice a gift since she was his and Dave's first research volunteer. Steve was ecstatic when Rachel brought "Tiger" (Jamie) over Christmas morning, but was clearly unhappy when Jamie referred to Ted as "Daddy." Jamie gave him a candy dish he'd made himself. Ted phoned Ada and was told Rachel was out with Jamie, as Gerald had predicted to him. Pat and Lenore made up with tears and hugs. Pat told her she'd driven John into Bernice's arms by being a nag when he came home late from the office, and then revealed she thinks he killed Bernice. Jim had to take the phone after Mary began to cry when Alice called to wish them a merry Christmas. John, Michael, Marianne, Mary, and Jim sang "Jingle Bells" around the Christmas tree, while Rachel, Steve, Jamie, and Janice sang "Silent Night" around the fireplace. Steve's eyes were drawn sadly to a photo of Alice as the song wound down.

Janice: "Thank you again for your present... Russ."
Russ: (Robert Hover, Exit Line) "My pleasure. Bye."

Jamie: (To Steve) "Merry Christmas... Mr. Frame!"

Notes: Last appearance of Robert Hover as Russ Matthews.

DECEMBER 26, 1972 (EP. #2156)
After Gil quizzed John some more, Mark told John he knew about the charade he and Bernice played to make a fool out of him. Pat was more worried about Lenore's status in the murder case when Lenore tried to get her to forgive John. Mark told Gil Bernice had just been using him to cover her affair with John. Mark came to say goodbye to Pat, and told her about the time he beat a man his mother had been cheating on his father with. Pat and John each asked if the other had killed Bernice.

DECEMBER 27, 1972 (EP. #2157)
John admitted it when Gil confronted him about his affair with Bernice, and said that Lenore was the only one he'd confided in about it. Gerald walked in on Rachel and Ted arguing about her inability to stay away from Steve. Gerald told Rachel that when Steve realizes that Alice was gone for good she'd better be around or she'd miss the chance of a lifetime. Eliot gave Alice a pin from him and Dennis. Alice told Louise she was wrong to think it wasn't important that Eliot spend time with Dennis. Gil became even more suspicious of Lenore when she said she'd confronted Bernice over her affair with John.

Gil: "Did anyone know you were sleeping with her?"
John: "You put it rather crudely, don't you?"

DECEMBER 28, 1972 (EP. #2158)
Mary admitted to Pat the phone call she'd received was from Gil saying he had more questions for her. Steve told Pat that Mary blames him for Alice leaving Bay City because of a letter Alice wrote to her and Jim saying he'd betrayed her. Paul asked Nurse Harriet Sullivan to dinner. Pat told John every time she sees him she imagines Bernice in his arms, and that she'd ask Mary to make arrangements for him to see the twins. Mark warned Pat to be careful what she said to Gil. Gil accused Mary of deliberately not saying anything that would implicate Lenore. John swore to Lenore that he would take the punishment if it turns out Pat did kill Bernice.

DECEMBER 29, 1972 (EP. #2159)
Jamie was sad that Ted had to go to Chicago and couldn't spend the day with him. Ted tried to convince Ada that Rachel would go along with his plans. Ray told Gerald not to take his problems out on him. Linda's boyfriend Zack Richards dropped by the Inn to tell Ray that Jake Barnes wants him to rejoin their organization. Mark cleared out his desk and handed secretary Joan the file on the Parrish case. Mark told Ted he couldn't help him any longer when Ted wanted to talk about Inn business, which Mark took over handling when Peggy left town. Mark told Lenore that John earned whatever happens to him. Ada told Rachel she makes Ted feel like he can't support his family. Ada refused to let Rachel and Jamie stay at her home if Rachel continued to threaten her marriage, which Rachel said wasn't working out.

Notes: The flashback to Bernice's death was filmed at the same time as this episode.