Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

JANUARY 3, 1972 (EP. #1909)
Ada sheepishly admitted to Rachel that Steve and Alice gifted Jamie with a toy sailboat. Ada quelled Rachel's resentment by explaining that she postponed telling her about Steve and Alice's visit with Jamie because Rachel was depressed over Ted and exhausted from working at the Fireside Inn. Rachel dismissed Ada's concerns that Steve is spoiling Jamie by buying him expensive gifts and that Ted will be competing with Steve for Jamie's attentions. Ada informed Rachel that Alice conquered her fears about Steve's involvement in Jamie's life because she is carrying Steve's child. Rachel groused to Ada that she is running herself ragged at the restaurant without Ted while Alice is blessed with all the benefits of being Steve's wife. Ada angrily told a sullen Rachel to be grateful that Alice has forgiven her for all the trouble that she caused. Mary, Pat, and Alice went over plans for the baby's nursery. Alice could not mollify Mary's reservations about her accompanying Steve to give Jamie the sailboat. Rachel conceded to Jim that she is struggling to handle the Fireside Inn's account books. Jim advised Rachel that she can establish a weekly operating budget, but discouraged Rachel from asking Gerald for assistance out of respect for Ada's wishes. Rachel was grateful that Jim agreed to take the account books home to review for her. Pat griped to Mary that she and the twins see little of John because he brings work home to complete and puts in long hours at the office. Jim surmised to Mary that helping Rachel make the Fireside Inn a success will ensure that she can take care of Jamie without Steve's help and that Steve and Alice's visit with Jamie proves that they are facing the issue.

Notes: Last appearance of Christopher Corwin as Michael Randolph.

JANUARY 4, 1972 (EP. #1910)
Mary echoed Ada's sentiments that Cindy is thoughtful for babysitting Jamie during her free days from nurses' training. Mary hinted to Ada that they can change something before it causes everyone misery after the women agreed that Russ and Cindy's relationship is a lost cause. Ada told Mary that she shares her objections towards Steve showering Jamie with expensive gifts and resolved to limit Steve's visits with the boy. Mary was amenable to Ada's wishes for Rachel to seek financial assistance from Jim because she does not want Rachel to owe any favors to Gerald. Jamie was satisfied when Ada referred to Mary as her best friend. Russ told Jim that he regained the interest he had lost in decorating his apartment and insisted that he and Paula are seeing each other socially. Jim told Russ that Mary's qualms towards Paula stem from her lack of interest in marriage. Russ reassured Jim that Paula will not get hurt because they do not take their relationship seriously. Pat informed Mary that Walter is dissolving his partnership with John and returning to work as a prosecutor, but ruefully expressed hopes that Steve takes his legal business to another firm because John will most likely continue to handle Steve's affairs after Walter is replaced. Mary was displeased as Pat aired her frustrations towards John's hours and workload affecting the time he spends with the family. Jim told Mary and Pat that Rachel should ask Steve and Gerald to add more capital into the Fireside Inn to hire a manager and set up a more efficient cost-control system. Paula told Russ that his family is making her more comfortable in such social settings and mused that there seems to be more to life than practicing medicine.

JANUARY 5, 1972 (EP. #1911)
Walter confided to Lenore that he dreads telling Steve that he is resigning from his law practice. Bernice offered to take Lenore to lunch at a restaurant named Angelo's as her guest. Lenore was astonished when Walter adamantly insisted that she cancel her plans with Bernice. Walter opined to Lenore that Bernice uses people and causes trouble, then made vague remarks to Lenore about disliking Bernice since they were involved in some business matters. Lenore told Walter that Bernice seems lonely, has few friends, and is an interesting person who leads an exciting life working for Frame Enterprises, which is an entirely different existence than Lenore leads. Walter exclaimed to Lenore that he is anxious to leave the firm so that he is free of Bernice and in charge of himself at the D.A.'s office. Steve berated himself for being dense and disappointing to Walter in response to his resignation from the law office, then accused Walter of not being honest about his reasons for returning to prosecution. Walter tried to assure Steve that another attorney will do a better job at handling his legal matters and that he will be happier working at the D.A.'s office. Bernice implied to Lenore that Walter dislikes conducting business with women, then reflected that she overcompensates by becoming more aggressive. Lenore accepted Bernice's apologies for making insinuations that led Lenore to believe that Bernice knew the issues that are troubling Walter. Steve told Bernice that he suspects that Walter is returning to the D.A's office to help solve Wayne's homicide case for his and Lenore's sake. Walter ran the scarf through his fingers while muttering that he must confess to Lenore that he murdered Wayne.

JANUARY 6, 1972 (EP. #1912)
Jamie was pleased when a busy Rachel consented to join them for breakfast, but she confided to Ada she's unsure she can run the Inn by herself. When Rachel related how Ted didn't want Jamie visiting him in prison the way he did with his own father, Ada suggested speaking to Earl about it. Alice and Steve discussed the baby as they enjoyed a relaxing breakfast. Alice suggested Steve try to convince John to become his new attorney. As Pat sat with Marianne on her lap and Mary with Michael on hers, Pat said that John's late hours at the office have only gotten worse since Walter resigned. Pat was upset to hear of Alice's suggestion to Steve, as even if the new lawyer handles Frame business, John would devote time to checking up on everything. After Mary and Alice went to do the dinner dishes, Jim advised Steve against helping Rachel with the Inn since it might be a problem for him and Alice. Steve commented he found it easier to talk to Jim than it had been to talk to his own father.

Notes: First appearance of Tim Nissen as Michael Randolph.

JANUARY 7, 1972 (EP. #1913)
A fed-up Pat refused to let John leave for work without explaining why it was necessary to stay late at the office going over an extremely complicated affair with a very important client. She complained about being left alone so much and how little the twins see of him, but John was at a loss to satisfy her as he saw no alternative to the work that was demanded of him. Pat begged him not to jeopardize their happiness by considering Walter and Steve's needs before their own. Pat phoned Russ to come to dinner with Paula, who was glad to be exposed to Russ's family life. John, Walter, and Peggy discussed, then dismissed possible new attorneys (Bob Brice, Chester Felsen, and Paul Wilkie) in favor of a younger man. When Walter begged off handling Steve's caseload in the interim, Peggy proposed doing some of the detail work herself. After the twins said goodnight, Paula confided to Russ she felt awkward around children, though she'd enjoyed the twins. Paula told Pat of being jealous of her sister Sara, and Russ lamented having lost Jamie.

Notes: Last appearance of Tim Nissen and Tracey Brown as Michael and Marianne Randolph.

JANUARY 10, 1972 (EP. #1914)
Lenore asked Walter for advice on what they could claim as a deductible on their income tax, and he discouraged her from checking on the credit card slips he keeps in the office. Walter told Lenore he got in touch with his old law school roommate Paul about possible replacements. Lenore predicted a better year than the last since Walter was less tense and depressed since quitting the firm. Alice told Mary she thinks highly of Dr. Stuart Philbin, the obstetrician Russ recommended now that Dan was gone. Alice told Mary that Walter dropped Ted's suit to adopt Jamie now that he was leaving the firm, and speculated no judge would allow Ted to adopt the boy while he was in jail. Mary worried about the damage a delay might cause Alice's marriage. Bernice dropped by with a present for Wally to thank Lenore for her kindness. Bernice related how surprised she'd been to hear Walter had given up a lucrative salary to return to the D.A.'s office. Citing his promise to Pat to cut down on his work, John declined Steve's request to take over his affairs. John also didn't think it a good idea for an attorney to act for his relatives. Paul phoned Walter to say he was sending along some resumes, and that he recalled once knowing Bernice. Walter was intrigued to learn Bernice had been married to someone who didn't have a very good reputation.

JANUARY 11, 1972 (EP. #1915)
Belle was miffed that Cindy planned to go to Ada's instead of visiting Ted, but was mollified when Cindy explained Ted was dying for news about Rachel and Jamie that only Ada could provide if someone sat with Jamie. When Cindy commented on how Rachel worked so hard because she would lose her only income if the Inn went under, Belle rubbed her nose in the fact that Rachel was also sticking by her man, unlike Cindy. Cindy looked almost physically distressed to overhear Russ and Paula discuss their plans to go dancing. Ted was surprised when Earl came to visit him. Ted said he was learning some things about food management in the prison kitchen he hoped to apply to the Inn. Earl warned him against associating with criminals when Ted raved about Ray's culinary skills. Ted turned down Earl's offer to pull strings to get Jamie in to see him. Cindy daydreamed about Russ and Paula waltzing in elegant clothes as they cooed at each other and denigrated poor Cindy Who. Belle was bewildered when Cindy burst into tears and vowed to change.

JANUARY 12, 1972 (EP. #1916)
Ada told Rachel, who was surprised to hear Ada refer to Earl by his first name, that Earl told her Ted doesn't want Jamie to visit him in prison. Cindy distracted Jamie when he told Ada how much he missed his Daddy (Ted). Ada thanked Cindy for sitting with Jamie so she could get this Jamie business straightened out with Ted. Steve told Alice he couldn't meet her for lunch as John wanted him to meet two candidates for Walter's position. Steve was more concerned about having reliable legal counsel when Alice explained why Pat didn't want John to be saddled with more work. Ada wondered if Earl could get Ted to visit Jamie outside of prison, but Earl thought he'd try to get them a visit in the warden's house within the prison. Ada worried about lying to Jamie about Ted being in jail. Cindy brought Jamie to the Inn to see Rachel, who was hard at work. Steve thought it a lucky coincidence to find Jamie playing tic-tac-toe at the Inn with Cindy, but Rachel was upset to see Steve talking to the boy. Rachel accused Steve of trying to take over when he wouldn't agree not to shower Jamie with expensive gifts. Rachel almost agreed when Steve offered to support Jamie again despite her promise to Ted not to take money from him.

Ada: "I don't like lying to Jamie. Ted's in prison, we all know that. Jamie might find out sooner or later and then wonder why we lied to him."
Earl: (Exit Line) "Why don't you talk it over with Ted. And I'll try to work something out with the Warden --"

Notes: Last appearance of John Carpenter as Inspector Earl Wood.

JANUARY 13, 1972 (EP. #1917)
Steve admitted running into Jamie when Alice noticed how distracted he was. Alice realized Steve wasn't really bothered by the number of people taking care of Jamie, but he just groused about Jamie eating in a cocktail lounge and wearing clothes that seemed too small for him. Alice suggested he speak to Ada about the trust fund he wanted to set up for Jamie. Ted told Ada about his physical therapy and making friends with Ray. Ted was adamant about not letting Jamie remember visiting him in prison as he still harbored bad memories about visiting his own father in prison (Ted's father was sent to prison (where he died) after stealing money to get medical care for his son). Ada argued that Ted needed to tell Jamie the truth before he heard it from someone else, such as Joey Perrini next door since his folks read the papers. Ted thanked her for knocking some sense into him. Pat turned down Mary's suggestion of hiring some help again after their experience with Caroline. Pat assured Mary she had been firm with John about his overworking, but there was nothing he could do until they hired a new lawyer for Steve and another for the firm. Pat mused she and the twins would never see John since not only was he handling the work Walter, Rafe, and Dru did, he would also have to train the new lawyer.

JANUARY 14, 1972 (EP. #1918)
Lenore couldn't agree when Walter insisted Bernice was a troublemaker. Peggy gave Walter Dean Barrett's suggestions for lawyers. Paul phoned Walter to recommend Mark Venable, one of his most brilliant students who was thinking of leaving his firm. Paul said he'd discovered Bernice was married to a man named Wilbur Albertson, though there was some doubt as to his real name. Walter covered when John overheard and thought "Wilbur" was a candidate for the office. Lenore phoned to arrange a lunch date with Bernice. Steve told Bernice she ought to have a say in who their new attorney is as she'll be working closely with him. Bernice became anxious when Steve mentioned Walter was already in touch with the law professor she suggested contacting. Walter and John made plans to fly Mark in for a meeting, but Steve was unhappy about trusting highly personal matters with a stranger. When Steve and John argued about John handling Steve's affairs, Walter offered to stay on until the replacement became familiar with Frame business. Walter told Lenore it only made things more difficult that Steve resisted putting his affairs in the hands of strangers. Lenore wondered why Walter was curious about the state of Bernice's marriage.

Notes: The name of Mark's New York firm was "Short, Potter, and Trach." This was an inside joke as Bob Short was a Procter & Gamble executive in charge of AW, Allen Potter was the show's original producer, and Ed Trach was a P&G supervisor who'd recently been transferred to another soap.

JANUARY 17, 1972 (EP. #1919)
Fed up that John yet again said he would miss dinner, Pat accused him of having had plenty of time to find a replacement for Walter by now, but John blamed Steve for vetoing everybody seen so far. John forbade her from talking to Alice about getting Steve to lay off the pressure, and told her Bernice's presence was only exacerbating Walter. Lenore's hopes were dashed when Bernice told her Walter's replacement hadn't been found yet. Bernice offered Lenore the use of the office adding machines to help tally her tax records. Mary, Jim, and Pat had sherry while discussing why John felt he'd be drawn into personal as well as legal matters if he becomes Steve's attorney. Pat implored Mary to talk to Alice as she suspected Steve was stalling deliberately so John will agree to become his counsel after all. John, Walter, and Bernice were very impressed with Mark, who looked forward to moving to Bay City. Walter didn't believe her when Bernice said she never met Paul. Mark noticed a photograph of Pat and seemed to find her familiar.

Mark: (Introduction Line) "The big question was at what rate the stock was exchanged."

Notes: First appearance of Andrew Jarkowsky as Mark Venable.

JANUARY 18, 1972 (EP. #1920)
Rachel helped an excited Jamie get ready to visit Ted. Ada couldn't convince Rachel to level with Jamie about Ted's incarceration, but Rachel came around and agreed to discuss it with Ted when Ada recalled to her how Doris Amory had made her cry once by saying she didn't have a father. Steve apologized to Alice for harping on how much he needed John's help, what with the two new subsidiaries he's acquiring, even though the extra work would affect John's marriage. Rachel and Jamie embraced Ted, in civvies in the warden's living room. Ted sent Jamie out so he could harp to Rachel about Steve getting close to Jamie behind his back by buying him expensive gifts. Since he didn't want Jamie growing up thinking he was a liar, Ted put Jamie on his lap and confessed he was being punished for taking things that didn't belong to him. Ada refused Steve's offer of a trust fund for Jamie, and wouldn't suffer his presence in her house. Steve was outraged to learn Rachel took Jamie to the prison to see Ted.

Jamie: "I love you, Daddy!"
Ted: "I love you, son!"

Ada: "If you were in prison, you'd want to see your son, wouldn't you?"
Steve: "I'm not in prison, and I never will be. And I don't want my son taken there, either. That's something I can see to, Ada. And I promise I will."

JANUARY 19, 1972 (EP. #1921)
Pat nagged John into promising not to let Steve convince him to take on any more work, but he worried about losing his account. Though she sympathized when Mary told her Pat and John had taken to quarreling, Alice felt Steve stood to lose a great deal if the right lawyer wasn't found. Alice finally relented and agreed to talk to Steve, but refused to do anything to disrupt their home life. Steve interviewed Mark, who was later assured by Bernice that he was really a good man to work for. An obstinate John told an equally stubborn Steve he would not break his promise to Pat. After John and Bernice praised Mark to him, Steve agreed to hire him on the condition Walter trains him thoroughly. Steve phoned Alice with the news, which he admitted he was already coming to like. Pat was thrilled when John told her Mark was hired, and he thanked her for making him see what was happening in their lives.

JANUARY 20, 1972 (EP. #1922)
Lenore dropped by the office to pick up Walter's record of expenses, assuring Peggy he wouldn't mind if she gave her his personal papers. Bernice came by as Peggy emerged to hand Lenore two manila folders. Walter then arrived with Mark, and didn't mind at all when Peggy told him Lenore had just left with some personal expenses folders. Alice assured Lenore that Steve and Walter's friendship won't suffer just because they no longer work together. Lenore agreed she and Walter can be godparents to Alice's baby, and revealed she dreads having to see so much of Albini now that Walter will be working with him. Pat told Jim she expects that John will now be more than a Sunday-father. Jim advised Pat to make sure Alice understood that there was nothing personal in John's refusal to work with Steve. After Walter stepped out to take a call from Paul, Mark let it slip to Bernice that Paul had been making inquiries about her husband. As Bernice extricated her coat from under Walter's, an envelope fell from an inner pocket. Bernice looked inside and was shocked to find the scarf that disappeared from Wayne's apartment the day he was killed. She put the envelope in her bag as the men re-entered the room.

JANUARY 21, 1972 (EP. #1923)
Walter's concern turned to acute distress when he noticed the envelope missing from his coat, and Lenore came downstairs with Wally to find him rummaging through the closet frantically. Walter retraced his steps after assuring Lenore he had the envelope, with important business papers, on him when he came home last night. Walter left quickly after telling her sharply he didn't have time to discuss the expense records. Bernice told John she thinks highly of Mark. Walter questioned Peggy, who thought the envelope may have fallen out when he had his jacket off yesterday. Bernice watched Walter search for the envelope, remarking he looked like he was doing his morning exercises. Steve told Alice and her parents that Mark seemed to know what he was talking about, and confessed he worried about reality bursting his bubble of success and happiness. Walter admitted to Lenore that the cryptic notations on his vouchers mean he borrowed money that he still has to pay back. Upset that Walter's secrets were destroying their marriage, Lenore threatened to go ask Bernice, John, and Steve about it unless Walter told her what he spent the money on. Bernice addressed the envelope to Lenore and included this note: "I think this scarf belongs to you. I found it in your husband's jacket. A Friend."

JANUARY 24, 1972 (EP. #1924)
Walter confessed he'd borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from Wayne (the "A" in the vouchers) to buy their house, her mother's house, fur coats, jewelry, and the trip to Jamaica. He claimed Wayne practically forced money on him, and that he'd committed a breach of confidence by telling Wayne one of his clients planned to buy some property, which Wayne then bought and sold to his client for an inflated price. Walter did it to buy Lenore's love, though he came to realize too late he didn't have to buy her love with material things. Mary told Steve how pleased she was that he and Alice are so happy. Steve told Mary and Jim he couldn't help feeling that Walter left the firm because of him. Bernice told John it no longer mattered why she and Walter never got along. Bernice phoned Miss Simpson at the Signal Messenger Service to pick up a package from her at Tallboys tomorrow at noon. To keep Walter from escaping in drink again, Lenore grabbed the glass from his hand after he admitted Steve was the client he cheated on the property deal. Since she didn't feel the property scam explained his recent erratic behavior, Lenore got Walter to admit Wayne got him involved in the merger swindle by threatening to expose him to Steve. Lenore also learned Bernice was in on the swindle, before an anguished Walter left and drove off.

Lenore: "Walter, what are you saying?"
Walter: "I betrayed you, and myself, and everything I believe in. And I betrayed my best friend!"

Lenore: "Walter, who are you, and what kind of person are you? I'm beginning to feel I don't even know you."
Walter: "I told you you'd be sorry you asked what this was all about."
Lenore: "I am sorry, but not because I asked--"
Walter: "Don't say that. Try to understand why I did it-- "
Lenore: "You told me. So you could give me things I never wanted."
Walter: "Yes, that's how it all began."
Lenore: "And this is how it ends. By taking away from me everything that has meant anything to me until tonight--"
Walter: "Lenore, don't say that..."
Lenore: "Keep away from me! Don't touch me!" [SOBBING, SHE TURNS AND RUNS UP THE STAIRS]
Lenore: "Walter, there's something I've got to ask you..." [SHE BREAKS OFF AS SHE SEES HE'S NOT THERE. THEN WE HEAR A CAR START AND DRIVE OFF. SHE RUNS TO THE DOOR AND OPENS IT] "Walter... Walter!" [FADE OUT]

JANUARY 25, 1972 (EP. #1925)
The next morning, Pat arrived at the Curtin's to find an exhausted Lenore weeping that she'd driven Walter away. Lenore berated herself for the unforgivable act of not listening to Walter explain. She confessed Walter's debts to Pat, and felt she'd failed him by making him think he had to buy her love. Bernice and Mark told John that Walter was very late for their meeting. John wasn't sympathetic when Pat phoned to tell him Walter drove off last night after a quarrel and hasn't come back. Bernice told them she'd be back as soon as she took care of her errand. Alice told Mary that a trust fund for Jamie would mean they wouldn't have to get directly involved with him and Rachel. A distressed Pat filled Mary and Alice in on Walter's disappearance. Lenore rocked the baby distractedly on her lap as she told Alice she's turned Walter against her. Alice left after Lenore couldn't bear to have her around. A messenger gave the envelope to Lenore, who reacted with growing fear and disbelief when it implied whoever had the scarf murdered Wayne.

JANUARY 26, 1972 (EP. #1926)
Rachel told Ada she was so happy about telling Jamie the truth that she was going to push for the adoption. Ada discouraged her from talking to Walter about it since no judge would look favorably on an imprisoned Ted. Lenore phoned Peggy, who hadn't heard from Walter. Rachel insisted she intended to speak to Walter despite Peggy begging her not to disturb him at home. Lenore didn't confide in Helen, but lied that Walter was out of town on a business trip. Lenore repeated the lie when Rachel phoned sure that Walter was purposely avoiding her. Helen respected Lenore's need for privacy, but made her promise to let her know if she needed her at any time. Puzzled by the scarf, Lenore phoned Miss Simpson, who promised to phone back about who sent it. Walter, drunk, unshaven, and unkempt, stumbled down an alley and smashed his empty bottle against the wall. When a police car pulled up and a cop came over to investigate, Walter ordered him to keep his hands off since he was the D.A.

Notes: Memo from Producer Joe Rothenberger, dated 1/6/72:
"On Monday, January 24, 1972, in addition to our regular ANOTHER WORLD taping, we will tape a short scene outside the building on 14th street.
"...Actors involved are Val Dufour and two policeman.
"Please keep in mind that this extra taping will in no way interfere with our regular show taping schedule that day."

JANUARY 27, 1972 (EP. #1927)
Steve groused to Alice that Walter's disappearance leaves no one to train Mark on his legal matters, and was peeved that Alice made excuses for Walter's unreliable behavior. Steve suggested a doctor when Alice told him Lenore was worrying herself sick. Russ and Paula complimented Cindy on her new dress and hairdo. Alice phoned Russ to come with her to check up on Lenore. Bernice felt Mark was competent enough to handle the merger with Rogers-Chemicals, but Steve felt John was the only one who could handle it. When Steve got annoyed at her digs at Walter, Bernice claimed she and John have been doing Walter's work. Bernice phoned Miss Simpson for delivery verification, lying her name was Mrs. Loretta Brown. Lenore unburdened herself to Alice, confessing she'd failed Walter when he needed her most, then received a call from Miss Simpson about Mrs. Brown. Lenore insisted she was all right but Russ noticed how exhausted she was.

JANUARY 28, 1972 (EP. #1928)
Ada promised Rachel she wouldn't do anything foolish with what Ernie left her. Jim told Ada a client of his who has two garages on the west side made a fairly good offer on Ernie's garage. Jim advised her against putting money into the Inn to help Rachel, since with a net loss of almost 30%, it was a losing proposition. Ada worried about Rachel when Jim said he'd go to Somerset to talk to Gerald about managing the Inn. Ted advised Rachel not to dream about Jamie's adoption while he was still in prison. Ted revealed Walter had come to the Inn drunk one night with something on his mind when Rachel felt everyone was covering up for him. John phoned Lenore to say he was coming over to see her. Steve appreciated John temporarily taking over handling his presentation on a low-cost housing plan before Senator Driscoll's committee next week since it was urgent. John thought it a good idea when Steve suggested Bernice work directly with John out of his office since she was familiar with Walter's work. Walter woke up fully dressed in a cheap motel room to the sounds of a couple arguing violently in the next room. Walter was galvanized when Ted's face appeared in the mirror as an example of a man willing to face the music for his wife and son.

Lenore: "Walter, why are you doing this?"
Walter: "No, no, Lenore. Don't... please..."

JANUARY 31, 1972 (EP. #1929)
John arrived at Lenore's intent on finding out what was up with Walter. Lenore couldn't tell John anything useful about where Walter might be. He thought it mysterious she was so curious about a Loretta Brown. Determined not to leave Lenore alone, Alice forced the door open firmly but gently. Alice admitted that Steve was angry with Walter, and was disturbed to hear Lenore reveal there was another woman in Walter's life. John, Bernice, and Mark weeded out Steve's most pressing cases. Lenore showed up to ask Bernice about Loretta, but Bernice claimed ignorance. Bernice glanced at Lenore with undisguised hostility, but then smiled a quick, encouraging, friendly smile when Lenore turned her way. Walter begged Ted to tell him where he got the courage to throw himself on the mercy of the court. Walter shook a baffled Ted's hand with deep emotion after agreeing he can't go on living without telling Lenore everything.

FEBRUARY 1, 1972 (EP. #1930)
Alice implored Steve to accompany her in checking up on Lenore. Steve felt Walter was headed for some kind of breakdown. Lenore let Steve and Alice in with great reluctance, then fielded another call from Rachel. Lenore fended off their concern and their dinner invite. Rachel found it fishy when Ted related how Walter came to him for advice. Alice and Steve shared with Russ and Paula their concern about Lenore. Rachel phoned to tell Alice and Steve about Ted seeing Walter. Steve phoned to relay the news to John, who asked Steve to come into the office to help them with the merger. John phoned to tell Lenore, and to have her relay to Walter that no matter what's happened, they need him back at the office. She slammed down the receiver when she saw Walter through the window standing in the rain, then ran to the front door with the baby in her arms.

FEBRUARY 2, 1972 (EP. #1931)
Walter entered the house, his hair, face, and clothing wet with rain. He belted back some whiskey as Lenore put Curt to bed, then was amazed when Lenore produced the scarf. Walter admitted he'd had the scarf for months, taking it with him after he left Wayne's apartment the day he was killed. Lenore realized he'd murdered Wayne when Walter told her Wayne had taunted him that day about her. John and Steve told Bernice and Mark that Walter will likely need their help more than they need his. Looking wildly about the room, Lenore backed away from Walter as he confessed to the murder. Lenore was incredulous that he'd let her go to jail and stand trial, but he felt he would have lost her forever if he'd confessed. Mary thought Lenore might let Pat help her when Russ told her and Jim of Lenore's troubles. Russ promised to drop in at Lenore's since Pat was locked in with the twins. Walter vowed to spend the rest of his life making it up to her, but Lenore realized he wasn't the man she loved, that he sacrificed her to save himself. He hoped she would believe in him again when he turns himself in and takes what's coming to him. Lenore, who felt something was dead inside her, wished someone else were her baby's father.

Walter: "I would have lost you! Don't you understand?"
Lenore: "You did this because..."
Walter: "There was no other way."
Lenore: "Liar!"
Walter: "No, I'm not lying."
Lenore: "Liar! Liar! Liar!"
Walter: "Lenore, this is the truth."
Lenore: "You don't know what the truth is."
Walter: [SIMPLY] "I love you, I always have. I always will."
Lenore: [LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY] "Love! Love! You dare use that word to me now!" [SOBBING] "Love!" [FADE OUT]

Notes: The word "CRYING" was written next to "SIMPLY" above, indicating that Walter chose to read those lines with much more emotion.

FEBRUARY 3, 1972 (EP. #1932)
Walter entered the bedroom to explain everything he did was because he was terrified he'd lose her, but Lenore just stared sadly but lovingly at the baby. He was horrified when she shrank from his touch, terrified. Walter began a long-winded account, starting with how he never felt he was good enough for her, and ending up with a flashback to Wayne's murder. Walter explained he'd kept the scarf as a means to get her acquitted if it came to that. Walter came downstairs, sank down on the couch, and buried his face in his hands. John and Steve, who couldn't make heads or tails of Walter's notes and doodles, speculated on Walter's behavior. Walter phoned the office to say he was coming in to explain. Lenore put the baby in his room as the violence of the storm intensified. Steve got on the phone to suggest Walter wait until morning, after he's had a good night's sleep, but Walter felt he had to talk to them right away. Walter left after telling Lenore he was going to confess everything to Steve and John. Exhausted after destroying her living room, Lenore ignored him when Russ knocked on the window to be let in. After she went upstairs in response to the baby's cries, Russ forced the door in and stared in amazement at the destruction. Russ took the baby from her arms when he realized how sick she was, and she reacted violently when he referred to him as Walter, Jr.

Walter: "Lenore, answer me. If you tell me there's a chance to rebuild our lives, I'll do anything you ask. I'll go to John and Steve and tell them everything. I'll confess the murder... anything if you just tell me there's a chance. Lenore? Please answer me." [HE WAITS, LOOKING AT HER IMPLORINGLY. LENORE STARES AT HIM, FOR A LONG MOMENT, AND THEN TURNS AWAY, MURMURING TO THE BABY. WALTER KNOWING AT LAST THAT IT'S ALL OVER AND HE HAS LOST HER, BACKS AWAY FROM HER AND STUMBLES FROM THE ROOM]

Walter: "If you don't want me to come back, I'll understand. But if you do-- if you think there's even a chance that you can forgive me... That's all I ask for, Lenore. A chance. A lifetime of making up for the wrongs I've done. If you give me that chance, I can face anything... Even Steve and John... any punishment I get, I can take as long as you forgive me..."

FEBRUARY 4, 1972 (EP. #1933)
Russ spoke with gentle persistence to Lenore, lost in a withdrawn silence. She didn't notice the wind blowing the door open, but screamed with uninhibited rage as she ripped the wedding ring from her finger and hurled it viciously against the wall. Lenore ran upstairs and locked herself in her bedroom when Russ insisted someone needed to come look after her. Even pointing out the baby's cries couldn't help Russ convince Lenore to come down. Paula was pleased with Cindy's progress. Russ phoned for Paula to come right over. Russ filled Paula in on what little he knew when she arrived. Lenore became hysterical when Paula told her, through the door, to stop feeling sorry for herself. Russ broke the door down when Lenore started throwing cosmetic bottles. Lenore sat motionless on the edge of the bed as Paula prepared an injection for Russ to administer. At the wheel of his car in motion through a sleet and wind storm, Walter concentrated, but not on driving, and his self absorption was almost as catatonic as Lenore's had been. Steve told John he may have been too hard on Walter. Walter berated himself for swindling his best friend when Steve's face, smiling with complete trust, superimposed itself on the windshield. Then he agonized similarly over John's face before crashing his car to avoid a collision.


Note: Last appearance of Val Dufour as Walter Curtin. The three minute crash scene was borrowed from an old "Mod Squad" episode. This episode ended with sound effects of a stormy night with no music.

FEBRUARY 7, 1972 (EP. #1934)
The windshield superimpositions and Walter's crash were played back. Paula was unsuccessful in trying to draw out Lenore, who stared blank-eyed and dismissed her with an impatient gesture. Lenore seemed to be listening as Russ reminded her of how she'd danced with him at the Senior Prom, and was bothered when he spoke of Wally's future. Paula tried to get her to eat some broth, but Lenore just wanted to die. Sergeant Cutter of the Bay City Highway Patrol phoned John with the news Walter died when his car went off the road on Overlook Pass, and to ask him to identify the body at the morgue. Both in shock, Steve told John he'd accompany him to the morgue, and John said he'd get Pat to break the news to Lenore. Pat was surprised to find Russ at the house, and Russ agreed they should wait until tomorrow to tell Lenore. Lenore overheard them talking, shook off Paula's hand, and vowed to stand there on the landing until Pat told her what she'd come to say. Lenore rushed to the bedroom and screamed incoherently that she'd killed her husband. Lenore permitted Paula to take her in her arms, but leapt up when Pat and Russ left the room with Wally. Russ just managed to catch Lenore, who fainted after a piercing scream. Lenore made Pat promise to look after the baby as Russ and Paula took her to be admitted to hospital.

Lenore: "Are you going to tell me?"
Pat: "Lenore, I've got very bad news about Walter."
Lenore: [AFTER A MOMENT] "He's been hurt?"
Pat: "Oh, Lenore, Walter is dead. His car went off the road."

Note: In the original draft, Walter was reported to have been alive for several minutes after Cutter found him, and was able to tell the sergeant where he had been going. When this was changed to Walter being found dead, lines were added for Cutter explaining he knew to call the law office because bills and papers were thrown out of the car on impact. The original name of the road was Overlook Drive.

FEBRUARY 8, 1972 (EP. #1935)
Russ wouldn't allow Helen in to see Lenore in her hospital room. Russ told Cindy, the nurse he assigned Lenore, that Lenore had gone berserk. Helen said the funeral would be tomorrow at the Maple Street Church, to save Lenore the extra shock of having to attend. Pat speculated on how exhausted Walter must have been, and Mary suggested she not nag John about the extra work he's bound to have to do now. John phoned Pat to say he would have to miss dinner again as the merger meeting was still scheduled. Bernice expressed her shock and sympathy to Steve. John told Steve he's settled Mark in Rafe's old office, said they can only mourn Walter and remember him as the honorable man he was, and revealed he felt there was no choice but to become Steve's attorney. Russ was puzzled when Lenore awoke and just shrugged when he forbade her from attending the funeral. As the minister's remarks on Walter's unassailable integrity played in Lenore's head, she promised Walter that no one would ever find out what he did.

FEBRUARY 9, 1972 (EP. #1936)
Rachel phoned John, apologizing for missing the funeral and requesting to speak to him about the Inn, which she feared could go under. Cindy arrived to babysit Jamie and told Rachel about Lenore being in hospital. Rachel confided to Cindy she wasn't running the restaurant well. Alice and her parents worried about Lenore drifting off into another world. Mary wondered if Alice was right to believe there would be no direct contact between Rachel and Steve if a trust fund for Jamie was established. Ted told Rachel he'd already heard of Walter's death through the prison grapevine. Ted suggested Ray, to be released next month, when Rachel admitted the restaurant business was more complicated than she thought it was. Cindy let in Steve, who tousled Jamie's hair and asked him if he'd like to go to nursery school. Steve wondered why Rachel was arguing with him if she wanted Jamie to have things the both of them never had when they were his age.

FEBRUARY 10, 1972 (EP. #1937)
Pat understood when John said Walter's death forces him to take on Steve's business affairs. Mary asked Paula if she could visit Lenore. Cindy was pleased when Mary asked her home to dinner. John discussed work with Bernice, then encouraged her to visit Lenore. Pat was upset when John phoned to say he won't be home for dinner. Pat apologized to Mary after throwing a tantrum about John, and felt ashamed about complaining in the face of Lenore's uncertain future. Bernice got Cindy to ask Paula if Lenore could have another visitor, but Lenore became distraught at the mention of Bernice's name. Bernice wondered what Walter may have told Lenore about her.

FEBRUARY 11, 1972 (EP. #1938)
Russ and Paula wondered if a visit from the baby would improve Lenore's condition. Russ was slightly bothered when Cindy couldn't work some overtime tonight as she had a dinner date. Mary felt Paula wasn't right for Russ as she was more interested in her work than anything else, but Jim and Alice felt it was up to Russ to decide that. After they left, Mary phoned Russ to invite him to a home-cooked dinner. Over drinks, Mary and Jim assured Cindy they wanted to remain friends, and Cindy told them how Ted was faring. Mary was pleased with herself when Russ, delighted to see Cindy, complimented her outfit. Lenore agreed when Alice felt sure Wally will be as fine a man as his father. When Lenore noticed Alice's scarf, she begged Paula to be allowed to go home to get something. When Paula refused, Lenore later got out of bed and put on her coat, determined to make sure nobody finds the scarf.

FEBRUARY 14, 1972 (EP. #1939)
Paula restrained Lenore, who frantically pushed the elevator button. Paula gave Lenore an injection to relax her, and was suspicious when Lenore wouldn't tell her what she wanted to get at home. Mary revealed Russ had taken Cindy home after a family dinner when Paula phoned that it was urgent she get in touch with him. Belle was thrilled when Cindy came home with Russ, and was defensive when Cindy pointed out Belle won't visit Ted because it upsets her. Paula phoned and reached Russ. Pat was upset to wake up from her doze on the sofa to find John coming home late looking exhausted. Pat wondered if it would be against regulations to bring Wally to visit Lenore. Paula told Russ that something was troubling Lenore. Russ was puzzled when Lenore forbade him from straightening her house as there were things there that no one should ever see.

FEBRUARY 15, 1972 (EP. #1940)
Rachel refused to let Ada cash in a savings bond to help her pay back the restaurant bills and loans. When Ada warned she'd lose her liquor license if she hires ex-con Ray, Rachel decided to seek advice from John. In the prison pantry, Ted told Ray of his restaurant troubles. Ray warned him against letting other inmates know he has influential friends on the outside. Rachel was surprised Peggy had been assigned the Fireside Inn account now that she's been admitted to the bar. Peggy introduced Pat to Mark, who was sure he'd met her before. Pat welcomed him to Bay City, trying not to bore him with the eternal lament of the lawyer's wife. Mark insisted to Peggy he'd met Pat before.

Ted: "Okay, Ray. That should be six canned tomatoes...six canned tomato paste...six canned tomato soup --"
Ray: (Introduction Line) "Looks like we're going to eat a lot of tomatoes."

Rachel: (Margie Impert, Exit Line) "Thanks. 'Bye, Peggy."

Notes: Last appearance of Margie Impert as Rachel. First appearance of James Preston as Raymond Scott.

FEBRUARY 16, 1972 (EP. #1941)
A cool Paula let Russ know she thought it odd he didn't bother to tell her of his dinner with Cindy. Lenore was happy when Pat brought Wally in to see her, then forbade Pat from straightening up her house. Alice disapproved when Mary admitted setting up Russ and Cindy. Russ refused to release Lenore until she agreed to have someone stay with her. Lenore agreed to have her mother stay with her as long as nobody goes into her house until she gets there. Russ let Paula know he might want to ask her to marry her someday, but she feared a marriage would hurt her career and was unsettled by her mother's three marriages and her sister's two. Paula was relieved when Russ agreed they didn't have to make a decision right now.

FEBRUARY 17, 1972 (EP. #1942)
Steve received a phone call from John as Alice was helping him empty the closet of wedding gifts. Mark dragged John away from Bernice to work on the Manning brief. Steve let Peggy know he didn't mind that Rachel's been falling behind in her payments on his loan. Steve wanted John to accompany Bernice to the meeting in Chicago to provide legal counsel. Bernice backed John up when he begged off leaving town. Peggy warned Rachel she'll be in financial trouble at the end of the month, and Rachel fretted about having to admit to Ted how badly things were going. Rachel didn't think borrowing money was the answer when Peggy advised her to secure additional capital from Steve or Gerald, so Peggy suggested she hire a really experienced restaurant manager. Steve told Alice the merger went through after John spoke to Rogers through a conference call. Alice wondered to Steve what sort of financial state Lenore was in. Rachel phoned to thank Steve, who was also pleased to learn she'd dropped the adoption for the time being.

Rachel: (Robin Strasser, [Re]Introduction Line) [COMING ON WITH GLASS] "Here's your ginger ale, Peggy."

Notes: Announcement before ACT III, "Today, ANOTHER WORLD welcomes back Robin Strasser in the role of Rachel."

FEBRUARY 18, 1972 (EP. #1943)
When Russ advised Helen to cushion Lenore's shock upon entering the shambles of her living room, Helen revealed she'd had all the rooms straightened up. Lenore gasped as she walked in to her completely cleaned house and tried to casually inquire if Helen had found anything that didn't seem to belong. Lenore was near tears when Helen described putting all of Walter's things in the attic for Wally to have one day. Lenore sent Helen off to the kitchen, then sighed with relief as she opened a drawer and found the scarf and note in the envelope, which she transferred to her suitcase. Rachel agreed when Ted asked her to give Ray a chance. Ted said he couldn't wait to be released so he can get the adoption application going again. Lenore took Wally off to bed after Pat brought him home. Pat told Helen, worried about Lenore's finances, she'd speak to John about Walter's will. After Helen went to bed, Lenore went to get the envelope, then also picked up the baby when he started crying.

Notes: Last two pages of Lenore retrieving the envelope with the scarf as Wally started crying once thought to be missing.

Lenore: (VOICE OVER, READING BERNICE'S NOTE) "I think this scarf belongs to you. I found it in your husband's jacket..."
Lenore: "Now no one will ever know my husband was a murderer!"

Notes: Originally the last line in the above script excerpt was addressed to Wally and written as, "Now no one will ever know your father was a murderer!"

FEBRUARY 21, 1972 (EP. #1944)
Helen was shocked when Lenore checked Walter's bank book and learned he has only $230 in their savings account. Steve was sympathetic when he overheard John and Bernice discuss Lenore's financial state. John asked Peggy to check the papers Lenore took home since Walter's will wasn't among his office papers. Steve and John were interested when Bernice let it slip that she'd overheard a phone conversation about a year ago that implied Walter had money problems. Alice congratulated Cindy in advance on graduating at the top of her class. Russ was baffled that Paula was irritated at the news of a visit from her mother. Russ was impressed that Cindy was so cheerful these days. Steve told Alice how pleased he was with John's work on the merger. He was mum, not totally agreeing when Alice wanted the trust fund set up while Ted was still in prison.

FEBRUARY 22, 1972 (EP. #1945)
Ada wanted Cindy to tell Ted that the Inn may not be waiting for him when he gets out, since he was the only one who could convince Rachel to hire someone. Ada was holding onto the garage in case Ted needed it to fall back on when he got out. Ted was sorry to hear Ray would be released in a couple of weeks. When Ted wanted him to help Rachel with the restaurant, Ray worried Ted's parole officer wouldn't want him working with another ex-con once he got out. Paula warned Russ that her mother intends to swoop down on them, and confided they've never really got on very well. Ted thought Cindy, who visited him for the first time, looked fantastic. Ted already knew about the restaurant's troubles from Rachel, and didn't enthuse about working in a garage. Cindy revealed she's already started when Ted urged her to fight for Russ.

FEBRUARY 23, 1972 (EP. #1946)
Helen told Pat that Lenore sits quietly with Wally for hours and will not discuss Walter's fatal car accident with her. Helen conceded to Pat that she is reluctant to mention Walter's death because Lenore was upset that Helen cleaned the house after finding it in shambles. Lenore thanked Pat for tending to Wally while she was hospitalized, but Lenore maintained that she prefers to remember her life with Walter instead of socializing with friends. Pat encouraged Lenore not to dwell on things as Lenore reflected that she never understood Walter's obsessive need to please her and his unusual honesty. Lenore told Pat that she is proud of the years she shared with Walter and their son. Pat was touched when Lenore vowed that she will devote her life to raising Wally. Jim reminded Mary that they clashed over his work schedule during the first years of their marriage to soothe Mary's concerns that Pat is chagrined by John's absences. Pat told Jim and Mary that Lenore seems depressed and is not focused on the future. Jim, Mary, and Pat talked about John handling Walter's estate for Lenore. Pat carped to Jim and Mary that she cannot recall the last time John played with the twins. Lenore rebuffed Russ's suggestions that she spend time with Paula, Steve, and Alice because she is not ready to face anyone except Russ and Pat. Russ cautioned Helen against pampering Lenore so that she becomes self-sufficient as she adjusts to life without Walter. Helen made excuses for Lenore, who fled upstairs when Jim and Mary came to visit her. Jim advised Helen not to sell her house and move in with Lenore until John has settled Walter's estate. Pat feigned being asleep when John came home from work.

FEBRUARY 24, 1972 (EP. #1947)
Cindy stifled her emotions after she overheard Russ and Paula talking about their dinner plans with Jim and Mary. Russ praised Cindy's work as a nurse because patients think highly of her and the nurse's supervisor relies on Cindy and some of the graduating nurses equally. Cindy told Russ that she enjoys her job and has learned to live in the present. Russ was impressed as Cindy reflected that she and Ted have stopped anticipating the worst and that she is building a new life for herself. Russ grew pensive as Cindy mused that she is reconsidering the decisions she made in the past. Irene Kimball abruptly had Cindy leave the nurses' station so that she could find Paula without telling Cindy that she is Paula's mother. Paula reminded Irene that she prefers to have everything planned in advance after she chided Irene for not contacting her before coming to Bay City for an impromptu visit. Irene was touched when Paula offered to get her settled into Paula's apartment. Cindy was forgiving when a contrite Irene apologized for insisting that she locate Paula for her. Irene told Paula that her husband, Frank suspects that she is pursuing a young, talented musician who lives near them. Russ and Irene got acquainted. Russ was sympathetic when Paula asked that they cancel their plans because she does not want to leave Irene alone during her first night in town. Paula warned Russ that Irene may limit their time together because she seems lonely and vulnerable. Irene accused Paula of minimizing her interest in Russ. Mary convinced Russ to invite Cindy to dinner at the Matthews house since Paula will not be attending. Cindy fibbed to Russ that she is waiting for her date to arrive.

Irene: (Introduction Line) (to Cindy, at the Nurses Station) "I was told I'd find Paula McCrae up here."

Irene: "I wish you wouldn't call him Frank. After all, he's your father."
Paula: "Step-father."
Irene: "It's practically the same thing."
Paula: "Practically, but not quite. Besides, just as I get used to calling one man 'father,' there seems to be a replacement --"
Irene: "That's not nice, Paula."
Paula: "No, it isn't. I apologize..."

Notes: First appearance of Nancy Marchand as Irene Kimball. Irene mentions that her current husband is named Frank Kimball.

FEBRUARY 25, 1972 (EP. #1948)
Rachel opined to Ada that Jamie should attend nursery school so that he is with children his age, but Ada maintained that Rachel may put herself further into debt by asking Steve or Gerald for the tuition money. Rachel vowed to Ada that Jamie will not be deprived of a good education because she has qualms about requesting financial assistance. Steve told a relieved Alice that John will have the documents to finalize the Rogers-Chemical merger for him and that Mark and Bernice lifted much of the detail work off John's shoulders. Alice confided to Steve that she is worried about Wally's future without Walter. Steve assured Alice that he will not resent the attention she will have to devote to their baby once it arrives. Steve complimented John, Bernice, and Mark's work on the merger. Rachel pressured Steve into meeting to discuss Jamie's education. Steve asked Peggy to contact Rachel concerning the loans on the Fireside Inn, though Steve stated that he does not care whether or not the notes are paid after Ted gets released from prison. John warned Steve that the executives at Rogers-Chemical may request modifications on the contract before the merger is finalized. Steve cancelled his luncheon date with Alice by claiming that he has to see a stock broker. Alice informed Steve that Dr. Philbin determined that she is a month further into her pregnancy than she had estimated. Steve told Rachel to enroll Jamie into the best nursery school, make arrangements so that Steve's tuition payments are confidential, and gave Rachel cash to buy Jamie some new clothes. Rachel assured Steve that they can keep their arrangement secret from Ada by claiming that Jamie was awarded a scholarship.

FEBRUARY 28, 1972 (EP. #1949)
Peggy asked Lenore for documents that John needed to probate Walter's will. Lenore insisted to Peggy that she returned the folder of receipts and vouchers to Walter after using the information for her income taxes. Peggy refused to let Peggy blame herself for causing John problems due to Walter's death and the issues with settling Walter's estate. Helen and Peggy were surprised that Walter's attache case only contained a single legal brief. Lenore secretly vowed to keep the folders in question hidden because they would reveal Walter's involvement with Wayne. John told Bernice that he is troubled by Walter's incomplete records, which seem to indicate unexplained bank withdrawals and sources of income. Bernice emphasized to John that she merely got the impression that Walter was facing financial problems without having corroborating evidence on the matter. John gracefully declined Bernice's offer to handle Walter's estate. Bernice tried to assure John that Pat understands his dedication to the legal profession. Lenore told Pat that she would put a damper on her and John's evening should she join them for dinner. Pat admitted to Lenore that she feigned being asleep to punish John for neglecting her. Lenore gave Pat sage advice on accepting John's drive to support his family, to maintain complete honesty, and not to let hostility destroy her marriage. John told Pat that he dreads telling Lenore that Walter carried two mortgages, borrowed from his insurance, and left little in their savings account. John was forgiving when Pat confessed to pretending to be asleep because he arrived home late. Pat conceded to John that she dislikes the hours he spends at the office.

FEBRUARY 29, 1972 (EP. #1950)
Ada grew suspicious of Rachel's claims that a nursery school practically guaranteed that Jamie would be admitted with a scholarship. Rachel graciously declined Ada's offers to drive Jamie to the school and to help Rachel manage the Fireside Inn since Rachel asserted that Ada has made enough sacrifices by giving her a place to live and babysitting Jamie. Steve confessed to Alice that he and Ada argued over establishing a trust fund for Jamie and Rachel taking the boy to visit Ted in jail. Alice implored Steve to consider Ada and Rachel's perspectives since Ted thinks of Jamie as his son, prompting Steve to contend that he has the right to be concerned for Jamie's welfare. Steve explained to Alice that he was too distracted by the business issues that Walter's disappearance and subsequent death caused, Lenore's hospitalization, and finalizing the merger with John and Bernice to tell Alice about his quarrel with Ada. Alice cited John's objectivity to convince Steve that he should establish the trust prior to the birth of their own baby. Pat told Jim that Lenore is disinterested in anything that does not involve Wally and housework. Jim was incredulous once Pat revealed that John uncovered Walter's serious financial problems while preparing his estate to be probated. Pat heeded Jim's advice not to punish John for making a secure life for her and expressed optimism that John's workload will be eased because Bernice is sensible, capable, and has a good rapport with John. Rachel tried to quell Steve's fears that Ada would learn about their arrangement to enroll Jamie in school. Steve threatened to file a restraining order against Rachel should she take Jamie to see Ted in prison again.

Rachel: "Steve, I want my husband and my son to see each other as often as they can."
Steve: "I have something to say about that."
Rachel: "Oh, now that you're paying for Jamie's schooling, you think you can start laying down conditions? Well, I'll take him out of school and we can forget about the whole thing."
Steve: "We'll forget about nothing. I have some rights as Jamie's father."
Rachel: "You don't have any rights."
Steve: "I will have."
Rachel: "What do you mean?"
Steve: "You take Jamie out to visit Ted again and I'll get a restraining order to stop you. I won't have my son going in and out of prison gates, and that's final."

MARCH 1, 1972 (EP. #1951)
Irene bleated that she chose a bad time to visit Paula, who got testy with Irene during breakfast. Paula seethed when Irene made jokes about her "playing doctor" and purposely hiding Russ away from her, but Paula agreed to Irene's request that they invite Russ to have dinner with them. Irene noticed Cindy's discomfiture after she remarked that Russ is a very attractive man to gauge Cindy's reaction. Cindy told Irene that Russ endured a messy divorce, that she admires and respects the Matthews' family, and that she and Russ were once engaged, leading Irene to apologize for being tactless for asking Cindy probing questions. Irene spoke ruefully to Cindy about being a woman who misjudges the men she loves, not contributing to Paula's good nature, and the luxury of living on the French Riviera being exaggerated, but grew envious of Jim and Mary's marriage while Cindy described their family in detail. Irene confided to Cindy that the amount of time she will stay in Bay City depends on whether or not Paula needs her. Mary and Alice surmised that Irene must be lonely because she has been divorced three times. Alice pointed out that business matters cannot be postponed and that John is working hard to support his family when Mary complained that John is neglecting Pat and the twins. Mary and Alice debated on the reasons that Bernice works well with John, despite that she constantly clashed with Walter. Alice suggested to Mary that Lenore meet new people by getting a job. Paula reflected to Russ that she has a strained, uncomfortable relationship with Irene. Paula was not amused when Irene remarked that she tests the quality of a man by the way in which he mixes cocktails.

MARCH 2, 1972 (EP. #1952)
Rachel informed Peggy that Ted recommended Ray Scott to become the restaurant manager of the Fireside Inn. Peggy understood Rachel's reasoning for wanting to research Ray's background because he will be released on parole in a few weeks. Rachel told Peggy that Ray was convicted of armed robbery and that Ted ascertained that he is conscientious and hard-working. Peggy reassured Rachel that she would talk to Ray because parole boards generally forbid ex-convicts from associating with each other and Ted would risk being sent back to jail should Ray commit a crime while he is working for Ted. John told Mark that Wayne was a con-artist and that Walter got Lenore acquitted when she was indicted for Wayne's murder. Bernice contradicted John's assumption that she worked with Wayne more often than Walter had. Peggy informed John that she arranged a meeting with Ted at the prison. Bernice urged a curious Mark to concentrate on work instead of entertaining notions of digging into Wayne and Walter's deaths. Pat laid into John for refusing to leave the office and come home with her. Bernice proposed to John that it would be economical for Steve to open a branch office in Washington. John gladly accepted Bernice's idea to adjourn to her place so that they can have a change of scenery. Mary convinced Pat that she should remind John that he must devote some time to her. Bernice retrieved a blanket for John, who fell asleep while she was reheating coffee for them. Pat unknowingly woke up Bernice to check on John's whereabouts. Bernice realized that she trapped herself into concealing the truth after accidentally telling Pat that John was still at the office.

Notes: The prologue within the script lists the exact wardrobes for Micki Grant (black dress) and Robin Strasser (red dress with a polka dot collar and tan coat) and the exact times (from a wall clock) during the entire episode. Peggy reveals that Ray was granted parole after serving three years of a five-year prison sentence.

MARCH 3, 1972 (EP. #1953)
John was dispirited upon realizing that he had fallen asleep on Bernice's sofa and failed to give his whereabouts to Pat. Bernice minimized the fact that they had moved from John's office to her apartment and that John dozed off sometime after midnight, which angered John because he had promised Pat that he would be coming home. Bernice apologized to John for lying to Pat, but maintained that the truth would lead Pat to believe that something had happened between them. Pat hung up the phone after lambasting John for being thoughtless and selfish by not contacting her. John appreciated Bernice's understanding towards completing their work and optimism that Pat will forgive him. Steve lamented to John that Walter did not request help from him. John set aside his objections towards Steve's request to establish a trust fund for Jamie without Ada and Ted's knowledge. Ted told Peggy that he wants to hire Ray to manage the Fireside Inn because of his culinary skills, work ethic, and affable manner. Peggy echoed Ted's sentiment that Ray is not a hardened criminal because he was given the minimum sentence for armed robbery. Ted was pleased that Peggy agreed to talk to the warden about Ted and Ray working together, conduct an interview with Ray, and reactivate his adoption petition for Jamie. Ted predicted to Peggy that he will pay off Steve once Ray starts working for the restaurant. John tried to mollify Pat's animosity by insisting that his office hours will lessen significantly soon. Pat gradually responded to John's kisses. Bernice grumbled that she cannot have John for herself after looking at photos of the twins in a small leather case that John had accidentally left behind.

MARCH 6, 1972 (EP. #1954)
John reassured Pat that he is not drained because he had a good night's rest after spending the evening with Pat. Pat planned to make a special dinner for John, who swore that nothing short of an emergency will keep him late at the office. John was dismayed upon realizing that he could not put Pat's new photographs of the twins into his small leather case because it was missing. Alice agreed to talk to Steve about John's work schedule after Pat confided that she fears that John may get into a car accident due to exhaustion. Pat imparted to Alice that Walter was deeply in debt, left Lenore with little income, and that Lenore insists on raising Wally without help. Alice bemoaned to Pat that it is difficult to be a friend to Lenore because she broods over things that she cannot change. Helen dreaded Lenore's reaction when John stated that he must tell Lenore the facts surrounding Walter's estate. John was surprised when Lenore revealed that Walter had confessed his debts prior to the accident and sadly remarked that she cannot depend on anyone but herself. Lenore tersely proclaimed to John that she does not care about comfort or material possessions and that nothing will stop her from raising Wally to emulate Walter. Paula cited Irene's visit to Bay City as sufficient reason to decline Russ's invitation to attend an international convention for heart specialists in Oslo and vacation in Norway and Sweden with him. John agreed with Bernice's contention that Pat would not believe that he innocently fell asleep in her apartment. Bernice told John that she would return the small leather case that he left tomorrow, but was surprised when John insisted on going home to Pat instead of working on a patent suit.

John: "You won't be able to live in the comfort you're used to."
Lenore: "That was never important to me. Why does everyone think that such things mattered to me?"
John: "I don't understand. What did I say?"
Lenore: "All I want from life is the chance to bring up my son in the memory of the wonderful man he had for a father. And nothing will stop me from doing that -- nothing..."

MARCH 7, 1972 (EP. #1955)
Peggy told Rachel that Ted's enthusiasm for Ray was matched by the prison warden, who informed Peggy that Ray is reliable, intelligent, hard-working, and was tricked into participating in the robbery that got him jailed. Rachel was relieved when Peggy agreed to interview Ray for her. Steve and Rachel plotted to use Jamie attending school as an excuse to keep the boy from visiting Ted in prison, but Steve fought against Rachel's claims that Steve should not see Jamie regularly because Ada banned him from her house after they quarreled. Rachel plotted to have Cindy pick up Jamie from school, take him to a puppet show, and have Steve pretend to run into them by accident. Paula tried to hide her depressed mood while telling Cindy that Russ is presenting Dr. Hecht's medical paper at a convention for heart surgeons in Oslo and taking a vacation afterwards. Russ warned Cindy not to let Rachel take advantage of her when Cindy agreed to take Jamie to the puppet show. Cindy gushed over Russ attending the medical convention and mused that she would love the chance to listen to Russ read Dr. Hecht's paper. Ada recounted to Rachel that she kicked Steve out of the house after they fought over Jamie visiting Ted in jail and Steve's wishes to be involved in Jamie's life. Rachel got defensive when Ada opined that Ted would feel insulted should she allow Steve to set up a trust fund for Jamie. Rachel ordered Ada to stay out of the matter after revealing that Steve may obtain a court order to stop Rachel from taking Jamie to visit Ted. Jim hinted to Mary that Russ could discover whether or not Paula is right for him by taking Paula to Oslo with him. Mary resolved to get to know Irene better.

MARCH 8, 1972 (EP. #1956)
Irene told Mary that she cannot take credit for Paula's achievements while the women had lunch. Mary was shocked when Irene revealed that Cindy accidentally mentioned her broken engagement to Russ while praising the Matthews family. Irene decided to visit friends in California and Oregon after learning from Mary that Paula refuses to accompany Russ to Oslo because Paula feels obligated to entertain Irene while she is in Bay City. Mary abruptly insisted on leaving the restaurant when Cindy, Steve and Jamie came to order ice cream, which puzzled Irene. Jamie talked to Steve and Cindy about the puppet show, school, the toy boat that Steve and Alice had gifted him, and visiting Ted. Cindy awkwardly changed the subject when Jamie mentioned visiting Ted in prison and Steve subtly referenced himself while asking Jamie whether or not he had seen his father recently. Steve joked to Cindy that all boys should have everything they desire within reason. Russ told Lenore that he is checking on her because he is taking Dr. Hecht's place at a medical convention in Oslo. Lenore confessed to Russ that she cannot face anyone except him and Pat because they were with her on the night of Walter's fatal car accident, she does not want to be pitied by them, and that she is re-evaluating herself while adjusting to life without Walter. Russ urged Lenore to seek employment at the hospital to handle office duties because she is capable and intelligent. Russ was amused and Paula mortified when Irene explained that she is temporarily leaving town so that Paula is free to attend the medical convention with Russ. Paula threw up her hands in resignation and accepted Russ's invitation.

MARCH 9, 1972 (EP. #1957)
Ada got Jamie dressed for nursery school while Rachel sipped coffee before she headed to the Fireside Inn. Jamie told Ada and Rachel that a man bought him ice cream after Cindy had taken him to see a puppet show at the "Y." Cindy told Ada that Steve took her and Jamie to a restaurant after they accidentally ran into each other at the puppet show. Mary concluded that she got the wrong impression when Ada assured her that Steve treating Cindy and Jamie to dessert was completely unplanned. A school administrator named Florence Adler called to inform Ada that she failed to include charges for lunches and supplies in Jamie's tuition, that Jamie did not receive a scholarship, and that Rachel requested that the bills should be sent to Steve. Rachel cited the Fireside Inn's busy weekends and Jamie attending school as reasons that she is limited in bringing Jamie to visit Ted at the prison. Rachel fibbed to Ted that Jamie was awarded a scholarship at a prestigious nursery school, that he is getting a fine education, and interacting with children from good families. Ted expressed pride in Rachel for enrolling Jamie into school and allowing Ada to have time to herself without getting financial help from anyone. Dr. Stuart Philbin told Alice that he has been named the Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the hospital and that he needs a new office assistant. Alice decided to talk it over with Lenore after she suggested that Stuart hire Lenore for the job to help her adjust to a new life. Rachel admitted to Ada that she has allowed Steve to spend time with Jamie in exchange for Steve paying for Jamie's school tuition. Ada vowed that she will not let Rachel ruin Jamie's life or use him to gain affluence.

Alice: "No special instructions this time Doctor Philbin?"
Stuart: (Introduction Line) "Just keep on doing what you have been. You're having a perfectly normal pregnancy."

Notes: First appearance of Charles Siebert as Dr. Stuart Philbin. Act III of this episode (featuring Stuart and Alice) was pre-taped on February 28, 1972 along with episode #1952 (March 2, 1972). The Prologue, and Acts I, II, and IV were taped on February 17, 1972. Jamie attends a nursery school called "Country Day."

MARCH 10, 1972 (EP. #1958)
Steve stored baby things in the hall closet for Alice. Rachel called to warn Steve that Ada learned that he is paying Jamie's tuition and spent time with Jamie the other day. Steve reluctantly agreed to meet Rachel to discuss the situation further. Alice bought Steve's claims that he forgot about a meeting with a business associate named Mort Gillespie to talk about new marketing plans. Mary called to remind Alice that she is having lunch with her and Pat. Rachel sat in a car with Steve as she recounted the ways in which Ada uncovered their arrangement concerning Jamie. Steve insolently told Rachel that Ada must accept the fact that he is providing for Jamie. Steve swore to Rachel that he must tell Alice the truth because he cannot tolerate lying to his wife, but Steve posited that Alice would not impede him from protecting Jamie's future. Rachel openly questioned Steve's devotion to Jamie since he and Alice are expecting their own child in roughly five months. Alice lost her balance and fell off a ladder while trying to organize packages in the hall closet. Alice was knocked unconscious and her breathing became labored as the phone rang. An apprehensive Mary asked John to locate Steve because Alice was late for their luncheon and Mary's call to the house was unanswered. Pat offered to hint at the idea of Steve spending time with Jamie to Alice to gauge her reaction before Mary tells Alice about seeing Steve with Cindy and Jamie. Mary and Pat were troubled that Steve had not arrived for a conference at the office. Steve reiterated to Rachel that he will not allow Jamie to visit Ted in prison. Mary screamed after finding Alice unconscious on the floor alongside packages and the ladder.


MARCH 13, 1972 (EP. #1959)
Mary placed a pillow under Alice's head, then asked Jim to notify Stuart, summon an ambulance, and to contact John since Steve's current whereabouts are unknown. A barely conscious Alice murmured Steve's name while Mary knelt over her. Steve tried to coerce Rachel into promising that she will not take Jamie to visit Ted in prison and that Rachel would let him see Jamie regularly, despite Ada and Ted's objections. Rachel defiantly told Steve that she refuses to cut Ted out of Jamie's life and reprimanded Steve for expecting his way because he is powerful and wealthy. Stuart examined Alice while Mary explained that Alice likely fell from a step ladder while cleaning out a hall closet. Cindy tried to console Mary as Stuart admitted Alice into the emergency ward. Jim informed Mary and Cindy that no one has been able to locate Steve yet. Mary cried while informing John that Stuart needs Steve's permission to potentially operate on Alice. John chastised Steve for not providing his whereabouts to anyone and cancelled a scheduled conference so that he could accompany a guilt-ridden Steve to the hospital. Steve felt anguished as Mary bemoaned that she could have found Alice sooner had Steve been available and that Alice mumbled Steve's name many times. Steve gave his approval for Stuart and Dr. Raymond to perform an operation on Alice to stop the hemorrhaging in her body. Jim, John, and Mary felt apprehension and Steve was stricken when Stuart asked Cindy to ensure that Alice's blood type is checked and cross-matched. Stuart gravely told Dr. Raymond and Cindy that Alice's baby would have better odds in which to survive had Alice been hospitalized sooner.

MARCH 14, 1972 (EP. #1960)
Cindy admitted to Steve and Mary that Stuart is worried about the time that elapsed between Alice's accident and her hospitalization. Steve privately berated himself for lying to Alice about meeting Rachel to discuss Jamie and swore that he will never forgive himself should something happen to Alice. Stuart and Dr. Raymond fretted that they did not have adequate time to anticipate the hemorrhaging as they continued to operate on Alice. Steve and Mary told Pat that they are waiting for Stuart to provide them with updates on Alice and the baby's condition. Mary and Pat refused to let Steve blame himself for Alice's fall because she tried to finish the work Steve had started to straighten out the hall closet. Ada confided to Jim that Rachel lied about Jamie getting a scholarship because Steve is paying for Jamie's tuition and that Steve and Rachel engineered a ruse to make it appear as though Steve ran into Cindy and Jamie coincidentally at the puppet show. Ada griped to Jim that it is detrimental for Jamie to think Ted is in jail while another man is giving him time, attention, and presents that no one else can afford. Jim explained to an apologetic Ada that he cannot confront Steve because Alice may lose her child. Gerald tried to pressure Rachel into getting Steve to buy out his share of the Fireside Inn because Gerald had to sell the Riverboat and he is broke. Rachel suggested that Gerald work at the Fireside Inn, despite that Ada does not want Gerald involved in Rachel's life. Stuart informed Jim, Mary, Pat, and Steve that he removed Alice's spleen and that he must assess the baby's chances of survival. Steve caught Jim's angry glare at him while Mary and Pat tried to comfort Steve.

Gerald: (Re-introduction Line, 1972) "Hi, honey."
Rachel: (GLANCING UP) "Dad!" (SHE RISES AND PUTS HER ARMS AROUND HIM IMPULSIVELY) "Oh, Dad! Well, this is a surprise."
Gerald: "It's good to see you, honey..."

Notes: Reappearance of Walter Mathews as Gerald Davis, in which the character begins to appear regularly on AW.

MARCH 15, 1972 (EP. #1961)
Rachel told Ada that she may hire Ray to run the kitchen at the Fireside Inn once Peggy has interviewed Ray. Ada was shocked when Rachel stated that she wants to recruit Gerald to manage the restaurant. Rachel got defensive when Ada emphasized that Gerald never lifted a finger to help them and agreed to finance Ted's purchase of the Fireside Inn through a three-year loan with interest. Ada castigated Rachel for betraying Ted by accepting money from Steve in exchange for allowing him to see Jamie. Rachel insolently refused to take the blame for Alice's hospitalization because her meeting with Steve made him unavailable to John and Mary. Rachel decided that she would let Gerald manage the restaurant despite Ada's objections. Peggy informed Ray that the parole board approves of him working with Ted under the condition that he does not tend bar. Ray told Peggy that he has extensive kitchen experience, served three years in the Army, and was saving money to start a business when he got entangled with criminals. Peggy made arrangements so that she could introduce Ray to Rachel. A despondent Steve admitted to John that he had lied to Alice about his whereabouts and that he is paying Jamie's tuition. John warned Steve against splitting loyalties between Alice and Jamie and that he cannot get directly involved in Jamie's life without Rachel's presence. Steve contemplated giving up on seeing Jamie for the sake of his marriage to Alice. Peggy had to guilt Rachel into considering Ray for a job at the restaurant, but Rachel maintained that Gerald will be responsible for the hiring going forward. Ada lectured Rachel for taking advice from Gerald and acquiescing to Steve's demands.

Ada: "...I just can't stand by and watch you get more and more into things you can't handle."
Rachel: "I haven't been doing so well taking other people's advice..."
Ada: "You think you're going to do better taking the advice of the man who ran out on us when you were a little girl?"
Rachel: "I don't want to talk about it."
Ada: (OVER) "And what about Steve Frame? The father of your son who refused to marry you?" (RACHEL LOOKS AT HER, AND THEN DASHES OUT OF THE ROOM) "Rachel, Rachel, when will you ever learn?"

Notes: Ray alludes to having younger siblings by stating that he could not live with his parents after serving three years in the Army because they had other children to support. Peggy mentions her deceased husband, Dick Nolan during the character's scene with Ray. Appearance by Nancy and Allison Charney (real-life mother and daughter of Jordan Charney, who played Sam Lucas) as extras with three other mother/child pairings.

MARCH 16, 1972 (EP. #1962)
Stuart regretfully told Steve that Alice went into labor, that he performed a Caesarean section, and that Alice delivered a stillborn baby boy. Steve requested that Stuart allow him to inform Alice because they were once overjoyed to be expecting a child together. Stuart told Steve that people cannot go through life blaming themselves for tragedies and that he does not anticipate that Alice will have trouble conceiving another child because she is young and healthy. Steve gradually broke the news to a disoriented Alice that Stuart was unable to save the baby. Alice caused Steve to break into tears when she apologized for being on the stepladder and swore that Steve would be a loving father to the children they will have in the future. John told Bernice that he is anxious to get back his small leather case because he wants to put the new pictures of Pat and the twins in it. Steve asked John to enlist Pat's help in telling the Matthews' family of Alice's miscarriage since Steve did not feel equipped to face anyone else. Pat readily approved of having lunch with John and heading to the hospital to lend Alice moral support, which made Bernice seethe with jealousy. John told Pat that Mark and Bernice are working late so that he could spend the afternoon with her. Bernice dissembled when Pat apologized for waking her in the middle of the night to locate John and vowed that John will not fall asleep at his desk again. Mary opined to Alice that the tragedy of losing a baby will bring her and Steve closer together. Alice was immediately forgiving when Lenore chastised herself for acting like she were the only woman in the world who has suffered. Stuart urged Lenore to accept the position of being his assistant.

Production Notes: Possibly due to time constraints, significant portions of Act II in which Bernice protested John's plans to spend the afternoon with Pat instead of working and Peggy told John and Steve about her interview with Ray were cut from the taping of this episode.

MARCH 17, 1972 (EP. #1963)
Stuart encouraged Alice to focus on moving forward in her life. Alice told Stuart and Cindy that she wants to get pregnant soon because it means a great deal to Steve for them to have a baby together. Steve confessed to Jim that he is paying Jamie's tuition, that Jamie's welfare should be decided by Rachel and not Ada, and that he must provide for Jamie due to Ted's absence. Jim urged Steve to establish a trust fund for Jamie and opined that there will not be space in Jamie's life for Steve once Ted returns. Jim told Steve that he will keep quiet about him being with Rachel when Alice had the accident because it is Steve's place to reveal the truth to Alice. Steve felt comforted when Jim predicted that Alice would want to help him find ways to support Jamie. Gerald informed Rachel that she is being overcharged by suppliers after studying the Fireside Inn's invoices and ledger. Rachel tried to quell Gerald's concerns that Ted would disapprove of him working at the restaurant. Gerald made Rachel feel awkward by lamenting that he is ashamed of his past, prompting Rachel to suggest that Gerald fix up a room above the restaurant in which to live. Gerald was displeased by Rachel's plans to hire Ray because of his criminal record. Ted promised Ray that he will help Rachel overcome her reservations about Ray working at the Fireside Inn. Rachel persuaded Ted into accepting that Gerald is temporarily managing the Fireside Inn on the condition that Ray gets hired and Ada does not object to Gerald's involvement. Stuart advised Steve that Alice needs up to a year before potentially getting pregnant again. Steve feared losing Alice should he reveal his true whereabouts while she was unconscious and in the hospital.

Steve: "Jim, I really envy Russ."
Jim: "Oh, what brings that up?"
Steve: "To have had you as a father -- if I had been that lucky, I probably wouldn't be the mixed-up man I am today..."

MARCH 20, 1972 (EP. #1964)
Stuart asked Steve to raise Alice's spirits and wait before telling Alice that she cannot get pregnant for up to a year. Cindy prepared a room for Stuart so that he could perform a post-operative examination on Alice. Stuart told Steve that it will take time before the full-range effects of Alice's two operations are realized, but emphasized that Alice's strength and health will improve her chances of conceiving another child. Steve heeded Stuart's advice to occupy himself with work and return to the hospital in the evening because Steve was consumed with guilt and shame over being unavailable for hours while Alice had her accident. Ada harangued Steve for making deals with Rachel behind her back by paying for Jamie's education so that he can see Jamie. Steve hinted to Ada that he could be awarded full custody of Jamie by using Ted's imprisonment against Rachel in court, causing Ada to retaliate by pointing out that Steve is concealing his involvement in Jamie's life from Alice. Ada gave sincere condolence to Steve due to Alice's miscarriage. Ada accused Steve of trying to wreck Rachel's marriage, confuse Jamie concerning his father, and vowed that she will not allow anyone to hurt Jamie. Jim and Mary told Alice and Cindy that Russ will contact Stuart to obtain a report on Alice's case and that Russ's delivery of Dr. Hecht's paper was successful at the medical convention. Alice caught Cindy's reaction when Mary surmised that Russ may be cutting his trip to Norway short because things turned sour for Russ and Paula. Jim urged Alice to show Steve unconditional love to help him conquer depression. Steve met Rachel at Jamie's nursery school to vent his frustrations over the confrontation he had with Ada. Rachel asked Jamie to keep mum to Ada about seeing Steve.

Production Notes: Act IV took place at a "Nursery school exterior." This was a location sequence that was filmed outside of the studio door on 14th Street on March 15, 1972 and featured Rachel, Steve, Jamie and eight extras.

Dated: March 20, 1972.
From: Paul Rauch

To: Susan Sullivan, Robin Strasser, Bob Hover, Walter Mathews

"On Monday, March 27, 1972, an NBC Photographer will shoot publicity photographs of you sometime during and after run-through. He knows he is to take as little of your time as possible and photograph only when you are conveniently available during this period. Will Frank Rubertone, Lewis Brown, and Makeup please see that these people are ready for pictures by 11:30 AM."

To: Jacquie Courtney, Connie Ford, George Reinholt, Hugh Marlowe

"On Wednesday, March 29, 1972, an NBC Photographer will shoot publicity photographs of you sometime during and after run-through. He knows he is to take as little of your time as possible and photograph only when you are conveniently available during this period. Will Frank Rubertone, Lewis Brown, and Makeup please see that these people are ready for pictures by 11:30 AM."

MARCH 21, 1972 (EP. #1965)
John fibbed to Pat that the cleaning woman at the law firm may have found his small leather case. Pat was somewhat mollified when John decided to take the new photographs of Pat and the twins with him as reminders to search the offices. Pat urged Lenore not to brood about the past or make Wally the center of her entire existence. Lenore confided to Pat that she feels trepidation towards taking the job as Stuart's assistant, but confessed that a life of leisure seems frivolous now because of the debts Walter incurred while showering Lenore with material possessions. Pat persuaded Lenore into working for Stuart. Pat complained to Lenore that John stays late at the office frequently and brings work with him on the rare occasions that John gets home early. Bernice was incredulous when John gave her short notice to rent an office location, furnish it, and hire a staff for the Washington branch of Frame Enterprises. Peggy informed John, Bernice, and Mark that she and Gerald are meeting to discuss the specifics of managing the Fireside Inn until Ted's release. Mark overheard John arrange to retrieve the case that he left at Bernice's apartment. Gerald acknowledged to Peggy that he uncovered discrepancies in the ordering and billing of supplies that were hurting the Fireside Inn's profits. Peggy tactfully confirmed Gerald's suspicions that his input would not be considered in hiring Ray. Gerald expressed optimism to Peggy that the Fireside Inn will thrive with Jamie at the helm in the future. Bernice soothed John's guilt towards lying to Pat about falling asleep at the office while fixing John a drink. John lamented to Bernice that she is more understanding about his hectic work schedule than Pat and remarked that she is an attractive woman. Bernice felt a mix of pleasure and irritation as John left her apartment with his leather case.

MARCH 22, 1972 (EP. #1966)
Ada fumed when Jamie showed off the Riverboat swizzle sticks that Gerald had gifted him. Rachel told Ada that it was her idea to have Gerald run the Fireside Inn and introduce Jamie to Gerald because the boy should meet his grandfather. Ada argued that Gerald never took responsibility for anything in his life, reminded Rachel that the two of them had to manage without Gerald's help, and posited that Gerald might ruin the Fireside Inn. Rachel told Ada that Gerald is broke, came to Bay City in hopes of collecting Ted's loan, but felt optimistic that she will be able to resume payments once the restaurant starts earning a profit. Ada told Rachel that she is suspicious of Gerald's true motives for coming to Bay City and swore that she will avoid Gerald at all costs. Ray informed Ted that he will see Peggy to discuss his job at the Fireside Inn after he visits some relatives. Ted praised Gerald for arranging his and Rachel's wedding ceremony and loaning him the money to buy the restaurant so that Ray would be reassured that Gerald would accept him. Ted urged Ray to get to know Ada because she is a sensible, honest woman who will fight for her friends and loved ones. Steve confessed to Jim that he has postponed telling Alice that he is paying for Jamie's education because he is mustering the courage to tell Alice that she cannot get pregnant for at least a year. Jim warned Steve that he was underestimating Alice and that she may struggle to forgive Steve for lying to her. Ada returned the swizzle sticks back to Gerald and ordered him not to spoil Jamie. Gerald told Ada that it is fortunate that he did not insist that Rachel sell the Fireside Inn so that his loan could be repaid. Ada browbeat Gerald for abandoning her and Rachel, then swore vengeance against Gerald should he cause Ted and Rachel to lose the restaurant.

Ada: "You do anything that loses that Inn for Ted and I warn you, Gerald, I'll see to it personally that you get paid back."
Gerald: "You sound like I was some kind of monster."
Ada: "That's a pretty good description of a man who walks out on his wife and little daughter and never comes near them again until he wants something."
Gerald: "All right. You said what you've been waiting to say."
Ada: "No, I haven't."
Gerald: "What else have you got to tell me?"
Ada: "Just this. You walk out of that door, and don't ever come through it again." (GERALD LOOKS AT HER, STARTS TO PROTEST, THEN CHANGES HIS MIND, AND EXITS QUICKLY).

Notes: Act II, which consisted of Ted Clark and Ray Scott in a prison yard was pre-taped on March 6, 1972. A slightly revised script for this act (listed as a second take) was taped on March 15, 1972, which was the version that aired during this episode. Ray mentions that he has not seen his family since before he was involved in the armed robbery that got him jailed three years ago.

MARCH 23, 1972 (EP. #1967)
A despondent Alice told Russ that Steve blames himself for the loss of their baby. Russ told Alice that he shook like a leaf while delivering Dr. Hecht's paper at the medical convention in Oslo. Russ mused to Alice that the unexpected can occur when people are taken away from their usual surroundings in response to Alice's inquiry into the reasons that Russ cut his trip short. Cindy sensed rightly that something went wrong between Russ and Paula because he was evasive towards providing details on his time in Norway and Sweden. Russ delighted Cindy by asking her on a dinner date. Stuart informed Russ that he removed Alice's ruptured spleen, performed a Caesarean section in a failed effort to save the baby, then conceded he has doubts on whether Alice will be able to have more children. Stuart cautioned Russ against pressuring Steve into telling Alice that she cannot get pregnant for at least a year. Paula told Cindy that she spent most of her time touring the hospital system in Oslo and met a famous neurologist. Cindy grew pensive when Paula remarked that Russ insisted on coming home early because Alice had lost the baby and that the Matthews family are close. Stuart was impressed that Lenore was highly recommended by Russ and Alice and had been reading medical reference books in her spare time. Lenore agreed to work as Stuart's assistant once he explained her job duties and promised to adjust her schedule to accommodate Lenore's personal needs. Steve was forgiving when Lenore apologized for avoiding him and Alice for weeks. Russ suggested to Steve that he update Alice on her prognosis while she is in the hospital so that she can receive medical attention if necessary. Steve bemoaned to Russ and Stuart that he yearns to help Alice celebrate the future instead of mourning the past.

MARCH 24, 1972 (EP. #1968)
Ada asked Rachel to pick up Jamie from school and let her visit Ted. Rachel was placated once Ada swore that she will not tell Ted that Steve is paying for Jamie's tuition. Ada reminded Rachel that Ted guaranteed that Ray would have a job at the Fireside Inn despite Rachel's contention that Gerald is managing the restaurant by himself. Rachel acknowledged the possibility when Ada opined that Gerald wants to be repaid the money that he loaned to Ted, but accused Ada of being unfair to Gerald while giving Ray the benefit of the doubt. Ada told Rachel that she disbelieves Gerald's claims that he is a changed man and that she must reassure Ted that he will retain ownership of the restaurant. Alice accepted Pat's offers to assist with her convalescence while Steve is at the office and Mary babysits the twins. Alice hypothesized to Jim and Pat that things went wrong between Russ and Paula during their trips to Norway and Sweden. Steve, Jim, and Pat celebrated Alice's imminent discharge from the hospital. Ted told Ada that Ray was released two days ago, went to visit relatives, and is depending on the job at the Fireside Inn. Ada told Ted that Gerald is protecting his investment by straightening out the books and making new deals with suppliers, but voiced concerns that Gerald may ruin the Fireside Inn because of the Riverboat's failure. Ted had doubts that Ada could buy out Gerald's share of the restaurant by selling Ernie's garage. Ada warned Ted that Steve may ingratiate himself into Jamie's life because Alice lost their baby. Steve told Alice that she cannot get pregnant for at least a year without endangering her life. Alice theorized to Steve that his attachment to Jamie stems from the fact that Steve fled home when his younger brother, Willis was Jamie's age. Alice told Steve that she will help him locate his family once he is ready to do so.

Notes: Steve reveals that his mother miscarried a baby during her first pregnancy and received assistance from neighbors in giving birth to her subsequent children. This episode contains the first mention of Willis Frame. Steve was eleven years old when Willis was born and Willis was the youngest of Steve's siblings. Willis was originally four years old when Steve left home permanently.

MARCH 27, 1972 (EP. #1969)
Russ chided Alice for teasing Cindy because she has been present every time that Russ has visited Alice's hospital room. Russ urged Alice not to assume that Stuart is hiding something from her concerning Alice's ability to have children. Alice reflected to Russ that she initially thought that it would be easier for Steve to let go of Jamie once she gave birth to Steve's child. Russ told Pat and Alice that he and Paula do not see each other very much anymore. Alice and Pat surmised that Russ and Paula are having problems and remarked that Mary will not be upset because she believes that Paula is not right for Russ. Pat groused to Alice that it has practically become a way of life for John to work nights. Ada apologized to Jim for complaining about Steve seeing Jamie while Alice was hospitalized at the time. Ada carped to Jim that Jamie is a sweet, happy little boy who should not be spoiled by Steve and Gerald. Jim offered to discuss the matter further with Ada, who laid out plans to get Gerald out of her and Rachel's lives by selling Ernie's garage to buy out Gerald's share of the Fireside Inn. Ada thanked Cindy for taking care of Jamie on her free days. Russ confirmed his upcoming dinner date with Cindy. Rachel was thrilled when Gerald predicted that the Fireside Inn should start showing a profit soon. Gerald conveyed regret and shame towards abandoning Ada and Rachel because he was a young, selfish man with big dreams, but Rachel emphasized that Gerald arranged her and Ted's wedding ceremony and loaned money so that Ted could buy the restaurant. Gerald opined to Rachel that she sacrificed herself by marrying the wrong man since Jamie's future is at stake. Bernice told John that she hopes to bond further with Lenore. John told Bernice that he appreciates her friendship and the understanding that he does not receive from Pat.

Rachel: "...You know sometimes when I was a kid I used to wake up in the middle of the night and wonder what was wrong with me that you'd leave me. Kids have crazy ideas, right?"
Gerald: "I've always been ashamed of that...I was young and selfish...and I had big dreams. I wanted things from life I'd never had -- and I didn't see any way of getting them, so I took off. I kept telling myself that someday I'd come back...I guess I wasn't much good or I would have."
Rachel: "Well, I am glad you finally did come back --"
Gerald: "I've never forgiven myself, and I don't think your mother will ever forgive me, either."
Rachel: "It wasn't easy for her--"
Gerald: "I'd like to make it up to her."
Rachel: "I don't know about that..."

MARCH 28, 1972 (EP. #1970)
Belle remarked to Cindy that it was good to see her enjoying a day off from work instead of running errands and taking care of Jamie. Cindy suggested that Belle visit Ted in her place because the nurses' schedule at the hospital has made her unavailable this week. Belle emphasized to Cindy that she frequently writes letters to Ted, that she cannot leave Mrs. Jorgenson alone during the daytime, and that she would depress Ted by weeping at the sight of him being in prison. Cindy admonished Belle for being selfish and unfair to Ted because she did not want to be reminded of visiting Ted and Cindy's father while he was in jail. Belle expressed pride in Cindy for realizing her own self-worth and abilities in achieving her personal goals. Cindy admitted to Belle that she never stopped being serious about Russ. Paula told Irene that she inspected hospitals and clinics that experiment with various rapid recovery methods while Russ went skiing after they attended the medical convention in Oslo. Irene felt helpless in giving advice to Paula, who revealed that she must decide whether to pursue marriage or accept an assistant post under a famous, renowned neurologist in Stockholm. Irene convinced Paula to invite Russ to dinner at her apartment. Gerald bragged to Belle that he insisted on coming to Bay City to temporarily manage the Fireside Inn because Ted is in jail and Rachel needed his help badly. Gerald discussed Ray's job duties and salary with him and Peggy. Ray was stunned when Gerald emphasized that Jamie is not Ted's son. Jim tactfully pointed out to Mary that they should not interfere in Steve and Alice's marriage concerning Jamie and the children they may have in the future. Irene promised Mary that she would relay her and Jim's dinner invitation to Paula. Mary told Pat that Alice's intuition about Russ and Paula having troubles seemed to be correct.

MARCH 29, 1972 (EP. #1971)
Rachel predicted to Ada that she should be able to relax now that Gerald is managing the restaurant. Rachel did not appreciate Ada's sarcastic remark about Gerald allowing Ted to keep his promise to hire Ray. Ada told Rachel that she would like to pay off Gerald before he takes off again. Rachel opined to Ada that the Fireside Inn could fail without Gerald and stressed that he is gradually improving the business for them. Ada told Rachel that Gerald did not pay attention to her for many years, lost the Riverboat and his influential friends in Somerset, and would leave town without notice. Rachel convinced Ada to let Gerald run the Fireside Inn until Ted is released since Ada could not think of other ways for the restaurant to succeed. Ada cautioned Rachel against allowing Gerald to fill Jamie's head with phony ideas. Stuart advised Lenore to study the hospital's routine manual and the Table of Organization. Lenore appreciated Stuart's faith that she will become proficient as his assistant. Bernice felt stung when Lenore pointedly stated that she has started a new life and that she would rather not maintain relationships that seemed unavoidable while Walter was alive. Bernice feared that Walter revealed her role in Wayne's attempted swindle against Steve to Lenore. Ted was pleased that Cindy persuaded Belle to visit him and that Cindy is seeing Russ again. Belle and Ted agreed that the family's luck has turned around significantly during the past few months. Ted reassured Belle that he will be released on parole by maintaining good behavior. Rachel instructed Ray to talk to Gerald about buying additional kitchen equipment and taking a room above the restaurant. Steve told Rachel that she could chaperone his outings with Jamie under the condition that they keep the arrangement a secret from Ada and that he must be truthful with Alice about his ongoing presence in Jamie's life.

MARCH 30, 1972 (EP. #1972)
Alice fretted to Paula that she is grappling with having a miscarriage. Paula expressed envy to Alice towards the Matthews family's faith in love, then reflected that her cautious nature precludes her from falling in love and that she may not be ready now that the right man has entered Paula's life. Russ raved to Cindy that her positive attitude is helping Alice to cope with the loss of her baby. Lenore told Russ and Cindy that she surprised herself by performing well as Stuart's assistant because her previous experiences consisted of charity and volunteer work. Paula was disappointed when Russ declined an invitation to have dinner with her and Irene. Lenore commended Paula for being a sympathetic doctor and a nice person while she was ill due to Walter's death. Paula groused to Lenore that she is apprehensive about marriage because of the mistakes she has witnessed in her family and the potential impact on her medical career. Lenore confessed to Paula that she is grateful for her marriage to Walter and is dedicated to raising Wally. Paula offered to take Irene out for the evening. Pat suggested to Alice that John bring Steve home for dinner so that John could work from home. Alice asked Jim to be a confidante to Steve. Lenore told Pat that Stuart is patient, bright, and considerate, but denied interest in Stuart's personal life. Pat opined to Lenore that Russ and Paula are mature enough to resolve their differences. Lenore decided to personally request that Peggy or Mark settle Walter's estate to ease John's workload instead of letting Pat discuss it with John for her. Russ and Cindy remarked on the ways in which they have changed during the last year. Cindy was fascinated as Russ described Oslo to her. Irene was perplexed when Paula abruptly went to her table instead of accepting Russ's invitation to have a cocktail with him and Cindy.

Lenore: (to Paula) "I've had more happiness in the few years I was married than most women have in a lifetime. Now, I'm going to bring up Walter's son so his father would have been proud of him..."

MARCH 31, 1972 (EP. #1973)
Alice persuaded Steve into accepting dinner invitations from her family. Alice reminded Steve that he was at a scheduled meeting during her accident, which unwittingly stopped Steve from confessing his true whereabouts to Alice. Steve told himself that he could not justify being with Rachel during Alice's hospitalization. Russ admonished Paula for rudely going to her table without speaking to him or Cindy, leading Paula to accuse Russ of reconciling with Cindy even though they were considering a permanent relationship between the two of them. Paula chastised Russ for humiliating her, prompting Russ to assert that they had never agreed to be exclusive to each other. John understood Lenore's request to have Mark handle Walter's estate because she does not want to discuss Walter's financial affairs with his friends. John and Lenore mused that Alice's miscarriage has made them realize the importance of spending time with their respective children. Mark told Lenore that it would be his privilege to ensure that Lenore and Wally are provided for as much as the estate permits after Lenore described Walter as a man with too much integrity to save himself at the cost of other people. John opined to Mark that Lenore has survived recent hardships through admirable self-control. Irene warned Russ that Paula is a proud woman who finds it difficult to admit her mistakes. Russ stressed to Paula that they barely shared a meal between her visits to hospitals, clinics, and laboratories in Oslo and that she set the rules for their relationship. Paula asked Russ to leave once he admitted that he likes Cindy's company. Paula vowed to Irene that she will never allow herself to be hurt again. Rachel and Jamie gushed as they toured Steve and Alice's new house while Gerald and Steve got more acquainted. Rachel asked Jamie to keep secret that they would like a house like Alice's from Ada.

APRIL 3, 1972 (EP. #1974)
Paula briskly opened file drawers, groused about the hospital's lack of efficiency, and rebuffed Russ's attempts to talk to her. Irene was stunned when Paula sailed past without acknowledging her presence. Russ gave Irene Mary's phone number after explaining that she keeps busy with babysitting the twins for Pat and visiting Alice at the hospital. Irene lamented to Russ that she would likely have to decline Mary's dinner invitation because Paula seemed disinterested in continuing to socialize with Russ's family. Russ felt that he was the wrong person in which to confide about Paula when Irene groused that she cannot bear to see Paula unhappy and self-destructive. Irene reasoned to Russ that Paula ensures that she will not have to choose between marriage and a career and escapes from life by burying herself in her work. Russ agreed with Irene's contention that people should talk through their differences with tact and decorum. Irene readily agreed to Russ surreptitiously coming to Paula's apartment so that he had another chance to resolve his conflicts with Paula. Cindy told Jim that she takes special care of Alice to repay Jim and Mary for their kindness and friendship. Jim told Russ that Alice is having trouble accepting the fact that she cannot get pregnant for at least a year. Russ suggested to Jim that Mary refrain from insisting that Irene and Paula come to the Matthews house for dinner because he and Paula have parted ways. Cindy told Russ that she sympathizes with Paula and fears that she is complicating matters further by dining with Russ again. Irene was pleased when Paula lauded her efforts in bonding with her. Paula confessed to Russ that she could never provide him with marriage and children, but expressed appreciation to Russ for teaching her to be more human. Paula informed Irene that she notified Dr. Hecht that she has accepted a position in Stockholm and wants to travel with Irene.

Paula: "Mother, you're incorrigible."
Irene: "It's my only defense in a wicked, wicked world." (SHE RAISES HER GLASS) "To the future, Paula."
Paula: "To Stockholm."
Irene: "Why Stockholm?"
Paula: (Exit Line) "Because I'm telling Dr. Pace in the morning that I'm leaving to take a job in Stockholm." (SHE SIPS HER DRINK, AND THEN LOOKS AT IRENE) "But before I do, I'm going to let you introduce me to some of your friends on the Riviera..."

Notes: Last appearance of Beverly Owen as Dr. Paula McCrae.

APRIL 4, 1972 (EP. #1975)
Rachel tried to deny Ada's assertion that Steve has influenced her to resist letting Jamie visit Ted. Ada lectured Rachel for being untrustworthy because she is surreptitiously making arrangements for Steve to see Jamie and lied about the boy getting a scholarship. Alice dejectedly told Steve that she has a perforated uterus, which impedes her from carrying another baby for some time. Steve became distracted with thoughts of Jamie as Alice vowed that she will not let herself get depressed around other children. Alice bristled once Steve admitted that Gerald and Rachel brought Jamie to their house for an unexpected visit. Alice implored Steve to establish a trust fund for Jamie so that he could avoid having contact with Rachel. Ada told Jim that she wants to sell Ernie's garage to buy out Gerald's share of the Fireside Inn to stop him from spoiling Jamie. Jim warned Ada that she may risk losing the restaurant and provoke conflicts with Rachel because of her hatred towards Gerald. Ada told Jim that Steve should be honest with Alice about paying for Jamie's tuition. Ray told Gerald that Ted was wise not to make friends with other inmates and felt that Ray's culinary experience would be an asset at the restaurant. Gerald informed Rachel that Ray is working out as her employee. Rachel carped to Gerald that Ada objects to Steve paying for Jamie's education and that Ada agrees with Ted's stance that Rachel should not accept money from Steve. Gerald agreed to Rachel's request that he subtly question Ted on the conversation he and Ada had about Steve and Jamie. Alice posited to Jim that her miscarriage and Jamie evoke remorse in Steve for abandoning his younger siblings years ago. Jim offered to remove the furniture from the nursery to help ease Steve and Alice's sorrow over losing the baby. Steve remonstrated himself for being unavailable to take Alice to the hospital sooner.

APRIL 5, 1972 (EP. #1976)
Jim got acquainted with Irene while she waited for Mary to return home. Jim and Mary were shocked upon learning from Irene that Paula has accepted a job in Stockholm that will advance her medical career. Irene confided to Mary that she envies her domestic life and wishes that people knew the ramifications of their choices in advance to save others from heartache. Mary gently pointed out to Irene that Paula had been honest about her career being the most meaningful aspect of her life when Irene lamented that she had hoped that Russ and Paula would settle down together. Irene opined to Mary that Russ and Paula's trip to Oslo may have prevented them from hastily getting married. Gerald informed Ted that business has been improving at the Fireside Inn, that Ray is quite efficient, and predicted that Ted will be able to support his family in the same ways that Steve provides for his loved ones. Gerald stirred Ted's ire by referring to Steve as his business partner, hinted that Steve will not abandon things that belong to him, and blurted out that he and Rachel brought Jamie to pay Steve an unexpected visit. Ted went on a tirade about ensuring that Steve does not replace him as Jamie's father, prompting a guard to escort Ted back to his jail cell, and Gerald to bemoan Rachel's choice for a husband. Jim consoled Mary as she struggled to maintain her composure while they dismantled the crib and packed baby toys that Steve and Alice had bought for their baby. Steve tried to emulate Russ's optimism that Alice will heal completely and that they will be expecting another baby soon. Russ accepted Steve's apologies for causing him trouble in the past and extended a gesture of friendship to Steve. Russ told Cindy that he and Paula have separated and that she accepted a fellowship at a neurological institute in Stockholm. Russ took Cindy's hand and suggested that they correct their respective mistakes.

Mary: "Are you upset, Irene?"
Irene: "It is upsetting to realize that you can't keep your children from making mistakes."
Mary: "Are you sure Paula's decision is a mistake?"
Irene: (Exit Line) "Oh, no. Perhaps the trip to Oslo was really a good thing after all. Nobody knows better than I the sorrow caused by discovering our mistakes after getting married, rather than before."

Notes: Last appearance of Nancy Marchand as Irene Kimball.

APRIL 6, 1972 (EP. #1977)
Pat was chagrined when John stated that he must meet with Bernice to discuss the Washington branch of Frame Enterprises instead of accompanying Pat to see Alice. John informed Pat that he must travel to Washington to interview lawyers, which caused Pat to angrily proclaim that she cannot tolerate the situation any further. Pat accused John of taking his responsibilities to clients more seriously than those towards his wife and children. John opined that Pat was being unfair because he could not risk Steve taking his business to another firm and John's workload became hectic after Walter died. Pat mocked John's promises that he would be coming home after work in front of Jim. Jim admonished Pat for pressuring and nagging John instead of realizing that he works hard to provide a secure future for his family. Bernice noticed that John was irritable and preoccupied while they talked about the floor plans and staffing for Steve's Washington branch. John vented his frustrations over Pat's attitude towards him to a sympathetic Bernice. John asked Lenore to spend time with Pat while he is in Washington for a week. Lenore overheard Bernice suggest that she and John share a drink in an effort to raise his spirits. Mark informed Lenore that she could get a steady income by selling Helen's house, paying off the claims against Walter's estate, and by using the true value of Walter's life insurance policies. Lenore humbly accepted Mark's compliments towards her spirit and courage. Mark grew thoughtful when Lenore politely declined his luncheon invitation. Pat warned John that the happiness they had known together is being drained and that John should stop exhausting himself. John laid into Pat for bombarding him with complaints. Pat retreated into the bedroom after she wailed that John does not come home to spend time with her anymore.

APRIL 7, 1972 (EP. #1978)
Gerald evasively told Rachel that Ted was edgy, that he does not have a confidante since Ray was released, and that he talked to Ted about a variety of things. Rachel was relieved that Gerald refrained from promising Ted that she would bring Jamie to visit him, but fretted that Ted's fondness for Jamie is problematic. Gerald told Rachel that Ted flipped upon learning that they brought Jamie to see Steve at the house he shares with Alice. Rachel told Gerald that Jamie's welfare is her responsibility, but that Ted and Ada do not want Steve to spoil Jamie or cause him to get confused about his paternity. Gerald pressured Rachel to let Steve provide for Jamie in the ways he failed to support Rachel when she was a child. Rachel understood Gerald questioning whether Ted could give Jamie the things that he deserves, John told Bernice that he and Pat had a terrible fight because Pat cannot understand the importance of business affairs and believes that he has prioritized his clients over the family. Steve came to discuss a personal matter with John as Bernice was massaging his stiff neck. Steve told a displeased John that Alice was upset that Gerald and Rachel brought Jamie by the house unannounced to see him. John begrudgingly agreed to establish a trust fund for Jamie per Steve's wishes, despite his reservations towards Steve hedging on telling Alice that he wishes to see Jamie more often. Steve requested that Mark take over Walter's task of sending monthly checks to his oldest sister, Emma. Steve felt guilty that his business matters are causing marital discord for John and Pat. Jim surmised to Steve that Pat might listen to reason should he explain the importance of John's trip to Washington. Pat scoffed at John's idea that she accompanies him to Washington because they would have little time together and Mary would have to babysit the twins for them. John begged Pat to reconsider his proposal.

Notes: First known mention of Emma Frame Ordway. For an unspecified reason, Jim replaced Alice for Act IV and the setting was changed from Alice's hospital room to the waiting room. Act IV was revised extensively to fit Jim into the scene with the majority of Alice's original lines being eliminated.

APRIL 10, 1972 (EP. #1979)
Pat lectured John for putting his career ahead of their marriage and for not having time for his family. John protested to Pat that he returns home from work exhausted and is bombarded with complaints from her. Pat bitterly told John to fly to Washington alone and stormed out of the house. Russ mused to Jim and Mary that he had unrealistic expectations towards his romance with Paula because they had different goals in life, then concluded that Paula taught him many things as a liberated woman. John called to tell Jim that he was worried about Pat because she went for a drive after they quarreled and left John to tend to the twins and pack for his trip alone. Jim impressed upon John that Pat feels neglected, but promised John that he and Mary would comfort Pat. Russ agreed with Jim's contention that taking sides in the conflicts between John and Pat would worsen matters. Mary asked Russ to speak to John so that he understood that Pat is under enormous pressure since Russ can be more objective. Lenore told Helen that she likes her job and realizes that her issues are trivial after exchanging baby stories with a patient. Helen assured Lenore that she is not under a strain by taking care of Wally and running the house while Lenore is at work. Lenore told Helen that she asked Mark to handle Walter's estate to alleviate embarrassment. Pat wailed to Lenore that she is tired of fighting with John, that he should anticipate her needs intuitively, and that he is not taking care of himself. Jim urged Pat to adopt patience, a pleasant mood, and a more amenable approach to resolving her issues with John. John lamented to Russ that other people are more sympathetic to his situation than Pat and that he cannot avoid tension at the office and in his household. Pat ignored John's conciliatory efforts, chastised him for keeping Marianne up late and getting the family involved in their problems, locked him out of their bedroom, and wept.

Notes: First appearance of Loriann Ruger as Marianne Randolph.

APRIL 11, 1972 (EP. #1980)
Rachel used the excuse that she has appointments with the restaurant's suppliers and flu season when Ada tried to pressure Rachel into taking Jamie to visit Ted. Ada was chagrined to learn from Rachel that Gerald had gone to the prison to reassure Ted that business at the Fireside Inn had improved and that Ray was doing well running the kitchen. Rachel defended Gerald for telling Ted about Steve's plans to establish a trust fund for Jamie and insisted that she must trust Gerald because he can ensure that the Fireside Inn thrives. Ada vowed that she would make sure that Jamie sees Ted more often to counter Gerald's harmful influence despite Rachel's objections. Mary tactfully advised Pat that she should have straightened things out with John before he left for Washington. Pat complained to Mary that she is tired of John not coming home for dinner, that she feels like a woman without a husband, and that she is becoming consumed with resentment towards John. Mary invited Pat and the twins to stay with her and Jim so that she would not be alone while John was in Washington. Ray was nonplussed when Ada acknowledged that Steve is Jamie's biological father and that Ted's petition to adopt the boy was postponed once Ted had been jailed. Gerald argued with Ada over Steve's plan to set up a trust fund for Jamie, Ted's resolve to support his family without Steve's help, and Gerald getting to know Steve. Ada warned Gerald to concentrate on running the restaurant instead of getting involved in her and Rachel's personal lives. Steve reassured Alice that being released from the hospital and returning home would ease her depression. Mary told Steve and Alice that John and Pat fought bitterly over his trip to Washington. Steve mentioned to Mary that Bernice accompanied John to Washington, prompting Mary to assume that it slipped Pat's mind because she had been under a terrible strain for months.

APRIL 12, 1972 (EP. #1981)
Alice persuaded Stuart to discharge her from the hospital. Stuart advised Alice to be mindful that she had major surgeries, to contact him should she experience any complications, then emphasized to her and Steve that they must not try to conceive another child for at least a year. Stuart requested that Alice contact Lenore to schedule weekly checkups with him, refrain from doing strenuous tasks, and to avoid situations that might increase Alice's depression. Steve and Alice were grateful when Pat offered to help Alice prepare to leave the hospital and get settled at home. John groaned to Bernice that his calls to Pat had gone unanswered and that they had a huge argument about his dedication to work the night before John went to Washington. Bernice disguised her personal interest as John contacted Mary to unearth Pat's whereabouts. Mary contended to John that Pat believes that he could be proactive in lessening his workload, that Pat is hurt and confused, but loves John unconditionally. Peggy noted Lenore's more cheerful, relaxed disposition since she started working for Stuart. Mark informed Lenore that she can use Walter's stocks and life insurance policy to supplement her income once Walter's loan is satisfied. Lenore was nonplussed to learn from Mark that Bernice is organizing Steve's Washington office while John handles its legal affairs. Lenore told Mark that she is not close to Bernice, who maintained a rivalry with Walter while he was alive. John asked Mark to retrieve the operational budget for the Washington office that he had left in his study. Lenore grew impatient as Mark discussed business with Bernice over the phone. Steve told Alice that he was remorseful for sending John to Washington because of his problems with Pat. Pat gave John an icy reception when he showed concern for her and apologized for their quarrel. John agreed to Bernice's suggestion that they share a quiet dinner at a restaurant.

APRIL 13, 1972 (EP. #1982)
Alice lamented to Jim that Spring has not raised her spirits, that she cannot muster the enthusiasm to read gardening books, has a lack of an appetite, and feels useless. Mary was speechless after she overheard Alice tell Jim that she is not worried about Steve's involvement in Jamie's life because John has consented to establishing a trust fund for the boy. Alice fretted to Jim and Mary that she fears that Jamie will be Steve's only child. Rachel told Steve that she sincerely wishes for Alice to recover swiftly. Steve was displeased to learn from Rachel that Gerald had informed Ted that Steve appointed John to set up a trust fund for Jamie. Rachel begged Steve to understand that Ted wants to provide for Jamie without his help and that Ada shares Ted's objections to Steve's plans for Jamie. Steve fumed once Rachel admitted that she could not stop Ada from taking Jamie to see Ted in jail. Rachel bemoaned to Steve that she has been fighting constantly with Ada because of Steve and Gerald's presence in her and Jamie's lives. Steve asked Rachel for cooperation so that he could financially support Jamie and see the boy on a regular basis without Ted's interference. Rachel promised Steve that she would not use the fact that they were together on the morning that Alice had her accident against him. Ted was thrilled to hold Jamie and hear a detailed account of Jamie's fun, educational activities he has in school. Ada warned Ted against trusting that Gerald will have a long-term role in ensuring that the Fireside Inn is a success, but Ted maintained that Gerald deserves to be repaid his loans. Ted told Ada that they must settle the matter of Steve seeing Jamie immediately, who took notice each time Steve's name was mentioned. Alice tried unsuccessfully to convince Steve to talk to Ted about the trust fund for Jamie. Steve insisted to Alice that they enjoy the evening together instead of discussing Ted, Gerald, and Jamie any further.

APRIL 14, 1972 (EP. #1983)
Mark was forgiving when Pat apologized for taking her frustrations towards John out on him after Pat retrieved the operational budget for the Washington office for Mark per John's request. Pat insisted on inviting Mark to dinner with her and John, despite Mark's statement that he had an enormous workload to tackle and predicted that he and John would likely "talk shop" in the living room. Mark told Pat that he envies John's home, marriage, and children and praised Pat for recommending him to handle Walter's estate for Lenore. Pat grew exasperated upon learning from Mark that Bernice was in Washington with John to organize Frame Enterprises' new office. Cindy promised Russ that she would review her work schedule in hopes that she can have dinner with the Matthews' family. Russ, Cindy, and Lenore agreed that Alice will come to accept losing the baby. Lenore told Russ and Cindy that she enjoys her job since it keeps her too busy to brood about things. Pat summoned Lenore because she desperately needed someone in which to confide her troubles. Pat wailed to Lenore that she and John had had an argument, that they have been sleeping separately, and left things unresolved before John left town. Lenore opined to Pat that the wife should make the overtures after an argument with their husbands because men struggle to ask women for forgiveness. Pat was not mollified when Lenore downplayed the fact that John failed to mention that Bernice was accompanying him to Washington and remarked that Bernice is too career-oriented to be a threat to other women. Pat hung up the phone after John told her that he must extend his stay in Washington until the middle of next week. Bernice talked a despondent John into having drinks and a leisurely dinner to forget his troubles. John expressed appreciation to Bernice for her sympathy and understanding, then gradually accepted Bernice's embrace and kisses.

APRIL 17, 1972 (EP. #1984)
Bernice asserted to John that they had needs that were being unfulfilled, though John lamented that he and Bernice are putting themselves into an impossible situation. John was somewhat mollified when Bernice swore that no one will know that they made love last night and that Bernice will not come between John and his family. Bernice told John that she feels needed and that she no longer has to suppress her emotions. John was grateful once Bernice promised to lend him comfort to alleviate the pressure he is experiencing. Alice confessed to Mary that she became wistful watching Pat interact with Michael and Marianne because the twins remind her of the baby that she and Steve lost. Mary urged Alice not to believe that she cannot conceive another child, that she is not being a burden to anyone, and that she should take care of herself. Alice chastised herself for wallowing in self-pity after learning from Mary that John and Pat's marital problems have worsened. Mary offered to babysit the twins so that Pat and Alice could spend the day together. Pat decided to speak to Steve about John's workload for Frame Enterprises per Alice's suggestion. Mark pointed out to Lenore that Bernice had worked closely on the legal aspects of Frame Enterprises with Walter before John assumed the duties. Bernice informed Mark that she and John must extend their time in Washington to finish interviewing potential lawyers for Steve. Pat groused to Steve that John is exhausting himself due to working late at the office, coming home with stacks of paperwork, and taking business trips. Steve told Pat that the Washington office would be handling the majority of his business affairs once it is established and John hires the attorneys for him. Pat decided to clear the air with John after Steve chided her for not believing John's explanations. John readily took Bernice's suggestion that they order room service after he unknowingly missed Pat's call.

Notes: First appearance of Tom Ruger as Michael Randolph.

APRIL 18, 1972 (EP. #1985)
John echoed Bernice's sentiments that she would rather forget about Frame Enterprises and the outside world to spend the day alone with him. Bernice cautioned John against complicating things further by not telling Pat that they must remain in Washington longer than they initially anticipated. Ada fretted to Ray that Ted does not have a confidante in prison since Ray was released on parole. Gerald defiantly proclaimed that Ada should be thankful that Steve wants to provide for Jamie instead of getting angry over the matter. Ada accused Gerald of purposely upsetting Ted by mentioning Steve's plans to establish a trust fund for Jamie and taking him and Rachel to see Steve at the house while Alice was hospitalized. Ada warned Gerald that his belated fatherly concern for Rachel is an unconvincing ploy. Rachel decided to intercede after a perturbed Gerald carped about Ada objecting to his presence in Jamie's life and treating him like dirt. Ray was baffled that Gerald begrudgingly allowed him to visit Ted under the stipulation that he not provide Ted with updates on the Fireside Inn. Rachel was incredulous when Gerald aired suspicions that Ada was secretly recruiting Ray to undermine him with Ted. Ada ranted to Rachel that Gerald boasted to her about seeing Steve and Alice's new house and becoming good friends with Steve. Rachel's anger towards Ada was diffused upon learning that Gerald told Ted about taking Rachel and Jamie to see Steve and Alice's house and the trust fund for Jamie. Ada lambasted Rachel for lying to Ted and vowed that she would not allow Rachel to destroy her marriage or Jamie. John berated Pat for humiliating him with an important client, interfering in business affairs by discussing his workload with Steve, and selfishly focusing on herself. Jim tactfully agreed with John's position and urged Pat to apologize to John. Pat tried unsuccessfully to contact John in hopes of making amends with him.

Ada: "...You keep piling up lies and secrets and pretty soon you'll be caught in your own trap."
Rachel: "Mom, my head's whirling. You go charging in and tell my father to stay out of our lives, and you're interfering more than he is. Why can't you leave me alone?"
Ada: "Because I love you too much to stand by and watch you destroy your marriage, and your son!"

APRIL 19, 1972 (EP. #1986)
Lenore praised Alice and Pat for persuading her to take the job as Stuart's assistant. Pat bleated to Lenore that she cannot comprehend anything that was occurring between her and John anymore. Cindy told Lenore that she receives letters from Ted on a regular basis. Stuart informed Cindy that he requested permission from Mrs. Hewitt to recruit her for a medical case that involves a patient of Stuart's who requires special attention. Lenore abruptly resumed organizing the filing cabinet after accidentally revealing to Stuart that Cindy was her nurse when she was hospitalized after Walter's death. Stuart instructed Alice not to build false hopes of conceiving a child before she fully recovers and that she could endanger her life by failing to obey his medical orders. Lenore was stunned when Alice fled Stuart's office instead of staying to socialize with her for a few minutes. Stuart advised Russ that Alice must accept that a perforated uterus takes a long time to heal before her mentality can improve. Russ told Stuart that Lenore's new job has afforded her the opportunity to quit dwelling on the past and rebound from the shock of Walter's death. Cindy told Russ that Mrs. Hewitt will adjust her nursing schedule to accommodate her time assisting Stuart with a patient. Russ invited Cindy to his apartment for drinks. Pat confided to Lenore her latest conflict with John. Lenore gave Pat sage advice on being flexible with John instead of holding his dedication to work against him and causing John to become less eager towards coming home to Pat. John was pleasantly surprised by Pat's excitement over him getting home tomorrow and acceptance towards him traveling to Washington in a few weeks. Russ openly admitted that he mistakenly thought he was in love with Paula while Cindy confessed that she ended their engagement because she was not ready for marriage. Russ and Cindy promised each other that they would make a new start.

APRIL 20, 1972 (EP. #1987)
John checked on the twins before having coffee with Pat. Pat apologized profusely to John for being childish while John harped on the fact that she embarrassed him in front of Steve. Pat recounted for John that Steve stated that the Washington office will be assuming most of John's work for Frame Enterprises, which will give John more time with Pat. John reminded Pat that he will have to fly to Washington in a couple weeks and that Bernice does not have the expertise to tackle the legal aspects of Steve's business. Pat surmised that she prevented John from telling him that Bernice was accompanying him to Washington and tried to remain cheerful despite that John could not promise to be home for dinner. Steve arranged for Bernice to periodically check on the staff of the Washington office because they will need fairly constant supervision at first. Bernice declined Steve's idea that she be transferred permanently to Washington to handle the office's administrative duties without John's input. Steve defended Pat's reasons for talking to him despite John's protests. John advised Steve that he would talk to Ada about dropping her objections towards Steve establishing a trust fund for Jamie. Steve relented when John asserted that he should not threaten people with punitive court actions like blocking Ada and Rachel from taking Jamie to visit Ted. Ted and Rachel fought over Steve's presence in Jamie's life and efforts to provide for the boy instead of respecting Ted's wishes to support Jamie himself. Rachel stormed out when Ted insinuated that Rachel secretly wants more from Steve than money for Jamie. Pat chastised herself for not accompanying John to Washington to ensure that he ate properly and relaxed during the evenings. John dissembled talking about business when Bernice called to tell John that she misses him. John decided against calling Bernice and reviewed paperwork while Pat went into the bedroom to read.

John: "Are you saying you don't want the trust fund now?"
Steve: "If the trust fund makes Alice happy then of course I want it."
John: "Okay. I can understand the trust fund because that's in Jamie's best interests, but I don't understand why you won't allow Ted to see Jamie. Unless you're trying to punish Ted for something."
Steve: "Why should I do that?"
John: "People do all kinds of things for reasons they don't understand Steve."

APRIL 21, 1972: Pre-empted for Apollo 16 Launch.

APRIL 24, 1972 (EP. #1988)
John remonstrated Bernice for placing him in an awkward position by calling him while Pat was present and emphasized that he will not pretend to talk about business or contact Bernice on the sly. Bernice told John that she was desperate to hear his voice and does not want to limit their time together to office-related interactions. John told Bernice that they must be careful or Pat will learn about their affair, but cautioned Bernice against forcing him to choose between her and Pat. Bernice reflected to John that she goes home to an empty apartment, but insisted that she does not harbor regrets since John came into her life. Steve told John that Alice is pressing him to finalize the trust fund for Jamie so that he is not involved with Rachel in any way. John warned Steve not to antagonize Ted by putting conditions on Jamie's financial support like stopping the boy from visiting Ted. Steve asserted to John that Ted must prove whether or not he truly cares about Jamie's future. Rachel voiced fears to Gerald that Ted may get into trouble by being disturbed about Steve's presence in Jamie's life. Gerald badmouthed Ted to Rachel, who fretted over Ted losing his temper during her last visit to the jail. Gerald urged Rachel to make sure that Ted does not cause Steve to abandon his plans for Jamie rather than concern herself with Ted's objections. Jim encouraged Alice to occupy her time in constructive ways to stop her from brooding. Alice teased Russ for being evasive about reconciling with Cindy. Alice opined to Russ that Steve finalizing the trust fund will be the best thing for everyone. Steve was unsympathetic to Rachel's conflicts with Ted and threatened to drag her into court should she attempt to keep Jamie away from him, which was overheard by Ada. Ada accused Rachel of using Steve for financial gain and defying Ted's wishes. Rachel groused to Ada that Ted cannot give her the things that wives expect from their husbands right now.

APRIL 25, 1972 (EP. #1989)
Bernice wistfully told John that she came to the office early because she was anxious to see him and fondly recalls the evenings they spent together in Washington. John conceded to Bernice that he cannot promise that they can see each other outside of work because too many people know them in Bay City. Mark unknowingly stopped John from embracing Bernice to tell John that Ada is waiting to speak with him. Ada told John that she suspects that Steve will believe that he has free reign to see Jamie once the trust fund has been established. John informed Ada that Alice insisted on it so that Steve does not have to be directly involved with Jamie or Rachel. Ada agreed to quit protesting Steve's efforts under the condition that John controls how Jamie's trust fund is used. John tried to placate Ada by vowing to discuss things with Ted and emphasized that Steve's relationship will be within a legal framework instead of a personal one. Steve asked Rachel to pick up Jamie from school so that he could take her and Jamie for a drive in the country and a picnic afterwards. Peggy agreed to check with the prison warden about letting Ray visit Ted to raise his spirits. Ray told Peggy that he mainly works with Gerald at the Fireside Inn, that he lives in one of the apartments above the restaurant, and feels indebted to Ted for his friendship and trust in getting him a job. Ray was pleased when Peggy was amenable to having dinner with him in the near future. Rachel vowed to talk to Ted before John discusses Steve's plans for Jamie with him. Ada stirred Rachel's ire by pointing out that she broke her promise to Ted that she would not allow Steve to see Jamie. Mark and Bernice realized that they both fill the emptiness in their lives by working so much. Bernice happily accepted Mark's invitation to have dinner with him at the Top of the Tower. John slammed a folder down on the table due to being angry and jealous of Bernice's date with Mark.

APRIL 26, 1972 (EP. #1990)
Rachel and Jamie were impressed by everything Steve packed for them to eat for their picnic outdoors. Steve countered that it was too beautiful a day to be indoors in response to Jamie's request to see the house Steve shares with Alice again. Jim told Mary and Alice that John was rightfully annoyed with Pat for talking to Steve about his workload. Alice sadly confessed to Jim and Mary that she is bothered by being around Michael and Marianne, feels like an invalid, and lamented that she is a burden and lousy company to friends and family. Jim encouraged Alice to talk to Stuart, who has experience with women who have lost their babies, prompting Alice to wail that everyone would benefit by her remaining silent. Steve instructed Rachel to reopen her charge accounts at Bryant's, buy new clothes for Jamie, and have the bills sent to Steve's office. Rachel understood Steve's drive to provide for Jamie as they compared notes on their respective childhoods and watched Jamie play in the park. Rachel reiterated to a defiant Steve that Ted does not approve of Steve setting up a trust fund for Jamie or spending time with the boy. Steve told Rachel that he would tell Alice everything concerning Jamie once she has recovered and suggested that Rachel come clean to Ted immediately. Jim, Mary, Russ, and Cindy remarked on the ways in which Steve and Alice avoid social occasions because they are still distraught over their loss. Jim impressed upon Mary that Jamie is an issue that Steve and Alice must tackle themselves without input or interference from anyone else. Ada doubted Rachel's claim that she and Jamie went to the state park in Bayview. Rachel surreptitiously begged Jamie to keep quiet about their day with Steve because Ada and Ted dislike him and would impede the two of them having more outings with Steve. Ada bluntly asked Rachel whether she was going to start being honest with her going forward.

Rachel: "When I was a kid, Mom used to wait till there was a remnant sale, and then come home and make me dresses --"
Steve: "You know, I can just see Ada doing that..."
Rachel: "They were okay, but not as good as what the other girls wore...They didn't look store bought. I used to refuse to go to parties because I hated all my dresses so much."
Steve: "Did Ada know that?"
Rachel: "I never told her I was invited. I still get cold shivers when I see white eyelets. I used to dream of having dresses with labels in them from good stores ---"
Steve: "At least you had someone making clothes for you. My mother didn't have time for things like that. I never had clothes of my own, until I bought them myself after I left home."
Rachel: "I never knew that."
Steve: "Oh, yes. My brothers and I wore hand-me-downs from neighbors or uncles and cousins. I'd start out wearing shoes that were so big I had to put rags in the toes and ended up with them so tight I could hardly walk."
Rachel: "I always thought clothes mattered more to girls than to boys."
Steve: "It's hard to tell what matters to a kid, isn't it?"

APRIL 27, 1972: Pre-empted for Apollo 16 Return and Splashdown.

APRIL 28, 1972 (EP. #1991)
Lenore confessed to Alice that she is struggling to find the time to visit her because she is trying to juggle her job and tending to Wally. Stuart brought Alice into his office for an impromptu consultation when she suddenly burst into tears in front of Lenore. Alice wailed to Stuart that she is young and healthy yet starts crying without a reason while suppressing her emotions to everyone. Stuart encouraged Alice to freely express her grief over losing the baby, speak openly with Steve, resume a social life, and confided in friends such as Lenore. Alice heeded Stuart's advice not to cut herself off from life by arranging to spend time with Lenore and Wally. Pat was miffed when John let Marianne read more rhyming books than Michael and showed more affection to Marianne than Michael. Bernice arranged for her and Mark to drop off some figures that John needed for a meeting with a client and implied that it would be wise for Bernice to be seen in the company of another man. John asked Pat not to ruin their evening together by accusing him of favoring Marianne over Michael. Pat opined to a John that Bernice is missing out on enjoying an active social life by being career oriented. Alice swore to Steve that she would quit moping around and spend time with Lenore, Pat, and their children. Steve told Alice that he changed his mind about locating Willis because they have enough problems in the present without resurrecting painful memories of his past. Alice predicted to Steve that they could move forward with their future once John has obtained Ted's approval to finalize Jamie's trust fund. Bernice told Pat that she and Mark must temporarily postpone accepting Pat's dinner invitation because John and Bernice will be returning to Washington soon. Pat was stunned by John's indifferent attitude towards Mark and Bernice's budding romance. Mark was amused that Bernice acted resistant to his sexual advances while they sat in his car.

John: "What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice. That's what little girls are made of." (HUGS HER) "And that's true, isn't it?"
Marianne: "Yes."
Pat: "It certainly is."
John: (READING) "And what are little boys made of? Snips and snails, and puppy dog tails. Ugh. That's what little boys are made of."
Pat: "And that's certainly not true, is it, Michael?"
Michael: "I don't know."
Pat: "Boys are made of just the same things as little girls are."

Notes: This episode contains the first lines of dialogue for Michael and Marianne Randolph.

MAY 1, 1972 (EP. #1992)
Ray speculated to Gerald that Ted will be thrilled that the restaurant has almost doubled its business. Ray decided to talk to Peggy about obtaining visitation rights when Rachel broke her promise to visit Ted in her place. Gerald was somewhat placated when Ray insisted that Ada did not have messages for Ray to deliver to Ted. Rachel informed Gerald that Ada is no longer opposed to Steve establishing a trust fund after John spoke with her. Gerald encouraged Rachel not to reject Steve's generosity because she should capitalize on a rich man's willingness to provide for her son. Rachel confessed to Gerald that she would rather handle Jamie's support personally because she dislikes consulting with lawyers and bank executives. Gerald pushed Rachel to get to Ted since Ada is associated with Ray, who could influence Ted to resist Steve's efforts. Ted accused John of persuading Ada to conclude that Steve's money is more important than Jamie's happiness, asserted that Jamie became his son once he married Rachel, and that he wants to adopt Jamie. John argued to Ted that the court might determine that Ted is denying Jamie the right to receive support from his biological father. Ted maintained to John that Steve should forget about Jamie and that he should never learn his true parentage, despite John's claims that the trust fund is a legal arrangement that guarantees Jamie's welfare will not be subjected to Steve's whims. Ted proclaimed to John that Steve's money cannot buy the future of his family and rebuffed any further discussion. Helen credited Alice for raising Lenore's spirits. Alice gushed to Helen and Lenore that she took an important step in facing her fears by watching and holding Wally for a few moments. Lenore encouraged Alice to consider resuming her career as a nurse to deal with her grief. Russ complimented Cindy for her musical talents and for her carefree outlook. Cindy and Russ decided to get engaged.

Lenore: (PICKING [WALLY] UP) "...Alice, would you hold him a minute, while I pick up these toys he keeps throwing out of his playpen...?"
Helen: "I'll hold him if you want."
Alice: "No, let me do it." (LENORE GIVES THE BABY TO ALICE) "Well, hello, there. Lenore, he's quite an armful."
Lenore: "That's because he eats everything in sight. Watch out for your necklace, there, by the way."
Alice: "Oh, it's nice holding a baby --"
Lenore: "It's even nicer bathing him. Would you like to help me?"
Alice: "Well, yes, I would."

MAY 2, 1972 (EP. #1993)
John reproached Pat for casually accusing him of favoring Marianne over Michael after complaining for months that John was neglecting them. Pat wailed to John that she could not say anything without displeasing him since John returned from Washington, prompting John to denounce Pat for acting like a martyr. John angrily told Pat that he was heading to the office to finish the work he put aside so that he could have a quiet, pleasant evening with his family. Mark noted Bernice's unfriendly greeting and commented that she has seemed irritable ever since she came back to Bay City. Bernice smiled despite herself when Mark emphasized that he has started a mission to provide Bernice with relaxation in an otherwise barren life and that he, John, and Steve would hate to see Bernice exhaust herself. Mark charmed a reluctant Bernice into going out on a date with him, which caused Bernice to miss John's call. Pat fretted to Lenore that John seemed eager to get away from her and that the most innocent statements seem to instigate fights between Pat and John. Lenore theorized to Pat that John may be bothered by an unrelated subject to justify John's sensitivity over his treatment of Michael and Marianne, then recalled that she and Walter quarreled over meaningless things until she got Walter to confide his troubles to her. Pat told Lenore that John may resent the behavior she exhibited before he went to Washington and that their marriage is troubled. Bernice admitted to Mark that she is wary of pursuing a romance with him because of her history of failed relationships. John called Bernice, deduced that Mark was with her, and requested that Bernice end her evening with Mark so that he could come to the apartment. Bernice bragged to John that she is creating a smokescreen to conceal their affair by feigning interest in Mark. Mark called Bernice to plan another date with her while John secretly embraced Bernice.

MAY 3, 1972 (EP. #1994)
Alice told Steve that it is good for her to stay occupied and interact with children. John requested a conference with Steve over Ted's staunch resistance towards establishing a trust fund for Jamie. Steve was against taking Alice's idea that he speak with Ted about Jamie's support before consulting with John. Alice muttered to herself that she feels useless because of everyone's worries over her welfare. John informed Steve that Ted was resolute in providing for Jamie himself, that Ted is clinging to his family due to feeling threatened, and thinks of Jamie as his son. Steve tried to convince John to arrange a meeting for him and Ted and confirmed John's suspicions that part of Steve's motivation was to see Jamie regularly, which is currently impossible without seeing Rachel. John warned Steve that he is creating issues himself and Alice by concealing his involvement with Jamie, though Steve reiterated that Jamie will not be subjected to the suffering he experienced as a child. Stuart was pleased that Alice spent time with Lenore and Wally. Lenore reluctantly told Stuart that Alice had hoped to bear a child for Steve so that he would let Ted and Rachel raise Jamie on their own. Stuart encouraged Lenore to continue talking to Alice about resuming her nursing career. Belle was overjoyed when Russ and Cindy revealed that they had become engaged again. Russ and Cindy planned to announce their engagement to Jim and Mary after they celebrated with Belle. Pat reflected to Mary that John seems withdrawn, preoccupied, and frequently takes walks and drives to clear his head. Mary suggested that Pat take John out for a night of dinner and dancing to ease his tension and moodiness. Russ and Cindy asked Mary and Pat not to throw them an engagement party. Pat decided to host a small dinner party for Russ and Cindy with hopes that the occasion might improve John's attitude. Bernice was thrilled when John visited her unexpectedly.

John: "Because I want to make you realize the network of lies you're building up here --"
Steve: "John, you're a father, you must understand how I feel --"
John: "I understand that you're creating a future that can only bring unhappiness to you and Alice --"
Steve: "I know that, but I know, too, that when I look into Jamie's face, I see my own and my younger brothers' faces. Nobody can ever keep me from watching him grow from month to month any more than I can keep myself from protecting him from the hardships I went through at his age."

MAY 4, 1972 (EP. #1995)
John shared Pat's joy over Russ and Cindy getting engaged. Pat was elated when John was amenable to the two of them having a night out and Pat's plans to host a dinner party to celebrate Russ and Cindy's engagement. Pat was astounded by John's restraint towards her kisses and happiness over spending time alone with him. Ada was unsurprised to hear from John that Ted is adamantly opposed to Steve setting up a trust fund for Jamie and groused that everyone is getting Ted upset during their visits with him. John disagreed with Ada's contentions that Steve influenced Rachel into accepting his support for Jamie and that Alice is complicating things by pushing for the trust fund. John tried to appeal to Ada's sensible nature by emphasizing that she could help reconcile the differences in the situation instead of taking sides. Ada swore to John that Jamie's best interests are more important than Steve being able to live with his conscience. An intern named Ken Fletcher agreed to gather tests for Russ and Dr. Hecht's cardiology research. Russ told Pat that Cindy is superstitious about engagement parties because she and Russ split shortly after the last one. Pat persuaded Russ into talking Cindy into letting Pat throw a dinner party for them. Jim and Mary praised Pat for rearranging the twins' sleep schedule so that they could see John more. Jim and Mary were relieved that John agreed to Pat hosting a party for Russ and Cindy and taking Pat out next week. Pat lamented to Jim and Mary that John may hold a grudge against her for complaining to Steve about John's workload. Bernice summoned John to her office so that they could neck. Bernice noted Mark's persistence while warning him that she does not let relationships become permanent. Mark bought John and Bernice's claim that they were having a working lunch. Bernice quipped to John that they should enjoy life when John fretted about playing mind games on other people.

MAY 5, 1972 (EP. #1996)
Emma Ordway introduced herself to Mark and Peggy as Steve's sister and explained that she receives letters from Mark with checks in Steve's name. Mark understood when Emma revealed that she had come to see Steve because of trouble within the family. Peggy convinced an apprehensive Emma to wait at the house with Alice until Steve returns from visiting Ted in jail. Ted retorted that he is not interested in making things easy for Steve, who lambasted Ted for opposing the trust fund, adopting a self-defeating attitude, and mocked Ted getting jailed. Steve abandoned his defensive approach by imploring Ted to remember their own poor backgrounds and be mindful that Jamie should not be deprived of anything as a child. Ted asserted to Steve that Ada and Rachel would provide adequately for Jamie, was dubious towards Steve's claim that it was Alice's idea to set up a trust fund for Jamie, and questioned whether Steve will stay away from the boy once it is established. Steve vowed that he would carry out his plans for Jamie without Ted's approval in retaliation for Ted taunting him over wanting to care for Jamie while refusing to marry Rachel. Ted lunged over the table and into the visitors' screen at Steve, leading a guard to hold Ted in a hammerlock and escort him to solitary confinement. Mary was intrigued as Alice commented that Steve had started talking about his family. Emma awkwardly echoed Alice's pride in the house that Steve built and his business success. Peggy and Mary excused themselves so that Emma and Alice could talk privately. Alice listened intently as Emma recounted that Steve was restless and spoke purposefully even as a child. Emma told Alice that the family took their wagon to Chadwell once every two weeks, that their mother died after Emma got married, and that Steve left home shortly after their father died. Steve was speechless upon facing Emma after many years.

Mark: "Good afternoon. I understand you want to see me."
Emma: (Beverlee McKinsey, Introduction Line) "You Mark Venable?"
Mark: "That's right."
Emma: "I'm Emma Ordway. Mrs. Emma Ordway."
Mark: "The name sounds familiar, but I can't place it."
Emma: "You send me checks from Steve Frame. Used to be Mr. Curtin, now it's you "

Emma: "You got any brothers and sisters?"
Alice: "One of each."
Emma: "Well, now, maybe you three could tell the same story about growing up together. Big family like ours, no two stories are the same."
Alice: "What do you mean?"
Emma: "What I remember about being young wouldn't have much to do with what Steve remembers. So, better you find out from him the things you'd like to know."

Note: First appearance of Beverlee McKinsey as Emma Frame Ordway. Willis's letter to Emma from Louisville: "Need thousand dollars. Fast. Help me. Willis." Willis left home two years ago. Emma reveals that Steve left home 15-16 years ago.

MAY 8, 1972 (EP. #1997)
Emma ruefully commented to Steve that she struggles to believe that anyone who came from such a poor background as theirs could live in a luxurious house and have a wife like Alice. Emma told Steve and Alice that, while all the Frames work hard, none of them have experienced Steve's good fortune in life. Steve expressed guilt to Emma and Alice for leaving home and not doing more for his family, but Emma acknowledged Steve's drive to make his own life and insisted that she is grateful for the checks that Steve issues to them. Emma told Alice that Steve went to high school with her husband, Burt Ordway and that Steve was considered the smartest kid in school. Steve read Willis' letter to Emma, which contained a post office number in Louisville and stated that he desperately needed $1,000.00 to get out of a scrape. Emma discouraged Steve from writing to Willis along with sending the money because Willis is independent and would dislike attempts to trace his whereabouts. Pat told Russ that she wishes to throw him and Cindy a small, intimate dinner party to celebrate their engagement and to improve Steve and Alice's moods since Alice rarely leaves the house and Steve has been avoiding his friends. Russ approved of Pat's plans to provide social occasions for John. Pat invited Russ to have dinner with her and John. John reminded Bernice that they could not see each other regularly and maintained that he promised to come home to Pat. Bernice tried to assuage John's jealousy towards her dating Mark and concerns that they were being unfair to him. Emma told Steve and Alice that she and Burt took in Willis once their mother died and that Willis fled after having a foolish argument with Burt. Steve recalled watching his parents getting into a physical altercation and saving Willis from a beating by standing up to their father. A despondent Steve called Rachel to make arrangements to see Jamie next week.

Steve: "It's been a long time too long."
Emma: "Things have changed for you, Steve..."
Alice: "Is something wrong, Emma?"
Emma: "If I wasn't seeing it with my own two eyes, I'd never believe it."
Alice: "What?"
Emma: "That anyone coming from what Steve and I were raised up in, would ever live in a house like this or have a wife like you."
Steve: "Sometimes I can't believe it myself."
Emma: "It's a long way from the overalls and the oilcloth but maybe you've forgotten all about them."
Steve: "I've tried to..."
Jenny: "No! Henry! Stop it!"
Henry: "Out of my way or you'll get the same." (HE SLAPS HER)
Jenny: "You ought to be locked up!"
Henry: "Give me that kid."
Steve: "You leave him along, Pa."
Jenny: "You stay away from my baby." (HENRY TRIES TO TAKE WILLIS FROM HER)
Willis: "Stevie! Stevie!"
Steve: "I'm telling you to let him alone."
Steve: ["grab him" penciled in] (YELLING) "You let him alone, Pa. Next time you ever touch that boy, I'll kill you!" (HENRY SLOWLY LETS THE CHILD DOWN) "I mean it..." (CAMERA COMES BACK OUT OF FLASHBACK ONTO STEVE'S FACE IN THE PRESENT. HE SHAKES HIS HEAD)

Notes: Mark Beal appeared as Young Willis. Chase Crosley appeared as Jenny Frame. The cast sheet doesn't give acting credits for Young Steve and Henry Frame. However, George Reinholt may have played Henry Frame in Steve's flashback. Emma was two years younger than Steve. She had five children. The eldest, Henry, was named after her father. Sterling, the youngest, was born February 1971. She miscarried two. The script dates Steve's flashback as taking place in 1955 and gives Steve's age as seventeen and Willis's age as six.

MAY 9, 1972 (EP. #1998)
Steve sadly reflected to Alice that Emma assumed the responsibilities of raising their younger siblings while he fled and likely failed to solve their problems by providing financial support to them without being present in the family's lives. Alice understood Steve's doubts towards getting a response from Willis when he wires money to the post office number in Louisville. Steve informed Alice that he is temporarily suspending plans to establish the trust fund, that he hopes that someone could convince Ted that it is for Jamie's welfare, and that Ted blew a fuse every time Steve mentioned Jamie's name. Steve and Emma reminisced about the family farm giving them plenty of food, despite the many things that they were lacking as children. Emma begrudgingly accepted Steve's offer to send her home by plane instead of taking the bus. Steve was nonplussed by Emma's awkward reaction once he revealed that Jamie was the illegitimate son he had prior to getting married to Alice. Russ convinced Cindy to drop her objections toward engagement parties because John and Pat had not entertained for months and Steve and Alice had kept to themselves since losing their baby. Cindy shared Russ's optimism that Ted would be released from jail by the time they got married. Pat invited Lenore and Stuart to the dinner party she is throwing to celebrate Russ and Cindy's engagement. Lenore was surprised to learn from Pat that Mark and Bernice are dating. Alice opined that Steve and Emma are very much alike because they accept their responsibilities in life. Steve admitted to Alice that he was not enthusiastic about the trust fund because it seemed like treating Jamie as an object instead of a person. Alice gradually agreed to Steve's idea of letting Rachel open charge accounts for Jamie. Steve told himself that he cannot repeat past mistakes by cutting Jamie out of his life.

Emma: (Beverlee McKinsey, Exit Line) (Frame living room, to Steve) "Well, now, you got things to do, so why don't I pack my satchel while Alice is fixing my breakfast."

Notes: Last appearance of Beverlee McKinsey as Emma Frame Ordway.

MAY 10, 1972 (EP. #1999)
Gerald tried to ingratiate himself to a noncommittal Steve by stressing that he was also barred from Ada's house and that Rachel keeps him abreast of everything taking place in her life. Steve was unsympathetic when Gerald conceded that he was trying to make amends with Rachel and proclaimed that he would not side against Ada out of respect for her. Rachel acquiesced to Steve's demands that she keeps Gerald out of their personal affairs. Steve told a shocked Rachel that his conversation with Ted about the trust fund devolved into Ted trying to attack him. Steve advised Rachel that he wants her to open charge accounts and encouraged Rachel to falsely claim to Ada that the Fireside Inn's profits make it so Rachel can afford things for Jamie. Rachel expressed fears to Steve that Ada and Ted would be suspicious of sending Jamie to an expensive summer camp per Steve's wishes. Steve was appalled when Rachel mentioned that Ted insinuated that Steve and Rachel may be carrying on behind his back. Bernice fretted that she does not have any friends in Bay City while trying to evade accepting Mark's invitation to see a French film with him. John grimly told Bernice that he seemed to be constantly chasing Mark away from her. Bernice expressed envy because John is taking Pat to Tallboys for dinner and confessed that she yearns to be seen in public with John. Steve discussed Emma's visit and tracking down Willis in Louisville with John. Steve informed John that Alice has knowledge of him allowing Rachel to open charge accounts for Jamie since Ted is vehemently opposed to the trust fund. Ada lectured Rachel for echoing Gerald's sentiments of putting undue importance on knowing the "right people" instead of doing the right things to succeed in life. Rachel insolently told Ada that she does not care about other people's opinions towards her efforts to provide for Jamie.

MAY 11, 1972 (EP. #2000)
Rachel told Ada that she wants to buy new clothes for Jamie so that he does not get ridiculed by the other children. Rachel fibbed to Ada that Gerald was giving her a salary from the restaurant's profits that would cover Jamie's expenses. Ada was stunned when Rachel proclaimed that Ray was taking her place to visit Ted. Ada implored Rachel to make allowances to Ted for blowing a fuse and to be honest with him to quell Ted's animosity towards Steve. Rachel rejected Ada's suggestion that she tell Ted that Steve had decided against setting up a trust fund for Jamie and reassure Ted that they would care for Jamie without Steve's help. Ada warned Rachel that she should be prepared to deal with Steve paying for Jamie's tuition before Ted is released and prove her love to him. Rachel carped that she is tired of people's distrust in her when Ada stressed that Steve and Rachel's clandestine meetings and agreements will arouse everyone's suspicions. Jim and Mary encouraged Pat to accept her friend, Adrianne's invitation for Pat and John to visit a lodge that she and her husband owned. Pat privately doubted John's eagerness to spend time with her despite Jim and Mary's belief that John would enjoy taking a vacation with Pat. Peggy informed Ray that the warden cleared him to see Ted without sacrificing his relatives' visitation rights. Rachel told Gerald that she is avoiding Ted due to his temper and for making insinuations that Steve and Rachel are interested in each other. Gerald hinted to Rachel that she should reconsider the reasons for Steve's presence in her life. Rachel accused Ada of criticizing her and failing to recognize that she is an adult who is capable of running her own life. Rachel arrogantly told Ada that she is making deals with Steve to ensure Jamie's future and that she and Ted will not need Steve once the restaurant becomes more profitable. Ada warned Rachel that she may be denying interest in Steve.

MAY 12, 1972 (EP. #2001)
Ada rebuked Gerald's attempts to make small talk with her. Ray informed Ada that the warden granted him special visitation rights so that Ted's relatives do not have to sacrifice their visits and because Ted has been uptight and depressed lately. Ada gave Ray a batch of cookies, Jamie's drawings, and books to give to Ted. Ada scoffed at Gerald's sentiment that they shared a fine grandson between them. Ray was miffed when Gerald interrogated him on whether or not Ada gave Ray messages to relay to Ted concerning Rachel and Steve's activities. Gerald made a veiled threat to Ray about minding his own business while he was employed at the Fireside Inn. Mary agreed to babysit the twins so that Pat could do some shopping and buy a new dress to wear when she and John have dinner at Tallboys. Ada was slightly pacified when Mary promised that Ada would not trigger Alice's memories of Rachel's machinations against her by paying Alice a visit. Mary expressed regret to Ada that Ted disagreed with Steve establishing the trust fund because it would have settled Jamie's support through legal means instead of personal ones. Ada fretted to Mary that it is becoming harder to conceal Jamie's true parentage because the boy is becoming more inquisitive and aware of his surroundings. Ted ruefully told Ray that Rachel had not written to him or returned for a visit since they had an argument. Ray gave Ted sage advice on behaving himself so that he can be paroled, reunited with family and friends, and resume ownership of the restaurant. Ted asked Ray to keep tabs on Gerald. John suggested that Pat take the twins to Adrianne's hunting lodge since John doubted that he could take time away from work to join Pat. Pat unwittingly made John squirm by inviting Mark and Bernice to share a drink with them at Tallboys. Bernice secretly whispered romantic overtures to John while Mark danced with Pat.

MAY 15, 1972 (EP. #2002)
Pat raved about the wonderful evening she had with John to soothe her chagrin that John's workload has not lessened. John maintained that he sees Mark and Bernice at the office when Pat commented that John grew distant once Mark and Bernice joined them at Tallboys. Pat gently chided John for disputing her opinion that Mark and Bernice are serious about each other. John fended off Bernice's advances for fear that someone would catch them, but mollified Bernice by revealing that they could spend the evening together because he lied to Pat about working late. Bernice accepted Pat's invitation for her and Mark to have drinks at the Randolph household prior to Russ and Cindy's dinner party. John confessed to Bernice that he was jealous of her and Mark. Steve told John that he received Willis's telegram from San Diego, which acknowledged that the money had been received, but did not include a post office box. John was sympathetic when Steve confessed that he is consumed with remorse for abandoning his family. Pat told Mary that she invited Mark and Bernice over for drinks and Lenore and Stuart to the dinner party because Alice might benefit by socializing with them outside of the hospital. Alice told Mary about Emma's visit and recounted that Steve rarely talks about his family because the topic is painful for him. Alice told Mary that she would not impede Steve from supporting Jamie because Steve has been unhappy lately. Ray overheard Gerald badmouth Ted for rejecting the trust fund to Steve, who brusquely advised Gerald that the subject of Jamie is solely between him and Rachel. Steve insisted on Jamie attending summer camp and being allowed to spend time alone with him, despite Rachel's concerns towards Ted's reaction. Rachel told Gerald that Steve dislikes talking about personal matters with certain people. Gerald implied to Rachel that it is difficult to separate a child and a mother's interests.

MAY 16, 1972 (EP. #2003)
An annoyed John informed Peggy, Mark, and Bernice that Rogers-Chemical continues to object to clauses within the merger agreement with Frame Enterprises. Mark joked to John and Peggy that Judge Atwood might pay attention to Bernice's arguments on a weak case because he likes attractive women. John laid into Mark for not being prepared for a hearing, having a lackadaisical attitude towards work, and suggested that Mark consider whether he was pulling his weight at the firm or not. Bernice went to console John while Peggy urged Mark to make allowances for him because John has been stressed since Walter died, that John rarely sees Pat and the twins, and needs to vent his frustrations. Mark expressed regret to Bernice for being facetious in front of John and potentially disappointing him. Bernice evaded responding to Mark's musings over being full of jokes and old songs due to his happiness towards getting to know Bernice better. Stuart congratulated Russ and Cindy on their engagement. Cindy asked Stuart for a day off so that she could tell Ted that she and Russ are engaged in person. Russ opined that Rachel should not oppose Cindy taking her visiting day because she has important news to tell Ted and that Cindy had done many favors for Rachel. Lenore reiterated to Stuart that he should not organize his schedule to make things easier for her. Stuart told Lenore that he hopes to observe Alice outside of his office at the dinner party. Lenore politely declined Stuart's offers to provide her transportation to the dinner party. Jim was relieved that Mark settled Walter's estate so that Lenore's income with be slightly supplemented. Lenore told Jim that she strives to be self-sufficient. Bernice warned John that his jealousy towards Mark may arouse people's suspicions of John and Bernice's friendship. John and Mark made amends. Bernice joked to Mark that they should relax in public because of his impulsive behavior.

MAY 17, 1972 (EP. #2004)
Ada told Rachel that she disapproves of Steve paying for Jamie's schooling, despite the fact that Jamie is learning to read quickly. Rachel agreed to let Cindy take her place in visiting Ted at the jail because Cindy wanted to tell Ted that she and Russ are engaged. Rachel was chagrined that Ada discussed her and Ted's personal issues with Mary, leading Ada to point out that Rachel is not being forthright with Ted. Ray lamented to Ada that Ted was disciplined after a confrontation with Steve and fears that Ted would be denied parole should he fail to be obedient at the prison. Ada and Ray tried to be optimistic that Ted and Rachel would make amends. Ray grew alarmed as Ada hypothesized that Gerald may withdraw his investment in the Fireside Inn to spite Ted. Gerald voiced suspicions to Rachel that Ray may be up to something. Rachel interposed when Gerald was skeptical towards Ray's assertions that he tried to raise Ted's spirits. Gerald tried to persuade Rachel into firing Ray since Ted will not want Gerald's help once he is paroled, but Rachel maintained that she should not do anything to antagonize Ted. Gerald advised Rachel not to stand in the way of Steve bonding with his son, despite Ted's protests over Steve paying for Jamie's expenses and seeing the boy regularly. Pat joked to Jim and Alice that Mary took the twins to the Matthews house for two days so that Pat can prepare and recover from the party that she is hosting. Alice told Jim and Pat that she was ready to socialize again. Pat told Alice that she and John enjoyed their time with Mark and Bernice at Tallboys, that Mark is fun, and Bernice is an affable, confident woman. Alice told Jim and Pat that Steve feels a strong obligation towards supporting his family and that she does not want Steve to be worried about Jamie's needs. Rachel told Steve that Jamie had the right to know his biological father and instructed Steve to pick up Jamie at the Fireside Inn tomorrow morning.

Pat: "Why don't we put those two big ones over here ---"
Jim: "They'd be better along the side, honest, in case someone wants to dance ---"
Pat: "Oh, Dad, it's just a little dinner party, not a ball."
Jim: "I've been to your little dinner parties before, Pat --"
Pat: "I guess you're right..."

MAY 18, 1972 (EP. #2005)
John fretted to Bernice that they may be acting indiscreetly by having long lunches together at work. John groused to Bernice about Pat throwing a dinner party for Russ and Cindy. Bernice advised John that stringing Mark along is the best way to keep everyone from suspecting their affair. Pat confided to Alice that she was apprehensive in responding to Adrianne's invitation because she would hate to go without John since he has been spending more time with the twins. Alice told Pat that she was looking forward to Russ and Cindy's dinner party since she and Steve will get to talk to other people besides themselves. Pat refused to let Alice blame herself for prolonging Steve's depression. Alice told Pat that she was thinking of returning to nursing. Cindy told Ted that she and Russ are engaged. Ted informed Cindy that he might be paroled in time to attend Russ and Cindy's wedding. Cindy was disturbed to learn that Ted got into arguments with Steve and Rachel over Jamie's support. Cindy implored Ted not to believe Gerald's claim that Steve is seeing Jamie regularly, to trust Rachel, and to be grateful that Rachel has more time with Jamie since Gerald started managing the Fireside Inn. Ted asked Cindy to tell Rachel that he is contrite for acting like a fool and that he misses Rachel and Jamie. Stuart and Alice agreed that Lenore was an independent person. Steve told Stuart that Alice assumes a brave, cheerful facade for everyone's benefit. Stuart encouraged Steve to get Alice into doing social activities. Alice proclaimed that Cindy will be a wonderful wife to Russ and welcomed her into the family. Stuart urged Alice to talk to Steve about working again. John quietly seethed when Pat commented that Mark should not be envious of married men with families because he has a blossoming romance with Bernice. John looked away with irritation as Mark held Bernice's hand and everyone listened to Cindy perform a song.

MAY 19, 1972 (EP. #2006)
Stuart opined to Pat, Cindy, and Lenore that social gatherings will improve Alice's morale. Pat convinced Mark, Bernice, Russ, and Cindy to remain at the dinner party because Pat wanted to continue celebrating with everyone, much to John's annoyance. Stuart was miffed when Lenore went to talk to Cindy after Mark and Pat interrupted their brief exchange. John griped to Bernice that she and Mark were foolish to accept Pat's invitation to attend the dinner party. Pat led Mark back to Bernice and indulgently laughed while watching Russ and Cindy holding hands and gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. Lenore admitted to Stuart that she is avoiding him because she intends to keep her private and professional lives separate. Lenore declined Stuart's offers to take her out to dinner by stressing that she became a widow recently and enjoys spending time with Helen and Wally. A discouraged Stuart watched Lenore pass Mark and Bernice quickly and address John, Pat, Cindy, and Russ before practically fleeing from the party. John overheard Pat express envy towards Mark and Bernice for being free from the mercy of other people's schedules. Cindy was touched when Pat welcomed her to the family before she and Russ left. Mark joked to John and Pat that he found the right woman for himself without Pat's help. John grew uncomfortable as Pat talked about the twins and Bernice surmised that John has a romantic side like Pat. Pat berated herself for selfishly insisting that everyone stay at the dinner party late and causing John to be exhausted and irritable after John criticized Mark for not focusing on his work. Mark and Bernice made themselves scarce when things became tense between John and Pat. Pat told John that she will take the twins to vacation at Adrianne's hunting lodge when John takes his next business trip to Washington so that John can concentrate on work and Pat will not be depressed during his absence.

Notes: During Pat's conversation with Mark and Bernice, Pat mentions that Michael and Marianne are four years old as of this episode. Pat's college friend was named Adrianne Campbell and took the last name Abel once she got married.

MAY 22, 1972 (EP. #2007)
Steve placed baseball equipment into his car before Alice got out of bed. Alice was disappointed when Steve claimed that he may not be home from Somerset in time for dinner with Jim and Mary. Ray hinted to Jamie that he may be seeing Ted soon. Rachel failed to prevent Ray from catching Steve coming into the Fireside Inn to pick up Jamie. Steve suggested that Rachel lie about buying baseball gear while she was shopping for new clothes for Jamie to conceal the truth from Ada. Gerald overheard Steve tell Jamie that they are going to have a picnic out in the country. Gerald lamented that it is a shame that Rachel could not join Steve and Jamie. Warden Briggs and parole officer, Bill Ludlow emphasized to Ted that he was a model prisoner until he received visits from Gerald, John, and Steve. Steve vowed to Jamie that he would not be subjected to poverty, then told Jamie that he has many family members. Jamie tried to console Steve, who expressed shame for not taking Willis with him when Steve left home at the age of seventeen. Steve had Jamie promise that he would not divulge the things Steve disclosed about his family to anyone. Ted confessed to Briggs and Bill that he suspects that Rachel is lying to him because she has severed contact with him. Briggs and Bill informed Ted that he will be paroled in two weeks. Alice told Jim and Mary that Steve had Rachel open charge accounts to pay for Jamie's expenses. Mary was unconvinced despite Alice's assertion that Steve would be honest with her about seeing Jamie. Ray overheard Steve and Jamie telling Rachel about their day. Rachel told Gerald that she would tell Ada that she took Jamie shopping all day. Alice told Jim and Mary that she was returning to nursing. Alice conceded to Jim and Mary that she understood Pat's loneliness because Steve has a demanding career. Steve told Jim, Mary, and Alice that he has some unresolved business affairs in Somerset.

Steve: "Well, good morning, Jamie. You ready for a day of hookey from school?"
Jamie: "Hookey?"
Steve: "That's when we find something more exciting to do than going to school."

Notes: As Steve talked about his family to Jamie, Steve mentioned having several brothers and sisters. Those mentioned included Emma, Willis, and a brother named Clarence. Steve reveals that Jamie is the same age (six years old) as Willis was when Steve fled the family farm in Chadwell.

MAY 23, 1972 (EP. #2008)
Rachel lied to Ada about going shopping with Jamie yesterday. Bill informed Ada and Rachel that he is Ted's parole officer and wants to help him adjust to the outside world again. Ada downplayed Ted's temper when Bill explained that he and Warden Briggs are concerned with Ted's behavior and that he spent time in solitary confinement for trying to attack Steve. Rachel carped to Ada and Bill that Ted should not be discussing personal things with the prison staff, but Bill maintained that he must gauge the pressures Ted may endure to prevent him from being jailed again. Bill told Ada and Rachel that the first step in helping Ted adjust to a normal life was to resolve his marital issues and convinced Rachel to visit Ted since he is being paroled in two weeks. Ray confided to Peggy that Ted's fears about Steve and Rachel may be justified because Steve comes to the Fireside Inn frequently, he was present when Rachel brought Jamie to the restaurant early in the morning, and Steve returned with Jamie later that afternoon. Peggy cautioned Ray against upsetting Ted with unfounded suspicions of Steve and Rachel. Lenore agreed with Alice's proposal that she babysit Wally occasionally to relieve Helen, allow Wally to get to know Steve and Alice, and give Alice more practice tending to children. Stuart reassured Alice that Nurses' Supervisor, Mrs. Hewitt, would arrange a schedule that fits her needs. Alice graciously declined Stuart's offer to be his nurse because she does not want to be reminded of the baby she lost. Stuart opined to Alice that it is unhealthy for Lenore to let Wally become the emotional focus of her life. Rachel wailed to an unsympathetic Steve that Ted may drag Steve to court because he sees Jamie regularly, paid for the boy's tuition, and allowed Rachel to open charge accounts to pay for Jamie's expenses. Steve roughly grabbed Rachel's wrists and threatened to retaliate should Ted and Rachel keep Jamie away from him.

MAY 24, 1972 (EP. #2009)
Bill informed Belle and Cindy that Ted would be required to report to Bill weekly and was prohibited from leaving the state without obtaining his permission while he is on parole. Bill impressed upon Belle and Cindy that Rachel must grasp the difficulty Ted will face in adjusting to the outside world and that Rachel should make things as easy as possible for him. Belle and Cindy grew distraught once Bill stated that men whose domestic lives have changed since being jailed are at risk of breaking the law again. Mary deemed it thoughtful of John for working as diligently as possible while Pat and the twins are at Adrianne's lodge. John politely declined Mary's dinner invitation since he is going to Washington at the end of the week. Bernice enthused to John about dining and dancing in Washington, spending the evenings together, and forgetting about Bay City. Mark was placated by Bernice's claims that she had too much work to complete to have dinner and attend the ballet with him and that Bernice's time would be occupied with appointments, interviews, and conferences should Mark accompany her to Washington. John warned Steve not to provoke Ted and suggested that he quit trying to see Jamie for the time being. Jim opined to Mary, Russ, and Cindy that Ted and Rachel were wise to be honest with Jamie about Ted's whereabouts during the last several months. Cindy was thrilled when Russ revealed his plans for them to honeymoon in Europe. Russ and Cindy accepted Mary's idea of throwing an engagement party and celebration of Ted's release at the Fireside Inn. Mary commented to Jim, Russ, and Cindy that John seems too dedicated to work to allow himself to relax. John went to hide in Bernice's bedroom when Mark showed up unexpectedly at her doorstep. Mark left feeling defeated after Bernice scolded him for being an inconsiderate pest. John mused to an annoyed Bernice that she should credit Mark for being persistent.

MAY 25, 1972 (EP. #2010)
Rachel decided not to write down Mary's phone message that she would like to meet with Ada. Ray was thrilled upon learning from Rachel that Ted is being paroled in two weeks. Rachel was evasive when Gerald inquired into Steve's reaction to Ted's parole and the adjustments that must be made at the restaurant due to Ted's return. Gerald told Rachel that he is going to start looking for another job since he anticipates that the Fireside Inn will not need two managers, Ada may influence Ted to fire him, and Ray is likely spying on him. Rachel talked Gerald out of quitting his job and stressed that upsetting Ted could make him vulnerable to returning to jail should Ted be unable to cope with his problems. Gerald reflected to Rachel that he has had choices on the ways in which to run his life for many years. Ted gradually assuaged Rachel's bitterness towards him discussing personal matters with the prison staff due to their concerns over Ted's erratic behavior and since being in jail can cause men to imagine problems that may not exist. Ted complimented Rachel for taking care of the restaurant and Jamie without getting help from Steve. Rachel convinced Ted that they should continue staying with Ada because they cannot afford to pay back Gerald and Steve's loans and Ada does not have much in her life except for Jamie. Ted and Rachel agreed not to make changes to the restaurant's management right now. Bill advised Rachel that Ted might be initially moody upon his release and that Bill has the authority to intervene on Ted's behalf should personal conflicts remain unresolved. Bill ordered an argumentative Rachel to handle her troubles involving Steve and Jamie or risk causing Ted to be imprisoned again. Mary told a shocked Ada that Alice has knowledge of Steve letting Rachel open charge accounts to pay for Jamie's various expenses. Gerald dodged answering Ada's question on whether or not he is paying Rachel a salary to work at the Fireside Inn.

MAY 26, 1972 (EP. #2011)
Ada badgered Rachel into admitting that she failed to take Mary's phone message, that Steve allowed her to open charge accounts for Jamie, and that Gerald does not pay her a salary. Ada accused Rachel of causing fights between them by being dishonest, prompting Rachel to counter that she lies because Ada interferes in her life. Rachel threatened to acquiesce to Ted's wishes of finding their own place to live should Ada upset Ted by getting into arguments with Rachel and treating her like an enemy, which could cause Ted to get into trouble with the law again. Ada apologized to Rachel for being selfish instead of allowing Ted to manage his family, but warned Rachel that she should be honest with Ted. Rachel wailed to Ada that she would like the same understanding that Ada gives to everyone else. Alice told Steve that she would like to arrange a nursing schedule so that she could have evenings and weekends to spend with him. Steve was relieved that Alice was socializing with friends and reconciling with the loss of their baby. Alice advised Steve that she dreads Ted's reaction once he learns that Steve let Rachel open charge accounts for Jamie. Lenore approved of Alice taking a present to Wally personally. Alice was forgiving when Lenore apologized for snapping at Alice for theorizing that she may marry again because Lenore had a happy first marriage. Stuart was not offended by Alice's request to work in the cardiology unit at the hospital. Lenore agreed to have lunch with Stuart soon. Alice numbly listened to a music box as Rachel instructed a salesgirl to use a charge account to buy clothes for Jamie that will be billed to Steve. Rachel dissembled agreement as Alice gushed about Ted's impending release, Ted being a resilient man, and a devoted father to Jamie. Alice abruptly fled the store after Rachel voiced hope that Alice has a baby of her own someday and Alice overheard the salesgirl refer to Rachel as Mrs. Frame, which amused Rachel.

MAY 29, 1972 (EP. #2012)
Ray informed Rachel that creating the menus in advance gives them time to get the best bargains from suppliers. Bill told Ray and Rachel that he wants to make sure that the restaurant is financially secure enough to support Ted and his family once he is paroled and mitigate the risk of Ted getting into civil cases because of debts and bankruptcy. Rachel insisted to Bill that Gerald take part in their discussions of the Fireside Inn since he handles its accounting books and operations. Gerald was displeased that Bill wished to assess the restaurant's financial situation and mentioned that its profits are insufficient for making payments towards the loans that Gerald and Steve gave to Ted. Rachel's efforts to downplay Ted being in debt were dashed once Gerald asserted that the restaurant does not need two managers, that he was seeking other employment, and that he may demand repayment from Ted since Gerald has to support himself. Mark tried in vain to convince Bernice to cut her trip to Washington short and vowed that he would ease Bernice's dedication to her job. John decided to take Bernice to Virginia and have lunch out in the countryside since they finished all of their work. Alice informed Mary that Steve approved of her wishes to return to nursing and that she applied to work in the cardiology unit because she is not ready to tend to expectant mothers in obstetrics under Stuart. Mary predicted to Alice that Ted may oppose Steve letting Rachel open charge accounts to pay for Jamie's expenses since Ted intends to assume full responsibility of Jamie's welfare. Alice advised Mary that Steve should accept financial obligations to Jamie, who should not suffer because Alice despises Rachel. Ray confided to Peggy that Steve and Gerald could put Ted and Rachel into financial ruin by demanding the return of their investments in the Fireside Inn. Mark and Steve were nonplussed to learn that John and Bernice had not been at the Washington offices all day.

MAY 30, 1972 (EP. #2013)
Lenore thought it marvelous for Cindy that Ted is being paroled and will be present for Russ and Cindy's wedding. Stuart and Lenore encouraged Cindy to let Russ take her out to lunch instead of eating with Lenore in the cafeteria. Stuart told Lenore that he had a consultation scheduled with Dr. Raymond and gave Lenore the afternoon off so that she could go shopping, see her friends, or spend time with Wally. Lenore chose to quit making excuses and accept Stuart's dinner invitation once he reassured Lenore that he merely wants them to share a friendly dinner. Rachel told Russ and Cindy that she was irritable because one of the Fireside Inn's suppliers was late in making a delivery that is holding up the kitchen. Russ and Cindy convinced Rachel to talk to Gerald about throwing a party at the Fireside Inn to celebrate their engagement and Ted's release. Ray congratulated Russ and Cindy on their engagement. Ray was chagrined when Rachel stated that she must discuss Russ, Cindy, and Ted's party with Gerald before agreeing to host it. Helen praised Lenore for taking Wally out to the park. Lenore and Helen were touched when Alice gifted Wally with a stuffed panda bear. Lenore admitted to Alice that she has been remote toward Stuart, who put Lenore in a position where she could not refuse his dinner invitation. Stuart sung Lenore's praises to Helen about being an efficient and organized woman. Alice declined Lenore's suggestion that she and Stuart join her and Steve for dinner while Stuart ribbed Lenore for avoiding him during her lunch breaks at the hospital. Lenore told Stuart, Helen, and Alice that Wally will be a good and loving man like Walter. Rachel ignored Gerald's warning that a party for Russ, Cindy, and Ted would cost the restaurant an income for an entire evening. Gerald promised Rachel that he would return after pursuing job possibilities out of town, but urged Rachel not to pass on the potential to improve her and Jamie's futures.

Rachel: "...I've gone for years without having a were just a name to me --"
Gerald: "I know that, and I'm sorry --"
Rachel: "And now I'm going to lose you again."
Gerald: "I didn't say you'd lose me."
Rachel: "Once you go away, you'll never come back again."
Gerald: "Nobody's offered me a job yet, honey..."
Rachel: "What if they do?"
Gerald: "Then I'll take it. I've got to look out for myself."
Rachel: "I thought you were beginning to look out for me --"
Gerald: "That's your husband's responsibility, Rachel."

MAY 31, 1972 (EP. #2014)
Pat regretted leaving Adrianne's hunting lodge earlier than she planned after learning from Mark that John and Bernice are still in Washington. Pat deemed Mark's idea of flying to Washington to surprise John and Bernice to be too impulsive and decided to prepare herself for John's return. Pat extended a dinner invitation to Mark and Bernice so that Mark could meet the twins and get a sense of married life should Mark and Bernice become serious about each other. Mark and Pat assumed that John and Bernice were not available in their hotel rooms or the offices because they were attending outside appointments. Rachel asked Ada to convince Ted that they cannot afford to move into their own place because they have not started to pay back Steve and Gerald's loans. Ada opined to Rachel that Gerald has assisted in managing the Fireside Inn to protect his investment and that Ted is capable of running the restaurant by himself. Rachel got defensive when Ada blamed Gerald for influencing Rachel into lying to her and Ted and feared the consequences should Ted learn the truth. Ada talked Ted out of moving out of her house by emphasizing that he should not make sudden changes while he is adjusting to regaining his freedom. Ted surmised to Ada that Gerald means a great deal to Rachel and that she can confide her problems with him. Ada humbly refused to accept Ted's gratitude for taking care of Rachel and Jamie during his absence because Ada loved to feel needed. John shook his head in dismay and slipped out of the corridor after spotting Mark greeting Bernice at her hotel room. Bernice acted casually while telling John over the phone that Mark unexpectedly came to see her and that Pat had returned from Adrianne's. John decided to leave Washington while Bernice stayed for a few more days to maintain the ruse that she has unfinished business in Washington. Mark hinted to Bernice that he will not be deprived of having time alone with her much longer.

Ada: "Ever since your father got here, he's been pushing you to do all the wrong things."
Rachel: "Oh, come on, Mom."
Ada: "Taking you and Jamie to meet Steve Frame on the sly."
Rachel: "Once! Once my father drove us past Steve's house and we stopped for a couple minutes...and you're never going to let me forget it."
Ada: "And lying that he's giving you money from the restaurant to buy clothes for Jamie."
Rachel: "He was protecting me which is more than you ever do! You always take everyone's side against me...Mary Matthews runs over here to tell you Steve is letting me open charge accounts for Jamie, and you make a big thing out of it. No wonder he feels he has to lie."
Ada: "Nobody has to lie to anyone..."

JUNE 1, 1972 (EP. #2015)
A dispirited John arrived home to find Pat had come back early from Adrianne's hunting lodge. Pat didn't understand why John was so grouchy about her sentimental attitude toward Mark and Bernice's romance. After Steve assured him he held no grudges, Russ asked him to be an usher at his wedding. Steve agreed, but declined to attend Ted's welcome home party. Steve warned Peggy he expects loan repayments from Ted as soon as he's released. Steve told John he was trying to force Ted into letting him both see Jamie and pay his bills. When Steve felt Bernice would be more essential being transferred to the Washington office, John disagreed and suggested he send Mark instead. Pat assured Lenore that she would be more understanding about John's workload. Lenore told Pat that she had too many memories of Walter to be interested in Stuart. Cindy and Russ, and Pat and John had dinner at Mary and Jim's house. Jim was touched when Russ asked him to be his best man.

JUNE 2, 1972 (EP. #2016)
Mark was upset to hear Bernice, who was packing her bags to return to Bay City, order him not to make grand plans for them without consulting her. Rachel told Ada she was upset Gerald intended to go to Detroit to look for another job now that Ted would be running the restaurant. Rachel vowed that Jamie would be somebody and get what he wants out of life, the way Steve does. Rachel worried she'd never see him again when Gerald refused to reconsider leaving town, but he hugged her awkwardly and promised to be back. Ray wished Gerald luck with his job hunt. Gerald advised Rachel not to let Ted or anything stand in the way of Steve seeing his son. Alice told Jim she was feeling better now, but worried about neglecting Steve once she returns to work. Steve (whom Alice believed was in Somerset on business) and Rachel enjoyed watching Jamie tackle a bowl of ice cream. Steve warned Rachel he'll press Ted for the money if Steve doesn't get what he wants. Parole officer Bill Ludlow told Ted he's decided to have him released today instead of making him wait over the weekend.

JUNE 5, 1972 (EP. #2017)
Though busy with customers, Ray was thrilled when Ted walked in. Mary came over to find Alice and Jim awaiting Steve. Alice told her mother she refused to give in to regrets and self pity anymore. Ada was surprised to open the door to Ted. Ada confided she fears Rachel was too fond of Gerald to judge him objectively. As Jamie slept in the back seat, Rachel worried about Steve visiting Jamie now that Ted was being released, but Steve felt it was somewhat safer since Alice would be working in the hospital every afternoon. Steve reminded her he was only seeing her from time to time because there was no other way he could see Jamie. Ted surprised Rachel, who came in carrying a sleeping Jamie. After Ada took Jamie upstairs, a reluctant Rachel kissed Ted dutifully, and he apologized for the insinuations he'd made about her and Steve.

JUNE 6, 1972 (EP. #2018)
After Cindy welcomed her back to the hospital, Alice phoned Steve with her new schedule. Rachel showed up at Steve's office to panic about the possibility of Ted finding them together. Rachel warned him to stay away or Ted might move them away since Ludlow had already given permission. Steve confessed to John he's been seeing Jamie about once a week behind Alice's back. John warned him Ted might believe it is in his best interest to draw Alice into it, and went on record as being opposed to Steve's plans to blackmail Ted by calling in his loan. Ted phoned Cindy with news of his release. Lenore told Stuart to pick her up at home so he can meet her son, then told Alice going out with him was easier than making up excuses about why she can't. Mary put the twins to bed when Pat began to cry after John phoned to say he'd be home late again. Though Bernice felt she could handle Mark, John, worried he was getting too serious about her, revealed he plans to persuade Mark to transfer to the Washington office.

Steve: "Nothing or nobody is going to keep me from seeing Jamie."
John: "What about Alice?"
Steve: "I'll tell Alice when I think she's able to accept it."
John: "What if she finds out before you tell her?"
Steve: "She won't."

JUNE 7, 1972 (EP. #2019)
Ted had an emotional reunion with Belle. Ted agreed when Cindy wanted to throw a double party at the Inn celebrating his release and her engagement. Mark admitted Bernice was the cause of his high spirits, and realized Lenore didn't share his appreciation of her. Lenore advised patience when Pat told her there was a wall between her and John he refused to acknowledge. Mark didn't want to leave Bay City on account of Bernice when John argued with him about moving to Washington. John denied it when Mark accused him of trying to get rid of him. Rachel was upset to find Ted letting Ray see the books, since Gerald handled the finances. Rachel became furious at Ted for criticizing her father, the only person who's ever tried to understand what she wants.

JUNE 8, 1972 (EP. #2020)
Ada disagreed when Ted felt he, Rachel, and Jamie should move into the rooms above the Inn so they could be alone. Ted told Ada Rachel's feelings about her father were coming between them. Steve phoned Ted to arrange a meeting. Ted was incredulous when Steve revealed he's been paying Jamie's bills. Steve wasn't cowed when Ted threatened to take his family out of Bay City if Steve demands his loans be repaid immediately. Helen, but not Lenore, thought it a grand idea when Stuart offered to get to know Wally better. When Ted lit into Rachel for lying to him for months, Rachel said he can't become Jamie's father just by saying so, then getting sent to prison and leaving her stuck with the bills. Rachel walked out as Ted argued he didn't want her taking money from Steve.

JUNE 9, 1972 (EP. #2021)
John thought it seemed vindictive when Steve announced he was through playing Santa Claus to Ted. Peggy and Ray noticed Ted wasn't as happy as he ought to be at his welcome home party. Belle told Ada how surprised she'd been to see Ted. Ada admitted to Ted she'd known about Steve's charge accounts for Jamie. Ted greeted Cindy and Russ. Steve refused to send Mark to Washington as he wasn't nearly familiar enough with Frame Enterprises. Jim sent Mary for coffee so he could advise Pat to keep the door open despite how John shuts her out of everything. John said Steve's refusal explodes his solution to their problem, but Bernice felt Mark was a perfect cover for them. She was willing to break it off with Mark if he wanted her to, but he agreed they could use a cover. Ray enjoyed dancing with Peggy, who said her husband had taught her how. Rachel accepted Ted's apology. Ada prodded Rachel into dancing with Ted. John interrupted Mark and Bernice's dance to reveal Mark doesn't have to go to Washington after all. John stared after them after a happy Mark kissed Bernice and danced away.

John: [HE KISSES HER] "I don't know what I'd do without you."
John: "If I don't leave you now, I'll never be able to..." [HE LEAVES QUICKLY. FADE OUT]

JUNE 12, 1972 (EP. #2022)
Steve informed John he wants his entire investment in the Inn repaid immediately, and refused to be swayed when John argued against waging a personal vendetta. Steve agreed to tell Alice, but not about his seeing Jamie. Rachel accused Steve of causing trouble for her, and thought him cold-blooded when he revealed the proceedings he asked John to start. Peggy told a worried Ted she'd try to work out a re-financing on the Inn. Alice showed up to relieve Cindy so she could accompany Russ and Jim to lunch. Steve told Alice he was seeking a total repayment from Ted since it wasn't good business sense to go on carrying a losing proposition. Ted told Peggy he wants the Inn put back in his name. Rachel thought Ted was dreaming when he felt he might be able to come up with some other financing.

Notes: Reference to Mrs. Hewitt, nurse's supervisor, not seen on-camera until 1979.

JUNE 13, 1972 (EP. #2023)
Bernice agreed to break up with Mark when John was jealous to hear they'd been out late last night. Rachel stalked out after berating Ted for misfiling the bill from the Bayview Meat Company. Ray, sympathetic when Ted described his troubles with Steve, urged him to talk to Bill Ludlow. John saddled Mark with extra work to prevent him from going out with Bernice that night. Bernice was impressed by how John managed to swing things so he'd be able to come over and spend the evening with her. After John phoned to say he would have to miss their dinner, Pat complained to her parents that she can hardly remember John as he used to be. Mary and Jim looked at her in concern as she poured herself a stiff drink. Ada told Ted to stick to his guns about keeping Jamie from Steve, and said she'd sell the garage to help him repay Steve. Rachel didn't feel like joining Ted upstairs.

JUNE 14, 1972 (EP. #2024)
John was offended when Jim tried to make suggestions that would improve his marriage. Ada took Jamie to school after Cindy arrived, and Cindy was mortified to overhear Rachel and Ted arguing. Ted admitted his troubles to Cindy, but didn't want to cause trouble for her and Russ again by bad-mouthing Russ's brother-in-law. John admitted to Peggy Steve was hoping to force Ted into allowing him to see Jamie. Worried about Ray if the restaurant goes under, Peggy phoned to arrange a dinner date so they can talk. Rachel was annoyed that Ted left the Inn during the busiest hours to drop in on Jamie during dinner. Ted was angry and upset when Rachel left to take care of the Inn in his absence. Russ didn't want to get involved when Cindy worried about Ted's troubles. Ted agreed when Ada felt the house was like a battlefield today.

Jim: "John, sometimes I have the feeling that we don't know you as well as we used to."
John: "People change, Jim."

JUNE 15, 1972 (EP. #2025)
Cindy cried against Russ's chest after Stuart made a harmless comment about two people in love. Russ thought Ted should handle it himself when Alice wondered if Cindy worried about Steve's loan to Ted. Alice assured Stuart she didn't mind taking care of pregnant Mrs. Jackson around the clock. Pat showed up as John and Bernice were making plans for an assignation at lunch. John took Pat to task for complaining to everyone that he neglects her, but admitted it was his fault they no longer have a personal life. Pat thought it a shame that Mark couldn't have lunch with Bernice because she just went home with a splitting headache. Russ agreed she should speak to Ted when Cindy worried he might revert to old habits and do something impulsive. Rachel told Ted to wake up to reality when he felt there must be another way besides Steve to give Jamie the things he ought to have. Rachel walked out since she wasn't interested in what Cindy had come to say. Ted refused to let Cindy speak to Alice about his dilemma when she had a chance to be happy again with Russ. Ted informed Rachel he's taken all he's going to take from her.

JUNE 16, 1972 (EP. #2026)
Gerald walked in on Ted and Ray's meeting, and Rachel was thrilled to have him back. Rachel filled Gerald in on the troubles resulting from Ted refusing to let Steve see Jamie. Rachel denied it when Gerald felt sure she had a thing for Steve. But Gerald dialed Steve's number, handed her the phone, and prompted her to tell Steve he can only see Jamie today if she comes along. Lenore was sympathetic but felt Pat was imagining things when she felt John hadn't even been pleased to see her when she dropped in on him yesterday. A downcast Pat worried about what would happen to her, since she's almost lost the will to live. Jim was ashamed to admit to Mary he'd interfered by going to see John. Pat told Jim he could help her better by fixing her a drink. A huffy Ted wouldn't agree to cancel his parole meeting when Gerald wanted him to meet with the meat supplier. Though they missed seeing Ted, Gerald made Rachel and Jamie stay so he could get the boy some ice cream. Ted returned to overhear Rachel tell Jamie not to tell anyone about seeing Mr. Frame.

JUNE 19, 1972 (EP. #2027)
Gerald took Jamie to the office so Rachel could tell Ted that Steve had given them a lift after he saw them at the bus station. Rachel left when Ted started accusing her of lying to him. Gerald warned Ted Steve will take everything he has away from him if he steps on his toes much more. Steve advised Rachel to tell the truth when she phoned that Ted suspects she was letting him see Jamie behind his back. Mary and Jim were distressed when Pat cried bitterly over her drink about Steve and Alice's life of ease. Rachel told Ada that Ted and Ray plot against Gerald all the time, and wouldn't take chances on Jamie's future just because Ted wants to play Daddy. Steve arrived for dinner at the Matthews and agreed when Mary and Jim, on Pat's behalf, asked him to see about easing John's work schedule. Ada phoned Jim about her intention to raise money for Ted in case he needs help.

Ted: "Nobody can help me. I've got a restaurant I don't really own, a wife who won't tell me the truth, and a father-in-law backing up every lie she tells me!"

Notes: Alice's appearance was cut since the actress was sick, and her lines redistributed.

JUNE 20, 1972 (EP. #2028)
Rachel was annoyed Jamie was over at the Perrini's seeing Joey's new puppy when he was late for school. When Ted told her he didn't believe Rachel had run into Steve accidentally, Ada felt that whatever her faults, Rachel was her daughter and she was never going to turn against her. Jim told Ada she was helpless to help Ted as selling the garage wouldn't begin to pay back Steve. Gerald was cagey when Ted's new parole officer, Gil McGowan, introduced himself and inquired about the state of the restaurant's affairs. Gil told Ted that Bill Ludlow was transferred back to the prison, then came down on him for missing his appointment yesterday. Rachel came in and met Gil. Feeling sourly that someone else will now be checking up on them, Rachel walked out after refusing Gil's request to sit in on their discussion. Lenore was honored when Cindy asked her to be her matron-of-honor. Worried about Pat and grateful for her help when Walter died, Lenore asked Russ to join them with Cindy when she asks Pat over for dinner. When Rachel didn't know what to do anymore, Gerald said to simply tell Ted what the situation is and he'll learn to live with it. Rachel informed Ted she was going to live her life the way she thinks she should, and he can take it or leave it.

Gerald: "Yeah? Come in."
Gil: (Richard Dysart, Introduction Line) "Good morning. I'm looking for Ted Clark."

Notes: First appearance of Richard Dysart as Gil McGowan. However, the pencilled-in notes on the script's cover page lists the actor's name as "Dick Dysard." Various campaigns were sometimes promoted during the show's close. Here is the text for the "Jobs for Veterans" campaign that aired on this day: "Employers are finding a lot of good reasons to hire veterans. How about you? Don't forget. Hire the vet. Contact your State Employment Service or Veterans Administration office."

JUNE 21, 1972 (EP. #2029)
Ignoring Helen's suggestion to invite Stuart to the dinner party, Lenore phoned Mark, who declined since his days as an "extra man" are at an end. Pat was disappointed to phone John and have him say he would be unable to attend the party. John then boasted to Bernice about now being free to come to her place. Bernice broke her date with Mark, then wondered if Walter had told Lenore she had been mixed up in Wayne's swindle. After Mark phoned her to accept the invitation, Lenore extended an invite to Stuart, who eagerly accepted; Russ agreed to come over after dinner. Peggy told Ray how her husband died, then they discussed Ted's problems with Steve, realizing one of the stubborn men had to give in to the other. Pat informed Helen John wouldn't be coming, then fixed herself a drink. Helen took Mark upstairs to see the lord and master of the house. Lenore suggested Pat phone to see if John can drop in just for dinner. On their way out, John told Bernice not to answer the phone as they've got more important things on their mind.

Notes: During Peggy and Ray's discussion of Dick Nolan's death, there may have been an attempt to hint that Ray was the one whom Dick was pursuing when his car overturned, killing him.

JUNE 22, 1972 (EP. #2030)
Lenore admonished Pat about trying to find reliable courage in her glass. Pat soured on Mark and Lenore's discussion of Cindy's wedding. Mark and Stuart both vied to hold Wally when Helen brought him down. Ada told Peggy that Ted will never agree to let Steve see Jamie. Peggy reluctantly agreed to help when Ada wanted to sell the garage and give the money to Ted anonymously. Russ dropped in on his parents, who were babysitting at Pat's. Mary tried to tell Russ that Pat was seeking a means of escape. Lenore asked Mark to take Pat home after Pat became hostile at Lenore's attempts to curtail her drinking. Stuart let Lenore know how much he admires her. Mary and Jim realized Pat had too much to drink when Mark brought her home. Mary told Jim she would spend the night with Pat since John usually comes home very late from his evening sessions.

Notes: Last appearance of Scott Firestone as Wally Curtin.

JUNE 23, 1972 (EP. #2031)
John left for the office after refusing to discuss Pat with Mary. Mary agreed to leave after her solicitous behavior exasperated Pat. Though John didn't want to talk about how his work schedule was affecting his relationship with Pat, Steve vowed not to allow the work John does for him to jeopardize his marriage. Russ thought Lenore might be exaggerating Pat's drinking problem. Lenore let Stuart know she didn't want complications in her life and thought of him as only a friend. When Mary told her about Pat drinking and almost snapping her head off this morning, Alice revealed Steve had already spoken to John today about reducing his workload. Ada came down on Steve for forcing Ted to the wall, telling him he should have married Rachel if he wanted his son. Steve told a half-truth when Alice wondered why Ada seemed unfriendly. Since Alice worried about Rachel taking advantage of him, Steve agreed he wouldn't push her to let him visit with Jamie.

JUNE 26, 1972 (EP. #2032)
An irritable Pat was almost insulted that John deigned to talk to her about her drinking. Mary urged a listless Pat not to be despondent. Jim phoned Mary (who would be babysitting after getting Pat to agree to have lunch with Lenore) that she had a special delivery letter from Liz. Lenore flared up when, after rejecting his advances, Stuart made some negative comments about her marriage; Pat was baffled to walk in on them arguing. John moaned to Bernice about how Pat was drawing her entire family into their quarrels, then blamed Pat for his turning to Bernice because she didn't understand about how hard he had to work. Bernice kissed him to take his mind of worrying about what Pat's drinking will do to the twins. Pat apologized to Lenore for her tacky behavior at the party. Liz wrote she broke her leg and needs Mary's help, since Missy was busy with Ricky. Jim encouraged a reluctant Mary to go to Arizona since their interference was only causing trouble for John and Pat. Pat told Lenore that John might as well be in another world as he's hardly said a word to her in months, and felt the best solution to her problems was to blank them out with alcohol.

JUNE 27, 1972 (EP. #2033)
Rachel informed Ted that he can object to Steve paying for Jamie's summer camp when he was able to take care of them the way husbands are supposed to. When Ted didn't want to be lectured by someone who ran out on his family, Gerald called him a two-time loser heading for the third time fast. When Ted threatened to fire him if he didn't stop turning Rachel against him, Gerald warned he'll see that the restaurant closes down. Russ and Cindy told Alice they intend to set a wedding date over lunch. Alice reassured Jim that she'll look in on Pat while Mary was away. In the park, Steve easily convinced Rachel to let him pay for Jamie's camp. Ray told Ted of an organization for ex-convicts that might be able to provide some financing. Fed up with everyone telling her how to take care of Jamie, Rachel informed Steve she won't let him see Jamie again if he makes Ted repay the loan. Far from cowed, Steve vowed to see Jamie without her along from now on. When Steve wanted to tell Jamie he was his father, Rachel forbade it, worried about what Jamie would think of her upon learning she was married to a man who wasn't his father when he was born. As they argued, a snake slithered out from some vegetation and glided toward Jamie.

JUNE 28, 1972 (EP. #2034)
Steve rushed over with a stick after a copperhead snake bit Jamie on the ankle. Steve wrapped his belt around Jamie's ankle, but didn't have a knife to slash the wound and suck out the poison. Steve and Rachel brought Jamie into the E.R. and asked Stuart to help the boy. Alice arrived to find Steve and Rachel in a comforting embrace, and learned Steve had been with her and Jamie when she thought he was in Somerset. Rachel begged Russ to help with Jamie, and for Cindy to let Ada know what was going on. Stuart said Jamie will likely be all right now that he's been given a shot of anti-venom. Steve admitted he's been lying to Alice for months about his activities. Jim phoned Ada that he'd sold the garage for a good price. Russ and Cindy arrived to tell Ada about Jamie, then Cindy phoned Ted with the news. Russ was mum about Jamie when he came to say goodbye to Mary, but confided in Jim that Steve and Rachel had been together when they brought Jamie in with a snakebite. Steve undid Rachel's dissembling by admitting to Ada and Ted he'd spent the day with Jamie. Steve turned away angrily and Alice stared ahead stonily when Ted went in to see Jamie after Stuart reported the boy was asking for his Daddy.

JUNE 29, 1972 (EP. #2035)
Rachel admitted bringing Jamie to see Steve while Ted was in prison. Ted said he'd be at his mother's since Rachel didn't want him to come home with her and Jamie. Lenore worried about Alice when Stuart told her about Steve and Jamie. Steve implored Lenore to convince Alice to let him explain, admitting everything was his fault. Rachel wouldn't let Ada kick Steve out when he showed up concerned about Jamie. Rachel agreed when Steve urged her to convince Ted he has a natural right to visit with his son. Ted was despondent when Peggy told him and Ray that every financing lead turned up empty. Gerald informed Peggy he didn't intend to lose his investment because Steve has a bone to pick with Ted. Ada offered to pay for it when Rachel, feeling hassled with Ted and Steve pulling her in two directions, wanted to take Jamie and go away for a week. Ted refused to speak to her when Ada made Rachel phone him about her plans.

Rachel: (Exit Line, Robin Strasser) "All right, then. Goodbye." [SHE HANGS UP AND TURNS TO ADA] "Mom, he won't talk to me--"
Ada: "Well, maybe he could use a week to cool off in, too. I'll get the money out of the bank first thing in the morning, and you take Jamie somewhere so you can relax and figure out what you're going to do with your life when you come back." [FADE OUT]

Notes: Last appearance of Robin Strasser as Rachel.

JUNE 30, 1972 (EP. #2036)
Steve begged Alice to listen to him, but she stormed out, sure she could never trust him again. Ada encouraged Ted to start over with Rachel when she comes back, but he felt he could no longer trust her after all her lies. Ted was unmoved when Ada told the sob story of Rachel growing up feeling nobody cared. Alice cried to Stuart about her troubles. Steve felt he'd had to lie about seeing Jamie because she'd just lost their baby, but Alice accused him of never caring about their baby half as much as he did about the one he had with Rachel. Steve found out Rachel took Jamie away, and Ada informed him Ted was Jamie's father because he spends his whole life with him, unlike Steve. John was surprised to find the house in disarray and Pat with a highball glass in her hand. Pat accused him of taking her granted, then Alice showed up suitcase in hand. Pat suggested she and Alice head to Reno to solve all their problems, then dissolved into tears. Alice led Pat toward the bedroom after Pat shied away from John's touch.