Notes: Unfortunately, the scripts for January 1 - 10, 1974 are inexplicably missing from the collection at the Popular Culture Library of Bowling Green State University. Following is a summary of events that are believed to have taken place during this time period.

JANUARY 1 - 10, 1974
Sam told Gil and Ada that he had resigned from Delaney Brands and that Lahoma had taken the baby and fled Somerset. Gil and Ada were pleased by Sam and Rachel's efforts to mend fences. Mary and Alice's relationship became strained because Mary disapproved of Steve and Alice reconciling. Eliot debated on whether or not to press charges against Iris and Louise for bugging his suite. Sam agreed to represent Rachel in her divorce suit against Steve. Everyone was surprised when Liz returned to Bay City without telling anyone. Tim surreptitiously went to New York to keep Mac informed about Eliot's schemes against Iris. Robert agonized between choosing Janice or Lenore. Dennis tried to cheer up Jamie, who was dismayed over his parents' impending divorce. Janice grew disillusioned by Robert because he harbored lingering feelings for Lenore and was indecisive towards making a commitment to Janice. Iris deduced that Alice could marry Eliot if Steve and Rachel's divorce isn't granted. Rachel cut Steve out of Jamie's life in retaliation to the divorce suit. Liz hoped to mend fences with people she had wronged in the past.

JANUARY 7, 1974: Pre-empted for the 90-minute premiere episode of the new daytime soap opera, "How to Survive a Marriage."

JANUARY 8, 1974 (EP. #2396)
First appearance of Irene Dailey as Liz Matthews.
Introduction Scene: Mary answered the doorbell to find Liz waiting on the front porch.

JANUARY 11, 1974 (EP. #2399)
John told Eliot that while Iris's taping couldn't be used against her in a divorce, they were evidence for criminal action against her and Louise. John advised Eliot against prosecuting Iris since it would only be for the sake of revenge. Liz dropped by the hospital where Alice and Janice were going over Robert's plans for the alterations of their apartment. Introduced to Janice, Liz said she'd always assumed Steve was an only child, but Janice said he was the oldest of seven. Liz said she would work on it when Alice sighed that she and Mary weren't talking since they didn't see eye-to-eye about Steve. Alice declined the invite to Pat's dinner party when she and John thought it would be a good opportunity to mend fences. John remarked that Liz was more relaxed than she used to be and could even make everyone laugh.

Liz: (To Alice about Janice) "She seems like a very nice girl."

Liz: "And Michael will probably be a lawyer, like John."

JANUARY 14, 1974 (EP. #2400)
Sam showed up at Steve's office to say he'd resigned from Delaney Brands in Somerset and would be representing Rachel in her divorce from Steve. Steve insisted there was no chance of a reconciliation. Alice worried about imposing on Lenore when Steve wanted to meet her there at her house again secretly. Ada tried to snap Rachel out of her depression. Rachel reassured Ada she was getting along fine with Sam despite their problems years ago. Dennis told Jamie he'd get used to it when Jamie was feeling miserable over his parents' fighting. Lenore left the lovebirds alone when Steve and Alice met at her home. Steve said he wasn't unrealistic enough to hope for total custody but was going to insist on generous visiting privileges. Rachel slammed the door in the face of the process server who delivered a summons for her to appear in divorce court.

Jamie: (About his parents) "Sometimes I think if I wasn't here, they wouldn't fight at all."

JANUARY 15, 1974 (EP. #2401)
Sam said Lahoma and the baby were "away" when he ran into Robert and Lenore, who are still on the outs. Eliot bullied Louise into dragging Iris out into his presence, then leveled them both by saying the tapes of them conspiring to hire Sykes to bug Eliot's suite would be convincing enough for any jury. Iris counter-threatened by having her father refuse to publish, though keep paying for, Eliot's articles for Mac's paper. Iris phoned Tim for help, then fretted when he said Eliot was probably just using the tapes to gain a better bargaining position in the divorce. When Iris refused to give Eliot a divorce since he might marry Alice, Louise suggested they help Steve free himself from Rachel so he could marry Alice. Rachel burst into tears when Sam tried to tell her that Steve didn't love her and wouldn't come back to her even if the divorce wasn't granted.

JANUARY 16, 1974 (EP. #2402)
Lenore was uncomfortable when Liz dropped by the office, but introduced her to Robert, who knew her as Missy's aunt from when Missy lived in Somerset. Liz told Steve she was fully in his corner. Tim dissembled when John asked if the business Iris was sending him to New York on had anything to do with Eliot's case against her. While he exchanged meaningful glances with Louise, Russ flattered Iris into going to lunch with him. Steve told Janice he'd rather not drop Jamie at her place for a visit since Alice lived there too, and Rachel might use it against him. Rachel slammed the phone down on Steve after telling him that when he'd walked out on her he'd walked out on Jamie too.

JANUARY 17, 1974 (EP. #2403)
Janice apologized to Alice for having misjudged her. Janice was pleased when Emma mailed her photos of their Ma. John was pleased to hear that Janice was acting as peacemaker between Mary and Alice. John realized Tim had gotten himself embroiled in Iris's schemes when Eliot told him about Iris's threat to have her father penalize him. Steve looked away when Robert and Jamie discussed what a great guy Sam was. Steve asked Robert to fill in for him during Jamie's visit to Janice's. Jamie enthused over the family photos Janice showed him of all of Steve's siblings. Janice related how her mother had died a long time ago when Janice wasn't much older than Jamie. Rachel threatened Steve through John, his lawyer, even saying she might move out of Bay City.

JANUARY 18, 1974 (EP. #2404)
Rachel was angry when Jamie told her he'd been at Janice's apartment, and that Janice had given him the photo of her mother. Sam tried to quell Rachel's anger, but got upset himself when he learned she'd warned John that Steve will regret his divorce action. Liz told Pat she thinks Mary resents her for telling Alice to fight for Steve when Alice visited her in Arizona. Tim denied to John that he knew anything of Iris's plans for Eliot, and Iris reassured Tim he would be well rewarded if John fired him for engaging in a conflict of interest. Tim agreed to find Janice's address when Rachel burst into his office and started rifling through his papers to find it. Alice and Mary made amends when Mary and Jim arrived for dinner. Stunned to see Alice when she showed up at Janice's, Rachel made a scene by hurling the photo of Janice's mother at Janice and accusing her of helping Steve take Jamie away from her.

Iris: "What good is a threat if you can't use it."

JANUARY 21, 1974 (EP. #2405)
Mary cautioned Alice about Rachel but Alice vowed to fight for Steve and believed that Rachel was only acting out of desperation. Sam told Ada that Steve was basing his suit on fraud, and that the courts will have to decide if Rachel concealed the truth or lied about not knowing what Gerald had done. Mary told Liz she had good reason not to trust Liz when Liz inquired what went on at Alice's dinner party. Rachel wanted Sam to initiate an alienation of affection suit against Alice, then told him to put the house up for sale so she could move back into town and keep a close eye on Steve.

JANUARY 22, 1974 (EP. #2406)
Tim told Iris that Mac had agreed to her plan to refuse to publish Eliot's column for the remainder of his contract. Tim was pleased when Iris wrote him a personal check in addition to the official one made out to John's firm. Russ was happy to hear that Iris planned to settle in Bay City. Because of the conflict of interest, John told Tim he's taking him off Iris's case and sending him to Washington for a month. Tim suggested to Iris that Sam take over his duties. Mary worried to Pat that John wouldn't be able to win the divorce suit. Steve refused when Sam told him Rachel wants to sell the house.

JANUARY 23, 1974 (EP. #2407)
Steve vowed to Sam that he wouldn't let Rachel use Jamie as a weapon against him. When Russ confided he was worried about Iris, Alice suggested he invite her over to Lenore's. Sam revealed to Robert that Lahoma took Susannah and left him several months ago when he got involved with his secretary. Robert was afraid that someone would be hurt if he tried to make a decision about his relationship with Janice and his lack of a relationship with Lenore. Alice dropped by Lenore's to ask her to invite Steve to dinner with Iris and Russ as she worried he was lonely. Steve came in to drop Jamie off to see Wally, and Jamie barely remembered Alice. Steve and Alice were unaware that Jamie witnessed their kiss.

JANUARY 24, 1974 (EP. #2408)
Liz told Mary and Jim she wished Lenore would let bygones be bygones and forget the foolish things Liz did years ago. Mary thought Liz was being naive in her praise of Steve. Eliot vowed Iris and her father would have a fight on their hands if she didn't agree to a divorce. Steve and Alice bill and cooed over the phone. Sam tried to change Jamie's mind when he decided never to get married as married people were always miserable. Jamie was too upset to talk further when he asked Rachel who Alice was.

JANUARY 25, 1974 (EP. #2409)
Iris didn't recognize Rachel's voice when she called the Frame house to speak with Sam. Sam went to see her and agreed to represent her when she told him she'd bugged her husband's suite to provide her with information to prevent any divorce action he might take. Iris said she'd be delighted when Lenore came to ask her to dinner with her, Steve, and Russ. Eliot told Gil he wants to press charges against Louise alone in hopes that Iris might agree to a divorce to protect her. Rachel warned Lenore not to go on letting Steve and Alice meet at her house.

JANUARY 29, 1974 (EP. #2411)
Liz told Iris about Susan being married in Boston and Bill dying in a boat accident. Liz considered traveling abroad so that her daughter-in-law, Missy could raise her grandson (Ricky) on her own. Iris was surprised that Russ told Liz that she leads an exciting life and her father is Mackenzie Cory.

Iris: "I'm not bored at all...There aren't many people I can talk to..."
Liz: "Well, please consider me one of them."
Iris: "I already do."

JANUARY 30, 1974 (EP. #2412)
Rachel discussed Steve's divorce suit against her with Sam. Louise overruled Iris so Gil could ask some routine identification questions. Iris protested when Zack had Louise fingerprinted. Gil informed Iris that the tapes are inadmissible in court, but Sykes may corroborate Louise's testimony. Sam agreed to represent Louise per Iris' urgent request. Dennis noticed Iris' aggitated state at the mention of Eliot dining with Alice at Tallboys. Alice told Eliot that their dinners in New York eased loneliness and hoped life would be easier once Steve and Rachel are divorced. Eliot told Alice he won't attempt to repair his marriage for fear Dennis would be caught in the middle. Iris lambasted Eliot for torturing her by having Louise arrested. She said that releasing the transcripts could prove damaging to Eliot's divorce suit and Steve and Alice's reconciliation. Eliot was embarrassed when Iris recalled that the conversations show his pursuit in proposing marriage and Alice's willingness to consider it.

Gil: "Maiden name?"
Louise: "Bronson."
Gil: "Place of birth?"
Louise: "St. Louis, Missouri."
Gil: "Date?"
Louise: "Do I have to answer that?"
Gil: (LOOKING AT HER FOR A MOMENT) "We can fill that in later...."
Note: Also revealed: Louise's deceased husband was Richard Goddard and she has no children or next of kin.

Eliot: "I'm sure that somewhere underneath my hostility to Iris is the attraction that drew me to her in the first place."
Alice: "I've never heard you admit that before...."

JANUARY 31, 1974 (EP. #2413)
John was sympathetic over Eliot's concerns that Iris will hand the tapes' transcripts to the newpapers. Eliot admitted the tapes capture him pressing Alice into marrying him. John reminded Eliot that Iris would only succeed in hurting Dennis by going public with the transcripts. Louise mused that she was wrong to think Eliot had been fond of her. Iris was undaunted over Eliot's warnings that Sykes and Louise may be forced to testify against Iris.

FEBRUARY 6, 1974 (EP. #2417)
Eliot marveled at Louise's loyalty and devotion towards Iris. Louise wouldn't heed Eliot's advice that it would be foolish protecting Iris by committing perjury in court.

Louise: (to Eliot) "You see only the surface, not the lonely, vulnerable, hurt woman underneath."

Eliot: (about Iris) "You're not going to change your mind, are you?"
Louise: "No."
Eliot: "And you're not going to let me see Iris?"
Louise: "That's right."
Eliot: "I don't agree with you, Louise, but I wish I knew someone whose loyalty I could count on as much as Iris can count on yours."

FEBRUARY 7, 1974 (EP. #2418)
Gil issued a warrant for Iris' arrest after Eliot overcame reservations about pressing charges.

FEBRUARY 8, 1974 (EP. #2419)
Gil and Zack arrived to arrest Iris. Louise doted on Iris after she raged against Eliot for hating her like everyone else has in her life. Eliot ripped up the arrest warrant, then called Russ when they learned Iris was having a breakdown while holding scissors. Iris grew delirious while referring to Dennis as her baby who needs a last name and Louise as the mother who abandoned her.

Iris: (about Dennis) "He'll grow up to hate me, just as everyone else does...All the nurses who came and went, those awful teachers in Switzerland, Daddy's lady friends...everyone stared at me because I wasn't as pretty as Mama..."
Eliot: (STARING AT HER) "No one hates you, Iris."
Iris: "I know you don't...but then we hardly know each other, do we? Come and look at my baby...His name is Dennis...Dennis...But I've got to find a last name for him, now..." (ELIOT PUTS HIS HAND ON HERS. SHE SNATCHES HERS AWAY) "How dare you touch me! You're only nice to me because I'm rich..." (ELIOT RISES AND TURNS AWAY. LOUISE GOES TO IRIS)
Louise: "Iris, it's time for your nap."
Iris: "Can I take my baby with me?"
Louise: "Of course you can. We'll put him in the bed with you...."
Iris: "Good...Oh, Mama, why did you go away when I was born?"
Louise: "I'll never go away again..." (SHE PUTS HER ARMS AROUND HER AND LIFTS HER TO HER FEET. ELIOT APPROACHES) "Let me, please."

FEBRUARY 11, 1974 (EP. #2420)
Russ helped Gil calm Iris enough to get her admitted to the hospital because of having an emotional breakdown.

FEBRUARY 12, 1974 (EP. #2421)
Eliot admitted to Alice and Louise that he was wrong to press charges against Iris. Alice assured him it's best that Iris is getting psychological help. Eliot fretted over telling Dennis about his mother's breakdown. Dr. Kurt Landis performed neurological tests. Louise confessed that she was respecting Iris' wishes not to reveal her mental instability. Alice enthused over having dinner plans with Steve. Louise accused Eliot of arousing Iris' jealousy by hiring Alice and attempting to gain his freedom through heartless tactics.

Louise: "I understand the situation only too well."
Eliot: "You think I wanted to do this to Iris?"
Louise: "It doesn't matter what I think."
Eliot: "It does to me. If you'd told me how ill she was, I would never have brought charges against her."
Louise: "She didn't want anyone to know, but I tried to tell you anyway."
Eliot: "I thought you were just protecting Iris."
Louise: "You mean you thought I was lying."
Eliot: "Louise, please, can't we forget what's happened and try to make better from now on?"
Louise: "I will do whatever Mrs. Carrington wants."
Eliot: "I'm not asking you to do anything."
Louise: "You can't have your freedom at her expense."
Eliot: "I agree with you."
Louise: "Whatever Mrs. Carrington has done during these years of your separation, she has always loved you, and now, she's lying in there alone, because of you."

Note: First appearance of Donald Madden as Dr. Kurt Landis. Despite being signed to a contract, Kurt only appeared until June 21, 1974.

FEBRUARY 13, 1974 (EP. #2422)
Eliot assured Dennis that Iris needs time to sort out her life. Kurt decided against Eliot's request to have Alice assigned to Iris' medical treatment. Steve surreptitiously contacted Gerald Davis in San Francisco.

Notes: Reappearance of Walter Mathews as Gerald Davis.

FEBRUARY 15, 1974 (EP. #2424)
Louise relented and let Eliot visit Iris despite her better judgment. Iris gave Eliot a cold, bitter reception. Kurt warned Eliot and Louise that Iris is not allowed to have visitors without his approval.

FEBRUARY 20, 1974 (EP. #2427)
Kurt decided to act as a psychiatric consultant when he realized his limitations in treating Iris since she was an unusual case. Eliot explained Alice was Dennis' nurse in New York and credited Alice for Dennis being treated for his heart ailment in Bay City. Kurt felt that Iris finds difficulty in telling the truth because it frightens her. Kurt decided to postpone psychatric treatment and suggested that only Louise and Dennis be permitted for visits. Eliot was pleased that Iris does not object to Alice being her nurse.

FEBRUARY 27, 1974 (EP. #2432)
Eliot was upset to learn that Mac met Tim in New York to discuss his contract.

Eliot: "What are you doing here?"
Cory (Mac): "Did you think I could be kept away forever?"
Eliot: "No such luck."
Cory: "I should be used to your rudeness by now, but I'm always surprised."

MARCH 6, 1974 (EP. #2437)
John wrote a summary of Alice's medical testimony about Iris' mental state for legal purposes.

MARCH 7, 1974 (EP. #2438)
Rachel arranged for Dennis to spend time with Jamie. Mac questioned Gil on Eliot's tactics to have Louise arrested and obtain a divorce from Iris.

MARCH 14, 1974 (EP. #2443)
Kurt requested that Eliot get permission from him before seeing Iris.

Iris: (to Kurt about Eliot) "Oh, Kurt, for more years than I care to count, the sight of that man was what made my life mean something to me."

MARCH 22, 1974 (EP #2449)
Alice thought having Iris visit the house that Robert is building for her would remedy Iris' depressed mood. Eliot and Iris enjoyed tender moments when he brought a bouquet of roses and they promised to remain friends for Dennis' sake. Kurt thought seeing Dennis could ease Iris' distorted sense of reality.

Notes: Appearance by John Randolph's secretary, Joan Barnard.

MARCH 25, 1974 (EP. #2450)
Iris refused Eliot's offer of a reconciliation. Eliot told Iris he'll sign the divorce papers in London, where he has accepted a job as a foreign correspondent for the London Sentinel. They came to an understanding and were pleased that Dennis is doing well at school and has made several friends.

Eliot: "Dennis loves you."
Iris: "And you'd trust me with him?"
Eliot: "Yes. I should have long ago."
Iris: "Thank you, Eliot."
Eliot: "I'll see you again before I go."
Iris: "Are you leaving that soon?"

MARCH 28, 1974 (EP. #2453)
Wedding of Robert Delaney and Lenore Moore.

MARCH 29, 1974 (EP. #2454)
Last appearance of James Douglas as Eliot Carrington.

Eliot told Alice that he has been released from his contract with Mac per Iris' request. Steve and Alice expressed their gratitude to Eliot for his friendship and helping them begin a reconcilation.

APRIL 5, 1974 (EP. #2459)
Location sequence: Exterior Street with Bay City Junior High School at the end of it. Features Dennis, Jamie, male classmates, and a dog. Filmed on April 1, 1974.

Dennis: "Where have you been? Everybody's looking for you." (TAKES HOLD OF JAMIE).
Jamie: "Where are we going?"
Dennis: "I'm taking you home."
Jamie: "No, I don't want to go home."
Dennis: "You have got to go somewhere. You can't sleep outdoors." (JAMIE DOESN'T MOVE) "Come on, I'll take you to Dad's apartment. We'll figure something out." (FADE OUT).

APRIL 30, 1974 (EP. #2476)
Appearance by Joan Barnard, John's secretary.

MAY 3, 1974 (EP. #2479)
Wedding of Steve and Alice. Special hour-long broadcast for show's anniversary (May 4th fell on a Saturday).

Lenore and Janice prepared Alice for her wedding. Robert and Steve talked about John's pitiful condition and the poor state of his law practice. Pat and John fought over his refusal to attend Steve and Alice's wedding. Rachel viciously reprimanded Steve over his vindictive treatment and tactics in getting a divorce. Mary consoled a despondent Pat and made excuses to explain John's absence. Sam scolded John for resorting to alcohol as a coping device. Rachel went to see John and recruit him against Steve by fueling his anger and bitterness towards him. Tim proposed marriage to Janice. John arrived at the reception drunk where he denounced Steve over using fortune to gain friendships, influence and bribe affluent people, and provide for Alice. Rachel sadly admitted to Ada that she is devastated without Steve. John came out of his drunken stupor after Alice shunned him from the Matthews family. Tim escorted John out while Pat quietly cried in embarrassment over John making a fool of himself. Iris immediately grabbed Kurt's arm to stop him from trying to comfort Pat.

(FRAME TERRACE) Andrews: "Alice, do you take Steve as your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?"
Alice: "I do."
Andrews: "And, Steven, do you take Alice as your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?"
Steve: "I do."
Andrews: "For as much as Steve and Alice have promised to be faithful and true to each other before God and this company, I hereby pronounce them man and wife. Whom God hath joined together, let no man put asunder." (HE SMILES AT STEVE) "Now, you may kiss the bride, Mr. Frame."

Robert: (toasting) "To Steve and Alice, and to many, many years of happiness."
John: "May the bridegroom be happy, no matter who he makes miserable! I'm drunk. That's right. Otherwise I wouldn't be here to tell you in front of all your friends that you're a lying hypocrite--"
Pat: "John, please!"
John: "Take a good look at your new brother-in-law. The money man! Who buys friendships and lawyers, and witnesses--"
Steve: "You've said enough!"
John: "I'm just getting started."
Lenore: (TO ALICE) "Come on, we'll go inside."
Alice: "No, I'm going to stay with Steven." (SHE PULLS AWAY AND GOES TO STEVE, WHO PUT HIS ARM AROUND HER)
John: "And here's the beautiful bride. On the wedding day her money man bought for her by bribing--" (JIM GOES TO JOHN) "Oh, Jim...hello!"
Jim: "John, don't do this."
John: "Jim, I'm trying to save you decent people from getting mixed up with--"
Steve: "Come on, darling. Let's go in the house."
John: "That's the away from the can buy your way out of some things, but you can't buy self-respect...(TO ALICE) "I only hope you don't regret this day as much as I do!"
Alice: "The only thing I regret is that you're part of my family--"

Special Introduction by Announcer Bill Wolff: "'How to Survive a Marriage' will not be presented today so that we may bring you a special hour-long episode of Another World." [CUE OPENING THEME] "And now, the special 10th Anniversary, one-hour broadcast of Another World."

[EPISODE CLOSE] Susan Sullivan: "Gentlemen, do you think we could have a little music?" [RAG-TIME MUSIC PLAYS; FOLLOWED BY BILL WOLFF'S REGULAR CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENT].

MAY 8, 1974 (EP. #2482)
Appearance by Pierrino Mascarino as D.A. Tom Albini.

MAY 14, 1974 (EP. #2486)
First appearance of John Considine as Vic Hastings.

Introduction Scene: (in the Frame living room) "Fine, Steve. I'm sorry to make the trip under these circumstances."

JUNE 14, 1974 (EP. #2509)
Sam tracked John down in his hotel room to try to whip him back into shape, but John insisted he's put everything in Bay City behind him, including his wife, his kids, and his business. John was bitter that Pat was seeing Kurt Landis. Pat didn't want to listen when Iris said her father had uncovered some unpleasant facts about Kurt. Sam phoned her to say he'd convinced John to fly back home. Rachel came to the precinct to demand Gil arrest Tim for having Janice take Jamie to visit Steve in the prison in Berryville. A disgruntled Gerald tried to turn the other prisoners against Steve. Punches flew when Gerald taunted Steve about all the women who came to visit him.

Steve: (To Gerald) "You were a front for a second rate gambling joint. Lying and cheating everyone, including your own daughter."

Note: All prison scenes were shot on 16mm film.

JUNE 17, 1974 (EP. #2510)
The other prisoners implicated Steve when Gerald injured himself falling off the loading truck when Steve jumped him. Ada told Gil not to worry that she was having the baby by Caesarean since Rachel was born the same way. Gil chased Rachel out of the room when she made an emotional Ada cry by insisting that Gil should arrest Tim. Pat accused Russ of being jealous that Iris was still interested in Kurt. Steve maintained that Gerald started the fight when the warden described the seriousness of Gerald's injuries. Steve wasn't allowed to speak to his lawyer when the warden decided to transfer him to a maximum security prison because of his unpopularity with the other prisoners. John arrived home, said a quick hello and goodbye to Liz, then watched numbly as Pat and Kurt entered and began fixing drinks for themselves.

JUNE 18, 1974 (#2511)
Pat said she feels like John's shadow with no life of her own, and said she turned to Kurt for friendship when John began to drink and not come home. Tim told Robert and Lenore about Steve's transfer. Vic admonished Tim for trying to make Steve give him power of attorney over Steve's business. Alice was writing a letter to Steve when Robert and Lenore broke the news that Steve's new arrangements disallowed visitors. Robert and Lenore left when Jim came over to comfort Alice. After Jim left, she locked the door, drew the drapes, put out the lights, and sank into the sofa with a sob.

JUNE 19, 1974 (EP. #2512)
Mary insisted on phoning Alice when Jim told her about Steve. Mary went to Russ when she couldn't reach Alice, but he couldn't get in touch with her either. Mary said Alice wouldn't forgive her for disapproving of Steve until Mary condoned what Steve did, but she doubted she could ever do that in light of what it's done to John. Sam advised Vic it would just make John feel guilty if they told him about Steve, and agreed with Vic that Tim shouldn't be trying to give himself power of attorney. Mac guessed rightly that Russ was responsible for Iris's good mood. Mac thanked Liz for taking Iris in when she got out of the hospital.

Note: Last appearance of Robert Emhardt as Mac Cory. Mac is referred to as "Cory" in the script. Many of the older men were referred to by their last name, including Dru, and Walter Curtin in his first years.

JUNE 20, 1974 (EP. #2513)
Gil reamed Tim out for having gone behind Rachel's back when he arranged for Jamie to see Steve so Steve could explain to him why he was in prison. Vic thanked Lenore for devoting so much extra time to the firm. Jamie asked Rachel to find a way for him to visit Steve since Steve didn't want Rachel bringing him over. Vic dropped by and introduced himself to Rachel, then gave her some photos Steve had wanted Jamie to have. Rachel removed a photo of a boy who resembled Jamie before giving Jamie the photos. Pat realized she'd been foolish when Iris, armed with Russ at her side, showed Pat a suicide note from a girl who'd been involved with Kurt.

JUNE 21, 1974 (EP. #2514)
Robert and Lenore asked Janice to check up on Alice, who didn't answer the phone when Lenore called. Linda told Russ she's been covering for Alice at the hospital since last week. Kurt accused Pat of leading him on when she told him she didn't want to see him anymore. The warden informed Rachel that Gerald was in a coma, and allowed her to visit him at the hospital but refused to let her see Steve. Russ broke in through the window when he and Lenore got no answer knocking on Alice's door. Alice came out from behind the closet door and begged them to leave her alone.

Notes: Last appearance of Donald Madden as Dr. Kurt Landis.

JUNE 24, 1974 (EP. #2515)
Russ and Lenore tried their best to bring Alice out of her despair. Gerald was bitter and disconsolate when Rachel came to visit him, and said he hoped they threw the book at Steve. Rachel got a guard to tell her that Steve was in State Prison. Lenore called Mary to come over right away to see Alice. Pat was relieved when she received a less than gracious goodbye note from Kurt. Alice let Russ comfort her, but rushed upstairs when Mary came over.

Gerald: "You really care?"
Rachel: "You're my father."
Gerald: "I thought you visited me just so you could see Steve, but I guess I was wrong... Thanks for coming, Rachel..."
Rachel: "Goodbye, Dad."

JUNE 25, 1974 (EP. #2516)
Tim didn't like it when Janice told him Lenore excluded him from a company meeting. Tim thought it was a good idea when Russ asked Janice to move in with Alice, as he'd know who was getting to her about Steve's business. Gil was helping Ada get ready for her stay in hospital when Rachel came by to complain that Gil hadn't told her about Steve's transfer. Iris kissed Russ affectionately when he told her how worried he was about his sister. Linda told Ada that Zack had made her promise to take good care of the boss's wife. Gil gave Tim a hug when Ada refused to have the baby until they started acting like father and son again.

Ada: "Now shut up and deal me another hand, or I won't play."
Gil: "No, no, you're stuck with that one."
Ada: "But you've seen it!"

JUNE 26, 1974 (EP. #2517)
Alice let Janice and Tim in only when they said they had news about Steve. Alice insisted Tim call the prison right that moment for information on Steve. He managed to get the warden to allow her in by saying she had to discuss business matters with Steve. Liz was a bit tactless to say to Mary that Alice might agree to see her because Alice knows she likes Steve, unlike Mary. Robert tried to convince Lenore not to spend so much time at work. Liz told Lenore she was worried when she couldn't find Alice, but Lenore phoned Janice and learned Tim had taken her to see Steve. Tim wanted Steve to sign power of attorney over to him, but Steve liked Alice's idea better when Alice said Jim suggested she be the one given power of attorney. Steve and Alice had an emotional goodbye at the end of their visit.

JUNE 27, 1974 (EP. #2518)
John admitted he thought Tim was ambitious and devious, when Vic told him it was increasingly difficult to work with him. Sam and John suspected Tim was responsible for the loss of some of their clients. Rachel told Sam where Steve was when Sam pointed out Steve's firm and his settlement payments to her could be in jeopardy if his associates couldn't get in touch with him. Pat and John came to dinner to convince Mary and Jim they were back on track, but Mary was despondent about Alice. Robert complained to Vic that Wally has been wondering why he doesn't see his mother as often as he used to, but Lenore was annoyed when Vic tried to talk to her about cutting back her workload.

JUNE 28, 1974 (EP. #2519)
Alice told Liz she understood her feelings while Mary didn't. Mary came to the hospital to bring flowers to Ada, who told her Alice would get over her resentment in time. Russ got a call from Liz while in Ada's room and Mary was sure they were keeping things from her. Tim told John Steve wants nothing to do with him and said that if he was losing clients it was because they knew he was more interested in his principles than in his clients. Liz told Russ she was moving in with Alice and they worried about Mary's reaction. Alice ran out of the house when Liz's back was turned.

JULY 1, 1974 (EP. #2520)
Alice looked at Liz with naked hostility and raged that everyone was making sure she never saw Steve again. Russ and Jim prevented Mary from rushing over to take care of Alice. Liz phoned Russ to say that Alice might need professional help. John and Sam vowed to find out what Tim was up to. Sam walked out on Rachel and told her to get another lawyer when she criticized him for losing her divorce case. Iris recommended Dr. Richard Gavin to Russ and Liz.

JULY 2, 1974 (EP. #2521)
John told Jim Steve's violent outburst in prison may result in an extended sentence. Rachel complained about the lateness of Steve's alimony checks, then asked John to be her new lawyer. Robert berated Vic for overworking Lenore, but she was able to reassure Robert things would soon get back to normal. Tim convinced Alice to sign documents giving her power of attorney.

JULY 3, 1974 (EP. #2522)
Russ tried to calm Gil's fears about Ada's pregnancy. Rachel eavesdropped when Russ filled Linda in on Alice's troubles. Jim told Pat that John had to fire Joan. Pat was happy to feel useful when John agreed to let her take over Joan's duties. Mary told Jim that because Liz alienated her own daughter she's trying to replace Mary in Alice's affections. Gil, Tim, and Rachel were pacing the waiting room when Linda came in and told them Ada had been delivered of a girl.

Rachel: (About Gil) "I wish I'd had a father like that."

Gil: "How's Ada?"
Linda: "Ada's fine... and so's your new baby daughter."
Gil: "What? Daughter! Tim, you hear that?" [HE HUGS LINDA AND THEN HUGS TIM] A girl...[Crossed out dialogue: Just what Ada wanted!]

Rachel: [SITTING QUICKLY] "I've got a baby sister now, too." [SHE BEGINS TO CRY. GIL LEAVES TIM AND GOES TO HER]

JULY 4, 1974 (EP. #2523)
Vic didn't care when John said Tim might not like their idea of Pat and Lenore working closely to renew ties between Frame Enterprise and the Randolph law firm. Gil crowed over his new daughter, then Sam got sad about his own daughter when Gil and Ada tried to think up a name for the baby. Mary came by and offered to look after Ada, who was feeling the aftereffects of surgery. Gil agreed when Mary asked him to speak to the warden on Alice's behalf. Pat got John to agree to be Rachel's lawyer since it would enable him to protect their family's interest. Vic whistled softly to himself and Pat laughed softly to herself after Rachel warned Vic nothing better be wrong with Steve's company as it would endanger her divorce settlement.

Gil: "She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, Ada... she smiled at me."
Ada: "Gil, that was gas."

Sam: "Nancy McGowan! Hey, that's a super name."

Note: Crossed out dialogue about Christopher being the choice of name if it were a male baby.

JULY 5, 1974 (EP. #2524)
Mary bust in and demanded to see Alice, but she wouldn't open her bedroom door to her, only to Liz after Mary left. Alice was happy to hear Janice say Tim was trying to arrange regular visits with Steve, but Liz told Russ that Alice was becoming so irrational she feared she couldn't cope with her much longer. Tim visited Steve so he could authorize Alice's power of attorney. Iris agreed to get Gavin to bump Alice up to the top of his waiting list. Russ was less than enthusiastic when Iris invited him to a dinner she plans to cook herself. Alice was upset that Steve's letters have been censored by the warden. Tim phoned her to say he has some papers he needs her to sign. John and Jim weren't happy to hear that Steve was trusting Tim as his attorney. John angrily poured himself a drink when Alice then Liz came down on him for having ratted on Steve.

Dialogue crossed out for time: Dennis: (About talking care of her plants) "Louise always talks to them, but I can't think of anything to say."

JULY 8, 1974 (EP. #2525)
John insisted to Pat he needed to drink to help him get through the professional troubles he was having. Tim snapped his briefcase shut when Janice was curious about the work he was doing for Steve's company. Mary worried to Jim about Liz's influence over Alice. John felt a failure since he can't afford to pay Jim and Pat and because Tim has been maligning him to his clients. John rebuffed Pat's intimate overtures in favor of pouring himself another drink.

JULY 9, 1974 (EP. #2526)
Tim slipped a separate document into the pile he had Alice sign for him. Alice told a suspicious Liz that she trusts Tim since Steve obviously does. Jim and Sam assured Pat they would fight with her to get John back on his feet. Iris introduced Russ to Gavin, and they decided to enlist Liz's help in getting Alice to see Gavin. Robert was irritated but then placated when Lenore said Vic gave her a lot of work to take home. They discussed all the little Delaneys Robert was eager to have.

Gavin: (About Mac) "He's very fond of you, too."
Iris: "Sometimes I think too much so."

Notes: First appearance of William Roderick as Dr. Richard Gavin.

JULY 10, 1974 (EP. #2527)
Gavin advised Liz to be straight with Alice about who he was and that he ran a private sanitarium in Ogden. Pat worried when John didn't show up at the office. Gil doted on Ada back at home. Rachel arrived and said she wants to move back into Steve's house so that Jamie won't have to live in a cramped apartment. Alice bristled that Lenore had been sent over to babysit for her.

JULY 11, 1974 (EP. #2527)
Pat tried to pull a despondent John out of his depression, but he moaned about being a failure and a laughing stock before belting down some more alcohol. Warden Eddie Halloway told Gil Steve's situation wouldn't be settled until there was a hearing into the Berryville incident. Pat told Robert to be patient when he felt Lenore's work was more important to her than her family. Rachel took John's advice not to try to take over Steve's house while Alice was unwell, then watched him reflectively as he fixed himself another drink.

JULY 12, 1974 (EP. #2529)
Gil told Mary about his visit with the warden and Ada told her not to give up on Alice. Tim wasn't happy to hear that Gil was trying to manage some visits between Steve and Alice. Tim reassured Steve that everything was all right with Alice. He got irritated when Steve said he wants to keep his legal affairs separate from his financial ones. Liz had Gavin over to dinner with her and Alice, and he frustrated her every attempt to pretend to Alice they were just old friends. Alice threw a fit when Liz admitted she and Russ had asked Gavin to talk to Alice.

JULY 15, 1974 (EP. #2530)
Alice insisted she can't write Steve since other people would read her mail. Liz failed to convince Alice to have Jim check the stock transfer Tim was having her authorize. Janice and Rachel were barely civil when they clashed horns over Alice's condition. Gavin speculated that Alice may have found a new way to run away when Russ told him about her running away to France (in 1970) and to New York (in 1972). Rachel arrived demanding to see Alice, who ran up the stairs as Rachel slipped part Liz, who grabbed her arm. Rachel shoved Liz aside, broke away, and ran upstairs, with Liz following. Alice opened her bedroom door a crack when Rachel said she had news about Steve, and Rachel entered quickly, then Alice locked Liz out.

JULY 16, 1974 (EP. #2531)
Russ said he would bring Gavin when Liz phoned him in a panic about Rachel. Alice sank down on the bed when Rachel told her to leave the house because she and Jamie were moving back in with Steve's permission. Alice and Rachel screamed at each other over Steve. Rachel taunted her that she gave Steve what he wanted most, a son. Liz restrained Alice when she leapt at Rachel, who left. Alice began throwing objects around and screaming for Rachel to get out of her house. Lenore said she'd tell Vic she ran into a snag when she realized Robert was desperate for some attention. Russ broke down the door to Alice's bedroom (when she'd locked herself in) where he found her packing her suitcase and maintaining that Steve no longer loved her. Gavin was able to convince Alice he had a nice place where she could rest.

JULY 17, 1974 (EP. #2532)
Pat told Sam and Jim something snapped in John over his guilt over what's happened to Alice. Russ arrived and broke the news that Alice was sent to Clarevue Sanitarium last night. Tim told Lenore he was going to institute some serious changes in the firm, and silenced her objections by flourishing a paper Alice had signed transferring all authority under her power of attorney to him. Tim pulled the wool over Janice's eyes when she voiced her concern, then put his feet up on the desk and smiled to himself. Steve's firm did business with Gordon Construction. Ada was upset to hear from Liz what Rachel had been up to. Vic vowed to Lenore he won't let Tim force him out of the firm.

JULY 18, 1974 (EP. #2533)
John was miserable about his impotency with Pat. Liz broke down when she told Vic and Lenore that Alice had been committed. Vic urge Lenore to talk to Gil about getting them in to see Steve. The warden allowed Lenore to visit Steve, and revealed Gerald was back at Berryville, fully recovered from his injuries. Tim freaked when Ada told him about Gil and Lenore's visit to the warden, and Janice was upset when he yelled at her about it. Lenore broke the news about Alice to Steve, who was despondent there was no way he could convince Alice he hadn't agreed to give Rachel back the house. Steve was too upset to listen when Lenore broached the subject of business matters.

JULY 19, 1974 (EP. #2534)
Russ told Mary that Gavin wouldn't allow Alice to have visitors for awhile. Worried about the strain she'd been under, Robert stopped Lenore from trying to see Alice. Liz defended herself when Mary accused her of various things. Liz criticized Mary for being too possessive of her children and said she alienated Alice by her constant criticisms of Steve. Sam offered to stand in for John when Pat told Vic John was unavailable to help him. Liz pitied John when she saw the state he was in, but still blamed him for Alice's troubles. John stormed out on Pat for not telling him about Alice's commitment.

JULY 22, 1974 (EP. #2535)
Wally and Robert were both disappointed that Lenore couldn't join them on their fishing expedition. Tim was looking forward to an evening out with Janice when Vic dropped by to say he had no intention of giving up his authority to anyone. Dennis was excited when Iris said her father was making plans to vacation in Bay City that summer rather than in Spain so he could get to see them. Lenore tried to comfort Pat, who told her about John's slump. John got kicked out of a bar and just lay there on the street, finally dozing off.

JULY 23, 1974 (EP. #2536)
Rachel commented on how fast Nancy was growing while Gil burped her. Gil didn't think it was a good idea for Jamie to visit Steve in State Prison, and Ada blasted Rachel for doing things in Jamie's name when they really benefitted her. Gil chased Rachel out, warning her he would keep her from upsetting Ada. Sam reassured Pat he wouldn't abandon the firm. Iris told Russ she didn't want her father to dominate her life anymore, because she wanted to make room for a certain busy, attractive doctor.

JULY 24, 1974 (EP. #2537)
Gil demanded that Rachel promise not to draw her mother into her fights, but Rachel was upset that Ada doesn't need her anymore. Pat confided in Vic that John hasn't come home yet after walking out on her. Liz said she would look into it when Robert hoped Gavin would give them a statement saying Alice had been in no condition to sign legal documents. Rachel found John slumped over a drink in a bar. He wouldn't say more than a few words to her before lurching out the door. Rachel paid Rudy, the bartender, to notify her if John got into trouble.

JULY 25, 1974 (EP. #2538)
Gavin told Liz he can't invalidate the paper Alice signed unless she signed them after he made her acquaintance. Steve begged Gil to ask Russ to talk to Alice. Mary insisted Liz was to blame for Alice's troubles when Gavin said Alice's mind had run away. Sam put a restraining hand on Liz's arm when she tried to comfort Pat, then used work to try to get Pat's mind off her troubles.

JULY 26, 1974 (EP. #2539)
Rachel went to the Berryville prison to try to get the charges against Steve dropped for Jamie's sake. Gerald was resolute that Steve not get off the hook, and Rachel insisted to the warden that Gerald had provoked Steve. Janice was sure Tim would take care of all the business arrangements Lenore was worrying about, and agreed to make her a copy of Tim's power of attorney transfer papers. Liz was cagey when Dennis inquired about Alice. Iris told Liz her father specifically asked to be remembered to her. Steve reamed Tim out for not having kept sufficient watch over Alice. Steve was thrilled that his visiting rights were restored when the new charges against him were dropped, but marveled at the fact that Rachel was responsible.

Gerald: (Exit Line) "Someday, Rachel, you're going to run into somebody who'll out-trick you. And I want to be around when that day comes."

Notes: Last appearance of Walter Mathews as Gerald Davis.

JULY 29, 1974 (EP. #2540)
Jamie introduced Dennis to his aunt Nancy. Gil and Ada couldn't figure why Tim wasn't happy that the charges against Steve were dropped. Pat told Mary she's not sure what to tell the twins about John when they return from camp. Pat didn't believe Mary's accusations against Liz. Pat blew Rachel off when she asked about Alice. Rachel told Sam she'd seen John drowning his sorrows at a bar near the marina. Rachel bared her fangs at Tim when he came down on her for interfering in Steve's case, then softened when she told him it would be to his advantage to tell her where Alice's sanitarium was.

JULY 30, 1974 (EP. #2541)
Liz didn't want Mary feeling badgered when Jim offered to talk to her about her feelings toward Liz. Jim gave Vic the statement Gavin signed effectively revoking Tim's power of attorney. Lenore asked Helen to fill in for her during dinner with Wally and Robert. Russ and Dennis tried to get Iris interested in swimming. Dennis made Russ's day by revealing that Iris likes him. Sam visited the bar and bribed Rudy to notify him of John's whereabouts. Robert vowed to see Steve so he could put an end to Lenore's busy schedule.

JULY 31, 1974 (EP. #2542)
Gil told Zack he'd be driving Steve over to visit Alice. Gil was sure Tim only had Steve's best interests in mind when Vic filled him in on the papers Tim had Alice sign and the document Gavin signed invalidating them. Sam told Pat that John may have to hit rock bottom before he can begin to climb up again. Tim managed to deflect Janice's concerns, then told Gil to stay out of it when Gil suggested he cooperate with Vic. Tim derided Janice for giving Lenore a copy of the papers, then was regretful for losing his temper.

AUGUST 1, 1974 (EP. #2543)
Iris persuaded Mary to have dinner at her house so she could invite Gavin to inform her about Alice. Iris told Russ she really wants Mary over so that they could become better friends for his sake. Robert took a swing at Tim for yelling at Lenore, then Vic came in and broke the two men up. Tim vowed to settle things when Vic told him about Gavin's statement. He arrived at the prison and was incensed to learn Gil had just taken Steve on his trip to see Alice. Rachel showed up with suitcase in hand to reclaim Steve's house but Liz fought her every step of the way. Liz and Rachel were sitting on the sofa staring at each other when the doorbell rang. Rachel insisted on opening the door herself and was floored to see Steve and Gil. She vowed no one was going to stop her from moving back in.

AUGUST 2, 1974 (EP. #2544)
Steve grabbed Rachel's suitcase from her when she started upstairs and threw it violently in the direction of the front door. It opened, spilling out clothes into the foyer. Rachel left when Gil threatened to arrest her for trespassing. Ada sent Jamie next door to see Joey Perrini so she could talk to Rachel, who maintained Gil was just doing what Steve wanted because he was rich and powerful. Janice refused to let Tim bully her into using her to get information out of people, so he phoned up Russ and got him to tell him where Alice was. Alice freaked out when Gavin told her Steve had arrived to see her, and Gavin had to tell Steve Alice adamantly refuses to see him.

Steve: (To Rachel) "One more word out of you, and I'll throw you out the door along with your suitcase."

Jamie: "I wish I had a little sister."
Ada: "Maybe someday you will have."

AUGUST 6, 1974 (EP. #2545)
Gavin told Steve Alice was erecting a wall between herself and others to protect herself from losing what she wants most. Jamie thought it was a great idea when Rachel told him they might move into Steve's house now that Alice no longer lives there. After phoning Janice to ask her to come over, Steve asked Gil about his chances for parole. When Gavin claimed Alice was just punishing the people who loved her, she said she wanted to live with her memories only not other people.

AUGUST 7, 1974 (EP. #2546)
Steve wrote Vic a memorandum making it clear everything was in Vic's hands from now on. Janice insisted Tim was loyal to Steve. Mac showed up earlier than expected on Iris's doorstep. Iris told him her past experiences with love and marriage didn't make her very confident about her relationship with Russ. Mac told Gavin his sister Edith had turned down his marriage proposal. Mac was introduced to Mary and Jim and remembered seeing Mary briefly while visiting Iris in hospital. Janice assured Tim she was there for him, one loner to another, when he complained that no one trusted him.

Mac: (Douglass Watson, Introduction Line) (Iris Carrington's house) "Hello, Louise."

Notes: First appearance of Douglass Watson as Mac Cory.

AUGUST 8, 1974 (EP. #2547)
Tim accused Gil of joining the people who were out to destroy him. Robert warned a satisfied Vic that Tim wouldn't let Steve's memo stand in his way. Robert got angry when Lenore let Vic dump extra work on her. Russ convinced Pat Alice might see her since they'd always been very close. Sam's visit with Nancy made him pine for Susannah. Tim arranged to have Steve's assets converted to negotiable bonds.

AUGUST 9, 1974 (EP. #2548)
Ada confronted Rachel for avoiding since Nancy was born. Rachel accused her of having stopped caring for her and Jamie when she married Gil. A miserable Ada left when Rachel cast her out of her life. Iris encouraged it when Mac invited Liz on the hike he was taking with Dennis and Jamie. Helen warned Lenore about the effect her work was having on her marriage. Tim wasn't immediately cooperative when Robert wanted him to get him to see Steve so he could talk to him about Lenore.

AUGUST 12, 1974 (EP. #2549)
The warden allowed Robert to see Steve even though it wasn't a visiting day when Robert said it was a personal matter concerning his wife. Mary was upset she wasn't told Pat went over to try to see Alice. Tim presented Janice with a ring and insisted he loved her and that she'd changed him for the better. Janice accepted but wanted to wait until Steve's release before announcing it. Initially scared, Alice was cheered by Pat's visit, especially when Pat held her and sang softly to her. Steve told Robert he would have Vic relieve Lenore of her heavy work schedule. Milt Downing, Tim's broker, told him the cash was deposited in a Swiss bank account.

Alice: "I haven't thought about Bill for years... I didn't know you remembered those things."
Pat: "Oh, yes. I remember all the happy days we had."

AUGUST 13, 1974 (EP. #2550)
Tim complained to Janice about it when Robert told him he'd been to see Steve. Pat visited Russ to tell him Alice alternates between very dependent and very hostile. Iris arrived for her lunch date with Russ and tried to convince Pat to come over for dinner. Vic and Lenore were bothered when Robert said he'd spoken to Steve about the work situation. Tim stepped up his plans when Vic showed him a copy of Steve's memo.

AUGUST 14, 1974 (EP. #2551)
Pat tried to explain to Mary why Alice had agreed to see Liz only. Pat got emotional when Sam got a call from Rudy saying John had been around. Steve instructed Vic to give Robert and Lenore a vacation despite the delays in business it would cause. Robert insisted on accompanying Pat to John's bar. Vic shooed Lenore out of the office, claiming Tim's actions had blinded him to the separation of business and personal matters. Pat was upset when Rudy told her Rachel Frame had been there talking to John once. Steve learned he was being paroled.

AUGUST 15, 1974 (EP. #2552)
Gil dropped Steve at his house and warned him to control that temper of his. Liz tried to explain to Steve who sick Alice was. Dennis assured Mac he doesn't mind that Iris was seeing Russ. Iris told Mac she was afraid Russ's feelings for her would turn to contempt the way Eliot's did. Steve caught Robert and Lenore before they left on vacation and thanked them for the hard work they put in. Pat warned Rachel to stay out of her life. Alice hung up on him when Steve called her from Gavin's office.

Pat: "Hello, Jamie."
Jamie: "Do I know you?"
Pat: "You did when you were a baby... I'm Mrs. Randolph."

AUGUST 16, 1974 (EP. #2553)
Pat told Jim she didn't believe Rachel was interested in John's welfare as she claimed she was. Steve admitted to Pat it may have been a mistake to have dismissed John as his attorney, and was further distressed to hear Jim say John simply gave up and walked out on everything. Over lunch at Tallboys, Mac and Liz agreed Iris and Russ were well suited. They realized they themselves have a lot in common since Liz has close ties to her nieces and nephews and Mac had been much too close to Iris since her mother died when she was a little girl. Tim received a tongue lashing from Steve about maligning John and acting improperly as his attorney. Liz convinced Alice to see Steve by saying he could explain everything that happened.

AUGUST 19, 1974 (EP. #2554)
Pat told Mary she was tired of making excuses to other people about John. Mary was at a loss to understand either of her daughters. Tim confronted Gil about undermining him with Steve. Ada tried to hold a summit meeting between them. Steve didn't enthuse over Janice's engagement news. Jamie and Rachel were rearranging the furniture in their apartment when Rudy phoned to say John was in the bar. Steve arrived to see Alice, who announced it would be the last time they ever spoke together.

AUGUST 20, 1974 (EP. #2555)
Alice told Steve she was freeing him from their marriage so he'll be safe from her. Alice said it was better she'd never had their baby as it would have grown up to compete with Jamie for Steve's love. Rudy detained John so that he was still there when Rachel arrived. She convinced John to come to her apartment and talk. While John pestered her for a drink, Rachel phoned Ada to have Jamie stay with her for a couple of days. Rachel told John to stop blaming himself for what other people did to themselves.

Alice: "You've always lied to me, Steve... way back, long before we were married, when Rachel had your baby.. then later, when you pretended to be out on business trips to be with her."

AUGUST 21, 1974 (EP. #2556)
Steve dropped by to thank Gil and was thrilled to see Jamie. Ada was worried when Jamie and Steve left to spend time together without telling Rachel. Rachel told John she would advance him money to get him set up in a motel room. Tim fended off Janice's questions about the envelope of receipts Milt had dropped off. Vic rushed out to see Milt when Janice confided in him about her suspicions.

AUGUST 22, 1974 (EP. #2557)
Vic told Milt Tim had misled him about their entire transaction. Pat told Sam she was giving up on John when they visited the bar again and were told John had left with Rachel. Mary confronted Liz about encouraging Alice to see Steve, saying that he's brought her nothing but unhappiness and humiliation. Russ told Iris she would have to accept his devotion to his family, and warned that being married to Rachel made him wary of being manipulated into doing things he didn't believe in. Steve assured Mary that they both wanted Alice to be well and happy again. Tim arranged to flee to Brazil.

AUGUST 23, 1974 (EP. #2558)
Vic came to see Gil about his suspicions. Janice went to Tim's apartment to tell him Gil was trying to reach him. While he was on the phone, Janice took his envelope of receipts and slipped it under her jacket. Pat told Russ she is forced to believe that John and Rachel are living together. Gavin tried to interest Alice in living with Pat and taking care of her children. Rachel and John insisted there was nothing between them when Russ found them in her apartment. Rachel told John that Steve would pay for the misery he's caused both of them.

AUGUST 26, 1974 (EP. #2559)
Gil and Vic told Steve that evidence indicates Tim sold most of Frame Enterprises stock. Steve was hesitant to sign the warrant for Tim's arrest but Gil was insistent he do it. Janice phoned Gil after she got Tim to come over to pick up the envelopes. Pat hurled abuse at Steve for causing John's downfall when he came by to enlist Sam's professional help. In a meeting with Mary and Jim, Gavin said Alice needs to resume an outwardly normal life. Janice detained Tim until Steve and Gil arrived. Gil grabbed Tim's briefcase when Tim tried to bolt. Gil snapped the cuffs on Tim after he said his men would shoot him if he tried to resist arrest. Tim told Janice to keep his ring as a souvenir of turning in someone who trusted her.

Tim: "Are you arresting me, Pop?"
Gil: "You think I'm going to let you go?"
Tim: "Most fathers would."
Gil: "Maybe. But then you're not like most sons, are you?"

AUGUST 27, 1974 (EP. #2560)
Steve told Pat he'd like to rehire John. While being booked, Tim complained that Burt was Gil's favorite and that Gil never paid them any attention after their mother died. Tim stubbornly professed his innocence and vowed to fight his conviction every step of the way. Janice was disconsolate about Tim since she loved him and he always made her feel wanted. Steve managed to talk Janice out of leaving town. Alice agreed to go home with Mary and Jim if they promised never to talk to her about Steve.

Tim: "Thanks for everything, Pop. I hope you can sleep nights."

Janice: "You've been a loner since you ran away from home, Steve... And I'm used to being alone, too. Maybe that's best for us Frames."

AUGUST 28, 1974 (EP. #2561)
Russ visited Mary and Jim and found Alice happy to be back in safe, comfortable surroundings. Gil told Ada his talk with Tim yesterday was the worst experience of his life, and she told him she's experienced the same with Rachel. Rachel visited John in his motel room and tried to get him back on his feet, but he took a sip of whiskey after she left. Steve began to lose patience when Russ told him Alice was getting great security from living in the past.

AUGUST 29, 1974 (EP. #2562)
Vic beat a hasty retreat when Rachel burst in to see Steve. Rachel smiled and warned him he was only on parole when he threatened to throw her out. Pat stared at her blindly and then rushed from the room when Rachel taunted her that all John needed was encouragement from someone who cared about him. Sam told Rachel she'll get her check from Steve when Sam decided to send it. Gil brought Tim over when he wanted to thank Ada and say goodbye to her. Tim told her she was the only mother he'd ever had and didn't want Gil to turn her against him. Sam advised Steve to ask Mac for advice on acquiring a loan to reimburse the buyers of his stock. Gil and Ada realized Tim had bolted out the front door when he was supposed to be visiting Nancy. Gil phoned the police with tears streaming down his face as Ada put her arms around him.


Notes: Last appearance of Christopher Allport as Tim McGowan.

AUGUST 30, 1974 (EP. #2563)
Robert and Lenore returned from their trip and learned Tim had embezzled practically all Steve's stock. Pat visited Alice but couldn't get her to talk about Steve, who has been bombarding Alice with roses every day. Steve enlisted Lenore's help with Alice. Mac told Iris he would look into it when she worried Tim may have misappropriated funds from her as well. Robert told Wally not to be sore at Lenore for having missed their evening out.

Notes: Last appearance of Jason Gladstone as Wally Curtin.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1974 (EP. #2564)
Rachel told Ada Tim wasn't worth worrying about and that Janice and Tim deserved each other. Alice told Lenore she wishes she could wipe out everything that's happened since Lenore was in love with Bill. Mac and Dennis were playing chess on Iris's patio when Rachel came in to pick Jamie up from swimming. Mac told her he was having such a good time he may be staying in Bay City indefinitely. Pat agreed that Sam should follow Rachel so they could learn where John was when Rachel came over to inform them she was acting as John's secretary. Rachel advised Mac to let John be Iris's new lawyer.

Dennis: "Oh, you know my grandfather, don''t you?"
Mac: "Didn't we meet when you were in New York with Iris last year?"
Rachel: "That's right... You were very kind to me."

SEPTEMBER 3, 1974 (EP. #2565)
Rachel accused Ada of keeping secrets from her when Jamie admitted he'd spent the day with Steve when he got out of prison. Steve told Lenore he's worried people would influence Alice against him. John didn't want to face Steve when Rachel wanted John to speak to him about his visitation rights. John vowed to prove to Pat that he was worthy of her love and respect. He visited Iris and agreed to be her lawyer.

Rachel: "I know Steve better than anyone else in the world."
Ada: "You still love him, don't you?"
Rachel: "I've told you before. I've always loved Steve and I always will, and someday he and I and Jamie will all be together again."

SEPTEMBER 4, 1974 (EP. #2566)
Rachel threatened to have Steve reported for visiting Jamie without her permission. She said he had an unreasonable hostility toward her, and he thought it was justified since Rachel triggered Alice's breakdown by lying that Steve agreed she could move back into the house. Sam and Janice felt they were the wrong choices to speak to Rachel on Steve's behalf, so Pat suggested Lenore. Pat worried that Rachel would poison John's mind against Steve. Liz asked Mac to see if Iris knew how to reach John. Robert stormed out when Lenore agreed to Steve's request to speak to Rachel.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1974 (EP. #2567)
Rachel wouldn't go for it when Steve suggested Lenore as a disinterested third party during his visits with Jamie. She refused to tell him where John was. Ada tried to make Gil feel better about Tim. Ada advised Sam to talk to Pat when Sam admitted he likes her. Mac told Steve and Vic that his lawyers have retrieved the funds Tim put in the Swiss bank accounts. Steve told Liz Mac seemed very taken with her, but she didn't feel someone of his experience and stature would be interested in her.

SEPTEMBER 6, 1974 (EP. #2568)
Jim and Mary failed to interest Alice in outdoor activities. Robert told Lenore he was sick and tired of her letting Steve draw her into every aspect of his life. He felt she must be unhappy if she was jumping at every chance to take time away from him. Pat told Sam not to hope for something that can't happen when he asked her out to dinner. Sam talked Janice out of leaving town when she said everything around her reminded her of Tim. Alice told Gavin she and Steve only make each other unhappy.

Pat: "You're a good friend, Sam. But I'm a one-woman man."

SEPTEMBER 9, 1974 (EP. #2569)
Steve dropped by Iris's and she gave him John's address. Robert was relieved when Rachel said she won't allow Steve to use Lenore as a go-between. She tried to warn him that Steve uses everyone else to get what he wants. Alice told Lenore that Steve has to learn to live without her. Lenore told Robert he shouldn't take his irritations about Steve out on Vic. Rachel wasn't pleased when Steve showed up at John's motel room to apologize and ask him to come back as his attorney.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1974 (EP. #2570)
With Rachel filling his ear with dire warnings about Steve, John told him he would never again put himself in a situation where he could lose his income and his pride. A discouraged Steve told Pat not to count on John coming back home. John refused to be drawn into Rachel's hostilities toward Steve and the Matthews family. John poured his drink down the washbasin, held Pat's photo, and vowed to be back when he could stand on his own two feet again. Steve told Lenore he would try to delay sending Robert to oversee a project in Florida.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1974 (EP. #2571)
Jim wanted them to stay out of it when Mary wanted to know why John was involving himself with Rachel. Liz accused Mary of preventing her from seeing Alice. Gil advised Janice to forget about Tim, then they both regretted not letting Tim know how much they loved him. Alice was happy when Liz came to visit her, and Mary was smug that Alice now agreed with her about Steve.

Gil: "I love my son, Janice... I always will... and I'll always worry about where he is and what he's doing."

SEPTEMBER 12, 1974 (EP. #2572)
Steve wouldn't hear of it when Rachel wanted Jamie to visit his parents while they're together. Rachel taunted Lenore about spending so much time with Steve and neglecting Robert. Ada refused Mary's request to talk to Rachel about her relationship with John. Pat invited Janice to dinner when she sensed how lonely she was. Steve reassured Mary he was certain nothing was going on between Rachel and John, and agreed to stop that relationship for Pat's sake.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1974 (EP. #2573)
Robert accused Steve of taking advantage of Lenore. Steve tried to explain that work meant a great deal to her because she'd had no independent life with Walter. Mac told Liz he was going to take her out to dinner so that Russ and Iris would have time alone, and so that he would have time alone with Liz. Russ and Iris took advantage of their privacy to kiss passionately. Steve told Pat he would make sure Rachel wasn't around so Pat could visit John in his motel room alone.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1974 (EP. #2574)
Steve came over to arrange a visit, but a glum Jamie realized Rachel wouldn't allow it. Steve surprised Rachel by inviting her along on his dinner with Jamie. Steve thought Lenore might be considering his feelings more than necessary, but she was upset Robert had been dictating her life and making decisions for her. Lenore insisted she had every right to use her talents and abilities just like any man, and accused Robert of being possessive and domineering. He delivered an ultimatum: her career or their marriage. Pat begged John to come home and try to work things work.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1974 (EP. #2575)
John said he can't return to her until he solves his impotency problems. John said Rachel believed in him when no one else did, and Pat believed him when he said there was nothing going on between them. Jamie reminisced about similar happy times during dinner with his parents. They tried to reassure him they both loved him, and Rachel got encouraged by Steve's attitude. Helen told Lenore that wives have to make compromises, but Lenore couldn't understand Robert's point of view. Rachel said Jamie was thinking of becoming an architect when he wanted to show Steve some drawings. Rachel told Steve she loved him and that he didn't love Alice, just the idea of her.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1974 (EP. #2576)
Pat thanked Steve for getting her to see John alone but told him not to concern himself about it anymore. Jim convinced Pat to ask Liz to babysit so she wouldn't feel excluded from the family. Janice told Steve she'd decided to make a clean break and leave town. Liz suggested that Pat have Russ with her when she tells the twins that John doesn't want to come home. Rachel told Ada John was the only one who treats her like a human being.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1974 (EP. #2577)
Lenore told Steve she wouldn't let Robert dominate her life the way Walter did, and vowed not to let Robert influence her decision to help Steve with Alice. Russ and Iris realized their match-makers were becoming interested in each other. Iris insisted she wasn't jealous of Mac and Liz, then Mac came in and joked that she and Russ should get married so he wouldn't have to apologize for intruding on them while they kissed. Gil told Ada Burt called him to say he'd received a postcard from Tim in Brazil.

Gil: (To Ada) "You and Nancy have given me back the youth I thought I'd lost forever."

SEPTEMBER 20, 1974 (EP. #2578)
Alice told Gavin Steve loved his son more than he loved her, then agreed to ask Pat if she wanted help with the twins. Mac asked John to handle the transaction since he's thinking of purchasing some property in Bay City. Janice said goodbye to Lenore, saying she'd given up expecting much from life anymore. She apologized for the troubles she caused them before Robert and Lenore were married. Pat was too overcome, so Russ broke it to Michael and Marianne that John wouldn't be coming home until he'd worked out a business problem.

Janice: "I'm leaving Bay City."

Notes: First appearance of Glen Zachar and Tiberia Mitri as Michael and Marianne Randolph.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1974 (EP. #2579)
Rachel hugged John and said she was proud of him when he had to arrange to lease office space with the work Mac was giving him. Janice told Steve she was leaving for New York to look for work in a law office. Janice regretted she didn't give Tim the love he needed, so Steve told her he wouldn't press charges if Tim were apprehended. Arranging Steve's visitation schedule with Lenore, Rachel thought two days a week should be enough. Janice told Gil to get in touch with her if he heard from Tim. After John filled her in, Rachel wondered why Mac was interested in Bay City since he seemed to lead an exciting life in New York.

Janice: "I don't really have a home."
Steve: "You'll always have a home with me. Remember that."

Gil: "Goodbye, Janice."
Janice: (Victoria Thompson, Exit Line) "Bye. Give my love to Ada."

Notes: Last appearance of Victoria Thompson as Janice Frame.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1974 (EP. #2580)
Rachel couldn't keep her eyes of them when Steve and Lenore came into the restaurant. Steve worried he was causing dissension between her and Robert. Pat wouldn't let Russ coax her into coming to dinner at Iris's. Iris agreed to act as a link between John and his family since it would make Russ happy. John didn't want to hear Rachel's suspicions of Steve and Lenore's relationship.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1974 (EP. #2581)
Lenore told Helen she shouldn't have told Rachel Robert was out of town when Rachel phoned last night, then accused her of misconstruing her relationship with Steve. Pat managed to talk Alice into looking after Michael and Marianne, but Alice confided to Jim that she was afraid being around children might upset her. Lenore told Steve he'd been too hard on Vic for telling her Robert might have to extend his stay in Florida. Rachel phoned Robert with a cryptic message about Lenore making a fool out of herself with another man.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1974 (EP. #2582)
Robert demanded Rachel tell him what she knew, then, upon hearing her account, said Rachel suffered from a bad case of jealousy. Rachel smiled to herself when she got Robert to think Steve was after Lenore for the same reason he was after Alice, because of what both women represented to him. Gavin told Russ he suspects there's some physical condition Alice was hiding. Mac and Liz stood in for Iris during her lunch date with Pat when Iris had to see her friend Theresa Lamonte who was rushed to the hospital last night. Mac told Pat (whom he had met in New York when Pat visited Alice) not to let pride destroy her marriage. Robert complained that other people dominated his life-- his father, who wouldn't let him become an architect and made him enter the family business, then his first wife who idolized his father and paid Robert little attention, and he didn't want Steve to dominate his life by dominating Lenore's.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1974 (EP. #2583)
Russ insisted Alice come to the hospital and let Dr. Gilchrist give her an examination. Lenore felt for him when Vic said he feels like an outsider. Mac invited John to dinner with him, Liz, and Pat. Robert handed his resignation to Steve, who sensed Rachel's hand in it. Russ confirmed Alice's worst fears when he said her tests reveal she'll never be able to have children.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1974 (EP. #2584)
John phoned Pat about visiting Michael and Marianne, but she worried that seeing him would upset Alice. Lenore accused Rachel of causing trouble for her and Robert and John and Pat, but Rachel just smiled and said Lenore was adding herself to the long list of people Steve betrayed. Liz and Mac managed to convince Pat to attend their dinner with John. Michael and Marianne were thrilled when John came to visit. Alice wouldn't elaborate when she told John she can't give Steve what he wants.

Notes: Last appearance of Glen Zachar and Tiberia Mitri as Michael and Marianne Randolph.

OCTOBER 1, 1974 (EP. #2585)
Pat failed to cheer Alice up by saying she'll feel different when she has children. Alice urged Pat to fight for John, especially when she learned he's been spending time with Rachel. Ada couldn't understand why Rachel was devoting so much time to John. Russ couldn't get Alice to tell Steve about her condition, and covered when Mary wondered why she was so upset. Robert began to pack his things when Lenore couldn't convince him he meant more to her than her friends.

Robert: (To Lenore) "It's better to cut this off now than to wait until what was love becomes hatred. I've been through that before, and I'll never go through it again."

OCTOBER 2, 1974 (EP. #2586)
Vic worried that Steve was more critical of his work than he used to be. Lenore told Steve Robert walked out on her and apologized for the damage his quitting will do to the firm until they can hire a replacement. Rachel wasn't helpful when Robert asked her to persuade Lenore not to be involved in Steve and Alice's situation. She told him she'd suggest him to Mac since Mac intends to build in Bay City and Robert is out of a job. Mac phoned Rachel to ask if Dennis could have dinner with her and Jamie so John and Pat could have dinner alone. Liz was doubtful when Mac told her Rachel had sounded sincere in her hopes for a John/Pat reconciliation. Robert told Steve he was leaving before Steve turned against him like he did to John, Rachel, and Alice.

OCTOBER 3, 1974 (EP. #2587)
Rachel warned Vic he was next on Steve's hit list after Robert. Lenore was a bit put out by Rachel's rigid visitation schedule for Steve. Lenore came close to the truth when Russ wouldn't tell her what was wrong with Alice. John agreed when Rachel asked him to recommend Robert to Mac, but wouldn't join in speculating about Lenore's private life. Lenore was worried she couldn't reach Rachel to tell her Steve had invited Wally along to dinner with Jamie.

OCTOBER 4, 1974 (EP. #2588)
Sam was concerned for her when Pat said she was dining with John, Mac, and Liz. Sam thought it might be harder for Steve personally than professionally when Vic told him Robert had resigned. Mac revealed to John that he's combined with some book and magazine publishers who have been looking for an ideal site for a combination plant and warehouse (which Mac has found in 100 acres near the Point), and agreed Robert was a good choice for architect. Mac and Liz made themselves scarce so that Pat and John would have time alone, during which John told Pat he was ready to come home. Steve wouldn't budge from her home when Mary insisted he leave.

OCTOBER 7, 1974 (EP. #2589)
Jim prevented Mary from phoning Alice to warn her Steve was on his way over. John tried to explain his tolerance of Rachel to Pat. They hugged and kissed when Pat accepted him back. Steve confronted Alice about her refusal to reunite, but she threatened to run away where he'll never find her if he continues to force himself on her. The arrival of Pat and John provided Alice with the cover she needed to dash out the door. Mac told Liz he admires Rachel as someone who goes after what she wants. Jim stroked Alice's hair as she cried about loving Steve.

Pat: (To John) "When the next crisis in our lives comes... will you walk out again because you don't think you can handle it?"

OCTOBER 8, 1974 (EP. #2590)
As he moved out of his motel room, John laid Rachel low by telling her Steve and Alice had been together at his house last night. Alice made Russ promise not to reveal her condition to anyone, then Linda dragged her to visit the nurses. John asked Sam not tell Steve that Mac decided not to choose Frame Enterprises. Lenore told Vic Rachel was responsible for her breakup.


OCTOBER 9, 1974 (EP. #2591)
Lenore and Steve tried to find a way to keep Rachel from maneuvering them into a defensive position. Rachel felt it was a dangerous liberty that threatened to grow unabated when Ada told her Wally had been included in Steve's dinner with Jamie. Pat and Lenore realized they were different kinds of women: Pat was a happy homemaker, but Lenore needed more out of life. Steve kindly told Robert he could use him as a reference.

OCTOBER 10, 1974 (EP. #2592)
Lenore dropped by Rachel's to say she was skeptical that Rachel was trying to do Robert a favor by lining up a job for him. Lenore apologized for not checking with her before inviting Wally along, but couldn't understand the fuss Rachel was making about it. After she left, Rachel booked a flight to London for her and Jamie. Russ dissuaded Mary from quizzing Alice about her mysterious behavior. Jamie was excited when Rachel told him they were taking a trip to London. While he phoned Dennis with the news, Robert came by and received Rachel's news about Mac's job offer. Vic coaxed Lenore into going to dinner.

OCTOBER 11, 1974 (EP. #2593)
Lenore came by Ada's to ask where Rachel was, and Ada suggested she phone Dennis, who revealed she and Jamie had flown to London. Gil thought it was a good idea if Rachel started a new life with Jamie somewhere else. Russ wouldn't let Steve bully him into revealing what was wrong with Alice. Robert assured Mac that using him won't put him in an awkward situation with Steve. Alice was less than friendly when Lenore came for a visit.

OCTOBER 14, 1974 (EP. #2594)
Russ introduced Steve to Dave Gilchrist, who refused to divulge details of Alice's condition. Robert told John Mac had suggested Therese's daughter, who has a master's degree in Fine Arts, as his assistant. Based on their own experiences, Sam and John tried to convince Robert to work things out with Lenore. Robert filled Ada and Gil in about what Rachel had done for him. Steve was furious when Lenore told him Rachel took Jamie to London.

Dave: (Introduction line) "Morning, Russ..."

Sam: (About Robert) "He's changed since I was his attorney in Somerset. He used to be a passive man with a dictatorial father and a domineering wife. Now he's a strong, self-confident man. Actually there are times when he reminds me of the worst of old man Delaney himself."

Notes: First appearance of David Ackroyd as Dave Gilchrist.

OCTOBER 17, 1974 (EP. #2595)
Ada didn't believe it when Mary suggested that Rachel had Robert grab Mac's job offer so that Steve would lose a plum project. John told Pat, who wasn't interested, that she could come back to work even though he had rehired Joan. Liz enlisted John and Pat's help in arranging a way for Robert and Lenore to meet. Carol Lamonte helped Robert convert his old apartment into his new office. Carol listened in when Robert insisted to John he has no reason to believe Lenore loves him. Liz got Mac to fill her in on Robert and Lenore's troubles.

Carol: (Introduction Line) (To Robert while helping him convert his apartment into an office) "Where would you like these blueprint holders kept when you're not using them?"

Notes: First appearance of Jeanne Lange as Carol Lamonte.

OCTOBER 18, 1974 (EP. #2596)
Liz advised Steve to ask Mary about Alice's secret. Alice told Russ she'd like to resume her nursing duties with Dave as her boss. Pat and Mary disagreed about the state of Alice's marriage. Dennis teased Mac about waiting impatiently for Liz to arrive. Mary denounced Steve for expecting other people to exist to satisfy him.

OCTOBER 21, 1974 (EP. #2597)
Sam told Steve he had no legal recourse concerning Rachel's recent actions with Jamie. While picking up some of Robert's things, Carol introduced herself to Lenore so there wouldn't be any misunderstanding. Vic told Lenore not to worry about Carol. Vic failed, but Pat succeeded, in inviting Lenore to dinner. Ada was upset Sam was going to speak to Rachel as Steve's attorney. John admitted it was Rachel's doing when Steve wanted to know why Mac chose Robert as his architect.

Lenore: (To Vic, weakly) "I just wasn't prepared for Miss Lamonte."

OCTOBER 22, 1974 (EP. #2598)
Mary told Alice she was flying to Arizona to look after Ricky while Missy undergoes some minor surgery. Dave was close-lipped when Mary asked about Alice's health. Ada and Gil were delighted to get a phone call from Jamie in London. Alice told Dave she won't let Steve sacrifice having more children. Robert showed John his preliminary sketches for the Cory complex. Robert finally relented to go to dinner at John's and meet Lenore.

OCTOBER 23, 1974 (EP. #2599)
Steve was hopeful when Liz intended to find out what was going on with Alice. Robert gave Carol an extra set of keys for the apartment when she wanted to come in some evenings to work. Mac and Robert complimented Carol on her sketches for the entrance to the main building of the complex. Sam told Ada Steve was afraid Rachel was turning Jamie against him. Alice rushed from the room when Liz brought up her having children.

Sam: "How's Nancy?"
Ada: "Fat and sassy, like her old man..."

OCTOBER 24, 1974 (#2600)
Dennis phoned Steve, who got him to read the return address on the postcard he'd received from Jamie. Pat bubbled over with happiness over her home life to Russ. Steve got angry at Rachel's machinations and Sam warned him not to antagonize her. A frustrated Steve told Vic he was going out of town. Pat took Carol on a tour of her house when she and Robert dropped by to talk to John about business. Gil and Ada tried to talk Steve out of going to London to track Rachel and Jamie down.

Russ: "Theresa is a rather ?TBA woman"

OCTOBER 25, 1974 (EP. #2601)
John warned that Alice might resent Pat for interfering when Pat thought Alice might confide in her. Lenore told Steve she would hold down the fort while he went to London. Pat phoned Lenore to confirm their dinner date. Robert and Lenore stared at each other awkwardly when they saw each other at Pat and John's, who made excuses to leave them alone together. Lenore agreed to give up her work when she and Robert admitted how miserable they are apart.

OCTOBER 28, 1974 (EP. #2602)
Robert and Lenore enjoyed being able to have breakfast together. Helen was happy to hear Lenore was resigning from work, and confided to Liz that she felt responsible since she had taken over most of Lenore's wifely duties. Carol hesitated before congratulating Robert on reuniting with Lenore. Mac defended Rachel to Liz. A disappointed Vic told Lenore he'd miss seeing her around the office.

OCTOBER 29, 1974 (EP. #2603)
Returned from London, Jamie worried about Rachel, who felt under the weather. Ada hurried over when Jamie called about Rachel's condition. Helen told Robert she was going on a cruise for several months to remove herself from the household, and may take a small apartment in town upon her return. Sam arrived at Ada's to find Gil cooking supper for him. Rachel told Ada she was just depressed, but she made an appointment for Rachel to see Dave.

OCTOBER 30, 1974 (EP. #2604)
Rachel sat down to wait when Linda said Dave would be late. Alice arrived for work and Rachel taunted her about her mental condition. After Dave came and said he couldn't see Rachel until the afternoon, Alice filled him in about Rachel. Carol told Liz she doesn't get along well with her mother. Pat warned Alice that she was setting it up for Rachel to get Steve back. Dave told Rachel she was suffering from high blood pressure. Dave filed the folder marked "Frame, Rachel" next to the one marked "Frame, Alice."

OCTOBER 31, 1974 (EP. #2605)
Rachel commented that Lenore finally chose between Robert and Steve when Vic told her the news. Rachel got angry when Sam told her a lot of people had been checking up on her. Carol overheard Robert tell John he and Lenore will be able to start a family pretty soon. Steve came down on Rachel for not telling him she was taking Jamie away, but was concerned when he noticed she was unwell.

NOVEMBER 1, 1974 (EP. #2606)
Lenore gushed to Pat about how happy she was being a housewife. Sam wasn't responsive when Jim told him how happy he was Pat and John were back together. Alice said Steve should fall in love with someone like Lenore. Lenore told Steve she's convinced Alice still loves him.

NOVEMBER 4, 1974 (EP. #2607)
Sam buried his face in his hands after Pat told him no one but John can ever mean anything to her. John invited him to dinner when he saw how low Sam was. Russ invited Carol to dinner so he could set Therese's mind at ease as a favor to Iris. Sam hid his feelings from John, but not from Pat, during dinner.

Memo from Producer Mary Bonner: "On Friday, Oct. 25, 1974, #2607, please cut George Reinholt (Steve) from cast."

NOVEMBER 5, 1974 (EP. #2608)
Rachel told Ada Steve still cares about her and insisted his attitude toward her was changing. Russ told Alice he wants her to meet Carol. Rachel visited with Mac when she brought Jamie to spend the night at Dennis's. Mac regretted he'd never shown Rachel his art collection while they were in New York. Rachel extracted several sheets from Alice's folder while Phyllis Merriam, Dave's secretary, had her back turned.

NOVEMBER 6, 1974 (EP. #2609)
Russ's suspicions about Rachel were confirmed when Dave noticed some test results missing from Alice's file. Liz told Mac all about the Steve/Alice/Rachel triangle. Liz was suspicious when Jim said Mary had taken a little vacation, and Jim complained to Alice about lying to Liz. Rachel wouldn't budge when Russ threatened to have her arrested if she didn't return Alice's papers.

NOVEMBER 7, 1974 (EP. #2610)
Pat didn't enthuse over John's idea of introducing Sam to Carol. Robert suspected Pat had asked Carol to dinner to distract her from Robert. Sam confided to John he's been feeling pretty miserable. Rachel told Ada Steve was certain to come back to her. Robert's advice was to alert Steve when Russ told him Rachel had stolen Alice's papers.

NOVEMBER 8, 1974 (EP. #2611)
Liz could tell Jim was lying to her about Mary's vacation. Carol wasn't amused by the flip attitude of Robert's new architect, Neil Johnson. Dennis and Louise were happy by the return of Iris, who said she'd gotten Therese into a nursing home on the Hudson. Iris smiled mischievously at Liz about Mac, and Liz admitted she's happier now than she's been in years. Sam was touched when Pat invited him to dinner but warned that it would take someone very special to make him forget her.

Neil: (Introduction Line) (In Robert Delaney's office to Carol) "Hi. I'm Neil Johnson the new project architect. Mr. Delaney told me his secretary would be here."

Notes: First appearance of John Getz as Neil Johnson.

NOVEMBER 11, 1974 (EP. #2612)
Ada understood Rachel's enthusiasm about Steve when Russ told her about the theft. She was afraid for Rachel, but Gil said he'd try to talk her into returning the papers. Robert and Steve had a preliminary meeting for construction of the Cory site. Iris kissed Russ's troubles away, then Carol arrived to be filled in about her mother. When Lenore told him what Rachel had done, Steve was determined to get the papers from her so she wouldn't use them to intimidate Alice.

NOVEMBER 12, 1974 (EP. #2613)
After Robert brushed Rachel off, Carol got her to tell her about Robert's resentment of Steve and Lenore. Robert said he didn't mind Lenore talking to Steve about the latest problem with Rachel. Alice hung up on Steve when he tried to warn her about Rachel. Ada tried to give Alice some sage advice when she dropped by to see Mary. Rachel caved in when Gil said there was enough circumstantial evidence to convict her. She obediently returned the papers, but gloated over her photocopy while telephoning Alice.

NOVEMBER 13, 1974 (EP. #2614)
Alice hung up on Rachel and instructed Jim not to answer the phone. Ada and Gil speculated on the contents of Alice's tests when he wouldn't read them due to their confidential nature. Russ and Iris decided Dave would be a good escort for Carol during an upcoming dinner party. A concerned Jim phoned Russ to come over and tend to Alice, but Russ didn't reveal Rachel's theft to her.

NOVEMBER 14, 1974 (EP. #2615)
Gil returned the papers to Russ. Carol visited Rachel and insisted her offer of friendship was genuine despite the horror stories Rachel was sure Carol was hearing about her. Dennis invited Jamie to check out the Cory construction site. Iris encouraged a less-than-confident Liz in her courting of Mac. Rachel insisted to Ada she took Alice's tests by mistake and couldn't understand them anyway.

NOVEMBER 15, 1974 (EP. #2616)
Dave blurted out to Alice in front of Liz that she had a message from Mary in Arizona. Rachel dropped by Robert's office and conveniently overheard a call from Steve to Neil, who later grinned at Carol and said Rachel was very attractive. Steve escorted Rachel out of his office when she didn't have the proof with her that something was up with Alice. Rachel had an erotic dream about Steve.

NOVEMBER 18, 1974 (EP. #2617)
Sam promised Steve he would see what Rachel wanted. Carol had a meeting with Steve and sounded him out about Rachel. Liz cried on Mac's shoulder about being kept in the dark. Mac phoned Russ, who told him Missy feared Liz's emotional presence would upset Ricky. Iris told Russ she'd always worried about women getting involved with Mac for his money. Ada pleaded Rachel's case to Sam, claiming there had been no harm done.

NOVEMBER 19, 1974 (EP. #2618)
Steve warned Jim not to let Rachel near Alice. Liz got Pat to tell her about Missy, and Liz complained that Missy and Susan both treat her as if she doesn't exist. Vic agreed to go to the Matthews house to try to get Alice to talk to Steve. Sam and Carol discussed Rachel over drinks with Pat and John. Rachel brushed past Jim demanding to see Alice, who agreed to hear her out.

Sam: "Rachel tends to use people to get what she wants."
Carol: [LIGHTLY] "If you don't use people to get what you want, you're not apt to get it." [SHE SMILES AT SAM AND SIPS HER DRINK.]"

NOVEMBER 20, 1974 (EP. #2619)
Alice traded insults with Rachel, but got the wind knocked out of her when Rachel said she knows Alice can't have children. Alice protested meekly when Rachel threatened to tell Steve unless Alice divorces him. Carol lapped up all the info Pat gave her about Lenore. Steve was in a panic when Vic told him Alice had spoken to Rachel. Iris convinced Mac to take Liz to visit Missy.

Iris: "Whenever there's trouble in the Matthews family, Rachel's always behind it."

NOVEMBER 21, 1974 (EP. #2620)
Russ talked Alice, her suitcase half-full, out of running away again. Lenore remarked that Carol was a persistent girl after Sam brought her by to see Lenore and Robert. Steve and Liz commiserated with each other. Rachel gloated to Ada that Alice can't give Steve kids.

NOVEMBER 22, 1974 (EP. #2621)
Rachel chased Liz out then presented the photocopies to Steve. John told Pat not to judge Carol too harshly. Pat said Mac was the first man that Liz fell in love with since Will died years ago. Iris told Mac Russ was responsible for the change in her. Liz agreed to go to California with Mac. A subdued Steve read the papers, thanked Rachel for bringing them over, and listened non-committably to Rachel's assertions that they belonged together.

NOVEMBER 25, 1974 (EP. #2622)
Rachel beat it when Russ came and threatened her with a lawsuit. He told Steve he's not sure anyone would be able to change Alice's mind. Pat bridled her disapproval when Rachel called insisting John come over that night to give her legal advice. Rachel couldn't be less interested when Carol dropped in to dish about her dinner with Pat and John. Pat told a guilty Steve that Alice had forgiven him for not being available when she lost her baby. Rachel wept to John about everyone being against her and thinking the worst of her.

NOVEMBER 26, 1974 (EP. #2623)
Jim suggested taking care of Missy when Alice wanted to leave Bay City. Carol brought Lenore a present for Wally and commented it was too bad Lenore had to give up her work. Neil was suspicious when Carol complimented Lenore to Robert. Liz and Jim made up. Steve told Alice children would be meaningless without her.

Alice: "When we were first married, you talked so much about having children--"
Steve: "I can live without them, but I can't live without you..."

Notes: First appearance of Dennis McKiernan as Wally Curtin.

NOVEMBER 27, 1974 (EP. #2624)
Steve convinced Alice to be his wife again. Rachel assured Jamie her health was fine. Steve told Liz to warn Mary he and Alice were back together for good. A gushing Alice told Russ Rachel only succeeded in bringing her and Steve together. Vic and Sam assured Steve they would look after the business while he vacationed in St. Croix with Alice. Jim ushered Alice and Steve out the door while Rachel stared at her watch waiting for Steve to call her.

NOVEMBER 28-29, 1974: Pre-empted.

DECEMBER 2, 1974 (EP. #2625)
Sam told Pat and John the happy news, and Sam asked him to try to get Russ to drop the charges against Rachel. Pat advised a depressed Sam to find Lahoma. Robert got Carol and Lenore to work together when they both wanted to redecorate his office. Dave decided not to press charges against Rachel since he didn't want to aggravate her condition. Ada dreaded having to tell Rachel she'd lost Steve.

DECEMBER 3, 1974 (EP. #2626)
Iris told Pat she was hoping Mac would announce his engagement to Liz, and they planned a party to get Mac in the announcement mood. Dave told Russ Dr. Rogers wanted Russ to fill in for him at a medical convention in Vienna. Rachel told Dave she won't have to worry about her blood pressure when Steve comes back to her. Iris said she'd miss not having Russ's moral support during the party. Steve and Alice enjoyed their stay at his beach house in St. Croix. Rachel fainted, then threw her out, when Ada told her Steve and Alice were back together.

Note: The Steve/Alice St. Croix scene was shot on 16mm film.

DECEMBER 4, 1974 (EP. #2627)
Robert told a reluctant Lenore she should get to know Carol better as it would improve their working relationship. Jim was happy to hear Liz (returned from California) say she and Mary had worked out their differences, and that Mary now approved of Steve. Neil advised Carol not to be so transparent in her feelings for Robert. Pat filled Lenore in on her surprise party plans for Liz and Mac. Ada told Sam she's not sure Rachel would ever get over Steve.

DECEMBER 5, 1974 (EP. #2628)
A bitter and tearful Rachel told Ada she'd never love anyone else, when Ada urged her to find someone new. Carol expressed her skepticism of Mac's feelings for Liz as she, Robert, and Neil made their way to the surprise party. Dennis wanted he and Jamie to name Louise's new begonia, but she'd already named it Aphrodite. Pat bade her guests to look casual so Mac and Liz wouldn't suspect anything. Late to meet Iris at Pat's, Mac was just about to get changed when Rachel stopped by. He noticed how distressed she was and tried to comfort her when she broke into tears. Iris seethed when Mac called her at Pat's to cancel their dinner plans.

Louise: (To Dennis and Jamie) [LIGHTLY] "You think it's amusing that I talk to my plants, don't you?"
Dennis: "No, we don't... sometimes when you're not here, I talk to them myself."

Rachel: "I don't want to intrude on you, Mr. Cory..."
Mac: "Please, Rachel... everyone calls me Mac..."

DECEMBER 6, 1974 (EP. #2629)
The Randolphs and Delaneys speculated about Mac's no-show and worried about Liz. Mac took Rachel out to dinner at Tallboys, listened to her life story, and advised her to give up on Steve and make new friends. Iris invited Liz to move in with her (and Mac) to help her land Mac. An irritated Iris confronted Mac when he came home whistling, and after she criticized him for awhile he said she needed to allow him some freedom and privacy.

DECEMBER 9, 1974 (EP. #2630)
Carol told Lenore Iris would love to have Mac settle down with someone (like Liz) she won't feel threatened by and can dominate. Mary told Pat she changed her mind about Steve after seeing Missy living alone, still mourning for Bill. Steve and Alice vowed that Rachel wouldn't come between them. Rachel quizzed Carol about Mac and wasn't put off to learn he likes young girls and was probably not interested in Liz.

DECEMBER 10, 1974 (EP. #2631)
Dave and Carol asked each other about Rachel, then he asked her out after saying he matched her description of her ideal man. Sam nixed Ada's offer to move in with Gil and her. Mary graciously offered to let Liz move in with her and Jim if she turned down Iris's offer. Ada was happy but mystified to see Rachel happily building a new life for herself.

Ada: "Who's Mac?"
Rachel: "A friend..."

DECEMBER 11, 1974 (EP. #2632)
Vic complained to John about the sloppy work Sam was submitting. Pat revealed Sam's attraction to her to John, who promised not to make an issue out of it. Ada convinced Dave to drop by Rachel's apartment to check her out. John offered to help Sam with Steve's account. Iris told Louise Liz was moving in with them.

DECEMBER 12, 1974 (EP. #2633)
Dennis helped Liz bring her suitcases in when she moved into Iris's. Rachel told Dave her health was fine and she could handle her personal problems herself. Mary was concerned for Alice when Pat told her about her condition, but promised not to interfere in her life anymore. Rachel asked Carol to help her pick out a dress at Bryant's to impress Mac. Carol wouldn't listen to Neil's reservations about Rachel. Mac was pleased Liz was moving in, but she was close to tears when he mentioned another date with Rachel.

DECEMBER 13, 1974 (EP. #2634)
Jamie told Ada Rachel was happier than he'd seen her in a long time. Robert told Neil it hadn't been necessary to warn Carol away from Rachel for Steve's sake. Dave told Gil to reassure Ada he wasn't going to press charges against Rachel. Alice phoned Mary, who expressed her sympathy over Alice's condition, then welcomed Steve back to the family and apologized for having created problems.

DECEMBER 16, 1974 (EP. #2635)
Iris assured Liz Mac wasn't really interested in Rachel when a sad Liz wanted to move out. Rachel told Carol she worried about appearing uninformed when Mac talked about art. Jamie complained to Sam that he never gets to see Steve. Ellen Grant phoned Sam from Somerset to tell him the time was right to talk to Lahoma. Mac tried to butter up Ada when he showed up in a tux to pick Rachel up.

Rachel: "I'm beginning to think I can do better than Steve Frame."

Mac: (Presenting roses to Rachel) "Lovely flowers for a lovely lady."
Rachel: "Thank you, Mac. Oh, this is my mother, Mrs. McGowan."
Mac: "Hello, I'm Mac Cory. I've heard a lot about you from your grandson."
Ada: "Oh. Well, we've heard a lot about you too."

DECEMBER 17, 1974 (EP. #2636)
Ada told Gil she had nothing against Mac personally but he was all wrong for Rachel. Sam told John if he and Lahoma make up, they won't be living in Bay City. On Sam's urging John agreed to be Steve's attorney again. Mary felt Mac should be warned about Rachel when Lenore told her about them. Liz thought Rachel was contemptible for rubbing it in that Mac liked her.

DECEMBER 18, 1974 (EP. #2637)
Home from Vienna, Russ dropped off at his parents' first to welcome Mary home. Robert didn't want them involved when Lenore wanted to warn Mac about Rachel. Liz started to cry when Alice phoned and teased her innocently about Mac. Carol and Dave flirted when they ran into each other in Russ's office. Russ told Iris Mac would resent his interference if he tried to talk to him about Rachel.

Iris: "I've handled girls who were after Daddy before."
Russ: "I'm sure you have, but I doubt you've ever known one quite like Rachel."

DECEMBER 19, 1974 (EP. #2638)
Carol told Iris she had no intention of dropping Rachel as a friend just on her say-so, and told Iris to do her own dirty work. Iris's phone call interrupted Mac's business meeting with Robert and Vic, then she hung up on him when he wouldn't give in about going out every evening. Sam said goodbye to Pat and apologized for having put her in an awkward situation. Iris warned Rachel to give up her little charade or she'd tell Mac the sordid details of her past.

DECEMBER 20, 1974 (EP. #2639)
Vic finagled an invitation to Pat's next party. Iris wondered to Pat if John could draw up an arrangement keeping Mac's money safe from Rachel. Ada was sad to have Sam leave but was happy he might be reuniting with Lahoma. Pat hounded John into talking to Rachel about backing off on Mac. Russ warned Iris about being too heavy-handed with Mac.

Sam: "I came to say goodbye to you."
Ada: "You leaving Bay City?"
Sam: "Yeah... I'm sorry."


DECEMBER 23, 1974 (EP. #2640)
Robert agreed when Lenore asked him to warn Carol about encouraging Rachel with Mac. Liz admitted she loved Mac, so Mary and Jim encouraged her to stick it out at Iris's house until he came to his senses. Dennis made Jamie show Mac the best athlete award he won, but Mac upset him by mentioning Steve was with Alice in St. Croix. An uncomfortable Robert tried to lecture Carol about friendships unintentionally having an adverse effect on business. Mac advised a receptive Rachel to make it easier for Jamie to see Steve.

DECEMBER 24, 1974 (EP. #2641)
Vic was happy to accept John's invitation to dinner, but came up short when John extended the invite to a date. John was surprised by the sudden change in Rachel's attitude when she said she had to accept Steve and Alice were together. Iris was interested to hear Lenore say Rachel dumped Russ to pursue a vastly richer Steve. Linda introduced Iris and Dave when she came by the hospital to see Russ. Iris eavesdropped when Rachel came in to talk to Dave about her blood pressure medication. Rachel complained to Ada that everyone was gossiping about her and Mac.

DECEMBER 25, 1974 (EP. #2642)
Robert felt bad for Carol, who came in to the office to work on Christmas day. Vic joined Carol at work since he didn't have anyone to spend the day with either. Vic revealed his parents were dead, and he was once married when he was young and foolish. A slow Vic finally realized Carol was coming on to him. Sam phoned Ada to say he and Lahoma were settling down in Oklahoma. Gil felt sad that Tim didn't phone. Liz joined Mary and Jim at Pat and John's, where they got a phone call from Alice. Iris and Russ entertained Robert and Lenore, then Mac came home and received a tongue lashing from Iris for spending part of the day with Rachel.

Sam: (Exit Line) "Okay, Lahoma's waiting for me... Merry Christmas, Ada.... and thanks for all you've done."

Notes: Last appearance of Jordan Charney as Sam Lucas.

DECEMBER 26, 1974 (EP. #2643)
Carol dropped by on the Delaneys unwrapping their gifts, and Robert said Carol shouldn't have given him such an expensive gift as a love letter from Lord Nelson to Lady Hamilton. Mac then came over to present Robert with a piece of bedrock from the site, embedded in crystal, with Robert's name and the date. Liz was distracted by a call from Missy when Rachel came over to thank Mac for the necklace and earrings, and to give him polo boots and a mallet. Iris and Russ dropped in at his parents', where Mary expressed her concern over Rachel and Mac. Gil let Mac hold Nancy when he and Rachel arrived at Ada's.

DECEMBER 27, 1974 (EP. #2644)
Lenore was a bit peeved Robert defended Carol's use of her skills when he never thought that about Lenore's work. Vic didn't have much luck getting a second date with Carol. Jamie and Dennis ran over to see Joey's new puppy. Ada told Gil Rachel was just trying to prove to herself it didn't matter she's lost Steve. A messenger from Iris returned to Rachel her present to Mac.

DECEMBER 30, 1974 (EP. #2645)
Iris and Rachel argued over the appropriateness of her present to Mac, then Rachel vowed never to let Jamie go to Iris's house again. Alice phoned Mary to ask what was upsetting Liz. Pat invited Vic to her New Year's Eve party, but Jim opted for a quiet evening with Mary. Ada and Mary worried about Jamie's relationship with Steve.

DECEMBER 31, 1974 (EP. #2646)
Lenore convinced Robert to display Carol's gift in his office, not at home. Russ welcomed Richard Gavin as the new Chief of Psychiatric Service, and Richard had a warm welcome for Liz when he saw her. Russ advised Liz her presence in the house may keep Mac from taking Rachel too seriously. Robert told Carol the office was too understaffed for her to accompany him on a business trip to New York. Dave wondered why Carol had left for Pat's party without him. Carol was happy to overhear Vic expressing feelings for Lenore. Pat noticed Lenore was upset to observe Carol ingratiate herself to Robert.