Daily Synopses

JANUARY 2 - 6, 1978
Ray returned to California and still refused to give Alice a divorce. Pat admitted her love for John. Greg discovered that Evan had hired investigator Claude. To escape Sven's clutches, Helga and Regine planned to return to Sweden. Rachel left town to divorce Mac. Dennis and Jamie discovered Rocky's dismembered body under the floorboards of the stables. Regine finally confessed all of Sven's schemes to Mac.

JANUARY 9 - 13, 1978
Sven kidnapped Rachel before she could learn that Mac isn't the father of Regine's baby. Greg closed in on Claude, who threatened to implicate Olive in Evan's death. Gwen feared that Elena has won Russ. Vince Frame, Willis's brother, arrived.

JANUARY 16 - 20, 1978
Sven held Rachel captive in the pumphouse on the Cory estate. Cliff promised to stand by Regine after learning that he fathered her baby. Vince and Willis argued after Vince told Alice unpleasant things about Willis's past. John remained in a catatonic state.

JANUARY 23 - 27, 1978
Olive antagonized John during a visit, and he spoke Pat's name. Vince was attracted to Angie. Liz's daughter Susan Shearer arrived from Boston and admitted that she's separated from husband Dan. Sven forced Rachel to make a ransom tape.

Mac recognized sounds on the ransom tape and realized that Sven is holding Rachel in the pumphouse. Mac attempted a rescue, but during a struggle with Sven, Rachel received a serious head injury. Sven was arrested and half of Bay City agreed to testify against him. Rachel awoke and discovered that she's blind.

FEBRUARY 6 - 10, 1978
Olive implicated Claude in Evan's murder then went off the deep end. Regine admitted to Rachel that Cliff, not Mac, fathered Regine's baby. Rachel and Mac reconciled before Rachel was taken into surgery for optic nerve damage. Russ proposed marriage to Gwen. Vince dated Angie, which made Willis jealous. Susan got a job at the hospital and was assigned to John's case.

FEBRUARY 13 - 17, 1978
Helga left for Sweden. Gwen accepted Russ's marriage proposal. Dennis and Jamie decided to become roommates. John finds it difficult to accept the truth about Olive. Vince helped Angie make Willis jealous.

FEBRUARY 20 - 24, 1978
Rachel's surgery was a success, and she regained her eyesight. Iris fumed when Dennis moved out. Liz plotted to break up Gwen and Russ. Mac and Rachel offered to hold Cliff and Regine's wedding at the Cory estate. Rachel was discharged from the hospital and went home with Mac.

FEBRUARY 27 - MARCH 3, 1978
Cliff and Regine got married and moved to Sweden. Rachel and Mac agreed to start a family. Susan treated Olive. Gwen's interfering mother Leueen arrived. Elena hired Dennis. John recovered from his catatonia.

MARCH 6 - 10, 1978
Leueen and Liz united to break up Gwen and Russ. Alice wanted Greg to expedite her divorce from Ray. Iris was unhappy with Dennis's apartment. Liz gossiped about Ada and Charlie.

MARCH 13 - 17, 1978
John was released from the mental hospital and acquitted of Evan's death. Joan told Greg she's in love with John. Greg asked Pat if she plans to reconcile with John, but Pat was evasive. Ray finally agreed to divorce Alice, while Molly consented to a divorce from Michael. Dennis met Eileen Simpson, a newcomer to Bay City. Burt urged Willis to admit his love for Angie.

MARCH 20 - 24, 1978
Rachel learned she's pregnant. Joan told John she loves him, but he only has eyes for Pat. Meanwhile, Marianne developed a crush on Greg, who has fallen in love with Pat. Olive threatened to reveal Marianne's past abortion. Louise warned Dennis that Iris is planning to keep him away from Eileen. Iris found out and fired Louise. Vince professed his love for Angie, who pined for Willis.

MARCH 27 - 31, 1978
Rachel and Mac hired Louise. Iris and Brian argued violently about Iris's continued scheming. Iris went on a rampage then disappeared. Alice signed her divorce papers. Angie forced Willis to choose between her and Alice. John hired Eileen to work with Michael. Greg confessed his love for Pat, who worried about Greg's relationship with Marianne.

APRIL 3 - 7, 1978
Rose and Joey Perrini, Angie's mother and brother, appeared and urged Angie to pursue Willis. Liz told Willis that Alice dated Dr. Cal Zimmerman. Leueen sought info about Russ's marriage to Sharlene. Cal got friendly with Susan. Iris's disappearance caused much concern.

APRIL 10 - 14, 1978
Burt received an out-of-town job, but Clarice refused to go with him. Eileen dated Michael, while Brian showed an interest in Olive. Willis broke up with Alice and insisted that he really loves Angie. Rose vowed to keep Willis and Angie apart. Marianne told Michael that Pat wants Greg for herself. Elena decided to purchase Iris's house from Brian.

APRIL 17 - 21, 1978
Willis proposed to a noncommital Angie. Louise discovered Brian and Olive together in Iris's house. Pat begged John and Greg not to believe Marianne's paranoia about Pat's attraction to Greg. Susan moved in with Alice when Aunt Liz proved too obnoxious. Dennis and Michael quarreled over Eileen.

APRIL 24 - 28, 1978
Burt left Bay City without Clarice. Vince saved Joey from an accidental electrocution. Vince intercepted Willis, who came to the hospital in hopes of seeing Angie. Olive proposed that she and Brian live together. Brian refused, but agreed to a secret affair. Angie expressed gratitude to Vince for saving Joey.

MAY 1 - 5, 1978
Rachel maneuvered Ada and Charlie together. Greg dated Marianne to make Pat jealous. Willis was furious that Angie accepted a dinner invitation from Vince. Brian confessed to Mac that he's seeing Olive in order to help John's divorce petition. John offered to reconcile with Pat, who refused. After an argument, Gwen ran to Willis, while Russ sought comfort from Elena.

MAY 8 - 12, 1978
Iris cavorted with a gigolo in St. Tropez. Liz tracked down Iris to say that Brian sold her house to Elena, who plans to move in artists Dino and Sharon Amati. Angie broke off her relationship with Willis. Liz was concerned about Willis's interest in Gwen. Eileen told Dennis that their relationship is strictly platonic.

MAY 15 - 19, 1978
Angie and Vince got together after Angie admitted that she and Willis are finished. Iris nixed returning to Bay City and continued to play in St. Tropez. Gwen grew weary of Leueen's constant meddling. Dennis was attracted to Elena. Russ and Gwen were unable to reconcile their differences.

MAY 22 - 26, 1978
Angie and Vince decided to elope. Russ was furious over Gwen's reliance on Willis. Iris wore out her welcome on the French Riviera. Greg plotted to make sure that he gets Pat. Russ received word about a job in Dallas.

MAY 29 - JUNE 2, 1978
Gwen ended the relationship with Russ, who decided to accept the position in Dallas. Willis learned about Angie's elopement. Greg stalled Michael's divorce from Molly. Leueen left Bay City. Olive suspected that Brian is deceiving her. Sharon and Dino moved into Elena's house. Dino was attracted to Rachel.

JUNE 5 - 9, 1978
Iris returned and flipped to find Olive and Brian together. Gwen and Willis discovered deeper feelings for each other. Dennis and Jamie went to Wyoming for summer vacation. Rose suspected that Angie still has feelings for Willis. Eileen's pushy mother Nora arrived.

JUNE 12 - 16, 1978
John admitted to Pat that he realizes they'll never reconcile. Iris found Dennis's address on a postcard in Elena's desk. Angie got upset when she spotted Willis and Gwen having a romantic dinner. Greg told Nora that Michael lied to Eileen about being divorced then hid Michael's divorce papers. Nora forced Eileen to quit her job.

JUNE 19 - 23, 1978
John found Michael's divorce papers. Greg lied that Eileen misplaced Michael's divorce papers. Later, Greg came on to Pat and denied being involved with Marianne, whom he romanced on the sly. Iris left to find Dennis. Alice advised Dan to reconcile with Susan. Marianne asked Greg to marry her.

JUNE 26 - 30, 1978
Dennis agreed to return to Bay City after Iris promised to stop interfering in his life. Iris and Brian reunited. Brian told Olive that he'd used her in order to expedite John's divorce. Iris hired Vivien Gorrow, a new maid. Pat learned about Greg and Marianne's engagement. Eileen promised to stay away from Michael and got her job back. Joey was smitten with Eileen.

JULY 3 - 7, 1978
Olive vowed revenge against Brian and Iris. Sally developed a crush on Joey. Pat told John that Greg had pursued her and is using Marianne, but John wouldn't listen. Liz urged Susan to get back together with Dan.

JULY 10 - 14, 1978
Iris found Eileen in Dennis's apartment and called her a tramp. Dan and Susan tried but failed to reconcile. Olive had nightmares about Brian. Rachel grew uneasy about Jamie's strange letters from Wyoming. Greg told Pat he'll dump Marianne if Pat sleeps with him.

JULY 17 - 21, 1978
Willis and Gwen became engaged. Iris and Dennis made up. Dan showed an interest in Olive. Blaine Ewing arrived at the Cory mansion and dropped hints about knowing Jamie.

JULY 24 - 28, 1978
Burt urged Clarice to join him in Japan, but she refused. Dan suggested that Olive be hospitalized for observation. Blaine and brother Larry Ewing plotted to snare Jamie. Greg wouldn't commit to a wedding date. Angie postponed a belated honeymoon with Vince when she learned about Willis and Gwen's engagement.

JULY 31 - AUGUST 4, 1978
Willis and Gwen were married. Angie left before the ceremony ended. Liz was upset as Dan got closer to Olive. Greg showed violent tendencies, which frightened Pat. Ada and Rachel went to Wyoming, where Rachel and Jamie argued about Blaine. Mac left on a European business trip.

AUGUST 7 - 11, 1978
Rachel went into labor during an argument with Blaine. Nobody could locate Mac. Dan suggested that Susan's jealous of his friendship with Olive. Clarice moved in with Charlie. Pat begged John to dissolve his partnership with Greg, but it was to no avail.

AUGUST 14 - 18, 1978
Mac returned to Bay City in time for the birth of his daughter. In honor of Mac's mother, Rachel named the baby Amanda. Mac confessed to a horrified Iris that she's not his biological daughter. Iris flipped and left town. Larry and Blaine moved to Bay City. Clarice hired Blaine as a mother's helper. Marianne caught Greg flirting with another woman.

AUGUST 21 - 25, 1978
Larry found employment. Olive made Susan feel inadequate as a woman. Angie decided to take night classes at the university. Greg convinced Pat that he truly loves Marianne. Friends warned Marianne that Greg's a womanizer.

Vince and Willis made amends. Sally ran away when Joey ignored her attentions. Mac warned Rachel that interfering in Jamie's life will only make his relationship to Blaine stronger. Iris and Brian vacationed on the French Riviera. Iris barricaded herself in the hotel room and refused to speak. Fearing marriage to Marianne, Greg skipped out of Bay City.

SEPTEMBER 4 - 8, 1978
Marianne continued her wedding plans despite Greg's absence. Rachel asked Louise and Dennis to visit Iris, who's on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Joey pined for Eileen. Dennis moved out when Jamie moved Blaine in. Alice and Willis threatened to expose Olive's past to Dan. Joey found Sally and brought her home.

SEPTEMBER 11 - 15, 1978
John fired Greg, who returned to Bay City and Marianne. Larry was interested in Clarice. Olive left town because of Alice and Willis' threats, but she vowed to return. Alice sent Sally off to a boarding school in Boston. Pat had nightmares about Greg. Iris improved under Louise and Brian's care.

SEPTEMBER 18 - 22, 1978
Brian resigned from Cory Publishing to search for Iris's natural parents. John turned down Mac's job offer, so Mac considered hiring Greg, who told Marianne that they can't marry until he finds work. Pat threatened to quit Cory if Mac hires Greg. Sharon and Dino left Bay City.

SEPTEMBER 25 - 29, 1978
Angie's preoccupation with Willis forced Vince into the guest bedroom. Brian pursued a lead on Iris's mother. Iris learned that wealthy Boston socialite Cornelia Exeter might be her biological mother. Pat suddenly convinced Mac to hire Greg, which aroused John's suspicion.

OCTOBER 2 - 6, 1978
An ecstatic Iris told Dennis that Cornelia is his grandmother. Cornelia learned that Mac has no knowledge of a locket that Cornelia placed on her baby before giving it up for adoption. Clarice almost gave in to Larry's sexual advances. Rachel used Buzz Winslow in a plan to break up Jamie and Blaine. Vince decided to call it quits with Angie. Pat pretended to be attracted to Greg.

OCTOBER 9 - 13, 1978
Rachel hired Buzz as the Cory stableboy. Blaine denied being Buzz's former girlfriend and Jamie fell for it. Pat told Dan about her plan to expose Greg. Michael passed his bar exams then celebrated with Marianne's friend Kate. Dennis moved into Elena's guesthouse. Angie was upset that Vince frolicked with newcomer Mimi Haines. Brian broke the news to Iris that Cornelia isn't her mother.

OCTOBER 16 - 20, 1978
A devastated Iris learned that her natural mother is Sylvie Kosloff. Later, Iris read Dennis the riot act for moving into Elena's guesthouse. Olive returned to an unforgiving Dan. Susan decided to give Dan a divorce and wished him happiness with Alice. Blaine manipulated Jamie into eloping. Vince kissed Mimi.

OCTOBER 23 - 27, 1978
Rachel disinherited Jamie after learning about his marriage to Blaine. Buzz warned Blaine that their relationship isn't over. Marianne caught Greg kissing Pat, but he talked his way out of it. Susan told Alice to get Dan before Olive does. Clarice visited Burt in Japan. Iris is ashamed of Sylvie.

Iris played matchmaker for Elena and John, but Elena admitted having feelings for Dennis. After losing his virginity to Elena, Dennis reconciled with Jamie. Joey got closer to Eileen, who realized it's over with Dennis. Mac convinced Rachel to forgive Jamie, but she still intends to break up his marriage to Blaine. Leueen caused friction between Willis and Gwen. Marianne and Greg agreed upon a November wedding.

NOVEMBER 6 - 10, 1978
At Rachel's urging, Charlie fired Blaine. Vince asked Charlie to hire Mimi. Rachel was furious that Mac offered Larry a job. Sylvie managed to get closer to Iris. Susan moved in with Pat. Greg admitted to an enraged Marianne that he loves Pat. Leueen drove a wedge between Willis and Gwen.

NOVEMBER 13 - 17, 1978
Clarice returned without Burt. Gwen decided to leave Willis. Iris convinced Sylvie to help her break up Dennis and Elena. Rose and Mimi fought over Vince. Marianne told John that Greg and Pat have been lovers all along. Greg pressured Pat to take their relationship to the next stage.

NOVEMBER 20 - 24, 1978
Greg went off the deep end when Pat confessed that she'd led him on to keep him away from Marianne. Greg begged unsuccessfully for a reconciliation with Marianne. Olive lied to Alice that Olive is pregnant with Dan's baby. Buzz blackmailed Blaine into bed. Mac and Iris had an uneasy reconciliation.

A psychotic Greg tried to rape Pat, who stabbed him to death during a flashback to the time she killed Tom Baxter. Marianne turned Pat in to the cops, insisting that Pat killed Greg in a jealous rage. Michael wants to defend Pat. Buzz lied to Rachel that Blaine is remaining a faithful wife to Jamie. Angie worked to keep Gwen and Willis apart. Susan told Olive that pregnancy lies won't work with Dan.

DECEMBER 4 - 8, 1978
Brian warned Michael not to defend Pat because of conflict of interest. Marianne vowed to testify against Pat. Janice Frame returned and went to work for Willis. Olive threatened Dan with a paternity suit. Ada and Charlie were unhappy that Clarice accepted a date with Larry.

DECEMBER 11 - 15, 1978
Against Brian's advice, Michael accepted Pat's case. Pat wants to plead guilty for Marianne's sake. Brian advised Dan not to divorce Susan until Olive's paternity suit is settled. Jamie and Dennis were suspicious of Iris's attention to Blaine. Angie got closer to Willis during his split with Gwen.

DECEMBER 18 - 22, 1978
Brian exposed Olive's pregnancy lies, but she retaliated by threatening to testify against Pat. Larry and Charlie came to blows over Larry's interest in Clarice. Michael was attracted to assistant district attorney Karen Campbell. Gwen grew jealous upon learning that Willis hired Angie as his personal assistant. Mimi told Vince that he can go back to Angie if he wants to.

DECEMBER 25 - 29, 1978
Mac rehired Scott Bradley, who returned to Bay City. Mac defended Blaine to Ada and Rachel then agreed to Iris's request that he hire Larry. Vince and Alice fought about her interest in Willis. Iris conned Sylvie into taking Blaine on a shopping spree. Olive decided she'd have to kill Alice to get Dan. Gwen left Bay City.