Daily Synopses: September - December

JANUARY 2-6, 1984
Stacey failed to return from her honeymoon with Mark in time for Jamie's hearing on drug possession charges. Peter grew suspicious over the reasons Donna and Carl had split when she gave vague answers and feeble excuses. Julia outlined a new romance novel based on Sally, David, and Kevin's lives after eavesdropping on their conversations. Henrietta accepted Roy's marriage proposal. Rachel berated Stacey for neglecting Jamie's case and threatened to hire another lawyer to represent him. Cass enthusiastically approved of Julia's outline. Nicole informed Jamie and Felicia that Ted plans to skip town. Cass refused to reveal the identity of his business partner to Cecile. Peter assumed Jamie as a client and was successfully granted a two-week continuance to acquaint himself with the case. Perry informed Jamie and Felicia that he is posing as a drug pusher to trap Ted once he goes to his supplier. Donna questioned Carl's motives for coming to Bay City. Sally threatened to disown Julia after discovering that her proposed novel is modeled after her affair with David and Kevin's birth. Roy discovered that a newly constructed hotel that he designed is owned by Carl. Julia moved in with Gil due to feeling mistreated by Liz and Sally. David and Sally fretted over Kevin, who was injured after falling off a sled and hitting his head. Peter warned Nicole to mind her own business when she expressed objections over his budding romance with Cecile. Liz chastised Julia for inconveniencing Gil and using Sally's personal life for writing material.

JANUARY 9-13, 1984
Carl was unable to comfort Perry, who learned that his mother had died of a heart attack. Donna fumed that Cecile turned down her big bucks offer to end her budding romance with Peter. David was jealous that Peter consoled Sally over Kevin, who is improving. Mark was upset that Stacey refused to use his last name professionally. Lily asked Quinn to help some of her hooker pals go straight by giving them jobs in Carl's hotel. Blaine insisted to Sandy that she doesn't mind giving up her career for motherhood. Julia moved in with Gil, who kicked her out after realizing that she's not ready for a relationship. Mac was surprised that Carl is the person who wants to buy Henrietta's pie company. Nicole's schemes succeeded in keeping Ted from leaving town.

JANUARY 16-20, 1984
The lights went out and a shot was fired after Larry burst in on Perry's meeting with Ted and his drug supplier. Julia was upset that Cass decided to hire another author when she refused to write her new novel. At Felicia's request, Gil threatened to squeal on Cass, who's snooping into Mac's business files, if Cass doesn't return Julia's book outline. Peter seduced Cecile during a plane ride to Canada. Stacey was furious that Mark suspects that Jamie might be her baby's father. Blaine went into false labour and was hospitalized. Rachel was upset that Mac refused to discourage Peter from seeing Cecile. Ted was shocked to learn that bartender Ollie is really an undercover cop.

JANUARY 23-27, 1984
Catlin, who's calling himself Josh, secretly arrived in town. Mac was in his private plane which crashed en route to British Columbia. Felicia was upset that Carl refused to visit Perry, who recovered from a shoulder wound incurred during Ted's drug bust. Quinn nixed Carl's offer to buy out Frame- Harding Construction. On Carl's behalf, David agreed to buy some lakefront property that Mac had refused to sell to Carl. Cass returned Julia's book outline which she then destroyed. Nicole accepted Jamie's offer to share his pad. Stacey and Mark argued over Jamie. Ted cleared Jamie of the phoney drug possession charges. Brian refused to post bail for Ted, who was arrested on drug charges.

Insisting that Mac's still alive, Rachel took Jamie and went off to search for Mac's plane. Sandy and Jamie argued over how to run Mac's business. Cecile fumed that she lost money in a stock investment because of Mac's plane crash. At Felicia's request, Carl improved his relationship with Perry, who insisted he can run his own life. Realizing that she still loves Jamie, Stacey asked Mark to leave town so they can make a fresh start. Sandy stood vigil over Blaine, who was in labour. Catlin and Perry didn't hit it off, while Maisie was smitten by Catlin. Brian was forced to testify against Ted, who was sent to a mental institution.

FEBRUARY 6-10, 1984
Larry had strange vibes about Catlin, who moved in with Maisie. Blaine and Sandy named their son Alexander Mackenzie. Two burned bodies were found in Mac's downed plane, but Rachel believes that Mac is still alive. Since she's broke again, Cecile plotted to marry Peter because he's wealthy. Cecile warned Donna to butt out of her life or she'll blab that Donna split up Peter and Sally. Sally considered marrying David in order to be a mother to Kevin. Stacey and Mark moved to San Francisco to build a new life together. Josh (Catlin) secretly peeked in on Blaine and Alexander.

FEBRUARY 13-17, 1984
Rachel and a guide found a half-frozen Mac, who managed to survive the Canadian wilderness. Maisie warned Josh (Catlin) that she's not interested in a one-night stand. Cecile convinced Sally that she loves Peter. Sally was not impressed by Josh. Cecile warned Cass to stay out of her life before he ruins her chances to snare Peter. Perry was upset that Carl had him tailed by a detective when he went to visit relatives. David convinced Sally to marry him after learning that his Uncle Kevin wants to make Sally executor of Little Kevin's trust fund. Roy went on a drunken binge because Henrietta called off their wedding. Henrietta went on an around-the-world cruise.

FEBRUARY 20-24, 1984
Sally ignored Peter's warning not to marry David. Larry pooh-poohed rookie lady cop M.J. McKinnon's theory that the person playing practical jokes on Quinn could really be dangerous. Cecile accepted Peter's marriage proposal. Mac was welcomed back home. Peter warned Donna to accept Cecile as his fiance or he will walk out of Donna's life. Donna fired her stableboy, then hired Josh (Catlin) for the job. Cecile nixed David's demand that she continue to steal Cory Publishing corporate secrets for him. Mark returned to Bay City after a split with Stacey. David smothered his Uncle Kevin with a pillow to keep the ailing old man from naming Sally as a trustee of Little Kevin's trust fund.

FEBRUARY 27 - MARCH 2, 1984
Perry promised to keep mum that he knows that Josh is really Catlin. Josh accepted Donna's stableboy job offer, then surprised her with a passionate kiss. Cecile panicked when Peter said he's going to find out who leaked Cory Publishing corporate secrets. Carl told Cecile that he knows about her illegal stock deals. Carl paid David to buy some of Mac's land on the sly for Carl. Nicole gave Jamie some breathing space, but fretted that he won't continue their romance. Donna warned Cecile not to hurt Peter. David freaked out to learn that his Uncle Kevin had named Sally executor of Little Kevin's trust fund before David killed him. Larry and M.J. investigated the aggressive practical jokes being played on a frightened Quinn.

MARCH 5-9, 1984
Sally insisted to David that she doesn't want Kevin to know that she is his real mother. Mac was upset when Carl bought a local TV station that he had been trying to buy. Catlin daydreamed about Sally. Donna plotted to ruin Cecile and Peter's engagement party. Felicia slept on the couch after a quarrel with Carl. Donna fumed when Carl teased her that she's been chasing after her stableboy, Catlin. Larry warned M.J.'s partner, Dolan, to quit feuding with her. Sally and David set a wedding date. Jamie was surprised that Felicia offered to publish his next book. Quinn nixed Gil's theory that Roy is playing the practical jokes on her. Clarice is still afraid to tell Larry that she's working for Quinn.

MARCH 12-16, 1984
On a tip from Cecile, Mac kept Sandy from selling his waterfront property to Carl. Felicia is upset that Carl won't tell her about his recurring nightmare. Mac had bouts of dizziness and loss of muscular control. Thomasina returned and became concerned for Quinn's safety. Peter thwarted Donna's plan to ruin his engagement party. Cecile was puzzled that Carl wanted her to tell Mac the truth about the waterfront land deal. Donna asked Catlin to move onto her estate. Abel fumed that Larry and M.J. think that he's playing the practical jokes on Quinn. Quinn received a frightening prank call. M.J. warned Larry that Quinn's tormentor could become violent.

MARCH 19-23, 1984
Maisie broke off her brief affair with Catlin, who moved into an apartment above Donna's stables. Sally lent David money to cover some of his debts. M.J. worried that her work will never please Larry. Felicia threw Carl out of her pad after realizing that he's not on the up-and-up. Catlin realized that something is amiss about Sally and David's relationship. Cecile refused to tell Jamie who tipped her off that Carl was trying to buy Mac's land. Jamie panicked to find Mac unconscious. Frank, a bartender once spurned by Quinn, kidnapped her and admitted that he's her practical joker. Lily tried to console Thomasina, who was despondent over Quinn's life potentially being in danger.

MARCH 26-30, 1984
To collect the insurance money, David set fire to his house, then went nuts when he realized Kevin was in the flaming building. Mac's speech was impaired by the stroke he suffered. David failed to blackmail Royal into giving him a loan. Sandy accused Carl of causing Mac's illness. Blaine was livid that Mac gave Jamie full control of Cory Publishing. A rift developed between Jamie and Sandy, who's upset that he can't get as close to Mac as Jamie is. M.J. and Larry rescued Quinn from Frank. Quinn later called off her romance with Abel, but they agreed to be friends. Lily and Thomasina rallied around Quinn to help her cope with the kidnapping episode.

APRIL 2-6, 1984
Blaine was shocked when Catlin admitted that he's her half-brother. Catlin asked Blaine to keep Larry in the dark about his identity. David saved Kevin from dying in the house fire, then David panicked that the police suspect the fire wasn't an accident. Cecile fretted that Peter's love for Sally could rekindle while he's comforting Sally over Kevin's brush with death. Rachel was upset that Mac's too embarrassed to try to speak in front of her. Donna smooched with Catlin, then went nuts when she saw him with Sally. Perry and Thomasina became friends. Cecile obtained money from Carl to help David pay off his debts so that David can marry Sally. Sandy feels inadequate around Mac, while Jamie helped Mac with his speech therapy. Lily's upset that Roy is anticipating Henrietta's return from her cruise.

APRIL 9-13, 1984
Felicia's feathers were ruffled by Carl's rejection of her love offer. David signed a pre-nuptial agreement with Sally in return for a May wedding date. Catlin threw a fit when Blaine broke down and told Larry that Catlin is their brother. Cecile fell into bed with Cass in New York. When Peter arrived unexpectedly, Cass hid under the bed. Sally refused to admit to Catlin that she's attracted to him. David instigated arguments between Liz and Sally. Carl tried to keep Peter from being a peacemaker between Sandy and Jamie.

APRIL 16-20, 1984
David blackmailed Royal after bribing a teenager who admitted that Royal had sold her baby. Sally left David in shock when she screamed she couldn't marry him just before their final "I Do's." Rachel was thrilled that Mac can walk on his own again. Rachel scolded Carl for secretly visiting with Mac. Carl laughed that Donna admitted sleeping with Catlin before she learned that he's a member of the low-class Ewing family. Catlin daydreamed about Sally while he made love to Donna. Thomasina was upset that R.J. decided against returning to town. Carl hired Cass to check out the Love family's financial holdings. David went crackers when an anonymous phone caller said he knows David killed his Uncle Kevin. Henrietta and Roy's wedding went off without a hitch.

APRIL 23-27, 1984
Sally suspected that David killed his Uncle Kevin. The police found Little Kevin, who had run away because David wouldn't let him see Sally. Sandy was livid that Jamie and the Cory Publishing directors refused to publish Sandy's expose on Carl. Blaine was surprised when Carl offered Sandy a job after he resigned from Cory Publishing. Larry refused to get friendly with Catlin. Carl put Cass on retainer to do his dirty work for him. Rachel mothered Mac, who came down with walking pneumonia. Carl paid Cecile, who made sure that Jamie and Peter read Sandy's expose on Carl's past.

APRIL 30 - MAY 4, 1984
Alice Frame, Sally's mother, returned to Bay City to begin her residency at the local hospital. Fearing her son's safety, Sally and Catlin kidnapped Kevin from David. Later, a mystery gunman shot David, who beat up Sally in an attempt to learn Kevin's whereabouts. Felicia sceptically accepted Carl's offer to work at his TV station. Carl also offered Sandy and Blaine jobs at the station. Donna went crazy when Peter announced that he'll bring Cecile to live with him at the Love mansion after they marry. Sandy and Jamie clashed over how to run Mac's companies. Mac returned to head Cory Publishing alongside Jamie.

MAY 7-11, 1984
Catlin was charged with murder after Larry found him standing over David's body with a smoking pistol. Catlin later admitted to Sally that he had confessed to David's murder because he thought Sally pulled the trigger. D.A. Eric Weston helped Sally get temporary custody of Kevin but vowed to send Catlin to jail for life. Donna nearly burst a blood vessel when Cecile moved into the Love mansion in preparation for her marriage to Peter. Mark agreed to defend Catlin. Cecile fumed that Peter spent his time consoling Sally. Carl gloated in front of Mac that Sandy will head the news department of Carl's TV station. Carl gave Felicia her own TV talk show. Rachel accused Blaine of convincing Sandy to leave Cory Publishing.

MAY 14-18, 1984
Peter's little sister Marley arrived home from boarding school. Unaware that he's being tailed, Peter tracked down leads to David's killer. Larry realized that a mystery person shot David, since Sally and Catlin insisted they didn't pull the trigger. Under hypnosis, Sally didn't remember anything significant about David's shooting, which she partly witnessed but then blacked out. Alice rushed to Peter's aid when he mysteriously passed out before he and Cecile could say their "I Do's." Cecile worried that Peter or Mark would learn that she had given David a large sum of money just before his death.

MAY 21-25, 1984
Cecile saw Peter's money slipping through her fingers when she was unable legally to complete their wedding ceremony at Peter's hospital bed. Alice learned someone had switched Peter's seasick pills with a lethal drug. Mark and Sally discovered someone had stolen the information Peter had collected on David's murder. Catlin was released on bail and Larry fumed when Clarice arranged for Sally and Catlin to meet secretly. M.J. realized she's falling for Larry. Donna was aghast that Perry is chummy with Thomasina. Alice locked horns with Donna, who tried to throw her social weight around at the hospital. Working as Carl's informant, Cass got a job at Cory Publishing. Donna discovered Cecile had given David a large sum of money. A mystery person is tailing Sally.

MAY 28 - JUNE 1, 1984
Cecile was arrested for withholding evidence after Donna gave the police the IOU Cecile had received from David. Peter broke off their engagement after learning that Cecile had given David a loan so that David could marry Sally. Peter warned Donna to quit interfering in his life. Quinn and Donna were upset when Perry and Thomasina went on their first official date. Clarice suspected that there's more than a flourishing work relationship blossoming between Larry and M.J. Catlin fretted that he'll be sent up the river even though he didn't pull the trigger.

JUNE 4-8, 1984
Alice begged the police to protect Sally, who realized that she's being tailed by a mystery person. Cecile vowed to get revenge on Donna, who threw her out of the Love mansion. Donna cried buckets of tears when Peter told her to get out of his life forever. Alice, with help from nurse Emily Benson, stole Royal's records on Kevin's birth. D.A. Weston arranged for Larry to be sent on a foreign assignment so that Larry can't interfere with his case against Catlin. Jamie hired Cecile at Cory Publishing, unaware that her ideas on how to improve Brava Magazine were stolen from some student journalists. Lily successfully carried off a "Dear Abby" style TV show. Peter refused to accept Cecile's apology plea. As a favour to Alice, Mac agreed to secretly have Royal's past investigated.

JUNE 11-15, 1984
Rachel's little sister Nancy took a shine to Perry after Thomasina mentioned that he's very wealthy. The man Catlin caught following Sally turned out to be a reporter looking for a scoop. The evidence piled up against Catlin during his murder trial. Alice and Sally realized that David was blackmailing Royal. Royal flipped when Sally caught him searching her room for Kevin's birth records. Peter nixed reconciling with Cecile, who taped a hypnosis session in which she admitted she loved Peter. Carl and Donna ended up quarrelling after he kissed her. Emily agreed to Peter's request that she spy on Royal. Rachel tried to end her feud with Blaine and Sandy. Alice had to admit to the jury that she saw Catlin holding the gun used to kill David. Stacey sent Mark divorce papers.

JUNE 18-22, 1984
Royal was murdered by a mystery person and his death made to appear like a suicide. Catlin took Sally to the hospital after Royal injected her with a lethal drug. Later, Sally was upset that Royal's taped confession that he had killed David was ruined. Carl slept with Donna, then admitted a Bay City resident is the cause of the nightmares Carl has suffered for years. Grant Todd introduced himself to Lily after he attended a taping of her talk show with Felicia. Cecile was arrested for killing Royal after the cops caught her standing near Royal's body while rifling his files. Cass said he's fed up playing second fiddle in Cecile's life, while she freaked to realize that she loves both Cass and Peter equally. Rachel was unhappy that Nancy accepted Mac's offer to pay her college tuition and that Mac let Nancy and Ada move into his mansion. Royal made a call to a mystery cohort before he was shot.

JUNE 25-29, 1984
Lily was smitten by newcomer Grant Todd, whom Perry hired as a chef for his teen hangout. D.A. Weston tried to pin Royal's murder on Catlin after Larry proved Royal didn't commit suicide. Sally left her hospital to be at Catlin's trial, and nearly fainted when the D.A. called for Catlin to receive the death penalty. Cecile and Felicia collaborated to write a book about Catlin's life. Catlin refused to let Sally testify on his behalf in order to keep Kevin's parentage a secret. Lily was upset that her TV advice counselling is backfiring on her viewers. Cecile paid seedy informant Wallingford for info that proved David and Royal knew each other. Grant talked to his son, Carter, about getting a part-time job during summer break from school. Sally insisted that Felicia not mention Kevin in her book about Catlin. Hopping to move into his mansion, Nancy lied to Mac that she was accosted by a thug who ransacked Ada's house and then ran off.

JULY 2-6, 1984
Grant's son Carter fell in love with Thomasina. Mark insisted on an appeal after the judge sentenced Catlin to the electric chair. Mystery hitman Ross is tailing Sally, who refused to stop trying to prove that Catlin isn't a murderer. Sally admitted to D.A. Weston that she's Kevin's mother to prove that Catlin didn't kidnap Kevin for ransom; he only did it to get him away from David. Donna fretted that her brief affair with Catlin would be revealed during his trial. M.J.'s younger brother, Ben McKinnon, talked to his best friend, Carter about finding jobs over the summer.

JULY 9-13, 1984
Liz took a tumble down the basement stairs which were booby-trapped by Ross in a failed attempt to cause Sally's "accidental" death. Liz and Kevin, who had found her, were rescued by Sally and Mac, who also discovered a leaking gas pipe rigged by Ross. M.J. was embarrassed when she mistook Jamie for a bank robbery suspect. Nancy was dumbfounded when Rachel offered to convince Ada to move into Mac's mansion. Thomasina and Marley threw a party to celebrate the grand opening of Smiley's, Perry's renovated teen hangout. Convinced that Sally's life is in danger, Catlin attempted a jail break, but ran smack into M.J. and her service revolver.

JULY 16-20, 1984
The police attempted to move Catlin to another prison, but Ross forced their car off a cliff en route. Cecile freaked out to find the body of her murdered informant, Bates, stuffed into a refrigerator. Under hypnosis, Sally remembered seeing the flash of a woman's ring just before David's murder. Cecile made love with Cass, but kept mum that she loves him just as much as she loves Peter. Alice romped in the sack with Mark. Felicia learned that a mystery man operating in a sleazy bar used to recruit unwed teens whose babies Royal later sold. Nancy fumed that Donna invited her to a posh charity party, then dropped the bomb that Nancy will be a servant at the bash. Cecile found a locker claim ticket in Bates' room. Emily played along with Donna, who begged her to bring Peter to Donna's charity party.

JULY 23-27, 1984
M.J.'s little brother, Ben McKinnon, was upset that he's all thumbs whenever he's around Marley. Ben's pal, Carter, admitted he's smitten with Thomasina. Sally vowed to prove Catlin's innocence even though his body wasn't found in the wrecked police car. Ross tailed Cecile, who arranged to meet her informant, Wallingford, at an amusement park. Felicia and Wallingford learned that the claim ticket Cecile found is for a locker at the race track. Ada and Nancy packed up and moved into Mac's mansion. Mark was upset that Alice put a hold on their budding affair. Marley and Peter worried about Donna's reinvolvement with Carl since Donna and Carl's relationship has always been very volatile. Cecile fantasized about being able to live with both Peter and Cass. Ross met with an unseen mystery woman who wears a ring like the one Sally remembered seeing before David was shot.

JULY 30 - AUGUST 3, 1984
Ada freaked out to find a supposedly dead Catlin hiding in the trunk of her car. After agreeing to meet Wallingford, Cecile went into a "tunnel of love" at an amusement park, but the boat she was riding in returned empty. Cass found the claim ticket which Cecile dropped when she got into the boat. Nancy, Thomasina, Julia, Perry, Marley, Ben, and Carter planned a trip to New York City. Ross kept close tabs on Cass, Peter, and Felicia, who searched for the missing Cecile. Felicia and Cass learned that the claim ticket is from a race track locker. Dr. Harris hypnotized Sally into believing that Catlin is really dead. He also hypnotized her to forget, rather than remember, any details about David's murder.

AUGUST 6-10, 1984
In New York City, Ross mugged Julia and Marley and stole a mystery letter from Julia's flight bag. Julia went to the address on the stolen letter and was shocked to see Carl in a huddle with an unidentified woman. Alice broke up with Mark because he relentlessly quizzed Sally about David's death. Ben confessed to Marley that he's not wealthy. Ada hid Catlin in the Cory mansion. Nancy was jealous that Perry dated a New York City ballerina. Ben is embarrassed that he's such a klutz when he's around Marley. Carter burst his buttons as he squired Thomasina around the Big Apple. Cass quit his job at Cory and stepped up his search for Cecile. Mac and Rachel are suspicious of Ada's weird behaviour. Dr. Harris warned the mystery lady that Ross is trigger happy and might kill someone.

AUGUST 13-17, 1984
The Bay City teenagers freaked out when they found Julia, who had been murdered in their New York City hotel room. Ross later reported to Dr. Harris that he had "taken care" of Julia. Risking his cover, Catlin saved Sally's life when the horse she was riding ran away with her. Ben and Marley tried to buck Donna, who disapproves of Ben's paltry financial status. After finding his hiding place, Nancy debated whether or not to turn Catlin in to the police. Ada suspected that Julia's death is connected to David's death. Dr. Harris tried to protect Sally from Ross by insisting that her memory of David's murder has been cancelled out completely. Sandy was suspicious that Carl offered him a big bucks promotion. Grant tried to persuade the local school football coach to make sure Carter gets a sport scholarship.

AUGUST 20-24, 1984
Ben and Carter sparred with potential high school quarterback rival, Hunter Bradshaw. Despite Dr. Harris's efforts to dull her memory, Sally remembered seeing a woman's blue-stoned ring during David's murder. Mark was delighted that his ex-wife Stacey sent their daughter, Megan, for a visit. Catlin told Sally that Ross, who is tailing Sally, is the man who tried to cause Catlin's death in the police car accident. Catlin assured Sally that he won't leave town. Lily fretted her prostitute past will end her romance with Grant. Sandy doesn't trust Carl, who admitted to Donna that he's testing Sandy's loyalty. Jamie fumed that Carl bought an art magazine that Mac wanted to buy. Cass suspects that Julia must have been killed because of the mystery letter that Cecile found. Larry realized that Catlin's still alive.

AUGUST 27-31, 1984
Donna took off the blue-stoned ring she received from Carl after she heard that Catlin is alive. The police searched Mac's mansion for Catlin, whom Larry spotted running from the back of the house. Blaine let fly with her temper after Sandy printed the news that Catlin is alive and well. Marley fumed that Hunter told Donna he'd been punched out by Ben. Dr. Harris hovered over Sally, who complained of severe headaches. Donna freaked out when Catlin asked her to hide him from the cops. Donna forbade Marley to move in with Peter. Quinn was incensed that Lily invited Grant, with whom Quinn's still feuding, to dinner. Ben was furious that Hunter came on strong with Marley. The police put Sally under 24-hour surveillance in hopes she'd lead them to Catlin. Alice helped Mark care for his daughter. Posing as a hooker, Rachel looked for Ross in a sleazy bar he's been known to frequent.

SEPTEMBER 3-7, 1984
Ben and M.J.'s sister Kathleen arrived and accepted a job as Felicia' secretary. Felicia and Cass received strange phone calls from Cecile, who begged them for help. Nancy insisted that she didn't tip the police that Catlin had been at the Cory mansion. Donna hid Catlin in a secret room in her wine cellar. Catlin was puzzled that the room seemed to belong to a teenager. Dr. Harris hypnotized Sally, then told her to buy a gun. Sally's screams alerted Catlin that the police had tracked him to an arranged meeting with Sally. Marley refused to return to the European school she'd attended. Marley identified Rachel's sketch of Ross as the man who had mugged Marley and Julia. Larry learned that Donna had made many phone calls to David before he died. In order to be near Marley, Ben took a job at Donna's stables. Blaine returned from London, leaving Sandy there alone to finish a job for Carl.

SEPTEMBER 10-14, 1984
While under hypnosis, Sally fired a gun at Catlin when he called her name. M.J. and Larry realized that Dr. Harris is an imposter. Blaine found evidence indicating that Sandy and Carl have compiled records of Mac's business deals. Lily was relieved when Grant said her past as a prostitute doesn't bother him. Hunter and Ben got into a locker-room fight. Cass caught Emily in Peter's bed. Perry found Catlin's hiding place. Marley and Ben secretly met in the Love stables. Cass received more phone calls from Cecile. Cass spotted Cecile at her cottage before she vanished into the fog. Felicia found clues that indicate Cecile is alive, but she's not convinced that Cass saw Cecile in the flesh. Alice and Mark admitted their love for each other.

SEPTEMBER 17-21, 1984
Felicia searched for Cass, who disappeared into the foggy night while following the woman he believes is Cecile. Perry smoothed things over for Sally after he found her holding a smoking gun. Perry later tended to Catlin's arm wound while a puzzled Catlin couldn't believe that Sally had shot him. Sally realized that Dr. Harris forced her to shoot Catlin. Rachel hung out at a sleazy bar in hopes of finding Ross. Hunter was benched after he started a fist fight with Ben. Marley romped in the stable hay with Ben but chickened out when his romantic kisses became too intense. Lily's heart was shattered when Grant broke off their relationship, claiming he can't accept her past after all. Peter was shocked to receive a phone call from Cecile. Alice noticed needle tracks on Sally's arm.

SEPTEMBER 24-28, 1984
Larry had Catlin arrested after insisting that Catlin is safer in jail. Sally was arrested but later released. Larry blames himself for Clarice being hurt when the bomb planted by Ross blew up Larry's car. A note supposedly from Cecile led Felicia and her friends to Cass, who they found bound and gagged. After hearing gunshots, Cass ran to Cecile's house where he found Kathleen, who's been impersonating Cecile. Carter was upset over Grant's disappointment that Carter hasn't been accepted by a large college. Marley fretted the consequences after Carl found her in the stable with Ben.

OCTOBER 1-5, 1984
A hysterical Rachel stabbed Ross with scissors after he broke into her house. Cass appointed Kathleen president of his publishing firm, and she agreed to continue impersonating the still-missing Cecile. Larry was suspended from the police force when M.J. reported that he let Catlin escape while en route to another jail. Donna went nuts when she caught Marley kissing Ben. Ben's, M.J.'s, and Kathleen's father, Vince, arrived in town. Sally spotted Donna's ring, which is just like the one worn by the woman who shot David.

OCTOBER 8-12, 1984
Donna freaked out when she was detained in jail and questioned about David's murder. Donna swore vengeance on Sally, who insisted Donna killed David. Sally flipped when Donna said she has bedded Catlin. Quinn insisted she's not romantically interested in Grant. Carter and Thomasina spent a platonic night together in a parked car. Ross hobbled off after Rachel wounded him with the scissors. M.J. is suspicious of the antics of Cass and Kathleen. Felicia fumed to find out by accident that Kathleen is impersonating Cecile. Larry and Catlin teamed up to find David's real killer.

OCTOBER 15-19, 1984
Ross fired shots at Kathleen (Cecile) but Kathleen was protected by a bullet proof vest. M.J. was furious to realize Kathleen has been impersonating Cecile. Donna freaked out to learn that her medical records were stolen from Royal's old office; though Sally has the records. Sally learned Royal's former nurse, Joyce Campbell, secretly kept a hearing-impaired baby named Bobby. A bigoted Hunter nixed dancing with Thomasina. Blaine and Sandy are splitsville, so she moved in with Mac and Rachel.

OCTOBER 22-26, 1984
Donna was overcome by smoke while burning some documents in her secret room. Carl had a secret meeting with Ross, who fumed that he is being sent out of the country. Donna dreamed about her daughter, Marley, and later confided Marley's parentage to Peter. Sally and Catlin boarded a mysterious cargo plane on to which Ross loaded two race horses. The real Cecile called Cass, but he didn't recognize her voice. Ross assured his mystery boss that he knows where to find the real Cecile. Catlin saved Wallingford from the bomb Ross planted in Wallingford's pad. Wallingford later found Felicia, Kathleen, and Cass, who had been locked in Donna's cellar. Although his buddies ridiculed him, Hunter made up with Thomasina. Emily is secretly working for Carl.

A drunken Hunter smashed his car into Mac and Rachel's car, and Hunter's passenger, Marley, is in a coma. Catlin and Sally used the racehorse on the cargo plane to elude Ross and his henchmen. Meanwhile, for big bucks, Carl sold syndicate shares in another racehorse. Kathleen discovered Cass has embezzled thousands of dollars from Winthrop Publishing. Blaine was upset that Sandy slept with her but refused to end their feud. Donna blew her stack at a repentant Hunter.

NOVEMBER 5-9, 1984
Carl overheard Mark admit that he has uncovered facts about David's murder. Later, Mark was shot by a mystery assailant, but Donna was caught holding the smoking gun. To save Winthrop Publishing, Kathleen conned Jamie into investing in the company. Cass persuaded Kathleen to give him funds to launch a search for Cecile, whom Cass believes is in Majorca. Cass disguised himself as a woman in order to elude loan shark Tony the Tuna. Mac dropped criminal charges against Hunter, whom Mac realized lacks parental guidance. Marley quickly recovered from the auto accident. To please Grant, Carter accepted a major university football scholarship. In Majorca, Catlin and Sally eluded Ross and his henchmen.

NOVEMBER 12-16, 1984
The blue-stoned ring wearer pulled the plug on Mark's respirator, but Alice revived Mark. On Carl's orders, Emily, who is wearing the ring, injected Peter with a mind-control drug. Lily was hurt when Quinn decided to date Grant. Hopping to get the goods on Carl, Brian agreed to represent Donna, who is charged with attempted murder. Cass and Kathleen arrived in Majorca in time to save Sally and Catlin from Ross' clutches. Fearing the truth will traumatize Marley, Donna begged Alice to keep mum about the secret cellar room.

NOVEMBER 19-23, 1984
Ross' thugs kidnapped Sally, who Ross plans to use as bait to lure Catlin into the open. Emily's attempts to end Mark's life were halted when her boss, Carl, ordered her to Majorca to keep tabs on Ross. Peter found evidence that proves Emily killed David and Royal and that she shot and wounded Mark. As part of his plot to expose Carl's bad deeds, Sandy was forced to fire Blaine from her TV-news job. Cecile and Cass came to Kathleen's rescue after Ross captured Kathleen. Ross held a knife at Cecile's throat.

NOVEMBER 26-30, 1984
Felicia was livid that Tony the Tuna had his thugs beat up Wallingford, who wouldn't reveal Cass' whereabouts. Catlin escaped from a watery grave at sea and rescued Sally from Ross. Ross fell over a castle wall to his death during a duel with Catlin. Cass, Cecile, and Kathleen had their stomachs pumped after realizing that Emily fed them poisoned wine. Peter's in a blue funk over Emily, who was captured by Catlin and Cass. Cass spouted angry words from shore as Cecile sailed off for greener waters on a nobleman's yacht.

DECEMBER 3-7, 1984
Larry and M.J. investigated a racehorse-syndication swindle. Sandy realized that Carl is in on the swindle and tipped the cops that a "ringer" racehorse was running in a local race. Carl threatened to tell Marley that Donna is her mother. Cass was shook up by Kathleen's unexpected kisses. Pretending to be a woman, Krystal Lake, Cass continued to keep one step ahead of Tony the Tuna. Mark confided to Alice that he's been able to read people's minds ever since he was snatched from the jaws of death. Rachel demanded that Nancy return the expensive gifts she's been receiving from Carl. Jamie bought a racehorse that Carl wanted to buy, and then Mac exchanged the horse for some of Rachel's sculptures that Carl had purchased.

DECEMBER 10-14, 1984
Donna couldn't go through with her plot to poison Carl. M.J. was furious at Kathleen, who pawned their mother's cameo and then lost the money betting on a nag that Wallingford expected to win. For Blaine's own safety, Sandy schemed to keep Blaine out of his life. Blaine freaked out when she saw Sandy kissing Donna. Cass flipped when Tony the Tuna demanded a date with Cass' counterpart, Krystal. Sally accepted Catlin's marriage proposal. Mark used his psychic powers to help locate a missing man. A vengeful Carl let Rachel think that Amanda had been kidnapped. Felicia was shocked to her toes to discover Cass is disguising himself as a woman. Carl learned that Sandy is really working against him. Donna worried that Carl may cause Marley harm.

DECEMBER 17-21, 1984
Rachel and Blaine rescued Sandy, who had been poisoned by a vengeful Carl. Carter slept with Thomasina. Sandy worried that Carl destroyed the evidence Sandy has gathered that prove Carl is a crook. Catlin learned that Liz, Ada, and Brian planned to give Catlin and Sally a cabin for a wedding gift. Catlin and Sally set a Valentine's Day wedding date. Carl vowed he'll get Mac, who Carl blames for the suicide death of Carl's businessman father. To repay Kathleen the money she lost, Krystal (Cass) accepted a "loan" from Tony, who wants to spend Christmas eve with Krystal. A wheelchair-bound Mark rescued himself and Kevin from a fiery death when Liz's Christmas tree went up in smoke. Amanda, who had been stuck in a stalled car with her nanny, returned safely to Rachel. Mac was reunited with Sandy.

DECEMBER 24-28, 1984
Tony the Tuna and his henchman Rocco realized that Cass and Krystal are the same person. Cassused his "loan" from Tony to buy back the heirloom Kathleen had pawned. Cass returned the brooch to Kathleen before M.J. could tell anyone Kathleen had pawned it. Catlin gave Sally a mountain cabin as a Christmas gift, with help from Ada and Liz.

DECEMBER 31, 1984 - JANUARY 4, 1985
M.J. and Jamie realized that Carl is trying to convince everyone that Mac is losing his sanity. Kathleen tended Cass's wounds after Tony had Rocko beat up Cass. Cass worried that he can't raise the money he owes Tony within the two-week deadline. Kevin doesn't like sharing Sally's affections with Catlin. Clarice accused Carl of planting the bomb that nearly killed her a few months ago. Quinn warned Lily to level with Grant that Lily arranged for Grant to manage Tallboys Restaurant. Wallingford was disappointed that Felicia doesn't consider him a beau, only her best friend. After sleeping with Carter again, Thomasina asked Alice for birth-control advice. Kathleen set the police on Cass's trail after he "borrowed" her car without permission. Nancy was upset that Perry doesn't seem romantically interested in her.