Brittany slept with Peter, then fumed when he told her he's not ready for a commitment to marriage. The poisoned amphora dust caused Mac to become disoriented while everyone assumed he had the flu. Neal and Fayez stole the Egyptian treasure after Rachel arranged for it to go on exhibit at a local art gallery. Victoria secretly stole a necklace from the treasure before Neal and Fayez ripped off the rest of the gems. Kathleen told Cass she's thinking of going to Hollywood with Edward, who wants her to be his writing partner. Donna hired a man to impersonate Marley's father, Michael, but the imposter was thrown for a loop by Marley's questions about Michael's past. Felicia announced her engagement to Zane. Sally and Catlin saw a marriage counsellor.

JANUARY 6-10, 1986
Neal and Fayez realized that some of the Egyptian jewels are missing, but they don't know that Victoria took them. Liz was devastated when an irrational Mac erupted and fired her, but later apologized. Chris was furious with Nancy for turning off his alarms, making him late for his residency job. Neal suspected that Fayez caused the "accidental" death of their partner, Ramirez. Rachel worried about Mac, who fainted after becoming disoriented and irrational. Marley believed Donna's hired impersonator, Ralph, is really Michael, but Victoria knew right away that Ralph is an impersonator. Ellie Garrison confirmed Jake's suspicions that Ralph is a fraud. Lily fretted over seeing Kathleen in a wheelchair. Ralph was interested in discussing the Love family fortune. Cass felt he'll get Kathleen back even though she moved to Hollywood with Edward. Brittany schemed to snare Peter in a romantic web. While posing as Marley, Victoria overheard Neal admit he's fallen in love with Victoria. Wallingford unwittingly arranged for Victoria to fence the Egyptian treasure pieces she stole.

JANUARY 13-17, 1986
Zane and his sister Annie saw Felicia and Wally on the TV news as they were being arrested during a raid on a bordello. Chris realized that Mac is suffering from the same ailment that killed Grant. Chris and Nancy later realized the dust in the amphora is poisonous and rushed to warn Rachel, who had already opened the amphora. Victoria sold the gems she stole from the Egyptian treasure for big bucks, which she secretly sent to Donna. Donna used the money to pay her bills so she didn't have to sell the Love family mansion. Brittany schemed to get Peter to propose marriage to her before he learns that she's pregnant. Cass violated the terms of his bail by going to California to look for Kathleen.

JANUARY 20-24, 1986
Rachel was hospitalized in a bed next to Mac after she sniffed the dust in the amphora and then collapsed. Marley was crestfallen to learn that Ralph wasn't her real father. Chris flew to London to consult with a doctor who's working on an antidote for the poison dust. Cass pressured Kathleen to return home with him and insisted that he loves her. Jake became suspicious of Victoria after watching a video tape made at the art gallery before the Egyptian treasure was stolen. Before Marley learned Ralph was an imposter, he conned her into giving him thousands of dollars. Donna decided to go to Switzerland to try and regain the Love fortune that Carl had stolen from her. Zane and Felicia made wedding plans.

JANUARY 27-31, 1986
The real Michael Garrison, now going by the name Michael Hudson, secretly arrived in Bay City. Brittany mistook Michael for a stableboy and gave him a job mucking out stables at the Love stables. Kathleen insisted to Cass that she can't marry him because of her paralysis. Cass returned to Bay City in time to face his impending court hearing. Victoria, who suspects Neal stole the Egyptian treasure, tailed him when he went to meet Fayez. Chris returned from London and was suspended from his hospital duties after he tried to inject Mac with a serum Chris hopes is a cure for the virus in the poison dust. Brittany was jealous to see that Zane's sister Annie is an old pal of Peter's. Neal realized that Nancy can identify Fayez, his partner in crime. Catlin warned Jake that whoever stole the Egyptian treasure has a videotape of the would-be suspects.

FEBRUARY 3-7, 1986
Victoria was slightly injured when a helicopter blew up as the pilot tried to land outside a cave where Fayez and Neal secretly met. Mac's condition improved after Chris injected him with the serum, so Chris also gave Rachel an injection when her condition began to worsen. Felicia worried that Zane doesn't really want to get married after all. Cass began preparing for his upcoming court appearance. Michael took a shine to Sally. Zane almost got caught returning an incriminating letter Felicia had stolen from District Attorney Martin's office. Neal and Fayez argued over who is the boss on the Egyptian treasure theft operation. Fayez suspects that Neal stole some of the treasure for himself. Jake suspects that Victoria stole some of the treasure. Kathleen refused to return to Bay City with Cass. M.J. agreed to help Cass with his court case.

FEBRUARY 10-14, 1986
Michael's secretary, Sherry, warned that his big bucks business is suffering while he's hanging out in Bay City waiting for Donna to return from Europe. Zane and Felicia vacillated between getting married or not, and changed the wedding site several times, too. Zane was jailed after it was learned he broke into the D.A.'s office. Victoria acted less than gracious toward Michael, who saved her from being run down by a car. Fayez, who drove the car, was upset that his plan to kill Victoria failed. Brittany fumed that her scheme to marry Peter hasn't been successful. Larry suspects that D.A. Martin is covering up information about Daphne's murder. Nancy was hurt when Chris turned to Dr. Pamela Bondi for sympathy over the suspension of his medical license. Felicia read the riot act to Martin.

FEBRUARY 17-21, 1986
Zane and Felicia finally tied the marital knot. Jake borrowed money from a loan shark and then considered Victoria's suggestion that he steal some of the Egyptian treasure to pay off the loan. Jake was shot at as he approached the cave where the treasure is hidden. Michael reminisced about his past romance with Donna. Brittany fumed when Bridget didn't tell Peter she'd seen Brittany at an abortion clinic. Nancy is jealous that Chris is always around Pamela, who's helping Chris secretly treat a lady patient. While giving Victoria riding lessons, Michael tried to establish a friendlier relationship with her. M.J. gave Cass a "Dear John letter" that Kathleen sent to him from California. Charges that Cass murdered Daphne were dropped after it was made public that District Attorney Martin had withheld evidence on the case.

FEBRUARY 24-28, 1986
After Brittany staged a fake attempt to get an abortion, Peter agreed to marry her. Brittany told Zane she's pregnant and he advised her to raise her baby alone. Chris secretly doctored Jake's minor bullet wound. To save his own neck, Neal tipped Mac and Rachel to the whereabouts of the Egyptian treasure. Victoria was puzzled by Michael's attempts to befriend her. Brittany pressured Peter for a quick wedding, fearing Donna's meddling. Cass flew to see Kathleen because her therapy sessions aren't working. Because of job stress, Larry thought of giving up his detection agency. Zane and Felicia returned from their honeymoon.

MARCH 3-7, 1986
In California, Cass encouraged Kathleen not to give up hope that she will walk again. As Victoria encouraged Jake to steal some of the Egyptian treasure, the two were trapped in the cave during an avalanche. Michael secretly sent someone to look for Victoria and Jake. Brittany and Peter were married at the Love Mansion while Donna was still in Europe. Marley, who returned from Europe, sensed that Victoria was in trouble. Fearing that they will die, Jake and Victoria admitted that they're still in love. Sally refused to reconcile with Catlin. Pamela schemed to catch Chris, who's on the rebound from his split with Nancy. Neal realized that Victoria and Jake are in the treasure cave. Michael was shocked to learn that Victoria had stolen some of the treasure, which she sold in order to save the Love family from ruin.

MARCH 10-14, 1986
Jake shot and killed thug, Gabone, who had organized the treasure heist. Neal told Jake and Victoria that he was working undercover for the government to catch the treasure thieves. After Jake's rescue, he returned to Marley's loving arms even though he had told Victoria he loved her. Rachel was shocked when Brittany sold some of Donna's antique furniture without permission. Chris was a passenger in Nancy's car when a drunken Nancy crashed into a car driven by the wife of Chris' boss, Mrs. Longo. Fayez went on the lam after shooting Zane, who was looking around outside the treasure cave. Sally and Catlin made a last ditch effort to patch up their marriage. With Neal's help, the stolen treasure was recovered. Annie rushed back to Bay City to donate blood for Zane. Rachel is suspicious of Michael.

MARCH 17-21, 1986
Chris fumed that his medical license was revoked for a year after Nancy unintentionally blabbed that he had practised medicine while on suspension. Kathleen returned to Bay City only to find Cass in a compromising situation with another woman, Tania. Jake kept his lingering feelings for Victoria under control while he and Marley made wedding plans. Donna made an effort to get along with Brittany. Victoria fretted that the law will find out she stole some of the Egyptian treasure. Chris took the rap for Nancy's car accident, which nearly killed Mrs. Longo. Annie donated blood for Zane, who's still in critical condition. Michael pondered when to confront Donna, who returned from Europe, about their past romance. Thomasina was forced to testify against Chris at his medical hearing. Victoria grudgingly agreed to be the maid of honour at Marley and Jake's wedding.

MARCH 24-28, 1986
Cass and Kathleen mended their broken romance and made plans to get married even though her father, Vince, is against the union. Michael and Donna had a bittersweet reunion, and he fumed when she refused to tell Marley and Victoria that he's their real father. Jake fretted that he's getting deeper in debt to loan sharks, Baines and Riley. Victoria convinced Michael to buy the Plains Motel Disco for Jake. Nancy was devastated when Chris told her their romance is over for good. Felicia brought Zane home from the hospital then began writing a novel about his escapades.

MARCH 31 - APRIL 4, 1986
Marley was angry and Victoria was amused when Michael admitted he's their real father. Catlin and Sally decided to remarry. Donna entertained thoughts of marrying Michael. Cass argued with Vince, who convinced Kathleen to undergo surgery on her paralyzed legs. Neal took a job working in Donna's stables. Rachel was angry that Mac has driven Neal away from the Cory home. Donna realized that Brittany was pregnant before she slept with Peter. Brittany altered the dates on her pregnancy record so it appears that Peter fathered her unborn child. Wally talked Cass into betting with counterfeit money in a crooked poker game with underworld figures so Cass could make a few fast bucks. Riley and his thugs continued to badger Jake for the money he owes them. Ada was furious to learn Nancy caused the accident that nearly killed Mrs. Longo. Felicia tailed Cass and Wally to the poker game site.

APRIL 7-11, 1986
Sally and Catlin were unable to get a marriage licence because Kevin had burned their divorce papers. Cass survived the crooked poker game with Tony the Tuna and his thugs. Marley was hurt to realize that Jake has kept her in the dark about the loan sharks on his tail. Disguising himself as a woman, Cass snuck into Kathleen's hospital room to give her an engagement ring. Victoria is determined to thwart Marley and Jake's wedding plans. Donna's attempt to seduce Michael fizzled. Marley agreed that Michael can give her away at her wedding. Brittanny convinced Peter that she's having his baby. Marley worried that Jake slept with Victoria during the treasure cave fiasco. To make Jake jealous and Nancy angry, Victoria dated Chris. Nancy fumed when Ada moved them out of Mac's mansion into a small, dumpy apartment.

APRIL 14-18, 1986
Kathleen suffered an emotional setback when she learned she still can't walk. Realizing that Donna hired Ralph to impersonate Michael, Marley threatened to leave town after she and Jake are married. Victoria secretly altered the date on Marley's wedding invitations. To make Kathleen jealous, Cass took M.J. to a party that Kathleen refused to attend with him. Ada and Vince, who are both unemployed, applied for the same job and later were involved in an accidental parking lot fender bender. M.J. has a secret crush on Cass. Michael rejected Donna's attempts to get him into bed by accusing her of being a society snob. Donna later publicly admitted that she is Victoria and Marley's mother then attended Marley's pre-wedding party with Michael. Victoria taunted Nancy, who's convinced she'll never win back Chris. Catlin's not convinced Brittanny's having Peter's baby.

APRIL 21-25, 1986
Sally was upset to realize that Brittany could be carrying Catlin's baby even though Brittany refused to admit the fact. Victoria was jealous when Donna and Marley patched up their differences. Victoria snitched on Jake, informing Jake's boss that he's involved with loan sharks. Unaware that Victoria is the culprit, Jake vowed to get revenge on the person responsible for his being fired from his job. Cass and Kathleen alternately shared kisses and quarrelled over her feelings of inadequacy. Sally and Catlin made plans for their remarriage. Cass is in a lather over phone calls from a mystery lady from his past. Jake feels guilty about the fact he has rejected Victoria, who was his first love. Ada and Vince sparred over who was to blame for their minor car accident. Nancy and Victoria engaged in a cat-fight.

APRIL 28 - MAY 2, 1986
Donna and Michael spent a romantic day and a night together while trapped in a rainstorm. Cass warned his mysterious lady caller to stop bugging him. A still-paralysed Kathleen is determined to walk down the aisle when she marries Cass. Despite Brittany's efforts to thwart the ceremony, Catlin and Sally's wedding day arrived. Marley warned Victoria that she's tired of her efforts to break up Marley and Jake's romance. Victoria tried to discredit Jake in Marley's eyes by planting some of her underthings in his room. A furious Nancy later found the items of clothing and threatened to tell Marley what a snake in the grass Victoria really is. Neal caught Victoria rummaging through Jake's room. Peter wants to help Chris get his medical licence back. Ada, Vince, and Maisie are opening a new restaurant.

MAY 5-9, 1986
Sally and Catlin were married, despite all the trouble Brittany tried to cause them. Vince rescued Maisie, who was being harassed by a young punk. Unaware that Donna is also trying to help Chris, Peter worked to get Chris reinstated at the hospital. Cass tried to ignore a mystery woman who presented him with a one-way ticket to Morocco. After a series of delays caused by two strange women, Cass finally made it to the church but disappeared before the ceremony. Kathleen regained the use of her paralysed legs and was able to walk down the marital isle. Victoria lied to Donna that Marley gave Ada and Vince money to start their new restaurant. Kathleen received some compromising photos taken of Cass at his bachelor party. Michael and Donna recalled the hurt they suffered as teenagers because of her meddling father, Reginald. Donna was jealous to see that Michael surrounds himself with beautiful women.

MAY 12-16, 1986
A frantic search began for Cass, who was kidnapped by his old nemesis, Cecile de Poulignac, and taken aboard her luxury yacht. A frightened Sally became a witness to murder in the parking lot of Felicia's spa. Michael admitted he's harboured feelings for Donna since their teenaged foray into love. Nancy sided with Ada when Vince got angry that she nixed letting Rachel invest in their restaurant. Jake rushed to rescue Victoria, who screamed when Neal tried to force kisses on her. As part of her scheme to destroy Jake and Marley's wedding plans, Victoria arranged for Nancy to find her with Jake. Michael unsuccessfully practised parenting skills on rebellious Victoria. Zane tried to put together the puzzle of Cass' disappearance while Kathleen alternately felt angry and concerned over what's happened to Cass. Cass failed in an attempt to escape from Cecile.

MAY 19-23, 1986
Sally was hospitalized in critical condition after her car was run off the road by another vehicle. Donna remembered overhearing Brittany threaten Sally's life. Cecile's bodyguards rescued Cass, who jumped off her yacht during an escape attempt but found himself in shark-infested waters. Catlin agreed to Sally's deathbed request that he take care of Kevin for her. A medical team worked over Sally when her heart suddenly stopped. Cass suspects that Cecile kidnapped him for some other reason than to have him as her love slave.

MAY 26-30, 1986
After Sally died, Catlin vowed to find the person who ran her car off the road. Brittany went into labour after Donna accused her of causing Sally's death. Marley left town after she called off her impending wedding and then told Victoria and Jake that they deserve each other. Victoria realized that Marley told the truth when she said that everyone hates Victoria. Cass failed in two more attempts to escape from Cecile. Kathleen went on Felicia's TV talk show to plead for information about Cass' disappearance. Lily tried to act as a referee between Thomasina and Carter, who are constantly bickering. Donna was suspicious to see Brittany comforting Catlin over Sally's death. Michael was very touched when Marley called him "Dad." Catlin assured Kevin that he'll always take care of him. Cecile's efforts to seduce Cass were met with failure.

JUNE 2-6, 1986
Donna didn't lift a finger to help Brittany, who delivered a son after Catlin had rushed her to the hospital. Posing as Marley, Victoria learned that no one likes Victoria very much. Donna admitted she's disappointed with Victoria, but Michael, who realized Victoria is impersonating Marley, said he loves Victoria despite her past dirty deeds. Cecile's men recaptured Cass, who had tried to escape from her island in a speed boat. Peter realized he couldn't have fathered Brittany's baby. Cass set fire to his cell after Cecile had him thrown into jail. Brittany relented when Peter insisted on naming her baby Peter Reginald. Hoping to locate Cass, Kathleen interviewed a long line of women he had past relationships with. Donna tricked Brittany into signing a legal paper that will keep Brittany's son from inheriting any of the Love fortune.

JUNE 9-13, 1986
Neal left town shortly after his brother, Adam Cory, a Chicago-based cop, arrived to work with the Bay City Police Force. Cecile's bodyguards captured a couple of military-types who were sent to find Cecile on orders from her husband, who is a king. Jake arrived on Marley's doorstep after stealing her address from Michael's office. A nun, Sister Margaret, repaid a loan Cass had given her convent. Catlin learned someone tampered with Sally's car before she was run off the road. Catlin apologized for accusing Brittany of killing Sally. Cecile's right hand woman, Gloria, is secretly plotting against her. Victoria ran away after learning that Jake still loves Marley. Neal insisted to Adam that he intends to repay the money he stole from their father. Michael's attempts to bed Donna were constantly interrupted. Adam started searching for Cass. Unable to escape from Cecile, Cass considered suicide.

JUNE 16-20, 1986
Rich kid Greg Houston was impressed when Nancy returned his lost wallet. Adam, Kathleen, and M.J. landed a boat on Cecile's island. Cecile secretly slipped Cass an aphrodisiac to get him drunk. Kathleen believed Cecile's staged scene to make her think Cass is sexually involved with Cecile. Jake got drunk after he realized Victoria posed as Marley and then told him that Marley no longer loves him. Nancy tried to raise bail for a drunken Jake, who was thrown in the clink. Donna and Michael hired Catlin to find Victoria. Zane tried to save Felicia's business.

JUNE 23-27, 1986
Donna was shocked to learn that Bridget had raised Victoria after the girl's adoptive parents had died. Cecile insisted to Cass that she must get pregnant by him. Later, Cass escaped from Cecile's island, vowing he'll set the law on her for kidnapping him. Kathleen returned to Bay City, determined to begin life anew, without Cass. Michael and Donna checked out leads to Victoria's whereabouts. Carter and Thomasina moved to California. Catlin badgered Brittany, who won't admit to him that Peter Reginald is Catlin's son.

JUNE 30 - JULY 4, 1986
Peter and Catlin slugged it out after Peter warned Catlin to stay away from Brittany. Brittany vowed to escape from Peter and to tell Catlin he is Peter Reginald's father. Cecile fumed over the fact that Cass outsmarted her and escaped. Adam and M.J. quizzed Cecile about Cass' kidnapping and "The Vulture," but Cecile claimed diplomatic immunity since she's the Queen of Tanquir. Jake put a drunken Nancy to bed after she danced the night away with Greg. Cecile confronted Kathleen about Cass' whereabouts and Kathleen insisted that she's through with Cass. Donna helped rescue Michael during a barroom brawl.

JULY 7-11, 1986
Cass collapsed on Zane and Felicia's doorstep and they eventually believed his story that he had been kidnapped by Cecile. Kathleen didn't believe Cass' story. Peter accused Brittany of being an unfit mother to Peter Reginald and then he hired a nanny so Brittany wouldn't be spending so much time with the baby. Greg's sister Samantha put the make on Jake. Kathleen immersed herself in a book she's writing about her parent's romance and family history. Michael and Adam continued their secret search for "The Vulture." Donna and Michael were unable to find Victoria. Catlin told Brittany he knows he's Peter Reginald's father. Peter thwarted Brittany's attempt to take the baby and run to Catlin.

JULY 14-18, 1986
Brittany was shocked when Peter produced the legal papers that give him custody of Peter Reginald in the event that Brittany ever leaves Peter. Brittany fumed when she realized she'd been tricked into signing the papers right after her son was born. Cass, Kathleen, and Cecile were taken prisoner by Cecile's servants. A gang member named Aces, who has a grudge against Jake, terrorized Victoria when he mistook her for Marley. Nancy, Greg, Jake, and Samantha spent time with Scott LaSalle, a beach bum. Kathleen didn't believe Cass, who insisted that he hasn't slept with Cecile. Adam and M.J. searched for Cass, Kathleen, and Cecile.

JULY 21-25, 1986
Jake was out on a date with Samantha when Nancy told him that Marley had returned to town. Michael and Jake rescued Victoria from Aces. Victoria confessed to all the past dirty deeds she's committed. The Tanquir government was overthrown, making Cecile a commoner again. Brittany learned that the phones in the Love mansion are bugged. Kathleen made up with Cass after learning that he really was kidnapped by Cecile. La Russo and Czaja beat up Cass in an attempt to force Cecile to return the money, valuables, and property she took from Tanquir. Michael proposed marriage to Donna. Rachel began hearing voices from her past. Brittany fumed when Peter forced her to show affection toward him when they're in public. Adam and Zane questioned Cecile's former servant, Gloria, in hopes of learning the whereabouts of Cass, Kathleen, and Cecile. Catlin and Larry checked out former Love family employee, Gunter Hermann.

JULY 28 - AUGUST 1, 1986
Rachel nearly fainted at the sight of her former lover, Mitch Blake, who arrived on her doorstep. Michael is determined to capture the "Vulture," who secretly arrived in Bay City. Peter's arrival thwarted Brittany's attempt to tell Catlin that he is Peter Reginald's real father. Jake and Marley forgave each other for their past transgressions, but Marley insisted that she won't jump into a renewed romance with Jake. La Russo and Czaja weren't impressed when Cecile offered to hand over the diamonds she'd stolen from Tanquir. Donna fumed that Michael hasn't even attempted to bed her because he's secretly obsessed with catching "The Vulture." Brittany told Rachel that Peter is blackmailing her. A lawyer warned Brittany she'll have to prove that Peter is an unfit father if she expects to gain custody of Peter Reginald. Rachel feared that Mitch wants their son, Matthew.

AUGUST 4-8, 1986
Adam and Michael captured "The Vulture," who turned out to be Donna and Peter's supposedly deceased father, Reginald Love. Donna freaked out when she saw her father. Cass, Kathleen, and Cecile escaped from Czaja and La Russo, but the "Vulture's" thug, Ludwig, caught up to them. Felicia rushed to Cass and Kathleen's rescue. Zane was wounded during a shootout with Ludwig, who had tried to kill Felicia. Mac warned Mitch to stay away from Rachel. Reginald has been embezzling money from Donna and putting it in a Swiss bank account. Brittany vowed she'll get revenge on Peter, who raped her. M.J. and Adam arrived at the shoot-out site where Adam shot Ludwig. Samantha came on hot and heavy with Jake, who's been arguing with Marley. Catlin believed Brittany's performance when Peter forced her to be his "devoted" wife in Public.

AUGUST 11-15, 1986
Felicia grieved over Zane, who died from his bullet wound. Catlin learned that Ludwig, who is in a coma, was behind Sally's killing. Cecile was hauled back to Tanquir by her deceased husband's little brother, who "inherited" Cecile. Rachel flipped out when Mitch threatened to see their son Matthew, who's at summer camp. Scott reacted strangely to a newspaper photo of Reginald. Donna reacted violently to seeing her father, Reginald, while Peter felt a closeness to Reginald. Peter bailed Reginald out of jail. Rachel feared Matthew will hate her when he learns that he's Mitch's son, not Mac's.

AUGUST 18-22, 1986
Mitch and Reginald are secretly in cahoots with each other. Reginald was disturbed to see his adopted son Scott in Bay City. Mac learned that Mitch served extra prison time for engineering a violent jailbreak that backfired. Reginald told Gomez, his assistant, that he wants revenge on the McKinnon clan. Adam and M.J. are beginning to like each other. Brittany avoided Peter's sexual advances by pulling a gun on him but she realized she'll always be under his thumb. Scott and Reginald argued over a mystery woman. Michael gave Donna an engagement ring but she feared Reginald will spoil her happiness.

AUGUST 25-29, 1986
Reginald wasn't happy to see Scott's mother, Marissa, who arrived in Bay City. Kathleen questioned her Aunt Helen about the rumours that Kathleen's mother, Mary,once had a relationship with Reginald. Mitch seethed when he received a restraining order that allows him to see Matthew only with Mac's consent. Marissa wondered why her husband, Reginald LaSalle, is being called Reginald Love. Jake and Marley, who realized they're still in love, huddled together while a hurricane swept over Key West. Ludwig came out of his coma, but didn't implicate Reginald in Sally's death or in Ludwig's attacks on Cass and Kathleen. Greg told Nancy that he loves her and that he's going to attend college in Bay City. Scott is smitten with Kathleen's younger sister, Cheryl. Vince told Cheryl, who ran away from boarding school, that she can attend a local school.

SEPTEMBER 1-5, 1986
Jake proposed marriage to Marley after the two survived the hurricane. Reginald admitted to Marissa that his last name is Love and that he changed his name to elude his enemies. Reginald told Marissa that the hit-and-run driver who struck her had really wanted to kill him. Felicia is writing an expose on Reginald. Alice Nixon, a former co-worker of Mary's, told Kathleen that she suspects Reginald had something to do with Mary's death. Alice remembered overhearing Reginald and Mary arguing on the night Mary said she was ending her affair with Reginald. Cass kept mum after learning that Scott is Reginald's son.

SEPTEMBER 8-12, 1986
Mitch freaked out when Rachel sent Matthew to boarding school without letting him see the boy. Marissa vowed to learn the facts about Reginald's past. Cass urged Kathleen to let the police help her research the death of her mother, who Kathleen believes was murdered. Reginald's thugs set fire to the Brave Magazine press room, delaying the release of Felicia's expose on Reginald. Cass and Kathleen moved in together. Donna and Michael shared a romantic romp in Hawaii. Peter prevented Brittany from telling Reginald that Peter didn't father Brittany's baby.

SEPTEMBER 15-19, 1986
Peter, who knows Marissa's true identity, is desperate to get her out of Bay City. Cheryl stuck up for Scott, who told Vince that he was adopted by Reginald and Marissa. Adam and M.J. learned that Reginald had visited a hospital patient during the time that Mary had reportedly died. Michael foiled Peter's attempt to frame Jake on theft charges. A judge ordered Mac and Rachel to let Mitch spend time with Matthew. Vince didn't see Marissa, who watched while he prayed at Mary's grave. Mitch gave Felicia a ride home and then spent a platonic night at her pad, which had been trashed by an intruder. Rachel reacted with jealousy when she learned Mitch spent a platonic night with Felicia. Mitch warned Reginald that he doesn't want anyone hurt during their caper in Bay City. An ailing Brittany flashed back to the night Peter had raped her. On Reginald's orders, Mitch removed more of "the trump" from the tunnel.

SEPTEMBER 22-26, 1986
Brittany took Peter Reginald to the hospital for a checkup and Rachel's son, Jamie Frame, who is now a doctor, examined the child. Mitch taunted Rachel with memories of their past romance. Matthew met Mitch for the first time after learning Mitch is his real father. Marissa followed Vince to the cemetery and Mary's grave. Felicia is attracted to Mitch, who insisted on spending more nights on her couch to protect her from intruders.

Reginald was unable to influence Marley, who married Jake as planned. Peter took an instant dislike to Jamie. Reginald escorted his mystery lady, who turned out to be Victoria, to Marley's wedding. Vince was in a state of shock after he came face-to-face with Marissa. Michael survived when his plane crashed on the way to New York City. Michael is convinced someone sabotaged his plane. Undecided about whether she can trust either Reginald or Michael, Victoria checked out their pasts. Donna fretted that Reginald will kill Michael. Quinn decided to take Mitch off the Cory mansion construction crew so that he can't torment Rachel. Felicia is sympathetic toward Mitch, who said that he loves Matthew very much. Mac and Rachel argued about Matthew, who wants to spend more time with Mitch. Reginald made mysterious phone calls. Donna rejected Marissa's friendship offer. Scott and Cheryl stayed out all night.

OCTOBER 6-10, 1986
Vince was shocked to realize Marissa, who has amnesia, is really his supposedly dead wife, Mary. Marissa (Mary) decided to stay with Reginald, even though she learned that the McKinnon's are her first family. Sara Montaigne, who is Peter Reginald's new nanny, is in cahoots with Catlin. Sara saw Peter take the gun Brittany has been using to keep him at bay. Reginald hired a doctor, who told Marissa that her memory loss is permanent.

OCTOBER 13-17, 1986
Quinn accepted the legal services of Mitch's former parole officer, Zach Edwards. Jamie reminisced with Zach's sister, Julie Ann, who is an old school chum. Vince went into a tailspin when Peter blurted out that Mary had an affair with Reginald while she was still married to Vince. Mary nixed Reginald's suggestion that they leave Bay City. Michael hired Catlin to check out Reginald's past. Donna called off plans to marry Michael because she's convinced Reginald will have Michael killed. Sara, Bridget, and Victoria overheard Brittany and Peter threaten to kill each other. Scott and Cheryl agreed to remain friends, but can't forget their physical attraction to each other. Matthew unwittingly took photos of the mysterious "trump" then was puzzled when Mitch destroyed the film in his camera. Felicia kept Mitch occupied so that he didn't have time to pester Rachel. Cheryl is getting to know Mary.

OCTOBER 20-24, 1986
Reginald surprised the Love clan by taking over the family mansion in the middle of the night. Greg's mother took an instant dislike to Nancy. Mary was shocked when Michael told her that Reginald had taken away Donna's twins from her at birth. To protect Michael, Donna lied that she doesn't love him. Rachel fumed to overhear Mitch suggest that Brittany kidnap her baby. Brittany later took the baby and left the Love mansion, but she realized she's being watched.

OCTOBER 27-31, 1986
Peter thwarted Brittany's attempt to escape from the Love mansion with Peter Reginald. Reginald was devastated when Mary walked out on him and vowed to make peace with Vince. M.J. was upset when an old school chum, Lettie, was arrested for prostitution. Victoria's the only one who sympathized with Reginald over losing Mary. After another quarrel, Brittany cut Peter with a butcher knife. Rachel lied to Quinn that she's not affected by Mitch's presence. Mac enjoyed working with business woman, Rose Livingstone. Brittany fantasized that Catlin took charge of her problems with Peter and that she and Catlin would then have a future together. Catlin accused Peter of trying to kill Brittany, who shot dead a rattlesnake that mysteriously found its way into her room. Mitch warned Reginald that it's too dangerous to move any more of the "trump" right now.

NOVEMBER 3-7, 1986
Michael was hassled by a reporter who later turned out to be Donna's long-lost sister, Nicole. As Cass and Kathleen's wedding ceremony got under way, Vince voiced his objections to the union. Peter begged Brittany to keep mum that blood tests proved he isn't Peter Reginald's father. M.J. freaked out when she learned that Lettie had been murdered by a serial killer. Scott and Cheryl came close to making love while stranded in a cabin after they wrecked their car. Cass wrongly assumed that Scott and Cheryl slept together. Mary encouraged Donna to marry Michael. Witnesses saw Peter and Brittany threaten each other with guns.

NOVEMBER 10-14, 1986
Cass and Kathleen finally walked down the marital aisle. Michael is worried about an ailing Donna. Gomez is giving Donna medication that is causing her physical and mental condition to deteriorate. Brittany fired gunshots at an armed Peter, who told her that he had kidnapped Peter Reginald and plans to give the child up for adoption if she blabs that Peter's not the baby's father. Mac fumed to see Rachel and Mitch kissing. Scott and Cheryl ignored M.J.'s orders to stay away from each other. Reginald declared war on Vince, who's unaware that he's being tailed by a stranger. Matthew was disturbed to witness Mac and Mitch in a fist fight over Rachel. On the day of Donna and Michael's wedding, Reginald appeared in the judge's chambers in an attempt to halt the ceremony. Brittany realized that Catlin no longer has feelings of love for her. Vince refuses to forgive Mary, who attended Kathleen's wedding.

NOVEMBER 17-21, 1986
Fearing he was about to shoot her himself, Brittany shot Peter. A wounded Peter survived surgery, but his condition is grave. Reginald vowed to make Brittany pay for shooting his son. Reginald was unsuccessful in stopping Donna and Michael's wedding, which took place in a judge's chambers. Mitch told Rachel he didn't kidnap Matthew, who ran away because of all the fighting between Mac, Rachel, and Mitch. Peter said he'd claim his shooting was an accident as long as Brittany keeps mum that he's not Peter Reginald's father. Reginald forced Brittany to admit the truth about her baby's parentage. Donna was taken to a psychiatric hospital after she reacted hysterically to a photo Reginald had shown to her. M.J. seems unusually disturbed by the murders of several prostitutes. Cheryl, who celebrated her 18th birthday, refused to let her family treat her like a child.

NOVEMBER 24-28, 1986
Michael and Adam learned that Reginald's "trump" includes deeds to nearly all the property in Bay City. Jamie told Michael that someone had given Donna a drug that reacts like LSD, which is causing her physical and mental deterioration. M.J. got defensive when Adam questioned her reaction to the prostitution murders. Brittany was arrested after Peter charged her with attempted murder. Mitch followed Matthew's trail to New York City. Mitch got Matthew to phone Rachel, who accused Mitch of kidnapping Matthew. Zach agreed to defend Brittany. Cheryl and Scott celebrated her birthday and he admitted he loves her. Vince and Mary posed together for Cheryl's birthday photo. Gomez and Reginald hired a man to impersonate Vince, then told the man to fake an attempt on Reginald's life. Mitch and Matthew spent Thanksgiving in a public shelter. Michael suspects Gomez drugged Donna.

DECEMBER 1-5, 1986
Victoria was nearly stabbed when Reginald's hired Vince- lookalike threw a knife at Reginald. Reginald received a minor wound when he shoved Victoria out of the way of the knife. Vince realized that someone set it up to look like he tried to kill Reginald. Vince was last seen driving out of town with Cass and Kathleen. District Attorney Peggy Lazarus rejected Peter's decision to drop the attempted murder charges against Brittany. Peter realized that Peter Reginald's paternity will come out in court and everyone will learn that he's not the boy's father. The police blocked Brittany's attempt to escape from the courtroom as her trial got underway. Catlin told Brittany that he still loves her. Mac convinced Rachel not to charge Mitch with kidnapping after Matthew admitted he ran away and then was rescued by Mitch. Reginald turned Peter Reginald over to Catlin's care. Mary nixed returning to Reginald.

DECEMBER 8-12, 1986
On the witness stand, Catlin told the court that Peter threatened to kill Brittany after Peter learned he wasn't Peter Reginald's father. M.J. dreamed of romping in the sack with Adam. Peter testified that Brittany plotted to kill him in cold blood while he pulled his gun with the intention of protecting her from a dangerous horse. M.J. realized that Vince split town and that Cass and Kathleen are with him. Felicia warned Rachel to make up her mind about her feelings for Mitch. Jamie and Nicole rescued Michael, who got into a barroom brawl after learning that Donna's mental state is deteriorating. Catlin told Brittany he wants to marry her. Tired of his quarrels with Rachel, Mac arranged a dinner date with his favourite employee, Rose.

DECEMBER 15-19, 1986
Reginald was furious to learn that Mary is working as a waitress at Vince and Ada's restaurant. Rachel and Felicia's friendship is in jeopardy because of their quarrels over Mitch. Adam told M.J. that he's in love with her. Peter cracked on the witness stand and admitted that at times he wanted to see Brittany dead. Felicia moved into the Northwoods Inn so that she can be close to Mitch. During Catlin's courtroom testimony, Brittany accepted his marriage proposal. Scott was suspicious when Reginald said he approves of Scott and Cheryl's budding romance. Wally is worried about Felicia, who misses Zane terribly. Rachel doesn't like it that Mac and Rose are spending so much time together on business. Michael is heartbroken over Donna's mental condition and the fact that he can't help her get well. Nicole was forced to testify that Peter had threatened Brittany's life.

DECEMBER 22-26, 1986
Mac spent more time with Rose after he learned that Mitch gave Rachel an expensive Christmas gift. Rose admitted that Sara, who is Peter Reginald's nanny, is Rose's estranged daughter. During a power failure, Mitch and Felicia lit some candles that caused a fire at the Northwood's Inn. Mary resisted her feelings for Reginald. M.J. told Adam that she cannot make a romantic commitment to him. The jury is deliberating a verdict in Brittany's attempted murder case. A jealous Peter tried to cause a rift between Reginald and Scott. Michael gave Mary the deed to Mary's Place.

DECEMBER 29, 1986 - JANUARY 2, 1987
Zach said he'd appeal Brittany's case after the jury found her guilty of attempting to murder Peter. Nancy is smitten with Tony Carlisle, a handsome man she met on Christmas Eve. Mitch saved Mac's life by dragging him out of the fire at the Northwoods Inn. Everyone spent New Year's Eve at Reginald's new restaurant, TOPS. M.J. received flowers from the "old friend" she's avoiding. Rachel cried when Mitch said she should forget about him because Mitch knows she'll always love Mac. Scott and Cheryl spent another platonic night in each other's arms. A man grabbed M.J. from behind when she got into her car. Cheryl freaked to see Reginald give Mary a New Year's Eve kiss. Felicia was upset to learn that her insurance policy on the Northwoods Inn had lapsed. Michael and Scott have become good pals. Reginald shocked Mary by drawing a gun in reaction to hearing a strange noise on the balcony at TOPS.