Daily Synopses: July - December

DECEMBER 29, 1986 - JANUARY 2, 1987
Zach said he'd appeal Brittany's case after the jury found her guilty of attempting to murder Peter. Nancy is smitten with Tony Carlisle, a handsome man she met on Christmas Eve. Mitch saved Mac's life by dragging him out of the fire at the Northwoods Inn. Everyone spent New Year's Eve at Reginald's new restaurant, TOPS. M.J. received flowers from the "old friend" she's avoiding. Rachel cried when Mitch said she should forget about him because Mitch knows she'll always love Mac. Scott and Cheryl spent another platonic night in each other's arms. A man grabbed M.J. from behind when she got into her car. Cheryl freaked to see Reginald give Mary a New Year's Eve kiss. Felicia was upset to learn that her insurance policy on the Northwoods Inn had lapsed. Michael and Scott have become good pals. Reginald shocked Mary by drawing a gun in reaction to hearing a strange noise on the balcony at TOPS.

JANUARY 5-9, 1987
M.J. freaked out to learn that her mystery assailant was Chad Rollo, the friend she's been avoiding. Sara formally introduced Nancy to heartthrob Tony Carlisle. Catlin and Brittany moved to Montana while Zach is appealing her verdict. Mitch accepted a bartending job at TOPS after Felicia agreed to manage the club for Reginald. An unseen man attacked Mary. Felicia hired Chad as talent co-ordinator at TOPS. Jamie suspected M.J. was lying when she said that she doesn't know Chad. Dr. Bowden admitted to Michael that he manufactured the drug that was used to reduce Donna's mind to mush. Bowden insisted he had no part in giving the drug to Donna, that was entirely Gomez' doing. Wally and Chad took an instant dislike to each other. Adam is worried about M.J., who's acting distant toward him. Mary spent time with Reginald. Nicole got a singing job at TOPS.

JANUARY 12-16, 1987
Mary was shocked to learn that her "attacker" was Vince, who came back to Bay City. Mary and Ada kept Vince's presence a secret from the police. Peter is very interested in District Attorney Peggy Lazarus. Mitch backed away from Rachel and apologized for disrupting her life with Mac. The police don't have any proof that Gomez drugged Donna. Michael searched for the mysterious photo that caused Donna to freak out when Reginald showed it to her. Vince was livid that Mary suggested he drop his vendetta against Reginald and turn himself in to the police. Rose warned Rachel never to give up Mac. Victoria decided that she wants to leave town so that she can get out from under Michael's and Reginald's thumb. Adam was upset when M.J. refused to meet his parents. Greg flipped when he spotted Nancy and Tony in a romantic clinch. M.J. had a run-in with Chad. Mac shared Rose's birthday with her and reunited her with Sarah.

JANUARY 19-23, 1987
Mary fretted over Reginald, who had a severe heart attack. After being rejected by Reginald, Peter took it upon himself to take over Reginald's business interests. Mitch agreed to stay clear of Rachel, but told her that he'll always love her. M.J. realized that Chad is running the prostitute ring that she and her fellow police officers are trying to shut down. Adam warned Tony, who is a reporter, not to butt into the investigation of the murdered prostitutes. Someone tailed Linda, a prostitute who works for Chad. Cheryl and Scott argued when Scott accused Vince of causing Reginald's heart attack. Chad told M.J. that he's the only man who ever cared about her. An ailing Vince collapsed in Mary's arms after she accused him of causing Reginald's heart attack. Peter launched his own search for the mysterious photo that Donna was shown before her breakdown. Michael and Nicole also looked for the photo.

JANUARY 26-30, 1987
Michael went to Chicago to get Donna, who had disappeared from the mental hospital before Michael's arrival. Rachel ran to Mitch's arms after she wrongly assumed that Mac was planning a romantic New York City rendezvous with Rose. Chad pleaded with M.J. to keep the cops from arresting his prostitutes, who are working the Pig Whistle Bar. Cheryl was jealous to see that Scott had renewed his friendship with an old girlfriend, Patricia (Trisha) Kirkland, who visited a still critical Reginald. Mary visited Reginald, then doctored an ailing Vince, who's at her pad. Wally is worried about Felicia, who planned a Valentine's Day party in honour of what would have been her and Zane's first wedding anniversary. Ada conned Jamie into giving her some antibiotics, but kept mum that the medication was for Vince. Michael found a photo of Marley and Victoria, but doubted it's the photo that caused Donna to go off her rocker.

FEBRUARY 2-6, 1987
Peter poured his heart out to hooker, Linda, who was later found murdered in an alley. After a talk with Mitch, Rachel patched things up with Mac and the two spent a romantic night in New York City. Adam helped Michael investigate Donna's disappearance. Michael learned that Donna was taken from the mental hospital in an ambulance owned by Reginald. M.J. is finding it hard to resist her lingering feelings for Chad. A terrified Donna, who has amnesia, tried to remember her past. Peter instigated Donna's removal from the hospital in the hopes that Reginald would be pleased that Peter is keeping Donna and Michael separated. Ambulance driver Paul had a car accident just before Michael tracked him down. A recuperating Reginald flipped out to learn that Peter has disgraced the family name by being involved with Linda. Jamie had fantasies about finding the perfect woman.

FEBRUARY 9-13, 1987
Before Paul died he told Michael that he had taken Donna by ambulance to a place that looked like a castle. M.J. is worried that Bay City's serial killer will strike again soon. Maisie is still unaware that someone has been following her every move. Michael located Donna and tried to rescue her, but his efforts were thwarted by thugs. Mary was arrested on charges that she had harboured a criminal, Vince. Psychic Lisa Grady, Felicia's niece, was not impressed by Jamie, who stole a kiss and then told her that she's the girl of his dreams. Donna is being guarded by a man named Dirk. M.J. feared that her name may be mentioned in a code book in which Linda listed her customer names as well as those of her fellow hookers. Chad secretly mailed the book to an undisclosed address. A man named Bernie told Cheryl that he'd seen Vince walking his dog on the night Vince supposedly attacked Reginald. Lisa predicted another Bay City murder.

FEBRUARY 16-20, 1987
Everyone freaked out to learn that the serial killer's latest murder victim was Maisie. Michael, Donna, Mitch, and Sarah were captured by Peter's thugs and taken aboard a yacht after they tried to rescue Donna from the castle. Adam unjustly accused Tony of leaking info about the serial killer in Mac's magazine. Cheryl and Scott tracked Bernie to a mountain cabin after he suddenly left Bay City. Vince fell through the ice while chasing Bernie over a frozen lake. Scott jumped in the water to save Vince. Adam realized that M.J. was lying when she denied knowing Linda very well. Nicole realized that Peter and Reginald are trying to keep Donna and Michael apart. Mary was released from jail after Reginald paid her bail.

FEBRUARY 23-27, 1987
Scott saved Vince from drowning. Bernie's signed statement cleared Vince of the charges that he tried to murder Reginald. Jamie discouraged Lisa from leaving town. The serial killer attacked Nancy right after Lisa had a premonition that the killer would strike again. M.J. accepted Adam's marriage proposal, but wants to keep their plans a secret for awhile. Scott demanded that Reginald reveal the names of Scott's real parents. Vince decided he's got his revenge against Reginald when Mary told Vince that she's no longer a part of Reginald's life. Michael escaped from Peter's yacht and enlisted the Coast Guard's help in saving Donna, Mitch, and Sara from Peter's thugs. Cheryl and Scott have been on the outs ever since Vince talked Cheryl out of spending a weekend alone with Scott.

MARCH 2-6, 1987
A shaken Nancy escaped from the serial killer. The mystery killer attacked Donna, who screamed for Michael to help her. Cheryl ended her budding romance with Scott after returning his ring. Donna and Michael made plans to renew their wedding vows in a fancy ceremony. Tony chased the serial killer into TOPS, where he disappeared into the crowd at Michael's bachelor party. Chad realized that M.J. stole the black book that Linda kept on her hooker pals as well as her "johns." Chad came on strong with Cheryl after her split with Scott. Greg, Dave (Maisie's boyfriend), Peter, and Chad couldn't account for their whereabouts during the serial killer's attack on Nancy. Adam is particularly suspicious of Tony. Patricia moved in on Scott after learning that Cheryl dumped him. Michael tried to help Donna remember details of the photo that Reginald showed Donna before her breakdown.

MARCH 9-13, 1987
Donna and Michael renewed their wedding vows after he saved Donna from the serial killer. Adam consulted Dr. Alan Glaser, who explained the serial killer's probable personality traits. Adam confronted Tony, who admitted he had once been cleared of suspicion in the murder of a former girlfriend. Chad arranged for Mitch to do a photo session with Cheryl. After watching Jamie treat a young patient, Lisa decided that Jamie isn't such a bad guy after all. Donna told Michael that there were three people in the photo that Reginald showed her before her breakdown.

MARCH 16-20, 1987
The serial killer murdered belly dancer Josie and stashed her body in a car trunk. Donna remembered that the mystery photo showed her twin daughters and a third person, whose identity she can't remember. Patricia got sexy with Scott while they romped in a hot tub. Adam was furious with Tony, who wrote an article about the serial killer. The killer left another note on Tony's desk. Quinn and Zach smooched. Michael introduced Donna to his mother, Clara. Michael was suspicious when Clara said she has a recent photo of Michael's brother, John, who supposedly died in Vietnam. M.J. tried to warn Cheryl to stay away from Chad, who raved that Cheryl will rise to stardom as a model. The serial killer studied a photo of Crystal Gayle, who will be singing at TOPS. A cop, Murtaugh, committed suicide because he wasn't able to protect Josie from the killer. M.J. nixed returning Linda's black book to Chad. Adam is obsessed with finding the killer.

MARCH 23-27, 1987
The serial killer escaped after his attempt to kill Crystal Gayle was foiled. M.J. later found an unconscious Alan Glaser, who was attacked by the killer. Lisa admired Jamie, who has taken an illegal alien, Manual, under his wing until he can locate the boy's family. Mitch admitted he was smitten with Crystal, who left town after her singing engagement at TOPS. Michael talked to John's army buddy, Willie, who recognized a black marketeer named the "Fat Man" in the photo with John.

MARCH 30 - APRIL 3, 1987
Felicia distracted the "Fat Man," who is a fan of her romance novels, while Michael and Donna searched for clues to John's fate. The serial killer attacked Quinn, who spoke out against the killer during a TV news show. Vince was pleased that Mary has decided to go back to college to finish her degree in psychology. Chad called a mystery friend who has an old videotape that M.J. "starred" in. Felicia and Alan started dating. Lisa went out with Jamie and promised to consider using her psychic powers to help Adam find the serial killer. Vince and Mary reminisced about the high school days with old friends, Stuart and Suzi. Peter rented a fancy apartment that he plans to share with Peggy. Mitch and Felicia fended off the "Fat Man" and two of his thugs. Michael is certain that John is alive.

APRIL 6-10, 1987
The serial killer murdered Quinn. Peter found Quinn's body but split the scene pronto. Later, the police arrested Chad, who was the next person to find Quinn's body. Josie's husband wounded Chad with a knife after accusing him of killing Josie. Michael realized that his brother John is alive and on a boat called the Princess Clara. Under hypnosis, Donna remembered that John was in the mystery photo that caused her breakdown. Adam was forced to release Chad when M.J. lied that Chad was with her at the time of Quinn's murder. Mitch enlarged some photos taken in Mexico and saw John standing in the background. Lisa had a premonition that Cheryl was in danger at the same time that the serial killer was stalking Cheryl.

APRIL 13-17, 1987
Under hypnosis, Donna remembered being raped by John after she had kissed him to make Michael jealous. Donna freaked out to realize that John, not Michael, might be the father of her twin daughters. Cheryl received a tape recording from the serial killer, who warned her to stop posing for scantily clad advertising layouts or she'll be the killer's next victim. Mitch is a teeny bit jealous of Felicia's interest in Alan. Nancy met with Christine, the sister of Tony's former fianc=82, who was murdered. The serial killer taunted Adam by sending him messages on the police computer. Jamie was shocked to learn that Manual doesn't know how to read. The mystery woman, Elizabeth, unwittingly revealed to Mitch that John is headed to Singapore. Cheryl and Scott planned a weekend of bliss after she agreed to make love with him. Nancy and Greg suspect that Tony may be the serial killer.

APRIL 20-24, 1987
Adam found Greg, who was murdered by the serial killer. Scott and Cheryl cut their romantic weekend short when she was unable to go through with a planned romp in the sack. Felicia followed Mitch, Donna, and Michael to Singapore, where they're searching for clues to John's whereabouts. Greg had tailed Tony, who has been spending a lot of time in an apartment frequented by the serial killer. Mary enrolled in the Bay City university to continue her education. In Singapore, a waiter, Dr. Cheng, agreed to help the Bay City foursome find the Fat Man, who ruined Dr. Cheng's medical career. Nancy is suspicious and afraid of Tony, but isn't sure that he's the serial killer.

APRIL 27 - MAY 1, 1987
Adam arrested Tony and quizzed him about the serial killings, but Tony later escaped. After another romp in the sack, Peggy informed Peter that she's not ready to make a commitment to him romantically. One of Mary's professors, Dr. Chuck Harris, offered to tutor Mary outside of the classroom. Michael and Donna sneaked into the Fat Man's jungle camp where they saw John for the first time. Michael realized that John is a prisoner of the Fat Man, who plans to kill John. Mitch and Dr. Cheng cared for Felicia, who came down with a high fever. During Mac's birthday party, the serial killer sneaked into the Cory house, killed all the lights, locked the men in a separate room, and then terrorized the women. Adam questioned Chad, who insisted that he's not the killer. Adam and Lisa discussed her feelings that Tony is not the serial killer. Chad escorted Sara to Mac's party.

MAY 4-8, 1987
Nancy said a tearful goodbye to her family and split town after she was again attacked by the serial killer. Michael rescued John from the Fat Man. Michael, Mitch, and John later saved Donna, who had been taken prisoner by the Fat Man. Dr. Cheng took charge of the Fat Man. Nancy was attacked by the serial killer, who managed to escape even though Adam is sure one of the bullets he fired wounded the killer. Vince and Reginald were relieved to find Mary, who had been locked in a closet by the killer. John refused to tell Michael why he hasn't tried to contact their mother, Clara. Sara tried to convince Chad that he can turn his wicked life around and become a better person.

MAY 11-15, 1987
Two thugs attacked Chad and stole the porno tape that stars M.J. John made up with his mother, Clara, who once caused him to dump the woman he loved. Jamie is worried that Adam is endangering Lisa's life by continuing to use her "visions" to find clues to the serial killer. Chuck was shocked to learn that his date, Mary, is still married to Vince. Mitch passionately kissed a shocked Felicia, who recovered from her bout with jungle fever. The serial killer watched as Cheryl posed for a bridal magazine layout. Back in Bay City, Mitch kept his emotions in check when Felicia dated Alan. M.J. and Chad worked together to decipher the code in Linda's little black book. Donna can't decide if she should confront John about the fact that he may have fathered her twin daughters. John vowed to leave Bay City after another argument with Michael. Via computer, the serial killer mentioned Lisa's name in his latest message to Adam.

MAY 18-22, 1987
Donna's screams scared the serial killer, who was trying to strangle Felicia. John insisted to Donna that as far as he's concerned Michael is the father of her twin daughters. Adam and M.J. made love for the first time in months. Michael failed to get John to talk about his time in Saigon. Using Lisa's psychic powers, Adam tracked down and arrested Tony, whom the police think is the serial killer. Alan overheard Donna mention that Reginald always makes her feel like a prostitute. John had painful memories of times spent at a lighthouse that Michael has bought for Donna. While searching for the thieves who took M.J.'s porn tape, Chad picked up info on a Chicago gang leader known as "The Agent." Sara, who is stuck on Chad, realized that he's still in love with M.J. Michael arranged to meet Donna at the lighthouse, but when Clara became ill, Michael sent John to the rendezvous sight.

MAY 25-29, 1987
John saved Donna from being strangled by Alan, who is the serial killer. Alan escaped after he threw John off a lighthouse observation deck. Alan was about to murder a hospitalized John until he realized that John had been blinded as a result of his fall and thus can't identify Alan as the killer. Donna never saw Alan's face during their struggle. M.J. learned that murdered hooker Linda was once one of Alan's patients. Chad tried to raise the cash to buy back M.J.'s porn tape from a gangster. Cheryl took Becky, an abandoned child, under her wing. Alan, who believes his deceased mother is urging him to kill, vowed not to murder any more women. Alan made plans to whisk Felicia off to an island paradise. Michael and Donna fretted over Clara, who had a stroke.

JUNE 1-5, 1987
Adam and M.J. put two and two together and realized that Alan is the serial killer. After deciding that Lisa is the woman of his dreams, Alan lured her into his clutches with a lie that Felicia was injured in an accident. Mary and Vince agreed to live together to get temporary custody of Becky. Shortly after Lisa had vibes that Jamie was in danger, Alan attacked Jamie. Donna wasn't able to level with Michael that she fears John may be the father of her twin daughters. Scott isn't happy that Mary is living with Vince. Lisa was shocked when she had a vision of the serial killer using the term "my precious," which is what Lisa's mother called her as a child. Chad and M.J. got into a tussle with the gangster's henchman when they attempted to pay the blackmail money for M.J.'s porn tape. Mitch warned Felicia that he doesn't like or trust Alan. Chad insisted to M.J. that he loves her.

JUNE 8-12, 1987
Lisa learned that Alan, who held her captive in a cottage, had murdered both her parents. Michael and Donna vowed to make John see that he needs his family around him. Alan foiled Lisa's attempt to escape from him, but she was later rescued by Jamie and Adam. Alan escaped, but Adam took off after him. Michael braved the elements to fly Adam and Jamie to the storm-tossed island location of Alan's cottage. John shrank from Donna's touch after he admitted that he's not coping well with his blindness. Alan said that his orders to kill came from his dead mother. Vince fumed when Chuck showed up for Mary's party to celebrate her college graduation. Mary was jealous that Vince spent time with his former lover, Diane. Tony, who was cleared of charges that he's the serial killer, told Ada that he still loves Nancy. Lisa freaked out when Alan forced her to go through a creepy wedding ceremony.

JUNE 15-19, 1987
Alan tried to commit suicide after Adam made Alan realize that he killed his victims because he felt that his mother had been "impure." Michael and M.J. came to Adam's rescue and Alan was later carted off to jail. Only Felicia was able to get a traumatized Lisa to talk about what happened while she was Alan's captive. The gangsters warned Chad that, unless he keeps forking over blackmail money, they will tell everyone about M.J.'s hooker past. John finally agreed to let Donna and Michael help him deal with his problems. Chad and Wally stole the copies of M.J.'s porno tape from the gangster's safe, but the gangster still has a copy.

JUNE 22-26, 1987
Unable to forget her recent ordeal with Alan, Lisa also remembered being raped when she was a teenager. A shocked M.J. received a copy of her x-rated videotape as a bridal-shower gift. John daydreamed about regaining his sight and being reunited romantically with Donna. Rachel and Felicia sparred over Mitch, even though Rachel insisted her interest in him is purely business. Mitch and Felicia later romped in the sack. Adam let Jamie cool his heels in jail after he caught Jamie beating up Alan in his jail cell. Michael warned his mom, Clara, not to coddle John, who admitted to Clara that he was blinded when he saved Donna from being murdered by Alan. Sara told Chad that she loves him. Vince and Mary talked about their feelings for each other. At Reginald's request, Peter is spying on Donna, Michael, and John. Mitch is investigating an art-theft ring.

JUNE 29 - JULY 3, 1987
Marley phoned Michael and Donna, who were upset to learn that Vicky cleaned out her bank account. In her diary, Lisa wrote about being raped when she was 14. M.J. lashed out at Chad, who insisted he didn't send her the copy of the videotape of her days as a hooker. John rejected Jamie's recommendation that he seek help from the Braille Institute since John may never regain his eyesight. John later lied to Donna that there's a good chance his sight will return soon. Rachel and Felicia tried to work out their mutual feelings for Mitch. Cheryl fretted that when Becky's father is released from jail he'll take Becky away from the McKinnon clan. M.J. nixed Chad's suggestion that they run away together before she goes through with her plans to marry Adam. M.J. felt guilty when Adam talked about how he trusts her. Chad's crime bosses want him back in the hooker business.

JULY 6, 1987 (Pre-empted by the Iran-Contra hearings)
Michael went off to find Vicky, who is reportedly hanging out in Las Vegas. The mayor gave Adam a citation for capturing the Sin Stalker. On his wedding day, Adam freaked out after he watched a copy of M.J.'s porno videotape. M.J. vowed to tell Adam about her past life as a hooker. Michael accused Jamie of not prescribing medication for John, who is suffering from severe headaches. During one of his headaches, John realized that his eyesight may be returning. Chad said goodbye to M.J. after realizing that he can't win her love. Things seem to be getting better between Jamie and Lisa.

JULY 16-17, 1987 (Pre-empted by the Iran-Contra hearings)
Adam walked out on M.J. when she tried to explain her hooker past and the porno tape in which she appeared. Jamie warned John that he may not regain all of his sight, even though his vision seems to be slowly returning. John, who can't stop thinking about seeing Donna, is determined to regain his sight completely. Unaware of the rift between Adam and M.J., Vince and Mary made preparations for Adam and M.J.'s wedding. Jamie cautioned Adam not to throw away his feelings of love for M.J. without giving her a chance to explain.

JULY 20-24, 1987
Cass, who returned to Bay City, broke the news to the McKinnon clan that Kathleen had been killed in a plane crash. Vince immediately blamed Cass for not doing everything possible to save Kathleen's life. Michael planned a celebration for Vicky after he talked her into moving back into the Love mansion. John saved Donna, who nearly died in a garage fire. Lisa told Felicia she was once raped by a family friend. John is curious about Vicky, who doesn't trust him. Jamie reacted with jealousy when he found Lisa talking to Tony. Mary received a letter that Kathleen wrote before her death. On Reginald's orders, Peter snapped photos of Donna, who had hugged John when he told her that he'd regained all of his eyesight. Mary and Vince learned that M.J. had left town but didn't say where she was going. Chad comforted M.J. after Adam nixed going ahead with their wedding plans. Mary was shocked to learn M.J. was once a hooker.

JULY 27-31, 1987
Jamie followed Lisa to a remote resort after she began telling him the secrets of her past, but later chickened out and ran off to be alone. Felicia worried about Cass, who broke down during the memorial service for Kathleen. Vince and Mary got romantic for the first time since their reunion. Lisa fretted that if she doesn't level with Jamie about being raped, she will lose his love for sure.

AUGUST 3-7, 1987
Mary and Vince made love for the first time since their reunion. M.J., who returned to Bay City, blames herself for Kathleen's death. Cass accepted a job with Mac's publishing company. Someone snapped a photo of Donna and John in what looked like a compromising situation. Lisa finally confessed to Jamie that she'd been raped as a teenager; and that Dr. Glaser had intended to rape her after he took her hostage. M.J. resigned from the police force. M.J. hasn't been able to tell Vince about her hooker past.

AUGUST 10-14, 1987
Mitch was surprised when his half-brother, Sam Fowler, showed up on his doorstep. Rachel and Mac were furious with their daughter, Amanda, who was in Bay City for hours before she arrived at their home. Vince reacted with intense anger when M.J. levelled with him that she had worked as a hooker. Mary warned M.J. that Vince will go after Chad once he learns that M.J. was one of Chad's "girls" when she was hooking. Photos were taken of John and Donna, who can't resist each other. Diane warned Vince that she doesn't think his reunion with Mary will work out. Donna joined Michael, who was on an out-of-town business trip, then told him that she wants to have a baby.

AUGUST 17-21, 1987
Rachel and Mac proudly presented Amanda at a lavish coming- out party. Michael was furious when he found out that Reginald is behind the business problems Michael has been having. Peter planted incriminating photos of John and Donna in Vicky's raincoat. Lisa rented an apartment for her and Jamie, and they made love for the first time. Rachel interviewed Sam for a layout-artist job. Vince was devastated when Mary turned down his marriage proposal.

AUGUST 24-28, 1987
Peter watched as Vicky freaked out at the sight of the compromising photos of Donna and John. Rachel nixed giving Sam a job when she learned that he'd kept it a secret that he is Mitch's brother. Mac, who isn't aware that Sam and Mitch are siblings, later gave Sam a job at Cory Publishing. Amanda was delighted when Mac hired her for an entry-level position at Cory Publishing. Felicia admitted to Cass that she's in love with Mitch. Vince forced Mary to move out of his house because she rejected his marriage proposal. Michael told Peter that if he wants to be a part of the family, he'll have to give up his loyalty to Reginald. Vicky overheard Donna admit that she still has strong feelings for John.

On a plane to Bay City, Scott chatted with Chad's little sister, Dawn. At the hospital, Jamie diagnosed a patient with AIDS. Chad was upset to learn that his mother had suddenly died. Peter pressured Vicky to show Michael the compromising photos of Donna and John, but Vicky wasn't able to do the deed. Mac was pleased that Sam's advertising ideas are catching on with Cory Publishing clients. Donna and John are worried that Vicky thinks they're having an affair. Donna gave Vicky a luxurious sports car. Amanda told Sam that her name is Mandy Ashton. Amanda's (Mandy's) new friend Julie Ann schemed to unite Mandy and Sam. Donna and Michael made love after she told him that she wants to have a baby. On Amanda's first day of work at Cory Publishing, Mac arranged for her to work as a secretary. Felicia began organizing a charity foundation in Kathleen's name when Cass refused to accept Kathleen's insurance money.

SEPTEMBER 7-11, 1987
Michael and John fretted over Clara, who had a minor stroke. Michael was furious with Donna because she gave Vicky the expensive sports car. Dawn was devastated when Chad told her that their mother had died. Mitch's and Felicia's rooms were robbed. Mitch later discovered that the thief stole photos Mitch had taken at the plane-crash sight where Kathleen died. Vicky is envious of the relationship shared by Lisa and Jamie. Wally got John a part-time bartending job. Mary and Diane showed their claws during an argument over Vince.

SEPTEMBER 14-18, 1987
Cass got acquainted with Nicole Love, who has returned to Bay City. Cass agreed to be Nicole's lawyer after she told him her fashion design business is being ripped off by a competitor named Barbara van Arkdale. Unable to resist each other any longer John and Donna kissed, but she later told him to stay away from her. Vicky freaked out after witnessing John and Donna's passionate kiss. Mandy (Amanda) persuaded Sam to give her the gofer job she'd applied for. Peter failed to convince Vicky to tell Michael she saw John and Donna kissing. Scott took a shine to Chad's sister Dawn.

SEPTEMBER 21-25, 1987
Mandy (Amanda) was jealous that Sam went on a date with Cheryl. Reginald was angry that Nicole doesn't want anything to do with him even though he's her father. Nicole and Cass came face-to-face with Barbara van Arkdale, who accused Nicole of stealing her fashion designs. Cass warned Nicole that Barbara isn't beyond harming those people she considers to be her enemies. After another argument, John moved into a houseboat in order to put some space between himself and Donna. Peter taunted Vicky with the idea that the houseboat will no doubt serve as a love nest for Donna and John.

Chad was hurt when he found out second-hand that M.J. had left town in order to start a new life. Donna fell asleep in John's bed after reading notes he wrote about his love for her. Donna freaked when she later woke up to find John in bed with her. Vicky sped off in her sport's car after looking in the houseboat window and seeing Donna and John in bed together. Felicia returned from Europe in time to plan the fashion show that will serve as a showdown between Nicole and Barbara. Hoping for an explosive confrontation between Michael and John, Peter told Michael that Donna was on the houseboat with John.

OCTOBER 5-9, 1987
John used his Vietnam doctoring expertise to save Vicky's life after she crashed her sports car. A hospitalized Vicky later went into a coma. Rachel read the riot act to Mitch for encouraging Matthew to fight back when his classmates pick on him. Michael and John both donated blood in case Vicky needs a transfusion. Amanda was green with envy when Sam's former girlfriend, Joyce, arrived in town. Scott told Cheryl he's now dating Dawn. Peter secretly feels he's to blame for Vicky's accident because he egged her on to expose Donna and John's feelings for each other. Michael was suspicious when a dishevelled Donna emerged from John's houseboat. Donna later lied that a stranger raped her on her way to the waterfront. Mitch is upset he can't tell anyone he's Sam's brother.

OCTOBER 12-16, 1987
Marley arrived to visit her twin sister, Vicky, who is still in a coma. During a fashion show, Nicole and Cass forced Barbara to admit publicly that she had stolen her dress designs from Nicole. Donna panicked when John told her he was having blood tests done to prove or disprove Reginald's claim that John fathered Vicky and Marley. Dawn successfully auditioned for Chad, who was forced to hire her for a singing gig at TOPS. Vicky had an out-of-body experience while still in her coma. Jamie put his medical career on the line by letting Lisa use her psychic powers to try to communicate with a comatose Vicky. Nicole made a date with businessman Steven Fraser after learning that she can't inherit her trust fund from her grandmother unless she's married. Amanda and Rachel argue all the time.

OCTOBER 19-23, 1987
Donna freaked when John told her that the latest lab tests prove that John, not Michael, fathered Vicky and Marley. Michael and Barbara kept mum that they share a secret past. Dona showed John the compromising photos of her and John that she found in Vicky's purse. Zack got angry with Colette, who used him as a guinea pig for a book she's writing about creative lying. Lisa made psychic contact with Vicky, who "talked" to Lisa during another out-of-body experience. Cass sabotaged Nicole's date with an eligible bachelor who she was considering marrying so that she can get her trust-fund money.

OCTOBER 26-30, 1987
Vicky came out of her coma. Cheryl tried to hide her jealousy of Scott and Dawn's budding romance. Vicky wrestled with whether she should tell Michael that she saw Donna in bed with John. Cass prevented Nicole from asking Michael for a loan to start up her fashion-design business. Sam denied Mandy's (Amanda) accusation that he fired her because he's becoming emotionally involved with her. John found Peter's negatives of the incriminating Donna and John photos that Peter planted in Vicky's purse. Sam was jealous when he saw another guy, Tony, put the make on Mandy (Amanda). Nicole suggested that she and Cass get married so that she can collect her inheritance and open up her own business. Lisa told Jamie that she wants to become a nurse. Adam was puzzled when Vicky said that she doesn't know anything about Donna being attacked on the waterfront.

NOVEMBER 2-6, 1987
Michael walked out on Donna after an elderly man, Henry, told him that he saw Donna and John together on John's boat the night Donna claims she was attacked. Henry also told Michael that Vicky's accident happened right after she saw Donna and John on the houseboat. Cass agreed to marry Nicole so that she can collect her inheritance money. After finding the old love letters that John had written to Donna, Michael realized that Marley and Victoria are probably John's daughters. Rachel confided to Felicia that she's afraid that Amanda (Mandy) is falling in love with Sam. After getting caught in a rainstorm, Mandy (Amanda) spent a platonic night at Sam's pad. Amanda (Mandy) was shocked when Rachel admitted that Sam is Mitch's brother but Sam is keeping his true identity a secret. Vicky made up her mind to tell Michael that she thinks Donna and John are having an affair, but realized that Michael already knows.

NOVEMBER 9-13, 1987
A mysterious red-haired woman from Cass's past arrived in Bay City. Jamie told Michael and John that the latest paternity tests prove that Michael fathered Vicky and Marley. Michael knows that Reginald tampered with the first paternity test. The mystery woman ignored Cass' demand that she stay away from him. Cass freaked when Nicole was thrown from her horse into the path of an oncoming truck. Sam resisted Mandy's (Amanda) offer to share his bed. Jamie told Donna that her pregnancy tests were positive. Cass agreed to sign a prenuptial agreement so that Nicole wouldn't have to worry that he'd ever try to take a share of her money or her business after they're married. Mary and Vince received their final divorce papers. Cheryl is broken up about her parents' divorce. Vince's former lover, Diane, left town when she realized that he'll always be hung up on Mary. Nicole was invited to a Paris fashion show.

NOVEMBER 16-20, 1987
Cass saved Nicole, who was almost run over by a speeding truck. The mystery woman, Monique, is in cahoots with a man who is a dead ringer for Cass. While the fake Cass was attending an engagement party with Nicole, the real Cass is being held prisoner by Monique and the impostor. Sam and Mandy (Amanda) can barely control the passion they feel toward each other. Nicole planned her wedding, but admitted to Donna that it will be a marriage of convenience. Unaware that Amanda (Mandy) and Jamie are brother and sister, Sam wrongly suspects that the two are romantically involved.

NOVEMBER 23-27, 1987
Sam and Mandy (Amanda) romped in the sack. Rex, the fake Cass, blames the real Cass for the death of Rex's wife, who died in a car accident after she had an affair with Cass. Cass realized that Rex, who is out for revenge, was responsible for Kathleen's death. Dawn confided to Scott that she wants to get married and have children. Ada unsuccessfully tried to bring Mary and Vince back together. Liz Matthews arrived at the Cory mansion for Thanksgiving dinner and plans to stay for a while. Nicole freaked when she saw "Cass" (Rex) murder Monique.

Liz told a stunned Mac that Sam is Mitch's little brother. Chad didn't like it that Scott agreed to help Dawn get information on her father, whom she never knew. Sam couldn't believe his ears when Mac told him that Mandy is really Mac and Rachel's daughter, Amanda. Cass was arrested and released on bail after Reginald told the police that he saw him murder Monique. John teamed up with Cass to find and arrest Rex for Monique's murder. Chad told Scott that Dawn and Chad's mother had been a hooker. Scott kept mum when Dawn wondered about her mom, whom she never knew. Adam believed Cass' story that his double, Rex, had murdered Monique, but Adam nixed letting Cass help the police snare Rex.

DECEMBER 7-11, 1987
Rex was killed when Cass cut loose a chandelier, which fell on him just as he was about to shoot Nicole. Adam reopened the investigatIon into Kathleen's death and learned that she did indeed die in a plane crash. Scott and Dawn made love for the first time. Amanda had a pregnancy test after realizing she hadn't taken her birth-control pills. Dawn was upset to learn her mother had been a prostitute.

DECEMBER 14-18, 1987
Jamie and Rachel urged Amanda to tell Sam that she's pregnant before he learns it through the grapevine. Vicky, who tried to seduce Jamie, was disappointed when the sheriff rescued them after they were stranded in a general store during a snowstorm. Nicole denied Donna's suspicion that Nicole has fallen in love with Cass. Jamie is worried about what Dawn's medical tests will show. Mitch reacted with jealousy when he learned that Felicia and Cass once had a hot love affair. Lisa, who is unaware of Vicky's budding feeLings for Jamie, was reunited with Jamie after his snowstorm incident.

DECEMBER 21-25, 1987
Jamie told a stunned Scott and Chad that Dawn has AIDS. Dawn freaked out when she learned her mother, who was a drug addict and a hooker, had given Dawn the AIDS virus through a blood transfusion. Sam flipped when Amanda told him that she's pregnant. Jamie warned Donna that undergoing paternity tests now would endanger the life of her baby. Mac was upset to barn that Amanda is pregnant, but he doesn't want her to have an abortion. Amanda nixed Sam's marriage proposal because she realized he proposed for the baby's sake, not because he loves her. Dawn suddenly disappeared.

DECEMBER 28-31, 1987
Steven Frame's long-lost brother, Jason Frame, arrived in Bay City with the intention of purchasing the Frame family farmhouse. Donna and Michael reconciled somewhat after she tricked him into coming to her "rescue" and they ended up being stranded in a cabin during a snowstorm. Scott found a runaway Dawn and returned her to the hospital, but she was later released. Rachel, who was once married to Steven Frame, wants to purchase the Frame farmhouse for her son Jamie. Amanda began her new job as an interviewer for Brava Magazine. Cass and Nicole hired Donna to manage their fashion-design store. Mary, who still doesn't remember some of her past, was unnerved when Jason told her that they once shared a very close relationship. Too stubborn to admit they like each other, Nicole and John agreed to a New Year's date, and Cass made a date with a beautiful model.