Daily Synopses: January - June

DECEMBER 31, 1990 - JANUARY 4, 1991
Ryan told Vicky that because he loves her, he wouldn't tell anyone she impersonated Marley at the start of Marley's attempted-murder trial. After Marley returned to Bay City with Jamie, Vicky created a diversion in the courtroom and the judge called a recess. Marley took her rightful place in court after fearing Vicky had disappeared. When Vicky came back to the court room, she was surprised to see Marley. Lucas and Felicia brought Jenna to Bay City after Cass helped her get out of the convent. Felicia didn't give up trying to get close to Jenna even though they clashed. Jenna and Matthew started to become friends. Sam's old feelings for Amanda began to resurface now that he is working for Cory Publishing again. A mystery person sent flowers to a comatose Jake. Taylor is plotting against Sharlene.

JANUARY 7-11, 1991
The judge briefly sent Cass to jail on contempt charges after he lied that he had Vicky impersonate Marley to prove to the court the two could be mistaken for each other. Marley admitted to Michael that she ran away and that is why Vicky was impersonating her. Marley also told Michael she is afraid Vicky shot Jake after Marley admitted Jake's attack to her. After being hospitalized for exhaustion, Vicky was convinced Jake had come into her room and tried to smother her. Ryan and Jamie prevented Vicky from disconnecting Jake's life-support system to see if he was really in a coma. Vicky saw a mystery woman exit Jake's hospital room. Amanda was furious when Sam accused her of interfering in his relationship with Olivia. Jenna is getting closer to Matthew, but she and Felicia haven't come to terms yet.

JANUARY 14-18, 1991
Jenna broke down and admitted she was hurt after Gloria stuck her away in the convent and had almost no personal contact with her. Michael told a shocked Donna that Marley thinks Vicky shot Jake. In the meantime, Vicky told Donna she thinks Marley shot Jake. When Marley's trial got under way again, the judge barred Vicky from the courtroom. Iris warned Rachel against marrying Ken after Rachel and Ken announced their Valentine's Day wedding plans. Taylor sabotaged Sharlene to make her believe she still has a very unstable personality. Cass asked Frankie to find out the identity of the mystery person who has been sending flowers to a comatose Jake. Cass got angry at Frankie for using information about Morgan's rise to D.A. to blackmail Morgan into dropping her effort to have Cass disbarred.

JANUARY 21-25, 1991
Rachel told Ken that Jamie approves of their impending marriage, but Iris doesn't. Ken told Rachel he wants to marry her because he loves her and never wants to lose her. When Morgan forced Ryan to take the witness stand in Marley's trial, he admitted Marley knew Jake owns a gun, but said Vicky, Donna, Paulina, and Iris also know about the gun. Paulina realized Grant hired her for more for decoration than as an assistant. Taylor is determined to have John for herself. Sam went to the Cory cabin after Amanda, who arranged to meet a man, Greg, who claimed her has information on the mystery woman seen in Jake's hospital room. Sam and Amanda shared a passionate kiss. Dean accused Jenna of trying to run away from life now that she has left the convent.

While screening the videotapes from the camera outside Jake's hospital room, Frankie was stunned to see Jake's mystery visitor was the supposedly deceased Kathleen. When Cass revealed Paulina's hair was found on Jake's clothes after he was shot, Paulina admitted she saw Jake the night of his shooting, but insisted she didn't pull the trigger. Even though Paulina admitted having an affair with Jake, Morgan ruled out Paulina as a suspect in the shooting. Rachel ordered Ken out of her life after he admitted originally setting it up so Paulina appeared to be Mac's daughter. Paulina lied to Rachel that she wanted to tell the truth but Ken wouldn't let her. Iris was actually supportive of Rachel when she learned about her breakup with Ken. Taylor was miffed when John asked her not to become further involved in his and Sharlene's lives. Sam and Amanda can't forget the kiss they shared.

FEBRUARY 4-8, 1991
As part of his defence plan, Cass badgered Marley on the witness stand until she admitted Jake had raped her after she refused to marry him. A stunned Donna learned of Marley's rape, jumped up in court, and announced she was the one who shot Jake. Everyone was speechless when Donna admitted she had a brief affair with Jake and that she shot him because she was threatening to expose them. Ryan helped Frankie, who was surprised when they learned there was no autopsy report filed at the time Kathleen supposedly died. Frankie later learned Kathleen could be in Chicago. In Bay City, Kathleen met with a mystery man and said she had some things to do before she would be ready to leave town. Paulina was forced to return her bank book to Rachel, who vowed to find out whether Paulina is Mac's daughter. Jenna moved in with the Corys while Felicia is away.

FEBRUARY 11-15, 1991
Frankie went to Chicago to look for Kathleen. After receiving a note from Kathleen, Frankie went to meet her, but someone knocked Frankie out cold. Cass, who came to Chicago to spend time alone with Frankie, was suspicious when he found her unconscious. Frankie didn't tell Cass she was searching for Kathleen. Taylor lured Sharlene to a warehouse with the intention of arranging a little "accident" for her. Sharlene was stunned when she arrived at the warehouse and Taylor suggested she commit herself to a mental institution. Taylor was upset when a pregnant Sharlene suddenly went into labor. The judge dropped the attempted-murder charges against Marley after Donna confessed she shot Jake. Michael told Donna he knows she lied that she shot Jake to keep Marley from going to jail. Paulina, who is having an affair with Grant, is determined to be in the Cory family.

FEBRUARY 18-22, 1991
After checking himself out of the hospital, John found Sharlene at the warehouse and helped her deliver their son Gregory. Taylor was distraught over the new closeness between John and Sharlene after the birth of the baby. Taylor was angry when Sharlene insisted she didn't need any more therapy sessions. Ryan was reinstated on the police force. Vicky and Ryan made love after their latest quarrel. Michael didn't believe Donna, who said she loves him. Michael refused to reconcile with Donna and accused her of causing them to lose Mikey because of her affair with Jake. Cass was suspicious when Frankie flew to Texas, where she caught up to Kathleen and Joe in San Antonio. Paulina fretted she is going to lose Rachel's friendship and Grant's love. Felicia realized Jenna has a crush on Matthew. Sam was uncomfortable when Olivia said she loves him.

FEBRUARY 25 - MARCH 1, 1991
Ryan spent time with Amanda when Vicky broke up with him, again. Ken left town after saying goodbye to Rachel, who thanked him for helping her to realize she can love again despite losing Mac. Iris made sure Paulina read a phony legal document that stated she was being disinherited by the Cory family. Paulina tried to get sympathy from Rachel. Later Paulina took sleeping pills but passed out after having a strange reaction to the pills. Paulina survived and she learned she and Mac had the same allergic reaction to the sleeping pills she took. Jenna agreed to let Dean help change her image. A stunned Cass saw Kathleen on the hospital videotape. Joe warned Kathleen they had to start travelling again because Cass knows she is alive. Donna continued to insist she shot Jake. Stacey helped Michael move into his own apartment.

MARCH 4-8, 1991
After Jake came out of his coma, Ryan tried to get him to recall the night he was shot. Later, through flashbacks, Jake remembered. Everyone was stunned when the judge sentenced Donna to five to 10 years for shooting Jake. Donna suspects Stacey has her sights on Michael, who's out of Donna's apartment. Olivia tried to make Sam forget about Amanda and what would have been his wedding anniversary. Ryan and Amanda are becoming close friends. Felicia was angry with Lucas when he contacted some of his former underworld pals to find out the identity of Jenna's father. Jenna is jealous of Matthew's romance with Lindsey. Cass found Kathleen, who said she didn't try to reach him because he didn't try to find her after the plane crash. Marley was able to make love with Jamie after she talked about being raped by Jake.

MARCH 11-15, 1991
Cass confronted Kathleen when she and Joe came to Bay City so Kathleen could check on Jake's condition. Kathleen was surprised to see her father, Vince McKinnon, was also in town to check on Jake. After Cass and Frankie realized Kathleen is in danger, Kathleen told Cass what had happened to her after the plane crash. Frankie vowed that she is not going to lose Cass to Kathleen. Jake kept remembering how Paulina shot him, but he didn't mention it when she came to his hospital room to see him. Jake plotted against Paulina after he learned she no longer has a share of the Cory wealth. From information his underworld friend dug up, Lucas suspected Jenna's father has organized-crime connections. Lucas gave Felicia an engagement ring, but wasn't thrilled when she said she wants to adopt Jenna. Sharlene told Taylor that she no longer needs her professional help.

MARCH 18-22, 1991
When Jake asked Paulina to pay his hospital bill, she shocked him with the news that she no longer has access to any of the Cory money. Paulina rejected Jake's suggestion that she ask Grant for the money. Paulina told Rachel she doesn't care that Rachel has someone checking into her past again. Iris is still convinced Paulina is not Mac's daughter. Kathleen agreed to Cass's plan that she stay in Bay City and start living a normal life again because he feels Carl Hutchins, who threatened to kill Kathleen, won't make a move on her if she is highly visible. Carl Hutchins is still determined to get Kathleen. Joe, a government agent assigned to keep an eye on Kathleen, denied Cass's suspicion that he is in love with Kathleen. Grant warned Sharlene that Taylor wants John for herself. Someone ransacked Felicia's apartment. Stacey admitted that she is attracted to Michael.

MARCH 25-29, 1991
Donna was terrified when she came face-to-face with her former husband, Carl Hutchins. Rachel, who is a longtime enemy of Carl's, let Kathleen move into the Cory mansion for protection. Later, a suspicious fire broke out at the mansion. Frankie couldn't help but notice the closeness between Kathleen and Cass. Cass, Frankie, and Joe prepared for their first meeting with Carl. Jake checked himself out of the hospital and went to see Marley, who was terrified when he showed up on her doorstep. Marley didn't believe Jake who said that he is sorry he raped her. Jamie warned Jake to stay away from Marley. While looking around his old loft apartment, Jake vowed to get back everything that he has lost since he was shot, including Marley. Sharlene schemed to prove to John that Taylor is not their friend.

APRIL 1-5, 1991
Ryan rescued Amanda from the suspicious fire at the artist's studio on the Cory estate. Amanda relaxed after Ryan told her Alli hadn't gone into the studio before the fire. Olivia was not pleased when Sam insisted Alli and Amanda move back into his apartment so he can protect them from Carl. Jake was jealous when he learned Marley accepted Jamie's marriage proposal. Jenna was pleased Matthew rejected the offer to spend time with Lindsay and then asked her to have dinner with him. When Felicia tried to throw Carl out of her restaurant, he told her some unsavory facts about Lucas's past. Kathleen was trapped in an elevator with Carl. A happy Jake learned Rachel welcomed Paulina back into the Cory fold because of the threat Carl presents to the family.

APRIL 8-12, 1991
Carl told a disbelieving Kathleen that he returned to Bay City to clear his good name and insisted he is not out to get revenge because she testified against him years ago. Carl sent flowers to Rachel, Felicia, Kathleen, and Donna, who are all convinced that he is plotting against them. Donna's feelings were hurt when she learned about Marley and Jamie's engagement after the fact. Matthew put off Lindsay to spend more time with Jenna. Although Jenna was upset Matthew wasn't able to escort her to her prom, she was the belle of the ball. Sharlene and Frankie dug up more background information on Taylor, who tried to get closer to John while Sharlene was checking out a lead on Taylor's past. Kathleen admitted to Stacey that she still has feelings for Cass. Cass insisted to Frankie that be loves her, but she pointed out their relationship has changed since Kathleen's return.

APRIL 15-19, 1991
After Taylor sneaked into John's hotel room while they were at a medical convention, John said he has no romantic interest in her. Taylor lied that she is only interested in John's intelligence. Sharlene told John what she and Frankie learned from a former colleague of Taylor's, who was surprised Taylor is still a psychologist. John got more information on Taylor's past from her former sister-in-law, Alice. Marley told Jake that she won't prosecute him for rape, but said she is going to make him pay for what he did to her. Jake nixed Carl's job offer. Jake lured Paulina into his clutches. Cass assured Frankie that he loves her. They were about to say their "I do's" for a second time, but Kathleen interrupted the ceremony by fainting. Donna caught Michael and Stacey kissing. Vicky warned Carl to stay away from Ryan. Amanda spent time with Mark, whom she employs.

APRIL 22-26, 1991
Jake lured Paulina to the loft and then in a series of flashbacks, he relived the night Paulina shot him. Paulina insisted Jake caused his own injury because the gun went off when he tried to take it away from her. Jake blackmailed Paulina into spying on the Cory household so he could keep tabs on Marley while she plans her wedding. Kathleen told Felicia that she intends to win back Cass. Kathleen confessed she still loves him and doesn't want him to marry Frankie. Cass is torn over his feelings for Frankie and Kathleen. Dean is upset over Jenna's relationship with Matthew, who is seeing Lindsay. Michael and Stacey made love for the first time. Donna flirted with Carl, but failed to find out why he is in Bay City. Although Michael was upset when he saw Donna with Carl, he wasn't as jealous as Donna had hoped. Grant told Paulina that he's falling in love with her.

APRIL 29 - MAY 3, 1991
Frankie was devastated when Cass said he can't marry her because he has feelings for both her and Kathleen. Dean was furious when Cass moved out on Frankie, who insisted Cass must pick her or Kathleen. Judy, a hooker, told Taylor that Sharlene is trying to connect her to the incident where Sharlene was locked in the abandoned warehouse. Taylor tipped the police that Sharlene was soliciting at Rudy's Bar and gloated when Sharlene was arrested. Carl told a mystery person the way to get to Kathleen is through Cass. Michael became worried when he learned Donna was having dinner with Carl in his hotel suite, but rather than break his date with Stacey, he asked Cass to check up on Donna. Michael told Stacey that she was terrific. An upset Matthew learned Rachel had arranged for Lorna, the record producer, to listen to Dean's demo tape.

MAY 6-10, 1991
The mystery person Carl has spoken with on the phone shot and wounded Ryan, who was searching Cass's office, which had been broken into. Vicky felt uneasy until she learned Ryan would recover from his shoulder wound. Carl responded with a threat when Ryan said he was on to him. Sharlene sat Gregory on a hospital waiting-room couch while she wrote a note, and then panicked when she turned around and discovered the baby was gone. When Sharlene found Taylor holding Gregory, she swore at her in front of the hospital staff and warned her to stay away from her family. Felicia was delighted when Jenna agreed to be adopted, but is worried that Lucas could be an obstacle to the adoption. Vicky decided to do some checking into Lucas's past. Olivia told Amanda that she is sure Sam wants to know about her relationship with Mark. Grant told Jake to leave Paulina alone.

MAY 13-17, 1991
Jake rejected Kathleen's suggestion that he forget about his obsession with Marley and vowed to prevent her from marrying Jamie. Judy admitted to John and Sharlene that she didn't want to set up Sharlene, but went along with Taylor's plot because she believed Taylor's lie that Sharlene was sick, wasn't taking care of Gregory, and put John's career in jeopardy. Things were rough for Sharlene when Judy didn't show up to testify at Taylor's hospital ethics committee hearing. Taylor believes John turned against her, just like her husband did before his death. When Dean asked Jenna if she objected to Matthew dating her and Lindsay, Jenna said she didn't want to push Matthew into a relationship. Matthew told Lindsay that he is in love with Jenna. Kathleen visited with her mother, Mary, and her sister, M.J. Carl realized that he can use Vicky to get to Ryan.

MAY 20-24, 1991
John and Sharlene walked out of the ethics committee hearing after the panel, through Iris, said they thought Sharlene was a bad mother to Gregory. John and Sharlene suspected Taylor was behind Judy's mysterious disappearance and her absence at the hearing. Taylor was happy that she bested Sharlene at the hearing, but she was livid when Iris told her the committee decided to divide up Taylor's patients so she can take some time off. Taylor later threatened Sharlene after taking her to an abandoned amusement park. A furious Michael learned that Donna tried to blackmail Stacey. Kathleen and Cass realized someone searched her apartment. Frankie was stunned when Kathleen said she recently slept with Cass. Jake told Paulina that he knows she will receive more Cory money when she marries, then ordered her to get Grant to propose.

MAY 27-31, 1991
Paulina vowed not to let Jake harm Grant after Jake pressed Paulina to get a marriage proposal out of Grant so that she can collect her inheritance from Mac's estate. After Paulina confided to Amanda that she didn't think her relationship with Grant would work, Grant asked Paulina to marry him. Matthew and Jenna brought an injured Judy to the hospital and she told John that Taylor had left her for dead. John arrived while Taylor was threatening to shoot Sharlene. John caught Taylor when she tried to run away, but she shot herself when her gun went off and then she plunged into the lake. John and Sharlene were stunned when the police questioned John's story about Taylor's death. Carl fumed when Lucas quit working for him. Marley foiled Jake's plan to crash her engagement party. Rachel found Mark charming.

JUNE 3-7, 1991
Jake convinced Donna to attend Marley and Jamie's engagement party knowing that her presence would upset Marley. Jake learned Marley postponed the wedding, but was unhappy to learn she did it because she wants to try to get pregnant before she marries Jamie. Sharlene and John learned Taylor claimed to have got pregnant as a result of an affair with John, then had an abortion at his request. Sharlene, John, and Ryan went to the abortion clinic to get proof of Taylor's story. Frankie rushed to Cass's side after she received a telegram from him and assumed he chose to be with her instead of Kathleen. Frankie and Cass later learned it was Dean, who was playing matchmaker, who sent them the telegrams. Someone burned a file that might have helped Cass and Kathleen identify the informant who told her about Carl.

JUNE 10-14, 1991
After saying her goodbyes to Vicky and Jamie, Marley left for the fertility clinic in Switzerland. Before her departure, Jake asked Marley for a reconciliation, but she refused and told Jake that he should search for the good in himself. Jake lambasted Paulina for telling Marley about the clinic because he wanted her to help him break up Marley and Jamie, not bring them closer together. Paulina was shocked when Iris said she knows Paulina shot Jake, and then threatened to tell everyone, knowing the news could harm Grant's political career. Worried that her past could hurt Grant's attempt to become a senator, Paulina broke their engagement and lied that she never loved him. Lucas and Felicia set a date for their wedding. Cass, Kathleen, and Carl all think Lucas was Kathleen's pipeline to Carl's past. Ryan ignored Sharlene's pleas not to investigate John's past.

JUNE 17-21, 1991
Sharlene was stunned when Frankie learned Taylor was a champion swimmer and suspects she didn't drown after falling into the lake. John told Sharlene, Michael, and Jamie that he also believes Taylor is alive because the police never found any bullet casings on the pier after Taylor was supposedly shot with her own gun. Ryan had to tell John that a grand jury would hear his case. Frankie refused to talk to Cass after Kathleen said Cass was moving in with her. A pregnant Frankie panicked when she had abdominal pains. After arranging an "accident" for Lucas, Carl realized Lucas wasn't Kathleen's informant. Dean and Jenna were driving Lucas's car when the brakes failed. Paulina said she would marry Jake and let him have her dowry money if he would sign a statement saying he was shot by a burglar. Iris suggested Amanda hire someone to check out Mark.

JUNE 24-28, 1991
Jenna and Dean weren't injured when they crashed Lucas's car, but when the police arrived, Dean lied that he was driving to protect Jenna. After Jenna confessed to Lucas that the brakes had failed while she was driving the car, he realized Carl's henchmen had tampered with the car in an attempt to kill him. Frankie was rushed to the hospital when she had abdominal pains, and was upset when she later miscarried her baby. Kathleen realized Frankie had a miscarriage, then debated whether she should tell Cass, who didn't believe Frankie's story that she fractured a rib. Frankie ignored Ryan's warning and decided to contact Kathleen's informant on her own. Mark was livid when he learned Amanda had Frankie run a check on his background. Sam broke off his romance with Olivia.

JULY 1-5, 1991
John and Sharlene broke into Taylor's home and searched for anything that would help them prove John didn't kill Taylor. Cass, Sharlene, and John worked together and realized that there could be something in Taylor's will that would indicate whether she is alive. Cass later found the will to be interesting reading. Cass thinks Frankie has accepted the demise of their relationship, but she told Sharlene that she is going to fight for Cass. Kathleen tried to tell Cass about Frankie's miscarriage, but couldn't go through with it. Ryan read Frankie the riot act for going off on her own in an attempt to locate Kathleen's source for information on Carl. Carl planned a 4th of July party that everyone in Bay City will remember. When Ryan received an out-of-town job offer, he suspected Carl was behind it. Iris asked Mark to take some "candid" photos of Paulina and Jake.

JULY 8-12, 1991
Carl was nervous when Ryan insisted on searching through a box of girl-scout candy, but found nothing. After Frankie and Ryan left, Carl showed Lorna a counterfeit-money printing plate that had been hidden inside one of the chocolate bars. After Taylor's clothing washed ashore, John fretted that she would be declared dead and he charged with murder. On the pretext of being interested buyers, Kathleen and Cass gained access to a house owned by Taylor after learning it went on the market at the time of Taylor's death. After Cass and Kathleen found a photo of a yacht, they learned it left the harbour the night Taylor was shot. Cass was upset with Frankie, who placed an ad in the newspaper and received a response from Kathleen's informant, Signet. Frankie, pretending to be Kathleen, talked on the phone with Signet. Paulina learned a mystery woman is impersonating her.

JULY 15-19, 1991
Cass was furious with Ryan for letting Frankie get involved with locating Kathleen's informant, Signet, whom Frankie spoke with on the phone. Frankie and Ryan later arranged to meet Signet. Stacey was cleared by the bar association of any wrongdoing after Donna pressed charges against her that could have cost Stacey her license to practice law. Michael was stunned when Stacey said that she loves him, but is leaving for Los Angeles. After a little chat with Felicia, Matthew cancelled his plans to spend the weekend at the Cory cabin with Jenna. Carl ordered Lorna to see that Matthew runs up large debts at the recording studio. Amanda and Olivia were both surprised when Sam suddenly returned from Europe. Olivia again nixed moving in with Sam. The woman impersonating Paulina turned out to be Hannah Moore, who grew up in the same foster home with Paulina.

JULY 22-26, 1991
John and Sharlene learned Taylor may be alive, using an alias and staying in Guadeloupe. Donna told John and Sharlene to take Michael's jet and look for Taylor. Ryan and Frankie were angry when Cass barged into their motel room and foiled their meeting with Signet, because Donna suspected Ryan and Frankie were having an affair. Kathleen told Cass that she and Frankie will be dead once Carl learns Frankie and Ryan are looking for Signet. Grant was upset to learn Paulina is engaged to Jake. Amanda didn't believe Carl, who claimed he had proof Ryan is a cop on the take. Sam warned Carl to stay away from Amanda. Amanda broke off her relationship with Mark. Ryan rushed off for a meeting that he thought Signet had arranged, and ended up meeting Vicky. Felicia and Lucas were married. Kathleen told Frankie that she and Cass are remarrying.

JULY 29 - AUGUST 2, 1991
Rachel was suspicious when Paulina wasn't enthusiastic about marrying Jake. At the engagement party, Rachel warned Jake that he had better not hurt Paulina. Paulina turned down a second chance with Grant and told him that she is going to marry Jake. When Rachel left to meet Michael on the waterfront, someone sneaked up behind her and knocked her out. Frankie arranged to have dinner with Cass but had to cut their meeting short after she learned that Signet wanted to meet her. Rachel teamed up with Michael to stop Grant and Ryan's father, Spencer Harrison, from developing the waterfront. To protect Hannah from her foster mother's husband, Paulina let her stay in Bay City. The hooker Taylor paid to get an abortion under Taylor's name agreed to testify for John. Taylor is alive and using an assumed name. Ryan was arrested after someone planted cocaine in his apartment.

AUGUST 5-9, 1991
Jenna is angry that Matt and Dean treat her like a kid. While Jenna fantasized about a romance with Matt, he was making love with Lorna. A stunned Ryan and Frankie learned Grant is "Signet," the informant who gave Kathleen information on Carl. During his meeting with Ryan and Frankie, Grant was shot and later hospitalized in critical condition. After Frankie told Kathleen that Grant is "Signet," Kathleen said Frankie and Ryan just signed her death warrant. Carl came face-to-face with Rachel after she regained consciousness on the dock. Carl was unaware that Rachel didn't recognize him because she had blurred vision from being hit on the head. After Grant and Ryan's father, Spencer, overheard Paulina say she loves Grant, he lied to her that Grant never wants to see her again. Spencer blamed Ryan for Grant's shooting. The Corys warned Jake not to hurt Paulina.

AUGUST 12-16, 1991
Jenna, Lucas, and Felicia were stunned when Dean started busting up Sassy's Bar, but were unaware that his behaviour was part of a publicity stunt arranged by Lorna, who wants Dean to have a "bad boy" image to promote his rock music career. Kathleen was hurt when Felicia passed on Cass's message that he intends to move out of Kathleen's place when he returns from his visit with Stacey. Jake and Paulina were stunned when Marley, who has been at a fertility clinic in Switzerland, showed up just as their wedding got under way. Iris obtained hair samples for a genetics test which should prove whether Paulina is really Mac's daughter. Michael was shocked when Rachel said she told Spencer about their plan to block Spencer's waterfront development project. Grant told Ryan why he secretly gave Kathleen information on Carl's past. Rachel had bouts of blurred vision.

AUGUST 19-23, 1991
Jake and Paulina exchanged vows despite Marley's return home for the ceremony. Jake fumed when Marley and Jamie upstaged him at his wedding, and topped things off by announcing their plans for a Christmas wedding. The genetic test results proved Paulina is Mac's daughter. Iris was delighted when her long-lost son, Dennis Wheeler, returned to Bay City. Cass told Felicia that he loves Frankie even though he has been trying to re-create what he and Kathleen had in the past. Rachel told Ryan that despite her blurred vision the night she was attacked, she remembered something shiny on her attacker's coat. Ryan remembered Carl wears a chess pin. Carl is worried that he is on the verge of being caught after Michael and Rachel paid him a visit. Spencer, who was having dinner at Ryan's place, was stunned when he found a scantily clad Vicky on Ryan's doorstep.

AUGUST 26-30, 1991
Matt felt guilty when Jenna accepted his lie about where he spends his time when he's really with Lorna. Sam and Amanda reconciled, but Sam didn't have the heart to tell Olivia, who insisted she can't succeed as a professional dancer without Sam's encouragement. Rachel told the Cory family she suspects Carl is the one who attacked her the night Grant was shot and that Carl did the shooting. Rachel was surprised when she learned the genetics test instigated by Iris proved Paulina is Mac's daughter. Carl used Amanda as his alibi while one of his henchmen tailed Rachel. Rachel managed to elude the henchman, but was nearly electrocuted. Spencer asked Vicky to find a way to get Ryan off Carl's case. Cass wrongly suspected Frankie of having an affair with Ryan when she didn't rush into Cass's arms when he said he wanted her back. Frankie left town to be alone.

SEPTEMBER 2-6, 1991
When Matt asked Jenna about her feelings for Dean, she blurted out that Matt is the one she loves. Dean told Jenna that he loves her and then asked about her feelings for him. Matt questioned Lorna after he learned that Carl may be secretly involved in Matt and Dean's music studio business. Ryan rescued Rachel after she was nearly killed by Carl's henchman, and she recovered from nearly being electrocuted. Ryan went to arrest Carl in connection with the attack. Carl planned to skip town. Carl told Rachel that Matt is in over his head financially at D & M Productions. Olivia was crushed when Aunt Liz reported seeing Sam and Amanda kissing. Later, Olivia overheard Jake and Paulina talking about Sam and Amanda's reconciliation. Iris fumed when Rachel said that she wants Paulina to work at Cory Publishing. Kathleen learned from Cass that Frankie left town.

SEPTEMBER 9-13, 1991
While rehearsing her dance routine for Dean and Matt's music video, Olivia lost her concentration when she saw Sam and Amanda enter the studio. She fell, injuring her back. Olivia panicked when she had no feeling in her legs, but later didn't tell anyone that she could walk. Kathleen and Grant became closer after discussing their scrapes with Carl. Vicky was relieved when Ryan returned home unharmed after arresting Carl. Spencer warned Ryan not to drag Grant into court to testify against Carl because the publicity could harm Grant's political career. When Cass moved out on Kathleen, she lied that it didn't matter because she doesn't love him any more. Carl was interested to learn that Kathleen is living alone. Matt told Lorna that he couldn't see her on a personal basis anymore. Sam and Amanda went to the Cory cabin. Frankie returned.

SEPTEMBER 16-20, 1991
Once released on bail, Carl ordered a henchman to ensure Rachel couldn't testify against him. Lorna lied to Carl. She said it was Kathleen who tipped off the police about the henchman who nearly killed Rachel. Carl plotted to get even with Kathleen. Despite the danger. Rachel agreed to testify against Carl. Paulina lied that she had forgiven Jake when asked by Marley why she had married him. Dennis was shocked when he heard how badly Jake treated Marley. John was puzzled when Olivia couldn't walk. There was no medical reason for her "paralysis." Olivia insisted to Sam that she will never have a life or a career if he leaves her. To protect Paulina, Hannah offered to work as Iris's maid. Grant fumed when he learned of Spencer's plot to keep him away from Paulina. Michael and Rachel kissed. Paulina told Jake that she knows Grant still loves her.

SEPTEMBER 23-27, 1991
Amanda walked in just as Olivia, who was supposedly unable to walk, was jumping up to rescue Alli. The child was about to fall out a window. Carl was furious when the grand jury indicted him. After she realized that Carl had explosives planted on the set of the Ladykiller video, Frankie rescued Kathleen. But Frankie was declared clinically dead after the explosion. She had an out-of-body experience before coming back to life with the encouragement of Cass and her family. Cass was upset to learn about Frankie's miscarriage. Jenna was disgusted that Matt and Dean fought over her. Marley refused to cooperate with her doctor's order to come off fertility drugs. Grant and Paulina kissed passionately after he said he wants her back. Jake told Iris he would talk to Dennis if she doesn't stop blocking Paulina's attempt to get her inheritance.

Determined to continue with fertility drugs, Marley stole one of Jamie's prescription pads and wrote herself a prescription. Donna was upset when Carl's lawyer subpoenaed her to testify for Carl at his attempted murder trial. Despite a threatening phone call from Carl, Rachel said she will still testify against him. Carl noted that something was wrong with Rachel, who was experiencing blurred vision while in court. Vicky and Ryan argued after his former girlfriend, Suzanne Jeffries, testified that Ryan is obsessed with his cop job. Amanda caught Olivia dancing and realized she had lied about being in pain and not being able to walk after she rescued Alli. Jenna told Dean that she has strong feelings for him, but she belongs with Matt. An upset Jake and Paulina learned that they have to stay married longer than planned if they want her inheritance.

OCTOBER 7-11, 1991
Jake attempted to stop Marley from eloping with Jamie. Marley feared Jamie's closeness with Paulina. Cass supported Kathleen; she was exhausted after testifying against Carl. When Rachel testified, Carl's lawyer proved that she has vision problems. But Kevin Anderson, the district attorney, still proved Rachel recognized her attacker. Amanda fumed when she was called as a hostile witness for Carl. Sam went looking for Amanda. He realized Carl had influence over Amanda. Matt learned Jenna has feelings for Dean. Jenna and Dean's first date was rocky. While dining with Lucas, Jenna had a flashback. She remembered being a child and going to dinner with a man, who she now thinks was her father. Sharlene panicked when she received a threatening letter signed by Taylor Benson, who is supposedly deceased. Therapist David Campbell worked with Olivia.

OCTOBER 14-18, 1991
Jenna went to the convent where she grew up and tried to get some information about her father, but the nuns told her nothing. They had promised her mother that they wouldn't tell. Rachel and Michael are growing closer; he comforted her after she lost her vision and learned that she will need risky surgery to restore it. Carl fumed when Sam foiled in his attempt to kidnap Amanda. The jury found Carl not guilty of trying to kill Rachel. Marley and Jamie's elopement was cancelled when he wanted to be in court to hear the verdict in Carl's case. Vicky realized Marley's behaviour is affected by the fertility drugs she has been taking. Vicky and Ryan talked about making a commitment. When Ryan asked for his mother's engagement ring Spencer lied that he had got rid of it. Lucas is jealous of the closeness between Cass and Felicia. Sharlene is shaken up over the letter she received from Taylor.

OCTOBER 21-25, 1991
Jamie confronted Marley after Paulina told him that she saw Marley with one of his prescription pads. Jamie and Marley decided to postpone their marriage plans after she refused to see a professional about her emotional problems. Sharlene made Frankie promise to support John and Gregory if anything happened to her. John was frantic when Sharlene disappeared after receiving strange phone calls. She had insisted Taylor was stalking her. John and Frankie searched for Sharlene and learned that Taylor's yacht had been sighted in the harbour. Amanda panicked when Carl said he could get to her any time he wanted to. Iris and Kevin are attracted to each other. During his fundraising dinner, Grant got upset when Vicky accused Paulina of being a schemer. Marley accused Paulina of wanting Jamie all to herself. Spencer told Grant to forget about Paulina.

John, Ryan, Michael, and Frankie were on the pier when they saw Taylor's yacht, Windswept, blow up in the harbour. Cass failed to convince John that Sharlene, who had been seen on the pier, was killed on the yacht even though the Coast Guard found her purse after the explosion. Kathleen, Jamie, Cass, Michael, Lucas, and Jake discussed getting rid of Carl. Paulina and Amanda discussed Marley's strange behaviour, while Jamie realized the fertility drugs are causing Marley to act strangely. Jamie insisted to Marley that he doesn't care if she can't have children. Jenna overheard part of a conversation between Lucas and Felicia, and wrongly assumed that they were sorry they adopted her. Vicky was surprised when Ryan said he wants to marry her. Vicky and Grant have become closer now that she is working on his campaign.

NOVEMBER 4-8, 1991
Carl crashed the Brava magazine Halloween party with the intention of grabbing Amanda and leaving her look-alike behind. But his scheme was foiled when Kevin whisked Amanda out of the room. When Carl later became ill, he thought he had been poisoned. Carl was arrested on the strength of a videotape made by Ryan and showing Carl confessing that he tried to kill Frankie and hired someone to kill Rachel. Everyone celebrated when Carl was taken to jail. Ryan didn't worry about Carl's threat to ruin him and his family. Michael and Rachel argued about the time she has spent with Spencer. Frankie told a distraught John that someone claimed to have seen Sharlene board Taylor's yacht before it blew up. Cass and Frankie went to see Taylor after they learned that she is alive. Kathleen told Cass that she accepted a job in New York City.

NOVEMBER 11-15, 1991
Cass and Frankie talked with Taylor, who checked herself into a sanitorium. Cass comforted Frankie, who was devastated when Taylor admitted luring Sharlene to her yacht before setting off the gas explosion that demolished the craft. Cass had to restrain John when he tried to strangle Taylor, who didn't seem to recognize him. Vicky and Ryan tested their love for each other. Grant insisted Vicky keep an expensive gift that he gave her because she worked so hard on his senatorial campaign. While Grant was making his victory speech after winning the campaign, Spencer told Ryan that Carl's secret about the Harrison family could ruin them. Kevin and Iris are getting cozy. Rachel, who still has problems with her vision, agreed to have surgery. Although Dennis is convinced that he has won Marley away from Jamie, it isn't so. Although she has been spending time with Michael, Rachel admitted an attraction to Spencer.

NOVEMBER 18-22, 1991
Lucas met an old friend, Rick, who agreed to help search for Jenna's birth father. Lucas is worried that Jenna's father must be dangerous since her mother put her in the convent school to keep them apart. Before leaving for New York City, Kathleen said goodbye to Cass and advised him to give Frankie some breathing room. Kathleen also had a chat with Kevin before her departure and agreed to keep quiet about the conversation. At Jenna's insistence, Dean agreed to go to New York City to talk with a record company about a recording deal. Carl refused to tell Lorna the name of the person who bought his shares of Matt's D & M recording company. Grant was stunned when Ryan took Spencer down to police headquarters after learning that Spencer kept Carl in business and may be guilty of racketeering and tax evasion. Ryan resigned from the police force. John realized Sharlene is gone for good.

NOVEMBER 25-29, 1991
John said his own goodbye to Sharlene after he refused to participate in the memorial service. With Felicia's blessing, Jenna flew to New York City to be with Dean while he is working on his record deal, but was dismayed to find him with another woman. Jenna didn't hear Dean tell the other woman that he is in love with Jenna. Jenna was elated when she later heard Dean talking about his feelings for her on the radio and she rushed off to see him instead of returning home with Matt. Spencer went to see Rachel after her eye surgery and while he was flicking his cigarette lighter, she remembered hearing the same noise on the dock before she was knocked out. Vicky accepted Ryan's marriage proposal, but her happiness was dampened by Marley, who was upset that she isn't pregnant. Cass was shocked when Frankie accused him of using Sharlene's death to get closer to her.

DECEMBER 2-6, 1991
Sam and Amanda were stunned when Olivia told them that she is carrying Sam's baby. Olivia spent the night with a friend, but insisted he not mention it. Dean admitted to Jenna that he and Heather, a record company executive, were once a couple, but insisted he now loves Jenna. He decided to commute between Bay City and New York City so he could be with Jenna and still keep his record deal. Grant isn't happy about Vicky's engagement to Ryan. Ryan doesn't want Spencer at his wedding. Paulina remembered the romantic night she spent with Grant. She was upset when Iris accused Grant of lusting after Vicky. Iris took Hannah under her wing. Cass, who believed Frankie was substituting Gregory for the child she miscarried, was surprised when Frankie said she was moving back into their house. Rachel regained her eyesight.

DECEMBER 9-13, 1991
Jenna spent a night with Dean in New York City. When they returned to Bay City, she slipped over to his place and they spent another night together. Lucas and Felicia were frantic when they discovered that she was gone. Sam and Amanda, who are sleeping together again, don't know how to deal with Olivia's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Olivia is worried about how to fake being pregnant. Jake was very upset when Paulina said she was going to tell Grant that she shot Jake and that Jake blackmailed her into marrying him. Paulina was devastated when Grant wasn't interested in her story. Paulina was knocked out when she smashed the car into the garage and Jake did nothing when exhaust fumes filled the garage. Dennis and Marley were stranded in a snowstorm. Grant asked Vicky to move to Washington. Ryan and Frankie decided to open a private detective agency.

DECEMBER 16-20, 1991
At the last minute, Jake rescued an unconscious Paulina from the fume-filled garage. Jamie and Rachel were furious when Paulina admitted she shot Jake and that he blackmailed her into marrying him to get a share of her Cory inheritance. Paulina was stunned when Rachel told her the story of how she shot Mitch. Jake cried on Marley's shoulder about how he cares about Paulina, but he ruined their relationship just like he had with Marley. Olivia was going to confess to Sam that she lied about being pregnant, then was stunned to learn that she really is pregnant. Rick's sister, Sally, who still has feelings for Lucas, pleaded with her brother not to do anything that would hurt Lucas. Lucas pressured Rick to step up the search for Jenna's birth father. Cass was jealous when he saw Frankie comforting John, who misses Sharlene. Spencer tried to make up with Ryan.

DECEMBER 23-27, 1991
When Paulina would have told the police that she had shot Jake, he interrupted her and said his shooting was an accident, and all charges were dismissed. Marley was furious with Paulina for keeping mum that she had shot Jake and having to face the ordeal of being tried for the shooting. Jake moved out of the Cory mansion, but told Amanda that he really does have feelings for Paulina. Paulina was shocked to see Jake's Christmas gift to her was an offer to annul their marriage. Olivia learned that she is only four weeks pregnant, but Sam overheard her lie to David that she is three months along. Dennis was listening when Vicky told Jamie that she would be willing to act as a surrogate mother for Jamie and Marley's child since Marley can't get pregnant. Grant comforted Vicky after Ryan walked out on her because of her offer to be a surrogate. Rachel agreed to go to Hawaii with Michael.

DECEMBER 30, 1991 - JANUARY 3, 1992
Rachel was overjoyed when she learned Sam and Amanda were remarried in a ceremony at the old mill. During their wedding rehearsal, Marley and Jamie argued over Vicky's surrogate mother offer and Marley stomped off after saying the wedding wouldn't take place. Later, Marley went to cry on Dennis's shoulder and fell asleep on his sofa after she drank too much. When Jamie arrived at Dennis's pad, he was upset to find Marley. While Grant hinted to Vicky that Ryan isn't the right man for her, Spencer warned Grant not to come between Vicky and Ryan. Grant was surprised when Spencer told him Paulina had split up with Jake. Later, Grant seemed pleased to see Paulina. Rick put pressure on Lucas, who broke into a warehouse and stole the Libra file. Lucas was upset to find the file empty. Michael understood when Rachel decided not to go to Hawaii.