Daily Synopses: January - June

JANUARY 4-8, 1999
Cameron was ecstatic when Amanda accepted his marriage proposal. Upset that Amanda is engaged to Cameron, David morphed himself back into Jordan. Jordan vowed to foil Amanda and Cameron's plan to elope. Jordan learned Cameron and Josie have a secret. Cameron felt guilty when Gary asked him to be the godfather to "his" and Josie's baby. Following Donna's tip, Jake and Joe raced to the old Love house, but Marley had already taken Vicky from the basement. When Marley encountered a police roadblock, she dragged an ailing Vicky to a roof, planning that they would jump to the next building's roof. Marley was arrested after Jake got her to release Vicky. In hospital, Vicky worried about Marley's mental state. Matt confronted Cass after he saw the love letter Lila wrote him. Paulina told Tito that he can live in the storeroom at Carlino's, but Joe mustn't find out.

JANUARY 11-15, 1999
Jake urged Marley to make up for what she did to Vicky by handing over Grant's confession tape. Jake and Cindy searched for the tape, as did a worried Grant. Tyrone, who is Marley's lawyer, told Jake and Grant to stay away from her. Paulina and Tito covered after Joe saw them share a hug. When Joe quizzed Remy about Tito, Remy realized Tito is plotting to scam Paulina, who thinks he is her son. Amanda and Cameron scrapped plans to elope and set a Valentine's Day wedding date after the unexpected arrival of her daughter, Alli. David bonded with Alli. Jordan tried to hypnotize Amanda as part of a plot to keep her from marrying Cameron. Cass heard Lila and Zak discuss the things she has done for Jordan. Lila was angry Cass gave Matt a letter from Sofia. Jordan granted Lila's plea that he make Matt love her, but thoughts of Cass kept her from making love with Matt.

JANUARY 18-22, 1999
Felicia nearly missed an awards ceremony because of trouble with her Russian limo driver, Sergei Radzinksky. After a nightmare about Marley, Vicky woke up to find Marley standing at the foot of her hospital bed. Marley, who escaped from the van during a trip from her jail cell to a hospital for a mental evaluation, begged Vicky to forgive her for what she has done to her. Marley went to the docks after Vicky said she did not know if she could ever forgive her. At the docks, Tyrone was able to talk Marley out of her decision to commit suicide. Following Cameron and Amanda to the Cory cabin, Jordan failed an attempt to hypnotize a sleeping Amanda, who woke up screaming for Cameron. With blackmail in mind, Cindy told a stunned Josie that she knows Cameron is the father of Josie's baby. Remy did not believe Tito, who said he is trying to change his life. Lila lied to Cass that she made love with Matt.

JANUARY 25-29, 1999
After Cindy threatened to tell Gary that Cameron fathered Josie's baby, Josie reluctantly gave Cindy the tape that incriminates Grant. Gary later tore up Josie's resignation letter. Cindy and Grant were shocked when they played the tape, which contained nothing but children's songs. Jordan heard Cameron and Josie talking about Cindy blackmailing Josie over the paternity of her baby. Vicky talked Marley into pleading not guilty at her arraignment. When Vicky saw Cindy she remembered Cindy locking her in the cell in the basement, and accused her of conspiring against her with Marley. Felicia let Sergei sleep on her couch after he showed up on her doorstep and said he was fired because of her. Tito stole the DNA test results that showed Remy is Paulina's daughter.

FEBRUARY 1-5, 1999
Tito, who faked the lab report, was thrilled when Paulina said the DNA test shows he is her son. As Paulina's son, Tito is looking forward to being rich. Nick and Joe realized Paulina's friend Tim (Tito) is Remy's stalker, and later arrested him. To ruin Grant and Cindy, Vicky let Grant think she has feelings for him, and Jake charmed Marley. Cindy was livid to learn Grant has feelings for Vicky. Cindy used an unwitting Gary to blackmail Josie. Joe and Josie found Cindy's shoe print outside the house where Vicky was held captive. Jordan brought up the image of Cass's dead wife Frankie. Prodded by David, Alli forced Cameron to admit that he had killed his abusive father. Jordan threatened Jasmine after Lila refused to tell Amanda that Cameron fathered Josie's baby. Lila later told Cass about Jordan's hold on her, and told Matt and Rachel that she has been spying on them for Jordan.

FEBRUARY 8-12, 1999
When Joe accused Paulina of having an affair with Tito, she told him Tito is her son. Joe fumed Paulina did not tell him long ago about the baby she gave up when she was a teen. Paulina got angry when Joe went to Tito and said he doesn't believe he is Paulina's son. Remy, who suspects Tito is up to no good, decided to talk things over with Paulina. During another sculpting session, Rachel and Jordan each tried to get information on the other. David continued his plot to keep Amanda from marrying Cameron by urging Alli to spy on Cameron. Cass, who thought he saw his dead wife Frankie, is unaware Jordan arranged for him to see the woman. After Lila made love with Cass, Matt said he wants to be her husband in every way. Cindy blackmailed Josie into keeping mum about the evidence linking Cindy to Vicky's kidnaping. To get to Cindy, Jake lied that his marriage to Vicky is on the rocks.

FEBRUARY 15-19, 1999
At David's suggestion, Alli tailed Cameron and Josie, and learned Cameron fathered Josie's baby. After Alli told Amanda that he fathered Josie's baby, she left Cameron at the altar. Even though Amanda did not tell Gary why she walked out on Cameron, Gary realized Cameron and Amanda are keeping something from him. Remy, who is desperate to find her own mother, was devastated when Paulina said Tito is her son. A guilty Paulina confessed to Joe she had sold her baby after "his" birth because she needed the money. After learning Rachel owns the painting he has been looking for, David arranged to have it appraised in order to get it away from her. Matt is suspicious of Jordan. Grant had Cindy get a note to Marley stating Jake would be killed if Marley doesn't keep quiet about Vicky's kidnaping. Grant later told Vicky that Cindy was involved in her kidnaping.

FEBRUARY 22-26, 1999
Cass and Lila were getting romantic when he saw the Frankie lookalike. Cass was unable to catch the woman. After recalling past encounters with Jordan, Matt told Amanda and David that Jordan had hypnotized him. While arguing over Lila, Matt hit his head, which caused him to regain his memory. Cindy got the tape that incriminates Grant after she heard Marley tell Jake where it was hidden. Joe arrested Cindy after Jake and Vicky caught her leaving their house with the tape. Cindy lied to Grant that Vicky gave the tape to the cops, but Vicky smoothed things over by telling Grant she wants him, not Jake. Cameron told Gary that Amanda walked out on him because he slept with another woman, but he kept mum that the woman was Josie. Josie had abdominal pains after she and Amanda argued. Nick dumped Remy after she admitted her past with Tito. Tito was thrilled that Paulina opened a bank account for him.

MARCH 1-5, 1999
Cass talked to the Frankie lookalike and later learned her name is Anne O'Donnell when she arrived at his office as a cleaning lady. Anne, who decided to stay in town, was stunned to see from a photo that she is a ringer for Cass's late wife Frankie. Josie went into labor as she and Cindy argued over the tape that incriminates Grant. Cindy was stunned when the tape fell in the river. Gary and Cameron worried about Josie, who gave birth prematurely to a son. Josie learned her son has a blood infection and may need a transfusion, which would reveal Cameron is the baby's father. After learning Jordan was using mind control on him, Matt agreed to give Lila an annulment, and okayed her romance with Cass. Cass, Lila, and Matt vowed to ruin Jordan. Jordan thinks the Cory estate secret garden is the means by which he can release the spirit of his late wife Amalie from Amanda. Marley learned her pal Shelly is a Willowdale patient, not a doctor.

MARCH 8-12, 1999
Josie was pleased to see her mother, Sharlene. When Gary would have donated blood for her baby's transfusion, Josie had to reveal Cameron is the baby's real father. Felicia kept Gary, who is an alcoholic, from drinking. Gary told Josie that he will not be coming home. Joe was upset with Paulina, who insisted on opening a checking account for Tito so he can go to college. Paulina refused to listen when Joe said he is suspicious of Tito. Cameron told Amanda there is something strange about David. David got angry when he heard Amanda comforting Cameron over his son. David failed to get Amanda to enter the secret garden on the Cory estate. Marley threatened to testify in court against Cindy and Grant. Marley, Vicky, and Cindy threatened to kill Grant. Jake is worried about Vicky's obsession with nailing Grant. Rachel sneaked into Lumina and stole Jordan's manuscript. Cass can't stop thinking about Anne.

MARCH 15-19, 1999
Cindy fumed when she found Grant with Cindy. Vicky later told Grant it was Cindy who shot him. Disguised as Vicky, Cindy made sure Jake saw her in bed with Grant. Grant's gumshoe kept Jake from killing Grant. Paulina threatened Grant, who tried to stop Joe from looking for the incriminating tape by threatening to reveal Paulina sold her baby. Joe continued to search for the tape in the river. Gary got drunk with Cindy after Josie said she and Cameron kept mum that tests showed Gary is sterile. Josie was devastated that her baby's heart gave out during a spinal tap to check for meningitis. Cameron, Sharlene, and Felicia comforted Josie at her baby's funeral. Marley escaped from the mental hospital after threatening Grant. Amanda went to New York City. Nick dumped Remy after he saw her kiss Tito. Cass and Anne discussed Frankie. Jordan stole back his manuscript.

MARCH 22-26, 1999
At a Chamber of Commerce dinner, Grant publicly fired Joe as police captain on obstruction-of-justice charges, then named Jake, Cindy, and Gary as co-conspirators. Marley went to Tyrone after escaping from the mental hospital, and they shared a kiss. Vicky confronted Grant in Donna's office after Cindy revealed his plan to kidnap Kirkland. To prevent him from tying her up, Vicky hit Grant over the head with a statuette. Marley and Jake found Vicky with Grant's body. Vicky reluctantly went along with Marley, who insisted on taking the blame for Grant's "death" to make up for the evil things she did to Vicky. Joe found the tape that incriminates Grant. Grant regained consciousness just before a mystery person killed him. Cameron found a drunk Gary, who was mumbling about killing Grant. Matt put off signing divorce papers. Cass was intrigued by Anne.

MARCH 29-APRIL 2, 1999
Joe was upset that he and Toni were taken off the investigation of Grant's murder. Cindy lied to Gary, who had been drunk, that they were together at the time of Grant's murder. Feeling guilty that Marley was taking the rap for her, Vicky told the cops she killed Grant, then Toni arrested her. Joe kept Toni in the dark that the autopsy showed Grant died from asphyxiation, not a blow to the head. Amanda was suspicious of Jordan's interest in her and Alli. Amanda fainted after Jordan got her to enter the secret garden on the Cory estate. While Amanda was out cold, Jordan begged "Amalie," the woman he loves, to release Amanda and return to him. When Amanda woke up she had no memory of what happened in the garden. Jordan was angry that Rachel confronted him after learning that he never wanted Amanda to marry Cameron. Sharlene left town. Rachel, who distrusts Tito, nixed giving Paulina the money he was pressuring her for.

APRIL 5-9, 1999
Matt signed the divorce papers for Lila. Felicia was shocked by Anne's resemblance to Frankie. D.A. Reiner dropped the charges against Vicky after hearing the tape of her confrontation with Grant. Joe admitted to Toni that he hid the autopsy to keep tabs on Grant's murder investigation. Etta Mae and Toni asked Chris to hire K.C., an aspiring journalist who is Toni's younger sister, at the Herald. Josie advised Cameron that they should focus on reconciling with Gary and Amanda. David and Alli schemed against Cameron. Etta Mae disapproved of Felicia's plan to throw a party to get Sergei an agent. Joe assured Josie that Grant did not know about her questionable conduct on the force. Gary began to bond with Amanda. Paulina warned Donna that Joe is risking his career for the Hudson family. At Grant's funeral, Vicky expressed pride in Grant for forging a relationship with Kirkland that he never had with Spencer. Marley made peace with her family. Matt and Lila agreed to become friends for Jasmine's sake. Cass got to know Anne at a bar. Joe resigned after June threatened to suspend him. Paulina asked Tito not to return to town. Cindy paid Freeman to burn the records of her divorce from Grant. Joe and Josie confiscated a pair of Cindy's stiletto heels, which they believe left an imprint on Grant's hand. David photographed Amanda for articles in Brava. Cameron was stunned by Gary's inquiry into him killing their father. Cindy implicated Gary for Grant's murder to save herself.

APRIL 12-16, 1999
Gary confessed to killing Grant after Cindy lied that she saw a drunk Gary do the deed. Murder charges against Gary were dropped after Josie found someone who gave him an alibi for the night of the murder. Cindy hired Grant's henchman, Freeman, to get rid of her and Grant's divorce papers after learning that if they were still married she could get a share of his estate, which he left to Kirkland. Cindy was arrested for Grant's murder after Vicky, Jake, and Joe caught her stealing money from Grant's strongbox. Felicia threw Sergei out on the street when she learned he proposed because immigration is after him. Anne was arrested for stealing a car after deciding to leave town. Cass offered Anne a part-time job after getting the theft charges against her dismissed. David kept Amanda under his control by using a talisman containing Stephanotis flowers. Rachel kept Paulina from giving her trust fund to Tito.

APRIL 19-23, 1999
Tito was relieved Paulina said she would find a way to get her trust fund to him other than a second DNA test to show Rachel he is Paulina's son. Remy kicked Tito out of the apartment after realizing he let Nick think she is sleeping with Tito. Joe learned Freeman is the blackmailer threatening to reveal Paulina sold her baby; as well as allegations of corruption. Freeman suddenly dropped dead when Joe pulled a gun on him. Toni learned Joe stole Grant's strongbox (to get the blackmail money) from the evidence room. In the secret garden, Jordan told Amalie that Amanda had to sleep with David to rid herself of feelings for Cameron. Rachel unwittingly interrupted Jordan's rendezvous with Amanda, then told Jordan to stay away from Amanda. Felicia saw Sergei sleeping on the docks. Matt and Lila celebrated their divorce. Lila is unaware Anne has feelings for Cass.

APRIL 26-30, 1999
When quizzed by Toni, who, with Josie, is investigating Freeman's murder, Joe kept mum on the fact he was with Freeman when he died. When Tito returned, Nick and Remy let him move in so they can find out what he is up to. Paulina forged Rachel's signature on bank forms to get her trust fund money for Tito. Felicia rescued Sergei, who was arrested for vagrancy. During a search of Joe and Paulina's home, Tony found the papers Grant had as proof Paulina sold her baby years ago. When Jake and Vicky learned Donna can walk, Jake tried to find out what Donna saw on the night Grant was killed. Jordan foiled Rachel's plans to take Amanda away on a trip. Jordan let Rachel think Amanda was going to jump from a clock tower, then had Rachel locked in the tower. Rachel fell and was knocked unconscious. Cass convinced Lila not to tell Charlie about Anne.

MAY 3-7, 1999
Paulina was arrested when Toni thought she was going to split town with the money she intended to give Tito. Joe realized Paulina said she killed Grant because she thinks he did. Paulina told Joe that Grant died after they struggled over the papers showing she sold her baby. Remy sicced the cops on Donna, who said she saw Paulina enter the room where Grant was found. Nick left Remy after learning she anonymously put the cops onto Donna. Tito was upset the cops have the money Paulina was going to give him. Jordan denied he tried to kill Rachel after Matt rescued her from a fire at the clock tower. Felicia hid Sergei from INS agents, then learned he is very ill. Cass fired Anne at Lila's request. Later, Anne (who has file on Cass and Frankie) purposely ran into Charlie, who was stunned Anne looks like her mother. Lila had Cameron check out Anne's past. Gary told Cameron and Josie of his decision to leave town.

MAY 10-14, 1999
Anne told Cass that she had been a lawyer, but stopped practicing after a mistake she made caused a killer to be set free. Lila warned Anne that she is keeping tabs on her. Rachel and Cameron vowed to find out if it's David or Jordan who is behind Amanda's strange behavior. David fumed when Amanda went after Cameron, who admitted during a confrontation with David that he loves Amanda. After Cindy blackmailed Vicky into testifying for Marley at her hearing, the judge released Marley into Vicky's custody. Jake moved out after the court ordered Marley has to live with Vicky. Sergei collapsed after Felicia told him she knows he has aplastic anemia. Felicia paid Sergei's hospital bills and ordered the INS agents to stop harassing him. Nick told Remy that he's going to help her find her birth mother. Cass prepared Paulina for her murder trial.

MAY 17-21, 1999
Jordan destroyed Rachel's sculpture of him before anyone could realize he is David. Cameron teamed up with Rachel to check out Jordan and David, then were stunned to learned the two men are one and the same. In a desperate act to get Amalie back, Jordan took Alli hostage, then told Amanda he would kill Alli if she did not go into the secret garden with him. Unaware that Jordan had left Alli in the Lumina building with a live bomb, Cameron and Rachel went to the building to confront Jordan. Tito vowed to keep Nick from finding out that Remy is Paulina's daughter. As Paulina's murder trial began, Tito blackmailed Judge Walker with his past connection to Paulina's baby, and the judge later suppressed information that could have helped Paulina. Matt and Anne met for the first time. Felicia granted Sergei's dying wish by marrying him so he would not be deported.

MAY 24-28, 1999
Jordan's spirit disappeared in a storm after he lost Amalie's spirit because Amanda went to Cameron. Cameron and Amanda found David naked in the garden after the storm that carried Jordan away. After being hospitalized, David insisted he has no memory of the past six months. After checking himself out of the hospital, David was stunned to learn he is a millionaire. Rachel and Alli survived the Lumina building explosion. Amanda and Cameron got close again. Tito forced Judge Walker to release the trust fund money Paulina wanted him to have. After learning Walker was a black-market baby seller, Joe got the judge to admit he sold Paulina's baby. Joe kept mum that Walker said Paulina's baby was a girl. Tito cut the brake line on Nick's car, which crashed before Nick and Remy could reveal evidence that would free Paulina. Anne vowed to keep Cass from marrying Lila. Toni's sister KC arrived in town.

MAY 31 - JUNE 4, 1999
Toni got Nick and Remy to the hospital after their car crash. Nick and Paulina panicked when a badly injured Remy flatlined. Judge Walker was arrested after Joe found the envelope containing proof that the judge sold Paulina's baby, and the baby had been a girl, which proved Tito is not her child. After learning Tito had conned her, Paulina admitted she saw him kill Grant, but at the time thought he was trying to protect her. Tito took Paulina hostage in an attempt to skip town, but was caught by Joe and Josie. Tito refused to reveal the identity of Paulina's real child. Cameron and Amanda were surprised a lie-detector test indicated that David was not lying when he insisted he has no memory of the last six months, when he was Jordan/David. David decided to stay in Bay City. Felicia sneaked Sergei, who is waiting for a bone-marrow donor, out of the hospital for a day in the park.

JUNE 7-11, 1999
Sergei collapsed at Felicia's feet after Matt gave him a contract with Cory Music. At the hospital, Felicia was stunned when the doctor said Sergei had been misdiagnosed and isn't going to die after all. Before Tito was taken off to prison, he told Paulina that Remy is her daughter. Remy, who came out of her coma, bonded with Paulina after learning they are mother and daughter. Remy said a final goodbye to Tito. Because Anne looks like Frankie, her appearance at Cass's press conference caused a stir with the press, thanks to KC. Cass was upset with Lila for not believing Anne when she said Charlie was (slightly) injured in a fight at school. After a moment of passion with Anne, Cass put his engagement on hold. Cass had more memories of Frankie. Matt comforted Lila. Jake and Vicky decided to have a baby. David agreed to give Cindy a million dollars if she turns her life around for the better.

JUNE 14-18, 1999
After being joined by the Cory clan, Amanda and Cameron tied the marital knot at the family's Key West beach house. Cameron and Gary patched things up after Amanda got Gary to come for the wedding. Gary and Josie agreed to try to start over. While alone at the Key West house, Rachel was stunned to come face-to-face with her supposedly deceased husband, Carl. Rachel brought Carl back to Bay City after he explained his disappearance. Tyrone and Marley admitted their love for each other. The Carlinos welcomed Remy into their family after her release from the hospital. Joe and Paulina learned that Vicky and Jake were expecting a baby. Amanda and Cameron vowed to get Cory Publishing back from David, who was intrigued with Cindy. Felicia threw Sergei out after learning he was writing a book about her. KC helped Cass check out Anne's past. Lila and Cass argued over Anne again.

JUNE 21-25, 1999
Cass and Lila said their vows after he was kidnaped by Carolyn, a gorilla with a crush on him who had escaped from a zoological park. Anne admitted to Cass to being the lawyer who had gotten her client out of prison just before he killed Frankie. Anne left town after deciding Cass and Frankie didn't need her help. David and Cindy kissed and talked of a future together after she confessed she had intended to bilk him out of the money he offered to pay her to change her life around. Tyrone told Marley they belong together despite Etta Mae's objections. With some prodding from KC, Chris and Toni agreed they can work out a future together. Jake and Vicky were stunned to learn they are having twins. Rachel and Carl renewed their marriage vows after he revealed surgery healed his brain tumor. Felicia and Sergei made up.