This series is thematic, focusing either on specific characters/couples or time periods, and often benefits from 20/20 hindsight. Only the Vicky/Ryan and Frankie tapes are made up of extracts from the chronological series. All other tapes are almost all-new. Many are low-priced, despite being two full hours, to provide people with a more economical alternative to the accumulatively expensive chronological series.


These tapes feature fan favorites in enjoyable scenes over a broad spectrum of many years.

The Best of the Golden Age

Volume One | Volume Two | Volume Three

Caveat Emptor: GA I and II are derived from a non-VHS source, so the effect is of a noticeably angled TV screen within a TV screen. The sound is fine, as evidenced by the old sound clips on the audio page. The material is enjoyable (very much so) if you already have a fondness for the storyline. However, these tapes might not be enjoyable for those viewing the material for the "first" time. (Also important to keep in mind is that the show's archives don't start until 10/79. Only a handful of 60s and 70s episodes is known to exist in private collections.)

GA III features standard VHS material, including the 9/4/74 (the only kinescope known to exist in general circulation), about 80 minutes of Lemay material from March - April 1979 not appearing in the chrono series, plus another 15 minutes from the two weeks following Lemay's last episode. Includes scenes from the 15th anniversary episode.

Prices for all three are $15 each.

Felicia and Cecile The Best of the Silver Age
This is an 11-minute highlight reel the show put together for publicity purposes. The highlights are: a brief clip of Carl's very first scene; a Carl/Felicia love scene; Felicia groping and undressing Jamie; Felicia and Cecile dressed up as nuns, singing a number from "The Sound of Music" for the benefit of a suspicious cop; Felicia and Cecile find Bates' dead body in a fridge; Felicia and Wallingford trapped in a cage with a gorilla; Felicia throws Cass out of her penthouse.

My copy was made directly from a studio master. Since it is very short on time, I have added footage of one hour 50 minutes from my own collection. The extra material, in mostly really good condition, includes: all the AW opening sequences, including the first and last of the computer-enhanced, the first and latest (1998) of the current one, plus the "Texas" opening; Liberace performs at Felicia and Zane's wedding (1986); Cass and Kathleen at Playland; a lengthy Cecile/Kathleen food/cat fight ending with Cecile in a guillotine (1986); Cass and Felicia's reactions to Wallingford's death, and Wally's memorial service at TOPS, an event loaded with flashbacks (including the time Felicia and Wally crashed their truck into Tall Boys restaurant) (1988); the three best, complete scenes from A Valentine to Singles (1989); Marley confronts Jake after discovering he slept with Vicky (1989, about 10 minutes); Vicky tries to learn how to ride a horse, necessitating a rescue from Ryan (1990, about 5 minutes); Jake threatens Vicky with rape (1991); Cass and Donna share a kiss while in session with the Love Doctor (1992). Plus other stuff featuring these and other fan favorites. ($10 U.S. / $13 Cdn)

The Best of the Silver Age 2
New scenes from 1979-1987. New MacRac, new Classic Carl, new Summer Fun '86. Cecile sets her sights on Mac. Kevin meets Krystal. Rachel meets Wallingford. The famous Cass/Kathleen 4-language Majorca scene. The Three Musketeers. Michael/Donna. Crystal Gayle vs. SS. First lovemaking: Adam/M.J. ($10 U.S. / $13 Cdn)

The Best of the Silver Age 3
Christmas 1983. Full Jake scenes from his first two episodes. The evolution of Cass. New Year's Eve 1988. Russ and Liz learn he fathered Josie. Frankie meets Lucas. Cass and Frankie do "Squeegee Man." Christmas 1989. Dance of the Firebird. Jake/Donna full lovemaking scenes. ($10 U.S. / $13 Cdn)

The Best of the Bronze Age
Mostly full scenes focusing heavily on Jake, Vicky, Donna, Michael, and Ryan. Highlights: Jake and Vicky share a light-hearted, then tender, moment before her wedding to Grant. Paulina announces to the Corys that she's Mac's daughter. Vicky confronts Donna about sleeping with Jake (Heche's Emmy-winning scenes). A tender moment turns sexy for Donna and Jake. Vicky crashes Ryan and Jake's poker game. Matthew and Donna realize they have a lot in common. Jake daydreams all of the Cory women bowing down to him. Vicky tells Donna Jake may be the father of her baby. Ryan and Vicky's last moments together before he ran off and got shot by Grant. Joe makes a nuisance of himself during Jake and Paulina's romantic evening.
"First's": Cass tells Frankie he loves her for the first time. Carl tells Ryan he loves him for the first time. Lorna calls Felicia "mother" for the first time.
Outdoor scenes: Sam and Amanda playing in the leaves. Jamie and Marley in France. Vicky and Ryan winter sled scenes. ($10 U.S. / $13 Cdn)

The Best of the Bronze Age 2
New scenes from 1989-1993. Michael/Donna, Vicky/Ryan, Jake/Paulina (inc. first night of passion), Dean/Jenna. Heche as both twins, and her very last scene. Frankie meets Cecile. The full Grant/Vicky Banff montage. Rachel and Carl's tour of NYC. Early PMV, Jensen, and Alicia ($10 U.S. / $13 Cdn)

The Best of the Bronze Age 3
New scenes from 1988-1992. Lengthy extracts from the 1989 Winter Fantasy Ball. Continuing the tradition of cool scenes of fan favorites. ($10 U.S. / $13 Cdn)

The Best of the Modern Age
The full KBAY Matchdare telethon episode (with Joe as Elvis, etc.). Plus 80 minutes of prime, new 1995-1998 non-chrono scenes, featuring Joe/Paulina, Gary/Josie, Gabe/Lorna, Maggie/Tomas, John/Felicia, Nick/Sofia, Carl/Rachel, Michael/Donna, Jake/Vicky, Bobby/Vicky, Matt/Sofia, Ryan's ghost, Shane/Lila, and early Cindy. Highlights: Steven and Kirkland wreak havoc on the Cory mansion. Tomas's vampire nightmare. Jake and Vicky say goodbye before she "dies" in the truck bombing. Michael and Donna hear a fateful song. Role reversal at Joe and Paulina's lamazze class. Jake and Vicky decide to wait to sleep together. Tyrone meets Marley at the docks. ($10 U.S. / $13 Cdn)


This series focuses on full-length cherished events during a more specific time period, rounded off with a medley of worthy scenes.

The Best of 1968
The wedding of Walter and Lenore. The first appearance of Steven Frame. The first meeting of Steve and Alice. Bonus material: 18 minutes of backstage, no audio, footage from 1965-1968. ($20)

The Best of the Mid 1970s
All-new 60 minutes of the best scenes from 1973 and 1974 in excellent condition. Plus the first half of a 1971/1972 Somerset episode. ($15)

The Best of the Late 1970s
Features 25 characters. Highlights: Joey's hearing. Russ's homecoming. Willis and Angie, and baby makes three. The wedding of Joey and Eileen. Brian defends Mac and Janice from Rachel's wrath. Sally turns her life around. Jamie and Cecile's big announcement. A last goodbye to Alice's cottage. ($20)

The Best of the Early 1980s
The wedding of Sally and Denny, with special appearance by Jim (may or may not be his last scene). The amazing first meeting of Catlin and Sally. The Corys grieve the presumed death of Mac. Lots of all-new location sequences: British Columbia (1984), Majorca (1984), Lassiter (1985), Arizona (1985). The all-new, one-true Carl/Rachel Shakespeare scene. All-time great freeze frames, including Cass/Kathleen, Catlin/Sally, Carl, and the famous one of Marley on the back of Jake's bike. ($20)

The Best of 1979: Volume One
The full 90-minute episode of March 6, 1979, the death of John Randolph, featuring 21 characters, with commercials. Plus, over an hour of new 1979 material. (T-160, $25)

The Best of 1979: Volume Two
Twenty-five minutes of new Lemay material featuring Mac, Rachel, Iris, and others. Plus 95 minutes of new 1979 material. ($20)

The Best of 1980: Volume One
Half-an-hour of extracts from March 17, 1980, the death of Janice episode. Plus, 90 minutes of new 1980 material. ($20)

The Best of 1980: Volume Two
80 minutes of new 1980 material. Plus 30 minutes from the Rachel-shoots-Mitch episode. Plus the full episode of November 20, 1980, featuring 18 characters: On trial for Mitch's murder, Rachel takes the stand in her defense. (T-160, $25)

The Best of 1981
The death of Tracy DeWitt. The wedding of Rick and Marianne. Blaine shoots Jordan. Sandy testifies at Blaine's trial. Cecile drugs Jamie. Ed O'Neil (Married With Children) holds Jamie/Sandy/Cecile hostage and shoots Mac. The intro scenes of Quinn and Cecile (Nancy Frangione). The exit scenes of Joey, Kit, and Cecile (Susan Keith). A frenzy of freeze frames. ($20)

The Best of 1982: Volume One
Lengthy extracts from the Wyoming remote. The birth of Maggie. The Sheas grieve for Loretta while Larry and Bob catch her killer. The adventures of Vincent and Hastings. The Cecile/Cass conspiracy. Susan's suitors. Alma vows vengeance. The exit scenes of Pat, Rick, and Marianne. The intro scene of Julia. Plus the surprise dayplayer appearance of a major late 1980's actor as a student of Jamie's. ($15)

The Best of 1982: Volume Two
Lengthy extracts from the San Diego remote, including "the hairiest chase sequence since The French Connection." Shea and Morgan family disharmony. Julia and Liz romance movie men. Quinn's sibling ties. The past comes back to haunt both Blaine and Cecile. Ada meets the Winthrops. Cass runs the Matthews gauntlet to romance Sally. The double homicide of Jason/Ilsa. Intro scenes: Maisie, Stacey, and Peter. Exit scenes: Vic and Christine. Guest starring Kelsey Grammer and Theodore Bikel.($15)

The Best of 1983
Featuring virtually every major character, including Bibi Dano. First meeting of Carl/Rachel. The Alma Rudder Murder Mystery. ($15)

The Best of 1984
The first meeting of Cass and Kathleen, what may or may not be the first meeting of Felicia and Wallingford, and the intro scene of Vince. Some of the most exciting pre-Majorca adventure sequences in one of the best of all possible years. (T-130, $20)

The Best of 1986
Bachelor parties for Catlin and Cass. The wedding of Catlin and Sally. Mitch and Matthew on location in NYC. Bridget's secret. Cheryl/Vicky catfight. Cass/Kathleen, Jake/Marley, Scott/Cheryl. ($15)

The Best of 1987
The wedding of Michael and Donna, with accompanying outdoor scenes. Full Anne Heche scenes from her first two episodes (July 6 and 17). Plus the Corys, the McKinnons, the Loves, the Hudsons, Cass, Felicia, Mitch, et al, and new outdoor scenes with Amanda, Cass, and Nicole. ($15)

The Best of 1988
Worthy scenes of Sam/Amanda, Jamie/Lisa, Mac/Rachel, Cass/Nicole, Mitch/Felicia, Mary/Vince, Jake/Vicky, John/Sharlene, Matt/Josie, Iris/Evan. Wallingford's last scenes, saying goodbye to Felicia. Michael sings the Donna song. First night at the Pelican. Jake sets Vicky up on a date with the resident cop. Mac explains how his first wife adopted Iris (Lemay). ($15)

The Best of 1989: Volume One
Feature Events: Jamie and Vicky's wedding, the birth of Steven, Frankie's full first week in Bay City, Jake and Jamie confront Vicky about Steven's paternity, and John and Sharlene deal with her shady past. Other scenes: Evan reveals his family ties to Sharlene and Frankie, Sam/Amanda 6/89 location shoot, Felicia and Lucas reunion, Felicia's trial, Jake goes to confession, Sandra Ferguson's dual role. Intro scenes: Derek, Lucas, Felicia's remodeled apartment. Montages: Mac/Iris, Cass/Nicole, Matt/Josie. First meetings: Josie/Russ, Cass/Frankie, Iris/Lucas, Sam/Olivia. ($15)

The Best of 1989: Volume Two
Feature Events: John and Sharlene (proposal, wedding, reception, honeymoon), Thanksgiving, the Return of Cecile (with first meeting of Vicky), and Jamie threatens Vicky with rape. Other Scenes: Anna Stuart meets the new Cory mansion, Matt and Josie (with first lovemaking), famous Michael/Donna fight in which Kale Browne walks into a wall, Lanning as Russ, Cass and Frankie antics and romantics (with Bugman and high school reunion), Jake and Donna, Sam and Amanda, Marley confronts Vicky about sleeping with Jake, Frankie vs. Vivien, plus the only gathering of the unholy trio (Iris, Cecile, and Vicky). Intro scenes: Cory cabin, Frankie's apartment, Sharly. ($15)

The Best of 1990
The only tape to contain the first full meeting of Vicky and Ryan. Plus lots of great new scenes as well as assorted firsts. ($15)

The Best of 1991
The Return of the Master of Evil. The first meeting of Carl and Ryan. Nurse Vicky ministers to shooting victim Ryan. The rise of D&M. Ryan welcomes Vicky back from Switzerland. Jake and Paulina take up residence in the Cory mansion. Carl numbers Rachel's days. Dean shares his true feelings with Jenna. The original scene used as the Vicky/Ryan clip in the opening sequence. Rachel poisons Carl. Kathleen the brave, Frankie the stoic, Lorna the moll. Plus lots more. ($15)

The Best of 1995
Lots of Justine and Joe/Paulina. Walled-up Vicky dreams of Jake. Carl grieves for Ryan. Josie/Gary in a broom closet. Matt/Donna's engagement party. Cass and Frankie lose their baby. ($15)

The Best of 1997
Covering the first half of the year. Feature storylines: Lorna recovers from Cindy's attack; Grant's murder plot; Rachel's pregnancy and tumor; hostage crisis at Carlino's; Paulina's body-image concerns; Grant's mayoral bid; Jake meets Lila; and the incomparable Lindsay Lohan. ($15)


The exclusive commemorative videotape given only to cast and crew on the occasions of the show's 20th, 25th, and 30th anniversaries. Contains montages edited in 1984, 1989, and 1994. Plus bonus material to fill out the tape: (1) 35 minutes of my own original AW music videos (original editing in 1988, audio remastered in 2000. No cracks about my music collection, please); (2) 40+ minutes of extracts from 1988's Snowflake Ball. ($20 U.S./Cdn)

The 25th Anniversary
Full anniversary scenes from May 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26. Extraneous shipboard activities excluded (Derek/Stacey below deck, Jamie/Vicky/Jake confrontation). Includes special bonus: A walk around the outside of the Brooklyn studio (see where Toni was raped, and where Alexander ran down Carl). ($15 U.S./Cdn)


Official videotapes of the Another World Fan Club / Viewer Alliance luncheons, where actors perform skits and songs. Professionally produced and edited.

Luncheon '92
This year's theme was "Baby Follies." Features Rachel, Ada, Cass, Felicia, Jenna, Lucas, Hannah, Jamie, Kelsey, Ryan, Iris, Donna, Paulina, Kevin, Amanda, and Frankie, with the surprise appearance of a former long-time star. April 4, 1992, 40 minutes. ($10 U.S. / $13 Cdn)


The best of the Vicky/Ryan scenes from the chronological series in four volumes. Volumes II and III are $20 if purchased together.

Feel the Fire: Vicky and Ryan, Volume I
Relive their story from the very beginning. This volume traces their first meeting in July 1990 (back when Anne Heche played Vicky) to Vicky's marriage to Grant through to their celebrated reunion on the beach in September 1993. ($15 U.S./Cdn)

Visions of Tomorrow: Vicky and Ryan, Volume II
This volume picks up in September 1993 with Vicky learning she is carrying Grant's baby and shows her exit from and return to Bay City, as well as her final adventures with Ryan through to September 1995. ($15 U.S./Cdn)

The Death of Ryan: Vicky and Ryan, Volume III
This tape contains all the scenes I considered worthy of saving in the CH Series, from the moment Ryan steps onto the train trestle to his funeral several weeks later. There are also worthy extracts from the following months. ($10 U.S. / $13 Cdn)

The Return of the White Knight: Vicky and Ryan, Volume IV
Contains virtually all the Oct96-Feb97 Ryan scenes from the chrono series. Plus complete Heaven scenes, and the entire episode of Vicky's "It's a Wonderful Life" flashforward. Freeze Frame Gallery. ($20 U.S./Cdn)


Celebrate over 10 years of Mac and Rachel in the following two volumes. A lot like the Victoria Wyndham 25th anniversary episode, only much longer, with lots of defining moments in MacRac history: high drama, tender moments, and lighthearted fun. Lots of surprises, with many "guest" stars and cameo appearances by many AW characters. Most of the scenes are very high-quality.

The Best of Mac and Rachel: 1979-1983
Mac/Rachel highlights from March 1979 to August 1983. Janice and Mitch's poison plot, Rachel's murder trial, Rachel's blindness. Lengthy extracts from 1979 (which not even P&G have in their archives) and the double wedding of 1983, the most spectacular event the show has ever done. Other characters, from the major (the first Iris) to the obscure (Vince Frame). ($20 U.S./Cdn)

The Best of Mac and Rachel: 1984-1989
MacRac highlights from March 1984 to June 1989. Mac's stroke, Rachel's amnesia, the return of Mitch and Iris, and the growing pains of all their children. Plus a very special non-AW ending. 1986-1989 material different than that appearing in the AWVL chrono series. ($20 U.S./Cdn)

Summer Fun '86
A complete three-month humor story featuring Cass, Kathleen, Cecile, Felicia, and Wally with some of the funniest scenes ever shown on AW. Cecile kidnaps Cass off the altar during his wedding to Kathleen and whisks him to her tropical paradise in St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands (remote sequences). Cass and Cecile re-create the famous beach scene in "From Here to Eternity." Cass returns to Bay City to win back Kathleen's heart. Cecile/Kathleen lengthy food fight. Cecile in a guillotine. Trapped in Fun and Frolic Land. Cecile meets Prometheus. (T-160. $25 U.S./Cdn)

Everything She Did: The Very Best of Frankie
Relive the joy and love that was Mary Frances Frame with the best Frankie scenes from the chronological series. No death scenes here, this Frankie-fest contains material that will surprise and delight her many fans. ($20 U.S./Cdn)
New Material: Frankie scenes from 5/1/89 and 5/19/89. Lengthy extracts from the two full episodes of Frankie's first wedding, where she's kidnapped by Ryan.

Classic Carl
Great Carl scenes from his first stint from 1984-1985. Highlights include a Carl/Felicia love scene; Carl after a breakdown; kidnapping/being cruel to/shooting Rachel; the Richard III / Lady Anne scene with Rachel; Perry's funeral; Carl meets Vicky; Carl disguised as an American Indian; Carl cripples Kathleen; new Arizona extracts. ($20 U.S./Cdn)

Victoria Wyndham's 25th Anniversary Episode
The commemorative episode that aired July 10, 1997. ($10 U.S. / $13 Cdn)

Murder on the Honeymoon Express
The special B&W episode broadcast on May 20, 1993. Plus extra new scenes: (1) Luke Perry, Gayle/Morris, and full Brad Pitt scenes. (2) Miscellany from 1989-1992. ($15 U.S./Cdn)


The following tapes were derived from U.S. (CTV-logo free) copies. The first two include all ten 35th anniversary flashbacks.

Another World: Summer of '99
Lengthy extracts from May 31 - June 22, 1999, focusing on the veterans. ($20 U.S./Cdn)

Another World: Foster Park
U.S. copies of the last two full episodes (June 24 and 25, 1999) plus three-quarters of June 23, 1999. Includes the 2000 Soap Opera Awards AW tribute. ($15 U.S./Cdn)

Other Worlds 1999
Linda Dano's arrival on One Life to Live, and her interaction with former AW actors, plus Dano on All My Children. The "AW Four" (plus Donna) on As the World Turns from June to December 1999. ($20 U.S./Cdn)

Other Worlds 2000-2001
As the World Turns extracts from March 2000 to April 2001 featuring Vicky, Donna, Marley, Cass, and Cindy. Highlights from the Vicky's Ghost story. Plus scenes of interest from OLTL, AMC, and DOOL. ($20 U.S./Cdn)

Other Worlds 2001-2003
As the World Turns extracts from October 2001 to October 2003 featuring Jake and Molly's wedding, the death of Jake, and Marley and Donna's custody battle. Plus Anna Stuart as Rae on OLTL, and Cass on GL. ($20 U.S./Cdn)


Texas: Volume One
The full episode from November 20, 1980, featuring 11 characters: Iris exults on the morning of her wedding to Alex. A full episode from February 1981, featuring Iris/Alex and Dennis/Paige. The first half of a January 1982 episode. ($20)

Texas: Volume Two
The full episode from August 26, 1982. The final episode, December 31, 1982. ($15)