First Appearance: March 24, 1998
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayer: Michael Rodrick, March 24, 1998 - June 25, 1999.
Introduction Scenes: (March 24) Spied by Amanda Cory jogging alone at night in the park.
(April 3) Taking Amanda Cory by surprise, "You alright?"
Exit Scene: To Amanda Cory at Foster Park, "What about Alli?"
Other Aliases: Used the alias "Frank Cameron" in 1998.
Other Whereabouts: La Porte, Indiana (hometown).


Cameron's father was an abusive drunk who terrorized his wife and children for many years until Cameron killed him. His mother died many years ago.

Cameron had a very antagonistic relationship with his brother Gary (older by three years) because Gary was the one who turned him in to the police for their father's murder. It didn't help their relationship when Cameron impregnated Gary's wife Josie in 1998, but they reconciled in 1999.

Gary Sinclair Jr. was the son of Cameron and Josie. Upon learning of the pregnancy, Josie passed the child off as Gary's. Gary Sinclair Jr. was born prematurely on March 4, 1999 in the hospital. Wanting to save his presumed son's life, Gary planned to take part in a blood transfusion. Gary was devastated when Josie blurted out that he was sterile and Cameron was the father. Gary Sinclair Jr. didn't survive surgery, dying just a few weeks after being born. A small funeral was held for him, where Cameron said goodbye to his son.

Amanda Cory

Josie Watts

Cameron was in jail for several years before being released in 1998. He pled guilty to murdering his abusive father.

Scott Hutchins framed him for Carl's shooting and a few other misdeeds in 1998.

In 1998 Cameron was recruited by the FBI to work undercover as the Cory/Hutchins chauffeur and security expert in order to find out who Carl had ordered a hit on. He soon joined Gary's detective agency.