First Appearance:
August 8, 1996
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayer: Kim Rhodes, August 8, 1996 - June 25, 1999.
Arrival: Came to steal Gabe from Lorna.
Introduction Scene: In her home in Boston, answering a phone call from Gabe, "Hello?"
Exit Scene: To David Halliday in Foster Park about Tanquir, "Grant used to talk about it all the time. Said it was the most beautiful place on earth. Too bad he never made it there."
Birthday: December 5, 1968.
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts (probably).
Other Aliases: Cynthia Brooke (full name).

Her sister Sarah and nephew SamFAMILY

Cindy would have liked to be closer to her mother, but her mother always preferred her sister Sarah.

Freeze Frame Siblings
Cindy was always jealous of her older sister Sarah. When Sarah and her son Sam were trapped in a fire, Cindy didn't help them, choosing instead to let them die.

Other Relatives
Sam McNamara (RIP), nephew.

Grant Harrison

Gabe McNamara
Gabe dated Sarah's younger sister Cindy, who then introduced him to Sarah when she and Gabe encountered one disaster after another in their short-lived relationship. Cindy was invaluable in helping Gabe get passed the grief of their shared loss.

In 1996, when she heard from Gabe that he and Lorna were engaged to be married, Cindy took a job at BCGH. She was determined to split them up and have Gabe for herself. After Cindy assaulted Lorna, Gabe learned that she had also been to blame for Sarah and Sam's deaths. Cindy had stood by and watched them die. Despite all she had done to him, he stood by her while she was taken into custody. He was shot moments later and died at Cindy's feet.

Morgan Winthrop

Morgan made romantic overtures to new nurse Cindy, to which she responded. But Morgan was to mysteriously disappear before the relationship could develop any further.

In 1996, Grant blackmailed Cindy into helping him frame Jake McKinnon. Grant threatened to reveal notes from Cindy's psychiatrist that revealed Cindy had let her sister and nephew burn to death in a fire.

In 1997, Cindy decided to become a jewel thief, following in the footsteps of the international jewel thief, the Silver Rose. She framed Dashiell St. George for the crimes, a man she believed to be the true Silver Rose thief, though her evidence was scant. Grant forced her into retirement.

Cindy almost killed Grant when she shot him in 1998, though she had intended a flesh wound only.

Cindy suffered from seriously low self-esteem.

Cindy was nurse at BCUH.