First Appearance: October 6, 1995
Last Appearance: February 21, 1997
Portrayer: John Bolger, October 6, 1995 - February 21, 1997.
Arrival: Came to investigate Ryan's murder because of his closeness to the Harrison family.
Introduction Scene: (Prepatory) In the background of the station house locker room.
(Actual) In the station house, to Gary Sinclair, "I'm nobody."
Exit Scene: To Cindy Brooke, outside BCGH, "Come on, we're almost there." Last scene in the emergency room.
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts.
Date of Death: February 17, 1997.
Cause of Death: Shot through the heart.
Place of Death: Center Street, in front of Bay City General Hospital.
Other Aliases: Gabriel McNamara (full name).

With Carl and Grant (Freeze Frame)FAMILY
Gabe respects the memory of his father, a police officer who died in the line of duty.

Gabe became closer to his mother later in his life when he embraced her Judaic beliefs.

Freeze FrameChildren
Sam McNamara. Gabe's only child died in a house fire with his mother when he was only a few years old. It was a loss that Gabe would never get over.

Other Relatives
Danny *, cousin.

Sarah and SamSPOUSES
Sarah McNamara (RIP)
(Married on June 25, 1989. Annulled in 1995.)

Gabe's first wife died in a house fire in early 1995. Gabe was devastated and blamed himself for her death for a long time. Sarah will always hold a cherished place in his heart.

Lorna Devon

Freeze FrameDATES
Cindy Brooke
Gabe dated Sarah's younger sister Cindy, who then introduced him to Sarah when she and Gabe encountered one disaster after another in their short-lived relationship. Cindy was invaluable in helping Gabe get passed the grief of their shared loss.

In 1996, when she heard from Gabe that he and Lorna were engaged to be married, Cindy took a job at BCGH. She was determined to split them up and have Gabe for herself. After Cindy assaulted Lorna, Gabe learned that she had also been to blame for Sarah and Sam's deaths. Cindy had stood by and watched them die. Despite all she had done to him, he stood by her while she was taken into custody. He was shot moments later and died at Cindy's feet.

Gabe was shot by Cody Murcer in 1996, taking a bullet meant for Gary and Josie.

Gabe was shot dead in Center Street in February 1997. The bullet had pierced his heart and shattered his left ventricle.

Gabe, who comes from a family of cops, became captain of the Bay City Police Department in October 1995.