Freeze FrameIAN RAIN

First Appearance: April 16, 1993
Last Appearance: April 7, 1995
Portrayer: Julian McMahon, April 16, 1993 - April 7, 1995.
Arrival: Came to find the three keys and avenge his father's "murder."
Departure: Left to go to a job in Australia.
Introduction Scene: Swimming to the edge of the Cory pool, to Paulina who's about to undress, "It's a bit early in the season for skinny-dipping, isn't it?"
Exit Scene: Responding to Josie's "I love you" then walking out of their Bayview Court apartment, "I love you, too."
Other Aliases: Carter (alias).
Last Known Whereabouts: Sydney, Australia.

Ian has no children nor siblings. All we know of his family is his father, Leon Rain, who died several decades ago. Ian worshiped his father and was devastated when he died in his arms from a jungle disease.

Ian, with Carl (Freeze Frame)Leon was a biologist who had entered into a partnership with Mac Cory and Andrew Hutchins (Carl Hutchins' father). Andrew betrayed his partners and siphoned most of the profits into his pockets, though he wasn't able to hold onto the money for long. When Leon died, he told Ian that he had been betrayed by his partners. Ian vowed to spend his life trying to bring his father's killers to justice. His crusade ended when he discovered Andrew's guilt.

Ian supposedly married a colleague at the institute on September 23, 1995.)

Paulina Cory Carlino

Josie Watts

Amanda Cory

In 1993, Ian went out with Amanda. But she merely needed an escort on those occasions and there was never anything romantic about their relationship.

Maggie Cory

Maggie fell for Ian in 1993 when he took a job with the San Francisco branch of the Cory family. Maggie followed him when he came to Bay City and hid from her family using the alias Joy Lamont. Ian used her to spy on Ryan.

Ian broke the law many times in 1993 in his search for the man who killed his father. His main crime was the kidnaping of Vicky Hudson. He was forced to take her hostage because she had seen him while he was on the run from the law, and he had to make sure she wouldn't tell the police where he was until he had uncovered his father's killer.

Ian spent approximately five months in jail for his crimes. Upon his release in February of 1994, Ian has stayed on the right side of the law.

Ian's first job in Bay City was as the Cory's groundskeeper. It was a job he accepted in order to be able to rummage through the house trying to find evidence incriminating Mac Cory in his father's death.

In 1994, Ian landed a job working at Spencer Harrison's new restaurant, the Harbor Club. He was technically the manager, but was often to be seen behind the bar dispensing drinks. He also lived in a back room.

In 1995 Ian accepted a job with a botany institute in Australia where he would be able to continue the research (phytochemistry?) his father began 30 years ago.