First Appearance:
April 13, 1987
Last Appearance: September 12, 1997
Portrayer: David Forsyth, April 13, 1987 - September 12, 1997.
Arrival: Came because his brother Michael Hudson found out he was alive.
Introduction Scenes: (Flashbacks, without beard) A bar in Vietnam, to Michael Hudson; in car with Donna Love.
(Present) A hut in a jungle in Singapore, to his captors, "Open the door! Open it up! Now! Open it!"
Exit Scene: The hospital, to Felicia Gallant about whether she has changed her mind about fishing, "Maybe...We'll never know."
Birthday: November 28.
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: John Garrison (birth name). Jerry Haupt (alias, name of childhood friend).


Freeze FrameSPOUSES
Sharlene Frame
Kelsey Harrison

Donna Love
Felicia Gallant

Frankie Frame

Cheryl McKinnon

Cheryl developed a crush on John in 1988 and fantasized about him in tight t-shirts. They became friends, but Cheryl's hopes for a romance were dashed when she paid him a visit at his boat and found him in flagranta delicto with another woman.

For many years, John suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome as a result of his years as a corpsman in the Vietnam War. He was cured in late 1988, and has not had a recurrence of the syndrome since.

John received a substantial wound to his left leg during the war and was forced to use a cane for many years. In early 1991, at the encouragement of his wife, Sharlene Frame, John had surgery to remove the shrapnel in his limb. The operation was a success, and John has not needed a cane since.

He wears reading glasses.

After a struggle with the Sin Stalker in 1987 John was thrown off a lighthouse. He hit his head on landing and lost his sight for several months.

Freeze FrameHe had the plasmodium falciparum strain of cerebral malaria in 1996, which he contracted while in Africa on a mission for Doctors without Borders.

He had a beard from April 1987-November 1989, from February 1990-January 1993, and from March 1996-October 1996. From October-December 1996 he had a goatee, and in December 1996 he had a mustache.

John was a corpsman with the First Marines in the Vietnam War. He practiced medicine during the war although he had never been to medical school.

Upon returning to Bay City in 1987, John had a short stint as a bartender at TOPS before becoming a carpenter for Frame Construction.

Freeze FrameIn 1989, John was encouraged by his wife, Sharlene, into taking a medical exam. He passed with flying colors and became a leading physician at Bay City General Hospital.

Freeze FrameIn 1995 he was promoted to Chief of Staff. Later that year, John took personal responsibility for the death of a child patient, resulting in his being fired by the Board of Directors. Of course he was eventually reinstated.