Jamie Frame

Freeze FrameDennis Wheeler
Marley began spending a lot of time with Dennis when she worked at his art gallery in late 1991. When Marley broke up with Jamie Frame, Dennis stepped in and swept Marley off her feet. They went slow at first, partly because Dennis and Jamie were best friends.

In mid-1993, their relationship began to lose its flavor. Marley found herself falling out of love with Dennis. Disgruntled, Dennis moved away from Bay City in September 1993.

Tyrone Montgomery
In 1999, Marley was contemplating ending her suffering at the docks when Tyrone appeared and talked her down. She introduced herself as Marnie Stone, and he befriended her. Tyrone stood by her after he learned she was actually the psycho Marley who had kidnapped her sister Vicky.

He defended her, and visited her at the Willowdale psychiatric institute. They shared their first kiss in his office after he talked her out of shooting Grant. Marley felt herself unworthy of Tyrone's love, but he wouldn't accept that, or interference from Etta Mae. They made love after he told her he loved her, and they vowed to be together.

Ben McKinnon

From 1984-1985 Ben and Marley romped in the Love barn, where he had taken a job in order to be close to her. They were interrupted by Carl, then Donna, before Ben finally left for college a few months later.

Byron Pierce
While keeping Dennis at bay, Marley explored her feelings for Byron in 1992. He was paralyzed below the waist and confined to a wheelchair. They shared a few kisses, and Marley even tried her hand at massaging his limbs. In the end, Byron realized that Marley's heart was with Dennis, and pushed them into a reconciliation.

Carl Hutchins

In the early 1980s, Carl enjoyed toying with Marley's affections. Marley was too stunned to respond one way or the other.

Grant Harrison
Marley was forced to stand in for Vicky once in 1993 when Vicky went to dally with Ryan. Grant snuggled up to "Vicky" for a photo shoot, never realizing she was really Marley.

Ian Rain
In 1994 Marley became friendly with Ian while he was working off his jail time doing construction work, but Marley was to mysteriously disappear before anything could develop.