First Appearance: April 28, 1994
Last Appearance: March 18, 1996
Portrayers: Randy Brooks, April 28, 1994 - December 4, 1995.
Andre DeShields, December 7, 1995 - January 5, 1996.
Dean Irby, January 26, 1996 - March 18, 1996.
Arrival: Came to work at Cory Publishing and to get to know his daughter, Dana Kramer.
Introduction Scenes: (Randy Brooks) The Harbor Club, introducing himself to Felicia Gallant, "Excuse me. I believe you're waiting for me."
(Dean Irby) Felicia Gallant's suite about her novel draft, "The hospital administrator...a very forceful character."
Exit Scenes: (Randy Brooks) Outside BCGH with Dana Kramer and Rita Madison, "Sweetheart, take your own advice. Don't go without something that will make you happy. Rita..."
(Andre DeShields) At Carlino's restaurant.
(Dean Irby) At the Romance Novelist of the Year banquet, to Felicia Gallant, "Cass Winthrop does not deserve your doubts. That man has stood by you...almost as much as I have."
Other Aliases: Marshall Lincoln Kramer III (full name. Named after Secretary of State George Marshall and President Lincoln)

Nothing is known of Marshall's parents.

Marshall has a daughter, Dana Kramer. She lives in Bay City and works in the District Attorney's office. Marshall ignored Dana while she was growing up and today the two are estranged, though Marshall attempted to mend fences when he came to town in 1994.

Rita Madison
Marshall and Rita were married at what must have been a very young age for a very short period. Apparently both were too caught up in their developing careers to devote enough attention to their marriage.

Not much is known about Marshall's second wife, who is Dana's mother.

Judy Burrell
Judy was intrigued by Marshall, but he was too interested in Felicia.

Felicia Gallant

Marshall became Felicia's book editor in April 1994. At first they didn't get along at all. Felicia felt that Marshall was being draconian in his editorializing. He eventually softened in his ways, and became quite intrigued with Felicia.

Felicia and Marshall were destined to become daytime television's first couple involving a black man and a white woman. Public pressure (whether real or imagined is uncertain) compelled Procter & Gamble to put a halt to the romance.

Marshall wears reading glasses.

In 1994, Marshall became a senior book editor for Cory Publishing.

In 1995 he was promoted. He now basically runs Cory, although this isn't as prestigious as it sounds since Cory Publishing is no longer dealt with.