Celebrity Appearances / Celebrity Guest Stars

Jessica Andrews, as a childhood friend of Alli's, sang at the Lucky Lady, April 13, 1999

Bill Boggs, Talk-show host, Maury Davidson, July 21 and 24, 1980; a talk-show host, May 1984

Dick Cavett, as magician "Oliver Twist" who hypnotized Felicia, September 8 and 9, 1988

Jim Caldwell, as himself, interviewed Barbara Mandrell and Robert Flack at the Warehouse Club, November 17-18, 1983.

Cy Coleman, as himself, sang and played background piano music at Cy's Place, June 3, 1965.

Roberta Flack, as herself, sang at the Warehouse Club, November 17, 1983

Freeze Frame

Crystal Gayle, as herself, sang at TOPS, March 23 - 27, 1987

Virginia Graham, as herself, a guest for the 25th anniversary, May 22 and 23, 1989


Liberace, as himself, May 16, 17, 24, and June 3, 1985. Played "For I'll Be Seeing You," "Memory," and "As Time Goes By." Appeared for Zane Lindquist and Felicia Gallant's wedding on February 17, 1986

Gloria Lorring, as herself, sang at TOPS, December 31, 1987

Louise Mandrell, as herself, sang at Warehouse Club, November 18, 1983

Ronnie Milsap, as himself, sang at the "Blue Flame" in Chicago, August 22, 1991

Gary Morris, as himself, sang at TOPS, March 27, 1987

Billy Porter, as Billy Rush, an up-and-coming singer, June 23, 1998

Sally Jesse Raphael, as herself, comforted Felicia over Lucas's death, January 26, 1993

Joan Rivers, as Meredith Dunston, Grant's public-relations wiz, 1997

Al Roker, as himself, May 16, 1990

Atlantic Starr, as themselves, sang at Sassy's, April 3, 1992

Katherine Sutcliffe, a romance novelist and brief AW creative consultant, as herself, appeared at a romance novel award show at the Harbor Club, March 18, 1996

Betty White, as Brenda Barlowe, an old girlfriend of Mac's, appeared as part of "Where's Betty?", an NBC promotion, January 25, 1988

Chely Wright, as herself, sang at the Lucky Lady, June 16, 1999