Pre-fame Celebrity Minor Appearances

Scott Bakula, as Quintin Mills, 1983

Marcia Cross, as Tanya, Cass's date, March 21 and 24, 1986

Kristin Davis, as Page, November 29-30, 1990

Dan Futterman, as Alan Lottin, 5 episodes, 1992

Gil Gerard, as Fred Warner, January 14, 1972. He was seen at the top of the scene exiting the law office. His one line: "Thank you, Mr. Randolph, Mr. Curtin."

Thomas Gibson, as Sam Fowler, temporary replacement, May 21 - June 19, 1990

Kelsey Grammer, as (1) a head paramedic, 1982, and (2) Dr. Canard, recurring, 1984

Michael Gross, as Randy, several episodes, July 1981

Melissa Joan Hart, as a roller-bladder, April 22, 1986

Jane Krakowski, as Tanya Tabotchnik, Sam's date, 1989

Eriq LaSalle, as Julie Ann's date, January 15, 1987

Matt Lauer, as a gallery patron, one episode, 1982

Lindsay Lohan, as Alli Fowler, 19 episodes, 1996-1997

William H. Macy, as Frank Fish, April - June 1982

Wendie Malick, as Cecile's henchwoman, May 6, 1986

Marla Maples, as Jason's date, one episode, 1988

John C. McGinley, as Ned, 1985-1986

Debra Messing, as Daisy, a mid-wife interviewed by Cass and Frankie, August 13, 1993

Chris Noth, as (1) Jimmy, 1985, and (2) a dean, 1988

Ed O'Neill, as Lenny, 1981

Joe Pantoliano, a process server, 1977

Luke Perry, as Kenny, Josie's manager and one of the two Frame borders, recurring, 1988-1989

Brad Pitt, as Chris, a high school student in a location shot with Michael and John, two episodes, May 1987

Ving Rhames, as Czaja Carnek, recurring, 1986

Janine Turner, as Patricia Kirkland, an old girlfriend of Scott's, recurring, 1986-1987

Paul Wasilewski (Wesley), as Sean McKinnon, 1999

Billy Dee Williams, as the Assistant D.A. Ted Marsh, recurring 1967

Henry Winkler, as an intern, June 20, 1972