Pre-fame Celebrity Minor Appearances

Scott Bakula, as Quintin Mills, 1983

Marcia Cross, as Tanya, Cass's date, March 21 and 24, 1986

Kristin Davis, as Page, November 29-30, 1990

Dan Futterman, as Alan Lottin, 5 episodes, 1992

Gil Gerard, as Fred Warner, January 14, 1972. He was seen at the top of the scene exiting the law office. His one line: "Thank you, Mr. Randolph, Mr. Curtin."

Thomas Gibson, as Sam Fowler, temporary replacement, May 21 - June 19, 1990

Kelsey Grammer, as (1) a head paramedic, 1982, and (2) Dr. Canard, recurring, 1984

Michael Gross, as Randy, several episodes, July 1981

Melissa Joan Hart, as a roller-bladder, April 22, 1986

Jane Krakowski, as Tanya Tabotchnik, Sam's date, 1989

Eriq LaSalle, as Julie Ann's date, January 15, 1987

Matt Lauer, as a gallery patron, one episode, 1982

Lindsay Lohan, as Alli Fowler, 19 episodes, 1996-1997

Wendie Malick, as Cecile's henchwoman, May 6, 1986

William H. Macy, as Frank Fish, spring 1982

Marla Maples, as Jason's date, one episode, 1988

John C. McGinley, as Ned, 1985-1986

Debra Messing, as Daisy, a mid-wife interviewed by Cass and Frankie, August 13, 1993

Chris Noth, as (1) Jimmy, 1985, and (2) a dean, 1988

Ed O'Neill, as Lenny, 1981

Joe Pantoliano, a process server, 1977

Luke Perry, as Kenny, Josie's manager and one of the two Frame borders, recurring, 1988-1989

Brad Pitt, as Chris, a high school student in a location shot with Michael and John, two episodes, May 1987

Ving Rhames, as Czaja Carnek, recurring, 1986

Janine Turner, as Patricia Kirkland, an old girlfriend of Scott's, recurring, 1986-1987

Paul Wasilewski (Wesley), as Sean McKinnon, 1999

Billy Dee Williams, as the Assistant D.A., recurring, 1967

Henry Winkler, as an intern, June 20, 1972