Mark Mortimer as Nick


First Appearance: May 16, 1995
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayers: Justin Chambers, May 16, 1995 - June 22, 1995.
Kevin McClatchy, June 28, 1995 - December 19, 1996.
Mark Mortimer, December 24, 1996 - June 25, 1999.
Justin Chambers (top) and Kevin McClatchy (bottom) Introduction Scenes: (Justin Chambers) A country road, to a car that's ignored his request for a ride, "Thanks a lot!"
(Kevin McClatchy) In a hospital bed, shirtless, to Michael Hudson, "Hey."
(Mark Mortimer) The Hudson farm living room, shirtless, reading over his letter to Sofia Carlino.
Exit Scenes: (Justin Chambers) In the hospital to himself, "Maggie."
(Kevin McClatchy) The Herald, banging his head on the door on his way out, "Damn."
(Mark Mortimer) To Joe Carlino and Paulina Cory at Foster Park, "See ya."
Birthday: 1976 (19 as of May 1995).
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Nicholas Hudson (full name). Nick Terry (birth name).

Nick's mother Diana died in late 1994. Diana had selected Michael Hudson to be the father of her child, but never told Michael her parental intentions. There were instructions in her will to contact Michael in the event of her death.

Nick never received much attention from his mother, who focused her energies on her law career. While having a child appealed to Diana, she was not equipped to handle the reality of motherhood and resented that her pregnancy prevented her from becoming a partner at the firm in which she worked. She finally had a stroke and collapsed at her desk.

Freeze FrameNick didn't meet his father, Michael Hudson, until he was 19. Nick greatly resented Michael at first, but Michael chipped away little by little at Nick's defenses. When Nick discovered that Michael was dying of leukemia, he repented, and even offered to donate his bone marrow. Michael and Nick remained quite close until Michael's death in 1998.

In 1995 Nick not only gained a father but two half-sisters, Vicky and Marley, since they shared Michael Hudson as a father.

Vicky Hudson. When Nick first met Vicky he came on to her like a house on fire. Vicky supported Nick when he was accused of raping Toni Burrell and attempted to find evidence proving his innocence. Since then, Nick and Vicky mostly drifted in and out of each other's lives. However, Nick usually rallied to Vicky's side during her many conflicts and feuds with Grant and Marley.

Marley Hudson. Marley is Nick's other half-sister, sharing Michael Hudson as a father. Marley's psychotic vendettas against Vicky and Donna and her relentless pursuit in trying to steal Jake McKinnon from Vicky prevented Marley from developing a close relationship with Nick, though Nick lamented the rift in the Hudson family since Michael's death. However, after Marley falsely confessed to shooting Grant Harrison because she thought Vicky was the culprit and she realized the error of her ways, Nick forgave Marley.

Other Relatives
Clara Hudson, paternal grandmother. John Hudson, uncle. Steven Frame, half-nephew. Kirk Harrison, half-nephew. Gregory Hudson, cousin.

Maggie Cory

Sofia Carlino
Remy Woods

With Vicky and JakeMEDICAL HISTORY
Nick is allergic to Juniper berries, which are found in gin.

In 1995 Nick was arrested for car boosting. He was put on probation under his father's care. As 1996 began he seemed to have paid his dues.

Nick spent most of 1995 mooching money off people. He landed a job at Sassy's busing tables before hooking up with Jake McKinnon and becoming his right-hand man.

In early 1997 Matt Cory fired Nick from his job at The Herald for sloppy work and for harassing Sofia Carlino.

In 1997 Nick went to work for Donna Love as bartender at the Harbor Club.