Premiere Episode

10th Anniversary Episode

A Valentine to Singles

February 9 and 10, 1989
Narrated by Amanda Cory, Sam Fowler, and Evan Frame

"Table for One"

"Table for One Part Two: What Single Men Really Want"

[Note: Matt Crane did all his scenes in profile because of a recent accident that scarred the left side of his face.]

Another World's 25th Anniversary

May 18-25, 1989
Location: Ship

Guest Starring:

Other Pictures:

Invited Actors Who Didn't Participate:
Maeve Kinkead (Angie Perrini), Chris Rich (Sandy Cory), Leon Russom (Willis Frame), and Susan Sullivan (Lenore Moore).

Flashbacks: Mac/Rachel (1980), Rachel/Alice (1985), Felicia/Mitch/Wallingford (1987), Ada/Nancy (1986), Cass/Kathleen (1986), and Mac/Rachel/Janice (1980).

End-credit photo breakdown:
- Steve and Alice's wedding, 1974
- Rachel
- Lenore
- Russ (Sam Groom)
- Ray (Ted Shackelford)
- Gwen
- Jamie (Richard Bekins)
- Pat
- Robert and Lenore's wedding, 1974
- Lenore and Helen
- Steve (David Canary)
- Jim and Mary
- Lenore
- Iris
- Jim
- Gil
- Charlie
- Robert
- Alice and Sally
- Mitch
- Steve and Alice
- Rachel, Mac, and Iris
- Gwen and Russ
- Ted and Brian
- Liz, Bill, Pat, and John
- Steve and Alice
- John and Pat
- Alice and Mary
- Jim, Liz, and Mary
- Rachel and Liz
- Cast photo, 1972
- Mac and Rachel
- Steve and Rachel

Memorial for Mac Cory

June 16, 1989
Location: Church


The Case of the Stolen Heart

Summer Desire

June 23, 1992


Co-starring: Felicia Gallant, Lucas, Amanda Cory, Sam Fowler, Matthew Cory, Lorna Devon, Dennis Wheeler, Jamie Frame, Iris Wheeler

Memorial for Ada Hobson

May 5, 1993
Location: Cory Mansion

Guest Starring:

Murder on the Honeymoon Express, or the Vanishing Game

Another World's 30th Anniversary

May 4, 1994

Music montage clip break down:
Segment One: Couples
- Catlin and Sally (1984)
- Joey and Eileen
- Jamie and Cecile
- Steve and Alice (May/1989)
- Mac and Rachel
- John and Sharlene (Dec/1989)
- Dean and Jenna (Nov/1991)
- Michael and Donna (1986)
- Jake and Marley (1985/1986)
- Sandy and Blaine
- Vicky and Ryan (Feb/1992)
- Kevin and Lorna (Nov/1992)
- Jamie and Marley (June/1990)
- Sam and Amanda (Fall/1987)
- Jake and Paulina (Dec/1992)
- Vince and Mary (Apr/1988)
- Ada and Charlie (Jan/1980)
- Lucas and Felicia (1991/1992)
- Matthew and Donna (1994)
- Brett and Morgan (Apr/1994)
- Carl and Rachel (Feb/1994)
- Cass and Frankie (Feb/1992)

Lorna and Josie bump and grindSegment Two: Adventure
- Jason and Mary (Feb/1988)
- Jake (1985)
- Sam and Dustin (Apr/1989)
- Catlin and Ross (Nov/1984)
- Felicia and Jason (Feb/1989)
- Sandy, Blaine, and Buzz... (Oct/1982)
- Marley (1985)
- ...Sandy, Blaine, and Buzz (Oct/1982)
- Jake (1985)
- Michael and Lucas (Feb/1989)
- Monique (Nov/1987)
- Carl and Ryan (June/1992)
- Grant (Mar/1993)
- John, Donna, and the Sin Stalker (May/1987)
- Jake and Paulina... (July/1993)
- Rachel and Mitch (1980/1982)
- Cass, Kathleen, and Cecile (June/1986)
- ...Jake (July/1993)
- Felicia and Julia (1983/1985)
- Donna
- Vicky and Paulina... (Feb/1992)
- Donna and Cecile (1983/1984)
- Felicia, Cass, and Kathleen (1984/1985)
- Felicia and Wally (1984/1985)
- ...Vicky and Paulina (Feb/1992)

Segment Three: Families
(Black-and-white photos...)
- Steve and Alice (1974)
- Rachel
- Lenore and Russ
- Gwen and Ray
- Pat
- Group shot circa 1973
- Iris
- Jim
(...end of photos)
- Mac (Nov/1988)
- Catlin, Sally, and Kevin (Apr/1985)
- Mitch, Felicia, Michael, and Donna (Feb/1987)
- Russ and Olivia (May/1989)
- Frankie and Vivien (June/1989)
- Iris and Mac (Apr/1989)
- Morgan and Lorna (Feb/1994)
- Matthews family, late 1970s
- Ada, Sam, Amanda, and Alli (1988/1989)
- Dean, Jenna, Lorna, and Matthew (Oct/1993)
- Josie (Dec/1993)
- Ian (Apr/1993)
- Maggie (1994)
- Tomas and Luisa (1994)
- Matthew (Dec/1993)
- Brett
- Morgan
- Amanda (1994)
- Marshall (Apr/1994)
- Vicky (Feb/1993)
- Ryan (Feb/1993)
- Frankie
- Mac and children (1985)
- Elena and Maggie (1983)
- Grant, Spencer, and Kirk (Apr/1994)
- Sam, Amanda, and Alli (Nov/1991)
- Cass and Charlie (Feb/1994)
- Nancy, Ada, Mac, and Rachel (Mar/1987)
- Mac, Rachel, Ada, Iris, Liz, Jamie, Vicky, Felicia, Lisa, Sam, Amanda, and Vivien (Dec/1988)
- Ryan and Vicky (Sept/1993)

Last End-Credit Clip
- Mac and Rachel (July/1988)

KBAY Match Dare Telethon

July 5, 1995
Occasion: Cory Publishing would match the funds put up for any dare, and the total donations would go to help fund BCGH's new pediatrics wing


Also starring: Alli, Amanda, Carl, Charlie, Felicia, Frankie, Gary, John, Lorna, Maggie, Matthew, Michael, Nick, Ryan, Sharlene, Steven, and Vicky

Absentees: Eddie, Jake, Justine, Paulina, Rachel, and Tomas

Operation Hombre

March 11, 1996

Occasion: An all-male episode celebrating Joe Carlino's bachelor party

Starring: Carl, Cass, Chris, Gabe, Gary, Grant, Jake, Joe, John, Matthew, Michael, Morgan, Nick, Rafael, Riley, Tomas

The 25th Anniversary of Victoria Wyndham

Occasion: Elizabeth and Cory's baptism

July 21, 1997

Starring: Alli, Amanda, Carl, Cass, Cory, Donna, Elizabeth, Felicia, Joe, Michael, Paulina, and Rachel


NBC and P&G; required a bible, outlining all the flashbacks to be used, before giving their okay for the commemorative episode. Scriptwriter Mimi Leahey worked with Victoria's agent to find material. The agent contacted me to help date a number of scenes as they had no way to know when they took place. I was able to help thanks to the weekly synopses I maintain. They also viewed my Best of Rachel tape. I noticed several clips that came from or were inspired by that tape. However, many of the scenes I dated and/or suggested didn't make the final cut. Many of those scenes were included in the original script. One of my choices, of Rachel gazing at a photo of Mac and Ada, and Carl coming up behind her and saying, "You don't have to be alone, Rachel," was to have been the last scene in the montage that played when Rachel lay in bed.
When Victoria's agent told Mimi that she was getting help from "that guy on the Internet that knows everything," Mimi responded, "Oh, yeah, that guy..."

Scenes dropped:

Ad libs / changes:

Final Episode

Cory mansion living room photo display:

Standalone Episodes

Traditionally, a standalone episode is an episode of a series that contains a plot that begins and ends within its runtime, with a self-contained story that does not need prior viewing of any other episode to understand. In soaps, it would refer to an episode that serves as a break in the ongoing narrative to focus on a single storyline or relationship.