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EMAILS: Eddie: eddiedrueding@hotmail.com. Mike McGavin: Mscooter25@aol.com
INCEPTION: Original inception, August 12, 1994 (detailed character guide only). AWHP inception, April 6, 1995.
METHODOLOGY: All information pertaining to events post-May 1986 comes directly from the show itself. Certain info from 1964 to 1986 was gained from episodes and scripts I have acquired. Thus show details can be considered canonical. Discrepancies and contradictions within the show are weighed in favor of subsequence and in disfavor of what are judged to be topical references.
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COPYRIGHT: It is an unwritten rule that web site maintainers not take material from other sites without permission. While I don't own any of the data or photos in this site, I do own the frame-grab and scanning rights. They also took a staggering amount of work over a long period of time to amass, and I feel proprietary toward them. You may link to anything you like, but it is not in the proper spirit to plunder a site and then present the material as your own.
WANTED: Pre-1987 AW tapes to buy or trade.
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"We do not live in this world alone,
but in a thousand other worlds.
The events of our lives represent only the surface,
and in our minds and feelings,
we live in many other hidden worlds"

May one of your other worlds always be Another World.

"Memories Suddenly Blossom that Faded Long Ago"

Heinrich Heine