1. What was very special about the Jake and Vicky as kids flashback shown in the summer of 1985?
2. Who has never appeared in the opening credits?
(a) Reginald, (b) Adam, (c) Nicole, (d) Cheryl, (e) Lisa
3. Name 5 characters that were on the show in 1988 whose names begin with the letter J.
4. Who was married on Valentine's Day?
5. Who came up with the idea for the Cafe Paradise?
6. Name two restaurants and a house that burned down.
7. Name three characters on the show that have been temporarily blind.
8. What was Frankie doing before arriving in Bay City?
9. What four characters were given freeze frame endings for their final scenes?
10. True or False
(a) Mitch used to work for Reginald Love.
(b) Marley and Vicky have both been in a coma resulting from separate car crashes.
(c) Before Lisa arrived in Bay City, Jamie was romantically interested in Vicky.
(d) Carl once had Ryan shot.

Answers 1-10

11. What's the name of
(a) the McKinnon's dog
(b) the dog Mitch gave Felicia for the Christmas of 1988
(c) Nick's dog?
12. What was noteworthy about Vicky's (Anne Heche) segment in the opening credits?
13. Who was introduced on the show with a scene with Liz?
14. What do Matt and Dean have in common? (clue- it's about their introduction on the show)
15. What do Cass's weddings with Kathleen and Frankie have in common?
16. What monumental blooper did the show commit when it reintroduced Stacey?
17. Who lives at 88 Longridge Road?
18. Who was shot in 1988, 1989, and came within an inch of being shot by Lucas in 1990?
19. Who were Eve and Toby Miller?
20. What middle name did Michael and Donna give Mikey when they adopted him?

Answers 11-20

21. What do Alma Rudder, Daphne Grimaldi, and Monique Berajacques have in common?
22. How much time, roughly, has Carl spent in jail?
23. Who was Rex Allingham?
24. What is Cass's middle name?
25. Who was Sam and Mitch's mother, and what was her problem?
26. Who were Felicia's four husbands?
27. "Hudson" is not Michael and John's real last name. What is?
28. Who is Frankie's sister?
29. Who was Evan's father?
30. Who was Dean's father?

Answers 21-30

31. What does M.J. stand for?
32. Who was Marley messing around with before Jake came to town?
33. What popular couple met, fell in love, went through much heartache, finally got married, and left the show, all without sleeping together once?
34. What is the name of Adam Cory's brother?
35. What is the name of Zane's sister?
36. What was the name of Kevin's mother?
37. Revolving sets: What, formerly, was
(a) D & M
(b) Dennis' pad
(c) Who took over Vicky's old apartment?
(d) Donna's pad
(e) Cass's law office
(f) Ryan's detective office
38. Wally came on the show as _________'s informant.
39. Who was responsible for the death of Sally Frame?
40. When __________ came on the show, Rachel called him/her her "old high school buddy."

Answers 31-40

41. What was the name of Brittany and Catlin's son (who died) from their first marriage?
42. What do Jamie, Nicole, and Nancy have in common?
43. Sandra Reinhardt (Amanda) once played a dual role (A completely different character). Who?
44. What major character was once accused of a heinous crime, went through a grueling trial, all the while swearing up and down that he/she was innocent, but who was actually GUILTY?
45. What's Taylor Benson's real name?
46. Who graced the cover of the first issue of Sophisticate Magazine?
47. What was Iris's codename when she tried to take-over Cory Publishing?
48. What was Reginald Love's nickname?
49. Who was Sam once accused of trying to kill?
50. What was the name of Jake and Donna's video production company?

Answers 41-50

51. Who was one of Sharlene's johns when she was a prostitute?
52. What is John's nickname for Michael?
53. What did John and Michael do in Vietnam?
54. Felicia once wrote, but never published, a novel about which famous Bay City couple?
55. Who described him/herself as "the world's oldest virgin"?
56. ________ and ________'s honeymoon was a fiasco when her friends showed up to party on their wedding night, their car was stolen, and they had to wash dishes to pay for dinner at a diner.
57. What are the top four oldest sets?
58. Which family house set did we only see the kitchen of?
59. Why did Vicky buy the house she lived at from 1989-1996 (why that particular house)?
60. What sets got a facelift without any mention or justification?

Answers 51-60

61. What parent and child switched domiciles?
62. What couples had the rooftop as their special meeting place?
63. Who made love for the first time at Ken Jordan's house (besides Ken and any of his lady friends)?
64. Who gave Derek the scar on his face?
65. What eight men has Frankie been close with?
66. Who used to call Frankie "Frank"?
67. What unlikely couple did Iris break up in the seventies?
68. What is the name of Ken Jordan's antique store?
69. What was the very first scene of the very first episode?
70. What was the secret of the Red Swan, ultimately?

Answers 61-70

71. Why did Lorna go to work for D & M?
72. Kelsey, Darryl, and ________ were interns in Jamie's mentor program.
73. What was "red passionata"?
74. What is Ryan's middle name?
75. What started the Iris/Donna feud?
76. Who did Josie have a crush on?
77. What was the name of Mitch's discotheque?
78. Who were
(a) June Martin
(b) Roger Jackson
(c) Mara
(d) Doctor O'Neill
(e) Christina McCale
(f) Sloan Wallace
(g) Andrew Stark
(h) Helen D'Angelo
(i) Suzanne Jeffries
(j) David Campbell
(k) Morgan Graves
79. What unlikely person once counseled Spencer on winning Iris back?
80. When Dean's first concert and his follow-up street concert were a bomb, where did he have his first successful concert?

Answers 71-80

81. Who was an unwitting star of a x-rated movie, and what was its name?
82. What was the name of Carl's front company that bought up shares of D & M?
83. What was the name of the club where Rick Madison was shot?
84. Marley, infertile for years, once thought of adopting whose baby?
85. What were the contents of the Libra file?
86. What was the infamous bet that Jake and Dennis made?
87. Whose special place was St. Victoire?
88. Which couples had aborted wedding plans for national holidays?
89. How did John find out that Sharlene used to be a prostitute?
90. Who once claimed to have got pregnant by John and then had an abortion?

Answers 81-90

91. What was the name of the boat that exploded when Sharlene was on it?
92. Who is Rachel's only cousin?
93. Who are Rachel's two half-sisters?
94. What part did Victoria Wyndham's (Rachel's) real-life father play?
95. What was the name of Ada's beauty salon?
96. Name Donna's four stableboys.
97. Whom did Cass hire to impersonate Cecile?
98. Who became temporarily psychic after being shot?
99. Who owned Tall Boys?
100. Who bought the Plains Motel Disco?

Answers 91-100

101. Marley and Jake were named whose godparents?
102. Which character became a romance novelist and gave Felicia a run for her money?
103. In 1993 Rachel sculpted a nude statue of Carl. Who else did she do one of?
104. What parent and child were once separate owners of Bay City General Hospital at separate times in history?
105. Who told Matthew about his infamous conception?
106. Who used to be a waitress at TOPS?
107. Years before Dean arrived in Bay City, Jake wanted to make a music video of what singer?
108. What teenager once had a crush on John?
109. Who modelled for Felicia's diet book?
110. What family business did Carl once try to buy?

Answers 100-110

111. Who gave Felicia her talk show?
112. What was the name of Ryan's first police partner?
113. What finally broke up Jamie and Marley?
114. What were the circumstances behind Carl and Vicky's kiss?
115. Aside from Sharlene, Paulina, Vicky, Amanda, and Lorna, Grant has toyed with the idea of relationships with what two women?
116. What were the circumstances behind the Jake and Ryan slugfest?
117. Where are Ada's ashes scattered?
118. What memento did Vicky have of her time with Ryan in the cave in Canada?
119. Who wanted to buy KBAY-TV besides Matt and Donna?
120. Carl has been falsely accused of tampering with Evan's brakes and accidentally harming Amanda. Whose brakes did he actually tamper with and who was harmed by accident as a result?

Answers 111-120

121. Where did Carl and Ian have a life-or-death struggle?
122. What was the ultimate secret of the Three Keys?
123. Why did Grant originally want to marry Amanda?
124. Who can speak French?
125. Who were originally slated to be Felicia and Lucas's long-lost daughter?
126. When Jake and Marley returned in 1988, what was the cause of their estrangement?
127. Whose real name is Sean?
128. Who killed Perry Hutchins, Carl's son, by accident?
129. Who was introduced during the 25th anniversary celebration?
130. What is the name of Stacey's daughter, and what happened to her?

Answers 121-130

131. What were Nicole's three professions?
132. Which is the oldest set?
133. Who bedded four characters in the space of one year?
134. Name the couples who've danced through the opening credits.
135. Name all the characters who've originated from Gold Street.
136. What was Felicia's last name when she was born?
137. Who named TOPS?
138. Who was the first Frame/Love/McKinnon/Harrison to be introduced?
139. Why did Carl initially want to date Rachel in 1993?
140. What role did Stephen Schnetzer's (Cass) son and Alice Barrett's (Frankie) daughter play on the show?

Answers 131-140

141. Who broke up Iris and Brian the second time they tried to get together?
142. What name did Jamie change his to?
143. Whom did Cecile leave at the altar?
144. When was the show's bible written?
145. To whom did Rachel decide to give Matthew when he was born?
146. Who was married to a porno star?
147. Jamie has been falsely thought to have fathered the babies of which three women?
148. Which two former prostitutes had their secrets revealed while on the witness stand?
149. Who was chosen to play the role of Rachel in the film version of Jamie's book, A View of the Bay?
150. What was Mac's wedding present to Rachel?

Answers 141-150

151. What family was Ada's "invisible neighbors" for several years before they finally came on-screen?
152. What character was named after an Another World actor?
153. What's the name of Frankie's psychic?
154. What happened to the original Red Swan in real life?
155. Who was originally supposed to be gay?
156. Who was originally supposed to be Jewish?
157. What names did Lorna and Morgan go by when they first met?
158. What are Carl's, Ryan's, and Evan's chess piece designations?
159. What famous playwright was a big fan of AW?
160. What number floor is TOPS?

Answers 151-160

161. With whom did Aunt Liz and Kevin Thatcher go to live in 1986 after Sally's death?
162. Where did Mac and Rachel have their first kiss?
163. Who was a mannequin repairperson?
164. What two times has Felicia fallen off the wagon?
165. Why did Sharly emerge after being repressed for almost 20 years?
166. What was Tom Eplin and Jensen Buchanan's only love scene previous to the Jake/Vicky repairing?
167. In 1992, who were they planning to make Jenna's mysterious father before they changed their minds?
168. How did Carl find out that Ryan was his son?
169. How did Ryan find out that Carl was his father?
170. How did Ryan find out about Vicky and Grant's affair?

Answers 161-170

171. How did Felicia discover that Lorna was her daughter?
172. What was the story of the Felicia lookalike of 1993?
173. What credited role did Felicia's real-life husband play on the show and what was his profession?
174. What uncredited roles has Felicia's real-life husband played on the show?
175. Why did Felicia stop writing romance novels?
176. For what three reasons did Mac buy the Red Swan before he died?
177. Even though Lucas didn't come to Bay City until after Mac had died, why did he tell Rachel that he had known her husband very well?
178. What black characters were childhood friends of the Corys who are now in their 30s?
179. Another trivia question established that the ultimate secret of the Three Keys was that a combination of three formulas would cure the jungle disease. But what was the purpose of the actual three keys and where were they hidden for many years?
180. Why did Ken Jordan hate Mac so much that he attempted to defraud Mac's family even after he had died?

Answers 171-180

181. With both Mac and Maria dead by the time Paulina came to Bay City, how was she able to prove conclusively that she was their daughter?
182. How did Steven once end up with possession of the Red Swan?
183. Why did John grow his beard?
184. What happened that resulted in John being presumed dead for 20 years?
185. What was the Princess Clara?
186. What denomination is the Hudson family?
187. What caused Sharly to emerge in 1994 after supposedly being suppressed completely in 1991?
188. A special episode featured only two characters (plus two others in flashback) discussing what special event?
189. What was the earliest use of the Internet on the show?
190. What fictional newsgroup has been mentioned?

Answers 181-190

191. What AW actor went on to direct the show?
192. Who was the biggest actor to be a fan of the show?
193. What is the name of the book that Amanda wrote about Grant?
194. Who proposed to whom by putting a ring in their food?
195. Who raised Evan?
196. What was McKinnon Publishing's first and only book?
197. Where was the first winter ball held?
198. Who were Josie's only two johns?
199. What was unique about Brittany's trial?
200. Mitch was in jail from 1982-1986. But Matthew was aged to a pre-teen in 1986. How did the show explain this "extra" time that Mitch spent in jail?

Answers 191-200

201. Who helped Mitch get out of prison in 1986?
202. Who was the first headliner at TOPS?
203. Why did the Sin Stalker kill?
204. What was another name for the Sin Stalker?
205. Who was present at the crash site in Alaska when Kathleen's plane crashed?
206. Why did Cass and Nicole plan to marry in 1987?
207. Who proposed to whom while on the witness stand?
208. Who got pregnant and what baby was born only because the actress was pregnant and the show decided to write it into the story?
209. What was unique about Clarice's second pregnancy?
210. Who was the character of Rachel patterned after?

Answers 201-210

211. What channel is KBAY?
212. What mystical happening occurred during the building of Wallingford's?
213. What quotation is inscribed on Sharlene's wedding ring?
214. How was Mac proven innocent of destroying the rainforest?
215. Another World crossed over with what other soap, with Another World stars making appearances on that other soap?
216. Who is the official owner of the Cory cabin?
217. Where did Lucas get the mercury dime?
218. What did Mac leave Jamie and Steven in his will?
219. What time did Marley rebuff Grant's advances?
220. What prompted Vicky not to abort Kirk?

Answers 211-220

221. What was the first time that Ryan told an outright lie?
222. What are the details behind the dirty deals that went down between Grant and Carl in 1987, and how were Kathleen and Lucas involved?
223. Aside from Judi Evans Luciano, who also auditioned for the role of Vicky but was given another role on the show instead?
224. True or False: Carl once ordered his hitman to shoot Ryan.
225. What role did Timothy Gibbs' real-life brother play?
226. Before Tomas was brought on, the show was going to create what character to be Maggie's love interest?
227. David Forsyth and Linda Dano played themselves on what prime-time soap?
228. What character gave Matthew the scar under his left eye?
229. Who are Alli's godparents?
230. What were the original names of the building that Reginald Love bought and renamed the "Love Tower" and the restaurant that he renamed "Tops"?

Answers 221-230

231. Blair Baker was the second person to shoot Josie. When and how did Josie first get shot?
232. Riley helped alert people that Cody was hiding in the Hudson barn during Gary and Josie's wedding. What's the other time that Riley helped save the day in the Hudson barn?
233. What were Josie's two short-lived jobs in 1994 and 1995?
234. What did Cass do with Frankie's wind chimes when he thought she'd left him for John?
235. What mystical happening occurred when Frankie discovered she was pregnant with her third child?
236. What was the name of the nurse in attendance the day Vicky delivered Kirkland?
237. Why wasn't Ryan there when Vicky delivered Kirkland?
238. When was the first time Ryan called Carl, "Dad"?
239. What is Tony the Tuna's surname?
240. What was the name of the gorilla that Felicia and Wally were trapped in a cage with?

Answers 231-240

241. In 1995, Josie went through the Bay City Police Academy. Who was enrolled in 1985?
242. What is the pre-history of Wally and Zane?
243. What are Vince's pet names for Kathleen and M.J.?
244. Why did AW turn Rachel into a sculptor?
245. Which two brides had their real fathers play the role of the officiating minister?
246. Which two actors left the show, retired from acting, and moved to Spain, where they became neighbors?
247. Which parent and child combos shared lovers?
248. Mac and Carl were the only two characters to regularly do what rare thing for a character to do?
249. What was noteworthy about Micki Grant's role as Peggy Nolan?
250. Why did one of Grant and Vicky's wedding presents freak Spencer out?

Answers 241-249

251. How did Jake get the money to found Visions?
252. What is Bay City's sister city?
253. Which Bay City architects helped rebuild the mansion Mac bought for Rachel in 1975?
254. Why did Cass never sleep with Dee?
255. Which two characters were terrified of storms, and why?
256. To whom were Steve and Alice godparents?
257. What was Charley's nickname for Clarice?
258. What was Brian's pet name for Iris?
259. Who were Cory Ewing's godparents?
260. What is written on Frankie's headstone?

Answers 251-260

261. What were the names of Rachel, Jamie, and Dennis's horses in the 1970s?
262. What was the montage shown during the 20th anniversary episode?
263. Who are Ricky Fargo's godparents?
264. What were Jamie and Dennis's positions on their swimming team?
265. What was the occupation of the previous tenant of Frankie's apartment?
266. How was Frankie able to take Cass to her high school reunion by driving only an hour from Bay City?
267. After a long delay, what did Matthew finally choose for his college major?
268. Who named her Yorkshire terrier after her character?
269. Who was the Snow Princess at the first Snowflake Ball?
270. what made Rachel consider hiring Vicky to write a column for Sophisticate?

Answers 261-270

271. What was Frankie's curse?
272. Who choose her nose as the "something new" for her wedding?
273. What was the Lumina story from 1990?
274. Who left town when Grant offered them a job in Washington?
275. What Cory Publishing employee was fired when it was learned they were plotting a take-over?
276. Who came up with the show's title?

Answers 271-276